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l eritlK! 13 a feir, pajrabl In adiauca, or f 8 al
lit xpirliin of the year.
ir No pasrr du.'oniinueJ until ll arrearage! ar
pa'S.elcept at the uplion of the PuulUhrr.
tot announcing tlienauie of candidates for office 19,
Obituary Sotlceiorer lSllnes, charged at the regular
kdrertUiuf rate.
Allcomuiunicatlonttiitended to promote the prlrate
or Intarau of Corporation!, fticietlei, Schools cr
diTidualt, will bo charged a! adrertliemeuta.
ATllOSt, I lilUAV. MIX. S. 185.
To Delinquent. All accounts tine tllU
office for subscriptions, advertising and job
work must bu settled by the 1st of January,
1857, or they will be placid in lite bands of
collecting officer. ' '
JjP" Circuit Court meets 'next Monday,
the 8th. Our friends who nijy be in atten
dance and who are in arrears Willi llie ol
fiee, will aave us no little truuble by calling
and paying up.
Uf" It would afford us a grent deal of
pleasure to be able to answer the interrogn.
torie of our friend in BledsoJ county, but
we are not able to do so nt this lime. All
we citn say i, that we think it too early to
commence agitating the subject, by two or
three months. The Democratic State Con-
venlion to nominate a candidate lor Governor,-
will meet nt Nashville on the 8th of next
month. In our opinion, three months there
after will be sufficiently soon.for.Jliu Ameri
can party to bring their candidate into the
Sf" Some of the West Tennessee papers
and our Knoxviile cotcTnpornrics have men
tioned the name of Judge Alexander, of
Knoxviile, in connection with the nomina
tion for Governor, "i'liliti Judge Alexander
no man in the State is more deservedly popu
. Inr, and no one stands higher for iiitt-grty
and all that goes to mako it bun; but we
doubt whether he would . resign the position
he nt present so ably ttnd satisfactorily fills,
and to which he was elected without opposi.
Hon, to taken race for Governor, even were
the contest involved in less doubt than the
next one in Tennessee is likely to bo. Wo
regard the Judge as. on ornament to the Ju
diciary and as entitled to higher honors
than he now enjoys, and we should regroto
see him loaving the Bench to mingle in po
litical strife, where it too often happens that
wortlij Integrity and eminent ability are over
come and defeated by the mere demagogue
and'superior party tactics. At the same time
we will remark, that thero is no office in the
State for which we would not cheerfully
support Judge Alexander, in the event of his
becoming a candidate.
HP" If we did not know the magnanimity
of our coti'tnporary of iho Atlanta Intelli
gencer, wo should feel a little- nervous about
that proposition tendered last week in regard
y to the Bank of- East Tennessee. The last
advices from Knoxviile are not very flatter
ing, and indicate that the institution is about
to "go under" sure enough nt least for the
, present. We learn that the banks ami busi
ness men generally, and the railroad, all re
fuse itn issues sinco Monday, and that the
Bank, like the Georgia Wild t Vis, will be
compelled to suspend until it can "rally its
resources." Of course, its promises to "pay
the bearer on demand lit Knoxviile, Jones
born,' or Chattanooga," are no b nger current
at our counter at leant until further, advised-
Piano Fortes. We have noticed for
some tiirfb past, with much interest, the ef
forts of Prof. Co KK ts introduce the best
Pianos into the schools and parlors of the
people of this section, and we have only to
refer our readers to the Professor's ndvertise.
mcnt to show his success, lie has had a long
and practical experience in the trade of in
struments, and we regard it as a grent advan
tage to a community that a responsible man
lives among them who can sclect'nnd furnish
instruments, any failure in which would bo
immediately remedied. We hear his instru
ments spoken of in (he highest terms, and it
appeara to us that the recent improvements
id the pinno have gone very far io render it
perfect. The corrugated sounding board,
dolce campana attachments, and tho metallic
damper sockets, are all new, hut more diffi
cult to describe than to understand. But we
' see by these additions that a grent deal of
power is added to tho piano as well as nioru
favorable action to the player, and but little
liability to get" out of repair. Mr. Cooke's
advertisement will be found on the next
Christinas is coming, and persons in
search of toys, fancy tricks, and notions for
the little folks, will find a pretty general as
sortment nt Sehorn and Ilornsby's.
Desirablk Proper rr. S. K. Keeder of
fers a desirable residence and four hundred and
fifty notes of land for sale, in tho immediate
vicinity of Atheus. See advertisement next
Mors Auitation. Tho lire eating prints
down South aro discussing the expediency of
re-openliig tho African Slavo Trade, and the
Abolition papors up Nofth. are fiercely de
nouncing the proposition to "re establish tho
horrid traffic In human flesh." So, between (he
ultra men of the one section and the fanatics
of the other, the country is to, have no repose
from tho agitation and excitement of the
everlasting nigger question.
tV If i astonishing bow rapidly prophets
multiply after an event. We have r.ot met
with, a man in the last five days but snys l.o
'predicted from the start the Bank of East
Tennessee would break."
Just Printed A large lot of Blank Re
ceipts, which we will talis pleasure in filling
up and signing during the ensuing Court
week. All our jxxlrant are requested to call
and get one, as they will rest so much better
thess long murky nights with the precious
memento In the neighborhood of their pil
N. B. Two extra clerks have been employ
d to meet the. anticipated demand. Office
hours from 7 m. to 10 J'- No "Wil(1
Cut" currency taken. Pork 86.00 per 100
lbs, nett Corn Meal CO cents per bushel-
Flour $3,25 per sack Wood $1,00 per
wheelbarrow load. Chips and Whetstones
po sale.
JjTNo enmmoroial Utter shit weak either
from Augusta or Athtuta.
Dissenting. During the Presidential can
vass Mr. Buchanan wrote a letter to the De
mocratic Slate Central Committee of Cali
fornia, in which ha signified' his approval of
Ihtr proposition to bsairf the Pacific Railroad
by aid of the General Government. It was,
of course, a bid for the vote of California,
and did not, as was designed, find its wny into
the prints East of the Rocky Mountains until
after Un! election. Its appearance, since that
event, has been received by a majority of the
democratic press South with ominous silence,
while a few of them have spoken of it iu
marked terms of condemnation. Among the
last is the Republican, a leading democratic
paper of Wtsteru Virginia, published at
Wyth'evfile. That sheet, .after alluding to
the general silence with which the extraordi
nary document had been received by its dem
ocratic cutemporaiies, sas:
"But w hilst w e are thm far from question,
ing the propriety .f tin- policy, which, in this
mailer, our cotompnraries have so generally
observed, we do not feel at liberty, however,
to participate in their conrs.-. The motives
to which we have credited it, do not, we con
fess, address themselves to our minds with
the same, or, at any rate, with sufficient
force. We choose rather to follow the ex
ample, he it belter or not, of the Alexandria
Sentinel. Obeying the dictates of no other
policy than thai of impulse, we avail oursel
ves of the earliest opportunity to condemn
this remnant of Federalism, canonized
though it be to whatever other eyes in the
person of the distinguished statesman w hom
the Democracy has elected President of the
United States. Tim teller Hi wiik-ii iWae,
we will not say revealed for the fact, we
take it, was nowhere upp' sed . to be other-
wise but so prematurely avowei., ought
never to have been written. In the name of
the Southern Democracy, to which mainly
he owes his election and must look ltr his
support, we Imsitale not to 'take issue with
Mr. Buchanan and with his administration, so
far as it mav be expected to t ke its tone
from this letter, upon every position assumed
in it, miH in so doing, doubt not that we but
speak the sentiments universally animating
the Democracy ot tins, Ilia banner district ot
tho banner State of the Union."
Irish Catholics is Diiovks. The New
York Express gives us the following upon
C.tholic movements on election days:
"In one of onrcitv journals an attempt is
made by some Roman .Catholic to apologise
for the Catholic liish going to the polls in
droves, alul voting in droves. The reason is
not veiy cl.-ar, hill llie substance Isjllial Irish
Catholic sympathies are democratic; and that
tho democracy in lluir hearts carries away
their heads and votes
'gl'his would do, perhaps, ns an explana
tion, if thero were no other democrats in the
country than Irish Cathol cs, wlio don't go
in droves. The American democrats occa
sionally split and divide, and change points;
and we see now in this State, this election,
the heaviest democratic counties iroing the
strongest for Fremont in lieu of Buchanan.
In this city, on the Mayoralily, "tho Demo
cracy" split up the largest portion of the
'American born democracy politically going
for Lihby, or against Wood, but the Irish
Catholic Drove, in mass, under somebody's
direction, went for Wood, though sod
took 'all the horrid Know Nothing ontlu'ip
the American Council to which ho belonged,
and from which he only deserted because the
Americans would not nominate him for May
or in 1854.
"Now. there are Germans, and French, and
Italians among us, as well as liish (Vtholics,
but they are not moved in droves. There is
iluliviilnality among them, and there is not
1 .. i i. . .l..i:.. . oi... t:..i. r..i.
amonir llie man i.uuioncs. . jot, mso i.-mi
olies mirre in masses like machines, and w ho
ever moves the machinery moves the masses.
If 90 flash Catholics are on one side, and 10
would be on nnolher, somebody causes the
10 to be pommelled or thiltelahed, till, in af
fright, they become subject and obey. The
terrorism over the drove is frightful, nnd
Irishmen are often actually beaten to the polls
to vote against their w ills.
"It is'u great public calamity, then, when
n whole nation, or that portion of them
which is under the Romish Hierarchy, can be
driven thus in masses, by thousands and tens
of thousands. Who is the drover? We
cannot sav; but who or what the druies are,
everybody can see on election day.
CosonEss. A despatch from Washington
of the 1st, says:
"The Senate met today, and sent tho usual
committee to w ait on the President, who in
formed Ihem that he would send in his an
nual message tomorrow.
In the House, Mr. Grow objected to re
ceiving Mr. Whitfield, from Kansas. .The
resolution admitting him.was temporarily re
jecled by a vote of ninety-seven to one hun
dred and four. A motion was pcndiiin f,ir
rei'ousidctnliuil at 7 o'clocK, when the House
New Yoiik, Nov. 28. Advices have been
received at Washington which state that Pc-
rji and Chili hnvo agreed to contribute men
and money for the overthrow of Gen. Walker.
The former Government will furnish n mil.
lion of dollars the latter will send olio
thousand men.
-?" A heavy storm of wind mid rain pass,
ed over this section of country on Tuesday
night last. 'J'be only serious damage wo have
heard of was the unrooting of the Mithodist
Church in Athens.
0T"NA Georgia paper, in noticing the sua,'
ponsiort of the Bank of East Tennessee, ex
presses a fear that it may be followed by llie
failure of other Institutions in this State.
We hope not; but shall not express an opinion
until we see the Knoxviile Prices Cnrremj,
l-if The Atlanta Intelligencer thus speaks
of the weather and some other matters in
that direction!
"Rain, mud and water continue to pervade
our streets. We don t complain, however.
Folks have so long prayed for such a state of
tilings, licit no one seems disposed in in or
niorpnnd ludies wade about the streets with
drapery elevated, ns though they rather relish
ed the necessity."
"Drapery elevated.' Observing fellows,
those Georgia editors. '"
Negroes for Sali. Several valuable ne
groes are advertised for sale, on the next
Hogs. Maj. Jno. Moss, near Athens, hns
somo 35 heavy hogs for sale. See adver
0;- Our neighbor of the Register prays
to be spnrej the sight of the ghost of the
"Transfer Bill," The prayor Is granted the
poor thing shall never be permitted to "visit
the pale glimpses of tire moon" and to scare
our neighbor from his solitary couch in the
cold watches of the night, if we enn pre von t
it. ;
SrRiNa Plack, Ga. Any of our friendi
who may visit Spring Place, Ga., will find a
most excellent public house, on the south
cast corner of (ho square, .kept by W, W.
Stone, foimerly of the BeirtoD Hotel.
The Lynchburg Virgiuian says, Mr. Bu
chanan's late Pacific Railroad manifesto lias
cast a spell upon the Democracy more potent
than any of the supernatural agencies em
ployed in Arabian fable. The unterrified are
horror stricken und duuib before llie monster
prnjet "evoked from the inky casket of the
magician of Wheatland. Self constituted
teachers of the federal prerogative, they
stand aghast amid the ruins of their most
dearly cherished principles. One after ano
ther of these principles have crumbled into
dust. Souatter sovereignty, onenlv avowed
. - - o - -
by Cass and endorsed by Buchanan, goes un
reproved; the non-extenaion of Slavery, pro
mulgated by Ml. Breckenridge, is received
with meek submission; internal improve
ments, passed by a Democratic Congress over
the veto of the heroic Pierce, excites scarce
a murmur; and now the gigantic swindle of
the Pacific Railroad, ns Democratic moralists
have denounced it, is swullutfed in ili nee.
How is this? Where are the thunderbolts
that annihilated Jefferson Davis when he first
proposed this scheme? WJicro are the "gal
lont few" in Virginia, who put tl e administra
tion to ignouiiiiuus route in "53? Where is
the Codes of the Examiner, the Spurius
Lartius of the Enquirer, the Herminius of
the Sauthside Democrat, who stood forth so
nobly to defend "strict construction" in the
brave days of old? Where are these heroes,
now that the citadel of Democracy is so
griovously assailed? Echo answers "Where?"
Alas! the enemy is no longer without but
within the gates, und neither Ramsician nor
Titian blood avails tb circumvent him. Fili
busters of South Carolina' and Free Kansas
Democrats of Pennsylvania aro equally mute
witnesses of his paricidal act.
Must we, therefore, conclude of railroads,
ns of murders, that the crime is in inverse
proportion to their magnitude? Yet ...the Pa
cific Railroad of Mr. Buchanan contemplates
an outlay quite ns enormous as did that
of Secretary Davis,nnd the opening forpecu
lation is the same. Are Democratic ptinciples
self adjusting, and do they adapt themselves
to the wildest vagaries of the Presidential in
cumbent? Is the theory of '56 radically dif
ferent from the theory of '53, nnd are we to
have new democratic theory with every new
In fine, what are wo to make of the silence
of our democratic brethren in Virginia, und
how account for it?
The task is by no' means difficult, 'i'ie
.. i .i ! -i i mi I
tpous nave not oeen aiviaea. l lie Hungry ex
pectants dare not open their mouths until the
division has taken place. Une untimely woiq
might cost a fat office a single iujudicios
sentence uostpor.o all clmnce of plunder for
at least lour years and perhaps forever.- Thus
our Locofoco Esaus sell their birthrights for
n bare prospect of a mess of red pottage
But wait uirlil the Ides of March, 1857, are
past. Then we shall have patriotism.boldness,
independence, pure democracy, in the largest
abundance. Such a howl will b raised ns
never has been heard sinco Satan encountered
the hell hounds nt the infernal mite. Such
a howl! Meantime where , will pure democ
racy have drifted?
Mail Bag Missinq Sospicioi-s Circumstances
We find the following in the Atlanta In
telligencer of the 8d': "We learn that Borne
two or three weeks ago a brass lock mail bag
started from Knoxviile to . Naehvillo, Tenn.,
failed to reach its destination. It was either
last or stolen, but no clue as to its fate could
be found until a few days ago. A man named
William Smilh, formerly "drummer" nt Loyd's
Hotel, in this city, but who has for some time
past been employed ns Mail Guard ,on the
Western it Atlantic Rail Road, was known
to have a good deal of money was handling
and spending much larger sums of cash than
appeared consistent for one in his station of
life. The circumstance was brought to the
attention of the officers of the Road, and one
night last week, Col. R. J. Cowart called up
on the young man at his lodgings, and suc
ceeded in obtaining from him J 9 50 in bills on
Tennessee banks, which ho Bnid he had found
in a purse or pocket book on the cars about a
month ago, and was keeping it to see if any
one claimed it. As the mails between Knox
viile and Nashville pass from Pal Ion to Chat
tanooga over the State Road, it is reasonable
to suppose that this Smith knows the fate of
the missing brass lock bag.
"Col. Barclay Martin, from Tennessee, Spe
cial Agent of the Post Office Department, nr
rived here on Sunday morning last, for tho
purpose of investigating the mnttcr, but we
understand Smith is missing.
V'Gen. Frierson, Special Agent for the De
partment for Georgia and Florida, is also here
looking into'tlie alfair."
To Rksult i Nkw York Official. The
returns from all the counties haye been re
ceived at the office of Secretary of State, and
those ou electors footed. The votes cast for
State EUctors for the several parties foot
Fremont. .274,707
Buchanan, ) fl5,8f.O
Fillmore, 124.60S
Gerrit Smith,
Total vote polled
OmoiAL Vots or MiomaA, The official
vote of Michigan in the late Presidential
election foots up as follows:
Fremont, 71,162
Buchanan, , 62,189
Fillmore, l,6(il .
Smith, ' 160
f3f"An I'.lective Judiciary was ordered in
Conneotiout at the reoent election. Term
eight yearsand.no service after 70. In a
State capable of sending over 80,000 votes to
the polls, only 18,862 took the trouble to give
an opinion one way or the other. There are
7,290 votes for and 6,062 agaiust; the ayes
have it. ,
jy The Utica Observer of Munday eve
ning tells the lollowing: "At an early hour
yesterday morning, as lheinciuiiati Express
was passing Oriskany going West, the cow
catcher struck a eow, which was knocked the
almost inorcdible distance of one hundred
and twenty five feet. This is according to
actual measurement. Of course, her death
was instantaneous."
Another WiLd Cat. An Atlanta paper
throws out a doubt as to the solvency of the
"Southern Bank of Georgia," Bainbridge.
The next Legislature of that Slate ought to
offer a bounty for the scalps of tho "var
mints,". (-t It is a mistake to suppose that nows.
papeis are printed for nmiiseinent, and that
In inters deem it a compliment when a friend
tegs bulf n dozen tu give away.
From ll.e Baltimore Patriot, Sot. 18.
A President elect, w ith u hundred thousand
offices in his gilt, is a geiuleiiiuii crow ned with
every good quality; but a President de faclo,
with llie offices distributed, suddenly loses Ins
attractiveness in the eyes of neglected aspi
rants, who brgijgfor the first lime, to discov
c r that the knot of the , IWidcntiul w fiite
neckcloth will twist around ominously under
his left ear; that there is something peculiarly
sinister in the east of his cyo of which they
were previously unconscious; and that tho
political idol whose praises they hare chanted
asjl whose battles they have fought is so
vifry ill put together ns to be easily shivered
into fragments under the blows of inimical
Iconoclasts. But the diary of nn admiring
office-seeker, in the first flush of ambitious
expectation, presents a very dilrent picture
from what is subsequently drawn by the same
person when he finds his claims upon the
government aro not likely to be recognised.
1a1 us open a leaf or to, and reproduce what
wc find written there:
"Started from Bungtown crcdentialsall in
duo form strongest possihU recommenda
tions from B. und G. nnd D. Very confident
of a gooit place puzzled win t to ask for,
though. Strike for a collectorship, but will
take a first-class consulate rather than miss.
"Presented by Forney. Extiaordinnry im
provement in Mr. Buchanan since we met last
thought him then cold und selfish, facile
und unreliable find liimcorteous, benevolent,
bliind, and of slerlbg integrity. Mutually
pleased with each ether shall ask for a col-
"Am more and wore struck with the ma
jestic simplicity of the President elect.
Talked about the Ostciid Manifesto all a
mistake lidministiiitioii deceived him never
expected it would leu tho light moreover;
w as mesmerized bySotileand signed it under
tho influeiice'of hi will. Mem : Interesting
fact lo Pschyeholofjsts must write the daily
papers all about it
"Great crowd here. Couldn't edge in a
word for a long t ine, so stood off and watch
ed the countenance of the President elect
much struck with its remarkable beauty.
Even the trifling ocular defect, singularly
enoujjh, is no blemish but ndjn marvellously
to the expression. Neckcloth a spotless white
the type of innocence. Rather like it than
not, especially on li'm. Conversation shifts
from politics to religion his Excellency
much animated speaks warmly of the Pres
"Mem: Mr. B. a Prusbj terian must write
that to the newspapers.
"Conversation continued. .Anecdote of Mr,
B.V visit to Bedford Springs met n Metho.
dist Protestant clergyman there liked htm
exceedingly. Thinks the Mothodist Protes
taut creed undeniably excellent.
rtMcin: Mr. B. a Presbyterian Methodist
"Conversation continued. Refers 'to his
visit to Philadelphia invited to occupy a seat
in tho Episcopal Convention went didn't
liku Washington Hunt's remarks. Thinks nn
i the whole Episcopaliaiiism admirable knows
nothing of its marriage service, but would like
to be a good Episcopalian nevertheless.
".Mem: Mr. B. n Presbyterian Methodist
Protestant Episcopalian.
"P. S. AiiLdoubtful whether lo enlighten
the daily papeis on these points or not.
"Aftcrdinner.spnkeof Archbishop Hughes
knows him well rnther likes him thinks
him a good friend of his. Catholicism very
grand and picturesque, and awe-inspiring.
Cannot say he believes in all the dogmas of
that Chinch, but does believe in that article
of faith which teaches that one substance can
be converted into another. Has experienced
the truth of that fact in his own person.
Witness his conversion into llie Cincinnnti
Platform. Mem : On consideration, have de
cided to say nothing about this iu the news
papers. . ' WlfliATL AND THURSDAY.
"Had a private interview with Mr. B.
Asked for a collectorship application a lectio
too late. Asked for a consulship would do
everything in his power was ardently desir
oiis of gratifying his friends at Bungtown, nnd
would take their recommendation into pro
found consideration; but the loaves and fishes,
numerous ns they were, would not begin to
feed such n multitude of hungry clamorists,
nnd, therefore, somebody must be disappoint
ed. He trusted it would not be the friend of
his Bungtown friends, but ho seriously ad
vised that friend to return forthwith to Bung
town and wait with philosophic patience
until a distribution took place."
" ' "Hunutou'n, April 1st, 1857.
"Have waited. Have not got the collector
ship. Havo not got tho coiibulshjp. Put in
for postmaster of Bur.gtowli. Didn't get that.
Didn't get anything. Yes! promises! Can't
livu on tllelll.
"Old lluck is a great humbug. Never had
much sense. Always thought so. He squints
is wry-necked wears a dirty white neck
cloth is by no means pleasant in his man
nersis a formalist is insincere will make
n wrelehed President. Wonder how people
came to vote fe him. Get no support from
Bungtown, that's certain."
Di FKitr-NCE to Women. A correspondent
of the Philadelphia Ledger, travelling in the
North-west, thus relates his experience
"There is only one fashion which I com
plain of especially ns a traveller, which is the
extreme, unmeaning homage, that is paid to
the sex, regardless of ago and condition.
Thus you will often see nn old man of sixty
or seventy turned out of his "eat to make
room for a nice, buxom, bread and butter
miss of fourteen or lilteen, though he mav
have been travelling for successive Tiighls
and days, nnd sho only n few hours; or,
though ho may be sick and b!io in the fullest
enjoyment of good health. Such politeness
is siinply ridiculous; it is the absence of good
breeding in n girl to accept it, nnd the height
of self-sufficient impertinence tu demand it."
87 President Pierce hesitates to receive
Ferrer, Walker's new minister, in consc
quenco of Gen. Goicoura's disclosures.
"-iy'Tho New York Triiino asserts that
Mr. Buchanan has tendered Iho Secretaryship
of State to Gen. Cass, which has been nc
TaRJBTaaua.Bajcyr-afcjg-it.i-Ji i ia
American Principles. Although the
fiiends of Filhuore and Donelson, says the
Louisville Journal, hare been unsuccessful in
the recent campaign, they have no reason to
I.e discouraged. Their candidates have re
ceived the votes of 9 JJ.OJO of tiioir fellow
citizens, and their defeat is not a condemna
tion of their principles, but a triumph of chi
canery ami fraud, aided by the needless ag
itation of the slavery question. Tho princi
ples of the American party are as true und as
patriotic now as ever, mid their establish
mentis as essential to the maintenance of
the Union and the preservation of American
institutions at the present mofnent as they
were laot year, or the year before last. The
result of the recent Presidential election, the
means- by which it was accomplished, the
alarming condition of public uffiiirs, tho
fierce assaults upon the Union nnd the Fed
eral Constitution from the South find from
the Nort, and the great doubt that exists as
lo the policy which may be adopted by the
incoming Administration, whether for good
or i'or evil to the country, should impress the
people with still stronger conviction than be
fore of the necessity for tho establishment
of the principles advocated by tho American
"'rtio Washington correspondent of"
the N. Y. Herald, under dato of Nov.. 21st,
Gov. Wise left hero to day for Richmond.
Ho arrived last evening from Lancaster,
where he had been staying a few days. It
upppears he is not altogether pleased with
his interview' with Mr. Buchanan; for a fiiend
informed mu that he came back with a fl:j
in his ear. A gentleman who called upon
him says ho was Very cross, nnd manifested
n good deal of uneasiness. Ho (Wise) says
that Mr. Buchanan will not arrange his Cab
inet for two mouths yet, and that Mr. Buch
hanaitold him he had not even thought
about it.
Our Position. Thu position of the Fill
more parly is easily defined and as easily
defended. The conservative American par.
ly saw, that, Ly running Mr. Fillmore, they
might elect him, nnd, that they would nt the
very last secure the defeat of. Mr. Fremont,
tho Northern sectional candidate. They
nobly labored for the highest good, the
election of Fillmore, knowing that, even
though they should unfortunately fail in-this,
they would accomplish an important good,
the overthrow of the mischievous free soil
p.'.riy. They deserve a largo share of the
gratitude of the country fur what they have
effected, and they would haA'e had n right to
demand a far greater share of it if they had
effected all for which they honestly strug
gled. "The Foreign Vote. The result of tho
election in those places which we havo heard
from show one gratifying fact, and that is
that thj great body of adopted citizens were
true to the groat principles of freedom. In
this country Erie Mihvaukie Chicago,
etc., the great body of the intelligent adopt
ed citizens voted for Fremont und Freedom;
and we have no doubt now that the great
warfare has commenced between tho exten
sion of slavery nnd its limitation, that those
foreigners who left Europe to escape tyran
ny and come to make a homo where they
nnd their children can enjoy the blessings of
liberty, will hereafter always be found as
they have been nt this election, on the sido
of Liberty nnd Freedom."
Wo clip the above from tho "Crawford
Journal," n Fremont paper published lit
Meadville, Penn. Iu that county we think
the Democracy must have been out of funds
and credit, or the Free Boilers could not have
out-bid them. Tho extract needs no com
ment; it will bo sufficiently intelligible to
the Southern reader.
New Orleans, Nov. 'J9. Tho Empire
City has arrived nt New Orleans, from Puna
ma, w ith dates from California to the 5lh of
Tho election returns for President, in Cali
fornia, are very incomplete. At San Francisco
it was believed that the Slate had gone for
Buchanan. In tho city and county of San
Francisco tho vote was, foi
Buchanan, 10,900
Fillmore, 7,000
Fremont, COO
Reports from the interior, or upland conn.
lie-, are, that Buchanan leads Fillmore. It is
regarded premature to predict, with iinyH
thing approaching certainty, what tho result
will be, with such meagre reports.
Good order prevailed in San Francisco at
the election.
jyyTho southern part of fliinoia, says
tho Louisville Journal, whero Democracy
thrives best, seems to have been completely
inundated w ith "black carpet bag men."
The returns show tnnjorilies for Buchanan
in several instances, greater than tho entire
Voting population. In the ninth district it
appears that gross frauds have been perpetrii"
ted upon the ballot boxes. In counties
which in 1854 gave each an entire vote of
not more than 400; there aro Buchanan
majorities of double that number.
r 1
"Do von Own Tint PatNTKR." The follow
ing has been set to nuisio, and is recommend
ed to be sung in all the Churches throughout
the Union on Christmas day :
Come sinful debtor in whose breast
Some conscience may revolve,
Come with your coward fear oppress'd,
And make this wise resolve:
I'll seek the Printer though my debts r
Have like a mountain iosp;
. I know his wants, I'll pay hiin off,
Whatever may pppuse.
rerhaps he may take my excuse
Perhaps believe I lie
But if I perish I will pay,
And then his thoughts defy.
Straightway, I'll to bis sanctum go,
And see iiim face to face;
I'll lioldly ronx tiik tin that's, due
I'll thank him for his grace.
Although ashamed thus late to go,
I am resolved to try,
For if I stay wv I know
In infamy I'll Jie.
I know his patient nature well
Delinquents he'll forrjlve;
He'll kindly pardon debtors tins;
'And bid such suppliants live.
Price of Silveiw The late advance in
silver coin renders the action of tho mint
both nt Nuiv Orleans nnd in Philadelphia hi-
operative, ns Mexican dollars now sold lo
the mint only net 6 1-16 advnnce above pur,
and iiityersoutsideare paying GJ iGJ premium
y"Awhulc 24 feet long was recently
caught in the river Mersey. It weighed up
winds of three tons.
Salaries of Governors. -We think
there is much force i i the arguments- urged
by Gov. Adams, of South Carolina, in favor
of the increase of thu salary of the Cover-
nor ot the btate, arguments bich apply ns
well to some otiier States us to South Caro
lina. For our own part we have alwavs con
sidered that the salaries of the Chief Execu
tive Officer of most of the States are inade
quate nnd disproportion to the require
ments and responsibilities of the statiou.
Gov. Adam says:
"As-my term of office is about to expire,
I feel no delicacy in making certain recom
mendations in relation-to iho department.
Tho salary ot the Governor is w hoily inade
quate to iho maintenance of the' proper re
spectability and dignity of llio station. I
have avoided ail unnecessary expense; I made
no display whatever, and from mv rxperi
rien.ee, I have no hesitation in saying, that no
man can dispense the old nary hospitalities
expected ot him, nor maintain that sty'e
w hich our people' very properly associate with
the station, without drawing largely on his
private income. The lirst office in tho gift
of the people should Hot be one w hieh the
wealthy can only nt.'oril lo accept. It is no
answer to say, there is no want of aspirants
for the position'. WidiiiL' public servants aro
not generally the most efficient. The repub
lican standard of compensation for all public
service, is that which wiH'command talent
that is to serve the commonwealth. It too
often happens that he who has given his life
to the public, entails upon his family the in
cidenls of n wasted fortune. I recommend
that the salary of the Governor he increased
lo five thousand dollars; and that he bo re
quire" to reside at the eapitol." .
Negko Troubles. New Madrid (Mo)
Times of Saturday last says:
A number of prominent citizens of this
county have called a meeting to be held nt
the Court bouse, iu this city, on this day,
for the purpose of determining tho best
course to be adopted to suppress a suppos
ed insurrection of the negroes iu this alid the
adjoining counties.
This move was put on foot after informa
tion having been received that the negroes of
this country, together with those of Oliion
county, Titincssee, have con-octcd, and are
meditating, a general insurrection, to take
place about the 2.rith of December.
Down upon him Already Tho Colum
bus Times nnd Seiitincl, Cincinnati Enquirer,
Charleston Mercury and other Democratic
Simon pure Organs are already denouncing
Buchanan's Pacific Rail Road Letter and the
doctrines therein pniniulgattd, while the
Cincinnati Gazette nnd N. Y. Tiibune,
Black Republican papers, are lauding said
Letter to the skies! '
Chicago, Nov. 27. Wo have dates from
Kansas to tiio 19th. The ; land sales at
Leavenworth passed olfquietly. Almut 2000
purchasers were in attendance, bids were ac
tive and high Leavenworth, city property
was changiii!! bonds at high rttes.
Marshal Donalson refusing to re-arrest
Hayes, the murderer of Bufl'on, was sus
perilled by Governor Geary. I'ho Democrat
says thift Donelson resigned Und A ovornor
Geary sent Titus, w ho with si men captured
the prisoner snd brought biirl t Lecompton,
where his counsel applied to Judge Lecump-
ton fpra writ of habeas corpus,
Leavenworth. Judg Lccompts hns issu
ed process against Governor (Jcary for con
tempt of Court. i
Ijiiul sales me progessing wiinoui uts-
lif The Indians in California were still
restive, lien. i;ohi,i nail a iigni witn n party
on the Klamath rivet, killing several.
Another paitv attacked the whites near
Bald Mountain killing many.
The advices from Oregon, W naliington.and
tho Sandwich islands are unimportant.
-jjfA number of persons of both Rexes
mot, on Thursday last, at the Broadway Tab
ernacle, New York, and inaugurated n ' Wo
men's Rights Convention." The Herald says
the usual assertions of the supremacy of the
soft sex, and the ordinary unblushing infidel-
itv. were mixed up with an exposition and
advocacy of free love and a ue rendering of
the Lord'e Prayer.
X .
A Postmaster sent to the Penitentia
ry. We learn from tho lluntsville Advo
cate that at tho recent session ot the l ed
oral Court in that city, Thos. Cash ions, of
Marion county, was sentenced to lc 1 en-
itcntinrv for ten, nnd John Montgomery, of
Blount, for fifteen yearrf boln lor rolling
tho mails the former as Postmaster nt Toll
Gate, and the bitterns mail rider from HI nuts-
ville t Whiteshurg. Cushions is qmlu an
old man, about sixty years of age, and Mont
gomery is a youth, 'not more than eighteen
years old.
SuRFRlss-PARTliiS. As "parlies" are bc
. . . . .', ., i .i.- ,.i
ing held almost nignny, nutt mu j -
surprise parlies is growing iu. popu v
we will give those concerned in such IroltcK-
somo performances thu benefit of an incident,
which they inny take us n hint, chronicled
by the Albany C'N. Y.) Knickerbocker:
"The day before yesterday n very unpieas
ant incident occurred at ono of the parties.
A merchant, who has heretofore held n re
spectable position in society was selected by
Homo fiiends to call on. It wits it surprise
parly, indeed, tfrnll concerned. Tin y lonnd
the husliand insensible irom me i-necis oi
onor. I vino on the hall stairs, and his wile
with a bruised face and black eye, bathing
his leinnla with ice water. How many such
scones occur unknown to Iho world."
St. Louis, Nov. 28. The Santa Fe mail,
with dates to the 25lh of October, has arri
ved. Tho Indians in that region were quiet.
I'wo cliL'ines were about to be put 111 opera
tion in placer mining at Santa Fe.
jjfTho Republicms will gain n United
States senator in Michigan, in place of Gen.
Cass,' one in Wisconsin, in place, of Mr.
Dodge; nnd ono in Rhodo Island in place, of
Mr. James, who was elected b'ix years ns a tar
iff Democrat; and one in Illinois in place of
A Great Hut Melancholy Tbuth.
The young women of America do not ' take
one half no, not ono rouitli enough exer
cise in the open nir. Think of this, ye heads
of families everywhere, and turn over a new
lenf. Think of it think of it think of it!
IJoos. On Monday. 24th ult., hogs sold to
tho extent of three thousand, in Cincinnati,
ut prices ranging from $5,60 to $5,70 for
average size. The market, it is ritnted, was
easier, with t moderate demand; There was
a izood demand nt 5.50, but this seems to
. . . . . i i i. . ..ii u.:i.
n Hi ow llie views oi urovers, wimi sen mu.
reluctance at anything below $5,75.
ffAdvice from Bombay lo the 17th'ulU
says that the Uollil JJazelie coniirms mo iu
of Herat bv famine. The Governor and his
rni!le liml'lmen nut to death. The Persian
nr.nv riMnloieed to tho number of one
hin.rirerl thousand men. Dost Mahomed had
no supplies, und his troopu in "Kandahar
were In a stale oi mutiny.
The New Free Soil Expedient llav
; failed in their attempt with arms, to
drive the pro slavery settlers out of Kansas,
ind to abolilioi.ize the Territory, the Frei
soilers are resolved to accomplish their ob
ject w ith money. Latest accounts from Kan.
sas inform us that millions of dulia-s are
there for purchasing lands, which are being
rapidly sold at auction. The follow ing from
the Tribune, will show where the money
comes from:
We learn that the Board of Trustees for
the purchase of amlsi Kan-as Imve already
received considerable subscriptions. This
Hoard consists of Missis. Amos A. Ijiw.
r-nce, Wm, Dudley I'ickman, and Robert B.
Stoier, all rcsponsihlu men. Tlu-v expect lo
invest largely in the lands of the Delaware
Reservation, now being sold at uuclion.
Their operations will not, however, he limit
id to th:,l reservation. They will ulso buy
other uVsirable tracts in the Territory, and
will re-sell them to Free State settlers only.
Investments in their stock may In, made at
any time. We are not w ont to look with
favor upon speculations in real estate, but
this one seems eminently worthy of encour
agement. Tim Treasurer of the Trustees
is .Mr. Joseph Lyman, No. 3, Winter street,
Huston. '' him communications may be ad
dressed. The New York Democracy. Out of 39
Counties in New York, hi which Silas
Wright obtained majorities when he ran for
Governor, Buck cariied but 7, while Fremont
carried 29 and Fillmore 3. Silas Wright
Was a Democrat n Magnus Apollo among
tho N. Y. Democrats, );t bis friends went
for Fremont in prefereice tu Buchanan.
These are the people whom Southern De
mi cratic Presses have been holding up us
worthy of all confidente! Very sjiund on
the -nigger question, are they nut?
8-rfifFcw of mir readers have any ad
equate idea of the circulation of tho New
York Tribune, or of the capital invested in
that concern. Tim Tribune issues each week,
including Daily, Semi-Weekly, and Weekly,
430,000 copies, or 22,500,000 a year. The
weekly issue of the Tribune weighs ten Ions,
and employs an express wagon nineteen huurs,
to transport the mails from the Tribune es
tablishment to the Post Office. If all the
weekly Tribunes printed in a year loaded on
wagons, at tho rate of two tons to each, it
would make n line of 260 w agons!
Power of Car Brakks. Brakes cannot
stop a train of cars instantly. If applied
too lightly, Ihey "lock the wheels,' but they
prevent the whole from slipping a long on a
smooth truck. At a speed of six miles per
hour, n train will slide nine feci; nt twenty
mile, ono hundred feet; and nt a speed of
sixty miles per hour a train w ill slide, in or
dinary condition of the track, a distance of
nine hundred feet, or over one-sixth of a mile
in spite of all dial thu brakes or even run
ners of drags under the wheels could do to
prevent it.
Burned to Death. The Independent
relates the particulars of nn awful accident
which occurred near Madison Station, a few
miles below lluntsville, on the 19th u II.
Mr. Burton T. Pride and Mr. Ewing went
to the above place, and during the day be
came intoxicated: starting home at night,
they stopped on their wiy myir a piece of
woods that was oy fire, and lying down stu-
pitied by liquor they fell asleep. ,
1 . i.:i.. i.'...:.... i J r .
ttUCT a wiiiiu liii tiwose, iiou lorgev
tin;; his companion, departed, leaving him in
his perilous siluntion. The lire spreadvand
the next morning the body of Pride was
found a charred and lifeless corpse.
Important Invention poit Cotton Plant
ers. Mr. George G. Henry, an intelligent
merchant of Mobile, has obtained n patent
tor un arrangement und combination of ma
chinery which is expected lo create quite a
revolution in the industry of the South. By
its menus the seed cotton will be converted
on the plantation, by one continuous process,
into merchantable yarn, and this without it
'reiitly increased outlay of capital and willi
the ordinary labor of the plantation.
Great Yield. Mr. Williamson Page, of
this county, says the ItcleiL'h Standard, rais
ed tho following crops on one ucru of land.
viz: In September, 1 eoD, he sowed one bush
el of wheat mixed with turnip seed, from
which he raised forty five bushels of wheat
and about 800 bushels of turnips. In June,
1850, he planted the s unn ground in corn
and peas, and hits harvested lil'ly-oue bushels
ot 'as. 1 he only lertilizer used was stable
Counterfeits. Tho lluntsville Inde.
pendent says:
"On Wednesday mnrnins Inst the Sheriff
of Marshall county arrived in our town, hav
ing in charge a company of men chariicd
with couutri felling in Bpecie money. There
were seven of them, three ot whom gave
bunds fur their future appearance, in de
fault of w hich tho other four were couimited
Delawark Senator. The Governor of
Delaware has appointed Hon Joseph P.
Comcgys, of Dover, to fill the vacancy in
tho U. S. Senate, occasioned by tho death of
Hon. Jno. M. Clayton. Mr. C. will hold
the seat until the Legislature elects.
jiTlio man who wins fifty dollars with
out Working for it. thinks less ufterwards of
every fifty dollars lie ever earns, and spends
it so much more lively, mat no very soon
finds himself a pecuniary loser by his win
niiiL'. So savs the Philadelphia Idger; and
and this is thu best, if not the whole argument
against belling.
Comfort in Com pant. Tho number of
Attorneys now on the r.nglish Inw list la
9,000. Application for admission was made
ou the 3d instant, the first of "Michaelmas
term," by 300 articled clerks. Of coursend-
iiiish on to practice is well understood lo con
fer a priviledgo of practice, on condition prac
tice can be bad.
Bur;.ington, Iowa, Nov. 18. There si con
siderable doing in hogs Eastward pur Rail
road. 29 cars on the Chicago nnd Burling
ton Railroad, loaded with live hogslelt yes
terday morning, destination New York City.
We iearn that 6,000 Hogs havo been sent in
tho sumo direction from this city 'during the
weeks Besides this, our Packers are doing
un active business, notwithstanding a little
depression in price, being about $4 gross.
$3,50 is offered and 84 asked in live weight,
w ith no suit s, however, for the last two or
three days in fact the market may becon-side-red
dull with downward tendency.
A School Mistress in Trov. A Miss
Gilbert has been arraigned before the j'
of public opinion in that crty for frightening
a sensitive little girl into insanity by locking
her into it dink closet for failing to get her
lesson. Miss Gilbert should be ejected from
the teuchership if this charge be truu.
IsfTAn Illinois editor, speaking of a rng"
who lives iu his vicinity, says: "The rase"!
has broken every hank and j ul, und SablM i I ,
we have had in this country for t it last n

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