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1 V
i.r.TviNi'.rmToR and frofiuetor
.m. .ft-l . ..-.-if. Ia.'l .n
- v.. ...t.-r Ji..-.i.ii"Uril
H.i I, esci-i.1 .1 It .n "I '
,..., ,..rl,,c name, uf rli.i.i-ir
Obilu.rf .Wines over It uncs.c
All eomuoinieellitiS lntenlr.1 IB
.i. ... i,.i..r.-.te of rarHoTnU'itis.
B,llri4iMls. ' olare.l as Hiuin".
atm:.. riii. so.
We are siiiniirtscd io announce (
F-ej .at Mutiroe cu.nn. -n,.
Tt.lrs Judicial Clixull. Kleclio i
KoTlCE. The close of the y
rapidly approaehing, when settle
ment must be made and bilU footed.
We therefore urge upon all indebted
to thisofhee, fi.raubrtcriptioiifS adver
tising, and jolwork, to call and pay
up or remit tlie amount jkt mail.
Some of our jxilrun have treated us
shamefully about their indebtedness,
and weean wait with them nu longer.
All accounts not paid by the lnt of
January, 185, will be put out foT
- collection. f'Vot'- 12-
I UK' W.ii.i i.
writoa lha followinjf;
"Df r Sir: Cnn you five auliafnctory ac
count of tl.a di'r.ngmuit, or Miliar ulU r
failur. or nmil mallor Io ri'arh il di-ailnn-tion
betwern ll.iacily and diflnrei.t puinla in
Tcnnraaee. W Imvo witliin the p.at two
waeka n-nt vnrioua lelti-ra to lVnneea,iniit
or which wa hava no n ply to, mid lultera to
nl are often ten and fifu-fn d.ya old when
received. There mnat be culpnhle negligence,
if out ouietl.ing worae, aou.ewhere.
J. w. o.
Wb areunnble to give our Savannah friend
the Information he deairea, but refer him to
Mni. E. O. Knatman, Naal.ville, nnd Cnpt. CJ,
VV. Hiinia, Knoxville, the elTicient ngente of
the I'oat Olliee Department, both of whom,
we nre confident, would promptly give the
ubject their attention.
Weather Cool, clenr and froaty for aev.
eral days. Splendid fur hog-killing nr.d
marrying, nnd there is a good dirtl of both
going on In Ihii range. Pork l worth 5 centa
nott umrringe lictnaea lit the same old ptice(
one dollar.
Death. We Icnrn that Jnu. II. Ddbsow,
E1.. Joint Reprcaentntlve In the lint Legia
lature from MuMinn, Meiga nnd I'olk.died nl
Benton laat week.
Cot. Mat. Mabtih. Tho Sliellliyville
Exfot'Uor eugjjcKta the name of thia gentle-
uinn iia a candidate l"f linvernor ni'Xl year,
T Jas. Russ, jr., has resumed the edi
torinl charge of the "Shelbyville Expoaitiir."
Hoisted. The D.tily Republic, BnlTalo,
New York, hue hoisted the name of Stephen
A. Douelaa for the Presidency in 18C0. W
believe the i'hanccj of the Illinoisian for the
' poeition nro pretty fair, looking "I H" Huger-
uiauanadiAUlLnew-anpcr noun
Ing. We notice, too, the iiamo 7if John fli U
nt Hie head of one or tuo jniirnals in tliix
Slate. Hut wo cim'l him' liy it hits bei n
placed there, unless to create a hope that n i
never result in any tiling im.ro siil.stnnli il.
We have as l.ih an enliinnle ns any one l
Mr. Hi' 1 1' eminent abilities nnd statcHinan-
like iiualincnllons, and could under certain
cireu.nstnnc.'s conliully support him; nnd e
also have the profoiindcst contempt fur ll.o
acavengers and boollicka who are continnally
ass liliug him; bul we have not the remotest
idea that ha will ever be in the lield fur the
Presidenuy, A condition of nll'.iirs that would
favor his nomination does not, and cannot be
tiudo to exist, and we do not beliuve t'ol.
Dell himself any longer cherishes such an
ambition. At least, wa hope he lines nut.
As a Statesman ha has filled the men
aura of his faiixvand nn nusucciaifiil candi
dacy for the Presidency could not add to the
reputation he has honestly earned and m w
enjoys. And we trust his setting sun may
be pvaoelul and calm, as his public rareer
has been long and honorable to- himself and
hie eounlry.
Nominated. The Chattanooga AJrurlier
h.ii nominated Governor Harris for re-election.
The party may, however, in accordance
with usage, aawmble in Convention nnd
ratify the nomination. As l.ia Excellency
is a "nrirj tnimey man," may bo he will have
a "Bank Democrat" for his opponent before
tho people. Who knows!
Win Left. Some person we nre una
ble to make out the name writes from Sale
Creek, directing us to advertise hie wife,
who he saya haa left hia "bed and board
without cause," and tneloses $1,00 to pay
for the advertisement. We reckon there must
be some iniatake about it, asit is hardly possi
ble woman would forsake her lawful liege's
"bed and board" this tort ef weather, pro
tided always, aald "bed and board" were of
the least inviting character. At any rale, we
never publish audi advertisements unless we
know something of tho parties, and then only
t double the usual price. If the h unhand
will write l.ia name eo that we can tell what
it Is, eatisfy us by reference te parties with
whom we are acquainted thnt the absenting
.wife la really in fault, and forward us three
dollars more, we will then publish l.ia adver
tisement. If hadoesnotdo that,wa will return
Mm his dollar aa toon ae we hear from him,
but if we do not hear from him again In
three weak'a froui thia writing, we will paae
aid dollar into the contribution. box the first
time w happen at Church, aa so much breao i
east upon the waters, the return thereof to
be pieced to th credit of tho disconsolate
2T" Th annual surplus hog product of
th West i estimated at 935,000,000.
lgr E. D. Clapp, agent for the sate of
Netlletofldi Raymond s Sewing Machines, has
several on exhibition at Dr. A Ilea', and will
b pleaaea to show thsm to all who may call,
, See Card next page.
I" II IK U TO TUB dOUTH. III. Jieonnon
'Herald ay If man want to b considered
pood frieud of the South all that I nsce-
. I. T-l . 1 1
aary I to war h I "good dimikral nnd
ot th printed ticket." '
i I.;i.,.TUU-h ta. of eonr. too e.rl,
. ,. ... .
, ,. . ii I i ii but the !
disjointed condition as present, and tWre
ia no predicting wbal direction the nexl pop
ular curr.nt will take. The Adniinistrulioii
ia at aaa without rodder or eompaaa alone
upon the wiile waata uf waters, with only a
moiety of a crew Black Republicanism,
which three month ,' lookd formidable,
ratnpanl and belligerent, ha just received a
fearful and staggering blow from ll.e chief of
its own liouHchild-n.d poor Know Noth
ingiam, having flash, d, and glenmed, and
atartled for on hour, quietly dro-a into the
grave from which lb -re is no resurrection.
Even Hi country presses winch were
wont to awear ly'Mia. H 'fls'iiitf''"! twin
il1aUl '" r-cSJ it: ..
ceaae to talk about tlie "eternul principles of
Demociacy," and aie wringing I'.eir dirty
hands and crying, one unto another, "what
shall we do to be auvedP whilo the olliee-
holdera, the billiards who feed and fatten
on tiie olf ils of party, thrust their long beaks
into n depleted Treasury like birds rxpecting
to be frighted from their prey. Confusion
worse ci nfoundt'd, may be said to Le the
condition uf parties just now. But out of
choas shall coins order, in n few weeks
Congress meets, nnd then the work of recon
ciliation, re construction nnd re-org.uiiitation
will commence, in earnest. Douglas is the
only great light obovo the horizon at this
lime, and to whom the lesser lights are be
ing ..Itr.'icted. If ha ean maintain hie po
tency for a twelvemonth he may be tho next
President If nut, then the inantlu will in
all probability be placed, as in the caao of
Ciun. Pierce, upon the shoulders of some
poor devil now dwelling in the peaceful
vale of obscurity, and blissfully Ignorant uf
tho great fate that awaits him. It will be
worth while to watch the movement and
in inagumcat of politician through the ap
proaching session.
StNATOit Ham tf iinO. The, N. Y. HeraU
names Senator Hammond, of South Carolina,
as a "Snnlhern Union Caiulidatu" for tho
Presidency in 1800. Wo were aware that
the hijjli-torn-il, conservative character of the
Senator' Ilarnwell Speech was eliciting
coiiinipnd.-.tion In nil directions East, West,
North and South but as tint idea prevails
largely with the democratic politicians that a
Southern man can never again th" reach the
Presidential Chair, we are apprehensive the
Charleston Convention would hardlv consent
to his nomination. However, the bare fact
Uuit a. Northern iiii.ashi.ikU.xuuXux.u tg.siiL':
Chief M gistracy of the Nation, is something
to talk about. Mr. II aininnnd isn democrat,
but with hiicIi views us he has recently eniiii.
elated, voters of a different shade) nf parly
piinciples Could nfd losupport him in pre
fereusu to some others who have been named
for the place.
SriRlTUAt.ls.it. The papers state that Dr.
Randolph, a celebrated Spiritoalixt, has re
cently recanted. In a lecture nt Utica, N. Y.,
n short time since, he gave it ns his opinion,
de'iborutely formed, that insanity and the
devil were at the bottom of Spiritualism.
The Doctor, wo suspect, is nt hmsl halfiiglil,
as the devil seems to have a hand in every
thing now-u-days, except, perhaps, editing
newspr.pvrs, and it is even thought by some
persons thai lit. occasionally assists our lo
cofuco brethren in that business.
Wants to Cet Hold of Him. The last
Mississippi Legislature passed some law in
reference to newspaper publications, where,
upon tlie Prairie Macs mau says;
"We would like to get hold of one of the
members of tho last Mississippi Loi;ilnliir
Want to exhibit Imn at our next Fair. Could
lake a premium over our friend Tliomns,
who, we believe intends to coin pete wild his
Jackass for the prize."
Reported Dbath or Joiin W. WnrrR or
Chattasoooa Myttery. Our readers will
recollect that John W. While, Eq , of Chat
tanooga, a member of tho last li. ncral Aa
seml.ly, recently appeared before the public
charged with forging land warrant. The
following fio.n the Memphis Appeal of the
13th will be read with painful interest:
We learn from Mr. J. S. Brooks nnd Mr.
W m. Pander, hoi Ii of Haywood county,
this Stale, who have just returned from Ar
kansas, thai when th.-y were ten or twelve
miles this side of Clarendon, nn lti mii!i..r
road near u nils river, ihey wero Inlormeil
that a dead body had been found and wua Iv
ing hi a deserted log hut by tlie romi side
thai the Coroner had held an inquest over tho
remains that nn marks of violence were
found upon the body, nnd nothing appeared
to show how dentil occurred, the jury had
relumed a verdict of death Iroui causes un
A watch and chain were found npnn the
Indy, sinne letters and several valuable notes,
and slan a nam marked upon the sliul w orn
I'V the deceased, showed him to lie Mr. J. W
White, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, w ho mis
arrested, soma time ago, on the charge of
forging land wsrranta, discharged on trial
and arrestee snd held in ttfleen thousand dol
Inra bail for his appearance to take another
trial. I l.sru was no horse louud on which
the deceased might have been riding, hi
hoot were very muddy. At ll.e time our
Informant passed, two men were digging a
R ""y him, just by tl.ecabin where he
ny. nry were in.oxiciieii, ami ine.r ap
pearance, nun 1'iai ol ine n.-soiaie spot win-re
lh hut ilnod, were so dis.igreeuhle and n
suggestive of unpleasant reflections, that the
tvio gentlemen rode sway with very unpleas
ant impressions upon their minds. e pre
some i ue mm ly ol ins necessea, wiio ss
greatly respected aiming his neighbors, will
cause an examination In be made into the
circumstances of hia death.
(tCT We cordially concur with the Haiti,
more American when it aays, if the opposi
tion to the Democratic pnrlv in this country
ia to bo united nl the nexl Presidential can
vans upon an expression of sentiment that
will invite the concurrence of national, con-
aervalive men, the beginning must be made
by discarding from the position of lenders.
those holding such opinions ns Mr. Seward
proiessca nt .iiocnester,
j . .. . t! i tl .11 be ll'' l i'n " : llchmoiii Uvuin, ar.d t'k piura 1:1 uii- im .umm umun r..i .i",i" mni rru i-, , -.... . . ---. -
.iai i. ij j ii w.ui.la . i . igk ' oiifa. Accilinirly f,,,,-, j tu our column i. ! in Ida fulluainp .rtf tl.ou,li j,,.t ut..n: r : Iimi iUrtl. nat. V,.' . ,. -,,U
,:;i,1.r..h.il!"1 l.omi.,,cUf lh. I),m.rat:c Pl. - I Wm . ..,,,,;!! io j w, tU leJ ,,.'-, un ilr....i f.,Bl,r of a h. , ,,.. r..u. , , .,.( .1 Or. Ic .u,wju. . I-., .r. , -. " " ' : , ....
. ' - . .i Id ... It 1 1. 1 n II at w 1 , . . i ..i a. .iV 1. l..a MmtiL' i tl'.IIUil I Ml 111 u
ifgrd.iu.rt,uuir catiiliiaia 01 Itie ,...c. , 1tivln. ,,7V (.jH, o( lb. 10lb, from ; 1, irii Bill .! Bin, ann .rni lia.l ; ail in i-..i.a . .r.c...i.. i.- : a r ., ... ... - - , ....-! -Ana.
... . i .. -ii I .. i... ii j- i a...... .... ... .l.li. . Ilia iiii.i.l.i,i.i.liit Mautrlra la otimi! 111 I 11, HI'U If f. -tyt ! hiarnaa, I n -w :.a.
n.-wirt.ikiiMiir ..... ,i. . w,n nut ... ' ' ,. , ,i i n of autiJry inrlura i)n.lucJ by I: 'in ' ia aiiJ iun; and ilai.ml dw.ii, u ins : r in 'ti .m ami n I " n ' j i-i .tlraWwl Iba aa
"i"o.a" 08 " r,e"ar" :", " , ? . ' I"""' i ,, " J "i . ,L ", , la door a ifr...iu ..ft i..n., nubia- miial -itfdu..r? rrtH.iia, IK- a li-.r , ti..na..l ana u.'.-". H , M1j W., h.
"Zl n"".mUon, I- - fUlla .4 Ji.'.r,l a Alalia. t..l A. ror. Re, - " "l " ' " i ' . , .tL-t. i.i. 0.V Th. --H -..I.
toi: No- . ., not to ba aeriouO, U.ou.ia o. .or. ul,. . .nrv..,,. U ... .ro.r - - ".'"T; ' " 'a,. "V,, .Url , ' . .v.i,,., m (W. Im .h. .-.I-A.-.. ....!..
,0m..t. Fur iwentyliv. ,.r. '.ty ...l .t,.'. " " V . , ii. . " ., ,.. Ii.d i .. . VV, .:....'.... . tfw.t ..,atr.lua i nl i...t.,. A,.-i..n i.lHu.U... .ill U I
..- ; i; I, m.t l,n in .ur i an uiuettled oil . ...... u- .1 it ' i.:...:. n .ti. ...I n.. i. P..-,n ..I.H-..A t., ...t,.ri I, , ( i.. h in. I . nl I hern n 1 1 v In tliia iwinln, 1 I ' u '' rrauny v - r" a
We elated last week that wa would puhli.h .
such opiuiune of the i-rtu u. on tlx recent
il was apprvhended that iheru would i a j
di-licieiicy of paper airc.latiuii, and lis L'u.on
lauk was eliarler ! to supply lis place, siw .
.1. . w:.... I ....... u.il..,.rl,i lit. half 1
the Stale became a partner, subscribing half
a mil t tun of dollars; eoiop'uiiits soon srose
tint it was under tin. co.ilnd of a few fuvor
ites.who managed it for their own advanlsiie,
slid the next oe.sion of the Li;ilstnre was
called upon for another to counteract in ef
fecl, and the Planter' Ilsnk was chartered,
and the State beeam ila partner aim, "'
criming or piirehsiing near a quarter !'f p
million of dollars of its stock. " Th s-Mi-lions
I wish to make to your hi'tory, are I hit
espitsl wss needed to represent the products
of the country until they could find a market;
thnt capital was neetlel to represent mesa
products while in a slate of tisntitu, or to
L.iy and sell the exchange furnished by iheir
sbiiimtuti thai p ,"j'l.!lt.i1."IS j.'iiiliii'.ii.
tent as to oppress I lie planter erious'y. ine
ltsnks then were not ill succession chartered
lu prevent a "deticienev of papercirculatinii"
alune, but were crested that ths "coiiHietiiii!
interests of private nnR public espital" oiitfht
enure to the general tfoinl, and that capital,
ever striving in opposition to labor, might be
made cheaper, and labor, as a consequence,
better paid. 1 admit, sir, thut your statement
msy be iiougiued to embrae all this in your
very general phrase of "paper circulation,"
bul you will no doulit remember that there
came time when I tanks could not redeem
their "paper," and you will also remember
that in csnteqoeuce uf Ibis lbs paper sunk
far below a specie standard ; and if yon do
not remember the fact, 1 do, that the Sis.e
Itiitik notes sunk lower thia the others,
though backed by llie apparent credit of the
State, and that all f them were treated ex
actly as other represents! iveuol values, t'ar
ing a price in proportion aa the prospect of
their speedy realisation increased or diminish
ed. The lesson wss taught lhen-sit has been
repeated since, that any eireulatilsj which is
not bused on a legitimate trade in ifeiiiliniuie
articles of piodueeaud consumption, is Unfile)
to too serious fluctuation. to helitjit the
people as a mass. The lesson was tsi.gl.t
then, that a Uaok with na. ter of a million
of State stock, couhsflU as nood in all icpecls
ns one whose eul ire capital was owned by the
commonwealth; and the lesson bss been
luiight siuoe that State Hoods slid Stale
credit, though very good in their way, are
not money, and though they may be livpolh
eeated for sixty or even ninety cents on the
dollar, tliey are not cash, except in these
proportions, ,
1 have eliminated your history of the I'.nnti
solely to si ow you your positidii, uot as you
propose it to be, bul ns it is; not that your
notes have lieen returned nn your bancs by
the lli-okem, but b the iegitimnle operations
of commerce, aided, in a great degree, by
vonr . management. Tho ileduelions to be
draw a from tlie actual history of the Hanks,
ns exhibited in the lloctonlions of I heir circu
lation, nre not what you would hnve them lo
be The first is, that the paper of the L'nio.i
niul Planters' Hanks has been of a greater
virtue, -averaging nearer a specie si nndm d,
than the Mule I'.auk's paper. The second is,
that their cireolat ion has been larger, in po
portion to their capital, . I hsiM lint ol theSiote
coiise'iueiicei from Inc. Iwo Hist thul the
I ' ii ion nud Planters Hanks have been of
greater service lo the community generally,
and In the eouimeioial cummiiiiitv, than the
Stale Hank, Winn any oue makes tip his
mind on a favorite hobby it Is unplca.ahl to
be disturbed in his recreation, whither be
takes it daily, weekly, or quarterly, and 1
would not disturb it, but t hut yours is as
suming an alarming aspect to nil ynur fellow
citizens, who go nl'ooi or have any interest in
the money they earn or spend. Many of your
fellow-ciiirens avow th-ii-beli-.f (in town ami
country) that they prefer the paper of the
two old Hanks to yours because yuuis issuli
ject to the storms nnd whirlwinds of party.
This may necounl fur the return of some uf
your ciroulation; nml if my proposition be
true, thnt no circulation can be regular or
profitable unless il is issued in strict conform
ity to the demands uf trade, alike regarding
the production and consumption of the conn
try; your circulation has returned lo you in
equally strict coiitoiini'y to these Isws, and
you should be ready to send il forth sgain us
soon ss the productions of the country cnn
be sent lo market. You regard Ihe "compe
tition in business" of the three old Hanks n
producing "wunl of uniformity and regulni-i
ity" in the Slate's paper oiretiletion. Von
could hardly have loads a greater error, as
'competition is tho lile of tiade. has passed
into an aitnge, ami wliere there is room lor
competition it must lend to the regulation of
prices in sny coiiinuiility. As lo the "evils
you deprecate, I have much to lesrn io po
liilcal economy if it be an evil that a paper
circulation should bo ket i ns near a specie
standard as it is possible to keep it, or if il
lie sn- evil that the State H;.nk should be
forced into a resumption when ths business
uf the country demands it, or if it be an evil
thnt the Hank's paper should occasionally
circulate into as well as from the Hunks. I
must, by your leave, be in favor of all audi
evils. A Hnsisicss Ms.
Nf.w Oiilrans. The Picayune of last
week, remark
Our general market ha presented a more
animated appearance during the pasl week,
with Irbrral supplies ol Southern staples and
of Western produce, nml a fair demand for
most of the liadinu sriirlr-s '11. L.,i,.,..
tn t niton nnd I'lonrluia be .'0. Helms"! I. 4
reduced rstcs, while Sugar, Molasses, ( r.-iin
and PiocTsionHiave connmii ded lull prices,
the rates for Pork nnd Uacon showing a ma
Iviiul advance.
l-tpT The News of Chicago announces the
certain and complete success of Ihe friends
ol Doiit'las ill the legislature; nnd adds that
tho Administration failed to elect up of
their ciu.didab a.
Ibfland in New Voek. The New York
correspondent of tho Charleston Courier, in
a recent letter says:
'We now have John Kelly, an irishman,
for Sheriff; John Clancy, nn Irishman, for
County Clerk; James Moncrief, un Irishman,
for Judge of the Superior Court; and two
Irishmen for Coroners,
Encase. John it. Mncuiiher, the mate of
the slaver Haider, who won a shnil time ago
arrested and placed in Eldridge-slreet Jail,
New York, made hi escape a few day since
and has fled to pints unknown. He wns nl
limed Ihe freedom of the jnil-ynrd, nnd quiet
ly stepped over tho fence and oflT while lb
eye of his vlgilnnt guard were benevolently
turned in some other direction.
Law and Justice. A fiend was tried for
killing woman In New Hampshire a few
weeks ago, found guilty, and senter.-.i-d' lo
one year in Ihe State Prison. A follow
who bad been guilty of breaking into cel
lar and stealing two aaws, was tried at the
as me Court and sentenced In three year im
prisonment in lh s im institution.
A ladv who wa. strict observe nf
tiquelte, being nimble to CO to cburcli oue I
Sutulnv, tent her card. I
P. J. J'' ff
Mr. t .1. i isher, the artist, and formerly of
Athena, we Cod in a Id outuber of the j
thers tko, for aught we know; but never
having eeo lha ot.gnals, we cannot iy
(u,v Ue
.... ., ..! . .1
I here Wi re niner pkiures in aoouu-r pnri
of the room, ul whici. e can speak will,
belter confidence. There was our n igbbur
of the Whig, Robert Ridywav, Ei , ami
John R. Thompson, Esq.. ol I ho Southern
Literary Meaariiger, l "lli true to tile aril
besides. Mr. Toler, formerly of the hi.',
Mr. -Moselv.Mrs. Mo-elv, s full-lrnlh pin
trail of n little girl, nuller nl a sinull lad,
nud puitrails of Welsler, Washington nnd
others, suuury ideal heads, aitiiiirab y execu
ted, and an exquisite compiisiiion represen
ting t upi.l sin pinj. Some ol lliese were
dons in oils, nnd i'Wxrs in eratjnn, lull nit
eiliib.ti.iL'ii bii'l. order i Islei.t and-ureal
Wilils ' aii(i(Kas. The artist show. il us
a partial.) nniocv
Minor Butts, which lbewoik of high
merit, if the distinguished subject Will give
the painter sittings enough. These works,
ahda portrait ul the Rev. Nelson He-id,
which wo had previously examined, nml
which is cerlain'y one of the most excellent
portraits we hare ever seen, fully wsrrants
the jutgmerit tint Mr, Fisher is an artist of
ability in the line bu has chosen. Hia pic
tures nre in reality portraits reproductions
of the facea submitted lo hia inspection,
the living couolen .n.e of the seller, jusl
enough ulattlized lo give it the s. uiblance of
actual hie. Thil'is high praise, we knos.
but it is deserved, nml He rendtr il Ihe more
willingly ns thcurtisl is a native of V irginia.
Il is no objecliorfrs an artist, Unit be was
born elsewhere, hut wa shall ever feel a pe
culiar pride in the recognition of genius in
Ihe children of the Old Dominion The
readers of The South would do well to c-.ll
n Mr. Fisher, asd ae for themselves that
our praises nre nol undeservedly be. lowed.
We shall he happy to hear of hi continued
success us an arlist.
We lu nst keep our readers advised of
tlie movements ilVecting the Little (iinnt'a
standing w ith tie Democratic party. The
following extract, bearing upon the subject,
is from a Wasliinyt.'U letter written since the
Illinois election:
"Doiialas, iiisliad of coiuing here quite
choplullcr. ami reeolant, "ill be the proud
represent ative of the independent Democracy,
and will be hailed by the party us its very
. iiilmdimeni.
'I be result of tiie election slinus that, in
Illinois, us in many oilier Noriouru Stales
the Democracy generally favor Douglas in
his resistance to tho President's dictation up
on the subject ol the la-coiopton I'onstitu
tion. In the Soiitli there nro 'but two par
lies the Douglas parly and the disunion
As an evidenco rf this, it is reported, today
tint a great Doug as paper is to be establish
ed lu re, by a conjunction of the" Richmond
South and lUc Washington Slates. Dou-
I ul ii in l ii y urn lii Llrt aum, .
Il hit been pmposad in the Democratic
councils lately, tl at the Northern delegates
to tho Charleston, National D -inocrutiti Con
vention should UM to the Southern dele
gales Ihe election if a Presidential candidate.
At present thrre is no doubt that the
choice of tho South would necessarily tall
upon Mr. Dougiasor Gov. Wise, and the for
mer seems to have tho preference, because
he is supposed to possess the greater share of
The contest fur the PresPdency does not
iiunllv begin till the second Congiess in nn
Administration is opened. Bul the com
mencement of the struggle is now precipitat
ed by the Doiigln feud."
Kr.NTUCKV. The Lutiisvile Journal cnn
tains ii call tor an "Opposition" Stute Con
vention ul Louisville, on the 2Jd nf February
in xt, to nominate candidates for Governor,
Lieutenant Governor, and other State oflicers.
An invitation is extended tn "Americans and
Old Line W hi,a of Kentucky, and nil others
who are desirous of uniting in the overthrow
nl Ilia present eoriupt administration of
lliu General Government." Tlie Journal
says : ,
There ia no good reason why there should
nol be a union of lln Opposition strength its
Kentucky, nnd union is uniiiestionabl;'
necessary to success. Willi il, we shall
ciiny Uie State by un old fashioned majority,
nnd tho foiiiul.ilion will belaid broad unit
deep for a grei t nation il liiuinph in 18UJ.
Hons. The Lonisville Courier of Satur
day says:
'I'lia inniket C'infiniii a firm, but the ivrnlli
er was iinlnviiinbly yesterday for slaughter
ing. In our commercial summary a salo of
1,1100 hogs is rep- rted nt $li '.'" net, and
over 1,011(1 barrels of pyrJL nl t16.
At Indianapolis, nd.,,flie receipts of hogs
fur packing wer heavy, with sales at $5 75,
aiiilt Ihe nl.ioghwr, MolHlsy, of I 000 head.
At New A'bwu Jin hogs have yet liu.-n
., s-m..- s-vsssni ni tj nnn
Sjtt 5. ' ,
Al St. Imis Bsvrkerii lire paving !) So and
i5 7" net, bul have nul cuiiiuieuccd killing
hogs. .
At Springfield HI., the packers were pay
inn; s)4 fill and 4 "5 net.
The following is fronjge Cincinnati Gaz
ette nt yesterday :
The iiiark'et far hnj r.acted to 4 ay.
Buyers manilcsted a disposition to p.use,
wbich created n good dual of anxiety : lin
purl ot a. Hers to realize, and late this even
iiip aalea e ould Hot lie ill ib In any e"cnt,
either for present or Inlurodi'livery. al o "J r.
Th- turn was dcvid.dy doivtmn'ii The
business so far h is b.o almost nd y of a
spi-ruhitive ili.ir .cter. rTagu1 ir packers-npe-inte
r aiiiiiiunly and thev line, so tar, uimlr
lint ftw purchfses on th. ir own nccoBHit.
ItFAUTira of an Elective Juihciarv. A
New York paper publishes th following:
.f iWostW Juigr. One of the morning p-i.
pors contains an advertisement sigmd by
Klnreiic. McCnrlhy, one nl Hie Judges of the
Marine Court. nfTering to tl-1 1 00 or IOo0
that Gcorgo II. Purser will nol he elected In
the ul!icg of Comptroller.
CoscinrssMA' Vote Crallenoed. Ora.
inua U. Mnlteann, nnoln'r of Congress, was
eb llniged at thepollaof Ihe ward he resides,
in flics, New York, and hi rots w a refused.
Thtt ground of challenge a that he had a
wnger pending on the result of the election.
The challenge wa instslvd os, nd he did
not vote.
- r H. . . . A.,, I III- I M.!..I..J
"' ' - - f'
0,1 """k of Hamburg, S. C, are in circu-
lation, and arc remarkably well executed.
-. .. .... L
v...,. .,.,.,...:... .;.
omkini to culle. I funds for lhe penhase
of I
whole time lo going ab. Ill lha eounlry and
tiling lr Ihe iiuuioiial Homier l rata
few dollitrafot l.lllgtlll. Tliefjvl U, III l
such a sliite ill things is no et.-rnsi shsn.e snd
disar ee lo all ul us. W ..s -ington, his name
and fame, Ins abiding place ill lite slid death,
b.-long lo the n it. on. I lie a.ul w herein lit"
body rests sh-ubl be purchased by the Con.
giessuf llie I'niied St .lea, nnd pr. sen it f.r
eer ss s p ,rt . f Ihe nati.iti.il Join io as much
ns tnv l iipitol or Ihe Idle llou-e. All ap
propriation nl nl lens' live hull. tied lllos- ind
dollais should be reported esr y du'ing the
C 'lmng session, and w should not like to be
ine man to vie against it. Congress can
vote swnv milli in lo enrich broken down
tine's politicians or eounlry printers, c ill throw
away hundreds of thousands upon a uiis rs.
ble hungry lobby, or .' boiiibug rndwnya
-rsef iii.iumei nl y.in. r-ynntn; Ijind, or
vote greot auuia tn bnlld nnyy anni i,
no ships esn ever go, or custom houses w here
there are nn duties to he collected in fact, it
can provide liii rally for ail sorts of jobs tn
teed political vagabonds, hut it cannot ijictid
one rent ot the public money for the grave
of Washington. Thnt patriotic work is left
to the scjiolnalic Everett and the immortal
Homier. Truly it may be said that ''republics
are ungrateful."
TlloOBl.t IN THE CaBINKT. The Wash
ington correspondent of the Memphis Eagle
and Ei quirer, thus refers to supposed dilli.
eu'ti.-s in the Cabinet ;
I understand that there was a good deal ol
a hubbub yest, rdnv am ing the exalted digni
Inri. a composing the Administration. It a;i
penis that some of Ihe ilrlealed candidates
lor Congress some ol the son-bends have
come here lull sit urithnud soreness, and are
nying nil the blame of ih.-ir detent snd of
iheir prostration lo the p.-wcia h. re. They
Insist on n change of policy a change nl
course low aids cimfe'irriimut.noli Lecnuipton
democrats, and n change of commercial and
liiiniicinl policy; otherwise, their plain talk is,
too jmrly will fn permanently to the devil,
where II line gone temporarily. These gen
tlemen ol course wrnt In headquarters; but
Mr. Buchanan aent them lo Cnhb, who w.,s
incorrigible and lor extreme measures. I In w.
ever, he had the grace lo ask them to call
again and he w ould talk fuilher nilli them
upiin the subject. Al the second interview
they found Mr. C. somewhat moderated, lie
dished lo know hat tin y proponed w lint
they expected of the ailliiioistiatinn t TheV
gave him their views, which included Hie ac
ceptance by Mr. Cobb of n fun ign mission,
and tlienppoiiilii.i-.il of some oue us his suc
cessor Who livid (Idler. -lit opinions upon Ihe
subject of a tariff. This, of C'-ntse, wns nol
very palatable lo the Secretin y, but they anid
they did lint care to Hatter or d.-ccivo bun or
any one, but lo tell them plain, wholesome
Taney stuck is going up, und prize fights
. .. ., ijlqiri., M-L, . tsnm
a id II. W. Chase, two liuil a of the t.. W , bad
a fist fight in court, at Lafayette, on Friday
last. The l.'tlayi-lle Courier pies Ihe lol
lowiug graphic account of the liist round:
"Mr. Chase gnve Mr, Jones the Its, where
upon Mr. Jones plaeleil a well-directed blow
between the two eyes of the aforesaid .Mr.
Chi.se, and was about lo lollon- up his ad
vantage, when Mr. Chase aforesaid 'got linme,'
lis Ihe 'faiici' express it, wild n beautiful
'right counter' on the frontis-piece nf Ihe
aforesaid Mr. Jones, nnd the nttornry for the
plniniirVdroppcd, ns limber as lour cent mus
lin, lie came tn Mime,' however, and closing
with the r .ilron l alloroey, piled Mm into the
jury box in u v.-rv iincoliilorinble shape."
As the parlies nero both exhausted,
lricoda interfcied, and bad tlie second round
Kvi-a. lii n letter to ihe Boston Courier,
the Iter. Mr. (beutt, Colonization Agent,
says :
"Ii is reported of n convention of colored
people, In Id in New Yolk, that a somewhat
distinguished nu mber pies, -nl, in speaking uf
tin- editor ot the Tribune, -aid: "I Ine thorough
going colored man is worth more to lor ward
our interests and secure our rights, than all
the (iri-eli-ys in the world, Greeley is nn
iidroit pulilielnli, and admit politicians are al
ways In bp distrusted. We must nut be
lul l boozlid by .ham philanthropists, 'Viere
hi ten a If rent Jail of cnjolnl sheared from
our U'ord, bul we have got none of the pi olits,
mid we should not be dumb before the shear,
ers any longer,
DocronfNO Haiiis. The following is a
good hit nt the absurd practice of diieloriiijj;
in'atits :
"You have lost your baby, I hear," laid
one gentleman In mini her.
"Yes, poor btile thing! It Was -only five
months old. Wh had lour d-dors, hl'ster. d
its head and f.-el, pnl mustard puullirea nil
-.- ." si,.. ,nI.MiJ it.Mvelffs, lei'eh
ed its leiiiplrs, Ii id il bled, unit g,.ve il nil
kinds of medicines, und yet, nflor a we.k's
llloos it dud."
Ti I'.-nnsylv.-iuii Dutch," of B-rks
counly, have n highly appreei itite opinion nf
Gluncey J mea. One ol Iheln suul, "Il is one
sh line if Mishler Shohes pe nul elected, for
he i the I oinuiiltec of the Sli.iinnun of
Mean Way.!"
-F" Dr. Juhnsiin haa Tefl it on record,
that ns he Was passing by n fishmonger who
was skinning ni eel alive, be heard him curse
it because it wouhj not lie still!
l-tj" Judge Tsst, of Indians, in giving hia
opinion in a ditorce case recently lielore him,
said: "Tlie advorati e of free love could not
ask the enp. mciil ufastatul nmre fsvura
ble In tln-ir views than cor present divorce
laws. Moriuun polygamy ia hi tter, fur that
at lenst compels Ihe husband tn provide for
and prolecl his numerous wives.
t-fiT" Until gentlemen dispense w ith sorn
of their own unbecoming fashions, they
should cess ridiculing th ladies shout Iheir
dress. Gentlemen who wesr light panta,
spotted shirts, shnwls, am! other outlandish
sppsre', have no right to criticise ladies'
hoops. Those who reside In trsnspsren!
domicile should al nil limes refrsiu from cast,
ing, bricks nl ollnr people.
19th ull.i snys the Ayr Ohsrrvor, Irn-re wss
a couple married in Ayr; the bridegroom had
reached the interesting age of 17, and Ihe
bride was JJ They went to Edinburg lo
pend the honrymoon. j
. 1 4 Vv Yttik tiatese
in thUitf of thdilr
I noia ittiaUi.dir.g all lb exroptra of lawless-
oca losl b has uN-aenUd Iv tuaeowpalciot
j abroad.
The caasor Williamson (..f the Despatch.)
i is nlsu iHcubsr. Mr Wil unison ss a esn-
dotale lor Congress, en.! esine very mar
being i l.cled. 11. la Mow a einuiuale lr
!e sroilenlitir); but that should not dis
lorb his eqiiaiiiinity. Ol late years Ihe mo
r. I condition of tlie tin ihhers of Congress,
br tlie artiliallut'S. of Ihe lobby, has been so
low Hist it ia a question slimug philosophers
whether it i mil rather under than over that
ul the inhabitants ul 1'is iiriiiteuli.iry. Tlia
mile d.fl rence. on alncl aidenlific principle,
is liial under llie Ihfliitne. of VMt b'bby
Washington nieniWra nf Ctogrl -"WilTtntE
grand larceny, w hile Ike inrn'tea ui4s1 fWrti
lentisry are Diostly enl tl sre for petty Ur
onv. 'The smbillnii of Mr. Willi . ma-. n in
.,,j,, a., v.i t eihfes may, siinsmre,
be pciteclly satislled II ti trial and the action
of Ihe judges should send blni to the peni
tentiary f'i violating the la..
Basks in tieoaoiA. Tlie Augusts Corii
tuliowiHit, the leading Deinoc ratio piper of
Georgia, in noliciug llie war which ia bring
waged upon the eolvt nl Hanks of I ml State,
by the bard money liumbuggers.says:
Thete is nut one word of Irti'h in Ihe stale.
ineiit thai the hunks of Georgia rontrol the
cotton nun kit. 'Ihe banks lime no lllorr
egtTts engaged in piin-h ng rot on, nor no
more cotton consign d to them, (linn Gover
nor Brown snd the editor uf Ihe New unit
lllade have. Il is .quill v lair, snd far more
Irutklul nud legitimate, lo declare that Gov.
llioMii and his niili-h uik friends i re wsging
a war on capit d and rndit, In break down
Ihe i . ilne of properly, noil the price id collon,
nil Hie ;igi S of labor, that be and some ul
his Iriends may n alis.- forliiu. s ftom the de
pii ciati.in of cotton, labor and propeity, gen
i rally. The result ol this crusade is already
seen and It-It in ths depreciation of cotton
and the lierci r the war becomes, the lower
collon will go; lot English tiiaiiufal'luri'1 sod
Yankee spinners, noticing Ihe war nn our
currency, know thai cotton w ill decline In
value, and they cn-operut with Gov. ft. own
nud his nnti-bnik Iriends lo lessen the value
ul rutin n, destroy the value of in gro, and
other property, redlielt the wages of labor,
nnd prostrate the agricultural interests of the
The yrnn.-triry of Georgia will visit wilh
terrible retribution their indignation against
those who adopt such unhn'lnwvd means tn
Impair the value nl their produce, the rewards
of their labor, and the laving of their in
dustry, '
I InN. John Bi ll. Wb see that several pf
the Tcnnt'asve papers Ii ive mined the nnin ol
ibis pine titriol and statesman ns lluir can
di Inle lor ihe Presideiicv. One ul them places
ill Hun. Washington Hunt, nf New York,
on tlie li. ki l for llie second office. Should
the i iiiioaitinn unite .n Ur. Jlellj we iinv Im
mute '.he cons-rvntives throiighi'iil tin-cnuu
try. Mr Hell busa host nl In. lolsin Mi- -
s ppi, nnd Ihongh wecanr-.ot i i'miilsn him (In
Si ,e, almn'd he be n candidate, we pruuilsi
Ihe support ol Ihe rioi.ie innii n rniou pa
triots in .Mississippi. I'irtsAiirji- Whig.
City Mills in Asms! On Wednesday
morning last, nboul J o'clock, lh Mucnr.
Flouring Mills, recently riei led near the Mn-
con Si Western Railroad Depot in this cily,
wns destroyed, . ill. rniiteiils, by lire. The
property was owned bv N.I', Miniroe, Ns
than Ib.ss r.nd J.enes A. Knight, Esqa. The
loss will be sl.olll $ 1 8,1100. nni.-hnH nf which
is covered by msiirsr ce. Macon Cituen.
I-f' O i the night of the llllh instant in
Nashville, Tennessee, the trial of the Rev. J.
It. Graves, before the First Bsplisl rhnrrh,
wa brought to a close. The chargs against
tho reverend gentleman iiivnfved gross un
christian conduct, nnd Mr. Urines was ex
cluded from the church. So slntes the Nash
ville Union,
Political OriNi IN in Masachusktts.
The Itoslon Cnuiier saia thai, nl the lute
election iii Massachusetts, nearly one half of
the qualified electors of that Slate did nut
vote. The Philadelphia Noith Auidimn
(Rep.) considers it a "curious eirc iims'iiitce
that over one hundred thousand voleis should
have remained away from Ihe polls," and
thinks the fact indicates the existence in
Massachusetts of n conservative class, oppoe.
ed lo sectional agitation, that lias nf late re.
frnined even from voting. The same paper
says that tin- Hot-healer speech of air. Me Ward
must have Inst his p ity some five thousand
votes nt least, In New York.
( ff ' The hardest rap ihe spirit liavt rc
ceiled for some I uie Is the very Inconsiderate
arrival borne in New Bi-'i'nrd, last Week of
young man who wss believed lo have been
host n tlie w recked hark Wnkr, Isn year
ago. For n long w bile his i.fllicted "gover
nor" has been conversing will, him in the
spirit bind, the list un ssnge, through a me
dium, being to .he effect tlint' he .nt among
the smuts, mid u crown of glory was awaiting
his father P
- Clahesville Maseit. The Chronicle of
Friday saya
Since our l ist we have heard of bul one
ssle of new rmp lobaeco. That wss f..r crop
round, louse, nt seven cents. This figure is
above Ihe view a of the buyers here, said Ihe
purchase ss made by a country dealer.
ling pack ing ha not yet eninmenred, and
Ihe purchasers fur the coming aenann are na
yet very limited. We mob island ihut boy.
er ar giving 4c gross, or & caul net,
Louisville, Nov. 11. A mob broke Into
the jail at Gr.cnsburg, Kentucky, on Wed
nesday, and hnng Thompson and Despon, ,
who were committed on th charge of mur.
dering Henry Simpson, shout s yesr and
hslf sgn snnlher prisoner committed suicide
and a fourln made ennfessinn, implicating
six other. Th mob wcr.t in pursuit of
those rhsrg-d . ith being concerned in th
-fr A Boston paper a)a thnt a Yuiikce
has invented an right day clock thai runs
sixteen days without winding or stopping,
ami girea Iwo quarts of mi'k per day ! It
value roiiM not he calculated, if it only i hurl
ed its own milk, and would atop ticsii'g dur
ing family prayers.
f l l-Vrti.-a Wrru-rkan.1 Ike etilor vt f
I.. K.. I.w 111 Taitl.nil J V : "I I I
(sui.. - - A W-k'W
f -hr It bruaed l'.qii.r. drlsilmf '
...iimA tea..! ismsisS Isrr.
m saes lu ..Be t.lS . "
nnlesga Im a .swbr ! Ui spsl
nuuilr nf itnewa. A haul lirtsjen ,ri.-ss
wriesuii.lio.o,.; fmlB lh neighborhood tif
Fort Snelliog; i'd ' lb. Seigewnl-'-A'
ch-tged uiUe'j; lor ttileio tup, end ht
alioweil il.
In th Wslrou est. bwt twenty il-m-sses
w.iMUumii.rd,at i tim from lb.
dislnnl Slas?l Tea... od lb Sergeant
Anns g'e.-itly - li-llaled huiisll on Ik p.'
pevl nl a monslmua fe b rhargU.g fnl aU.-.t
l.ieiity constr ai in. t'ip I" Teaaa, M. '
Houston, hnarve. l.pH Hits, o..pr. rii
lh n.-rgeaiit-nl-AriH ! am-cumh, an a s.ed
th Goirinuii-r.1 neariv ii,lH)0 b lb. n
fl nclilng ecnix'tny i" tine iiislsiiess.
I wiihl iwrsu. llie gestersil ubjrl csf et
ropt snd pilleiN.g prsciarssi in ami s..l C.-
(jiwsssi lev ssiiaieiSssf asssisj -
ainectirra kept us ihe pfru.esisasg.ni
who gat 4100 and tlJOii per snaaas, aad
porters b ar paid tlJoO a yesr for dnii.at
nolhing. all of w hum ar,ol ruurse.lo. pes.sxl
In do n.viisl otlicra but are polilKsUns, or by
iiiloiming yur rendel nf th lahelo.a nl
uf gor.'ceu furniture, mirrors, Br aasi la, car
pels, and b'.'ok.raacsri'ailegttWO esch, (ra
ran see one in lh Claims Cuniniitt rwoi'i,)
wbi.h ndinii lli.eomiiiitleeand privsl drink,
ing room-, ur by detailing the thousand sB-l
one pi-tty plnndeia by which L'ni-I Sam I.
made l.i'blei-d al viy pure b a .) of
subsllunt, li.ingei on, aiipatuuiuerartt , and
what nut.
The U 'ij Maniet. W. dinut lh alt. -
tion uf the tinda lo lh follow big from lh
Cinciiinal. Pncc-Curirht. Il vh-w mm
wel.-timed mid worthy of consideration:
The picking season, at this plsre, Sua bat
barely oprne.1, and yet, strange a h ssav ap
peal . llie linn ket tins U-an ss much iuis.
firoiijlioul the week, a w lis, noticed II
nt sny time during the enon, In othrr
yenrs. This is sn unusual weurranea, asvt
Is Ihe stibjerl of very general riaik( bat
the buyers am hog deal, i and latitat lioos
the il'ilerinr, it will lis thus f b' rfii
msiid is auuply P' vulalive, nnd lb ca.se of
Ibis is nn opinion gnerll nletlsln!l by
them that Ihe crop will prut aerioasly ahell,
which, by III. way. Is nol new uie lilt
mi! Kentucky neighbor In pmliculnr. Th.
bun) sn"t and excited II I of lh mxket
nnlii ed in our Inst, Continued throughout
the Week, bul bi-eauie Oiur inlells mill
day tu day, and prices adrnnred fully 5hV per
rwl., closing firm al f 6 3I per to I" net
lor boga fur future drliviy, any the lef Iwn
weeks of lh! and lh hist Iwo of in El
month. Musi of our packer hsvs order
from the country lo buy, and some of the,
orders hnto bieft quit prrcrp. ptoiy,
AhouieOOO bend ol hog Wrrereoivid
i,Ke uurnig the week and ahoul 1,000 slaugh
ter, d. Th teclmg nl th cine, enol uu d
buoyniit, ninl us Ihu wenllier I sutTlcelitl V
cool, Ihe bidlcnliuii nre thai slaughtering
will b I'tni-rnl tint toniing week. Misa
lsaw.imeww.el slrsSMlel fur lU-
tiire ili I, very al eloa0lor lit ceuihtr snd
$1j for January, bul nt Ihe close there wrre
nn sillers nt these rsti a, and w. midrtr'tnod
that (Sir) was paid lor December debvriy
last i euing.
ExclTIMrNT AT LoCmviLLE. Th t'lal of
(iiluiore, nl Luiiiaville, Kentucky, for killing
Coulter, a police oflirrr, tcrmlnsled on last
IN edm sday In his acquittal. Aa nnn th
verdict wss announced, Mrs. Con Iter aprsng
ul of her leal, and rushed Inward Gilmor.
with soniclhing-tn bar hand, which w op
posed lo be a knil. This alTair csutsd trt
inendoui exciteuieiit,
(."ilmore's futber addressing th Coart,
usked lor the protection of hi on, nd added
thai be rrgrcttvd lh aB'air a much aa Mr.
Conll.-r; nnd if he Wiicnble h would giv hf
a bouse and lot.
Young Gilmore wns placed undcf the pro
tecliou of Ihu Sherilf.
I4t Thu must viiluuble span of horses
in lh United Slates, an) a an xbas)g pspar,
tire snid to be owned by ConirtttHlof Vnn
deibuilt,of New Yolk. They aia u.klrhed
horses. They coal him f 6,000, and h baa
been ulTeitd 'J,0ii0 fur them.
A Tall Miilc An eirhsng nyat
"Mr. Lniisley, of Clark Counly, M, has
a niule said lo b Ilia laigssl hi lh llnileil
Plates; il is file Ji ura nlil.nnd ia H h .ml
higb; six bet, two inches nl tnMUred b) si
rarprnter al nui fair.
-tf" Tk Albany Journal has th. fulls
log obit usry. llH-d.illh. raaldenca nf her
son, I'rter Archer, ir. Vernn, Oneida county
near Utnntt'i Corners, Madison oiily, Nrw
Yoik, en th 16lh of OyloUi, Mr, tliinbelb
Archer, al the advanced ag snf 1 07 year,
four uinnlhs and two day. Her health waa
reoiMiksbly good apt. hse dealk, lis
tier dinner al about hnlf.pnsi Iwelv e'vloek,
snd died at live, like on going lo sleep.
Race Hi twna a Mas asu a lloast.
Lnsl Thursduy there waa a rsr belaeeu
Mr. Adsn.s and lh burs Hector, om d in
North Adams, un lh. sgrkulluut grounds in
this low ii ths horse to trut on mil and)
four hundred Voids, and lh man la walk
bail a mil, best iwo in Ihft. Th firs he,
wss won by lha man, who earn in shoal ten
roda ahead. Tioie, 8.16. The second best
wss won by Ihe hoi, by about lb earns dia
tsnce. Time, 8 !10. Ths third heal wa won
by th man ill 3 19, nearly distancing the
horir. Aorhamjim (Man ) Oat. if dmri
Toledo, Ohio, Nu. hi. IRSV.
The Wabash aad Western HUilruad U' i'
st Fort Wayne wss opened ilh tals ti.
hut night, and t'JO.UOU alkleti. $5,000 af
lh amount wa in Rear bill on lb. Proa tier
Bank of Illinois, snd lh kalanr. was-vs) .th-
er banks in Illinois and Wisconsin. There i.
no clu lo lh reboar yl.
Birth. Al lha llermll gs. Midland enan.
ly, licbMjiie, on Puday, Nov. ft, lh wil. uf
laaae lialalead, Esq., ol daghlr. Weight,.
lourlcto pound.
10' Dr. W. II. Eil.mill, an dvrrl.'s.ng
qusi k. lis hern sdI lo lh. Kentucky Ptni
leniiniy for sn yrsra, for strsling a burs,
and buggy al Crnlhiana. Jtu. Journal.'
A Saltt Virrs. Saline rouary, III., si
the late rlistinn, gave a Dennralia major ily
ol l,5, being every tola cssl in lh county.
l-t' An old msid, speakinjuf ansrrlage
sais ilit like any ulbrr diseas abbo
Iheti's life Ihrrv' hope,
i . r ii . '...... a i.rii.a la and eb.l I -

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