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Tun ttiw ninx fxtstc. public dMnand for aa
ffeetiTK pnrtnttve pill which could b reltwt on m
tiro and perfrt?l.y mfo in if opfwtion. 'Ihw ha
ben prepared to mwt thnt dcm.tnd, and an extra
ire trinl of it TifttiMlin fonclnnitdy tttiown with
what motem itupconiplinhra the nurpoae designed.
It ia eM to mftke a phvaind pith but not winy to
make tha boot of all jnth on which ahould faavt
ronn of tfie o'liHrm, hut nil the ndvantnRM, of
errry ntlicr. Tikis had horn nt tempted hero, and
with wlmt riicccm we would rppcctfii..y aiibmlt to
the pnhlio derision. It liaa born unfortunaU fot
tha patient hitherto Hint almost cvry purgative
medicine is arrimoninna and irritating to the bow
el fi. Thi la not. finny of them priduie ao much
frripiug piiin imil n ulsicn in the ayatrm aa to more
than conntTbil;iTn4 thr irvnv t tm dr-rlved from
thorn. Thre piif$ jhntrlorp.nn trntntiim or pain,
unlet It arina frum iwrvioiifW exiiting obwtnic
tion or dcrninrrmrnt in the bnwW, Ucing purely
voiret-tMp, no hnrm tnn ari from tbrir uhc iu any
V;iitity ; tut it bt K'ttcr that any medicine should
,c taken jnIii'inusty. Minute d'r.rHoM for ll.eir
use in the novernl ilium-see to which thev are ap
plicable arc uivi-n on tlir Itnx. Among the com
plaint which have brvn speedily cured by then, wo
mnv menlion l.ivrr Complaint, in it vnrimn. forms
Of Jami'liee, Indi-'oiiiion, LnnvmiT nnd Iaih of Ap
petite, l.iHih'Nsnca, Init:ibi)ily, IhHoiin Urndnche,
BilimiH Kevrr, Feti-r nnd A sue, l'uin in the Side
and I.nina; for, in truth, nil thrnr nre but the con
erpicnre of dioiisrd nrtinn in the liver. A an
aperient, th'y niFi.nl prompt anil mire relief in Coa
tivctiopt, I'lien, C'olif, DvNotitery. Humors, Scrof
ula and flrurvy, I'nhU with mreiipns of the hotly,
Ulcers and impurity of the hhitul ; in short, any
and every nm where a pur:ntic i required.
Thev have aNn produced sinirulnrlv suc
cessful cures in Ivtieiirn.'ttUTn, f Unit, 1-rnn-vr, (ravel,
KrysipehtH, I'lilpitriii'm nf tlio Heart, Pains in the
Hack, .stninwch, and Si l They should he freely
t.iken in the uprimc of the year, to purify the blood
and prepare the system for the chanue of seasons.
An ocm :iminl dn-e slimnlntea the storm, eh and
bowel- into healthy action, and restore the appe
tite etui vijjnr. They purify the blood, nnd, by theii
tinuihnt attinn oti the circulatory system, rcno
vate the strcnlh of the hodv, and restore the
wusttil or Uittfuscd tiirrnir1 of tlie whole oin;uiim.
Hence nn ocxiihionel dose ia advantageous, even
though no serious der imminent exinta; but un
necessary dosing should never bo eiirrietl too far,
a every purjiativo medieuip reduce the strength,
when taken to exec. The thiuisand ease in which
a physic ib refuircd enmiof$ he euuuicrated here, but
they sutiticht theinselves t the reason of every
body; ind it in coiifiileiitly believed this pill will
answer a better pnrpfte tli'ftn any thinii which has
bitlicvUi been availablo t;i mankind. hen their
virtues are once known, the public will no longer
doubt nhat remedy to iuploy wheu in need of a
cathartic medicine,
Practiciil nn J Analytical Chemist,
Price 25 Cent, pir Box. Fir Boxes for $t
For the rapid Cure of
BR0. IIITIS, ivi(oori.r.-4 01V1I,
cnorr, asthma, a.d
Titta remedy has wrm for itself such notoriety
from its cures of every variety of pulmonary discaso,
that it is entirely unnecessary to recount the evi
dences of its virtues in any community where it
has been employed. So wide is the fiela of its use
fulness, and so numerous tho eases of its cures,
that almost every section of tho country abounds
in persons publicly known, who have been restored
from aiunuiuK aud even desperate diseases of tho
lung by its use. When once tried its superiority
over every other medicine of its kind is too appar
ent to cscapo observation, and where its virtues are
known, the public no longer hesitate what antidote
to employ for tho distressing and dangerous affec
tions of the pulmonary organs which are incident
to our cliinato. And not only in fonuidablo at
tacks upon tho lungs, but for the milder varieties
of Coi.ns, Couohs, Hoahhenkss, Sec; and for
Cim.DHKtf it is the plensantest and safest medicine
that can be obtained..
As it has long been in constant me throughout
this section, we need not do more than assure the
people its quality is kept up to the best that it ever
oas been, and that the genuine article is sold by
i. W. i; .-., is Vi',11 - ...... t;
V. l MiRTiV, ' -iiii; u:i 1 1 ..ii tlr r'fi'ji v. 1 it.tr
c'l'Oitd -Virj 'iii( n-. J;tn I 5n
185 Fnllft V5irrf;c:N! HZl
ir. 3E3T. KCTTX Ai Co.,
"1 j A'K nvein-'l Ii . t- - k i.i'l'.ill ti:i
I 9l Wijiti t f?o:.i., -,i li'.-'i tic ;- ".ii.i'l.-r
richin KB, 1 1 1 1'Jt 1 -1 1
Boi-t I t -1 J t M .'('lte!
, !-:!. iji . 'I li-ir ii-
i.uii-i-'iTitf t'nlllS t'll v i
Hill'', :it tnu-t-(, J vV'u.!:-, il!lu II. I o IHT friM.Hi
ftltle 'roOils tor ( leiii ifioi nV wenr.
Tor U. --, ih.-v fri-.e a vry ii ! 1L
i.lay ul' all kinds iniI th- I .t.t' stylt-j- w
Fnll nsiii Winter .iJn-t (in i.U, ru-h urf.Sill.
VI -iids 1 bl,uine-. Mrtii:iof( I'rinU, iV'., te,
Cull and examine the n-'joiLoivnt, for they
flitttiT lli-'ueive- 'liey huv ion:0 t-ll Mc'fli
ft,r t:;le uiid ji:.l'oi.-r.t i'i ilti- y. i.nint .
Thev lav.-, n! so, n ul.t-i .-lwU of l.l'.Al'Y
?.!Alil:: t.T.tri IUN'. vmm en v ep:vy.4v-1o-
this ti:firk 't. enii-ii-l ti:f V' l', Saclj, Ti!i!-I ,
iio and I'l't'sp tAn.1 vir:td if ih liue-t n.i"
Intel (ci-oiitihlt- fttliiio; "'V.- r nm! l':ii;U.
wlii li 'iin't Jen -i(:u' I lie most In t i.limi
In the litiot nii'l J Ice tim. (liey are c.-eouo
to imitf. La. lit iuhI .Mi'-s in -nv h of tine
Vv'uikiuu', (iaittT, or luty ntlu'i" ile.-eiihtioit ol
Mioe, will 1 ciUi ;nnl : . ; . u i i 1 1 e ill. assort
meiit, Koi- tleiiilmfii liny iiaw tine Cult.
Kip and Couio Knott nn.l llo(s,l Ner
fclioe. fi-oiu l hi: liii'tfi ' t to ike fJiiitlle-t kjck
Hats, i'i nn -I KiMinei , iii jrent variety.
In i-lnwl, l.adii s an I i'Milit'iio-ii, lltey Imve
every deeeript ion of i iii-n;iUy louiul in
ltctuil Stores iu this .! ion of country, and
thy are p'ii! to iIi-'ik-ho, it' no m
taikiti1. IT you want tu:y tiling in their line
j ii t. come nii'i r't it. They will ieil low for
eiish. anl ch.uo nolhhi lor f-hottinif tin-(iood-.
" Kv. U-rt72
Cools, ntoxroa.
ryuf, iwU r-It-'iird hi f'.r f.ilc it vrnity of C-i'.t
es'tit -ir lire lx ;ttrul. T!n? Mt.r Mat .'r.rn niu
K i-ut ;!.; art' cfit at f'tn'-imiMi, I'lil", iiim lU Sfnth.
mm' is i'mii fit llie Knnxviilf y-mmUy. )lv fTj-f'ta In
litivc, in a nh'irt tttn., -.k. liuit-fMl fee fc'ti.vt'n f.-r
hfrmtiiitrrii.mil. All wVi rfh t M.-r'-d tsu n rlit-ap ami
jf'iinl hi ii' iii tli" Ht.. . lino, will io wt Jl to rail and
examine fr tli i-ni-Wei before imrolinf hif fl-'-wln-rf,
Atle n:', Srpt il-ir-MA J. W. :,ACKWKbb.
IXari3 of Oolnmlia. j
" Ii kftve the Lniefst and lit ap-
11 sortinent of this Ce) of mi ted Musio j
Uook we huvu ever luuL i
.C. F, AT. F. r.IRSON.
t Bolivar Academy,
rrzttfHNunt lllf, '3'i'iin.
IIIK itre iwfornVi that fhe Sinn.ner
X Srsh.u of tvvuiity weeks. M'ill enuiiiience
in I'olh tim Fi-inuld and Mule Ijmi'tiueiit, on
ilonilnv. I lie Inlli I'olirmiry, ISjll.
Jioivil nf l.utru- torQin J'unale Vcjiaiimtnt.
h. M. Uaimi. l'riilviiul. .
. H. II. ii AiNna, AiiiHtHnt. -F.
P. (iAKnTSKii, of l'ni i, I'rofoseor of SIu-
The Sasion will oa witli n Piililio lCxnin
ioH'iiitl Tliow wlm ihii;n inlT'(mipii:i; llie
Sohuol ale uiirl to uil ut llm lifKiuning of
1 th feion. Tunns tit hpretiilWe. - - i
J. (J. SuaB!Iii1)iiph, of Mnl
partment. JOSEI'H t'l"i'l)X L'(uimau.
Jim 18, 18.1fl-tf-38i ..... .
NKW nnn-t Mioi-m.-if , '.
HtiJ exnnilli our .tuck wlii.li u itrv Jim tx-iiinir.
we feul avanru.! yoa will not ktivt befir liuylug , imif
of lloutM tr fliiina. llnr the LilUr, w Iihv, the Wit
Kill. Calf Pl. 0,ltf r. Y.,r tho Uuotlentto, Kin
Onlf lluoU: fluat ua CU Hlmci. '
, iu7 4 .. J C. f. T. r. OIBSON.
Select School
TTTR pHmmtr ion or Mr. OmiVes School will
oofftroenoe on Mni1y, th 11th Any of KehruHrr
Uvtt. 11i nutnbttrof pnplli win b IhnUeil to thirty.
ToriiMi a uinnl, ft'nl tn'tiniiimybl Iu mlvaitoe.
theui, Jan 9ff. ItfftMMM .
' -mm
. bit. JOHN BVU. .'
Th monti ftowDrntl Kin on the free nf the glob now
rutffiift nupmii In Uin AmiTknn hVputilie. The powof
of tta orowiHHl h-wio of Kurope sink Into hwlguiQcfttiee
wba coiupntvd to ut Ahi'mIomi Ktiift-
KeropMn hluA vmiy Hie powr TMtfrl In tbrm 10
InerPMM the ririiMof (lie rich M'I lorJlr, Ktil to IUfi
lo fivkier nitrr eii-l -l-nni'lmhnt the poor unit J-pini-tt.
.our Amrricmi Kh forth wuh eqintl wllllnir
lkNi to ttie lordly iummioii hikI Hie humble rbln. rodr
Alike u luiiiit-rer r-lf. nl (uoiTt lnnlth tucl hppi
ttees to Uie lure Mid ioU, the nuU and tli" poor.
In the Tmth Wosnun or mi U'om.o. ntnt thp rtrtl
blewlim fT lTn'l nt nfflii'tc! li inn unity t rotiie wir
fvrliiR uiilllmm, fhe Doe tor enn tv, n1W luiit your com
mMi-i. Ton hurn only to n'thii inattkHlrenif.lv. All
tlioiw who ml.l iniliVr, find will iit nn-fpt the pro(Tred
: Ditini, dipxiTTi' tmt tin- pur of ttiMir ftunili-fi. .
l Tli in wnndctfulmrilli'ltie. dnrhi i h brief period rinfltt
I' Introduclloii. tm eiirrlfl Impviiini to tli hiiirtu of
tboitKiMb, nii.l niHile lifo h plinrin to ninny who hrroto.
fore renrdtid It only a a pithiful anil miserable exhiV
I To the wlnl wlih nil Mntmentu, RmhTormlonn, Pain
Klllprn, and I'ntn Kxtrnrrnrx, and )( inilllond of jtlitd
r. mimf ppirbtim thm nifrltn of tlie ifrfit Aunrlren
Ktnff of ptn.,' a prppn nil ton entnpwtfd Kolely of wfpt
bf mid roots, proilucHl by uierlra'e own rich and
boHnutoiiM noil.
tVe would aide the I,atim, who are alware enmnehtnl
(a. life of wlint In and what hnoi a ralnnhie fnmlty md
fclne. to do un a pwinl fr by glTin( the Kline "r lalo
a hIiikIp trial, and If pmlr-tory, exi rt thtdr hiHucnoa
In lu behalf, recommend It. ipNk will and often of It,
andtee tlnit It h it -if-1 by thi-ir olHifvJ neighbor. Thi
Lndte nrfnlwnvitrbaritiib!. nnd when thry IndllfC their
eufttn-lntc fmii-bi to uiw tlii really Titlunble iu--licine,
,hy ill le lining an art of bein-rolftice that thxy ean
well b promt of. Tliin I a powerful and tnilr-mnfrleal
rrmnly f"i" nil xtrnml dlfK'awi, norv, Bwcllinff, biirim,
Ac., and for oiany Internal atHfntltnt In a certain cure,
yet It In perfectly hHrniluno, and InciipiLbli of producing
the h-at injuricnn cir-rtn In the Must delicate earn or
the wvnk"i oonxtif ntion
It if iiTirlv ii'fle-it to follow the old and worn-out
yitem of pub I In ui tig to tln pub lit; thousands of cert ill
eaiiNi of wondtn-M it'rf-rmo.l by thit tiili;hiH. It cof
but twmirv-llvH cent to trv It. nnd lr Hull etakefl hll
weileartird reputation on tho King of I'ain doing all
and moo than he clHinni for It-
We would vk bnva you the Tlham.rlm or float (
then are not piuant eouipanioini, and we know thai
70a would like to drtre tbeui awaj ae won u poaiblt,
then om - .
1 Would you be riirvd alnmit linmediafely of flowal
' Complaint, Dnnter)'- Summer Oomplaint. Chotera mor
' bu, Crump. Oodo. Head Aeiie, Tiwh r any other ache
1 or palu, the remedy fat tduipla and the cure certain,
1 Would you Iwto your S tJ, 9wellinff, t'ufn, Duroe,
I fltraldN, HruiMjJ, or any other wounds heated, we repeat
: It. use the
Would you be rtired of Scald Ih-tid, PtirT .lolnts, flore
, Throat, Nt-ntalnia, Horn Krua-r. Luuibiipi, Totter or lliiia
; Worm, KhU IIIjciiiii. KitMof poi-ououn Iiiertfi,:bappel
; ItaudH. and all oritur riorun, i-irher dry or running, we
; say aguiu and again you 1 ntwruT Ii Dr. John Uull'c
"ItiNU OF PAIN." , 1 '
Would you b cured of Kind's Nvll, Cancer, Tumor.
EruptiouH. or any dfea.e of tint tkiii milled by inipun
blood, then ne Dr. .lohn Itnll'H nrHaparilla Internally,
and the King of lum externally, nothing oau be more
Certain Uian a speedy and efletitual cure.
Thli medirlne, when ured according to directtona,
will cure, wUheut fiiil;
or Ktiift u KtII,
CaiK-tT'. Kruptlonil
of I ht .-"kin. Kryr-ip'-lan,
Tumor.", IMiroiiie, !re Kim,
Ititi Worm or Twttera. ealtl Ufod,
ltlifuii)ii'i5iii. In tiie Uuiu'tt or
Joint, Oid !oi-i"t and Ulwr, Swflilnn of
the (llHtt.if, Svpliilin. iypepln. Halt lihtfum,
Diiireiinf thi kidiift n. )im-aei HrlshiR from the
tine nf Mcrrury. l.o.ti of Appetite, I'ain in thtKldeand
8)i(in.cri. (if nur;il Ii-btlir , l,tiinbiit(o, (.'oimti. Coble,
Props , JHinidiCf, I'fintiffiien, lirouuhltln, Weakness of
l'ht.. ."ore Tbroitt, I'ulinoniiry ntllinrlonii, and ah other
ltbeiwe li inlinif u proiiucf (.one utiipiioii, Ijlver Ocui
pliihitM. Fcin.-ilf Ii rc'illiiiiti.?" 11 Pd i nnipiuintK. l,ow
fpirit. Mrknn-i Ntviih Ib-ad-aciie, N tht Hweuts,
jisnohiiies, or ImprudeUTe in l.iiV, (brouic cou
i'iriitiomil L'jv.i-i', mid it a Spring and
SutnuiiT hrink, and (K tier.il Touie fur lb
& f!-ni, t.nd a Hf nt'e and I'lfi-'aut
A'liiciuiTt'. it it MiTi'r 10 lilua
Lick ml t'urijrivM U'ater,
t r tfi'luiU
Tt Ilia remarlcfthte f:rt. tliaf nmons; the hundreds of
eoiiueut p!ifii iuii lio,Jmf exuuiiued the recipe by
wlifi'h Hun arn:tri,i.t in prt'piired. not one Iim feu
detuned it, but ail approve it. nnd ci'inniend It iu lite
hifliet tfriii.l. Mnny phj It lmiK expreM lb mitlrei
iroiit;Iy in tli- bt'iii-f tb it it Ik di-bhidty (he be.Ht prepa
mtion of 8iir.-.uiari;iii lUnt bus ever been piHetd before
the piibib'. Altlioii'ii tln-iv 11 r- ninny plivnirinna who
feel a reiuitnlice to huvfn rhi-ir nantfit appended to the
reromiUHtidiitiijii of any ptiiticutut relintdy, notnlth
taiiding they may aj invt- of it iu ttie highest dfffree;
theru are t.tliers who t'r.'iikly ii ld their support in favor
of a remedy whieli tl,-y know la capable of doing ao
mueh good in an uillie-mi roimiiunity. As an evidence,
read tne fotlnwiu from old and respectable phyHlclaua,
of high standing iu the uoutuiituiry lu which they lift,
1TJTft1fD0n? like tlie fallowing render tnpprfloui
ftUconiiut'iitaon the eltli-ac.i of Hull 0 KDiaparil)a, trow
Dr. L. P. Yamlnll, t'rofvsdopof Cbtuiiittry iu the Louit
Tlile Medtrul l'u.li;i I Iihvk loukedover the list of in
grediaiu A'WipoiiiK John Uull'v Ux tract of liHOWparilUi
and hatu no hei-irnilrn In .'i)lnE tbtu they form a safe
Compound, ami one th.t priiiiwii well In ehronio dl.
easen, to wbloli tt ia appllcuble, L. V. x'AlSUALL U O.
lxwuTaui, June ti,
What Dr. Pylon, phynlclan by appointment to the
Louisville Marine llunpital nays of Hull's Karttaparllla t
LouinriLLl, Rlarnh 20, 1B40.
T have examined the prescription for tha preparation
Of John Hull' Harnp irilin, and 1 believe the combina
tion to be an excelii'Bt 011a. and Well calculated to pro.
duce an alreratiTe lin predion on the system. 1 have
tisetl U both in public and private prur'ticp, and think
It the hpif nrth-ln now in ue. M. 1'VI.K, M 1).
L. Beside ut I'hvsJflan LuuikVllle Marine Hospital
Better testimony than wan everntTfred In favor of any
niedlciutt. Iter It. W. Sehnn ltev Ji Stevenson :
LuuibviLLi, May 20, 1849.
We hare used John Hull' Pnrnapnrllls, and have
known It to lie u-ed. whh entire muinfartion ; anil we
have us beoiiatiMi iu wlatliiji our belief that it ia a safe
and valuable wediuitl coiupouud, aud calculated to pro
duos much noil and rvllrve much Hiilft-ring; and therefore
would etieerlully aud most earnestly recoiuuieud it to Uie
(Signed) K. W. 8KII0N, .
We would earnestly Invite all persons who are suffer
lng with any of the ills that llenh is heir to, to rail on
Dr. John Bull's aueiit aud rot a conv of Hull's Famiiv
Journal gratis ; and Tor the hake of hnuiatiity we bone
that tingle individual will not be found unwilling to
f;ive Hull's Saraparila a trial alter reading and rerol
DCtlng, at the name time, that it it) imponoible for the
Doctor to publinh the tenth part of the number of cer
tificates of astounding cures put formed by his Ham pa
ri 1 la. The amount of testimony voluntarily showered
on Dr. Hull's Sarsaparlila, from well known ami distln
u l!ied individuals, botli in public and private liie, hsj
eeu perfeutly uvirwhelmliig. . .
KV,,AM)AO. 2 tUUHl l.A.DT feT.,N. V,
Tlie alwre nohrthir ineill'tten revived nnd for snle b-
0. W. ItiiS.S Aibti; . CANNOS, M.tdisnville. Call
unilgut Almanacs and Jrenhir freei ' Feb 1-ly-iiSl
Aaotbcr Fit h Srj?plj cf Drus,
MIK1I, n.I.Ied to my old, fliake iny
11 'i est. nt jtlock .liri;o for tlU itmrket
ennaletiDu in Aiuft of tho folluuitit; Oils,
Lmtfteed, Tiiiirieia', lird mid .Nwtti-lootj p"ts
Turpentine; ('oml, Jnnii 11 ml J.eiither up.
nt.'ii; I ntnt, V auiuu umiMwii ntiiaiiei jiiena
(littml (Intinhtj; Jlrnlies; While l.mid, dry
nnd in OH; Zinu iu (M1; I,U''ti,1'IlS. Oumelnatio
(iidet, willi nnd wiphont ftihwn;. Window
! filiue. 12 hy f'.; Putty: fJlirtierV Dirtniontls;
Wittes - Jrutnly, nml Jinuniea hjrii ita. fur
UM-dienl uea-und many ol'litf .tti'Lielee,
Will ho sold for cfteh utily.
(let 2ft WM. DURNa
IT IHVI.tr F nnrl Arroiirra rooU
llU Jut received, a lnffH lot wf Hardware, such
nn Htee), iS'leilgt; and Hand Hammers, Augur, (iisablels,
Screw. Lucks, Hinges, Kngtish ant Ameriraa Alrap
Hinges, Chain Potnji and Fixtures, Wagon Uosesof ail
sixes, ,id Iruns, Mk rfml Dies, Uifla Barrels, Gun
Caps of m II kinds, OruiirhoveU, Ac., kc 0
AUo, tUifff ttovk ot Carpenters' Teoti, of ergry de
scription, wblth I will sell cheap for canh.
Octft . OKO.W.ROgS.
nKiur.naii cioihintr. w imjii.t
rirelvrd a vory tttrnilv .orl m-i.t f CIMIiIni,
wlilrh will bo alil vri Ine. Cull a ill ' ir,ill,ln
hora tor abowini,. uuvlia W.CJ. UOIITON 4 CO..
- .Tcuijcssco and lie rojrt .
Ooxuaaaiou XXqusjo,
J;;iv.i. iiuMpnusYs&co.,'
W.-.IM-.I llcrt., ., ,m 0o,n1(,1K. ,
.v.rl Vommlntou MuH,,
oiiii-I;" ,m" '"""" n'l
IV h 0 1 0 3 a 1 ej) r iugg is t s.
ILit ilmiit, fislri A'
W'J'1;""" "' 'loi.M,.nor M.T.-liniiti K,
m i iv,... mi. 1 ; , v.r..::r
,.,.' " ' ,' vi.Miiiniiriinrkol n lll
" ''"'f' .itrn....ii.tf MI..I , , w
T, "v il:""'".'":;'" !'"'"'. ""mi..?
i n 1,,V' '.'"""ln. ll""'ti:n.,i'l.Mik,i,.,
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iMctir, mill f'niiimU'.liit, TJ.-rt'Siniir,
on. 1 una amhtiMu IVIinrr,
Cltiii'li-vloii, A,
SP'I VI, nlli-titlnnglrrn lo i:.. :,li. i,f (Vliunt. W.mr,
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III u ti'-'s lit, i." 1111 ir.intl tli'i.ii'..
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'"''""'I'i'' l. J.i'y ::-ly
II A II I) W , u .;.
c 7!:t'::v. t.v m:t.v rt.,
ntiri'T rti'ii'in.-iEi. i.f
Hanlwiiio, C-iitlory, Jii.u, .l, ,vc,
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r; 4 n 1. a s r t v. ,v. r.
triHiim c..:iii iiri:v. ' iim.iikiit b TKititA.tr.
.Ill 10 17. .-! tf 7
R. w. .Mri'in;t;soN,
(.tmwinn n:ii,v,t .w.-rh-m,,,,
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lei-Hi Minn.,, iiiiix, f.trfj,rrl
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n,,r1" 0'""'"-"';"''l J"HHT.J 'D, CJ:tw.iilre,
y.'.-jiM: Knr mniiilw. ' jtilr.i-1v-Vifl
"vn,hn &. "cV.t
:'"H wa.ii.wai.b I.Kll.KIWIt
fords,, auj .imrhan IHy Oo.tiln,
l;l Miflini; Atrt-fl,
VMlhKXTOy, s. c.
I M. I.. HAIKIt, I A. I.. HMI1II.
'. M. ''II vltlMII,i:t I
i.i. if gal
?orc:n iuiil Duiiicslc i)rj in'oo.ls
No. hs Ilnvnc .r.roet,
vci.ini.r. ivtv.v, .
N. 'i. Hull ini;t'l..i nlwiva .n linml.
. II. niU MAM., lill.tKV ll..tt-F.I.U
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MI S II. Vti.' ioi.s.
ct. IS.11 tf lfi2
L r, I", T &. DUI72. A P,
(r..itc 1 .1 ti ; it ; .t- iiiirii.)
irorcry and "o:iiiiiii.!iiri Murclmiits,
vtrov. ;::(!!(; i .
.THIi'T piTS'imil nl.t 'iiiiiin i i,i.,l,.'a ,)
1'''k ri'lurtu nf n il .i nf IVo.lncn.
I'll. 'V will .,.ivi -p iiil nlt.ouliuii to con
i.'niiL'iits fruiii I'nst, 'J'emii'ai.o.
. J. -M.r.nt. Hi tinvi,.u.
11)11 i-.:l. IU, IS,'. 11 lv .in4
F.w. ru-v M;tiM,
WIIcH.fi.-MLK nK.T.t:i( HSU 1 MP'.lRTKflri OF
nard7ire, Catbiy and Girns,
So. 17 North .Mb Phi,:;,. Hii'iarr,
x.tviviM.);, -m:?:..,
1 J V,n'"T ,n " r''" -" 'iil-1- ni,rlin,.,t
i a. "f I" III! Il V ii L...I. . Inn ilii-r wllli .hi
'I'm.. ,i i iv i iru'-i .i.K-k r i 'iiji. ri iin.i t;ui, in uii r
vrlil 'Ii ily hull..' I lit) llll'."ili..i nf l,l, n vi-llinj iiii,
n irk.-t; liti-ip .1.. k Im. I,,.,.,, , e 1V .iir,...t ,mr.
Iium from ll.o .V.iu..y;.....,v,... I.:i, hi 'Aiiiiri.n 'r
..jriii ',.i1,.l ilu-r f" I i-'iuli ,.;,i H, n, ,V, ,.
'In-til ii i- iil it,U lln.l it ml. .iniv,' is in ,,.:, n-jili'ilu-ii
; i-li iitnl ,r.,'M..t ;.i, I,,,-,,, will 11,1,1 tie urlm, ut
flli lr jr.i.,,1. . nt.-il in t!, th,,,..
P"i.l'i.-r r iv. ,1 at tl, ,BK.H ni.iiktl i.rlce.
inim-li lll-tr-iJ'W
pmubi'I'H K3t ty rt.r.
.SGAIJO & A-l) i) 0 T T,
(.Vnav uxors iu Viii (t llnmiir,)
Wart-ffnute nntl f'nmnilmiinn .Verchanln,
fOU Mte puivhii'A ninl nle nf nil kiiutaof
1 TvmieiMoa I'ruJuca, .MorvlimiJiae, Orooc
rioa, An.
(VI. (1, 1S.H Jy - sis
. ,.w. r wisnriKLU.
Wallace & Wingaeld.
Gonpr.il Commission Slorclaanls,
J K.i i.i: us .v nnonvvK,
Aila.itn, ii-ni-irla.
!!.!. irlvr pp.-clal nlti iilion o Clio aula nf UiK'on,
l. ii-.l, llatli.r. ri.nir. .',.l.:...n. Iii .
II r r In ('. Walla,',-, Kii,,cvlllu, 'iVini.i Taolo, llro,
r M.irj-vltl.-, T.-i.ii.i II. T. Cix, l.o,l.vlllu, T.'nii.; ,1.
" iM..in, I'lil'.lii, T.'nii.; .I.iImi.i.ii ,t ll.ilr, Ma'll-a.li.
v.lll-, 'IV, in.; llmhuMi ,t l c. vl.'r i-iumiy, T-nn. f ilm
A Kniir, lliin.lrl.lj.-. T.-iiii.; Vaiinlui l'lcki-1, fmi'lira-
ti-r, T -uii.; It. 0. .1 i,.l:s..u, .vf !.-.,. T.-.m.; l',.,ill,iln, J
ui'it.-.. -i C.i AniriiHlii, (i,t.; ,l, C'iiniilni.'!i:ini, tlri-ntiti.
h ir.i', Ca.; V. W. tni-n,, ,1 Jul,,, II. Newtnn, Alli.-n.,
(Inj J.-liii Viiu-l. M, M ,flli, ii;,.-, Ciirlmrt t II. ..r. M i.
c liu.; K. T. M'illi.1, Kivaiinali, ilti. fNov9-ly-.i;-
Ban, D. Thampson,
Clovrl n.U, oiiii.,,
iK'aler in
Dri!!?. Vc(!icin. s nn: t'lirmir-iiN.
Ity-Wooili ami ly '-itinTi. Oil, Paints and l'.ii liters'
ArtlohM, Viirnl-liL,
Wtmloiv ln-. a ml I'ui -lii.ivnrp.
,li(Klll, Kntillflli ami Amerb'im Pt;rfnmry, Pino
. i.iin-i nun fiumntf nips, tine llnir mill Tunth
HriMhuH, I'nliit llnili-H,Sitrirli:'il mid Dcntul Ittslrnini'iits,
Truaacs ami Hni.pnrtrra of ,ill klinlM, HpU'-VH, Huiiir. Man
Hfiiotun-il IVihiKiL-o, all HiH'I'ittiiiil or I'rnprlcttiry Mi-ill-elm'
nf the ihiy, snpurbir inktt, 1'nru Winua iiin'l Hnm
ilius for nu'tlichril pnrpoas, Kxiract mill Flavors,
chnhnt Toll.'t am) Cimcy Artluh-s, &s.
I inukB inv pnrchmrii for i'ath, ami offer gnmlt eqtinlly
an law us thry i nn In- ohtiiinei) from niv similar rslnb-li-iliintiitt
in till j aeetion. Warittntfi to h frht
Uint ffenuin. Xtviivrn from th country promptly Hib-tl,
am aatUfnrtinn (fimrmuied with rvtfanl both ta prite
ani iuiiliiy..
IMiylrlnns' Prcacrlptlon nnd Vniutly nef'p"!
will receive the prrrattt car and uttuntioti in thlr
uompoundinj', at all hours, ncpt T-ly-)t3
J. A. 1 S I,U V,
rommliiilAn nncl Produce TVforcliunt,
Offlc on Ilroatl ttrret, opposite Pnion Hank, '
WILL give prompt ami personal attention tn the
sale of Tlaron, I.urd, flrnln, Flotir, Cotton, mul
all unifies of Merchandise connicneil to tit in. Also, to
the rorwarilinv of Hoods for the Interior ami Northern
markets nt tb mistomary rates. Liberal advanet'S, el
Hut In cib or by ancepttuicfs, tnndo nn nrtleles In store
or when hill nf In ciing aecninpanv ilrnftn.
It KfttiiKxrKa t Haker, Wllenx ft Oo.j M. R. Wllltlnaoni
J. C. Parifn, "riiHbk-r," Atiff mtn. fa: Iltini, WHIIams A
AVik-ox: Tbos. Tmut ft Co., rimrhston, S. 0. Win. Pun
rftni KnMulfAril, I'ny ft Co.j V. T. Willi. SAvnnnah, (la.
Puirtrra, Ih nnett A On., New York. J. O. Vilon ft Co.;
ft. Pntnrf ft Hon, llnltlinnre, Wmul ft Mw, New Orlfnn.
C. B. WrlWn, I) . Hon. On. Grenvllle A Hnmple, Chat
tnnoom, T nn. Ilea nit-n, Ron ft Co., Knoxville, Tcim.
A. K. IleMer, Athens, Tenn W. Pbapanl ft Co.; Berry
ft Ueinerllle, Nashville, Trim. (Nov. U, ftl tf 419
Commission Merchant,
JtgrimHural implement and wftaehintry
No. IVRmndwev F.W VOIIH.
Ii A r(i Hot, CnMfi(i1ov, ptntut Straw Cuttert
du n Sitrtlry Afctn4fw, rrM PtHetri anil Threuhtr)
mftmt TTn-rtisrattui HVfcWIOtMrcS. a fU tUkt' AifrU
- WlbtOX, I11M) & AcXsLKV,
(.Vili'iv..,,!-. lo filler, HV'-mr ,CI Hi..)
vtriioloMAle Oroooraii
. . ,1 iiutikltt, bo.
Commission Business,
TJ F-STKfTKri J.Y Infnrms the rltln-tm nf fli-Mlnti
II V-i'"'ititv. niiil ibfoiit-lir r.-TK rnlly, (but bi will utti rd
t t!i- j4, lliii, Cun-IitifiiiB, rimI t'lirwiinllnir nf nil khnls
of Prfil.nc. Alto, t intb'rhie ilcioJs, Orui i rh n.ctr imjf
kli:i of MiK-hlticry tbut may be cplb'il fur, lh- curi fnr
nun .11 irliiiu-ry, nn.-i, its TbrcihT, He ipcrs, .Muwrrs,
fttiilk ant) rtirnw Cutti r; nf nny kiiul wislioil, at nitinu
factiirem prii iMi. fn brM mbl-il.
A jrnii- lut nf Thrt')-ri n Ihe wir ami In Arrive In a
few ilnya. Alen, nm. rirrnbir fti w Milt 'l"Vfr
Ihilbrnn b:.n,l nnd f..r-nbby ft. K. KKr.l'r It.
Aihns, Tifini., may ll-tl-Jilfl
1)51. J. L. ATLKB,
I'liyraloirtii tj Surgooii,
Atl.ri.s, 'I'.'iui.,
Wll.f. aire III. ,'iilire nllcntlon to tl,e prncllce of
Mt-illi'llm. (Mil, o fi'iillt nUlic llriiliri-. irnii A
"W. 33. XXjXjTLm, 3VC. 33.,
it'i'Mwi'ft M'Wlii-'Hn, A'f.)
I HVIHIAX A f SI' II fi 7', O
E? I'riCTKI'l T Vatntonii'. t the ni I).- thnl hchns
-V local-c p. nn. incnl'y In AMiun-, itu-l in ni w prv
p.irtcl in iuii-ikI nn cjiIN th lwn of niiuitrv, llnvinir
hi.il nina. y--;ir i'x;t t:"ic " nn n TiiVf'. iiiii ;in-l iirir.'"n.
nil (hi mlvantiik'i'! of a lbtni'i-!i rmiri- n( two Mt dii- il
".'bo..B.(,ll-vj,,.i Ky-t Ilh, v.irk-hp flutter
btin-clf ttiui he will . at,i . t pivp i. trj. Hjillsraetinti
In iiM who tuny need l.i- .r"f.'--oii-il ciTtci'.
Oilh'C Otn; tlciftr Wc t nf Hi,- (Mlirc tf tbu l'"-t, n-Ttitly
occiipicil by ir. C. A.Jnnlaii. April fi, ,'. t r-:!i'
31. II. .WAY. 31. !)..
s i; it a i: n v n my Sl c 1 1 x
AJ'II'.'.NS. TK.NX.,
J J I'SI'IX'TI'I I.I.V li,it,ln-a liu ii'ofo9jiiiiinl
1 i tci'vivcK lu III,' jHil.lic.
Inn. II. 1 22
.i nHxs, a'.v.va'.s.sa'a;
r"'l' l"-i-' ilt,T:;lvc his wliiil.ial.liMition
t T i. i tin. rnit'tiiof ,!,..Ii,.ii)r
Ion- ". I .-" :i tl
III. .IAS. BliriiXKI., 7
TN rotiirplnu' his llmiik. i,,r iiii- vot v i;!M..l
pilronii'.'i; l. In,, nli-,.,,,!,. r j,.,.; ,v,
r,.KM',-ifuliv MMii'iuia-e In nil v.l o t:mv t-.-rl
I liv niil of a Ill-mint, flmt Ii,- in wi-ll Mvi.iir,.,)
to i-y-dile till win k in nu. v.-ii i, ,,1. I, Hii.-t.-K
,,f Iiis ii..if. -i,iii. t;,. . fiitir,.,.ti u j
In. iruvn, li.iih in ,ii,.VJ nn,! ivl,. f ri(.
Uii'i'vill,', 'I'i-m ii., Mny -j;,, i v
II. K.l)n;'soiV. I), li s,,
Bursooa Boutlat,
1'ttV tilHtl, Trmi,
ItAlirATK ,-r tin- tlii'llninro C..II. irn of Pent,,!
.irir.ry. Iiiiylni.' I,, - ii, , .,-riii:in. ..
il'iii'l. IK-i.ii.tr.va. t,i-ii;lit In Hi,. ,rii !,, , l-r,.,...,
II,l- I iiikil Sutl. . It. :,:t it, vill i,.,,, I.r:. -:.-!.. All ,m.
iinti.,,,, ,,f Hi. ,;,, frtl. of vi,,,,... ,n, ,.,r;.
nioil. r.itL-. I,,.,,, .., ..,,
a. ii! i. f..
Allcrnoy .-,( I.iuv nnd Lii!),J A-roni.
" -"" ! in j cnu n
JA1H:H It. C""KK,
(00?: R & I.OWRY.'
Jiuil J-ly A r !,,-,, -.-,.,.. ,,
JANA;; & fUD.YI.l.Lr"
A-ttornoyo a.t Xiaw,
AH.i-.iK. 'a'i-2in.
MII.TOX P. JinVKilK . r.nw,
April Jll-tMIM "
J!!A("ni'I' iii iliclillVtcnt t.-iiuiitip,Com.
l-i-intr Hie Tliir.l .linlit-inl Cii-onit will
nlli'1,,1 In I In- !:!-1 inir nn.1 aci-iii ini; ofnlniiiK
:nnl -.vill -ivu 1.1.- iin.livi.li-J utteiiticni to nil
linin,-f!.,-iilni-l,.,l in Inn cure.
Mnreli 'J. lsl'.i I!' 28
0 C 0 EE II b lTS E
4 lf I'liu.tl, 'D'.-ij,.. '
3r3"!0. Vi?". BCCV-SrcO
'rjpr-l'l Tri'l.l.V ..-lv.,- nuit-v il;,, i. ,!,
t'.l M-, ll-kii,,-.vii III, i. !, i,i.. I tint it ,iv p,. ,r iI.l-i-.-ii....ii
i.f cri.vri.-r. 'ii.'l l.'.ar.l,...,. vl..it Im.l a
Imp.-.xpi-n, nr.- In ll. I ,i in- .., . II..H,.,., ii,,.,.f , ,
li--n!l I..- ',1,1... I.vi-.in-t'.iit ..,i,.l ,k.vl,i iili,uil,,i, t t.
Iii k... p s-i,-!, II,,:-..- ,i. -I :,1 I,,,.. . ..pp,.,,!,:,,!,,,, (
nil l.l' in iy irivi- Iii, ii ii i-ill. Hi. TiiM.- ill nl all II,,..-
,.. ' , .i.i- , .i,..i,..v ,, r,l., ali,l i-vi-rv
.. ,'irl iii.i l,-mi til, p.,rt i ri-.i-l.-r III. gnu v..ir..rli,I.V.
II.- .Iiii'.' I, 11 "ll'ir.- Ill l.'.tri. I. :,-.- r u-.
.I....II.IJ',fcll. 1 .1111,
'I . f ill i'C JI'3l:,I,
Aug. I'-ir-DCll
U U I 0 H
H 0 T E L
?!.. I?
i Kin
'li of fimnrrltfa,)
n fNIM:CTKCM.VInf..niHlhf
ri ti tic IIm,. I r, i-. , i..
.Ic-ruli I'pIiiiii 11.... t.,..
i run. i.n-iiiiin.-ii in t t),r
I'ijrht Bf.rt of llon-e, he
will cp.-irr no p .liu ton vii-um
"i ninl rvmlt r enn-Tnhh-
shrill le tprvad
ami hi Ft iit1 will he
lidrr. Ib-termhud ty
i and experlN n rerrhr
July UJ-tf-g:
rori:ih!c nil win, mny e;.ll. Kit
wtili tin- hi-it itlio ..,.,!t,.- . tr-.. i
nri.vM...I ,v.M. ,.l u .i
nu rit public p-itruiiajf", he hope.
a u'teiii.ire or it.
A. IJ. A I M rnmv
... ... - v . , . ( . ,11 1 1
TSFPKrTFI'M.V aiinoiini-t-ln II, o public Hint ,.y
fclli Imivi- n,m- ninl u Hi I:,., ,, fMini!vr,ii limi.l n .,.,..
low r,r rii.li, , l,..l
"!' ni.'l r, t,.l.
Also. CI..
li.-r. It ii-lii-,, CaiHllcii, nnd i-vr-rv-
OilliK vUe Hell I. kiwi
!i- (iiiin-fli 2-tr
X3cta.xa.ls. Agonoy,
TIIK umU-nlifiii-il IiiivIiib lit-i-n iipi.oliiuil AKont tor
! ., ...iii. r-'iiii.l Cm initiir.- tn.nli
of tlinrli-.tnti, N. ()., Ib pripiiiT.l to linn, u,,,,,,.)- (M N.
1 papn) on il, Oil iuiiI (III ,y hiH,, i.,.ll,lo,ltli,,
U-i-iiK. ANn, ivllU-l,i.,-k,ii!.u North nil ttouili nl ,-u..
toinary ratn. Nov III (mo. w. HHPS
V-.-tTtist Hccoivod
M) lor willi-, nl tin- ul.l UuiiJ in Uullioun,
. Tntiiic.gi'i-,
25 lilila N'GwOrlrniiiRi-l.uilcil.MolnMea.
10 lil.l.. ,1. (0. Jo
Sit linj.. Iut 1:in Cnirop;
I10 (iuU. CTiiIiii M,,!ni.cn;
2.1(10 l.lis. Iirim n Sujrni!,;
60(10 " ('n.liii.r;
liiiiOO " II..II.-.1 It-oii alt of wliich will be
aolil Ion- liy wliiili mile or ii-lnil.
Our Dry (fowl. tni-Ii i full ami fl tt o, nnd as
low ilnwn ill ,iii.-i- n. lllf lnu-cnt.
J'l'y B. I-'. MARTIN & SOX
Now Full n ntl Whiior Goods!
V AM now rrrulrliiK my .In.'k or "Full mill Winter
c (looil., a, 1,1 M'onl.l r,..ii,-L.tf'iHy ri'iiu-.t my oll en,,
tonn-rs n, I tin- pi.nt. itm-riilly n. frlvu me a call, aa I
ti-ul noun, lent il will lieio tlu-lr li.tureat .
I'pn (iko. w. nous.
Rnors ninl VIiim-n, Jn.t reci-lvi-d a Inrao
.took, from tniun to tlio vi-rv 1,,-Ft. Pall nnil
eiiimliio. For.nleliy octfij UKU. V. lttl,S.
Singer's Sswing. Machines.
FglHt:.-.K mnvlilnc. Imvo lonK au.talned tlie lilalie.t
f , J'l"""""" ' 0i" IJiillwl lUiite.. The (Ir.l pi lio.a
(.ol,l Mt'iUl.lm. riMx-ully bi-t-n awanlril to Ihvm at the
areat Kxp,ililou at tl, 1'alace ot Imiiiatry In Pari., auil
tlm. tlicy have the World', ver.lli't ot aupt-rlorlly.
Great Improvement, have Jil.t been li'l.le.l. .o Hint
iliejr run will,, .in i,i,0t ,, ,0 operator at
uniihle the oraiiinry tpvel, mo that -
rn irs as an woiik is do.vk .v a pa r.
Tlie itrente.t clothlut, aad .hoe tnailiiluetiirlng e.tab
llaliineiitii In the cn-inlry u.e these iiiHehlne. exelu.ive
ly. They are compvlent to iiurtorm every lurt ot work
In the moat perfect style,
Aa there m e very i eut number! of Inferior or entire
ly wortlile.a aewlnic machlui-a of the Lerow lileilaelt,
Avery, Wll.on, (trover Baker, and other patent.,
which have been .ol,, but cannot be uaed to any ail.
viilituiie.we hereby offer to receive all auoll machine.,
and aNn uuiinprovcl one. of our own nianufnetiire, in
iwcAiiiiff. ft,r nrw nuil lt,.t Improved J.c.ii, on
liberal term,. All old machine, lima obtained by ua
will he broken up ami de.troyed. For parllculnri apply
by letter or peraoually ai , New Vork Ofllce.
N. II Loral Aaenta wanted to make .ale. of our Im
proved aewinir machine. person, properly quali
ned for the biialneaa, a rare opportunity for urofhabl,
aud pleaaaut employment la oircred.
I. M. glNflRR CO..
Prinrtfuii rmcr, wen fl.-oiwiic.il, jf. y.
QHfn : II IU',.,ver ac, llo.lun. 14 Uhe.
Philadelphia. Ins H.liluiore it., lialthnnre. il-M
Walnut .1., Cliiclnniitl. isi Ht. Charlea .1., New Or
leiina. fllover.vllle, N. V. W Uroad at., Newark, N. J.
Nor SO-oui-a-O
TUB .iibarrlbera will Rive fl,4 ner bualiel for good
inerchniitiihle IVhcut.
Atliuua, Nov. C.r.tV.r. 0II1S0N.
jiii . r koi iiii.ii iti itii.nv.
fTAConn oonDiAic,
Cholera, 1 SOI! A LI. ) l lmlera Morhu.,
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Wlarrbma, " tl UISl USt'.S (chiileralnfatiluin
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Tth, It furt-s I'tihifiil M nstriiHilnn.
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A frwMhort ntrtU Ufrum ftr, t TrnUnmnlutn, rfr.
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foini-l It n must nicklit,nnrl In myJuiUnu nt. n valnhll
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purports tu be, vht: A hm KKtios kkmmit."
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I-iTtt't riy .nmjf nr iipTlnr Cmirt, t'fivrokc e Circuit
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I bi-lic-vc it tn l-i-Ti hih uri-iit n-nutly ih-ubh v stiln'rl
or toiiiijlblt: l-i- vxvr Irhil by inc. , A.t) ut'.-vrj
D- ptt'y 11. M. f.r tl c (h.tn.l !,..?) m( lic oi-Kiti
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wltli nl? I hi-nrub'Hit It n n rctiinly .v tlio-i nin ,-t v J
trinl It. huhirp-nu l Im II. vi-It x t n r I nt the hr-ril of
n-ury prvp:trtioii uf the kiil, thk! 1 w.mbt ri('ininiviid
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Hii.rH (. n iiti'N-,
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nlt'ca f",.i-.ll,.l -t .1 1 ..J.. .... : ' '..
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prt'piinili- n for the i-nrr - IIimi-1 lij.c in n.' Kn.m the
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it mil it lif vi' tr I 1 1- I it ii.K'i.t,... L r
iiwhi if imiI till nilc. r tit tif pi'p!iruii(irit."
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'This clUc-lc-nt rciiirdy I tntv.Olujf fntn fch'brllv ns
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f,rni,i, M,i'i in.'A, i-i.vt. J
l-iir Ly ti. Hut I.-. (l- r. V. Ifi.-n. t. V. j-bctfon
II. WilMtn. iiii.t tTiiiH. V-t.-iiIf.-. At 1 1 1 1 1 ; li. p. Mjirthi,
II. C till- I' I' 1:1. a. ta.lia. n tl . t, '
Uiiiitri'M.- X t!-tiiil--; Utiiirm.l Cannon M.Htun Lllf: X
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mitt .v Wt-l, 1'1-tbi.b 'pl.in: Vjiiii-1 n A Pb-ki!, Kn-o-iirutt r
II. T. Tiptim. I'..itr MU- l,r:ift,-h: A. H. I.inrc-n. Cbntntn;
TlMMii.yn Jk lyi!i. rit.'v lr:iiil; .ii'i II. IIMn.-rhiirbw.
l-.n; N. J. A J. K. .". t-l Co.. imtnr; IViik ci MiKl-n-ei,
Pi'H-ui.-; J. V.. J ncj.-A .'.n. Viirvvniy.
, n " -i. . in. i a i M.. rropru tnri.
April SiMj-1,1.1 an M,. ktimn ft.. New Yirk.
Ilt. atili-i-il't'it. iinil.l i-t-ir.-.-l till 1 v nn-
iiiiuni-i- In lite I'iiii-na nf Atlii-nii niul t.ho
ulilii- -;.-c:i-r:il I y. I lull lln-y nm now in openi
inii iiii-l ,..-pnii.il In .In
O .V ,S I21 3C 3T 3S-
f ovrv ili'K-i iitii,ii in lln-ir liiu-, niul woulj
I hi-i i-l'iH-o .illicit m-,l,-rilViiii! nil tlmae wtiu mnv
w nut nnvl hint, ol lln kinii.
TIh-v fire now ciifI inir nu,l Imvo f..i- nlo .llf.
r.i-i-nl ir.i nf the Uli.l.i-, or Aii--ti-;lit Cunli
Stiivc, fiii-iiislioil i-,niiil(t.; vininin ir, of
rni-hir, .Mm- I I uie, ( liniiil.i-i- (illii-c ninl Shin,
Stnvrn. A1.il lliilliiw War.-: Wutlle Wimn-
I'lnllL'll', l iL'lll ninl 1,11 linn,!.
All1!!, till. Kii''-t- Snil-.i! in- In.-linn Wnl..,..
Wlii-r-l. wliiili will t-nw I1..111 I .vo I ,. rlvo il.n...
antitl fret n-r .lnr. II kiiul. nf
tilti-.l up in tlie l.i-t nml niu.i ilni ul.lg mniiticr,
tl ti .1 i;miii -linrt inil ii,.
.Alt-,,, Irnii l.ailinir of ovcry l--ti-iitiiiii.
Tlii-v nr.-iiImi nri'imi'i-,1 InJn nil liin.l. .,f
nt-HHK r-usi inir.
Tlie liii'h-t. Ciitli M'ice will llo tmi.l fi.e
old t'(iri'i:ii. H
zimmi:i:m.x ,t tjiomas.
P. S. AVrlmrr. ciiini-cii',1 wii Ii c ho Wi, l.-
mi i rxoi-llont I'nlti-in Mnlccr, t lint pr-mnif
-.vifinno; i.-nsuiii,-!. i-nti liuve ,ullc,in Hindi- t.o
i.i-.l. r. z. .1- T.
Atli.'iia. Tciiti.. Oct. in, isr,. If sn
Carter's Spanish Mixture.
Tim (.mil Vmiiicr of tho flood!
trtthr Arttrt.tl Haft ftmt I'uh'1r!
An Inrnllibli- lli'im-ily fitj ro'iiln. KinirV I'vll. ilhvmnn
tini.Oli.-lin.itv Cm. Mi t ti! i:,-tipt!,.in, l-hnpl,.,, r Pen
tnk'K mi lb if l-';i'f, lilo lube, Iti.i, Anue mid Ft'ivr,
Cbnuiii- iitM' 1;.vi:h, Kiiitr Wiirni r Tetter. S-nM ll.-mt,
Ijiliirj-i'mi-i.t ;A l'uin i.r th Ifitiire atil .IniiitH, Stub
hum i'h-.'jvs .--ypJ.lMtir Itl.-ontrr, LmnlMp., Spiiml
r.iiiipliiinlfi, ninl nil l'lifii-:-s (iri-itif trmu nn lulmii
ch'jti I V of Mt-rtury, IinprunVitd'hi Lllf.ur lmpiii ity
FKill- :M':it nlti-nitlvt' ntcilh-Inf nml I'.iriil-r or Itbiml
U tnnv il"; it by tbiilHiMitls or jTtitrl"iil jnti.-ntti frinu
nil pjirts nf tbv I'nittil ,it;iti-.n, whn t-tiiy duilv to the
rt'tn.irkiiblo in iv. jicrfnrincii by tin- ui viit-t nf t'lll meill
lllll!,OiltTKiiV Sl'AM.-HI JIlXll lII.." Nlll1lliji;, Kill-It
niati.m, rVrohihi. Kriiiitins nn thu Liti, Www hi'iiim.',
Kfvwti, I'li-fm, ubl S.ri, AtT. riti.i.H nf the Khtm-y,
Ilht'iist-s ir the Tlirnal, tV:n;::v (icctiplitint.-, Pains unci
Ai'hintr nf tb IbuK-s iiikI .h.itil-, nr..' f-juf.lily put tu
lli'bt by it-tins thin print ami inesi, mnnlc renivilv.
Fnr nil ill.!im.' nf tbi- lll.tod, notliiup ha vt hein
fnmnl tn L'ontpiti'c whh it. It fl-tiii-i-n ibt? -vtti tn of till
hiipnritU'n, H.-t.i jnutly mil Hih-h-ntly on thv Livur nml
Kiiliicy-, HtrL'ti'.'tlu-iiji tbv Pia. r-ton, jjiv. s tnmt ti the
Slomn.-li. mali.'!! tin -kin rkar nml hei-ltby, timl rcPlnrfS
tin." C'nntitiiibiti,i-nfc' bb-tl by ilUi-nic nrhruki'ii down by
thv i'XCf-cs of yc.nth. tn li- pi lstiut- vipur himI strcnjrtli.
For Ihe hudics, It in inruinpariibly bctti-r th:in till C,u
rnstiK'tirs ?vur iiHi'it. A ffw dnst-H of Cird r'ri pn il-h
Mixture will rcntnvv nil siillnwni;.n or uniiipk-xlnn. itriiifi
tht- rofes miiiil!litff tn tbv rhi. frlve t-hit icily lo tbe
st.-p, inn! hniirnvf liu; huiilth In n rum.'ii-kiiblc il..rr....
iiL-yinifl tilt the lin.'di.'iiu'H wit hi-urd of.
'I be hirii' iiiiiiiln i- nf I'LTt'licati'i which wo hare rt.
ccivi.'d fm.n pi'i'K'iiis fnntt all partn nf the Ihiited Stntbs,
in thu hunt uviih iK-i- that theft- In no lintubutr ab'.iit ft.
Thu pru-H, Imh l kuep. r. ni-ifrNtrnli, phyj'l-iiinn, ntnt
puimc nu'ii, wun Kimn'u in ll.o cmmmilil.y, nil ntld tbutr
tusthiiony l.t Ibu wnndeirul tlk-cts of this CliKAT
IJI.O(H) ITlliniMt.
dill on the Au'. nt nml fft 'n rtrciilnr nml Alumnae.
ami read tlitt nomb rlnl uiirt-s thU truly greitlunt of all
MlVllll-llll-. IIIIS IITICir.Ht'CI.
NnnecutiMinf itntusr sipnrrf HKNNPTT A II IT II 3. Pnn-
prk-lnrpi. No. il P.-url trt-.-t. lli'-hnitind. Vn.; tn wlmni all
oniiTH fi-r HitpplIuH iitid n-.'-iK-fpn iniistl hi- a i bl r- sncil.
Ami fur s-ile by Wm. UrnNK, nnd (I. W. ItnB, Alliens;
II. F. M wrm'. Calhnnn: KrIXV Si Si is, Charleston; TllnMp
ns & Inuixt Cluvihitifl. my 4-l.r-'H5
Against the World!
WE (luidru tu fji.ll the tittantlnu of Fanmra and
JitUm to our laU-ly improved '
Ihitenti-d by T. J. Dnvuv April imh. 1-.V, whli h we nre
mannriiut iriiiK hi I.Ol'iwS unt HllK.X TO H'.V, Kttht
'iVmieHtre. TIiIh popular nml extunaivnlv um-rt Fan
hatt tnkun thu bir.-hu.-it tiiv.ird? whumver uxbibitud, vi:
At the Maryland .-it, ite Fair, llaitiinuru, wlier there irure
l Wivti fifty 'iinx of iiiiMtappnivi-d-niakuH ol Virjriuiu,
Maryland nml lli Nnrthuru t:ttuit, inhibited; ut thu
Virpiniu J-tutu Fair, at j bniund; nt lint Unuih-ulde Ajt
riuiiltiirnl Fair, nt I'. ltrfburir, Vn.; nt tlu- Vlifriniit Val
ley Airrluullural Fair; nml iliu highest hnnnrs of thu
i:ast Tt niiurtn-o A'.'rii:iiltural Houk-ty, nt Kimville, in
!:4and lsV. Ilrnvrnlnw'i. Whiir, in epeiikliiff ut It,
Buys: "Other Kium irv-n- vxliibitt-d of nn exuulk-nt quali
ly, hut iiiuir to entiipan with tb3c nianururlnrtd by
Ibu Mucprn. U iyit'J, of Itlieatown." We have receive!)
olhur priwh Ino uiimeron t In nnnonnce hurt-, and him
drtiN of ceriitlunlen ni our ran Kitperiority from
pnii tuuil f.irmi) of Virginia and Kiist Tennuniuu.
We have h'nl nn outfite opportunity In r"f our
niul lire couvim-eil it i the tn-t in '. We think we
know what thu farniurH want, nml that ourlonn nml ex
tenflvuexpiTiunce In the biifinunn, and iirdiintia labors
to britiff the Fun tnitn present per feu I inn, enables us to
uit them hi-ttt-r than any other pern in the Fan bul
nep h, and they may rut unKiirfd nn pnhn, will he -iirul
to rIvv them the best Fan In thu market. Our Fan bun
(ruined it enviable popularity tyitlruly In conu(picnce
of itn iniTltx; am for h Fan to retain ill popularity nml
incruuMe iiMleuuiml iu oiirri him done In the mime iliu
h ictufor three yearn, li one of thw bent evblunron of
It" value. Our I'unn are Hold on trial, and MM Hit A S'T
h'f) to vWnnjhttff uii'l vtm? tlian nnv other Fan In
use. Our Tunnm will deliver them ut nhiioBt any point
In Kant Tunni'fe.
N. II. We will iiImi flllnrdern from Middle and Went
Tennexsei-, (IvoritiH aud Alabama. All order to ui nt
Loudon or itheatown, Kast Tunuesnce, will he promptly
filled. 1 r
Jlrtntr of hnpaitton, our Fani have T. J. k
O. F. Doyle tumped upon them. For Cert i Am ten nnd
Iteferenuen, tee elrcularit. T.J. k G. V, DO V l.K.
London, Dec 14, lS.W6m.t-T
CtrXl.O023Xl.II3 13.
Al'U0HTA,tlKU,, Sept 4, ltt5,
Ol HIID9. (rood and prime Huirar ;
MW 'U0 harrelt Htuart' CI a rilled fli.ynr;
1 100 pHL'katfuii Loaf, Crmihed and Powdered Sugar
6UO Ixiffri fair, prime, and choice CulTve;
loo mat .lavn Coireu; ,
l.tOOketciN'nihi, all slxei;
4,000 nuukii Halt;
4O0 lxtx Ihn-k And Drop Bliot :
8,000 ir. )l,ir Uad;
60 bhilM Cuba Mohnmeg; -
75 barrel Htuart'a Hntfar-IIoUrip Pynip
Snf) boxei nml kvgn Tobacco, every quality t
OO Client llvMOO. lnmrlul II L ... L. au.
840,000 Ppaninh ami tiernian CiKuri '
uoKea .luamuniineauii Hperm Candlei;
SOO boxea liar and Fancy Soaps :
lOO kepi iup. carb. PmU ;
A larne tock of Manilla Hope, VaiVlnch; Bed
Cord and l low Line-- pi,.a.i t.ii.7 ii...7...
Tutm; llraaii Ilomid lall; Half Bucketi; Spice; Pepiwr;
v..iRBi,vni.im, ii iingo; nme vitriol; Uopuera; Powder
lu kesa and cum: Fb kU: ilH.a.- H.ni.r ni.
oulta, An., for vale. Our Mock (liquor excepted) will at
time he one of the larret in thi market.
uruvr iroiu our irlemln will command prompt atten
tiou.( CoQlguniuU of frodnreareaolk-ited.
Jouif 8. WaiuHT, W' B- r Co. 7tfM
THOHK Indrthted lo tht Qnderalftned either by note
or account will ave cot bT pay In up before tha
l-i of January, lbM. - dec IS UKO. W. UOH&.
crman OtUct,
Hi.aiaim T
DB. 0. M, JACKSON, Phllad'., tC
. ". Frxr-rtMt.!.T rtrai '
Chromic or A.rtwu. DMlity, ltiuo, of ,H
KlHnty; nHi all (Wi... rin,v fren
ritrtd lirt tr SkmunK
. (ii.lisuirh.
Unit. Ilianiitrnca,
V i.tl...... .-... ...V-
. - .--,-1. I.I.....II.II..
llmil, Ail.lllv nf Fl n.H.li,
.".." "fi.t-lt-lin. i..-i at fur
rli, Unur Kn-.tallan,, HltiMna. nr flat
trrlnit ,i il ,. 'H rriic ,..C, Hwlmiiilli
M llw IIi-imI, t1.irri.-rf i.i .l imcnll llri-ii(lih'.
Flullcrli,.ti.i,.r,.fit,utr ann-ori.ili.al.i-n.
atloiii. wl.un flnH poM,,,.,., ,llin,Mof Vl.li.n
.1 .r ""' sihl' I I"ll I'ain In
the llrn.t. D.-n-l.-n, y f IVraplrnllan, Vcllotr
n.a of llie Ski,, .nil K.vi a, I'ain In Ilia
Mile, llai'l:. i:iie., l,,,,h, etc., ale.,
(VwMi-n Ftuali., (,r ,.nt, tiuni.
ii.ft In ilv fli.1,, Ton.
limit Itm.aiiiii.a. of
till, ntM ,-iiat
of f (.lr
li. In i.llrlt.iill,.r .m il vnl.iMn M. .Il.- pn-ncrlloi to thli
n-nii.l.T.iinrn.li nr .inwarri-i'tiiliV n.-i-n;,.,, i, ,r,i"
Iml I. .In-nlT .... ,1 n fnrtj ,,rv, ,. Nv a,,,?
t-ln.lv.-l.r l.jr llw trnnr.ll.ry rnr.a. ,..,1 Iwn.nia .lr.
rlv.l Ir.'.M II. n.n. MT-.l.-r ll.c ilir.-. i.. f ., ,i,,,..
nrlriii.-nr. Pr. Iln.-n. ,, ."J'", ' ;
...ilT.y .....I ....... II i- Imma,,, n( .,,,.',
.11 ,,nr . of llie Am. i ru -.l, ,'.,lir,. nr, mi.l.m,l irl,
l,c ln-t l. n r. nra. In ll". I., f . J. ,' ,
nr. Tl'lfl.r.vul.r.rn 0r ,li.,.r, rll ,'','
zt""""w "" 'i
I..- r.,i,.,. nin..ni III n,Mi,l,rr. that pi'in'nr'milnw'ilni!
t'tiuiriiii. .r,i ; . , V"1'"'"1 r
Tl.i.n .if nl..,. I.i .!-'
,. , ... . , - ""i'".i.inrff 10 in. rln.a nl In.
Tt.llil.. iliiil n i-f , -t.il,, nt.il r. l;,.i.i.. , , . .
j,l-M-...l nil .In II., lr rnirl,; nm- ,,,,,, r
hij.-rln ,. ,lr . ,,1, r. hum,. r , n ,. , . r
lil.'li tl.- I.iitl.nl i-.n r,-lv altl, tl., ,., on,,n'i;n,-c
....I ..Tli.li, nii'l J--? ..rr,l fr, r,l ,.,, ,,,fi.,,.
rnnf.. Il,t tt,.- nrliclr I.r la ... ,,, rci'lv .n..n.., II ,.
vlrlnr. llrll..:l,,l In It. S....I. .
((.r,;,:.,, 11.11,-r.... 1 l.n,,.,l, f ,,lir;
n. -1..I.-.I In II. i,:.r.,,r: l,,rr :.,.,l iliirr.ln,, ll,r,,,,
t"'" "f '' '-"ii'l'i-'i... nm! il.,. nr,., rlrmr r,...-. il,
rr,'.-.i.hl .all.fi-rtinn In .tll, n,t,,, , ,.,"
.1 ..... ,,'n nir.i-cit-o l,n. l-eri,
n ,r;: m- n : :.r "" h r m
nf'i'i'; r"! "'lT.nf a Itn. i,m.,l,..r
l,,v,- Vn nn.,,,1 1 1 -- I r wr,M-n T,,:;;',;
; , , ; ; . " -'"'"i'mii. l?i' wrnlil rr.n,-rl.
f.,11.1- i-.k nf all limn- mi,.l, ,l niH, vnf ll. nl,nv,',n..
mw '," B,VI' ""' " "inl- "il tw ,:...M H i-'lll
t,.'Trr I..' r.'ir. tl. .1. 1 ,,rnr ,,r i. ., .,, ,.,.
rr,'1',;"" "f '"v""' '" r'',", (t.-n.lvrl. II Ki-ninrn-
l-ii,i,,l ... wMnllilti n ai-rat nnn,l,,.-r nf i,.,-r,,l n-,-,-lp.
II n.l.lli Inn In ll,..,..l,nny l .,.,. r , ,liM r.m
tl.l' l,,n-. pi-r-n In,'!,! ,n-,l w,, 1,-nnlH, liiillrl.limla In nil
nnr,. nf II,,- r. AH Ai-.nl, fr II ,- II ,"",,? "
V u 'V", M"'"U'"- ""-l't llnnk" irrll.r,T.
F..r.i,ln,vl,..l.'..:.V hy tlrnre'.r. I,, , , preip,
cllk-a nml nl n liill l.v rpm ...,-,.,-,. , ,,,, .,,.,. . !, ', ,"
Kfir.r.YcK EON. I Imrlt-'clciri. Tn..rJ,, .
i.,i,,i. " "'"T-.'-It:
m.iij t-iy-oi.i
Cccee Efale iieademy,
,f """ "r 'l.ir,,iliiiilnn-illcnnin-m-i-
H nil Mnmlnj-. IW l!,l ,I.T nl ....p,,.,lT ,xi. ,,.
Ili'l-ll.l- ilinrm- nf II. v. .1. I.. Mll.lll-IIN-.almwiil.llill,,
,.H-I. HM.-I. nn a T.-.u l,c-r,.n- ... a, II km,,, ,, i,:,,
IriMti-r. il, il ni,m'. i .s,i,.vt,,t, 1,1, fume. 11,-1, , a
,1 pni.l.i:,!,- nr in,- nl ,l,t. irM ,-,., , , , f;s XcllI.
ai-,-. I..-H ,-n,,-,:. l, ,, i tn.,,.1, ,. ,,!,:, ., ,.t. ,,
Iiiiiiiiiiii!,', IH..I ini nn.lni-t t.t. tvii,H, a t, im-nrl.-tr. crnr
n-n.lj-In irnl.li-, mnrally . -,. , ,,,,-,,, I pr,.,
nn.l ir.iiinl l.'.na ii i.y t-.-.t 1-.- o. ni'i- A,-,,,v',v villi ..
eiii'iii,,'.-. il,,- l'.mtiu. Is liciiithv ,,,,,1 plcn,,',,.
.''""" Tuition, rr ,V,Wiin2ii,rr,;.
lw" r..nn
," -, ::::::::in.!!,
Nn extra I'harL'i'ff. I: -.i ... 1 .. 1 .... i.. ....... . , ,
II-- nn vry r.-,, hi,. , , , " t,, ",;':' .''"" " "
'tin Ii
n nufi'i.:-).!,. .1,.,1.,,-n,,,, (rB, 1C r,,,u.
Inr rate of tuition.
lly ..Pl. r nf II ,- l:, :,r,l.
W. H. 11K1 Xl.l 113. ter'v.
Ait? Ill
In Store and to Arrivfl !
()l SACK'S t'lill'i-i-; 2,:-.,:,, . l,oll Sl.-nl-.
; ' .lil!i-rniilirnii!.-ai l -Jni ll... I.i,.-if. Ou.l,, ,1
nm! l'n.l...,.,I Sutrnr; in x. , ,. Ml,t :
l-'iii.: ( nu-l.f,..: c,ll,.f; M,-k,-il:
( ml l islit I-it.. A !i-l- li,i ,,f i:i,vn, ,-;
Kii(i IIm. Cn-iiin-5 iu,.il,r,. iil, 1,,,. ,
w.-ll si-Iii-H-,1 M(-li ,, l!,.ls nml Sl.iica; liv
(iiii'ili-; I'll tl-v Alliili-s; t:. ,) silvp'i
" tel'C; Kl.r-rittjf.: l'-l-:lc-c-1.-1 r; I-"iiii;..-. iii!rr,.
.(o. nil nf wliii-h will bo solil on ihe mnyt
rt-iisiuiiilil,. ,-j -1 1 , .
C-5" I'niiliK-i; of nil Id ml. il;(.n-
, , -'AS li. I'.AIX.
Clint Ii-b! .in, .Inn. 'Jil, IK,',, tf :i;;l
Hivassee Co lie e;e.
llcxiror rnm.f j-, 't'c-itn.
rnllli:pr,-ai-i,t P, ..n of llil. ynumr anil prnvpfroui
- lii'Iit.llli'li will .-Inau on Tli,ir-,l:,y, K, l.rn,:r.T Till.
11- at. Tl,.- iirat ., .in will c,.ti,Kiici- on .Muli, !: V, Ihe
lMli of Ihe aaliie in,. nth.
I ii. ltltv.
R. T. JOHN II. ni!l Nl:i,A. M Prral.lrnt.
".V 'iii'.'.; 1: Vlco l'rciilent.
F. SI. Clin KM, (r Uunrnln.) Tulnr.
Ti.lll.iii ,10 V ...:,.. rniilli',,-i,t frcfl. Ilnnrdli.ff
link. In irn...l f.u.iilica. ,l..'j, nh-.i,. ni,t ,,,,-r
tl.ilt illmimil. l-i,-.i-s,, :,, ., I,,,,, rtl ,,1, , ,l( ,. fM.
Sntllll"57' l"'"ilu"0" "f Imlli.riinilU-.i.lliii-r North or
IIlIi.it ii I'.' cminlr,, t-2'( niRo. from Mnillaonvlllc-, nn
!!"' nm- iiiimIj on tho nil ., 7 t,. f, P.vt-..u,,i.-r
.,'"".' l"' " ") wo '"" '"'" "i tc-tiipin-Inn.
In l.ll.-,i-. .--iliiiviii-iiiicf nn.l .llsslpntloii.lin-ldnie
to tmvii.. ,i,l rill,. a.
For fi.itli. r liifnriiinllnn nil.lr. aa nnr of (In- Faculty,
"lliwna, e Coll. no (P.O.) .Monroe co., Tumi,
uiij-;, IN',,V1-;17T
ThtT.shiTs ! Hirrshrrs!
TjlAIlMHISo.l otluravl ol-li-inplilo tiur.-hiialiK
II Tlirr.li.ra tlita a, ,,.,,,, nonla ,lo vrll tn hiniil In
tK-ir onlrra onii. nr tl.ty will uol i , alilo to (tot the Ma
chine, out In lima tor ihri-hli.c ,,ul the next Wnoiit
r"l'; P-K.llFKIiKll.ll.iii-rnlAaeii:
Athi'lit, nmrili 16-tf fur Inwer E lat Tennessee.
-nrFf-W? rr,'?ool''oc
II II 1 I I.I-5". llr.iM li .Sin-in- ;
'V"7Vt lid anolia l!i0 Ciifr.er
4HII trulv. .Molnssp. ;
81 liuxea Sim-1 'iitiillf-B.
J I'ST Hr-rc-lvc-.l. nnd fnr .tile, a Int of Cnnper'l
llnlleil trnn; alao, u tint rale nrlli loot Nn. 1 Rliew
liiFloliucco.by A. P. 1II1AIIK0III1,
I-D llloevlllo, Trim,
New Goods, 7 "
"ffr?TreoelT,.,l. pi,,n, fhnr.v nml Frinoli en-hrnhlcreil
SC ftlilrta, MnrinoL- u,,d .,.Mrt,. M.lrta tuxl tlrmvera;
lln. k (llnvia nml iIiii,ioib; l.uill, a (Mliaa.froiii common
tn oalra flni-j ll,,l, ry of nil Minis; Port ln.il,-a Pua.
la-mlera-, hlnrk ni.,1 f,,(-y Ni-i-k TU-a. Putin Srnrf Ctneka,
ni,,l many nlher article., nil ofwl.hliae prnml.o tn a el I
eatrenielj-Innr. aug!!4 C. g. Jt T. F. CHIMIN.
fAI.I'Alll.l! M IICICI, fcOOKK. Jual
recived, a Urtre tnt nf thu tno.t uppruved and
luteal e'liliuna, mi,) rvr talc l.y
f . i v r, n v s t rTTf.
fWWY. m'h-r'bcr him op-md Uwvf Sluble In lh
H Hlnhhn nttucht-d to (lie Athens MntH. and hn 8ii
liMcil htiiiHt lf with a number of (nid llorsi-a, CurritijreB,
IhiUHirit, Ac, nml la nYepHrt-d to iictMininiodtittt atl who
mny cntl on hlni.on renn otuilile turmt. Ills utoclt Is
irood, vchh-le new, and bin obJrt Ii to keep wlint hut
btfcti very lunch inmk-ri at thin place, Hit1 ribt sort of an
eKtnbllihinfiit. l'l-rnotu enn ho nocrtinniodnted at nil
tiiui'B nt h mnmf nt's notice. He anUn n llbirnl palronnue.
march lO-tr-aUS JOHN h, HKIDOKS.,
lYoKlit'T tf lntliH.
""STF hnve on hum) and Tor unit- it superior article of
v nulling uottis, Aon. n, n. n. ii wnn in.
PIcEwen & Gillespie
nAVK reo.ived and opaneil it Urjre itml
well m(ort.e atnclc nt Fall ami Winter
(itMiila, ftni most respectfully invite nttentinn
to them. ' - Oct. 1. 1865
New Goods ! Cheap Goods !
o w Down for Onali I
r'lHK aiilisciiber is in receipt of a full lup
X plycif
to wbic-li lie invites llie attention of all who
may with ttv t,urL'hn8e- Alter the 1st day uf
Jnnunry, 18.16, ha intends to aoil for CASH
only, and will tlive better bargains than have
ever been offered in this country. A wnr.7 to
the wise is sufficient. A. II. CROW.
Athens, Nov. 16, 186o-tf-S7S
Just Received !
WRhnVejmt receive., our Pull and Winter itock
of tttHMii, romprijiiiK nvtn y thinp uimlly hronnht
to thli market Ht thi fvafton, mil) ere rieternilMriJ to
el. unuitmlly low. It im nnnt '.. nry to enumerate tlm
arllrlfiv If you want cheup ClooiU ?ive ui cull.
Wo will barter GooUi mi cuh i.ricei for I Huh and
Bwet I'otHtoet, Whent, Corn, Hye, Oata, On Ion i, Kvath-tra-
nnd, Indeed, any thing furnieri nuiko to ndl.
v. f.k T . uIllSON,
AI.TI Hnlrl-N) barnoU Klnir'i Halt rernlvcd
9 and for uU- by nov2o V. O.HUUTON 4C0.
- Flouring Mills,
rpiIU stiliioriher re.pectfully nnnoiiiicos tn
X thn iul,!it Hint ho hn. reecnt.lv rebuilt
his MII.1.S nn Knatiinnllvt), three nillis Noil It
ea.t of Cnllinun, Tenn., on nn entirety new
ami Improved plan, nnd ia now prepared to
accnini Into tho.e wliu have Whent nnd
Corn lo friind. In ran grind any quantity
on short in, lie,-, and inaine, a fine turn out.
He .peeinlly enlieiis Ihe patronaee of such
s desire a superior nrtivle uf Flour fur fnnii.
ly use. lie is nl.o prepnred to ci-uah Corn in
tile cod f.,r slock. Send in vnnr f.rnin ilnd
try Ihe Mill.. V. J. McCLATCHKY.
June In, l(i65-tf
More Nrw Goods !
a. i it n ii yon i,
I'RVITrs the ntlenlion rf hi. fil.-r.da, nnj
the iitililic gi iiernlly, lo liia Intan aaeort.
meiit uf
r-lnpleninl FnnryDry Oimilf, lint.. Caps, Tnn
nelf, ll"..t., Hhoe, t rnekerv, llnidwnre, Cut'
l.-ry. Ten, Sugar rrtul oilier f.'ioeei ie.
I'rtii'f and Meili, iue. IVifuniei-T. soaps, anil
fnncy articles, nnd nltiioat ev. rv tVinu in-unllf
kept in a rnmilrv afore, nil i,f'hi,h vill be
sold on his tisiinl lit mil lemif fur I n.-li, or lo
ifin.il nun on time with ;,ron.; pon Aa.ur
ili! hi. fi ieml. thnl hi. sin k v. iii be f,.liu,
c.tinl in vniieiv, nunlilv nnd pit-o lo nav
oilier cainbli .-liiiiei.l in I his seel inn nf c.tit.l rv,
he would ink n ci utiuiinueo nf the libciiil
pnlri,tiii(;e biteliif,'!,. l,iii.ed.
1'. S. Wo nl.o hnvn a lai'du lot of llnrrel
Suit on bund for .ale, low lor citih.
(.-l. Il,, lK.fi-if-iicfl,
Lf cd fcr ?.Ic.
rpiir rul iciil r, liviiijr f,vp miles J-'. iili of
I T. Iii. o linn nt l;. Mi, nine en , Tenn ,
nirei.n l,( dli I'Ali.M r.irsnle. 'l berc nn- (tro
liumlrril ami ilyhlji nam in tl,,- Intel, 1,-fi rcira
In cult int n.n, IDil f tiliieh i8 t- llc-lloiii
la ml, lyiiijj in ore body; I.i.lV ,1 wnl.-r, litn
l.er, Ac. 1 here Is aim a cf-nd'rritii-c- uV. lliiiu
hoiifo nnd burn; nnd if .il m.i, ,1 in n v. iy
benllhy section of count rv. 1 tll fell nl a
1,,w l',i,'t'- AL'ilX til.KSX.
Cel. Ill, 18f,5 tf rc'i.
AtiL'iistn ( liriiiiele inacrt R times, and 4
foi wnid bill in sul teiiber at Id II Town.
A IX orders for Airripiilliinil Stachinrrv,
1 mndn by Jlirds, Wheeler, Jleliek Co.,
Albany, K. Y must be to me dinet, or
llirouitii my Att.-nts in Fust. Tennessee, Mr. S.
K. liec.K-r, Athetlr. n ml Mr, M. Nebcin, Knox
ville, who ate auilii.i iscl tnfiiriiiah any of ani.l
iiinehiiicf at mniiiifiiel uri r', etish prie'es, add.
iiiji e.,.t of ti'iinspoitiiiion. I'. ). ; ATI.S,
Feb. 3, 1S.V1 ; tl Oil l- nion.lwny, N. Y.
'IlIK fiib.-eril-er is now reei -ivinif a new re
I lietii-n uf SI l.FMiin 1'IAM S from Ilia
olibft miiiiufncli.iief, and seln-.cd with irrent
enre- I'n ni more tlmn a tbiiusnml inat runu-nts
a.iioni; which nre Ihe ne w ( 'ompnlrd tovni
iny liuurJ, of iti-ni'ilmiiti, (iiny d- Co., v.liii h
aro l-ec.'ivitijf fo much fnvi.r boih in Aim iien
nml l-.iiiupi-. Tlfis vnluiible impluveli.etit
Hilda one Imlf iiidri, spneu to the Sinmilinj.
lliuicd, llu'l-el.y largely ilierensirir ilHjuwei-,
prodiiciiifr ii L'r. nl.-r volume of tune', t nii'i t lu-r
with n pi i'iilitir clis-t itic-1 i t-nc-ts nml imli-j end.
eiicc of Ibu miles, nml nearly equnliiig the
(il-ntnl l'iniio. All I'inuns wnrnint,.,!.
Also, ree.-iviinr n Ini-L'e Feti-ciinn of Mnlc
Solids, I'olkns. Wnltzes, Vniinliiins, Ac, Ac;
Guiinrsniid Siritit;..
rinntm tuned mid repaired.
Sept. 14. II. 0. TfiOKK.
tTuat nocoived,
i l.AlKiK supply ol llluck and Cnvcnne
i V I'cpprr, Alspivv. Pol. and lVml Asli, So
dn nnd Snlcliitn., C'f. mil ofTiirlnr, Cubebs,
Cm k Sen-s, II, illles nnd Yinla, iiidnw
(iliis8by in nnd 111 by 12, l iiniklin nml
City filmier'. Iiiiinii.iids' liuin-KliiMie Hulls,
Sl.-ifch Polish, Yeast Powders, (u-titli-meu's
Slionlilei- Unices, Hpcriiincvlli, Ku-u'i lieu
nine Crown l.nnet'l.
A vill-iely nf llrntrs and Medicines, Alcohol;
Oils Tmiln r's, l.nnl, Sweet; J.enther, Jnpnn.
ii ml Copul iinit.-h: paints nnd liye-sti.lls,
ni.d tiltni'M everv thitiir else.
I'lvnre i-itll nml cxmninc. mid sec wlint von
cvnnt. Vi'Miin'a Klixir ol Clpium, nn impor
lain article. As I ciinnut name c vei v nrticle,
the public are inviicd lo cull ni.d examine.
Wit. LL'ltSS.
Alliens, Xlnv 24, ISSIi.
Trn Diijs Lnler from (he East
Sebastopol Taken.
P.y Ihe lost arrival of the Steamer Shnniilinie
HAV U riceiv, i n very hin;e, well selected
and KNTlliK KKV STUCK of
lull nml Winter i,;,iil-i.
Their slock consists in jmrt of a epleudicd ns
soilmcnt of lirv IJoinls, siu-h as lirown and
l'.lnck ll.iiii.'stit.-., Tickings, llrills, Cottuiindcs,
Kentucky Jeans, Fnncy and lilack Dotfkin
Cnsriiiic-rrr, Fretic-li Cloths, Illnck Sntin nnd
I niiiy Silk Ycstiiip,, l'ont;i.-c ll.lkfs, Line n do.,
York Cniiiblcts, lirown l.incn. Iri.li l.inen.
Linen ltiu-k, Hemp Drill, p.rown Holland,
Plain nnd Plnid Jnconets, Sw is. Muslin, lilack
nnd Fancy r.-s Silks, Lic-i ngce. Lawns, Cnni
bries, Itnlinn Clulh. Dinti de Fles, Silk Cont
int.'. Seamless Unit, n irood slock ofSilk C.'omls,
llil.bins. Iirillinnlii. Crnpe Liesse, lilack Silk
Luce, F'riiiire, White liobins, Idliiinirs nm'.
Iiisi-i tings, LnJie Nccdlc woi ked Collins and
Spciiceis, L'ndei'sleevcs, lilack Silk Ycils, Cin
vuls a very Inrtte stock of Prints of every
pricje and figure, Ao Fancy and (ieimnn
(iooils, Soups, lirii.hes, Crinile, Colutrnc, (lils,
Combs of every vnriely, Keeilles, Pins, I'oi t
Monies, Ciirnr Cases, Toys, luir Hinps, Pi-enst
Pins, Fob Chains, Violins and ritrinits, Sus-pi-tuicip,
liiitloi.s, linzui- Strops, Hosiery,
(ilovc. Keek Tics, Ac. Also, a very lmgu
stuck of Lace and Silk lionncts, Mtsei-s II nls,
liuls nnd Straw fioods. A very superior
slock of Hoots and Shoes, ti-ifRihcr villi Car
pet Hairs, Salclicls, linoks and Stnlioueiy,
Umbrellas and Parasol., Clocks, lliiidiMiiu
and Cutlery, Pocket Knives from f,n els. lo
Scissors, Cups, Pistols, Jlcvolvers, Masons'
Trowels, Jliilebels, Auirill'S, Axes, Hoes, '1'l-nce'
Chniiis, uud a thousand olhcr thines. Hiey
also huvti a very superior stock of Spring nnil
Sumiiier Ci.itl.ii.tr, low dvwi. Ulans and
(uecnswnic, Ac, Ac.
Wecnnnot enumernle half the Goods on
hand, but would reaped fully invite nil our
old friends (and we don't cure how ninny new
ones,) lo give us a call and exnmino our
stuck, and lenve the balance to us, for we enn
convince you that it is to your interest to
buy our Ctoods. W. O. llOliTON A CO.
April 13, 18 If Mi
New Fall and Winter Goods,
Am O a AGE cj OO.
VI! Know receiving and opening a very
Inrpe and well selected stock of F'ALL
AM) W1NTKK (iO(ll)S, to which they re
spectfully invile the attention of euBlomers.
Their stock consists in i.ni-t of I.ADILS'
DII lS fitJODS lieraircs, Tissues, Oririindit-a
Prinled Jnconets, Hrillinntcs. Lawns, Choline,
Mtiblins, Plain and l-'ancy Silks, lionnct llils.
bons; English and French Prints of every
style; Curtain Prinls. Irish Linens, Linni
Napkins, Damask Table Linen, Toweling, Ac.
Cottoniides, Sutinelts, Tweeds, Ao.
Also, Fancy (ioods, Port,e Jlonnaies, Card
Cases, Tooth liijiishes, Ciolh aud Hair Brush,
cs, India Rubber Dressing and Puff Combs,
Cabas, Fishing Lines. Masons Lines. Percus.
sion Caps, Match Boxes, Perfumery, Liibecs. '
lo. I--,.,. p....l ii.,.,.i..i:... . ,i ,r ,i ,
. -., ,,,,,, a, vic.,,n,,c, l.ou
erls' Ci inite, Walnut Shnviuir Soau. Yarieoir
ted Halls, Ao.
Also, llounels, Hals, Boots and Shoes, to
gel her with every variety of HEADY MADR
I'l.u I IIM; Hardware, IJncensware, Ao., all.
of which will be sold unusually low. Give
them a call. April 20-tf-X48 '
"lavTOTirE.-W, want an mail have aioaer. All'
J.1 Notes .nil Account! In our imaaeaiion ninila in Hi,
yesr JSfit mutt be palrt luinieillutely, or you nniy expect
,o p.y coil. Our rule In only tn nil on twelve mniilha
rretlll, then do nnt tie .urprla.il Ifynu .re aiicil nl ny
Uuui. augB4 tl. K. T. F.0U18UN,

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