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C Is am eery Cmssrt M '
William I Hotnoa and wife, tt tl,
, '
Margaret Jetr, st t '
THE account heretofore erdrd ia that
mom will U lakea at th Meeter'e offie
t Deeator. Msig aaty, Tidmmh Fri
dy, tb th day of Mrh, 117. an4 aua
seeding day if nim7, wha and where
th pertiee aay ttnd with their proof; If
they think fit nod proper.
O. W. .JcfcEN'ZIE, C et Jf.,
Per W. L. MoKnasT, o. m.
Jam It. 1887-lt-pr fee -tH
Cri iriaisje Teasem. '
Jeka ftDMk, AdnVr of JoMph Wamask,
John Georg and wife, Bad other.
rP wm rdrd by th Court, t lu Jaaaary
lrm, 187, that publication ha mad ia
this aauM aa to creditor of aaid ette, for
them to make tbemtetve parties, if they
ehooae, at the neit term of thia Court, to ha
balden oa the let Monday of February neit,
at tb Court-hoo ia Deoator. Meigs county,
Teaa., to aaawer or demur to aaid peitioa of
Jeha Watnaek, Adm'r aforeaaid.
JAMES A. 1I0WSER, Cltrk,
Per N. J. Ltuaao, D. C.
Jaa la. 185T-4t-pr fee -4I4 ,
T Y Tertoe of a decree of tb County Court
XJ of Polk county, Tennessee, at the Janua
ry term, 1167, 1 will aell to the higbaat bidder,
at the Court-honae door ia tb towa of Ben
ton, Polk county, Tenn., on Friday, tho SOlh
da of February. 1867. the folio wins named
NEGROES, to wit: Cynthia, a woman aged
about forty; Lafayette, a boy aged about
twenty one; Robert, a boy aged about twelve;
ZHiabetb, a girl, aged about nine; Queen, a
oirL aired about earea: Josebh. a bor. aced
about five; Lewie, a boy aged about three
belonging to tli a heire of Kicbard Kird, de
ceased, late of loMinn. county, and Bold by
petition of the heir, for distribution among
them. ' ' .
Taaaftt One-third of the piircbaae money
will be required oa the day of eele the bal
ance on a credit of twelve months, with bond
and approved aeeurity, and a lien retained on
tbc alavca until tbe final paymente are made
E. P. DOUGLASS, Cltrk,
Jaa 9, 1857-td-prefee t5,60-4S
JYotice to Unilders.
O HALED Pronoeals will be received by Wn
O Lowar until the firat Monday of February
next, to furnish Material and do th Work
of building McMinn county Jail, in Athena.
There will be three diatinet elaese of work,
onaiating of Rock, Brick and Wood Work.
Th eontracta of lock work will include th
foundation walla. 41 by 81 feet, with two
aroea walla, t by 1 feet, and th fUging of
the Jail floor, together with the grading of
tb Jail yard, t be let oy tua eona percn or
. m. i ... . i ; -t i L ;
yara. ineoriOK woracouaisia oi ibi miin
walla, 41 by il feet, and on eroaa wall, all
14 feet high. Jail walla feet thiok; brick
to be bard burned and let to be laid by the
thousand, allowing 80 bricka to the foot.
And the Wood Work and Lumber coneiata of
flooring, ceiling and eheathmg plank, roof
timber, aoaniung, ana aenie, to do oi pin ana
poet oak, without aap or ahakea, delivered at
theJaiL The work of making door, win
dow, laying floor and ceiling, arc to be
ptoified and each aort made separate. Con
treot for a part or all th above work will be
awarded only to responsible partiea.
For partioulara enquire of the aubacriber
by Utter or otherwiee, or ee th Plan of
(aid Jail at the office of Wm. Lowry, Eq.
Br order of Building Commiaaionera.
- a A. PROCTOR, Stc'y.
Rsriaixoc : Gen. J. T. Lane, 8. K. Reeder,
Esq., and J. Thomaa, Eq.
Athena, Jan. 9. 1857-81-458
Trust Sale.
BT virtoi of th power in in vested by
Deed of Trait, regularly executed by A.
P. MeClatehey, I will proceed to aell, at the
residence of th aaid MeClatehey, in MoMian
ounty, Tcnneeeee, on the 80th day of Janua
ry, 1867, to tbe highest bidder, for eaah in
band, tb following Real Estate and Peraonal
Property, Tit: -
Three lota of Lend, containing 04 acre,
being tho South-west quarter and half of the
South east quarter, and part of th North
west quarter of eeclion t, fraetional town
bip 4, rang 3, West of the meridian, Hi was
tes Diitriot. Also, on other email lot of
Land, lying on Eastanallse Creek, near th
mouth of th Dry Branoh, containing 14 or
18 acre all in McMinn county, Tennesee.
Fir likely NEGRO BOYS, aged between
eight and twenty years, and three likely NE
GRO GIRLS, aged between fiv and twenty
one year; six head of Horace; two yok of
Oxen; three Milch Cows; twenty-five head of
Sheep; ten head of Young Cattle; on Thresh
er, two Wagons; and one act of Blacksmiths
Toole. A. BL1ZARD, Trail.
Jan 9, 18S7-td-488
Clevelseaset. Tea)..
wboubul aaviiL aLsaa I
Drags, dledicia83 hemicas,
Olio Patata a Painters' Article,
raralskas, wiaaew viass aaei e-ms-tr
VlMwaref Ferlsssmerv, eke.
"Me AVojM, Ft Bair ank Tarik Bnukit, Paint
Tmm an4 tramUsi fur MtiicaX Purpattt,
faey ArUcUt, t&,
wm ku. m rAvaar oa raoraiariaT
W ask. ear parehases ftr eask, and ear coeds
squsllr as low as thr eaa be obtains from
ear similar Hiabllshasat ia this ssetlon, and warrant
ee te bs fr.ih, pure an gcDalne. Ordtre preaptlf
ailed, and saiisraeilea f uaraolisd, with retard bath te
rice and usllir.
rhr,lrln.' PraseriBtleaB altsaded te at all hours
at the dar and nlxhl. 8eptHy-dH
To Cotton and Woolen Mamfac-
tairri Rail Roaet Coaapaale, Jla
calaiata, aaal General Dealer,
mtAOIUNI BELTING, for Gins, Thrsshers Mill.,
I'A PactorlM, o., mad from best whole hide
Cssiliar earrisd, riv.Kd, stretched and eemtnUd at
aur works in Nswark, N. J. All widths, 1 lo 4 inehes,
and of warranted qaalltr. Picker and Lace Lealhar;
Calf and Bump Rollar Skins; Roller Cloth; Roller Brush
a.; Loom Duller.; Pickers; Btrlpplnc. Cards; Rinf Trav.
eil.rs; and a variety of Paciory Plniilnirs. Hols Leath
er ef ererr dssertpilea; Bafll.h, trench, and Atncrl
' eaa Oalf BKIn.t Llninf aad Biadia Bkins: Bliaa Pef st
La.ls; Boat Trees; Peg Jacks, c, ic, and a aenerai
auorlraeot ef Bool and Bhoamakers Pindlnf.; Hof
kins; Sheep Bklas, aad Morooco Bkins. Harness
Leather; Bridle, skirting and Belt Leather; Patent and
Boamelled Leather aad Bnamslltd Cloths.
A general asserlaeat ef Kadlsllerr Hard
ware, Caacli Hardware, and Caaett
Trilaminar. Bprlnf.. Ailes, Malleable Outlni.,
Bind i, Bolts, Screw., felloes, Hubs, Bpokee, Shafts,
Poles, Moss, Oarled Hair, Oil aad Braasels Carpets;
Taral.hes, Band Paper. Be., Be. Per sals lew at ear
WKoUnl SutlMiy WtmHa.
tie. Broad stret, Auf,fto,
Oeraer ef Hasel nd Meetlnf .ts., ChnrUfm, A C.
etfe-lr-ttl No. M Libert tree Ae rrt.
Noatt Harmony Dlgh School.
fflHtB lastltatlaa will epe en the Bret Meadap ta
Jaaaarp itit, el Mouot Harmony, MeMlaa eooa.
tyTTsaa., all miles Bast of Athens and three Bile
Bnath-aast ef Motaee Crek depot.
7kraM,jarAetMal WttJt, one-A.i In sxfanaoe,
sm balunoe at oioee of Station.
Bpelllaf', Reading and Writing, per scholar SS
firlthatie, Bogll.h Srammar and Geegrapajr ......
slhemaliee and Hataral Sciences 1
A aentlngenl fee Mete, per scholar la required la ad
Vance, for fuel, Be.
Ne student admitted for less than naif session, aad
aa deduction for lost tlae, etespt ia ease ef Provide-
4'rddnf"ean be had at feed hoo.ee at 1.M per
week end eeveral eoafartable cabina are convenient
which students wishing wi board themsslvee can oocnpp
free ef ohart decJS-BmJ B. P. HALS, Pi 'pi.
Xat Tsaaessee eV Ueartiat Rail Head.
To those Interested.
AT the Beetle ef the Board of Director, held la
Athens oa the Slh October last, the following res
olution was ailnpted, to wit t '
Xawtoect, That the Secretary give pnbllcaMM In some
newspaper printed ia Rnoaellle, Athene aad Cleveland,
calling unaa delinquent Stockholder te eeme forward
eaor before Hie l.l day of April Beat, and pay the
amount due en their stock, er the Board will proceed
to forfeit the .lock or sws far the .erne Id their dlscre
tlon.n R. 0. JACKSON, Secretary.
Athene, Not 14, IftM-lta-KA
V Kaoavllls Register and Cleveland Banner ail
phMtsccry till lit April.
Cktaaearr Coart mi PlkaTllle, Teasa.
Omci or ran Cl ek Mama, I
Jembtr Rultt, 1868. J
Wilaoa Atayaold 4 Co.,
Jeaeph T. ReiJ and William Tlala.
ON motion, and it appearing from th alle
gations in th coroplaiaanu bill that th
defendant Joseph F. Raid te a dob resident of
th Bute ef Tea a esse e, it i therefor order
ed that publication be made fof four oeea
aive weeki is th Athco Poet, a newspaper
published ia the towa of Athena, AloMina
county, Tenneasee, requiring said defendant
to appear on or befor the next term of th
Chancery Court to be held at Pikeville, Blod
eoe county, Tennece, on th' td Monday of
March, 1887, then and ther to answer th
complainant bill, or th same will b taken
for eonfeeaed and Set for hearing tx part a
to bim. . ' - 8. C. NORWOOD, C. r M.
Jaa 9, l8S7-4t-pr fee fS-433
McRcyaold Bro.,
. .
Joseph F. Raid and William Hale. .
ON motion! and it appearing from th a11
galiea in th eompiaiaaata bill, that
th defendant Joeeph F. Reid i a non-reeident
of tbc Stat of Tennessee, it i therefor or
dared that publication be mad for four suc
cessive weeke in th Athens Poet, a newspa
per published in th towa of Athena, McMinn
county, Tenneasee, requiring aaid defendant
to appear on or before the neit term oi to
Chancery Court, to held at Pikeville, Bledaoe
county, Tennessee, on th td Monday of
March, 1847, then and there to answer th
complainant bill, or tbe same will b taken
for confessed and eat for bearing as part a
to uim. 8. U. BUBWUUUl V. M.
Jan , 18S7-4t-pr fee $8-433
John Johnson,
Jam L. Bchoolfield, baronel Age, William
Worthinetou, Jam H. Bam and John
motion, arid It appearing: from the af-
J fidavit of Jaiik O. op are, agent for the
complainant, that th dfndnt James L,
Schoolfield ia a lion resident of thie State, it
ia ordered that publication b mad for four
uceasiev week in th Athens Poet, a news
paper published to Athene, MoMinn county.
Tennessee, requiring said defendant to appear
on or belore tli next term or the Chancery
Uourt, to be held at rikevillc, Jiledeoe coun
ty, Tenneasee, on the td Monday of March,
1857, then and there to anewer the complain
ant'e bill, or the same will b taken for con
fessed and tet for bearing tx parti aa to biro.
a. u dukwuuu, u. & at.
Jan 9, 1857-4t-pr fa $3-431
President and Director of th Bank of Ten
Ephraim M. Evana. ,
efN motion, and it appearing from the al
J legation in complainant'a bill that th
defendant. Ephraim M. Evan it a non-red
dent of this Stat, it 1 therefore ordered that
publication be made for four suecewire week
in th Athens Post, a newspaper published ia
th town of Athena, Tenn., requiring seid da
fendant to appear on or befor th next term
of the Chancery Court, to be held at Pike
ville, Bledeoe eonnty, lenn., on th Id Mon
day of March, 1867. then and ther to answar
th complainant' bill, or tb eeme will b
taken foreonfeseed And aet for hearing it part
a to him. 8. C. NORWOOD, C. t M.
Jan 9, 1857-4t-pr fca $8-433
John Hutcheton, Thomas S. Motets, Phillip
M. Bilhngaly, Executor of th last will and
testameat of Jobs Billingely, dco'd,
Jan R. Billingely, Andrew B-, Tame D,
Amanda W., Uixey u., viola u, aran jr.,
Statira A., Leander IL, Eraliata J. Billinge
ly, Nancy Buteheaon. John Muneey, Maha
ley Munoey, Martha J. Moien, James Ran
keo, Elixabeth Rankca, Reuben Ranken,
Theola Ranken, John C. Billingely, An
drew Billingely, Martha Billingely aud her
minor child, with three minor children of
Samuel Billingely, dee'd, names not known,
Archibald, Joshua and Jefferson, negroe
set free by said will.
ON motion, and it appearing from the al
legations of th complainant bill, that
th defenanta Job C. Billine.lv, Andrew
Billing.lv, Martha Billingely, and the four
minor children named in aaid bill whoa
names are not known, era all residents of th
Stat of Arkansas, it is therefore ordered that
publication be mada for four successive weeks
in tb Athens Post, a newspaper published
in th town of Athene, McMinn county, Ten
neasee, requiring aaid defendant to appear
on or befor tb neit term of th Chancery
Court, t b held at Pikeville, Bledsoe oun
ty, Tennessee, on th third Monday of March,
1867, then and tner to answer tn complain
ant bill, or th same will be taken for cob
feaeed and cat for heariug ix parti as to them.
rs. U. JMUltwuuif, V. tt il.
Jan 9, 1857-4t-pr fee f 8-483
Newly apeaed, at Redaced Price, an
JQaaBtaxa.dllee Oreell.
fBrwni undersigned respectfully calls tbe attention ef
JL the citisen. or ucsiiun, sielge, Bradley, rolk,
Monroe and Hamilton counties, to the fact that be baa
apened and i. now carrying on a new Marblt JfirtuMieA
mttt, at Col. A. P. McClatchey's Tilt-Uaamer Shop aad
Cotton Gin, three ailes from Calhoun and Charleston,
aa the Bast Tennesses and Georgia Rail Boad, and near
W. t. McClatchey's flouring Mill, on Castanallee Creek,
McMinn eouoty, where the proprietor has located him
self for a term ef years, en one of the best aill-seate
the country can afford, which will enable him te offer
te the pnblio all kinds of MarbU Work much chsapar
than ever before offered In eonsro,uence of baring a
never-falling water power. The proprietor has had up
wards ef twenty years practice la sons of lha best
establlahmeats In ths Eastern eitles, and was foreman
to Jemee Sloan, of Na.hville.durlng the erection of the
marble work In the State Capitol. The public may feel
assured be baa snared ne palnsin te.'lng and selecting
good marbles, of endless varieties and colors, suitabla
for every department of his tins of business, vli : -noma
meat a, Tasab, Head aad Faat
Steaee, Naalle Plecea aad
Table Tape,
of every description. All orders neatly eaeeated. All
Engravings oa Grave Stone work, (under arty letter.)
free from charge.
The white marble ths proprietor nnUtelr dl.covered
Is preelaely the same as In old Hawkins and Euoxooun
lies, that has gained such high reputation among the
eetentISc and profeasioral men throughout the Union,
both for durability and susceptibility of high poliehee.
for references ef workmanship the two blocks of
white and variegated marble sent from eld Hawkins to
represent ths Stats of Tennesses at the National Wash
ington Monuments the Premium Mantle Pi roe and
Taney Table Tops, at Atlanta, (la., Show Fair; the Pre
mium Mantle Piece, by James Sloan, of Nashville all
ef which was worked and superintended by the proprie
tor. Therefore, the public Is earneetly solicited ta give
him a trial, and examine the white marble, aa It la
mostly preferred, before purchasing slsewhsre, as they
will Bnd a saving of twenty per oent. Drswings and
designs ssntto any part en receipt ef letter. Address
AugS-ly-411 Calhoun er Blcevllle,Tena.
McEwen & Gillespie
HATE received aad opened their Pal and Winter
Oood., and respectfully Invite attention to them.
October a, '64
WHEAT AND HACON. We dsslrs te
purchase Wbemt and Bacon, for which we will
pay the highest market value In cash.
Aug t-tf cor. Bread and Market sts Wa.hvills.
CnNrECTIONRHiri. Candlea, Raisins,
Prunea, Pigs, Almond., Filberts, Engll.h Wslnuts,
Ac, by may ) W. 0. HAINES, Cleveland.
CIO . R . A superior artists ef Cigars) Also, No.
1 Chewing Tobacco always en band and for sale
by may ! W. 0. HAINES, Cleveland.
TI'BT nPflRIVP. Husband's Magnesia:
Pavis Pala Killer: and several other articles ef
On band, a very goad supply ef all the Medlrlnee
snally kept la Drug Stores, constating In part ef Oils,
Paints aad Dys-stonj. Wine., Brandlss. Gin and Pure
Spirit. Alee, M per cent Alcohol. WM. BUBNI.
may M
JI'BT H evolved, and for sale, a lot of Conper'e
Rolled Iran; aise,a Bret rate article of Ne. 1 Ohew
IngTobaoca.hy A. P. BRADFORD,
Hleeville, Tenn,
nRIRIk FRUIT. I wtsh te boy a large lot ef
flHawl tPanla t 411 ... St.. ft. !!..- -1. -A --I
" east, s will pb 7 Mlj hikisvjpr, aairaja pilfjej
nJtH ried Pld -nd nnpetler1, and
EtDV'Wads ClatalaaT, A large st.ek
vi fwq ,nn onup, ror sais at ins oneap ainre,
J April 11 W. O. HORTON m 00.
R ARB! Rare I We wilt pay Goede for all the
Mnsn er Cotton Bscs ered.
Nev I . W. . n ORTON t C. ,
SHAW rtlTTRR.-lanlcla eelrbrated
Straw flutters, which ws reeommeod te tbe fkrmora
as IA Cutting Box: sIm. the Dnnbla aad Sinrlo Oor
Ikeller Ara.by'a Fatsnt received and for sale by
a. a. anaiua w. i
H. B. BIO RRIt 0.,
acmnsi-. to Morrti at MaUkmU)
CommlMBioH Merchants,
nee. aa is Market street,
Oct 17-ly-ttl Tkaak villa, Teaa.
Robertson, Hudson & Pnlllam,
ntroBTaas aa jonaa op
. Ne. tt Murray and 8t Warrea streets,
. . Conur of ChurcA trttt,
Aagt-ly-ti4 feew Yark.
wnolesjale Orrooerej.
. . AMuta, Geararla,
HATB a heavy stock of Isadtog Orocerica far Oeer
(ia, Alabanw aad Teancssce trade; solicit eaa-
mmmit,rumr, ions, xueea, uzra, e.
' wej. a. avaaa no. a. wauar.
aug i ty-sie
. warn sail a a asran. asuLaaa ia .
Groceries, Provisions,
otarjio Dx-y Ooods.
tlour, Baean, IAqwrt, Wtnu, TWocoo, Cigan, ate,
- wrDHH wncrry aaa niru srrcets,
1 - (LaU Battr, Wiloom 0
Wlioleaale Ojr 'oera,
80S Broad street, Aaasla,Ga,
HATING made Urge addltione to our Store, wa keep
constantly on hand a largs stock ef Suar, Of-
matattf, emt, iron, aaui, looaceo, ivori, Too,
Sagging, Bop4, and every ether article usually kept by
tne H-aao; inciuaing a large auca or l.ufuori. All con.
stgnmcnta of Product will have ear prompt attention.
i. . aasio, asw loax. . t. a. wiloox, i
t ' OsfhsfhBsgs Rio and Unlra Coffee:
M.AmwW 76 bags Old Government Java Coffee;
iw aim., rww nico ana new vneens sugar,
SOObbls.A.BandC.CIarued do:
100 " Cruahed do;
(6 packages Loaf . -.- do;
loo bbls. choice Syrup;. ...
l,6oo kegs Nsils, assorted sises;
Soo boxes Adamantine and Sparta Candles ;
Boo boxes Soap and Starch;
loa kegs Soda ;
Sao boxes Tobacco, all gradee ; 100,000 Cigars ;
oov con. ntn uoru mo now t-mes ;
For sale low by WILCOX, HAND A ANBLET,
Aug 9-ly-14 Augusta. Ga.
waacr iBroareaa axb wbolbuu naiuaa n
Foreign &DomesticDry Goods,
no. bi ttayne street, CIsarleatOB, S. C.
. btatt, wm. BASsetnxa,..
wa. M'acaaav, . . .a. I- aiLLaana,. . .
.aoaeeTtne wrtv,
.caia. room.
sT. X. 0XX33VZXlXU',Z'SO3Vf
oao. acaama.-n.eao. m. aoaaan. . ..aswav 0. joevsToa.
Schaffer, Roberts & Johnston;
mrorw mwu juwbmmb ov
.. EC. oaler y. ,
Staple & Fancy Dress Trimmings,
Jnetlry, JbrnHn?. Classes, Combt, Brtufui,
Perfcmcry, French end German Fancy Goods, Ac, Ac.
No, 1ST Mibist (Taaar, (between 4th aad 5th,)
aay t0-ly-t01 Philadelphia, ra.
H A R D W A R E.
C4)UItT4 i; V, TKNI EiT& CO
Diaxcr iHroanaa or
Hardware, Cutler-, Gam, Flstols, dtc
No. IS Hatnb STairr,
Jaae 17. '88 tf ul
htccnKr to C. Wallaet d MePhmon,)
Main Street, Kaazville, Teaa.,
iost roa vhb sals or
Macea Steam mills, Hasvjrell, Cart-
rich aad Sylraa jnilia Shlrtlaar,
Oeorgia Osnabergs and Tarns; Tobacco, Qoeensware,
Ttrme .i Four months. July tO-ly-SM
Foreign and Domestic Drj Goods
No. tt Hay ne street,
V. D. Bolting Clothe al war oa hand.
JAMIH. Nionolj.
Oct. 11.1851 tf 163
Warehanae and General Cemialeaian
Atlanta, Ga.
HATING rented ths spacious A re-proof Warehooee
recently erected en Whitehall street, will attend
te the storage aad aale of Cotton, Corn, Bacon, Lard,
and all ether Produce with which he may be favored.
Having had long experience In the general trade of
Georgia, he tatters himself that he can (ire aatisfae
tloa in the sals ef all Produce, and, also, in the pur
chase of all articles which the country aay require.
June e-iy-uj
Tennessee and Georgia
Ootti ni 1 sasaloxx Bouao.
RERPECTFtrf.LT announce te the Planters of South
western Georgia that they have commenced a
flmtrml CmwmHiam Bi1miB,
la the store-hmiss near Messrs. Fnrlow, Prlss ft Farlow's
Commission warehouse. They will keep a large stock
of Family Groceries of every variety, which they will
sell cheap.
rarmers loot to your interest ana call aad see.
Dec l-ly-T8
nsaaaieelem and Prarlace Itlerchant,
Offlc on Broad street, opposite Union Bank,
-' Augusltat, Os-d..
WILL glvs prompt and personal attention to the
aale of Bacon, Lard, Grata, Flour. Cotton, and
all articles of Merchandise consigned te him. Also, to
ths forwarding of Goods for the Interior and North era
markets at the customary rates. Liberal advances, ei
ther In cash or by scerpt ances, made on articles ia store
or when bills of lading accompany drafts.
Renames: Maker, Wilcox ft Co.; M. ft B. Wilkinson;
J. 0. Fargo, "Cashier," Augusta, Ga. Hand, Wlllisms ft
Wilcox; Time. Trout ft Co., Charleston, ft 0. Wm. Dun
can; Paddelford, Fay ft Co.; P. T. Willis, Savannah, Oa.
Sturges, Bennett ft Co., New York. J. 0. Wilson ft Co.;
D. Stuart ft Bon, Baltimore. Wood ft Low, New Orleans.
0. B. Welnorn, Palton, Ga. Grcnville ft Sample, Chat
tanooga, Tenn. Bearden, Son ft Co., Knoxvllle. Tenn.
S. K. Reeder, Athene, Tenn. W. Sliapard ft Co.; Berry
ft DcmevlUe, Nashville, Tenn. Nov. M, '64 tf 81,
Cornsr of Broad and Market streets,
Nashville, Tenn.,
'WSTILI. give prompt attention to receiving, storing,
W W purchasing, selling or shipping Cotton, Tobac
co, Wheat, Corn, Flour and Bacon, and will also devote
especial attention to receiving, storing and forwarding
mercnannieeor every Description
Our facilities In point ef room aad convenience are
equal to any In the city. AugS-ly-dll
Commission Business.
RFJrpECTTVI.LT Informs the eltlsens ef McMinn
eonnty, and the public generally, that he will attend
to the Selling, Purchasing, and Forwarding of all kinds
ef Produce. Also, to ordering Goods, Groceries, or any
kind of Machinery that may be called for. He ea fur
nish Machinery, such aa Threshers, Reapers, Mowers,
Stslk and Straw Colters, of any kind wished, at manu
facturers' prices, freight added.
A good lot of Threshsrs on the way and te arrive In a
few days. Also, one Circular Baw Mill and one Clover
Heller on hand aad for sale by 8. K. REEDER.
Athena, Tenn., nay 11-tf-SM
M. R. MAY, M. D.,
RESrECTFULLT tender hi profeeeional
services to th public.
Jan. M. 1
PAINTS aad Dye-"taf ga. French Zlns
While In Oil; Chroma Green, Red, and Yellow, In
Oil and dry; While Lead, dry; Venetian Red; Indigo,
Msdder, Spanish Brown, Ac, for sale by
Ooolc atovea
THfl anderstgned haa for aale a variety of Cook
Btovea latest and moat approved patterns. Ths
castings are beautiful. The Uooir Stat Slot and
KmtucJt are east at Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Soul,
trntr Is cast at ths Knoxvllle Foundry. He expects te
hsvs. In a abort time, some beautiful (re Stoves for
kesatlngrooms, All who wish to purehass a cheap and
good article In the Stove line, will do wall to call and
examine for themselves before purcbsslag elsewhere.
Athens, Sept M-tMa J. W. BLACK WELL.
A1,TSaxltl tSOssok.fUlt Just received snd
S for sals law for cash. SEHORN ft HORNSBY.
afBaThsTkafB BUSniXS Wh-e -anted, for which
I will nav ths highest market price.
..a Dv.-nru.nv
XSi. T'ealoldt.xi. ctto Buxceoix.
Athens. Tens.
WfTJ-1, a1" his entire sucatioa to the practice of
w w MecUcina. Offlce South of the Bridke. (aug
WILL hereafter giv hi who) attention
to th Practice of Medicine,
fun , 18fit tf
Associate Traveling Dentists
Address. '
Bvlnkwr Soring.
Rhea ceantr, Tenn.
tVttorney t Xit xr,
Atheaa, Teaa.
Offlce ap stairs tn ths Coart-house. sept l-ly-41t
A. ttom.esT' At Xj t
IBecT-tTS Athens, Tenn.
Attorney! dt Xj mi-Wr
Atheas, Tenn.
snLvos r. Jianaia.
April 0-tf-StS
PRACTICES in the different countieeeom
peeing th Third Judieial Circuit will
attend to in collecting and eeourinp of claim
and will give hi undivided attention to all
business entrusted to hi ear.
March i. 1840 tf SS
Coaxsa or Mint ab Statb stbxbts,
xkoxyiilk, rsyy.
WII.LIAlVf MeTEEB, Proprietor. .
Four none Mail Coachea laava daily at 1)4 o'clock
A. M., for Montvale Springs. Jons lS-tf-eOS
(formork Bail Boad llout,)
, Atheaa, Tenn.,
33V X. XXI. 'TJCTjfrotaBell.'
rgjlHE proprietor reipectfully announces to the public
bl mat ns naa recently renttea ana rerurnishea the
above House, and that he will use his utmost endeavor
to make It the traveler's home. His tabls win bs sup
plied with the best the country affords. He hopes by
unremitting attention to comfort of his guests to merit
and receive a liberal .hare of patronage. Jan26-tf-S88
3L.33XTT-5r' S HOTBZj,
THIS well known House has been newly fitted np with
bedding, furniture, Ac. The undersigned haa taken
charge of it, and in announcing himself for the public
patronage asks '-ths tree to be tested by Its fruit," and
pledges high, elf, by aa assiduous attention and a due
regard for the comfort and tastes ef his guests, they
shall be eared for and tarnished with the best ths coun
try affords. Ha has also connected with the bouse the
large stable, aheda and lot, ef Messrs. Taylor, Bridge, ft
Co., and will he prepared in that line. ....
iaa ti-aw-SBi wa. a. aiiUAiuiLa, proprietor.
ejkattanaaaja, Tenn.
Aug. lT-tf-SsO PaoraiiTOB.
model Clothing Store.
Cleveland, Tenn.
I HATE jnst received one of the largest and finest
stocks of READY-MADE CLOTUMG that has
ever been opened In this market, which waa selected
with the grestest care by one who Is well posted up la
Fashions, and in the value of 0 lothing, and all of which
was mails to order and to ill. The stock Is reneral.
and consists In part of Coats, all styles; Pants, to suit
ths moss rastidlous; Vests, plain and fancy; Shirts;
Drawers: Cravate, a great variety: Collars of the latest
cut; Uoslsry of all descriptions; fine Calf Skin Stitched
Boots and Shoes; the latest style Gaiters; Children's
Shoes, Ae. Also, a fine assortment of Hats, of the
most approved styles. Together with numberless other
articles, of which I shall not attempt to speak here, but
will take tbe greatest pleasure in showing to all who
may favor me with a call. All of which are offered for
sale cheap for cash no humbug about it
maya-iy-ovo nr. v. iiauies.
.eVtla.exa.aa youxacisry.
HAVING engaged ths services of Mr. P. M. Kiloobb,
who ia authorised to receive erdere and transact
all business appertaining to the Foundry, any person
wanting Information In regard to Machinery, Ac, will
be attended ta by calling al the Foundry.
Athens, July 11, lW-tMUT C. ZIMMEKMAir.
THE subscriber i now receiviuK a new
stock of ELEGANT FUN OS from th
oldvat and meet responsible manufaetorie of
tn norm, among; whith era
i octav nam Center fianoe;
1 M Carved. M
1 - Half-carved" "
6 " Plain, 8 round corner ;
6f " Plain, "
1 Grand Piano, very heavy tonod.
Also, the Budoir Piano.
Also, ths celebrated Corrugated Sounding
Board, of Board man, Gray V Co., which are
boeoroinp o vastly popular in Europe aa wall
as America.
All Piano warranted to giv atisfection,
or no aale
Aleo, just received, a large eelection of
Piano Untie Soiiee, Polkae, Waltiea, Varia
tion, Ac, etc.; Guitar and Strings; superior
Mttlodians; Harmoniums; Piano Stool and
Pianos tuned and repaired.
Th suWriber refer to tb following gen
tlemen who have purehaeed of him, and who
can testify a to th excellence of thee in
strument :
Col. W. 3. Callaway, Riceville, Tenn.
Hon. J. C. Gant, Cleveland, "
Hon. H. Ferguson, 8eltna, Ala.
Dr. Harrison, Loudon, Tenn.
Maj. L. R. Hunt, Mouse Crack, "
Dr. W. R. Hurley, London, "
Col. R. B. Brahson, Chattanooga,
J. Burt, Esq., Knoxville, "
Wm. Bpale, Esq., Murphy, N. C.
Dr. R. H. Hodsden. Scvierville, Tenn.
8. F. Rowen, Esq , Monroe county,
T.J Campbell, Eaq.. Cleveland, "
W. C. MoLin, Esq., Loudon, "
Col. P. J. Weaver, Selma, Ala.
Hon. H. W. Maaaengale, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Col. D. A. Tibb. Concord, "
Benjamin Chandler, Esq., Chattanooga, "
Maj. J. Mee, Bradley county, "
R. R. Cleaveland, Esq., Philadelphia, "
J. L. Hopkins, Eaq , Chattanooga, "
Maj. i. Johnson, Sweetwater, "
Augustus Cooke, Esq., Chattanooga,
Rev. Mr. Bradshaw, " "
T. K Wnrnaeutt. Esq., M "
R. X. MoEwen, Esq., Athens, "
These instrument are for sal at Athens
and Chatlanoofra. ; IL G. COOKE.
Deo 6, 1856-tM28
Circuit Cwwrt IVfc if in at county, Tens,.
Original Bill for Vivore.
Richard Brown,
Lavenia Brown.
CAME th complainant, by hi tolieitor,
and filed hi original bill for divorce in
the above cause, and it appearing; to tb cat
iafactton of the Clerk, from th statement in
aid bill, which it eworn to, that th laid La
venia Brown, th defendant, is a non resident
of th Stat of Tenneasee, ao that th ordina
ry proceea of law eannot reach her, it i there
fore ordered that publication be mad in th
Athena Poet, a newspaper publiahed in th
town of Athene, McMinn oonnty, Tenneseee,
notifying the (aid defendant to be and appear
befor th Circuit Court of McMinn county,
at th Conrt house in Athens, oa th second
Monday of April next, and plead, answer or
demur to said bill, or th cam will b taken
for eniifeaaed and set for bearing ex part.
. v J0UNF.SL0VER.C7rr.
Jan , 1 857-4 t-pre fee t-43S
t ft flsflsfh CTGAIt). ''Bellas, Cgues,
A nPf W Regalias, Princlpes, Operas, Co
Cjuetars. LaCulce Pina, Ac.Ju.t recelred by
may 1 A. CI.EAGE ft CO.
Notice to Shippers of Freight
TsAxsroaTAnoa DarAarautxTK.Txaii.ft Ga. R. Co. I
Athens, Sept. to, 18C4. f
THIS Company will deliver any Freights received la
ta their Bepots, ia a reasonable llaae, as the
terminus ef their Road at Daltea to the owner, or their
agenta (not ours.) they paying cbargea as per laruT and
receiving the freights on day of arrival at Dslton. Thia
Company does not propose either to More freights ee
deliver ta tbe Western ft Atlantis Rail Road, aoleea the
owuere have made arrangemente with said Read te re
ceive the same. Cars cannot be detained beyead a few
hours for transhipment or storage.
Ia seeking shipaaents aa above every facility la the
power of the officers of the Company will be extended
tn shippers. Beyond the end of their rails they have
ae control and asaume no respoasibility.
tsb 1-tf R. O. JACKSON, Bup't Transportation.
Standard Medical Works for Sale.
THE subscriber has eeme SO volumes Medical Books
standard wwrks which he wishes ts dispose of.
He will aell them at low rates.
Athene, Hevxa-tf
Far Skins Wanted.
IW ART to buy a large lot ef Fur Skins, such as Mink,
Coos, Pox, Opossum, Muskrat, and Houss Cat. and
will give the highest market price.
November U CEORQE W. RO&g.
Zion mil English School,
f"r IWaleo as 4 Frmaln,
THE Beit Term of thie Institution will commence on
Mondsy, January 5th, ISM, at which tims students
will Bnd It to their advantage to be present. The
location ta six miles Bonth-esst of Athens. In a beauti
ful and healthful neighborhood, where there are no
temptations to Intemperance or vices of any kind.
,u. uiwiiiiiu. a, nc acnooi ia mua out nrm. rerttcu.
ler prominence wUl be given to spelling, reading
writing. Ac.
Trm,por BtuUmof fit lfmO,payaN aidoHttf
1st Class Orthography. Reading and Writing 5
M , . " Arithmetic, Geography and Eng. Grammar T
3d natural Sciences and Mathematics 10
no student admitted for a less term than half session,
nu no nrnucuon ror lost tlms except in csae or Provi
dential hindrance. Boarding can be had la private
wine nr me otwooi, on rcasonaoie terms.
Dec 5-,m-4M J. C. BARB, Prpl
New Fall and Winter Goods!
O. TB. O-XX30eOIr
HAS juat received bis FaU and Winter supply of
Goods, embracing a general assortment of such
oupie ana rsncy ury uoods ae are usually offered
in this market. Aleo, a general assortment of Groce
ries, Hardware, Queensware, Glasswars, Ac, all of
wniCB he Offers low down for eaah or merrh.nl.hu
Country Produce. Give him a a call aad you shan't
ga away dis.sti.Sed. Nov 11-425
Cedar C.rove ITigh School,
Cbmmcvieinff October SOU, ISM.
THE Truatses have completed their arrangemente
with Mr. H. B. Hxrwoon to take charge of this
School for the two sessions next ensuing. Ths School
is located In a pleasant snd healthful neighborhood, four
mues oouin-eastor unarieston, Bradley CO., Tenn.
Bate qf Tuition, pr Sftion :
1st Class Orthography, Reading, Penmanship, Pri
mary Geography, and Mental Arithmetic SI
Id Class Arithmetic, Ancient and Modern Geogra
phy, English Grammar and Modern History....... I
aa ussa Aigeera. Geometry, Surveying, Analyti
cal Geometry, Astronomy, Higher Mathematics,
Physiology, Latin, Greek and French Languages,. .11
Contingent fee 0 eta.
Re student will be received for a less term than one-
nan session, and no deduction made for lost tims ex
cept In eases of protracted alcknese. Board ta 10 ets,
per day. joax Ilex, I
A. J. Oatx, V Trustees.
Job Hambbiobt, )
Premium Cooking-Stores.
I HATB received on consignment, a lot of the cele
brated ".Premium OooHng-Stow," manufactured
by Moffett ft Shields, Rnoxville, Tenn. These Stoves
are unsurpas.ed by any Cooking-Stove In the Union for
baking, broiling, frying and balling. They hare been
fully tried.
With the Store von eel the following nirniin.. .
Two cast iron kettles with covers; one large oblong
boiler; one tea kettle; oneeoffee boiler; two dripping
pans; two podding pans; two pis pans; eae hook; one
lifter; two spiders; one gridiron, two fryes; one Iron
heater; one tin dipper; one steamer; one pslr waffle
Irons; one scraper; twoJointsstoveplpe;oneelbowplDe.
Box, Parlor, or any description of Stove, for stores,
churches, school-bouses, Ac., from 6tn1g.
3kSdB.oXxlxi.e9 V ox-less.
THE eubacriber would respectfully an
nounee to the citizens of Athens and th
public generally, that he i uow in operation
and prepared to do
O jA. m V X 3NT Or
of every description ia hi tin, and would
therefore solicit order from all tho who way
. .1! l .t .
warn anyinwg or to aino.
He 1 now eaatlne and ha for aala dif
ferent eizes of the Globe, or Air-tight Cook
Stoves, furnished complete; various size of
Parlor, Nine Plate, Chamber, Office and Shop
Stove. Also, Hollow Ware; Wafll Iron:
Plough, right and left hand.
Also, th Kilgoro Spiral or Incline Water-
Wheel, which will saw from two to fiv thou
sand feet per day. t II kinds of
fitted up in the beet and moet durable manner,
and upon short notice.
Also, Iron Railing of every description.
He ia also prepared to do all kind of
Bras easting.
Th highest Cash price will be paid for
P. S. Ther ie connected with th Work
an excellent Pattern Maker, ao that person
wishing castiuga ean hav pattern mad t
order. C. Z.
Athen,Tnn.. July 18.1856 tf 408
Dry Goods.
mm endsrslrned are now receiving, and will have
M. ready for exhlbltioa by the Mlh Inst., ths largest
ana oee, aoeonea tuyejt of
.American, Ensrllah, French, Germain
atnd Swiss Fancy Clwesla,
they have ever had the pleasure to show ts ths retail
merchant. They have spared ne pains nor expense In
getting up a stock from which sll classes of customers
ean select their assortmsnts. They havs mads larger
Investments this season In FINK GOODS than they
nave ever done be tore, and respectfully solicit aa ex
amination of their stock from the retailer, when visit
ing the city believing thst with the oery large aeeort
meniand low pries, they will be able to olferlnduee-
mrnuioeii. nunuiR.tu,
Nashville, Aug 91, 18M Wo. it Public Square
Saddle, Bridle and Harness
Wtt Sid oMe PubUe Bquar. ;
THE subscriber would return his sincere thanks te
the public generally for the very liberal patron
age he haa received, and hopes by strict attention to
buatneaa to merit a eontlnnance of the same.
He has Just returned from Phllsrielphla with a good
stock of material., which enabblee him to manufacture
any article In his line with promptness and rle, patch.
Hng-.klns for sea tine. F.nsmelled Leather of sll colors.
Pad 8kins, Bridle Blta, Stirrup Irons, and various other
articles, for ssls low down for cash.
He keeps constantly on hsnd a good assortment of
oaaaies, una lea, wnips, ac. rieasc call before purchas
ing elsewhere, on the Square, between Gibson's and
ooyil'B Btores. EDWIN A. ATLEE
Athens, April U,lS&o-tf-SM
pl.OCK, Watches Bind Jewelry A
nn, i". oi m; aiao, a variety or notion. juat re
ceived and will be sold cheap by 0. W. ROSS.
New Goods ! Cheap Goods !
Tjow Do-vvrxt, Tor CJm.m'ix I
THE subscriber i in receipt of a full sap
ply of
to which he invite th attention of all who
may wish to purchase. After th 1st day of
January, 18ns, ne intends to sen lor uash
only, and will giv better bargain than have
vr been offered in this ooun try. A word to
th wis is sufficient A. IL CROW.
Athene, Nov. 16, 1865-tf-87S
AVJ ALT I SALT t 00n lis Ashland, extra Sna, for
s9 table uss : MOO ts Turk's Island, for pickling,
sept 18 0B0. W. ItOo.
HATtDWARE ansl mechanics Taala.
Just received a Sna slock, something entirely
new. Thoee who wish ts msks Isbnr easy will 4o well
s call and examine my slock. sepM O. W. ROSB.
100 Negroes Wanted. . .
WE wish to hire 100 NEGROES to work
on the Cleveland and Chattanooga Rail
Rt-ad, for which w will pay f 180 per year,
clothe Snd lose all lost time, ticept runaway
time; or w will pay t iO per month fof If 8
working day,) the owner loosing all lost
time and clothing their hand.
Jan. a, 1 867-4 t-m
TnC nnderalgned respectfully Informs the public
that he has a Ml of Apple Scions for .ale price
II X cents each, either at the Nttraery or delivered at
Moose Greek Depot. He has all kinds of Bummer,
Pall and Winter Pruit. lie Uvea In McMinn county,
Tenneasee, on the line of the Kaat Tennessee ft Georgia
Rail Road, near Mouse Creek Depot. Address
Jan -8t) 0. SHELL, raclilty, McMinn oo., Tenn.
Goods-Goods ! New Goods
W 3VI. XX. Tt a t.t. uivar
WOULD respectfully announce to hi
euetomere and alaoto th trading pub
lic generally, that h I now ia receipt of hi
Spring and Slimmer Supplies
to which B invitee their attention. Tbi
took i large, embracing a reneral aaaort
ment of Ladiee Dress Oowis, Bonnets, Bonnet
irimminga, uiovea, ac; louCS lorUentleoien
War, all aeaaonabl atylee. Hata, Boot and
snoee; aa exieneivc aeaortmcnt of Uueierr
etc., at. 3
Also, iiroeeriea, Hardware. Qneenawara,
Cutlery, and in abort, a I moat very thing that
th want of th public may require, or fancy
crate, ,uu u wuicu no propoees eeMing
on th most reaaonable terms. He reepectful-
iy solicits an ezauiiDBLion 01 nia aaaortment,
Atnena, April xa, ibso-sss i
New Fall and Winter Goods.
I HAVE Just received ay stack or Fall and Winter
Goods, and would respectfully rcouest Bar old friend.
and customers to call and sxamiae, aa I have a larger
stock than usual and will auks It te their interest te do
so. aepi xe GEO. W. BOSS.
"And he played on a Harp of a
'X'ja.OaXaadXB.a. Txri.zi.gEsB."
7Ear happy to announce to "all th
T v world and the rest of mankind," that
we ar now in receipt of on of th larreat.
rt; i ,. . B
meet lasnionauie, ana aureole (lock of
- Spring and Sommei Go is
vr offered for eale in tbi market. Onr
lock eonsiet in part of Bleached and Browa
Mitslina, Tickinga, Drill and Check. Print
of vry atvle and price, Gingham, Lawns,
Brown and Bleached Linen,Caasimer,Twaeda,
Italian Cloth. Chamhray, Cottonade, Can
ton Plaid and Stripes, Me'raailles Quilts, Rob
uriuiania, sionair ao uege, Urgandiee.Challi,
uareg ana 1 issues, lion net and Taffeta Rih
bona, Moa Trimmings, Collar and Under
sleeve. Mirror, Hatcbel and Carpet Baga,
Silk and Leather Belts, Honpa and I'erfumerv.
Glovee and Hosiery, Shirt Collar, Hair Stocks
and Uravate, forte Monnaies, Violins, Comb,
Bracelet. Breast pin and Finger-rings, Ear
rings, aook ana stationery, Hardware and
Cutlery, Boot and Sl.oes, Drug. Medicine,
and Dve atuffs. Straw. T.etrhnm P.n.m. .nj
Fur Hat, Glas and Queensware, Masonic
Apron and bashes, etc., da. '
We cannot enumerate th "one thousand
and one article on hand, bnt ask th pub'
lio to eivc ii a call, and ther will be con.
vinced that they can save money by bnying
our uuuus. H . ix. tlUllU'fl At VU.
April II, 1856
RAN A WAY from the subscribers, on the
7th day of Atignat last, a NEGRO BOY
by th nam of Char!, adout S3 year old,
6 feet 1 inches high, weighs abont 180 Jba,
dark complexion, full round face, has a small
cr on hi right arm near th Ibow, and
wa purchased from a maa by th nam of
Dupree, who reside seven mile from Keyes
ville, Virginia Alio, on th lit dy of Sep.
tember last, BOY Alfred. SI or S3 year old,
S feet 6 inches high, weiehs about lSOnounda
eopper complexion, thick lip, and mouth
projects ana is tn property or Owen J.
Willi, of Monro county. Geonria ha. li..t
in East Tenneasee, where he probably ha re
lation. W will par $50 for the annrehanalnn il
deliverv of the bov Charlea at nn, a.mn
the Tunn! of th Cleveland and Chattanoo
ga Rail Road, or 125 if lodged in any jail ao
we get him, and f '2S for th b.y Alfred, or
$10 if lodged in jail.
Oct 10, lftnn-tf-424
eTtiaat X.oaXxr
AND for sale, at th old (land in Calhoun,
S3 Bble New Orl can Rcboilcd Mol.
10 t Bids. do. do. do.
SO Bags fine Rio Coffee;
BOO Gala. Cuba Molasses;
S500 Lb. Brown Sugar;
6000 Castings;
10000 " Rolled Iran all of which will ha
sold low by wholesale or retail.
Our Dry Goodsstock ia full and fin, and as
low down in price ae the lowest.
July S B. r. MARTIN dt SON
French Burr Millstones.
WARRANTED of superior quality and workmanship,
eon.tantlv an nana n. marf. tn ). ti
Blocks of our own importation. Ws also keep for ssls
a superior assortment of Cnloime and Kmxmn mML.
tone; Burr Block; Bolting OnMa,- Calcined Pla.
mr, cro, viuni promptly iirrniffl.
Successors to r.-enton, Morris ft Co.,
West Palls Avenne. near Pratt at. RrlH.. n.nim-ra
. Orders for Millstones from the abava n.kma
cstsDiisnmeni received ny tnetr stents.
b-.auu HUUTT,Commis.ioe Merchants,
relB.lo-Iy-M Atlanta, Oa.
New Goods for the Million!
A. VJ-3EJA.OtJc efts OO.
WOULD respectfully call the attention of
tbe people to the splendid assortment of
plo: and Somroer Goods.
just received, at their new Brick Corner with
Iron Front, which were purchased on the bt
lerme, ana are now ottered at a low rate a
anch Good can be purchased any wjier in
th Stat
For th LADIES, they hav the latest
styles of Dress Goods, Trim mines, Mntlina,
Print, Linens, Laces, Handkerchiefs, Hosiery
and Glove. Also, (Ae Bonnet and Trimming.
A large stock of GENTLEMEN 8 WEAR,
such a Cloth, Cassimers, Satinets, Vestinea,
Tweeda, Drilling, 4., etc READY-MADE
CLOTHING, Hate, Boot and Shoe.
Drug and Medicine. Paint and Dye-stuffs,
Hardware, Cutlery and Queensware, Groce-
ne. Iron, Steel, Nail and Casting, beside
vary other article usually kept in retail
Stores. G.ve them a call. They consider it
no trouble to show Goods. They ar deter-
nnnra noi to tie undersold.
ty All kind of Country Produce taken
in exchange for Good. May 3-897
More New Goods!
X9. XX. KEITH db Oo.,
m ni now receiving their usual wall
XX leoted and large stock of
Spring: and Summer Goods!
Their stook consists in part of Dress Goods
Sill:, Baregee, Tissues, Lawn, Organdie.
Gingham and Print of th latest and moet
tasteful styles: Bonnet and Bonnet Ribbons;
t.ouar ana undermeevee; Laces, and Edit
ings: Glove and Hosiery in great variety.
Also, Clothe, Cassimers, Tweeds. Italian
Cloth, Drp d'Ete, Linen Drillings, Cotton-
anes, ana a great many oilier styles of season
able Goods for Gentlemen' Wear.
Ready-Made Clothing of all ort, sizes,
color and price.
A superior assortment of Boot and Shoes;
the latest (tt let of Hata, dVc.
Hardware,Qiieeneware, Glasaware, Cutlry,
Groceries, Ac. eta.
To which they respectfully Invit the at
tention of their old customer and a many
new one a ean make it convenient to eel I.
feeling assured tb Good and prioe will
P' April 11, 1856
Paints and Djf-Sfnfft.
OA A LBS. Snow Whit Zinc; ,
0JJ oO lb. Dry Whit Lead:
Dry Red Lead;
V...,!.. r. '
100 "
100 "
N "
SS "
85 '
150 M
200 "
vuenan nea;
Hpaniah Brown;
Prussian Blue;
Chrom Green;
Chrom Yllow;'
Beet Spanish Float Indigo;
Madder; 6 '
Blue Vitriol;
Extract Loarwnrd:Reeeivd
and for sal by
.TVi"T KPVEI-.Pin nraBdyi afadsrla.
f Sherry, P Malaxa and Olaret Winee. and eoma
See Jamaica Run all strictly for aaodleal w,mv..
Pl.OWa, ft small lot ef Turalna Plows received
aad for sale. ant. 1 J. M. HRNdrrboN.
COWFF.CTlOWAIt IK" ef all klndsjnidinf
Sardines. Pickels. Cheese. Jaiaba Uroaa flanii.i.
Oum Drops, Psncy Candles, Pmnss, Pl., Almonds'
Pllberts, Bngdsb Wslauts, Palm Ruts, Coeos Kuls, Ac.
a, tii.rana CO.
Dr. McLANE'S .
tw Ik Bwst Prepeu-atteuaaertlae Af.
They are not recom
mended as Universal
Cure-alls, but simply for
what their name
The Vermifuge,
for expelling Worms from
the human system, has
also been administered
with the most satisfactory
results to various animals
subject to Worms.
The Liver Pills, for
the cure of Liver Com
plaint, . all Bilious De
rangements, biCK Head
ache, &c.
Purchasers will please
be . particular to ask for
Dr. C. McLane's Cele
brated Vermifuge and
Liver Pills, prepared by
burgh, Pa., and take no
other, as there are various
other preparations now
before the public, pur
porting to be Vermifuge
and Liver Pills. All
others, in comparison
with Dr. McLane's, are
The genuine McLane's
Vermifuge and Liver
Pills can now be had at
all respectable Drug
60 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Sole Proprietors.
8COVIL MEAD. No. Ill Clisrtrss street,
New Orlean. General W bnleral Agent for
th Southern State ta wlioni all order
tntiit b addressed.
Bold by P. U. Keith A Co., A then, Teas.
Wm. Buan. " .
J. H. Pattow, SweetwaUr, "
Huxlxt A JoniooN, London,
J. H. Maoill A Co., Mouse Creek, "
AlxiandsbcV McKamt, Benton, "
J. A. A C.W. CorriM, Madiaonvil), "
J. M. A J. J. Knox. Charleston, "
W. H. A I Al. Craiohili, Cleveland.
Pec 6, 18So-ly-28
Carriage Repository,
jtthema. Twanseeasee. '
sTOBlv" X. BXt-ZSeOrXSsB
IS rveeivinw a Tariety of Carriage, eoa
sisting; ol Slide-seated Buggies, Family
Wairons, Rockawaya, top, and no top Btiggiea,
CONCORD BUCGIESi. Hack Wgon. two
hors Plantation Wagon all iron axles
Harness and Whip Xvrthtrn mad, and
warranted of good material, which h will
U a low a ean b bought in aa Southern
Any tyl of Carriage or Wgon got up
to order at short notice
II also ha isms Hone and Buggies to
Lira out for tb accommodation of the public.
April , 1886 tf .
Another Fmh Snpplj of Dregs,
V17U1CH, added to toy old, makea my
T V present stock large for this market
consisting in part of th following: Oils,
Linteeed, Tanners', Lard and Neatefoot; Po't
Turpentine; Copal, Japan and Leather Var
nish; Paint, Varnish and Sash Brushes; Blend
ci and Graining Brushes; White Lead, dry
and in Oil; Zinc in Oil; Pessones; Gumelaati
Globe, with and without tub; Window
Glasa, 12 by 18; Putty; Glaziers' Diamonds;
Wine: Brandy, and Jamaica Spirits, for
medieal uses and many other artiole.
Will b sold for eaah only.
Oct 28 WM. BURNS.
A New Churn.
THE nndcraigned i now prepared to fur.
nish a new Churn, to order, which h
warrant to churn butter in on fifth th time
usually taken by the common Churn, if prop
erly used. All ha. asks i a fair trial. Aay
person fiirrlfehfng hrm -with milk that is sour
and ready for churning, and he foil to churn
il in fiv ni in nes, can hav a Churn free of
nothing. Call over to th South aid of
Allien and satisfy yourselves.
Reference: L. Dodeon, Wm. G. UrtoB,
Dr. Atlee, Dr. Deaderick, and other. .
Athens, March 14, 18fi6-tf-890
WI are prepared te furnish ptsntallen supplies sf
every kind, and would Invite ths attention ef
merchants and others to our stock, which will al all
times bs complete, aad consist In part, at prescal, of
the following articles I
60 hhds Sonar; 400 bars Coffee;
1800 bars Salt; BOO barrels Sslt ;
SOO bona Star Candles; 10 barrels Whiskey;
100 pieces Barrlnr; (OO half pieces Bssrlnr;
tOO " 48 Inch Barring; SOO colls Bpe; together
with all ether articles usually kept In such sstablsk
Aug S-tf Cor. Bread aad Market sts., Naahvuie.
Jf'JT RECEITElf Dr. Parker's Psln Pan
aeeat Stark's Indian Fever and Ague Beasedy,
aa asternal application Infalible; Maeaoee and Scotch
naff: Hay's Liniment) Arabian Liniment; Steel and
Oilt Pens: Patty end Window Glass aad far sale by
march 1 . WM. BURNS.
Omen KastTehn. A Oa. Baa Road Co. I
. Athan. Jon 16, 1866. f
NOTICE I hereby fiven that on and after
th firat day of July neit, no eharg will
be made, or compensation received for th
transportation or specie or bank bill in . th
hand of owner or 'heir accent in passing
over thi road, nor will this company b a
countable for any lot or damage tkat mar
occur in the transportation f specie or hank
bill, nor will thi aimpaay or their agent
receive for transportation or otherwise take
in charge any epeeie er bank hill either for
transportation or intrust for safe keeping and
delivery. R. O. JACKSON,
Superintendent transport si ion.
Jnly 4-ly

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