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.fi. ILxI
piir post I, pabll.hed ever. Friday at iJ per year
..T"wln .T-"r pameol la delayed until
fcVVi iu b. chared f I p.r .-.u.r.
.n Vine, or !. fr H Bret Inwrtlon, and SO eenu for
T. h ...minuance. A liberal (IMuctloo made to thoae
..i.-m.. h lite rear. ilTPmoiii sendinradTer
tie.nenU mot mark the number of timet they deiire
them toerled,or tnejr win ne conunuea intu lurwiu muv
For tuaoancinf the uaiuel of candldateiforo(Bce,5,
One 1arynotleeioTerl2llne,chrged aUheregular
advertUiud ratei.
Allco nniunlcatlnnelntendedto promotethe private
rndf or Intere.Uof Corporation!, ocleliee,acnooior
Indlrlduali, will be charged ai adverimemenu.
ivnrb.iurliu I'mmuhlfK.Minuteii, Circular!
Oardi, Blank!, llandhllli, Ac, will be executed In good
All'letteri adilreiird to the Proprietor, poit paid, will
be promptly attended to.
Pernoua at a rilntanre lending oi the namel of four
solvent iuhcrlher, will oe enllllvn to a nun conj nru..
No communication Inserted unlea accompanied by
the name of the author.
fJT Onlca on Main street, next door to the old J acx
an Hotel.
Mortality amono U. S. Senatokb. Of
the members of the Senate during the Inst
Congress, no less tlmn five have panned away
since the first session commenced, to wit
Messrs. Clayton of Delewnre, Bell of New
Hampshire, Adam of Mississippi, Butler of
Suulh Carolina, and Rusk of Texas. The
body Inn been nearly decimuted in the short
pace of about twelve months, which is a
fearlul mortality indeed.
ffTThe Spartanburg (S. C.) Express
says: We learn from the Agents, in our
town, of the bunk of Newberry, that there in
new counterfeit ten dollar bill out on the
Bunk of Hamburg, South Carolina, of the
old issue. The Cashier of the Bunk of
Charleston any it uluioat defies detection.
Look out for it."
(W As to the other' oppoaitinn member
defeated in the South, and the general route
of the whole Know Nothing party of that
avction, the result ia to be rejoiced over.
Such ia the language in which the Aboli
tion correspondent of the New York Tribune
announces the result of the recent elections
in the South. It only confirms what we
have all along maintained that the Free
Boilers are anxious for the consolidation of
all parlies in tho South into one. In thnt
event the North would range itself into a
grand opposition party, and the fitla of the
South would be sealed. The evidences of
this thicken all around us. On no other
ground can we explain the delight with
which Black Republicanism chuckles over
Democratic victories in the South.
Prolonged Absence No leave for a Second
Marriage. It ia a vulgar and very dangerous
error to suppose that any term of absence of
one of two persons married will, while that
parly is living, permit or We oilier msrryloH
again. Thia misconception, but too fatally
prevalent among the lower classes, has arisen
from a clause in the statute relating to biga
my, the 9 Geo. IV. c. 31, a. 22, which provide
that no punishment therein enacted shall ex
tend to any person marrying a second tilnt ,
whose husband or wife shall have been con
tinually absent from such person for the
spice of seven years then Inst past, and ahall
not hnve been known by such person to be
living within that time. Thus the party mar
rying under these circumstances ia by thia
clause certainly protected from a conviction
for bigamy, and it consequent pains and
penalties, but that ia all. The second mar
riage will neverthelesa be absolutely void
should the party absent turn out at any time,
however long, to have beeu alive when it was
contracted. Nothing but death or a divorce
a vinculo matrimonii can sever a marriage
once legally performed.
What is Northern Democracy? H. B.
Pavne, the Democratic candidate for Gover
nor of Ohio, in accepting the Domination ia
reported to have said: ,
"Under Mr. Buchanan's administration,
Kansas, protected alike from New England
and the South, is working out the peaceable
fruila of righteousness. At a dav noi dis.
taut or doubtful, as from the beginning has
been predicted. Kansas will bs admitted into
the galaxy of Slate with a Free Statu con
stitution by the voles of her own puople,
abolishing lorever slavery in her midst, thus
furnishing an application of practical Demo
emtio doctrines.
This is a specimen of a Northern Demo
crat who in an national, and whom Southern
men are exhorted to rely upon. (I. B. Pavne
ia as much the friend of the South aa any
uinn in the North. How do you like this.
Indians in Texas. The Galveston News,
of the I&lh, furnishes the following:
The Indians tribes of Texas nre passim:
nto rapid decay. In 18,p3, the Indiana of
Texas were estimated at 'JO.DOO. In 1856,
the number, from olhVinl nccounta, did not
exceed 12,000. Some ISO Indiana till the
reservation on the clear fork of the Brazos,
and make good crops; 3,000 semi-eivilized
Creeks, Delaware, and Clierokees nre in
Eastern Texas. In the North 1,000 Wuchi.
tan and Waco. There are 3,000 Cntnan
chea, 1,000 l.ipaim, and 4.000 of nil others
straggler. From thia report it will be seen
that in the course of a few years from the
very nature of things, the" whole Indian
tribe of Texas will become e xtincU
The Alabama 'costume just now is
cool and comfortable. It consist of a straw
bat, a shirt collar and a fan. Of course, fo,
a "dress party," it Is a little more "full.''
HP A writer in the Augnita Chronicle
&. Sentinel, dating from Shcltonville, Gil.,
): "Mr llery c. Rogora, who had 70
acre sowed in wheat, has just finished
threshing it, which made 1,65 bushels, being
nn average or 28, bushels per acre, and weigha
63 Iba, per bushel."
Nsw York, August 30,-Warren Bank of
Pennsylvania, Kanawha Hank of Virginia, nnd
several other bunk failures ar reported It la
also reported that Benedict & Co., and Fish
er di Co., have failed. The reported failure
of the Hartford Bank 1 untrue.
We give below the names of the gentle
men elected to Congress at the elections held
the first part of last month. The list was
compiled by the Columbus Sun, and we pre
sume may be regarded aa accurate.
The names of the American members are
in italic letters:
1. Henry M.Shaw,
2. Thomas Rutlin,
3. Warren Winslow,
4. S O. B. Brunch,
5. John A. Oiltner,
6. Alfred AI. Scalesjr.,
7. Burton t'raige,
8. Thomas L. Clingman,
1. Albert G. Watkius,
' 2. Horace Maynard,
3. Samuel A. Smith,
4. John II. Savage,
6. Charles Ready,
6. George VV. Joues,
7. J. V. Wright,
8. F. K Zullicoffer,
9. J. C. D. Atkins,
10. W. T. Avery.
- 1. Henry C. Burnet,
2. Samuel O. I'eyton,
3. V. L. Underwood,
4. Albert G. Tuloot,
5. Joshua II. Jenett,
6. Joseph M. Elliott,
7. Humphrey Marshall,
8. James B. Clay,
9. John C. Mason,
10. J. W. Stevenson.
1 Jus. A. Stallworth,
2. Eli S. Shorter,
3. James F. Dowdell,
4. Sydenham Moore,
5. George S. Houston,
6. W. R W. Cobb,
7. J. L. M. Curry.
1 Guy M.Bryan.
2. John H. Regan.
3 Joseph B. Clark, to till a vacancy.
The above shows a Democratic gain of 10
members, ns compared with the delegations
from those States in the last Congress.
Hunter and Wisb Old Virginia on the
Fence. The Richmond Whig has a curious
article upon the coining Senatorial election
by the Virginia Legislature. The Whig
thinks that Hunter will win, provided that
the election is brought on enrly in the session;
but that if Wise gets a chance to dine and
wine the rural mi-nibers, the aspirations of
his opponent will he knockud into a corked
hat. Wise, uncording to the Whig, will be
backed and suatained by the whole power
and influence ol the Administration at Wash
ington, and by all the defenders and suppor
ters of the Kunaas policy of Walker, in Vir
ginia and in the South mid in the North;
whereas Hunter will be Compelled to rely
i .... ncmiUiiA
noon the nui oi .. - . . , ,.
Walker ana Oislrusi the Administration.
This Senatorial election, then, Will necessari
ly turn upon this question whether a majori
ty of the Democratic members of the next
lM-gislature enthuse or condemn ihe Kansas
policy of Walker und Buchanan."
Tlie Enquirer is very earnest in advocating
the necessity of sustaining the Administra
tion nH looks with extraordinary compla
cency upon the prospect of Kansas becoming
.. i..L sii.,1.. 'I'd,, nuei-k in the horizon is
lltTSJ UHlll
growing bigger. JV. Y. Herald.
Rapid Settlkmknt of Texas. The fol
lowing, from the Dallas Herald of the 20th
of June, will give our renders some idea of
the rapid settlement of tho frontier counties
of Texas:
"We have recently visited the frontier
counties west of this place, ns far as Brazos,
passing through Tarrant, Parks, Palo Pinto
and Voting counties, ns far as Brazos agency,
nn the lower Indian Reserve. We passed
over the aame route aorne two and a half
years ago, and were now itgreeably astonish
ed at the rapid stride the country has made
in the short time in settlement and improve
ment. Then from twenty-five miles beyond
Fort Worth it was an uninhabited wilder
ness to Fort Belknap. Now the whole route
is settled by an industrious, hardy nnd patri
otic population, from the head of the Clear
Fork ol Trinity to fifty miles beyond Belk
nap. The frontier settlement nre extending
nt the rate of fifty miles a year. Where, ten
years ngo, w as it wilderness farms nre being
opened, houses built, and settlements extend
ing. Tho railroad enterprises that nre now
pointing toward thia desirable region, will
give a powerful impetus to the lido of eiu
ignition and improvement west and north of
Belknap nnd Cooper, and two years more
will see the mountains and valleys of the
Wachita dotted over with cottages of the
hardy pioneers ol American civilizatioH."
Mktror. Letters from
Bagdad announce an extraordinary
fall of
.. ... -i f l. .. . KtAA l,tfih
rain on tne inn oi juueni tout pnn-c,
from it bloody hue, gave the surrounding
country the appearance of a buttle field.
The m-tcor aeon nt Multa on tho I4th of
June was likewise observed on the same day
throughout Syria nnd Palestine; and letters
from Trebizond, Samsou", Sinopo, Constan
tinople and Smyrna, report a heavy, full of
rain, nnd tempestuous weather on that day,
to the great alarm of the Inhabitants, who
had for some weeks been anxiously looking
out for the comet crash. The evening of the
13th of June waa the remarkable meteor and
whirlwind in New York. -
Virtub Extraordinary. The Shnsta
(Cnl.) Courier asys thnt two gentlemen of
that county, who were each tendered tne
appointment of county judge, by the Gover.
nor, declined on the ground that they did
not think themselves fully qunlilied for the
poaition. Can any other State In the Union
produce two auch melt.
l-CT Quite a business has been carried
on In London bysumu witty swindlers, who
have notified numerous gentlemen that the
degree of LI D. had been conferred upon
them by th R tckensack University of Arkan
sas, and notifying the new doctors that a fee
eftwn pounds inuit be forthcoming in order
to secure the honors It i not known how
many have been caught by thi bait, but Mr.
Dallas had numerous inquirer touching the
Rackensack University.
The magnificent project of uniting the At
lantic Ocean with the Pacific, by railroad con
nection, and of accomplishing in a few hours
a journey across the breadth of the continent
of North America, which formerly required
months to effect, and of causing the commerce
of the East to flow through the gates of our
principal cities, is well calculated, although
utilitarian scheme, to give the hue of poetry
and romance to the speculations of those who
are engaged in forwarding the great work.
The idea ia so splendiiLaud great that even
our most sober and sedate statesmen, who in
general confine themselves to prosaic facts
and figures, will insensibly, in their allusions
to it, use the most oratorical and splendid il
lustrations. When we contemplate the nd
vantages and results thnt would flow from it,
the changes that it would produce in all the
great enterprises of life, it is not remarkable
that it is a fine theme for forensic displaya.
The classic and eloquent Keitt, a member of
Conuress from South Carolina, in a late
speech at Charleston, at a railroad celebration,
handle.) the subject aa ably and beautifully as
we have ever seen it dune. Hesuid:
"The march of the States is onward and
onward still nor can it pause until the sum
is right over our heads; nor will the edict of
Dunliny be met until the people of these re
gions are bidden to a marriage feast grander
than any spread upon the records of time.
'I he Pacific, vexed by storms, nnd restless
upon his lonely, bachelor bed, for unrooted
centuries, has sobbed to the rock bound coast
the story of his baffled love; but American
genius and American energy, like carrier
pigeons, nre now bearins? the suitor's gentle
plea over plain anil muuntain, over forest and
city, and they soon will carry back the
plighted njaiieu's vow of the blushing At
lantic. Much have you, of the South and West,
already done, but much still remains for you
to do. The lordly Pacific, like an awakened
giant, is stepping forth to demand and web
come the bride he has already wooed and
won, nnd it is for you to solemnize the mag
nificent Hymen of the oceans with a claim of
iron witnesses. When you have done this,
you will have laid your hands upon the gates
of the East, nnd the long procession of the
trades will follow in your trackway to seize
and hold the golden keys. The splendid
commerce, which erstwhile enriched I uelies
and Palmyra, Venice, Genoa and Holland, and
which now plants the ureal commercial nerve
of the world on the Exchange in London,
will come to you a bidden guest.
"Tho use of tropical productions is fast
becoming n test of civilization, and they are
rapidly elaborating themselves into the very
elements of national grralnessand power.
(ireat Britain sees this, and hence she is push
ing her conquests through ruined India, nnd
treading over shattered thrones, to lay her
hand upon the sources of tropical we ilth.
'ATrii''nl;' 'iu.r L':llil" ul',on lh"
.ol I of
coiiiplishment of the same end, is marclifng
over fiery deserts and through the smoke of
burning Arah villages. Nor does mis great
law of modern progress and civilization stop
with these two powers. Nicholas, of Russiu,
when in his midsoar of ambition, when
stretching to the very sun, like
The feathered king.
On balanced wing,"
he was struck down by the shaft of death,
was girding up the loins of his huge empire
Tor n mighty spring, through tne gateway oi
China, upon tint possessions of Great Britain
in the East, in order to grapple those vast re
gions to his already colossal empire, nnd re
found hia power and regime upon the wealth
nnd commerce of the East. This great
scheme still percolates through the minds of
the rulers of Russia. This race to the tropica
ia ours, too. G id, geography and r.ature
hnve combined to enable us to outstrip all
our rivals in thi high career of power and
empire. Marry the Atlantic to the Pacific,
and obey the mandate of destiny, and you
will have your hands upon tho necessaries
and luxuries of the world, while all the arts
and nil the trades, and all the sciences, will
circle in festive throngs around you."
A Fiqhtino Woman. In New VorK Ihe
police have aeveral times been repulsed in
attempting to arrest nn old German woman
of seventy years, a rng picker, named Chris
tiana Iladley, whose den was guarded by
five ferocious doi's. On Tuosdny they made
another attempt, and were met by the old
woman with a pilchfork, nnd by the dogs.
They shot the dogs, knocked the woman's
pitchfork from her hands, mid even then it
was only after a desperate struggle that they
were enable to pinion her, hand nnd foot,
and remove her to the atntion house. She
was seutunced to tho penitentiary as a vag
rant. Men DnowNED in a Fiuiit. Two men
were drowned in Whitemore Lake, Michigan,
on the 4th. In company with their wives
and a little girl, they were sailing on the
lake, when an altercation eiiBtiedjlhe men
clinched, in the struggle upset the boat, and
they fought in the water until both eank.
The women and little girl were both aaved
by clinging to the boat until rescued.
Keep it before the People. Thnt fhe
Missouri Compromise excluded slavery from
the whole or Kansas Territory. Alala
Miss) Democrat,
Nail it to the forehead of the people that
thi Kansas bill thnt repealed the nnti-slnve.
ry Missouri restoration, refused to revive the
old luisiana low which the Missouri Com,
promiee repealed, nnd which allowed slave,
ry and thn failed to restore lavery.
Billt Bowles b oets a Letter. In the
Florida Peninulnr of the 1st instaut we find
the following!
A letter came to the postoflioe, In tins
place, a few days since, bearing the follow,
ing inscription: "To Gen. Wm. B. Leg.
Chief ol the Seminole Indians, Everglades.
Col.Loomis,we presume, will deliver this
doounifiit when hecalcMt BUy.
WONPERPUL.-In allusion to a apeech of
Col. Barry, a writer in lbs Cnrrolton, Miss.,
Democrnt aav: "I could ee, I fancied, run
ning through the whole of hie speech, a
great gushing stream of Democracy, pure
and unsullied and refreshing to the heurlaor
he "faithful,"
The New York ald, a paper in which
we seldom see any tig to admire, makes the
following adiuirnbhit at those hypocritical
philanthropists of North, who profess a
desire to place the gro upon aa equality
with the white tnai
"The Vote on Aro Sufrage in Iowa.
It ia not a little ainjlar that the vote on that
clause of the new institution of Iowa which
placed the negroes, an ejuality.in point of
political rights, withhe wjiites, should have
heen so decidedly rgatiad by the people
of that Slate. lowas cohidered a republi
can State; the republtan fader in this part
of the world have ikelv Vide s practice of
counting upon it as athin certain. Yet it
seems that the repubkaofcf Iowa do not
carry their republicauitm t far aa to admit
the negroes into a commiity of political
rights with themselves. I
Verv few nelitical eomunities of white
men have been proved w fng, in their pres
ent day, to admit the ne t political
equality with themselves Northern men are
ready enough to aympntM" with the anegen
w roups of the colored Kt in the South, and
to make an outcry ahnuthe injustice of hold
ing of the human creiurea in bondage by
another. But when llrie aame Northern
men are asked to ait at he aame table, or
ride in the same cars, o to occupy the same
apartment, or to vote s5e by side with the
black human creaturesjheir irtea oi ine on
iiIol'V becomes mnterhlv altered. In such
States ns Rhode lslanl free negro suffrage
may pass muster; but (New York and lown,
it seems, prejudice oflsolor" operate! to de
bar the eolored man tim me privuegt.
We presume that, al in New Yort, tne
people of Iowa will coipromise the matter
by tacking on a propel) quaiincaiion to vne
negro suffrage, and w
declare that a black
man who is worth on
hundred dollars shall
renturo to all political
be held to be a human
intents and purposes,
while the negro who
has nothing shall be Inly a hybrid betfeen
humanity and chatteBom. We, therefore,
affectionately recommnd all ncgroea wkhin
the State of Iowa eitlr to get a hundred
dollars worth of pro('rty without loss of
time, or to hurry back to the South. We are
full of compassion tre in the worm; oni
black humanity, to H down with us, must
be moderately gilded.r
Wrought Iron Cs. The Hudson Riv
er Uaiiroad Conipanyhave ordered four or
these to be made nnd1 used on their road by
way of trial. The tame work is to be a
very strong, yet elastc basket, each joint be
ing protected by rivels, and the whole furth
er protected bv making the entire platform
at each end one strol'r stirim' of steel. Cars
thus made will be lighter it is said ihmi wood
en ones, yet so safe that a fatal accident with
thorn is a thing hardly possible, as they will
spring, bend, or twist, but remain whole ns
a shield to their occupants, no power being
able to broak tliein into fragments or splint
Everybody has red of Jules Gerard,
the lion-killer, andjiis wonderful encounters
.---' m tX7 1 .... f.Z.....ri
came uucKJo runs tne nisi nine irom uis
favorite amusement in Africa, he suggested
to Devisme, the well known gun-maker of the
Boulevard des Italiens, the idea of inventing
a ball that would explode when it arrived nt
the animal's body.' Tho new projectile ia
about tiie aize ol the Minnie hall; its penetrat
iiiL' force is equal to the common ball. Ar
rived in the animal's body it explodes like a
bomb, and, of course, causes the sudden
death of the animal. If shot into the lungs
of an elephant for example, the ball in ex
ploding disengages carbonic acid gas, and
the an i Dial, which from it size might other
wise survive for a short time, will suddenly
fall asphyxiated. A few days ngo a pany of
gentlemen accompanied M. Devisme to a
horse slaughter-house in the environs of the
city. There the new projectile was tried on
live horses who were standing tied to a fence
waiting to be shot. They were each shot
in the lungs, the ball exploded, and the nn
iiiial fell dead. The experiment was com.
pletely satisfactory.
Strange Infatuation. There is an in
dividual residing in the neighborhood of
Maple Root, New Jersey, by the name of
Smith, who imagines thnt he ia two hun
dred year old, although he does not yet
number two score years. Yet every effort to
disabuse his mind of this singulur lancy has
thus far proved unavailing. Smith has main
tained his present notion for three years, nnd
talks of events, which he says he witnessed,
which occurred long before he was born.
Upon every other subject he is perfectly ra.
tional, nnd in his business relations he is un
commonly smart, lie says he will uut taste
death, but is destined to live on until the end
of time.
-gr"On Saturday quite a scene occurred
at the New York Hotel, a gentleman resid
ing in the neighborhood being discovered by
n wealthy down-town merchant on terms of
loo great intimacy with his wife. The of.
fending party made his escape almost in pU'
rix nuluralibus, and was taken, by those who
saw him, to be a lunatic. He ran pretty fast,
for the injured husband had a revolver. All
Ihe parlies belong to "our first society."
X Y. Times, Aug. 17.
"Tit ton Tat." A youngster fell in love
with a sour old maid, who, believing she
knew all about the ficklc-miiidedness of inen(
sud to her"lij,ver:"
Ton men are ong'U when you woo the maid,
Out devils when the marriage vow ii laid.
The lover, not to be out done, replied as
Th ehan(re r 1 lrl ' " forgiven
We Bud ourielret in At". Initead of heaven.
l-fT An Irishman attending a Quaker
meeting, heard a young friend make the fol
lowing announcement: "Brethren and Bis
ters, I am going to marry a daughter of the
Lord." I he devil ye are," suid Pat, Fath
an' bejabers, nn' it will be a long lime before
ye'll ee yer father-in law."
Hath no Ears. It i 'tated that there is
a negro woman In Virginia who ha no enrs
yet distinctly henr what is said to her by
opening her mouth. If thi be true she must
hnve an adtniisbl capacity for "drinking in a
It is an imperative law of Nature, that in
order for any one to be happy, they must
hnve aome occupation. 1 he mind is ao con
stituted that it requires some object on which
its power may be exercised, and without
which it DrevB upon itself and In comes miser
able. A person accustomed to a life of study,
longs for ease and retirement; and when he
has accomplished thi purpose, he find him-
self wretched. We are acquainted with indi
vidun's w hose early lives were passed in aclite
business pursuits, and w ho, nt the age of
forty, having acquired a competence, have re
tired from business with the intention or
passing the remainder of their days in leisure.
For awhile everything Beemed pleasant, and
they flattered themselves that they could
now enioy life and be happy. But they had
deceived themselves; their minds soon became
restless and there was a vaat amount of time
w hich they could "not occupy, and they hnve
said that their happiest days were passed in
The pleasure of relaxation can be known
only to those who have regular and interest,
ing occupation, and on this account continued
relaxation becomes s weariness, and the mind
become weary of being inactive, and on this
ground we maintain that the greatest degree
of real happiness nnd enjoyment is not realiz
ed by the luxurious men of wealth, nor by
the listless votary of fashion, but by the mid
dle classes of society "ho along with the
comforts of life have constnnt occupation,
which m itself proves one of their many
sources of happiness.
From these facts we draw the following
conclusion: That in order to be happy the
mind must have some employment, but we
would observe that it is not necessary for any
person to make their occupation the aole end
of their existence, and pursue it with sucn
enemy as to shorten their live, but we be
lieve thut occupation, with proper seasons of
relaxation is conducive to nnd actually neces
sary for the happiness and welfare of every
human being, nod without it no one cau en
joy life.
tff Fun should be cultivated ns a fine
art, for it is altogether a fine thing. Who
ever knew a "funny man" to be a bad onel
On the contrary, is he not nine times in ten
generous, humane, social, and good! 1 o be
moth he is! Fun is airreatthini!. It smoothes
the rough places of life, makes the disposi
t'l.m ns k eel nnd rosy us a maiden's kiss,
scatters sunshine und flowers wherever we
ito. iives the world a jolly countenance,
makes all the girls as pretty as June roses
and mankind one of the best families out.
We go in for fun
A Phoskk. A calm, blue-eyed, sell-com-
village down east, received a long call the
other day from a prying old spinster, who,
utter prolonging her stay beyond even her
own conception.pl the young lint's endurance,
canto to Ilia main ouestion which had
brought her tiiither: "I've been asked n good
ninny times if you w as engaged to Dr. t ' .
Now, if folks inquire again whether you be
or not, what ahall I tell 'em I think!" " I ell
tliem," answered the young lady, biting her
cairn blue eyes in unblushing stoadiness up
on the inquisitive features of her interroga
tor, "tell them that you Mini yon don't
know, and you are sure it is none of your
business." '
Nice Honey in Glass Jars. Mr. B. A.
Manchester, of Western New York, has
probably the most accommodating family ot
bees that nre known in this vicinity. He
place over a hole in the top of his hives
large glass tumblers reversed. Tho bees
come up through the holes nnd fasten their
comb and honey in the inside of the tiimb.
Icrs In the most ingenious manner possible,
beautilully clear nnd white. When each
glass is tilled, the bees go below, the tumb
ler is taken off, and there is a nice jar of
honey already put up for family use by the
bees themselves.
Reconstruction or Parties. The New
York Hur .UUiys: "If K ins is is admitted as
n slave Suite right or wrong, the Northern
Democracy will disappear from tho earth
like a vapor; if alio is admitted as a free Stale,
justly or unjustly, the result will be a split
of the Southern Democracy und the organ
ization of the secession wing as the nucleus
of a rabid Southern sectional party. We
lake it for granted that Kansas will cotne in
us a free State, nnd the Southern sectional
party indicated w ill be the first consequence.
Thus, perhaps, as early n next summer we
hall have a Southern sectional party, on the
platform of the secessionists, bmnuht out up.
on the course, while our Northern anti-slavery
forces will unquestionably gather conli
denco nnd boldness from the true Stale so
lution of the Kansas test question."
lt7The rule by which diamonds are val
ued, is to multiply the square of the weight
in carats, by forly dollars. A carat is equiv
alent to lour grains, Troy weight. A di
ninond, by this rule, weighing three hundred
units, nnd about nn large as a small hen's
egg, would he worth in the market three
million six hundred thousand dollar.
lT A New York editor finding onbbnge
soed In a letter from s brother quill, wanted
to know, whether his conespondent had a
habit of scratching his head while writing?
Iff "Jue, what makes your nose so
"Friendship! How de you make that
"I've got a friend who Is very fond of
brandy, nnd he is loo weak to take it strong;
I've constituted myself his tn.ter;
. . ' ii'......,i i'.si. i.i th,-
ATLASTIw Bieunarn ' dmi im, neorottS 10 ir uiii"; " kouuuvu w iiii iis
Atlantic Telegraph t 'able parted 330 miles whites, has been voted down by a large uiu
i i. uh.,ru nn thn niorniriir of thw 1 Ith I i.
t V '' - I- .- , I
Irom Ihe shere on the morning of the Ilth
nnd the vessels were returning to England.
director, were, however, sanguine of
,le sucees. A roulerenre was held nt
..ll! m nl M
London nn Saturday to determine whether
to, go on or wait another summer.
Prora Tent Lire In Holy Land.J
The first morning i" Jerusalem waa a time
forever to be remen-befed. W hen the aun
c ime up above the Mount of Olives, I wa
st-.nding on Ihe eastern side of the city, with
out the walls, on the brow of the Valley of
Jehoshaphat, looking down into its gloomy
depths nod up to the hill that was hallowed
by the lust footsteps of Christ.
1 could not sleep. It was vain to think of
it'or attempt it. Broken snatches of alumber,
dreamy nnd rest.ess at the best, but mostly
iiiroad awake thoughts, fancies, feliiigs, and
I ... . I A. Ill
memories occupied the enure nigm. eary
mid exhausted as I was by the previous day a
travel. I could not compose my mind suffi
ciently to take the rest I actually required.
It was but s little after the break ol day
that I strolled down to the gate of St. Pie-
phen, (so called now, though formerly known
aa Ike gale of the Lady Mary, because of ita
lesdinsr to the Virion's lotnb.l and rinding it
open already, passed oul among the Moslem
gravea that cover the hill of Morioh, outside
the wall, nnd sitting down on one of them,
waited in silence the coming of the aun. And
it enme.
I had aeon the dawn come over the forest
of the Delaware country, in the aublime win
ter mornings,
"Whea lat nlftht'iinowhangn llahtly on tne treea,
And all Uie cedare and the pines are whits
With the new clary."
I had seen the morning come op over the
nrairiesnf Minnesota, calm and majestic along
the far horizon. I had Been it in golden glory
on the sea, in suit splendor in Italy, in rich
effulgence over the Libyan desert.
But I never saw such a morning as that
before nor shall 1 ever see another auch in
this cold world.
At first thero was a flush, a faint but beau-
tilul light like a halo, above the holy moun
tain. Riuht Ihere-away lay Bethany, and I
could think it the radiance of the bursting
tomb of Martha's brother. But the flush be
came a clenm, a glow, nn opening heaven of
deep, strong light that did not dnzzle nor
bewilder. I looked into it and wna lost in it,
as one is lost that guzes into the deep loving
eves of tho woman he worships. It seemed
ns if I hud but to w ish and I should be nwny
in 4he ntmosnhere that wns so glorious.
Strong cords of desire seemed drawing me
thither. I even rose to my feel nnd lenr.ea
forward over the carved turban on a Mussul
man' tomb. I breathed strong, full inspira
tions.ns if 1 could breathe in thnt glory
All this while, deep in the gloom of the
valley between me nnd the Mount of Acen
sioii lav the Hebrew dead of all the centuries
iiiial imliii. solemn in their slumber. The
i-lorv did not reach down to their low graves
yet I thought almost aloud, that if that radi-
Id but one touch those stones,
heavy ns they were, the dead would spring to
lite, even the doubly dead who lie in that
valley of tombs.
Alas! for the dead whose grave the morn
ing radiance from the moiiutriti of the Lord's
ascension will never reach I Alas! for the
sealed lips of earth that w ill never be kissed
to openiiio by those rays!
Then came '.he round sun; it seemed but
an instant alter the uioriiintr-star bad sunk
into the blue, and then the full sun. light
oni 1 1 ii across the lulls of Juden, on the but-tli'inen'-s
of Jerusalem.
Then once more I bowed my head. It is
no sli,.me Lj have wept in Palestine. I wept
w hen I saw Jerusalem, I Wept when I lay in
the slur-light at Bethlehem, I wept on the
blessed shores of Galilee, My hand was no
I ss firm nn the rein, my finger did not trem
hie on the tiigt!er-of my pistol when I rode
with it in my right hand ulong the shore of
the blue sea. My eye was not dimmed by
those tears, nor my henrt in might weakened.
Let him who would sneer at my emotion
close this volume here, for he will find little
to his taste in my journeying through Holy
A National Work.-A gigantic enterprise
is now going on in Holland, being nothing
less than blocking up two nrms of the sea
nnd replacing them by a navigable cnnnl for
merchant vessel of the largest burden. By
this operalion nn extent of land of 14,000
hectare (33,000 acres) or the finest quality
will be gained from the Scheldt. This canal,
which will be completed in the course of two
years, crosses the Island of Sud Bcveland,
between the villages of Hanswert, on the
western branch of the Scheldt, and Werner,
dinge, on the enetern.
Caution to Railroad Travelers. The
Allenlown Democrat state an instance of
inslmit death to a passenger, by putting his
head out of the window while the train Wns
under way, which should be a wurnmg to
passengeis never to permit their head or el
bows to project oul while the train is in mo
tion. As Ihe train wn passing Iawry's Sta
tion, the pscnger stuck his head out, which,
coming in contact with te timbers of a
bridge, took hia sunlp entirely off, The editor
of the Democrnt ant on the sent with the un
fortunate man, slid waa bespattered with
blood. He describes the scene as awful the
crash of the scull, the fainting of the women,
Ihe alarm of the passengers si I being in
Btnntnneous. Keep your head and arm ip
when the cars are In motion.
Flour i'omino Down. The Fuirmonnt
True Virginian, ia informed by n gentleman,
that a considerable quantity ol Flour ws
sold in thut tow n, on Wednesday lust, at $3
87 J per hundred, or 85 73 per harrol.
Iowa. It is generally understood thnt the
new Constitution ha been adopted by the
ueottle. but that the aeparnle cluuse.ndmittiiig
" . n . ... i.u .i...
Deonle, out mat no- rc"'"' .iiiu-i-,i!uuiiinin(
I ' ' . ir. i ,.,in. a...
A young w.aow nn. e.ian.isn.a s pis-
lol gallery in Orlea.,.. I ler qualifications ss n
J-T" A yoimg widow ha established a pis.
i..u..h..r of the art of doeliiiff are of course un
doubted, fur "he bae killed her man.
VOL. IX.-N0. 467.
A Man or Business. In one of the wsst-
era counties of New York, is a man by the .
name of Zadock Pr.tt, one of the bone and
sinew, an intelligent methanic and farmer,
who has contributed greatly to Ihe general
prosperity, ss well ss to his individual wealth.
I ,...h at an Agricultural Fair in Green -
county, New York, he said that, since he had
bean eniraired in fariDinir, he had employed
v m ...
over fifteen thousand yeara of other men
labor, had employed thirty thousand men,
and paid them for their labor over two mil
linns five hundred thousand dollars. He had
cleared over ten thousand acres of land, used
over two hundred thousand corda of hemlock
bark, and paid over half a million of dollar
for it. He had used and worn out fivo hun
dred horses and one thousand yoke of oxen;
used two hundred thousand bushel of oats,
one hundred end twenty thousand tons of
hay, thirty thousand barrels of beef and pork,
nearly one hundred thousand barrels ol nour,
and potatoes without number ormensure. He
had tunned over cue million and fifty sides of
lenther; his usual disbursement is over fit
thousand dollars per duy; and he has used iu
his business over ten millions. He baa never
had a side of leather stolen, nnd never wa
sued n account of hia business transactions.
We should SRy that Zndock was valuable
member of soaiety. Moreover, he shows the
advantage of diversifying labor, and of blink
ing the man who cuusuuiea by the side of
bill) who produces.
Strychnine. The source from whence
the poison, which has gained so world wide
a celebrity ia obtained, is thus noticed in
Dicken's Household Words:
1.. r.ul.m. nnd several districts's of India.
All fevji"f, - , .
grows a moderate sized tree, with thick, shin
ing leaves, and a short crooked stem. In th
fruit season it is readily recognized by it rich
orange-colored berries, iioouin. inrge as gol
den pippins. The rind is hard and smooth,
nnd cover a w hite, soft pulp, the favorite
food for many kind or birds, within which
are the fiat, round seeds, not an men in di
ameter, ash-gray in color, and covered with
very silky hairs. The Germans fancy they
can discover a reaemblunce to gray eyes, and
call them crow . eyes, out tue nseness in
purely Iuiagmnry. I lie tree is mo strychnine
vomica, nnd the 8ed Is the (lead I V pois
on nut. The latter, was early used ns a medi
cine by the Hindoos and us nature ana pro
perties understood by oriental doctors long
hetore II wns Sliow o m nnni, un.iuun. .
"Dog-killer," and 'fish-scale," are two of ita
Arabic names. It is stated uial in present
the natives of Hindustan often take it for
many months continuously, in much the same
way as opium-eaters eat ojium. They com
mence with liikiiiB the eighth of n nnt a day,
and gradually increasing the allowance to nn
entire nut, which would be about twenty
grains. If they eat directly before or nfter
food, no unpleasant effects are produced; but
if they neglect this precaution, spustus result.
Monarch of thb Forest. Captniu Ken
ilitvk Informs the eilhor of the Tampa (Fin.)
Peninsular, thut while on a scout a abort time
since, he found, on Fish-Eating ('reek, eleven
miles from it mouth, a live oak tree measur
ing thirty-seven feet in circumference, which
throws a shade, nt noon, forty-five yarda in
diameter. This tree has but five branches
one occunvinL' a central position; the other
four forming uugles, five feet from the ground,
and extending in horizontal lilies giving th
tree the appearance, from a distance, of
small hammock, with a large tree in the cen
tre. Cupt. K.'s whole compuny eighty,
eight men dined under the shade of thi.
tree, nt uoon, and bitched their horses to th
Novel Invention. A down-east mechiiuU
ciau linn invented a bed which is made up of
spiritual springs, nod constructed with an air.
chnmber in the centre, so curiously arranged
that every motion made by the sleeper pro
duces u bellows action, and forces out the air
which has become affected by the perspiration
of thebody, and at Ike aame time a now sup-,
ply is taken in. The act of rising from it in
the morning completely aira it. It at one
expands to shape, and can bo made and put
In perfect order in one minute, thus saving
much time and inconvenience,
A Gkoss Swindle. Fort Knelling, ren
dered useless as a government outpost by
the advance of civilization, has recently been
sold by government lor the sum ol $90,000.
The sale inclufle 1000 ik res of Murium. iing
Innd, thn whole benuiitully loci tod at the'
junction of the Mississippi ind .Minnesota
rivers, near St. Anthony's Fails, It ia a mag
nificent site for a greut town, in one of the
most valuable and rapidly rising sections of
Minnesota, nnd had the property been opened
to public bidding would have brought many
times the paltry sum which some ndininistia
lion favorite have been permitted to gnlfi
the prize in at. Hull million dollar would
have been n small figure for lh property
thus pocketed tor less than a hundred thou,
asnd. Who nre, the lucky holders under
this swindle, nnd may we not know by what
greasing of fingers the thing was acooi
plished? BotUm Traveller.
"Ths Ural thi i st Countrt is Cbiation.
De How's mortality statistics show that th
people of the United States are the healthiest
on the globe. . The dontbs are three hundred
and twenty thousand per year, or one and
one-third per cent, of the population. In
England the ratio is over two per cent, and
in Francs nearly three per cent. Virginia and
North Carolina are the healthiest of the Slates,
and have six hundred nnd thirty-eight inhabit
tants over one hundred yeara of age,
; (3r An exchange paper tells this aneodoter
"Do you think ypu are fit to dler asked
mother or her neglected f hild. "I don't
know," said the little girl, taking hold or her
dirty dress with her dirty lingers, and iiispecty
ing it; "I gues to, ir I Bint oo diily ,
The Boston Transcript on thia remarks:
There i more in the remark or thia preco.
cious child than first atike the mind, f the
good book coiineotsclcanlincas and godlints
I ff- (mulls, says a modern philosopher,
sr. like counterfeit money; we cnu't hinder
thctn being offered, but w ar not comrslled
to tnk tji.7n.

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