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A Large Number of Bills Introduced
and Referred In the Senate.
TIM Bill rrapMlic ma Kepeal at"
v tne AgrlealtaralXlen Law
la Ike House.
Jackson, Mim , Janaarr28. Senile.
The bill for the relief cf T. E. bbel
ton cf Sharkey county passed.
Bills introduced and referred:
By Mr. Eeyncl da: To define the lia
bility of persona or corporations iu.
MR bill) of lading and warehouse
Cy Mr. Bocthe: To amend the char
ter cf the town of Panola.
By Mr. Hamilton, of Hinds: To au
thorize a apecfitl lax in the cicy cf
Jackson to ay lor an iron bridge.
By Mr. Love: To compensate chan
cery clerks for services under ear t ions
21 lo 2174 inclusive of Revised Code.
By Mr. Gay lee: In relation t- State
and county prisoners. Xne Dill pro
poses to prohibit said prisoners when
hired oat from (joins; at large.
By Mr. Yerger: To amend the levee
law of Bolivar, Washington and Ieaa
onena counties.
By Mr. Batchelor: To re-declare
liig lilac river a navigable stream
and remove all obstructions to the
By Mr. Bcone : To authorira the
interpleader at law and regulate the
payment of costs therein; to amend an
act to encourage the establishment of
factories and to exempt them from
taxation ; to impose a privilege tax on
immigranta! agents.
By Mr. Morris: To provide for the
collection of officers' costs and witness
feee from insolvent convicts.
By Mr. Vertner: To require the
Circuit and Chancery Couru to flad
the facta in certain caea.
The session win chiefly occupied in
the discussion of a bill rra'ting mate
rial amendments to the road law of
the Bite, bnt no conclusion was
rcuohed, as the bill was ordered en
grossed. Adjourned.
The House met last night and die
cusaoil the bill propoiing the repeal of
the agricultural lien law, rescinded ita
resolution to hold night sessions, and
This morning the discussion of the
same bill was resumed, and continued
till the afternoon, when it was ordered
engrossed, and the House u J j Darned.
Jackson Botes.
Mrs. Ella li. Buck of this place and
Mr. James 6. Newberry of Shreve
port, La., were married here this
morning, by the Rev. H. F. Proles,
pastor of the Baptitt church. They leit
at once for -Shrevepsrt, their future
The funeral of the late Hon. John
D. Freeman, who died recently at
Denver, Col., tok place this aft jr noon
from the Episcopal Church. Gn. Free
man in ante bellum times was Attorney
General of Mississippi and lieprtsen
titive in Congress. He was at all
times a prominent and leading citizen,
an able lawyer and an active politi
million Weston lo Be Treatril lh
Same as Olker Prisoners.
PiTTfBURO, Pa., January 28. For
the present Milton Weetoa will be as
signed to no employment in the peni
tentiary. Warden Wright says bo
will be treated precisely as any other
prieoaer. Said he: "A great many of
our convicts are tow unemployed, but
I shall find Weston comething to do
in a fjw days. It would be crnel to
place a mm cf his tsmperament in
j iiet confinement. His mind must
be employed, or he is liable to becoae
deranged. I do not think him capa
ble of severe physical work. We
have men here who are naturally idle,
and who have been in penitentiaries
and jaila to much that they have be
come used to confinement Bnt this
would not be the case with Weston.
The kindest way to treat him will be
w i ih entire impai t'uUty, as he will then
not be looked up to nor down npon by
the other convict. This course will
ah-o cause him to drop inlo obscnrity
much (o)ner, and tnat is what Mr.
Westoa want?, of course. I have no
idea whether he will serve 'his full
term or not. He appears cheerfnl, and
says he is ready to obey all the rules
and win the nine months' commuU
tion which is given for gooi behavior.
During his term of imprisonment he
will be known as Prisoner 8053. At
his special request no (taps looking
toward f.-csh complications will be
taken. He received, without tolicita
tion, a leltar from the Governor and
Si at a officials of Illinois to the Gover
nor of Pennsylvania, asking that he
be pardoned. As the Pardon Board
meets in twenty days, it will be im
possible to get any action taken then,
and the cuie will be brought before
them in March.
Pbincs Bismarck, an Historical
Biography, by Charles Lowe, A.M.,
with two portraits, from the press ef
Cassell & Co., New York, 1b for sale by
N. Williams & Co., 270 Main street.
It is one of the mo t engrossing of
biographies, and already has taken its
place among the standard works cf its
class. The Chancellor of Germany is
a great personality, the greatest cf
Continental Europe, and bis lit a is a
lesson that all men would do well to
Funk & Waonalls announce that
(1.) The authorship of The Bunting Ball
nl The New King Arthur has been at
tributed to over 200 (in all 227 to date)
different authors. (2 ) It is manifest
critics, no matter how expert, cannot
tell by "internal evidence" who the
author of a book is. There is so una
nimity whatever in the present case,
a'thongh the author is one of the best
known ol living writers. How absurd
the c!aim that it Is posrible to deter
mine by the style or thought who
wrote this or that book of the ancients,
er this or that book of the Bible. (3.)
On March next we will distribute the
.promised $1000 to those who have been
able to detect the author, on the con
ditions published.
Ths Niw Agriculture- IB the title
of a well printed volume, by the Hon.
A. N. Cole, from the press of the
Anglers Publishing company. It is
the result of many years of patient
labor and investigation into the fun
damental laws governing the move
ments of the waters npon and beneath
the soil. It is a system of subsurface
drainage and irrigation, by which the
most wonderful results have been pro
do cd. He aptly calls it Tht New Ag
riculture. Concisely stated Mr. Coles
rrstemhas the following advantages
as compBred with the meihods of ag
riculture now in general use: First,
cereal crops are increased more than
fonrfold. Second, the size, flavor and
enhanced production of frwtfl and
vegetable are in proportion as 6 re to
one under the old systems. Third,
vegttition of all kinds is rendered ab
solutely free from disease, more espe
cially that arising from fungoid infec
tion. Fourth, the ground worked un
der the new system being measurably
impervious to frost, the producing sea
son is prolonged fium forty to sixty
days. Fifth, it creates a rich, moitt
and loamy sou out or rue most un
promising hardpan. Sixth, it prevents
the washing of surface soils from bill
side farina during heavy rains. Seventh,
springs are created on the moat sterile
hillsides- Eighth, drouth is effectual
ly guarded against.
E ffirel or the Railroad oa Iks Town
Tk farmers Association.
IcoBMsroxDExct or thi irriiL.I
CamJeville, Tinm., January 27.
Since the Memphis, Birmingham and
Atlantic railroad haa been nuished to
Holly Springs our little town, through
which it passes, has undergone some
improvement, W e bave a bice depot,
a handsome new storehouse, some
new residences and other improve
ments. I am almost tempted to say
the place ia on a boom ; if not a boom
it is at least a real live, genuine boom
let. We can't sjy whether the rail
road deserves all the credit for this or
not. At any rate, it is since the road
haa been built that this spirit of enter
prise and improvement has shown it
self. We are willing, however, to ac
cord the road all the praise, and only
hope that it will confer such benefits
and advantages as wilUn some measnra
compensate our citizens for the
losses they sustained in subscrib
ing to the enterprise when t was
first started by Gnu. Bedford Forrest
about foul t sen years ago. We bave
nought to say a ulnst the fame of Gen.
Forrest. He was a gallant soldier,
and ai a fighter in trie lost ccu?e wai
a decided success, but be wasn't ' up
to snull " in railroad matters. So tie
original Memphis und Selena cams to
grief, hi did u'l who till put their
confidence, aid wba: was dearer still,
their cash therein. But of course the
present company owning the road
bul nothing to do with the failure to
finish it in the first instance. We at
t ich no blame to them. We might
f dd that our citizens aro hot likely to
use anything more by investing in
r;i Iroals, at lemt In tnose in a sluuol
infancy I might say the embryo
state. If in the future they should
ever betojae ro messed with aa irre
sistible itnpulde to put capital into
tt at kind of property, they will first
satisfy themselves thai the road in
question is a full-giown, well-developed,
healthy specimen of the genus
Theco'd wave has swept over ns,
and is gone, we hope, forever, lis
mnrseless blizzard, fierce child of the
unlovely Northwest (we think it must
have been a wn-of-a-gun from Da
kota), he swoops down npon our fair
Sunny South, enfolds it in an icy em
brace until it becomes as frigidly cold
aa the Arctic regions. Had that indi
vidual who went into raptures over the
gen'al sunny southland come around
during the cold term, if he bad not
been snubbed bv ma mends ana "boy
cotted" by his enemies, he at leu it
would nave met with a cold reception.
The Farmers' Co-operative Associa
tion, which was eft iblished here about
six yoars ago. quietly dissolved a short
time since, t or several years it did a
good business and bjgh hopes were
entertained that it might reach the
success and prove the boon to the ag-
ricultu'al aid other c'assea that it bus
in England ; but from various causes
dissat'Bfaction bocane rife anong the
members and a dissolution was agreed
upon. LTC ADAIB.
A Freight Train from' Memphis
Wrerked Bio Una Lost.
KiiBitviLLE. Tenn.. January 28. A
through freight oat from Memphis
was wrecked here this morning.
Two boxes were derailed and turned
upside down. No one was hurt. The
cotton in the car was somewhat in
jured. The boxes were unloaded.
The track was cleared in time far the
accomuiodatioa train to pass. The
work t ain is still here at work.
J. w. B.
Whfn Tried Alwnjs Preferred.
When they once become acquainted
with it, ladies invariably preior Par
ker's hair Balsam to any similar prep
aration. It makes the hair soft and
glossy, arrests its falling off, pre motes
new growth, restores the original color,
and has no rival as a dressing. Not a
dve, not oily, highly perfumed. .Only
50c at druggists.
Saloous Hot a Nuisance.
Lkavenworth. Kas.. January 28. !
In the case of the State against Mc
Cristal, to suppress a taloon under the
nnisance clause ol the pronibitory
law on trial here for two days, the
jury has returned a verdict of "not
guilty." The suit was brought by Attorney-General
Bradford at the latt
term, and the State has made strenu
ous etiorts to convict, it was regard
ed as a test case under that clause, and
if the State bad won many saloon
keepers would have closed their
places. The evidence showed that M c
Cristal kept a saloon, but the jury re
fused to look at it in that way, and
the liquor men are jubilant.
Scott's Rinnislon of Pare rod I.lver
oil wltn uypopkoapniteo.
Especially desirable for children. A
lady physician at the Child's Hospital,
at Albany, N. Y., says: "Weha7
been using Scott's Emulsion with
great success, nearly all of our pa
tients are suffering from bone die
eases and our physicians find it very
Cattle Killed In Tessa Daring Ike
Cold knap.
Chicago, III., January 28. A spe
cial published here this morning as
serts that fully 15,000 head cf calt e lie
dead on the prairies within a radius of
seventy-five miles of Fort Elliot, Tex.,
having been killed by starvation and
exposure dnnng the recent cold snap.
Not more than one per cent, of them,
it Is tuld, were native cattle.
Friends of Personal Liberty.
DssMoinks, Ia., January 28 The
mass-meeting of the mayors of Iowa
cities and the lovers cf personal liber
ty called some weeks a;w by Mayor
Vaugban cf Council Bluffs met in this
cVity yesterday. The convention con
sisted cf three mayors, .Vaughan.
Carey of this city and the' mayor cf
Sioux City, and from twenty-five to
thirty leven cf personal liberty. They
agreed to work f r the passage of the
law license and local option bill, which
was introduced in the General Assem
bly yesterday.
A Thander-Storm
May purify the air, but nothing ex
cept SOZODONT will purify, the mouth
filled with neglected teeth, and rescue
those faithful servants of- mankind
from utter ruin before it is too late.
Don't neglect to try it. Yoa will be
surprised and delighted with ita re
sults. -.,.'...-.
Advocating the Protection or Their
Works by an International
Artraments by Authors and Pub
lishers Before tke Senate Com
mittee oa Patents.
Washisoto!, January 28. The spa
c:oua ioim of the Snnate Commit
tee on Patents was well filled at 10
o'clock this morning by authors,
publishers and others directly inter
est sd in the international copyright
question, and by ladies and gentlemen
attracted by the prospect of hearing dis
tinguished speakers oi the eutject.
t'eaator Piatt cel'ed the ciminittt-e to
o.-der, announced that the Hawley bill
and the Uha?e bills were pending be
f ire it, and stated that the object cf
to-day's meeting was to hear argu
ments oa tbe general subject. Mr. A.
D. Sedgewick, president cf ths Ameri
can Copyright League then said to tha
committee that Dr. Howard Crosby
had been invited by the League to set
forth the views cf that organization in
regard'ta an international copyright
law. Dr. Croiby then addressed tbe
committee. '
Mr. Croby advocated 'Senate bill
No. 191, known us the Hawley bill.
He said: "It is net the object of the
bill ti give the foreign author tbe
same rights t3ak. his own country gives
him. It is to give the foreign author
the same right that we give the Ameri
can author here. I think tLu'. should
be clearly understood. We wish the
foreign author and the American au
thor to staid on the aame platform
here, provided the foreign na.ions act
in like manner with ourselves.
Another point I would make is this,
That the subject is entirely separated
in our minds from the grtat subjne's
of protection and free trade. The
American publishes his bu)k in the
United Staua and expects to reap a
respectable benefit from ic. He crosses
the tt. Lawrence and finds thtt his
book is issued there at a price that
ruins his expectations. The American
author himself, therefore, is subject to
the grossest injustice as well as the
foreign author. All the countries cf
E irope are more liberal in their copy
right matter than we are. Not only
the American autuor, but the Ameri
can publisher would be bansfiel by
such a lav, for whatever he might lose
in the direction o! foreign work
he certainly will more than make up
by the increase t f American uuthor
ship by the strong incentive given to
American authore, and by the much
la-ger piopoition of American works,
and hence many .of our most promi
nent publishers recogniz9 the eminent
prosperity of this most just law. An
other point that it is well t notice is
that all the proper pto'ection which
our manufacturers need will be con
tinued by our regular tariff regula
tions. The expenses now cf packing
freight and continue it expenses are 15
per cent, which, added to the 25 per
cent, of tariff, makes the protection
fow40perceLt Si long as this will
continue the American manufacturers
will be abundantly protect 3d if this
law be enacted. My only other re
mark is, that we must understand tbat
the copyright as we hold it and desire
to see it in our country is no monopoly
whatever. The difference between
the property right, which copyright is,
and monoro'y is immense. Property
right is the right to eoj )y the use cf
the products of one's labor, but mo
rofoly is the power to prevent an
other from enjoying whtt is his due.
Mr. Clemens Ma'k Twain) could
see no objectioi to the insertion of a
clause In the bill which shall require
foreign books when copyrighted here
to be printed here.
The proceedings of the meeting
after Dr. Crosby bad concluded, ware
to a certain extent colloquial.
Mr. Sedgwick, Senator Ilawley,
George Tick nor Cnrtis, Henry Holt,
Horace E. Scuddor and George Wal
ton Green addressed the committee
more or less informally.
Senator Teller asked, with reference
to the whole discussion, how all this
wo aid affect the price of books in this
country. Notoly, he said, had ap
peared in the interest of the American
reader. He asked that the question
be considered over night and answered
to-morrow. The meeting adjourned,
after some further discussion, to meet
at 2 o'clock to-morrow, when Mr.
James Russell Lowell is expect ;d to
ad drees the committee.
A Gentle kllmnlaa
la imparted to ths kidneys and bladder by
Uoatettar'i Stomach Bitten, which li moet
rueful lo overcoming- torpidity of then or
gan!. Besidea lnfualnc more aotlvity into
them, this sxoellent tonic endows them with
additional visor, and enat lei them tbe better
to nndorso the wear and tear of the dli
charrlng function Imposed npon ttem by
nature. Moreover, aa they are tbe ehannel
forth etoape of certain 1m pur it tea from the
blood, Inoreaaea their naefulneaa by strength
ening and I healthfully atlmulatlng them.
In eerta'n morbid eonditlona of theae Im
portant organs, they fall Into a luggisn
stats, which is ths usual precursor of dis
cus. Wbatthen can be ef greater tamos
than a medicine which impels them to
greater activity when slothful? Mo maladies
are more perilous than those whiou affect
the kidneys, and s medicine which averts
tbe peril should be highly esteemed. .
Serious Conllaajratlon.
Fbanklih, Pa., January 28. The
moet serious conflagration this city has
sustained f?r years, occurred this
morning about 3 o'clock. It broke
out in what is known ai the Opera
House block, owned by Uannaand
Dullield. Tbe fire seems ti have orig
inated about the atige of the opera
house, which generally consists of
very inflammable material. Before tbe
fire department could rea:h the place
the opera-house was a solid blaze.
The firemen worked fiitbfally but the
building was beyond their power to
eave. The block was built twenty
ytars ago by the owners and was one
of the moet substantial buildings in
the city and originally; cost about
1 135,000
Hapresenlallve Kankla'c Fanernl
Mamitowoc, Wis , January 28. Im
meditttelv upon arriving here, at 6:30
o'clock last evening, the remains cf
Cjngressmai Joseph Kankin were
taken to the Episcopal ahurch, escorted
by the Congreasianal and local delega
tions. The funeral services, which
were conducted by the Ksv. H. T.
Bray, were held at the church at 10:30
this morning. Special Un;ns brought
hundreds of people from various quar
tern of the State, and the attendance
was so large from Mr. Rankin's Con
gressional District that it was impossi
ble for lste comers to get within a
block of the church. The head of the
funeral procession bad reached the
cemetery, two miles from the church,
before the formation at the church bad
been completed.
Tke 81. toals Chines Murder Trial.
St. Loci, Mo., January 28. After
tbe examination of several unimpor
tant witnesses by tbe defense in the
Chinese hlehbinders' trial to-day, C.
LP. Johnson, one of the prosecuting at
JlornerB, was plaeed upon, the stand.
He was asked to. identify a photo
graph of tjuoEg hing, wno turned
State's evidence. Tbe defense stated
tbat their object in placing this photo
graph in evidence was to show, by
contrasting his physical condition now
with his condition before the picture
was taken, how Quong bing had de
generated and grown thin, which the
defense stated was due to the effect
which his perjury in testifying gainst
tbe defendants had caned upon his
mind and body. The judge, however,
would not allow this evidence.
In Old Heajro Haa and Uls Two
Bona Milled,
Louuvilli, Ky., January fJ8. A
Couriir Jottrnal special says: Meager
details cf a triple tragedy in Letcher
county, Ky., were received by It tier
to Senator J. E. Candill at Frankfort
tc-day. 'William Wright, an old mar,
Andy Wright, bis son, and William
Wright, colored, were killed by James,
Samuel and Elijah Wright Wednesday
night. Tbe murderers are said to have
gone to the home of the s'a'n men and
shot tbem down without warning.
The parties are related, and tbe assas
sination is thought to havs result id
from family fend. The murderers
have been arrested, and their trial set
for Friday. It is thought they will be
hung, aa there iamnch indignation
and excitement in Letcher county
over the affair.
Kusstllville, Ky., is excitsd over a
written threat by unknown parties to
kill and burn the residence of K. II.
Caldwell, a wealthy c t xn, brother of
Fx-Congreesman Caldwell, if he did
not send $300 to designated spot by
Saturday. Blackmailing is suspected.
'Tke Dyspeptic's Kefogre."
"I am thirty-five years old," writes
Mr. Charles 11. Walls of West Somen",
Putnam county, N. Y., "and had suf
fered from dysi epeia for fifteen yoara.
The current trea:inontdid me no good.
Listlessly, and without hope, I gave
Parker's Tonic a trial. I can give the
result in three Word j cured me." It
will caie you."
Blunders lu Illlools.
LisnoN, III., January 23. Asiistant
State VttarinnrianSheppardaid Com
raiueioner McChesney slaughtered five
glandered horses yestercny, uin'ting a
t lul of ten, all belonging to t ao men.
It is geneivlly thought t'aatwiih. the
extinction t f thoie above mentioned
glanders will be wholly suppressed.
BarCaPlIAI. PRIZE. 7B,000.-e:a
Tickets only $9. Hkarei In
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
" W. do ktrtby eerttYy tkitf KvsprtMtAs
tnranqrmtnU for all Im Monthly and (Ju$r
terty Drawing of tk Louisiana Slat Lottery
Company, ana perton muting, ana control
tAa LfrctoinaM ikemirln. and thai tkm himi
are rondntiai rtlA honttty, airnt and in
toad faitklomtrd all rnri, and v autkorin
tkt Company to mm thi eerhMate, wuA ao.
timiU of our itewaittrtt aUaektd, in U ai'
We, ill untleritfnodt Sank and Bankrt
vili pay all Prite drawn in Tk Ltuiittna
Slat Lotteri wkitkmay b pmtnttd at our
Counter .
J. M.OttLEKBT.Pres. La. Hat'l Bank.
B. II. KENNEDY. Pres. MtatcNat'l Itk
A. BALDWIN, Proa. S. O. Mat. Bk.
Incorporated in 1H6S for twenty-lira yean
by toe beiislature for Educational and
Charitable inrposes with s capital of II,
000,000 to which s reserve fund of over $350,
000 haa since been added.
By an overwheluoint ponular vote IU
franohinewaa madeapart ofthepresentStnte
Constitution, adopted December 2d, A.D.
Ik os'v Lottery sew voted on and indontS
by tk ftorl of any State.
It never tool cr postpones.
Its Uraud Nlnale Nnsnber Drawings
tako sldc monthly, aad tlie lx.
Inordinary DrnerlsK reiralarly ev
ery three months Instead or Hesul
Aunnnlly as euertuloro, beiclnnlug
March, 1HHO. .
1'ebruary , laae-lttOth Monthly
Draw in a.
CAPITAL r JIIZE, 975,000.
lOe.OOOTIrkefoat rive Dollars Eaek.
fractions. In Filths, In
1 Capital prise..-..
..I tt.OOO
1 lspiiai prue. ........
1 Capital prlie. ......
i Prises of fX KM) .
5 Priaea of M1.....,
10 Priaea of li"J.......
20 Priaea of Ml .
10,111 XJ
KM) Priaea or SOU ....................
800 Prises of 100
600 Priaea of N)....
10U0 Priaea of 19 -..
9 Approximation priaea of 1750.....
( Approximation priaea of
9 Approximation prise of
1967 Prliee, amoontlni to... 4266,600
Application for ratea to clubs should be
made only to the othoe of the Company la
New Orleana.
For further Information write clearly,
airier full address. PONTALNOTEM, Ei-
f ress Money Orders, or New York Kxohanse
n ordinary letter. Currency by Express tall
suma of K and upward at ear sxpsnse),
addressed . .
Mow Orleans, La.
or m. A. nrpnis,
Waatilnerton. D. C.
or at West Court htM Memphis, Tesa
Sake F. 0. Money Orders payable
and address Kcgislered Letters to
Hew Orlrans, La.
t or i rears at Court Place, bow at
1 rwotarlr etMt sd Wllr siutlSrt pl7lM M UH
Cures all forms nt P-R
ersnatorrke. and '. Im potency,
j rm nan. or Mbtr awM.
B.mln.1 Kn.l.,iaT.Tri "
Cuifua Meu, it . - I M"11
kwrui, tmptop-r or onh.wr, r. 0.fblr b4 rrrBfc
vcllrnrrt. gyPHlti IS ""'J"
.jiirfc.iu ly.""; Gonorrhea,
GLEET, Swtor., OrUuu,. ImiU, V auiur,
ttit. .oj Alxer prion dliw.i. ultrffBrl.
h i. mrit-.iirt Sm( npbj StlfcnnirlsnS
a Mrtko eUm ml mm. BnlUUuI Uwwuil Mat.
altf, HquM S" aailL rhrnd... ksuvlaslLlk tmc !to
pvr.aDM(l prrNM to my tar-. Vaes Ul. bmamlrMn
n'.a tb. cltr Sr imuMiV .Sirfw oma a. Mai ynmeif
mad uMy if n.tl r nfnn uywlin.
Cwros Ooarauatoed la all Cases
i.'iwMuan.u prwnr e T nt nnm la-ma.
CtarpM rs.wn.tin a mmpmm nrtoA nifttniinl,
Or X ntttnr u4 . mlf mnUnmOtn
e.uu. fboukl W.ra4 t T aU. AdlreM k. .bOTn
Offlat k.an tram U.a, F. M. tnHjv 1 1 r ?
WflMTFn AQENT8,Men and Wopien,
IT All I CU to sell "TUB CHILD'S
BIBLE " Introduction by Rer. J. 11. Vin
cent, D.D. One eenl has sold 65 In a town
of 674 people; one 73 in a village ot 7ut; one
new airent 86 In W days) one vl in t suoees
aire weeks; one 40 in 3 days a', two Utuerenl
times. Experience not nensr. Adoretl
" " CAHHELL.CO. IL't'rl),
. i 4i) Deatbora tUset, Oilicago,
is Souls
Predicted Defeat to the Banner with
No Cure, I Fa;
The "KinsBcc" ct a Monop
oly Aspiring Co.
Said that the rcoi'le, after being cured
would demand their money bark, and auy
firm adopting ths ru't would fail.
But pinnin? our faith lo tbe Universal
Boneatrof manhood and womanhood, with
an abiding faith in our oft-proved remedy,
ws continued In flout our banner nth " No
Cure) No Pay I" thereon, with unprece
dented results.
Ws authorise merchants dealing in
"Uuinn't Pioneer Blood Renewer" lo refund
ths money if It does not cure a' 1 Blood and
Skin Diseases, Rheumatism, Blood Poson,
Qlandulnr Swellings, Scrofula, Malaria and
Female Complaints.
D Perfect Spring Rediclne.
Essay on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
senna. ..v.n
No. 625?, R-Chanoory Courof Shelby Coun
ty Btnle ot JennMsee lor He own use,
etc.. vs. (lube Jud. ill ot al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
itl. entered in the above naua fin the
20th diir ol November, lHkri. M. 1!. M, I ntro
..... V -lt 1.11- .1-. ... .1.- I L
Xlil, 1 win sen, nv iuuiiu hul-iiuu, iu in. u'KU-
est bidder, in front ot the Clork snd Mas
ter's office oourtbouse ol fcaolbr oounty.
Memphis, Tenn., on
Mntunlay, lehrnary SO, IHNfl.
wltriln leenl liuurs. the fnllowinr described
Iiroperty, situated in rlbolby county, Tenn.,
n-wit: Part ot lots 2"7 and fronting
20 17-100 feet ontliennrtbsidoef Washing
ton atioet by a dipthof 58 font, ths east line
bintlHU tt wetol Hecntid street. Bold
aa properly of Win. and Hurah Plynn..
fart ot V7, west Slue oi inira siroei,
fronting t feet, and running brck I lit '4
lent, said lot beina on the northwest corner
ol Third street and the alloy between Adntns
and Wanhington alts its. hold aa property of
James W. liii ha-dson and others.
Tertnanl Snle-Un a credit or six in.mmst
note bearing interest with security required)
lion retained, redemption barred. This Jau
uary 121, ltwti.
o. I. McPOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By J- il Hradloy, Deputy Clerk and Master.
k. H. and C. W. Ifeinkell. Solicitora.
W st . Nssve inn Uatm TaaaTHiNT,
s guaranteed specilic for Hysteria. Ditii
ne, Cn vul.lon.f , FtU, Ner"us Neural-
Cia, Iloadache, Nerrcvt Prostration, caused
y the use ol alcohol or t'haoooi Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Sa't-nlng of tbe
Drain, resulting in Insanity and I Ing to
misery, decay and death t Prematura 'u
Age, Barrenness, oss ot Power in either
- Involuntary Losses and Hperniator
rhes, eaust J by over-sxerlion of the brain,
sell-abuse oron tindulgence. Each box con
tains one usonti. . treatment. (1 a box, or
six boxea for 15, sent be mail prepaid, on
reoeipt of price. W t astro re Six lioxes
to esre any oass. With each order resolved
by uaforaix boxea, accompanied wit"
ws will aend the purchaser our written
guarante, to refund the money If tbs treat
ment doe -ot sleet a our, tiuarantees
Issoed only be A RKNKMII A UO.. Drui
glata. Mniniihl.. Ti"
No. 17 JofTersou Strict,
(Botwetn Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established In ISrtO.l
DR. JOHNSON Is acknowledged by all pnr
tlos Interested a by fur the most suc
cesaful physician in the treatmont of private
or secret discisoa. Quick, permanent cures
f uarantoed in every ciikb, male or feirflle.
lecent caes of Montirrhea and Syphilis
cured In a f w dnys without the use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business. buooulnfy Syrhilis, tlie last ves
liveerndioatei without ttio use of mercury.
Involunsnry loss of semen topped In a short
timo. Suflerers from lintuitency or lose of
sexual powers restored to free visor in a few
weeks. Victims of solf-abuse and excessive
venery, sullering from spermatorrhea and
loss of physical snd incntul power, sisdily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
linn paid to tbe Di'oiuea of Wnmnn, end
ourss gusrantoed. Piles and old Soros cured
without tbe us of cnuitioor the knife. All
consultations strictly conddential. Medi
cines sent by express to all parts of the
wd'YvorVingmen cured at half tbo usual
ratos. Vllice hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to V
iVIock p.m. D. B. JOHNSON, M.D.
It i: A Li jestate
No. S290, R. (O) Chancery Conrt of 8belby
oounty State of Tennessee, lor use, etc.,
rs.Wm. K. Butler etal.
hi virtue ol an interlocutory decree for
J Sale, snwrill in m nouvn cnu-n uu
6th day of November, minute book oO,
page Vi, I will tell, st public auction, to ths
highest bidder, in front of tbe Clerk and
Master's otBo. eourt-boue of Shelby coun
ty, Memphis, Tens., on
Hatarday, Febraarw 80, IMS,
within legal hours, tbe following described
f rorerty, situated In Memphis, Shelby ooun
y, Tepn., to-wltt
Lot No. 10, country lot 470, beginning at
the Intersection of tbe south side of Market
street with toe east side of the alley running
north and south between and para'lel to
Third and Fourth streets; thence south with
ths east line of said alley 200 feet, mure ur
less, to another alley parallel to Market
street; thenoa east with toe north line of
said last named alley ltH'4 feet; tbenc
north 'AIO fent, more or lets, to tbe south line
of Market a reet; llienc west with said
street Hx'-S feet to tbo b'ginning, aaid lot
being known as the Titus homestead.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months
f purchaser to execute not with seourity;
inn retained and redemption barred.
This Jntiuarv 20. 1NM. ,
S. I. Mr DO WELL, Clork and Master.
By ,1. M. Bradley, Deputy C. snd M.
J. W. lia ui pton, solicitor.
ALL persons owning and holding Judg
ii OLt Certificate", or coupons thereon,
matur e August 1. lw , issued h Tipton
County nnder ar sot of the (1 sral Assembly
of tbe Stnteot lernessee. app.-oved Deem
ber 21, 1H1, In coini.icniise of jaiigiuenw
rendered In tbe Circuit toun of the Inind
States for the Wsntern Diitrict o Tennessee,
st Memphis, are hereby notified to present
said Judgment OertifjcaUi and cm i our and
detached coupons, for payment, to tb Union
and Planters Bank in asid city ol Meur-
ti. Tenn., on or before the 1st day of
ebrunry. m.li. InMK, when and where
the same will be paidaeinrding to the terms
and conditions oi tho said JudgmentCertil
rales and com pro mis a'rwnienl entered
into between lintoa county as 1 ber said
creditors. This 31st day of Deoe'v ' -r. 14.
Chairman of thesvounty t'ourt of Tipton Co.
B. f. LOCKE,
bounty iru.ie
T fVj, tirtn a neTfl A book of 100 pages.
fJ?lM gat HAVanadveitisestooon-
newspapers and estimates o tbs eost of ad
vertising. Theadvertiserwhowantj tospend
one dollar, finds in it Hie Information he re
uuires.wbile lor him who, wit) invest one
hut sired thnusasd dollafa In advertising, a
sbeiL is indieated which will meet bis
every reiutiement, or en be made to do so
by slight changes easily arrived at by corre
apondenc. One hundred aad BiW-thre
editions bar been issued. Sent, pntftl'a.idf
to any adrtresa lor ten cents. Arply to UhtJ.
VHMTISlNtl BUREAU.lOfcpruosat. (Ft ml
ing iioiuS'4Ur!,Ne York.
3NTerw DSxxttex- House,
Wholoialeand Retail Untlera Pncc'sItT, and prices cut lo meet th times.
Bent Crt'tnuery, 2 He per lb. Wo. 2 Ooaiiu-rj , 25r cr Its.
Ilulrj, 11, I I. 10, H, SO hu1 22c per lb.
le. a rroat Mtroet. Opposite Postonioo. Trlepboao tSIS.
DESiStrEtTDlislxocL 136H.
25G and 25S Front 8t. Memphis, Tenn.
Cotton factors, Wholesale Grocers.
No. 308 Front Street MompliU, Tone.
Q -..ll'is!:-jJlinif P
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Molding. Lumber,
Lath and Shingle Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Posts
SOS Front Street. Memphis,
A gen la Wliixhlp Cot oil lilnn and Prewsort.
A. VAC ARO & do
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
t n Mnvv li..nll ne Slvifill.lf VlnkntnaSS n If Dlltir riiDnln.
Board of Direotora.
!. T. POBTEU. J. M. O00DUAR, 3. R. OODWra,
W. H. BKUCK, M. U A V IN, 3. W. KALLb.
P. M. N KLS'off, T.B.HI. Mr). W. P. DUN A VAST,
w k wii.k vtiijnw. U. T. coOl'K.R. II. K. COFFIN.
OsrA Iieponllorr or llm Ntalo of Trnnesare. Transacts a BeraU Banklxm
Itaainma nnrt alven Mpeelnl Attention to folleetliwn.-en
Cotton Factors, Yholesalp Grocery
Wo. 11 Union Street, t : IPIemphU, Ten.
Mo.Fearce& Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission f.lerch'ls,
Jottoat srebuse-Na, M aad VU. Union Niroet.
SLEDGE BROS., of C'omo, Kiss.
No. 365 Front Street
CollarH. Trace CIihIiim, Lap I.luksi,
Blind IlridloM, Ilttuies, . JLhi Itine.
JlatltbantlH, Klugle Tret, Repair IJalts,
Iluuieiitrlug-is ' Double Tree Cotton ICope,
Cnrrjr CoinbH, Ilortte Itnis.be.
A Complete line of the above Caood at I.owe. lrkea,.
SOI and a03 Main Street, Meiaplii. Tenn.
W. A. GAGS & CO..
Cotton iF'o'toiro,
Wo. 300 Front Street, : Heiaphls, Teaa
F. M. KOItFLEET, EoHldcnt Partner.
n Sc"
Mem.TihlR'' Tern? I'jwMei
4m i m

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