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The advent ol Moody and Sab key
divides public attention with the
Charity ball.
' Oca fpeeial from Jaekson, Mm, In-
lonns oar readers tbia Morning that a
supplemental bill bai ben lntoducsd
la the Home for the benefit of the
Memphis, Birmingham and Atlaitic
Thi Salisbury Mlnlatr has taken
the first atep toward their resignation,
and thoa making place for Mr. Glad'
stone, who will doubtless form a strong
Cabinet and proeeed npon the lines ol
legislation he has already marked oat
He la tare of the support of the Irish
Nationalists. t
' The House Committee on Military
Affairs will report favorably the bill
int oJnced by Mr. Dowdey of New
York, impropriating $100,000 for the
erection of a tnonument at New York
to the memory of Gen. Grant No
pott of this sum is, however, to be ex
pended until $250,000 for the lame
purpose tm been subscribed by the
Evangilist Moodt, who is to be in
Memphis in a few days, accompanied
by that sweetest of gospel singers,
Sankey, wants to have a school estab
lished for the education of evangelists.
The suggestion is not a good one.
Technical training will take the sap
out of the students snd make mem
pulpit orators of them. Jesus Christ
had no college training.
Oub Washington correspondent in
forms our readers this morning that
Senator Leland Stanford of California,
millionaire twenty times over, is
likely to be a candidate for the Presi
dency before the Republican National
Convention. He has been Governor
of his State, snd fs generally held in
high esteem by the members of his
"party on the Pacific coast. But he will
never be President of theee United
Tweaty Thsnsaad Dollars the Prob
able Cost ef the Telepaoae Salts
te the Gevernmeit.
The Graet Koaimeat Bill-Ealarr-
lxf the Power of the Arrlcul
. taral DepartaeaU
On the second page we print a very
fall report of the proceedings in Con
gress yesterday, and also of the action
had by several of the important com
mittees. The House Committee on
Coinage considered the silver question
at length, and received several resolu
tions looking to a definite conclusion
in regard to It, The House Committee
on Territories considered the Okla
homa queetion, bat without reaching
a result. The boomer, Capt, Couch,
attends the Eessions cf the committee.
Tns winter, which for the past three
or four weeks Las been the severest
ever known in the history of the
Unjted Rtai.es, bay been almost ecuallv
' so "lu. i,uirirpe7 which" is covered with
snow from the Hebrides to the Arno.
On-the continent the winter has been
the snowiest known for a long pe
riod. It is fourteen years since London
saw so much snow, and there is great
suffering in consequence. It has
stopped the business of the Cab drivers
and the shoe-blacks and many other
industries. In Scotland the sheep are
perishing by thousands, the snow on
the levels being from two to three feet
Jeep and from twenty to thirty feet in
the gorge between the hills.
. laracut to tss. trrnt.l
Washington, January 27. One of
the most prominent patent lawyers
Here, speaking ot tie telephone salts,
says the government will be compelled
to sue the Bell Company in Boston,
unless some officer of the company
can be served with process in another
jurisdiction, bervice cannot he had
on Mr. Bell, as he is not an officer of
the company. The lawyer says it will
cost the government over $20,000 te
conduct tins suit, as special counsel
and experts will have to be emnloved
to compete successfully with the Bell
company. x
Representative Maybury of Michi
gan proposed that each Congressmsn
bs allowed a clerk, to be paid out ot
tbe mileage fund, which now, at 10
cents per mile, more than covers the
actual traveling expenses.
PwEtsflices established: Dade, Grant
county, Ark., .Lvov 8. &.emr. post
master; Burdette, Washington county,
Miss., Alex D. Dauials. postmaster:
noutn Kocaioro, mount county,
Tenn., Ethelbert E. Wrinkle, poet-
master; Peltier, Sullivan count v.
Tenn., John L. Pile, postmaster.
i'ostotlices discontinued: Elsnd.
Saline county, mail to Benton : Easter.
Searcy county, mail to Marshall;
Flowers Plsce, Smith coanty, Miss.,
mail to bylvnrena.
W. 6. Arrington of Msmnhia and
H. a Baraett of Nashville.
Tba tjraat Haa a a .a I Bill.
Washington, January" 27. In re
porting favoraolv to the House the
bill lor tie erection of a Grant monu
ment in New York City, the Military
Committee says: 'The remains of this
illustrious citiaen snd soldier are en
tombed in a locality selected in ac
cordance with bis dying request. The
immediate snot is one hallowed by the
foctetops of Washington and on a bat
tle ground of the Rt volution, occupy
ing a commanding position of some
125 feet above the waters of the Hud
son river. Tbe municipal authorities
of the city of New Yerk. on learning
of the expressed wish of Gen. Grant,
promptly offered to his family the
choice of any spot that they might se
lect ia any of their great public parks.
In accordance with this generous of
fer tbe plsce was selected which now
containa his ' remains. A nation
mourned at hi grave, the highest rep
resentatives of the nation participated
in tbe obsequies, millions of Ameri
cans havvjsji? jUtpTb, j4 l
most endlaee procession are-still visit
ing it. For years to come it will bs a
'Mecca' for all who love their country
and all who venerate the greatness
and Christian magnanimity ot this
distinguished soldier and statesman.
Regarding tbe erection of memorial
on this hallowed snot as a truly na
tional project, in which all Americans
should be allowed to unite, we recom
mend the passage of ths bilL"
was not acted upon by the Senate
daring the called session, and he was
renominated last December.
The other resolution directs tbe
Sesretary of the Treasury to send to
the committee the papers on file in
me department relating to tbs ap
pointment and record ol D. Frank
Bradley, to be Collector of Internal
Revenue for the District of Soath
Carolina, vice Emory M. Brayton, sus
pended. The nomination was made
on the 16th of last December.
Tsm Civil Bcrvta Kales.
WABHiNaroN,January 27. Ths Civil
service uommumoners to-day id
peered before ths Honse Committee
on Civil Service Reform and explained
the provision and practical effect
of the civil Bervice law. Tbey said,
among other things, that five out ol
every twenty persons exsmined by the
Commissioners hsd secured appoint
ments, iney also said that since tbe
law went into effect there had been
only 600 changes in the departmental
serviie oat of 0000 persons subject to
the civil service rales. Some discucsion
occurred sa to ths means beet calcu
lated to Insure an eaual distribution
of appointments among the States snd
Territories bssed upon their popula
tion, but without action the Commit
tee adjourned the fasarisg until next
w sonesuay.
Far the lief T rila Jeha Farter.
Washington. January 27. The
House Committee on Military Affairs
to-day instructed Mr. Wheeler to re
port favorably the bill Introduced by
him to authorise the President to re
store officers to the army in certain
caeca. The bill la intended to cover
ths case of Fits John Porter. Only
two members of the committee dis
agreed to the report.
Imports mmd Export.
Waihikoton. Jsnnsrv 27. The
total valnea of tbe exports of mer
chandise for tbe twelve months ended
December 31, 1S35, were $U8S,S16,556,
and tor tbe twelve months ended
December SI. 1834. $719,360,428. a de
crease of $00,610,872. The valnea of
imports of merchandise for 1885 were
$587,6ol,o00, and for 1884 $029,20' ,8G0,
a decrease oi 4i, lu.soi.
Immigration NUMlatlea.
Washisgtox. January 27. The
number of immigrants arriving in the
United States during the twelve
months ended December 31, 188.5, was
J2u.su, against 4U3..3U lor tbe year
ending December 31, 1334.
ala of Property or laoolveat la-
uonai Malta.
Morrill reported favorably to-dav from
the Committee on Finance Sana tor
Van Wvck's bill relating to the sale of
property in which national banks ba
ng in tbe hands of receivers have in
Speculations oa the Possibility of a
New Cablnet-Gladotoae Amply
Able to Form a
strong Biaistry, wan rarneil as
- Chief Secretary for Ireland
Praise for Salisbury.
Mewses. J. T. Harbison and J. J,
Thornton of the Board of Trustees of
the Mississippi Industrial Institute and
College for White Girls, in transmit
ting to Gov. Lowry ths report of the
president, ssy ' that they feel they,
have great cause to be gratified at the
very flattering auspices under which
this institution began its career last
October, and .hey add: "The large
patronage which it has had from the
beginning, the earnest desire of hun
dreds more of our people to have its
privileges far their daughters, the
great and varied advantages which it
affords, the extraordinarily low figure
to which the expenses have been
brought, the careful and prudent man
agement which has guided iU opera
tions, the favor which it hss won from
our citizens and from other States, all
bespeak for it the consideration and
fostering care of the Legislature." It
is crowning success, the glory of the
Tna New York San, ai que tad by
the New York Herald, aks, "Why
should the government bring a new
suit in one of the lower couiti ti txt
he va'iditj of the Bell telephone pat
ent ? Why not "take hold of one of
the various suits which have
a'riady been decided below and
are , now pending before the
8upreme Court?" Why should Mr.
Lamar or Mr. Garland prefer "a round
about course to the short way, which
is open to them, of having tbe
whole controversy heard finally
within the next sixty days by
the court of last resort and set
tled forever?" The Herald answers
because "it is a queetion which'he
Supreme Court has yet to sett'e
whether, in the absence of statutory
authority, a suit to annul a patent ex
pressly brought for that purpose
In tbe name of the United
States and by authority of the Attorney-General
can be maintained. But
as tbe lew now stands there is no ques
tion thst if the Bell patent is to be
declared vo'.d and set aside it must be
by such procedure. Mr. Lamar and
Mr. Garland have not taken the
short cut just discovered by the
Sun because they understand their
in,. Vapartmeatar Aarlaaltara.
Washington, January 27. Ths
Committee on Agriculture of the
House to-day agreed to accept the
amendment proposed by tbe Labor
Committee to Mr. Hatch's bill to en
large the powers end duties of the De
partment cf Agriculture and ordered
tbe bill to be favorably reported to the
Honse. As agreed upon in coo.mit
tee, the bill provides for the establish
ment of a Department of Agriculture
ana aoor, under the supervision of
Secretary of Agriculture and Labor,
woo snail ds appointed Dy tne rreel
dent and confirmed by the Senate.
The bill also provides for the appoint
ment oi an Assistant secretary. The
new section oresentad far incorrjora-
tion in tbe bill for the Labor Commit
tee creates the Department of Africa'
tare and Labor, a division which shall
be undar the charge of the Commis
sioner oi .Labor, who shsll bs ap
pointed Dy tne president, witn tbe ad'
vice and consent of the Senate. He is
to hold office for four years, unless
sooner removed, and receive a salary
ot 4uuu psr annum, xne uom
missioner shall collect information
upon the sabjeet of labor, its relstion
to capital, tbe hours . of labor, the
earnings of laboring men and women.
the means of promoting their materi
al, individual and moral prosperity,
and the best means to protect life and
prevent accidents in mines, work
shops, factories and other places of in
dustry. The Secretary of Agriculture
and Labor ia empowered to ".inquire
into tbe causes of discontent which
may exist between employe and em-
Eloyer within the United States, and
e may invite and procure sworn
statements from both parties concern
ing tbe matters in controversy. The
Secretary shall maks a report to Con-
f;ress annually upon tbe condition of
abor iri the United States, accompa
nied by each recommendations as he
msy deem important. The bill to
establish a Department of Industries
will be reported back to the House by
the Committee on Labor with tbe
announcement that ' their main feat
ures have been incorporated in the
bill to be reported by tbe Committee
on Agriculture.
orrlll's Test Cues.
Washington, January 27. Senator
Morrill, from the Finance Committee,
offered two resolutions, which went
over for a day on an objection from
the Democratic side. One of them is
similar to that offered by Senator Ed
munds, from the Judiciary Commit
tee, on Monday. It directed the Sec
retary of the Treasury to send to ths
Finance Committee any papers on file
in his office relating to the administra
tion of the office of Collector of Inter
nal Revenue for tbe District of West
Virginia by Samuel P. McCormlck.
McCormick was suspended last spring,
and John T. McGraw was nominated
in his place. McGraw 'S nomination
Signal service AeeouaU.
Washington. January 27. Mr.
Maynard, Second Comptroller of tbs
Tre saury, has made a report noon the
adjustment and settlement of the so-
counts of tbe disbursing officers of tbe
Signal Service, which, as he asserts.
shows that many apparently irregular
and unauthorized disbursements have
been made.
Claims for Additional Boantles.
Washington. Junnarv 27. A hill
has been int oduced by Represents-
uv u asm ot w:sf nan extending nn
tilJaly, 1890, the t me within which
c'uims for additional bounties muv h
filed. Under the present law the time,
expired in July, 1880. 'j
A Queer Story Told by a Toledo Haa
At Cincinnati.
Cincinnati; O., Jauuay 27. The
Sun will tmorrow publish the follow
ing: a. b. Ufcamberlain.a ttock dealer,
living near Toledo, O., was found w
an insensible condition in Mill Creek
bottom taily this morning, and after
neing restored to consciousness stated
that he arrived in this city Tueeduy
nignt, asa enuring tne tint tack be
noticed at the oepot requested tj
be driven t) the Pa use liotel
Altir he bal proceeded tome dis
tance he (aid he heard a peculiar
noma ss it air escaping tram a tube.
and soon afterward lost all conscious
ness until aroused this morninff.
When discovered his pockets hsd been
rifled of $120 and a valuable gold
watch. The police have made no ar
rests np to night, but they say that
me story ot mr. unamberiain is un
doubtedly true, and claim that the
hank was "fixed" by moans of a pips
from the driver's seat to the Inside of
tbe vehicle, and so arranged as to en
able tbe driver to force a sleep-pro-
aucwg gas into tne inside.
Amoaa; Employes la a Frraea Iron
Work-The Manager Hilled.
Pabis, January 27. Two thousand
striking employes at one of the iron
works in Decozevllle, Department of
Aneynoni, nuacxea tne House ot tbe
macager of the works, broke open the
door, entered the building, seized the
manager and threw him out of the
window. He was then trampled to
death by the angry crowd. Troops
were Bern to queu tne disturbance.
Tbe strike grew out of a Question of
wazes. ILe troops restored order but
not until several of the rioters had
been killed and a number wounded.
Had a case of inflammatory rheu
matism of nearly all the large ioints.
accompanied with high fever; gave
Tongaline in drachm dones every four
hours, and aconite for tbs fever; to
day my patient is able to be out, and
doing well.
W . W. BAXTER. M.D., Heraman, 111.
Pork-Packing la tbe Weal.
Cincinnati. O.. January 27. The
Cincinnati Price Current will say to
morrow : The number of hors backed
in the West last week was 290,000,
compared with 270,000 the same week
last year. Tbe total to date since No
vember 1st is 5,255,000, sgainst 5.265.-
000 last yva, Tbe movement at tbe
principal points since November 1st is
ss follows: Chicago,-2,085,000; Kansas
City, 523 COO; Cincinnati, 311,000; St
Louis, 295,030; Milwaukee, 270,000;
Indianapolis, 212,000; Cedar RapiJe,
159,000; St. Joseph, Mo., 109,000;
Louisville, 121.C00; Clevelsnd, 67,000.
"Lives of great men always remind
us that we are all subject to die," says
an exchange, bat never cough your
self away as long as you can raise 25
cents for a bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough
London, January 27.t-The PaU MM
iroteuc, in a leading editorial, points
out, as a somber coincidence, tbe fact
that the Salisbury Cabinet fell on the
anniversary of tbe death of Gen. Gor
don, who was killed at Khartoum Jan
uary 20,1385. Continuing, the CiuWlo
says: "Mr. Parnell confronts the coun
try aa the modarn Warwick, being a
king maker in reality. Tbe retiring
Ministry, however, deserves ungrudg
ing praise, aa np recent government
with so brief career bad such a cred
itable record. Tbe Marquis of Salis
bury 'a foreign policy haa not been
marked bv single blunder. Lord
Rudolph Churchill waa made asteady
ana souer politician by tne responsi
bility cf holding office. The Earl of
Carnarvon.Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,
under d flicult conditions, did better
than other viceroys of Ireland. It is
evident tbe Liberals do not mononolizs
the requirements for ststeemanship."
Speculating on the possibility of a
new Ministry, tbe Gautte ems that a
atrong ons could be formed by Glad
atone if he would take into it such
men as Joseph Chamberlain, John
Morley, William & Cains. Reginald R.
Breck, Sir George Russell, Lord Rose
berry, Lord Hartington and Mr. Far
nail. tRnuhAfr 4ka flnmlm think.
should be made Colonial Secretary and
Hartington Foreign Secretary, in place
of Lor J Derby and Lord Granville,
who filled the offices, respectively, in
the last Gladstone Cabinet, and who.
together with the Earl of Kimberly,
formerly Liberal Secretary for India,
abould. the Qatttti maintains, be ex
cluded from any future government
the liberals may be called npon to
form. Mr. ParnelK the naoer contin
nee, will in any event be virtually tbe
uoiei eecretary tor Ireland, and he
might as well be taken into the Cabi
net first as last In conclasion, tbe
uatem says mat u arr. uiadstone will
lorm bia Cabinet of tbe material sug
gested he wilt secure for himself the
prospect of a strong and stable gov
ernment. pabnell's power.
The Globe, Conservative, says it is
rumored thst Mr. Psrnell has resolved
to use the Home Rule vote to over
throw Mr. Gladstone at the first op
portunity that presents itself should
the Liberals assume power. Mr. Par
nell will do this for the purpose of
exhibiting to tbe Irish abroad his
power in order to stimulate donations
to the Parnellite treasury, which waa
nearly drained by the recent elections.
The Olobt Ib also anthonty for the
statement that Mr: Gladstone's new
Cabinet will be mainly Radical, and
that it will introduce a measure of
English and Irish lad policy designed
to settle the Irsh Question without
conceding home rule in any form. In
thia way Mr. Gladstone hopes to re
tain the support of both Radicals and
Parnellitee. Loid Salisbury is snxiona
to acquaint the country with the na
ture of the Irish policy he intended to
pursue it ne Had remained in power,
and will probably take occasion to
make some statement in tbe House ot
Lords to-morrow, which will give him
an opportunity to unfold his intended
treatment ot tbe Irish question.
Gladstone's ibish sacBETAnr.
The Standard tavs that Mr. Chan
bnrlain will be Irish Secret try in the
uiuastone uaDinet iia'sosays: "All
tbe cont'nent except Pruss'a regret i
tne resignation ot tne lory govern
The .Dotty Telegraph (nys ifr Is- the
opinion of iealfug Liberals, including
many former minittars, that Mr.
Gladttine should inv.ts theuisUtince
of Mr. Parnell or Mr. Healy in ar
ranging a home rule scheme for Ire
The Standard rays that Lord Salis
bury aid Mr Wlcliasl Hicks-Brush
will announce in Parliament to-dav
me resignation oi me government
Chicago, 111., January 27. The suit
to contest Carter H. Harrison's aim.
tlon ai mayor of Chicago, wai dismiss
ed on motion or tbe attorney for tbe
petitioners to-duy.
Cincinnati. O.. Jannarv 27. The
Western Flint Bottle Association met
here to-duy, and unanimously adopt
ed that revised price list, the discount
on which is to remain ai before.
Louisville. Kv.. Jannarv 27, Jni. T.
Buckner, jr., wai elected superintend
ent of tbe Louisville Board of Trade
this a'tsrnoon, vice J. M. Wright, resigned.
Newn-k. N. J.. January 27. Char-
lotte Mttralfe nai arretted at EuU
Oiange this mo'ning for defrauding
Mrs. Fads, stepmother of Crpt. Ends,
out of $2100 by bogus ltlck opei at:ons.
Pittsburg. January 27. The latmit
information from the coke regions is
to the effect thst the strikers have or
dered out the engineers at the water
pumpp, and as a consequence all the
pumps are stopped. Thia will causa
tbe flooding of tbe different mines
and great destruction to property.
Louisville, Kv., Jan. 27. A Courier'
Journal special says: A house in Ulin
oip.acro tbe river from Paducah, Ky
burned to day, and Mrs. A. Perkins,
agea ninety, perisned in tne names.
Philalslphin, Ti., Jauunry 27.
a large numoer oi prominent citizens
mt tin the council chamber tVs nf
tsrnoon in the ibtsrett of Irish Parlia
mentary fund.
Wheeling. W. Va January 27.
ine mt n the thirtv-ntne persona
killed by the explosion n Newburg,
mines recovered to-day. Tbe coroner
still holds possession of tbe aba', snd
win proceed ti -morrow with an in
vestigation aa to the tanse of the dis
Louisville, Ky , Jannu-y 27. Judge
a. r. Boone died at Mayneld, Ky.. t
aay oi pneumonia, aged tmyiour
ytars. lie wai a leading politicia i in
Weetirn Kentucky: served rerxntsdiv
in t ie LegUla'ure and on tbe circu t
bench and ai twice electsd t) Con-
San Francisco, Cel., January 27.
Tbe breaks oa the Southern Pu nfto
railioad, between here . and Loi
Angeioi, have been repaired, and the
oid ia now open its entire length,
from here to New Orleans. All trains
are running on regular schedule time
St. Louis. Mo.. January 28. Max
jacoDyoi rusw xorK, Died an attach
ment suit sgainst lienry a. i'et-
tis, aa extensive picture, picture
irame and artist ma ten til dia'er, this
nlternoon, tor f 1200, and thiswuUol
lowed lut-er by a a a'laehment for $18,
000 by tbe Provident Savings Bask,
ine store win closed this nlternoon.
Pittsburg. Pa .'January 27. Milton
Weston arrived at ths penitentiary a'.
3 o clock this afternoon, and immedi
ately a nuuied tbe convict's ga b aid
was assigned a ceil, lie waa cheerful
and expressed the hope that he would
soon be a free mm. Ilia wife and
daughter left for Chicago this after
Pittsburg, Pa , January 27. The
Striking Coke Workers Convention at
bcottcule, to-duy wss tbe largest meet
ing of miners ever held in tbe coke
region. Nearly 3000 men were pres
ent They resolved to accept no
compromise, aid to stand by the
striking Hangariais.
Hancock, Mich., January 27. An
gas McDonald of 0ola,a contractor
on tne calumet and Hscla railway, has
skipped with $3J00, tbe wages of fifty
men employed nndsr him. He has
heretofore borne a good reputation,
and has been entruUsd with large
sums oi money at various ttmes. Tbe
chances of his capture are decidedly
Indianapolis, lad., January 27.
This morning, on petition of George
w. Moan, tanior partner, John a,
Elder wss appointed receiver of the
drug firm of Browning & Sloan, giving
oona in tne sum oi $iuu,uuj. ibis is
uu viuvnh uuunu i .i tun uiij, auu uuitl
quite recently supposed to be doing a
prontable and large business. Tbe
trouble was hastened by uncertainty
over the liability of Mr. Browning aa
bondsman for ex-City Treasurer Patti-
son.who is short $112,003 in his settlement
Minneapolis. Minn.. January 27.
The weekly review of the NbrthuitUrn
ililhr of January 20th will say i "Tbe
ll)ur market livened up some and
about all the mills would be ia opera
tion but for the low water: thia
alone is holding shutdown. Sixteen
mills last week made flonr. several
starling late In the week. Productlou.
!J,048 barrels, averaging 12,950 barre'a
daily for seven days, against 72,360
barrels the preceding week, and 07,000
barrels the corresponding time in 1885.
From Patients Under His Care in Memphis..
Superintendent of Yards for Woodruff Ln ruber Company.
Memphis, Tb.nn., January 4, 1RS6.
Several weeks experience of Dr. J. A. Hunter's treatment for Catabbh and
Throat Disease convinces me that I am on tho right track. His apparatus
and operations give me great relief and most of my distressing symptoms
have disappeared.
I unhesitatingly recommond all affected with these distressing ailments to
go to Dr. Hunter, satisfied they will receive skilful and honorable treatment.
Corner Jefferson and Fourth stieels.
Memphis, Tbnm., January 4, 198d.
i have been several weeks under Dr. J. A. Hunter's care fur Catabbh and
Luho Disbasb, and have derived great relief from his treatment; HL
"INHALER" and operations for carrying medicines into the Nasal cavities
and Lungs are the finest I ever taw or imagined, and give me Immediate and
constant relief. U ,
I confidently recommondjdl afflicted as I am, to so to him, satisfied ther
will get the very best skill ind attention.
Composltoi in tbe Appeal Office, ,
Memimiis, Tbsk., January 4, 1336.
I consulted Dr. Jaiues A. Hunter several weeks since for Catabbh and
CoxstmirioN and placed myself uudor his treatment. I have stoadily and
rapidly improved aiuce then, gaining color and strength, and I foal I am gob-
ting woll. .... : v ,.. . v. . .. ... , . ..
Ilia "INHALATION" Instrument Opons up my head and lungs and glvea
them great relief. I earnestly recommend all so unfortunate as to be
afflicted with such ailments to go to him. ' .
With L. D. Bonfanti, Grocer, 450 Main street.
California Fro It 6 rower.
Saw Fbanckc , Cal , January 27.
The California fruit growers have ad
dressed a memorial to Congress set
ting forth that the Max lean reciprocity
treaty to come before Congress for ac
tion will seriously injms the fruit
growing interests of Cslifornia; that
the present duty of 35 per cent, ad
valorem on prunes, 2 cents per pound
on raisins, snd $1 per gallon on olive
oil affords no real protection to these
enterprises. Congress is therefore
asked to raise the duty on prunes to
oi) per cent., raisins to s cents, olive
oil to $3, and to decline to ratify tbe
Mexican reciprocity treaty.
Lunpbobo 'a perfume, Eden is.
Lundborg's perfume, MarchalNiel
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet
Lundborg's perfume, Lily of the
Murderer Bteanltetl.
Omaha, Nbb , Jnaoary 27. Ballard,
a murderer, who wai to hang next
Friday, was tvdsy granted a writ of
error by the Supreme Court. Pro
ceedings are stayed for a new trial.
Louisville Central.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
ings subject to overflow should be con
structed with Louisville Cement. It is
the standard.
Janua-r 27, 18)16, at ths rttidtnes of M. H
Ccovor, 1A0 Adami tract, by ths IUv. 8. A.
Steer, Col. L. S. Mjkbbam. and Mi Con
NoBPLKtT, both of Mirelnippi.
Physician, Surgeon and Accoucheur,
213 Blaln Street, Near Union.
T.Uphona No. IS.
St. Agnes Academy.
DAY tb. lit of F.bruarr. Trmi-rv
P, trt and 1100. according to th. a. and
elui of th. pupil. For furtb.r parlicalan
rr-iy to to. l-nny nnwrinr.
car Will pay Good Prices for MOTES. GIN FALLS and
TIIAS1IY COITON of all deHoriptlonn. Send for Circular
and V riven Paid.
75 Vance Street, Memphis. Tenn.
J. n. GODWIN k 00
And Commission Merchants,
Jfon. 34 and 3Q Mallon Street. MeiaptiU,
lii owrnircc. i
The Best Thins in the World for Weak Ankles.
lAthletio Sports And Skating!
Dry Goods, Jotjons, Clothing
' Hot. 228-228 Main Street Memphis, Tsnn.""""
L.Yrw.yj,.?,off7toth,'u,,0,.thmo,t''lsra. Oar rioi will soairar)
lTorabl7wlthtao of am Bark.Ua Jha UaiWi BUUi, 8p.ei.lj"7ntl to CaS
a. BBeCAjaDU.
P-M cCABBEE" &- Co
SCO-CC3 UTront Street, Ze3Ulils Xexin
i ;

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