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Cathartic Pills,
Iiawnllila, Ksilliers, Mother, rnysieiana,
rhllanlhroptats. read Ihelr KftccU,
aad Jiulft of their Virtues.
10 K TIIK Ct'US of
Headache, Sick IIcatlnche.Fout Stomnch.
Firrsurjiu), P, May 1, 1KW
Hi. J. C. Avse. Sir : I have been repeatedly cured of
tl worst headache iiny twdy tun have by a dine or two
of yonr Itsecuisloarliiefnmiafoulstomarh.wnlro.
lb.y cleanse l once. If they will cura otbert as Uiy do
Sue, fact is wotlh knowing.
loan with, great respect, KO. W. PRKTtLK,
Billons Disorder, nnd Liver ComplnlnU..
WumacTiM, D. C 7 Feb., JH4& 1
ret I have nsed jri.gr J'llUJn my general and hwitUi
araftb er aiiico Toll mailt Ihem.luidcxuDOt h.siUtelo
ar char w U, best dathartlc wa employ. Their rego
ktUnf action on tha hivr Is quirk and decided, consequent
tf Ihaj araan aiUiilrable remedy forderangeuirutsuf that
remit. Indeed, I have seldom fnnnd a ease of btUtml was
w ao obstinate Uiat It liid Dot raaulilT yield to them.
ImMraallv jourt, AL0N7.0 BALL, M. D.
rhytidan o Urn Marine llotpilai.
Drpnlrrr Relax and Worms.
roar urrira, Hastusu, Liv. Co., Mich., Nor. 16, IMS.
Da. Aw: Your IN Hi are the perfection of niedlciiie.
They have done mjr wlie more good tliau 1 tan tell yoo,
8he had been slrk and pining away fur months. Went
eIT to bp doctored nt great expense, but got no batter. She
than commented taking your i'illa, which anon cured her,
ty expelling largo quantities of worm (dead) from her
body. They afterwards cured her and our two children
of bloody dysentery. One of our nrlgbliors had It bad.and
my wire cured him with two doses of your fills, while
rtliera around na paid from Ave to twenty dollars doctors'
lulls, and lust much time, without being cured entirely
even then, guch a medicine as yours, which la actually
Rood aud honest, will lie prised here.
UBO. i. UKIFF1N, Teamster.
Indigestion nnd Impurity of the Dlood.
firm Km. J. V. Hima, Ihjtor of Admit Church, Bolton.
Da. ATM: I have used your Pills with extraordinary
success in my family and among those I ani railed toviait
In distress. To regulate the organs of digestion and purl.
Fy the blood they are the very best remedy 1 have ever
known, and 1 can conudenuv recommend them to my
friends. Yours, J. V. UIMK8.
1 Wa bsw, WTOVnia Co, N. T., Oct. 24, IBM.
' Diss Sra: I am using your Cathartic Fills In my prac
tice, and find them an excellent purgative to cleanse to
system and purify the fountnius of the Mood.
Erysipelno, Scrofnln, KItirVi Evil, Tetter.
Tumors, nntl Salt Khenm.
JYim a nirwardinf Umlmnt rf Si. lows, l b. 4, 18S8.
Tra. Atik : Your rills nre tho paragon of all thnt la
great in nioillrlne. They linve cured my Utile dnnghter
of ulcemue aorea upon her bands and feet that had pruved
tnrurahlo for yesra. Her mother bad been long grlevoua
ly afflicted wiih blotches and pimplea on hersklu and in
her hair. After onr child was cured, she also tried your
lllls, and they have Cured her. ASA M0110KIDUK.
Rhenmntisrrls Ncurnlgln, nnd Gout.
JVoatMe Iter. Vr. ll,ml.el, nf tin NtVmlM KpU. Church.
PVMSII Hovsa. PsVAHNAn. 0., Jan. 6, 18S6.
HornHinSia: I should be nngrnleful fortherellcf your
kill has hrcinu-ht me it 1 did not report my case to yon.
A cold willed In my limbs and brought on excruciating
neuralgic pains, which ended in chronic rheumatism.
Notwithstanding 1 had the best of phyai, iuna. the disease
grew worse anil worse, until, by the advice of your exce
lent agent III Itallimore, l'r. Markenile, I tried your Tills.
Their effects were Blow, but. sure, rty porseveriuK Id the
ase of them, 1 am now entirely well.
faMATt CnAMtira, Batok liorot, T, 6 Dec, 11155.
Dm. A Tin: 1 have been entirely cured by your Fills of
Bhenmatic Gout ft paiuful disease that had sftllcted me
lurycara, V1N0KNT SI.IUKLL.
For Dropsy, Plethora, or kindred Com
plaints, requiring an active purge, they araau excel
lent remedy.
-For Costiveness or Consllpntion, nnd as
Dinner 1111, tbey are agreeable aud ellcrtual.
Fits, Suppression, Paralysis, lnflnmmn
toii,aud even Deafness, and Partial Ullnd
neaa, have been cured by the alterative actum of these
Moat of the Pills In market contain Mercury, which, al
though a valuable remedy In skilful lianda, la dangsroua
In a public pill, from the dreadful consequences thatlre
qtmiily follow Its incautious use. These contain no mer
cury ur mineral subautuce whatever.
Mid for the relief or consumptive patients In advanced
stagre of the illcaM.
ITe need not speak lo the public of lis virtues.
Thrmik'hoiit every town, and almost every hamlet of the
" Aniehi'au Slates, Its wonderful cures of pulmonary com
plaint have made It already known, Nay, few ara the
hDilllee in any civilized country on thia continent with
out aonie ptminal exierieiice of ita effects ; and leweryet
the communities any where which have not among them
annie living trophy of ita victory over the subtle and dau
gernua diseases of the throat and lungs. While It Is the
most powerful antidote yet known to man fbr the formi
dable and daiigerouadiseHSes of the pulmonary organs, It
U also the plrasHMtetit and snfest remedy that can be em
ployed fol liitunta and young poisons, l'arents should
have it in stoie against the insidious enemy that steals
upon them unprepared. We have abundant gronnds to
believe the CWry Ircloral saves more lives by tile con
sumptions it prevents than those It out Keep it by
you, and cure vour colds while tbey are curable, nor neg
lect them untli no hunrtin skill can master the inexorable
eanker Hint, fastened on the vitals, eats your lire away.
All know the ilreadftil futnlity of lung disorder .and aa
they kunw too the virtues of this remedy, we need not do
more than to as.ut e them It is atlll nmle the best it can
be. We suire no cost, no care, no toll to produce it the
most perfect possible, and thus afford those who rely on
It the best agent a Inch our skill can ftirnlub for their cur
Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Man.
O. W. ROSS, Ailieni,;
Ol!!mHI) CANNON, Mftrllionvltle;
And hy .)pnl, rn tn MnllrlMPi. Jun My4S ,
moi si: cickk
Male and Female Academy,
fllUK fecond PfKslon of tliii lusiitntion will com
M tuence on Moiulity, lftili inat.
rTt'ut, or this four Month &trm, at the rafy ptr ,
tirion of Jo wetk :
Pprlllnf, Rfn1inn Writinti and Arithmetic ft
UfOfriihy, Aritinne'tiu, tngliah (jrHiunmr,Couipoit-
tion nml Hi-flu uint I on 8
Math ftiutt leu, Nultirnl Hclencei, aaU th above 10
.atiii Uriiimiiar mid Render Vi
One-h.iir In fidvnncH and the Imlance at the cloie of
the leftrtlon. I'tintlnRfnt Tee (in advance,) 50 ceitU.
Iloardltifi, ran he had at frotMl hoimctt conrenk'nt tn
the IVhonl,, washing and liitliti extra) per week, f 1,2ft.
No pupil permlth d to entt-r thr Hohool wlihmit a tick
t slttriiv-d hy J. II. M;iill, Trt-aHitrer. No deduction for
lout time, wept In ca-n- f prntracted nlckneRi.
Our Teacher, Prof. A. A. Nkwma, It will be remem
bered is a irridiiate of Maryvilte College, and Iihr upenl
tlx or eiirtu yeara an a tem lier. The ale manner lo
wliioli he tiiia cmduoted tills institution during the pant
ReHion, his milpieinlnhed moral character, RenUenianlj
deportment, and hidimtrlous hahUR, connected with hii
VKarant ui tui.t r nf uatahllnhinjr and inalntainin)t goo4
order In hh Sehnol, and the Hdvaiicutncnt of the itu.
dent conAili'd to hin care, we think a RUfliclent tdiaran
tre. We have ordered and will anon have a complete
Vhilomiphical ami Chen-leal Apparatus, for the use of
the School, and the friend of the uiRtftutlnn are en
dcaforhiK to et up a well a snorted Library. We
plcdfre onr-elvcn to Rpare no paint to make thin School
worthy of general patronage. I.. H. llt'RfT,
J. H. MAfMI.I.
J. T K'TdKKAl-D.
March fMf c. 911 KM,.
Valuable Property for Sale,
I AM ulleritto; fur aula my home place a
very ilesirnlilo properly eonsistini; of
nbont HO acros nf olioice l.nnd, in Rood con
(lition mi u hii'Ii tliercni e tt comforulile ami
roomy Dwellini; Iloitae, Kitchen. Srauke hotiee,
pooil Harit Rtiit Stnlilea, Ao., nnd (election
of clinipe (learing I ritit rreee.
Alan, lilO norea of I. nnd, situate in Ilia West
id of MoMiiin county; im unimproved Lot
in the town of ( linrlojloti, hrftilley enmity,
iljnillllii; t he Knil Konil I'opnt J.nt; anil t
niimlior of unimproved Lola situate between
the town of Alliens nnd the liuil Koad Depot.
lerma to tie nrued upon.
Athens. .Tan 1, 1 S.'i-t
yvtlioua roiniclry.
A VIMI engage I the services of Mr. r. M. Kllonag,
m wno is autliorlsi'il to receive onlers and transact
all business sppertalning to the Foundry, any person
wanting information hi regard tn Maciilliery, Ac, will
be attended to lv calling at the Foundry.
Alhetis, July 11, l-06.tr.4n7 C. .IMMKIIMAN.
rpiU3 tlioroiiKh.lireil Stallion will atnnil
1 tha pr.sent aenon at Wetmore, Polk
utility, Tenn.,t Ten Dollart.
Maroh Srt, 18A8-tf-4tffl
Shoals anil Quicksands of Youth.
jMt nhiiii,.i, tia. 3,1 i:,im.
V-sfJis ON iil riui,t.,jrlia or jseiniusl lliseases.
clentlnc Trrall.e on the Ireslment and
&tijr perfect cure of Nervous liehi.lty, Scm.
ual Weakness, Involuntary Kmlsslona,
Impotence, Ac resulting from vlcioe. haltlts aciiutred
during the critical paug,' frai Vuth to Maiilinnd
HV l-lt. t'l l.Vt nwlM.l,,
Member nf the Hoval ('..Urge of Hurgenns of Kngland
lvj7.M.lcrnliate of Ihs Hill. ( 1 ".'),! sn. I an vears'
Rrsident l-rit-titloni-r In Lomtnn ; Author of the
"ilulile t llrallh." "Ilreen ll.k,-- "llnw in be Map.
py," "Mfinilrs of airesnd Married Life,-Ac.
This small, tint liightv valuable Treatise, written by
ft world rriiowm-'l I'livlclau and Hurgeou, p.mitsnnt
the only sure ami ci inanriil cure r,ir all iltsrases re.
suiting front selr-shu. e, and is the only publication or
Its kind written In a benevolent .plrit and by a selen
tine man. It liould he In tlie hands of all who value
their life and health an l happiness l,ere and hercaller.
I'rlce U e, nl. or 4 slsntp.. si the receipt of wMrh It
f1ll he sent, ",t free, and lt secured, by lis, rut,
l.rxr., No. 4 let Avvocm, tMa. ate laasa,
rw - 4r M
WK take the liberty ef calllnr the attention of the
reihlic te our stock of all descriptions of Warona
nile at the reant day consisting, in part, of the
following :
Of thelateat ityle made tnhMantia!, trimmed with
the Aneat and niot duralde Iriuiminri ; with hammer
eat, and eitra Ane full Silver plate; door with laah
aud bliiidR, out and ioiide jacket
Tlntae Rncftawaya are rot up In theClone CarrUfre or1r,
with ftne hammer seat for drirer, full plate; hotly let nn
three sprinm; trimmed richly. Thia style variel in
prtte accordiuft to finish.
Made very auhitanltal, with pole and ihafts; front
eat lo turn up ; wood or leather dah; plated fine aud
tnme of thli style, nt up with permanent ouulde teat,
In form of a Close Carriage, and others with elevated
Rtdfting front seat; body set oq three iprlugs; full
Turn-orcr Soa Rockawey.
Made llRht for one horse ; front seat to turn over
again t the dash ; trimmed on both sidee.
These are got up fine and very substantial, with hook
on seat for driver in front and drop curtains. Can be
easily shifted into a four seat Kockaway.
Of this order there area variety of patterns some
finished very flue, some pluin. Price according to style
and flnislit
FxtoiiMiou Stlde-sentrd Hiiffffy)
With pole and shafts two seats can be shifted Into
one; trimmed fine. Price according to style and finish.
Made light trimmed fine, with pole and shafts.
Top Buss7
We hare a variety of Top Muggy boot and panel
bodies ; wood and leather dashes ; leather top; patent
and plain ax-'ls; covered and plain bodies. Price va
rying according to style and finish.
Good Silver Plad Harness to correspond.
Our finest styles are made of Hickory entirely, and
varnished without painting.
Made of Hickory very light and fine.
We have a large lot of these Iluggys on the way and
In the works. We sell more of them than of any other
kind, from the fact Unit they run lighter than any other
Ituirgy made In America. IJvery men prefer them tn
any other. We have them got up lightand kiibntantial,
with plated dash, for one or two horses, with pole and
stiuits, wiin uat'K or no nacK, top or no top.
Of all styles, fashions and finish. Price accord log to
siyie aim uiupii.
Made to snJe back and turn up on other seat.
With three seats and three springs, for carrying pas
sengers; will brake, and rack for baggage, stens on
both sides, middle seat t turn each way, and railroad
ImcK. These llacks are made "Jam up," and used for
nu purposes.
rielit I Inch , or Family ATnffoii,
On three springs two seats, pole and shafts.
iTorsoy Wagona,
Made light -for one horse shifting ton: two seats
trimmed with leather; plated dash; snug job, for small
Iron axle Wagons for ttvn, four anil six horses maile
at the North, of the hest timber. Jtun Unlit aud stand
lougvr than any other v agon.
With body, and three sprints and two seats. We
rnive a Teiv or these Wagons on the way; hoily eight and
a liais or nine feet long; a first rate Wagon for every
Our stock was tiade to order, North, and having many
anvnntngea in getting up worn, wttti some experience in
the business, we flatter ourselves that we can furnish
our patrons with Food, substantial work, that we will
warrant, and at as low price as can he bought any
where, North or fouth. We invite those wanting any
thing In our line te cnll and examine our stork. Those
who can not cunvenietly call can write us, describing
the article tiiey want, ami we wm grv close attention
to their order. We furnish Harness and TViilp with all
ions we sell, i-pecial oruers iiiiimi at mi or yo itnvs.
Urtl-ly-478 IlltlllGW PHILLIPS.
Stoves! Stoves! Stoves!
j. tlieiiiB Foundry,
Atlirnn, Venn.
NOW making and on hand, various slses of 8tnves.
The Crese.nl, Iowa, K.nsns and Indian Oimlii
Magle Parlor, open Franklin, Hjx Plate or Box, and Ten
1-late Ptovea. The above Mtoves are the very latest and
most Improved styles. Pur durability and simplicity of
construction mere are none equal, row ri iu per
cent, less than can be purchased elsewhere.
Not l'i C. ZIMMKItMAN, Proprietor.
ffwHR nndersignitl have this day bought out the Arm
I or llkADMUCK LOW K V.a t the 1,1,1 stand or H .
II. Ilallew, and respectfully ask the patronage of their
friends and the public generally.
Athena, March 11, 15& W. 0. WITT CO.
THK undersigned having this day told their entire
lock of Goods, Groceries, Ac, Ac, to W. 0. WITT
A CO., take this method of returning their sincere
thanks to their friends for their liberal patronage, and
respectfully ask fur the new Hrm a continuance or the
Athena, March 11, 1SnS-tf-4!ft
Through Rates of Freight
East TtnntBttt and Utorgia Rail Road.
SUGAR, CnfTee, Mulnaaea (in barrels.)
Tuliaoeo (in boxes,) Nnila, pry Hide",
Oili (in barrels,) Coppertta, Hope antj
Ctirrlitge, Kieli, Clieese, Sonp, Star and
Tallow Camllea, White LeaJ, Bar Lend
(in keift nd lioxea,) I'ig Lead and Shot
(in kee,) Liquor (in barrels and
oasks.) Crockery Wara (in crates and
casks,) per 100 lbs., fiQc.
No article entitled to this rate exoept
those specified above.
Shot and Lend in bundles, nnd bottled
Liquors will be charged the regular local
rates of each Hnnd,
All flood from the Western cities and New
Orleans, for Knoxville and Station on the
East Tennessee nnd (ieoiria Kail Itoad, will
be forwarded free of commission whs-n con
sidled, to the Apent of the Nashville nnd
Chattanooga Rail lion, I, at Nashville, dray
aire only charged, which has been contracted
for nt 75 cent per ton of 20110 lbs.
Every pnekniro nnist hnve the inline of the
Stntionaol delivery plainly marked on it.
Itomls will not be responsible furordinnav
leakage of Liquors, Oils or Molasses, and will
only pay for dutioieiiey of contents when
pnekngee show innrlts of violence.
A bill of Freight paid Steamer and Pray
age will be mailed to oinsigneea from Nash
ville, showing, also, the time of arrival and
departure of the goods.
U. C JACKSON, flup't
in Tennessee A Georgia Kail Koad,
Maroh . 185 - lf-41
Premium Jack.
IS 1-2 Hand lliuli.
. t NDttEW JACKSON will mnke the pres
l en t season at my Farm, at the head of
Second Creek, on the line of the Knoxville
A Kettttioky Knilroad, live miles North of
KnnxTille '25 fur Jennets. Thia Jack is
kept principally for Jennet.
Axprrw Jatksos is black, with white mux
7.1c and belly; 16 hands high; 4 years old
the 13th day of June, I860. Sired by Com
modore Koirers; dam by Sancho; jrrand dam
by Big Partnership; great grand dam import
ed. Commodore lingers was sired by an im
ported Jack from Malta, and nut of an im
ported Jennet from Malta. The Commodore
ha been the winner of nineteen premiums.
Sancho was sired by n imported Maltese
Jnok: dam bv Hi l artnerslnp; grnml flam by
Sampson; great grand dam by Mississippi.
Sancho was the winner nf premium at Nash
ville Fair in 1K50. Andrew Jackson was
winner of premium in 1854 at Nashville. I
cotieider hi Hook equal to the stork of any
Jack In the world. JUtl.v MltLin.
Fatherland, Nov. S, I85.
He also took the Premium at the Fair in
185ft at Knoxville.
Iff (lotxl pasture nnd grain furnished for
Jeiiueta at moderate prices,
April 1ft, ISS8-ds JOS. A. MAURY.
fl H t:i iri. New Orleans Fugar and m71
j lasses, new crap, aa nice an article as wss ever
hrenghi in etili rasttlK, Aav aa'e t,r
Jeel U0b0 A ItRTAl.
J. W. GAUT Si CO.,
Commission Wercn, nts
Bay street S. V.4.AII, G.4.,
ll.Ml.L give strict attention lo the sale of all CtrwBirjf
' Hrmluce cousigued to their care.
J. W. Uaut will give personal attention to purchasing
en erder, Coffee, ugar. Molasses, Rice, Msll, Ao.
A libera) share of patronaga resectfully solicited.
J. W. Out, late uf the Brut of Oaut A ilef hereon,
Knoxville, Telin.
It. U. lliiaotx, of the firm of Bearden A Francisco,
liacon.Ua. Feb 12-tf-4M
T. & U. EAR I.N t CO.,
F o it i; i u x a y it u n chtic
rnv g- o o 33 s,
4S Public Square,
Dec 25-1 y-4W uUvilIe, Teiin.
, (Lite oj Atftnt .,)
(.luce! to (HMrrelt, ( tt Clarkt)
Hardware, Cutlery, Guns, &c.
No. 189 fleeting street, nearly opposite Charleston
t iiAii.i:s r(, s. c.
I'KODI'Ci: A'01I,1I1SSI44 di: .4. Lie its,
Knoxville, Tonu.
A LL orders will be promptly stteuded to and faith
fully executed. July Jil-lMtU
John L. RI. French & CoT,
march 6-1 (-441
Robertson, Hudson & Pulliam,
No. 29 Murray nnd 34 Warren streets,
Coiner iff Chutvh (rf-r,
Iev York.
Of Vu gtnht. Of Jr. Carolina,
uraii m'p. m'ki.rath,
Of Tnn
Foreigb & DomesticDry Goods,
No. 87 Hayne itrtt, C'liiirU'Hloii, S. C,
WM. M'BURKKY,.. .A. L. OILXRliPIR,, . .
Jime tJ-Iy-4i
coumw i:v, ti:n i:tac co.,
Magrrr importers or
Hardware. Cutlery, Guns, Pistols, Ac,
Ho. AS Haynk striet,
June 17. 'Bf tf 847
Coninilsnion and I'roiluce IvTerrliant,
Ofllct on Broad street, opposite Union Bank,
Augusta, G-n.,
WITX give prompt and personal attention to the
sale of Baron, Lard, Grain, Flour, Cotton, and
all articles nf Merrhandise consigned to him. Also, to
the forwarding of (ioods for the Interior and Northern
markets at the customary rates. Liberal advances, ei
ther In cash or hy acceptances, made on articles In store
or when hills of lading accompany drafts.
Rrrr.RMCiw: Baker, Wlieox A Co.; M. A B. Wilkinson;
3. C. Knrgo, "Cashier," Augusta, Oa. Hand, Williams k
Wilcox; Thns. Trout t Co., Charleston, 8. C. Win. Dun
can; Paildelford, Fay Co.; F. T. Willis. Snvannah, Oa.
Slurges, Bennett A Co., New Vnrk. J. C. Wilson Co.;
D. Stuart A Son, Baltimore. Wood A Low, New Orlenna.
C. B. Welhnrn, Psltnn, '4a. Grenvllle Sample, Chat
tanooga, Tenn. Bearden, Son A Co., Knoxville, Tenn.
S. K. Knedrr, Albans. Tenn. W. Shnpard Co.; Berry
Demeville, Nashville, Tenn. Nov. 24, '&4 tf 1 J
UriLL give his attention to the practice of Med I.
eine. Office South of the Bridge.
January ', IS9I. 4K6
M. R. MAY, M. D.,
1" ESPECTFUI.I.Y tendera his professional
V services to the jiablio.
Jan. 14. 1 22
Pliysloiau cft Surgeon,
Allien, Venn.,
"vj.WT'nX give his entire attention to the practice of
v w nieincine.
Olllce nt the residence of the late
Wra.F. Keith.
II. E. DODSO, D. D.S.,
3 u. rgeo n 30 o xa. 1 1 m t,
Ofnce eorner of Ocoee and Mendow streets,
Cleveland, Tenn.
Dental Material for sale. May s-tf-4S0
jaaaKTTXsTn. -sr.
TKVDFRH Iiln nervlcci to the puM.o tn all the va
rinnn hnincht?f nf his profefsiou.
Kxtractinic Twth l.encli.
The rAh (a coiml.leri J due. In ererr inrUnce. when
cne work in none.
Office one door North of the Store of the Inte F.
Boyd, Esq. July 34-tMfll
n. TATLOR, v. n ,
,WM. W.
(OjNe one door Horth-trent of ttr Stat JJink)
WILL devote their attention exclusively nnd ri
litlitnusly to the dutien of their pr-fuMlon one
of whom mny nt all time he found nt their olllce or re
upecttvc rt-niilencvn, when not pro fo ion ally RhKent.
Ir. A. will Klvc pirticiilnrHtt.'ntinn to the d'pnrtmenU
of fturfftrtf find Ohitttrie. When one hnn chnrfre of a
cnie And the presence of the nlhi-r uliall h require,
he will attend without Addition,,! oharge. Nov,t7-479
F. BOfi A R T, M. D
Ku eetwnler Trim.,
"Wrn-'-Plhii undivided Attention to the practice
of Mt'dlciue, in its vnrimis ilepurtmentii.
OrrtCR Knnnerly ocnudei hv Ir. lllalr. wh.e hm
mAV At nit time he found utilesi profeiiiunally Ahuent.
nui a.ir-oin-41
Associate Traveling Dentists
Address, Sulphur dprititl,
Julyia-tr Nhea coullti', Tenn.
Praclidonfrx of Medicine,
IV"'1 Hve their entire attention to the practice of
w Medicine In all Its hranches. Tlie attention of
both will lie given when necessary, without extra charge.
"nice ni,ve mair. a. uruwu m. itowan e,
Nov 7-in-47ll
oo. aow. j. a. o,Ki.
Jliiditonrlllr, TVnn. Alhru, Trnn.
AttornoTM t 3
solicitor its' cn.t. vrirnr.
4ril.L practice In the Chancery and Circuit Courts
v V In the counties or Atonrne. vicMInn, Polk, Brad
ley, Mvlga, Kosne and Blount, and In the Supreme and
Federal Courts at Knoxville. Jan SH-tMHS
0. I. TURK. .
.W. p. TA DTKt.
m At
Allien. Trnn.,
VTII.T. praetlre In the rhsneerrand Clrenll Courts
" In the ronnlirs or Mi MInn, rolk, Monroe, Melsn,
Phea, and Bradley. And attend promptly to the eol
lectins and securing of all claims entrusted tn their
care. Feb -lH-tt-m
A. ttomoy At Xj a 'vir,
Athena, Trnn.,
Tjl'IT.L attsml promptly to the collrrtlns and seeurlne
"of claims, and will five his undivided attention to
all hnslnrss entrusted to his care, in McMinn ami the
surrounding counties. July 17-tMSO
C. 11. NKAL,
A. ttornoy At Xj a w,
nindlaoni-lllr, Trnn..
Wll l-liraetirsln th Virt f Monroe, VeVInn,
W-oat end Fla. (may lA-tf-4,M
ttorney . t Xj -w,
JanSS-if AthenbTenn. 485
ttoruo7 v t Xjs . w,
Offlc. np st s in the Court-bouse sept 19-1 y-4:
Attornoya At
Allien, Tenn.
sttLTog p. jatni a.caldwsll.
Attorney At Xjaw,
IMkevlllv, Trim.
WILL practice In the Corn-It of Bleditoe, Marion.
t'isiia"hi. and Cuml-erlnnd. Mnr lil-ly-l!0
G E Ol WaHq i R ID G ! S
1 PRACTICES in the different eotintiesoom.
posing the Third Judicial Circuit will
attend to the collecting and securing of claims
and will give his undivided attention to all
businessentrtiated to his care.
March 2. 1849 tf 28
Knoxville Trim.
UA3 lemed for a term of year the larjfe new Br irk
lluiMing jttst rnmpletid for a Hotel, Bituiitcd
wtirsin a few yards of the PmBcnr-jr PUtronn. fruntinff
the Depot of both the Kant Tennessee ami lleorK.H and
Cast Tennessee sn.l Virginia Kail Roads, about tlie same
distunce from eAch and much nearer and more con
venient to the Road than any other Hotel, hesidei A
laving of Hack or Ouinlhm hire.
1'assenvers who wish to take the tnjre for Mnntvnle
Pprinjrs, or tn Ktntm ky, hy way of Clinton, will he call
ed for promptly, every departure for either place, by
the Stage.
Thi? Proprietor does not think It necessary to say he
has kept a I'uhlia House any where, as sometimes old
doeunientt are dangerous things. He Is detrrmint-d
on making this a cumfortahle House for those who mav
give him a rftll. July 5,ttf-4t2
THIS House Is now open for the Accommodation o'
the traveling public, nnd particularly for tlmm
having buslntst. to transact (n Macon, an it Is central.
H. P. ItKhlUNd, Proprietor,
march 97-IM44 B. F. DENSK, Superintend'!.
raiHKuhovA named House, situated within a short
JL distance of the Athens ! pot, Is now open for the
reception of travelers. Pernonn traveling on the Knst
Tenn can- and fleonria Bail Itoad, and stopping At
Athens, will An4 this Honte more conveniently situated
than any other. The subucriher pledges himself to use
his utmost exertions to give satisfaction and to render
comfortal all who may favor him with their patron
age. Athens, Dec IU-tf-480 JAS. 8. BRIDGES.
IjEUTY'S ecotel,
101 m,
THtR!lknown House has been newly fitted up with
bedding, furniture, Ac. The undersigned hns taken
eharge of it, and in Announcing himself for the public
palronags asks '-the tree to lit tented hy Its fruit," and
pledges hlfhself, hy an assiduous attention and a due
regard for the comfort and tastes nf his guests, they
shall he cured for and furnished with the hest the coun
try afford. He has aIho connected with the house the
large stable, sheds and lot, of Messrs. Taylor, Bridges k
Co., and will he prepared in that line.
Janll-8t-aSl WM. M. ALEXANDER, Proprietor.
1MIB subscriber ha on hnnd and will keep a supply
of COOK, BOX and PAKI.OK UTOVKH, of Kaatern
manufacture, and of the best and most approved pat
terns, which h will sell at cheap, If not cheaper, than
they can be priired of any other person.
. HisShop is st the West end of Main street, near the
corner of Church Alley, where he invites all who want
Stoves to call.
He also keeps on hand a supply of TIN WARR of
every dexcriptlon. And is prepared to put up Guttering,
Koofing, Ac, Ac at reasonable rates.
Athens, Aug .4-t WC4 JAS. C. CALHOUN.
Land Surveying?
Title Fxnminelnerd Wade;
J'Jt()'i:n JlOI'f.S OF. AIL KISbS OF
Hmrlilnerjr Put I'p find Worked !
Onlers for the shove promptly attcnrteil. nnd If by
mall .lirrfl "A liens, Tenn." U. A. I'llOCTOIt.
Oct 16-1WJI
1 ;.1H, Coffpe, Loverinp's Kine OoMen Syrup
(the ht tliat la maile In the worl.1,1 Hice, rifln,
Starch, Manilla Hope, I'eppfr. Hpire anil Olnfrcr, just
receive,! anil for sale by (Dctil) O. W. IIOSS.
Xi L S
Phcrnix Bitters.
f flUE host FAMILY MKDlrlNR now before the puh
1 He. for tlie cure of Scrofula, lilcers, Scurvy, ni
Kruptions of the Skit), Kever anil Aauie, llyspepla,
liroisy, anil inract niosiuiseases soon yield to their cu
rative properties.
It lias been computed that during: the last twenty.
fiva years upwards of Four Milliona of persons have
hern benefited hy the use of tlieee medicines; a fact
which speaks volumes in favor of their curative proper
ties sintrle trial will place them beyond the reach of
competl'iou in the estimate of every patient. Ity their
use the lllood is restored to a healthy state and freed
from all impurities. The system is not reduced during
their operation, hut invigorated, and they require no
restraint from business or pleasure.
Tlie afflicted have in these medicines a remedy that
will do for them all that medicine can posslhly effect.
Prepared by VY. II. Moffet, M. D., Proprietor, New
For sale In Athens hy GEO. V). ROSS.
Wheat and Flour.
rnKK uhicriWerfl have completed the most perfect
I arrangement thnt can he maile for the sale nf
Wheat and riottr, ana miring uie remainder ot ims
year will devote their attention almnnt exclusively to
the ante of the two articles, and they can aay to their
patroni, with certainty, that they will renlice as much
net money hy uhlpplnfr here a to any market beyond
Attnnta, aofl frill do It with letta rlk and In ahnrter
time. Aa to the peculiar advantftpes nf our market
every one In familiar who knnwn it locality.
Wtjwill aoe-'pt fUt Any bill- nn Wheat, puyahle here
or at Aujrusta, Tor three munnn me Viiine 01 unipmentu,
accompaaled hy Hall K"ul receipt. We think It ad
vtMiihlH foe uhlnnera of Flour to draw most of their hi Ha
nt 45 and V) dayt, more time U required for the tale
of Flour than for Wheal, ny reierence in nur weekly
revtewa of the market, puhlished in the Tenneanee pa
nen. yoli can alwaji know aeeurateiy whnt these art!
clei are worth. 8KA(0. AIIMOTT A CO.,
General Commission Merchants.
Atlanta, 0.. Aag 7, 1857 tf
Celebrated Flouring Will.
I RIN'DINO and Bolting at a single opera
UT tion. inch Stone Price 760 will
turn out 50 hhls. per day. 811 inch Stone
Price 1170(1 will turn out 40 bids, per day.
This Mill is the cheapest, most li tuple, du
rable and compart, requiring less power, less
attention, and makes a larger yield anl tiet
ter q.uality of Flour, than any other in use or
for sale. Jims can be seen running at Kings
ton. We also manufacture a very superior Corn
and Feed Mill npon the same principle
If any man will furnish me the power so
that I can run a 22 inch pulley SCO times a
minute, with 8 inch band, I will put up the
vim ani run it 30 ilaya it he will furnish ma
as much Wheat ns I can irrind In that time.
at ! per bushel and take the Flour at t per
iinrrei, i will givo him th Mill for the net
profits, after paying for the Wheat and all the
expenses of running, and leave the Mill in aa
good repair as it was at the beeinninir.
Address T1I0S. U. McF.LWKE,
Kiuptton, Trnn.
References aa to responsibility: Athens.
Chattanooga, and Kingston,
t Tho above Mills oan also be mtrchosed
of C. L. KINQ. llieevillt. Tenn.
Jn 1, 18.18-flm-84
4 1. A Rll V, lot, cri'P of 17, Just reeelved and fbr
4 K. saie u
Jan ill
Iteiad Tliia l
flltOM tha llr.i risy of January, IhM, we adopt
the ,Si tlimlh Cnxlit .System, anil will not
sell floods nn a loneer time. We have on hand and
will enntlnue tn keep a good assortment of Goods, and
will sell them at very low Itrurea. VY. find small profits
and iulck sales to he the hest plan, and
Mir motto l fa ll I
Cio--i-:ki roi'i i:i:it ni'i k i- !-Ju.t re
J eelved. a good let of the very hest Rio CnfTee. from
Haiti more and New Orli ana. One eup of this excellent
('olfe. will make you dream of "TI -lies of Ease." Call
soon, and brins ih. money with tou.and yon will ha
rlaaseit, snra. riar salt tiKO. Vf. ROna.
Chancery Court at .Tladiaon ville.
Josej'hiue Young,
Tliomas J. Younfj.
Wriginal Sill for Jtiiwce at.,1 .tiuiuny 1
IT appearing from the original till hle.l in
this cause that the said Thomas J. Young
is a oon resident of tlie State of Tennessee"
it is therefore oidered that publication be
made for four successive weeks in the Athens
Tost, requiring said non resident defendant
to personally appear at the next term of the
Chancery Court, to be held at the Court
house in Mailiseinville, Monroe county, Ten
nesse, on the first Muudny of June, 1858, thQ
and there to answer, pl. u.t or demur to com
plainant's said bill, or llie satin; will lie taken
for confessed and set for lieitritig accordingly.
lI.yoa.Sol J. A. COH'IN, C. J- M.,
Ky ( H. Xkal, n. c. M.
Muy 7, 1858-4t-prs fee ?8-50i
Richard 11. iearJen,
Uenry iMolittle njT'r. Sarah Ann, C. L.
Ward, Win.Mooij'iJlin 0. Kgnx, Anson
V. l'ursons. l)uvilr,'iiety, Oliver Ful
ler, tt alt.
IT appearing from the allegations contained
in the ordinal bill tiled in this case, that
all the nlmve named defendant are non-residents
of the State of Tennessee, it is there
fore ordered that publication be iiinde for four
succesrive weeks in the Athens I'ost, requiring
said non-residents personally to appear at the
next term of the Chaueery Court, to be held
at the Court house iu Miidisouville, Monroe
county, Tennessee, on the first Holiday of
June, 18S8, then and there lo answer, plead
or demur to complainant's said bill or the
same will be taken for confessed as to them,
and set for hearing accordingly.
J. A. COKK1N', C d- M.,
By C. li. Nkal, n. c. 4 at.
May 7, 1858-U-prs fee 13-502
John C. Dult and Sniah DulT,
Samuel A. DnlT. James II. Dulf, Emaline DulT,
aud Washington, John, Milliard, William
and Adaliue lJulf, minors, Jacob N. Dulf, tt
alt. ,
IT appearing from the allegations contnined
in the original bill tiled in this case, that
all the above named defendants ale non-residents
of the State of Tennessee, it is there,
fore ordered that publication be untile for four
successive weeks iu the Athens Post, a news
paper published in the town of Athens,
Mo M in ti county, Tenn., requit ing said non
residents personally to nppenr before the
Chancellor, nt the next term of the Chancery
Court, to be held at the Court-bouse in Madi-
sonville, Monroe county, Tennessee, on the
1st Monday of June, 18A8, then nnd there to
pleail, answer or demur to Said bill or judg
ment procoujettto will tie taken ngninst them,
and the cause set tor hearing accordingly,
lirown fc Cooke. Sols.
J. A. COFFIN, C. d- .V.,
!y,C B. Neai, ri. c. it.
Mny 7, 1858-4t-pr fee 3-602
1'K request ail persons indebted to us to setMe same
on or hefore I st Juntinrv next. We will lukj. llonit
Yi heat at the regular market price.
Uec 18, "M A. CLKAGE k CO.
Chancery Court nt Miidixonvillc.
Benjamin F. liurksdule,
T. A. TTarksdnle, James W. Hnrksdale, Sarah
A. Willis and her husband James II. Willis,
Fanny U Willis ami her husband I., li,
Willis, and Mitry J., Imisa (I. and Nanev
O. Barksdale, minors, nnd Mary S. Hnrks
dale, widow and Guardian of said minor
and others.
IT appearing from the allegations of the
original bill tiled in this case, that all the
above mimed defendants are non residents of
the State of Tennessee, it is therefore order-
ad that publication be made for four siteces
sive weeks in tli Athens Int, requiring said
non-resiilents to personally appear at. Ih
next term of the Chancery Court., to be held
at the Court-house in Mudisonville, Monroe
county, Tennessee, on the 1st Mondny of June,
IHA8, then nmi there to answer, plead or de
inur to s uJ bill, or the same will be tnken
for onnfeesed us to them and set for hearing
I Brown 4 Cooke, Sols.
J. A. COFFIX. C. tM..
By C. B. Nkal, n. o. u.
April 80, 18fi8-4t-prsfee ?3-601
Wm. Dyer and David Lowery,
Isam Watson, Guilford Cannon, Abraham
Weaver and T. (. Ilnrvev.
IT appearing from the allegations of the
original injunction bill liled in this cause,
that Isam Watson, one of the above named
defendants, has removed beyond the limits of
tlie Mate ol lennessee, it is I heieliire order
ed that publication be made for four sucecs
etve weeks in the Athens I'ost, a newspaper
ptidiisiieil in tlie town ot Athena, Me.Minn
county, Tennessee, requiring said non resi-
uent lo appear nt the next Term of our Chan
eery Court, to be field nt the Court house in
Madisonville, Monroe county, Tennessee, on
the 1st. Monday of June, 1868, then and there
to answer, pleail or demur to saitl bill, or
the same will be tnken for confessed ns to
him and heard accordingly.
Vaughn 4 Ktiltin, Sols.l
J. A. COFFIN C. if..
By 0. H. Nkal, ii. o. m.
April 80, 18S8-4t-pr fee tA-SVl
John llightower,
Catharine Cunningham, widow, and Henry
Marshall, Margaret Jane, Phillip, Susan
A'l ul i n h. Klizabeth, James Hastings, Wil
ham and Susan Ann Cunningham, heirs at
law of David Cuuuiiighum, dee'd, and
TT appears from the allegations contained
1. in the original bill tiled in this cause, that
all the nbove named defendants reside in the
Slnte of Arkansas, publication is therefore
ordered to be made for four successive, weeks
in the Athens I'ost, a newspaper published in
the town of Athens. McMinn ooiiutv. Tennes
see, requiring said non-resident defendants
rsotially to appear at the next term of our
Chancery Curt, to be held at the Court
house in Madisonville, Mourns county, Ten
nessee, on the 1st. Mondny of June, 1858, and
plead, answer or demur to complainant's said
bill or judgment pro confeitn will be token
against thorn and the case let for hearing ac
W. L. Eakin, Hoi.
J. A. COFFIN', C. A St,
By C. B. Nkal, ii. u. u.
April SO, 16S8-lt-prs fee til Sol
Nancy Marshall,
Henry Marshall, and Wm. II., Martha J.,
John W. and Mary J. Marshall, minor chil
dren of John W. Marshall, deceased.
IT appearing from the alias amended bill
filed by complainant In this case, thnt
Wm. II., Martha J., John W. and Mary C.
Marshall, minor defendants as aforesaid, re
side in the State of Texas, publication is
therefore ordered to be made for four
successive weeks in the Athens I'ost, is
qiiiriug anid non-resident defendants to
appear nt the next term of our I liaiifl'-ry
Court, to be held at the Court-house in Madi-
onville, Monroe county, Tennessee, on the
1st Monday of June. 1858, and plead, answer
or demur to poinplninnitt'a smd bill, or the
same will lie set for hearing pro eonfetto and
heard accordingly.
Kakin 4 Wright, Sola.
J. A. COFFIN, C. it M.,
By C. II. Nkal, d. o. m.
April 80, lS.18-4t-prs fee -3-601
Premium Jack.
-"pnE rremitim Jack, DICK BRADLEY,
1 will stand the present season at mv plan-
ation on I.itne Tennessee Uiver, Monroe
ootmty. For Jennets tf, imtirance.
l'asturaga will be furnished at SO ots. per
week, and feed at fl per week.
Dick Bradley is the largest Jack in East
Tennessee; has tnken the first premium at
every Fair at which he lina been exhibited
at Knoxville in 18,14; at London in 1859, and
nt Knoxville the same year.
RiverSide, March 2, l8i-2m IV6
New Firm and New Goods.
CALIUtO', ti:,..
4 Bf: receiving and opening, in their large
1 new Store House, one of the' largest
and uest selected stocks of
Fall and Winter fjooda
ever opened in Fast Tennessee. The assort
ment it complete, embracing every thing the
iieui'm iieeu in me way ol
1 Ii Y GOO D S.
0 VTL E It Y,
I1 A I NT S,
OILS, de., de.
The Goods were bought low, having had
the advantage of the great pressure iu the
New York money market, and of eonrse they
will be sold the same way. Call aud ee for
yourselves. Oot -tf-17
Tlirosliers !
T TtOt'LD Jim inform all trhowi.h I. huy Threshers
m lor the coming; y-;,.,,,, that the,- should call and give
in their orders, a. It I, nm ,hey wm. IOI:j,
that I am prepared to mali. a fuvorshle arrairement
with all who wl.h to huy. u K. ItKr UKIt.
Athens, Jan. 9, '67-tf
Rates of Through Freight
l uarioMoii, Siivmnitiii, .4iiKuia and
Kut Tnmcee S JUeorgia UU Road.
MlttT (T.ASK.
I'lnno Korte., Hooks, ttutlonerv. Hoots,
fliots. Huts, Liquor., Oils.'ac., (In
bottles.) iruniplit'tie and Spirits Tur.
peutlii(in barrels, K'arpetinx, China.
I'lii.aiHi i,iuswnre,t'iirnr.(in cases, l
t'loclts,Coiift'i-tionurics,t'ollon t'urd.',
Cn.ks nnd lloxes, Dry tJootls (in hux
es and hales.) Dmes, I'rults, Krnlt
Trees anil Shruhherr. e'urs. Ilr,l,.
feeds, LnokiiiK (ilurscs and Lookinvl
ia i i.in, (m owner's rl.li.) Oys
ters (in cans anil Jars,) Saddlery, Tin
ami lirilanniuVtnre, Teas and Spices
Georgia and South Carolina Domes.
tics per l"o Ihs
SKCtlMl n.A":
Hardware, exept such us specified In
first and third classes. i',.ir.. tni.
Molasses, Machinery, Fnrelen Liquors
(in barrels and pipes.) Tobacco (in
boxes.) Leather (in rolls and boxes,)
Oils (iu barrels and casks,) Crtckery
and QueeiiKii,re(in crates nnd casks,')
Kice. Whitlni, Plaster, Sheet llrasi
anu copper per IIHIIhs ...
Axes, Susar, Shovels. Siuidea. Ss,1 Irons
I'll and Har Iron, Zinc and Tin (in1
plis,) Tin Plate, Anvils, Vices. Nails,
Casks of Chains and Hoes, Manilla
and Cotton Cnnlai-e, Cement, Coffee,
Heavy CaslluKs, Mill (lenrlnir, Rail
Koad Wheels and Axles, Chairs and
Spikes, anil Koain (in barrel.) per
' H iKC I A L Vt AT r'S.
Furniture and Carrlaires (hnxed.l and
u,er iimii articles not enumerated:
also, Carhova r Acids or other Chem
icals, will he charred by actual weiaht.
" u,uu,e ur.i class rates per
loo 11.. 1
llW t,B2
einiric i-acxaires of inn pounds and under, will be
von, kv ceins on eacn Itoad.
articles not enumerated in the ahove rates will k
iiibjeet to classillcation by the Agent at the point of
Ormhargn to he promptly settled hy Airent deliv
erlne the o-oods.
Damages tn he settled hy Superintendent Transpnr-
" ' '" oo H,Krni rrom his decision on
the part of conni-ctino- Itonrl..
In enses of lltlcated damaircs. each Road entitled to
chariie local rates from point of shipment to destination,
floods must be well and securely put up and plainly
i;i.iKoee,oesiinaiion,anu Depot
of delivery.
This Tlironrh Rite does not affect the Local Rates of
x'l reuruarv, i--ii.
Through Rales on-peclfled articles from Nashville,
o I'lo.iir,,.-,, ..inrcii, iT-iu, ih conitrmeu and contin
ued. Ample notice will he civen of any contemplated ad-
tuiicc on ine .move rates. K. c. JAt KSO.N
Pup't Trans. Fast Tenn. A Oa. Kail Koad
Knoxville, .tune lt, lMT-tf-sM
M-JS.-A large lot, suitable
at ior ,,:iiis, i-.-n nir, .c.,lor .ale.
0cl I".'''' McKH tN a GILLESPIE.
N X3 w r I R 1VI .
I1K0 leave to announce lo their friends that they
have formed a partnership for the purpose of carrying-on
the .Mercantile Itu.iuess, aa dealers in
Dry Goods, cfeo.,
in the house formerly occupied by W. 0. Morton k Co.,
under the name and style of
II O It T O . A II It A IV.
Jan s-l-f
Forest Hill Academy.
U. L. YOItK, Principal.
rrUK Hprlnfr PcPRion f this institution will
onen on
February inat.
Term ofyeeilon, twenty
First Has tgfloo
Heronrt " , it on
Third !!!!l2!(X)
1'ayaMe nne-hntr in advance. Nn
enter the School without a Ticket sitrneil hy Secretary.
No deduction made for lost time, unless In case of pro
tracted sicknew. A contingent fee of fl per session
will he chanrtMl. Hy order of the I!onrd.
Feb iy-tMUl T1IU8. A. CLKAOE, Sec'y.
N l'i IV FITX f.OOI)S!
aTOW offer to their eil.toinee. aorf Ih n,.hll
ally, an unusually large stock of
Staple .and Fancy Dry Goods,
all of which have been carefully selected, anil are es
pecially adapted to the wants of this market. Their
stock of l.iid iiH llr-a.M '.ioiIn surpass any thins
of the kind they have ever offered for sale.
They have also an elerant assortment of Cloths.
Casslmers and Vesting. Hots, Caps, Hoot, and Shoes.
A very full assortment of every description of
lt:iil)-Vnln lotlilstir.
Also, a large lot of Hardware. Oileensware. Culhsrv.
Family (irocenes. Spic.?s, Ac.
tlur terms are favorable, and when you start out to
purchase your Full floods plesse give us a rail, and we
are confident an examination will verify what we have
laid. Oct a
New Wagon Maker's Shop.
AouM Siilrof th Bridge,
At Ill-UN, T en in,
fS prepared to make all kinds of Wagons, on short
notice and In the best style from a Wheelbarrow
up to the largest Itoad Wagon. All new work warrant
ed. All kinds of Kepairltig done on short notice, and
with the best nialerlal. Call In, gentlemen, and judge
i,,r your.rivi-s.
He would be thankful for the neertfid due for work
already done. jHn 8-tf-l8S
jVXflolllxi.O VV OX-llLa.
fl'MIK siiliaorilier woul.l respectfully an
1 noiinoe to tlie citizens of Alliens nnil the
ptililic irenerallr, that he is now in operation
and prepared torlo
of every description in his line, and would
therefore solicit orders from all those who may
..... i t . i. i i
want anyining oi me, Kinn.
lie is now easting and has for sale dif
ferent siites of the (ilolie, or Air-tiirlit Cook
Stoves, furnished omplte; various sir.es ol
Parlor, Nine 1'lale, I'hanitier, Ofliceand Shop
Stoves. Also, Hollow Hare; Wallle Irons;
I'lottifhs, ri(lit and loft hnnd.
Also, the ktlifore Spiral or Incline Water-
Wheel, which will saw from two to five thou
sand feet per day. t II kinds of
fit ted up iii the hest and most durable manner,
and upon short notice.
Also, iron iianiiiK oi every description.
He is also prepared to do all kinds of
Brass easting.
Thelnu'liest Caslt price will he paid for
OI.TlOnlTKR. C. Z I MM Kit. MAN.
P. 8. There is connected with the Works
an excellent Pattern Maker, eo that persona
wishing castings oan have pattern! made to
order. C. Z.
Athens, Tenn.. July 18, 185 tf 408
I'ullenre Una llnil Her I'crtcrt Work.
I,I. those Indehtrd to me would do wpII to come up
on or before the l.t day of January, iNAi. You
may sava co.l. And take further aotlee, that no more
accounts will be mads after that day; so, If you want
any thing In the vnv of medicine, you had better bring
the cah; and if a small article, the change.
iic a m. mniNg.
4r; Af'KS but II In ( nrfeo nn hand and for
fjaalrhy lebJS f. K. Ill liUKIt.
THE undersigned would respectfully Jn
form the eoiisuniers of Wrought Iron,
that they are now manufacturing a
Superior Article of Iron,
ueb as Wairon Tyre, Btiecy Tvre, Horse
shoe Iron, iiand "iron, Hound and Square
Iron, all sizes of Flat Iron, from three-fourths
of an inch in width up to three inches, by
all the various thicknesses, from three-sixteenths
of an inch and upwards. Also, rounds,
from rive-eighths of an inch up to one and
half inches; squares, from one-half inob to
one and a quarter inches all of which tbey
flatter themselves that they can make equal,
in poiut of finish and pood quality, to any
that is made in the States. Having been en
gaged in the business upwards "of thirty
vears, and thereby acquired a thorough
knowledge of the manufacture of iron, in all
its branches, by which they hope to give en
tire satisfaction lo those who ue their Iron,
All orders addressed to thetu will be prompt
ly attended lo. r
3?" ilaj. A. Wall is the only authorised
aniii to receive orders for our establishment.
February 12, 1 85S-I v-490
House an (I Lot for Sale af London.
I WILL sell, on a credit of six, twelve and
eighteen months, on approved paper a
DWhl.l INO lit H;SK, with two good rooms,
and Kitchen detached from main building,
and a quarter acre Lot. It is conveniently
situated to water, churches, schools, Ao. ft
can be bought low, aa 1 am going West and
am determined to sell. For particulars, ap.
ply to Messrs Smith A Harden, Ltiudou, or
to me at Alorganton, Tenn.
March 28, 185tt-2n)l!ift
Maryland Slate Lotteries.
R. FRANCE k CO., Managers,
Caution Notioo.
PFItfONS living at a distance should be eitrtmsfr
cautious of whom they order Lottery Tickets or
Certiorate, of Packages of Tickets. The country la
flooded with bogus and swindling Lotteries. Kvery In
ducement Is held out to get persona to invest money In
them, ('apltul Prises of from S'Jll.lHill to f Itl.lllH) h-ad
their schemes with tickets at due Wftllar. S100,(K
Capital Prlies are offered, tickets ,V All such, in every
instance, are (rands ; and if money Is sent to them for
tickets, It Is so much thrown awav without the shadow
of a chance for getting a prise, llewara of all Lotte
ries where the Capital I'rlie I. unusually large In com
parison to the price of tickets. In every Instance
where large prises are offered for a small cost wf tick
ets, put it down as a certain fraud.
The Kentucky Plate Lottery for the heneflt of the
Shelby College, miller our management, Is the only Lot
tery In the I'nlted Slates which is legally decided by
the Maryland Ilrawitigs; all other Lotteries which pur
port to be decided by the .Maryland llrawlngs are
Tlie lUnryliinrl Stale Lotteries.
Purchase in the Maryland State Lotteries, then yott
are sure of being right. And In ordering In the .Mary,
land Lotteries, you are sure of fair and honest draw
ings. One thing look to. nnd that Is, If you order from any
licensed vender in llallimore, do not receive any hut
Managers' Ticksl. and Managers' Printed CerllOcatea
of rackagrs. The Managers' Certificates have the
numbers printed, and have the llthogrnpcd signature of
H. France A Co.
No one has a right to send his Individual eertldcates,
and if tic does it, be sure there Is a fraud at thr bottom
of it. R. FIIANCK k CO.,
Managers of Maryland State Lotteries,
Feb 19-flm-40l
Male and Female Academy
iHoiiftc ( rt't k, IMc-Mimi ro., Trim.
'THE uinitrrlnrd, Trustee., lake ileflntire In n-
1 iiount'iiifr tti llir friend of tins Inniitute, and tin
puMic K'Tjerall.T, thnt their limine in now completed, nrii
tlmt they have enirntrt'd tlte services of l'rofensnr J. H.
HlSilOl1, of Va.. who comes highly reciniimended by
President K. K. Wiley, of Kmnry nnd Henry Olleft-e, as
a thoroUKh Knirlixh, mHtheinntfriil and clanolcitl frhnlar,
of flood moral and relipimif reputation. Having spent
& trreat portion of Ms life in tin inxtrurtion of youth,
they feel no henit.ine.v in snylnjr that Mr. Bishop poi
se Hues all tlie requisite qtmlineations of such an In
structor as will assuredly remit tn the advancement
and improvement of thoae roininttted to his care. Tha
Institute Im situated !n the midst of a beautiful jrrnTe,
on a small tin ine tire and reitr n fine spring, one-fourth
of a mile North of Mouse Creek Depot.
The KiMt Sen-don will conuueuce on Monday, tlie 8th
day of February next.
Per &iiov of 21 veel ,iinntlU ti-hnlfin artrancf
tfi tmtanc at riunt of the iution :
OrHmcrJ.p.iy, Heuilintr, Writhitf mid Arltliii
Arithmetic, ()eoraphy, (.rummer, riii.l1
u.Miory, conitmnmnn and Dee ainnl nn a tux"
Physinlotry, Antrorminr. (ieometry, Al hra, fiiir- '
vvylnjr and nnd hijrher hrnmhes of Mathematlc,10 00
I.aniru nires and lielles-I.ettrrs
Hoarding in (rood fMinilies, convrnlent to'the'Acade
my, Tor the sum of f 1,2ft p,-r week, WAPhfn extra. No
si it i le nt admitted without a ticket I Kurd by Dsvid Neal,
Treasurer. No student admitted for less than half sti
sinn, itnd im deduction for lost time except In cases of
protracted sickness. J. K. HHKItMAN
W. A. RTEPffENg,
Jim 29-flm-4S
Notice to Shippers of Freight.
insasruaTiTios uepahtmikv K. TRsg.a o. R. rt.Co. 1
Athens. Aug. 19. 1KA7 f
rilMIB Company wllldellver any FrelvM. received In.
W to their llipots.ln a reasonahla time. ih.
terminus of their Koad at flatten to the owners or their
agents (not ours,) thesr paying chareca aa pr tariff and
receiving the freights on day of atrlval at Dalton. This
Company does not propose either to store freights or
deliver to the Western A Atlantic llall Road, nnleasths
owners have made arrangement, with said Road to re.
eelve the same. Cars cannot he detained beyond a few
houra for transhipment or storage.
Iti making shipments as above every faculty In Ihs
power of the ofnoers of the Company will be extended
to shippers. Reyonil tlie end of their rails tlvey bare
no eontrol and assume no responsibility.
nun n-ii ii k. u. J AUh.Mj.1 , Bup'l Trans.
Hard Times f owe at Last !
Il'-J-JI i'1 "y IP n.11 and
Ga-OOolSM. 1111,1 "ellltig thrill olf cht-uo. t am
taking the paper of all the Free Hanks, and nearly all
ef the Htock Hunks, at par, for (iooils. Those holding
any of It would do well to give me a call soon. If they
want good bargains. Oct H UKO. W. ROSS.
Howard Association,
A Benerolent Iilftilutlim, mtuhlithril t,y tpeHal eft-
ajtictrtl uith Vindrnt and Kjitdemio Diteiuet.
I'll all persons afflicted with Urinal Diseases, such si
tpermatorrhua, 8emliial Ueaknesa, Impotence,
flonorrlia-a.tileet, Fypbllia, the Vice ofOaanl.m.o
Helf Abuse, Ac, Ac.
The Howard Association, In vlewof the awful destrue.
tion of human life, caused by Hernial lliseases, and the
deceptions practised upon the unfortunate victims of
such diseases hy Quacks, several years age directed
their Consulting tturgenn, as a charitable act worthy
their name, toupen a llispensury for the treatment ol
this class of din axes, In all their forma, and to give
ilttllcul udrtt f gralit, to all who apply hy letter, with
a description of their condition, (age, occupation, hab.
its nf life, Ac.,) and In cases of exrlrme poverty, to
needless to add that the Association commands the
highest Medical skill or the age, and will furnish Ihs
most approved modern treatment.
The Itirectors, on a review nf the past, fett assured
that their labors In this sphere of benevolent effort
hav. been of great benefit b th aflllclMl. Malallr
to the young, and they have resolved to devote them,
selves, with renewed seal, to this very Importaut bat
much despised cause.
Just published, hy the Association, a Report on flper.
matorrhnia, or Hemiiial Weakness, the vice of Onanism.
Masturbation or Helf Abuse, and other diseases rf the
Hexual Organs, hy the Consulting Surgeon, which will
be sent by mail, (In a scaled envelope,) free of cliarf e.
n the receipt of two stamps for postage.
Address, for Report or treatment, llr. OKORflR R.
Cil.llol'N, Consulting Rurgeon. Howard Association,
No. i South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa.
lly order of the Directors.
Kra I, HliSTWsix, President.
0n. FusciilLD, Secretary. Feb 5-ly-s.i.
fWOt'lin Inform persons wanting Threshers thatl
have several dllferent styles of Morse Pow.rs, sn.n
a. I think equal, If not superior, to any In Ihe country.
Persons wishing any thing of the kind will call at Ihe
Athens Foui iry where the machines can ba seen.
There Is a gteat saving ta (frsnns purohasing where
they canh af the use nf the patterns In case any pass
of the m a,' W e shtinM break. Call and ace I'rlca
moderate. Jan -lf 0. Zl.MMf RMAN.
U l II II I' T Ii: V. Rills of the Ranks
of Taiewell, Claiborne, Trrtilnn, J.-ITer.on, Hhrl
byville, Lawrenceburg and Knniville, will be laken at
7.1 cents per dollar for goods, and Til centa In payment
of debts. Persons owing us will do well to avail them
aelvea of this opportunity to pay In unctirrent funds.
Farm for Sale,
TIIEsulisoriher liesires tn fell her Farm, In
tlie neigliliorlionil of Alliens. It is situ
ate on the rtiail loading In Ilentnn, about two
miles from tlie Athens Depot, and contains
sums 400 aorea, a portion of it tuiHor itniirnve
nient, ami the balance is well tiniliereil.ant ail
well adapted tn onltivatinn. There are sev
eral Springs of pood water on the Farm, and
plenty of Krtiit Trees. Also, comfortable
Jlweliiai; House, Negro Houses, ie. I'ersons
dcairinc to purchase can ohlsin a linrrjain.
Athens, Muiuh 2n, lt)57-tf-ll

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