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Negro and Lots for Sale.
THahidinit Ui aa Inierloentor dfM aad
J. ordtr of the Worthipful Oonnty Court of
rolkeouaty, Ten., ml me fomnwwi,
18(1, 1 will nil, on Friday, lb tweuty-firel
day of Deeemlwr, 1S, l th Courthmi
door In th town of Bantoo, on NEGRO
MAN, names) Mees. aged twenty-flv years,
boat tve foot ton itiehe high, end wigha
from ISO to 1 lb., nail boloago to th
Ul of Joeiah Harriaoa, lata lonaotd, of oaid
oonnty, and I told for distributioa among th
heir of aaid dead. ,
Also, at tha urn tiro, four TO WW LOTS,
known on tba gaaaral pirn of aaid town u
Lot No, la, 17, l and , on tha following
tarmai Ona-Unth part of tha pvrohaa inoaajr
to ba paid down on tha day of Mia, aad th
balance on a aradit of nina and aightoaa
rantlit, la ooaal payment. Bond with ap
proved and ubtantial aaaarity will ba re
quired of th purcbassr.
Not. 7. HHt-At-pr fee 7
Ben. D. Thompson,
ClorolsaaU Testis.,
Dealer la
Dries, Medletiea und Chcaleah,
Dre-Weods in Dr-sls, Oil. ralals aad rainier.'
Arliele., Varnishes,
Wlaaaw Alaaa aaa Pauls. Blanwaia,
FKKSOH, rngll.h ana American IVrtttaaarr, Fin
Toll) and Sharing Soaps, In llelr ana Tooth
Bruehet, Paint Hrushe,Aiirglcal and Dental Inelramenta,
Trutaea and Supporter! of all klnde, Stilcoe, Snath, Man
ufactured Tobacco, all the Patent or Proprietary Med!
etnee of the day, auperior Ink, Pare Winea and Brnn
dice for medicinal frarpoeee, Katraeu and Flavor,
choice Toilet and Fancy Arttclee, Ae.
1 make my purchaaea for cash, and offer goode equally
aa low aa tlicy oan be obtained from any almllar eatab
llahment In thla aectloo. IKarranlsrf foneresfl, pnre,
and oenuin. Ordere from the country promptly Ailed,
n eetUfaetlon guarantied with regard both to price
and quality.
IT Physicians Prescriptions and Family Recipes
will reeelre tha areatesl care and attention In their
compounding, at all houra. aept T-ly-S8
VlTIUCH, added to my old, make my
T present stock lorg for tlii market
consisting in part, of Hie fullowing: Oil a.
Lint seed. Tanners', Lnrd and Nentsfoot; Bp'ls
Turpantins; Copnl, Japan and Leather Var
nish; mint, varnian anuanan itrusiies; uienn
oi and Graining Brushes; White Lead, dry
and in Oil; Zine in Oil; I'eaorie; Gitmelaatie
Globe, with and without tube; Window
Olui, lit by IS; Putty; Glazier' Diamond;
Wine: Brandy, nnd Jamaica Spirit, for
medical use and many other article.
will be sola lor easlt ouly.
Oct 26 WM. BURNS.
1855 Fall & Winter Gooi.! 1855
HAVE received their atock of Fall and
Winter Good, which they consider au
perior to any they have heretofore opened, in
richness, durablity aud ehenpness. Their as
sortment is general, comprising Cloth, Cassi
men, Sattinets, Tweed, and all other Mason
able goods for Gntlemeir wear.
For th Ladie, they have a very rich dis
play of nil kinds and the latest style of
Fall and Winter Dress Goods, such as Bilks,
Plaids, DeLaines, Merinoea, Prints, ate., Ac.
Call and examine th assortment, fur they
flatter themselves they have soma character
for taste and judgment in this department.
They have, nlso, a large stock of READY
MADE CLOTHING, gotten up expressly for
this market, aonsisting of Over, Sauk, Busi
ness, and Dress Coats, made of the finest and
most seasonable fabrics; Vast and Pants,
which can't fail pleasing the most fastidious.
In the Boot and Shoe line, they are second
to none. Ladies and Misses in search of fine
Walking, Guiter, or any other description of
Shoes, will please call and examine the assort
ment. For Gontlmen they have fine Calf,
Kip and Coarse Boots and Shoes. Negro
Shoes, from the largest to the smallest sizes.
Huts Caps and Bonnets, in great variety.
In short. Ladies nnd Gentlemen, they have
every description of Goods usually found in
Retail Stores in this section of country, and
they aro going to sell them so. It's no use
talking. If you want any tiling in their line
just eom and get it. They will sell low for
cash, and charge nothing for showing tha
Goods. Nov. 8-372
Fresjli utVx-X'l'va.l! vt tlxea
S3 3D xz oun
INVITES tba attention of the public to hit
newly arrived stock of Goods, feeling satis
fied they surpass anything that ha bean ex
hibited in this market for "lo, these many
days." It wonld be an endless task to enu
merate one half tha artieles, consequently
ha will name but few, assuring his friends and
customers that they will find at tha "Varie
ties" almost any nrtiole in his line that may
be enlled for. Call in, if you want
bobs, Bracelet, Finger King, Collar But
tons, Shirt Studs, Sleeve Buttons, Cuff Pins,
Fob Chains, Vest Chains, Guard Chains, La
dies Clmlaline Chains and I'ins, Pencils, Pens,
aud Cases, Fob and Guard Key.
Coral Necklaee.
and Fancy eolored Gaiters; Misses fine Gai
ters. Blnik and Fancy colore; Misses Kid,
Goat and Calf Boots; Men' Calf and Kip
Shoos; Man' Water-proof, Calf and Kip
Boot; Uoy uoota aud shoe oi all kinds.
Fine Touaooo. Ciunrs and Snuff.
Colt's fins Repeating Pistoia; Allen's Ra-
yolving and Bell-cooking nine risloia.
Musical Boxes; Aoeordeons; Clarionets;
Flutes: Fife. 4c.
Creams; tine Supiiopnane; line Transparent
Hoan: Colozne: Wriiiht's Extracts fur the
handkerchief; Extreat of Vanillu; Extract of
Lemon; Lemon Oil; Cinnamon Oil; Essence of
Cinnamon; Lilly white; Lyon s Kathanon;
llnir Oils of all kind and qunlitiee.
Candies: Almond.. Haiaina; Pickets. 4c. Ac.
All of which, and a thousand and one other
articles, will be sold at the lowest prices
imaginable. Athens, Sept 19
Medical College of Georgia,
AufHtia, July Oth, 1855.
TDK Twenty fourth conrte of Lerturoi In tlitf Initl
union will commence the first MoniUy ta IHovvra
br nest. f-'ncnltv
Anatomy G. M. Newtum.m. it.
HuTgjry L. A. Di'oam, m. d.
ClitiruUtry and Hiirmucy A. MiffH, M. D.
Materia Medtca, Therupuutics and 3ledlcal Jurifpru
denoa -1. P. ijUavia, u. o.
Otritctrtoa wid UUaei of Woman and Infanta!. A.
Eva, M. D.
Phyriolof-y and Path. AnatonylltV.M.MtLLia,M. D,
liii'-itute and Practice of Mmliclitti 1. 1. Fuau, M. d.
Durgtcal, OomparaUve aud Microicopleal Auatonir
II. P.Oampbkll, m. d.
Detnoniitrator of Anatomy R. Oittranx, M, s,
AliliUat UemnnitiAtor It. B. Kimmon, m. d.
ProMiotor lo Prof. orHurerjrf oai&a HAaaist, v. d.
Clinical Lecturea will b dellvartrd rvpilarly at tha
City lloaplul, and ample opportuaillei will b afforded
for live study of Practical Anatomy.
Peei for the entire Courae ,..$105 00
Matriculation Ticket (to be taken onct). , ft oo
JPor further parUculaxa, apply to
July -4m O, M. IfBWTOW, Deaa.
Hiwassee College
9IssirM ceinlr, Tenss.
THE Spring session of this young but pros
perous Institutioa will eluae a (nllnw:
Aaauit Eiamna-noa. Tuaadar and Wad
naJay, nth and 18th July;
Sraaaiao Coariaaiau DirLonaA, Thar,
day the lth.
Tli Fall Seaaion will commence Monday,
. Bapt 17th, at which time students will fiud
it to ttiair advantage to ba praaaot ta antar
their proper alaasea.
Toinoa tlO par sassion; Contingent fee
1; boarding at moderate rataa. A number
f room in tba vialnlty are ooaupiad fro of
ettarz by the wisMng to board thamwlwa;
which they do at aoat of from fifty aaats to
ona dollar par weak.
Our laaation I in th oomriry, two and a
sail wmm'iw. in naiQIlnor
kooi notad fur Industry arid morality ; aoa
aaqnantly w ar aomeianitlTOly fra frm
. tamptatioas to prodigality, taUnrperauoa,
' and other ioa too fraoaaBtl mat with la
towas and itisa,
A post oftiee has baaa aaUblienad at the
Inatitutinnf thrfor letter to tba Paoahy
and fttudenta should be addreaaad to "lliwas
sil College, Monro eonntr, Tenn."
July Joli.V II. lllU'NKK, rnK
as) OOaa
(iiariaai a to Teases- at Kn i )
Me-aa-ivlaaj At rorwstvaHsat -- ta
Geieral ComLkUi Eerekaita,
awaak Waati, Cfcatrleaaoas. fa. Cm
Oltl their personal auantlon te ska sals oi aa Mad
at Freda aad Maaataclarea, aad wtl mak
-roaas returns of the sassa, and ta smug aewen tar au
lads af fiords t tads market. AH a aummkialea f t H
.. Theie hmhi aiaaatkm wni alee he aieew
the aeajeaa- and forward!; ef woods ta aay part ef
in ante, at la eanaa Barkaaa. eaeeea lara
atrn of laalary urn Furaltare, which will he eharfed
semruing a triable aad rernoaalblllty. Iraa In looee
kars an hp Ikes for Nell snwda will a put Ihraewh a.
t,M pee sen, all upaueea Inehtded, aad Hau at iOeta
eajf r h$t ftH VatpsMMsM lsMlMlFfl
hlpper may rally raty apoa ear peaMrely prtAecttaf
their lutereM aajalaet aver aaarfe el aaeasMsaaaat,
wehfhl and laws ef aaekaaa.
Mereheata af Kaaaeliia. and af Cast Tennessee, that
reeelre their goode at Knoarllle, aaa hare them prompt
ly forwarded through thla House, and pay all their bill
Thoee who phases aa ahht thraueh aar news ftad
that af Oaver a Dark!, areearille, . 0., aaa hare
then- Oeod araeaaaly forwarded, aad pay all freight
and eharaee to Oower A Uavlds, at tireenerllle.
We would respectfully refer with pleasure te th fat
lowing gentlewien, aaoat of whom we hare dally Irense
tlona with, kelleriue; them to be the proper refereee t
Ahepherd, Marwell A Hoyt; Barry A McDsnorl; Mar
ley A kloardt; Craighead A Ueederlck; N. Osama A
Hon; Cow en Dtcklnaon: 1. 1. Tea Gilder; . H. BrnHry;
Tlmothr aulilnat 1. II. Walker. . M. Mcpherson: Hot-
land A Rawlins) Klnalee A Br., Knoxrlll. ta. B.
Oolemaa. Montval Aprlags. Benry Mlssroon, Agent
af New York Bteamersj Joha Caldwell, Agent of Balti
more and BaatauSaipnekel;H.T.BakerAO.,Ageat(
ef BalUmore and Philadelphia HaO Packet) liomea A
Story, Agents r New York Ball Paekets, Charleston.
n. b. iini.nT,iatc oi unonTiiie, Tea.
RorlMf-ATA JAB. U. ART! II B, Charleston, B. 0.
Wholesale Druggists.
Havilattd, Ritley X Co.,
fSvUCUSIta, eTJaVAsa.
OTJI.D oall tba attention of Merchant In Fast
Tennessee to our usual large atock of Druea,
Mudtclnee, Paints, Oils, Dye-Sluffs, Perfumery, Soaps,
Brashes, Ac. We are now fully prepared for the Fall
Trrtd. and we hope Merchanle vlslllmt oar market will
examiue our stock and prloaa before buying, as we hare
unusual facilities both for purchasing and selling at low
prices, belngconneeted with IUvilahp, HsaasL rheum
new sots; anu mavilssd, imssai. m uo., unanesion,
B. 47. The foliewfng artlclea wiU comprise part ef ur
aloe, to wmcn we are making oany aoaitinns :
10.CXK) tjs Bins stone:
I.OOODafall Petre:
t.OOO " Fine Indigo;
S.OOO " No. 1 Msilder;
(W)0 " tit. Logwood;
1,000" Chip Logwood;
A.OOO" Putty;
0,000 11 Spanish Brown;
5.000 Cookln Hod a:
S.OOO " Sulphur;
R,f00 tlrlmstone;
10.OOO" White Uad;
S.OOO Zinc Paint:
o,uw as Venetian Kea;
4O0 doe. Castor OH t
S.OOO ' do in pap's
tuu " kyon'sKatnarion
ST RreMsl Stror,(l doors from Globe Hotel.)
Aug. si-iy-ous
Chameerw C'ostrt at Ktsiellaowivlliei.
NorlMDsa RtTLaa. 1605.
Thomas Yfaltll, Administrator, with the will annexed, of
niinam , ante, oecaasea,
William Wallls, Ooodea Wallls, Nancy Cngtiah, Ja. D.
Reagan aad Thomas Ysarwood.
BILL states Ihst defendanu William and Gooden
Wallis and Nancy Knglish reside beyond the limits
of the State af Tennessee, publication la therefore or
dered to he made for four weeks in succession In the
Athens Post, requiring said non-resident defendants to
appear at the next terra of the Chancery Court, to he
held at the Court-house In Madisonrille, on the 1st
Monday of December next, and answer complslnant's
bill, or ths satna will ba set for hearing pro conesao as
to tlism, and heard accordingly.
1. A. COFFIN, O. at St.
Nor , 19Mt pr fee SS S!i
cTuaBt XaVooeltrecfl
AND for sale, at the old ctand in Calhoun,
S5 Bbls. New Orleans Reboiled Molasses.
10 i Bbls. do. do. do.
SO Bags fin Kio Coffee; .
600 Gars. Cuba Molasses;
2500 Lbs. Brown Sugars;
oOOO " Castings;
10000 " Hulled Iron all of which will be
sold low by wholesale or retail.
Our Dry Goods stock fs full and fine, and as
low down in price as the lowest,
Aoui'ta, Oao.. 8etH 4. 1B.
III IDS. Kd and prime Sugar ;
W 200 barreli Stuart'e Clarified Hufar;
lOO packagea Loaf, Cruahed and I'owdered Sugar;
800 bags fair, prime, and choice Coffee;
1O0 roata Java Coffee ;
MOO keg Nails, all slue;
4,000 sacks ftalt ;
400 bags Huck and Drop Shot ;
8,000 S)s liar Lead;
00 hhds Cuba Molasses;
76 barrels Stuart's Bugari!oui Syrup;
960 boxes and kegs Tobacco, every quality ;
OO chests Hyson, Imperial and Ulack Tea:
aUO.OOO Spanish and Oerman Cigars;
mj Domes Aaamauiine ana iperm uaucucs ;
SOO boxes Bar and Fancy Soaps ;
100 kegs Sup. carb. Soda ;
A larve atock of Manilla Rone. VAlVlnoh: nd
Cord and Plow Lines; Painted Palls; Brooms; Churns;
Tubs; Braas Bound Pails; Half Buckets; fiplccs; Pepper;
Ginger; Cassia; Indigo; Blue Vitriol; Copperas; Powder
in Kegs ana cans; ncKeii; uneese; uuiter and sana Bis
cuits, Ac, for sale. Our stock (liquors excepted) will at
times be one of the largest In this market.
Orders from our friends will command prompt atten
tion. Consignments of Produce are solicited.
CflaLasBAira,ifj Bakr Wilcw at Co.
Joliial Wwrnnr, ' tt rtr ' sept T-tMM
OOOU filtaO-VAOflgt.
TIIR undersigned has for sale a variety of Cook
1 Stoves laust and most approved patterns. The
castings are beautiful. The Ihwier tXaU 8tov4 and
Kentucky are east at Cincinnati, Ohio, and the South.
rar Is cast at the Knoxville foundry. He expects to
have. In a short time, some beautiful Are Stoves for
heaatlng rooms. All who wish to purchase ft cheap and
good article In the Stove line, will do well to call and
examine tor tnemseives rwwrt purchasing elsewhere.
Athena, Sept il-tf--86ft J. W. ULACKH KI.U
K w a nun
Bank-Note List and Detector,
j'ttntuui emumotwuy at jvoniomery, Aia.
At liOO pmv annumr Ibb AdvtHce.
rill E work Is printed on fine white paper and new type,
and In appearance wIU be second lo none in tbi
United Stat:.
A SoutAtrn Bank-Note List la essential In every AinJt,
Counting' House, and Public Office, Let us unite In ad
vanclne our common Interests, and not permit Northern
men aud Northern Beteoters to fluctuate ous money
matters as tliey may wish, while we are quietly following
(heir dictation.
The work will be carefully revised en the day af pub
llcatlon, and ail Important financial ehaugea, aa they
occur, noticed. Every exertion will be made to make It
a correct and reliable guide to the Banker and Merchant.
Hotel Proprietors, Brokers, Auctioneers, Commission
Merchants, and others, desirous or having their names
and burliness widely circulated, are Informed that a
limited number of advertisements will be Inserted.
Special rates for advertising by the year, or for shorter
periods, may be known by applying to any of my Agents,
or n. me uiuub m Attain a, u corgi.
Specimen numbers will be sent, on application by let
ter. fr4 of chitra.
All communications Intended for the "Bank-Note List
and De teeter," must be addressed te ".Viwiii's Bunk'
iH tAMi,wAlUHUf, frt BA.MUKI On AN.
J a Has KoaaaTMON, General Agent. sept ItS-Hm
Threshers! Threshers!
'TjlARMKRSand others who contemplate purchasing
jl' iiireaners inn season wouin no well to nana In
their orders soon, or thtv will notbe able to eel the Ma.
chines out In time for thrvshfng out the next Wut
crop. S. K. RKKUKft, General Agent
Athena, march lfl-tf for lower East Tennessee.
Carter's Spanish Mixture.
Th Grextt Pariflor of tha BleMntl
Let Me AffiMed Rewi and Ponitr I
An Infallible Kemedjr foj Rerohila, Kinga Kvll.ltneuma-
tisin, uDeiiuate uuianeoua nruptious, rinplss or ros
tales on the race, bletel.es, Bolls, Agu and rever,
Cbronle Sore Erae, Kln Worm ar Tatter, Scald Head,
Enlargement ftud Pala ef tlie Boaea and JalnU, Stub
born Ulcere, Syphilitic Disorders, lnunbaf. Spinal
Complaints, and all Diseases arlstnf front aa Inju.lt
clous Use of atereur,liaprudeaeslBUfa,r lasastritr
I the Blood.
ffJlllU greal altaratlre anedleln and PnrlAer ef Meed
M. Is now used br thousands f gratafal aatlensa front
all parts of the United Stale, wlie seetlrr dailj to th
remarkable eurea nerforaaod by the greatest of ail eeodt
clnea, "Osama1 asamH Mlxrosa.,r Nearalgla, Rnea
nuttlsm, Rurofula, KrunUona on the Shin, Llrer Disease,
r.Tera, Ulcers, Old Sores, ASacUoua of the Kidneys,
Diseaaea or tha Threat, reaaala OoeapUinU, ralna and
Aolilng l the Boaea aad -lotnle, ar speedily pot I
lialit by aalng this rrsat aad inestimable remedy.
foe all dlaeasaa of lb Blood, nothing has rat kaea
foand I aompar erilh it. I. eleanaaa th eratem ef all
Inumritlas. aela eentl and emeleally aa the Liver and
Kidnejrs, etrengtheas th Pigeslaa. glraa eon ta th
Stoiaaoh, makes the akla clear and Wealthy , and restore.
tna uoaslltatl, enfeeble kf dlaeaa or sraken down y
the esoeeese of youth, to lu pristine rigor aad strength,
roe the Ladlaa. k la usaamnarablr belter baaa all the
eo asset lee ever used. A fear deae af Carter's Svaaiek
Mlatura will rr more aii aailoentaas af oeiapi.sloo, bring
the resee mantling la th elteett, aire eis.tlcity ta the
sup, and Imprav tha health la a remark aoie degree,
Seyoad all tha medlolaas aver heard f. '
The large a amber af eertiSeaaes vhssk w har r.
ahred freea peraM from all parts af tha United States,
Is th beat erktenoa that than a a humbug about Is.
The nr sos, hotel beeper, magKI rataa. phyektiana, and
mibMu maa, wall saawa ta tha ooiamunity, all add their
ieetlaumr lo the waadertal e Seats ef this euBAT
suiiw rurunim.
and read aha aeevaairal euro lata truly araslaal af all
Waaaaaaalaa lasa atgnal S SI. H S TT A SATntA. na
BrkMara, Ss S reiri street, Rleamaod, . I wheat aU
rders foe eusfttat and ssYnelee muat a addi asaad.
And for aal ky Wat. Beaaa, and O. W. Kens, Alh
B. r. M .aria, CaAhaaa; KsaLI m Sob, Oharlsstsa: Tana,
a A Drsoa, Clereitad. may i-ly-AeS
BtsOTtl and MksMaw Jt reeeired a lara
ataek, from eonatea t tha eery heal. Call aad
eeaiwue. ror .ate ey ,ocl 0 W, W. MOM,
H. E. DtfNa, D. D. 8., -
wra JO. Daritlai
. a .
AQKADDATI ef the ammeter doMeva af Deatal
aaigosr, aairhsg leeated nsrmnenliy, snare Me
errlee t the alllaaaa af Baal Teaireaaes. Re under,
ataad Deatlstry as taught in the prlaelpal Oolletee la
Mir vuim-u ouwee, in an lis rarioeai araenea. ah ca ann
Beilea ef the a
ul free af aawrg. Hie ahargee are
(seat e-ly-t
Gardner, Shepherd ft Co.,
Shseit, Hstfl sad Straw Goods,
Ne. fa) Mai ie square, riatehTlllo, Tana,
Wl lartu th altnttoa af aecrahanu t the large
and deelraota
rail Wlaater SJtaMk est Ilo-ata at at 4
Mtoraaa Hat lav, t'apa susal Tranak.
which we are new dally receiving. Thla atock has been
carefully aeleeted la rlew of the increased demand far
0o Oanna; and while It will be foeatd entirely complete
and well adapted ta the waelt of the trade. It anueuat.
ly free frem Goods ef aa Inferior auallty.
Buyer in this market would consult their Interests by
pricing our Ooada before making their purchase.
s.pl I-sia- UAIillNKA, BIIKl'HKKD A CO.
Fa c tor t CanttsailaaleHa Marclaaatas
Maa. 1 aad I Atlantis Wharf,
Charleston, S. C.
SrrCIAI, allentlnn glren te the sat of Wheat, floor,
Corn, Ac., and from our long experience In the bust,
asaa, w feel eonAdent of string satisfaction. Liberal
adranees mad on consignments.
K'tr to Hon. Int. P. King, Augusta, Oa.; Hon. M. A.
Cooper, Itowah, Ua. Julyl8-ly
s. a. ais.1 WITH w. s. asTnttws.
Wholesale Grocers,
asd paiLsaa l
Flue nrandless Vlnea, and Cigars,
Noa. IS snd IS Market street,
MAT HOI : lIAHi,F.aTO, jl(oi A.
wautmtL Dlsuta IK
flo. 81 llayne alreet,
. . 'harltial, H. C.
ERCIIANTS and others desiring lo purchase will
hare their orders as promptly and satlsfactarlly
Oiled as If they were her to superintend their nnr.
"" Sept. S, 1854-tf 811
u. giaarirmc. . . aerixs.
Commission Merchants.
Foreign and Dnsealie I.lqnora,
No. t snd f Market street,
Jaa lS-ly-S8 Niaabrille), Tenn.
oa uursTT. BP. . swiau. sa.
vrsa.- tin unutJbiii.
CO.-riraifWlnaj AND FS.il WARDING
IVX erohantaj,
SBD nasLtat la
Wines, I.lquora, and Clgara,
No. 11 Market street, South of Spring street,
MR. J. N. IIENDKRSON, of th Srtn of Kryea A
Henderson, will reeelre orders and collect mnner
for ue at Athens. Jan 1-ly-8iio lu.
HARD IV A u r-
vihhv-t inronTcaa op
Hardware, Cutlery, Guns. Pistol . Ac,
.v. ou jiAint, aTHBET,
June 17, '63 tf 247
R. 1. Mcl'IIERSO N,
Main Street Knoxville, Truss.,
Macon Steam milla, KrMtrrll, Curt-
rlajht and Nflwan 91111a Nhlrlln;,
Georgia Oanaberga and Yarn.; Tobacco, Queen.ware.
IlucLI.. r,,,.. a.. '
Ttrmt: four monllis. July 20-ly-oAt
FortiE and Amtrlttm Vry Good.
131 Meeting street,
WM. It. A!tIM, I A. I. SMITH.
. W. rt'LLIAH, I u. M l). U'CLRATII.
r. M. UBA1UU11.E, I
Felt. it. 1H58 tf "SI
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods
No. 88 Ilnyne street,
chahle'stva; . c.
N. B. Bolting Cloths ulwnjs on hand.
Oct. tl. 1851 tf IB)
(Late Dunlnfi A Horn,)
Grocery and C'ommlaslun Merehaats,
STRICT personal attention to orders and
quick returns of sales of Produce.
Tlicy will give special attention to con
signments from East Tennessee.
I. I. AtiLBIf. a., j, ,,NLAP.
march 18, 18S8 ly 284
Hardware, Cutlery and Guns,
Ko. 4T North aide Public Square,
HAVE now In etore a full and complete aasortment
of All flAIIV. In all Its VHrlll.... b,i,.il,.. win. -n
unurnslly Isrse slock of Cutlery and Guns, to all of
wmcn mey inrue me attention or Dealers rlsillnR this
marks!; their slock has been made un by direct pur.
eliases from tlie Jfuiiuift'fiirere, bolh lu America and
Kurope, and tliey feel confident that those who may rive
them a call will find It adrauuecou. in 1U.1 u.tn. h.....
Cash and prompt time buyers will And the prlucs of
Feathers reeeired at the hlgiiest market price,
march ls-tf-WW
(Succcwor lo Ptytj Jt Jiomar,)
Waro-Houtt and Cemmiiilou JUmhamU,
tha purcliaae and nle of all kind of
I ' T . It I II , , . . ,
m. icuiiwmiisuun) iuerciinnui, urocv
ries, Ac
Oct. 6. 18B4 ly SIS
C'amralaalan and Viadae Klarcltant.
Ofllee a Broad alreet, opposite Union Bank,
JsViAusjtt. O-a..
Will gire prompt and personal attention to the
sale af llaeon, Lard, Grain, Flour, Cotton, and
all articles of Merchandise consigned ta him. Also, to
the torwaraing el uooas tor the lutertor and Northern
markets at tha euatemary rate. Liberal adranees, ei
ther in cash or by aeeeptaneea, made on article In store
or wiian oiue oi isuing accompany arans.
RarKBaacaa: Baker. WIIcob A Co.! M. A a wiitin.nn.
t. 0. rarao, 'Cashier,'' Augusta, Oa. Hand, Williams A
WSeos; Thoe. Trout A Co., Charleston, S. 0. Wm. Dim.
cans ranaeiiura, ray a 10.; r. T. wiuu, Sarannah, Oa,
Stureea. Bennett A Co.. New York. J. C. WHmh a iv
D. Stuart A Sou, Baltimore. Wood A Low, New Orleana.
C. B. Weloora, Palton, Oa. GrenrUla A Sample, ciiat
lanooga. Teas. Beardea, Son A Co., Knoarllle, Tenn.
S. K. Heeder, Athens, Ten. W. Shanard A C0.1 Berrr
A Pemevllle, BashrlU. Tenn. NaT. Si, '64 tf Hit
Holland & Rawlins,
wboubsls An Bartn aiAuaa in
Hardware, Cntlery, Saddlery, &e.,
Kaazwllle, Tenn.
aftOUNTR Merehanta. Meeh antes. 8a,ai.. ,,S
-J Builders Witt And here a large stack of Gooda at
prices uiat wm compare raroraniy with tna northora
"'irftPJryjdel to. JunelfHIni-SM
Commission Business.
RBPAVrrULLT hsferas the althMm of MoMInn
aonnty, and th public teuerathj.thnl ha w(U attend
ta tha Soiling, Punhaatna, and Forwarding ef all kinds
n rrooura. sso, ta orasnng uaoaa, ureoartea, or any
kind ef Maahlaerf thai assy Dees led foe. He can fur.
nl.B Machinery, each a Threehere, Ueapera, Mowars,
eaeia aaa rare uuuere, ar ftny Bind Wished, t ataalB'
facvur.r.' price., freight added.
A good lot at Threshers e the wey sad U arrive In a
few days. Ale, aaa Circular Haw Mm (IHt oesr
nunerew asm aaa mesaic ay B. a. HEEttKH
Alliens, Tenn , 01 sy ll-tf -t
T. W. Fleming,
ConmlmiwBvfc Prodsee Merchant,
Nrs-m jinsjaala. 3a.
P. D. GATES, .
Commission Merchant,
Agrititltwrmt lamttiWM)(a mf .WarAfsurrt,
H. IS Broadway NEW VORK.
KbTCHUM'S M4t Maahtnm, Are Were,
AVrae Mm, VnlUralort, Horn, earner C'affer,
Oirn .SAWier., Afeiifw, Horn Veen and TAresAere,
(IssMsaf Tfu-etAer and Rrnsietrert,lf fW Affrl
eWruml MaoMnm. mar la-tf-JUT
Tlios. P. Stovall & Co.
General Commission Merchants,
WILL lra ttrlrt and prompt attention le eon.lrn
mania mad them. Their FIRE 'JtOOF
HOI CK la centrally situated on Droad street, with large
and eommedlou storage, for storlut sll description of
Baraamr : Hon. Ino. T. King; Isaac Henry, Ktoj.)
slllo Hatch, Kan.; Ftcranton, a,:ymour A Co., Aiigiista.
Hon. Mark A. Cooper, Ktowah, Oa. V7. L. IIIrIi, Rsq.,
Dalton, Ua. T.. O. Pearle, K. S. R. MrUamy, q.,
Chatlanooaa, Tenn. A. fl. Kryes, Kq.; a. K. Herder,
q.i Dnrld Cleaae, Eeej., Alliens, Tenn. Tlhhe A Herd
wiek, Clcreland, Tenn. Metln A Henry, Isradon, Teun.
(hteemr to AVrl-er, BVfivNr at Co..)
vv bolesjale Grrooera,
Aaauala, Cia.
July-Jfl, 1W6 ly " .-,
DR. J. L. ATliUfi,
XJa.ymioi an fts S'iri.xKox3L
Alhcn; Teniisi
fl.f. irlvc hli entire ttuntlon to the practice of
.-vuiciBr. uiuce mtuin oi tit lfriutv. (aui;8
TAT. Z3. XXA.XsXm, ZvX. X3.,
funnrrltrqf MfHttotUo, A.)
UESrECTrt.'I.I.V announces lo the public thai he has
located permanently lu Allien., ami la now pre.
Kiirrd to alleiiit an ealls in town or country. HhvIiik
nd nine years eaperlt iice ne a Physician and Snrajeon,
and the ailvanlsaes of alltorottgli course at two Medical
Schools Irfuiisrllle, Ky., and New York lie nutu-rs
himself that he will be able to give general satisfaction
to all who may need bis prnfes,onnl services.
Office one door west of the Ofllce of the Pnst, rcrenily
cceupled by Dr. C. AJorilsn. April 6. 1S5S tf-S29
M. R. MAY, M. D.,
1F,"I'ECTKL1.1.Y tender liis profeseionnl
t services to the public
j!"niii' ' 22
'IT'ILLherenfterKire liis whole nttention
Ti to the Practice of Medicine.
IN returi-ing his thanks for the very lihernl
patronage he has already received, would
respectfully announce to all who may need
the aid of a Dentist, that he is well prepared
to execute all work in tha various brunches
of his profession. General sntiefnetion will
be Kiven, both in prices and stylo of work.
Uiceville, Tenn., Mtty 28, 1 85S 1 y H48
JAII . naara
Attorney at Law and Land Agent,
lloniiabsro Boon count y, Iowa,
W"'1' practice In Hie rnrloua Courts of ll. atnte,
, 1 -" loeanon ana sale 01 Laud War
rants, buying and selling Land Ac.
..viii ... nun. .,. iiiumi. A.tnvll e. Tenn tl.n n-A.
I., UndUouvllle, Teun.j Will. P. kcllb, hsq., Alhens!
mar I l-lf-16
( OOKR Xl l.niVRV
Attorneys , t T.
Alheuaj Ten.
Attorneya At XAW,
Alhei.a, Tenn.
MILTOR r. yinitiotR . caijiwm i
April nt-m
UACTICES in th different eirmntieacnm
tinaiti ilia Tliir,! .Iiilii..l .,i
,- ,1 . ,iiuiiii will
attend to the oolleotni nnd securing of elninis
Mill will lliv. Itii, l,n,l,.-,.luJ . . .1 . ,,
....... icu ni.beui.lou to nil
business entrusted to hie core.
March 2. 1849 tf 28
Attorney a, t Xji v w,
lovflaud, Tenn.,
"."lT'I'I' allend promplly to all business entrusted to
- - 01 iirauiey, i'oik, sictllnn,
Meigs, Knee, Hamilton. Illcdsne and Marlon counties.
rrerwidee.Oeo. W. Boss, Athens; I). C. Kenner,
Cleveland! A. O. W. 1-uckctl, Harrison: Tims. Crutch.
BclJ, Lhallanooga. fPeb.23-1y
ruzsToivr xxotjsb.
Alubama aircel A (Inula, Ueorarin,
Hy A. E. HERVEN, Praarlel...
T OCATIOX Right of the car shed for paasengers by
M-A down tralu: Left of the car shed for nasseneers be
UP tr,ln- Aug. 10, IN00 ly-869
East Teuneaaee Ac Uearsjia Hall Itoad,
A,, dk LASO, Proprietor,
rSPKCTPULLT Informa the trarellng public that
he baa onened a Dinner House ne.r th .., n.
pot, In Cleveland, for Ihe bencltt of trarelera on the
Kail Tennessee and Qeorgla lull Koad, where he will be
pleased 10 serve all who may call on him with the best
Ihe couutry affords. Cleveland, June l-lf-840
can io-A3 SOTBXj,
All.tina. Tumi.,
THK suhacrlbrr hsa recently taken charge of thla
House, and II I. now undergoing thorough repair
and being refurnished In good slyle. His object is to
keep a good Hotel a hou.e where guests can be com-
lurininy nveummuaaieQ sua cared lor. By giving tlie
business his whole attention, and keeping his table sup
plied with the best the country affords, he hopes and ex
pects to be liberally patronised.
narcn 10-11 JOSEPH HARBIN.
AbotU 160 North r tftm Jpot,,
I Piiir.Api:iPHU, TEN.nr..,
9 till omjii Tor the tntcrtHlnment of Traveler. Per
ona IritvellnK on the Cara. moni.tiia- at nt at art In
from Uil Miiit, will be pnrHcularly Hltt-niletl to. JUta
goo ottrrittl to ami t urn tu. f)rjnt without charge.
ntmK w nnve puironiien m auniifr tlie mitt four or
flee yean have our tlmnkc, and we ollcit and huiie to
merit a cotititmance of ).atrouagu.
AuKUnt 4, lttM tf 80ft
C'liutluuootxae Teun,
. T. C'Ul TtliriF.I.D,
Aug. lT-tf-S60 t-niiranTOB.
Benteua Tenn.
W. W. KTOttK, (VrmWy of lrsenerW.)
RKSl'KrTKl LI.Y informa Ihe public that he has taken
the Hotel formerly kept by Joseph Pelton, llenton,
Tenn. Determined lo keep the right sort of House, he
will spare 110 pains to accommodate and rentier com
fortable all who may call. His Table shall ho spread
with the be. ithe aountry affords, and his Stable will b
provided with plenty of provender. Determined to
merit public patronage, he hopes aud aspects to receive
a due share of it. July IX-tf-UM
nsvsi.aronsnrya Jaam.
Vormtrln of tht Lanier Hohv, Mamn, Ga
oif latt of tin Lafarg; AVts 1 ort.
July 14, 1864 tf 8u8
Orhoo b n i an m.
A. II. & J. W. CROW
RErrIKOTKIJI,LV announce to the public that they
liave now and will keif oonUutly on hand a itcn
rttl aaeortment of mpcrlor Mquorg, wliioh tbej will veil
low for ORah, wlioloaale and retail.
AU,Oie.ae, Uackera, KMluf, Caudlea, anil tr9ry.
thine yl Uiftt to food to cM. (march t-lt
Riceville Academv.
IIIK First fteaalon of thla School will open on Moo-
unw, ui Imn OI i.ovemoer inst.
11 novernmeni or me school is aeaignen to be pa
rental, Arm, and yet ml Id. K. pec 11 pains will be taken
In Orthography, Reading end Knglish Grammar, branch
ee too nueh negiectod tvtu lu the higher schools.
Tarau, per SemUm tfjlo month, or HI D4b r
rirat Class..., v an.OA
lecond Claas... , , , 7,00
Third Class iq.oo
1-m1 and house-rent eatr.
Moallowanoo will be made for lost lime, except In
eaae of nrotraetc4 slcknsse. A- P. COX,
Nov lMt-aTll -, Principal.
K uow hav ilia Latvest aud Ileal at-
....in..i -r .1.1. ..i.i . -J l
vi.ihiiii wi ii, m VBl.lH.liq ,11 II. 1C
Book we have ever had,
C. r. 4 T. V. CIDISON.
New Goods ! Cheap Goods !
XLeoxKr Down fox Oda.se 2x1
1",Hft"rb"Crib,r I In rcipt of a full .up.
to wliich h invites the attention of all who
may with to purchase. After the 1st day of
January, 18S6, ha intends to sell for CASH
only, and will (five better bargain than hare
ever bean offered in this country. A word to
th wl is sufficient. a. H. CHOW.
Athens, Nov. 19, 18SS-tf-ftfa
Fanny Fern'u 1,000,000 Readers.
W ' A New Rctok (.'online t
F. hare th pleasure of announcing thai we har.
In press, and shall pnbllsh about tr flrst of lie
camber, a new work of Scllon, entitled Heae Claris.
A Romano, by r.aar . nark,
The last work, and Brat cuntlnnons lale of this bril
liant and fascinating authoress, "Ruth Uall, achieved
success unexampled In the annals of letters. In Ihe
langusge of a leading periodical, II "created a more pro
found sensation than any which has been Issued during
a quarter of a century. ttut It Is unnecessary ta al
lude lo ihe merits of "Until Hall." Judging from Ihe
number of copies of II we have sold, we Juitgt Hint every
body In the United States has read It. As respects the
work we have now la press, rose Cbtrlt, wa can only
say that we regard It as, In ercry respect, greater,
hetttr work; anil are confident It will not only sustain
but eren Increase the reputation of Its dl.llnglllshed,
anthorcrs. We have reasons for thinking "Hose Clark'
will make a greater sen.ntlnn thsn did "lliith llnll."
It will form an elegant 12mo Volume of over 4U0 pnget.
Price 91, SA, on receipt of which copies will be sent by
mall.post'puld. It will be for sole bv all booksellers.
Published by MAdUN ItllOTIIF.HM,
Nnr2:l-Bt New York.
Just Received!
WF. have Just received our Pntl and Winter .lock
of floods, coiupri.lng every thing usually brought
to this msrket at this season, and are determined to
sell unusually low. II Is uimrecsssry to enumerate Ihe
articles If you wntit rkenp floods give us a call.
We will hnrtrr (Innds nt ciikIi prices for Irleti nnd
Sweel Hnlntnes, Wheal. Corn, ll.ve.Osls. Onions, feath
ers, and, Indeed, any thing farmers make to sell.
0ctl4 C. f. A T. If. nillSON.
( linnrrry four! at OTndlnonvlllp.
Urtlcs OP ChKna dr. MATr.n.
John MoCliiin, Adtn'r of Snniuel Doutliel,
Isnae T. Pouthet and others, heirs of Snniuel
Pollthet, dee'd,
TWIIiL attend nt my office nnd tnke the ne
count ordered in this ense, on the 'iVlh
dny of November, 1816, when the parties are
hereby notified to attend with nnv proof they
mny with to adduce.
J. A. COFFIN, C. d- M.
Nov. 1 o IBSB-it-pr fee fi H7 8
. aTutst Zteoelv-ed,
Kf( L1,a Jv Coffee;
JUU iliiiiil lbs. Itio do.;
200 lbs. Crushed Huprnr ;
100 " Cnrneens Indigo;
100 " Slur Candle;
60 ' Uupunt'a Ititle Powder;
60 " " liluating do.;
1'i 1 lb. Cons Ei;le do.;
2nri gallons No 1 Uol.len Byrup ;
All of which will be sold lie usual, at the
very lowest prices.
June 8 W. 0. 1I0KT0N A CO.
saw nina i a..iw..i .
lino j"i snnvu umi Mir nnir,
eNov. 27 ilcKWKN 4 GlIJ.Ef PIE.
Cholera, 1 ft HI ALL ) Cliulera Morbus,
py.etni-rr nWfn lAinnMfAy VDilloua Clioltc,
Alnos) Admirably adapted to munr JIn
ruNPH of Fi'iiinloN,
The vlrtui-i or Jacob'! Cartful aro too well known to
rtijtifre enconiiunin.
Int. It cure the womt etine" of Plnrrhtea.
Sl, It cnrvi the womt forms of Djaenterr.
Hi, It curc Cdllforuiu or SIixIchii UiHrrlta'A.
4th, It relieve, the nuvt-rtjt Cliullc.
IVtli, It cures Cholera .Morbui.
6th, It cures Cliolera InfKiilum.
7th, It cure rslnful Miitmruutlon.
Mli, It rcllwei Fain In Httck and 1.1 m.
9ih, It counteract. Nvi'vouhik'hi aud DcHpondcncj.
loih, It ru-torcf Irrcprnlarltiufi.
11th, It dispel (ilooiny nnd Mystertcal Feelings,
lStli, It's an admirable Tonic.
A fttv thort txetnteUrotn Utter , Testimonial, rfd.
" I linve used Jacob's Cordial In my family, anil have
found It a most elite icnt, nud In myjutlgmeni, a vitluable
remedy." IIuk. IIihim W.,rnk,
Judge of Buhrcmc Court, Georgia.
"It glvn me nleavure In being able tn recommend Ja
cob's Cordial my own person nI exerleneu, and the
experience of my neighbors and friends around me. Is a
sulflcirnt guarautve for me to believe It to b all ilmt it
purports to be, vis: a soverhiow hkmkit."
Wm. ii. UNiiKRwmin,
Formerly Judge of Superior Court, Cherokee Circuit.
"I Hike great plenNure in recommending this in vnt lia
ble medicine to all ttUHcted with bowel dlHettes, for which
I bcllove It to be a sovereign remedy decidedly superU
or to anything else ever tried by me. A. A. Oaluhnq,
Deputy 0. M. of the Grand Lodge or Georgia.
'I have used Jacob's Cordial lu my family, and this,
with all I hear about it ns a remedy by those who have
tried tt, induces me to believe It stands at the licnd of
every preparation of the kind, and 1 would recommend
Its use lu the disease for which it Is compounded.
Milks. U. llnnnivs.
Cashier Rank of the State of Georgia, Grfffiu.
"If there Is auAredibflity lu human tentlinnnv. J.
cob's Cordial must staad pre-eminent above all other
preparations for the cure of Itowel Diseases. From the
mass of testimony In Its fnvor coming from all quarters,
It must he very for In advance, as a curative agent, of
most If not all other 'patent' preparations.
a. riiwwu.-uarin. Marine nm! rircius.Hanb.nrfffin.
"Tills efficient remedy is t myelin a inin ialliritv
fast as Ilonaparte pushed his columns into Kuasia, and
ifalulnir commendation wherever uaiil.,'rV')iiVi .l.f.
ennmhtn. May l&Mi, 1858.
rnr saie uy vt m. nuriis, iteo. . noil, o. r. llieiton,
A. II. Wllsou, and Chas. Metcalfe. Atheus: It. V. Martin.
Calhoun; K. I. Iltoom, John Itenton, Cautrell A Co.,
Cantrell's Itoads; Guilford Cannon, Madisonrille; N.
J. Bpillmoo, Mt. Vernon; J. T. Jones, lllwassee: Clies-
nutt t n'est,Plilli.de1pbia; Vaughn k Pfckel.Hwectwater;
II. T. Tipton, Four Mile .(ranch; A. II. Iiwson, Chatata;
Thompson k Dysou, Clevelnnd; James II. Main, Charles
tun; N. J. k J. K. l.illard k Co., Decatur; lcak 4 McKI
wee, Hewee; J. E. Fogg k ton, MarvvlMe.
Vn. W. 1H.1 .8 k CO., Proprietors,
April 9-1y-S48 W Iteckman St., New York.
3aVZAolil-A-Ae W ox-lsLtn.
r I M1E aubsuribers would respectfully an
L niiuiice to the citizens of Athens and the
public generally, thitt thuy are now in opera'
tiou and prepared to do
of every description in their line, and would
therefore solicit orders Irom all those who tuny
want anything of the kind.
They are now ensting and have for sale dif
ferent sixes of the Cilobe, or Air-tight Cook
Stoves, furnished complete; various sizes of
l'ni'lor, Kme I'liite, Chamber, Ollico and Simp
Stoves. Also, Hollow Ware; Wntlle Irons;
rlonulis, vij:ht and left hand.
Also, the Kilijoie Spiral or Incline Water
Wheel, which will saw from two to live thou
sand feet per day. A II kinds of
fitted up in the host and must durable manner,
and upon short notice.
Also, Iron Hailing of every description.
They are also prepared to do all kind of
Brass easting.
The highest Cash price will ba paid for
I. 8. We have connected with the Works
an excellent Pattern Maker, so that persons
wishing castings can have patterns made to
order. Z, 4 X.
Athens, Tenn.. Oot. SO, 1 851 tf 8 1 7
Tiitmt 3Tt.es 00 lvoezl
Kfff htis- be,t "n Sugar;
fJU Jf 811 sacks Kio CofTe :
400 gals. Molasses;
SI boxes Star Candles,
. J" 1 A.jCLEAOE it CO.
JI'SiT Hecri ved. anil for sale, a lot oFCoa'per't
Rolled Iron; al.a,a Aral rate article of No. I CI hew
lu Tol.acco.br A. p. UIIAUVOKU,
Klceellle, Teun,
wimT ; New Goods.
JmlL.T "inl' P'ain, fancy and French embroidered
S' JV,. ' """Ino and scarlet glilrla and Drawers:
Buck Oloees and Qaonllels; Ladles Uabas.frotn eomman
to eatra Juej lloilerjr af all klcds; Port Monies: Sua.
pendera; Mark and fancy Neck Ties, Satin Scarf Slocks,
aud men? other articles, all of which we promise to sell
extremely low. (aiijfM 0; t. a T. P. 0IB80N.
lor the ssveral School Districts of Mi-Minn county
are aarneslly requested lo hand In their Keperts of th
scholastic population. (sept.U) W. UKOKOK, Ctork.
VV Y NT 4 II 1 F.
rfJ""K subscriber nas opened a Llrery Stable In tha
. Stables attached le tha Albans Hotel, and has sun-
E .led himself with a number of food lloraea, Carriages,
unles, Ac., and Is prepared lo accommodate all wlu
may call on him, en reasonable terms. His stock Is
food, rehlclea new, and his object Is I keep what has
e1y.r' n"oel this place, th rllit sort of sn
establishment. Persons can be accommodated at all
times at a moment's antic. He auks a liberal patronage,
W Relllsae Cletlaa.
T. hare an hand and for Bale a auperior article ef
Hollies, Cloths, No.. A. . 8. and I.
Nr. m.-hhun t imnmr,'
erman Bitters,
. rasrisra ar
BB. 0. K. JACXSOS, Fhlliul'B
wiLI, saraornAixT ccbb
CMronlo or Aerswa Zwet'Mhr, IHunut of Ik
JTidnto; and mil dieeaaee mririn$ from m ati.
Osr'SlsW'OSI Ifint Of m9tO&4HJm
tlon, Inward Piles
FullutM.or Mood te the
Ilead, Acidity of flmmach,
nans-ii, Heart barn, llgust for
rood, Fullness or weight in ilie f-toim
eh, "our Kmc I nt Inns, 8tnking, or Flut
tering nt Ihe Pit of the stomach, Swimming
of the llend, lltirrlrd and dmicult llrcnthing,
Fluttering ai the Heart, Vhoktrg or HilTor-th.g Hvo
a tlon i when in a lying posture. Dimness or Vision
or Welis before the Sight, Fever and Umll Pain In
the Head. Deflclency of Psripiration, Yellow
ness of the ftkln and Kvvs, Pain In the
ftMc, Hack, Chest, Mmhs, etc., cte.,
(hidden Flushes of Heat, Hum
lug In the Flesh, Con,
stant linagliiliigs of
V.ri, and great
of 4r
Its. Tn attrlbittlnt such ralanhle Mettle I rnnftr ilsts tnthla
remedy, no rash or unwnrrsiitnhln niinst t.
but Is simply stnted a fact; proven undeniably nnd con
clusively by Ihe extraordinary cures, and benefits de
rived from Its use, nnder the direction of Its Illustrious
originator, Dr. Hooflniid, among all classes of Kumpcan
society and from the immense mass of testimony from
all parts of the American continent, accumulated during
the Inst ten years, In the hands of the present proprie
tor. The prevalence of diHtasts to whlih thr (lennnn
Hitters arc nditpird, It is with sorrow we snv It. Is almost
miiversal, Indeed there Is scarcely a famllv throughout
the whole extent of our country lu which there cannot
be found among Its members flint peculiar snllow and
languid appearance denoting a diseased Mvcr.or an
em ue In ted nnd suffering I.VNpiptte,
Then of what Immense Impnrtnurc to tills clnss nf lie
vnHiKtlmt a certain aud reliable remedy should he
placed within their reach; one lu which no' baneful or
injurious drug enters into It roniposlllon; a remedy on
which the pnttent can rely Willi the utmost rnufhh'iice
and certainty and lw assured from actiml and tnngiMe
proofs, that ilie article h I imlng rvullv posiiVfjKi'i the
Tiriue nnrioiiM H in 11. rucn a remedy Is "Hnnnnud's
Germs n Itilters." Tlioustiuds of il'illnrs Imv ti-i. v.
pended In Its manufacture nud diffusion thron-a-hout all
parts of this continent, nnd the proprietor feels the
greniot satisfaction In stntiug, Ilmt there Is no Htnle,
county or f ven village where the medicine has been
ouHc . un mere cannot no rouud uumbvrs, willing
out Y tO ! v Irttmn ! 8
It Is used com. v ,n the prftetlceof h largo ttnmher
?TMrt thril' I'l'y-In I" tli country, who
have alttC written testlmnnv in evidence or
its great virtues, lii'cnntlusfon.then. wc would respect
fully ask or all thove aniicted with any of the above dls.
eases to give tlie Hitters a trial, and rest assured It will
never he regretted. In proof of the statements nhovc
ninde. all nre Invited to road attentively, the "Mi-morn-hilla,"
or "Practical Kcciipt Honk,' for Farmers and
families, containing a great number or useful receipts,
lu addition to the testimony In favor of the Hitters, from
the most prominent and well known individuals, In all
parts of the Vnlon. All Agents for the It It ten are an
thorlied to distribute the "Receipt Hook" gratuitously.
I'rlncipnt offlco and man u fact ury, 120 Arch street,
fiiiuic-i'iim. i-a.
For sale wholesale by nrnrelsta In sll Hi i.rtnti..t
cities and at retail by apothecaries and storekeepers In
every town In the t'uMcd Stnles. and Canada.
i-om ny w. hi bxs, Athens; II. F. Martin, Calhoun;
Kku.rt k Box, Charleston; TiioMrtMiii k Ivi, Clove-'ii-.-'
, '-ly-JMfl
H es -rj- y II ard -ro- x- o.
No. 6 College atreet, Nitah vlllo, Tcl.ll.,
nAMMKHKDmiil Dolled Iron (more than lill differ
ent slses;) Cut Nulls and Uplkes; Wrought Hnlkei:
Cut, Hhear, and Oerman fleel; Knglluli and Amerleun
Blister steel; Hlieel Iron, all slses; Pisiform Srsles.all
slues; Counter Scsles: Coffee Mills; Iron axels; Knrlncs;
Wrought Iron Ua Pipe, all slses; Hummer.; Axels; llol
low Ware; Sad Irons; Dark Mills; Plow Castings.
Agricultural itiplt-tiir.il Ar Mnchinca.
Plows of oil patterns, made hy Ihe Nnshvlllc Plow Kac
lory; K'Hgons; Wheelbarrows; Cidllrslors; llosd ft-rn-tiers;
Oorn Shellers; Flraw Cullers; Kan Mills; Fruit
ladders; Uriml Ptiuies: Horse Powers aad Threshers;
Horse Hakes; llrnlli Cradles; Churns; Meat Cullers;
Sausage Fillers; Corn Grinders; Corn riunti-rs: llnll
llushcls; Iluckels; Tubs; Pumps of all kinds: la-ad Pine!
7,liic I'lpc, and Hydraulic Hums.
Tinner Itliilrrlnla.
Tin Piste; Ililssla Sheet Iron; Imitation Russia fhcel
Iron; Ire, all sites; Sheet Cupper; Unnfier llollums;
I'lg Uad, Block Tin; Slab Speller; Sheet Zinc; Ac.
Foundry oV -Machine Mhop Natcriula.
Pig Iron; Pitlsburgh Coke; PitlshurKli Coal; n.ilhr
Iron; Iron fur Shafting; Locomotive Hues; Tank Iron;
Patent Hot Pressed Nuts and Washers; Holler Illvcts;
Car Axels, Lurgc Grind Hlones.
French Burr Mill Clones; Lull's Piiteut Smut Machine:
Hoisting Screws; Picks; Ac.
Worked Flooring; Window Sash; Doors; Blinds;
Frames; Shingles; Zinc Palms; Marhlcd Iron .Mantles,
of all Patterns; Mouldings; Ac.
Being connected with the House of Isaiah Dickey A
Co., of Piltshurgh, he Is prepared to All all orders for
Piii.hurg mniiuructurcs with dtriatcli, aud having tin.
surpassed facilities for disposing of most kinds of Ten
nessee produce, will pledge himself to pay the outside
prices in ( W, or will receive and forward on commls
sion, milking libers! advances on Cotton, Tobacco, Pork,
llncon, tard. Tallow, Beeswax, fiinseiig, Fcnlhers, Flux
seed. Com, Outs, Wheut, Bye, Millet-Seed, Dried Fruit,
Pea Nuts, llnnev, Hugs, Kggs, Pig Metal, Blooms, Ac.
Jnnnnry 19 Iv-USU '
James' Neuralgic Liquid,"
w23jeTIII8 most extraordinary Medicine, for
ffwr the cure of Neunilgis, Kheumatism, Cramp
rflfnr Chollc, Cholera-Morbus, Diarrhoea, Croup,
, , v" Sore-lhront connected with Searlet
rerer.Palnslu any purl of the body.Aalhmn.Chillsand
Fever, lleiid-aehc, Bruises and Sprains, and some other
diseases, is now forssle hy
W. II. Ilsusw, Allien., Tenn.; W.T. Low, louden;
Tin. Ltwia, at Jackson's Store, Knoxville; A. V. Cos.ar
Philadelphia; J. C. Vtroiis, Sweetwater; J. M. IUtim.
Cliarleston, W. K.Pic.lsA Co., (llerelaud: J.snstl
Bkix, Ducktown.
And wheu we .ay for the cure, we mean that for power
anil elllcuey to cm s cet-fiifn nif qui,, some of the
above complaints, it surpasses any mcdli-lnc (we think)
everyet comiiouiided. It hua never yet failed to cure
Crump Chollc in ten minutes; Dlarrhu-a and Cliulera
Morbus nearly as quick, aud for Flux nothing, 1 think,
equals It. II will pay all persons Buffering with Neuralgia
or Nerroo. Weukness to give this a fair trial; Ihey will re
Jnlco that this Liqiikd wns aver discovered, and I now
most heartily Join with them, as It Is the only remedy I
have found in twenty years lo oouqiior this must torment
lllg disease. Full directions smnil ..1. lu.nl.. ru...
Urownlow's Whig for details and testimony. I will sup
ply reliable agenls Willi small quantities. Price 2 per
Feb.ft-ly CTHffimiwyii, Tenn,
Forest Hill Academv.
THK mil Session of Forest Hill Academy, conducted
by Mr. A. 0. Ctusrs aud Laur, assisted by Mr. U.
L. loss, will open on n'elHdoy, ,y,enioer 6fA.
The Trustees of this Institution can confidently recom
mend it to those who wish their aons und daughters
r""-"-. ni.irueuon is tiiorougii and the dis
cipline mild but firm aud paternal.
Keen student Is charged a contingent fee of One Do.
lar. One half of the tuition Is required In advance and
ne remaining nail at the middle or the scsslou.
nr.t t in.., (ier ac.slou,) n,no
Second ' no,,
I'l'l"! " ' ..." 120U
By order of the Hoard. W. II. BALLKW,
Alliens, Aug. IQ-DJif) Serrelsry.
"Ocoee Male Academy.
llviilan, Tenn.
TfllllK Full Session of this Institution will commence
M. on Mundny, the Ud dsy of pYptetnher next, un
der Ihe charge of llev. J. L. MILIIL'IIN, whose abllllies
and character as aTeatherare so well known thai Hie
Trustees deem It unnecessary to trump his fame. Being
a graduate of one of the first Colleges of Enet Tennes
see, he Is competent to tench the pupils sck-ncu aud
hiugutigu, and lo conduct thu School with proprlely, ever
ready lo guide, nmrally as well as nirulslly. Parents
and guardians assy pstronlas Ocoe Aradeuiy with us.
surance. The location Is healthy and pleasant.
'Ttrmt of Tuition, per Seeeion of to ictele !
First Class aano
S'-cond " ' ' g'o
Tl'l"! " 1(1,0(1
No extra charges. Board can be had In private fami
lies on very reasonable terms. Those who pay In ad
vauce can have a reasonable deduction from the regu
lur rates of tuition. By order of the Board.
Aug 10 W. B. REYNOLDS, See'y.
OhalrsiOhsvlra I
OB DOZKN College, Rocking and Children's Chairs,
mn9 fr aalc cheap for cash. Apply to
a. . uiiienjaB, Ainena liepot.
Auayittg, Cieil and Mining Hngineeriug, and
THR subscriber Is prepared to devote special atten
tion to the abora braachee, and tha applieatlon of
Chemical Analysis thereto. Persons interested In Mining
are Invited to cousult him for Information or Instruction
In regard to the most roecnt and valuable Bnethoda of
conducting the same.
Assays of Gold, Silrer, Lead, Copper snd other tllner
al Ores, exeouted with punctuality and dispatch.
Aaaay sneclaiens of ons or two ouuees, with a remit
tance of SA for each Assay may be sent to the subscri
ber by mall. Melallo Ores teaud by th most speedy
snd accurate process at Sjl for each anecinien.
Also, Agent for Uts sale or purchase of mineral lands,
mining stock, Ac. Wa. BKAL, A. M.
Murphy, N . 0., April tl, IHBS-ly-gl
In Store and to Arrive I
OA HACKS Coffee; 2,60(1 lbs. Blown 8ugar,
UJ different grades; 1200 lbs. Loaf, Crushed
and I'owdered Sugar; 20 bbls. N. O. Molnsses;
Cheese; Raisius; Crackers; Candles; Mackerel;
Cod Fish; Figs. A large lot of Etowah Iron;
1000 lbs. Castings toaether with large and
well selected stock of Boots and Blioas; Dry
Hoods; Fancy Articles; Gold and Silver
Watohes; Ear-rings; Bracelets; Finger-rings,
dVc all of which will b sold on tba must
reasonsbla terms,
S3T Produce of oil kind's taken.
thsrloston, Jun. 26, 1656 tf 331
More New Goods I
INVITES tha Attention of his fi lends, and
tli public generally, to his larga assort.'
incut til I
Fall and Winter toods! t
Ptaple anil Fatter Dry Goods, Hats, '!, Bon-
nal. fln.. . U I it. l ii , , ... .
-i .low, vivcivrT, UAIUW.I1, vut
lery, Ten, Sugar and other Groceries.
Prints and Medlcina. I'erfnmorr. aiini ami
fancy articles, and almost every thing liaually
kept in a country stor, nil of which will ba
sold on his usual liberal terms for Cash, nr to
(food men on time with prompt pay. Assur
ing his friends thnt his slock will ba found
equal in variety, quality nnd price to any
oilier establishment in this section of country,
ha would ask continiianc of th liberal
patronage heretofore bestowed.
)'. fl. W. also have a lnra-e lot of Uairal
Stilt on hand for sole, low for cash.
Oct. 1, IBSS-lf-SfiV.
Land for Sale.
rpiIE siibtoiiber, living five miles North of
X Tellico Iron Works, Monroe oo., Tenn,,
ofters a GOOD FARM for sale. There are ftrft
Autirfrrrf anaf eighty atm in the tract, 1 AU acre
in cultivation, lull of which it pond bottom
land, lying in one body; plenty of water, lim
ber, &o. J'hero is nlso fl good'fi-nme dweJHus;
house nnd bni-n,' nud is siliintetl in a vci-r
healthy section of country. I will sell n: "n
low price. AUSTIN ULKNK.
Oct. 19, 1865 tf SCO.
MAliLniata Clirinii-la Insert ft times m.t
fiii-uniil bill to eiibsciiber nt Hell Town.
4 WAa nrtlori for AtTri(ultiirnl fno1.intt-
made by Messrs. Wheeler, Melick it Co.,
Allmny, N. V., must be to me direct, uf
through my Agents in Fast Ten nei.ee, Mr. 8.
K. Kecder, Athens, and Mr. M. Nelson, Knox
ville, who ni-e nut liorised lo furnish any of snid
machines at mnniifnotiirei's ensh prices, add.
ing cost of t rnnspoi taliou. 1. ll. GATElS,
pan. , io4 tl idsii 12 Jirimilwny, K. y.
''IlIE subscriber is now receiving a new ee
.1. lection of SI'I.ENIHl) l'lAM'S from tha
oldest mnnufnctorics, nnd selected with grent
cnt-c from mol e I linn a thousand instruments
nmong which are the new Corrugated Sound
ing lloanlf, of Bunrdinnn, Gray A Co., which
are receiving so much favor both in America
unil Kurope. This vnlunble improvement
ndds one-hiilf more space to thu Sounding
Iftmrd, thereby largely increasing its power,
producing a greater volume of tone, together
with n peculiar distinctiveness and independ
ence of the notes, nnd nenrly equaling the
Grand I'inno. All I'innoa warranted.
Also, receiving a large selection of Mueic
Songs, 1'olkns, Waltzes, Variations, Ac., etc.;
Gtiitarsand Strings.
I'innoa tuned nnd repaired.
Sept. 14. II. G. COOKE.
Flouring Mills.
rpiIE subscriber respectfully announces to
L the public thnt he has recently rebuilt
his MILLS on Knslnniillce, three miles North
east of Ciilhutin, Tenn., on an entirely new
nnd improved plnn, and is now prepared to
avcommodnte thoee who have Wheat and
Corn to grind. He can grind any quantity
on short notice, and insures a fine turn-out.
He specially solicits the patronage of such
ns desire n superior article of Flour for fnmi
ly use. He is also prepared to crush Corn in
the cob for stock. Send in your Grain and
try the Mills. W. J. MutLATCHEY.
June 16, ltJ66-tf 1161
aTusBt Reoelvodi
4 T.AltGK supply of llltick and Cayenne
1Y 1'epper, Alspice, 1'ot and I'earl As"h, So
dn nnd Snleriitiis, t'r.nin of Tartar, Cubebs,
Cork Screws, Bottles and Vinle, Window
()lnss8by 10 and 10 by 12, Frnnklin and'
City Olnier's Diamonds, Guin-Klnstie Balls,
Stnich Polish, Yenst Powders, Gentlemen's,
Shoulder Braces, Spermaeetti, Even'a Gen
uine Crown Liuicet.
A variety of Drugs and Medicines, Alcohol;
Oils Tanner's, Lnrd, Sweet; Leather, Japan,
and Copnl Varnish; Taint nnd Dye-stuffs,
and almost evory thing else.
Please cull nnd examine, and see what yon
want. McMini's Elixir of Opium, an impor
tant article. As I cannot name every nrtiole,
the publie are invited to call and examine.
Athens, May 24, 1866.
Ten Days Later from the East!
Sebastopol Taken.
By the last arrival of the Steamer Shanghais
W. Or. nORTOKT Oo.
HAVE received a very large, well selected
rail and Winter Good.
Their stock consists in port of splendied as
sortment of Dry Goods, such a Brown aud
Black Domestics, Tiekings, Drills, Cottnuades,
Kentucky Jeans, Fanoy and Black Doeskin
Cassimeres, French Cloths, Black Sotin and
Kuncy Silk Vestings, Pongee Hdkfs, Linen do.,
York Camblets, Brown Linen, Irish Linen,
Linen Duck, Hemp Drill, Brown Holland,
Plain and Plaid Jaconets, Swiss Muslin, Black
and Fancy Dress Silks, Bel-ages, Lawns, Cam
brica, Italian Cloths, Drup de Etes, Silk Coat
ing, Seamless Bags, a good stock of Silk Goods,
Itibbins. Brilliants, Crape Liesse, Black Silk
Lace, Fringe, White Bobins, Edgings and
Insertings, Ladies Needle-worked Collar and
Spencers, Vudcrsleeves, Black Silk Veils, Cra
vats, a very large stock of I'rints of every
price and figure, do. Fancy and German
Goods, Soaps, Brushes, Crinite, Cologne, Oils,
Combs of every variety, Needles, Pins, Port
Monies, Cigar Cases, Toys, Eur Kings, Breast
Pins, Fob Chains, Violins and Strings, Sus
penders, Buttons, Rnzor Strops, Hosiery,
Gloves, Neck Ties, &e. Also, a very lmge
stock uf Lace and Silk Bonnets, Misses Flats,
Ilnls and Straw Goods. A very superior
slock of Boots nnd Shoos, together wilh Car
pet Bugs, Sutchcls, Books and Stationery,
Umbrellas and Parasols, Clocks, Hardware
and Cutlery, Pocket Knives from 60 ets. to
fi, Seissoi-a, Cups, Pistols, Revolvers, Mason'
Trowels, Hiitchets, Augurs, Axes, Hoes, Trace
V.IHIIUS, ami n iiiou.niiu other tilings, lliey
also hure a very superior stock of Spring and
iiiiiiiiier milling, lots aotcfl. Ull
Queenswnio, cVo., d-o.
We can nut enumerate half tha Gnnda nn
hnnd, but would respectfully invite nil our
old friends (nnd we don't cure how ninny new
ones,) to give us a call and examine our
stock, and leave the balance tn us, for wi can
convince yon that it is tn your interest to
buy our Goods. Vf. Q. UORTON a, Cff.
April 13, IS tf J43 '
New Fall and Winter Goods.
A-. OZjEAGtB sto OO.
A RE now receiving and opening a very
.iH,U.Ks.!Jd we" ""ted 'took of FALL
AND WINTEIt GOODS, to which they re
speotfully invite the Attention of customers.
Their stock consist in part of LADIES'
DRESS GOODS-Berages, tissues, Organdita
Printed Jaconets, Brilliantes, Lawns, Challas,
Muslins, Plain and Fancy Silk, Bonnet Rib.
buns; English and French Print of every
tyle; Curtain Prints. Irish Linens, Line
Napkins, Damask Table Linen, Toweling, e.
Cottonadea, Satinetts, Tweeds, ate.
Also, Fanoy Goods, Porto Mommies, Card
Cases, Tooth Brushes, Cloth and Hair Brush
es, India Rubber Dressing and Puff Combs,
Cabas, Fishing Line, Masons Liues, Percus.
ion Caps, Mutch Boxes, Perfumery, Lubecs
Extract, Pomade, Bandaline, Olephaue, Rob.
ert' Orinit. Walutrt Shaving Soap, Variega
ted Balls, Ac, . - .
Also, Bonnets, Hats, Boot and Shoes, lo.
gether with every variety of RF.ADY MADB
CLOTHING, Hardwara, Queenawar . .11
of which will b sold unusually low. Givt
them a oall. April 20-tf-848
..r 1.;." ln ;ur I.s.Iob mad"l .he
credit, ib.n do not he, uiurjs,d (,yu, ,u,d at ."J
". C f. A T. f. OIBtOKe

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