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Siaoovered -t 'Xm.mrt I
rur. Cm. D Guts'
Farm's OB is the only ur remedy In the worM for
UMCuraof Rheowialiasa, Oeafneae, Gout, Hcarml
... btmbtro. Sciatica. Spinal a" Bronchial complainta
Tk Nki, Heartache, Orimp, Droop, files, Feloai,
Sprain awd Driim, Intsaad Wownde.8wel.ed Glands,
Stiff Joints, fcrofula, Kryeioela. Sore Nippiee, Swelled
rlreait, H'Mib Disorder. Salt Hheam, Canker ia the
MoatS and Stomach, Palpitation, Eruptionl, Caked
Srta.L, Quinsy. S..ro Threat, Palsy, Pleurisy. L'lcerl,
Ixtck Jaw, Heart Burn, Tooth and Uar-ache, Nervoui
nw, Co.Ilrene.is, Burnt. Sort Oumi of teething infanta,
Hemorrhage, Abseet,Sti.r Neckl, Broken Breast, Chil
blain, Teller, Shingle., Frosted feet, Fever and Ague,
Chapped Hand., or any Disease that are tore or pain
M, the only article ever brought before the public
that will do it work perfectly ia from three to twenty
wilnuUa haa been need by thoaaand. and pronounced
ia be the beat remedy ever dUcovered.
Thii Oil act. on the ernem with electricity it of port
Testable preparation. Not the slightest danger of
applying It outwardly or inwardly. It at once give!
a permanent core-In moot eaeea from ten to twenty
Thtfc!rH phyilnlog litiof Europe hare discovered that
an organic derangement of the animal system It the ef
fcet of an obetruetlon of the phyaico -electric fluid in the
organ dieeaied. a aklllfol applioaiioti of thio Oil pute
la tra mediate motion the nerve fluid, and the care ia at
aoe eeeompliihed. No Weeding no vomiting, purg
Ing. r blistering, ii retorted to.
tip-None genuine withont signature of Prof. C. D
OsiTB. La belt tigned in writing.
Principal Depot, No. 80, South Eighth Street, three
door l below Cliettnat, Philadelphia. Country dealer!
and droggitu can be lupplled wholetalo and retail.
Price 15 ceirta, 60 eenta, and SI per bottle.
Try ererything elue ; give thie one ilmple trial.
Cacnoi Be careful to auk for and get Da Gbatb I
Electric Oil, at worthleat Imitation abound.
There are nnmerout imitation! aprung up no the re
putation my article hat acquired. The pnblic mutt be
ware. They are worthlett.
Por tale by GEO. W. BOSS, Athene, Tenn.
Not tO-ly-sH
Male and Female Academy.
Wl, the undersigned, of the Committee or Board
of Trustee, appointed to superintend the build
ing of a School Home at Monte Creek, McMinn county,
Tennettee, and to employ a tuitable Teacher, and su
perintend the wholeeome management of a School at
that place, take pleature In announcing to the cub
eribert and public generally, that the building it Untitl
ed, or so nearly to that a School may be commenced.
W hare, after much paint to telect a competent teach
er, employed Profesaor ALEXANDER A. NKWMAK, a
nativ East Tennetteean.who comet to ut recommend
ed at a acholar.a gentleman, and a chrittian. The Artt
less ion of thia inttltution will commence on Monday,
the !th Intt.
Termt, at the rate per fteuion of M welt :
f polling, Reading and Writing 3
Geography, Arithmetic, Englith Grammar, Competi
tion and Declamation 8
Mathematict, Natural Science., and the abore 10
Latin Grammar and Header 13
One-half in advance and the balance at the eiote of
the tetiion. Contingent fee (in advance.) SOeenti.
Boarding, In good boutet convenient to the School,
(wathing and light! extra) per week, 1.S.V
No pupil permitted to enter the School witbont a tick
et tigned by I. H. Magill, Treaturer. No deduction for
lott time, except In caee of protracted licknet..
We will mention, for the benetlt of thote nnaeqaalnt
ed with the locality of thti Inttitutinn, that it it titnated
about tlx milet North of Athena, In the beautiful Moute
Creek Talley, near the summit of the Kait Tennettee
and leorgl Railroad, tome nine hnndred feet higher
than the cite of Knoxville. In the deed to our Acade
my lot w have the water privilege to a beautiful Spring,
'near the head fountain of the pure limettone water, of
little Moute Creek. A more healthy location, perhapc,
could not be found in- Katt Tennettee. We intend to
nte onr ntmott endeavor! to build up a good School,
and Invite the attention of parent! and guardian! to
onr adverliteroent.
At our building it now near a .tate of completion, we
retpectfully requett Hie tubicrlbwi who have not tet
tled to call upon I. H. MagHI, Treaiurer, and py their
brip.l.r,, kfcS!!,
fret KMM74 H. MAG1LI..
T'HEiuMcrlberliaionhand and will keep a lupply
of COOK, BOX and PARLOR STOVES, of Kattern
mannfaolnre, and of the bett and moit approved pat
teroi, which he will tell at cheap. If not cheaper, than
they can be procured of any other perton.
Hit Shop it at the Wett end of Main ttreet, near the
corner of Church Alley, where he Invite! all who want
Btovee to call. .
He alio keept on hand 1 .upply of TIN WARE of
very description, and it prepared to put up Guttering,
Roofing, c, c, at reatonablc ratet.
Athene, Aug ;-if-4(14 J AS. C. CAI.ltOTTN.
Hasonic Female Institute,
Cleveland, Tenn.
W. R. W. VON AI.DKHOPP, Pre.t.
Miaa MARY I.. I.KA, Pr"pl Preparatory Department.
, Inttructretl Juvenile Department.
Panr. OUSTAVIT8 R. KNABE, Teacher of Vocal and
Imtrnmental Mntlc. , .
Mas. H. A. BROWN, Inatrnctrei! In Drawing, Paint
ing and Embroidery.
Batn of Tuition, ptr Swinn of Fit Stontlitrnya-
bit tit Jdfanoo.
IntOlait Ijtlln.Gr.ek, yrench, Spanlih, Itnllan,
German f '8
Id M Mntheinatlct, Botany, Anatomy and
Phytiology IS
Id 11 Advanced Comfiotltion and Rhetoric,
Nattirnl Philosophy, Natural Hletory,
Moral I'hllotophy, Uhemlttry and Book
Keeping H
4th " Ormmar,Geography,Hi!tory, Element-
. ary Compoeltlon, Arlthinetlo
Itth " Spelling, Reading and Writing
. Linear Drawing 1"
Painting in Water Colon, Metiotint, Crayon Draw-
ing "
Oil PtlnUng JJ
Embroidery 'J
Incidental Eipentet 1
The Third Seition will open on the Arit Monday In
November. ....
We a anthorlted to lay Hint tlia following gentle
men wlir receive Boarden at (9 per week, exclutive of
wathing r Mr. Catwell Lea, John Carter, Mr. Ake Hen
ryrant If. Vf. Ton Aldehoff. Mr. AVo Henry ha! put
. p a large and commodloui home for the reception of
Student.. Betirlei the above, there are teveral other
famillet that will take hmrr der. at the above rate.
Tlckett of Admttttm lo he procured from On. TT.
ra. Treat. TIIOS. H. CALLAWAY,
Oct 8H-M-4T4 Prct. Board of Trutteet.
Important notice,
To yc.ll Oonoornod.
A Mi peraoni Indebted, either by ante or account, lo
the Arm of J. A. Wrlatit i Co., or to Wright, Wll
liami k Co., Sweetwater, are earneitly requeued to call
at once and py up It being necettary that the butt
net! of thete nrmt.now dltiolved.ihonld be aettlcd up.
' We hone our frlendt will heed thit notice, and not put
nt to the necetilty of placing their notet and account!
out for collection. i. A. WRIGHT,
C. W. COKflN,
Sept 19, 18S7. 8. T. B. WILLIAMS.
AVINO bought the Inlerett of the above named
nartlei at tiweetwater. will continue the builnei!
at th. old stand, wnrre lliey win Kern on nann a gener
al attortment of (DRY OOODS.OROCKRIVS, and every
thing el.e In their line, lo which they invite the atten
tion of old cuttomer. and frlendt,
' Sept 18, lHffl-tlJa'-4W J
Notice to Shippers of Freight.
Tatmroa-riTioK DariTiiE T!xa. 0i. R.R.Co. I
Athene, Aug. 11, 18.'7.
rl"HIS Company wlllilellTerany freight! received In
JL to their Depot!, in a reatonablc time, at the
terinlnui of their Itoad at Dalton to the owner! or their
agent! (not oun,) they paying charge! aa per tariff and
Teolving the freight! on day of arrival at Dalton. Thli
Company dnet not propote either to ttore freight! or
deliver to the Wettern k Atlantic Rail Road, unlcitthe
wiiere have made arrangement! with laid Road to re
ceive the tame. Cart cannot be detnlnedbeyond a Tew
kourt for transhipment or itnrage.
m.makliwthlpinenti at above every facility in the
power of the oiaveri of the Company will be extended
to ahlpperi. Beyond the end of their rail! tley have
control and antiuna ivorcipnntlhlllty.
Aug U-tf 4M R. C.JACKSON , Sup't Trani.
' t In t'horurcfrjr nt Athena.
EUnaier Ditiue, William IX Divine, and
w. ' i
Zcpttia Smith snd wife, nn9 Men.
IN lliisentiae it appearinx that Zeptha Smith
and wife Jane Smith, Margaret Divine and
John Divine, are uon reiidonta of the State
of Teniieaae. it ia orJered that publioatioa
be made in the Athene Poet for four eueces
We week, reriitiring eaid non resident de
fendant to appear at our next Court of Chan
cer, to be held At the Court home in the
town of Athena, on the 8il Monday of Febru
ary next, and plead, anaweror demur to eom-
Jilainauta enld bill, or the tame will he taken
or eon felted ai to them and act for hearing
eeordingly. WM. LOWRY. C. A M.
Nov tl, 18fi7-4t-pra fee -17 9
Chancerr Court nt Aiken.
Kllaabeth Parrar,
(Vffflt Tlllery and wife, Geo.W. Oiilnn and wife, Wath
Ington Jonet and wife, Jackion R. Karrar.liorlada R.
Parrar, John T. Parrar, Ixiuiia D. Parrar, Kdward M.
Parrar, and Leander G. Parrar.
IN thit catiae II ppe" that Wathlngtoa Jonea li a
non-reiidrnt of the State of Tennenee.and on mo.
tion of complainant, by her Solicitor, at the December
Rule! 18.M, it I. ordered that publication be made in
the Allien. Pott, a newtnaper puullthed In the town of
Atben., county of McMinn, and Slate ol Tcnneiiee,
tor four .ttceeitlve weekt, requiring th eatd uhlng
ton Jonei lo make hi! appearane at onr next Conrt of
Chancery, to be hohlen at Athene aforeiald, on th Ad
Mondav of February next, to plead, antwer or demur
In .aid 'bill, or the tame will be taken a cenfetted a! to
hi. aad . for hearing oL0WRTi c. 4 M.
Dec 18, lVT-4t-pr! fr '-
Negroes to Hire.
fWILL hire, at my retlilence, In Monro county,
Tenn., on the lt of January, 1kV, to the hlgheet
bidder, SIX NffirtO OIRLS good Cook! and Wahert.
Cheta, Nv ',M t!J-; K. A. I1KNLKY.
Incorporated 1S1. Charter Perpetual.
Cash Capital JT&: $1,000,000,
Burpluat, $4aa,iea XX.
With the preitlge ol SS year' racccw aad experience.
T.i.itir.,11., sm'L Ttnxia, tm cncacH,
aowr. acaix, u. a.TtrrT, b.tlow,
a. a. atTLaautT, a. , a. e. airur,
a,a.wAD, ..ram, .a.iMraaiit,
e, r. oi vu, a. aitxTaa, T. a. iuiiilDU,
w. tanar, c a. aaawaan.
t 0. RIPLEY, Pnt.' t. A. ALEXANDER, Vice Prit.
TIIOS. K. BRACE. Ja., See'y. ,
J. B. BKNNKTT, Genl Agent.
Iniurei agalnit the
VJG-Xni3 or XXZ.Z3!
BAt ai liberal rule, and rate, aa ritka aa.umed permit
of for Bolvency and f tir proAl.
Etpecial attention paid to INSURANCE OP DWELL
CONTENTS. Such in.nrrd for period, of three to Ave
yeara on the molt favorable term!.
LOSSES PAID, $10,437,312 84.
If wealth, with a ateidyand prompt attention to a
legitimate Ineuraaee butlnett, and the execution of
contractu In good faith, have Inducement! with the pub
lic lo .electing their underwriter we refer them for
teat of quality and oar clalma to their patronage, to
record! of pait aervicea, tendering their conlinuancc
with Increating ability and facilities In future.
Choice Krtt Clatt Indemnity may be effected withont
delay, with Uiit well known and able corporation,
through GEO. W. R0S8, Agfnt, Athene, Tenn.
Oct 2S-Sra-T4
New Goods Late Arrival !
SK. REEDER, (one door North of the
old "Athena Hotel.") hue received and
opened a large and well selected assortment
embracing a variety adopted to the bea.on
and to the wanta of the country; to which he
invites the attention of bis friende and the
pnblio. Without designing to boast, he thinks
he can safely say that his stock ia equal, if
uot superior, to any brought to this market.
He also has a good supply of GROCERIES,
Hardware, Qtieensware, Cutlery, Ac, Ac-
All ol winch be is disposed to sell on terms
as reasonable and accommodating as the law
of self preaervation will admit of.
Nov. J J, 1857 tf, 477
O. Xf. -II3l30r tits CO.
'OW offer to their cnttomert and the public gener
ally, an nnutually large ttock of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
all of which hare been carefully lelected, and are ea
pecltlly adapted to the want! of thia market. Their
itock of l.nrt lo Urea Good lurpatt any thing
of the kind they have ever offered for tale.
They have alto an elegant attortment of Clothi,
Caitlmert and ettings. iiata,uapa, uoou and shoes.
A very full attortment of every description Of
Headwjtl.de Clothing;.
Alto, a large lot of Hardware, Queeniware, Cutlery,
Family Orocerlea, Spied, Ac.
Our term! are favorable, and when yon itart out to
purchate your Fall Goodt pleate give ue a call, and w
are confident an examination will verify what we have
aid. Oct 23
XjA-tO k.rrlT7eVl.
Still In the Field ond no IVIialake !
TTHVINO just received and opend a fresh
XjL supply of GOOD3, to which they invite
the attention ol their mends and customers.
Titer deem it unnecessary to rrive a detailed
list of articles, and will content themselves
with enumerating a few ofJlie leading ones,
and assuring the pnblio that t he balance will
be forthcoming when cnlled for. For the
facts in the case, just cnll over and examine
for Yourselves. c have
Fine Gold English Lever, Patent Lever
and Cylinder Hatches:
Fine Silver English Lever, Tatent Lever
and Cylinder Watches Hunting-case and
Upon raced.
Oilt Watches; Duplex Watches;
Fine Gold Pens, of all prioes;
Lndies Breast Pins, and Ear Bobs and
Ring, of the latest patterns : Cuff Pins:
Bracelets, rte. In fact, we have the largest
and best assortment of Jewelry ever offered
in this market.
Contact ionnr lea.
A good assortment of Candies, Nuts, Rai
eons, Figs, o. Some more of those fine
Cheese; Spiced Oysters, and Crackers.
SEGAR3, of all brands and qualities.
Iloaierr. Vc. .
Ladies Hose lambs' wool, worsted and
eotton, of all colors and qualities; Childrene'
and Misses do.; Men's Half Hose lambs'
wool, worsted and eotton. Gloves of all
kinds, fur both Ladies and Gentlemen.
' Mimical Inrtrumentt. '
Aceordeons, Flutlnas, Tremblers, Violins,
Flutes, Fifes, Clnrionets, Flageolets, Ac.
Peifumny. Perfumery for the Handker
chief and Oils for the Hair.
Combs and Brushes, all kinds.
Port Monnaiss and Purses.
Giint and Pi'tnlt. Colt's Repeaters, from
3 to 6 inch, 6 to 6 shooters; Revolvers, Self
Cocking, and Single Ban el Pistols; Shot
A iMrgtlM of Cloeki Thirty non r, Seven
nd Thirty Day Clocks, Spring and Weight
Pepper, Spice, Ginger, Soda, Kails, Match
es, a large lot of Toy, and thousands of other
things toi tedious to mention all of which
will be sold low down. Nov 13
Committed to Jail,
IN Washington, Rhea co., Ten
nessee, on the 2d day of November,
18S7, two NEGRO MEN, One says
his name is Ben, and that lie be
longs to Nathaniel Ewing, of Lee
county, Virginia. Said boy is about
'10 years of age, five feet eiirht or
nine inches hitfh, and weighs about ISO lbs.;
dark color. The other hoy saya his name is
John, and that he belongs to James Shelton,
of Smyth county, Virginia. Said boy is about
25 years old, about five feet ten inches high,
and weighs about 175 or 180 lbs., and dark
color, the owner of eaid slaves are request
ed to come forward, prove property, pay
charges and take them away, or they will be
dealt with as the law directs.
Nov. 13, 1867. tf 477
Jt'ST RECEIVED Trr. Parker's Pain Pan
acea; Stark 't Indian Fever and Ago Remedy,
an external application infantile; Maraubaand Scotch
Snnff; llay'i Liniment; Arabian Liniment; Steel and
(lilt Pen.; Putty and Window Ulaii and for tale bv
march 14 WM. BURNS.
Wheat and Flour. ;
THK subscriber, hire completed the moat perfeet
arrangement that can be made for the aale of
W heat and Flour, and during the remainder of thit
year will devote their attention almoit exclutlvely to
the lale of theie two article!, and they can lay to their
patrons, with certainty, that they will realiie aa much
net money by ehlpping her a. to any market beyond
Atlanta, and will do It wit;, lett rink and In ih.rter
time. Ai to the peculiar advantage! of our market
everyone li ramlllar who know! lu locality.
We will accept an dayi bill! on Wheat, payahl here
or at Augutta, for three lourthi the value of thlpmenti,
accompanied by Rail Road receipt.. We think It ad.
Titahle for thinner! of Flow to draw moat of their hills
at 4A and So dayt, at more time It required for th ml.
of Flour than for Wheal. Bt reference to onr weekly
review, of the market, pnblltbed In th Tennettee pa
per, yon can alwayt know nor nrateiT what the arti
cle are worth. SRAQO, ABBOTT A CO.,
fleneral Commiiiioa Merchant.
Atlanta, Oa.. Aug T. 1887 tf .
Groceries for Wheat.
IIIAVK a lot r Sugar. Coffee. Bait, and Tobacco,
which I with lo barter for Wheat. I will aiva lo.
market prle for Wheat t-d tell Oroeerlet at cheap as
li cncape.l. 1JI1IJK1J J. M. llr..Dr.HSON.
Vv , O. WITT,
(LaU v AtKent, 1.,)
Sutctmon at ffooaoeoB, HfU dt liar,)
MaacT wroBTxas or
Hardware, Cutlery, Guns, &c.
No. 14 Meeting ttreet, nearly oppotiti Charleatoa
aoaniT a. cuiai...-maua TDB,..aaaaaw t. Araaaao.
Oct z-tf-t;t
KnoxTlllo, Tonn,
A LL ordera will be promptly attended to and faith
..ully executed. July 81-tf-Hix
Lowe & Rice,
Auction Si Commission Merchants
Corner of Lord and Alabama itreeti,
Atlantav, era;law
aCoasifnawnt solicited. (march S7-1y-444
alkx. at. witxics.. w. c. aoaiasox.
Wallace & Robinson,
General Commission Merchants,
Atlantat ieorg;ia,
"VV"'1' K've special attention to the laic of Bacon,
T Lard, Flour, Whltkcy, Tobacco, Ac. Contlgn
mentt retpectfully lolicited. Premptattention ( Ivco to
Cath ordera.
Agenu for the sale of Stcarnea k Marvin's Fire-Proof
afei. mar i0-ly-42o
a. a. aeiapca wit a. raaxcisco.
Bearden & Francisco,
WILL sellon commli.ion Bacon, Lard, Floor, Corn,
Oata, I'eaUiera, and Tonnei!e Produce gener
ally. Perions shipping to as can rely upon
prompt returns.
Keferto Merchants and Citiaeniof Knoxville; Mor
gan k Co., Jo. K.lw.rdt, Jas. C. Luttrell, Comptroller,
Naihvllle; T. J. Campbell, Cleveland; Richard C. Jack
ton, Athent; Long A Smith, Richard B. Campbell, Ben.
Chandler k Co., C hattanooga. , Feb JO-tf-i-39
J. T. & WM. n. W00TT0N,
(Succrttort to Wontlnn at 7ottowty,)
Commission Merchants,
Cotton Avenui ; IflACON, CA.,
Wl I.I. pay strict attention to all consignment! from
Northern freorgia and Tennea.ee. And If
prompt return, de.erva any credit they hope
lo share a portion, at leatt, of the pnblio patronage
Liberal advance! made on good! in !tore, If deeired.
jonx t. w or row William u. woottox.
march S7-1 y-444
John L. M. French & Co..
march -tf-441
No. 12 Brofdway New York,
DEALER In Agricultural Implements and Machine
ry. Bole Agent for the sale of Wheeler, Mellck k
Co'. Home Powers and Threthert; Oomhined Thretli.
era and Wlnnowen and other machine!. In Katt Ten
nettee. Alao.OeneralAgentforthelraale in the South,
ern Rtatet. Ordera promptly executed for any kind- of
Machinery or Merchandite. Conilgnmentiiolieited of
all kind! of Southern Produce. Jan lo-Iy-tM
Robertson, lladson & Puiliam,
' iMroaraas axd jobbxss or .
33 IX ST O 13 3,
No. 29 Murray and 83 Warren streets,
Corner of ChurcA ttrurt.
New Yrk.
aicntAan s. aoaia oa, soaxar w. pclliam,
ohulxs o. Htrnsoa, wiu.ua d. ataxia,
:i Of Virginia. O X. Carolina.
nnn m'p. M'axa.TH, Of Tfnnitur.
torn m. caitOMiLas, ) Aug 2IMy-41
DiaecT iHroarias axe WBOusiLi DBALxas ix
Foreign &DomesticDry Goods,
No. 87 Hayne ttreet, t'liarleatem, 8. C. -
a. xtitt wm. Risaai.Tixs,....ir;nti c wtlt,
wa. K'nutnav...... L.oiu.aan, cmg. ronria.
Hardware, Cutlery, Guns, Pistols, c,
Ko. 85 iUtnk strkkt,
June 17. 8 tf 247
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods
No. 88 Hayne street,
N. B. Bolting Cloths al wajs on hand.
war. n. gillilakd, bidnkt a. bowilu
Oct. II. 1881 tf - 161
Csmmiaaion and Produce ltlercliant.
,Ofnc on Broad atreet, oppoiitc Union Bank,
Vixcrixasitca.. 3-n,..
WILL glee prompt and peraonal attention to the
tale of Itacon, Lard, Grain, Flour, Cotton, and
all nrtlclri of Merchandite contlgned to hint. Alto, to
the forwarding of Goodt for the Interior and Northern
market! at the enttomary rate!. Liberal advance!, ei
ther in cath or by acceptance!, made on article, in .tor
or when hlllt of lading aeon mpany draft..
Ra axxcxs : Pakrr, Wilcox k Co.; M. A B. Wnklneon;
J. C. Fargo, "Cathler." Augutta, Ga. Hand, William, t
Wilcox; Thm. Trout A Co., Charteiton, 8. C. Wm. Dun
can; Paddeirord, Pay k Co.; F. T. Willii, Savannah, Oa.
f turret, Bennett k Co., New York. J. C. Wilton k Co.;
D. Rtuart k Hon, i.alllraore. Wood k Low, New Orleant.
C. B. Welhorn, Dalton, Ga. GrenTlll k Sample, Chat
tanooga, Tenn. Bearden, Bon k Co., Knoxville, Tenn,
P. K. Reeder', Athent, Tenn. W. Phapard Co.; Berry
k Demevllle, Nashville, Tenn. Nor. M, '64 tf 319
AxmcTrBxas axd wrolbsalb pxiLsas tx
Boots and Shoes,
no. to Lourtiana street, (near Broadway,)
May 15-ly-451
wtraox M.cnorw.
I . . . .'. JASTKB x. BA it. ,
LaU of roWnaoorn', Tnn
wnoi.R.tt.x DSii.raaia
lata, nana. Honnola, cVc,
Jo. t. South Sids I'hIiUo Nir,
AflRDEng carefully filled. and good, promptly for-
J warded. Dee lx-ly-42
w. i:. hall, in. v.,
WILL give hli attention to the practice of Medi
cine. Offlet South of the Bridge,
January 80, 1867. . -486
M. R. MAY, N. D-,
IESrECTFULLT tenHera hit professional
Ai services to the public.
Jan. 14. 1 S3
r'li.yas.ioiam. Burcooni
Athena, Trnn.,
WII.Lglvthli entlr attention to th pet ct Ice of
Medicine. OfUc at th reildenos of the late
Wm. F. Keith. i fang S
Surcoou X3 orxtlat.
OlBe corner of Ocoee and Meadow streets,
Cleveland, Tenn.
Dental Material for sale. May S-ir-4S0
) H N" T I f3 T XI "ST.
TF.SDKtlll hi. ecrv Ires to the puhllo In all th ts
rloot brinrhea of bia profeaaion.
r.vtracting teetn mi,eacn.
The rath It eentldered due. la everv IntLinc. when
the wore t. don.
OfBce on door North of th Blor. of the late P.
oyl. July 24-tf-4fll
i W. H. & Re'COLUXS, .
Associate Traveling Dentists
llbea couaty, Tenn.
V.ttorn oy X -s i
AlbeBi, TeanH
TI1.L attend promptly to th collecting and teenring
i " of elaima, and will giv bit undivided attention to
all butlnett enlmb;d to hi care, ia McMinn and the
surrounding eoontiea. July K-tf-WiO
-A. ttorney t Xi a vkt
lliia-asaee Copper lflinea,
PoUc OOHJlt. Tmk
tyil.L attend alt the Court, of the Third Judicial
Circuit. may xi ly 4M
-Attorney t 3
JuneSS Cleveland, Tea a.
C. Be NEAIa,
Attormey t Xja-vct,
MadlaonTllle, Tean..
WILL practice in th Court of Monroe, McMinn,
Blount and Polk. , may lS-tf-ADl
nan. bbowk,
Madisonvill Tnn.
J. B. More
no A eerar .
l)liU, tV WIJKK,
Attorneys at linw
WILLpractlceln the Chancery and Circuit Court!
In the countiei of Monroe, McMinn, Poik, Brad
t7.1 M'!f' BoDe n', Blooot.and in the Supreme and
Federal Court! at Knoxville. Jan 23-tf-485
Attorney tx t Iiaw,
janzs-tr - Athens, Tenn. 485
ttorney At Zia -vc"-,
Athena, Tenn.
OlBc up tt.lrl In th Court-houie. (tept l-ly-41
i-ttorxioya At Zsaw,
Alliens, Tenn.
April S0-tr-843
TJRACTICESin the different eonnties oom-
jl posing me inird judicial Uireuit will
attend to Uie collecting and securing of claims
and will give his undivided attention to all
businessentrusted to his care.
March 1. 1849 tf 23
Knoxville, Tenn.
H. II 1' in P II It F. Y 9
HAS letfed tor a term of years th large new Brick
Building Just completed for a Hotel, .Hunted
within a few yards of the Paiienger Platform, fronting
theDepotief both the Beat Tennettee and Georgia and
Katt Tennettee and Virginia Rail Roadi, about the lame
di.tance from each and much nearer and more con
venient to the Road than any- other Hotel, beiidei a
saving of Hack or Omnibus hire.
Paeiengert who wish to take the Btage for Montvale
Sprlngt, or to Kentucky, by way of Clinton, will be call
ed for promptly, every departure for either place, by
the Stagei.
The Proprietor doe. not think It necessary to aay he
haa kept a Public House any where, aa mmetlmet old
documents ire dangerons thing. He Is determined
on making tbit a comfortable Home for those who may
giv him a ctlL July 81-tM62
1 Iffaeon, Cia.
n pmg Home li now open for the accommodation of
jm. .ue traveling puonc, ana particularly tor thoa
having bullae., to transact In Macon, at It I. eentral.
. H. P. RKItniNO, Proprietor,
march 37-tM44 B. . DKSSE, Superintend'!.
(Formerly Hail Road Mount,)
Athena, Tenn.,
-TT S. X. era-l-bl-aaa.
rjllIK proprietor respectfully announces to the public
sbov House, and that he will uie hia utmost endeavor
to make It the traveler'! home. Hi! table will bs lup-
nlied with the heat tti Minnlr. .A-ao.i. 11 - k..u .
. nc mm imciiii, rriiiicu ana reiurnitnea tna
unremitting attention tocomCirtof hi. gnettito merit
iw.cii..iiucitiwisreoi patronage, janxo-ll-ooo
WIIITFIKjLI iiolsjj,
J) ALTO x, OA.
rpni! nndertlgned takes thia method of Informing th
traveling public and others withlng board or lodg
ing, that heliat purchased Utelarge White House, known
atuie-nnitueld House," formerly occupied by E. R.
Satteen, and It now in charge of the ttme and nrenared
to accommodate all who may call upon him. Hit table
win oe mrmsnea with Uie best that the market affords.
April 8-ly-443 , M. C. MARTIN.
rpllE tubicrlber hai taken thli Home, Decatur, Ten-
ne.tee, formerly kept by Mr. Llllard, and respect-
luuy aonciii a tnare 01 tna puonc cnttom. lie assure,
the public that he will keen the rixht tort of a home-
that hi. table will be .npplled with the bett the country
afford.,hl. itihlewell lupplied with proveniler, and tint
every enon win oe made on nt. part to render all com'
fortable who may call. ROUT. II. LUTTRELL.
inarch 6, lV7-tf-44l
rBTIIK above named Houac, iltnated within a ihort
jl ui.ianccoi ii.e Atnen. vepot, i.now open lor tno
reception of travelers. Person! traveling on the Eait
Athene, wll) And thl. liouae more conveniently lituated
.au hiij iiicr. i ne tuDicriuer pienget nimsen to us
hli utmost exertion, t give satitfactlon and to render
..iiiuimiiii wriumn; i.f.r iiiinwiiu iiirir u in.
sgc. Athens, Dec l-tf-430 JA.S.g. fHP'jW:?.
TntS well known House hat been newly fitted up with
bedding, furniture, Ac. Theundertigned hat taken
charge of It, and in announcing himtelf for the public
patronage atkt the tree to bt tested by its fruit," and
pledge! hlghielf, by an aiiiduoui attention and a due
regard for the comfort and tattei of hfi r'est., they
lhall be eared for and furnixhed with the bett the coun
try affords. He hat alto connected with the home the
large liable, ihedi and lot, of Mettri. Tayior, Bridge! k
Co., and will be prepared In that Hne.
Janll-8t-8Sl WM. M. ALEXANDER, Proprietor.
SI f. A It. Coffee, Loyerlng's Fine Onldeh f rrnp
(the heat that i. made In the world,) Klce, Soda,
Starch, Manilla Rope, Pepper, Spice and (linger, ju.t
received and for .ale by (Oct28) O. W. ROSS.
SAI'SAGE Meat Cnttera. 1 have Ju.tr.
celved a large lot or No.. x,X, and 5, and will .ell
them cheap for ca.h. Those wishing then will do well
to givs me a call. Oct28 O. W. ROSS.
Valnablc Farm for Sale.
K -g O ACRES of Land, lying seven and a half
9 A. " miles from Athens, and Ave mile. frnmCMI
hnwee Springs abost SisO acre, in cultivation, lie. well,
.oil mostly very good, two or thre molt excellent
Springs, tolerable House! and Barn, uncleared land
welt timbered, and loll good. I will take pleaiure in
howlng the premltei to any one wlihlng to purchase.
One-third purrh.se money to ba paid down term!
ai to balance will be made easy.
Athent, Tenn., July 10, 1S57 tf 4MI
' Threshers.
I WOrPP Inform person, wanting Thre.hers that I
have several different ityles of Horse Powers, such
at I think equal. If not mperior, lo any In the count rv.
Persons wishing any thlng'of the M-VJ will call at the
Athens Foui-dry where the machine, can be teen.
There li a great laving ts rannt purchasing where
they ranh ai the nie of the pattern! In case any pan
of the wik. tihouM break. Call and tee. Priert
moderate. Jan t-tf C. 7.IMMKRMAX.
Wheat Wanted.
T1H sahterlher wl.hes a Isrge unantlty of good
Merchantable Wheat, for which he will pay the
highest market price. JulylO 8. K. REEDKR.
-g ff BTIU. KINO'S SALT, for aale by
aw JulylO
Agents Wanted I
Ons Agent la wanted
To make sale of
nnnrrn a. n i v P n 1 1
Family Sewing Machines.
i nn i uie only Sewing Machine ever invented to
fully antwer the purpose for general family nte.
rur particulars, aunrell
Oct J-tmJ No. 4 Public Square, JVaeAvlUt
Hard Times Conic at Last !
nlT I m Just receiving mvT45a.ll AXtrl,
SJT 1 wi w - n -- 1l nT
O-OOCla, and telling them off cheap. I am
taking th naiwr of all the Free Ranks, and nearlT all
f the Stock Hanks, at par, for Goods. Thoas holding
any of It would do well t giv me a call anon. If they
want good bargain.. (Oct OKO. W. ROSS.
Hiwassee College,
irionroe cat., Tenn.
C.TTCA TION, loth country, l. nil's from Mtdl
J" y aonvllle. Ptrvi. Rev. J. H. Bruner. A. M-
Pree'ti Sam! (. Iioak. Hso.. A. H.. Vice Pret'l: .
Tutor. Tuition tin. Hoard I,M to :. Volnmea In
Libraries lion. Student, last year 101. Large new
Boarding House going up. Pall aesalon will begin Sep
tember 1. may l-tf 4 J. . KEY, Sec'y.
The Secret lafirasitlea of
ru ruMitktd, Gntlit,lkt SSa TVmsatMf.
4 ,TW words oa the rational treatMent, without
2 at atedteine, of tpennatorrbea or Ixicai Weafetteaa,
Nocturnal Fjuitiionl, Genital and Nervosa Debility,
Premature Decay of the Syiiein, Impotency, and lm
pediment! to Marriage generally, by
The Important fact that the many alarming com
plaintt, origiuaUng in the imprudence and aohtude of
youth, maybe eaiily removed WITHOl'T MEDICINE,
la in thit wnaH tract clearly demonstrated-, and the en
tirely new and highly luccewful treatment, aa adopted
by the Author, fully explained, by meaai of which every
one ii enabled to cure HIMSELF perfectly and at the
least possible coat, thereby avoiding all th advertised
nostrum of the day.
Sent to any addreM, gratli and post free, la a sealed
envelope, by remitting two poatage itaaip to Dr. DK
LANKY, 1" Liipeuard ttreet, New Tork.
vfi a iy 4,x
"arm a GB?a awrafi. v...w.uuv.
.n.'i..i,i c jm mi.- va ar..iit,nnr.r.,
M Price reduced to 2i0 jait received and f.r
"J ' O. Tl . KlTP
Through Rates of Freight
Eatt Tenn ft mnd Georgia Rail Road.
SUGAR, Coffee, Molasses (in barrels.)
Tobacco (in boxes,) Nails, Dry Hides, t
Oils (in barrels,) Copperas, Rope and .
Cordage, Fish, Clieese, Soap, Star and
Tallow Candles, White Lead, Bar Lead
(in kegs and boxes.) Pit? Lead and Shot
(in kegs.) Liquors (in barrels and
easka.) Crockery Ware (in crates and -casks,)
per 100 lbs., 50o,
No article entitled to this rate except
those specified above.
Shot and Lead in bundles, and bottled
Liquors will be charged the regular local
ratea of each Road.
All Goods from the Western cities and New
Orleans, for Knoxville and Stations' on the
East Tennessee and Georgia Rail Road, will
be forwarded free of commission when con
signed to the Agent of the Nashville and
Chattanooga Rail Road, at Nashville, dray
age only charged, which has been contracted
lor at 76 cents per ton of 20(10 lbs.
Every package most have the name of the
Stattonsol delivery plainly marked on it.
Roads will not be responsible for ordinaay
leakage of Liquors, Oila or Molasses, and will
only pay for deficiency of contents when
packages show marks of violence.
A bill of Freight paid Steamers and Pray
age will be mailed to consignees from Nash
villi!, showing, also, the time of arrival and
departure of the goods.
' East Tennessee t Georgia Rail Road.
March , m-tf-ttl
Fair Warning,
IJERSONS indebted to us for good, bought previous
. to the lit of last January will do well to call and
pay up by the 1st of October ai we will wait no longer.
So Look out. W. 0. 1I0HT0N.
September 4 1SST.
'X-visr poriTs.
THG subscriber is now receiving a new
stock of ELEGANT PIANOS from the
oldest and most responsible manufactories of
the fiortti, among which are
7 octave Plain Center Pianos;
7 " Carved " "
7 " Half-earvcd" "
6 " Plain, S round corners;
T Plain, " " "
, 1 " Grand Piano, very heavy toned.
Also, the Budoir Piano.
Also, the celebrated Corrugated Sounding
Board, of Boardman, Gray t Co., which are
bocoming so vastly popular in Europe ai well
as America.
All Pianos warranted to give satisfaction,
or no sale.
Also, just received, a large selection of
Piano Juntie Songs, Polkas, Waltzes, Varia
tions, etc., Ac; Guitars and Strings; superior
Melodiaus; Harmoniums; Piano Stools and
Pianos tuned and repaired.
The subscriber refer to gentlemen who
have purchased of him, throughout East
Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.
These instilments are for sale at Athens
and Chattanooga. , VL G. COOKE.
, Dec 6. 185-tf-428
OOO BuaUelai
Pennsylvania Clorcr Seed.
AS th aeason of the year for sowing Clover Seed
(and the best of all other, for aeenring a sure and
heavy ttand) It now at hand, we offer a rare chance for
securing aa article that will give tatltfaction. We re
commend thit lot of Seed particularly to the farmed of
StrteUnater Valley.
Send on your orders and we will send you the Seed,
II tound and frth. Tkrwb or Sai.s ArtA.
Kaoxvllle,8ept. 11, 1857. 6 ACT k McPHERSOK.
Threshers !
I WOULD juat Inform all who with to hoy Thresher!
for the coming teaton thatthey ahould call and give
in their orderi, ai It li lime they were going on, and
that I am prepared to make a favorable arragement
with all who with to buy. 8. K. REEDER.
Athent, Jan. ,'67-tf .
WXa.oj.lx o VV ork.a.
THE subscriber would respectfully an
nounce to the citizens of Athens and the
public generally, that he is now in operation
and prepared to do
of every description in hia line, and yould
therefore solicit orders from all those who may
want anything of the kind.
He is now casting and has for sale dif
ferent sixes of the Globe, or Air-tight Cook
Stoves, furnished complete; various sizes oi
Parlor, Nine Plate, Chamber, Office and Shop
Stoves. Also, Hollow Ware; Waffle Irons;
Ploughs, right and left hand.
Also, the Kilgnre Spiral or Inoline Water
Wheel, which will saw from two to five thou
sand feet per day. A 11 kinds of
in oxiisrx3ri.--
fitted up in the best and most durable manner,
and tipon short notice.
Also, Iron Railing of every description.
He is also prepared to do all kinds of
JSrnss casting.
The highest Cash price will be paid for
P. S. There is connected with the Works
an excellent Pattern Maker, so that persons
wishing castings can have patterns made to
order. C. Z.
Athens. Tenn., July 18. 185 tf 408
Valuable Property for Sale.
I AM offering for sale my home place a
very desirable property consisting of
about 30 acres of choice Land, in good con
ditionon which there are a eotnfortahle and
roomy Dwelling House, Kitoben, Smoke-house,
good Barn and Stables, Ac, and a selection
of choice bearing Frtiit Trees.
Alan lltn acres of Land, situate In tliaWeat
side of McMinn county; an unimproved Lot
in the town oi unnricston, jsradley county,
adjoining the Rail Road Depot Lot; and a
ntimhar nf tinimnroved Lots situate between
the town of Athens and the Rnil Road Depot.
Terms to oe agreed npon.
Athens. Jan 1.185- tf-434
Saddle, Bridle and Harness
H Side ofth J'uhfio Square.
THK innarrlber would return Ms ilnreri thanks to
the public generally for th v-y liberal patron,
age he hai received, and hope by strict attention to
bualneti to merit a continuance of the tarn.
He ha Juit returned from Philadelphia with a rood
Itock of material!, which enahhlri hint to manufacture
anv article in hia line with promptness and despatch,
llng-tklni for letting, Knamelled Leather of all colon,
Pad Skim. Bridle nits, Stirrup Ironi. and varioua oth.r
artlclei, for lale low down for cash.
Hekaepaeonitantlyon hand a good attortment f
Saddle., Bridles, Whip.. Ac. Pleate oalbeforepurcha.
Ing elsewhere.oa His Square, between lllhaon'. and
Bovd'. Store.. EDWIN A. ATl.tK.
Athent, April Il,l0-tf-B
New Firm and New Goods.
ARE receiving and opening, in their large
new Store Uouee, on of th largest
and best selected stocks of
Fall aad Winter Gw)a '
ever opened in East Tennessee. The assort
ment ia complete, embracing every thiag the
people need io the way of
OILS, it., it.
The Goods were bonght low, having had
the advantage of the great pressure in the
New York money market, and of course they
will be sold the same way. Call and eee for
yourselves. Oet 5MM72
THK undersigned take this method to Inform their
Tcnnetaee friends that they will receive for the
present all Tennessee Bank Notei in payment of debta
at the following ratet :
State, Plantar' and Union Banki at ljf per cent. dltc.
Bank Chattanooga and Free Hanks,
(excepting Trenton, Nashville and River) f u "
Ocoee Bank billa, a
Angnita, Oct 29, lSS7-47
Celebrated Flouring lYTill.N
GRINDING and Bolting at a single opera
tion. S 'inch Stone Price 750 will
turq out 50bb1s. per day. 80 inch Stone
Price f 700 will turn out 40 bbls. per day.
This Mill is the cheapest, most timple, du
rable and compact, requiring less power, less
attention, and makes a larger yield anJ bet
ter qjiality of Flour, than any other in use or
for sale. Mills ean be seen running at Kings
ton. We also manufacture a very superior Corn
and Feed Mill upon Uie same principle
If any man will furnish me the power so
that 1 can run a 22 inch pulley 850 times a
minute, with 8 inch band, I will put tip the
Mill and run it 80 days if he will furnish me
as much Wheat as I can grind In that time,
at 1 per btiehel and take the Flour at t per
barrel, I will give him the Mill for the net
profits, after paying for the Wheat and all the
expenses of running, and leave the Mill in as
good repair as it was at the beginning.
Address THOS. B. McELWEE,
Kinq'ton, Pfnn.
References as to responsibility: Athens,
Chattanooga, and Kingston.
tTThe above Mills can also be purchased
of C. L. KING, Rieevillr, Tenn.
Jan 1, 1857-ly-484
Rates of Through Freight
Charleston, Savannah, Ang-uefa and
Macon i
East Tennew Georgia Hail Road.
Piano Fortei, Book!, Hlitlonery, Boot!,
onoei, 1 1 an, Liquori, una, ac., (in
ooiuei.; utmpnene and rpinta Tur
pentine (in barrel!,) Carpeting, China
Olaii and Olattware,Cigari(in caiet,)
Clocki,Confectionariei,Cotton Cardt,
uatKi ana Hoxea, ury tioodi (in box
el and balei,) Drugi, Fruit., Km It
Trees and Shrubbery, Fun, Garden
Coeds, Looking Glasses and Looking
Olaai Plate, (at owner', risk,) Oyi-
ters iin cam ann Jan.) saddlery. Tin
and Britannia Ware, Teas and Pplcei,
Georgia and South Carolina Domei-
tics per HKI lb.
Hardware, exept such as specified In
first and third elauei, Coffee Mills,
Molasiel, Machinery, Foreign Liquor,
(in barrel! and pipes,) Tobacco (in
boxea,) leather (In roll! and boxea,)
Oil! (In barrel! and eatki,) Crockery
and wueentwarefln cratet and catki,)
Rice, Whiting, Platter, Sheet Bran
and Copper per loo Ibt
Axel, Sugar, Shovelt, Spadet, Pad Imnl.
Pig and Bar Iron. Zinc and Tin (in
plgl,) Tin Plate, Anvils, Vices. Nails,
Catki of Chains and Hoes, Manilla
and Cotton Cordage, Cement, Coffee,
. Heavy Oattingt, Mill Gearing, Rail
Road Wheels and Axlea. Chain and
Spikea, and Roiln (in barrels) peri
luu ina ,
Furniture and Carriage! (boxed.) and
other light article! not enumerated;
also, Carboys of Acids or other Chem
icals, will be charged by actual weight,
but at double first class rates per
100 lb
Single Packages of 10ft pounds and under, will he
charged 3ft cent, on each Road.
Articles not enumerated in the above ratel will be
snbject to elaasldcatlon by the Agent at th point of
shipment. .
Overeharaee to be promptly settled bv Agent deliv
ering th goods.
Damage! lo b lettled by Superintendent Transpor
tation of thia Road, and no appeal from his decision on
the part of connecting Roadi.
In cases of litigated damages, each Road entitled to
charge local ratel from point or shipment to destination.
Goodt must be well and lecurely put np and plainly
marked with name of eonaignee,deitination,and Depot
of dellrery. '
Thli Through Rate doel not affect the Local Rale of
id February, 1W.
Through Hatet on specified articles from Nashville.
as published 4th March, 1857, it confirmed and contin
ued. Ample notice wilt be riven of any contemplated ad
vance on the above ratet. R. C. JACKSON,
Sup't Tram. Eatt Tenn. k Ga. Rail Road.
Knoxville, June lit, 1S57-IMM
PAPER IIAIr.S.-A large lot,.ultable
for Hall., Parlor, Ac, for sale.
Oct 10, 'so McEWKN A GILLF.8PIE.
Ilogerarillcs Tenn.
rpllE Second Session of thit Institution will commence
the Ant Wedneidav of September. Althouah Cald
well College la but In Ita infancr. it li the intention and
determination of the Trutteet and Faculty that it shall
be conducted upon such principle! ai to commend it to
the friend! of thorough education, and shall render It,
in point of advantagea, second to no Institution ia the
South or South-weit.
Kogerivllle already enjoy an enviable reputation
for lu educational advantage!, and it ii the determina
tion nf the friend! of education, who have embarked in
thli enterprise, that the work io auspiciously begun
shall he carried forward, and that our schools shall be
of luch a character aa to oommand ' the respect, confi
dence and patronage of a discriminating puhllo.
The Institution is under the Presldenrv of Rev. A. II.
DA.MIIKLL, D. P., a gentleman of finished icholarihlp
and large experience ai an Instructor of youth; a gen
tleman who Ii extensively known ai one of th moat
eloquent divines of the South. He will be aided by an
able Faculty,
LoaiTrnx Rogersvllle Is a thriving Tillage, and In a
country noted for Hi healthful climate and its varied
and picturesque beauty. It is about fourteen miles from
Bull's (lap, on the K. T. and Va. Railroad, th point at
which the Rogersvllle and Jefferson Railroad will Inter -aect
tald road. It It now connected with the Railroad
by dally hack, to that there will he no difficulty In
reaching It. The Branch Railroad it now under coo
trict and will be pushed forward with energy.
Boiamsa. Boarding can be had in the best families
of the village, so that while absent from home the atu.
dent will not be deprived of the amenities of domestic
Student! npon their arrival In the village will, upon
application to J. G. Mitchell, Treaiurer, or J. W. Rogan,
Secretary, be aided in securing hoarding houses.
Tuition, per term of twenty week! 1fi
Board, including lodging, fuel, llghta, S2 per week.. 40
Washing, per down, 7X eti or ft pur term S
Janitor and Incidental, per term .- a
Library, Ordinary Repairs, Ac 4
Total, Fall Session .
Spring Seaslon.,
Tolal for the year 144
tor further particulars reference Is made to the Cata
logue of last Setslnn, which will he forwarded to any
on applying to the undersigned.
JA.. W. ROGAN, Sec'y Board Tru.toc.
AagxI.lRoJ-Hm 4oo
IYIcEwen & Gillespie
nAVK received and opened their Faff and Wlnt I
Goodt, and respectfully invite attention to then
October 0, M
Farm for Sale.
a "MIE subscriber desires to sell her Farm, in
. the neighborhood of Athens. It is situ
ate on tha road leading to Benton, about two
miles from the Athens Depot, and eontains
some 400 aores, a portion of it under improve
ment, ana tne oatanoeis well timbered, and all
well adapted to eultivation. Ther art sev
eral Springs of good water on tha Farm, and
Hentv of Fruit Trees. Also, eotnfiirtnble
swelling House, Netrro Homes. Aa. Persons
desirlug to purchase can ohtnin a hnrgnin.
Athens, March 20, 18J7-tMl3
. o on: i
Behold and Wonder!
rpitE subscriber would respeeifullw .
A. noonee to all the world, that ther
now receiving from New York and l'hil. n
phia, one of the Urgent, beet selected a.i
most fashionable stocks of ' Bi
Spring and Summer Goods.'
ever offered in this market. Having
their purel ases with great eare, and nno. th!
best terms, tbey feel satisfied that tltr t
sell Good aa low as they ean be bougl,. ;
East Tennessee. Their motto is, to sell C0ot
CHEAP, ami make rnoaey by selling H,,' '
of them. They will keep eonitautly on hand
every thing that ia usually kept, snd mort
too. Their stock consists, in part, of
such as Silks, Berages, Brilliants. Laws. ,
oneU, Muslins, Ginghams, Swiss Mull Dotuii
Swiss, Black Silks, Argentines, Print. (,,,
priees and styles. Ladies Crinolines andftraa
Hoops, new styles. Laces, Ribbons, Dre
Trimmings. Collara, Bonnets, new and beaT
tiful, Misses Hats and Gipsies, Rouches- -
Hats of all kinds Leghorn, Strsw FW
and Saxony; Cloths, Cassimers, Cotton'idss.
Farmers' Drills, Bleached and Brown Dome
tics all widths; Tickings, Italian Cloths, H,w
it Cloth, Veslings,
something new. Grass and Silk Coats. Mar.
aetllt-s and Satin Vests, Ac.
Hardware and Cutlery, Guns, Spade., SW.
els. Forks and Axes. Also, the beat Scythe
Glassware, all kinds; Books and Stationery
A large stock of Gold Jewelry, inch as
Breast Pins, Ear Drops, Rings. lc, at low
....... vr,rPi cnuu and
We aak you to come and see our Goods,
and we feel sure J oil will tar they ,re oh
and buy them. W. G. UORTt'iv A, rrt 1
iu uuy int
April 1
- nm V V.
New Goods for the Million r
" VTOULD respectfully call the attention of
T T thepeople tothesplendid aasortmrntol'
Spring and Slimmer Goods,
just received, at their new Brick Corner iilh
Iron Front, which were purchased on the beet
terms, and are now offered at as low ratet as
such Goods can be purchased any where in
the State
For the LADIES, they have the latest
styles of Dress Goods, Trimminea, Muslins.
Prints, Linens, Laces, Handkerchiefs, Hosiery
and Gloves. Al.o, the Bonnets and Trimming.
A large stock of GENTLEMEN'S WEAR,
such as Cloths, Cassimers, Satinets. Ve.tintra
Tweeds, Drillings, tie., do. READY-MADE
CLOTHING, Hats, Boots and Shoes.
Drngsand Medicines, Paints and Dye-stulTs,
Hardware, Cutlery and Qtieensware, Groee
rics. Iron, Steel, Nailg and Castings, besides
every other article usually kept in retail
Stores. Give them a esll. They consider it
no trouble to show Goods. They are deter
mined not to be undersold.
tST All kinds of Country Produce taken
in exchange for Goods. Mayt-39
Schenectady Agricultural Works
THE undersigned having been twenty
years engaged in building various kinds
of Horse Powers and Threshing Mnchinei, feel
confident, from past experience, and the tt.
merous testimonials they are receiving from
all parts of the country of the superiority of
their machines, that they can give satisfac
tion to all who may favor them with orders.
Onr Horse Powers are made strong, and sa
geared that it requires the team to tmel
only about 1 miles per hour to thresh dry
grain, thereby making it suitable to work
either horses or cattle on them.
Our Threshers and Threshers and Winnow
ers are so constructed as to discharge all th
grain and dust through the machine, and not
into the feeder's face aa is usual with oilier
The Thresher and Winnower ha a revolv
ing wire separator, whioh does its work mort
perfectly than can be done in any other way.
The Separator (Riddle) hat' a fork strsw
shaker, which shakes the grain out of th
straw as it passes from the Thresher.
We warrant these machines to suit the pur
chaser upon trial, or they ean be returned
and the money refunded.
These machines will be for aale in
Athens as toon aa tbey ean be brought out
byeteamer. S.K. REEDER, Agent. ,
April 8, 185-tf-445 .
Cedar Grove Hh School,
rVnnitieaWfltr Jlvnday, April 6M,186T. '
THE Trustees have completed their arrangement,
with Mr. H. U. HaTwmio to take charge of this
School for the two settlons next ensuing. Th School
I. located in a pleasant and healthful neighborhoed,foiir
mile. South-ea.t of Charle.tnn , llradley c., T.nn.
Katteof Tuition.ptrSeetion:
1st Cla.t Orthography, Readlng,Penman.hlp,Prl-
mary Geography, and Mental Arithmetic l
Id Cla.t Arithmetic, Ancient and Modern Geogra
phy, Kngllth Grammar and Modern llittory I
8d Class Algebra, Geometry, Surveying, Analyti.
cal Geometry, Astronomy, Higher Mathematics,
I'liyslologv, Latin, Greek and french Language.,. .11
Contingent fee Met.,
No student Will be received for a teaaterm than flne-
half session, and no deduction made for lost time e'
er! in ca.e. of protracted alckne.s. Bosrd la 0 sis,
erday. Join Mil, I
A; J. O.TB, VTru.t.tl.
March 27-U-42T Jons IUmbbiobt, I
In. outi X'ovi.sacir'y.
HAVING engaged the service, of Mr. F. M. Kltooili
who 1. authorised to rereive order, and transact
all huslnesi appertaining to the Foundry, any peris,
wantlnr Information In regard to Mnrhlnery.Ac, will
be attended to by calling at the Fonndry.
Athens, July 11, mS-tf-407 C. ZIMMERMAN.
Howard Association,
nro all pertnnt afflicted with Sexual Diseases, tack al
Spermatorrhoea, Seminal Weakness, Impotenr.
Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Syphlll., the Vice ofOnanl.m.H
Self Abuse, Ac, Ac.
The Howard Association, In view of the awfuldestrne
tion of human life, caused by Sexual Diseases, and Ik.
deception, practised upon the unfortunate victims tf
mch dlieaiei by Knacks, have directed their Consult
ing Surgeon, ai a rharllahlt act worthy of their niiv
to give Medicml otitic gratie, to all person, thus f
Hided, who apply by letter, with a deacrlptloo of Hull
condition, (age, occupation, habit, of life, Ac.,) and ia
caiei of exrteme poverty and suffering, lo furni.h Neil"
clnet free of charge.
Th Howard Aitorlatlon Ii a benevolent In.tllntM,
e.tabllshrd by special endowment, for the relief of Iks
sick and distressed, .filleted with "Virulent and Epi
demic Dlseaiei." It hai now a lurplui of mean.i whfeH
the Director, hare voted to expend in advertising Ik.
above notice. It Is needless to add that the Assorts
tion command, the highest Medical skill of the .ge,ss
will furnish the moit approved modern treatment
Just published, by the Association, Report oa SH
matnrrhrra, or Seminal Weakness, the vice f Oa.aaua,
Ma.turhation or Self Almte, and other disea.r. tf ts
Sexual Organ., by the Consulting Surgeon, which will
be sent by mall, (In a sealed envelope,) free of charit,
an the receipt of two .tamp, for poatag.
Address, Dr. OKO. R. CALHOUN, ConsulllngSnrgstii
noward Association, No. I gnnth Ninth street, Phil
drlphia.Pa. By order of the Directors.
Fxba D. Hssbtwiu., President.
Obo. Faibcmls, Secretary. Feb -ly-
Threshers! Threshers!
IHAVB received an A?ency for the ..! of IM
Thresher, snd other Agricultural Implement, m.s
ufactured by Richard II. I'eate, at Albany, hew Vor.
A .ample of th two and on hor.e Threihers, aas
Hone Powers, bat been received, and ell limit ll"n
to buy Threshers thli iraton ar requested la rill as
examine them before purchasing elsewhere. CoaielB
at one and examine them, and If yon Ilk Hi. "
chinea, the term., and th warranty, giv iey'sr
der., that I may get them her before harvest.
1 will al.a .ell order, for Saw Mill., Grain Cradies
Corn Snellen., Plow., Ac, a .ample of whlcn casks
seen ai the Ware-room, near the Depot.
1 am alto agent for th talc of 1. Cotton AC' '
perlor Wheat ram. .
Order, for Threthert and Grain Cradle. .he' "J
tent In be for first of March, to get here In '
hrrt. Jan ID JAB. M. IIKKDERfO
Livery and Sale Stable,
aiTfeettrsiter, Tenn.
rpllE itihacrlber beg. leave to Inform IhetrsTellnf P
- noinainshai opened a large and eoiouoo'-"" ---We
In Sweetwater, on th East T.nn.as.r and "jrJJ
Rail Road, wher they can h accommodated lo H'"
and Saddlrt, Murder, Hack., Ac, Ac. Perton.
Ing to and from Montvale Spring, will nd II l"
inlerett to get conveyance from Sweetwater di"."
Itt mllea. Ue will al.o trad lo lfor.e.,J )'il"uff
J.u lM-lf-4:) II. B. TtAKHW-

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