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Tt BUI for the Admission o. Da
l toU la tbe Senate.
fees-alor B-ll-r' la Reply
Neaator Hrrlos Another Hll
r Bill In Iloumo.
Washington. Jiinna- 8. Jluuv.
ThaSprier 'aid Mote the Huasen
letter from the ccr.ia-y o! ftati kit-
ing a list o! the mr iyae in me em a
DsraTtmert, Bad m It nu foil- fiat
the services ot cone of tbem ra be
diapenced with, .fl.l" a coniaitmica
tion from tbe fcime r.lirtiansmit.lnK
the replies from I nitd S ntes Console
to tbe department circnl.i' asking lot
information n. t fa'tle nd Ctj
farming In their reepective districts,
lieferml. , , '.
Mr. Weaver fl introdaced bill
to provide lor the orRaniiiition of the
Territory of Ok labome, for the 'l't
tnent nf homeitruila to Ind'it-a in
neveralty, and to open op onoccnpied
lamia to aitoal aettlera. Inferred.
Mr. Koberteon .Ky. offered n rn
lotion reciting that tt:on 3078, Re--is.d
Statots, prohibits the diversion
f sppropriaMone, end that representa
tions are made that this sf c ion U vie
land in thin, that certain moneys ao
pra'.ed by ConKreM for cnrrying on
the Signal Service Bureau have heen
misapplied, and directing the Com
mittee on Eapenditnres in the War
Department to icqnire whtlher It haa
heretofore been violated, aid to report
aa.h mciHurea as will secure its en-
Mr. Ptt.rs Kan ijtad to tie
present cnn.iil-rat of the re.li
tii m. and it. was rtferred to the Con-
miltM on Expenditures in the War
11a-av (.mart.
Mr.Uib'ootW. Va , from the Com-
milt e on Expenditures in tae ueinn
tnentef Justice, rfpo't.d a recolntion
-llin oa the Secretary of the Treaa-
urv for a rfpmt of all balances due to
nt fiom the Unit d P'ntes ae shown
by the books ol thatflieeof Renl.t.r
and Bixtn Auditor of the Treaaury
from 1789 to UMh June, 1S85. The
HacrUrvof War and Poatmaatar-Gen'
nl art, alio called on for a itntaine-t
of the balances as shown by tbe books
of their department. Adopted.
Mr. WliMler f Al 1. Iinm tbe Com
inittee on Military Allaire, reported a
bill authorising the Preaidont to rs
tore otllneni to the array in certain
caws. (This bill applies to the cino
i.f Kilt John Porter, and as it waa
Placed uroii the pntlic calendar it
.maybe tailed up for action at any
Mima durinn the morning hnr, nn ad-
vantige which la rot enjoyed by the
apeciflc Fils John l'niter bill, which is
upon the privat i calendar.
In the morning boar the lloase,
-on motloa ol Mr. DinRley Me.1, went
into Committee ol the Wfcote, Mr.
. Orlept0ain the chair, oa the bill
reported by the Shipping Committee
to abolish certain fees for services to
American Team-It.
Mr. Dingley stited that the com
mittee waa Ninanimous in reporting
tka bill, and that no fees were inter
fered with except tboie which all the
' members were agreed should be
Pending action the hour of 1 o clock
arrived and tbe committee having
rieen, tbe llouae proceeded to the
consideration of appropriate recola
. lutiona touching the death of Mr.
After eulogistic addrenees by Messrs.
Hopkins, Uenderaon, 1111 1, Dunham
, and Adams III l.TilmanfH. CI. Pe
ters LKaa and McMillan Tenn., the
llona as a mark of respect to tbe
memory of tbe deceased at t : W o'clock
Tbe He-ate.
Amoug the bills-introduced in the
Bennts wai one by Senator Sherman ti
dierontinnethecoicage of the silver
dollar, and to pmvide for the nurclitue
ol silver bullion In burs; not less tiaa
2,000,000 ounces nor more than 4,000
000 ounces per month, at its market
price, and for tbe issue in payment
therefor of roln ceitiiirutes of not lees
denomination than $10 each, tUe bull
ion to remain In tbe Trtauuy hi se
curity for the payment of the certifi
cates. A concurrent resolution win ottered
by Senator Worrell, and t his requett
laid upon the table for the present,
setting apart forever the circle at the
western entiaoce to the Capitol on
Pennsylvania avenue in a site for it
statue of Christopher Co'.nmuua aid
tte circle a' the wei-nrn end t the
Capitol on Maryland avenue hi a site
tit ik itatuetor the Marquis de La
fay ett 3.
A resoliil'nu "(Tared by Senator In
g'U wan n?rinil to, direding the Sec
nta'y of theTriainry to ii firm the
tVou'e at to the orinin of wht is
knon as tli" "ro.iecionce fund" in
t he TreaKury, the ammint c f the mme
and wtnl diBi niliion is male of it.
A refdlntion offered by Senator Call
war, al his rvquwt, laid over for the
present, iuotruiting the Judiciary
Oomir iree of the Kern te lo repo t a
bi l providing for the retirement or
ren-ova' i f I'n t id 8 o'ee district and
clrcu l j 'ds' when, frn any nrise,
thevatiill hwnme nrahle to pel form
the' dat es t their ollice, diecriminat
ing bteeu drunkenness aud ether
nausea, so that drunkenness may be
punished by impeachment nod re
moral (mm olllue. Anitherresclot'ou
oTered by the same Senator was, on
like request, eimiltily diwposed ol, di
recting th Judiciaiy Committee t
repiH a bill providing for the f".fj t
nr aid opening 1 1 BbtUemeiit cl rail
road land g'liata In cases in which t he
railroalst.it veto', been built within
the time Prescribed by Congress.
Sen at.fir Call, rising t a question of
privil -jje, rurl an article t on a re
cent iRsue it the Louisville
OiirMr Jimrna.wbich stated that he
.(Mr. tlalh haa introduced a bill pro
viding for the retirement on a salary
ol l VOof jiiigfB who became dis
abled throuKU drunkenness. The at
Hole proceeded to say that any young
lawyer wh.i could recuresn appoint
ment aa Federal i idue would, by this
hill, be ensMvd to secure a yearly
p-ution rf $:0'J0 by makirg himaelf a
not. pro hon vice; ihitafiur soenring
the lene'on he could sober up aud live
th reiuiodr ct hia lifa in a proper
wy at tbe expense ol the govern-
Sn!or Call denieil prerenting any
bill the charncier referred to. ' No
one ho hse intelligence enough to be
outside of a lnna:ic aeylum will con
suite the bi 1 which 1 have presented
McafutiU of 'rsding to ar.y anch re
suit." , le had introduced a bill, be
eaid, providing that Federal judges
ditq'ialitied by druukennees shouldbe
retired ht the instance of the Attor-ney-Heneral
until the judjw can be re
' moved by impeachment and perma
nently temoved from otlice,
Senator Inells preceuted a petition
- of Krtiterit.k. Uouglaf a aud other lead
ing col "red cil!xne of the District of
Columbifompla'ningagairs' diBcrlra
inatioua agtinst them at theaters and
other places of pablio entertainment
in the city ol Washington, and pray-
ling Hut tie license laws of the Dis
trict of Columbia be so amended as to
prevent such discrimination. The pe
tition, Henator Ingalls said, was ac
companied by affidavit in support of
its averments. It wai approprately
referred. '
Tbe Kenate then went to the calen
dar and returned consideration of the
bill to divide the Bionx reservation in
Dakota into sepaia'a reservation, and
to secure me reucquisuaitroi m
Indian title to the nime. After 1e-,
hit. th hiU al 2 o'clock waa dis
placed by the bid providing for the ad-
inisMoa oi i;asi.
tionator Butler's substitute lor tee
Committer's bill waa read. It is an
"enabling" act, providing lor tbe aa
of the Territory of Dakota us
a whole as a State of the Union, w ben
an election shall have been held
under this act, and a constitution,
renuh'icin in form, shall have been
adepted by the people of anch Territo
ry. The substitute also prescribes in
detail ctn litions to I e observe 1 by tbe
proposed Cats al to public lands,
acbools, etc-
Senator liatler then took tue n or
In sonnortof his substituted lie con
ceded the right of the people of a Ter
ritory to apply lor admission as a
Hia'e when it bad the necessary con
ditions, bnt he denied that a territory
had any riht to organ ir a a State Gov
ernment. Congress alone, could au
thor! r. 8 the transition from a Territory
to a State, and the exercise ol that
power by any other body would be
bold usurpation. Senator Butler ar
gued at length in support of this
pro, oeition, and further contended
that Territories had no right to divide
themselves up at tbeir own plsasnre,
sod do as Dakota had done in this in
stance. As to the admission of Ken
tucky, Tennessee and Maine, he said
theee had been carried out of Territory
belonging to North Carolina, Virginia
and Massachusetts,tbree of the original
thirteen States, and under the consti
tution the consent of the Legislatures
of these States was all that was neces
sary, and was taken as tantamount to
an enabling act. In tbe case of Ar
kansas and Michigan, two politicul
titane, slavery and anti-slavery, were
approaching each other by converging
linea; Michigan represented one, Ar
kansas represented the o'her, and
both were taken into the Union in,
as Henator Itutler insisted, an un
constilutioifd manner. These cases
were cases CI compio.iiise attempts to
temporizs with the impending irre
pressible conflict, it would have been
better for the country if the issue had
been at that time met and tet' led, than
have postponed it to a time thirty
years ht'er, when the power and ca
pacity of tbe sections to straggle witu
each other had so largely increased.
Iowa, Miasouri, Wisconsin and JSe
vadu, be a'd, had tome into -the
Union under enabling acts. Slavery
was now dead. The people of the
Union were becoming more and more
homogoneoue. Thfl lime was smoothing
the asperities that came of conllir-t ; we
were happily at peace, our territories
were being occupied by intelligei.t rid
burdy pioneers. Why, then, depart
from sMj, time-honored constitutional
mlea fir the admission rf new mem
bers into the fimilycf Sta'.ee? ,.Waa
tbera a pressing iutica! exigency
lurking behind this movement which
Imnelled it f jrward with n'moat. un
seemly asal T Was there n purpose to
hasten proceedings leet a change
might come which niiyht change the
political complexion m tne represent'
ativea sent I J the National Legls'n
lure? Ssna'or Butler could not die
bose his mind rf such a suspicion, and
thatasnan iudsment would be ren
dered if we n filled to ratify the pres
ent movement. Senator Butler in
aisted that the action of South Dakota
hnl been nil fa t'ir and void. Be-
sideere had received intimations f
fraudHu the proceWinga 'ukaA th
if crimination, recrimination and
rlnalsrn. Much divlsioi if opinion
prevailed in the Territory as to a divi
sion on tne line ct tne i my-sixtn par
allel. Why not have a f air bearing on
all tbe queitions involved, so tbtt
when Congress should meet again it
could have material lit intelligent ac
Altar, few remarks bv Senator Wil
son in reply to Senator Butler, the de
bate closed and the bill went over till
2 o'clock tmorrow, at which boar
Mr. Vest will l uve tbo floor.
A message was received from the
President transmitting further infor
mation received from the United
S'a'ea Minister to Belgium in relation
t ) the action of the Belgian govern
ment in concluding its adhesion lo the
monetary union of tbe Latin Stales.
The mtwntrn was referred to the Com
mittee on Finance.
Another meseago from the Presi
dent wos received, transmitting a com-
mutiiia'ion f n the Secretary cf the
Interior submitting a draft o! the pio
posed amendment to the act ratifying
an atrreement with the Crow Indiana
in Montaoa. for the nurcoie f in
creasing the annual payment i under
that agreement, ami reducing the
number thereof in order that sulli
cieut means may be provided fr
establishing thera in their individual
allotments. The menage wav referred
to the Cmnmitt e on Indian Affairs.
A message from the Ho rise ht
nounced the deit'i of the Hun. Reu
ben ill wood, late member of that
body from the State ti Illinois, and
after remarks by Senators Cullom and
I.oian, the Senate, on wctioncf Mr.
Cullom, out of reepect tithe memory
o; tue deceased, aijourned.
In the t'omutltlee-Iloama.
Mr. Henderron fill ! and Mesuss
Dare and NeUon cf Chicago t'vday
made arguments btfire the House
Committee on Railways and Canals.
in tne course 1 1 wiiicu tbey urged an
appropriation to defray the expense of
beginning work on the Hennepin
canal, and dwelt upon the benefits
to he cotfarred npon the country
by the completion of the enterprise
The Banking and Currency Commit
tee of the Hoti'e to-day gave a hearing
to Messrs. Paul Boa-en, Lee Crandall
and otbeis, representing tbe Knights
of Labor, hi advocacy of a bill pro
posed to he introduced in the Houso
by Ketvreoantative firumm of Penn
sylvania, known aa the Knights o!
i.ai or currency bill. Tbe bill, aa
dra iid, ptuyidea that any perrna may
deposit gold or silver in the Treasury
and receive therefor legal tendtr
United Hit t ?e rotes at the rate of fl
(or 41'.') grama i f silver or 25 S grains
of (old; all United r-tites notes are t
be c inverted into coin or bullion at the
ht Ider's optio a ; no n: i r gold or silver
certificates or national bank notes are
tubs ieaued, but they are to be re
placed with United States notes.
The House Committee on Public
Lands held an extended session after
tbe adjournment of the House tvday,
and finally agreed npon the bill de
claring forfeited all lands within the
grant to the Atlantic and Pacific rail
road, lying opposite the unconstructed
portions of the railroad. Chairman
Cobb waa instructed to report the bill
back to the House. The committee
screed to a favorable report on Mr.
McKae's bill to protect homestead set
tlers within railway umlla. ineuom
mittee debated at length the question
of declaring forfaited tbe land grant
of tbe Southern Pacific Railway Com'
pany, which came ap on a proposition
by Mr. McRae Ark. to dec are an
abeoluts forfeiture of tbe entire grant
Without reaching a conclusion the
committee rose, and tbe matter re
mains the pending order for next
Tuesday's meeting.
The. subcommittee of the House
Cuminitte on Indian Affairs having
charge cf the Indian appiopration bi l
have comp'eted its (ousidmat'on, end
tbe bill will soon be laid w 1 re ttie luu
committee. Die bill, as now f aoied,
appropriates 15.526,053, being $07,04:2
lens than the bill cf last year, and
$525,806 less than the estimates. 1 be
items ol appropriation are Jb!l,.iiuijr
salaries and expenses nf agente,2,471,
5:8 to carry out tnatr itipulitione,
$1,091,300 for the suopoit and civilix-
tion t f miliars, $i,( m,jI lot tae sup
port ci schools. $91,940 for interest on
truet funds.l lli.'.OOO for incidental ex
penses, $470,COO lor mil eel uieous ex
penses, and lizo.utu lor sundry ex
penses at agencies, including pay oi
Interpreters -acd inspectors, building,
repairs, ft Tbe bill makes ai in
crease in tbe approprittion for tie ed
ucation and civilization of the Indians.
Ikemia'a Rller Bill.
The fdlowlng is tbe full ttxt of Sen
ator Sherman's bill to amend the coin
age act of Febrnaty 20. 1878:
Bt It Enactrd, itc.. That the coinage
of tbe silver dollar provided for by the
first section of the act to which this is
an amendment be discontinued from
and after the passage of this act.
Sec. 2. That the Secretary of the
Treasury la authorised and directed to
purchase from time to lime silver mil
lion in bars, not less than nine tenths
fine, at the marknt price thereof, not
1 see than Z.uou.uio ounces per monin,
and shall issue in payment therefor
coin certificates of tbe United Stat
of denominations of not l-ws than V ,
each corrojpitnding with tbe denomi
nations of the United States notes;
and tbe bullion so purchased shell be
retained in the Treasury lor tne secur
ity and for the payment of the same,
and the amount of such certificates at
any time outstanding bIipII not exceed
thecoetof the bullion purchased by
such certificate", and the certificates
thus issued shall be receivable for cus
toms, taxes and all public dues, and
when so received may ne reiBeuea:
and the Secretary of the Treasury sha!l
redeem in coin the same certificates on
their presentation ht redemption at
the ollire of the Assistant Treasurer
of the United States in the City of
New York, in sums not less than $-30.
See. 3. That anv holders ol etaud
anl silver drllirs or g Id coin of the
United States or gold ball ion at its
mirU value may deprsit tbe same with
the Treasurer or any Assistant treat
urer of toe United States, in sums not
less than $10. and receive coin certifi
cates therefor, similar in denomination
and legul inert to the certificates pro
vided for in the preceding section.
The coin deposited for or representing
the certificates shall be retained in the
Treasury for the payment of the same
on demand.
Two Families froira lo Deatb In
the Innlnn Territory.
Fort Smitb, Aik , January 28.
Finm a man who arrived here to-day
(mm Sana Bols. Ctnttiw Nut on. it is
learned thht oa January 8th two fami
lies of rovers, consisting c f nine per-
tons, were cauirht in the blitzud of
that date in a vast prairie, about twen-
v milna fuitn Sans Bo s. and were a I
frozen lo deatb, tigether w th their
teams, (oneitting of foir horses. They
were traveling in tne direction
Mnekogee. Nothing was found in
their efiectalotjU who they were or
whence they caine. Tbey were found
oB the 9th inittnt, all frozen it iff in
their wagons, and their t'sms fmssn
in harness. The lusal tr being remtt )
from telegraph lines, the news of their
terrible fate eoema to have been con
fined ti the immediate neighborhood
where they met death.
SmntgllsfODlhn Mexican Frontier.
Galvzhton. Tax . January 28. A
special to the Nein from Maaraoras,
Mex.. save: A company of teven
cuttims guards ran npon a party
of smugglers Tuesday eight miles
below the city. The guards cap
tured sixteen bolts of goods valued
at over 12000 which were being smog
Died into Mexico. Tbe smugglers were
taken bv surprise and tied without
nlTnrlnir anv rosis'lince.
Tuesday, while Private Octavana
Ross of the Third Cavalry win scout
ing for smugglers nt ar L'agda J, he was
hot and instantly killed by a com
rade. The pnutice of smuggling is
now boina carried on here so exten.
sivelv and openly tba. it threatens
serious detriment to all legitimrt'e
tuide. The buoiness man have peti
tioned the ceLtml government ti
double the force cf guards on duty
a:a the river.
IavnllUa' Hotel anil ritirarlcal Inatl
This widely celebrated institution
located at Buffalo, N. Y., is organized
ith a full staff of eighteen expert
enced and skillful Physicians and Sur
geons, constituting the most complete
nrtraniKatinn of medical acd snrglcal
skill In Amerlcs, for the treatment of
all chronic diseases, whether requiring
mxllnal rr Riircriral means for their
pnrn. Marvelous success has been r
achieved In the cure of al nasal, throat
and lung dlteises, liver and kidney
diseases, diseases of the digestive or
gan?, bladder diseases, diseases pecu
liar to women, blood taints and skin
diseases, rheumatism, neuralgia, ner
vous debility, paralysis, epilepsy (fits),
rermatorrhea, impotency and kindred
afiections. Thousands are cured at their
homes through correspondence. The
cure of the worst ruptures, pile tumors,
varicocele, hydrocele and strictures is
guaranteed, with only a short resi
ence at the institution. Send ten
cents in stamps for the Invalids' Guide
Book (168 pages), which gives all par
ticulars. Addrees, World's Pianensary
Medical Association, Buffalo, N. "i .
Nhowvr f Duat from a 'ltar KUj,
ArnTiH, Ta., January 28. Tburs
Jay afternoon near 4 o'clock, from out
of a clear sky a shower of very fine
dust was seen fallinR. There was no
wind St th time. Tbe shower in
creased toward nimntfall and contin
ued throughout hall (he nipht. The
dust had a peculiar effect on the lungs
and throat, causing irritation and
hoarseness in some suit tncea. A sim
ilar phenomenon was witnessed here
eight years ago.
The Malloaal Credit la Na
Solidly founded than th reputation of Ben
son's Oapeln Plasters, lbey r known,
appratd and used vr wherein America-its
hoip.tals and its homes. Physiolaris..
pharmacists and druili affirm that lor
iiromptnesa of action. ecrUlnty and rana
parisoa. One ud their uneial deoel-
lenc comweads them. in. puoun
...in utliBl acsinsi me cueap
and shameless imitations offered b
oious parlies under tne , ,n , '"i111
oundint names, such es"Capsirtn,"
- uanuoin, iapsioin
to. Ask
for Benson's, bay of rnuble drucrsts
only, and V a pe'sonal eiaminatlon. Th
reulnba th "1'tir.e " trademark
and W ti "Q(tB': cut la tntcaaMC
A Company of Unlit! States Troops
Fired Upon- by Mistake.
Cap. wfor ml IboTnird Cavalry
lilllrd Probtbla Maa-roader
I Ucraalaaa's ApachM.
Sax Fbakcisco, Cat , January 28
tilegraui recoivrd at the Presidio
yeitsrday I m Foit Eowie, Ar.z.,
signed (Jen. Crook, gives the contents
I a diepitcb f otn Lieut. Ms up, anta
Nocori, fiiro n, 1ltx., January 2Ut.
Its'utsatbnt tbe lumps urder CapL
Craw 1 3rd on Jaccify 11th surrounded
and attacked an Indian camp fifty
miles lontheaat of Nocori. A two
boors running fight t xk place and a
number of Indians were wounded, bnt
a'l escaped. Tbe hoitiles sent word
thn'. th-y wished to hold a cot frence.
While the tioDPS were in cempaaaii-
ing the lime fixed for the corjfareace
tbey were afacked by 154 Mexican
soldiers. Efforts were made to let tne
Mexicans know that tbe troops were
Americana a?d friends. Oapt. Craw
f rd and Lieut. Maus advanced to ta'k
with tbem, whereupon a volley wai
fired. Capt. Can f-rd was shot in the
bead, end Mr. Horn, interpreter, was
slightly wounded in the It It arm.
was partly returned py tae sconis oi
... . t
Cant Ciawlord a command, but only
snlliciect to keep tbem at u distance.
The firing In tsd half an hour, w.ben
Lieut. Maus succeeded in ravicg a
talk with the ollicer in command of
the Mexicans, wtrne cepta'n bad in
the mi nut tine been killed. iDeMtx
leans said tbe Americana were taken
for hoiiiles ociDg to the darkness.
The Mexicans signed a paper lo that
effect. The lots to the Americans by
the ntfiitunate a flair were Capt
Cnia ford, ttoitally wounded; Mr.
Horn, clad ti si ouii, una two In
dians aliehtlv wounded, and another
severely wounded. The Mexican loss
waa 1 nir killed and live wounuta. in
a telecram Lieut. Mans Fays be be
lieves the Mexicans expected to drive
the Americans off with their over
whelming firce and secure their (amp
and effecis.
died on the IStb, during tbe March to
Nojori, where be was buried. He
was unconscious until his deatb. Lioot,
Maustben assumed command wb Is
the ti oops were en mute to Nocori.
Twenty-two iciaaws entered, camp,
thronah whom arrangemetti lor
a conf jrence with two bucks cf the
hoitile bandweremade. This ended by
Chief Nana and one buck, tbe wife and
child of both Geronimo and Natchtz,
the sister of Geronimo, one boy acd a
woman being given as hostages to
Lieut Mans for tbe observance of
peace until Gerocinvj meiti Gen
CrcoV, with whom he expressed i
wish to have a talk. A meeting be
tween Crook and Geronirro will take
take f lice in atoat a mcnth, and w II
undoubtedly end In the Indians' sur
render. Tho hand consists oi inieis
Geronimo, Natchez, Chihuahua and
Nana, twenty bucks and tome women
and children. Lieut. . Maus is tuf
heading for Lang's ranch.
OlTlclftl Advice of the War Depart
WAsniMQTOH. January 28. The
War Department to-day received oflW
rial informaion from Gen. Cook of
the death of Capt. Crawford, Third
Cavalry, at the hands of Mexicans in
Mexico, and thepiobable surrender of
UieTeneiu le Apa ihes. A n lucomt a
nyingrepuit from Lieut. Maus, First
Infantry, who win next in command
to Capt. Crawford, gives details of the
affair, from which it nopears Ua'
Crawford's command of Indian scouts
located tbe camp of tbe hostile on
the night of the 10th ins' a at a' a point
about fifty miles southwest of Nocorj.
Mexico, and one mile northwest of
Araa river, being about 200 miles fiom
the border line. They surrounded
the camp and quietly awaited the
break of day. In the meantime the
bravinir of the burros tlarmed the
hoitiles. Two of them made tbeir
appearance and were fired npon by
the acouu and a eeneral fight ensued
Finally the Indians retreated to the
rocks and left nil their effect) in the
bauds of the scouts. A running fight
was kept up for two or three hours,
when Capt. Crawford's command was
surprised by a volley of bullets fired
into their midet from an unexpected
quaiter. At first it wai supposed that
tue shots came from (Japt. Davis
command, which waa also sf
ter the hostilos in that vicin t
Cant. Crawford eigraled for hii men
to stop tiring ma ,it wai men uis
covered thai the ii'taoking party win
composed of Mexicans who evidently
took Capt. Crawford's men for the
hostile. Lieut. Mans itarted out to
consult with the Mexicans when tiring
bejan in atother part of tbe line. He
was about to take steps to stop it,
when, happening to lcok task, he saw
Capt. Crawf ird lying on his back with
a bullet hole thiough his hial. A
parley between the t wo forces followed
and it wni found tfcnt Capt. Ciawford
waamoitiilly wounded, and a guide
named Horn and five scout i were
alBO wounded. On the side of the
Mexicans the commanding otneer anu
five ether men were killed and four
wounded. The entire day was con
sumed In Battling affairs. The follow-ne-
day two souaws from tbe hoettles
who had escaped tame to Lieut. Maus
tn ask for terms. He refused to talk
with them and a'so
'so refused to ta'k
with two bucks, who followed soon
n'Mr. Geronimo, tns niia cniei, ana
Natchca, another chief, then appntred
to make terms. They said they were
nttrlv diacouratad and were tired of
being hunted from rock to rock, as
they had been for the patt two months.
i.ImiL Miiua would consent to
-..ihtro Vmt un uncnndifoDul surren
der. Ttiechltl'i then agreed to meet
Gen. Oiook at a point on the line be
tween Mexho ead the Untsd fctut's.
They sect tn the American camp aj
ho tages Chitf Nana and another
chief, Geronimo, wif and chill and
The hot tiles are now
ontboir way to the place of metting
with Gen. Crcok, and expect to reach
there by the 4t t proximo. The paity
numbers twenty-two bucks, and is
annmitad to comprise all the rene-
rr -
Gen. Crook is quoted ni saying
i w no doubt ot their surrender.
ThAv hara nrenared a written Hits-
menfff their troublea and grievances
which led them ti leave ineir reserva
ti.r, (tant. (IraaforJ. after being
hnt TAmeinei) nnconscious until his
death, which occurred on the 18th in.
..- H waa rarriprl with the COm
f..- nenn rlava. and was buried
at Nocori, Mexico, ilis death is muth
regreitod at the War Depuifment,
where he is described asa gailant
and one tf the bCk Indian
fighters in the service.
t i
Ha. Piaaca's "Pleasant Purgative
relleta" cleanse and purify the blood
and tellers the digestive, oryaaa,
IaeaMofiiek headache, bUioaineaa, tor-
pldllrer, drapapaia and eoatirD, "Da.
McLixz'a CLaiTiD Litis Pills"
narer tall to aiv relief, for both itxei and
aea tbe an prompt aita recara to avtn
th noit dellcaU eomtitatloni. Son zenn
ln without the ait nature of " Pleminc
Bros., titubarzh, Pa "
Cliupoiit. Am.
Massaa. FLmiKO Baos.:
Pa a 6iaa I have aatd your Br. C. Mo-
Laoa'a Lirer Pill for a treat many year,
and find them tbabeitp llsl can tot bold
of. I na them aa a preventive of tick and
nerrout headache. 1 bey ar th b st reme
dy I can gat. I rnaia at aver, yours, etc.,
Sead as 2S cents, and we will send yon by
retura mail a box of th c enuin Br. C. Mo-
Banc's Celebrated Lirer Pill and eilht
handsome tarda. Over tlty mUlion boxes
bar baa aaed by th teopl of tbr U. 8.
What better eertinoau eould they have?
HiEMaNO BROS., Pittfbnrr. Pa.
So. 5101, ft. Chanoery Court of Bh-lby scan
ty- DLat oi lenoeMee lor its own use, eu.,
vs. John Orerton. Jr.. et al.
"TY Tirtue t aa inurlooutorr
alt nSMd la th a be.
as much
23d day oAawoveiuberjjrilfU
xl9, 1 will se.l at puh"l,B
at bidder, in Irocafto. and
1 annnAaa
oulo, oourthoujyv , . wjtiuij
pais, lenn., npirai '
Matardadlirrbrnary 80.
within legal boors, lb inllowin described
property, situated in eneioi eouaty, xenn ,
Lot 12, block 98, Dnnaldron subdirliion,
frontios 40 by 212 feet on the went aide of
liean a renur, 21 ' leet south ol Ueoriia street.
Lot 13, block US, wast aide of Dean avenue,
40 by 212 feet, adjoinin lot 12 on the south.
Bold an property ol' W. X. boualdson.
Lot 14, block 21, i'ert Pickering, Iron tint
25 leet on 'be north aide of Alabama street.
torlhwest corner of rillh and Alabama, oy
a depth of Mlicel. Bold as property ol P. M.
T.nt it. tiliuik S. Fort Plekerlnr. frontina 25
feel on the nntlh lid of Alufama street by
a depth ol 116 leet, being 26 leet west of
Second street.
Lot 7, block fj.frontlnc 7 feet on the north
sdaot A:abroatreet, luth ward, and run-
nin back llo!4 teat, said lot aajoinina-ioto
on th wrst. . , , . ....
lxt 11, block S. north side of Alabama
rtreet, lUth ward, 25 by 116 feet, being 160
feet west ol tecond street, bold as property
of II. K. Andrews and others-
Lots il ml ID, nioca u. fori r.cnerins,
frontioa 6t) feat nn the ronth side o Alabama
street by a depth of 160 leet. Ho d a- th
property of U- a. al. lnrora ana r. m. n ih
,CEa'stha'f Ot lot R. block 9.F. W. Pmilbs's
subditifion. front.na 30 ;tot on the north
aids oi bt. Paul street 'Ml feet west ol (logic
street and running back 111! feet. Sold as
property or alary u Mill aud nenry nyan.
Lot 19, block 9, fronting 25 leet on th
north sloe of Carolina sire t 25 leet entt ol
alley east ol Seoond street, end running back
160 feet.
Lot 20. block 9, fronting 25 fet on t
norib side of Carolina street, and running
back 1W leet.
I l 9.1. hlnxbS. frnntlnr2afect ofl the north
aid of Carolina street, northeast corner of
alley eastol Heind street, loth wri. and
running back 1C0 foot, bold as property ol
Lot 28, ulook 5, Fort Pickering, 25 by 11SVC
feet north side of J.ekion street 50 feet east
of Wnshinstnn street. Bold as property of
J. II. bunw, W. C Folkestal. . .
Lot 6, block 4, Fort Pick'rinr. fronting 25
feet on th soutS aide) of Broadway street,
southeait corner oialley east of Front street
10th ward, by a depth of 11 feeU Bold as
property of P. M. Win era. ....
Lot ,4, block 9, Fort Pickering, 34 by 100
feet on the west sido of Third street, 74 feet
south of Ueorgia siroot, 10th ward.
Lot 5, block 9. fronting 24 by 100 feet on th
west side of Third strait, 10th ward, south
and adjoining lot 4. .,.,.
Lot 5. block 8, Foi t Pirkennc.24 by 94 feet,
west sidof Scond atreet.
Terms of Sal-On a credit of tlx months!
not bearing interest.with security .required t
lien retained, redemption barred. Ibis Jan-
U"T bI'IMoDOWKLL, Clerk and Muster.
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk and Master.
. H. k 0. W. Haiikell. rlnHcltors.
Release! from Bond.
Cfstom Hot'sa, MRUPHrs, Tkxw.i I
EuavEToa'a OfkicSi Docemter 24, 18h&. I
THIS is to cerlifjOhst I hare' this day re
Icap id from bonded oar ten in) barrels
Whisky In ported from Bremen, Germany,
oonainned to i, FOLTZ, Memphis, -Tenn.,
per stoarathip Ki'lor The duties having
been uad. the Whisky il son in jnascssion
ofMr.L.FOLXZ.. fjgo. A. IimsEN, '
Surveyor of Customs, Port ot Men.po i .
avsrThe above Whisky is now on sal
rt Folta'a ttomplorooraa, 160 Jlalo
nirri. Call and try 1U II has alo other
fine britcrl' , such as McGrayer, 0. F. C. Tay
lor, Bell ot f- run, and a complete stock
fin brandies. .
No. 6305, R. Chancery Court of Shelby
county StiUc o Tennessee for Its own
use, etc. vs. P. M. Winters atal.
BY virtue oi an interlocutory deoree for
sal., enrnrod in the above cause on the
23d da cl November, Wffi, M. B.50, page
28, 1 will sell, at publio auotion, to the high
est bidder, ir front 0. the Clerk and Mas
ter's office, courthous ol Shelby oounty,
Memphis, Tenn-, on
cmliirdiiy, 1'vbrnarw 20, 1S8,
within l.i bours, the followina; described
property, situutcd in Memphin, Bhelby
COUlliy, AOiU'CK-ri:, . m -
country lot 4Sti. 40 feet front by 2(10 feet deep,
out side ot Third airoet, M feet south of the
south line of country lot 4KV Sold as prop
erty of r. al- inters anu oioere.
Terms 01 naie un a.creun oi m inuii.ue.
not with recurity bearing Interestrequircd;
Hen retained; redemption barred. This Jan.
1&, 1880. ,--,. , , i ,.
S, 1. AIU LIOI liliU, viera auu iisr.
By.i. M. Bradley, Deputy C. andM.
F. K (i. W. Heisketi. sols. .
Adiainisfrator's Xotlcc
HAVISG taken out letters of admlnis
Ir.tlnn nn the estate of John Brown,
deceased, notice is hereby aiven to all per
on bavin claims again it his estate to pre
sent the same to the undersigned, duly pro
bated, within the time prescribed by law,
or they will be forever barred.
Trustee's Sale.
TtV lriii nfa dead of trust executed tome,
O aatrustae, by Michael J. Keating and
aryJ., his wife, recorded In book No. 157,
ige m, ol the Kegister'a Office of Shelby
mnty, Tenn-, to secure, the pajment of
...,.in l-A.KtMinniiA therein mentioned, de
fault having been made in said deed of trust,
I will, at the request of tbe beneficiary, on
Tliaraday, January 11, inns,
within legal hours, vis., at 12 o'clock m ., at
the Court-House door in the city.of Mem
phis, offer lor aale and sell at publio outcry
tor cash to the highest bidder, the property
described in said deed, in the city of Mem
phis (now he Taxing District), count or
Shelby and State ot Tea nef see, to-wit: Be
ing that part ot said city of Memphis former-.
Iftoalied South Memphis, being lol No. 5, in
block II, of Butler's division or addition,
beginning at a point on the South side ol
Klliott street. feet east of Avery street;
thence southwardly parallel with Avery
street one hundred and twenty feet six
inches (10-12) to the nortn-est corner of
lot No. 2; thence east with the north linenf
lot No. 2 sixty (fit)) feet; ihenoe northwardly
parallel with Avery street one hundred ,
twenty feet six inehes tl S-12) to WlioM
street; thence west with Mliott street sixty
(fio) feet to tbe beginning tbeing tbe same lot
conveyed to Edward Keating by Sue II.
niMildrert W. tfwrell and their
hushands at heirs at law of
husbands aibeirs at law ot 0;rneU rr
ker. dceiil , tairethei with all the im
provement tfeWia and appurtonaaces
thereto belonging. . . . ,
The equity ol redemption waived. Title
believed to be good, but 1 will sell and con-
a a. a f rnitaa nnlT.
LOAGUE, Trustee.
ata-Nalr poaltMineet siattl altirlay,
h. .- -T VrrT-ust-.
11 rtrr-o-a seeking Uovrnmnt
" . : ih d.nartmer
th departments at
piorni." in " " ' '. . .
Washington, or any other position d'
th UovMnment, I will
nd lull Instraotiona
a to now to
to obtain the same.
Blasi- rorsnaf Aplll-on
rt ol On IHIlar. Aa'VT?.ilL!Z2
. . 1.'
ene vbo was deaf twentyUbt y'j
truted by most ol Ue noud speuialistJ of
the ill with no benefit. C aaa. aiaaL in
thrc. months, and ai no then aad"jie oj
other by sam procesa. A plain. " "l"
aaooeasful heme treato.nt. Add-as T B
Pa,U8Brt-b-iKw Tkart7.
O 8 ,
lit '
rj -Hi it' r
.-a Li..-, .tv
a no
If - B VV .
V. C. CHtHlM. Pre. W. H. WILKEBIOS. T.-Presu B. t. BLACK. Caab'r.
No. 39 Madison Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Board of Dirootor.
GTtAf AM. Presloent Desoto Oil Co.
. KKTI1EL. Preo't Stat National Bank
'. TAYLOR, of W. F. Taylr A Co.
i. fNOWDEX. Director In B'kCommero.
n. V. t'arbier Union ar riannrs tsani
JliO. CVEHTON. Jg., Overton a uroeveiior.
u l it i a ii. ..r
.... i i a. . n i T?a.kiM.
AW w. vuavA, v.
on, Discount Paper, act as Trustee, Adminirator. txecutor or Guardian, etc.. Receiver
lor Individuals. Coronation and LITIUAMTS. Also, have a Safe Deposit Vault, whorela
valuables or all kinds are to be salely kept, tiavluita iieelnlly aollctieil.
er Business to oomnience February 1, ISS4.
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
.Ml, FOifMHI&Oe,
Cotton Factors, Commission Llerchanb,
230. HO South Slain Jt., Et. laonla.
WholesaleGrocers, Got, Factors
1.T. PpiiTKK.
Successors to P. KITE, TAILCB k C0
i wnoESA.-3 CIXtSGXI-US,
Cotton Factors.
Liberal Advance Jtade on Conalgnmenla.
P. B. AI.8TOS,
JS. W.
Anl Commission Merchants. Hay, Corn Oats, Bran, Chop Feed, 011-XeaI.
Lim-, Cement, Plaster, Building and Fire Brick, Etc.
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Row. Memp.i.8.
rpjIE FIRM 0? nIOBAK '
jk Nil u VI) A n cv vv
1 KAH W L CLAKK and J. il. iUUUUAn, was uusoivou .auu-i j 10, w -
-. -x,' 'rf,5 .1 fr iJnndhar having sold their entire interest in the asset
; V.U.-I. Tv.. Jannar 14. 1888.
after January 1, 188d
g s...db.r I an. 1. Clark I
Ke erring to the anve notice ot uiesuiuiiuui - ..... ... -v--
nTth.ir friends and customers th.t, as successors, they will lh Wholesale
and Shoe Business, at the old stand, 811 Main street, under the old Arm nam of
An Sc CO.. having admitted as partnors K. J. uarringroa ana r. vr. nun. u-
35TttVlll.9rl lBOO.l
iOGTS and
310 Main Street,
TfewlT Constructed aud Elaborately Fnrnished, Con
taining 225 Large and JElegant Rooms.
arTh Bon haa Prfot Ventilation nd Natural Light, 6tam-heating, Electric Belli,
and two oi Bale'l Elevator. All itreet-carl pass Main street e.tranc.
a TF.S a 0 to f 1 per day, according to sis and elevation of rooms. Bpectal
Comme'rcl.1 Travalor.. Abundant snrplT of PURE CISTERN ASP WELL WATKK.
rnt fnn Piip.tors & Commission Merchants
JJ Xi V-aV w w -
Kemoted to S3. Front St.,
n!?' ES
- . f.-itV-ff.T...'.:: ayt m
"V . Vt.OV.-ra U - ml
m aw
W. If. WILKKESON, W. H. WilkersoB v
T. II. ALl fcJ'. oi l. n. Alien a vo.
R. DUDl-KV FKAYSKR, Frayser 4 Scrugga.
W. A. WILLIA MbON.V -P. L'nion k P. B'k
U'lUiVli, rremaoni MO'caniii duuk.
6. 1. Mcl'OWELL, Q.k M. Chancery Uouru
K. J. Black Co.
rtennf Its and Pav Interest there-
U I I: . . .i
in.i.i'n nm r r r.nnnnin A Tt. Oonp-
ni v. v." .-. -"'-':--! , " .:',
. ' W h CLARK.
v r ii Ai"f i fl i T
ik..U S-m -ill mu-A Mill. ment with US.
Eaaea) J. rrlnTto I rrank O. Janea
Memphis, Tenn.
' " '
Cor, Union, Memphis, Tenn.
- ; .'' t v .
- , . . T U ( . I L .. ni I ' I . p It n a if III

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