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JUL" dlfi T
as F.lVIM8,tiltoa AND rtOPBUETO.
Jass-. lis Tsar, raaabltl MlrMMf. '
'- h PVr aisecmtliiaed ant all arrears art
MM, mnart u U aatlon of UM PiibHaH'.
: aVsnftSHMtAg Sams of esmlltatea for srecs ,&, 6ss.
OskMry Nat lots ro 11 Uses, tharf ed SI tba ref uUr
'Mrcrttolnr ram. .
a I omnnHHMll latontsA to Brtmnl the priveta
MM w InUrtau of OorparalloM, BoclaOw, Motitoli w
MMtall, Mil s eaaraa m Mi rwlKcnnU.
athiii, m ida v, -:. to, is.
. " , . None. All wha fel aa Interest in beau
4, .', -V .' V"tlfylolh (round of Forest Hill Academy,
- - art reqMtcd to attend on Monday and To.
' . aaday.tb 11 and ii March, for that pur.
. ; ' ' : ' fo. -: " '
.. ' , , 'l' Enarhoa Law. A copy of lh Eismp
,', tlon Lw, parted by th present Legislature,
" will k foand on th oataide of llil paper.
. ' - ' It allow every family aa much a they need
' ;'. : j, ' ' waat, and a good many of there mora than
'Y: they will rr get, ;
' ., - Atihi Final Collioi. Th work on
.... th tallee building I Brngresslnir. and we
understand the Trustee expect to hare it
, ready for the School early in the Summer.
Tha anUtpria la on in which every member
' . -' of tha community oaght to feel a deep in.
;' Ureal, and wa hope to aea every olatacle to
" - lla (neeea studiously avoided.
.. Tm Nawa. With tha eiceptioa of an
. oaonaional item in reference to Kansas, the
advice from Wsshlnrton are almoat devoid
of Interest. - Tha lateat account give notice
oi Mveral snllcipsted duel, originating in
matUra oataide of tha National la-rrislature.
It la aaid tha adrocatee of the Lecompton
Uooatltution ara confident of being able to
carry it through; while the other aide are
equally confident that the "swindle," aa they
term it, will be defeated. Andy Johnson has
mad aapeech fn the Senate, in opposition to
tha proportion to inrrenae the Army, and in
which he animadverted, in strong term, upon
the tendency of deinoerntio administrations
to run into extravagance. Me any, substan
tially, that the parly cry ia, Retrenchment
and Reform, but Ha practice ia altogether in
an opposite direction; and that at the rule
. they have been progressing for the Inst few
years.br 18G0 it will require one hundred
and twenty -five millions per annum to carry
on in government. In conclusion, ha sd
' noniahe that henceforth they alionld prne-
tiea what they preach, least the neonle be.
come indignant and hustle the party out of
From Nashville we hnva an occasional in
timation that the legislature "atill lives,"
and that the session is drnwing its slow
length along towards a protracted close.
The bill to increaae the capital of the Bunk
of Tenneaaee ia among the more important
measure being acted on. The proceeding
in reference to it will be found in another
column. Business at Nashville is aaid to be
The newe fr.im Utah and Salt Lake City
. ia contradictory. Rrigham Young continue
to breath vengeance against the Gentiles, but
the opinion begin to prevail that there will
not be much fighting, but that the Mormon
will luecumb ruthcr thnn risk a serious en
gagement with the United Slutea troops.
The papera from the "Far West," contain
about the uaual amount of conflicting state
ments in regard to affairs in Kansas Territo
ry. We have not the remotest suspicion
tha an one oulside the limit of Kansas,
ever has learned, or ever will learn the tiuth
about tliihconrtilion of things there until the
miserable itusiness ia finished up. We give
. the "news," such ns it is, from Hint Interesting
region, in another pi nee.
At Inst advice from New Orleans the Gro.
eery market was active, with an advancing
tendency. At the same tiuio Bacon and
Breadstuff's were drooping.
From the almost sudden and tutnl disap
pearance of the aubject from the papera, it
would seem that the Nicurnugn excitement
ha about died out, run it nice, and been
consumed of ita own fierceness. At last ac
counts, Gen. Walker wa at his father's, at
Nashville, meditating, perhaps, another bril.
liunt campaign on the territory of his former
hopes and more recent disappointments.
Recent advicea from the milk-sick region
represent the excitement about the location
of the Southern University as quietly sub
siding murmuring itself away, gently and
aadly.aa tha soft breeze that follow in
. the wake of the fierce hurricane. There are
reasons for believing that the whole aubject
IH be re-conaidered, and the location chnng.
ed to some less objectionable point. The
aoccea of the enterprise certainly demands
auch a course.
From Knoxville and Chattanooga the pa
per bring us nothing of peculiar interest.
At th former, the alunder and libel suit
- against Brownlow seem to have been an ab
aorbing topio for aeveral day. We learn
verbally that in one case the defendnnt was
acquitted, and in the other the jury failed to
agree ten being for acquittal and two for
conviction. Libel suits are but poor apecu
lationa under any circumstances, in our opin
ion, and we hare never known any one to
make either money or reputation by engng-
ing in them.
" ' ' Chattanooga haa recently been bluBsod
with a great religious revivu!, and we aee, by
th Gazette, that it ha extended to the town
of Harrison. There seems to have been, for
aoius lime, a great dearth in that portion of
me moral vineyard, and ahould the work of
. regeneration now going on spread through.
Out the county, we may safely count on
heavy fall off from' the criminal aide of the
l J tl. 3 . .
uaoiuiou aocaei.
The "Celebrated Gipsey Case ha been
tha principal thing on the tapit at Cleveland
for tha last two weeke, and for a few day it
. ' :r wa thought that "eoflee and pUtols" would
ho the result. But a note from the Banner
..." offlco adviaea a that th difficulty will be
' aatlsfactorily adjusted on the 1st Saturday of
' March without a resort to the "code."
In regard to local matter, with the exeep
v ' ' V 'ion "a"1'' wo in the "environs," lite
; result of buat-head whiskey, we have nothing
,' ' of aUiking Interest to mcord this week, '
' (9BT Circuit Court for Rhea county will
" - '. Vv mftrt at Washington neat Monday, 11 lnU
H ' ' ' mI 'r Bledao eouuty, at Plkeville, Mon.
. ; i day follewing. .
I3T For auteuisnt or produc marks! see
aettpage. t -., ,
' r .. .. .' '-.
. " " j . ' " '- f 1 . . .
LaaESLiTtVa-Ia the Seaat OB the JTeth.
th bill to appoint so additional IMreator for
the Branch of she Bank of Tehnssftfe a Ath
ens, sue dirsetor to b cltisen of Blouot
eonntys passed the third time. ' On, the 17th.
Hons bill to Incorporate Savings Institutions
at Kaeaville aad Chattanooga, was. lndefl
nitsly poslponeil, In the House, bill to Mtfo..
late tlie sale of spirflonus liquors, license
10. end ten per cent en stovkl wa read.
Mr. Hamilton olTersd bill in lieu, repealing
quart law, ajid "giving manufacturer's fre
prlvilsgs. Motion to tabls both, lost..: Bill
ia lieu adoptsd, aad withdraw for amend
In th Houm, I9th, Mr. Richardson offered
resolution tendering th thank of both
branches of th Legislature to Messrs. Heis
kell, Bullook and Bieknell, th sub-commit-tea,
appointed by the joint select committee
oa the Code, for the labor and attention
whieh thsy have bestowed oa this work, and
declaring that thuy merit th confidence end
ought to receiv th thsnks of th whole peo
ple. The resolution wss adopted and order-
iu iu in icnt io iai bms .
-4 - l . . .t. c
The House adopted a resolution, 49 to 9,
adjourn tine ii on the IStb of March,
In the Senate, Mr. Hill offered a resolution
instrueting the bsnk committee to inquire in
to th expediency of so modifying the bsnk
sot psssed st the present session, so as to
postpons the retiring of small notes until
Jan. 1, 1869; and to allow the stock snd fre
banka whieh aecept the provisions of th bank
aet, to receive and pay out the notes of the
Bank of Teinessee and branches.
1h following bill were rejected: To re
peal the law requiring the notices of lsnd
sales to be advertised; To amend the prao
tie ia Circuit Courts; Authorizing Bank of
Tennessee to issue 1 1,000,000 post notes, pay
able in twelve months, tabled 80 to 29.
In th Senate, fO'.h. the bill to amend the
law of 18(16, to prevent incompetent persons
from teaching school, psssed the third time.
House bill to ineorporr.te th East Tennes
see Telegraph Company and the Nashville
add Paducah Telegraph Company, passed the
third time.
' In the House, Senate bill to extend further
time to the Knoxville and Charleston, and
the ?uthWestcrn Railroad Companies, pass
cd first reading.
22J, Senate resolution to amend, the consti
tution so as to make the election of Governor,
members of the Legislature, 4c, quadrennial,
passed first reading.
Davis' Bank Dill. We understand the
following to be tii main provisions of the
bill aubslituted by Senator Davis, to increase
the capital of the Bank of Tennessee :
'Protidea for the sale of tho stock of the
State in the Turnpike Companies, the pro
ceeds to be paid to the State Bank. The
bonds of the State, payable in thirty yenra,
bearing six per cent, interest, to be issued to
the amount of (11,250,000; $300.00(1 to es
tablish a brunch bank at Memphis; 130,000
to establish a branch at Knoxville; the re
mainder to be divided between the mother
bank and old branch banks."
After an inefl'ectiial attempt to lay the bill
on the table, it waainndo the special order of
the day for Tuesday lust, tho proceedings ol
which day bad not reached ua up to the hour
of going to press. A genllemnn from Nash
ville expresics the opinion that the bill will
pass the Si-nnte, but that its passage through
the other House in doubtful.
Night Sessions. Mr. Urillith, the mem
ber from Monroe, introduced a resolution in
the House to hold night sessions, and argu
ed its adoption In a good, srrmible speech.
The resolution1 was adopted, after several
attempts to defeat it. it is to be regretted
that there are not mure go-ahead business
men, like Mr. Griffith, in the Legislature.
Couktt Judge Ei.kctio.i. The Nash
ville Runner, of the 21st, says: The House
yesterday took final action upon the bill es
tablishing County Judgo for the counties of
Davidson, Shelby, Knox, Williamson and
Montgomery, and tha amu is now the law.
The bill provide that the election shall be
held on the first Suturdny in March. Tho
law takes eflect immediately, and the first
election will take place next month.
t-ff Of the two hundred and thirty tliou-
annd Continental soldiers, and the fifty-six
thousand militia, who bore arms during the
Revolution, and went forth to light for free
dom In America, probably not two hundred
are now out of the spirit land! Precious
indeed ahould they aeem to this generation,
for in the next they will all be gone.
t-ff Owing, we presume, to the bad con
dition of the Nashville and Chnttun
Road, the mails from the State Capital are
not as regular in their arrival as could be de
sired. However, occasional inconveniences
of the kind are what the public must got
used to.
1ST Friend Purham, of the Chattanooga
Gazette, give notice that he will not sell
that establishment. We are glad of It. The
Gazette is one of the institutions of that
promising town, and we should dislike to see
it pass into incompetent hands, a might be
the case in the event of a change.
for the Post.
Will the Trustees of Forest Hill Aoademy
procure the aervioea of a Female Teacher, in
oonneetlon with U. L. Yoaie, the present able
and worthy principal of that Institution!
By an aet of the General' Assembly of the
State of Tennessee, the sum of f.1,230 was
appropriated to Forest Zlill Academy for the
benefit of the children of McMinn county
without regard to aex, which sum was to
ba alwaya kept at iuterest, and the interest
used sxeluaively in keeping up the school.
And in addition to this ths State pays te the
Trustee every year a bonus of 280 for the
same purpose. ' There are many persons who
wish to mod their daughter and avail them
selves of the benefits of this Sohool, but will
not do s unless th long established custom
or having FsmaU Assistant Tsseher is eon
tinued. A Citcuim,
Nashville See advertisement of Mob-
pan &. Co, Naahville, Tho house is long
established, and among the Inrgest and best
in th South and West.
"I'oetbi and Pobtbik." We have been
favored with a perfect avalancha of dogerel,
from "Vaokee B," "River Hill," "Hardscrab
ble," sird divera other source. . A reasona
ble amount of a good thing I well enough
in ite place, but too much ia worse than none
at all. We may, perhaps, publish soma of
th "favors" whan w can find room for
them. ' . .
Washihoto, Feb. 17. In the Senate to
day Mr. llouslon,of Texas, introduced hi
resolution about aasuming a protectorate
over Central America. Th resolution wa
laid on th table. Th army bill again dis
cussed. ; l. , . , . ,
. Th special committee In the House, ap
pointed under Mr. Harris' resolution, met to
day, and refused to tubpeena Messrs. Wnl
kr, Stanton and Calhoun, lo give testimony
before them, under tha belief, a is under
stood, that th information they can obtain
from the Executive department will be suf
ficient for all the practical purpose of their
It te reported that the majority of the
Senate committee on Territories have prepar
ed a aimple bill for the admission of Kansas
under the lecompton Constitution.
Feb. 18. Mr. Green' report from the
Senate Committee nn Territories, recite at
length Kansaa matters, and charges the ab
olitionists of Kansas with hnving no desire
l ..ni. ,, , , -
WTennolnd.. ih.t K i.. ....t i ....
concludes that Kansas must be admitted uu
der the Lecompton Constitution.
Mr. Douglas' report dissents berauso
there is no satisfactory evidence that the
Lecompton constitution is the act and deed
of th people of Kansaa or embodies their
will. Me says that the election of the fourth
of January is the only lawful one.
Messrs Collsmer and Wade say, that the
Territorial Government of Kansas ha never
been orgnnixed or provided fur, in the organ
ic act lut wa usurped by Foreign forces,
conquered and subdued by nrms snd a minori
ty installed and the administration sustains
this to perpetuate slavery.
Sksats On motion of Mr. Hamlin the
army increase bill was limited to two year
Feb. 19. The D mncrnta of the Senate
will emend the l.ecmipton Constitution to
allow the people of Kansas to alter at pleas
ure. Feb. 23. No hostile meeting has yet ta
ken place between Mr. J. B. Clay and Col.
t.'ulluin. Both nro said to be absent from
the city, and their friends seem anxious to
prevent a decision on the field.
Ex.Lieiitennut Rhind nnd his friend Mr.
Corrio, from South Carolina hnve been held
to bail in tho sum $2,500 each, for posting
Commander Boutwell.
ArvMiltcrcation took place yesterday be
tween Lieiitennnts Bull and Williams of the
Army, nnd it is said blows were exchanged,
nnd a duel between them is now pending.
K-b. 22, P. M. It is understood here that
Mr. Clay and Col. Cullum huve left with
their friends. Every effort to reconcile the
parties proved unavailing.
CojirLiMHSTAnv. The South Side Demo.
crat pays the following left-hand compliment
to those numberless aspirants fur the Presi
dency that infest the greut Democratic
Church. Itsnvs:
"We huve candidates for the White House
without number, all struggling to keep their
names before the country by some ad caittan-
dum appeal, nnd who, so far from caring for
nieir country, no nut even euro a lig for their
party, except us a convenient stepping stone
to political honors."
Washington I runs. I he President has
removed Mr. Price, Postmaster at Chicago,
and re-appointed Mr. Cook, his immediate
predecessor., lie has also removed Mr. Mil
ler, I'ustiuaater at Luliimbus, Ohio, nnd ap
pointed ex-Governor Mednry in his place.
Mitssie. Price and Miller were appointed
during the recess of Congress.
General Calhoun on Tuesday placed in tho
possession of the Seirite Committee on Ter
ritories his statement relative lo the election
in Kansas. Ho is also preparing an address
to the public.
An official stntoment shows that the whole
number of passengers arriving from foreign
countries last year was 271,558, of which
109,000 weru females.
RiDtHa the Eagle. The dog-Btar must
be raging in the latitude of Aberdeen, Miss.
The editor of the Sunny South seems to be
in a high state of excitement. Hour him in
his call to his countrymen:
"Rise in the majesty of Southern clilvalrv.
nnd rebuke the foul spirit that courses
through the land. "Now is the winter of
our discontent," and shame upon the syco.
pliant that licks the hand that is raised to
smite him. The Southern waters are imita
ted. Pangs nnd curses upon him who cries.
"Peace, bestill !" ,
He evidently forgot to add, "Root diminu
tive swine, or die!"
Will be Allowed to F.at Meat. The
last number of the Freeman' Journal
(New York Catholic paper,) announces that
the Pope' has granted indulgences to the
Army and Navy officers of the United Slates
to eat meat during the approaching season
of Lent.
Hit 'Em Aoik! Of all the moan nnd con
temptible men in this world, he that snenks
through lifo on tiptoe, with hi ear at tha
keyhole of everybody's business, eafpt hi
own, is the mnst to be detested,
tWTh resolution introduced into the
Letjislature some time since, instructing Hon.
John Bell to resign his seat in the SenuU,
hnve filially passed, and a copy forwarded to
the distinguished Senator. Some twoor three
weeks were consumed, snd thousauds of dol
lars expended in couiideiingthese resolutions.
It strikes us that our Legislatora might spend
their time more profitably; if not, they ought
to adjourn and go home. The Deaiooratic
members went there pledged to retrenchment
and reform. The people can see how they
are fulfilling their pledge. Lik most of the
pledges made by the democracy, previous to
an election, it has beeu sadly broken. In
stead of doing something to relieve to people
of the embarrassments brought about by the
late panio, they have spent week In disease
ing the question whether John Bell ought to
resign his seat in the Senate or not. The
Doiuoeratio party, being in the majority, ara
of course responsible for this useless waste
of the pubhe time. If Mr. Bell falls to treat
those resolutions with th contempt they de.
serve, lit is not the man we take him to be.
Lebanon Herald , ,
CosiMiRotALGEXlus. Fond parent (to hi
eon) 'Yes, New York is tha place to get on
in. Look st James I he started without a
penny, and haa lately fulled for a hundred
and fifty thouaand dollar. Of couraa that''
an extreme caae. I don't expect you to do
a well a that, Still, with honesty snd In.
dustry, I see no reason why you should not,
in a few yeare, fail for fifty thousand dollars,"-
' -. . . ' ,, -
V ... 1
A very important principle to railroad
eompanies, wall ss to th whole travelling
publia, wa ruled by Judg Woodward, ofth
Snprsm Court of Pennsylvania, in the long
contested suit of O'Brien vs. th Philadel
phia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad
Company, Th Philadelphia Ledger:
"The suit was brought for damages for per
sonal Injuries sustsincd by the plaintiff while
crossing in two horse wagon th track of
me raiirssKi, ine case was prosecuted and
defended by several of our ablest counsel,
and the trial occupied three or four days, re
suiting in,) verdict for the defendants, every
point being elaborately discussed. Judge
Woodward charged the jury substantially as
follows) "1st. That a person abaut to cross a
railroad track, is in duty bound to stop snd
look in both directions, ami listen Before
crossing, 2d. That if the plaiaiff contribut
ed in the slightest degree to ujs accident in
question, he could not recttvjf. although the
railroad company were negliit " This, in
our opinion, is not only good Taw, but com
mon sense. The idea that has so long pre
vailed that railroad companies are to be made
reeponaible for all the consequences from col
lisions on the lines of their respective roads,
whether they were negligent in altending to
their duties or not, needed the check which
Judire Woodward, in his ruling has given it.
Heretofore, the tendency of the decisions of
conns and verdicts of juries have all been in
the wrong direction. Instead of tending to
make private travel careful in crossing the
tracks of railroads, the disposition to consid
er the railroad company always in the wrong,
and the iudividunl always the victim, award
ing him promptly, full, and sometimes exem
plary damages, has tended to make them
reckless of the damages that may ensue to
thernilway company's property, and the lives
of tbeij- passengers and employees. If courts
and juries had set out in the 'first establish
ment of railroads with the principle of hold
ing privats travel liable for damages to rail
road companies and their passengers the
number of accidents would no doubt have
been greatly lessened. The tendency has been
not only to make Individuals criminally care
less, but has even opened the door to the ma
licious and knavish, to put, comparatively,
valueless property, in the shape of horse flesh
and cattle, in the way of danger, that good
round prise might be obtained, and perhaps
some private pique and malicious purpose
gralitieJ. The Wilmington Unilroad Com
peny hnsseted wisely in resisting this wrong,
and Judge Woodward has done himself sig
nal oredit in righting it. v.
I?" The Lynchburg Virginian says from
all accounts, the split in the Democratic par
ty, growing-out of the question of the ad
mission of Kansas, bids fair to lie permanent
and irreconcilable. A caucus of tho Demo
cratic mombers of Congress was held in
Washington city a few nights since, for the
purpose of restoring harmony to the parly
tut the result was only to show thnt the dif
ference between the two wings, was so wide
as to preclude all hope of union. The mem
bers opposed to the admission of Kansas,
fearful of their popularity at home, and their
detent at tho nxt election, maintained their
ground firmly and decisively. On the other
hand, the friends of the Administration, un
willing to .allow insubordination in the pnr
ty ranks, evince a disposition to expel these
nitu the party, and to excommunicate them
from the church of the faithful, without qual
ification or hope of return.
X-if The friends of humanity and religions
mil be shocked, ns well as grieved, at the
ti lings of .another fearful persecution of
Christiana hi Madagascar. This Inst perse
cution, which followed the expulsion of a
number of Frenchmen from the capital in
July last, seems to be more severe than any
by which it had been preceded. Thirteen
persons bavb been put to death; between fifty
and sixty bud been subjected to the ordeal of
tangent, or prison water, under which eight
had died; nearly sixty were bound in chains,
of whom two had died; while) a number had
been reduced to slavery.
We find a very sensible article in tho Feb
ruary nuinbrr of Hunt's Merchant's Marjn-
zino upon rail estate investments and usury.
It is worthy the consideration of both bor
rowers and lenders:
"Wo agree with the economical writer in
the Philadelphia Ledger, 'that in tho long
run, those tieu get to bu the richest, as nil
pnst experience proves, who invest most of
their surplus capital in good mortgages and
real estate, it is nstonishing how last n for
tune accuirmlates, even nt 6 per cent., if divi
dends und rents ara inveMicd nt,.irii.rtu n.
even semi-annually. Investments in real se
curities, rarely, or never, bring loss:; and hence,
there ia no drawback on the compounding
interest. The fact is notorious, that, nf thn
Philadclphit families who were rich a cen
tury ago, only those remain rich that keep
the bulk of I heir weaith in reul estate. No
business man can afford, for any long period,
to nav two' tier cent, fur ini.iu.e 'I'., .1. ..I
such high rates, is, thereioro, not sound poli.
ey in me capitalists; and the history of tho
r ch in this, or any other city, if traced back
n hundred ears, iiflouls abundant tn-.uif ol
this. It is wiser, believe us. not to 'hill lh
gooso that lay the gulden eggs."
The Gheat Question Vhe Charleston
Mercury, the vuterau and approved organ of
uiose who are distinguished in political dis
cussions as the friends of Southern rights,
says: "In the present emergency It is impor.
tunt that the Southern Press should give a
general and decided support to the Adminis
tration in its position upon the Kansas ques
tion. With unanimity and decision on the
part of the South, we have no feais of the
result. The reference of the President's
Message to a select commilteo bv n buro ma
jority of the House, is not at all decisive nf
the question of the admission or rejection of
Kansas; and when the bill from the Somite,
providing far the admission of Kansas and
Miniieaota k presented to the House, we
shall have Wt wliich cannot be evaded, nnd
wmrii will Ae too strong ror the nerve of the
Black Republicans and their nominal Demo
cratic allies. In the meantime, let the Soutli
stand firm.
A Disukios Threat. The Washincton
Star says:
"Few men are better informed than our
aelvcs upon the slate of feeling among mem.
her, (of Congress,) and w are satisfied were
Miniieaota, with all her disregard of the ena
bling act pressed in her case, lo be admitted
into the Union, nod Kansas. m n...... e
the constitution with which she applies be
I.IU.CU aiiiiiiuiiin, no len on u merit ttcpru
seutalives and Senator would remain a day
lunger in either ball of Congress. Thu dnv
for further compromise on th lavery ques
tion is passed."
- Bacon in one of hi essay says ;
"Because half a dozen tT.nB.linna
is. uuuur
a Tern innk the field ring wilh their importu
nate uhlnk. SvllilMt thtiHH.-mdn nf ....... -....I-
repose beneath the shade of the oak, chew
me euu ana are ueni, pray uo not imngiue
that those who make the noise are the inhabi
tants of th field; that of course they are
manv In iimnlmr! nr flmt tiftu. n
ether than the little, shrivelled, meagre, hop.
ping, though loud aud troublesome insect of
the hour." v
I5f" Adslc to the Mormon Prophet.
"Go it Brigbani while you'r Young."
' February 19 Both House hnva adjourn
ed over io Tueday next, to alTord fin oppor
lunity for member to attend the ceremonies
of the innuguratloa of the statu of Washing
ton nt Richmond, on Monday, th 23d.
Gov. Floyd and a large party will go down
to-morrow night.
Th Army bill atill hangs in th Senate
The pending question Is upon tho employ,
men! of four thousand Volunteers. Tho ob.
jectlon to the measure Is the grcnt expanse
attending It. The army now consist. of
about elgbteon thousand men, supposing nil
the companies to be filled up to the author
ized number of aeventy-four. Buyond this
amount, Congress is not disposed to go.
Some of tho speakers In the Senate, in ro-ga.-d
to the necessity of sugmenting the nr.
my, have thrown cold water upon the Utuli
The Senate will nnt dispose of the Army
bill before the end of next week. After that
the Kansas admission bill, yesterday reported
from the Committee on Territories by Mt.
Green, of Missouri, will be taken up, nnd
pressed to a conclusion. Mr. Green's report
is able nnd conclusive. Congress has noih
Ing to do, ns he shows, wilh tho approval or
disapproval of the Constitution of n State,
but simply to seo whether it be the legal
Constitution of a new Slnte, nnd whether it
be republican in form; whether the bounda
ries proposed be adinissable, and whether the
number of. inhabitants be sufficient to justify
a State organization. The bill for the ad
mission of Kansas will pas the Senate by a
majority ofix or eight. But it may be nee
essary to resort lo the pntitmi question In the
Senate, for the purpose of restricting the dis
cussion within reasonable limits. The Re
publican Senator claim thirty days for
speeches, which is unreasonable. Henry Clay,
at onu time, advocated the adoption of the
previous question in the Semite, In order to
put on, nnd to debate, nnd obtain a vote on a
The Special Committee of tho House on
the Kansas message, have agreed to investi
gate only one aubject the legality of the
apportionment of tho delegat.s for the Le
compton Convention.
The report of the Committee trill to-! i
facilitate instead of embarrassing the passago
of the Kansas admission bill.
Colonel Orr showed much iudo nt and
tact in constituting this important committee.
l no uiiiek Uopublicans ulone censure the
selection. ('or. Ch. Cor.
IUskruft I took Htnek in ll.n T"V.. .
. , , , "- I'CIIIII-
crntic Party, and came on here to Washinir.
t..n ,.. I f - . . a
" "'y snare oi me dividend; but
on my arrival, I found the d d thing
uroKe. James V. Jones.
The Columbia (Tennessee) Mirror says:
' Whether Senator June ninde this declara
tion or not, we do not pretend lo know; but
they say he did, ond that longnnge is charac
teristic of tho man. He was not the first to
discover that the Grent National Democratic
Party is broke; nor is he the only ntiihitimiii
political capitalist who took stock in the con
cern, and failed to secure a share of the divi
dends. Ii. fact, it has yielded n ,11..;, !..,!..
.-.-.. ....a,
unless you put down the stealage under that
head. The institution has he An. nnd t!ll la
wretchedly managed. The stock is nt a
heavy discount all over the ITninn ..d i.
daily depreciating. Its boasted sinking fund ,
ine iviBsas-nvorasK hill and the principles
iiieiein involved nas been swept awny long
ago; and it what ia left of its capital stock
were divided out to-day ninonc tho sharp.
holders, the largest amount distributed would
nut uuy the vote ol a single railroad Irish
man. "Of tho many splendid promises liirh the
Administration made the people, not one has
been redeemed at maturity; they have nil
been suffered to go to protest without the
faintest effort to "pay them out." With such
a miserable management, it is no wonder that
the thing (we omit Sunntor Jones' pious cx
plclive"by particular request") i bankrupt.
That it ia bankrupt, nobody pretend lo
doubt; and the worst or it, or rather, the best
of it, is, that bankruptcy is utterly hopeless;
for its liabilities exceed its assets by lit least
five hundred per cent,
IIasoino of a Poisoner Jumes E. El-
dtldge but twenty ono years of age, vns
hung in the jail ynid ut Canton, New Yurk,
on Friday last, for having murdered, by puis
oning, a young widow named Sarah J. Could,
on the 30lh of May Inst, under the most dia
bolical circumstances. Eldridge wa a school
teacher, respectably connected; his victim
twenty-lour yenra of age, and represented as
u worthy woman, to whom he was engaged
to bo married.
Cincinnati, Feb. 20. The Methodist Pro
testunt Church near Race street, was partly
destroyed by fire Inst uight by an explosion
of the gns pipe; elf lit or ten persons were
severely injured. Two or three whom are
not expected to live.
St. LouTs, Feb. 20. The Pacific Hotel
was destroyed by fire nt 3 o'clock this morn
ing, eight or ten persons were killed and
many seriously injured by jumping from the
Utah advice from Fort Scott to Jan. 1st.
The troops were in good spirits, waiting
good weather nnd reinforcement to make a
descent on Salt Lake City. Johnson was
well advised of the movements of the Saints.
Gumming wn performing Gubernatorial
duties us far ns able. The outward bound
mails were making gnnd progress, having
met many Indians all friendly,
Carrot Pantaloon. This is th name
of a liew style now in vogue at Washington
and elsewhere, we suppose. The Slate
Each sido of these new-fhshioned nether
garments is modled after a carrot, lilting
tightly at the ankles, and becoming bulbous
as they ascend towards the waist. They
are only seen in perfection when displayed
by hoops, which appendage are actually
worn by a few of the"deinmed foln.ah!" ex
quisite who promenade the sunny aide of
the Avenue.
Indian Dei-redation in TEXAa-Stnrtling
intelligence ha been received at Austin, Tex
as, of Indian depredations in Brown county,
of that Stale. Five persons had been mur
dcred in sold blond, unit n .aiiiu..
ii , gener
ally, alarmed at the unchecked enormitie of
me savages, uuiuing in to Hire aeparate par
tie, had taken 1-t.finr.. in fl.A .
,, : . s D w.ij'ivoni. iiirts.
1 he legislature of Texas ha passed a bill
' " "iiinjoiai c'liupmcnioi one hundred
men. and an enormit-miim r... ii.. .......
evenly.fiv thousand dollars. A public nieet-
.... 1... Lain L..IJ .. . .
...K ...... .n. uem in nusiin, wiieu resolil-
tiun were adnnted uroinn Di i..,,;ui .,
provide the most ample and speed v mean
for the protection and eeenrity of the' frontier
settlements. . ' .
The resolution of Mr. Harris, of Illinois, for
a select eommitteaon the Lecompton Consti
tution wa the test question with the Admin
istration, and yst the Administration was
shamefully defeated, notwithstanding the De
mocracy have nn overwhelming majority in
Congress, and were aided, besides, by ten
Southern Whig members. Commenting on
this extraordinary fact, the Raleigh Register
remarks. ns follows:
"W said weeks ago thnt the Administra
tion of Mr. Buchanan had failed egreginusly
in the first year of it existence, and w hile
backed by a Congress of its own party kid
ney. No preceding Administration, coming
into power under such auspices, ha ever in
curred so miserable fate. Elected on the
ground that his success was necessary to quell
the fell apirit of Abolition, and thus save the
Union, he finds himself deserted us soon aa
the Issue is ninde in Congress upon the great
test question of the c uiviiss, by the verv men
upon w hom he had most ebiim' for support.
From his own Keyslone State, of which he
VMints himself the 'favorite son,' no lies than
live members, to wit: Messrs. Hickman, Owen,
Jones, Chapman, Montgomery nnd Dewnrl,
have deserted him, by responding aye to the
resolution referring the President's message
recommending the Lecompton Constitution
lo a select committee. Had three of these
'nntur.il allies uf the South' nnd Pennsylvania
Democrats, voted the other way, the message
would have been referred to'lhn Standing
Couimltt. e on Territories, nnd thus the
friends of the Lecompton Constitution would
hnve attained their object. Besides the-c
Pennsylvania Democrats who thus rontribut
cd to thwart the President and the other
friends of Lecompton, Messrs. Ilariis, Smith,
Morris, Shaw nnd Marshall, of Illinois Eng
lish, Foley and Davis, ol Indians 11, i. kin uf
New York, nnd Groesbeck, Miller, Hums,
Cox, Law rence nnd Hall, of Ohio all roaring
Democrats all Cincinnati platform men, and
natural allies of the South,' went for the an
lect committee, or, in other words, ngninst
lecompton, or, in other words still, against
slavery in Kansas. The effect of this de.-ision
will bo to keep tho question open tor nn in
definite time, and, In the end, bring in Kansas
os a Free Slate. We see now the true value
of Democratic professions and pretences.
With lull power lo perform nil they promis
ed, they have failed nt the first pinch of the
hill. Will nnv budy hereafter havo the ef
frontery to tell Southern men, that tbev must
look to Northern Democrats lor aid and com
fort? And what will be said by tho sheep
stomached L-entrv who ratted ilii U'l.i.r nnr
joined the Democratic party, because tiie hit-
icr were trie especial triends of slavery?
Will they no't say to themselves in the plural
what Fulstniriiid of himself in the singular
'What thrice doubled asses were vel' At
nnv rate, if Ihev don't aav il. tln e'll tliink ii
nnd we, fur one, will say'it of them with the
unciion oi onu wno spenks gospel truth."
Polite Rodders. The Detroit Advertiser
gives nn account of a burglary, which, to soy
ine icnsi, wno managed ns courteously as such
an operation could be. A party entered the
house of Mr. G. M. Trowbridge, nenr Birm.
Ingham. 1 hey went to Mr. T.'s bed, told
him not to stir; allowed him in the dark to
feel the edge of their knives; naked if Mrs.T.
was in bed, and getting n reply ill the iiffirma.
live, apologized for their unseasonable visit.
but nssure l her of safely. Two remained in
the bed room while the rest of the cantr ran
sacked the house nnd carried nwnv evervtliinir
of valuo, consisting of silver jewelry, clothing,
n set ol furs, &c, ie, first having made a
hearty meal in the pantry.
Interesting from Central America.
Advices from Nicaragua announce that tin.
treaty negotiated between Mr. Yriaarri nnd
our government Mid been ratified, and nlso
thnt the treaty between Costn Rica and Nica
tagun had been rejected by the first named Re.
public. These events would, it was thought,
lead to the renewal of hostilities. There
weie great rejoicings in Granada on the re
ceipt of the news of the capture of General
Walker by tho United States nnval forces.
A Working Legislature. Tho Legisla
ture ol'Texas is a remarkable body, and its
labors without n parallel. They have a laro
amount of business on hand, and for some
time have been holding throe sessions n day
forenoon, afternoon, and nt night. To
these they have recently added a fourth, n
session before breakfast. The Austin Gazette
ays tho House now meets nt 4 o'cloc.k, a nt,
and goes to work.
The Bank Bills Passed It will be seen
by reference to the letter of our Frankfort
correspondent that the bill rcchnrtcring the
Bank of Kentucky, Northern Bank, and tho
Bank ol Louisville (which was amended i in
the House of Representatives) has passed
both I louses the Semite concurring In the
limine substitute by a vote, of 23 To II.
We congratulate tho public on the settle,
moot ol this vexed question in n manner
which seems to be satisfactory lo the people
and the Banks. Iuisiitle Journal.
Murder An Ateiutt at Rkscue. We
learn from the Mt. Sterling Whig that "a
great deal of excitement exists at the pres
ent time in Johnson county. It appears Hint
one or several of tho Ward family, which is
n vory large and extensive one, killed a man.
One of the Wards was arrested and pluced
in jail, when a short time afterwards, a party
of seventeen, composed of the Ward nnd
their friends, attacked the jail and attempted
to rescue the prisoner. The people now
gathered from all quarters and drote
back the rescuers, and in the melee killed
one of the Wards. ThejailTias since been
barricaded and is guarded night ,nnd day, as
another assault is anticipated by a larger
forco, Our information i up to Saturday
since then we have nut heard any thing.
The next news we anticipate lo hear of
more bluody work." Louisville Courier
Clerical Items. Rev, J. J. Dana, of
South Adams, .Muss, has caused a sensation
ii: thnt village, by a sermon entitled "The
Hole in the Wall, or Soutli Adam as it is."
Us rebukes seem to have been aimed at sins
ut home, instead of the faults of the heathen
in Asia, or the stubbornness of the Jen
2000 years ago, and could not fail, therefore,
to be rather exciting. Mr. Dana said the
sixth commandment of the manufacturer is,
'Six days shall thou labor and do all thy
work, nd on the seventh make thy repairs."
From the Utah A rm v. A letter has
been published, written by Col. A. S. John
ston, th commander of the Utah army, to
a member of hia family In 1 jiuiiivilrn. It v .
dated nt Camp Scott, near Fort Bridgur,
ueceniDcr mm, 1837, the following extract
from which embrace all that i of any gener
al interest:
"SoniS think thlt Mnrinnna U-ban tf la nanaa-
SJiiy to make the issue with them, will sob-
inn to ine Oovernineut. I do not agree with
them. I think their fanaticism and villuny
will lend them In try one encounter at least;
and I think our gnverinent ought to desire it,
as affording a simple solution of a difficult
Dolilienl nileMtinn II IIimw auai.t a K.i.l
settlement would b on tho basis of a con.
quest. ' We could then dictatu to thciu . the
term ol adjustment," .
Below wc give mmo Important intelligence
from Salt Lnke, received by way of Carton
Valley. The new It noither clear nor con.
nected. The main lact appear to be, that
the troops ntlompted to force a passage
through Echo Canon, but were unsuccess
ful :
Sacramento, Saturday, Jan. 9, 1888.1
Messrs. Middleton nnd Pearson arrived ' at
Carson Vnlley on tho 6th, and Mr. Penrsen
hns just arrived from Carson Valley via tha
Dig Tree Route. They brought nn express
from Washington to Han Is Fork, for Colonel
Johnston. On Dcconiber'7, Col. Alexander,
with the 6th drngoons, had attempted to
force their way through Echo Canon; in the
attempt four of the dragoons weru killed.
Thinking it impossible to force the pass. Col.
Johnston, who had assumed command of the
troops, retired, and in a few days dispatched
Col. Alexander, with twenty-eight dragoons
lis nn escort, to St. Louis, to obtain supplies.
Col. Johnston then retreated n short distance,
to Sulphur Springs, and took the Sublette
cut-off, around to the north of Salt Lake, to
llox Elder, from which Messrs. Middleton
nnd Pearson start' d December 13.
Col. Johnston was there nt the time with
the second nnd Ihird dragoons nnd light artil
lery, seven six-pound and live twelve pound
Paixhaiis. He haa sent fornying parlies, fiftv
men each, and h s obtained 2.400 catilo and
other supplies of alkinds. The Colonel haa
pickets out nil I lie way from Box Elder lo
Gravelly Ford of from forty to sixty men.
An escort of seven drr.go .us came wilh the
expressmen to ("r velly Ford, They brought
dispatches which were sent to Gen. Clark, at
Brnicin, to-day.
Col. Johnston's command has plenty of
wood, water nnd provisions: the Mormons sell
him nil he wants. He will attempt to enter
Salt Lake City about the 1st of May, ns he
expects Harney will arrive on the oilier side
about that time.
There are three companies of dragoon nt
Fort Biidger. Fort Supply, twelve mile
south, has been evnennted by the Mormon,
nnd the troops have possession of . Mr.
Pearson has seen no snow since leaving Car
son Valley. Johnston's command have ex
perienci d no inconvenience w hnlever from
snow, not having seen nnv. Harney will hnve
the second drngoons and three compnniea
13th mounted regiment. Five companies rifle
will arrive on ho 11th. Mr. I'e irson think
the Mormons wish to leave Snlt Lake, if thev
rani but their escape i now cut off. He saw
but few Indians.
Garkotiko 1.1 Baltimore. On Wednes
day night last, about nine o'clock, ns Mr.
Frederick Wright was passing along Culvert
street, Baltimore, be was accosted by two
men, who spoke familiarly, asking him where
he was going, llo told them, perfectly un.
suspecting anything wrong. Immediately
one of them threw a rope around his neck
from behind, while the other robbed him of
n gold watch nnd chain, valued at fifty dol
lars, eight dollars in uioney, and a check for
8200. When he found the fix he was in, he
told the robbers not to kill him, but take nil
he had. They cleaned him out nnd left him.
Writing Life Illustratad, speaking of
the long, prosy articles to be met with in too
ninny of the so-called "newspapers," says:
It is the easiest thing in the world to
write a newspaper to death, or to make one'a
sell dull and the reader sjsApv. All that ia
r. quired is long articles STthe one case, and
the use of all the words one can dilute hia
idea with in the other. No one whose
thoughts are not precise and clour can ever
write short articles. Anybody can make
lung ones.
Clauksvillk, Feb. 20 A shocking mur.
dersaj. us perpetrated about 7 o'clock, Ins
evening, in tbeTuwn of New Providence, by
a negro mnn upon his master Mr. Jos. II.
Harris, n respectable tobacconist of that
town. Mr. 1 1, was Si tting in his office when
tho negro entered nnd split his head terribly
with nn axe. dragged him to the fire, burnt
him severely, nnd then set tho office on fire.
1 he negro was brought hero mid placed In
jail, but this morning a crowd of Mr. H's
friends took him out of jail nnd hung; him
upon the scene of his crime.
Washington, Feb. 2u. J. B. Cloy nnd
Cullum, Into Clerk of the House, hud a rcn
countre at Brown' Hotel. Cullum slapped
Clay s face. r
Ex Lieutenant A. C. Rhind posted Com
modore Boutweil as n liar and cownrd. The
dilliculty originated on l',0 Pacific, several
years ago, nnd has since been renewed be
lore thu Naval Court of Enquiry.
Heavy Defalcation of a Ban Aoent.
-It is currently reported in Augusta, says
the bavnniiuh Georgian, that the Agent of
two or the interior South Carolina Banks, at
Memphis, Tennessee, has disappeared, leav
ing SSO.OOO of cash unaccounted for, fJ2C,000
in bills or exchange, of very doubtful diame
ter taken lor their account every part of
which, that has fallen due, had been proles-ted.
Washington, N. C.Feb. 17. The si earn
er Magnolia, bound to Fnyelteville from thi
point, w hilst discharging freight nt White
hall, burst her boiler. The explosion caused
the death of fifteen to twenty persona. Ten
bodies have been found, and there are several
whose bodies have not been discovered
There w ore some ladies and children nmo'nir
the killed. '
Homicide. On Thursday morning last a
Corouor s inquest was held over theliody of
Sophia Phillips, of this place, who wa round
dead in bed. The verdict of the Jury wa,
that deceased came to her death from a blow
on the head with a piece of iron, inflicted by
her husband, Goorge Phillips. Phillips Is
now confined in jail to wait hi trial. Both
drunk Vablonega Signal,
St. Louis, t'eb.iat Tlie KonTna'corr
pnndent of the Democrat, of thi city, state
Challis, Democrat, is elected from Atkinson
county to fill the vacancy in the Council
caused by the resignation of Mr. Carr.
A resolution ha been introduced Into the
legislature at Tnnekn. authorizinrj Gneamna
Kobinsou to solicit aid, it there should be a
necessity fur it, from the Governors of friend
ly State.
New York, Feb. 19. A correspondent to
a house in this city, state that the Adriatic
bad n .f 1,1 it Maf.nnoit tn .... f,.m kn V.
b ... Hum uiv r reucn
Sale of Mule in Natchez The Natch
ez Free Trader of the 13th inst,, notice
ale of about forty mule In that city at an
average price of a160.- There were aome
450 mule on sale In that market.
There were 443 death In New York
last week. Including 83 of oonsumption and
81 of small pox.
New York, Feb. 23. Th bank atntement-
auuws a uecrense in mans or fjAia32 1,000,
decrease In circulation jjtlGSS- Increase io!
specie 1 1,1 89.802; Increaae in nominal de.
posit $2,643,730; Incieuse in undrawn de
posits 162,775. . . . ..
Cincinnati, Feb. 22. Flour 3 80s$3 90,
Whisky 17,. Hogs 6.16. Provision inac
tive. Bacon 6i and 8 for Shoulder and

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