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Mammoth Dime Museum
22 St., Memphis. "
Commeicln; MONDAY, Jan. 25tfc.
Coma uJ t ueai like .housandj d d jestarday
lie Bosrded Lady. 'Jiant Skeleon. Armlets
Wonder, and Tea Other Curios.
liUimt'i Jfapaaea) Bfeli Unii'j
Id Uoarly 6t Shews.
-n Dim to AIIDoorspnfrom 1 to 11 p m
Diniel Frohman'g Meg nifieent Company in
M'A Y 15 1.O H HOJL I
And other Jiirinelpal of tbe Original Cut,
and the fwenory produced by (hem at
at the Madison Square Tueater.
February 1-2 AIMKK
V-hrunrv 4.S-a-R01,NT Wgyp.
UlAMfrPl Men of ability with $M)
Wl Mil I tU" t $100 capital a agent
In rood towns, to sell the Celebrate
Superior Clothes Wringer on tbe In
atallnient Plan, l-'irst-olata pa) inn busi
im. I'ar'dilars free.
RATIFY WRlsnnRfO -t tonl. M,
IF the party who hat In hii potsossion a
CHILD'S BRACE tor tbe body, whioli wn
handed him on tbe eoroerof Yaueo and Mnin
streets, will return it to62U Main street, he
wl'l Hh.r-i lv rw-irrlrf,
8TEUR One yellow and whit ateer,
about 3 yearn old; ear marks, swallow-
lorit in left, smooth crop in right.
HOUSE (iencral Lee House, corner of
Front and Orerton streets, alter Jan
Mary 1, lr.. . only at 41 Front street.
WHITE C0W8-0n with rope around
bred. fk reward lor ti'ir return to rt.
BARTON, near Curve, Hen andoroaj.
BROWN MAHB MULE About ten year
old; longhair, cjtrayed on niitht of D
oeuib r 25th, from Benjaeuiwn. Liberal re-wn'-i
tor h-r rnturti to W. H. KRLLV.
.LAW, .Murine andl.'otntuercial Notary
Public, Commissioner of Oouds ami U. M.
OommiHstonor, at the old offios, No. 3 Mndi
nn street. (iOi.bKl'TIOXS A M'KCf AlTY.
A ..YONE-Wishing the services ofTopn's
. Band should a..ly at 74 VANCE bT.
C1I3TKRN 8 Bnilt and repaired; and
J warranted t also, brick-laying. Office 45
Madison .i.. .rhon..
-With board; day boarders
l I accotnmodutcdi transients
also so
-lilted, at am- Kuoood street.
CU'L UNDID front room with board, fur-
OjiUhoior unfurnbho'l. at 11" Linden st.
B"0AIlD-With excellent room,
5 NICE Rooms, furnished or nnfornished,
with or without board, aU37 Madison at.
TWO larpa unfurnished rooms, with or
without board, at 6tt Madison street, cor
ner Third;
00MS Front and backroom!", suite
or single, wtth boara, at n maauon st.
ST. JAMES HOCBE-Cor. Second and Ad
ams sts, Boom and board IS per week;
dv hoard . SR rn.
00MS Two fnrnlshed rooms.
a pply at li'J't uernanno aircot.
E00MS l'urtiihed rooms for gentlemen
i and licht housekeeping, at lUi Court st.
Anply oe the premiiies before noon.
At 328yophr street.
Famished or unfurnished, VA
souarcs lrom ftayos. 453 r-helby nt.
COTTAUES-'Several neat cittages.
Apftly to A. Cordes. 17 Talbot. Bt.
-4 A n ACHR8 - Five
mlloa out Poplar
JrJ, street roart.
p. K., 32 Madison st.
OlD roorna. Annly to JOHw Rr3U.
COTTAOE Of five rooms and kitchen,
Ho. 144 Kerr street, Chlfea. Apply to
H. R. CI'LLKN. C"urlhiiiise.
t)(f ACRK3 of very rich Bottom Land,
')UU abovo overflow, 26 mile above
Memphis; large new gin-house and saw i rll
on same ; will sent to a good party vorlow.
O ROOM; En suite
f a. Itlnnk. ttllrH floor
A front.
A ppte at No. 4 Madison St.
DE9IR.VBLB OFFICES Store-room. un
der TenneMiee Club on South Court.st.,
and four oftioos on Second street opposite the
Cotton Exehanee. Apiily to
U. I). KNOW DEf cr
.1. 1.. fiOOPLOE. 8S MarHson at.
rpiiN FAT LAt'IES-Or Memphis and vi
L cint'y to participate in. "ur
commencing Monday, Februsry 8ih. For
pritcsand lorini, apply at once to business
TO ADVAKOR M'ONEY On household
properly, without removal. Address
X BIGNON. of the College Cha' tal. Paris.
desi-es pupils for instruction in 1'ariBian
Frenoh, individually, or woul i give olass in
struction in scnoo'e. Address him at Viotor
Fuohs's, 101 Jefferson st.
AOKNTS-In every section of the country
for two New Books, just ready. KraOTAL
I'KRUStomen of experience capable of fill-inir-a
large territory. Stato experienr. age
and territory want'd. OASSKLL Co.
' (limited), 822 Brokdway, N. I .. and 40 Dear
born street. hicBgo.
SltUATION-Ashousekeeoer; oan furnlrh
.reference. Address L. A.'.. this wce.
SALKS.tEN-ln every State In th H ion
to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING KSTABLISHMKNT having several
Spicialtikh thaure popular and easy sell
ing. Cao t handled alone or in coanecti -n
with other gends. Addies THE WM. B.
A SOUTHERN LADY To associate her
telf with a responsible house and rep
resent it irr her own locality. Good salary
to risht party. Position permanent "efer
ences exchanged. GAY A BROTHERS, 16
Barclay St.. Now Vork.
TWO Responsible Canvassers' to solicit
ardors tor enlarged copies cf family
picture"; will p1 the right men salaries.
West Court 'Street.
MEN AND WOMEN Tostarta new busi
ness ut their homes; oan be done even'
ings and learned in an hour; any person
mi'.ing les than 10) to Oo an hour should
send 10s at ocoe for apacksge of samples ol
goods, and 'iA wurk'ng samples (formulas)
to comnienc on. Address .
ALBANY fcUPPI.Y CO , Albany. K. Y.
SOLICITOR? First-class lady and gentle
men snltoitnrs to represent an association
recenily organised in the interest ol educa
tion. Will pay salary and commission. Ad
d rets or oall at K- S 1 1 W ART.
Room A. rransiola Houj".
TRAVELIW1 and City Salesmen, regu
larly mi'Hved by wholesale houses, to
carry one-hall ounce sample (on commis
sion) of new article in use in all business
houe. No samples will b snt unless ap
plicant 'ends raja of bouse renre'ented by
him. 11. W. Stevens, 365 lorth Clarka St.,
Chicago. 111. 1
AO EN Ti Liberal terms; for full particu
lars add'ass GKO. W. W00DWORTH.
2i.l Olive street. St. j,onis. Mo.
i nnn MN-Youn and old. to bring 1
1UUU their Old Clothee to Rosenstoin iyT
Bro. and bar them
renovated. Main
aad 16 JeHersi.n,
YOUNO LADIBS In eity or country to
work lir si at their homes: fascinat
ing emploj mentt no instructions to burs
work en be sent by mail (distaooe no obic
iton): 16 to t per week ean bemad. No
aavaasing. Particulars free, or earn pi of
work mailed for four cents in stamps. Pleas
UosWB, Mmi. P. 0. Box 1U.
F)R City Property, email Farms. 6 mil
from city. Old kalniih road : will eel I on
spe" In
LV br
ireast: young ani untrainei.
of Lettor Carrier So. 12
SETTER-A Hack and whi'e setter dog.
with brown beid. A liberal reward fwr
his return titf.Ht. Mirtin stit.
MULE--Oray mar mule at the Beel
street market at 7 o'clock !. 24th.
The mule is sixteen hands high, bnthy tail
and mane, with black scar on left shoulder.
Tn mule was eat I rem the wagon. $Ji re
ward will be paid tor her return to
WM.PCHVIOKK. Beale st. market.
FARMS Several in farms la Arkansas
and Mississippi on very aty terms and
low prices. Address , .
B.J. MARTIN. Memphis. Tenn.
HOUSE With 12 rooms; lot 40 feet front
on Mulberry and runs through t St.
Martin street- Apply to DR. b. A. POOL,
No. 6 Mulberry srroet, nar Ural.
f.et water fro . t, 4C ftet deep. For full
information address W.M. A. DEAN,
47 Islington street. Baltimore, ma.
1-T t? TL . .. I . .1.
ETAIL DRUfl STORE Good tand;
post oi reasons i:r eeii'ng. nuuia
r OPIUM. Appeal uffii-.
ATA BARGAIN On of the finest Coiton
and Torn Plantations in the Mississippi
tott m ; 90U acres in traoObout half in cul
tivation-, and well improved; M0 mile below
Memphis. For further inlormntion applv to
4i) eash. or payable September 15, 18i,
with good "i?-M, pATTERSOV 4 CO.
Raleigh P ke, IS miles fr-m Brkk Churoh,
Chelsaa; 9acreiNo. 1 land, house fijfooms,
servants' hoUMS, stables, barns, cribf, dairy
house, well and cistern: alio, $J0 bushels
corn, nay and fodder, seed potatoes, tnrnips,
asparagus beds, hot beds and sash, agricul
tural implenieuls, household and kitchen
furniture, oows, calves, horses, mules,
wagons and harness. Apply on premises.
MARE One iron ray mare, 4 years old;
good roadster, and bcautifuiiygaited;
also, harness and road oart; will sell alto
gether or separate- Inquire lersonally, or
by lottor, to A. B, 8., 51 Jones avenue.
FOR SALE L0W-S story brick, Ko. 40
Washington street, between Main and
Second. V'wHKAKY.M.in.
TTHJIt SALE LOW Residence m Third
i street, oorner Washington. 3-story brick.
Good bar.-in.A wEATIjEY, M1 Mtln,
3 houses and lots south-
V east corner Tato and Orleans street
Also, iJ7 i illa street, near ueorgia,
f icaering.
Also, good lota, Georgia and Second streets,
Fort Pickering. ...
Also, house, Dunlap and Court extended.
Also, house, LaRose and Clay streets.
Also, house, utco lot. Jackson, near Her
nando. Also, large lot. Dunlap and Hawley.
Also, 1(12 and 101 on Desoto, m rth of Beale,
t$r. W. A. WHEATLEY.2H1 Mam.
OHEAP-35 head
of No. 1 plantation
MULES: they can be seen at Sunflower
Landing until 1st of February. If not sold
before that time they will be sold in Mem-
hie, for particniars inquire at layiur,
JuQin & (
i lit. , rtM rront street, or rrom
at the Landing.
HORSE A sale, reliable family buggy
hoise one well known to themtiiens
of Memphis.
Apply at tbe liver stable of
jf. a. junr.o a. w.
0ST. Cedar fencing posts (or sa'a by
W. B. LARKIN, Larkinsvill. Ala.
THt OLD HRN ISLAND In sight of
L Memphis; 1500 acres, of which about 300
eleered and very tich land. A bargain nan
b ...urd by PV, VBRYAN k co,
At eeivt-i " and all rio to the
tfS BlsMllaon Street. Hemphls, Tean.
A FULL stock of Wooden and Metallic
Casti- and Caskets, Burial Robes, etc.,
always on nand. Orders by Telegraph er Tel
ephon Promptly attended to.
"Empress of Song," containing 63 vocal
pieces, 6lo, by mall 65c.
"Song S'iavenir."containing59 vocal pieces,
ouc, by mail C5c.
"Piano Souvenir," containing 60 instru
mental pieces, 50s, by mail too.
"Folio of Music," containing 80 instrument
al pieces, 50c, by mail ti5o.
"Excelsior Mothnd for the Organ," con
taining complete instructions, besides
over 100 vocal and instrumental pieces,
knnnd in board.. Prica il. postpaid.
"Coo's Method for th Violin," the latest
and most progressive instructor pub
lished, having all necessary instructions,
end 100 selections, such as "When the
Robins Nest Again," "I'll Await My
' Love." "Dancing in the Barn," "Little
Darling Dream of Me," "Peek-a Boo,"
"Some Day." Price 75c. postpaid.
Complete stook of Music Rolls, Casts, Wrap
pers, Spring-Back Folio, in New D-,
signs of Lealhnr and Plush. :
360 Main St., Memphis.
Sol Agents for Chickering, Hardmau and
New England Pianos.
it of rVYork.
OIBee-S Mala Mnemphla, Teaa.
CURBS Consumptian, Heart Disease, Ca
tarrh. Rheumatism. Female Troubles.
Liver, Kidney, Spinal, Nervous, Blood and
Sk-n Diseases, Kte. Consultation and pre
scriptions free. -
Omen o tbi Ltvtgnoai Founoxt
Memphis, Tenn., January 20, 1886,
A Is meeting of th Board of Director! of
J. A. this Company, beld on tbe ivia mat., i
Cash Dividend of 10 per ee.t. on the cap
lial stock was declared, and 'he balance of
net earnings for the year, 18S5, placed to
credit of surplus fund. . ,
H. A. TaHJM, See y and Trea.
J. F. HOLST "& CRO.,
(sucsesoBS to o. h. holst a bho.)
Funeral Directors,
A FULL and complete ttoek of Wood and
M'UIlie Cases and Cas kets, Oloth-Cov-ered
Caskets and Burial jtobel always on
hand, aw Orders br Ulerrauh promptly
Administratrix's Notice.
THE undersigned having qualified as ad
minis tratrig of Philip bauer, deceased,
hereby notifies all debtor to oome forward
and settle, and all creditors to present their
bills, properly probated. All goods held
for eharges must be removed by th 21st of
December, 1885.
Boots, Bhoea, Tools, Skow-Cases and Fixt
ure lor sal at las than east.
Ada'ra ef PkUip Banef, Jttlertna at.
Organization of a New Board of Di
rectors SHrer Coinage.
Letters Bead Kearardlns; the Clrsila
Trade ef the City and the
pealnsr of Little Blvtr.
The Board of Direct )rs ofithe Mer
chants' Exchange uist yeiterday and
organized by the election of E. A.
Keelinr, eecre'ary, and W. D. Bethel,
trf:inr. Mr. J. C. Mooa mil ap
pointed grain icgpectir. A telegram
waj read f om the Merchattt' Ex
t bulge oi 1st. Louis reqaeftitig
tie Ex change to urge toneresa
tit dispose of the silver question
at the ea-lieet convenient day. Acton
on the subject tnaltw of the tslegmm
waa deferred, with a view of present
ing the question to a general meeting
of the Exchange In be held lo day.
The foihwing letters were also rt ai
and t'xik the (it me course:
KisggTT, Mo., January t5, 18ie.
Gintlimc.1 The citizens of Dunk
lin connty are anxious to have Con
gress mate an appropriation for tbe
purpose of removing obstructions
from Little river, from the town of
Hornerville, to a point where the
Kansas City, Springfield uad Mem
phis iiiilroad crosses said stream just
above its junction with the St. Francis
river, a uistanca of some eighty or
ninety miles, and have engag
ed my services in thisbehalf. Aside
fromdirect pecuniary considerations, I
am anxious to havetbia done for the
following reatons:
First It gives ill outlet to vast
quantities of cotton and corn annually
raised in the country tributary to Baia
Second As a former citizen of your
city I would like to ecj this produce
marketed in Memphis', which will be
done when Little river is rendered
navigable, rather than see it sent to St.
Louis, the only available market now,
necessitating the hauling by wagons to
the' Texas and St. Louis railroad, a
distance of thirty or forty miles.
Any of your old merchants (I recall
now, Stratton, Ooyer A Co., Tate, Gill
& Able, the Lnwensteins, Walker
Bros. & Co., Hill, Fontaine A Co.,
Langley & Gay, aud many others)
doubtless remember the large tra le
obco enjoyed bjr your city from the
upper Sc. Francis and Little rivers.
Navigation once opened between
the points first mentioned, there
would be, as carefully estimated, ship-
Eed from Hornerville alone, 50 V0
ales of cotton, '100,000 bushels of corn.
25,000 tons of cotton seed, 5000 tons of
hay, 6000 busheU of peas annnally,
which would go direct to your city,
yiaKansas City, Springfield and Mem
phis railroad. ,
Is this not an it im woithy your at
tention? And this does not include the im
mense number rt' cattls and bos
which are annually driven from this
county, and seek a market in St Louis
and Chicago by a ling andtntioas
Our member of Congress, the Hon.
Will:nm Dawson, writ js me that he
has introduced a. bill asking 140,000
f r this purpose (Little River). My
object in addressing your body is tn
have you tike tie necessary tHps t
secure the a-live aid and co-operation
of the member I on yonr dittritt,
and such other it )pa as may best I r-
wardtiis enterprise, urging upon jour
body, aud thtough jon alljcitlzena of
your city interested in it i pnrmauent
prosperity, tbe necessity of ptompt
snd intelligent act on in the premises.
I ssk, in conclusion, that you will
favor me wifi your views aad proba
bin a t oa therein, in order tbn', I may
repo t same t my clients, and govern
any future ttsps intelligently.
We can rely upon the earnest
cooperation of Ca't. H. 8 Tabo".
United States engineer in cba'geof
this dif t-itt. Little Rojk. Ark., and
also of Messrs. Breckenridge and
Rogers, members of Oongiess of Ar
Trotting you will give this matt n
immeditts tt jntion, I am, geLt'.emen,
very respectiully,
Kksnkit, Mo. ,
Mkhphis, Tsk., January 27, 1886.
A. Keeling. Secretary Memphis Mer-
chants' Exchange, Memphis, Tenn
Dba.b Sir We believe the system of
railroads interested in tbe transports
tion of grain south of the Ohio river
and its distribution in the South and
Southeast have agreed to pool the buei
ness and that said pool will be made
on a basis of the present tan 11 rates.
The movement of grain into the
Southeast ior the past sixty days
demonstrates beyond question tnat il
the existing rates are to be adhered to
Memphis cannot sell -that section, for
during toe period mentioned our mar
ket has been unusually low when
compared with other markets that
were supplying the tra le in question.
but still we could not obtain an order
for corn.
We are unable to accurately estl
mate the effect of pooling the rates on
a basis of the existing tariff, for the
reason that we do not know tbat tne
rates now in force have been main
tained only by the Louisville and
Nashville and Memphis aud Charles
ton railroads on shipments Irom Mem
phis proper. Our information is that
the officials of tbe East Tennessee, V ir
ginia and Georgia svstem believe that
all shipments over competing lines are
oavins lull Una rate6 : tnev are in a
position to and should know the facts,
and irom ineir standpoint it is mani
test tbat spool based on open rates
now in force will certainly preclude
the idea of Memphis competing for the
We would therefoie suggest that
the Exchange take prompt and formal
action rrgaiding the matter, and that
we shonld SDntal to the managers of
the Eart Tennessee. Virginia and
Georgia system for protection of the
grain trade ot Memphis, wbicn now
seetcs to be in jeopardy. Very truly
and respectfully yours,
R. J. WOODS A f!f,,
li. C. Bl CUASAN A CO.
Tbe following comm it ses were ap
pointed for the ensuing yeat:
Arbitration. C. C. Hein, chairman;
L. B. Suggs, JohnT. Willins, E. L.
McGowan, G. W. Macrae, Wm. Dean.
Apptnlt.'j. N. Estes, cn airman ; W.
F. Taylor, W. W. Jamta, J. J. Thorn
too, John Johnson.
Memlxrthip. A. W. Newsotn, chair
man j J. M. Uoodbar, 'J. 11. I ay tor.
finance T. B. Treaevact, chair
mttn; W. H. Hoitin, R. G. Cra;g.
Future Ccvtrnrti. Hugh Pettit,
chairman ; John M. Peters, L. R. Don-
Grain. R. J. Wools, chairman; A.
T. Hayden, R. 8. Taylor.
Freight. W. A. Everman, chairman ;
J. M. Semmea, James Phelan, M.W.
Speers, jr., G.B. Clarke.
Cammtrvia TtJ'gophit Strvkt. -0.
II. P. Piper, chairman ; Jno. C.Rogers,
B. L. Bridges.
llttwrdogv,3. M. Phillips, chair
man; J. J. Weller, C. II. Herbers,
and corroM-eaan fboduct trade.
j4r6i'rai'on. J. W. Cochran, chair
man; J. N. Falls, T. II. Ilartmn.
Standard. S. J. Camp, shairman ;
Wm. Katztnrrger, B. K. Haibr, II.
J. Parrish, K. G. Latting, sr.
The general meeting to consider fie
matters above referred to will ba
called to order at 11:30 o'clock r.m.
to-day, and in view of the importance
of the iLt-reeti at tttke, a larga at
tendance is desirable.
Hearly All tbe 4 owcrek-atleaa la the
City ftnaalled alia Tleaeta.
Aa latereallas: Rkttrts of tae Career
eftae Avaacellal Baake.
With the exception of the Evan
gelical Lu'Iertn and the Protestant
Episcopal, all the Protestant churches
of Memphis', through their ministers,
fourteen in number, have applied for
their pro rata of tickets to the services
of Messrs. Moody and Sahkey. Eleven 1
hundred tickets for each of the erv
ices, making total of 6(300 tickets,
bave been Ueiivered tnese ministers,
prorated by the number of their com
municant, which aggregate 3302. This
.11 permit tne various ministers to
give eacb oi tneir 6.VM members one
ticket, and also oue ticket to eacn oi
3300 non-church members, which
manner of distribution we hear they
propose following.
Without money and without price
these tickets can be had upon appli
cation to those ministers, but no
where ejse.
The tendency of the time seems to
be toward more barmoaious action
among evangelical denominations of
Christians. Ioter-denomira:ioral war
fare has largely ceased and the leaiing
churches show a growing disposition
toward unity in Christian work aid
the amicahle toleration of differences
in doctrine. This rebult is in a large
rata rare due to the labors of the evan
gelists. Tne flret goneral meeting will be
held Friday, February 5tli, at 7:30
o'clock; the other meetings at fo 'ows :
Saturday afternoon at J: 30 o clock.
for ladies only.
Saturday nigut at 7 .M o cioce. ior
men only.
Sunday morning at a o'clock.
Sanday afternoon at 3 :30 o'clock.
Sunday night at 7:30 o'clock.
The caoacitv of the church being
only about 1500, tickets will be issued
for eacn session. 1 lie tickets win oe
given out by the pastors, and no one
will be admitted without a tictet.
Pastors of churches near Memphis ean
secure tickets on application.
Tbe following are tbe standing com
Finance. J. P. Neely, chaiiman ; J.
W. Dillard, J. K. Peppw, I. N. Snow
den and W.H. Fa.
Huildina J. P. Fmme, chairman ;
R. G. Gia g and R. G. Lat 'lng.
i'rmlms arid UooU.TUQ Kev. 6. u.
Caldwell, chairman ; Sam P. Read, 8.
C. Totf, George 8. Fox, secretary.
Afujic Col. W. F. Taylor, Georges.
Fox and C. Mil oa, jr.
For Special ixTvtce. lbe pastors i
all evangelical churches.
Cloeolv associated with ttie name
and labor of Mr. Moody in evangelical
work is Ira 1). Sankev. the popular
ainger of ra) gious mil dies, of whom
the Appeal kave sketch yesterday.
Some further points about bil
career are given bflow. Mr.
Sankey was born in Edinburg, Pa., in
1840. lie early developed a love ior
music, and. being the possessor of a
sweet voice, he was eagerly sought lor
at political meetings and public en
tertainmentfl. He became lender of
the cheir in the httle village church,
and from there bis reputation as a
sineer widened not 1 he was therecip-
luLt ot innumerable invitations u at
tend musical conventions and religious
meetings. His connection wit a the
Young Men's Christian Association
li him to a national convention of
that association at Indianapolis,
Ind., where he first mot Mr.
Moodv. The latter was imme-
diatelv. charmed with his . voice,
and realizing the powerful aid
he might bet) him in his work, h a
beean t oersuale him tigive up tbe
business he was engaged in and ac
company him in his mission work.
Aftir long ect catiea Mr. Sankey
yielded, and has aince become firaoua
as the ' singing eva-igeliit" the world
over. Their first mentions were fir
t iro or three years held in Chicago and
other American cities, titer which, in
1873, tbey paid their firtt visit to Eng
land. There their success waa re
markable. Their audiences pac'sed
the largest balls obtainable.
' Tbey have ainced visited nearly
all ti the principal cities cf the Union
and several times revisited Europe
and met with success everywhere.
Mr. Sankey, nt.f jitunately,. is not as
rugged as Tie once was,. and during
their recent trip t Europe it was
faared he wouli bicuk down com
pletely. THE DIAMOND.
InlereallBs; Betea Abunt the loath
era Baaeball League.
Savannah has released Vose, the
Manager Soeed is now busily en
gaged completing the team.
"Buster" is the nickname applied to
Manager Sneed of Memphis.
Savannah is trying to secure Poor
man, Moriarity, Serad and Dick Burns'.
Dave Force, the old reliable, is look
ins for a position in the South r J
The South will evidently bs overrun
with Northern clubs in the early
Manager Levis of Chattanooga has
signed a new catcher named Fiuiina
moo. This completes the Chat'jtnooga
Last season taught the 'Southern
Leaaue clubs ecoaoray. Particularly
is this shown by tbe fact that n'l the
managers will be utilized as players.
Joe Sullivan, ta'cher and eecoad
baseman, f wmerly ci Btoik'oi, Maes,
and Memphis, Tenn., is at his home,
129 Maverick street, East Bojton,
Maes , disengaged.
One cf the greatest drawba?ks to
the Southern Li;igue is tbe high rail
road fare and the difficulty of obtain
ing rates thus necessititing heavy
traveling expenses.
Macon bai not yet broken ice, and
the public is getting impatient because
it eees nothing in tbe Macon papers
as to the progress of tbe club, or tbat
any players nave been signed.
It is to be hoped tbat the League
Committee appointed for the purpose
of obtaining ratsa will be able lo In
still tome common sense into the
craniuma of the Southern railroad of
acta 'a.
Judge Jere Baxter Revoke Ills For
mer Order.
Tbe emphle, Itlrsnlaahass aad At
lantic Bead All Rlght-The
Bald Knott Itraara.
The United States Court-room was
crowded yeaterday with lawyers and
railroad men, anxioua to hear what
the Court would decide in tbe matter
of the Memphis, Selma and Brunswick
Railroad Company. Those who knew
all the facts in the case, and knew
Judge Baiter's lova of justice and his
contempt for anything with the least
color of chicanery, felt pretty sure Uiat
he would revoke his former action
noon a rehearing of the case. Jndge
Hammond aat with Jndge Baxter,
who came in from Knoxville on the
6 o'clock train. As soon as conrt waa
opened Mr. King of the firm of Cal
houn & King, representing the GuMp
an tee Trust and Safe Deposit Cedap
pany, began the reading of tha bill,
synopsis of which has already been
given in the Appeal. He also read
the amended bill filed alnce the atop
order waa granted by Jndge Ham
The amended bill recites the fact i of
tbe organization of tne company, the
various futile attempt? made to build
it, and its final sale under a foreclosure
mortfewe. Thettiryof Wo'.fle's o in-
net tion with the scheme nf.er the fail
ure ct Bnsby and ethers is then re
ctd at lergth.
Coming down to Mr. Itewman fcrb s
eonnett'oa with the road as receiver,
the bill saya that officer, before a sale
which wm attempted before his ap
pointment, Green, Hamilton & Co.,
Newman Erb aad Dunavant A Kelly
conceived a scbeme.the objet tol which
was t defraud all the creditors and
stockholders of the Railroad Commis
sion except thoee
and turn the property over to patties
ho would enter with them Into the
scheme and complete the road tq Hol
ly Springs. Shoitly afterward New
man .rb was appotrjttti provisional
receiver, and he aubmit'ed a report,
saying it would require 130,000 to pnt
tbe toid then mini in repair. raiu
Dunavant was preseLt in couitwhen
the report wai real, and also heard
the dec.-ee, b:ned on a compromise, to
which complainant never consented.
On the ol trary, Minor Meriwether,
attorney (r Voli and the railway
compitay, atat)d in open court that
his client I
and had not consented t it. The coa
fact with Dunavant &. Kelly for
bnilding the road waa afterward ap
proved by the courts, though not in
accordance with the decree, Dunavant.
Piper &. Kelly setting the whole of
the $300,000, which was tbe limit for
building and equipping the road and
paying what waa due by it to the
Kansas City road. It was Greatly in
excesa of the mtual cost of construc
tion, and was paid in furtherance of a
scheme U defraud other creditors.
Erb went into court from time to time
and got various ordera and obtained
advances from the contractors for
rolling stock, to that at tbe time the
road waa accepted by the court aa
completed, instead of there being an
indebtedness of the line of $500,000,
as contemplated by the alleged con
sent decree, there waa
of $50,000, also the debt due the Kan
sas City tail way. After the loidwas
accepted by the court, Erb and others,
for the purpose of forestalling opposi
tion to their scheme, inked Wolffe
what be proposed to do. He raid he
intended to resist their scheme of re
organization. Erb, Hill tbe receiver,
btdadto Wolffe tbat they might pro
vide for him ; that they knew he La 1
lost a great dial of money in the en
terprise, and that if he would nego
t'a'e loans for the com pit tion of the
read, the mortgage might be increased
from the authoriasd $15,000 to $20,000.
and Wolfie'a claims might be satifled
out of the additional bonds. " They re
turned to Memphis, promising Diet
Wolffe know what
but never communicated with him.
Erb, for himself and associates, while
he was receiver, purchased the certitl
ctttt issued by him at from E0 to UO
cents on the dollar. Erb and his asso
cittM Buccseded in purchasing all of
the certificates except a few thousand
dollars, and in this way outlined con
trol of the road.
The bill further charges tbat Erb,
while receiver of the Memphio, Selma
and Brunswick and also attorney rf
the Kansas City, Springfield and
Memphis, deeded valuable privileges,
terminal facilities and righta of way
belonging t) the former companv to
the latter for a mere song, the Kan
sas C.tyroad having full knowlodge
at the time tbat a fraud was
being practiced; and, further, that
to the court at Oxford to enable him
to carry hia scheme int execution.
Tbat he planned aaalmiiablescbeme
fo dtfuiud Wolfte and otber creditors
interested in the company. Pace,
Leake and o'.bers of Richmond, Va ,
' I ! t 1 ..I .11 f V.l,'. n n-
were juoy iui miuou w shwuiu.
Imiil acts, but confederated with him
and Dunavant, Piper and Kelly, for
their own n?erandizaroentx The prop
erty so taken possession of by the
Memphis. Birmingham and Atlantic
Railway Company is worth $1,000,000,
and the net proceeds amount t ) $1-'j,-000
per year.
Mr. Kinr remarked, at the conclu
sion of the reading of the bill, that the
Draver was the usual one, and some
colhonv then ensued between him
and the judges, which waa listened to
with siience by the attorneys on the
other side. Judge Baxter and Judge
Hammond held a tmel conierence,
Judge Baxter, without waiting to hear !
from 'Col. Gantt, said tbat the bill j
showed on its face that the plaintiff
was a oartv to the proceedings in tbe
court at Oxford, Miss., and if he had
not been would, no doubt, upon tbe
allegations made in 'the bill, be en
titled to relief. As shown by the bill,
there were taany grounds for relief
and some suspicion of rascality. But
the remedy of plaintiff was in the
court in Mississippi, either by appeal
or by a bill cf review, and this court
could not undertake to pass upon the
orders made by Jndge Hill, whose
court had co-ordinate jurlediction, and
the only source of relief lay in the Su
preme Court. It might be, Judge Eas
ter went on to say, that some
of the orders made by the Mississippi
court were illegal, but all tbe proceed
ings were not )oid and he could not
undertake to assert that any of them
were so. It waa clear, at any race,
tbat this court could afford no relief.
The plaintiff might dismiss the bill
here and take the matter up to tha
Supreme Court, or let the order stand
ior ruch other proceedings aa might
be hhought proper. Tha following or
der, restoring matters to their original
shape waa then entered :
The Guarantee Tru't and Safe Deposit
Company, vs. the Memphis, elma and
xtrtmswick Railroad Company and others.
This day the application tor a receiver was
heard upon the bill, amended bill aad exhib
it, Use Hon. John ltaxter and K. . Ilara
mond etc., presidio, Th court was of the
opinion that eoniplninant was not entitled
to a receiver upon the cause dif-ctosed by
the bi l, auitinded bill and exhibits, and so
ordered, adjudged and decreed, and the ap
plication for a receiver was thereupon ac
cordingly dissolved and denied.
11. I ire the adjournment cf court
Col. tiantt arose and aaid he desired
ti read Mr. Erb'a answer to the charges
rf fraud made in the amended bill.
Judge Baxter replied that it wai not
necesrary, hi the court made no
charges, but simply declared that on
the face of the bl.l complainant had
grounds lir action. But alleging
things in a bill and proving them by
testimony were two different things.
Tae Ural a IVasle.
Interesting correspondence, read
yeaterday at a directors' meeting of
Merchant i' Exchange, relative to the
grain trade ot Memphis, appears else-,
where. Another meeting is I j be held
to-day, to whlch.the Exchange invites
all the railroad men of the' city. They
ahould attend by all means, and do
what they oan to correct the evil com
plained of.
The Ilald Kash Ilrancb.
The locating survey of the Bald
Knob branch ol fielroa Mountain
railroad strikes Whit) river one and a
quarter milei southwest ol Auguetv,
The draw of the bridge net i us that
river is to be 2"S fstt in length and 62
feet above the river bed. The contrail
for the bridge across tbe White and
St, Francis rivers is to be lot next
Monday. There are two plans submit
ted one for rock piers on a bnda of
concrtt, the other iron cylinders. It
is thought that the former will be
adopted on account of theaccessibility
of siotie. The bridge is to cost about
$'.'00,000. This branch crosses the
Batesville and Brink ley three miles
north of Gray'a, the Ter.ni and St.
Louis between Bemisand Ti t in, the
Knobel branch near Wynae, the St,
Francis river near WitUburg, the
Memphis, and Kanrai City -railroad
near Marion, and the Mississippi river
at Island No. 40. The contract, as al
ready atated, baa twea awarded.
Sionlbera Paaeenaer Ar-nta, -
Atlanta, Ga., January 2S The
Southern Passenger Convention held
a meeting here yettirday. Tho fol
lowing lines signed the articles ot
agreement, and were admitted to
membership: Rome railroad of Geor
gia; Florida liu'lwsy and Naviption
Comoany and the Jackson, Tampa
and Key West Railroad. The Illinois
Central and the Mississippi Valley
were not represented, and Goneral
Passonger Agent Collbran of tbe Cin
cinnati Sinthern states that his line
would not join the convention with
out the other twK Tbe convention
passed tbe greater portion of the time
in discussing pa wenger rates. Tbe dis
cussion showed a strong tendency to
increase rates, psrtionlarly passenger
rates. Another meeting will be beld
The APPEAL tnturi ;xm Ut forty-
tixth year tip in the cxperitnut of the
vaM, and full of hope or a future or f
wMe cuunlry, fctrf ttfnally for Uiu and
tlie neighboring Slaiet, Dial thnllturpa ill
drenmt of Iht viont tanfume of On tnrly
mitlrrt. AH the queriitm$ growing out of
thivery, and vhirh left me AortA and tie
South divided for nntrly three fmerutiont,
have been Killed, and (lie State halt adjur
ed OienwUrt to the new condition in a
tpirit of unity, jieaee and concord. 1'hcre
are, therefore, no vvuet before tilt nmntry
that,are not common to all tlit people, and
Uiat are not of an economioil and national
clHtmcler, Time art no attention before
tie National Letjudaturt tiwt do not ;iif
y riJVvf the hiterertt of all of tlie. Stale, and
that cannot be diecuwdom a batU of per
roisiif welfare tiy the citiient of all of them.
For the future, therefore, legitlalion, both
national and Stiile, it lo be. of a bwinm
character, and in, for that reimm, locome
home clour and eloter tu the individual
citizen. Perwual politic in, with the bourn,
lobe nhyated to tiie. jnut, and civil trrrict
reform i to tecttre to the country honcly,
effwhtwy and industry ia public pWi.
The political outlook i all that could lie
defired. Pmidmt Cu rchind hat modi an
abiding impmuion vpon the country, and
at the clone of hutadmin'mtratioa will hace
reconciled eren hi political opponents to a
coutinuanre of Democratic atccmUincy,
There is nothing lo hinder or retnrtl the
proijrcn of the country. All Out umilahlc
land of tlie Ve4 taken vp, the. South vwt
for many year lie the fnmred rectionfor
enlcrpriiiing immigrant, and it coal ami
iron field invite capitulint fivm the ex
haunted mineral hinds of the North and
Vct. A rapid and great incrrne of man
iifacture mart follow, and thi will neremi
ta'e a rapid increat of railroad and a cor
responding iturcatt of our liboring popu-
Uitiim. The A PPEA L, tlie pioneer in the
journnlixlic field of Oie Soulhtcert, alway
in Kimpatliy with Oie people, will be found
during Oie year jud born a full of enter
peine a in Oie pari, and animated by only
Oie di nire lo keep Oie lead and prompt it
reader lo the. increating advantage of our
mil and climate and geographical Mlualiim.
To accomplish thi no (jpenee will lie tpared.
We hall continue to make a ineml lilieral
um of Oie telegraph, and thu keep our
reader informed of the advance of the
world, day by day, o font a development
in any department of human effort are
made puliliv. We thall eiuleaivr to keep
the APPEALvpto it now high utandard
us ti neuvpitper and leader of public opin
im, and continue to demrve the m far
uiuJuiken confidinre of a constituency that
is utrongrt outside of Tennessee, in Ait-
tivippi, Arkansas and Alabama,
To all who ar suffering from th rrort and
Indiscretions of youth, nervous, weakness,
early deeay, lost of manhood, etc, I will
send a reclp that will cur jou, FREE OF
CliAHUK. This great remedy waa discover
ed by a missionary in South America. Send
self-addressed envelope to the Rev. Jos tra
T lxv. Nlntion 1), Kri York (lu.
This BBL'f or K
ner tor is made ex-
pressly ior th our
ol degeneration 0I
th generative or
gans. There ia no
mistake abou thisin
sirumsnt th eea-
nnous - stream of
sstlas tbrougn ta
arts mus restore
them to health? aotioa. Do not eoaleand
this with Eleetrle belt advertise, to cure
all Ills from head to to. It Is for the ON If
peeit purpose. For circulars srivtng fall
Uformatlion, addrea Chearer aweetrio Belt
Co., m Waehlaitoa street, Chicago, HI.
IML.ll y U ILI
Mr. Noel May Return! and Renews
Ills Propwltloa.
A rasaaaay wltb a Capital ef 91O0V
O0 Iteawy ta Ilrsrta IhsWoik
t Borlaa- Well.
Thoie who imagined they bad heard
the last of Mr. Noel May and his atts
aian well scheme are very much niie
Mken. Mr. May came np smiling,
from New Orleana yesterday, and his
first visit wai paid lo the city authori
ties. He aays he baa organiaed a ttosk
Company, with a capital ot $100,00,
and is ready to go to work aa soon an
he can see an opening for anything,
shonld he be successful. Since hie
last visit here Mr. May has beea busy
with some Crescent City cap tttlisU
who bave large sums invested in
He bai finished with them, and is
rrndy for a new enterprise. About
Denver, which has been the center Of '
his opeiatlons, the whole face ot the
country ia performed with wells, but
all m that kind of work seeded for
the present haa been done, and a large
number ot mn, whose business il ia
to faoro. v.ellf.sre looking f ir a new
field of operations. The company Mr.
May a'ludee 1 1 is largely composed of
these men, who have tome cash and a
gretC deal of experience, and who feel
conlldent tbat they ran solve the
problem of furnishing Memphis with
ruaa water.
The only question Mr. May says, is
one ot depth, and he thinks it would
be necestitry to go down a couple of
thousand feet He and his associate
are armed with all sorts of arguments
and disconrss learnedly about the dip,
the percolation ol water Irom toe
emit hikes, the ocean and the gulf
and the atorage of wtr in nnder
gtoand reservoirs. Mr. May dots not
claim ti have discovered anything
new. Chita, he says, has thousands
cf bored wells and there is one in Ger
many 7C0 years old which y lei is
as it did when fiist pierced.
To Capt. aiiics Iee, a member of
the Board ot Police and Fire Commis
sioners, Mr. May said tbe Council
might consider tbe two Iprmer propo
sitions he made that body aa with
drawn, and that all be want!
now was some guarantee tea', he
would b allowed to compete w.ti
the present company ahould he be
auccetsfui. uapt. use reputa mat it
be obtained what he promised, a plen
tiful supplv of water onobjec-
t enable as ti quality, there would
be no question of bis being
able I) couiptti. Ho had only to
draw a teacupful from arty faucttiu
the city to convince himself of that.
So fares permission to bore wni con
cerned he might buy
of ground and bore through to h if
he wanted to, Tbe only object on
would be the opening of so dirett a
toati flora Memphis t) tbat nctjd
summer retort. But if the termieal
facilities were his own and
there wut tu appropriation of
the streets and alleys of the Taxing
Dial -let, he did not see how any really
valid object' on could be made. Mr.
May said that was one cf the very
points he wished tJ get at. The old
company claimed exclusive right, of
way. He wss reminded that the city
railway bad claimed the same tbing,
and there the matter rests. The city
authorities bave not the power to en
courage Mr. May, an act of the Legis
lature being a prerequisite.
Dyeing and C'leruiinff.
Ltdies' and gents' clotbea cleaned
or dyed in any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich feathers and lace curtains by
Louis Relgel.58 Jefferson street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Goods reoei"d by express.
No. !2W, R. (F)-Chancery Court ol Bhtlby
county Htate of Tennessr fosj ue, to,, vs.
W.H Butler et si. I and No. 1473, R.D.
City or Memphis v. M. McNeill etal.
TJY virtu of an Interlocutory deove for
-T sal, entered in th above oaus on th
11th day o May, 18HI1, and renewed Decem
ber Sa.lKSfi, M.B. 50, pas 471, 1 will sell, at
puMls auction, to tha highest balder, in
front ol the Clerk and Mauler's ottjBb, court-
house of ahelbr county, Memphis, Tenn , oa
Hatarday, rebrnarj BO, 1SHO,
within Ural hours, th following described
property, ailuated in Memphis, blielhv ooun
ty, Tenn., to-wits Meirlnnins; on the t
side of th first alley east ot Third street at
its intersection with tbe south side of Jeffor
on street i thence east w.th south line of
Jsflerson stret lM',i lost l thence south llaM,
feet to an alley t thencawest with north sid
or said alley VAX feel to th first alloy east
of Third street I thenoawltli said alley Wi
leet to tbe beginning, r'old astb I ropersr
of 1. U. ateatu aad Martha llodie.
Terms of bale On a credit of T months t
not with security: lien retained and re
demption barred. This January 20 law.
ti. I. Mi'DOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By J. M. Msedley. Deputy Clerk A Master.
J. W. Hampton. Solicitor.
Aa-enl far SsweM., Teaa.
l'robnte Court ?1e R cal Estate?
No. Ml. K.D.-In th Probate Court of Shel
by County. Tenn. Margaret JSrb, admin
istratrix, vs. th unknown heirs of Jacoh
K-h, deceased. ' , ,
BY virtu of a decree for tnle, entered la
this cause January li, lHWi, minute book
, par IS, I will offor for alo st public auc
tion, in front of the court-hou door, oa
Mam trt, Memphis, Tenn., on
Ratardny, February 13, IBM.
within legal hours, th following described
real .stale, to-wit: Situatd in the city or
Memphis, oounty of oh-lov and 6tt ot
T.n...... .,l m. ire particularly described
as loiiow,. iu-.il. - .'
hituated at tlie southeast corner or K
avenue and Hawley street in iiil l ;
homestead, and beginning at a !'Jlnton th.
smith stdeol Hawley street extended, .at the
ml ho.st corner "f Watt C. Brad lord s res.-
u .v ia hAiii nari oi lu vi- nomuvi
51. 1 and adiolnina the same; thence
east with said street one bundred and live
feet and five inches to a point on the south
"e t Hawley street; thence south rdly
one hundred ana twenty Iret to a stake :
ta 'ni west one hundred and five feet and.
Ova inches; thence north with Ross avenue
en hundted and twenty feet to the l-m of
hesinning at tbe inirection ol Uil.J
street, being the amo property purchased y
said Jacob Frb of Thomas Buy e. .
Terms of Sle-0n a credit oi tlx men hs.
purchaser to execute note with persoul la
urity, and a lien retained tjctur purchssej
aoney. This oVfuLLRN. Cl.rk. .
Ey touts Kttoiann. Deputy Cic a.
I. B. blgiagtoa, K-ttuj. .
- i n't , vi i

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