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"Mr unalterable reeolation," re
the word of Qasen Victor! in her
recent speech to Parliament. Bat her
reeolatioB was not worth a continen
tal to speak irreverently, where
-the Liberal and Nationaiiet vota was
concerned. The resolution of the
Egliah no?erei(tn connta for nothing
when the people's representatives resolve,
1 the flairs of Shelby coanty were
economically aid exactinjrly man
aged as tboie of the Taxing District
are thousand o dollars toald be
eaved to the tax-payers. There art
' to many tax-colletfon and too many
employes. To curtail these and work
iher reforms should be the special
work ot the men who are lo be elected
next tail to the Legislature.
Tbs Greeks don't want the whole
earth; they only demand the whole of
Epirns, two-thirds of Macedonia and
the Island ol Crete, with a recognised
claim to Constantinople whenever
they are prepared to take possession of
it as the capital of the restored Greek
Empire. This is not 'roach, bat just
how it is too much. The present
King of Greece is a brother-in-law of
the Cxar of Russia and the Prince of
Wales. '
In the February number of the
Atlantic MoiUL'y Mr. Abbott Lawrence
Lowell has a vigorous article en
titled "Ministerial Responsibility
and the Constitution," which is
devotod to showing thst . under
a constitutional form of govern
ment, establishing separate functions
and a high degree of Independence
for the executive, legislative and judi
cial departments, a ministry, re
sponsible ti the Congresi is imprac
ticable, lie maintains that a respon
sible ministry belongs to parlia
mentary governments, not to constitu
tional governments, and the attempt to
ngraft it upon one of the latter would
end in its subversion. Mr. Lowell is
right, but he naed not have any fearj
of even the serious proposal of 'a
change so radical la our methods of
executive responsibility.
At the Intsrstate Agricultural and
Industrial Convection, lo be held in
Jackson on the 24th tf February, the
States cf Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota,
Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana,
Kentucky, Tennessoe, Mississippi a ad
Louisiana will be represented by able
and practical men who enjoy Suti
nod rations) reputations in the fields
cf thought and enterprise. The suc
cess cf the convention is assured. The
Illinois Ceutral and Mobile and Ohio
railroads are widely and liberally ad
vertising it, and have made such low
rates that a large attendance is almoit
certain. Other roads will be likely lo
co-operate. The Hod. A. I. McVhi
ter and Mr. Robert Gates, his assist int,
are greatly encouraged to believe that
it will prove the most important con
vention I ir progress yet held in the
South. The peoj le of this and the
neighboring States should give it the
most generous encouragement.
Ik answer to a correspondent we
present the following table, which
shows at ' a glance the composition of
the British House of Commons, the
total number of members being 670 1
I.ih. Tories. Pant.
1(19 Urt 1
.1(4 109 ' 0
.... 1 4 0
England -Boroughs
rountiea ...
UniTorailioi ,
Total for England 24 1 220
Waloa Boroughs i 2
Countiea ...... ... 18 1
Total far Wales...
-JBeotlnnil Boroughs.,
t Diversifies.
St) 1
32 7
0 2
Total far Scotland..;.... 62 '10
Ireland Boroughs ...... 0 5
Oountiet 0 11
Universities 0 2
Total for Ireland....... 0 ' 18
for United Xincdoa .......53S 251 86
It will be seen from this that the
Irish Tories represent a little more
than one-fifth of the voting popula
.tion of that country, that in Scotland
tfcey represent one-sixth of the popu
lation and in Wales one-ninth, where
as in England they are nearly one
half, proving that in the centers of
-the old Celtic population Liberalism
has its strongholds. The English out
side of the manufacturing towns are
Conservative, and hold fast to old
things and old ways.
At a meeting of the Merchants' Ex
change to bo hell this afternoon three
very fc port ant questions are to be
considered: (1) The silver question,
a definite and speedy solution cf which
is anxiously prayed for by the busi
ness men of the country generally.
(2) The just nuw very vexing question
of freightson grain and aieats.the pres
ent tariff of rates established by the
railroad pool Ectth of the Ohio river,
amounting to an almost ptohibitioa of
exports from tais city cf toth these
ataples. (3) An appropriation for the
improvement of Little river, the
fre navigation cf which is essential
to the trade now enjoyed by Memphis
in that region. As to the silver ques
tion rfce Apfbai. suggests to theme r
bants that they take medium ground
between the extremists who are for
an unlimited coinage of silver on one
side and the opponents of bimetallism
n the other, and urge npen members
the coinage of silver dollars up to the
gold standard and the gradual recall
for resoinage of the present 80 cent
dollar. As to grain rates they ought
to ba easy of solution on consultation
by a committee cf the Exchange with
the railroad macrer; and Congress
should be petitioned for an appropriation-for
the improvement rf toe Lit
tle river. . ,
Aa Exrttbg aad Seasatloaal Rina
way Match at 5ataTiIle,
Elaptmeat f Yoaaa JoarasUiat
Well-Kaowa la Komahla with .
a Social? Bella.
' IsrccuL TO TUB ArMAL.I '
Nashville, 'J'knji., January 23.
Early this morning Detective Page of
Springue'd, III, arrived in Nashville
w!fi T. J. Heiaetsy, alias Brown,
a'ias Howard, alias VaaDrn. This
psiiy worked the gold brick swindle
on Mr. O: F.Noel, a wealthy mider of
this city, ; to the tune ot (000 a few
weeks gV He wai shadowed by the
detective and arretted in Marietta, Ga
He confessed his guilt and is now in
juil awaiting the action of the rV,f
iaT some
Mr.Irvin Mather, recently city .
tor of the Memphis Scimitar, aad Mist
Susie CuUendar, daughter of Mr.
Thomas Callendar cf this city, were
matried this aft raoan. It was a run
away match. The parents of the lady,
who are wealthy, " objected to
the match, because the umpiring
young journalist is -not rich
in this world's goods- The fa?t
K Mr. Mather went to Memphis
after a sto'my scene here with the
family of the lady, in the hope that
absence might smooth mattsrs. The
ruse fatlid, however, aad he returned
home determined to win the 'fair girl
who bai remained true to him
through giod and evil rerrt A
runaway match was decided on this
afternoon at 3 o'clock. The arder.t
lover, with the editors of the
American and Vniim, took a back and
dove to the residence of the lady, in
the moet fashionable quarter of the
rity. She was in wait'ng, and, telling
her parents that the die was cant and
she would marry the man she loved,
she tripped out to the carriage, and
was on the way to McKendte church,
where Dr. Barber was in waiting
before the old folks knew what was up.
The lovers were standing before the
preacher and the service had just com
menced, when the lady's father, mar
ried sister and aunt rushed in.
The bride fainted in her lover's
arms, the father stormed .and the
newspaper men pleaded - for their
brother, bnt all in vain. The father
swore the ceremony should not be
completed; Mather swore it should.
The expectant bride, after a mo
ment, regained consciousness. A
fuse was adopted. The newspa
per men blocked up the aisle
aid vhe lovers escaped through a rear
door to the hack outside. They started
off before Mather discovered that the
license had been left in the church.
One of the newspaper men found it
under the eyes of the irate father, and
after a hot chase reached the carriage
and gave the all-important document
to Mather and in half an hour hs had
won his bride. The lady is one of the
belles of Nashville rocletv, beantiful,
highly cultivated and wealthy. Math
er is a popular, de erring young mar,
and is congratulated.
MEttiXttBAsf, ALi.'
Aaaaal Heatluar of I ha Board of Di
rectors) ar ilto Kljrtoa lrfiad
Bibmimohau, Ala., January 28. At
the Elyton Land Comnany s annual
meeting here to-day, all the directors
and officers were re-elected. The re
port ot Dr. Caldwell, president, showed
that in the last year, in spite of the
depression, real estate had been cold
for the company to the amount of
something over $190,000 and dividends
segregating 45 per cent. paid. The
directors passed a resolution to the
eilct that in view of the proposed lq
cation of the union passenger depot on
Twentieth street, it would not be ex
pedient for the company to build the
projected Nineteenth street hotel.
One hundred and thirty-two seres
of land at the foot of the south side of
the highlands, and a mile and a half
from the business cent jr of the city,
S"ld to-dtay at $150 an acre to a Missis
sippi man, already a large hplder of
Birmingham property.
The Birmingham chair works went
into eperation to-day.
A Honc-TaUr Kbot and KUIod hr
a BherllTa Pons,
lariouL to ai ArriiL.l
Abkadblfhia, Ark., January 28.
A sheriff's poue froxa Gardland coun
ty overtook a horse-thief one mile and
a half north of this place this after
noon, and in their effort to capture
him shot and killed him. He stole a
horse in Yell county on the night of
the 20th instant, and when overtaken
made a vigoioos fight. His name is
Kew York, January 28. The Con
gressional Investigating Committee
continued its labor at the custom
house to-day, and examined the bond
department. ,
Alisany, N. Y., January 28. A spe
cial to the Journal from Oneonta save :
"Six blocks of buildings wore bnrned
nere tais morning. Joettf 50.000 : in
surance, $40,000." '
Hartford, Ct., January 28. In the
Senate to-day the rules were sus
pended and a resolution wai passed
sailing upon Congress to increase the
duty on leaf tobacco.
Sew York. January 8. At a meet
ing ot taa Tiojnce xchange tnis
aiierrwm resolutions were adopted
Cfl!liilijr the immediate suspension
ot tne coinage ol suver dollars.
Cleveland, O., January 28. Joseph
Simon, advance agent for Big. Boxo,
was knocked down by footpads here
to-night and rubbed of $1(5 and a
gold watch. He w.sj taken to a hos
pital. Lancaster, Pa., January 23. Ihe
body of Jaceb W. Thowan, the actor,
who died at the Forest Horns for
actors m Philadelphia Tuesday night,
was brought to this city this afternoon
and cremated.
Cleveland, O., Jaauary 28. The
schedule in the assignment of J. C.
Taylor & Bio., boots and shoes, of this
city and Cincinnati, filed herato-day,
shows the liabilities to be $33,470;
awets, $18,107.
Sew. Haven, CU January 28. The
insaJveut estate of H, P. Hubbard, al-,
vertising agent, inventories as fellows:
Liabilities, $104,418, divided among
2080 creditors; rood assets, $20,7(W;
doubtful uvetf, 121,033.
Richmond, Ind., January 2i A
private cablegram, announces the
death of Unit! Stitie Consul Albert
M. Lybrook at Algiers this morning
cf consumption. Ly brook's appoint
ment wai confirmed just one week
ago to-day.
Louisville, January 28. N. 8. Glore,
proprietor of the Brunswick res
taurant, aaeigaed to-day. Liabilities,
$4000. Glere has been the proprietor
of several well-known lo'els here. He
hf s left the city and is supposed to be
in New York.
' Louisville, Ky., January 28. The
man who wai found murdered at
Jackcouand Gray streets early this
morning with a bulltt hole through
Lis h a land a forehead wound lmm
J a bludgtoa or stone, bai bean Identi
fied as John B. McCoy, a sunnier and
epo t- The theory is that he was fol
io red and murdered for money by
D. Sedfciwn parties.
can ConyriSk.: . Y.r JieM 28. Tha
committee that' granH' Jury to-day
had been invited by,-tments against the
Rev. UtTlX. ci in,rinYaliey Meth
odist church, f Y W'eent assault upon
Ida Downs. The accused pa tor w.ti
arraigned and pUaied not entity. He
gave bond ir. tie sum of $2000 to an
swer for trial at the next term of the
Aneonaeaaaeal or Iba Rcwlsxaallon
or Ibo MinUlrr.
Uladntooa lo Be Kummoaed lo Form
a Cabinet.
Losnoi, January 28 Both Mr.
G'aietone and Sir Michael Uicks
Bemh were given ovations u? they en
tered the House of Commons thin af
ternoon. Sir Michael Uicks-Bruch
stated that in consequence of Tues
day's vote in the House being averse
to the government the Cabinet bal
resigned. The House thereupon ad
journed until Monday.
dined with the Queen this evening.
He will return to London to-morrow
morning. Mr. Gladstone will proba
bly then be summoned to form a Cab
inet. Lord llaitincrton refuses to co
operate with Mr. Gladstone. It is re
ported in the lobby of the HonBe of
Commons this evening that the Queen
is sounding Lord Hsrtington as to his
willingness ti undertake the task of
forming a coalition Ministry.
"times" poiktebs.
The Timet urges, in view of the
genet al nppoiit!on to permitting Lord
Giauville to resume the office of Min
liter of Foreign Affairs, thst he would
make aa excellent President of the
Council and Under in the House of
Lords. The Time al o point) out
Lord Ha' t'.ngtan's splendid chance to
com t rue t a catoial party of the
Whigs and Conservatives opposed to
home rule. "Ihe matarlals for the
formation of such a party are abun
dant," says the Timet, "and the
emegency requires only a leader of
tugu:ity and courage."
The Standard this mo n'og says:
"The Qien wVJ.uaquestiODably sum
rrjoa Mr. Glads! due lo form a Cabinet.
If Lord Harticg'oa refuses to join,
the country may expect a succession
of short governments until means have
been found to rearrange the parties
upon a truly national basis."
The Pott tays: "Lord Hartington
could reckon in all matters of foreign,
Irish and domestic policies upon the
support of at least twenty-five Con
servatives, we nave thrown away
the chance of the Liberals helping us,
we must now coin tne liberals,
Upon one point found politicians
ougnt to agree tne necessity ol de
feating the Radicals and the Irish."
The Telegraph says the Pailiament
ary supporters of Mi. Parnelt stata
that he wi l not accept a Cabinet
Faris, January 28 The 2003 iron
workers of Detaiovi'ls, who, while on
a strike for higher wages, tiampled
the manager cf the works to death,
have returned to work at the old rate
of waes.
Viknsa, January 28. The Political
Corretpondence fws than an European
timet will assemble in euua my to
morrow or Saturday, numbering about
twenty men-of-war, and that tho com
manders have received requisite in
Btructions for their guiding.
Heavy Ba'aas la Peaaylvania.
Shahokin, Pa., January 28. Rain
has been falling for the last ten hours,
and the Colliers fear another flood
similar to that recently experienced
in tne coal regions, in tbe mountain
districts there is fully five feet tf
snow, and warm ram and spring-like
weatber are converting into rapidly
fiowiag streams.
Tonoalinb has eiven me exceeding
ly.good satiafactWa in an inveterate
case of rheumatism and neuralgia
which had defied everything else;
symptoms have all disappeared.
C. h. KLMOIHKU, M.D., Iowa City, la.
Tbo USRii4 TWE!c7 Uc!r.
Dkteoit, Mich., January 28. The
-Lawrence Townley heirs continued
their meeting to-dav. IbeHon. a. JI
Blake, of Toronto, will ajt ts attorney
loi tne '200 or WD neirs now nere, and
ge to England to investigate thesUte
and see wbat tne cuancee are lor se
curing anything. An organization
has been formed similar .to that in
Toronto, and the members divide the
expenses and promise to share equally
whatever may bo secured trom tbo
estate, ft was not definitely decided
to prosecute tbe claims immediately,
although the general sentiment favors
that project.
Salvation Oil kills pain every time.
For cuts, bruiser, sprains, strains,
burnf, scalds and fiost-bites it is an
infallible cure. Price, only 25 cents a
Sot Raot, ba Beatra fa Death
V Wllb a Ibnir.
Vjt-isviiXE, January 28. George
PCf the desperado who was re
ported ambushed and shot near Adair
ville. Ky., by John Blair, was not
shot but vu bsaten lo death w ith a
chair while asleep. Blair says he
killed Finch because he had slan
dered his wife. A sheriff's posse are
in pursuit of Eliir, who hai gene over
into Tennessee. Blair, who wai in
the employ of Finch, fled from Ala
bama two years ago after killing his
wife's paramo1.
Why Belgian Withdrew from the
Latin Xonetary Union.
Tbo Policy of tbo rrealdent Toward
tbe Srnato-Hasea Explains
Waablaa-lo Xolca.
sriCUL TO TBI ArrsiL.l
Wabhimctom, January 28. The
hearing on tbe question tf inter
national coayright was began to-day
before the Senate. Coxmittee on Pat
ents. Among tbe literary gentlemen
wbo presented their views were
Messrs. A. G. redgwiok, Howard
Crosby, E. C. Stedman, J. B. Gilder
aid George W. Greene, tf the Copy
right League, Henry Holt of New
York, George Tick nor Curtis of Wash
ington, Mark Twain, Horace E. Scud
der of Cambridge, and others.
a rrrmoM
has been presented to Congress from
citizsns ot Arkansas asking for the
lection of United States Senators by
a direct vote of the people.
c ailed at the Sen ate Dit t rict Co umit t m
room yesterday and insisted on the
intioiuction of a bill to establish a
United SUtae church.
from the Cora mi tee on Militn-yAQVrs,
but repotted adversely Seta'or Cul
lom's bill to facilitate army promotions
by retiring upon ttieir own applica
tion utiicers of the ami y wbo served
in the war. -
has presented gold watches toCapt. K.
M. Hughes and Setoad Otllcer Ed
ward V. Robeiti of tbe Biitisli steam
ship Lord Gough for rescuing the crew
of the American schooner Chni tra in
December last
of the Fatsnt Office, none of wl.oaa
were embraced in tie c'uwilied tcr
vice, were dismissed to-day.
New offices Mechanlcsburg, Yaioo
CouLty, Miss , Jos. B. Edwards, pott -master.
Star service cl n iged be
tween Mebanevi.le and Wittsburgh
from February lit, clanee service to
eud at Wynne, omitting Wittsburgh,
decreasing diUince two miles.
Senator Mahon, from tho Committee
on Publio Buildings and Grounds, re
ported' favoiably, among ethers, the
bill appropriating $100,000 for the
erection of a publio building i Vicks
burg. .
(Jea. Haira Ksplalat.
Washington, January 28. Gen.
W. B. Hazen lo day furnished the
following statement la regard to
Comptroller Maynard's report on the
accouil! of tbe disbursing officers of
t he Signal Service : "In tbe mat ter tf
the Signal Service account!, alleged in
the newspapers to have been reported
upon by the Second Comptio'.ler.and of
which this office has no other knowl
edge, there is nothing of any nature
or kind but what is always found in
an ordinary statement of differences
of an officer's public account', or
calling for more full, clear explana
tions or itatsmenta. I have been t ld
for the pat two mocths tha:h't mm
was being prepared by clerks wbo
have been discharged from tbe Signal
Service, and it has ben made pur
posely hostile and sensational. There
is net an act of wrong-doing in thee e
rentiers, aid the fmrrjing and pub
lishing just now (with which the
Comptioller bad cothing tt do) is
purposely to-tile aad Intended to af
fect tne investigut on now going on in
Belgium and ihm labia Monetary
Washington, January 28. Among
the papers transmitted to the Senate
by the President reUttng t the action
of the Beltrian government in con
cluding its adhesion to the motetary
union of. the Latin S ntjs was a state
ment on' the subject made by tbe
Prime Minister of Belgium to t ie
Chamber f Representatives, in which
he says in part : "The abrupt with
drawal of Belgium (rem the Latin
Union wculd have added new and se
rious elements of disturbance tot Lie
difficulties of tbe present situation.
If the union is to be dissolved at ttie
expiration ot. the new tsrm tixej,
Belgium has five yius to prepare for
ttut contingency. The vote of Bel
gium may be relied upon in alvance
in Bupport of any measure looking to
the prolongation, consolidi tion aad
extension of the union. Thus the
time when tbe losses would be suf
fered in consequence of the demoneti
sation of silver would be still further
poetponed and the jnodiflcation al
ways pojsible in tit?' relative value
of the precious metals may prevent
such loses entirely."
Tbe Kow Vorb Mnb-Troaaary.
Washington, January 28. Treas
urer Jordan returned 13 Wnihington
this morning. Mr. Jordan says that
Mr. Cauda, the new Assistaut-Treas-nrer
at New York, was sworn in 'art
night, and took I jrmal possession cf
the office. The count of the meneyn
and securities bepan at onre, and wj 1
be pushed to completion. It will take
about three weeks to complete the
Cabinet Hireling.
WAeiiiNOTON.January 28. The Cab
inet meeting to-aay lasted about two
hours, and was devctsd almost en
tirely t3 a ditcusaion of the questions
arising, ont of the recent Indian out
breaks in New Mexico.
The question of the policy to be
adopted in regard to applications by
the Hecate for information relative to
"suspensions from oflice" was consid
ered. The President is undent ed lo
be opposod to complying with re
quests for each information, and is
stutained in that view by all the mem-
'. I
neraothis Uaoiner. At tho meeting
Thel Best Tiling in the
A tl let to Sports
to-day letters ware formulated in an
swer t) the requetti of the enats for
the papers touching the changes in
thee if.-.- of United Statee marshal (or
the (Southern District of A'ubs-na, and
intbeetlise cf Collet tr of Internal
Kevenue for the Dittrict of South Car
olira. The exa:t language of the let
ters cannct be learned, but it is known
that they informed the Senate that it
is not deemed irlvirable to comply
with the requests in their preset t form.
It is undent ood that it is the desire of
the alministtation to force the Ser ate
to s'u'e it i position on fiis question,
so tla. ths mtt'er may be brought t)
tnUeue and settled as soon as pos
sible. At the Renublican caucus to-night
the at t ion tf the conference comm l
tee was communicated, proposing the
appoint nent of a spec!nl committee,
composed rf tqnal numbers politically
i f Senate meinoera, to proceed to Cin
cinnati and make an Investigation rf
the election, and the report is said to
have nut wifi furor, although no
d (iaite action wai taken, The same
proposition will be subru't ed t) the
Democratic caucus to-morrow morn
ing. It is proposed to have this com
mittee make a report c f its findings to
tbe Senate.
Tiebet Tblef Arrested.
Omaha, Neh , January 28 John L.
Gideon, clerk in the general tickot o'
flee of the Burlington and Missouri
rail) on I, wai arretted this morning
charged wt i a tiring and forging
railroad tickets and disposing c f them
to brokers. It is alleged that Gideon
is one of a riog of bogus ticket opera
tors, the aniouLt of whose fraud is
yet unknown.
Lcndbobu's perfume, Eden is.
Lundborg's perfume, Marchal Kiel
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg's perfume, Lily of the
11 Blood Humors
HUMILIATING KraMlonri. Itctilnir and
liurtiing hkin Xurturn Luath.Hoino
Hore, Slid vry etlo ot ItcUinii, Hrnily,
Plinriy, Inharitnd, f T.ifutr.in mil Contii
rIoui i)ifmf.i of the MooJ, Hkin Mil Hcnlp,
with Loiii of llcitr, I'm in In In nor to old Hue.
an poitlvljr cured hf Ci'Ticum, the imt
r-kln dure, snd Ci'ticua Sir, n eiqutnlle
Pkia Betatifler, xternally, and Cvtiuuiia
Riot.KT, ihe new Blood Purifier, inter
nallr. rovcRin with bobe.
I have been etllioted nine I ait Mareh
with a Skin diimse the dootora (tailed Kn
loma. Mylue iu torerad with eoabi and
uree, and the itrblni aad burniiiK wore
almoit uDb'Hrtble. oeeiuir youi OuTinua
KKUKinrsio hlirhlt recommended, concluded
to give them a tri', ning the Ouriut aA and
Cutiguka Boat eiternliy, and husni.TtsT
internully, for fonr months 1 oall myelf
cured, in rtitude for wbioh I niaketbie
publie iUtement.
Bread Brook, Conn.
I mtr Ifliotod with Eruina on the R-ali,
Foe, Karl and Neck, which the drurdet,
whore 1 aot your remediei. iironuuuiwd one
of the worst eaae ttiat bud mime nnd r
hli notice, llo adyiied mo to try your Cu
tioura Ksinuim, end after fire uayr ue
my t calp and part of my face wero entirely
cured, and I hope in another week to have
my enri, ne:k, and the other part o my
fdoe cured. ' UKIIUAN bLAUK.
120 H- It i itreet, New York.
iri Riniu niuANMii Rai).
CtiTlut'H itanda at the bond ol it c'cm,
eli"i'lyli thii tbe cape with the Oi-tiiiiira
HoaI. Hate bad aa nneiualty iitj eule
tit is luininer, owing to the pravale tie ul an
arnrarated form or Itch tbrouch luini local-
itiei in the country, In wrioa the CUTiuuaA
Uiuidisi proved eati'factory.
W. Al.
Uniontown. Ky.
Are fold by all drniiinta. Price: CuTtcti
ka, 60 cent! Kkhiii.viiit, H.tOi Boap. Zi
centi. I'DTTna Dkho and CuttmcAt. iGn..
llimton, Mam. Send for " How lo Dure Bkln
ItV ATTTIFV the Couiiiloxionand Skin
XtrnJVU hr uninatboOt'TKMmA Hoap.
Til ai NKHlBiU-llAililNB
vG? ' tn cati'cof Uterine Pln and
MrtVTw VTeakno'l. For Ach n( tide and
ii'laWBtck. Kidney I'liins. Suintioa.
LVfarLrrLOh.it Paina. AVenkneaa and ln-
flauiiuation, the Ci'TicUBA anti-1'aw 1'las-
TR. ia Infnllibln. 2"c.
Non-Renldent 'ot Ite.
No. 321." (70. R D. In the Chancery Court
i f kbeloy County, Tonn. Mute ol Tennea
' a oo vi. W. K. llutleret al.
It a' rearing from the bill which la aorn
to in thii ciufe thatthedofnndanta.il It.
Clallin A CnmpiiiT aro reaidenta of New
York i that Mra. Margaret tlivona end
Hivena, ber husband, are rc-ideiitl of Oali
fnruin: tnat Mra. Mary Ann Keonnh and
Kooaglwher hu-lmnd, irie reaidenta of Ire
lind: Vit J rt. Clialmera and Rebecca
Chalmera, hia wife and Jumea T. D iyto are
reaidenta of Miaaiaalmils thai Frank Frayer
and Flnieiioe Krayer, hia wife, and '1 hriiaiirn
llorkann, are roatdenta of Lnuiaien; that
Mra. .M.iria P. Pains ia a reaidontof Wirron
aint that J. M. Brinkley ia a reiident of
M iaalaalpei i that Ann II. Millof la areaident
of the e)Ut of Kenluek.i aad John H.
Uinllh a reailent of the Stale of Ohio; njid
that nil ol laid partiea are non-roaidenle ol
tfi. KLai. ot TAnaaaaae. And it avDeuriac
ftnin bherilt'l retai-n herein Ibut dnfedana,
i herein mux unteenanea,
C. Mill. J. II. Melaoa,
bur M err I man, ffllen 1',
in, Jameja Wurrao, K. A.
II. A. llarrell, W. I
Oenree Conner. Artb
lluri.y. J. B. Waaenn
Capderllle, Thoymaa M, Aaiterinn, Annie
Walker, are not to be fauna tn niaeoanar:
It la tkerefora.ordered. That tbey naitke
their appearance herein, at the oourthoaae of
Shelby eounty, In Memphia. Tenn., on or be
fore the trat Monday in March, IW, and
Elead, aniaer or demur lo eomiilainn.au
ill, or the aame will betoken foreonfmatd
aa to tbeia and aet for hearing ex parUi; and
that a eotiy of thii order be published onoe
a week for fonr auoeaaive week a ia the ftlem
phii Appeal. Thii 27th day ol January, lHoti.
cory Attnat:
H i. V.JttWELL. Clerk
fly IU V. Walih, Deaiuty Clerk and Ataator.
K ana rnruuer.
I. W. Bauiuton. HnHtfnr anmpl nu
Administrator's Notice.
HAVIaNU qualified aa adminiatrator of
the eatate of Frank Uutiean. deceaaed,
notice ia hereby givenfor aiCpartea haviag
claiaal aaiairiiiff 'idoataln to Die aame with
me: and aU partiel indebted tn a!d ea'ata
will Atnfi. ai i'ticm. Upinnriia. Tenn.. Jan.
k7. Ki. jfri) iiESJ. Rai'DKCAN, Adiq'r.
rbyslcian, Snrgeon and Accoiulitar,
313 Main rVtrecf, Near I nlon.
Tel'ephrrne, No,BS.
fit. Agno6 Academy.
milK RPRINU, RESIGN will open MON-
UAI me-tavoi rooruary. iarine-i.
m0, fjO and lion, accornc to the
claai of ttia jiuiiil. laflDirttier pal
I"l ly lf"'"' P"J','W-
to the aire nnd
World for 7eab Ankles,
and Starting!
From Patients Under His Care in Memphis;
Superintendent of Yards for Woodruff lumber Company.
Mmi'ina, Tenn., January 4, lfWtt.
Several weeks experience of Dr. J. A. Hunter's treatment for Catabrh and.
Tbroat Disoase convinces me that I ain on the right trark. His apparatus!
and operations give me great relief and moat of my digressing symptoms
have disappeared.
I unhesitatingly recommend all aflbcted with these distressing ailments t
go to Dr. Hanter, satisfied they will receive skilful andbonornble treattnent
, Corner JelTerson and Fourth sttects.
MsMrms, Tksi., Jauuay 4, 18S6.
1 havo been several weeks nndor Dr. J. A. Hunter's caro for Catabuu aud
Lunq Disbabi, and have dcrivod great rolief from his treatment. Hit'
"INHALER" and operations for carrying medicines into the Nasal cavities
aud Lungs are the finest I ever saw or iinaB!ucd, aud glvo me immediate and
constant relief. .
I confidently recommend all afflicted as I am, to go to him, satisfied they
will got the very best skill aud attoation,
Coropositoi in the Appeal Office. ,
HIkmpuis, Tknn., January 4, 1R86,
I oonaultod Dr. Jauics A. Ilnnter several wedta since for Catabrd and
CoNBUMmoii ami placed myself undor Ills trentniotit. I have atearlily aid
rapidly improved since then, gaining color and strength, and I foel I am get,
ting well. " 4i
Ilia "INHALATION" Instrument open a up my head and lungs and given
them great relief. I earnestly reootnmond all' so unfortunate as to bt
afllicted with such ailuwnta to go to hinu
With L. D. Bonfantl, Grocer, 450 Main street.
Dr. Hunter's Visit to Memphis. ,
Dr. Jam ks A. IIiintkii. formerly of Europe, late of New Orleans, Doc
ujt'' tfylioio ami v'Jvi,. r,!rfit" of IiHifsolg, I,ioentls(e of tho
Koyni (Alleges of Pliysiemns and' Surgeons, Ku'.'ub'urj; a Pajiil pf.t'.
ThomtiH Hospital and the (ireat Brompton llosjiital for Diseasos of the)
Client, London, in making a brief Professional visit to this eity bofore re
turning to Kuropo, and may bo oonaultod at No. 80 Court street, betwect
Third and Fourth.
Dr. Hunter has, tor twonty-tive years, devoted special atleat ion to dig
eases of tho 11,kad, Tihioat, Ciikrt And Blood, embracing Catarrh, Sore
Throat, llronohitis, Asthma, Consumption, Doalnctw, I 'ye, Heart aud Braitl
Disease,?, Scrofula, ote. Ollioe hours, 10 a. in, to 12 iu. ; 1 to 0 p.m.
IVrnons at a distance should send for Dit. Hl'NTEk'h Jocbnai., Book8
and Limth of QuKriTioNrf. Wkilo a personal consultation is desirablo, it
is not always nororirary, nnd treatment can, in all cases, bo conductod hj
It-HlU pay C4ood lrlHw for MOTES, GIN FALLS a nil
TKASIIY t'OI'rOK of all dHt'riptiouH. Send for lroiilur
uutl PrliOK Ih lil.
"W. SJaPEaEDFtS, Jr.
75 Vance Street, Memphis, Tenn.
And Commission Merchants
Nos. ill nvtl HO Mnilison Afreet, iTirisiniR,
ti m n a vi f J Zm
Dry Goods, Notions,
Nca. 320-C38 Zgaln Street MempMa, Tnn.
V V WHHiu wo3w to tbe Brad, upon th. moat taTprbtrmi. Our pfioai will aopr
iarorabljr with tinm of any uark.t in the Unlud titatai. 6pecial Imtaodjieota te Calk
Ear,ra. iF.H ON IK.
r. afCADDKB.
af AKTIS atttXI.
,1 i

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