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Trmi:-1 rr. parsMe alnee.
17" No .-r .liroiillno-d sntil ll arreariRea r
psiil, Irrpl si me option of lh eubllslier.
Announcli. nsraes of rsn.liilsles for ofRee SA,
OI1.lu.r7 Notices over 11 hDM,chrnl al Ihe regular
advertising ratei. .
All communlr.llon. Intend l promote
ends or Inter,!, of rorp-irsllolis. lm-llt. SkuoolS
Jit Idusls, IU bt ctiarg-l u nUirlisneDUL
jTHEXm tltllA V.OC'T. IS, 186s).
Half Fare. Paesengers tuck ft"
ths Esstero Division Fair at Knoxvillo, will
bs curried over the East Tennessee and
Georgia Railroad at half the usual fare.
Change or Schedule.- The Schedule
for running Ihe East Ternessee end Geor
gia Railroad lias been changed, taking effect
last Tueaday. See Table next page.
Eastern Division Fair Commence! at
Knoxville next Tuesday (19th) and will con
tiuue four drtya. All the wor'd, hi wile, lis
ten end daughters me expected to be there.
Front seats reserved for the Indies.
(If Jesse O. Wallace, of Blount county,
lias been called 011, through the Maryville
paper, to run for the vacant Judgeship in the
Third Circuit.
- fti.TH. We regret to hear of the demiae
of James Smith, Circuit Court Clerk of folk
county. He died st his residence in Renton
few deyt since, lie was an etlicient officer
en honest and good man.
We are afraid the correspondent who
sends us the short soaount of the Cleveland
Fair is disposed to indoles in a little irony.
We have known "L'nole Ned" for ten years,
and we are free to say that wo have always
found him the same attentive, clever and ur
bane gentleman, and richly meriting the re
spect and consideration he invariably re
ceives from his friends and acquaintances.
Attempt at Suicide. We lenrn that
Isaiah Smith, living near John's river, Mc
Minn county, hurijt, himself on Monday last,
but was discovered before life was extinct,
and restored. DomcHtic nfflictions are said
to have causnd the rush attempt.
Emigration. There is a pretty considera
ble tide of emigration now setting West
ward from Kant Tennessee. Most of those
who nro selling out and forsnking their "old
homesteads," are what ore called "good
livers" "people well to do In the world."
But they go in search of richer lands and
more of them. I .el us hope that they may
find these, and, ulsn, an nluionphere as pure
and healthy as that which pervadei the hills
nnd valleys they nro lenving behind them.
mor has it that an attempt at highway rob
bery was made, a couplo of miles above this
place, one night Inst week. A gentleman who
had been tu the country and was returning at
late hour, was stopped on the road and
commanded to "stand and deliver!" but upon
presenting one of Colt's Revolvers in the di
rection of the highwayman's head, the latter
turned, and, as (Jen. Jackson said of theKen
tuckiuns at New Orleans, "ingloriously fled."
TIIC rubbai Is aufpo4 W lMp.e il4
had been loitering about town fW a tew days,
and who told a citizen that he belonged in
New York, and had at one time beeu a mem
ber of the police of that eity.
Correction. The "naughty Knoxville
wife," spoken of in a paragraph from a Phil,
adelphin paper, copied Inst week, turns out
to belong to another locality. It should have
read, " A Naughty Memphis Wife." Die
parity of ages, nofincompatibility of temper,"
Was at the bottom of the dillieulty. At last
advices, the husband and his "naughty" con
tort had made up and were "all light on the
First is ths Field. Our whilom friend,
Taz. W. Newman, announces himself in the
Winchester paper at a candidate for the State.
Senate from Franklin and Lincoln counties.
Tsz. must believe there is something in tak
ing time by the foretop. He is one of the
real radical, hard-ehell democrats, nnd be
lieves Lycurgus, of irtm-uioney .memory, the
greatest financial light that ever beamed up
on the world, except Ar.dy Johnson. We
certainly don't wish Mr. Newmou any thing
but prosperity and happiness, but we trust
be may be left out of the next Legislature,
Hie iWd-iiioney and anti-bank notions ought
to prevent his election.
Wo loam, subsequently, that Dr. J. J
Aberualhy has also announced himself as a
oandidate for the State Senate from the coun
ties of Franklin and Lincoln.
Tut Const. The reader will find an In
teresting article on the outsido of our paper
in regard to tho Comet. For several nights
past the heavenly visitor has been obscured
from view by Ihe envious clouds. It is now
tlx weeks since it made its appearance. The
astronomers say that it will disappear from
our horizon about the close of the present
month on its long journey into space, and
that thousands of years will elapse before
the eye of man will again beheld it. Within
the last few weeks millions have gazed upon
it the larger number with thoughtless curl
oaity, and some with that enquiring spirit
which seeks to giasp the mysteries of Cren
tion and fu'.hotn the impenetrable depths of
the Great Mind that formed the heavens and
the earth, and all tilings therein. And long
ere it returns again not one thing now living
will reuiuiu. Ths myriuds of human beings
the kings and potentates of the earth, the
captains and mighty mon, as well as the ten
ants of tho lowly thntcli and cottage allf all
will have passed away, and even the stones
which living affection resrs nbove the depart
d, will have crumbled to dust Every thing
perishes, and yet nothing is loat annihilat
ed. Change, Decay, Re-prnduotioo! What
thought, had our pen the ability to trace it
"Nakiivills Daily News." Ws should, at
n earlier day, have aoknowladged our obli
gations to the proprietors of ths A'atknll
Aries for a copy of the daily issue of their
paper. It is an excellent sheet; and we take
pleasure in commending it to all who msy de
sire a paper from the State Capital. Price,
of Daily, par annum, 16,00 la advanae;
Weekly issue, 2,00.
Wsatukb After a "long dry spell" our
seetion hss been favored with good rains, so
that the farmers oao now get on witb their
seasonable employments. 1
We lesrn that this honorable body ie ra
pid'y- bringing its labors to a close for tbe
present term. A gentleman in alteadanea
riles us that several questions of great in
terest have been adjudged, and others are
yet under their consideration. They have
decTJed that any foreigner who has become
fully naturalised voder the lawe nf the Uni
ted Stales, must remain a resident of the
county, after bis naturalization, for the space
of six months next preceding Ihe election,
before he is.authoiixrd to vote. It is a well
known provisioa of law that natural born
citizens removing from one county to ano-
, j. .1 -..,1..
ther, are required to remain there e.x months
before they can vote. When a foreigner has
become a citizen he is now required to con.
tinue his residence in the county for the
same length of time, snd then he can vote,
snd not until then. Thus the practice of
manufacturing voters in Tennessee on the
eve of an lection, ia deemed to be illegal;
and an additional and much needed safegusrd
is thrown around the ballot box. The opinion
of the Court, we learn, was well considered
and unanimous. Vote-makers, vote-buyers,
and those w ho have fattened upon the cor
ruptions of the bllot-box, may object to this
decision; but Certainly it wilt be hailed as a
just exposition of Ihe rights of the real peo
ple by all who love their country more titan
mere party.
We are also informed that the Court re.
fused to issue a scire facias against the Bank
of East Tennessee, The charter of that in
stitution provides that when the Legislature
shall be of opinion that this Dank had vio
lated its charter, and shall express that opin.
ion by joint resolution, directing proceedings,
that the Attorney General may then make
application to the Supreme Court, who shall
issue scire facias requiring the Rank to ap
pear and show cause why the charter should
not be declared forfeited. It is further pro
vided that the questions of fact shall be tried
by a jury. The Court, in construing the
Constitution in reference to their organiza
tion and powers, declared that the Supreme
Court of this Stale has no original jurisdic
tion, nnd cannot issue process by which a
suit ia to be instituted and conducted before
it, either by jury trial or otherwise; that it
ouly has power to review, correct, and en
force the judgments and decrees of inferior
Courts, brought beforo it by appeal and upon
writs of error. This provision of the char
ier of the Hank wss therefore unconstitu
tional. The Dank is, consequently, exempt
ed from this statutory mode of proceeding;
but it is still liablo to sll the common law
remedies, which sre abundant and unembar
rassed, and are being prosecuted in the
Courts, by parties interested, at tho present
The Washington Union. There Is one
thing President Buchanan will have to do be
fore he can achieve any reputation for his ad
ministration thai is, to get rid of Ihe Wash
ington L'nion kick it down stairs and into
llm streets, if there is no other wav. No
President c in have nny identity with such 1
mendacious shout snd maintain his self re
spect. Tho NeW York Herald, In the palm'
iost days of Blnckmailisin, never displayed
half so much venality and reckleaaneas. We
know but little of its editors further than is
developed by their writings, but if their dai
ly effusions is an index of the workings of
tho inner temple, it is quite evident that their
morals need ventilating badly.
MT The niggers are to have a "Great Na
tional Constitutional Convention" at Cincin-
nail on tho 34th nnd 25th of November, to
"deliberate upon de condition of de colored
population," and to devise wsya and means
to bring them into political equality "with
uoor while folks." They siy two-thirds of
every Congress is taken up in discussing the
question, "What shall we do with the nig.
ger?" and it ia about time "nigger should ax
himself dat question" specially as Congress
does not seem likely to solve it
Duration or Human Lire A writer in
"Life Illustrated" is proving that "human
beings never did and never could live 1000
por even 900 years," and "that ths longest
known human life (supposing the antedilu
vian years to have been wasont, or quarter
years) did not reach 250 years; and no life
since the period of Abraham has sxceeded 206
years," Consequently the alleged ages of
Methusslah and those other "old boya" who
lived before ths flood, are wrong.
f-There is a love lorn youth at Chatta
nooga addressing lines to "Lizzie" through
the columns of one of the papera of that oity.
We quote a sample, as follows:
To think of thee, shall ever be
The business of my life;
In social glco, in festive spree,
Aud dark perplexing strife."
If that dou't fetch "Lizzie" to the right
about crinol ine and all, then, aa Jack Falatalf,
or somebody else, says, "there is no virtue
in thin potations."
N'rw Goon. Our merchants generally are
receiving their supplies of Kali and Winter
floods, and as far ss we hsve had an oppor
tunity of examining they have displayed no
little taate snd judgment in thsir selection.
The advertisements of several of the larger
and better houses will be found in our eol
umns, and to them the reader is referred for
particulars. '
f We stated last week that the Southern
Cilii'n, Knoxville, would be removed to
Washington City after the middle of Novem
ber. We should have stated, also, that there
will be no interruption in the publication of
the paper.
Arkansas. It is stated in letters that sn
unusual amount of sickness is prevsiling
among the "new settlers" in Arkansas in
some neighborhoods whole families dying.
Hr The New York papers or the llth
reached us on Wednesday al half past 13, p.
m. The Augusts Dispstch of Ihe eauie date
came to hand Wednesday night B o'clock.
Tns Christian SpiaiTDALisf." We have
received the Brat number of a new hi month
ly puhliestien, at Macon, called the Chrittum
Spiritualist, edited and published by Dr. I,
K, W. Andrews. It is devotsd to the sluei-
datiou and dsfanos of ths spiritual philoso
phy. It is s neat looking sheet. Pries 1 2,00
per annum in advanee.
l-JTThe New York papers of the llth
quote Tennessee State Bonds al 91. j
The New York Herald has aa artic's opon
the attitude of certain Southern prints snd
politicians, that is worthy of attention, per
haps, sa evidencing that ths "I-itlW Giant,"
whether successful or defeated in Illinois,
is to be taken back into the Regular Fold
snd, it may be, mads the candidate of the
Party in I860:
The Illinois Contest Mr. IhitgUts, the
Sinukern Fire-Eaters and the Vresidenhal
Succession. There is something very extra
ordinary snd very significant in the sympa
thy which now prevails so extensively among
ths Southern lire-enters in behalf of Mr.
Senator Douglas at this important crisis to
rnmssii anu ine minoia urniocracv. i ne
Rieh d Enquirer, the central org.n r
1! tr , .i : - A .
lior.rnor wise, lias irum ine brginomg 01
Ihe Lrcomiiton rupture sustained ths rebel
lious Senatr; but has surprised nobody, in
asmuch as Governor Wise, from Ihe outket
boldly aud without reserve has occupied
t!is same position as Senator Douglas. But
when we find the late intrncnble and bel
ligerent organ of the Snulhern snti-Dong-las
lcompton fire-eaters, the Richmond
South, and many of Ihe leading uruclea nnd
organs of thai faction, from Virginia to Mis
sisnippi, among the warmeat iu their expres
sion of sympathy for Ihe cauae of'llie Little
Giant," there is evidently a new movement
afoot looking beyond the exigencies ot
tiie preseut day and the existing administra
tion. -
To the Southern fire-eater, w ho preaches
Ihe protection of slavery as the lest question
of democracy, and the extension ot slavery
as the paramount duty of the government,
one would not suppone that tiiere could be
anything particularly attractive in the present
platform of the Illinois Senator. The fire
eater slicks to tle population restriction of
the English Kansas bill; Mr. Douglas boldly
repudiates it, and holds that when a territory
has population enough for a slave State, it
has sutlicietil population for a free State.
The fire-eater contends that under the Dred
Scott decision, the local authorities of a Ter
ritory cnniiol interfere to exclude or discour
age the institution of slavery, but lire bound
to protect it; while Mr. Douglas maintains
that the Dred Scott decision is a mere ab
straction, and that "the people of a Territory
can, by lawful means, exclude slavery before
the Territory comes in as s State." How is
it then, that we find such fire, eating organs
as the Richmond Soulh and New Oileans
Delta, and such fire-eating leaders asTooiiilm,
Stephens aud Senator Brown, no fer
vently desiring the success of Doiiglus, and
so earnestly hoping that he " may thrash
the abolitionist Bob Lincoln out of his
We answer that the steady conservative
general policy of Mr. Buchanan's udiniuistra
lion, and particularly the practical settlement
of the Kausas imbroglio, has left nol'iing
upon the books for sectional agitation noth
ing upon which the Southern lire-eatern can
rnise a profitable nigger excitement. Their
lent experiment was upon the question of the
African slave trade; hut here, n single letter
from the Secretary of the Treasury, reciting
the existing laws of Congress, nnd the duties
of the Government in the premises, put an
end lo the humbug. These Southern agita
tors, therefore, are dropping tin no worn-out
searocrowe of accession, disunion, nnd a
Southern confederacy in behalf of Southern
rights nnd Southern niggera, and lire canting
about them in reference to the practical is
sues of the next Presidential election.
Mr. Buchanan is not, nnd will not be, a
candidate (or the succeasion; and, starting
from this point Ihe support of his adminis
tration becomes s secondary question, and
ths control of the Charleston Convention
ihe paramount issue with all the aspirants 0
the party for power nnd plunder. In this
view, us Ihe Southern fire-eiitem, without re
morse, cast overboard DoiiL'his and Pierce in
185fi, nnd brought forward Mr. Buchanan,
because he alone was their available man, so
we apprehend their present svnipathy lor
Douglaahus reference to 11 Northern footing
in I Sou, without which the Umrleaton nom
inations must fall to the (.'round. The de
mocracy, it is presumed, have the Southern
States, with one or two exceptions, secure
against all contingencies; bill, with the with
drawal of Mr. Buchanan from the field, Penn
aylvania will almost certainly he reconquered
by the opposition, and in this coMiuncncy
the South cannot afford to lone the vote of
Illinois and the Douglas faction of the other
Western and Northern States.
Herein, we apprehend, lies tho secret of
this newborn sympathy of the Southern ul
Iras for Douglas and his cause in Illinois.
I he issue between In in and the admnnstfa
tion they regnrd as a trilling iillair, and the
administration Hsell as but a temporary in
stitution whicli must be tolerated, but which
it is not necessary to recognise ns tho law of
Ihe pnrly when expediency may point in an
other direction. Granted that Mr. Douglas
" ill bo d"feated in Illinois, the result of the
election will doubtless show that the reitora
tion of (lie Stale lo the democracy will de
pend upon his full restoration to the party
camp. Let this be done, and from the pres
ent manifestations of Southern leaders and
organs, we may conclude that Mr. Douglas
will be restored into line na prominent, if not
the most conspicuous, democratic candidate
for the succession.
These views, we apprehend, cover the cal
culations of the Southern Douglas tire-eaters
in relerence lo I860. 1 hose ultras hare dis
covered at length that their disunion nnd se
cession hobbies will no longer serve (heir
purpose that without a Northern balance of
power they can no more elect a rresident in
ISfiO than could have done it in 186(1. And
thus, findiiii' the key to nil Ihe ramifie iliona
of this sympathy for Douglas, open and dis
guised, North nnd South, we can only await
lor more deliiute developments from Ihe Don-
eral results of our October nnd Novembor
Northern elections.
f-jr Mr. Morsn, President of the Erie
Railroad, receives a salary of $25,000 per an
num. I he brie mad is almost hopelessly
embarrassed with debt, snd some of its stock
holders think Mr. Moran's wages too high.
Mr. Morsn says he is willing to resign, but
that he can't work for less than $25,000 per
annum. We like to see a man place a proper
estimate upon his available abilities.
HfTha Winchester "Homo Journal"
calls babies "pestiferous little things, nnd
nearly always making a noise." Guess if he
had "made Ihe connection" with that I'hiln.
dulphia gal he'd change hit opinion after
awhile. Other people's babies mny be "pes
lifcrous," one's own hardly ever are.
IIT Brother l'arham says that bis Jtvil
has been playing the Vi'i7all the week, which
will account for the unusual appearance of
the Gazette That may be true; but up here
it is the Am who "plays the devil," generally
and hresks things.
Sioms. A eotemporary says: It is a good
sign lo see a man enter your sanctum with a
friendly greeting "here ia the money to pay
for my paper the coming year." It is a bad
sign to hear a men say he is too poor to lake
a psper ten lo one he lakes home a jug of
"red eye ' that costs dim half a dollar.
Tiir Court E-upsr. The Clsrksrille Jet.
ersonian Locofoco, of eonrse calls the men
who reeently met at Nashville to settle ilJt
Currency Question, "Tbe Great Lights of the
A Cnoict JiROosisii.-Th following
passage from a lat srni by t'' Kev. C.
H. SpufR-eon, gives that f Rr)nau'e viewf
a "mother in heavm:" f
But now your ii.oll.rr s rs. Now aiy son,
it is ehsngrd. I e.n wrp no more bow, for
I siu glorified. I ran pray no more for yoa
now, for pr. iters are tU here. oa sre
! justly lost. Y"0 sre ostimrd and I must say
Amen to your condrmrtatioR.
With all due respect for the profession to
hich Spurgeon belongs, s beg lesve lo
remnrk that the msn ho teaches such no
tions of hesven as ths above, is not only an
ass, but a blasphemer. The idea that shuf
fling off mortality and being invested aitli
immortality, puts such language as thai in a
mother's mouth and reqairee her to esy A men
to the sentence which consigns her offspring
to ths torments of an endless hell, ia more
thin our contracted Motions of justice tern
peied with mercy will permit us to sub
scribe to. This Reverend Spurgeon has
uttered more coarse and brutal things in the
pulpit than all the declsiuiere of his class
thai hsve preceded him. Judging from the ex
tracts we see published, he never enters the
sacred desk without Indulging remarks thai
are but mockery before the throne he as
sumes to sddress: and it is he, and such ss
he, that render the pulpit so inefficient in in
culcating true, Mvint piety, and in sJatnlug
the thoughtless from the error of their ways
nnd from the piths which lead through
briars and thorns down lo the grave.
Cou Titus Heard Fro. The State Ar
gus, Columbia, Missouri, gives the following:
"A friend, writing to the editor nf this ps
per, from Fort Chadbournr, Texas, under
date of August I, speaking of Col. Titus,
among other things, Bays: 'Col. Titus snd
his party arrived here yesterday, and are stop
ping here today. They are on their way lo
Sonora, with the intention of conquering
that country and establishing a government
of their own there. The Colonel said in my
presence, that he vntrhl farm a eorernwent
there that it iroulJ he an honor to U long to.
He has about twenty men there now, but
has n party that will join him in Sonora
from San Francisco. Col. Titus is a splen
did looking man, quite large and well propor
tioned. From hi conversation I should pre
sume he whs a man of much more bravery
than discretion."
One would suppose that Col. Titus or any
other filibustering land pirate, "would form
n government that it would be an honor lo
belong lo." In plain English they are land
pirates, and it is time the papers should
cease giving their movements notoriety, ex
cept lo apeak of them as they would of any
other marauding and plundering expedition,
Roiidino Till TreasurT. The Washing,
ton correspondent of the Philadelphia Press
says it is now beyond a doubt that an im
mense fund is almost publicly paid annually
ont of tho postoflico printing lo keep up
several lconipton organs that would other
wise go down. It is asserted, as no less
true, that Mr. Appleton, of Ihe Stale Depart
ment, is a recipient, of part of this fund, and
Hint Mr. Bigler, Senator in Congress, has
paid into hia hands some thousands of dol
lars per annum, out of the samu fund, pari ol
whichinswatitiTo reimlrse him for cer-
liiin '-' iiithe ondits
FoRClV TjohTssSyi entworth. tho
leading Ki pudlicnn of Illinois, has lately
been in New Hampshire; and being asked
his opinion of Douglas, let loose thus so
says the Chicago Times:
"My opinion, sir! my opinion nf Douglas is,
that he is a il J rascal; but be is a big
one, too, and carries his points nrair st nppo
sition that any other m.in would break down
under. He hna got courage, sir, end forces
hia way nnd people will follow him. Ho is
a d d scoundrel, sir; but he will be elec
led Senator and vou Buchanan men down
here will have to take him for President yet
Un Mm: '
Elections in Florida. Ths Jscksonville
correspondent of the Ssvsnnsh Republican
ssys the election in Duvsl county, on vhe 4th
instant, was one of the most closely contest
ed elections experienced for year. Ths re
sult is the eertsin election to ths legislsture
of Maj. F. C. Barrett, American, and the pro
bable election of Dr. A. 8. Baldwin, and Jno,
Q. Smith, of the asms party.
John Wentcott, the Independent candidate
for Congress, hss a majority of about fitly in
the county.
Iff" The Chicago Times expresses the opin
ion that the Douclss men will elect their
.State ticket six members of Congress, (that
would he a gain of one,) and a majority of
members in both branches of ths legislsture,
which would secure the re election of Judge
Douglas to the Senate of the United Slates.
tf" Our neighbor of the Atlanta Ameri
can gives the following bit of sdvies to a
species of vermin with which every printing
office is more or less annoyed:
"If you desire lu render yourself sgreea
ble in a printing othce, be sure to go when
the editor is busy, and eommeuoe the follow
ing catechism:
What's ihst your're reading!
Whoso articis t that!
Who wrote the leader in the Isst paper!
Before you leave the sanctum, be sure to
confuse all the exchanges turn over ths ink
ami paste, and then seek ths Compositors'
room. While there, rea l every thing vou aee
knock type into pi try your skill upon
the press lsugh a coarse laugh or two tell
an anecdote and then be sure lo lean!"
One Reason for not Sursoririno. The
Annpolia Gazette tells the following story of
a citizen of thai place :
"A person better known for his wealth
than lor his liberality, was requested lo aid
in the erection of s church. The subscrip
tion hook was placed in his hands, lie
looked nt it anxiously slid earnestly, and
h inled it back with the'aslonishinii remark:
.vi, sirl I will not give nnvlhiug; nut hnlf
as many people go to hell noir as ought to
go: "
State House on Fire. The State House
at Columbia, Ohio, took fire on Ihe 5lh in
stant, snd was partially destroyed, with a
large number of books nnd valuable papers
HfThe Chsttsnooga Oaiette raises the
name of John I(ri.l at its mast hesd as a can
didate for the Presidency in lRHO.
Ix.kimo Vr. The Murfreesboro' Telegraph
proposes lo take Kxehani;e and Citizens' lank
Notes for that paper at the rsteof HiUKiprr
sn num.
(fOr Clemens, who was badly wounded in
Ihe laic duel with Wise of the Richmond
Enquirer, is said to be recovering slowly.
At last dales the eltctricsl condition
of the Atlantic rnble remained unchanged.
Tut Atlastic Cist i. A writer in the
National Intelligencer controverts Lwat
Msury'a idea that there is a plaUae at the
bottom sf Ihe Ores. Ws make the follew.
ing extract from his conioiunsntioe :
Messrs. Eititirs: cannot agree with
Professor Ma'jry that ther is a plateau iu
Ihe Virtliern Atlantic ocean. Admitting,
boaster, IhefM't and that Ihe bottom of Ike
ocean is cumpowed of -wolss tl little sheila,"
as showrtby ihe micrrwopic inrsw'ig itiosiswf
thsl ehsnging man of sewsce Prolessor !!--ley,
se shall find that Ihe plateau has ne
firmness; and thai, though there are so cur
rents, snd these lillle shells lie "to cold ob
struction," a cannon ball; an iron cable, or
any thing specifically heavier than the shells,
hss s constantly descending tolion smongst
these immovable mites of little sheiis which
sre floated by Ihe water filling Ih 'ir in
terstices. Now, the Atlantic Cable, lying
alng Ibis plateau, is gradually sinking into
Ihe mass, and will continue tu sink, unless
previously prevented by its own immense
Wright unless it sssnmrs the cstrnsrisn
enrve Ihe curve nf ere ileal Ucnion of s
chain or cord ausirndrd between twopoinis.
This tension hss not yet probably taken
place. But a very great tenuity of ihe cop
per wire has resulted from the stretching of
the twisted iron wire; snd, finally, the cable
must part, unless, hsppily, it find something
more solid below lo rest upon besides the
miles of little shells.
De Santy says the cable has not parted.
Ws suppose- not: hut ns its tenuity increases
Ihe power of the sleelrtc current is abttorf.
Eighteen hundred rnilea of the cable weigh
at least six thousand tons, and tho gradual
subsidence of this enormous weight amongst
the mites of little shells, on s line of sixteen
hundred miles, has produced grent exility,
and will finally be the cauae ol rupture.
Brotherly Uve. As an instance of the
"brotherly love" which characterizes some of
ClO so-called "Christian Itefnrmera," a rev
ernd gentleman from liuisinna was, by res
olution, invited to take a seat in a Sabbath
Convention, recently held in Cincinnati.
He did sn, but n few moments nfterwnrds a
member arose and wanted lo know whether,
by inviting a Louisi.n.n preacher among them,
they intended to endorse slavery. The Con
vention reconsidered the vole directly, nnd
the Southern brother was excommunicated
without delay. If you want bigotry, igno
rance, fanaticism or jaundice, you can find
them nil combined in the "reverend" agitator
of the North. As Hudibrns describes him,
he is.
"A creators of amhlttciis nature
On Isnil a besst, a Ash In Hater,
Thst always prejrt tin Rrart or sin
A sheep witlisut, a wolf within."
"Gab." Mr. Iluhbell, of Philadelphia,
seems not to like debating societies, &e.
The propensity to "gab" is already strong
enough among Americans, and does not re
quire any further development. In reply to
a circular from hia Alma Mater nt New Hn
Ven, asking money for a society or club in'
stituled lo train young men lo premeditated
or extemporaneous speaking or discussion,
he declines to contribute. He says :
Gab is the fatal epidemic of Republics.
WI1.1t distracted Greece? Gab! What fac.
lionized Rome? Gnh! What anarchized
France? Gab! What will dismember this
Union? Gab! This eternal propensity of
gabbing upon nil occasions and nt all limes
is the curse nf our country.
ConsriRActFS in Francs. The Paris cor
respondent of the New York Commercial
says it would he s pleaauro for one week,
not to be obliged to tell you thai conspira
cies me still 11 live in the French empire, hut
il seems on impossibility. Another seizure
of bombs has been made, this time in the
dinguiso of culinary utensils, and the greatest
scrutiny is exercised over all uictri! passing
the frontiers. Thu Count de Curzoii, M. de
Mnillo, nnd some of their workmen, have
just been condemned lo abort terms of im
prisonment for having written a letter of
friendship to the Count dv Chamhord.
Disciflink in a Sinxi.io Ship. When
the British troop steam transport Birkenhead
struck a rock, near Ihe Cape of Good Hope,
and broke in two, there wero only Units
enough to save tho women nnd children.
There was no rushing and crowding then.
Col. Moor called his br.tvu liinisKillens an. I
formed them into line on the deck of Ihe
sinking steamer, while their wives and chil
dren embarked in the bouts. The noblu fel
lows, ns '.hey stood in line, gave three hoarse
cheers for their departing dear one, and
maintained their ranks unbroken till the
deck was swept from under their feet
A Shrewd Financier. A certain church
ill this city, being about lo replenish their
Sabbath School library with new hooks,
wished to raise the sum of .J50 for that pur
pose. At illuming services one Sunday
iney sppoinied one ol lln- Inllii. ntnil breth
ren to fix upon a plan. In the intermission
he look his pencil and marked uirniriat every
member's name the sum w hich he thought
he ought lo give. At Ihe close of Ihe nller'.
noon services he read the lisl, stating that if
nny one Had been assessed ton much or nut
enough he must speak. Sullies it tu s y,
silence prevailed in the assembly ami in fif
teen minutes the sum was raised. .Xric HeJ.
ford Mercury.
An l.roKTA.iT Verdict. In tho Court of
Quarter Sessions, yesterday, William Ninon
wna pronounced guilty of insnslaii(hler for
hsvinglelt bis horse snd cart standing, unat
tended, in a public street, by 'thich negli
gence a child wna killed.
The verdict in this case will be a warning
In those, nnd ther nre numberless, ohonre
in the habit of leaving horaee in the public
streete unmatched nnd loose, nnd lirble
from ninny causes to start ofTnnd do much
mischief. Such a verdict as has been ren
dered, shows Hint Ihe public voice censures
negligence of this kind, nnd we refer lo the
ense with the hope Hint the example made
may be an impressive one. Ibnii2h tiie law
probably will not exact s hearv venaltu, un
der the circumstances. Venn. Imuirer.
l-ff' The beautiful planel Venus, ia now
al the height ofher brilliancy. Her position
is Southerly, about 3D ileg. from the sun,
and about the same dist.inre shove Ihe hori
zon, Il is distinctly visible despite the glare
of the sunlight
fT- Copies of the lithograph piste of Ihe
Southern liishops sre sent free lo all parts
of the country for ay I (K). Address J. M. Ed
ny, N. Y.
The Last Roman lli'i.L The name of
"Mary," by a decree of Pino Nino, can no
longer be given to children, on pain of ex
communication. Ilia Infallibility would re
serve it ns far as possible, hereafter, for Ihe
Virgin of immaculate conception.
(0 The Governor of New II unpsliire hna
appointed Thiirsdiy, the 2S1I1 of November,
a the day forThmkagivlng the present year.
-0 TWe New York Day less says :
11 spring every fissaciai wriu-r ia Ihe
country saw is law diwtsncs f sa snnnths a
re sal of taaissrM. Kven ti.ag was coming
p, rra! eaUte, sasaafsclssr, trade snd rcn
srrc, sere all lobe at snewithy and satis!sr
lory smut Tw ssk tnaalles sre now here, the
period ef rsil b.is been reached, tot not
llie resivsl. Pacts baa nut beea s gloomier
kouf Usaa the presewt since the lr, snd
Ik reason Inst the joernate nil ever !
Coanlry du not dwell apen the fac I, is that
the people are bcconiiaf apathetic, haling
already talked enough steal Ihe general
Our ships sre doing nothing; our manufac
turers nothing; merchsau are sailing l a
hmiud degree only; Ihe sgricaltarsl portion
of the community, In the .North st least, are
groaning and, r a heavy debt snd low pile
lor prod new, and ss a whole, gee seal depres
sion is the rale. 'I "hers will be aaflering
Ibis coming inter sgaia in the North ssnong
Ihe operalnrs and Ubonsis, while Ihe blacks
of the Soulh, aa ususl, will be well fed snd
well clollisd. t '-olios Is the nnlr product
which ia tolerably pronuble just new.
There is no denying fcl thst the pros
tration sil urr lit North, of all kinds nf
business, h a roiiliaaed beyond the expecta
tion of our shrewdest calculators, and the
question now bring put ia, "by what means
ahsll we get ones more upon oar feel, sad
Suniat Szrvicfa The New Hampshire
pMlladium, in sn article opon ths hours of
Sunday services, says :
"One sermon a week ia aa much aa any
cUrgym 111 ought lo write in justice either
to Ins reputation, his health, or the profit of
his bearers. A short service iu the after
noil, with a abort exlemporannnts discourse,
in which plainness of speech snd the simp
lest teaching, should take the place of the
labored argument of the morning, il seema
to us would beexnclly what is needed in sll
our churches. Then the clergymen Mould
be relieved, the people better aitisfied, and
many more would attend church in lbs sf
lernoon than do now, while a iongrr inter
mission would be more refreshing both lo
pastor and people."
To which the New Haven Daily Register
"There is much good sense in the above.
If any clergyman flallcre himarlf that he de
livers two good sermons every Sunday, he
deceives hinisel'; and I!' he could, there is no
congregation that can properly digest more
than one."
Latf.R FliOM Utah. The Salt l-nks Mail
arrived nt St. Joseph on tho al ihst., with
Utah dates of the 1 1 III ultimo.
Tbe Cslitoniis and Salt 1-nke Msll had
been robbed by Ihe Indiana ill Carson Valley.
Thu young man, Mnylield, who, with two
others, had the mail in charge, lired on the
savages, killing three, and then lied, giving
the mail to Ihe enemy, who tore up the coach
en, and bore oil' Ihe nnimnls. Dr. Forney,
the Indian Agent, nt Salt Like City, was 011
the eve of starling tu Carson Valley to look
after the affair.
A bloody Ml ray occurred nt Sail Ijiko City
on the night of the Kllli of September, be
tueen II ue I. er, the keeper of a gambling
house, and a man named Peel. Rucker wna
shot dead, and Peel mortnily Wouiidnd.
Ilrigham Young nlill kept close, being con
fined in hia dwelling, and seldom going
From Pike's Peak we have more contra
dictory reports. Peraons were met near
Fort Ijiriunie who pronounced Ihe gold dig
gings a humbug, while others whit were met
on the road, declared them to be very valua
ble. '. Loins Mews, iith.
Tils Incoming Cotton I .'aor Wiathin,
&.C. Tho wenlher for llm last ten dnys, in
this section of Georgia, has been for most
pint of the time, clear and pleasant The
cotton crop is opening very finely, and plan
ters busily engaged 111 I'alhisjiwy Alio silvery
fruit. Iu some places Ihe c J "Verrts. ill
be short, bul in general it wiUdJiyfiill
and fair average turn mil. A; uusWthblu
qunnlities of fresh lands havelieeo Jsned
since last season, tho cotton crop ill Southern
Georgia mny be expected to be some hat
increased also, over and above the production
of nny year previous lo this. It'rre draft
I It. n. James C. Josrs. This distinguish
ed stztesm.111, and popular orator, who has
been some time in Illinois doing excellent
service ill ihrcnttsii of democracy, has leturn
ed In hia home in Tennessee. But Its has
uot abandoned tho field; his wife, who no
Coinp.-itiied him in this State, falling ill, he
was obliged to return with her. In a few
days he will be with our people ngain by
whom he has ever b,-eii held in high esteem,
nnd now more than ever. lie addresses
himself mainly to those citizens who nerved
with himsell in tho Whig party ol former
dnys. The effect of his influetics thus far
has been grent; and thousands anticipate his
r turn with lively satisfaction. Chicago
Times, Sept. 3d.
Tiir Wat the MO,ooo,000 Goes. The
Philadelphia New s says:
"1,000 A DAT. It is said Hint the expen.
scs of colonizing Ihe Navy Yard lo re-elect
Mr. Florence ia over a thousand dollars
a day beyond what is actually paid lor
This is but a small pari nf tho expense
which Mr. Buchanan has incurred, lu gel hie
favorites elected in this City."
TI1.1 Philadelphia Preas says:
"Il is estimated thai al least sixteen hun
dred persons nre now employed in Ihe navy
ynrd! Nobody pretends that tin y sre need
ed there. No one doubts that hundreds nre
engsged only for Iheir votes nnd their assis
tance between now and the 12th of Octo
ber. Tb M1hU' a!..k dtl.. Us ion
Bunk of August,) have eneh just declared a
semi annual dividend the former h and
Ihe latter 93,50 p-r sh ire.
Tf.nnfss.f e Bow us. Our Slste bonds have
ranged from 9U to Srti for the past two
weeks In New York, On the 3ih Inst, there
Was a slight advance. In Ihe morning of
that day SI5,00f) were aold al 01; and in the
evening (20,000 more at 91 J
- The Jackson Missiasippian of Ihe 6lh
inal., announces that the health of that cily
was never better thsa at present 'No esse
of yellow fever originated there this season;
the two eases oreiiring, having been impor
ted from New (b leans.
France The Porta of Havre, Dunkirk,
Calais, Dieppe and Bologne are lo be put in
a state of defence.
The Invnlide Ituoso says, thst a Telegrsp
ic communication 11a the Russian possessions
mill America ia contemplated.
-T"Tlie Queen of Portugal is also
pretty well, thnnk you.
Ditto Queen Vsloris.
I.ikrniae Ihe empress Eugenia.
Hitio I'nuceaa ol Austria.
New YnKs.Ot. II Weekly Bank .tale
mini. I.onna ilrrre'.iaed 'i,0(0. Specie
increased (1)37,000. Circulation inere'Sed
149,000. Deposits increased (bT.I.OoO.
Undrawn drpuaita increased 100.
Yri.i.ow Fever flu the 9th the deaths
at N. Orleans by yellow fever numbered Ot.
Lost Stars To waestaJy tna We
ns sy thst often a star dree eslsf lae
firmament of dice there, and ia loat la eigwt
retef efUf. Il assy bate bee the Wigwt
alar of hope ef wasy a manner a taa a,
crrlsin ses of life. Its calm, geatUi rwdisnca
may hate abed god cheer and ewasfssH ap
en mans a path, dark with deab aesi smr
row and I dread. lke the. eWsrr dihsg
elan, ear leved ones go awajr far froea aej
eight The sUra sf oar nepra, aee ambi
tions, ear prayers, boe light skinew evwf
before as, leadiag em aad ap, the aadJeal
fsde from the nrsnaavewl ef ear Hearts, aasl
lesve their alseea emr-lf sad dark. A
.r's soft am! steady lira!, thai
through all aar wants and sorrows; a htaert
atronr. nairk I if M, last key! aar teas frees
atambling on Ihe dark aad treeaeaewaya;
a arsler'a light eo aiil.l, sa pare, aa eenalaat,
and so firm, alnaiag epos aa fraat gentle,
Uvisg eyes, snd pwrsaading aa la gissa aasl
goads ess, a brolhn a light bright aaU aad
honest; a lover N light, f 01 ever sleeping Us
aar seals snd Illuminating aar goings sad
aomings;snd a friend's lijhl,trneed,trwt
gone out forever. Net net The light asa
not gone out It is shining bey and Ihe etara,
a here there ia aa night and ne darkneas, fe
ever sad forsver.
Sub-Mas ins TstEORArw Wiatai-TVe
Isst Cosmos copies from tbe English Raildee
a curious item of news bearing on the sub
ject :
On examining a piece of sub-marine cable
rut from Ihe end of Ihe Ia Manrhe line, long
in uae, there were noticed aa indefinite
aeries of ruptures or sub-divrshias, aa il Ihe
wire had been chopped into morsels, ar hsd
leen disintegrated under Ihe infiarnre af the
electrical vibrations. Since, in ths Case af
the Trsna-Allartie cable, enrreala positive
snd nrgnlivs alternately are laenrhed throat a
ii, such s disintegration of Ihe wire 01 sat be
ev peeled to come about even mors rapidly.
The fart itself is too mysterious ta be dis
cussed at present.
SitrrosEP to r Iot. The steam jrackl
Fire Fly, which waa bong k I sometime age
from Howell di Aspln wall, by I be govern,
men), for Ihe Coaat Survey ear vices, aslled
from Norfolk about eight wreka age, and
has not since been brsrd of. She ia sup
posed lo have been lost si sea. Sha waa wa
der command of Lieut Bayard K. Ilsad, sad
waa to have reported at Savannah for lae
HfThe editor of Ihe Charleston Mere
ry has beeu attacked with ths prevsiling epW
detnic; snd although convalescent, thinks it
will be soms lime to come before be can re
sume bis labors.
Buchasar and Psnsstlvaria. The
whole strength of the AdtnlnietratioB hse
been thrown into Ihe csnvass In Pen a aylva
nia. We see it slated that six or aevea hun
dred men nre retained in Ihe Philadelphia
Navy Yard to vote for Florence, the Demo
crnlicCongrissmsn, st 1J00 a day, and al Ihe
rale of 9 170,000 for one member of Con
gress. Fast. The ladies of lows are decidedly
"fast." On lbs I8W1 ult, a rars between la
dies, on foot, came off at Iowa eily,- far the
priae of a silver enfce basket' Tbe prlie waa
won by a Miss Handy.
Pknssin Fka tins. The papers report Ihe
conviction nf the forger, Albro, In Weslera
New York, in connection with eparioae
claims for land warrants, etc. Intelligent
magistrates in New York certified te the
bodily presence before them of some filly
persons, who had been dead for years,
Abvk r to Bachelors. Be sura I aa.
nex a women who will lift yoa ap, mslesd
of pushing yoa down, la mercantile phrase,
got a piece of oalicn that will wash.
Screws vs. Pa hum. Ths superiority
of the screw lo the psddle for stesasefs haa
been tested in England. The paddle eWaas
ship Malts, which only rsn 8 knots aa hour,
was changyd to strew and eaaily made Yi
knots in the same time.
Tin Federal OtriuERa. When he waa
President Thomas Jefferson wrote lo Albert
Gallnliri as follows
'i think the ollicere ef the Fedrrsl Govern
ment are meddling too much witb the pub
lic elections. Will it Behest to sdiuoniert
them privately tft by proclamation?"
A Silent Phintinu Office. In lbs Iowa
of Znblugan, Wurtriiiburg, there hss been
lately opened a new printing eatsbiishmeai,
by .M. Theodore Helgersd. All Ihe compoei.
tors nnd pressmen are deaf and dumb, to the
number of ons besxlred and eisty; eleven of
the former are women.
The Dew el. The affair nf honor, a eel-
llemehl of which took place Monilny night,
near llutterworth'e Bridge, between two
young gents of this city, by recourse lo blank
cartridges, nl ten p tees by Ihe lightoftha
comet resulted nooordmg to Ihe prerioae
arrangement or the seeonils. Wade vera
exchanged, when by the Interposition af
mutual friends, the alT.ur wss "honorably
adjusted." One of the parly, however, wa
regret to lesrn, got "shot" secidently, aa kia
return to the city, Veterthurg I'nss,
14 A young msn, sailing himwalf Yea
Piali.died recent near IhHrvit and befora
death ronfessed fo the murder of a fsmily
named Johnson, reboot a year ago, near Peat
lonvills, for which ha reserved three handree)
HP Ths Pennsylvsnia Railroad Coropsa f
have ordered twenty station indiestora,
be plated 00 the esre af Ihst road. The ia
dicslor la so arranged that, after paasiag a
station, the conductor pulls a cord and lha
name of the next elation appears, ilia
aound of a bell tails the attention af paasea.
gere to il.
Snow fell in this village last night la the
depth of three inches. The storm com men.
ciiiK al Ihe lakes extended east slong lha Erie
It si I road aa far aa Great Betid, and enow fall
si almost all ths intermediate pis
Hogs Prices. We do not hear of soy
melerisl movement in the snstter, which at
lireselit. SOIM-ars otlile dull. Huirara L-l
, - ,r , -- J . W
ding 1 1 IT, snd holders snd drovers ia Gsrrand
anu roniigauns counties are oner in ff hogs
freely st 4 rents on fool, most nf I hem oa
ninety days lime. This is equal In bat a
fraction over 6, renla net deliirred la lha
pen. Mesa pork has further declined, wiia
rather a large stork on hind in this and
Eastern markets, with ul a
since si !ra than (IS, while but (It
uttered. u. f ourirr.
I eT A Russian, with a name that aoaad
ed lika Raiee-s-muss-kl, hss been arrested ia
Philadelphia for the offence of rstnbling
about iu female apparel.
-r --ate s4.

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