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Trrra 8 tl a Jar, payable is advance, or 4t
tb -Miration f me Far.
W So papr diacuntinued nntil all arrearages are
paid, etcrpl at the option af the Publisher.
Announeint diuc of eaniiulalea for office Caah.
Obituary Notices orer 12 Uiiea, charged at the regular
advertising rates.
All communications Intended to promote the private
ands or interrs of Corporation!, Societies, School or
ndiridaals, will be charged aa adrartisementa.
e wiuo.
tW We are authorised and reqneatad to annoonca
the name of Col. A. J. D01))N ai a candidate W rep
reaent McMino county in the lower branch of the neit
Mr We are authorized and requested to announce
theaameof JDSIAII I. WRIGHT, aa a eandtalate for
Peaator, from the District composed of theeountiee of
Monroe, McMion, Nelga and Polk.
VW Wi are anthorited and requested to announce
JOHN H D0B80N, of Polk, as a candidate for Joint
Represeotatira for Meigs, McMinn and row. -
fW We are authorised and requested to announce
JO. R. WARE as an independent candidate for Joint
Representative from the counties of Polk, Meigs and
Lecture. Prof. Gierlow' Lecture at
Forest Hill Academy, this (Friday) evening
will be: "The Spiritual in the Material
Virginia. -The election in Virginia, for
Congressmen and the Legislature, took place
on the 28 th;.
Death or Judos Butler. The Augusts
Despatch, of the 2Cth, brings Intelligence of
the donth of Senator Duller, of Sonth Cnro
Una. lie died at his residence in Edgefield,
on the night of the 25th, of dropsy-
HT" We learn thnt R. P. Lotd, of Bled.
aos, is a enndidnte for Joint Representative In
the district r-mposed of the counties of
Hamilton, Rhea, and Bledsoe, with fair pros
pects of success. Mr. Spears is the demo.
critic candidate.
F A friend has sent in an interesting
account of the May-day celebration by Mrs.
Cooke's School. We regret that a presa of
other matter has crowded it out. Several
other contributions are crowded over this
Second District. We learn that Horace
Matiurd has received the nomination for
Congress in the Second District.
The Assessor Law Mb, Hatton. We
find the following paragraph in the last Leb
anon Herald, published at Mr. Hatton'a
"We have received several letters of late
from different section, enquiring of as as to
the position of Mr. Ilatton, onr candidate for
Governor, on the Assessor Iiw, parsed at
the last session of the legislature. For the
Information of those who may desire to be
informed upon the subject, we will here state
thnt Mr. Mntton, although satisfied the object
of the enactment was a good one, still, he is
equally well satisfied that the law has failed
to work well, and is, in many respects, ob
jectionable. If elected Governor we feel au
thorized to aay from our knowledge of his
views upon the subject that he would re
commend lis repeal."
John Bell. To read the democratic pa
pers one would readily suppose that "John
Bell" was to bo the only issue in the ap
proaching Stnto canvass. The whole gang,
from the big dog at Nashville to the veriest
village cur that wears the collar, la yelping
at his heel. Tray, Blanche, Sweetheart, lit
tie dogs and all, see how they bark at him.
His name makes up the staple of the opintic
leaders of the Nashville Union, and even the
Chattanooga Advertiser occasionally finds
leisure from its laborious researches into the
Journals of the last Legislature, to indite a
aoporifie paragraph about the Statesman who
stands, in the estimation of all honorable
and fair men, among the foremost in the na
tion. In respect to Col. Bell, the democratic
press of Tennessee at this time occupy the
parallel of a crowd of silly children squirting
dirty water at the sun. It is to be hoped the
veteran Statesman will not be extinguished
by the muddy deluge.
Sl'LPIIIIR SrHINOs, Kuia county. We pub
lish in another column a communication from
our fellow-townsman, W. T. Blsckwell, Esq.,
in reference to Khea Sulphur Springs. All
who have tented t Item agree in having de
rived great benefit from the use of the waters.
Tiny will be open for the reception of visi
tors on Holiday, lBth June.
(jLENMore Mills. We paid a visit on
Monday last, to Gljnmore Mills, erectod by
Messrs. Keilh and Zimmerman, two miles
South of Athens, on Eastannllee creek. The
Flouring Mill litis recently been put in opera
tion and la working splendidly, turning out
better article of flour and more pound to
the bushel of grain, than any mill we know
of in this country. The seat Is an excellent
one, affording a heavy head of water. The
machinery combines the latest improvements,
and runs as smooth and regular aa clock
work, and free from the cumbrous wearing
motion of most of mills. The castings were
made at the Athens Foundry, and the work
done by and put up under the superinten
dence of Mr. F. M. Kilgore, of this place,
who, if he had never turned out any other
job, the one at Glunmore would 'establish his
reputation as a master mechanic.
We always notice with pleasure Improve
ments of the kind, as East Tennessee has
been losing 25 per cent at least of its wheat
crop every year by exporting the grain in.
aleai of having it manufactured kto good
merchantable flour. In this view alone, the
machinory recently erected nt Glcnmore will
be of grunt public benefit, and commends
the enterprise of llio owners to the imitation
of otheis. Whenever our neighbors South
soe an article of Flour lu their markets with
the Glenmore brand they may be assured that
it Is of a superior quality, as the miller, Mr,
Alcxnnder Turner, turns out a No. I article
and no other sort.
Stawdriirieb and Cream. A dish of
largo and delicious strawberries, from the
garden of Col. Ixm'itr, was placed on our
table, a few days since, by the direction of
his kiud and amiable bettor half. No one can
mors highly appreciate such favors than our
aelf. Strawberries and Cream! At the conclu
sion of such a rich repast it is appropriate to
"return thank."
Tenntue Former and Mechanic--May
Dumber of this valuable agricultural work to
band. . 12,00 year, io advance L. P. Wil
liams, Nashville. '
l-JTCol. Jno, K. Howard decline the
nomination for Congress on the Democratic
ticket in the Fifth District, He give th
beat of reasons for pursuing this course.
In giving place to th communications be
low, calling on Jas. B. Cooke, Esq., of this
place, to become candidate for Congress, it
is proper to state that w are in the receipt
of letters from almost every county in the
District urging us to announce Ms name,
and we have only been deterred from pub
lishing them by a knowledge of the fact that
he had no inclination or yearning for the po
sition; and that if he took it, although the
chances of success were decidedly good, it
would be at the sacrifice of his professional
and business interests, which be could illy
fiord to make. But In view of the very
general expression in his favor, and h al
most unanimous desire thst he shsll be
come a candidate without th formality of a
nomination by Convention, w eannot well
see how Mr. Cooke ean still decline to yield
to the wishes of his many friends in differ
ent portions of the District and refuse them
the use of his nam and bis energies and
abilities in the canvass. It is now but about
ten weeks till the election, and we hope he
will re-consider the aubject and let the peopl
hear from him at the earliest hour possible.
From the Chattanooga (raaette.l
Mr. Editor Oar friends of the opposition
seem to be tokinif ouile a lively interest in
the candidates oj our party, and as a mntler
of favor to them w think that distinguished
leader in the Democrat-! Church, Col. Sam
A. Smith, should not be permitted to make
the race alone. The Sag Niclit press and
speakers have all along predicted the ron
and dismemberment- of our party and finally
they have heralded its death to the world na
a fixed fact. Yet we believe it has sufficient
recuperative energy to come, even from the
grave and give the dry bone of democracy a
shaking, such as will strike terror to th
hearts of its most sanguine friends. For the
coming struggle wo know of no fitter gla.
diator to grapple with democracy and rest
from its hands the aceptre of its power in the
3d District, than Jas. B. Cooke, Esq., of Mc
Minn county. Mr. Cooke is a lawyer ofabiii
tv, a man of unblemished moral character,
and is deservedly one of the most popular
men in this section or &ast i enncsses.
We have recently had interviews with gen
tlemen of prominence from Rhea county und
from Sequatchie, and from those quarters we
hear but one Voice, and thai is Uurch Luoke
is the man for this crisis. If Mr. Cooke will
consent to run he will doubtless receive the
heartv support of every American in this
District, and the suffragea of many honest
Democrat who know and appreciate his
merits. We speak by the card when we soy
no may count certainly on the county or
For the Post.
Pikeville, May 13, 1857.
Mr. Editor: The Americans and old line
Whigs at least those of them who have
not thrown themselves, body and breeches,
into the arms of the Democracy are certain
ly entitled to a candidate for Congress in this
district it is true we are in a minority: but
does the good christian give over fighting
the devil because the odds are against him?
Verily, no. On the contrary, he tights with
more energy snd perseverance and generally
aucceeds after awhile, either in vanquishing
his enemies entirely or in winning them over
to his side. So with us we are at the bot
tom of the wheel now, but that is exactly
Jhe place to rise from; and If we but work
earnestly and fuithfully, all together, we II
make the "turn" as certain ns w hat goes up
muxt come down. . So let us have candi
dates. We have got the materials let us
"work thern up" We most have officers
no army can fight successfully without lead
era, and we are going forth to do battle for
the great pnnciples of American freedom.
toward off the blowa struck by our mistaken
brothers, and to guard our inner sanctuary
from ruthless hands. Let lis show full
front then; and to begin, let us choose onr
second in command. 'Our first Is at the head
of the regiment. let us have candidate for
Congress. No need of n Convention so if
nil nre willing, let McMinn's favorite son
and as for that, our favorite too come for
ward and nnnounc himself. We are for you,
Iiurch Cooke. Ijird on your armor, nni
take your place at the head of the column.
Hi AWT rntF.Noa in uledsoe.
The Chattanooga ' Advertiser has
again been diving into the House Journal of
last session in search of Col. Ilatton, and at
the rate it is going an we are afraid it will
ruin that gentleman's chancea of an election
entirely. A few weeks ago the Advertiser
man censured the American nominee because
he had voted against the establishment of a
Criminal Court at Chattanooga a tribunal
for which there can be no sort of use in thst
well-ordered and highly cultivated commu
mty. Huving been picked up on that, he
now discovers, afteranother week's laborious
investigation, thnt Mr. Ilatton voted for
Moso White's transfer bill. Suppose he did
what then? So did a doxrn other gentle
men, out of compliment to Mr. White, who
knew the bill could not pass, and who would
have voted against it had such a course been
necessary to secure its defeat. We were fully
posted in regard to the position of every
member of the House on that bill some time
befoi it received its quietus. There were
not more than a short half dozen men in the
Legislature who seriously thought of its
patsago into a law, and there was no outside
pressure fur it, except what little those two
distinguished democratic institutions, Col.
Churchwell and the Nashville Union and
American, could bring to bear. The Adver
tiser man threaten to publish what we aaid
about the transfer bill and those who advo-
cated its passage. We commend him to do
io we shall be gratified to see our articles
on the subject in his column even at this late
day, although wo believe he maintained a
masterly silence on the subject while the
bill was before the Legislature. Indeed, oc
casional extracts from the Foot into the Ad
vertiser would add to the interest of the latter,
aa a little truth would supply a deficiency ap
parent in almost every number and contribute
to make up a variety which it oolumus sel
dom possess. For the present, friend Cooper,
allow ua to call your attention to an impor
tant condition of th science of posture,
which you have unfortunately overlooked,
namely: that in diving yonr head Into the
Journals in search of capital against' the
American nominee, you have made another
prominent feature of your person ludicrously
conspicuous to th public A'intyou afraid
of being indicted at th next term of the
Criminal Court for such indecent exposure
of yourself?
The Comet. Th latest despatch from
th celestial stranger whose promised ap
pearance has created so much purturbatioo
in th public mind, asserts that it will Lc
long on . th 16th June, proximo; and thai
there will be co postponement on account of
th weather.
It I clearly the intention of th new
Western States, (says the Memphis Enquirer)
to absorb the public lends. They have
boasted that the time w ill come when the
power to accomplish this end will psss into
their hands. A bother census will probably
do the work. The immense tide of foreign
emigration sets in that direction, snd will be
counted in making the next apportionment
Unless the old States unite and maintain
their unquestionable right to ahare in th
division of the public property, and do it
presently, they will be over reached and ex
eluded. There is no time to lose no time
for division. We ask our candidates to look
to this question and put it to the people.
The Democratic masses in this State, lik
those in Virginia, will, under the instruction
of the leaders, array themselves on the side,
snd the cause of th new States. How?
Not perhaps by voting directly for a diatinc
tive proposition to give them sll the public
lands that lie within their boundaries, but by
putting themselves against, and defentin,
any proposition looking to an equitable di
vision of them or their proceeds among all
the States. And while this contest is pro.
greasing among those of the landless Slates
who are for distribution, snd those who are
against, the great landed West united in all
the strength of its advancing might united
over the fore of any Democratic, Whig, or
American ties united in the strongest bond
of brotherhood that ever linked men togeth
er on earth the brotherhood of dollars and
cents of empire will usurp and absorb the
common Territories of the Union. The new
Slates of the West claim the West as theirs.
They are not content to restrict their de
mands to the possession of the public prop.
erty that lies within their boundaries, bu
they lay out new territories, people them,
bring them into the Union, and thus con.
qocr. Before one new State is thickly peo
pled, another invites a division of her pop
The question for the people of the land
less Stales to decide is, not whether they
are for or against the principle of diatribiition
whether it is Democratic or not bu
w hether the new States are entitled to, and
shall possess, all the vast Government do
mains in the West Outofthe West, nnti
distribution ia Democratic. In the West ab
sorption is Democratic, or is a ten-fold
stronger sentiment than Democracy. Is
not more fair more just that the old States
should have tome of the public lands, than
that the new States should have them al It
Why cannot the old Slates have their pro
portion? What is the impediment? Democ
racy will not consent Democracy is the
impediment . The Democratic States of the
South will not demand will not accept
their rightful share of the common property
thus passing into the possession of th new
States of the West. What say the people?
The Comet. A correspondent of the
Connersville Times, thinking it not impossv.
ble that the comet may be open to persua
sion, addresses it thus in a recent letter: .
"What's he gut against us? What - have
we done that lie should, directly or indirect
ly, in bis Wondering Jew style of pirnmbu
lating, trespass on our premises, and frighten
Mr. Buchanan people out of their sense?
Why can't he pitch into one of his own size?
say a North Kiver steamboat, or lash his
elongated fierv narrative against the seven
wonders of the world, and let us alone!
Mr. Comet what is the use of acting in this
way? Go along about your business. We
are nut ready to go yet, and if we were, we
are not so ubsent m.ndiil as to forget to ask
Gabriel to blow his horn. You know there's
plenty of other planets. Why are you fool-
lu round here lor? Goto the Arctic regiona
and melt th'ngs, that Yankee enterprise may
find Sir John Franklin without losing 'pride
of soil.' Go to Jupiter go home go to !
you old insinuating, good for nothing, dilu
lory, slothful, negligent, elongated, astron
omical out-of-the-wuy municipal wanderer!
Where s your eyes? Lan t you see us? I'o
you want to run over a bod vj Now, Mr.
Comet, don t!
The Sonora Filibusters. Henry A
Crubbe, the leader of th Sonora filibusters
who have lately all been ahot by th Mex
ican authorities, waa a prominent candidate
for U. S. Senator from California last winter,
Col. R. N. Wood, formerly of Mississippi,
and last year Presidential elector in Califor
nia, was, it is supposed, with the expedition
when it was captured.
TA New York letter say the liquor
dealers of that city are jubilant over th fact
that out of all th six thousand persons sell
ing grog, not on has yet applied for li
cense, aa the law requires. 1 he commis
sioners will at once commence prosecuting,
but every step of that kind will be met by
the liquor dealers in the courts. Everything
now adavs says th writer, goes to "the
courts." Every body is studying "the law,'
"the constitution," "the bill of ' rights,'
Magna Charto," and all that'
f-ff M. McTcer haa assumed the edito
rial management of the East Tennesseean,
Mury ville. He is a ready and fore ble writer.
IIolston Conference Female School.
We are indebted to aome friend for a copy
of "Catalogue of Holston Conference Fe
male bchool, Asheville, North Carolina, for
the term ending May, 1857. The School ap.
peara to be in a flourishing condition. Num
ber of pupils in attendance, 340.
Prolific, Rather. A New Orleans paper
says, on the 30th of April, a Mexican woman,
at the capital, waa delivered of aeven male
children at one birth. A pretty fair yield,
considering the drouth.
OCrThe Appletona have recently publish-
ed the official report of the opinions of the
Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case, hav
ing purchased the privilege from the reporter
of the Court They umke a volume of three
hundred octavo pagt, which ia sold for fifty
A Washington lettor says thst on th 1st
of July, the Post Office Department will put
into operation entirely new transportation
over twenty five States and Territories, at an
ggregate cost of 3.1,481 of which 3J,-
413 ate for Kenlurkv, 03,391 for Indiana,
and 83,323 for Tennessee.
U"" Gen. Sam. Houston, of Texas, ha
declared himself an independent candidate
for Governor, and haa mad arrangement to
oanvas th entire stole.
Benton, Polk Co., TeniL, May 33, 1857.
Mr. Editor: As yoo left Benton on last
Tuesday evening, I have concluded to post
yon up in reference to matters and thinga in
general. Tom. Johnson was sentenced to th
Penitentiary for sixteen years, for the murder
of Finley Schick. Two brothers, by the Dam
of Westmoreland, were sentenced lothe
Penitentiary for two years, for stealing shorts.
One gentleman waa fined fifty dollars and
costs, in two cases, for being too fond of
calico, ('or the same reason, a respectabl
lady obtained a divorce from her husband.
His Honor, Judge Gaut, divided the properly,
and gave the children to their mother. That
was right Another gentleman was fined fifty
dollars, and broken of his commission aa
Constable, for aiding and betting in gambling.
Served him right In each case, the Judge
gave the offenders the severest and most ap
propriate lecture that I ever heard in a Court
House. So you will see that his Honor has
been doing a brisk business this week in dis
posing of offender against the peace and
dignity uf the State. There are a few more
of the aume sort left, that will have to look
sharp or thev w ill catch it Roughness being
scarce, the Judge adjourned Court this eve
ning, but disposed of all the business first, I
believe. Jonas, a "gem'man of color," has
become quite famous this week, in conse
quence of huving slept with and hugged all the
Lawyers, commencing with the biggest, and
"Inking them in rotation." '
a writer in ine Cleveland isanner some
time ago remarked thst he had only found
"one isolated case," in w hich there waa oppo
aition to their Contention to nominate candi.
datea for the Sentte and Floater. Had the
writer been present this week at Court, he
could have found, not "one isolated case but
hundreds, and goad democrats at that. No
wonder that "Monroe," in the Post two weeks
ago, attempts to reconcile the Democracy to
(he nomination of Jo. Wright for the Senate.
In this county,there is general opposition to
Conventions, ind special opposition to the
nominee for Floater, and the manner in w hich
he was nominated. Polk county appointed
twenty aeveo delegates to the Athens Con
vention,sixof that number attended, and four
of them rrnde the nomination ! What right
had four men, of ordinary qualifications, to
dictate to the freemen of Polk, Mc.Minn and
.Meigs w.'iom they should support for Floater?
"Monroe," in his article in the Post, insult
ingly remarks that the "little legislation neces
sary for the microtcopic counties of Meigs
und Polk is perfectly insignificant, conipnied
to the great interests of Monroe and McMinn.'
Why is it that Polk and Meigs don't require
as many and as wholesome laws aa McMinn
nnd Monroe ; is n oecause ner citizens are
more inielligent, moral and refined, and "are
a law unto themselves?" "Monroe" should
bew.ire how he taunts and underrates the
"microscopic" counties of Polk and Meigs, for
ttey cast four'fif'ths of the Democratic ma
jority in this Floating district, and they can't
be dictated to by Monroe "microscopic' Con-
ventioua, or long Bob. of the Cleveland Ban
ner, who has attempted to whip us into ranks
in his paper of this week. Polk county is not
sutinfied that four men shall dictate to her
how she will cast her vote for Floater, and
she can't be driven into ranks under such cir
cumstances. Dr. Pendergross has a large
number of warm and influential Democratic
friends, who are anxious that he should take
the race for Floater, and he can beat the
"nominee" in Polk county. Polk is fairly en
titled to the Floater this year, yet a lurge
number of good Democrats will support Jo,
Ware, of McMinn county, rather than submit
to the action of the Convention under such
degrading circumstances I The Cleveland
Banner charges that the dissatisfaction ' in
Polk is only a "Know Nothing trick," calls
on the faithful to rally for the nominee, and
says no good Democrat will oppose the
nominee. If it is a know nothing trick, a
majority of the county are know nothings, for
I am confident a majority are opposed to the
nominee. It has been charged that Ur. l'en
dergras ia not a good Democrat, but io the
language of Gen. G., a warm supporter of the
nominee, Dr. Pendergrasa was "born, raised,
and haa been all his life practically a genuine
Democrat! I hop the Doctor will consent
to take the race as an independent Polk
county Democrat, and he can beat the nomi
nee out of his boots. Anti-Convention.
Washington, May 33. The number of
appointments, particularly for Consulates
continues io increase, nvery aay orings
hither both individuals and letters strongly
recommend. .tory for these offices. The
President has declared to his friends thst the
business greatly embarrassed him, particu
larly as he cannot gratify one in ten of the
npplieants. No doubt the appointments will
be made graduallv, the President having the
entire summer before him for that purpose.
None will it is positively stuten, be summarily
recalled, and the utmost delicacy will be ob
served towards the present incumbents.
This determinating has caused much disap
pointment to those w ho anticipated an entire
change during the ensuing month.
New Orleans, May 33. The Caliawbn
has arrived with IIavanadatesofl4th. Sugars
continued firm. The Block in Havana and
Matanzas consisted of 360,000 boxes. Mo
lasses was active. The high prices had driv
en speculators out of the market. The Ca
hawba brings no other newa of importance.
Detroit, Mav 33. Additional informa
tion from the northern counties in this State
fully confirm the previous accounts of des
titution existing there. Contributions for
the relief of sufferers, from this city and in
terior, are being freely received and forwar
ded by the executive committee of this city.
Washington, May 35. It is reported that
S. Jenkins, U. S. Consul at the Navigator's
Islands has been arrested on the charge of
pirncy for seizing and selling the cargo of
the ship Eudora at Apia.
fIlis aaid thnt General Heran, the
Nicnragusn minister to this country, express
es his belief that sll difficulties between the
United State and Nicaragua nre susceptible
of a peaceable adjustment. '
Washington. Mav 25. Dr. Charles O.
Fraley, of the Interior Department, died this
Chicago, May 35. The mail from Terre
Haute to Chicago, supposed to contain much
money, was robbed at Mnltoon last week;
the robbers are as vet undiscovered.
I Jf Never wear a finer coat than the mer
chant you owe for it, of tha tailor whom you
av oot paid for the making.
For th Post.
Mr. T. 8. Sir: In answer to your inquiry
through the Post of the ISth instant, allow
we to say, upon the authority of the Consti
tution of the 'Jnited States (Art 1st See.
8th,) thst the Legislature of the State of
Tennessee, or any other State, bas no power
to fix the standard of Weights sod Measures.
This power is vested in Congress alone. In
conformity to the Constitution, Congress long
since fixed the standard of weights and mens
ores. la doing this the Winchester bushel
(of England) was adopted as the standard for
dry measure. Tbs Winchester bushel meas
ures 2150.42 euliio inches, and contains
77.6274 pounds (Avoirdupois) distilled water.
No other measure for a bushel bas been re
cognised as eorrect since 1836. The bushel
is subdivided into 4 peeks, 8 gallons, 32
quarts or 64 pints. One gallon dry measure
measures 268.8 cubio inches; one gallon liquid
measure measures 231 cubic inches. Hence
it will be perceived that the dry measure
quart is larger and eoataina more than the
liquid measure qusrt You can measure
grain with liquid measure vessels about as
well as yon can weigh sugar, coffee, Iron, Ac,
with Troy weights, or Apothecaries weights.
let, if you wish to confound the two meaa
ures and gage the bushel with a liquid meas
ure quart, the bushel will ctntain 87 quarts
and 1.896 gills of this measure.
In 1836 Congress directed the Secretary
of the Treasury to cause a complete set of
all the weight and measures adopted as
stsndards to be delivered to the Governor of
esch State in the Union, or to such person as
he might appoint, for the use of the States
respectively. Any county in the State may
apply to the Governor of the State for a com
plete set of these weights and measures,
which will be furnished to such person si the
county may appoint to receive them. . 1 know
not whether MeMinn county has a set of
stsndsrd weights snd measures or not, but
any man can take Gunter's scale, or any oth
er eorrect decimal measure, and gage his own
half bushel. S. D. S.
May 25th, 1857.
Whmtlino. The man who don't believe
In w histling, slioiiid go a step further, nhd
nl a muzzle on bobolinks and mockintr birds.
Whistling is n great iuslitotion. It oils the
w heels of care, nnd xuiiplies the place of sun
shine. A man w ho whistles has a good heart
under Ins shirt front, bueh a man not oitly
works more willingly than any other man.
hut he works more constantly. A whistling
cobbler will earn as much again money as n
cordwair.er who gives way to low spirits and
indigestion. Jlean or avaricious men never
whistle. Who ever heard of u whistler among
the sharp practitioners of Wall street ? We
pans for an answer. The man who altacka
whistling, throws a atone at hilarity, and
would, it he could, rob June of its roses
August of its meadow larks. Such a man
should be looked to, Let him be looked to.
Railroad Accidents. The train from
No fti ville to Chntianooga on Sunday last.
filled mostly with delegatea to Charleston,
we learn, ran off the track, smashing op two
cars, killing one man, dangerously wounding
a second, and alightly injuring two others.
I he misfortune of the expedition did not end
here. The Carolina train which left this place
lor Augusta on Monday morning, ran oft near
Covington, injuring, fatally it is thought, a
member of one of the Fire Companies, n Ger.
man, w hose name we did not lenrn, nnd bruis
ing two others. 7 he particulars of the acei
dent, or what further damage waa done, we
have not heard. Atlanta Intelligencer,
La ho i Earnings. Mr. Joseph Secrsr. a can
didate for the Legislature of Virginia, who
has already served in that body, and who
voted for all works of internal improvement
engaged in by his State, in an address to the
electors of his county, informs them that
"All over the United States railroads far
worse conditioned than our own are pavinc.
and pavint: well. All the Southern and
Western, which are strongly analogous to our
own, are paying from 7 to 20 per cent The
Baltimore and Ohio railroad, with worse
curvature and climate and far steeper grsdes.
requiring six tenths of its gross income to psy
working charges, is earning more than
fS,uKi,uoo a year, more than 1500,000 a
month, 118,000. a day, more than 600 per
nour, ana ti t per minute I
uuick i ravelling. 1 he mail was re
ceived in St. Louis, on Wednesday, the 13th
instant, from Cincinnati, in sixteen hours and
eighteen minutes, by the Ohio and Mississippi
railroad, thus, day by day, does this mon
artm of western railways establish its claims
lo the public regard aa the greatest "inatilu
tion" of the age.
A Fact Worth Knowing. Inasmuch as
postage en letters ia three cents per half
ounce, it is worth knowing thnt the weight
or an American quarter ia one fourth of nn
ounce, the weight of iwo being equal to
what can be sent for a single postage.
l-ff The editor of the Iowa Reporter
calls with a stentorian voice for ladies to
come West. He says: "The last census re
port shows that there are thirty thousand
seven hundred and ten more males than fe
males in Iowa. This was taken in June and
does not includo the spring or fall emigration.
We are minus at least sixty thousand ladies
to make up our quota!"
Politics in the Polpit. The Rev. Dr.
Chcever, na he is called pastor of a -church
in New York city who has attempted to
rival Beecher in preaching politics from the
pulpit, has been requested by several of the
leading nnd wealthy members of his church
to reaign. Whereupon the Rev. Doctorcon-
sidered himself a very ill used man; and dis
missed the meeting the account states.
with tears in his eyes."
Telegraphic Weather Rgports. It
seems that the telegraph companies have
conceived the idea of daily making public re
ports of the state or the weather in all pails
of the country. This arrangement will cer-
imily be of considerable public utility. At
any rate, it will always be interesting to peo
pie to be informed ol the stale of the weath
er in localities w here they have friends.
he recipient of these reports, in this city, is
the Smithsonian
Institute. Washington
l;Sr"The sheep of Urbannn, Ohio; have
taken a bad disorder; one, the pet of the flock,
was last week caught swallowing bank bills
which he managed to extract from the pock
et of a coat hung on ' the fence, and being
mercilessly slaiignieren and then opened,
was found to nar 915 on deposit in his
fJJTTho Rev. Bishop Pierce, (say the
Georgian) preached a missionary sormon at
Sparta on Sunday the 17th inst,and the col-
eetion amounted to four-hundred and eigh
teen dollars and forty cents.
Utah. It is reported that Gov. Wright, of
Indiana, is to have th Governorship of
On lake Superior on th 15th instant, tha
lc was nearly as firm and the snow as deep
in th woods at in th winter
Roger Pryor, the late able editor of the
Richmond Enquirer, snd at present of the
"South," in a laW issue of that paper apeaks
thus wise with reference to the Democratic
doctrine of Squatter Sovereignty:
No; we utterly repudiate it as the most de
testable heresy ever sousht to be roisted tip
on a federal system. Our doctrine is that
the people of a territory have no right to de
termine the character of their domestic insti
tutiona and to exercise the prerogative of
sovereignty until they have acquired the re
quisite population to enable them to frame a
State Constitution.
When being further interrogated as to
whether foreigners should be placed upon an
equality with native born citizens, he assures
his reader that his political creed it much
older than Mr. Buchanan's Inangaral, and
speaks out as follows of alien suffrage:
. "Our position is unequivocally this: that it
is a palpable infringement of the spirit and
letter of the Constitution to permit foreign
ers to exercise the elective franchise, in eilh
er the States or Territories before, by nat
uralization, they are made citizens, and that
the practice of many of the Stoles in confer
ring the privilege, which forms nn essential
element of citizenship, upon unnaturalized
foreigners, is as much to be reprobated, as
the action uf the Legislature of New York,
which extends the sujne privilege to. ne
groes. , .
A New Road for Canada. The railway
committees, now in session at Hamilton,
Canada, are bringing to light fraud and cor
ruption in connection with railway matters,
almost inconceivable. . The Toronto Colonist
aaya tlio great fact which haa been clearly as
certained so far, is, that there is great need of
a roaJ to the Penitentiary from the Parlia
ment House, u hich is not yet constructed.
. The Wheat Crop. The New Yerk Jour
nal of Commerce, remark that there is a
laige breadth of land sown with wheat and
even if a part of it is winter killed and still
more damaged by (he backward spring and
other causes, there wilt still be left a yield
above the average of past years.
Scarcity in New York Feed is so
scarce in Cattaraugus, N. Y., that the Ran
dolph Whig expresses apprehensiona that
much of the land will go untitled this season,
on account of war.t of strength of weans to
do the work. Oats are selling at 81 per
bushel for seed.
The New Orleans and Jackson Rail
p.oad. Of the prospects of this road the
Picayune says :
Mr. Robb has quietly succeeded in placing
$600,000 of the Jackson t.dlroi.d mortgage
bonds or. favorable terms, the whole series
having been taken in round lumps. .Mr. Robb
headed the list with a $100,000 subscription.
The amoant thus obtained will amply suffice
to put the road through, effecting a junction
with (.anion by the 1st of rehruary, and in
tersecting the Memphis and Charleston rail
road on the 1st of April, 1859, thus furnish
ing; a through communication to every point
INorlh, tiasl, and West.
l58'About two hundred and fifty bushels
of the Chinese sugar cane have been distri
buted by the Patent Office this season. It is
thought by many that this cane is destined
to be cultivated as extensive in the United
States as ludian corn yielding ns it does, at
tho BJiuie time, sugar for man and provend
er and grain far beast. . .
Debt of St. Louis. We lenrn from the
message of the Mayor of St. Louis that the
bonded debt of that city on the 1st of April
last was $4,657,969. At the same there
was due from the city to the different branch
es of service tho further sum of $325,403,
making the total indebtedness of the city
Holds Him Too High. During the In
dian difficulties in Oregon, a Catholic Mis
sionary waa captured by the Indians. In a
aubscqucbt effort on the part of the whites
to procure the release of the reverend cap.
tive, the chief whose prisoner he was, offered
lo give him up in exchange for two white
women nnd two hundred sacks of flour.
The officer to whom the proposition was
made declined to pay the price. White wo.
men are too scarce in Oregon to be turned
over to the savages in exchange for mission
aries to say nothing of flour at $ 10 a sack.
Washington May 23. It is estimated thnt
2000 troops are now moving in thedireclion of
Utah to enforce the laws of the United States
and protect the citizens against the Mor
mons. Two federal judgeships will soon be
filled, and another Marshall appointed there.
It is supposed, however, the necessity for ex
treme measures will not arise. The Govern
orship is still unsettled. The administration
has, as yet, found nobody who possessesall thu
required characteristics' Severrl gentlemen
are soliciting Iheappoinf ment. A programme
of Utah operations will bv consuuiated with
the least posible delav,
fSfTh recent decease of thtee prominent
merchant bankers of Nuvv York Samuel
Nicholson, John F. A. Saii'ord nnd Jasper
Grosvener will distribute, it is estimated,
about $3,000,000 to their respective heirs.
Armt Worm. The Edgeii.ild Advertiser
earns by private letter from a friend in Ham
burg, that the army worm has made its ap
pearance in Beech Island, nnd Is doing seri
ous injury to the wheat crop in that locality.
The Hartford Times says that on
the first day of May, the anow was five feet
deep in the northwest pnrt of Norfolk, nnd
travel was still much impeded; while in New
Marlboro, near the Massachusetts line, the
snow was six feet deep.
ft- The St. Louis Intelligencer is inform
ed that there is hardly now 100,000 acres of
public land in north-western Missouri left,
and most of this is claimed by pre-emption.
The emigration from nil parts of the north
ern and middle States is very heavy, und in a
few years west of Grand river will bo the
thickest settled part of the Slate.
t-8r"An absent wife is here called upon
to return lo bed and board Jane, your ab
sence will ruin hll. Think of your husband
your parents your children. Return all
may bo well happy. At any rate, enclose
the key of the cupboard where the gin is.
t-fTTIiH lluntsville, Ala., Advocaie says:
"This land speculating fever rages among
our people and is mainly confined to Arkan
sas nnd the Mississippi bottom. I'd Texas
fever is over. W predict that there will be
a general crash In less than two years. The
who ia ronuiry incmzy wim sjtecuinnnn an
insane desire to make roomy at on dash a
haste to be rich.
Effect or Railroads. Within the Inst six
years a railroad has been completed to Dan
ville, Virginia, and the value of Ihe .property
in the town, according to a re-assessment
just made, has increased 98 per cent.
The sentence of Romulus S. t'hipman, to
be hung on the 15th of May, in Guiiford, N.
C, for murder, has been noticed. The Golds
boro (N. C.) Tribune give a history of hi
The case excited intense interest, not only
from the youth and respectability of the ac
cused, but fom the eold blooded circum
stances under which the crime was perpetrat
ed. Chipmah, who is scarcely twenty years
of age, seduced a Miss 1'enix, then living as a
domestic w ith a farmer in his neighborhood.
Worried with her importunities, be pre mised
to marry her, and it was to rid himself of this
engagement that he committed the crime
which has pluced him in bis present awfet
position. Some time in November last, ha
wrote a note requesting her to meet him at a
certain place in the woods. She went, but
not reluming, a search was made and the
body discovered with a gun-shot wound and
the throat cut. Hi note making the appoint
ment was found in her pocket. The proof
was entirely circumstantial. Sixty -seven wit
nesses were examined, w ho bronyht the crime
home to the prisoner. The culprit's father
offered ten thousand dollars baii w hen his son
was first arrested, which was refused.
St. Louis, May 23. The correspondent of
the Democrat says: A force of dragoons and
artillery have left Fort Iavenworth to fight
the Chevenne Indians, who were concentrated
at Republican Fork and Kansas Blue Rivera.
i he Kpublican publishes a letter from
Brown, Editor of the Herald of Freedom.
showing thnt a serious difficulty occurred be
tween Governor Kohinsen and Erown. The
former charges the latter with n attempt to
Bell the Free Slate parly to Shannon, on con
dition that the latter bu released from prison.
Brown denies Ihe charge, calling Kobinaoa
an unmitigated liar.
Hen Persuade Rs.The Springfield Re
publican, in speaking of a new invention for
a hen's nest, whersby the eggs drop through
a irap door, and ao deceives the brn that
she keep on laying, is responsible for the
"Blobbs met with a loss, however with
one of Ihe persuaders. Blobbs had a lovely
young Shanghai pullet of boundless anibi.
lion. Blobbs brought a persuader, and his
lovely Shanghai used it. She went upon
the uest in the morning. B'obl'S saw her
go, and his heart bounded within bin.! Alu!
he never saw her come offagi.in. At length
he visited the persuader. In the upper coin- '
pnrt men t was a hand I ill of fenthets, a few
toe nails and a bill. In the lower compart
ment were three dozen and eleven eggs!
Blobbs saw it nil. Her delicate constitution
had been unequal to the effort, and fired by
young ambition she had laid herself all
M7Gulla Percha has recently been put
to curious novel use by n physician in Phil
adelphia. To the Franklin Institute of that
city the physician stated that alter a series of
experiments in preserving a diseased leg, re-'
taining the natural size, from nnd appearance
of the specimen, by coating it with gutta per
cha from a solution. The appearance of the
specimen preserved was that of the purest
paper-mache preparation, nnd presented not
only the natural color of the tissues, but al
so ihe relutiuus of the muscles, nerves, ves
sels, etc. ;.
Gas Made from Water. A French
chemist, Mr. Gillord, haa at last discovered
snd put into actual use the gas made from
water, not in the laboratory or nt on exhibi
tion, but in illuminating a whole town; the
ancient city of Nnrbonne. France, glories
in a light, the elements of w hich are drawn
from its sntiqueand beautiful canal, the flam
looking like the electrical light, dazzling but
not tiresome, as white as can be, without
vicilatior or smell; nil burners being similar
to ao many planets. Courier des Elatt Unit.
Death from Posion usfd in the Manu
facture of Brandy. Mr Morris, of Toronto,
a clerk in a house engaged in the manufac
ture of brandy, was killed by drinking, by
mistake, a small portion of preparation, nearly
allied to prusic acid, which had been procu
red in the regular course of the business.
There is something very horrible in this.
If such ingredients are mixed with manufac
tured liquors, and nearly all the liquors sold
are doubtless manufactured, it is not Strang
that the use of sprituous liquors, always hurt
ful, has become of lute so terribly destructive.
Prov. Journal
Price of a White Man. The miserable
vagrant Hughes, a poor sot of a fellow, who,
however, has a fine, sturdy, industrious littlo
wife, nnd one or two children, wsa sold at
Covington, on Saturday, to Andy Herrod,
the jailer, for five months, for one dollar!
We are happy to aay Herrod will make a
good master, although the law allows him
the same rights as Ihe master of negro
slave has. Cin. Gazette.
A boy io one of the public schools in New
ark, N. J., was whipped a few days since by
the teacher, who held his head do nward'
between his knees while ho inflicted the pun
ishment. The holding the head downward
created a rush of blood to the head, causing
bruin fever, and death a few days afterward.
fj- Mr. Sun ford of Cherokee, hns taken
tho field against the Hon. W. R. W. Cobb
for Congress from the 6th District.
"That's So!" The Tortara pull a man by
the ear when they want him to drink, and
krep pulling until he opens his mouth, when
they pour down tho l iquor.
We knowsome peoplo in these parts whos
ears would Dot require much pulling "and
that's so too."
, Cure for Diariihcea. Take a handful of
strawberry leaves, and pour on them half
pint of boiling water; let it remain one hour,
and drink the tea. If you cannot get th
boiling water chew and swallow the juice.
This is a most valuable nnd efficient remedy,
it rarely fails to give immediate relief and
perform a permanent cure.
Grace Church. N. P. Willis calls Mr.
Brown, the gentlemanly sexton of Grace
Church, New York, who undertakes both
funerals nnd parties, the "Grand master of
ceremonies of Mucfindo-dom."
ISC" Simpson says the Indies do not e
their caps for the gentlemen any more; they
spread their hoops. Quite likely.
A wag proposes to publish a re
paper to be called 'J 'he Comet, Willi ah original
tale every week.
The Washington Union says that the De
mocratic party is very certain not to go to
sleep. Perhaps it can't go to sleep for the
same reason that the woman's baby couldo t
its face is ao dirty that it cau't shut It
eyes. Louisville Journal.
Judge Cunningham, of the Supreme Court
of Kansas, hns resigned his possilion on th
IxiUisviLLB, May 25. The fruit crop' ex
cepting peaches, promises more than an
average yield. -
Poetical. "Don't you remember oi
Towser. dear Knle old Towser, so gen
tle and . kiud! How he used to play day nt
night by the gntc, Rod soixe Interlopers behind.

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