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I Proas the KashviUe Banner
The enormous quantity of 12,000,000
,cre. of land wen. granted to the territory
of Minnesota by the last Congress, snd itn
mens, grants of the public land hare been
mi.de to th new Slate, generally withi"
last few Yrn. Twelve million acre, of lnd
re worth more thsu as many dollars to the
inrantSute, rkh dowry w. .bo. Id y.
The old Stale. . to ,w 'h
longing eye. o the rich posses,!. thos be
ing . partially di.lribu.ed. It is .n.e that
decided ground were taken upon II... -ub-WU-
Iti.oneofritalintere.lto every cit
in of the old State end tittle, promptly
decided, it will "' 08 'lhout tl,e nteU nf
, equitable .nd fair adjustment Already
ninet).eight out of the two hundred end
thirty four representatives ere from Stele in
which public land. re situated, nd perhaps
half sdren years will see these Statee ble
to dispose of Ihe public land as their inter
est muy dictate. The question which now
presses' opon us is-na the "Id Slates aban
don the jwblic lands to the w States'.
Democratic politicians will tell us that it
is unconstitutional to give the several Spates
pro rata inirrest in the public lands, or Ihe
income arising from their sale. But this is
no argument against the policy we advocate
in view of the fact that every session of Con
gress adds to the mourn. us appropriations of
land in the new State, for railroad, educa
tional, and other purposes. Democrat ora
tor, and writers will tell us that they are the
protectors of the public lands. , Protectors,
indeed.' "Such protection as vultures give
tu Innibs covering and devouring theui!"
Instead of guarding they have squandered
1,-1,1 in the most unexamined manner.
Thev have L'ivea awav. milli'.ns upon mill
ions of acre "f lap .Is to thu new Slates fo
r.iilioad purposes fifty millions of acre
swamp lands, besides sixty millions for ed
ucatlonal purposes in these States, while
Tennessee, its well as other old Stales, ha:
been struggling under heavy taxation in
vi.h. i.tlciiuit to' develops her resources and
educate her children.'
The following statement in brief showi
the manner iu w hich these lands have been
protected by democracy party whiil
preaches, or has preached, the doctrine that
the public lands should be reserved for rev
13 J, 00,000 acres sold, money gone to Treas.
11,000,000 " to internal improvements,
41,000,000 " to R. (touds by hist Congress,
66,0U0,000 " to Schools and Universities,
60,000,000 " Swamp lands to Slates.
45.00U " to Astlums.
280,000 44 to (yuuipaiiie and individuals
These two hundred million acres have
been eiven sway to the new Stales, ar.d only
one hundred and thirty-two million sold! '
In sll this the old fr'Utes have derived no
benefit, and democracy has been prating of
protecting the public lauds! . 1 such a par
tial unjust system, os a cotemporarv pert!
nmillv iwim.irpa. to Ita for sver keut lioT
j 1 , -- -
There are left in the State and Territories
one thousand million of public land unsold,
These, funds are doubtless worth iu the ag
gregate a thousand million of dollars, at
'east. Divided according to thu representa
tion in Congress among the several Stales
this would give for every representative some
four or five, and perh.ips six or eight million
dollars. Thus Tennessee would receive
some fifty or sixty millions which expended
judiciously, upon a wide and extended sys
tem, of improvements would be of incalcula
ble benefit to our Sl.ilc; and, besides com
pletlng a vast system of improvements
would afford a fund whose income would
.import a system of free public instruction,
and thus the means of education would be
placed within the reach of all, and become
as free as the elements we use,
H' have examples before us of a few of
the beneficent effects which such a distribu
tion would produce. It will be recollected
Dial both Indiana and Illinois were, a few
yeais since, so grievously oppressed with the
burden of s public debt and consequent tax
ation, that they were on the verge of repu
diation. But Congress by a prodigal gift of
land has enabled these States to complete sj
system of public improvements, the revenue
of which, hits already nearly or quite liqui
dated their debts, and it is thought they will
hereafter afford a revenue amply sufficient to
support the government and a system of free
schools snd thus entirely relieve the people
of those Suites of the burden of direct tax
atien. VST We stated s Tew days ago that Col.
J. W. Forney had returned to the editoria1
chair in the Pennsylvania olliee. It is now
said thul he has changed his intentions, and
that he will receive the mission to Brussels
or the Hague.
-ffA correspondent of the Chicago De
mocratic Tress, writing from Lnwience, says:
Our free State capitalists and speculators
are beiug invited to participate in most of Ihe
pro-slavery towns. Some of these towns
have been purchased and are mostly in the
h inds ...id under Ihe control of tree Slate
tnen. Near'y every town on the Missouri
river is or soon will be in free State hand.
Yankee enterprise aud capital have come to
a good mark tl.
-fOne of our exchanges announces that
a Mr. While, living in Venice, Pa., was le
cently murdered in his own bed by some one
who wished to get his money. The editor
adds that, "luckily Mr. White had deposited
his money in bank the day before." Mr,
While lost nothing but his life!
Mrs. Elwins Campbell, who had bcSh mnr.
ried only ten mouths, poisoned herself in
New York city on Tuesday because her hus.
band spoke roughly to her. She survived
only twenty minutes after taking the fearful
draught. ,
Dr. Benj. llrandeth, of New York, nfiers to
be one of ten or twenty persons to donate
81,000 each, for any information thnt will
lesd to the conviction of the murderers of
Dr. Burdell.
The plantation and negroes belonging to
tlie estate of the late Andrew Hodge, was put
up at auction at New Orleans on Ihe Stli inst.
and knocked downed at 8'J25,000. It was
considered a great purchase.
Revival. The Daily American, Atlanta,
says an interesting revival is going oo in the
Methodist Church at that rlsoe, I
CakeratsUarial Caarass Appoint
nteats far Speaking.
Csnvtea Monday
Huntingdon Tuesday ,
Trenton Wednesday .
Hrowuevill Thursday .... .
Covingtou Friday
.Memplns Halurdmy..... .
eumervUie Tuesday
Ilohvsr Wednesday...
J at k sou Thursday... .
Pordy Saturday
Savannah Monday
Waynesboro Tuesday
Lawiencetmrg Wednesday ...
Pulaski. Thursday
Payellevill. Saturday
Winchester Monday
Jasper Weduesday ...
Chattanooga ........ ....Thursday.....
Cleveland Fridi.y
Athene Saturday
Mudisonville Monday...... .
Maryriila Tuesday
Kunxville Wednesday ...
Bevierville Thursday
landridrs Friday
Newport Saturday
Ureeuevule Munday
Jonesbnro Tuesday
Klisabethton Wednesday .. .
Blountville Thursday .....
Klngsport Friday
kogrrsville Saturday
Beau's Station Monday
Taaewell Tuesday
Jacksboro Thursday
Clinton Friday
Kingston Saturday
Sparta Monday
Covfcevillfl Tuesday
Livingston Wednesday . . .
Gainsboro'...... Thursday
Carthage Saturday
Lebanon Monday
Uallalin Tuesday
Nashville Wednesday ...
Mnrfreesboro' Thursday
Hhelhyellle Friday
MiMinnville Saturday
Frauklin Monday
Columbia .....Tuesday
Pprlnirfleld Thursday
Clarkiville Saturday ,
Charlotte Mouday
...May IS
... r
.. 117
... -
... " So
...Jons I
... "
... "
... 8
... "
... " 10
... " 11
... 1
... " 1
... " 1
... " 1
... " I"
. .. "
... " w
... " a
... "
... "
... "
... " i
... t
" 8
" 4
" 8
u 19
" 11
" IS
" H
u it
" S
" v
" 27
' Sll
Aug. 1
" 8
The undersigned, candidates tor Governor, bare
agreed upon tlx above list of appointments for the en
suing canvass. They would have been glad to be able
to ris.t all the counties, but the shortness of the tlrat
rendered it Impossible. IftlAM O. HARRIS,
Nashville, May 12th, 185T.
For the Foil.
It has been truly said that there is a perl
od in the life of man when a sense of love
for music is first awakened in his soul, sn
infancy, no duubt, germinates the elementary
requirements of a musical taste; but as a
art, ss a power existing within us musie be
comes, unquestionably, a sense of riper age.
Musio is certainly the best utterance of
too full heart. It is the interpreter of our
jot the gentlest comfort in our every grief.
The cherubim of heaven taught the children
of men to endow their feelings with its voice,
nut therefore does it so powerfully enter
into our souls. But in order, to make th
heart susceptible of this divine gift, music
must be known ss an art.
Now, when we consider that musie has
been defined ss a "tie entwined by Love snd
dropped by Mercy to connect mankind," it
well becomes us to inquire into ths kind of
ninsio whose character is thu. to set upon
tl,. fvolimrs of men. And when we uave
fully resolved the question, we find that
stringed instruments, breathing forth the
ideas of those famous masters of yore, are
most assuredly the best adapted expressions
of the above named lofty sentiment.
The violin is ths mother of instruments,
and is, therefore, especially capable of yield
ing to a multitude of incompatible shades of
coloring. It possesses power, ease, sweetness,
sad as well ss joyful expressions, imagination
aud passion. It only depends upon s correct
understanding to make it spevk, and in th
hands of a skilful performer it is capable of
making us comprehend the poet, who said
" Music's son breath fulls on the quivering light ;
The fire Is kindled, snd the Same is bright ;
And that cold mass, by either power assailed,
Is wanned, is melted, snd to heaven eihaled."
O Naturs! thow are bountiful I
The lap of see rese Is full
t'p to the Orimm I
That's sew I .
For ml part.o OoddissI
I'm great full I.
I'm in x-t-see I .
Go It, you old provider!
For all the Wakts of
Man Kind I
C S lit that u dnt
Fail to Konnect I
Foot in the Biggest kind of
Licks 1
Shell out Korn
' Likewise potalows I '
Give us fits on Turni I
lU the Karth lie Jnice I
Let the 1'Kol'LX B (lia.ld
ir not()l.Al.UKBIt
A n4 erne 4f A.
Lett Bhang Hays B plenty Full)
Multiply Chit-a Oongs I
l'ros I'rr Ban Turns
Go Inn for Dorr Kings I
lm Prove Poultry Generally!
Par Tick U Larly Terriers I
Give ut utnt premium" 1
Kant I' f
Now! see of Imagination snd highfalutln, come, do
accept thu tributes! Ilamupiurenrts in tacts.
Iff "You make that child look like a
fool, wife, with all that toggery on him,"
said Mr. Fagg, angrily, as 'they were starting
nut for a walk, "Dear me," snid Mrs. Par
linjjton, meeting them at the door, " hat a
doll of a baby, Rnd how much he resembles
his pnpa!" Mr. Fagg coughed, and then
passed on. '
Blessed are the young fellows thnt have
no cms to claim ineir nuenunn, lor tney
can get to bed early auntlay nights.
Hens disappear very rapidly in Hartford,
by a disease which they denominate the "grab
disease. Many roosters have been desolate
in a single night. It is said to be catching.
One firm in Cincinnati has shipped to the
western territories one hundred and fifty
ready made houses. They are of the cot
tage style, transported in pieces, but can be
put up ready for occupancy in a little over
half an hour.
The Emperor and Bmiiress of France are
aid to have become thorough converts to
Br. n'Une's Celebrated Liver Pill
In Texas.
TsAVis co Txs, June U, 1S4.
Messrs. Fleming Bros- Pittsburgh, Pa. Gentlemen:
This Is to certify that my mother has been subject to
periodical attacks or headache for s great many years;
all ths usual remeples failing to give relief, one of your
pamphlets accidentally tailing iuto her hands, sue at
ones determined to try Dr. M'Une'a Celebrated Liver
Pills, nrcnared by you and Immediately procured a
box, from the use of which she received great benefit,
and so lung ss she coutlnued to uss them was enllrely
We have now been In Travis eo Texas, for the last
four years, and not being able to procure these valuabls
Pills, her attacks of sick head-ache have again return
edfor soma tints back has been gradually gelling
wurse and has determined me to send to ymi for a
few boxes of Dr. M'Lsne's Celebrated Mver Pills. I
herewith enclose you one dollar, for which you will
pleas send me Pills per return mail. Address Austin,
I think you would do well tn establish sn sgency In
Austin; the Pills ars well known here, snd would meet
with ready sale. Mtasnrra W. Ilssav.
tF Purchasers will be careful tnak for fr. Jf7.'l's
CrUhratnt l.irr I'illt, manufactured by Flssito Bans,
of Pittsburg, Pa. There ars other Pills purporting la
be Lirtr Pills, now before the publln. Ut. M'Lane's
genulns Liver Pills, also his celebrated Vermifuge, can
now be bad al all respectable l)ruy mores. JVihi den
wiaxscKAoullAssiisiifujo (4) Ftsiss Bwsj.
Al his residence, nesr Pine drove Church, MrMInn
county, si 6 o'clock on Mouday morning, the 13th Inst.,
sflor a short Illness, of pneumonia. Rev. Joss Hotl. s
nstlv of Ru.hrrford county, North Csrollna, aged hi
years, lie na ss ne naq uvea caira son comimseti.
Ilk a christian philosopher, al pesc with lbs world
and his uod. N-
In Swestwster, on Tuesdsy morning. May 19th, of
pneumonia, si" an Illness or ons week, sirs. B.ail
.., wife nf John II PIcsM. Ths deceased was bora
lbs fth of Pecsmbsr, 1898, being is hsr Mia yssr.
V Ssi Xtaast papers rtsase yj
While Tee. h.rerfnmerl Brralh.aud
BttcrirrL Compuxios can be acquired by uaine the
' Zitit of a Thvumtnd r sowers." v. hat lady or (en
tleioan would remain ander Ihe curse of a disaaTtva
ble breath, when by oin the"BiLM or a ThuCSssb
FuWKhflH as a denlifrt . would not only render it
sweet, but leave the teeth white as slaoaater f Many
persons do not ktirw tiieir breath is bad, and the sub
jwl is so delicate their friends will never mention it.
tlswars of counterfeits. He sure eacn Bottle Is strned
FLTfUlHi E S CO., A 1
For sale by all Drug-fists. Feb. 7-ly-eow-440
Atlanta Market.
ATL1STS. K:iV 19.
Below please find statement of prices current with as
to-day :
BACoff.hoe round, 14c; clear sieVs 15c: rib sides 14.Vc;
hams ltc; l,.uUrs H:. Ltan.in hols. 17c; tincaus
lc. Tslxow I J.Wc. Fu,ca,8,T5 f 4 hundred in
bbs. or sacks, for rood superfine and sstrs family.
loss, sacseo, rac & f t.
Very respectfully, EKAfiO. ABBOTT k CO.,
CVf imissioa MtnKanU, Atlanta, Ga
Aagusla Market.
Augusts, May 19.
1 hand yott herewith statement of our Produce war
Bacos, hog round 1-1 IS Yc, with llrl.t stock, and
upward teoileacy; sides 14 Si 14Xc and scarce; hams
a 18c: shoulders IS QL 13'-. Lsau 17 tf lsc
C"K tl ft l.loc. Oats 65 d 70c. Htik r Pss l,i0
& 1,do. Whkat, none In market. Flous, s. Q tjtnlor
suiK.-rltne. and 7A0 (fr. -,.2S for extra lamlly. kath
sas 49 (it (x. Blttks ti & tie. Kuus 1b ib ioc. No
change iu other goods.
(fours, very truly,
J. A. ANSl.F.r,
OnmmUtion and Product Mrrrhnnt.
CJIIF.KT Ilt. large lot of American and
3 lluian Sheet Iron just received ana lor sine ny
lny ti tiKO. W. KO.-i6.
A. 1 1 3 r n o y . t Ija w
lliwauct topper Miuev,
J'olk counts, Tenn.,
irHX attend allthe Courts of the Third Judicial
v v
may ly 4ii
Farm for Sale.
rTSJIK subscriber offers for sale her FARM, situated
1 1 V, miles from Alliens, on the old road lesiling to
Philadelphia, and in the immedixte vicinily of Forest
Hill, containing XOO -VorOl, more or
lens about SA acres under cultivation. There are
about 1'2 acres ol splendid meadow I. nd, a portion of
which is well set in grass all well jrnuri-il. 1 here is a
comfortable Dwelling House, two neat Brick Cottages,
a-ood Brick Kitchen, and all necessary outhouses.
There Is s young Apple Orchard of the best variety of
fruit, anil a Peach orchard.
If the above property Is not previously disposed of.
It will be sold at public sale, at the Court-house, in
Alliens. on theftl Monday of August next. Terms tnade
known on dnv of si.lc. MAItY E. P. L1DIC
May t-i, 1-47-td-tH
Maryland Stale Lotteries for '57.
lictntrd Agtnt,
Ars authorised by the Managers to fill all orders for
Packages, Tickets or Shares, in the
.tl.f It vui. -i l-O rVKlliKS.
These Lotteries are drawn In public in the city of
Baltimore, under the superintenneuce 01 tne
Male Loners- oiiiiiiiioner,
Who s-uarmtees the fairness of the Drawings, snd the
nHl -ial drawn numbers are published In the Journals of
the city of Baltimore, witu nis ceriincate oearing nis
signature. t .. . .
All PrU" art Gnaran1(1 bi th Stuff.
Splendid Schemes Drawing Daily.
Bend your Orders to
The Old Established Authorised Agents who have sold
MOHK PRIZES Uian any other office in the gtate of
Maryland. s v
Pataptco Institute Lo'tery.
This favorite Lottery Is drawn dally. The Capital
Prises are tft.nuo, 7,1 sll, 6,000, SHi, Ac. Single Tick
els, One Dollar.
CfrtiJtcaUt of Pactagft :
i Whole Tickets i1,00
in Half Tickets
2d Quarter Tickets 4,00
Nothing Venture Nothing Gain.
Tickets Vnght by the Package are alWiys the most
profitable to the purchasers.
For -'f we send package Wholes, Halves and Quarters.
For IK) we send package Halves and i Whole Tikets.
For 15 we send package Quarters and 1 Whole Ticket.
Look at the following
Snhiirifrt Afi'Mlf;,
Ons of which are drawn at 12 o'clock each day of the
7,(MH) is
1 Price of....
1 Prise of....
8 Prises of...
4 Prises of...
4 Prises of...
i07 Prises of...
1H2 Prises of;..
,vi Prises of...
4 IM Prises of...
.. 1.H4I
... 8.IHHI
... l.tXHt
... 4nl
... 4 140
... l.'.'il
... 644
... MM
1.1U1 IS
1,4MMI are...
4N. are...
lis. are...
80 are...
10 are...
4 are...
X are...'
1 are...
iA.74o Prises of...
Prises, amounting to
Pokomokc Lottery.
CAPITAL I'llIZE 824.U0U. .
Crrtytcat qf J'aekttg ft:
S Whole Tickets
.... 411
.... 2U
.... 10
.. lx.lMHI
... 1H.IHMI
.. 18,17
Hi Half Tickets....
'26 Quarter Tickets.
SU Eighth Tickets. .
1 Prise of
...S'-'l.ixsl is
.. XJHKI are. .. .
.. 8,ll are... .
.. StHlare....
ion are....
6 Prises of
6 Prises of
20 Prises of
xo Prises of .....
20 Prises of
SO Prises of
17 Prises of
(W Prises of
68 Prises of
64 Prises of
ft) Prises of
8.9u6 Prises of
.. 8.ISKI
.. 6.000
.. 4.
., 12.7.HI
Ml are....
40 are....
8t. are....
o are... .
10 are....
6 sre....
.. 8.1n0
.. 2-V20
.. 1.S90
.. 1.21
. 8K.IIO0
2S,4i Prises of
27,814 Prises, making
TICKets f)o Biisres in rrojwrtiun.
&30.000 !
Maryland Consolidated Loticry,
rvr me uruins s n
1 Prise of
1 Prise of
1 Prise of
1 Prise sf....
.Sn.ikHI Ibillsrs Is S.T0.IW)
..11...NN1 Dollsrs is.
lu mm
.. 5.ISM. Ilnllars is. ...
.. R.y Q Dollars Is....
.. l.iss. Hollars srs..
oilO Dollars ars . .
St. Dollars srs ...
.. gisl Dollars are ..
,, inn Dollars ara ..
(( 8i. Dollars are . .
an Dollars ars . .
.. 4n Dollars ars . .
20 Dollars ars..
10 Dollars srs ..
,. f,HN
. ,i.7
.. 12,:hsj
.. 7sl
.. ls.as.
f-tT"lis. Prises of..
prises or ... ,
2.1 Prises of ....
6i Prises of ....
64 Prises of ... .
1.1-2 Prises of...,
lHi Prises of ....
ISi Prises of....
,. S.Osi
,. In Win
.. T.irill
.. .)
g.MH Prises of ....
2&,74i. Prises of...,
Prises, amounting to
Ofrtiflctttf of rarKiigtt:
28 Whole Tickets I1S1.S0
21) Half Tickets M.l
2 Quarler Tickets
StiKighlh Tickets lo.OO
Tickets 1 10 Shares in Proportion.
TC. inv.rlMhlv answer letters by return mall, enclne-
ne tha tickets il. a good safe envelope, aud always ob
serve the strictest confidence. Ahr the drawing Is
over, ws send the official drawing, with a writter ex
planation of Ihe result of the venture. All Prises
bought at this nfOcs srs payable Immediately after the
drawing In Current Money, and we lake Bxnk Notes
of sny Htste, or llank Drafts In payment for Tickets at
par. For odd amounts in mauiug cnanse receive
postage stamps, they being more convenient than silver.
Correspondents may place the utmost oonfhtcnce in ths
regularity and safety of the malls, as very few or no
miscarriages of money happen when properly directed
to us. Be careful that you mention your Post Office,
Cnnntv and Stale. Cive us at least ons single trial.
you cannot lose much, if not gain. Ons single trial
may make you Independent for life. THU US. Thsrs
should b no such word as fail. Address
VlPltltin m v-
Box 190 Post Omce, llaltlmors, M,t.
Orders for tickets in sny of the Maryland Lotteries
promptly sltended lo. Circulars containing a nil ot
il the Lotteries lor tne niouiu, ir' r" .. .
tion. "ay "
mf. I I.I. V II l;il'l'i! One or two journeymen
ifl UMlwrlirliU- of steadv habits, can find employ.
mem hy appiving immediately I. Uis undersigned, st
his mill In Alliens. k. OLLAUK.
Msy 15-tM.M
k.. O. np DHBON,
ut r.ss.iwt,)
atignriCTi-asas asd wsolssal. nssLsas is
Boots and shoos,
No. 16 Coartland street, (near Drosdway,)
suits s. wsssog, I HEW i ' ;
Msy li-ly'-lM
banccrr 'url sst llkwUlo Aeon.
William B. Swatford,
Joha T. twalford, ft al.
fT appearing from ths allegations of las romplaln.
.mi', nrleimil hill that I ha defendant .John T. Swaf-
.r.i is e..i,l.nt of ihe Diiii of Missouri, it is there
fore ordered that publication bs mads la Itis Athens
Post, requiring Ihs said defendant to appear at ths
nest term of the Chancery Court, lo bs held al Piks
in. hu.MM,,i.T,iin un the third Monday of
lepiemher neat, then and thors, on oslh, K snswer ths
complainant's aineuded bill, or ths same will be taken
fsr souleased ana sst lor hearing espan. j-
8. 0. NOKWUUU.iasi m.
Hj li lW-irri fn Iw-s&i
"1ASbe obtained from ths undersigned, on good
.y papr, at a reasonav.v wacount.
May 16-om-4il
New Establishment!
nATISQ again gone Into Ihe Mercantile business,
would re. ect fully announce to the public that hs
is now receiving and openings spieuaui sloes, 01
SPltlCi AMI Sl l'ltlt GMDS!
In the Store Room on the East side ofthePuhlio Sonars
formerly occupied by f . it. sieiin 1,0., and to wbicb
be invites atteuticn.
Tne Ucoda ara ALL NEW snd ths stock eomrdcte,
comprising a general assortment of every description
of tioods usually brought to this market, which were
purchaased iu the Northern cities on very favorable
terms, which enables him to offer great in duceuiema
to purchasers,
(live him a call and examine nis assortment, and hs
will use his utmost endeavors to sUI you as good bar
gains as can be bought atauy outer bouse iu towu.
Athens, May 15-tf-4M
A. ttornoy t Iji xv.
ladiosi-ille, Tenn..
WILL practice In ths Courts of Monroe, McMinn,
Blount and Polk. (may 15-tf-tM
National Police tiizette.
Filing great Journal of Crime snd Criminals Is In Its
M. Twellth Year, and is widely circulated throughout
the country. It contain' all the great Trials, Criminal
Cases, and appropriate Editorials on the same, together
with Information on Lr.micai Matters, not to be luuud
In anv other newspaper.
fuhscriptions, Si per annum; ftl for six months, Id
be remitted by subscribers, (who should write their
names and the town, couiu r-iaie wnere tney re-
reside, plainly.) m n a. rr.t mol K,
Editor A Proprietor of the National Police (inaette, '
may 8-tf New York City
Land Sale. . ,
Jh the Count. Court of Meigt eoitntv. Tenn.
John Waiusuk, Aiiio'r of Joseph YVaiuack,
Jolm George and wife, snd the other distribu
tees of Joseph smack, dee d.
TN ol.ed.ence to an old'r and decree of the
1 County Court of Meii;a eoutitjr, Tennessee,
in this cause, at the May term, 1897, of said
Court. 1 will sell to the bieliest l.idjer, on
ihe premises, on Ssturdav, the 27th day of
June next, on s credit ui one ami two years,
exeept the sum of seven. ytive dollars, which
will be required to be paid oo the day of sale,
the followins; described LANDS mentioned
ifl the pleadings, of which the said Joseph
WaiiiHck, died, .eixed snd possessed of, to
wit: Situated in the fourts fractional town
ship, third i sul'p, West of the meridian line,
in the mm section, aim me ioriii-east, anu
North-west quarters of said section, begin-
ini; on Hie North-east corner on the top of
the McMinn Ilidire, at a corner made between
the said Joseph Wamack and Thomas U. Bon
ncr, on a post-oak and hickory tree; thence
west with a marked line to a stake; thence
South. 144 poles to a stake; thence East with
the dividing line of said section to tne topoi
the McMinn Itult'e to a stake marked out by
the snid Joseph Wamack and John 0. Oeorv;
thence North with the meanders of the Jilo-
Minn Hidire to the beginning corner con
taining 216 acres. Note with approved secu
rity will be required for purchase money, and
lieu retained upon the Land uti.il all is paid.
JAMliS A. miVYSUl, t'ier.
l'er X. J. Lillabd, 1). C.
May 6, 1857-td-prs fee 9-4Sl
Land for Sale.
rr,IIR undersigned offers for sale a valuable
L TRACT OK LAND, containing 560 acres
180 acres in cultivation, and about 80 of
that freh Land, with about 100 acres of good
upland to clear an lying wen, ana plenty
of good timber. Cleared Land all undergood
fence. There is on the premises a first rate
bold running Spring, convenient to the house;
a good framed Dwelling House aud Kitchen.
A good outlet fur stock. The Karin is situated
in a healthy section of country, five milts
West of Tellioo Plains, aud one mile North ol
Edward Lee's Store, Monroe eouuty, Tenn.
I will sell a bargain
Monroe eo., May 8, 1857-tf-450
Valuable Farm foi Sale.
"MIE subscriber wishes to sell hi. FARM
ACRES about 150 of which are well tin
proved, the balance is well timbered. It is
situated about three miles North west of
Uiceville Depot, McMinn county, and is well
wittered. There is a good Dwelling House
on .he premises. Kitchen, good Double Iiitrn
snd s first rate Orchard in fact, it is one ol
the mobt. desirable Farm, iu the country, as
there is no more uealtliy location anywhere,
Persons wishing to purchase are requested to
call and look at the Lands aud improvements.
fy As the subscriber intends moving to
ihe West, if he does no Sell before the Isf
rfd.i of Anijiut nfxt, he will on that day offer
the above t Alt.U af. public sale, on the prem
ises, to tue nigliesl Didder.
McMinn county, April U, 18.V?-td-448
Ij O O K I
Behold and Wondorl
flHK snliscriber. wotiM respectfully an
L nonnce to all the worl.l, that they are
now receiving Irotn i orK snd 1 lnlailel
phis, one of the lartrest, best selecUJ, aud
most fashionable sIocks ol
Spring and Summer Goods !
ever offered in this market. Having made
their purol ases with great care, snd upon the
best terms, they feel sntisned that tliey can
sell Goods ss low as they ran he bought in
hast TeiiO'-ssee. 1 heir motto is, to sell Good
CHEAT, and make money by sellinu the more
of tuem. Thev will keep constantly on hand
every thititt that is usually kept, and more
too. Their stocic consists, in part, or
soch ss Silks, Bersifes, Brilliants, Lawns, Jae
onets, Muslins, Ginghams, Swiss Mull, Dotted
Swiss. Black .Silks, Argentines, Print, of sll
prices snd styles, Lsdies Crinolines snd Hrsss
lioons, new styles, L.ces, Kiblx.ns, Dress1
Trimmings, Collars, Bonnets, new snd beau
tiful. Misses Huts and Gipsies, Houchee;
Hats of all kinds Leghorn, Straw, Fur
rfnd Saxony; Cloths, Cassnuers, Cottonades,
Farmer Drills, Bleached and Brown Dome,
tics, all widths; Tickings, Italian Cloth., Hub
it Cloth, Yestings, ,
something new, Grsss snd Silk Coat., Mar
seil les and Satin Vests. Ao.
Hardware and Cutlery, Guns,Spades, Sliov,
els, Forks snd Axes. Also, the best Scythe
til sites in Ameries; uueensware, (. tuna ami
Glssswsre, sll kinds; Books snd Stationery.
A large stock of Gold Jewelry, such a.
Bresst l ins, har Drops, Kings, 4c, st low
We ssk too to eome snd see otir Goods.
snd we feel .tire ion will say they are cheap
and buy them. W. G. IllMlTOJJ 4 CO.
April 17
HICn 8CHK.HK8 .rT.tl', 1857.
It. FltANCE Si CO., Managers.
Grand ton vol id' I'd Lottery of Md.
Havana Flan!
To b drawn In Baltimore, Md., Saturday, May 30,1957.
Capital Prises. Approximation Prises.
llVixeof tSS.OOO 4 of (4110
1 1U.OUU 4 of 801)
1 " rJ,iOO 4 of 850
1 " 4,MK) . ,
J 4,000 8 of 800
! :: ISo 'i-
! :: i:H f
" N ,,6()0 8 of HQ
1 1,61 H)
J 1,4 OO or 80
1 " 1.240 . ,
1.141) 8of 70
20 " 800 10 of 00
SO " tOO ' 80 of 60
40 4(H) ISO of 40
106 800 420 of it
l.Ooo rriies, smountinn to (I8U.600
WKnU TUttt 10-u'MS $5- QwtrUr
Please address all orders for Tickets In ths above
magnificent schemes, in T. II. HUBBARD a CO..
Me. (t Fayttts s., tism Ko. n,
0 lw-lx- frtHmr, MS.
Swan & Co's Lotteries !
Capital Prize $50 000!
Owtna- to ihe ereat favor with which ear Single Num
ber Lotteries have been received by the public, and ths
Urge demand for Ticketa, the Jianagcrs.8. Swis A Co.,
will have a drawing each Saturtlay throughout ths year.
The following Scheme will be drawn iu each Of their
Lotteries for slay, isi.
' CLAM 84,
To bs drawn tn the city of A Hants, Georgia, In public,
on as turd sy, stay sn, isot.
To b drawn in the city of Atlanta. fSa., In public, on
baturdav, stay vui, imi.
Tobs drawn in the city sf Atlanta, fleorrls, In public,
en Saturday, May tutn, isot.
To be drawn In Ihe city of Atlanta, Georgia, In public,
on Saturday, m ly
To be drawn In the city of Atlanta, Georgia, In public.
on Saturday, May smh, 1 tOi , on the plan of
Single Numbers!
U,UUU jf riaesii
Mar than On Feb fo Svfrf Trn Ticket I
Tu be drawn each Saturday lu May I
1 Prise of jO.OOOIs SM.000
1 do l.OOOii xenon
1 do lO.OOOis . . lu.iHHI
1 d 10.000 I...... Iii.ohi
1 do 5.00ls 6.I1KI
1 do A.OOOIs A.imo
1 do o.OOOI. (t.KHl
1 ds g.aOMfs Shj
1 do 2,tMI Is ,mk)
1 do g.0 Is t,Mu)
1 do 2.6lis t-,M
1 do 2,5Mla iaiA
1 do 2..'.OtHs JAM
1 do LOOIIIi I.ismi
1 do 1 .OO'tls IJIHto
1 ds I.OO'lls l.nilo
1 do l.OOIlis l.MN.
1 do 1 ,( Is I.isifl
10. do lare Kl.atMl
lis) do AO are 6,000
Appro iinnllnn ITItp.
4 prlicsol gJ1iipproiimalngtoMi,no(i are. .f Wn
4 do 16) approximating to Sil.lKst sre.. 54ft
8 do 80 approximating to lfl.oouare.. (Un
'i do ftO approximating to ft.oimara Ann
24 do SO approximating to S.aOD are 720
! do (.1 aimroximsting to 1.000 are MO
8,000 do SO .re tn.mto
3,200 Prises, aieountlngto S204.OOO
HTiole TlckrU VOalrrtQuartf rt S.
rnn oi riti: i.arri nr.
The numbers from 1 to SO.OOO, corresponding with
those numbers on the Tickets, printed on separate
slips of paper, are encircled in small tin tubes and
placed in one wheel. The first 81s Prises, similarly
printed and encircled, are placed In snolhcr wheel.
The wheels sre then revolved, and a number Is drswn
from the wheel of numbers, snd st the same lime a
Prise is druwn from the other wheel. The number and
Prise drawn out are opened -ind exhibited to the audi
ence, and registered by the Cnmmissnners; Ihe Prise
being plsced against the nnmberdrswn. This opera'
tion Is repeated until nil the Prises sre drawn out.
ArpnnxiVATinK Phikrs. The two preceding and the
two succeeding numbers to those drawing the first 19
Prises will be emitted to the 72 Approximation Prises,
aocorrims to the scheme.
The8.l)lHI Prises of Sill will he determine! bvthelast
ngnreor Ihe number which draws the SVi.ihhi. For ex
ample. If the number dmwlng the t,50,ll0 Prise ends
with No. 1, then sll the Tickets where the number en,
wltht will be entitled tn .20 If the number ends with
No. 2. then sll the Tickets where the number ends with
i will he entitled to Sri", and sn on.
fvrtitmtf of Partaae will be sold st the following
raies. wincn is tne risg :
Oertiflcateof Packageof 10 WholeTlckets ISO
in nan s.
" o 10 Quarter ' SO
" 10 Eighth " 10
In Ordering" Tickets or Ccrl Iflralea,
Rclose the monev to our address for the Tickets or
dered, on receipt of which they will be forwarded by
first mail. Purchasers can have Tickets ending in any
figure they may designate.
The list of Prawn Numbers and Prises will bs sent
to purchasers immediately after Ihe drawing.
Purchasers will please a'rite tneir signature? plain
snd rive their rust uince, county ana piste.
f?7 Remember that every prise is drawn, and psy
able In full wllhnut deduction.
ry All Prisfsorsi.nouand under. paid tmmrdisto
ly after the, (rawing other Priseeat the usual time of
thirty days.
A 11 communications strictly connneniiai.
Address orders for Tickets or Certificates to
8. SWAN k CO., Atlanta. Ga.
June -1y-402 8. SWAN, Montgomery, Ala.
A list of the numbers that are drawn from the
heel, with the amount of the prise that each is enti
tled to, will be published after every drawing. In the
following papers: New Orleans Delta, Mobile Register,
Csarlestnn Standard, Nashville Guaet'e, Atlanta In
telKenctr, New York Weekly Duy Book, and 8avan
nal. Morning News.
Charleston & Snvannoli to Knoxvllle,
Cat Tennessee V litorgta Hail a
First Clan.
Piano Fortes, Books, Stationery, Boots,
Shoes snd Hats, Liquor. Oils, te. (in
bottles,) Camphene and Spirit. Turpen
tine (in barrels,) Carpeting, ChintV,Glas.
and UlasBware, Cigars (io cases,) Clucks,
Confectionaries, Cotton Card", Cutlery
(in cases,) Casks and Boxes, Dry Good,
(in boxes and baits.,) Drugs, Fruits, Fruit
Trees and Shrnbberv, Furs, Garden Seeds,
Lni.kiug Glasses and Looking Glass Plate,
(at owner's risk,) Oyster, (in cans snd
jars,) Saddlery, Tin and Brittania Ware,
Tea. and Spices, Georgia aud South Car
olina Domestics, . .- . per 100 lbs., (1,15
oceond Clan.
Hardware, except such a. specified in
first and third classes, Coffee Mill., Ma
chinery. Foreign Liquors (in barrels snd
pipes,) Tobacco (in boxes.) Leather (in
rolls and boxes,) Oils (in barrels snd
cssks,)toekery andQueensware(in crates
and casks,) Kice, Whiting, Piaster, Sheet
Bias, snd Copper. . . per 100 lbs., l,00
intra Clan.
Axes, Shovels, Spsds, Sad Irons, Zino
and Tin in pigs, Tin Plate, Anvils, Vices,
Caeks of Chains snd Hoes, Manilla and
Cotton Cordage, Coffee, Heavy Castings,
Mill Gearing, Bail Road Wheels and
Axles, Chair, and Spikes, snd llosiu (in
barrels,) per 100 lbs., 80,80
bpfeial Ixale.
Furniture and Carriage, (boxed,) snd
other light article, not enumerated; also,
Carboy, nf Acidsor other Chemicals, will
be charged by actual weight but at double
first class rates, . . . per 100 lbs., $2,80
To insure safety from losses snd delays,
shippers must have every package plainly
marked with name of cousignee, destination
snd depot ol delivery.
The Depot, on this Road sre :
Fountain Hill, Sweetwster,
State Line, Philadelphia,
Cleveland, Loudon,
Charleston, Lenoir's,
P.icevills, Concord,
Athens, and
Monse Creek, Kooxville.
f 3f To commence 1st Msrch snd continue
to 1st June, 1857.
IL T. PF.AKE, Sup t So. Cs. Kailmsd
G KO. YOMiK, " ueorjjis
WM. M. WADLEY, " Central
F.. FOOTI-; " M. AW. -I.
M. SPULLOCK, ' W. A A. -R,
0. .1 ACKSOS, " E. T. 4 Gs. "
Feb. 24. 18V7-tlslj-440
Chancery Sale.
1)TJRSITANT to s decree of the Cluneery
Court st Kingston, msds at the April
term, 1857, in the c.uee, Johs . Harrison.
AJnfr, Se., sisainsl James r. Harrison anu
.. -,i . . L . i. r .
Kaat Tennessee it Georifis Hsil lload Co., in
the town of Loudon snd eountyof Kosne. on
Krtday. th. l,h dav of June 1857. to sell at
public .ale, to the highest bidder, on s eredit
,.f twelve and eiuhteen nionlhs, (except the
sum of ten per eent. on the amount bid, whim
- .
.reqtlireovo i.e paiu .nwn . in. i....w ui
isle.) the NEQUO SLAVICS mentioned in the
.,l...li. nf sa III cause, be nnifinar to the es
tate ol jonn Harrison, urou, v,a;-i.,oa,
V.ll, Minty.Judy. Jinnv. Mary Jsns, Msnilly,
Jim, J'eter, Msrlha, Silvey, Green, Ameries,
and Daniel. lioud. with approved .eonrity,
besrinl interest from date, will be reeiuirtd
of the purchasers. Hale between the hours
of li snd 1 o'clock t. M., oa th day sbov
my, 18117 -td-prfe 7-40
Hiwassee College,
nesres c. Tesa.
sritTTjATlOM. IS tns country, ,w ,o- irons mani
rsCULVV aev. f. . si.Hiirr, M. as.,
Pres't: Samt S. Hoak, A -.Vi'lf 7'
Tu tion .111. ie,irs sijw wti. soiumeain
Libraries 1100. Students las! year liMt. Urge new
Boardlnf Hoass going up. f aU sssslon will begin Kep-
stabsTl. uiay 1-M-wwJ ..r. agi.tsKf.
' Premium Wheat Fans !
fmyUt subscriber would respectfully inform the farm.
I M. lug public and all olhers interested, that he still
eon'tnuee to uiauufacturs . I', i hsrkrr's as
proved Preminin s it rati w is si to via
stand in Philadelphia, Teno..wbere he will be happy to
wait upon his olj friends aud as aiauy new ones as iay
desire the machines. These Pans are an Improvement
upon the "I. T. Grant Pan," by Mr. Thurber, who was
Ihe inientor of the (iraot Kan. Thess tana have re
ceived Premiums where larse numbers were on exhibi
tion, in various Slates of the t'niou, to wit : In New
Vork, where there were over flfty competitors for Us
premium, snd In Ohio, where there wers thirty con
tending for ths same. Virginls, Pennsylvania, North
Carolina. and Ihe Middle Division of the State of Ten
nessee, have acknowledged she superiority of thess
Pans by awarding premiums, at their respective Fairs,
to the uronrietors. This Pan also look the premium al
Columbia. So. Ca., last Pall. In a word, they are aune-
rinr to anything aser be'nre oreare to tne pnnne. He
subjoins a'certiAcaie of aeveral renllemen ot Philadel
phia, well known to the people i f lswr Last Tennessee:
"This certifies that the nder.lgn4 timed and tried
N. L". Thurber's Premium Wheal an, and st:itc that il
cleaned one bushel per inlrntc, st para ting all filth to
such a degree of perfection tnai it cannoi vr rivaura ny
any Pan now in use; snd we recommend sll who stand
in need of such a machine to examine this, improved
tan before purchasing elsewhere. v. Jnsrs,
A. W. Coast.
His wagons, with Fsns. will travel lliroughoui lower
East Teuucases and optwr Georgia, during l he preseut
Spring and ensnlrg Summer. J COITUS.
Philadelphia, Tenn., April u, i-w,-ti-i.
iivvioi ronmxru
Roapingr and Mowing Machines,
M ilh Wood's Improremenl.
LOT of these superior labor saving Machines srs
now at Charleston, Tenn., wl,u-n farmers are re
quested to examine. One of the Machines may be seen
at Cleveland, M'iue Creek, snd Philadelphia. Order
earlv. and the Agent will come to your house snd put
the Machine up and warrant It to no ss well as recom,
mended, on a fair trial. J. F- MI'.K, r'SDrlesfna,
May vtf-4;al Agent for lower tt Tennessee.
I!. K. DODSOV. I). I).s.,
Bur.eou JJ outlat,
OIBce corner of Ocoee and Mesdow streets,
levrluudt Tenn.
Denial Material for sale. May g-tf-IM)
s. wn.i.Ars w. o. aosiiisos
Wallace & Robinson,
General Commission Merchants,
ixn rssLsss is
TENNEssKi: pitonijci;,
AllaulUo (Urrxiat
""7IM' Rtvp tiptfrinl ttntlnn to the ! of Bacon
V Isnr.l, Flour, Whisker, Tubarco, Ac. Conrti)(n
n.tntreIMteUullj' tulicitcd. i'rumpt attention i iven to
(lash onlcrn.
Afrenti for the tale of Stt.ro es k MarTin'i Fire-Prnnf
tafti. mar
vj i.r,wr,;
Jacob Mayer & Co.,
augrricvesess so wHrttmiis nsiiMta IS
' I( O T II I a I
Clothinir Wurehoutie, No. Vnrth Third itreet, .
(B-tem ArrJi and i'kt'rry,)
PIIII, li:Mlll A, IV4,
r !IR untltriifin'd cull lite attention of En ft fennel
I tee M'rih:tutA tn their Urfe and varied lock of
fftatf- jf ftf t't'ttthinn, mmle uit in th? Intent and
moat approved fashions, whirli cannot fail to give iat
i.tHCtluu to all trlio purLliae tln in.
Wk reirtctful,y aulk it a tltiironah examination of our
tock liy Mtrrchant viaSting I'liiladelphfa, before ninktttjr
thtirpurcha-ei. JACOH M AVKR A CO.
Feb 27-tf-44.,
John L. M. French & Co..
en s't.o;a, TK!..
march C-tl-441
zz a n u -w A.
o, ; .,
OFKKHB for sale, a large snd complete assortment
of Hardware, on the most reasonable terms.
iron ami Strol
Genuine Swedes Iron; ltt-st kYfined Iron; Common Fug.
lish Iron; Hammered Steel for IMows; Cast and Ucruiau
Smith? Tool.
Dellows: Anvils and Vises; Hammers; Screw Plates;
Tongs; shoeing Nils.
V.nfrrs' ITof, Ac.
grovil's Hoes; Collins' Hoes; Hindi's' Patent Hoes;
llrjidt'S Crown Hoes; Iron and Sleei Plows; Trace and
VY igon Chains; Plow II. lines and Lines; Shovuls; spades.
Mrclianic' Tmil.
Benrh Planes; Moul.ling Planes; Augurs aud Chisels;
Drawing Knives; bnws and Ailres; llracs and llitts;
During Machines; fMpmres, Ac, Ac.
Circular Siilr.
4Stof.2 nch Mill aw; V. Cut nws; Jlill Irons; Rub
ber and Hemp Ps.-llug; Uniting. Ae.
Ctlrriitfff Mtttrrifttf.
("pokes and Rims; Hub. and Slisris; Axles sni Springs;
Patent Uasb Leather; tnsnitliil Leather; Lining Iails,
Also, full stock of Building Hardware, Tanners Toots,
Housekceninv Hardware, Cirn Mills, Ao., Ao.
march i7-om-44
J. T. k WM. II. WOO i JUN,
(Sncfeortto M'ootUm A Uuttow.au
Commission Merchants
Cotton Arenue ItfACOX . .!.
ILLpny strirt atti'tition to nil connijmnientu from
y Norlhern Otfotjrin. and TtfiincMce. And if
nron.pl return! dt4erve :y credit' tliey hope
toflhftre a portion, at leant, of the public p.ntrmiflfre.
Lilernl adVHtices made on good in d tore, if deptrt-d.
jonx t. wtMrrnix t willum a. wVuuttox.
march iii-lt-44
(Late of Athu4 'Jenn.A
S. B. & J. I). ST0DD.1RD,
(Sucwuior U IF. Stoddard t)
Boots and Shoos,
Corner of Meeting snd Hsyne streets,
April 10-tf-4 18 ' 'ltnrletnn, S. T.
.Huron, tit.
rtllIlS House Is now open for Uis accommodation of
M. tne iravt-iiiiK puunc, auu p:iri.cuiariy lor inose
liavlns business to transact In Marnn, as It Is central.
: 11. r Hhinni,rrnrteitr.
march 87-tf-tM 11. t. UKNtitf, Superintenii't.
riowsj I X?loxsrfssI
Jl'PT received, an excellent tot new anil well assort
ed I'lows, tor sale r AI.KXiNUKIlSdKAM.b.
Cliarleston, Tenn., Feb s-tM47
Wano rl.
iirnevman Tinner, to
mTANTKI), a irood Journeyman Tinner, lo whom
constnnt emtiloynieul snd liberal wnires will be
(iven. Apply Imimilinlely. J. 0. CALHOUN.
Alliens, Tenn., April , i;.T-ir-44,i
Young Ladies School.
THE Sixth Cession of Mrs. Cooxr's School wilt com.
m.iiM nn M.itri.. tVl.rit.rv l.fli.
Terms ss berelufore. Tuition payable tn sdvance.
Teb ft-tf-sT
Hook N a ii -rATioF:itr.-Jst
eel veil, a larire sssortincnt of Hrhool Itooks, l'aper,
Harrison's Ink ami riuiil, Tens, I'em ils, Ar., ami for
sale by April HI QUO, VY. IfHS
UT A VrrD A Journeyman Saddler, of steady
and Industrious hahlts, to whom constant em
ployment and liberal waa-ca will tie given. Apply Im
mediately. Athens, April IT K, A. ATI.KK.
pi HOCI'lf I Jusl rereived . rood stock of
ST nriine tSiifar and Coffee. Also, a larre lot of Ihe
very best Htar snd Adamantine Candles, wlilrh I will
sell cheap for cash. . (April ii O. VY. ItOHJi.
mr.liO I'llll S I.I.. A faodTwo Horse
T Wagol
,m, and Harness for Sals low by
c. n. i.r.r.i.r.,,.
KOOT unnl silioca. A large sssnnmeiu or
Boots and Shoes Just rereived and for sale low for
sash. Jan. bkiiuiim iiun.sifuv.
tarre lot of Northern and
Country Tunned Hols and I'pper Leather for sals
llee yj n,n, mmiu.iivu,
BOXES 9 hy 10 Window Glass for sale hy
Dec 19
1sTOI.AH V. A new supply of Colt's lie
ueaters and Allen's Uevl'i-rs Just rereived aud
sa. P"'" "',', " " mt V ,u v
lor sale or i.u. i-, ..... ...,.....-..
wwriTfiirs. Jewelrr. Ac A new and
v w large assortment of Waiehes,jcwelry,o.,jusi
';;'""'-" ;4 'd tZUwJSStr
rainvsi. Ti-. An onusosllv large ssssortment
. ,ji uviliniv . lliiiiwuvia
JLJ,02l. " '.
g-mnn nnl Tssbisrro. A flne assortment
1 of Onars.aud a im of Hs best quality Chewing
Tot.acco.by isovis ""' iiun.-vntii.
1I.OTII I . 'a'. tlnr of tesdy-Msds
loihing, Just reeeirra SOU lor saie ny
DOT A"fl Bliorsi. A splendid assort,
men! of Roots and Shoes, reeelved and for sals
iifsiilnar f'lo'hs.
mTrMnrit" 4,Als,s,Sana l". on hand and rnr sal.
i Ocl.6,'M MctWKN k UlLLKsriK.
1' tlFII HAMII'. A large lot, suitable
Inr Halls, Parlor, Ac., fr ssle.
Oct 10, Ml Bis.nr.il m ii iirjri n.
rilKAT H1'OM. We desire lo
V purchase V) heal snd Uaesn, for which w will
thchighesl msrkel value In cash.
JOH.'(!, HflRVr. a CO.,
cor. Broad and Market sis., Nashville.
1, Pl'ICR, Snlcs, Olnger and Soda, Just epensd and
forsslshy Jan. KHOKN A HOilNrllY.
New Goods-Latest Arrival I
c. r. (.iu.o.v jt t o. j
-VorfA resf Corner of rMicSyuar,
r ESPECTFl'LLY inform their friends sad
V the publio generally that thev srs just
iu reeeii.t of oo of the' largest snd best as
sortment, of
Sntinj and Sammrr Goodi
ever bronnht a t,U town. There i no mis
take about it the facts sre just that sir.
ss all can see who will Ju them th, fa(ir 0
call. Thrv do not dftni it neeetsarv to go
into details, and will onlv n.cnlion a few ar
ticles s lii h may be found innmt their lars
and splendid stuck, such as ilks, Tiuues,
lieraics, I'balhs, Jaconet ts. Lawns, Viislins,
(iinghams. Prints. Hibbr-ns, Lsces, Trimniinifs.
and everv tiling el;e in the line of LaJies
lress GihhIs For the rougher portion of
tioJ's creation, thev have Cloths, Cassin srs,
Tweeds, Kerseva, I.inen., Cottonsdes, Vs.w
inrs, Hats of alf descriptions, Hoots snd Sbtsa,
snd ever) thing sit worn bv dsn in this
fast sue.
Also. GR 0CEK1ES Sugsr, Coff, Mslas.
les, tc , it.
Now, tlisv not only h.ve th Goods, lit
Ihey sre determined to .ell them lower thaa,
suybody, for Cash, or in exch.ng fur sp
proved t,'"n'ry Produce.
Give them vail ard examine their stock,
Thev don't charge moth rrj for allowing their
(ioo'ls. April 24, 1657
Against the World I
7 E n.iire to cail the attention of afiirawrt aii
Millar to onr tatelr improved
I)fnhl hrrocnliifl' hfat Fun.
Patented r T. J. Itl. April ivth, Inh-i, which we art
RiMimfacturinein I.Ot 1A and KfEATOW.V, JCtiM
Ttni. Tiiii p4ipulr and eitenairely uted fan baa
taken the rtiphef-t awards wherever eihibitrd, via; Al
the Miirvtand .Mate Fair, Baltimore, where there wera
at leaat.rfffy Aim of moil aproved makea of Virginia,
Murylund and the Northern Htatea, eihihlted; at tha
Virginia inie Kair, at Richmonit; at the bomb Side Af
rtculturnl Pair, ut Peu-rhurr. ta.; at the Virginia VaU
ley Arricultural Fair; and the hi(tliest honor of tb
t:l Tenrieaee Apricultural fociety, at Knoiville, ttt
ISM, '.'A and '50; alun, at the County Fair, at Kingetoa,
in K6. llrowntow'a H hip, in ppeakinft of it, ayi
"Other Fan. were exhihited tlf an excellent quality,
hut none to compare with thoe manufactured by tha
Mm. Poylei, of Kheatown." We have received other
prist- loo 11 inn trout to announce here, and hundreds
of certiflcMtPn of our Fan' mperfority from praciical
inarri of Virginia and Kant T.ttiu-Hiee. V't have
hud an ntnj4 i'fort unity to tt our Vm and ara coa
vinc-d It it the 0,t in ww. We think we know what
the fHrtiitTF want, and that our lone; and estennlve e
pi'rirnce In the huiint?aii,and arduoua lahora tobrinf
the Fan to lt prantnt perfection, enable u to aula
thftn tetter than any other pereon in the Fun huilneaa,
and ihey mny rent assured no paini will he fpared im
irire thnn the bent Fan In the market. Onr Fan ha a
friineri Hp enviable popularity entirely In con-fquenca
of ita inerit; and fir a Fan tt retain it popularity anw
Incr.-HHf In demand aa our has dme in th aaiue dla
trict fnr three year, la one of the best evidences af
lt value. Our FnnR are aotd on trial, and WARRANT
A7 to clean after and rMer than any other Fan in
iife. Onr u-nm will deliver them at almoit any potat
In V.nnt TVmteMee.
N. h . We will aliio flit orders from Middle and West
TVnneeee, fteoriria and Alabama. AH order tn us al
London or Uhcatuwn. Vt Tenn., will he promptly tilled.
Bwtr of fmpiitinH.-A our Fun have T. J.
Ivte k Co., atatnped upon them. For (Vrtiflcntea an 4
Ile'ferencea, see cireulars. T. J. lOYLK A CO.
W iihout any further references we annex the follow
Ine certiflcaten, and the evidence that may be afforde.
hy the numerous Farmer In the aurroundinfr counties
to whom we have sold In the last year, ai beins; tha
mom complete mitrmne of the kind ever Introduced
Into the cour.try. We repeat, we defy the world ta
heat them. April '2.-Cm-44S J. T. D. A 00.
We certify that we have ued one of T. J. Poyls
Patent Iuhle Screen Wheat Fan in our Bteam Flour
intr Mill, and we cai say, with truth end candor, thai
they are the mot perfect machine of the kind thai
have ever come under our obeervatlon for clean! nf
nmtit, cockle, cheat, Ac., from (train. We have. uid
variou machines, but none equal to Poyle's Wheal
ran. It ha siren entire Mtlnfactlon, and we think
thnt no Frmtir or Miller will fail to purchase alter
tryinitoue of them. R. T. WILSON,
J. W. tXAHK,
Loudon, April oth, 1WT. J A3. II. J0HN9T0H.
X concur fully with the shore certificate.
i. t. r.nvft,
Miller at Pteam Plnurlnf Mill, I.nu.ion.
New Store and New Goods.
'IHK undersigned bei; leave to inform their
I friends and the publio generally, tl, st
they are now receiving snd opening s MiT
snd splendid stock of
Spring and Summer Goods!
at the old stand of W. II. P.alicw. Th.is
stuck consists, in part, of
Silks, Tissues, Harepes, Jsconeits, Lawns, A.
Clo'hs, Cnssitners, Tweeds, Linens, vc. As.
Also, a Inrtr stork of I'eadv Made With.
inr, limit, and Hhoes, Hals snd Caps, Hard
ware, Queensware,
Drups and Dre-Studs. In fact, every artiol
usually kept, by nieirbnnts to all ot bioh
they invite the public to examine Thev ars
determined not to be undersold, as thoy lliitik
the system of Quick Salt and Short I'rofiti is
the best, both for the customer and the mer
lin nt. Give them s call and examine Good.
and prices. They charge nulliintr fur show
ng Ooods. 1UAII:U1C1C A LOWKV.
Athens. April 10, la57-tf-44C
1)UHSUANT to tha fiat of th lion. T.
Nixon Van Dvke, on sn injunction bill
filed by Win. li. Kelson suainst A. P. Me-
Clatehey and others, in the Chancery Court
at Athens, snd to tne directed, 1 will sell, nn
the '2 Nth May jnst., at the house of the said
Adolphue I', McClatchey, in Mo. Minn county,
on a credit until the 16th of August next, all
the personal property mentioned in a Deed
of Trust executed by the said McClatchey to
A. ISlizard, Trustee, consisting oP Horses,
Cattle, Sheep, one Thresbini; Machine, Wag
ons, and one set iilackBiuiths Tools; -and on
the sumo day hire tha following named NK
Gllt'lCS, until tha loth August next, to wit: .
Charles, ned about 19; Lewis, 17; Hen. 10;
Jesse, 8; Avnrilla. a woman, 10; ond Hannah,
a ifirl, 6; and at the same time, rent th
I'h nn on which the .aid McClutchey now
lives, for the present season, fwi'esand se
curity will be required for all. Tim-, hiring
the Neproes will be required to return them
to me at the expiration of th time for which
they will be hired.
WM. LOWRV, C, at Jf.
May 8, 1857-td-pr fee H-4nO
Valuable Land for Sale.
"MIR subscriber offers for sal hi. valuable
FARM, Ivi'iir in the Sid District, Metat
county, on the Hiwassee Kiver, ten mile, be
low Calhoun. The tract contain, about .600
acres, lot) of which sre under eultrvntion
the balance is well timbered, snd a portioa
of it sdapied to cultivation. Thiers are about
40 acres bottom land. There is an excellent
water power, with fall enough for Mill, or
other machinery. It i. all well watered.
There i. on the premises a comfortable Iwe)l
inf.'. Darn and outhouses. ,
If not previously sold, I will offer the sbov
st public sal., on the premises, on Friday,
the 18th dav of July next.
Ts-nsis: One-third cash the balance, with
interest, in on snd two veers.
Mav 1. lSn7-td-44(t
Land Sale.
In th Cowity Court of Meigs tounty, Tensu
George 1'. Owens, Adm'r of the estate of TU '
dence L. Kenton, dee'd,
Mary Benton, snd Iienton, minor heir of
said Tidence L. Iienton, defended bv his
Ouanlian od litem, Mnrysjienton
IN obedience to nn order and doers of tha
County Court of Meigs county, Tennessee,
in I hie entise, st the May term, 157, of .aid
Court, I will .ell to the highest bid r on th
premises, on the l(th day of June next, upon
s credit nf one, two snd 'three Tears, in equal
instalments, except the sum of on. hundred
dollar., which will be required to be paid
down on dav of .ale, th. f.illowinii described
LAMrS mentioned in the pleading, of which
the .aid Tid. rrC I Henton died, seized slid
possessed of, to wit : One hundred ami sixty
seres of Lend in said county of Meits, it be.
ins the North west qusrter of section twenty,
nine, township first, rsnsre second. W est of
the nieridisn line, In tb Hissse district -Not
snd spproved eeriiriv will be required
for unpslil portion of pured.se money, and a
lien ret.ined upon the Land until all is paid.
JAMES A. K.Ui;i:, a,,!.,
Per N. J Lti.t-Atn, ll. Q
Msy 6, lSi7-td-j.r fee G-4il

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