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Sfic ost.
Athens, Friday, December 18. 1874,
Gold Honda -Cotton.
Gold closed In New York at 111
iennesseei3onds77foroldand 75 for
new. Cotton 11', for middling.
lrONIMXti V.
The Quarterly Court which mceta on
the fir if Monday of January will have a
f'mt. ry ....
u.uiuau, wortner, ruonc AdminUtia
tor,' and County IUnger to elect.
The State Judfel&rv.
A suggestive and Interesting article
on the above lulled
page of this paper, to which alteution it
Bijci;uuiiy invnea.
Atlanta Dally News.
We tender our thanka to the nrom la.
tor of the above paper for the favor of
a aaiiy exchange. The trade from thia
section to Georgia ia heavy, and any of
uur menus wno may want a real live
uany irom ice mot enterprislug and
growing city of the South should send
for the News.
The Congressional details, are with
out special Interest, and tlio opinion
pervails that veiy little will be done un
til after the Christmas holidays. The
fate of the civil rights bill in the House
isdoubtful.- Ifit passes at all it will
be after having been emasculated of the
more objectionable features, and even
then many Insist that the President will
reto It.
Supper at Mars Hill.
A Supper will bo given In the Ma
sonic Hall, Alliens, this Friday evening,
for the benefit of Mars Hill Presbyte
rian Church. Let everybody go who
can, and invost a small sum in a good
cause. The object is commendable, and
should be liberally encouraged. We
trust tho attendance will be large.
Tickets to be. had at Henderson &
Demeut'a and at John E. Gibson's
I-rug Storo.
Cincinnati Southern.
There Is some nolso and talk ia the
papers about a disagreement between
the trustees and the pooplo of Clncln
iiatl, for which, W9 venture to say, there
Is very little, If any, foundation. Tho
work under contract is progressing sat
isfactorily, and no friend of the enter
prise doubts Its completion at an early
day. The reports about trouble and em
barrassing complications generally orig
inate with parties who have opposed
the building of the road from the start,
and are believed and reiterated only by
those who hope that It will fail.
Literary Entertainment.
Tho Exercises given by tho Adulphlnn
nnd riillomathcBii Literary Societies, E.
T, Wesloyau Universih, last Saturday
oveuing, were more than ordinarily In
teresting. Tho debate between Messrs.
J. M. Henderson, Jr., and F. T. Mc
Whirlcr would have been creditablo to
cldor and more mature minds; tho
Valedictory by Thos. It. Itussell, Esq.,
was appropriate and. happy, whllo tho
music, Instrumental and vocal, added to
the Interest an plcasuro of the occa
sion. The Hall was packed to its capa
city with the loarning, wit, elegance,
llOflllfr Allil truMnnfi!. f 1ia Ininn
Speakership of the Senate.
The name 6f Col. Blizard, Senator
elect from this District, has been fre
quently and favorably mentioned in dif
ferent portions of tho State for the
Speakership. We stated some weoks
ago that we did not believe Col. B. was
looking to the position, but the expres
sion in his favor has been so general we
now feel authorized to say he will not
docllne It, and wo therefore take up the
.suggestion of our cotemporarles and
respectfully urge his election. Ho pos
sesses the necessary qualifications is
quick, prompt and decidod in his con
clusions and courteous and dignified in
his deportment and boaring. Without
disparagomont, no member of the Sen
ate would make a more efficient and
popular presiding officer, and we pre
sume, from the favorable manner in
which ho has been spoken of In West,
Middle and East Tennessee, that his
nomination will mcotvory little, If any,
Coghill, Dec. 15th, 1874.
Mr. IrtNs: I send you two dollars
to pay for another year of the Tost,
which is the best paper of its size 1 ever
road. I havo road it from its first num
ber, and can't do without it. I will fur
ther say that I want you to get religion
I uso tho word oef and if you serve
your Creator tho balance of your days
as faithfully as you have your party and
patroni", you will atthocloso ot your
earthly pilgrimage enter Into that houso
not made with hands, etorti&Mifi1 hea
vens. Your old friend, Outs.
We thank our old friend for renew
lug bis subscription, and particularly
for tho wish that wo may obtain that
which It Infinitely moro desirable than
ailvcr or gold or precious goms. But,
alas! oo man conserve two masters;
and If we should novr forsake the devil
and all his works ami tot our face in the
other direction, what would become of
tho party and our non-payiug patrons?
That's what's the matter I
The Washington Sunday Herald an
nounces by authority, that Justice
Sway no does not intend to retire from
tbo Supremo bench at present.
Senatorial Gossip.
For the Tort.)
It has been the custom from ths ear.
liest hiftory of oar State to divide the
principal offices, both State and Na
tional, as equally as may be. betweei
the three grand divisions thereof. It is
provided in the orgaulo law of our
state that of our Supreme Judges an
equal number shall be selected from
eacu grand division. Atrrosent, Mid
die Tenoessee has the Governor. Comn
troller, and one Senator in Contrast:
Western Tennessee has the Governor
elect, and has thus la some decree nart
ed with Us right to furnish the Senator
to be elected by our next Legislature:
Eastern Tennessee only has a, Senator
i- i
ui vungreisw. u. urowniow wnose
time expires the 4th of March next, and
according to custom and precodent has
a right to furnish his successor.
The names of Andrew Johuson. John
Netherland,Judge McKinney and Chan
cellor Key have been mentioned in con
nccuou with this high office from our
division of the State. Mr. Johnson hat
already announced himself acaudidate
for the position, and will undoubtedly
go to Nashville with more votes than
any other aspirant from Bust Tonnes-
see; but whether or not be can d.
velop strength enough to elect himself,
yet remains to be seen. If he can not,
then his friends will have to go else
where, or bring forward anothor candi
date In that event, then. Judire Kev
is undoubtedly tho choice of East Ten
nessee, and particularly lower East Ten
nessee. He is now just In the prime of
life, and in ability and'integrity of char
acter is the peer of any man in the State.
Ihe Democratic party of Tennessee
is composed of members of both tho
proud old Whig and Democratic par
ties, which divided the people in the
former and better days of the Republic,
and while there ought to be no preju
dice or strife on account of former po
litical status, yet it is not right or just
that all the officers should be selected
from ono or the other of the90 old par-
lies. I believe our present (Jnvornor
and our Governor elect, and both our
present Senators In Congress prior to
the war belonged to tho Whig party ;
then, other things being equal, a former
Democrat ought to have tho priority for
Senator this time. Mr. Johuson and
Judge Key are both lifo-long Demo
crats, and ought on that account to be
preferred over other aspirants from this
and other divisions of tho State, a large
majority of whom formerly belonged
to the old Whig party. McMinn.
In the House, Wright, of Iowa, sub
mitted a joint resolution proposing cer
tain amendments to the Constitution of
the Uulied States. It proposes Hint
tho President and Vice President of
tho United States shall be elected by a
direct vote of the peoplo, and each hold
offico for a term of six years. That tho
President shall bo eligible to ro-elec-
(ion. Every male citizen who has reach.
ed the ago of twenty-one years and
who has not been convicted of an in
famous crime shall have a right to vote.
It further provides that tho election
for President and Vice President shall
be held at the same time, and it requires
a majority of all the votes cast to elect,
but If no ono receives a majority anothor
6hall be ordered, at which only the two
receiving the largest number of votes at
tho previous voting shall bo votarf for,
ami further that tho election returns
shall be canvassed bv the Supreme
Court of the United States and a cer
tificate from that tribunal. Referred to
the Committee on Civil Servico Reform.
White, of Alabama, introduced, a
supplementary civil rights bill.
The Houso adjourns from the 23d of
December to the 5th of January, by a
voto of 128 to 123.
Senator Morton,
A Washington special says: A re
port has prevailed hero that Senator
Morton was incensod at tho President's
hard-money views, and that he intend
ed, at the first opportunity, to assail him
in a speech in the Senate. On Inquiry,
Mr. Morton replies that he tlifTors, as is
well and widely known, from tho Presi
dent's financial views, and will give his
reasons tor that diuorenco at tno proper
time, though ho disclaims making his
issuowith thoPrcsidontas porsonal, as
is represented by common gossip. Ho
goes so far as to say, now, that the re
peal of tho legal tender ac t would bo a
national calamity, in his opinion, and ho
Is greatly surprised that tho President
should have recotiimoiidcd it.
, Alas, for the Republic,
i The now administration organ In
New York, the Republic, Is reported in
a bad way, and Is evldonlly about to ex
plro. The Washington correspondent
of the Cincinnati Commercial states
that tho anxious friends who havo been
sitting up with it for somo time, give it
up, and do not expect it to last iongor
than this week.
Tho (olograph this morning announoes
tho suspension of tho Republic.
Philip Drunk.
Prcsidont Grant Is quoted as saying:
"If further troubles occur In Louisiana
I will send somo ono there who will
hurt." If the great man really said that,
tho chances are that It was an after-din
nor expression, Inspired by about four
fingers of something moro exhilarating
than the water of tho Potomac.
From the Union and Aierlcnn.
Several of our State exthiges are
discussing the backward an almost
impassible condition of couny roads.
The complaint seems louder'ji East
Tennessee than any other sectls. The
road law passed by the last LeIatnre
it generally spoken of as a gooone, if
it were carried into effect; bat exe
cutioa was left optional wit, each
County Court, and it is stated Hi few,
if any, Lave giveu it the beost of
trial. Hence, there Is diepoUon to
u-ge that the law be made consulsory
oo the counties by further legiition.
Among the rights dearest to the free
American's heart, is the r.'gt to be
shiftless and thriftless. We do not
quite clearly see how this rlgl can be
curtailed without imparting savor of
despotism to State role. If someountles
want bad toads to drive men an money
from their borders, have they ni, an in
herent and inalienable right p such
roads? One of the problems luzzling
our statesmen, is bow to prceut the
emigration of Teunesseans to t West.
We cannot think of any bettcrilan for
keeping these nomads ainongjis than
that of allowing taem the fre indul
gence of their primitive and ylonior
notions about bridle paths un bW
trails being superior to macacumtod
roads. These fellows are fleeing frsn
our super-civilization. If wo reay
wish to restraiu them, we must restrnu
ourselves in our mad cravinsrs for ti
Appian Way to every village and ban-
let in the State.
The Responsibility.
ine lCKSOurg Jicraid closes an ar
tide detailing the fight at Vickaburg i
which the assaulting party suffered
severely, with tho followinir. which
pretty severe on tho "little villain"
Am-. .
"M 1 I. - 1 . . . . i."
r or uie lives iosi yesicmav. lor lUCUnv I nolr rim I invei't:moiil to do 80 lv
injury done to the business interests ofSiorinwinitr on iu bonds, navable fifty
this city, and for the great outrage per-
petrated on men every way bis supe-
riors, wo hold, and the whole civilized
world will hold, Adelbert Ames and his
suporscrviceable and Ignorant tool,
Ouorge E. Harris, responsible. In the
sight or bod they are murderers. Tlio
blood of a score or so of ignorant ne
groes stains their hands this bright
morning, and It will stain their so ils
forever. In this world the ghosts of Ihe
poor creatures they brought to bloody
graves will haunt them. At night ttey
will bo at their bcdsidos, and in their
ears they will constantly shriek, "mur
derers I" During the day, in their hours
of revelry, they will rise up like Ban
quo to freczo their blood and blanche
their cheeks.
As there is a God in hoaven. wo be
lieve that Adelbert Ames and George
E. Harris are murderers, and. as he Is a
juit God, they will surely be puuishod.
Fernando Wood.
The Hon. Fernando Wood was1 re
cently IntorvUwod, ftni is reported, to
have said : '
"Tho peoplo little dream of tho frauds
and rascality of the party. Thus far,
the sunuco has only been scraped, now
deep and such a bed of official corrup
tion will bo found as will forever sweep
tho Republican party from a placo of
honorable mention. When tho trius-
actions of tho party during the last ten
or twelve vcars aro shown up, there
will be nothing left of it : its very name
will bo a disgrace. In at least three de
partments of this Government there
havo been transactions compared villi
which those of a dishonorablo n autre
hitherto discovered are but as , the
stories of Mother Gooso." '
Mr. Wood father remarked that the
tlmo for investigation would not arrive
until the meeting of tho next Congress,
but that then the majority in that body
would mako tho fur fly.
Tho Debts of the Southern States.
According to a Washington date, the
bill introduced by Mr. Smith, of North
Carolina, for the relief of tho Southorn
States by a compromise of their debts,
provides that the money collected from
tho Southern people as a tax on their
cotton product shall be appropriated to
pay tho debts of tho Southern States,
The Socre,lary of the Treasury and tho
Attorney-General aro dlreotod to con
for with tho creditors and agrco upon a
compromise The money paid as cot
ton tax by tho peoplo of a Stato is to be
devoted to tho payment of tho debt of
such State. If the amount Is inefficient
to pay tho wholo it is to bo applied to
debts of the oldest dato as far ns it will
go. Where thuru Is a surplus It shall bo
paid over to tho State for free school
Quite a Difference.
Tho Charleston News and Courtcr
publishes a tablo showing the amount
of money appropriated by the general
government, from tho adoption of tho
constitution up to Juno 30th, 1873, for
tho Improvement of rivers and harbors
In the Atlantic States. Tho total amount
expended is $9,587,173. Of this tbo
northern Atlantic States received $7,-
970,0!)7,and the southern Atlantic States,
$1,017,070. Quite a difference.
Hogs at Chattanooga.
Tho Timossays: Hogs are scarco and
prices stiff. First-class, heavy lots,
would command 1 cents. Soquatchee
Valley will not mako more than two
thirds her usual crop this year,'' and
most of tho lots we have seen from thero
are not near np to the standard of . for
mer years. The country adjacent to the
city will mako very little more pork than
will supply tbo farmors.
Tho Washington Suuday Chronicle
shows that tho debt of tho District of
Columbia Is more than $25,000,000.
Dawet on the Currency.
The followlog appears among the
Congressional proceedings of last week :
The House went Into Committee of
the whole, and resumed the considera
tion of the biil authorizing the Issue of
three buudred and sixty-five converts
ble bonds.
Mr. Willard, of Vermont, offered an
aineudmeiit to it, providiug that green
backs shall uot be legal tender in pay
ment ot debts contracted after the first
of July. 1875.
Mr. Dawes spoke at length la opposi
tion to the bill. He declared that, with
Hie gentleman from Ohio (Mr. Garfield)
be rejoiced that the hands of Congress
were being stayed up in the cflort, if it
had the courage to make it, to bring the
country back to the laws of trade, and
argued that the direct and inevitable
consequence of the substitution of the
peudiug bill for the existing state of af
fairs, instead of bringing relief by ap
proximation of greenbacks to gold,
would sink it ten to fifteen per cent.,
and thereby take from the laborrer teu
to fifteen per cent, of the purchasing
Eower of his day's wages, and cut dowu
is now scanty loaf of bread.
The greenback would be worth as
much as gold to-day if the Government
would pay it when presented, and it
would never be worth at much as gold
until the Government did that. Let it
do that and all the rest would follow.
In conclusion he said: Those who are
responsive for public affair have uo
time to lose; we can put oil our duty
in the premises no longer. ..
The Republican party has just three
mouth 'o save or destroy its existence.
No other power than itself ran accom
plish its ruin. . it will pass out or mum
and memory iii the politics of this coun-
trv. if at all. bv its own hands. It has
the power as well as the privilege of ac
coniDlishinir cither of these results.
Whatever in tho near future awaits that
party, lei it not be for the want of cour
age.' Mr. Phelps orgucd against the pend
ing measure, and said : This is what I
id ask the Government to do: I ask tho
Government to pay the promises that it
made twelve years ago; to pay these
i i . i s .t u !
a .
years after date, money with which to
pay its present indebtedness. In my
opinion, there Is but one whv to make
Currcnev eoual to inonov. and that is to
'ollow that atraigtit auJ narrow pain,
which is the rath or honesty. 1 no oov-
erument must pay its debts when they
aro duo. Then alone cau wo expect to
be again a prosperous and happy and
honored nation.
From Washington.
Correspondence Courier-Journal.
Washington, D. C, DPt. 13.-The
friends of specie resumption claim that
thev will be able to carry a measure
looking to this end through the Senate,
Thouirh the Finance Committee has
uot met, it is not improbable that it will
o - --- ----
renort somcthinir of tho -kind. It is
- a
pretty certain, however, that the repeal
of the legal tender clause, ns recom
mended bv Grant, will not be one of
the modes likely to find favor In Con
gross. A prominent politician, wno is
n a position to know whereof he
s:eiik. states positively that there are
not over threo Senators in favor of such
a plan. The samo gentleman predicts
a union of the Democratic party upon
the policy of substituting greenbacks
for the national bank notes and repeal
ing the tax on the State banks. It is
cortain that these ideas are largely fa
vored In Democratic circles. Tho dis
cussion of the question is destined to
occupy a large share of tbo attention of
The committee appointed to consider
Arkansas affairs has decided, before
making up the report, to hear counsel
ou both Bides on the questions involved.
This dolay Is undoubtedly favorable to
tho existing Stato Government. It Is
claimed by Governor Garland's frionds
hero that tho expressions of opinion in
tho recent caucus of Republican Sona
tors was unfavorable tothorevolutiona
ry Bchemos of Clayton, Brooks and
Washing Postage Stamps
Tho western Postago Itocord gives the
following about what seems to be a very
nrofltablo business in some sections of
Hub country.
Tho woshlnz of postaeo stamps Is pro
bably the most profitable species of
loundry work In this or any other coun
try. Third Assistant Postmaster Gen
eral Harbor estimates that tho Govern
ment is annually defrauded out of $1,
000.000. or about 5 per cent, of tho
amount of stamps sold, by the use or
stamps that have beon used once anri
then washed, and fitted for uso a sec
ond tlmo. This seems an enormous
sum. but Mr. Barber has given tho mat
ter lonir and caroful examination.
Who It?, or what oroanlzed band of
mon is not yet known, out it is evident
that the washing of stamps has become
a systematized business. As yet, tho
Government has onlv ono method of
revengo. In many casos a washed
stamp can bo easily detected. When
this happens, and postmasters aro re
quested to scrutinize closoly. tho letter
on which the washod stamp is found, is
forwarded to the dcad-lotteroillco.
It now appears that Fenn, domocrat
and not Bcunott, republican, is elected
to Concrress In Idaho torrltory. Fenn
was pledged to urge a division of torrl
torv. and had a pretty solid voto in
north Idaho; while Gov. Bonnott, op
posing a division, had tho vela of South
Idaho. The north outvoted the south
and was the last to be heard from.
A New Orleans date of tho 15th says
This morning an eflort was made to In
troduce fivo or six colored girls as pu
pits Into the girls upper high school
which resulted In the withdrawal of
over fifty of tho graduating class, This
la the firet attempt that has been made
to placo negroes in this school
A State Hank Bfooted.
In the Franklin Review and Journal
we Hod a communication' signed ''Wil
liamson Farmer," urging the establish
ment of a State Bank, to give ns a local
currency that will slay with us. The
writer Is quite bold la his logic, saying :
No sort of financial scheme that is run
by the general government will ever
sultoui wants, line may te oetter or
worse than another: but all such will
be niauaged and controlled bv the capi
talists ot ew r.ngiana ana .ew iora,
to the promotion of Ibeir profit and to
the injury of the produciug classes.
Let tho ireneral eoverumcot furnish tho
standard of currency as it did before
the war, and as it does now of weights
and of measures, but let each State fur
nish its own currency, depreciated (i
need be,) twenty-five per cont. than to
have our property depreciated, or
shrunk, from thirty-five to fifty per cent.
I waut each member or the
Legislature to consult that poitlon (at
least) of hU constituents who till Ihe
soil, and who make all the wealth of a
country, on tho subject, and see if they
dou'l instruct hiiu to go for a bank of
issuo. Give us a bank, and let the notes
be loaned to the people, aud you need
not cousuiue your time iu passing slay
laws and wrangling about taxes being
Commenting on Gov. Kemper's re
cent message in favor of a Slate currcu-
cy for Virginia, aud his plain argumeut
that the South can no more obtain na
tioual bank currency under the prcsont
law than a' starving mendicant could
buy bread with cash he does not pos
eess. tho MuiTreesborb Motiitor says the
same arguments will apply with equal
forco to Tennessee, and expresses a hope
to see tho matter brought before the
Good for Brlgbani.
A one-legged soldier, a Mormon, re
cently asked Brigham Young to supply,
by a miracle, the missing limb; but the
apostle, not to be en light, made this re
ply : "I can in an instant produce a new
leg in tho placo of the old one, but then,
you sec, if I do, it will cause great in
convenience to you in Heavcu, for, af
ter your exaltation to glory, tho origi
nal leg Will com lols in Ilia ti-itiit
body ; mine also being of divine origin,
becomes immortal, and in this caso ob
serve how verj awkward a three-legged
angel from Utah would appear among
the Inhabitants of the eternal world.
i , i
The following from Montgomery
Dec. 15, looks cloudy :
Abont daylight this morning two ne
groes went to the store of Mat. Strauss,
on tho outskirts of tho chy, waked him
up and killed him with a car coupling
One nogro stabbed anothor yesterday.
Tom Johnson, a negro, was yester
day sentenced to be hanged on January
29th, for murdering another negro in a
nuarrel over twenty. five conts.
Six or eight colored men were sent to
the penitentiary to-day.
Pretty Good.
When the late J idgo Bonj. Toppan,
of Ohio, applied to the Judges of the
Supremo Court for admission to the bar
of that State, he was asked the follow-
ng questions, and gave the appended
answers :
Mr. Tappan, what Is law ?
Answer An uniust distribution of
Mr. Tappan, what is equity ?
Answer A d d imposition on com
mon sense I
Ho passed, of courso, and wasgivon a
certificate of admission.
Ills Great Fight.
Doctor Itedfield writes of Andrew
Johnson : Up and down tho line, among
friends and enemies alike, it Is under
stood that this is tho old man's last fight.
If ho wins tho term it is for six ycarp,
and he will hardly ever want office
again, aud if he falls ho can never get
it again. So all are coming up to the
scratch with long finger nailsand blood
shot eyes, and wool will fly.
The Heir Apparent.
Pittsburgh Post: Lieutenant-Colonel
Fred. Grant is still enjoying himself at
the expenso of tho tax-payers lie has
not been on dutv an hour's time for
months, but draws bis pay as Lieutenant-Colonel
with frightful regularity.
Ain't it about timo this petty stealing
should be rebuked?
General Grant Is credited with this
ralhor sonsiblo remark: "I do not think
it is worth whilo to insist upon a vcr
diet as to tho responsibility for tho re
cont reverses. Would it not ho a bolter
policy to harmonizo differences and fb
agrco upon the host method of regain
ing lost ground?"
A Goorgia editor nominates Gen. To
cumseh Shormau for President, and
Gen. John B. Oqrdon for Vice Presi-dont-ln
1870. Tho tail of the ticket
might do, but the sun will be low down
tho sky, Lorcna, bofore we consent to
take any of the Tocumsoh sort In ours
Detroit Frco Press: Helen M. Cooko,
writing verses for a New York paper,
says that kisses on her brow are the
richest diadem her woman's soul as
plrcs to wear. All right. Bring on
your brow and take your diadem.
Knoxvllle proposes to give $250,000
to the Knoxvillo and Macon Road
which Is pretty liberal for a city that
has paid only one sixth of Its present
year's taxos. If the Knoxvillians are
smart they will not plant very doop In
that enterprise yet awhllo.
Jewell has been confirmed
master General.
as Pott
A liepabllcari Paper on the Vlcke
burf Affair.
A eorrespondent of the New York
Times from Yicktburg, says touching
the killing of negroes on Monday last
! have made the most careful laveetl-
gatlon possible, and am of the opinion
that be white cltitens or vicasourg
were, under the circunuUnret, justified
in resisting with arras the attack which
was made upon the city by the negroes-.
Ttey came in, it will be remembered,
to relnstato Sheriff Crosby after he bat?
. . ... riM.. kllltn . t
in iorcca .o resign, inv nui vi
so many black men, however, wi -f
nrceiary and cannot be justlfieu.--Many
of them were shot while they
were retreating, but It Is not true
that many were killed while begglnar
formcrc) ; oo the contrary all who did
so were protected by the while leaders."
Another dispatch to the same paper,
dated the 13th. says: "Late this eveuiog
a number of gentlemen living on plait'
taliona in tlio neighborhood of the
roads leading Into Vlcksburg, informed
the Mayor that the negroes In the couu
try were under arms, and In squads of
twenty and thirty were marching to
ward (he city. The Mayor immediate
ly called out two companies of special1
police aud they aro now assembled at
the court houso. The citizens are gen'
orally alarmed, aud some of them fear
that the town will be attacked to-night.
The majority of the people have no fear
for the town, but think it probable tho
negroes may commit depredations upoir
unprotected white families in ihs coun
try. Two companies of well armed
white men. have Just gone to (ho out
kirtsof the city, they will guard tho
two principal approaches during tho
Ilallroad Thieves.
Lonsvn.LK, KvM Dec. 14. A special
to the Courier-Journal says four em
ployees of tho Louisville and Nashville
Hail road were arrested to-day for break
ing open freight cars on that road, and
abstracting goods therefrom. One of
the men was a conductor or a ireignt
train, and the other threo his subordi
nates. Tho method of operation was
to rcmovo the hoop from the door,
thus not breaking the seal; then to
break open the packages and after tak
ing out a poii ion of the contents to nail
them up again.
Borton, Doc. 15. Tho Plympl0"
strcot nio mvolvos a lots of hair a mil-
lion. The lumber yaids were burned.
The fire on llittonger'a wharf threatens
the shipping. One vessel is damaged.
Warner v Freeman s salt taclory is de
stroyed. This fire involves a loss of
$150,000. The llro Is thought to be In
ceudiary. At four o clock this morning the ther
mometer Indicated six degreos below
Tho Roman Catholic Church at West
Roxburv U burned.
A Widow orThlrteen.
A gentle, husbandless croaturo In Il
linois writes lo a lawyer who ndvcrtls-
ed that ho would provldo companions
for unmarried persons: "My Dear Mr.
Thia is to certify that lam a widow
with thirteen children born, have had
threo husbands, each of which died In
pcaco In his own way. I havo a small
farm, and would tako another husband
yet, if I could fin! a young one; no oldf
bull-headed sardine nood apply, he will
not be lakcu in. Ten dollars will bo
given to yon to produce the man."
In the U. S. District Court at Mem
phis last week, argument was continu
ed on tho motion to quash the Indict
mont against tho Gibson county Kn
klux, on tho ground of wantof jurisdic
tion of tho court, couplod with tho fact
that they wore under Indictments for
the samo offonso. The motion was
sustained by Judgo Ballard, and tho
prisoners discharged.
WheatCorn Ontn.
Knox ville quotes wheat nothing do
Ing, with 1.00 for white Corn, loose,
50(HiO, sacked In depot C0$C5.
Chattanooga Wheat on wharf 1.10f
1.15, sacks included. Corn, new car, 05
75; shelled 75080.
Atlanta Wheat 1.10fil.50 Tor white,
rod 1.40. Torn 118(31.00, ear 95. Oats
80(3:85. Tennessoo Hay 1.25 per 100 lbs.
St. Louis quotes both wheat and com
Cincinnati Wheat firm at 1.12 for
red. Corn moderate demand at 72$ 71.
Oats 6&G0.
Died, In Knoxville, on the litli of Decent'
her, Kllen Tlmlcher, eldest (Intifc'litrr of J. K.
J.Lewis, Dneessed was born t tho SullliiS'
homuntea l nesr this plare, April 1st, 1HT.I1.
Her death was ciimcd by Injuries recefvrii'
from her elothft tuklng Are some tbiee weikt
since, from which she siiflcrcd Intensely tin
til Uuatb com to bar ralUr. Kh Wl all aiiilrt
ble and Interesting girl, beloved by all wLo
know her.
v n n i: it c i a ..
AtheMk.tlnrlirt .
" ATHKNS. December 17. IS74.
New Corn (ear) (lilcH. Klour3.iK)for fmnlly,
Iliicon, I'J to 14 cents, In tin can
n ct;K'ir, wanted at 20 cl. fur rbrlatmaa;
Meal 00; Hay, Nat .00 per WO lb.; Oalu Mi;
Feathers, live ireeae, Ml; Ilccawax, 25; lfair,
Scents; I'eaa I.Imi wanted; Irluli potatoes "A,
scarce; flood yellow Mutter M enta, scarce;
Dreased Poultry, Turkeys, Kij Chickens, .
Ciilhoun Urodiirr. Wnrltel.
corukx'TH) by n. r. martin a mon.
Cai.iioi n, Tknn., Dee. in, 1871.
Wheat, white No. 1, 1 .1(1. red No. 1, Mrfl;
Flour, family 8.0(); Corn. 7.1; Corn Meal. 76;
Out., Ml: i'ork.H.W; I. aril. Halo: Holler,
prime yellow, ?n: Kkk,WI; I'eaa, clay, I.OO;
llrann, while Dried IVachea, baUea a7j
quarters ft; Fealhera, livs;cee M); IV NuU,
1.00: Chotnuta, l.".'ia!l.(KI; Dreaaed foullrf,
Turkeys rJ;Cblckenst)c; Cotton Middling 12.
Atlasifn narkel,
Atlanta, 0., Dee. a, 174.
Corn, white, (Main; Wheat, while, need, 1.W)
1.7ft; red. I.H.'.aM.V (lata, white, "XsMO; mla
ed Hft; Hay, l.SOal.lM; llacon, none; Dry Halt
Meats, clear rb sides II U; Lard, tlercea, 10;
Flour, A.An7.&n; Corn Meal, 07 Coffee, Hio,
fair 2i,jirlins M, choice '24: Hugars, liall;
Cotton YTn, per hunch, I.S.'i: Doiueatica 8-4
7-1 8; 4-4 10 per yd; lloira, croa. hcj
Drenaed Poultry, Turkera, lOnU; Chickens,
10; muter, xaauii; writ", nu: Appica, fl.miai.iitr
per bid; Potatoes, J.Mia4.flO per Mil
lleap'y, ttTEPHENSA I

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