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a. p. mm,iDtrot and riorum.
rjsnsl SI , aajraste hi iMm,
llh rew Sleoaartaaa anM ll arraaraf art
tM. MK M Ik Imi f UN) rkUlMr.
AwHHtaf aa af eaaalAala tor Bs, Oesll.
- Oettaarv Hufaw avar It uase.eaargsa' at Mm rafter
SSrerMelM rosea.
a 4 r luafsal af Oarvaretleae. Crtellee.
U4laHaill, 1Uaaaar eeilleeMl.
' Osoartiatior or CoRORE. CoDgr
argBiad M lh 71b. ' II th SmiI, th
; He. Benj,' Fitxpalriek, f Alabama, waa
4tsrac! PiaaWtnV pr tbt Hoes,
ths Hm. Juin U Orr, of Sooth Carolina,
Iras sleeted Speaker, the Hon. Jamee C. Al
ia, af Illinois, Clark; and Mr. Clo.key, of
Csargia, Poal DMator. '
. 'i Tha volt fr Speaker waa aa follow: Om
'138; Grow, 14; scattering, 13331 member
present, ' Stephana and Danka eond acted Mr.
Orr to the ahair, and tha aath waa edminis
tared by . Mr. Giddings. Mr. Orr made a
poMh, and tha Hoaaeadjearned."
', Lima rom CAUroRnu. Wa publiah
oa tha ontside of tbi week'a paper, a letter
written by VV. C. Jores, from "Volcano,
Aurador county, California. Mr. Jonea for
merly reaided In the adjolningeonnty of Hon
roe, and hi letter, though addressed more
particularly to hie Immediate friend and ac
qoainlancea, contains information that make
it worthy a general perusal.
Circuit Court. Court commence here
Bait Monday, tha 14th. Presuming that a
goodly number ofonrMcMinn county patron
will be in allendnncs-during tha week, wa
ahatl be pleated to aea aa many of them aa
hate money, at tha Printing Office. Door
open from 7 o'clock in tha morning till 10 at
night. No extra charge where leeeipt are
. "Bark akd Banking."- Somebody at
Naahville haa aent a a pamphlet copy of an
"Address on Banka and Banking: delivered
by W. N. Bilbo, Esq., at the State Capitol,
Naahville, Tennessee, November 16, 1857."
Wa have not had time to peruse the docu
ment, but Uk for granted that it is, at leaat,
equal to any of the many articlea which the
great financial minda of tha State have aent
forth ainca the preaent monetary revulaion
aet in. It haa alwaya appeared ridiculoualy
ineoniitent to our view, lo aee men who
hare never exhibited any large capacity fur
managing their own affair successfully, Bet
ting themaelvea op aa instructor in the diftl
colt and embarraaaing employment of teach'
ing the publio how to conduct theirs. Of
course, Mr. Bilbo doea not fall within thia
category. At the firat leiaure we can com'
tnand, we will do ouraalvea the pleaaore of
perusing hia production on the fruitful theme
of " Banka and Backing;" embracing tha
present occasion to acknowledge onr obliga
4iona to the gentleman to whom wa are in
debted for a copy.
.Hoes. A lot of' Kentucky grontersfiit,
heavy looking fellows passed here on Tu
eeday, for the Sooth we believe the second
drove that haa gone through on the "over
land route" llil aeaaon. We learn that
arai lota have been aent forward from thia
' pohrkev roirroad. -
Speaking of hogt reminds o that some of
the meat-raiarre aa wa have learned
complain, in illiberal terms, that we dont pub
lish acsaonta of the pork market. Now we
have published statements of the pork mar
ket abroad In every leans of the "Post" that
baa appeared for the last two month, aa all
who read the paper mnst have seen. As
ragsrds the local market for pork, we may
aay there ia none. We stated three weeka
since that several email lota had been aold at
cents nett, and we engaged, at 6 cents, all
waahall be able to pay for, two months ago.
We make this laat atatement for the benefit
of thoae who seem disposed to measure us
by their own alandard. One portion of onr
reader are seller and another portion buy
er; end it is our duty to state the fact as
they exist in regard to tho markele, and nei
ther attempt to put up or put down price.
Thia duty we have discharged and ahall con
tinue to discharge aa long aa we publish a
paper, without stopping to -enquire whether
this or thst elaaa is to be affected by the re
sult. And if any elaaa, or interest, expect
any other eourae at our hand, all ws have to
say about it ia, that they are mistaken in the
man, and had better buy their newa at onie
other shop. Begging pardon ot the four
legged animals for having introduced them
in twie connection, we take leave of tlie hog
iah aubject for the preaent with the remark,
that a few lots have been engaged here this
week at 6 cents nett; and we understand one
lot, extra large, haa been aold at 6 gross.
PxiLir S. Whiter There is a paragraph
going tha round of the papers that Philip S.
While, who had acquired a large reputation
aa a Temperance Lecturer, haa relnpeed
"fallen from his high estate" and ia now
grovelling in the lower deep of diaaipntiun.
,Wa hope there ia aome mistake about the
atatement, but if true, let us not be hasiy to
eondsmo. The appetite for intoxicating etim-
lants, when once contracted, while it
may be restrained and controlled by tin-
. ceaalng watohfulncas and the exerciae of a
moral energy which all men do not possess,
ao never be wholly eradicated; and who shall
measure what the fallen man endured before
he surrendered hia Integrity, If the report
beat Mr. White be true, hia fall appeala, ia
- aWoager langaage than soy his lips aver at
tend, to those who have never plunged the
.' fssrful deep of Intemperance, to Beware!
Its virtiaa, notwithstanding he may retrace bla
-steps aad again walk upright, earriee in bla bo
som a foe, which, with barbed tongue and po.
' aonous fang, is aver on tha watch to atrika.
Poeta sad bascbaoaliana sing of tha "flowing
'' fcewt, with flower of seal,1' bnt be who del-
-Ilea with the cap, though Ha brim may spar
, "VVe and flash with game, as bright aa- those
. ' (bat gleam apon'tbe brow of beaoty, will find,
Booster or later; thai he has been sipping of
(be dark ' vintage of Sodom, and gathering
rujta aa hoi low and bitter aa tha purple
4lajeM hieb fiew ia Us gardens af Go-
Wbrao A fee aasaU Iota af wheat have
Was said here the preaent week- at 71 seals
, perbsahet Bosuns' Hist, aad farmer) gta-
, orally rtluaiag lo Ball at prcasal prices
Tfcle Report, reaaatly mods to the Oeaeral
Assembly, i aa Important aad latereating
deeemani ' The facta It dieelose la relation
to the flaenees of the State, sad the iatereat.
Ing statistieal laferaatioa It eontainaV made
ap from the Reporte of the Tat Assessors,
should be diatribated broadcast amoag the
people. These fast, and this msas of infor
mation, left at every hoaee aid log eabia In
the State, la a alaipl and intelligible form,
wools remove at ease a great deal of the
hurtful Ignoraaee end prejudice which, now
exist, And if the members of the LegUla
tnre would provide for ueh a poblieatioa and
diatribatioa at ones ' cease their latermlnabls
diseuatioa about Liquor and Bank laws
neither of whieb are they likely to Improve
muck aad eotba home, tbay might deaarve a
weleome plaudit from thair eonsUtusnta,
We propose to give feet, etatsmeats, com-
parison and atatiatleal information, compiled
from the Report, In thia and aueeeedlng Bom
bers of our paper, aa w may have time to do
so. .
Bel. ia Treasury 1st Oct.. 1855, tSl.tSi 18
Receipts into Treasury from 1st
Oct, Hit, to IslOet., 1858, " 464,781 05
Disbursemente ia said year,
Receipts into Treasury, from 1st
Oeu, 'So, to 1st October, '7,
Disbursemente h aaid year,
1773.1x8 86
i)88,8t4 82
729.8V0 8
Bat. in Treasury. 1st Oct, '57, $38,496 08
The receipts' into the Treasury have in
creased within the last two year, ending 1st
Ootober, 1857. from 81,086,715 31 to 11,461,'
175 87. Tile .disbursements, during same
time, have Increased from $1,154,807 87 to
$1,601,519 04. -
The receipts into the Treasury for tbs year
ending 1st October, 1857, were from the fol
lowing source, tlx : .
County Court Clerk tazee on li
censed privileges, registration
of deeds, suit, Ac., $118,888 17
Clerk of other Court taxes on
suit, fine and forfeiture, Ac, 10,708 28
Revenue Collector on property
and polle, Ac. 814,884 81
Bonuses for Banking, Ac, Ac, 11,468 17
Turnpike and Plank Road Co', 18,176 S8
Bank of Tennessee,
Nashville and Chattanooga Rail
road Co. sinking found.
600,000 00
(.000 00
1,786 67
$986,894 81
The disbursements in aame year were for
the following among other object, via:
Judiciary, $51,870 84
Tax aggregates and lists, 1,689 00
Agricultural Bureau, Societies and
F.irs, 31,789 00
School Fund, 199,818 17
Aeademy Fund, 19,160 40
Interest on Capital Bonds, 48,666 01
Penitentiary, 17,748 99
Executive salaries. ttionerr.
pottage, Ac 14,318 98
Int. on In. Improvement bond, 32,005 60
Internal Imp. Commis'r salary, 1,000 00
Costa of State prosecutions, 47,688 68
Lonatie Asylum, 47,000 00
State Library, 1,000 00
Blind Asylum, 4,000 00
Sinking Fund invested in bond, 6,000 00
Attorney General'a aalary, 1,600 00
State Geologist, pert salary, 1,136 00
Weiehte and Measures, . 866 10
Deaf and Dumb Asylum, 1,000 00
Memphis Hospital, 6,000 00
Pernio Judicial Orrtcaaa. Wa regret
to see the press of Esst Tennessee falling
Into a hnbif fcf " puffing" the. Honorable
Judgea of oar Courts. Wa presume It grows
oat of the proverbial diapoaition of edltore
to be complimentary, but the practice ia nna
aeatingly ridicaleua, and must appear so to
the complimented parties. It is legitimate to
notice a big ox or a mammoth Jack; to ac
knowledge the receipt of large vegetables
cabbage-heads, for Instance lo herald, in
extravagant terms, the wonderful efficacy of
a patent aeelrum, and to write a glowing eu
logy on the blood and pcrformancea of a ata-ble-horae
all these are legitimate, and pro
per aubjecta for the pen of journalista who
have a talent and a taste for that branch of
the vrraatile vocation. But for the prcaa in
each Circuit, or Division, to announce, term
after term, that "Judge So-and-So haa been
holding Conrt here thia week, and discharg.
ing his duty with dignity and despatch,"
(n though it was aomething rare for a Judge
to do that aame) and that "he'e a fust rata
Judge and a d d good feller.' we respect
fully aubmit that thia ia crowding the busi
ness a little too close into the neighborhood
of the ludicrous, and ia below the quintea
aence of doable distilled nonaenae. There
are occaaionaand emergencies when It ia right
and proper for the press lo speak in com
mendatory, and even grateful term of the
men to whom is confided the high end ancrrd
duly of administering the laws. But there
is a wide difference between that snd the
practice we are speaking of. If the latter
is continued, after a while the "puff will be
expected and looked for, and if by accident,
or aome other cause, it should fail to appear
at the arcuatomid time, the outside public
will begin to think there is aomething wrong
and that "Hia Honor" I falling below the
estimate previously fixed by the greasy echo
of popular caprice. The Judgea of our
Courts are alj high-toned gentlemen, and we
are certain they have no taste for being "puff
ed" after the manner. Indicated, any more
than they would have for a aatira upon a
just and eonaoieotious diacharee of their
duties. ' ''
Thb Mormorb All ths Ists aeconnta
from the Salt Lake eountry and thatdireetion,
have the ainell of blood and waraboat them,
If the atatementa are not greatly exaggerat
ed, It la aoot time that the career of brother
Brigham and tha leaders of the Mormon de-
luaion, waa bruoght to a aammary close.
Raj, Ths "rainy aeaaon" haa aet in In
good earn eat For the laat foar or fire days
ths hsaveoe have wept eopiooaly, snd are still
weeping. The prospects of a heavy fide in
the Eastanalla are very ana. ,
t3f Pork ia celling at Lynchburg, Va, at
f 8,w per iu ids.
. Oaocaaiaa. jVAtft,1th.--Atan section
sale by Lanier, Philips It Co., tho following
prices obtained for the staples: Sugar 66
nh4.at.6a9J,64 Coffee,.llii Molaaaea,
llf, and, one whlakey sac .
- Atlarta Mabxit. Osr commercial aor
reapondante at Atlanta, It will be aeen quote
Pork la) that market at ttattj. -
' Poax. We learn from the Review, Frank
lin, Williamson county, that pork, for family
aea, la aelliog at per 100 lbs, to that pi
Alabama. The lefiaiatars a Alabama
haa adopted reeolstlont condemning the Kan-
aaa policy of Gov. Walker.
While tha big American heartthrobs with
pity snd companion over the want and dea-
Utaliaw or the "hunger mob" in New York,
ws cannot but state the fact, that that mob
is composed; of the foreign hordes Invited
hers by ths Democratic policy of onr coun
try. The New York Journal of Commerce,
In speaking of the "broad or blood" demon
stration, eaye: ,
It la a fact, alreadv sufficiently Droved.
that not one out of ten of thoae which hsve
called loudest for work would accept It,
when offered, at reaa than the usual com
penlion of flush time; while many able
bodied American mechanic hove eagerly
embraced such opportunities to relieve their
pressing neceoeitiee. The novel tpectaclt hat
bren witnetttd of American tradesmen work
imr at aVrv tenia a dav tinnn thm same it Jit
premovtly refuted by Irith dollar a day labor-
in. nurely among tha latter elaaa destitu
tion cannot be very severe.
We think this Is strong Democratic testi
mony In favor of the American party, to
which we add the testimony of another Dem
ocratic paper, the Waehlngton Star, in favor
of the law-abiding disposition, tha energy
and independence of the native-born citixen,
and agalnat the Red Republican "role or ruin"
radicalism of the foreign population. It
"The unemployed are holding open-air
meetings, demsndinir what they eall their
' The Louisville Journal truthfully remarks:
"Notwithstanding all the disguating lauda
tions of foreigniam and the fool denuncia
tions of Americanism with which the eolumna
of the Democratic newapapere throughout
the country have been filled for the laat three
years, tha fact is forcing itself upon the
attention of the people everywhere that the
mosses of our foreign population are "wholly
incapable of appreciating the theory and prac
tice of oar Government" and totally unfit to
be entrusted with its direction and control.
This is ths origin, the prime cause of the
organization of the American party, and the
Star haa unwittingly admitted the propriety
and the necessity for its organization. It ia
a aingular declaration to come from an or
gan of a party that systematically exalts for
eigniam above Americanism, aud ia battling
la favor of alien suffrage.
Lxoislativb. In the Senate, on the 3d, the
bill creating the office of County Judge, in
eertaia counties, was called up and rejected.
The resolution asking Congress for so appro
priation of land to levee the Mississippi river
along the Western border of Tennessee, wss
taken op and amended so that tha appropria
tion be requested J a- money, of tbs General
Government, and passed by ths following
vols: .lyes Brateher, Denton, Goodner,
Heiskell, MeConnico, MoDougal, Roach, Rosa,
Trivia, Weloker, and Mr. Speaker Bureh 11.
JVoes Bullen, Goed pastors, Jones, Menses,
Munday, Reid, Walker, Whitthorne, and
Wright 9.
A bill to incorporate the North Carolina
and Tennessee Railroad baa been introdueed
hi the House
In the Senate, on the 4th, the vote defeat
ing the bill to create the office of County
Judge in certain counties waa reconsidered,
and the bill passed over informally for the
present, to allow its friends further time for
In the House, the bill to establish the new
county of Sequaohie was amended aud passed
thiid reading.
In the Senate, on the 6th, the bill for the
benefit of the Chattanooga and Cleveland
Railroad wa taken up, passed third reading,
and immediately transmitted to the House.
On the 7th, Mr. Reid introduced a bill to
regulate the salaries of Judge of this State
making a deduction of sixty-five dollars for
every failure or neglect to perform the dutie
of euoh office by a Judge "
Municipal Elxctior ia Naur York.
Daniel F. Tieman "the people'e candidate"
is elected Mayor of New York, over Fer
nando Wood, the democratic nominee, by
3,300 majority. Mayor Wood ex Mayor
now is the man who incited the late "Breud
or Blood" riota, and who, if guilty of hnlf that
baa been charged against him, is one of the
moat consummate villains unhung, it is to
be hoped that the election of hie successor
will inaugurate so improved era in tha histo
ry of the Empire City. The Expreaa any
of Wood'a defeat:
"First, it ia pleasing to reflect that ench an
election, ao resulting, must conclusively ne
monstruta that our American system ol cov
ernment contains within itself, Incallv as
well aa nationally, ths mean and element n
llaown purification whanaver tluitevalem
corrupted and demoralized by demagogues
or made eubaervienl lo theseltiah schemes ot
wicked and ambitioua men. It may require
a mighty and a great aggravation or official
misconduct, to brine those mesns into opera
tion but such sn effort having just been
made with eo much success, hereafter we do
not know that, in the worst of times, we
ehall -ever despair of our eonntry. Hence
forth, then. Mi Detftrandum de Republics
be our mown
. Urivsbsitt or tub South. We find ths
following in ths Nashville Banner
Wibchxbtrb, Tsnn- Dee. 4. 1867,
Editor of the Banner: In your paper of
yeaterday yoa notice the location of tha
"University of tho South," and aay It la lo
cated on ths Cumberland Moan tain, in thia
State, at tha plana known aa Sewanee, twelve
mite by turnpike row McMiimvill. This
is a mistake. It is between thirty and forty
miles from McMinnvllle, at a place known aa
Rowa's Spring, in Franklla county, twslvs
miles from Winchester. . t -It
is s moat beautiful snd lovely cite, with
in balf a mile of the Sewanee Railroad, and
everlooke ene of the loveliest countries
ths South. Ths location of ths "University
of ths South," at thia point, withoal any out
aids appliances, aad againat money by the
thousand at other points, shows tbs good
of ths men who located It. - ' v.
, Foriior. The steamer Ballio arrived oa
tha 1th, with Liverpool datea to theSSlb No
vember. Light decline In Cotton. Bread.
stuffs wars slightly improving. Corn heavy
and declining. Provisions very dull In ths
manufacturing district huslnass waa unfa-
8.B. Homes, of Franklin countv, Arkan
sas, recently arrived at Loa Angelos. II
iim noma on ins win 01 Bisy lasi lor ualllor
nla. He anw nothing of armed banda until
he reached Fort Brk)ger,!n Uuh Territory.
Here they eaw a targe quantity of provision
stored, a venetderable number of Indian
ensamped all around the fort, and heard the
people generally speaking of making prepa
ration to go out and meet General Harney.
At Fort Brldcer, he waa told by a merchant
inaiai roit BudpIV over 400 Indiana were
encamped, awaiting orders to attack the
United Slates troops. About thirty miles
from Fort Bridgsr he mat three eompanie of
men, generally monnted and all well armed,
having abundance of baggage, their wagons
being numbered in messes. Mr. Homes
says hs slso here had a conversation with one
of the Mormon otdiers, an Englishman, who
ramping with the company, grew very com
municative over the camp fire. The sub
stance of this conversation, Mr. Homes re
ports as follow:
lie relered in bitter term to the treatment
the Mormons had received In Illinois and
Miaaourl, reflected on the unjustneaa and
tyranny of the peopl of the United State,
ana saia inni in nine was come 10 gei even.
He said they war on their way to meet Gen
eral Harney, to ses whnthe wa coming for;
11 he was coming peaceably, we will lot him
come, but if not, we will drive him back,"
were the words need. Another Mormon,
amed Killion who lives about seven miles
from Bnlt Laks t'lly. spoke. bitterly ngainst
the United States, denounced Judge Drum
mnml and all th federal officers and re j "iced
that the time' had come when ths Sainta
would bo avenged, on their enemies that
men were fauna Cnn could fare the enrmv.
and that Harney', with his ?,S00 men, never
wnuin enit-r Ban mk i-ny. tie niso ataieo
that Governor Brigham Young had ordered
the people to prepare for war, that thvy
should not aril emigranta anything, that they
muat lay np ptnvisiona; that the men and wo
men muat not dress up in atore cloth anv
more, but that all muat be saved to forwaid
the cause of the Church against the common
enemy that the men must be content with
buckskin instead of broadcloth, and have
plenty of guns and ammunition.
Un the I7tn Auguai. Mr. Homes passed
through the City of Suit Lake. Remained
only three or four hours. Had a conversn
tion with a merchant a Gentile, who staled
that on the previous Sunday Brigham Young
had declared, in the temple that henceforth
Utah was a separate and independent Terri
tory, and owed no obedience to any form
of laws but those of their own enactment and
called upon the people to eland together and
support him In maintaining the cause or uod
and the Church. Waa told that the house
of Gilbert & Garrison had orders from Brig
ham to pack up and leave before the 1st of
During all the residue of his journev the
trsin of Mr. Homes was harassed bv the
Indiana. Thev hired aeveral Mormon guide
or "interpreter" aa protection againat the snv.
ages, and for this purpose expended 81,815
bnt round thst the wretches were acting the
truitor's part snd seemed inclined rather to
setting the Indians on to attack, than to
protecting them. Two men in a train that
oined them, t ni.tnin 1 urner nnd nir.t niims.
wers shot and aeriouslv wounded while in
the Mormon train of Beaver, by the Indiana.
While near ths Muddy, the Indians made
another attack upon Mr. Hornea's train, and
run off 375 head of cattle.
Goverhor Walker ard Senator Doua-
las. It ia said that Gov. Walker had an in
terview with Senator Douglas while on his
way from Knnsss to Washington. Previous
to that Interview he had not fully made np
hia mind what course to take in regard to the
Icompton Constitution. Hi decided course
now, and hi hostile attitude toward the Ad
ministration, are supposed to be ths fruits of
Ihe putting of their two heads together.
Senator Douglas has gone on to Washing.
ton to assist in carrying out their plans for
Ihe annoyance of Mr. Buchanan. The Chica
go Journal says he left there on Wednesday
night, "full of wrath nnd fury at the course of
the Administration, nnd with nn openly
avowed purpose Co oppose the doctrines
enunciated by the Washington Union to the
bitter end."
t3T A San Francisco paper says that for
the lost four years a secret agent of the Fed.
ernl government haa reaided there, whose
duty it haa been to look into the subordinate
appointments in the different United States
public departments on the coast. He could
reduce the number of appointments, examine
into the character of the appointed, and pre
vent the aipecurca; lie had a controlling
power over all the public officea of all the
United Slntee employees on the Pacific coast.
He had the right at all limes, without previ
ous notice, to demand an examination of the
booke nnd treasure of the Branch Mint; could
count the funds in the hnnds of the United
States Sub-Treasurer, and Treasurer of the
Branch Mint, and Collector of the Port.
Merchant! of Greenflon' and Foreign and
Suspended Bank Billt'l'he Montgomery
Advertiser, of 1st Inst., say: "At a meeting
of the merchants of Greensboro, (Ala.) ths
Iherday, a resolution was adopted, declaring
that after the-first of December the bills of
banks of othe State, nnd of the auaponded
bunks of Alubams, will be taken by them in
payment of debts only at the ratet of discount
current tn Mobile.
If the people of Greensboro, Alabama, and
those who trt Inthtit locality, were to meet
and declare lluitehvy would not pay any
more for goods, wares or merchandize, in
Greensboro', than such commodities arc worth
in Mobile, there -wight be s necessity for
snother meeting bf Ihe merchants. "A fre-
auent Interchange of opinions," it Is aaid,
leads lo harmony 01 action. A ugutta L-on-
Newsfapzb Cob a espor or htb.-The Bos
ton Courier eontalna the following very plain
and very explicit and very proper notice to
"Writera who send to oa enonymoos com-
maniestion only waste their lime, their paper
and their ink. We cannot sndertaks lo read
them, still lea tu print them."
Taa Nashville ard Chattaroooa Road.
From a atatement published in ths Nash
villa papers; wa learn that the gross earoingi
during tho eleven months snding on the 1st
of November were 601,306,17, snd Iho nett
. (7- Ths juveniles are grestly troubled aa
Christmas approaches, Isat Santa Ciaua may
bavs suspended In ths gsneral trouble; and
fears era entertained that he will cot vlait
them aa naaal, ;
' Revival. Tha Frinklln Review says
thsre ia a very interesting revival In progreaa
at tha Metbodiat Eplaoupal Church of that
town. Largs numbers nightly crowd th
FaT Reader, did yon ever enjoy the ex
tatic bliss of courting! You didn't! Then
yon had Utter get a little Gal-an-lry.
Baienta Youkgs Plak. Th following
Utter was written by a woman at Salt Lake
City to her husband, who waa on a visit hrc
Salt Lalr Crrr. Sept 4th, 1887.
if Dear HutbandI hav lust received
your letter to me, and also read one you
wrots to sister . I am ranch disappoint
ed, for I thought you would aay positive you
was vomine noma mis rail. - i mini tr you
understood the spirit ol the time In th Val
ley you would want to be here
All the men are preparing; for war, both eld
and young. Some eompanie hsve con out
to meet the enemy; more are ready to go
ns oanea ior.
Tha earning eompanie are all aomlns In :
what they cannot bring with them thev de
stroy. They have knrnsd hundred of ton
of hay at th stations. -
Brother Urigliam say if th brethren will
stand by him, h will never let the Gentile
com into th Valley. H aay, before they
hall eom here, we will burn every houss,
fenoe and hay stack, and flee to the moan
tains. We will make a Moscow of th cities
snd towns in these Valley, and a Potter'a
field of every ccnon that our enemies aome
Brother Kimball aav all tha women mnst
hav a dirk knife, to I wish you would bring
me on.
You must bring plentv of powder and lead.
Brother Brieham savs. if averv Saint will
live their religion w will never he driven
from the Valleys. We shall stay here until
the time come to go to Jaakson oountv. W
shall no mora be called the traitor of Utah,
but th fret people of Detent.
our, anectlonateiy.
It would seem from the reference to Jack
son county that the Mormons still entertain
the idea that they will return in triumph to
Jackson county, Missouri, from wheno they
were driven In 1888.
Th letter from whioh wa mak the fore
going extract it a bonafidt one, and we hav
no doubt give a correct idea of the Intention
of the Mormon ruler, so far as they have
been made known to their followers.
GxoaoiA Legislature, Thia body of gen
tleman doea not seem to be much in advane
of common people in point of Intelligence,
if the opinion of the Augusta Chronicle 1
to be taken. It say :
Qnt-Leaitlative. Those of our readers.
whose supply of ga is deficient, can learn
wnere inev can oa accommodated by reading
wis coneiuaing paragraph 01 onr Miliedge
ville correspondent's letter. Judging from
the report we have seen, there is eertailv an
abundant snpply of both ga and ignorane
in th two houses. In all our observation,
and we have som experience, we have never
een ucn a aeveiopement 01 ignorance, in
any assemblage pretending to be deliberative,
as has been displayed in both houses, on the
subjeet of Banks and Banking. In all seri
ousness, we think, if it were not a violation
of the Constitutional rights of th press, the
Legislstnr should prohibit ny report of
ineir acuon ana speeonea, on this question
especially. The speeches are eertainlv a re
flection upon the character ef the State, to
whatever extent it can be effected by sueh a
body, (the exceptions are rare,) and anything
but eomplimentnty to the gasometer whence
they are ejected. Every intelligent Georgian
in whose bosom lurks a partiele of State
pride, must feel humiliated indeed, at sueh a
peotaole, and reel quite disposed to suggest
to them tha advice eiven bv Peter Pindar, to
the Rhymer, who aspired te write an account
nt ,1,- t.,nn'. ,n... ln .AH.
Stbkrotu or tub Mormons Tana Position,
A Washington correspondent of the Phila
delphia Argus, speaking of the Mormon im
broglio, anya :
Brigham Young can bring into the field
8,000 bguting men men or great endnrance,
perfectly accustomed to be in. the saddle for
davs, skilled in the use of firahnns, and led
by their spirit of fnnataoiem, and in the be
lief they are fighting for their homes, their
wives and elnldrcn, and tbeir religion. Inev
have also completely won the Indian tribes
to their side who will join them in large num
bers, while 16,000 Mormon emigranta are on
their way to Utah. The only approach to
Salt Lake City is through canon or defile
worn through the Kocny mountains, wnicn
tower up hundreds of feet above, and where
a hundred men could hold the passea against
ten thousands,
SocisTT ik Washington-, The New York
Herald observes that the more fashionable
members of Congress from New York and
elsewhere, are taking houses at Washington
for the winter, and intend to give balls,
soirees, parties, levees, matinees, reception,
dinners, Ac, and have. good lime of it gen
eral I v. "The season." savs the Herald, "will
be very gay in the elite circles, and all the
fashionable women who have from twenty to
forty dresses, and are not tnut up in private
asylums, will do well to pack their Saratoga
trunks and be off by the first train. We see
that several foreign aristocrats are going in
the same direction. Lord Noodle, Lord Spin-
dleshanks, the Count of Empty Pockets, and
the Baron Borrow sixpence are already on
the ground, and win remain during tne win
Kaooutt Yazoo. The editor of the Yszoo
(Miss.) Banner gives that oity a bad eharaoter.
In his "leader of Friday week, he ys ;
Th river is low here, and the state of Grace
in the Churches is still lower. Like Benin-
mln F. Butler, of Handy Hill, th Christian
in Yazoo City is compelled to mourn the low
slate of Grace. A pious divine of the M. K.
Church made a survey some years ago, and
announced that Ilia kingdon.of old Nick wa
only half a mile from Yazoo City. There
have been a good many caving in since then,
and we think it is a little nearer now. In
deed, a nervous man ean smell brimstone on
a clear day, if he bas not a oad cold. Our
olertrvmun have poor encouragement. A beg
garly acoount of empty boxes meets them
on Sunday. Those that do go to Church,
however, should not leave it ueiore service is
Tub Old Stobv. The New York Express
says the "Workingmen's movement," which
la the hap of fvwe asaieaairaliane threat
ened to be to formidable not long ainoe, now
that there ia no more "backing up the Mayor"
to be done, ha subsided into an old fashioned
Communist project, confined to sixty or aev
enty discontented individuals, who organised
themselves into a Club on Wednesday after
noon. They call themselves tha General
Workingmen's Association, and have adopted
a "platform" demanding all sorts ef impos
sible things, free houses, fres law, rres breed,
snd eauslitv of master and man. It it the
old Jseobin story of "down with ths rioh "
The masses have deserted the leaden, who ia
due time will desert tbeir "platform" for
som other equally preposterous.
Tn MoBHoir Paoraara Rsuvaitt. Berber
Kimball and tha Prophet sre expecting
high old time when the booty fall into th
hand of tn enitorsn 01 isrsei. lie aay 1
a speech reported in the Deserel News :
Will we have manna I Tb United State
have seven hundred wagon loaded, with
about two ton to each wagon, with all kind
of things, and than seysn thousand head of
cattle, ana mar i saia to o two tnouiana
five hundred troop, with this nd that and
the other; thst I all right- Suppos this
don t get bar, but all th good and cattle
com; wsll, thst would be a mighty belp te
us that would aloth up th boy and girls,
and make them eomforlablsi and -then re
member, there are fifteen month' provision
beside. 1 am only tsl King about tint, sup
pose it extend on for four or five rears, and
they send one hundred tboussnd troops and
provisions sad good in proportion, and vry
tiling el got hsr ana tuey aia now ,
Bark or Fultor, Atlasta. Edwin W,
Holland haa been elected Prealdent of thia
Institution, In place of Col. A. W, Stone, re.
"Prftent A'pnt and Tendency of Ameri
can Poluici. 1 he Lynchburg Virginian
epeskt in the highest terms of the Lecture
of G. D. Prentice, on "The Present Aspeots
nd Tendency of American Politics." In
closing Its noties ot ths Lecture and ths
Subject, ths Virginian remarks that "Mr.
Prentics Is not ths first to discover that ths
tendency of men and things In American
politics Is decidedly downward. There are
few who can aay now aa Pericles of Aid-
biadea, that 'his eountry was first and self
fterwarda,' but, as Mr. P. has It, 'teU first,
and after that nothing.' Without con
troversy, much of. the evil of the times aa In
dicated in the prevalence of aectionallsm,
anarchy and aocial disorder ia attributable to
tha degeneracy of modern politician, and
th rampant apirit of demagogoeiem by whlen
they are Influenced. An unchecked Demo
cracy, under the epeciou gull of devotion
to liberty, and the righta of the people, haa
been more effective in promoting that impa
tience of lawful and aalutary restraints which
mark the character of onr countrymen, than
any and all other causes combined. When,
and where it will end, th Supreme Ruler of
the universe alone csn tell, but It becomes na
tn look the danger In the face, and seek by
some means to get back to( the hluh ground
once occupied by onr fathers. We trust that
Mr. Prentice's efforts may serve to infuse in
to the minds of our people sentiments of
loftier and more unselfish patriotism, and
that the evil he o eloquently portrayed may
be averted." '
Thb Nicaragua Treaty ard Gerf.ral
Walker. According to the Washington
correspondent of the Richmoi d Enquirer,
the late Nicaragua treaty, will enure to the
benefit of General Walker, eliould he rgain
hia former power in that country. By it,
our government obligates itaelf to keep the
transit route open, and consequently they
are bound to prevent Walker's enemiea from
closing it, should they attempt their former
tactics againat him. - The treaty doea not
provide for the arrest of Walker and his re
turn to the United States, ss some of Ihe pa
pers hsve stated, nor does it seem at all to
prejudice hia movements, aa have been etated.
In fact, we do not see that the Admininlra
lion hu taken any step, really Inconsistent
with the best wishes for Ihe success of the
The Richmond Enquirer says: "We
need not expect to extend the institution of
slavery where nature does not direct it.
Self-interest ever has been, ia now, and will
aiwaya be the great motor of mankind, at
leaat in all such enterprises as the establish
ment of socinl institution. And unlets ne
gro labor is better adapted to Ihe culture of
certain soil than white labor, it is idle to
expect that slavery will be adopted in con
sideration of its advantages morally and po
litically. Even the enlightened people of
this country are not educated to that point of
the philosophy of government yet. The
South must look southward for the expan
sion of her institutions."
1 he Terressee Railroads Patino or
Prohttlt. The Memphis Appeal learr.s
from As Railroad Commissioner of this State,
R. G. Pajne, Eq., that there is no doubt
that the sevttai railroad companies of thia
State will meet promptly their January inter
est, notwithstanding the hard tiinea and bank
panic. Some of them nre now ready to meet
thia obligation, and he entertains, no doubt,
from recent information, that th others will
also be in a state of readiness to pay up when
the interest falls due.
Patiro Specie. The following Banks in
South Carolina contiuue to pay specie: Union
Bank of Charleston, State Bajik of South
Carolina, Bank of Charleston, Commercial
Bank of Columbia, Planters' Bank of Fair
field, Merchants' Bank of Cheraw, Bank of
Chester, Bank of Camden, and Bank of
From Kansas. St. Louis, Dec. 8. At a
meeting at Leavenworth, Kansas, on the 31st
ult.,resolutloiis were adopted similar to those
passed at Lawrence on the 19th, and speeches
were made by Messrs. Vauirhan, Philips,
Hutehlns, Moore, and others.
Mr. Philips sdvised rallying sround the
Topekn Convention, calling il the Magna
Charts of Kansas Liberty. A Vigilance Com
mittee is being formed throughout the Ter
ritory. A letter to the Democrat, dated Lawrence,
Nov. 17, states that Governor Walker said he
would cull a special session of the Legisla
ture, provided the meinbera would atgn a
pledge guaranteeing that they would Dot go
into general legislation.
A Prediction. Forney's Press, nor an;
other press, aay the Chicago Times, ever
uttered words more pointed, truthful and
emphatic, than the fallowing:
"The public mnn who falters in this Issue.
seals his doom. The Northern Domocrut
who tries to muke the Convention of Kansas
superior to the people, and who advises that
Ihe lyiinsllialinn shall not go to them for en
doraemeut or rejection, finishes his career for
Patiro Orr in Silver. Yesterdav the
employeea of the Government were paid their
month s wages and aalarles in half dollars
This is the first time, we apprehend, when
such a thing has been done. The result was,
that ths brokers immediately nut on a con
siderable rale of premium when called on to
exchange gold lor silver. The effect of thus
paying off the public employees must be
greatly to increase the quantity of specie cir
culating in business here, for silver to-day on
the street Is not worth snything more than
the currency of ths banks of Ihe District of
Columbia. IVain. Star.
MoMma Ahead. We eee by the report
of the Comptrolur, made out from the Tax
Asseasor's returns, that McMinn county rai
ses mors corn snd wheat than any county in
East Tennessee. No wonder Ivins of the
Post la so snucy he eats so much hog and
hominv. Hurrah for McMinn beats Ihem
all making corn snd wheat ean account for
that uaed to live there ourselves snd lesrned
her people how to "farm." Cleveland Ban-
- UT" On a young child being told that he
must beorotenofs bad habit, hs actually
replied: "Papa, hadn 1 1 better be mended)",.
f3f Human heads nre Ilk hogshead
ths leu thsy contain th louder .report they
givs of themeolvea. 1 ha smaller the rulibri
of the mind, the greater the bore of a perpel
ually open mouth.
Cotton is Kiro. Th New York Herald
At all event, whatever change the virtual
auspenaion of the bank may enuae, it ia quits
evident that nothing ean for the present re
store tn England Ihe control of the commer
cial affairs of the world. That control haa
been vested ia the United States by tha fores
of eirrumatancea. The priority of orr revul
sion here, and the anspenaioa Of onr New
York bank; the sndden ggrerrntinn of specie
here, and the etagnalion of trade, have placed
the United States In a position to command
the world, In a commercial polnLnf view.
we can exact specie for oar eotarn, and flu.
rope cannot do without it; we cnn keen all
our gold, and England eonnot take it from
na. If our hanks play their earda with ordi
nary discretion this crisis will crown the com
merce of th United Stales as ths controlling
power of the world's trade. : , .
Thus 11 Is Cotton it King I It is sniver.
eal monereh. It is cotton that proves ths
sheet anchor to th United States In the
financial storm. It la cotton that make Es-
rope dependent, and, In tha midst of these
amazing monetary convulsions, offers to onr
hands the sceptre ot ths world. Cotton,
which could not be cultivated without slsvs
labor, proves itself the salvation, financially
and materially, of the country.
Senator Herdersor-A Texas Corres
pondent of one of our Mississippi exchanges
thus speaks of Gen ernl Henderson, who hss
been elected by the Legislature of Texas to
the United Slates Senate, in place of Sam
Houston. He eaye:
General Henderson dcaervea thia nnL
When Texas wa in her Infancv. he waa her
firm friend; h sacrificed s fnrtuns in serving
uer unronn, aa minister to r ranee, when aha
waa a republic, weak, and almost frieudleas.
He una one of Ihe main arrhiteel that fram
ed her constitution, nnd aa her first Governor.
1... 1.:. I -I : I
uj ma anii, nun nuuiiy, gnve permanency ana
prosperity to her aa a State. He then retired
to hia profession aa a lawyer, and has regain
ed his lorlune. Texas owes him s debt of
gratitude, and her citizer a are now proud of
the opportunity of paving il by placing him
in the Senate of the Unit, d Slntee."
Hoos. The Cincinnati Gazette of the 1st
The depresaion In the market for hogs and
proeiaions continues, and prices evidently
have not yet touched Ihe point from which a
renclion may be expected to take place. -
The decline in prlcea so far has had ths ef
fect to repel rather than to attack buyers, and
the trade closed very dull at the lowest quo
tations. A small business was transacted
to-day at 94 80 to 5 00 per 100 lbs net.
Provisions sold low. Mess Pork SIS; Green
Shoulders 8: Sides 51: Hams 64a64: LardS.
nlOt 'or barrel and kg.(
High Prices for Negroes. At Sparta, Ga.,
on Tuesday laat, forty-one negroes, belong
ing to Ihe estate of Thos. L. Wynn, late of
Hancock county, were sold, averaging 9840
each including old negroes, children snd in
fants. One boy, twenty. two yeore old, a
common field hand, sold for 81600; ons girl
sixteen years old, 91500. Ths sales wers
on cash terms. ' ...
Comberlard Gap Railroad. Ws find
the following paragraph in ths Xynchburg
Virginian of Wednesday last:
From Mr. Thompson, Chief Engineer of
the above named improvement, (who is now
in this city) we nre gratified to learn that tha
arrangements entered into between the com
pany, and certain Northern capitalists, are of
such a charrcter as to render its completion
ut an early day "a fixed fact."
. Large Shipments or Hoos. We sre In
formed by Mr. J. F. Terry, thehjigiog De
pot Agent at thia place, that there have been
shipped eastward on tha Va. dt Tenn. road,
within the last ten days, aixty-four ear loads
of hogs, numbering 3,300 head. About 1,
600 will be shipped to-day, making nearly
6,000 head in all. We hear of hogs comitia,
forward from every direction, and the pros"
pect ia that the number shipped from this
point will greatly exceed that of any previ.
oua aeaaoo. There bas been quite an nctive
demand for hogs here since ouv lost Issue,
and the price has advanced to 95,50. JSrii-
toi Jyewt, 4th tnsL
CO" Hon. J. Glancy Jones, of Pennsylvs.
nia, ia mentioned aa the probable successor
of Mr. Dullaa, aa Minister to the Court of
St. James. George R. Gliddon, formerly
United Slates Consul at Cairo, Egyt died
at Panama, on the 16th ult.
Washington, Deo. 4th. The government
estimates for the next fiscal year amount to
SU,333,000, Including 1 3,500 ,BO0 for the
navy; 914,000,000 fur the army; $4,600,000
for postal deficiencies, &e.
pfT" Ths Savannah Republican says;
Nothing that has ore (red in ths history of
South Carolina for twenty years past, has
given us auch unalloyed pleaaure as tbs an.
nouncemi nl that ehe had made choice of her
distinguished eon, Gen. James Hammond, as
the representative of her sovreignty in ths
Sennle of the United States."
A Word to Boya. Begin in early life to
collect Jibrariea of your own. Begin with a
ingle book; and when you find or hear of
any firat rate book, obtain il, if you can.
Alter awhile another, as you are able, and
be tare to read. Take the beat sure of your
books, and in this way, when yon are, men
you will liuve good libraries in your head, as
wvll us on your ahelvea.
A Modest Request. ln ths Tens esses
Senate, Mr. Goodpasture presented a Raeo) .
rial from citizens of Scott oounty.l sskhig to-
be released from taxation, on account of ths
hard lime, and that an appropriation of font
or five thousand dollars be made for iheir
A GRATirTixo) Feature or the sLvrb
Time. Contrary to th prevailing inptea
ion that ths financial difficulties would lead
men to resort to tha intoxicating cup, tha
fact appeara that in New York tha receipts
of the retail' liquor dealers hate lallcs. off
from thirty to foity per cent. Sosae af the)
principle liquor ssloona la Broadway, which
havs been very profitable concerns, da not
pay their expense; It Is also staled thai
many of the distilleries will be obliged to
auspend operation.
IST President Kimball, Mormon, boasts -that
he haa had "altogether about fitly cfiil
dreo," and that ha is "doing tbs work of '
Abraham, laaas and Jacob." .
New York, Dec. 7. Sales of Cotton to.
day, 100 bules. Prlcea are unchanged, but A
the market lias a declining tendency. Bread? T
tuff aleady; and Corn advancing.
. Charleston, Dee. 7. Sales of Cotton
,3,000 bales. The market ie depressed.
Middling fair 16 8-4 cents, with a declining
tendency. - . ' ,
8avahrah, Deo, 7 Sales ef Cation, 1,300
bale, at prlcea ranging from 10 to 10 1-4
cent. There were no transaction aftst the
Collie's news was received.

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