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VOL. IL-HO. 468.
THI POST If publlhlrjr Friday at per year
p"bl.m. . "payment J'
kVi V?.'";m be .hiried II per .qo.r.
niaiM ! the rt UiMrtlon, and SO ou for
Jack eonti'nuenc A llherel deduction made lo thou
wb, it rrilM by th. year. rThrum aendlngadr.r
llMiaai. mart mark the number of time, iheyde.ire
them inaerted.or lh.y will be continued until forbid sod
charted aecordlnrlf..
for announcing Ih. uinesofcaudldte.forofnce,,
Obi jarynotlcnorerUllDeiharged sttheregular
adr.nielns rale..
All atiinmunlcalloni tu tended to promoiem. priTai.
end. ir Intermit of Corporation., Socletie.,8chool.or
Indlfidual.. wlllbeoharged a.adrertlfenienti.
I o t W tr k . auch a. I'amplilet. , N inulea, uircuier.,
Canie, Hlanlee, Handbill., Ac, wiu b. esecuteaiu gooo
ivL inj nn rmnnkhli tcrmi.
' 1 .. n i . . . I1 1
All letter, aimreeaeil to tne rropnemr, puiiiuiini
P.,.n,!. at . dl.tunre tendln n. the name, of four
No communication ln..rled nnle.. Kcompanled oy
the nam. of the author. i umr uruw wi iiunur, nun iv S K with them. Thoy were indeed SUfllcieiltly " ""--". :
nr-omconMaln .trl, next Joor to th. old Jack-1 qUite faaliiontble among our Stuck Lxchange startling and gav.j evidence of the di ep and that heavy weather woul almost of neces-,n"U'-
sptcula:ors to consider the honor involved ulter degradation of Locolocoism of the sity be encountered befol the whole process
illOH rRiCR pr I OTTO. I lie ueorgia
F.lucaiionaUourntf. p.oh.sea . roreyin,
. I i . .
.iilcrtiHt ain, .ys. uiiuernvnuu ironi
..tar. . j t
r-lial.lc authority that the Koswell Jlanufac-
tin in.' Company in Cobb county, are engag-
log me couon 01 me .urrounoing counvry at
.f aL . J: 1 1
a alAaT IU t 1st.
drr that Georgi. should increase in wealth
miriy minions 01 oouars in a single year.
a 11 1 .
Should this state of things continue, it will
no, belong before .he will be nearer the first,
MT Mrs.Bordell Cunningham has dispos-
edof .ome eight thousand dollar, worth of
real estate all .he haa-to fee her lawyers.
ller lav expenae. .0 far, have cost her .even
thou.and dollar and the Burdell heir, have
raid ten thousand dollars. The law sharks
are ait to profit most by the Burdell murder,
A Tbaveliho Ballot Box. The Trenton
Standard says : "The unscrupulous Democra
cy, in defeating Mr. Eiheridge, have immor
talized themselves in thi. and the adjoining
counliea, by the means that were used in the
recent election. In Henderson county, Tom.
Snain. the bell-wether of the foreigner., the
officer of the district in which he lives, whose
duty it was to hold the election and guard
the ballot-box, Buffered the Judges to take the
box, for a quarter of a mile, to a friend who
was sick, thut he might vote. He,, .worn
officer, whose business it wss to open and
hold the election, suffered the ballot-box to
be hawked over the neighborhood. Though
there i. 110 use in aavinir snvthin-r
.j...g ..iriN.
tiou. Hemldist ha. traced up the .nce.try of
General Washington to nobility and thence
10 royalty, nna na. .urceedea in esiuuusning
at.. ::.. ,...t 1 .1... .1....J0. 1 :..k. .1... ..r ,.i, . j
lie umuuaiiiuii iii. iiuk ic.ia aiiau tmirv I
r I
crowned hends had contributed their cele.liul I
blood to the veins of the first President
In China the glory of a great man i. re-
fleeted upon hi. ancestors, rather thnn his
descendsnts, a rule which, if adopted among
me western nation., wouio reflect a degree
01 aignity ana nonor upon me royal ancestry by which, in these latter day., is understood
in . 1 ! . ...ili. 1 . ,.l. j ...i. .. . 1 i-.L..
01 vvasnington which tneir sceptre, could
never confer. The idea of Washington being
, . ,. ..
exalted by such a descent i. unworthy th.
republicanism of America and the common
sense of the 19th century.
Wa lail.n Ismn snl kan I ta h. IU... U . I
An Dir.,,, -ro .. n.mtrn- tl
-n isyuiii 1 vill Mil HUlHCUtlU BUUII.C. HI HI I
Institution is likely to be an entire failure.
It continued to pay its local circulation up to
yesterday afternoon, but we have every ren
n to believe that it is closed finally to-day,
It promises to be a complete failure, owing
to the stoppage of A. J. Stevens, of Dti
Moines, Iowa, who was a large stockholder,
and intrusted with a heavy amount of itscir
culation, which wn. to have been protected
ii. .f ...4 fu: ri.
ill,.....,:!!!..,,!!; ,k- JtoConrrreas.inl849aroued.lron.rlv in his
St'Bin IHIW an III V3 Bj lUlllAf M IJ VnOlllIT UU I
directors, immediately on learning the failure
of Stevens, look steps to hnve the home cir-
.,i.,i..... I,,.. .,..!. u r... :.. J .
ana ,
pay off their depositors, Th loss will fall
mainly upon the people of Iowa, who will
share in the misfortune or the fraud of one
of tiieir own citizens, Mr. Stevens. Patriot.
Fnm TirtcT. 'l'l.a I , .,i,i...- rv....:... I
aavs that .n e(T..,t uill h ...!. .t .1
...... iw aw J itviiuuiir VUUIIDI I
lieelil.0- of the stockholder, nf lh Vi,i
' " "
. n, ,, .. , . .... . I
and 1 et.nessee Railroad, to abolish the tree
m-ei .jsieui. it woum oe very well ll it
were curtailed, and we are not sure but that
It would be better for all hsnds if it van
abolished .ItOL-elher. sod that nnr.,.rl u,.,U
bo ullowed to go free.
Nkw York, Sept., 1. The Mechanic.
Bunking Association, and Bubee &. Co.,
Bunkers, having suspended, has caused anoth
er panic in Wall street
New fliit.i.. u..... , i. . ...
. -"', oepi. . iiiieingenc. ha.
been received bv a lata
j-Mvnlutii.n h... k. l . s a, "
.-evolution hi . broken out in Yucatan, which
j ; a UlllUUV
nas involved the whole State in arms. The
l oiv..uica. party
Are every where successful. The Governor
i. marching against Cauipeachy with 1,500
The Montgomery Mail atat.a In
Am. 1 .I.... I 1!... .1 .... I
,u m. .ucu.uy, Wle umnese su.
gar cane ha. degenerated into broom eorn.
i- i-t.iM.1,. ...,..u:. . . . .
. -
date.conL.in. tl.. r.j,,.,. ' . " '
i ..iini.Diliilin 1 lines. OI . ula
" Vu P- ,
t.rd!v u ..lwo ho" 'yf ,ida b-v id' y-
wria .in the gutter, with a remarkable re
. mblanc. to .,ch other. On. hnd a ring in
hia nose, d the other had a ring on hi.
Wa. a beast from inclination.'
HT "1 Lou reigu',1 ln tli, bMO(n .
the chap Mid when, on.-handled ba.in of
aoma kind of water catne dash down up
n him from the sweet hands or the Isdy he
wa. serenading. Nothing in th. world like
taking thing, cool! i
The Coh.mkrcial Pabic in New Yore.
The New York Time of the 87th, Thursday,
speak, of the failure of Jacob Utile thus:-
"Little failed again yesterday and hi exam-
pie was followed by several others. They
were all, however, of the fraternity of stock
gambler., and failed mainly because they
found it more convenient todo su than to
pay their losses or fulfill their contracts."
The explanation of Little's failure the Times
rivea thus:
These contracts were for the dilivery of
mocks on nine, and as they are noi recog.
nued in law His Tor those who make them
to fulfill them Of Dot iust Its they may nee
fil - ntlBa debts nre. like those of other earn
a.... - L'. ...a :
u,c,.,, n ...., v,Ciruv., ......
1. la orl 111 U lima, it i nnrlrtn. Im-nilHo
... .... w, .. ....... ,
Ins operations for the last few weeks have
been too sutcengful. He had sold stocks of
all sort, at rate, far below the market price;
oui uiey weni so uiucn wwtr uim wnen
thk i ran a 1 1 Haal ma thaln jsmbmo BlflKjUltf ItVlinl
r- -: 7- -
iinu meiii aiuuiu orii, uo wiara iiiwvuis
. . . ,- )r. , i tnnn. nf hl, .ontnl,Ui .d
of courge he hnd fail
The Time, holds that such failure, are
positively advantageous. The Tnues nse.
present dilemma is not diflicultybnt a
! . . . -
pn,c. Hi. not serious interruption of
tne ordinBry chnel of prosperous enter-
prise, but. thre,..ened stampede of terrified
siocaiioiuers, tiperaiui. mm uueewca. in
.....1 1.. 11 1.... ..j J.. . i .
wora-11 w mewpnysicai nna noi maiermi
cml worla-
More Pettt Proscbiptiom. We learn
that on Saturday last, say. the Washington
A.n-rir.n. . number of mechanics, twelve or
. . -
fourteen, who have families, were dismissed
from the Navy.yard. Cause : Suspected of
k:.... I,- on AmUr ...n .n
Judge Crawford liavinp decided thai for
eigners Irishmen at least have a better
riht here than our own native-born citizens,
the SecreUry of the Navy feel, bound, we
UPP. to prefer Ihem to our own median-
ic" a"d lo turn tn ,,ltter 00t to n,"',e ruom
,or ,ormer- mere i. noi empioymeni
enougn lor an, ine Americans, or course,!
must give way to the Paddies.
i ..,
iiu nuuucr
the latter pour in upon u liki
and frogs of Egypt.
it . J a t . . a l a1
now pruua a mencans uiubi oe oi inert
r, .
country! How paternally and kindly it treat.
"""" ,luw '"uruk,J' ""I luun ,u" "
I .11
iiwii. Liioir iiiiiivb iiiiiu L
How nleaaant it m.st be to the Secrotarv
to know that it ho. deprived . dozen men ol
the mean, of procuring bread for their w ive.
and children, we nope ne slept counaiy on
laiibuiuuv iiiuiik aimi aum wwio vi "I'l.t .it. i
a " r I
knowing that he is getting $153 a week from
Uncle Sam.
a Natiosal Democrat. A correspond.
. . N Q rre.cellt. describini; Senator
Bier 0f peon.vv,nia, says:
,,,, emphntiCIl!y, . national democrat;
l oe . aeniocrat wnu puis me nuccenn 01 ine
P0 above every other consideration, and
doesen't care what becomes of the South, .0
ung n. his party can be kept in power. A
pe,tVct slave ol party, with a mind incapable
of risintr superior to the city demngoguisui
n ......... . nf mirtu u-itli .ntnH in.an.h d
of the day such, in my opinion, is William
Bigler. I n,,y do i.m wrong, but tin. is
... I. .. a I U 1 1 . C U . ... I J .... .Mt..n A I
to '"P" "y hne.t opinion, in these
sneicnes, i can not neip saying :t. Ills pout-
icnl carter will close with his term ot er. I
This strikes us ns the best and true.t defi
nition of "a national democrat" that we have
ever aeen
A asnaaaia a- r M Itll.lBl a V I ra l. !? fl ,.mmm I
naiiunaa r.i.. ua-uuvei-
nor Rn.ome, oi ancnigan, wnom tne uemo-
crata in Kansas are now runiiinn- for delenate
7 Of
message to the Legislature of Michigan,
g"'nat the institution of slavery, and jn fa-
... .
vnr nrtheeonst lutiona tv or I he nower or
-.-.. . - , .. I
Congress over it in the t erritories, .. well
a. for the exercise of that power
it Mara is tha conclusion which
Ransom then came to:
"If then suiih ba the scknowledired chsr-
.... .. .. ;.,. f .uu, .1. a it 1..
IH - ICI It II IA IVIIUVIiWivn i iN'il l niintliu
suffered to extend a .ingle line into territory
" rer' 1 " a."P una ulam8 "
. n,i J .. . .J- . .,
ui uiy uvai I, a.io ugiiwci.iu ...u wuiru
vic, ;',, of my judgment,.like responded, No,
. i . k. ..i;t.u...t U..A .....1. ....n.
And thi. man i. a national Democrat now.
CHOPS 111 LOUISIANA. 1 he Point LOUpee,
Kcno of lhe 3ad ni,,lt.
We are .orrv to state Hint the cane In our
parish is beginning to give evidences of the
iiijurotis effects ot the continued wet weath-
er. VVe have been informed by .evenil
planters, that the growth of the cane ha
been completely checked, and should thi.
weather continue, there will be a material
diminution in the crop of thi. year. Already
.. . i .. ' l J J I
ne cotton nn. oeen very niucn uaumycu,
Bnd the vield cut off nearly one half. Im-
ruen.e crop, of corn have been made, but very
little fodder has been wived.
Lkarfiino to Fight. The British jour-
nal. express the opinion that the Chinese are
learning to fight They must be dull .chol.
.r. if th hnva nnt m.da aoma nroL'ress bv
. . . ... I
thi. time. Whenever these unfortunate pig
tail. P,n th. t,.k nf John Bull's trade and
commsrea. h. aiv.. thm a nractical lesson
- wmmnn w
in the art of war. With tuch sn assiduous
,...., .,ii.iration to Dr. Burdell".
ibly.in time, become nrolicienU. and pay
iruriiir ivfln tn i.n nru ciuiib ivniii v m- i
their master off in hi. own coin.
A Bravi Lady. The Florida Peninsular
of the 8th ulth., has the following:
"On Tuesday evening last two nl(D "'"
ed the yard of the lady in question her
i a i . . i .1 a l i j
!!rr.T5 . h .r''
er la tho arm."
7 , A j r ,
tll? Z 'ii0'.0!"'
named Rump, to prison for two years and'
eight months for the perpetration of frauds
y w.mcn Jmist Buchanan was elected to the
RumD domiciled inn roll at Mov.man.
sing I
Our renders are of course familiar with the
"na B- ,r"n?" relBrre( -
the cniintr.. Nrt ..n th,... nf tl.. r.mm,.
i nir wnnrmiiv fim. novatr rmon Animiini in
piuqnemiuti parish. Louisiana in 1844. bv
evi1;,.n iinr ;11V i0,t .Urtinn nni th
I j
country me service, oi us aoieat statesman n
" "" ' . "
viieness ol tne mean, to wnicti thai partv
u r .L i. T.
wiiuiu resort tor ine uccuinuiinninenv ui ili
0)iB4.u: bul even brvond the low-.l deotli
I i.r-hu l,on fnnnt .till a Inuor lieeu in
i noiiiienl infamv. It wan reaHrve far the ouani
iiMl0cracv of Philadelphia to perpetrate the
& a . i f a!
i niii ot Unx tlml hav var aistrrueod tne eiee.
, , .. , "
These frauds were practiced at the State
election in October, and gave the Slnte of
I t 1 ... .1. . T
reniinj ivama 10 me c....u.ui. ui ...o iemu-
out , he nation with the deeuest interest
I -J . . . . -.
Upon it hung the national result. Had the
Umocracy then been defeated in the home
t : .....j.---
ed,.rs well knew the importanco of the Oc-
toner eonlest, ana tney leu no means un-
7 1 11
the election Philadelphia wa. a perfect cat-
dron of seething, boiling, noxious corruption,
"wJy"m was rampant. 1 lie voting places
ee afc!,M8JDIVn7 .Dy..? Ce; ","VD0.: e8
1 ayrH MI II I If II . I (Mini IIrHl IR lllllirMIt (II HIMI'Llfin
acted with an eve onlv to oartisan success.
Bribery and chicanery and all the eiements of
I political vmaiity were orougni 10 oear upon
the lower classes of the population. In that
manner the vote of Philadelphia wa. secured
i,d Pennsylvania rendered Democratic.
What lollowed it is needless for us to
I u .t. r 1 1 . . I . I I ! I II.... I.
' ' ".1D"U'" ' '''y "j B " "
.,. ,mk .,,.... " tion of
country, most terribly disastrous to the cause
oil-nimore ana Ainericnnism.
- y-i ..v-.
1 1 1 .
The startling nakedness of
1 tne lucia 10 nuiiicieui to uriiijr inline tu every
.... : ic L ...
1 tniH Amrli)in honrt fl smokm nf rinnraaalnn
and to thrill his frame with a shudder for the
I Bulajtu f f m iriitufniiioiif u-U r ti u asliniua on n
v ,,""-.-
i.iD..i.. iij iM
be no question of the fact but that the-present
administration owes it. elevation to power to
I . ... ,
1 Is
iriiriim.in hitiihitih hi iihiiii mill viiiihiii'm.
winked at, encourarred. and authorized, too,
"Is - .1 1
W "'" ""'ve. nonor.-
There is some atonement to injured justice
and the outraged light of freemen In the
nunUlim.ni hi,i Lim, milon nnt tn tlia
r ...
... . ,
villainous autnors Ol mesa wrongs, uui n in
no wise adequate. Rump and his confeder-
oles might linger in prison during the re-
mainder of their lives, bul will lhaldclermen
high in authority from the commission of
similar crimes through the agency of such
miserable wretches? As long as the Demo-
cr.itic party has vitality enough to make bat-
lie, its lenders will resort to just such ngen-
I..:. 1 . 1. .. ... ! .
i-ie.iur iooni;;uiii(iiiiiiiiieuiui meir puiut.
It is the party of radicalism, of turbulence, of
revolution, of individual aggrandisement, and
shrink, from the commission of no felony
that success may crown its efforts.
Mint Hinifiiiaii mHV rrnwn llj.Mlli.rlii
This Philadelphia case has s great moral,
but it is too patent to the reflecting freemen
10 need elaboration. w .leave 1 10 me good
a.HiA I nn. am.. A ..mm I la .1 11 as 1 1 ain k ma. (..
SCIiav UI UUI 1 CllU 1 A HCf n 111 now II v VT I
eign scoundrels, under the authority of De-
mocraiic cnauipious, ruieu ins eieciioos anu i
turned the scale last November, defeating
true Americanism and its candidates. Mr.
DUVilBOilll III 1IITJ ' iiimi nwun. 11.1,1 11.I.IIIU- .ii i
his Movamensing cell are widelv separate in
it... i :.. il. un.:.- t .- r ....... :..
poilion, but there is between them thesmallest
aye, an almost imperceptible line ot aialniC'
tion to the pure political moralist. Both have
. . .
wrunirBd the American people. tOU. JOUr,
f-jgT" Alas! little doe. tho world know how
h'"ny broken heart ta hidden under a cold
and stern demeanor of the face; little does it
dream of the anguish that is stifled by the
... ,. ,. .... . i
"e i
2.000 Ae. lonrr. which can
I ss well out alive lorever iu too nr.rt ui uiuai uuiu oreain oi tne uperatur, iiiiiaung me fatty
. . .k'l ;i it look, at daily, n. monument, of hard, part of the meat to the greatest possible ex
h r!vno un.vmpathizing .elfishneM. It is written, will at once be seen that while thi.
h Governor J process may add lo the meat, it can scarcely
ill.' .. I -. L.,ui.lk it. nuin lull.. .n...u " .. ... 1
k,. nliwA fnp.na. in tha hunrl nf thn.a aehnm I
" --
I ....... Inmw.lh t,a ftuin hill.Fn... " I
many .
"" that concealment has been ordained by
tha .am wisdom which has triven to us the
w v
knowh.d,,. of the face.
Reform A Mono Lawyer.. The work of
puiging the bar of Albany of unscrupulous
nikiiiliHrH hna hesn commenced in (rood earn- I
est, Tho District Attorney has concluded
th invaatiimtion ordered bv the last General
Sessions, snd he will at the next Genera! 'Yes, sir. The earth Is a vast globe, filled
Term of the Circuit, hand over the pnpers to with mud, filth, Seba.tople. and Shung
thal Court. Uuon thi. being dons several hnis.'
members of Hie bar will be called upon to
show cause why their names should not be
stricken from the roll of attorneys and coun-
sellor. in the State. Every upright, honest
member of the bar, savs the Albany Kvening
Journal, not only owe', it to himself and as-
.ociate. nt the bar, but to the community at
nrv to expose the svslem of wholesale cruel
i i .. . :..A r. ........ I
niunner initt una oeen canmu u mi mo
ime in that city. An example should bo
made of those who have been guilty ofob-
tainiug large sums or money out of poor
i. iii.u if ..,, I,.l.nr. and ws do
..riminnta in. Ilitla if iniv labor, and we do
hope that if any peraona are clenrly proven
guilty or such acts, mui no memoer i mo
" r
jmnL- U...M..I. ..n.iurarl h.a IIAAIAinn
l-rj n .----
in the Burdell estnte suit on Monday last I
Ho decide, that Mrs. .Cunningham wa. noi
.... .1
married to Dr. Burden, aim oirec
.. ... .L. I
ui itmoi wi -
next of kin.
Nsw York. Aug. 28. The Rev. Rufus
W. Griswold died last evening.
IS" Th. Philadelphia Pres. gue.se. that
Mr. Theodore Sedgewick U the iditor of Har-
per.' weekly.
xj . ......,,imi Anrv zn.viuv.
,rr: ' h? ' 'Z received by the State
of th. DuUi
Uound daea. .
The Journal of Ommerce says: "The fail-
of tht Atl.ntiilegr.ph expedition, by
reon of rnptnri of the wire some 330
I miles from the stating point on the coast of
Ireland, is oo monthan it was reasonable
-re entertained
of more aospiclus result. After meet-
ing with this disasir, the expedition return-
ed to the coast of Ireland, either to com-
mence the work with 2,000 mile, of
i .
wire unexpended, ilo postpone the whole
matter until next war. should be coun-
...:i.j k,u. -h- iL,...nnU .u,ku
I aniCU Uf MVhIIIU HI vwvii nauWIOU
vv apre,end tlialth Utor alternative will
. , q... ..p . . . .j.nlJMi
-n.,1,1 ,lnnL, t.j. .. J. rle of vnA au.-li
C0U'a COOiplelSd, (? gale Ol inQ, .UCll
. . . u . , , .
M of,en "Ponced inbeptember in the
remon of Nevfouodlnid, is eufBciently
fnrmiit.ihlB itvon In . vanl whl,-h has the
hr limha. To nna attneliod to
I ' " .
I ' ' --
nithei be sUained nor ubindoned without
serious damage, such pie would be neces
.nrilv HiaHtrou. and nliouldn.,1 nnniin-
I '11
tered wit,oal the mo- urgfti MCVMiy
I On the whole, we consider thi exnerimeut m
I I t
failure for the oreseot ve.tr. That the feat
I ! r .
will he accomplished in 185i or in some
subgequent year is 1 more tBn prob,ble:
though We cannot .h.t our eyl ,0 the fact
ihul many things wncn are tracticable in
theory are impracticable in fact. It may not
hM Wlth thB Atl nlic '-tfph project.
n,Ml we trusl ll UPU But 'm very Po
sible that many morl unsuccessful exper-
imenta will have lo u made bejure the ex
ct "truciure, size, H of the wire, the mo-
. .j
"'"""y f"r luy,nK na"S "
"lances, will be .0 fiioritble a. to secure the
uesireu result.
Crime Phoferly
fuNisHED. fhe Boston
courts have had on tfial a physician, named
I Tlulimtn alius Leverv.
and si Mrs. Robinson,
on the charge of atldmptinfi to extort money
from a gentlemnn b
hiin of criminal intercourse tith Mrs. Robin-
son, who is . wife of. membr of the Suffolk
n, itnppia
The woman, it appears, has been practicing
lor years thi. specks of extortion, getting
Xfry "rG? " t .f pney irom timid men.
The IahI intended vijtiin hnd the moral cour-
HtTft Li. rtafiiftw in hrt tiln(?knH. nmA Krni(rht. hiit
i , - . , i. , , . , , . .
aire to refuft to be i lucked, aid broutrht Ihh
ce Into court,whie a jury gave a verdict
S""' va' -K"b me i"oH"cyi
I si.d thev hiiVk hnen kelit In th. StiitH nriunn
i j r r -
I e e .. mL! J f .1..
" ' ;f reque uiy prac-
I f ii1 unn 111 fin Ilia vniritaiiu Imm tlisk iifiAil
Men have been known to pay repeated sums
""'i"" ,"l"cr u -
P"sure, though everi additional compliance
. - t - - .
I With tilt riem.-inri fi.p-tinuh mnnnv nnle nlnooK
1 ----- ...... r...-
lne victim morn oonrviieleiy nt the mercy 01
we iiiiiiny whicti exiorw it. 1 ne crime 1.
"wuow.a..u. ...
of it are generally certain to be convicted, as
no right minded Jury can feel any sympathy
lor such depravity and meanness.
Another "Row." They have all sort, of
ways, in tho North We.tern States where
"liberty" i. su
.. illin ,nI
, B "J
earth or exhiu
suffered to prevail to a greater
any other known region upon
l,;K;i;n - ,i,A..i:.:n .. ,i r
I their "sovereignty." There was a fine illus-
,., w. vu.io VI
traiion qf this in thi Catholic church, at Put-
Ildian th- olner Sund ,t ,
. . , , . ,
"""" ..... . . no uo..
threw it in his race, and demanded a dollur.
The Irishman made no reply, but knocked the
. , , . ...
ho,y mnn down' nnd ,,,e Mrv,ce of day
concluded in great confusion
What we Eat. The Rochester Demo
crat chronicles the arrest of a butcher in that
city for blowing meat. "And what is blowing
moat!" inquire, a inena at our eioow. it is
thus described:
"The process consists in inserting a hol
low lube, such a. s quill or pipesteui, in a
-- - -i . rr1""-!
quarter oi vttai or lamo, anu men. wun ine
I. k nf lh. nn , i..fl,...... tl.- r..,.-
..... .. i .......B ...
. ..
improve us iiavor or quality, rancv a man
whose brouth is a compound of the fumes of
tobacco and whiskey, with the addition, per
Is . 1 1 . , . .
""P"' 01 P?"" 'f"y . l'k
quarter of lamb with such a villainous stench,
and who would knowingly buy or eul the
meat allerwardsT
Geography-. "George, give u. a descrip
tion of the earth.'
'What are the products!
'Whiskey, gin, Nebrnsks bill., and bur.t-
ed bank bills.
'How many races of men are therer
'Three: races of Union Course, race, for
election, and race, for money,
'Where i. America?
'All over creation, it is tne paradise inni
Ailnm Ilia firal fi libuster, was tnrnaH nnt on.'
Smart boy: go up to the head.'
. ,.,.. -pi., m, .;,
wt of diamonds in the 1 wo Sicilie. those
of the Duches. of Savigliano, daughter of
Gen- F,angieri, valued at 45,O0O were
lately atolen at .'Nap.f.
Henry Cooper, a printer, aged ninety
. , Pilii,dani1i. . .h.
' ' r '
1 lit IV Itl.l
. . . . r , . ...
W -oeorgianns-ueorgian. wnere sine
h.,lu,r naddle!"
"Titn'a got it In the wood-sh.d .panking
Roxy Ann,"
To what bass
use. do butter paddle.
com. at last
Pi7"Jospph, where i. Afrlcaf "On the
man, air. "1 moan, josepn, on what conti
nent the F.sstern or Weslernl" "VVell. thi
land of Africa is on the Eastern Continent,
ing." "By drawing what waterf -No, air,
bf drawing their breath," -Sit down,
Trom tbc 8oathcrn Watchman.
Lawyers, in every age, and all governments
have been leading spirits, and hsve exerted,
upon the affairs of human society, an influ
ence that has been unequalled by that of any
other craft or profession.
Thi. arises, partly from the necessary su
periority of their mental t mining, and partly
from the Intimate connexion existing be
tween the practice of the profession, and the
observance and enforcement of human rights.
The mental training is the result of stubborn
necessity. He who would practice law suc
cessfully, must understand the principles of
the science both in its general principle, snd
its abstruse details. If he doe. not under
stand the Law, he will soon cease to prac
tice. It is with him . question of bresd. A
man may be humbugged upon a question of
Theology or Philosophy; he may be deceiv.
ed In the practice of medicine, but let him
lose a law suit in which he ha. embarked
both hi. money and bia feelings, through
the incapacity of his counaeland he realizes
the fact that ho is imposed upon; he feels it
in his pocket and in his heart - Hence it is,
that the Lawyer, bread depend, upon his
success, and his success upon his learning.
We are indebted, principally to members
of the Bar, for our system of Government
and Institutions of the country. The Bur
has filled our Legislative halls, furnished ex
ecutive officers and supplied military leaders;
and it. wisdom controls, to a greater extent
than any other influence, thf popular mind.
Il is to be regretted and hmented that a
profession so learned in it. attainment., .0
noble in it. aspirations, nnd so salutary in
its influences, should have its fair escutcheon
blurred and soiled with the names, conduct
and character of a horde of low and hungry
reptiles wearing the human form whom I
have denominated "Pinhook Pettifoggers."
A great number of young men possessing
merit and mind, both with and without
means, have accumulated honor, and for
tune, in the profession. Others, without
sense or merit, seeing their success, after
having themselves failed in every enterprise
of life, at thirty or thirty-five, without any
mental training, and with a large family,
take it into their head, to "study Law."
They read "Blackstone and the Stntutes" for
three or four months, nnd are admitted to the
Bar. When you talk to them of the crowd
ed condition of the profession the length
of time it require, to master its subtleties,
and make a support by its practice, they re
ply, "O, I can make a support in the Justice's
Court in my DeesHct."
Being destitute of principle, they endeav
or to obtain a justice', practice by stirring up
dirty little controversies among the neigh
bora. They start up one t Inst between
two irascible men and industriously per
egrinate from one to the other, telling each
with great indignation how outrageously the
other ha. treated him. They occupy the
eneviuble relation to the parties which Ran
sey Sniffle occupied to Billy Stallings and
Bob Durhum in their celebrated difficulty.
Ultimately, after much trouble and effort
the suit is commenced, and the plaintiff
gives to one of these gents hi. note (which
is insolvent) for five dollars. It is needless
to say how he looks, talk, and feel, at the
idea of obtaining a "fee." "The increase of
my pructice," "My caws," "Professional re
nown,!' "Forensic laurels," die, are common
plnce expressions with him. He feel, more
important than Coke did when his argument
settled "The Rule in Shelly', case;" and he
thinks that Webster's speech, in the Girard
College ensp, is a stale production, compared
with his effort before the. Justices of the
Pence, whose magisterial dignities are sup
ported by the projecting root, of some aged
oak. Hi. client under his advice, aues on an
open account for about twenty nine dollar.
and .evenly five cents, the aggregate of
which is made up of various items, such as 1
pint of whiskey, I quart do, 1 peck of taters,
1 teacup of salt, 1 pan of meal, IJ lbs soap,
1 half day. work of son, hire of blind horse
I day, to sundries, &c, &c. As a matter of
course, the defendant pleads a set off of thir
ty dollars made up of items, similar to those
in the plaintiff', account. They can prove
their accounts by their own oath, and .wear
the other', account into fits. They close
and plaintiff's counsel informs the defendant
that he has the "conclusion," and .ay. to
hiin "go on and make your speech," to which
the defendant replies: "I've got nut hen to
say, but I swore to my account and hisen's
onjest" Al ter a labored argument from (he
counsel, the court gives judgment in favor of
the defendant for twenty five cent, and "cost
of suit" The plaintiff, in a perfect rage at
the result goes to his Lawyer lo know what
to do, reminding him frequently that he said
that he was "surtin to gune the case." The
Lawyer delivers a tirade againal the "fool
corte" for its "ignerrunce," tnd tells him he
will "snacerrare" the case, and show the
court that they "can't run over him and all
'aw in that way." 1 he next court day,
the remainder of the plaintiffs "truck" Is
old to pay the cost arid thus the case ends.
It can readily be seen why it is that a vul
ger prejudice exists in the public mind
against the legal profession. It is because
ihe trinAoofc Pettifogger is made the elan,
dard by which the profession is judged. A
number of men have been admitted to the
Bar. "he uiiL'hl to have been rejected. They
cannot sustain themselves at the practice,
and some of them, in the name of chicanery,
have perpetrated high crimes snd miademeau
ors, and thus reflected di.graoe upon the en
tire profession, A higher toned, more noble
sot of men never lived than most of the
Lawyer, and I believe that they ara the
only clans, whose daily occupation i. con
flict snd strife, that maintain cordial and
friendly .ooial relations. It is tn be hoped
that the dsy will soon come when the Bar
will be cleansed snd these hanger, nn will
find It convenient to go elsewhere la carry
on their operation.. COM MON SENSE,
For the Port.
sv H. B. wiaaaraarsa.
If U thyself thoo eanat turn with pride.
And la thy breast let truth snd lore abid.
Manhood forlorn !
Or, If 70a fear on Dutlnf to look-
To bold I j scan Lift's raesrd as a book,
Manhood I. f on. f
If ratth snd Hop sr. In to fade away,
aVbiul ye do Pleasure', .area voice ob.j
Spirit forlorn :
Is thj mred heart .hall tove'i pure flam, ne'er burn,
Like Dead 8es fruit, th Joy. to aahea turn
Thy Manhood? (on. t
Or ahonld ye "barter," la life', battle din,
Tli a Trutk for Falaehood Peace for Fane thoull wis
Manhood forlorn :
And on thy armour bright will reat s stain,
Nor Uari, nor blood cannot ever eleanae aptin ;
Proud Honor fan. I
For Truth i. Honor, snd hath power to guide
Thy eoune In safety o'er Life's treacherou. tide
To .tern It. ware.
To .in or .ham. let aot thy .pirit yield ;
7Vtm to thy$ttf Honor .hall be thj ahleld
Thy Manhood brave.
Ctdar Grove, wu, 1 S5T.
What i. Going to IIappes I Under th.
heading of "Important Announcement" Mr.
Punch thus conclude, his number for July
"Mr. Punch ha. an announcement to make
which will burst upon the world like a thnn-der-clap.
It is of ton tremendous a nnture to
be launcded upon society without some warn
ing. Whatever may happen in India, Jewry,
or elsewhere, this will be the event of the
year. lathe world ready! Are its nerves
composed! Well, then, the fact in that Mr.
Punch is . No. The announcement is of
too solemn a character to he made nt once.
We will reveal the mighty secret next week,
Meuutime let every one be ascnlm as be can
after such un intimation. Next week all .hall
be told."
A Good Horse. The New York Spirit of
the Times give, the following characteristic,
of a good horse:
1. Hi. eyes, even when aeon in tha stable,
are perfectly clear and transparent and the
pupils or apples of the eye are alike in color
and size.
3. On being nipped in the gullet, he will
utter a sound like that from a bellows. If,
on the contrary, he should give vent to .
dry, husky, short cough, beware of him.
His wind i. unsound.
3. His legs are smoth and "clean." If you
find bunches of puffs, or a difference in size,
though he may not be lame, disease lurks
4. If broad nnd full between the eyes, he
is susceptible of being trained to almost
5. If some white or parti-colored, he is
docile and gentle.
tf "Young man, do you believe in a
future b tut u!'1
"In course I does, and what's more, I intend
to enter it as soou a. Betsey get. berthings
"Go to, young man, you are incorrigible
go to." '
"Go two! If it wasn't for the law against
bigamy, w hip me if I wouldn't go a dozen.
Bul who supposed, Dracon, that a man of
your age would give such advice to a man
just starting into life."
Hono Himself for Love. Hollidaytburg,
Pa., Aug. 26th. Yesterday morning s young
man named Henry Nessir, about 18 years of
age, wits found dead nt a place near here
called Sugitr run. Ho had hangod himself
on a tree, nnd being a teamster, had used the
lines by which ho drove. The cause ot the
act i suid to have been unrequited love.
17 There is in Norfolk, a colored female
servant named Ilsasy Kellaui.who has grown
very melancholy on account of th. refusal
of her master to p-rmit her to marry. The
cause assigned for thi. refusal was that .he
had already led to the altar eleven husbands,
all of whom .he had seen lo th. grave.
The New Bedford Mercury says:
There were 8,000,000 pounds of whalebone
in the United Slate, when the hoop fashion
come in vogue, nnd this was selling at about
60 cents per pound. Since January 1st, 1857,
the imports of this article reach 1,800,000
pounds; yet there is now little or no stock
in Ihe market What remained in the sea
board cities hs. been nearly all bought up at
$1,20 per pound.
Rather than have a family quarrel in the
Democratic party, let Kantat go. Woodville
(Auj.) Republican.
A living, life-like portrait of that cold,
heuriess, sell-devoted, self-Klolixing, ruth
less tiling we cull Democracy! -Yes, let
Kansas go, let peace nnd domestic harmony
go, let the Union and the Government go
all all but the D-e-m o-u-r-a-t-i-o P-a-r-t-e e!
Trenton Standard.
Dialogue. Old gentleman (affectionately)
".My son, why do you chew that filthy to
bacco!" Precocious youth (stiffly) "To get the
juice out of it old codger!"
l-STlf you want to be respected, the way
the world goes, keep yourself well dressed.
People never "wring the neck" of top knot
itrMSav, Pomp, you nigger, where you
gel dat new halt"
"Why si uc snop, oo course,
"What de price of such sn artiole as dat!"
"I don't know, niuger I don't know, de
thof keeper watril dareV
Good! A lady up town oleared her houae
of flies by putting honey on her husband',
whisker when he wss ssleep. The flies
stuck fast and when he went out of th. house
h. carried litem off with him.
IsnocEHT. A Sabbath-school teacher ask
ed one of her little echoler.
"Have vou ever been baptized, my dear!"
"Yea, ma'am," replied the juvenile, "and I
have been waxinated, too."
A Sure Test for Moder Cceleb.. An
old writer gives the following: "When a
young woman, while in the act of .weeping,
approaches yon with kind words and gracious
looks, and politely requests you to move, for
.he want, lo sweep where you are silting,
depend upon it .he is the girl you want so
far, certainly, as temper is concerned; fornev.
er is . woman so petulant or domineering a.
when ah. has a broom In her hand,"
In the ordinary state of aocisty which pre
vails in civilized countries, it most needs be
that offence, come. A certain average pro
portion of homicide., robberie. and misde
meanor, will be found; rising or lowering,
psrh.ps, with the .tat. of th. political bar
ometer, snd the fluctuations feircunisUDcea,
but sure enough to be calculated upon in tha .
proviaional arrangements of our court, of
justice and our prisons, and exhibiting, from
yesr to year, features of a terrible sameneis.
But apart from this, there are form, of crime
more predominant than usual in some condi
tion, of social life and in certain period, and
localities. Different age. and different at
mospheres hsve produced, in monster growth,
one or another of these form. Our g and
society have their characteristic vice; and it i.
The natur. of the man usually impel, bim
to the kind of wickedness into which he
plunges; whether It be such a. ha. left some
element, of honesty end daring, or a vie ut
terly degrading and destructive. Th soul
expresses It quality by lbs evil in which It
delight., a well a. by th good it approve
and love. It ia the earn with communities,
their moral and aooial condition gtnerat tha
vice, to which their prevailing natur assimi
lates, whil th spreading corruption punish
Well a proclaim th iniquity. Th mtan
nes sf th pet crime of our day cheatery
springs from, snd reflect, upon, th society
where it grow into full luxuriance. In th
day of ronantio highwayman, stern necessi
ty, or th love of adventure) was mixed up
with th violence perpetrated, and often th
grace and courtesies of nobler scene wer
kept in play by act of gallantry and gener
osity on th robber' part. But th villain
who violate implicit trust who quietly tit
in hi oflice to forge and falsify name and
accounts, keeps up a system of fraud fer
month and year live in an atmosphere of
lies, and sells his manhood piece by piece ia
a sort of criminal with whom tho bold knight
errant of the road would scorn to keep torn,
pony. The abundant production of such
shows that the lifsblood of the social body i
impoverished; for the excrescence thrown
out are loathsome as well aa dangerous.
How much even of the bloody crime of th
present day is the fruit of thi wretched
knavery! Almost every murder can b traced
to thi working of covetousntss. j
This predominance of th meanetorm of
vie in our country, among great and petty
criminals, may be connected with th relaxa
tion of the moral bonds of social life, which
is too often the result of great and universal
commercial activity. Commerce is god snd
glorious in itself; but every power can be
pushed to such an extreme, ss to master Its
investor. Where competition is keen, and
profits are small, no room may be left for
other considerations, sod hearts and soul
may go for nothing iu th relation between
seller and purchaser, employer and employed.
When the luxury of a conscieoc cannot b
afforded on the aid, it is very apt to be dis
pensed with on th other. Philosophical and
humane commercial men may judge how It i
best to meet the acknowledged evil, th fruit
of which are becoming more fearful every dsy,
and how to destroy the hydra-headed monsUr
w ithout arresting th engine of businse,
which our national interest requir to bt
kept up to it highest rat of rapidity. That
ought to be soru way of curing lh moral
laxity that render poasible such systsrosti
frauds. Th law cannot eradicate th de
spicable sin, whose perpetrator it keep in
awe; yet society can do something toward il
by checking th inordinate love of display,
reckless extravagance, and indifference to tha
rights of other, of which fraud is th natural
t-y Th following i said to b an xcl
lent recipe for milking lager beer: "Tak ft
barrel, fill it with rain-water, put in on pair
of old boots, a hsud of a lost fall' eabbsge,
two short sixes, a sprig of wormn ood, and a
little yust." '
Cheap Horses. "W have a .pan of hor
ses," esid the economic th other day, "on
our farm, that aupport tlimae!vs without
any coat" "Why, how I that!" .tolamd
a listener. "Why, yon ," remarked tha
questioned, "on is s saw horse, th other
clothes' horse."
1ST The New York "llersld" atlrtbntsk
the late increase of crime to the teaching of
th modern pulpit. Th modern pulpit around
New York must bsvery low indeed in moral
ton to deserve such a rebuke from tucb
YfT Several farmer in th township of
Brock, Canada, saved tlisir wheat from th
ravage of th fly or midge by burning sul.
phur so that th wind would carry th fume
through th growing crop.
17 The Scottish law Is certainly very p.
culiar. At Greenock, a short time since, a
boy thirteen yeata of age wa convicted of
stealing a hut, snd wss sent down stairs tob
whipped by his mother."
A western editor Aatoa that a hors
and wagon wr drowned in tha Ohio last
week. They had a hard tim of it, especial
ly the wsgon. .
Philosophf. "If a mnn steals my ombrft
Is," said Hunker, "it's no nsamakin' a fuss,
it only shows that nmbrella equilibrium ha
been broken! Now, if 1 tnko on from some
one elae, that restores th equipoise tl era
is really, no umbrella lost an umbrella la
only lost when ilia used op."
Tn Latest Fish Stort. Jim stated lo
hi friend that they had only lost one man
on the passage, lh erpntr who fell over,
board and was drowned, butaa ho was go
lmr over th (hit)' sldfl caught hold of th
grindstone and pulled it with him into tho
aea. After that the cabin boy wa knocking
rust off lh chain, and let the hatchet fall
Into the water. A few day later that
caught whale, and on cutting open hla bal
ly found the carpenier irrrnia sharpening hi.
hatobet on th gTlndstop'e;

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