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Prom th. Philadelphia North American.
, Molts, TKBiiiTonr Tim twmity ninth
Jinrnllel of laltludo la nnnii'd ns llie next
Southern btiuiidnry of the Union. Genurnl
h-Jiadsden It snid to linvts Icon nvgotinliiig Itli
, llSiinUi Anns, fur n new cession of torritory,
j "including nil north of that line, when tliu
progress of the revolution Interrupted tliu
irooct'dinn;. Of course no one knows how
true this in; but Gen. Uadtdtn hnn a way uf
wnting home tn At frtendt tague hints of im
portant thingt going on, which net conjecture
all agog to ascertain the precise truth. Tho
difficulty nbont tin p:iy iiil-iU of tho three
millions of tho last indemnity, ar.d the do
titnnd for reparation for Callaiinn'a iiirnaiim
and the burning of Piedraa NegraR, nil cmi
, "pir lo nssist Ihis conclusion, end probably
jjjjt before President Pierce (foes out of office he
S will communicate it treaty with n fresh do.
mand on our surplus millions. The twenty,
ninth parallel would throw into tho United
Slates two-thirds of the Mexican Stole of
Soiiurn mid two-liftlis of Cliihiihua,vilh pop
ulation enough to form one of our Slates.
In such case tliu new territory would have to
go under political pupilngo ns n 'territory, or
else Now Mexico would have to bo admitted
us a State A rumor is nlloat in the newspu
pors to the effect that Gen. Gadsden has sent
word to Washington that if tho balance of
the Mcsilla indemnity bo not paid to the
present Government of Mexico not tniother
loot of territory will be ceded to tho United
States. Meantime we have various other
projects for acquiring now colonies. Thus
the report is revived that Russia is willing to
sell her American possessions to us Tor ncoii
aitk'rnlioii in money rather too Arctic a mat
ter Tor the folks at Washington, ns neither
cotton, tobacco, hemp, riee, nor sugar
can bo grown up there. Then there is n re.
Hirt coming from Europe that Russia lias
suggested to Denmark the propriety of set
tling tliidiiiieulty between tliu latter and the
United States by selling to us the Danish
, Wist India Island of St. Thomas, the price
of which, five millions of dollars, may bo ta
ken also ns our consideration for freeing us of
the Sound Dues. St. Thomas is n small is
land to tho windward of Porto Kico, with a
population of seven thousand souls. Right
near to it is another small island called Santu
C.tnt, also owned by Denmark, with thirty,
two thousand inhabitants. For five millions
of dollars we ought to get both of them. Rut
St. Thomas is of much importance from its
geographical position, which is such ns would
render it a formidable position in tho hands
of a naval power. It has a fine Imrbor, and
is always first sought by vessels in distress
coming from seaward. Were it in our pos
session it would, in a great measure, nullity
the purpose for which the British hold the
West India, as a naval power might from
it command the whole eastern front of the
West Indies and the coast of the United
MortE PnoscRiPTioN.We understand that
11. B. Dietriek, Esq., was yesterday removed
from tho General Land Office, for the heinous
otlense of being a member of the American
party. So says the American Organ at
Washington. It further remarks:
Frank Pierco threatened to truth the
American party, and this is a sample of the
menus lie takes to do it. A faithful and rill,
cient officer is removed, nnd a time-serving
syf opliant appointed in his placo. The busi
ness of the pvople is left undone, litigation
nnd ruin follows; but what cares he I True
lie sworo to support the constitution, and to
nee that the laws wero faithfully executed!
But what are the constitution and laws in
comparison to the behests of Bishop Hughes?
And what cares he for the welfare and happi
ness of the people of the United Slates, if he
can crush the American party) Simpleton!
docs he not know that the American party is
founded on the principles of eternal truth and
justice: nnd the more he attempts to perse
cute it, the mora signal and complete will be
its triumphs! But there are circumstances of
friendship betrayed and hospitality abused in
this case, which render it peculiarly black,
and which may hereafter receive attention
from us. They are, in faet, ol such a charac
ter as should and will sink the author of them
to eternal infamy, in the opinion of all good
men. -'
The Giief.1i Lakes of Onondaga. The
number for this mouth of Putnam's Monthly
contains a short interesting article on the
nbovo subject. Near Jamesville, in New Vork
State on a plateau, there sinks abruptly a
huge circular basiii of about seventy acres
ires, surrounded on three sides by a precipice
one hundred and fifty feet high. The waters
down in this hugo natural bowl are of a clear
green color. It is said to be sir doep that
although many efforts have boen made to
plumb it with very Ion-' lines, all have failed
to rcacli the bottom. No wild fowl arc ever
seen sporting on its waters, nnd no breezes
ever rouse it into wavine billows. Near; to
Fnyelteville threu miles distant from this
is another lake ot a similar character; it Is
about three hundred yards in diameter, circu
lar in form, with high precipitous banks,
sweeping round nnd round ono hundred nnd
(illy leet above the dark green waters. Near
its margin, ns far as the eye can reach, it is
tilled Willi sunken trees, on which are depos
Ited a white marly coaling. It is 140 feet
deep, and the waters at its bottom are im
pregnuted with sulphur. Fish sport in it, but
iii.'l'unlhercd creatures over dip their wings in
Its silent waters. 1 he people in lis uuigli
borhoodcull it "Iike Sodom."
Erie Raiuioad. The whole number of
cars and locomotives on this road is 3,108,
vdiich, if coupled together in one train, would
rSich a distance of twenty-one miles, nnd be
nils to carry 150,000 persons In one day
Iroiil New York to Lake brie. The coinpa
n V has in its employ not less than 6,000 per.
sons, whose pay per month is l;15,00l) or
$1,500,000 per year.
. There are single miies on this road whose
grading cost nut less than 170,000 each; and
one bridge near the village of Susquehaiiniih,
built upon seventeen stone arches at the
cost of $320,000. The number of miles from
Jersey City to Dunkirk, is 459, and is. run
by the evening express train in sixteen hours.
The company has in its service six printing
presses, which are constantly at work printing
tickets that are never used but once, blanks,
&e. Newark Ada.
Soino mouths ago a paragraph went the
rounds of the- newspapers, suiting that Je
soph B. Dnntworth, editor of the Weekly Re.
publican, published at Rock Island, Illinois,
" bad been indicted for perjury, in presenting
. a false affidavit of the oircuhuion of his pa.
per, with a view of obtaining the Postofhee
advertising. The ease dime on to be tried
recently, and the Judge ordered the indict
went to be quashed. It appeared from cer
lain depositions offered, that the circulation of
the Republican was somewhat largor than
' the amount sworu to by Mr. Dmitwortli In
The Speakership. Tho New York Her.
aid of tho 6th furnishes the following of the
contest for Speaker:
. It will bo seen that I'cnnhigtrin is dropped,
and that the Northern Anti-Nebraska nnd
Know Nothing forces am my tunderlv flue
dialing between Campbell, Banks, nnd Fuller.
The pnrty difTurenco between the ttyo leading
free soil competitors is exactly this:
K D. Campbell; of Ohio. A.'N, K. N.; N. P.
Banks, Jr., of Massm-hiuclts, K. N. A. N.
Anil. Nebraska nnd Know Nolhini;, or Know
nothing nnd Anti-Nebraska which is n
mighty nice distinction; lor the whole issue is
now with the Northern majority whether the
.Speaker shall be A. N. K. N. nr K. N. A. N.
Everything depends upon the precedence
of the initials A. N. or K. N.. In their rombi.
nation; for while A. N. K. N. signifies a H.un
inir black republican with Know Nothing pro
clivities, the order ' reversed to K. N. A. N.
means a lull lilnoded Know INolhinir, with n
streak of the Anti-Nebrnsks coloring down his
hack. The same initials in another shape IN.
A. K. N. illustrate thu principles of It icharJ.
son exactly Nebraska Anti-Know Nothing.
Vet again, the same letters thus arranged K.
N. A. N. indicate the position of Marshall
Know Nothing Nebraska Absolutely. Thus
we sen that this contest for Speaker hinges
upon this, that or the other combination of
four cabalistic letters of thu Kuglisli alpha
bet a tiling never heard of before in Con
grcss. Influkncs o Anti-Know ISotiiinu Wiiius.
The Montgomery Mail says, quite a number
of the American party especially of those
who, aforetime, wero members of the Whig
party are disposed, at times, to be little bit
ter towards those Whigs, who, taking service
under the anti-American party, have at once
stepped into high position and gient influence;
and thit feeling it lanjtly thared by many of
the old line Deniocratt of the anlt-AmericuH
party itself.
Not so, we I Whenever we v-et of the
pvomotion of a Stephens, a T- "" or a Walk
er, we are well pleased. " "Wpemlynen, it
is true, must lie DnDociiiln, in name; they
must worship and minister at the altar of lie
mocraey, In the rubes that are familiar to the
eyes of the throng who stand in the vestibule;
but silently, surely, steadily their influence
will be felt in moulding the principles of the
party, and in tho substitution, by a grnduul
process, of new men for its old leaders.
Gradually, time-honored imbecility will dis
appear; a new and more vigorous race will
lake the places of honor; and the country
will be benefitted, in proportion ns one of its
great parlies improves in its principles and ils
Later from Kansas 77ie Other Side nf
the Question. The Louisvillu Journal of
Thursday, contains the following telegraphic
St. liODis, Dec. 5lli, 1855.
The Intelligencer of this morning publishes
an account of tho late doings in Kansas,
taken from the Kansas Herald of Freedom,
giving quite a different view of the matter
from the reports already received. This nc
count says that a young black smith, named
How, was barbarously inuriierco. wiiuoui
provocation, by Coleman mid other, who or
dered Dow to leave Hickory Point, and ns ho
umed to go away, fired a charge of buckshot
into his bosom. Coleman fired thu shot, and
three of his friends, llargns, B.irkley and
.Moody, a wagoner, backed him. 1 lie citizens
held a meeting and appointed a committee to
hrinir tho offenders to justice, but Jones, toe
sheriff of Douglass county, at the instance ot
two of Dow's murderer s arrested liranon,
tho man with whom Dow had boarded, for
security of the peace.
Whiio on the way to lcompton, fifteen of
Branson's f riends rescued him. Jones imme
diately sent to Gov. Shannon for aid to retain
mm, ana me uovernor promisi-u n.- enu mm
ten thousand men, but It seems he can't get
ns many hundred.
ty'They are exhibiting a bear woman
up in town," said Mrs. Sled, and she dropped
likonkodgo unclior into Mrs. Partington's
big arm chair. Mrs. Partington looked pain
fully at Ike. who was iieL'L'inc n top by the
door, to the danger of sundry jars of preserv
ed plums. "A bare woman indeed! sanl sue.
1 wonder Wlial Iliey will exmim next:
Though tho bareness innt the shame tis
the knowing of it. There was Eve, now,
wasn't thought any worse of, and moved in
the first society, till she found she was na
ked." "Mv dear Mrs. Y. said Mrs. Sled, in
terrupting her, "this is woman that is thought
to be, in some respects like the animal called
a bear." "Oh. ah," said the old ladv, "well I
don't know which would bo the imprnperost
to make n public thing of, lor corrupted
taste is as bad as viscerated mortal." This
was n profound remark, nnd the old lady
stood hold'tnir her box long after she had ut
lured it, looking abstractedly nt a picture of
Susannah and the elder over the iniiiitle
picori, '
Walker's plans in Central America.
A nlan (snvs an exchange) has nlieady been
started for the revival of tho old Central
American confederation, which is likely to be
successful. Honduras and San Salvador
have, on the invitation of General Walker
accepted them. This invitntion is to be ex
tended to CoBia Kica ana uuiuciiiiiiti, aim
unless they accept it, the forces of the three
other combined States, it is said, will be used
to compel them. It is to be regarded ns an
act of hostility if they refuse. Walker's
plans already extend to all Central America.
Curnous Elopement. Thu Chiearro Demo.
crat, of Thursday, says that a woman arrived
in that place a tew day previous, wun tne
dead body of her husband, which she was
takinnr east for burial. On the route she fell
in with a young man, and, on the arrival of
the cars at Ulncago, nicy went on looeuier,
leaving the dead bony ol the husband in the
dupot, where It has remained since.
tWH is stated that tho Indians in Ore
gon Territory, from the northern to the
southern boundary, were in n slate of insur
rection. They lire ottering a lorninliible op.
position to our regular troops there. The
Governor has ordered out the militia to their
ISjTThu Secretary of the Russian I.cgn.
lion, who came passenger in the steamer
Washington, was robbed In New York, on
Sunday, of five hundred Holland ducats,
valued at about one thousand d illare.
' A Long Tuam. A gentleman who was in
Richmond, find.,) on Saturday week, says
that while there, a train to which was attach.
ed (our locomotives arrived at that placo on
its way to Cincinnati. The number of cars
was fortv-seven. forty of which were ludeii
with live hogs. .
Risunn '25.OUO.000 panuva were
to the New York market from Florida Inst
year. Five ycara a.'o they cost i cents u
pound In Florida, and now 40 cents. The
annua! value of the shipment to New York is
lll'teen thousand dollnra.
fir The married men In tlie emnloy of
the Boston and VVorcestur Rail Road Com.
puny, numbering 400, were each presented
by tlie corporation with u fut turkey for liis
NioilT. Night levels' all artificial distliicl
tlons. The beggar on his pallet of straw,
snores ns soundly ns tho king on his bed of
down. Night llie earthly paradise t of lliu
slave, tho sweet oblivion of the ' eiiru.ivorn
soul, the hnrs nf poet ry, of devotion) how
the gical panting heart of society yearns for
the relurn of night and resll Sleep is God's
special gilt to the poor; but for the great
there Is no fixed Ihno for repose. Qiiietthey
have none; mid instead of calmly awaiting the
approach of events, they fret, and repine, and
starve sleep, nnd chide lliu tardy hours, ns If
every to-morrow weru big with the fate of
some great hereafter. The torrent of events
goes roaring past, keeps eager expectation
constantly on tiptoe and-drives timid slumber
nwny. '
There Is something strangely beautiful In
the contemplation of night when the smil
ing stars seem to do homage to their pale-
faced queen, nnd thu clouds .float silently
through the tranquil sky, and the wind speaks
in soft whispers, ns If fearful of waking the
sleepers. Such is (he sweet repose of bhiinu
Irs consult nco. Hut when the hues of evening
slant dimly nwny, When the cheerless curtains
of darkness are drawn, when airial shadows
loom up nod flit along the vault. arch, "like
grim ghosts trailing blackness thioiigh the
heavens," such is the fearful shadow that
hangs over the broken slumbers of a soul in
which there is no pence.
Skvkx 1i:aiii.t Sins. 1. Refusing to tako a
2. Taking a newspaper and not pacing Tor It,
8. Nut advertising.
4 tielting married without sending in wed
ding enko.
5. Making the printing ofRco a loafing place.
a. Reading the manuscript in tho composi
tor s hand.
7. Sending nil abusive letter to the editor.
For the first nnd second oIKenco no absolu
tion d.Mi be granted. The fourth is unpardon
able. The fifth is death by the law. For
tho balance, dispensntioa can be received by
especial bulls from tho Pope of Rome.
Americans in Russia. A Paris letter
"I Ho not Know whether Iho fact has been
pub ished in llie United States, hut I have
rireived intelligence direct from Odessa to
day, nl'the death of another American surgeon
in thu Crimea, Dr. McMillan, of Columbus,
Ohio. He had been there hut n short tune
This makes threu who have died, whilo two
others now hi Paris, who .have returned Irom
there, found their health very seriously cum
promised by thu campaign. I his does not,
however, prevent others from goincr,ns 1 have
just learned that Urs. UaiK, Weeks, nml
l,nke, have armed at arsaw, on their way
to join the army.
"The three American officers. Mussrs.
Dclcfti Id, Mordecai ami McClellan, are now
at Marseilles on I heir return from the allies
sidu of Sebastopol. They will commence n
lour of inspection of Ihu army and naval es.
tablishmciil8 of France."
A JIan op Honor. llu will violalu no
confidence. Hu will eonsidcrcvervtliiu: con
fidcntinl which is likely, if repeated, to injure
a friend, or even an acquaintance, and we had
almost said even an enemy. There is onu
class of men moru trusted than any other,and
who seldom vlolatu the trust placed in them.
Wu refer to the medical profession. Nothing
would destroy a doctor's reputation sooner
than a violation of this rule. We doubt
whether it bu good policy for thu profession
to refer to their patients in any way. A sa
cred confidence is theirs. They enter the
private nnd domestic pcnelraliiim. Aigd what
is said to them is said always under thu im
plied understanding that it is confidential, and
a sacred truth.
Too Genf.kous by Half. Tho t-nso nf
Win Tnylor n:iiust the (Jimleii nnd Ainbcy
Railu iiv Couti:iiiy i-amu ills' ill the Ciruiiil
(Jtmrt of tlie Uiiiud 8tittvs on K.ituril.iy.
.Mr. iiiyiorwns one ol the vn-linis ut the
llilrlinotull imiKSMcrc, by which licit Is of his
uruis were broKuu. lie reuL-ived other inju
ries, and dvninntis fifty '.Imsand tlull.-us (lain,
lira's. The company oil'ercd livu thousand,
and with that excessive rt-nerosity fur which
it is so eminently celebrated, a free ticket to
ride over their road duriiiL' life. It is unne
cessary to aay that Mr. Tuy lor declined the
fjeneroiis otter, llu never desires to go on
that roiile again, mid u free ticket "for life"
wnulil iniike him shiMiler every nine, lie saw
it. A free ticket for death would bu mors
A Model 1' ass. A friend of ours in the
police force met n couple of servants (;iiiii.r
to church on hiinnay eveiiini' Insumut tie-
sired them to show their pass, when he was
shown n half sheet of note paper neatly fol
ded, anil on opening it to his surprise read as
"IIkar Silt: I'lense permit tho boy Jo
nnd Ann, the partner of his joys and sorrows.
to proceed throut;)! this rlarK vale ol tears
to tlic Uaplist Church and there join llie mass
and "play on n harp nf a thousand strings:
spirits of just men made perfect," and in hap
piness to return to their Home.
'l ours III love una leiiowsnip.
To otir christian brethren, greeting."
rScekiiiL' an explanation mid receiving
none he preinitted them to go on their way
rejoicing. Memphis Appeal.
Itt a Bad Fix. The finances of the editor
of tho Elkton, Ky.,B.tnner, are in a desperate
cuiidition. In nn npiiciil to Ins subscriber,,
to pay up, he aays:
'Friends, wo nro almost penniless Job's
turkey was a millionaire, compared with our
present depressed treasury! In tiny, It the
mice, ol salt was twti cents a barrel lull, we
couldn't buy enough to pickle u jaybird.
JJf" A city editor, who is a bachelor,
having said in his last issue that he really
wished ho had a son so that ho could dress
him ii n in fashion, was culled upon the next
day hy -tiiis adorable, to whom he hail been
paying his attentions for tlie last two years
and nsiieu it no renny sain Hint.
"Certainly I did my dear."
"Well, Billy" said she, "why don't you
innko arrangements for one?"
Our friends anvs it was tho first time lie
was ever cornered. ' Ho felt so mortified he
went right away to the parson.
Religious Feau. So I0112 ns a belief
DNinoaiiioiia la regarded as indispensable to
salvation, the pursuit of truth na such is not
possible, any more than it is possible for a
man who In swimming for his llie to make
meteorological observations on tliu storm
which threatens to overwhelm him. The
sense of nlnrm and haste, the anxiety for pur.
sonal safety unmans the nature, mid allows no
. I... .LI-l.! ..!.. J!
thoroUgn, Citim-llllllHinu, hu tuny nuuic, uis
interested leeling. irejrnnnjiernei'ieic
As Excrlrht Substitute ron Butteh
at BitgAKFAST. Marry the nicest olrl yon
know. Yon will then have her to preside nt
your breakfast table, nud unless you nro a
sad dog indeed, you will Uut require nny but
her, )
iT The following T'ograp!i(ca ho(!cToT
General Tottlcbcn wo take from tho New
Prussian Gazette :.- t-, . t-, ... ,'l
"Francis Edward Tottlcbcn Was born - nt
Milan, in Court hmd, on IheSOlh of May, 1818.
His father wu J. II.Totlluhen.and his moth.
er's inaidiMi .name was A. Sophia Sander.-
His father having removed his business to
ttiL'a, look there Ins l oima son, and .soon
after died.- Alter receiving the first portion
of his education in the schools of Riga, the
young Totlleben wan received at the College
of Engineers in St,lVtersburir, where- his
name now shines, engraved in letters nl'gold
with the Inscription, aeUusliipol.' When the
war broke out he was Second captain hi the
corps Of fluid engineers; he distinguished
himself under lieocral bchilner in the Dnnu
hian campaljin nnd repaired to the Crinp-s.
wiint he did at nebastnpol neiongs to hlslo.
ry. Out or an open city , he succeeded in
raising, under the enemy's fire a formidable
fortress, that resisted fur nearly year the
gigantio cll'orls of the allied armies. In less
than a yenr he passed throit'-b Iho cranes of
captain, lieutenant colonel, full colonel, mn
jor.general, adjutant-general, nnd received,
amongst other distinctions, the decoration ot
thu 4th, nnd then of tho 3d class ol tho order
of Saint lieorge, which is only conferred for
distinguished deeds. Seldom has n im-ru
general of brigade received this high dlstiuc.
lion, llesidcs Ininsell, it was only eonlerred
on his noble companion in uruis at Sebaslo.
pol, I'rincu Wnssiltchikolt, who moru tortu
nate than he, Was able to remain at his post
to the last hour, whereas Toltlebcn, liiivinir
been wounded in the foot, had to be carried'
out of the besieged city. Strange to say, so
rapid n promotion tins not excited the least
envv, but has been saluted with acclamations,
ns being due to real merit to uouragu com
bined with genius." .
'.Mr. Snowball, I want to ask you one ques
tion dis ebenin.'
'Well, succeed den.'
'Spose you go fo du tabbern to got dinner,
and don't hah noftlri on du lublu but a big
beet, what should you say?'
'I gib dat up nforu you ax it. What should
you s iy!'
'Why, under tho circumstances oh du ease,
I should say dat beel't all.' '
C-Religion must bo made a thing of the
lifu n principle of right and jnt ulVcction, In
the mart and in tho workshop, nt Ihu anvil
and the plow, in the coiintiiig-rooin and on
board the ship, at homo and abroad. '
S-rf'If yon are determined to commit sui
cide in consequence of poverty, do it early in
the morning, instead of late nt night, and you
will s.ivu thu expense of threo meals.
Savannah, Dec. 4. '
. Edward C. Anderson, the candidate of tho
American party for Mayor, has beaten James
P. Screven, Democrat, by twenty-four ma
jority. Jri'Thc Madison, lud., B urner says every
farmer in that region is engaged in building
barns.' The like of thu crops in Indiana nnd
Kentucky was never seen before.
Macon Election. Thu American ticket
for Mayor and Alderm.m is elected by about
100 majority.
J-if"Thcre are no scats in any of (hu
Greek churches, and uven thu Emperor him-
sen most siai'.a miring tin; services. The
tim.wlit tin. fi 1 1 in ii.,.iti.. 1....L;,,.. .......
with hair falling over lhu:r shoulders, nnd
beard sometimes half way to their waists.
They uru not allowed to wear nnv orna-
men Is.
M"An exchange paper lulls a story of a
man who was found on a Sunday inorniinr
without n hat, sitting on a block" of graii
lie with his baro feet in n brook, trvinir to
catch a bad cohl.au as to sing ha at Church.
A Difference of Oi'i.nos.-Twti preachers
were recently III the ainic pulpit In (ieoria.
wiiiic one was preaching, hu li.tnni'iii-d to
say, "When Abraham built the nrli." Th
one behind him strove tn correct his blunder
by saying out loud, "Abrithim trtrn'l thar."
tint the speaker pushed on, heedless of the
interruption, and only took occasion shortly
to repeal, still moru decidedly, "I any, when
Abraham built tho ark." "And I say," eried
nut the other, ".tiraaum iniru'f thar." Tho
preacher was ton h ird to bo beaten down in
this way, anil addressing the people, exclaim.
cd, witn great indignation, '! aay Abraham
was Vuir, or thar amutt.
na AFincAN custom. in l.nniro the nn.
lives take their wivus for n year on trial; if, nt
the end of that time, they nro satisfied, the
wedding Is celebrated with a feast. The
missionaries tried to abolish this custom,
without success; the mothers declaring that
they would not risk tho hnntiiiiess of their
daughters by urging them to an indissoluble
union with persuns with whose habits and
tempore they wero unacquainted.
For the Host,
The following beautiful aorostio was writ
ten to Miss C.inouNA Poindktkii a few weeks
before her marriage to Joseph W. 1'caco :
Congenial minds whene'er they meet,
Amid the dense and giddy throng,
Hemeinher well that friendships street
Once bound their hearts together stroag.
Long you have been awny from here
in other haunts your footsteps strayed
Now you've returned to friends most dear,
And will remain, I trust, dear uiuid.
Perhaps yon will reserve for me
One place yet in your memory ;
I with delight remember well
Xenr you mv bosom used to swell. .
Dear Miss, f hope you'll ever see
Kcstatie bliss felicity 1
Xerxes, the great, f-hsll guide my steps
Till I bis fame shall proudly ascend.
Kven now, sweet girl, theBc lines accept
Uofiiombor thut J alii your friond.
This amiable, excellent aud useful lady, on
whose imine the above wits written, is uotv
sleeping with the dead. Her sweet voice is
no more to be hoard among us, bhe has left
a vacuum hard to supply, and a number of
friends to woep over her silent tomb.
The Seventh Session of Clear Spring High
School will close with a publio exaininuti
ot the student, on it way, mat msl., eoni
meneing at 0 o'clock, A. M. The publio are
respeniiuiiv inviteu to aitenu. a. 1'. 11,
lco. Ill, "1835.
IHusotiio C'.'lebrultuil.
MasiniAS Pt-N Looas. No. 60, Preesnil Accented Ma.
ions, wi)l celebrate the Anniversary of tu. Join, the
KvsiiKSlist, tn Alliens, ou tne sun nist., oy Procession,
Address and Public Installation of Officers. .'- .
Neis-lilMirliiff Lodges and transient brethrea in ifnnd
standing are inviieo io join in me ceremonies. Tli.
public generally are also respectfully Invited to bo pres.
cut. w. iiimnis.i
C. V. oinsoN,. lorn
Dec 11-11 M. M. HICKS,- (
rWVfe are authorised to son mi nee OHO. W. KEH-
TON as s csiiilidste for County Trustee, Mesliun- eoun
ly, at the ensuing March election. Owing to the fact of
having met with an accident over s year ago, he will
not be able to ualivass tin oouuty, but If lit people will
give him their voles he promises to disuhurge tlisdullvs
oi tne ouice laituiuuy, ...
3T We are authorised and requested to announce
t. A. OOl ldiV as s candidate fur Sheriff o( McMinn
county, st the etisulng March election.
Dr. Hnofland'a Qerman Rltters, prepared by Dr.O. U
Jackson, are justly reckoned among our most valuable
medicines. In cases of dyspepsia It acts tike niaglc,
strengthening the tone of the stomach, stlmulsllng the
digestive powers, and giving ruddy health to tlis cheek
ana nrignuiees m tne eye. . nero are tnmisaua II
this ooaimuuity who can testify lo their virtues, am
thousands wltl hereafter sdd tbelr Ueitntouy. kvt erf.
verlUeuiciit. dec
..ri-wi , iits sor Hiieiiinilillll. in cm
tors or lha KIuIkii.iimI llpjnililie.a, or t)cc. SMtli, ISM,
.r Hist OsrtprV Sssnb SlltUircU naipmolt sieitllnu.
ruisv h.,1 ua ijijttwlr prass rtiom olio w sOHsipiI
HH violent 'r, .nritl Rlienmatlam, hs wsi ennilmi
slly c"nii.!lnfiVHml,-rr In thehsrk, llmlm nnd Joints',
ma es IhhI baoutu rarsrlsh Ami mutter?, naelr smil
es, throat sure, (u4 all l,a avtHptffnts f Hhemstlani,
ooniMiieil wild Scrofula. 1'svi kmtlas of Carter's Spsn
hli Mixture eiirel htm, snd la adHorlsl miltn as above,
the? bear testimoliv to Its wonderful effects, anil aao
llielr oulf ri-iiat It, llial all suC-rlng will, diseases of
Die hlooS are sot awnrc nf thcexlsti-nci, of suahs Bvow
Icina. Tliey clieerrnll.v recommend It,
s.'ullnlr osrllOcau ualloe In fall, areuul Hie
tmltta. , j.1 . - j I ....... ,jtfc
- - AueMsla ftlairkel.
.... --s - . . Atrotmr, Deo. IS.
Tliore has thieo no change to the Prisloea market -lace
t Issf Wflile Voil. ati-flit In Cum. I. ..nt n..il. .
arm or In ss mueli denisnd. I quote lltouS, lions fa
marvt. Ltsn 14 fg, ISc. Brs (ft Ac. Poaa 8
to. W.Kt ISfftit WnstT l.Sll e I.HB for red.
Fismt 40 Jh SS.oM V hundred in surks and t.t.le IVe
t.tsiic. MtuLTofosnc. its (a jj TOc. Pss Doe.
IIkaxs 9,S ft bo. PsArnlltsllSiiD 4oc. HsaswitTSlal
?V-., Hottrb 16 ffl Ko, as tn quality. Tsllow 18 Vc
Islsif Potstors 7ft q t. Appi.vs. STceii, 7ft ia ft.
DaimPauiT, Peaches, peeled, t fb; unlieiiled SIJVI
2 I.;:.; Apples, peeled, SI If l.lfl.
t t! cent, premium.
' Yosts, vary truly V s
J. A. ANPI.nr,
Comtnlntion and Prtxtuvt Mrelnmt.
Allnnta Irlnrket.
An.AST.t, IllW. 10.
We tierewllti semi yon our market quotiillous for tlis
pnst week. Tile excessive press fif biuilness tins esilsed
us tn full sending our review for two weeks punt. Tlu're
however, lias lje.-n bill llttlu cliuese la the prluus of J'ru.
tluce sluoe onr lust. .
1'iihs plenty, 7 'v 0 - Coss.sseked. 00 (fo AFs j! Iirt.
0ts, suekert, 4A(Jt One. 1 WOrst. $1,76 l,lju, irood
ilentand. Pities, siiieiniie s,fsi -.1 bill. Hkkf Catti.k,
on fool. 4 fill Sc. Ltun, suurce. Lsi In keas. llemai,
Teiiaessialull, leU fl. Istsa Potatoks scarce, Tsi
Ksein-tux sixM draflson Sew York i Augusta,
Charleston and Havannsh 4 cent, prcla.
Yours, truly,
, . ,. , HK.inO A11ROTT,
Citirnt CmnmlMitm .IA--eArMfs.
Ag;ain8t.the World!
lfK1i:JrcUicill tlw attention uf Funnr and
T MtHtrt to our lately inirovea
iot iei.i: sriti:r.Kifs aviifat fax,
s , v. .r.-i ,.r.. nru ii, -ri, winrrt we rr
iti-ttinr.'trli1(r in LOlViOXatut ItltKATOWX, rt
"l"""1"' in" popumr niin extcitriivciy ii?uii run
hnn tnkr-n the lilfftifHt nwnriln wlitrrevcr iiiiiiitii. vi
At the MnrytntM. (ttf Futr, llnltlmnrc. wlierutlierv wuru
nt vnnt fftff fw if most aiprnvt.-tl imtken of Vlririiila.
MnrrlniHl nmi the NrtlKni HtnUs, cxlilhfttitl; at tliu
riciiltural Kiiif, at i'uturnlmi-ir, Vm.: itt llt VirKtulu V.
Uy Ajricultiirnl Fair; ami the Mjrhert linimr or the
Kurf Ti-MiiK-H't'ti Attrh'tilttiral Hrtelciy, .nt Knoxrillo, In
i irtiiir. nutitr rair, ai i.icnmonti; nt ine 0outh-t1ti .v
piivh: "Other Faun wtrj cxhlhltfd nfitn txctllrnt tinnli.
ir-.ri nui nrnwniiivT s wnir, m MtPnkiniT nr it,
ty. hut mutt tn compare with thowr manufacrnrftl hy
tin- .iiti.)i.4. Dnyif, of Kheatovrn." Jmve rei-Piv.-rt
oiner nrtai-n too itumurouH tn iinnonnctt here, antl hun
lfi'tlx of (rtiflfutm of nur Fiin' nuporiority from
' m-m-rii (tTHwr h v i 1 1 1 1 ii nml r.Jisi Tonneitiee.--M'e
lmvo hitil amwipt fiprtrtunitff to jWi our Fun
mitt arc convinced K in tho 6. rf in v. Wtj think we
know whnt the farntcrn want., nnd that fliirhnijc ami ex
tensive experience in th bmf nen", uil arttuoun latmra
to hrinjf the I'an tn itn pn-Hcnt perft clioii, enahh;-i iih to,
ttult thum h-Htt-r than any other pernn In the Fan Imei
ne, am) tlu-y may ret nnmm-d n aluwiHlf nittireil
to give them thfl ht Pan In the market. Our Fan hnn
frainefl tin enrliihle popularity entirely In vntmrquviire
of its iiicril-: ami ftir it Fan to retain IM popnlarHy and
IncreiiMu lu fluinaiiil um ourti lum ilmie In the fain' din.
trlftn for three y.;fir, Ifl one of the best f-rlilencen of
lt value, unr t ann nr rtniiT on trial, and WA lilt A XT-
kf to vtnnjittr tmt rf.-awr than any other Fan In
Otir Team Will deliver tliein at A linnet nnv nnlnt
tn KhM TrtineiMee.
N. U We will mo nil order from Ml.hlO nnd Wpii
Tcnnetiet, Aeorvin anil Ahilmmn. All order to up at
i,niHiini tr Hhcatowu, hiut TennvHSW, Kill he promntly
lillcd. 1 J
Jl tflth't or Tii)iftif id. -All our Funn ltnv T. 3. Jk
0. F. Iioyle tamped upon them. For C'rtifit,'3 nnd
jfcreni'es.ai'e i-ircilur. T.J. k (J. K. UOVI.K.
I.ondtm, lrc 14, lS-Vt-rti.,r!77
A t.l. person, are hereby e
itlolted against trading
one for seventeen hun-
A - for three Notes of hatiil-
reil dollars; One for about etiflit hunlred ilol!itrs. and
one for Ave hundred nml seventy-two dollars all made
lynlile to Win. II. Nelson, and ilnex.itli llerember. 1 1.V1.
I'liesuiit Notes were fraudulently obtained and lam
-ii-riiiiueii not tu pay them. A. V. .sieCI.ATt'liKY
Mt-Miuii county, Dec 14, IsJid-at
Hiwassee College,
Iflouroo coiiiilvtTuiiii,
rTTlHF prunciit Hennlon of thin ynmiv nnd iironncrnnB
JL Institution will i'Iohh nit ThurKilay, Fvhrunry 7th,
nvxt. Tlie nuxt leHflon will Coiuiiiuiice on .Monday, the
i -hi i ui inuitine niuiiiii.
Fur ii If j.
Iti-Y. .TOIIX IT, 1!R.NKtt, A. M., PreoIdiMit.
Ittv. I1HO. W. III'TI.KH, A. M., Vice 1'real.lent.
V. M. CUVKN,i,.f Otorgiii,) Tutor.
Tuition tlnW Mi.-iHliin. CtMitlnvutit fee St. Ilrdli
jt Weili, lii ii -Mid Umilien, H.S'J In chiin iilmut liulf
tlmt iimouut. t'lioiipiifnn, tliU, tiiinnillL-h-il nt the irr
cut diiy. In InttliliitioiM of hIiuUih' irrHilo. uidir Norih nr
Ilcinpr in M PoMiiti'if Oi V mile) from Mfldl-nnvltlp, on
the out hmid; on the other, 7 mi lei fmiu Swei-twnttr
It. not, K. T. A (in. It. It.) wc tire fre from the teniniu-
lions tn idlciicsts, extra viijrimce mid diinfiiitiiui, incident
to towns and el tie.
K'ir further iufiiriniition nddrexi one of the Faculty,
'Hiwii!n'e rolh'ji'' (I'.O.) Monroe co., Tenti.
decl J, lS5-ly-7T
Negroes for Sale. -
IX olictliei.ee to mi Interloouhiry uriler nnl
ilecrce of the Woraltipriil Coitntv L'oin t nf
I'olk coitntv, 'IV tin., nt the DeeiMiiWr ternt.
1455, I will null, on Thurti'Uy. tho 24tli iIhv
i slntami v, ItSTi't, ni the Uont-t.-luMtse ilour in
the town of Jtetiton, Til UKIC N KUKO&S one
nniiied On to, neil n limit thirty; one named
lluntijih, iiL'jl uUo A'mtit tit i it v. mm one
nftiite.l Iau , ni;el nltotit x antS bolonin
lo ihu eAtule uf John MoIviack. Iitte deccna-
nnd poM on petition of the Atltniniatrator,
Jumea McKiwark, for lttributton among tliu
heirs. One tenth mrt of (he pnrchastf money
to e pnitl in hand on the day of sale, (unless
that ittiionnt i deposited before the any by
the Adminiiitrutoi) and llie bnlnnce in two
ftpml pnviiKMiU of nine nnd eighteen inonllis
(lit, liint Willi unproved acourit v will bo
rerjuirtjd of thu puiclmrjern.
Pi'o, U, 18.r:-4t pra fee 4 . 77
Negroes for Sale,
I X olimlience to nn oriler sn.l itit.orloculorv
1 ileoreo nf t'io Wurshlnful Cuuntv Court f
nn cniiniy, toniicssep, at tlio Decenibir
tfr:n, lS.'i.ll will sell, on Mouilnr, the 4th
lity ol .ulitiiarv, 18."i, tit tlie Court house
lour in tlis town of Itoitliin, l'olk county.
Tennessee, TWO XIWllOKS one liov uuineil
Nelson, nirn.l about twelve, and one uirl
nnnieil Miirtli:i, n:;pil nlmut tliirteuti bulotiir.
nitr to tliu nun's of John Into, lute iluceascil,
nml sulil on petition of F. 51. Kails, Gnnnlinii
l"" the miliars ol Joint V. lluiulerson, deoens-
oil, tor distribution nmonir the heirs. Fifty
louars ou tlie sale ol cneti slave' will be re
quired down, mid the balance on n credit of
twelve mouths, with interest from date.
Itoml with approved security will be required
of the purchasers.
K. P. DOUR 1. ASS, Clerk.
Doe 11, 1835 It. prsfuo4 K77 :
Circuit Court, Mouroo county, 'fl'ctin.
Curtis (Jill, )
v. t I't't't'"
Eliza A., flill. )
on r Divoree.
IT npieariiipt from llie allegations in enid
petition, w It i.tlk has been sworn to, that
the defendant, Klizu A. tlill, is a iiiin.rusident
of the fcstute of Tiniesso0, it is therefore or
dered that publication be made for four lliu
cessire weeks in the 'Post,' a newspaper pub
lished in the town of Athens, Tennessee, that
said non-resident defendant appear at the
next term of the Circuit Court for Alonroe
county, Tiiunessce, to be held on the 2d lion
duv ol Jatiuttry ueKt, and plead, answer or
demur to said petition, or the same will he
taken pro confeMo dud set for henrtngrrj! nar
te. K. K. UlilKKlTlI, Clerk.
Deo. 8, 1855-41 prs fee 877
. R. M. Kvans, . L
r. .
John 8. James, et alt, heirs at law of Robert
r.vsus, dfeeased.
Petition to Sell land
IT nppsnnni? from the allegations In said rie
tiliou, whieli has ussn sworn to, that Aba-
giul K. mill her uiisuaud milium Uradford,
Uctava A. and her husband Clarenden James.
are noii-iesidcnts of the State of Tennessee,
it is therefore ordered that publication lie
made for four successive weeks in the Athens
Post, a newspaper published in the town of
Alliens, lenitessee requiring sain non.resiueiit
dtilendantt to appeal' ueiore tlie t Irenil Coui t,
at a Court to tie iteiil tor the county orMon
roe, In the State of Tennessee, on the 2d
Monday of January iiest, and plead, answer
or demur to said petition, or the same will bs
taken nro confetti and set for hearing ex imrre
at to theru. Ii. U, OKI Kl'l l'H, CVrr.
. Ueo. 8, 1855-11 ' pi t fes iS U77 .'
r" "Way to Make ' Monrwl'
f JIHOfW raoVMod to tie sndenltnea either hr tiSte
I or aocoitnl will ear cost op.rlna tip liefore the
or aocoitnt win ssto cost e paring tip I
1st ol Jauuary, lMi. dec 111 , UKO. V,
( Iinnot'i-r Court nt Athena.
Alln floiine, Adminlslra'orof Ksimiel ifardy,
,. I J, Joesnaoll. '
Tin Widow ami TTcirs of said Samuel tlardy.
,-- . ,, . .. snd James (let! vs.
IT appearing from the hill that James Itnr
dr. J'hoinaa Hardy. William. Hussn. Jane.
TayUir, Itathnrine. Ancelo, Antrelins, Hsmuel,
Martha' nnd I'henlce Hardy, children of the
aid Thomas ITardy, Xorcellat Dndson and
his wife Susan 1'lodsoa, are iion-reshlonta of
the Ktate of Tennessee, it is ordered that
mbticatlon be mao In the Athens Post for
our aueoossive weeks, renuiriiiirsaid uoa-reai-
dent defendants to appear at our next Court
or Chancery, to lie nehr nt me court hon
in the town' of Athena, on the 8J Monday of
February next, and plead, answer or demur
to eoniplainnnt't said bill, or thesame will he
taken fur confessed as to thorn, and set for
hearing accordingly.
vi si. ia w it i , I, or M.
' ' " ' ' By WiU.it tiOwtT, u.ctu.
Dae. It, 18Ss t 1'rt fee 8 . .-
W. F. KEITH, .
Attorney n. X Xia w,
liecT-erfl Ailirns, Venn.
0a,oo nnwAHD i
UANAWAV from tliu iiibscrllier.Thursilny, tlie UVtli
ult., s bniitid liny liy tint nnme of Fiitvk Aort,
sliuut la years of sire. 1 will give the sbnre reward
for tlio i-cinru of suld fciv to iihf. All tsBrstuis are for.
bit! tmrlinrtntf lilm under i-nslty Of Mie law.
MeMluu eo., Dec 7, 'Do-Hi W. 0. 11ARRKTT.
riioNVKfxi n tun isaii.
The New York Weekly Mirror,
,we lsir a xrar, ruyamr in ifrtiore.
IfSLKn frnni tlic ofllce or llie Kvonlnf Mirror, at No.
40 Aim street, New York, couteiuuix; oil toe news of
tliu week, up to die eTeulUft of ublii;atiuu.
. It Is the desimi of the prupriator to make "The Kew
Y'ork Weekly .Mirror" one of the boat family newspapers
lu Die country, devuteil to Politics, Literature, Scieuee,
and the Arls, and Tree from tie. eeajidal ami iojitiurull
ty wlih-li fiirm the ruat staple and Interest of a large
clsss of weekly newspsiers.
Tits Kkw Yiimk WataLf Mtsnns Is addressed to reset,
ers of n-lliied tute, mid the publisher hioke exclusively
to this ohise of the community for a liberal support In
Pittites, the Mirror Is independent, I'rosreseive witliout
beliifc radical, and enrnestly devuted to Auierlcajilslu
and the I'liiun of the States.
Terms.: Msil suluicrihers. One Dollar a year tn
advance. Suhsrriptlons will lie received, nnd the pa
per sent, for threu months, ou the receipt uf 'io uts.
Clubs a III he supplied on the following terms :
For six enpies one yeiir , go
Fur ten copies one year S
For nm-eii enpies one year In
Four copies will he sent lo one address n mos. for. . . . 1
Ail FfiBthinsters are authorised to act ns stents fur
the Mirror unit the money may be- sent at the risk of
the publisher.
The? Irw Vorlt Itnlly F Ton In a" Sllrror,
- .cm io ninn miu.n i"li. in eo a .vein , iu ituviiucc.
All communications should be addressed fnost nnlrtl
lo It. Fl'I.I.FH, Kdltor and Proprietor -of the New York
Negro for Bale.
FBllll' subscriber tins for s:ile, a Negro tsirl, 19 or
Jl. 1!' yeiirs old, snd Very likely.
i.onuon, Tetin., ?iov sn-tlja J. II. juilNHTtlN. .
An Aiinrcndcc Wnntril.
VmiY wi.lihifr to leers the Printing Huslness, IS nr
17 years obi, enn get a situation uttheonice of the
'-Poiil," If applloaUoii Is mode by the' 1st of .Innuiiry
ucxl. . , , , Nov 11, 'fsV-tf
SAII'I Mailt hrtrrel! KtnrS Putt recelveil
anil for ih)u hy iiov-W ?.U. llOIETON t'U.
"TII AV. Tken up by Waimtrll Duckworth,
I'j living In tin- 12th OlYll DNtrlct, McMIrm comity.
Tt'ini.. mi the I7(!i NoTeinlwr Inst, a roan colored
HorH nh.uit fmirtreii liaiula lilffh. two yeari old past.
No iiiiirlior liriiii.In nurcvlv;ille. Viiliied ut i:5.
Not 'Jl, lS-5-:i-a74 P. L. GAMIH., lUtder.
Hauls, senoy,
TI1K uiiderxifneil hnvhig been aiipointvd Apent for
TUi rariiicrO uud lixtrliuii-jra llitnk
w ClmrU'iluii, S. 0., In pri'piuri'd tu lmin money (mi No.
1 imper) nn Hu, oil and Du d;iy bill, on acconimodutlnir
termrt. M.o, wlllcUcrkon the North and South nt cus
toiintry tutva. fNoTlHJ UKO. W. RttSH.
1aT4I'I'II'I-'. At s regular meeting of Ocoee Lodge,
Nn. 11, in July lust, Mr. J. tVord was
exiielleit fruia all tlie riirhta anil lieiitllls of Miisuury,
iu, uiiuiitiiuuie vunuiiei. liy iirurr ni ins isiil)fe.
W. II. McKA.MV, Deeretsrr
Nov Hl.tsWi-SI Oiote LoilVe, No Hi.
Select School.
rpllE Full Svlon itt Mrs. roole's Select Miool trill
eiiiiinience OS Mninlny nest, Peptelntier S.l. It is
ilesl ruble Unit nil tlie schnliirs .lioulil be present, sn tlmt
the elusses vuu be formeil ou that tiny. J.AUK Ul-tf
Ul:.t lV-llifI lothinir. We have jits't
reeeivetl a very cxtenflve ussortinent of Clothing,
whii'li H ill be snlil n'rif line. Cull ami si-e iiolhing
eliiirgeil for sliowing. iiov':l W, O. IIOtlTON 4 CO.
K III. !. - Alt i:. llIIh1li.llrn Cs.tlngs,
ass'il, for sale hy fnov'.' W.Q. lltiltTON CO.
WA 'IT. D. We wish to buy Dried Fruit. Orren
Apiih-s, tristi I'ntstoes, Feulhcrs, tlessn-nx, Ttil
Inw, letter, kc, f.r which the highest pries a ill be giv.
tnovaj iv. u. iitiitrus a co.
Sj X). llnfrt. tl 1 1, just received nud for sole Inir
lIHf for cash, by net ! (iKO. W. IUKi.V.
UAdSI ItnCNl WcillinyUoods for all the
l.ilien or Cotton Itugs olfTed.
" W. ti. IIOUTOX a CO.
SA l.'l' S InO sucks best Liverpool ttalt, received anil
for sale low, by uovj W. U. Hull I ON a CO.
nt II OUII K ti n lid Cur poll lora' Tools
Jutt reuelveil, a lur,o lot of llardaiire, such
as Sleet, .s'ludge anil Hand Hammers, Augurs, (llnihlets,
oeress, i.ness, lunges, Cligusu ami Aoicrlcail ,lrMi
lliiiges, Cbiilli t'uiims and Fixtures. Wagon Hoses uf all
sites, Aiid Irous, .Stock and Dies, Itine Uarrels, Uua
Caps of all kitids. flrtilu Shovels, ae., au
Also, a Ittrg' tuab of Carpenters' Tools, ofevery de
scription, which 1 will sell cheap for cn.li.
. ue,o UIU.H. Ituee.
Ur-'ADV-ilal Ctothlna;.vl am now re
veiling mv large anil well suleeleil atoek of Iteariv.
Mmle Clothliig. consisting of fleer. Frock. Dress and
Sack Costs; l'liuts, Vests, Shirts, Hhirt-collurs, Lambs-
wool unit .Merino Shirts nnd Drawers of all sort, ami
sizes nil of which I will sell very cheap fur cu.h. Just
walk In Slid I can 111 you out uuew, "from top to toe."
Oct 5 OKO. W. llOSH.
PVIVl'N nilft nyr-IStlirfN. Frenrh Zliic
White In OH; Chrome tlreen, tied, and Velluw, in
oil ami dry; While Lend, dry; Venelisn Ked; Indigo,
Miidiler; Spanish llrown, lie., tor sole bv '
Oct 5 k UKO. W. BOSS.
'I'O It A C :. Just ncelveil
flue lot of tliu very
a best
winch win be sc
(1EO. W. HOI'S.
chenp, by sept its
It i: l:i1i I'.ll-Fine llrandy; Mmlerla,
J flierry, 1'orl, Miilngn snd Cluret Wines, slid some
line .ismaica Hum
nil strictly for medical purposes.
sept 7
1 M. Ill 1I.M-.
TO all lvhnlll it may rnnri'ril. I hereby
. give notice Unit no more credits will be extended.
and to all who are indebted tn me I say. come anil pnv
up. My ilebls must and shall be paid, and In ord r to
uo io i iiiiii uinae euiieeiioiis. Jl. ULIlB.
August at, 1-A1
"A7" II33a-T Wa.NTJ3X) I
A l.AntiKlot of good Wheat wsiiled for whlcli the
J. TaV hlgliest cash tiutrket price will be pnlil. bv
Julys . p. H. KK1TII CO.
",J'JTBCK. All persons Indebted to the siihsrrilier
J. are re.peellully notilleil thut they must pny on or
before the Udt)i dny of December next. If pnymeiit Is
iieinyen neyona trial lime syscle will tie required In
every instance., i Jjsi.. aiuilills,
McMinn connfy, Tenn., Sept 14. IVsVtil
Ti.'l'im. Alt persons Indebted to me, either by
N"le or Account, nro reiiicsted to eooie forward
mid make payment as I am compelled to hnve money,
unit sin ili-lcriiiiutil to wait no longer. All debts not
paid hy the ilrst dny of October w ill be found in the
hands nf an ottlcer for collection,
Aug U S. K. rtKKnFH.
VAI.I' Alll.r, M'llOtll, IKIOKN. Just
received, a large lot of the most approved and
latest editions, snd for sale hy
AIUJ J4 TiKO. W. ItOf ft.
A now puylug ! per Acre, aug U. W. ItO&l.
1AND WAItlt I N. 1 will pay ths lUghest
A uush price fur Laud Warrants.
Aug. H-lf JOHN I.. WUDOljt.
AM WAHIl t 'I S WA'l'i:u.-Ok:il.
HltoM N, of Madisonville, wishes to purcluise Land
and will give the highest cah price. AuglT
TV'ICW 'hr Horse Wapon fcr Mlhy
AiirVli, sinne t
. K. HtKUKlt.
tiO t F TIOAHIFH, TandlMi, Almondi,
J Pecau, Orantr, Isnsmuna, Ae., Jun rroflrrd and
foraalehy airil i A. CI.KAOK k CO.
Thve of thttwieelfhrHted lahor-aTluj inachlnva
on hand and for sale t manufacturer' prlcex, hr
- may 11 - 0. K, JtrKDER.
tV KOOTfl AHIt KlIOi:tt, If you eall
Xl ft examine our Muck whwh we are Jwrt openinf ,
we feel amured yon will not leave hefore huylny a pnir
of BoaU or filrnea. I'm- tlie Lfttllen, we bare the Wit
Kid, VhU nnd latent Oattem. Kor the Gentlemen, Kip
ami Calf Bupiet Uoat and O'alf Hhoeti.
uay4 ' C. t T.f. AT HP ON.
MOltKaf thai No. 1 Tabui-ro at the ramtmi
Ul.atp stuet, by V. V. k T. y. UUeUN.
riHfcn TB4(0, a Ina article, at id
IkKan, lor aaie tty ap w A. VLKAUK CO.
1IANO t'UII NAIsK Afood harin
lurch Ho u'
SATT1 HAI.T!-MHrnib Abbland, extra One, for
table ut i Ibfc Turk' 1.1 md, for pioklini.
'pl!" CKO, W. libs.
ISIfJr's Sewinr'Machines.
rfWF-8B niaohlnen hWl ton nMatAe ti htfhtft
I. rrputatlon in the I'nllr-d fflaten. The ftrnt prTae.a
flM Medal, hin rerenilt boen ewardH to them at the
fn-eat Kflpoftltton at the Palace of Inaitatrr In Parle, aftd
tbna thejr hare the World's Verdict of enperiorlt y.
Ureatlinpfofetnentf hart Jut been Mflrrf, m that
they run without no)e, with ran to the operator at
douMe the ordinary npeed.tothal -TWtCX
The rreKCeflt etotMnp and nhoo Btantifaetarlnir tao
ItehmenU In the country uc ihe machine raelnetve
ly. Ttiey are competent to perform every rt of work
In the moat perfect etyle.
Aa there are ery great nomhere 6f Inferior ot enifrw
lr worthle eewlng maeblnee of the Irow A BkMlfett,
Arery, Vilion, Ornrer k linker, and other pateuU,
which have been entri. hut cannot fc wee1 to any at
vautaire, we hereby onVr to reoelre all eorti marbtwea.
and al0 nnlaipeoTed onea of nur own mannfactura, a)
wrAffT(feir' nrtr nnd bttttt 4tnproi JtVnAsftee, mm
llhoral terme. Aft old marhlnea thui obtained by aa
win he broken tip and oVatruyH. for paniculare appif
oy icner or pereonany at our new torn tnnoa.
N. H.-LoraJ AfrenU wanted to make aalea of war hu
prored new in ft machine. To neraone properly a,ualf
fled for the bnelnena, a rare opportoaHy far arofhabia
and pieaeant ewiployBMnt la offered.
i. m. piukr CO.,
Principal Ojfi, &M Broadvtay, A", t. '
Brtinrh Oj .-47 Hnnver et.. Boa ton. 141 Cboi
Out ft., ritlUdelphla. 100 Baltimore ., Raltlmerts tM
Walnut at., Cincinnati. t. Chorlea it., New Ol
leana. OlorereTiHe, M. t. 944 Broad at,. Newark. N. .
Nnv fVt-Jtm-Jrm
Land for Sale.
TWILL sU to tho hiKhert bidder, at th
lata rssidetiM of Patrick l'.rvin, deo'd, an
the 8d ditv ot January nxt, four Inndrtd
Acre of t,and, more or less, being all the
Land which tnid Krvin died possessed, adjoin
inir the Lands nf L. Garden, Esq., and others,
in the gth Civil liistrict of Monroe eonntj
sithjeet. however, to the widow's dower.
Fifty dull nis tif the pnrclisst money will b
required in hand, the residue in two equal
instiillments nt twelve nnd eighteen month,
the inrchnser vivinjr bond and good security,
nud alien retained until the same is paid.
K E. It IKKITH, Clerk..
Kov.Jli, IBSS-nt. 1 Ys lee U 7t
Stono Ool for Sale,
faillK subscriber hss on hand and for sale, a supplf
JL of Sione CohI ii good srticle. Delivered on the
ears St London at SS f ton of ftooo lbs.
Loudon, Tcnn., Nov sn-tlja i. II. JOHNSTON.
Paper Machinery.
"iy F. offer for sale two llsg Knjrlnes and Psper Ma
VT chine csleulsteil lo rsske Printing or Wrspplng
Psper, all in good order and nearly new. We offer a
bargain. U. I. OlTTVa CO.
Athens, Nov IS. IRKi -J17 3
' r.y your Taxeai.
4 LI. persons who hnve not paid their Taxes for the
U. year Iboo, must do so luimedistelv, If thev wish t
avoid cost. THUS. PTF.I'HF.NS,
septjt . liliertfileMitmeo.
Iniirovt(l Havana IMan Lottery.
Hp Aiillwrity nf the State of Georgia.
Fort Gaines Academy Lottery
Ono Prlmt ia Every Ten Tickets,
Will ho druwu Decanter 24, lsWJ, in the cltjr of Atlanta,
wIk-u Prlxcs ainoiuiliug to
M'ill b ilintifbuted according to the followlnf
I ni mi table Scheme !
CA PIT At PRIZE $10,000 1
1 Prise of '.
1 Prlt'tof 2,"O0are...
8 do ono are...
11 do ' S.slara...
1 do 110 are...
IT do IRare...
4S do fx) are...
HS do I5i,...
. .Ile.ooa
... 4.IW0
.. i
... l.lisi
... i.;s
... t.lnv
... S.0T5
... s.ik
... S.150
200 do 10 are...,
OSO d B.r. ...
i,0isi prises amounting to
oKir tk.v tioihaxi) ki mbkusi
XV Tickets IV Halves tifia Quarters !,.
SSMLtL ew AX, Agent and Manager, "
AprlUTJJU . Atlanta, Oeorgia.
Culliniiu and Charleaton
Masonic Institute.
HIWAPHKR 1XJ1K1K hni wcurnl the Mnlrtt f
H. HKYWOOU for tlt next tn.iou, which will
cuiunieiiu un Monday, l)cnb:r 10th.
7rf, per -Stom office month:
Orlliojrraj.hy, RcaUltifr and Writing.. e,0t
KiiKlirih Urnumiu, Arithmetic and Uogra1it wltfe
the Hbvvv 9
Ilifrlifr lirnnclieH of MulheiniitJc and LDSUaK.,lX,oa
im-iik ii tal vxpenxeH,..' tQQ
Jionrtl cun bu liml in tlic town and vicinity on rea
mi tm hi e tuniiH, mill rooinn for mu-h ni h tn board
tlic'iiidelVL-n. Uriiiff to the pluimitnt and titaHhy Uci
tion nnd the competency or Mr. lliywond, principal
tfiiclier, ft In conlitlt'Titiy expectt'd (hat thin Inftftulun
will V literally putronlsvd. 8. I). TOi:T,
nov i --' m-o. a ncc'y Mtwntuve IkxIk.
(bt AUTiionrrv or the state or Alabama.)
ZHi ottor y.
Alio titer lorloi. lpporlunlt f I
The Inniroved Scheme nreienled in Vnm W liavin
hceti recvivfd with audi a decldedlfaTurabla demon
NirMiiciii, me iniintiKcr int.cn grvat pieHDiire hi prrtepltnK
mmilK-r hetiiitifnlly hrilliant ncheme.olTerinr a far inor
protHnhle Inveotineitt than any Block or avcurHiea now
in the market.
To be drawn Perember liuii, 1is.'A, in the city of Moot-
Bumrrj, witcii rriaei anioutilllif to
t$ a o . o o o
Will be distributed according to the following
Uiiuu milt leu Schedule I
Itcniruibrr! Ono Thousand Prizes I
CAPITAL rillZK, 10,000!I
1 Prise of 10,00(1
9 do I.lssiare 4. ism
to fsslare lAM)
II do iViare... S.UO
1l do Illiare...., l.tlHJ
17 do TRars 1,27
SS do 50are t.l.lt
H do HI are ,0T
SO" do Ill are f.OOO
do ; fare S,1M
1,0110 prises, amounting to t.KI,00t
iini.x -ie..v t ittii HA a ll A t MfnnS
Ttckots Sollulves and Quarters in proportion.
8AMIKI, BU AN, Agent and Manager.
July IU, tf-UMi Montgomery, Als.
I7WOM the subserlher a lew dsys .Ince, ane mite Fast
? of Calhoun, a small Snrri'l llorwr. left hind,
foot white, saddle mark ou the left aide. Any informa
tion In regard to snfd Horse will be tbsnVfully rereived,
and if taken cute of the person will he llberal'ly reward.
Mllwood, McMinn Co., Nov. 0-8t
Wallace &Wingfield,
...M. r wiHariits.
General Commission Merchants,
Atlanta Cer;la
WILL fire special attention to the ale of Bacon,
Lur.l, llnlier, Flour, Tobacco, Jtc., Ac.
Kefrr lo V. Wnlbice, Knoxlll, Tenn.; Toole, Bro.
C., Muryvllle, Teun.; 11. T. C'ox, Uuisrille, Tenn.; J.
UniiuM.on. t'liltia, IVnn.; Jolnitoii A Hair, Madiaon
Title, Teuii.;Hruliritin ft Hro.,rVvter county, Tenn.; Faini
A Kin. lotnlriilpe, Teun.; VaUKhn A Picket, Pweetwa
ter, T nil.; it. C. Jackfon, Atlieu. Tenn.; Fuullaiti, Jcii
nlnK ft Co., AnguHtH, fia.; John Cuiininfcbara, Urecna
horo', (in.; F. W. I.uchh, and John II. Newton, Athens,
Ou.; John WinHcM, Muilfnon, Oa.; CaHiart ft KlT, Ma
con, (la.; F. T. Willis, PnvunmUi, Oa. Nov9-ly-tt7S
WHofttJ wkeatt
rHK iitbHrriberK will give 91,40 per Uuuel far f tod
M. tnrn'tmutahlu Vlieat,
Atlitiii, lov. V. F. ft T. r. GinnoN.
3?rVLit Trees,
VS the time hnn iirrived for pluiitlnpr Fruit Trrri I
would reHpt!etfu)ly4iuforin the publio that I hart
upwiirdi uf forty diiferciit viirftllea of iht Fi-ai and
Apple, wliL-h are ituw ottered for nale, Applee it eti;
Puiir 2ft ctn., eiieh. I have the May and June Apple;
Hummer and Fall Fruit of all kliuln, and a Rood selection
of U iultr Apple. PHiuplfa of the Winter fruit can be
neeii at my rtaitleiice. 1 lire ou the line of tlie Eat
TeniK iseeft (enrra Kail Itond, two tnilci North of Mouse
iri'fii ncpot, .iir.iiinu couniv, icon.
FaeiUty t. 0.to? tMt-8)tl v C SflKT.L.
f'lvvlnnd Tein.
RFlfl Fl'I.I.V gircs notice that he has leaed Ihle
well-kiiowu Hotel, and thai It Is now open for the
reception of traveler and boarder. Having had a
lone; t-xiterlence in tlie husinevs. he flattora ktm.i
he will be able, ' cuuUiu aud devoted atUniiea te It
to keep uch a House as shall meet the apprubatlem mt
m win. mi.? Fi.c Him ran. ins laeie win at ad Unci
be supplied with tlie Ut Ui emintry affnrda,nd ever
effort made an his pnrt to render his f wtie onenfttrtablf
tie solicits a share ef patronage, S0T (,;
mill ubscribef wt.lvtsio buy a iar(re nuantllw ef
. . oe4 W ht, fcir whieh lw will pay the hlrheM mar.
kutprke. LAiUtuj.AAit.ai.lS f . K. ULKUtR.
HAVK received snd opened t larire sad
well sssuitsd ttook of Fall and Winter '
lionJs, aud most rstiisotfully luvite iittettisisi
tu tMssii. Pet. , iks
New Fall and Winter (.ooAt
I AM new recelrln, wiy Mock ot rail and Winter
(loads , .d would rtk,ttnl, reouesl "j
looter, and the uhllr seu.r.ll. , . ,, "
(est eonlldcnt It will be to llielr filler,.! '
O0. W. 0.
Ills umuuvil
thuuksi,'iviiij dinucr.

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