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Montyr ia good demand at 8 per
cent. Local securities firm and ad'
Under the influence of a bcttsr fiel
lag at New York, New Oiltans and
Liverpool the cotton market ttiffened
up a bit uid dosed quiet and ttaiy,
witb a t mdency to firmness. Salep,
17C0 bales; receipt?, 1402 bales; Btock,
141.K9 bales, fba New York spot
market opened ' steady and cloeed
firm ; middling, 9 3-10c ; futures closed
firm, January, 9.12G9.14c . At New
Orleans epoU cloeed steady ad l-10c
higher; midclirjtjr, 8e; futures it?ady
and 4 to 0 roiLti bigber; January, 8.73
8 83c. At Liverpool the business in
the spot innrktt was repo-tjd Li'tr,
middling 3d; futnreattady and 1-64 i
higher, January, 4 9 64d, in buyere'
favor, Receipta at all United (States
. porta yesterday, 16,979 bales.
Tbe pt ovis'o i mark, t is fir. Mesa
pork, old, $10 7510 90; new, $1175
Twenty-eight brls apples, 2 aka
' bran, 73 pkjs batter, 0 pk bacon,
22 pkgs hootB and ahoes, 4 okas
cheese, 1008 brls cottou-seed oil, 70
aks cottoD-seed oil cake, 2; pkgs dry
goods, 317 brls floor, 632 hales hay,
6 hd hogs, 4 hd cattle, 7 'J hd horses
and tna'.ep, 37,000 feet lumber, 3 pkgs
liquors. 35 brls molasaer, DM kg
nails, 1550 bu oatr, 450 brla potatoes, 7
cars pork aides and 10 brls suppr.
9 Madison St , Memphis, Toon.,
M-'orronltic goHclled. ' Infor
mation cliforfallx furnlhol.-o
Money in strong demand at 8 per
' cont. l'be Clearing-liouae report is as
fellows :
" Thursday. Jan. JS'h.S m,W S3
Tbui fur lllia week... l.li,3rii (0
Bametimalatwokv, 1.27H.8 1 M
Cor. time, 'M 1,1101,41" M
Cur. time, 'W , W3,Uu5 04
;V:S,ih5 m
i.ii.M :w
,4"7 m
Butting. Selling.
New York siuAtou all points.' dii H piern
New Englund duraand. ....Vdis
New England sight...--.... -fcdis ..
Ntw Orleans ......... .i-4 dii par
Bid. Asked
Bank of Comtnero..... ......M? (h-o
First National 11 140
'German Bank WlWvm
Hut National ."l' el:
Union A Planter! .......... -,.14
roantila...... - U0
Home h ......... ...
Blutf City ........... 10")
Peoples.... ... M
Planter . .... 1U1
Phoenix-.-.... ...,.....,.... 84
Ueinjihis City. .. Mil
VandVbilt....-,... ...... W
Hernando..-... .......... ...........pM)
Arlington..... 35
Faotors..--. l
(a l!9
C 60
& 85
& 19
9 ...
(9 -Ii
Tennessee oortifleatei, Dand E
Tennessee warranli, Uriel C...
(Shell) y County bonds...... ...
Shelby County warrant! ...
Taxing-District 4, tj'l
Tsging-Distrint 6's..... -.,
MampnisStoriice Compress Co..
Atouiphis Gas Company (took..
Memohis tfas Company bonds..
Memiihie WaUrCo. bonds.......
...1114 H C
... my, m 9n
,.. m Wi
...107 0110
... C3 a 5
-.103'5 ...
Q 50
9 50
- 35 -...
9M 20
...1UU (91U2
Huauor Oil Works...
CiSO l Works..
Pioneer Cottun.Mills..M.M...
American Cotton Oil trusts
Memphis City Kailway Bonds ..
BT Telesjpsipli.
Haw York, January 28. Money on
caileany at li'2per cent. Prime mer
cantilepaper,"4(i5 percent. Sterling
exchange dull but steady at 437 for
60 days and 489 for demand.
Bonds Government bonda dull but
strong. Slate bonds active and Arm.
.Railroad bonda were more active, with
sales of $2 377,000. There we ;e sales
of 3G1,0C0 in Kickel-Plate trust re
ceipts and 1287,000 in Texa.1 and Pa
cific Rios. The remainder of tbi busi
ness wan distributed in small lots.
'CloeiDg prices generally show mod
erate gains.
Stocks Blocks continue quiet. Sales
aggregated 272,ti30 shares. Several
stocks asEuriifd wore conspicuous po
sitions ti-dy than yesterday. The
sentiment of tbe street is decidedly
.more bnliiuh. Conspicuous .in the I
day's operations was a further advance
in New York and Now Entidcd, which
closed at a net pain of 2:i- It is stated
as cornice from an cfliaiHlJource that
four direcorfl o! the New York, New
Haven and llurtford have been practi
callv appniutird a committee to confer
with the Now York and New England
committee, and that there ia lit
tle doubt that the recom
mendation g'owing out of this
conferenco will be accepted.
' Coal stocks were made connpicuously
BtioDg. Cential New Jersey closed
with a n t pain of 1 per cent., on re
ports tba. the New Jersey Legisbtare
would refuse the Baltimore and Ohio
permission tJ com truit the Kill-Van-Kull
bridge. It was also repoitd
that a better feeling cxitt3d between
prominent officials of the ccal compa
nies", nrjd that insiders were buying
- coal stocks. Lsckr.wann.t closed with
a net gain of , and Delaware and
lludi'iti 1J. Although materially
active, St. Paul developed no special
fen tare, except soma weaknesa in the
forenoon, but closed unchanged.
Northwestern is up 1J. ItisaUnd
-ti at the German syndicate expressed
nwrllingniM to take new tl. Paul
bonds, which it is propoted to issue
for the purpose of constructing the
Kansas CUy extensions. Yanderbilts
were firm, c'oiing with Lake Sho-e np
1. Tbe mnrk't closed (trong. at about
the bet t prices of the day for active
s'ocks and at an advance for frac
tional he onnte for others than those
already mentioned, except Missouri
Pacific, which is down 1, and Pacific.
KYI . The total sales of stocks to.
(far were 272,619 shares, including
De!awarn, Lackawanna and Western
36.810, KanHftSind Texas 5015, La 'ie
Snore 42,273. Louisville and Nnih
villa 4940, Northwettsrn 9025, New
Jersey Central 11,115, Pacific Ma 1
6025, Rfikdirg 10,410, St. Paal 44tf0,
Union Par fio 8495, Western Union
17 A04 and Northern Pa-.ific preferred
6775. C.'ojing qco'at'ons:
tt. 8. Ss, l'O1-.. New ts. 1237S.
Hew 4Hs. lUii. PMifio6oll&,la.
C. P. trsts, 114.
Kria seconds. 90' j.
T. P. land grants,374.
T. P., Rioti. diT.,&i.
littk v. tikes. ,H4.u. r. nrsis,
Louisiana consols, 84. U. P. land r. I'i5i.
Missouri d. 100. , U. P. I. lund. UlH.
St. Joseph. 120. Virginia 6s, 43.
St.P. A S.C. lsts. 126. Va. oon., ei-m. a., 51.
Tenn. tie, ( Id, 54T. Va. consalof., 11.
lean. 6s, Dew, 5.
.Adams Krrross, 140. Nashville AC, 16. '
Allegheny Central, N.J. Central, 45.
Alton k T. H., 43. Norfolk A W. pfd. 25;
A. Jt T. B. rid. 90. Northern Pae.. i'i.
Americas ti , J"i. norxoera r. pia, o,
14.. C. R. AN.. 70.
N. Y.. C A St. L.. 8r
-Canada Pec., 65.
N.Y., Ci3t.L.,P,l
Canada South, 41H. C. k N. W-lOtr1,.
Central Pacific. 41. C. k N. W., pld. i.
Chesapaak 4 'J.. 10' J. N. Y. Central. 103'(.
C. 4k 0. 1st pfd, 18. Ohio Central, IS.
C. A 0.2d pfd. Ohio k Miss., 23.
Chieaco A AlUia.UOS O. k Miss. ifd. 62';
C. st A. pfd. l.Vl. Ontario it Vol.,
C. B. A U.. 137. Ore con Nay., l-',.
C, bt. L.,st N.O.. Otoiob Tram., 2a.
C.i dt. L. A P., 12. Oreg-oa Imp., 28.
C, 6t. L. k P. p. 30. Paoino Mail, 56V.
C. S. k C 32. Panama, VH.
C.iC.K'i. Peoria. D. K.. 19'.
Del. Aliua.,90. Pitubun, It".
Del. L. Jt W.. lliTi. Pullman P U, 133.
len. Rio 15!,. Had.n.
Erie, Book Island, VST.
Erie pld, 3. 6t. L.4S.P, 20t'
Kastlenn., 4. tit. L. A S. P. p. 44.
East Tins, pid.7. Kt.L.i S.F.lstP.WS.
F..n Wayne, Uii. O. M. A St. P., V2.
Hannibal A bt. Jo,- C. M. A bl. P. p. 120'.
U. A bU Jo pld.-. bu P., M. A SI., lit'-,.
Harlem, 213. Kt. P. A Omaha. S7S.
Houstoo A T., tH. Ht. P. A 0. pfd. WH.
Illinois Cen, 14i. Texas Paoific, 12
lnd. B. A W., Wi. linioa Paoino, 60'-,.
Kansas Jr T., 2.' .. U. 6. Express. 60
Lake K. A W.. 13. W., St. L. A P., 91.
Lake Shore, . W., St. L. A P.p.l'J.
Lou. A Nash., 3'.a. W. A F. Kx .llk.',.
Lou. A N. A., t5. W. U. Tol, ti",
M. ft C, 1st pld, . Colorado Coal, J2H.
M. A C. 2d pld. . UomMtake, 21.
Mem. A Char., 34. Iron Silver, 2W.
Mich. Central. 72. Ontario, 29.
Min. ASr. L..2S. QaioksilTer.A'i.
M. A SU L. pfd.4r!i. QuioksilTer pla, 2i,
Missouri sJM, lW.'i. South Paaiflo, .
Mobile O., 14. Satro. 10.
Morris A E.,offJ, 133. .
Londok, January 28. Consols, 100
fr both money and tbe account;
United States bunds, 4', 12f; Atinstic
and Great Western firsts, 354 ; Atlantic
aid Great Western seconds, 10; Ca
nadian Pacific, 67; Erie, 24 J; Erie
BJCjnds, 79; Illicola Contra',- 143;
Mexican Ordinary, 20; St. Paul com
mon, 94; New York Central, 1C6J ;
Pennsylvania, 54 j ; Reading, 11. The
amount of bullion gone into the Bank
of Kokand on balance to-day is 4 l,r
000. The bullion in tba Bank ol Eng
land WBSfincreaspd 914,743 daring
the past ek. The pioportion of the
Bank of England reserve to l;nbility,
which last week was 9 per cent , is
now 4C J per cent.
Paris, January 28. Three per cent,
rentes, 81f 70o for the account. The
weekly statement of tbe Bank of
France shows a decrease of 4,481,000
francs gold and 2,371,000 francs silver.
, Naw York, January 28. Clearings
of banks, $1,200,532.
Chicago, III., January 23. Bank
clearing, $0,544,000.
St. Louis, Mo., January 28. Bank
dealings, $2,248,604; balances, $181,
The local market opened quitt and
steady, and closed quiet and steady;
middling, 8 jc. Sales, 1700 bales, includ
ing 300 Wednesday evening, of which
600 to expoiters and 1200 to spinners.
Yeaterd?. Day Before,
Ordinary 7i 1
Low Middlin....- SX K'i
Middling (r'i
Onod Middlina
8 11-16
Miiiaiinr Fair HI. 9
V 13-16
lfair Nom. Nom.
Dusty . V4A 7WX
Stains 81-16'ii-li8X-l(kStl-16
Miaruia, January 28, 1680.
Btock, Beptembor 1, 1886... 1.W2
Heceivea to-aay7
Reoeired prorlously l.tftl 451,856
Shipped to-day 1,279
tihipped preriously 308,418
llnrnt. etc ..
Home oonsumption to data .' 3)0,6117
Stock, running aeoount.... 141,659
Thus far this week....
Thus far last week...,
Sinoe September 1st..
Memphis and Charleston Railroad...- 118
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad. 60
Louisville and Nashville Railroad.... 104
Memphis and Little Rock Railroad.. &I0
Chesapeake, Ohio and 9. W. R.K.... M
Louisville. N. O. AT. R. R -a
Kansas City .Springfield and M. R.R. 61
Memphis, teluia andOrunswick R.R. 11
Steamers-.-..- 4!0
Wagons and other souroes . 25
Total.!...........-..' - - 1,462
Thus far this week - 12,019
Tuus far last week 8,715
Since Septomber 1st . 3"?W
Memphis and Charleston Railroad 5!A
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad. 578
Chesapeake; Ohio and S. W. R.R 172
Total 1.279
New York spots opened quiet, and
closed firm. Sales, 709 bales. Quo
tations were as, follows:
Yestprd.-y. DayPefnre.
Ordinary...-. 0 9-H! 9-16
Good ordinary 7 15-16 7 15-16
Low middling - 8'j 8'4
Middling 3-16 9 3-16
Good middling 9 9-16 9 9-16
Middling fair 10 3-16 10 3-16
Fair 10 13-16 10 13-16
New York futures opened steady,
and closed firm. Sales, 99,800 bales.
The closing quotations were as follows,
as compared with yesterday:
Yesterday. DayTSefore.
January V.lift 9.14 5i.fr.ia 9.11
February I.IM .... 'J.U(i 9 12
Maroh - .25" 9.26 .21iS 9.22
April ........ 9.36 9.37 9.32 a 9.33
May.. 9 7r 9.4s 9.H'i9.44
June...... 9.57"4 9.58 9.53'$ 9.54
July.. 9.670 9.68 9.614 9.64
August . 9.76 os 9.77 9.711 9.73
September ...... 0.53 a) 9.M 9.494 9.51
October 9.353 9.37 83'3 9.35
The New Orleans spot market opened
with fair demand, and cloeed steady
and l-16c higher. Salep, 3500 baltis.
"Yesterday Day before.
Ordinary 7 7-16 7 7-16
flood ordinary 7 15-16 7;4
Low middling 8 5-16 8'i
Middling 5i 8 11-18
(iood middling .. 9? 9 7-16
The New Orleans future market
opened steady, and closed steady and
4 to 8 points higher. Bales, 19,700
bales. Tbe closing quotations were
as f ollows.as compared with yesterday :
Yesterday. Day before.
January 8.78(9 8.81 8.74 8.75
February 8.833 8.84 8.77(4 8.79
March 8.85S 8.H6 8.81(4 8.82
April 8.W9 .' 0 8 5( 8.96
May 9.13-9.14 9(94 9.10
Jane 9 2'4 9 28 9.22'4 9.23
July 9.37(9 9,8 9.314 9.34
Ausu.t..... .n"s ..
tfeptember .Hi 1
October 8.9.9 8.97 8.92 4 8.93
November.... 8.8SC 8.S6 8.KK4 8 8i
Uccember . SM& 8 87 2 8.83
Ree'ts.l Price.
1,96! g 15-16
8.1511 8 11-16
4K1 8 11-16
2.4H5 4
l.lWll 8; a
168, 8i,
1.281 8',
7 9 ,
577 9 3-16
42 9V
5701 8'i
355; b:;
N Orleans
3 J, 532
Char ston
Norfolk ...
New Xork
Boston ....
i 272,606
6 310
101 ,064
St. Louis.
Total receipts at ports, this day, 18R6;...16,979
Total receipts at ports, this day, 1885 ..11,406
R'tsatU.S. ports,
6 days....
Exports to Ureal
' 5.1.545
Stock .
SSj.i'sUjl, 08,4 :i
Piec'ts sinoa Sept.
Foreign eiports..l',485,lj9.2,757.070 2,4r3,Oa.5
Decrease in reoojpts this year 14,0"6
Liverpool spots at noon were quoted
fair business. Sales, 8000 bale, of
which 7703 were American. Keceipts,
6000 bales, cf which 4 .00 were Ameri
ca!. At noon: Ordinary, 41d; good ordi
nary, 4d ; low middling, 4 13-16d;
cood middling, 5 5-16d ; middling up
lands, 6d; middling Orleans, 5id.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool spoil were
1-1 Od lower on nil stales but mid
dling; ordinary, 4 8-16d ; groi ordi
nary, 4 9-104; low middling, 4 Jd; ,ojd
middling, 6d: middling nplunds,5d;
middlinir Ort(:ina. 51d.
At noon: Liverpool futures wmrel
steady; January, ;Jannary-re
ruary, 4 5S-64J; Febrnarr-March,
4 69 64 J ; March-April, 4 60-fi'i ; April
May, ; May-June, 5 l-64d; June
July, 5 3-64d(o)5 4-4d; Juty-Angiut,
; Augubt-September, 6 10-64d.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futires were
quiit: January, 4 6S-64J buyers; January-February,
4 58 64d buyers: February-March,
59 64d st-Pers; March
April, 4 il-61d etllsrs; Acril-May, 4
63-ti41 seiUra; May-Juna, 5 l-lild sell
ers; June-July, 6 4 64i sellers; Jnly
August, 5 7 611 sellers; August-September,
5 10-l)H sellers.
At 6 pm. Liverpool futures were
it jady ; January, 4 59 Old buyers ; Jan-nary-February,
4 51-641 buyers; Fib-ruary-March.
4 60 64J seirswa; March
April, 4 lit Uid buyers; April-May,
4 6344d buyers; May-Jane, 6 1-641;
buyers; June July, 5 4 4d buyers;
July-AugU3t, 5 7-64J buyers; August
September, 5 10 Old buyers.
Fl'Tl'liE DEALS.
The following is the record cf tbe
bids and oners itt the;C;ill Bo.ird of tie
Merchants' Exchaage jest jrduy:
No. 2, white, spot, 40c o. t. bid;
Jununry, 41o bid, 41 aaked ; Febru
ary, 41 Jc bid, 421o asked; March,
42jc bid; April. 41jc o. t. bid, 4(is
asked; May, 44 jc bid, 46o asked; No.
2, spot, 37 J" o. t, bid, 38c aaked; Jan
oay, 37Jo hid, 38c ajkfd; February,
38 o bid, 88c ssked: March, 40s bid,
40jc niked; April, 41 Jc o, t. bid, 43c
No. 2 whits, spot, 32o bid, 33Jo
asked; Janmiry, 32 jo bid, 33c inked;
February, 33ic mked; March, 35a
n?ked; April, 32Jc bid; May, 3Sc
a iked.
January. $14 50 bid; February, 100
toasfoiiut $15: March, $15 35 aBked;
April, 5 cars lold at $15; May, $14 75
bid, 15 asked.
8po, $1 07 J fcld, $2 asked; January,
92 05 a iked ; February, $2 10 asked ;
Mach,$2 25 aked; M.7, $2 25 !,id,
$2 35 ajkid.
Cobn White, 47c ; mixed, 46c, from
store; from levee or depot, white,
44c; mixed, 42a.
Hay Choice, from store, 85c ; prime,
7580c ; prairie, 60c ; round lota from
levee or depot, choica, $15; prime,
$13 50; prairie, $8.
Oats White, 88c; mixed, 37c, from
store. Round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 361c; mixed,
sacked, 36c.
(.Utmkal In half-barrels, $3 50 from
Cor-Nmsat, Standard, $2 152 25;
pearl, $3 253 60 from store; 6a
cheaper from mill, levee or track.
FiiOUE From store, donble extra,
; triple extra, ; family, 4
4 25; choice, $4 25 4 50: fancy, $1 75
5; extra iancy, $5 2 35 75 ; patents,
S66.25; round lota from levee or
track, 10c cheaper; car lota choice,
$3 753 90; family, $3 603 65; ex
tra fancy, $4 654 90; patenta, $5 15
5 25.
Bran From store, 85o per cwt;
round lota from levee, $15 per ton.
Ba AW8 Navy, $2 25 ; medium, $2.
Ricb Louisiana, 4J0Jc; Carolina,
Hominy and Grits From store,
$3 253 50.
Craccsd Whbat In half-barrels,
$1 60 from store.
Cbackkbs Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 6c; lemon cream crack
era, extra, 7c ; lemon cream crackera,
treble extra, 7Jo; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Louisville, Ky., January 28.
Grain weaker. W neat No. 2 long
berry, 95c ; No. 2 recL, 92c. Corn new
mixed, 33c; white, 3!Jc. Oats new
No. 2, mixed, 32(2)32 jc.
Cincinnati, O., January 26. Flour
firm; family, $4 154 40; fancy,
i4 404 70. Wheat strong No. 2 red,
949(3. Receipts, 5000 bu; shipment?,
i500 bu. Corn dull; No. 3 mixed,
36J361c Oats dull; No. 2 mixed,
321o. Rye No. 2, 6465e. Barley firm ;
extra No. 3 spring, 5!i63c.
Kansas City, Mo., January 28.
Wheat unsettled ; caab. 72c bid, 72
asked; Februarv, 72c bid, 73c aaked ;
March, 74c bid, 74 1 3 asked; May, 87
S'.ijc. Corn weaker; caab, 27c bid,
28 i e asked; February, s 27j28c;
Mrch, 28s bid, 29j anked; May,
3i is bid, 31 jic asked. Oats nominal.
Et. Loms, Mo., January 28. Flour
firm; XXX, $3 103 10; family,
$3 30()3 40;extra,$;t7O4 85; patents,
5 10(.5 60. Wheat unsettled and ir
regular; the market 'C.'o3ed weak and
irregular; near futures Jc higher; more
deferred futures I i lower; No. 2 red,
cash, 92(")94c; January and Febru
arv, 92c ; March, 93Jc ; Alay, 96307ii
97 jc, closing at 96Jc. Corn very quiet
and easier, closing 10'Ac lower than
Jeaterday; No. 2 mixed, Vash ard
anuary, 333: February, 31c; March,
3535c, closing at Sou inked; May,
37J371c, closing at 37i(t371c. Oats
very dull aid cay: No. 2 mixed, cash,
2828Jc; May. 31 Jc. Rye dull, 60c.
Barley very dull and nnchanged. Flax
seed, $1 06. Bran firm, bio at mlil.
Coiameal steadv, f 1 851 90. Re
ceiptsFlour, 1000 brls; wheat, 13,000
bu; corn, 63,000 bu; oats, 6000 bu;
rye, none; Darley, 6000 bo. Ship
ments Flour, 7000 brls; wheat, 2000
bu; corn, 21,000 bu: oata, 9000 bu;
rye, 2000 bu ; barley, 1000 bu.
Afternoon Board. Wheat easy and
Jlc lowert Corn easy and a tbade
lower. Oats steady and unchanged.
Chicago, III., January 28. The
feeling in wheat was unsettled again
tday, with the market closing in the
latett regular t rading about js under
yesterday. The atatt'ng price was
8i;s for May, after which a rally to
87 ic followed on good buying, alimu-
latec ly, ia part, to a reported ergigB
ment between tbe Turks and the
Greek, followed by free selling on a
denial of the rumor. The amount of
grain on paasage lo Europe abowed an
inert me of 690,000 bushels, which, to
gether with the rumor of fuither gold
shipment, added ti the easier feeling.
In tbe altrrjO)u May touched rtijc,
rallied a trifle, closing at 8ij86jc
The receipts continue small. Tne corn
and oat i market devel ped very little
change. Flonr quiet and unchanged.
Wheat opened bwer, rallied ,3,
declined, lc, fluctuated and cloeed
about Jc under yesterday. Sales
ranged: January, SOiitaiSl jc, closed
at 81 lc; February. 8UiCS81jc, closed
at 81 Jc; March, MtftS.'Jc, closed at
81 lc; May, 86,87jc, cloeed at
86286c; No. spring, 803f5i82o.
Corn quiet and ctaady; cash, 36Jc;
January, 36c; February, 36j(36ls,
closed at 36)c; Marcb. 36s; Mav, 40i
40,3. Oata ateady; cash, 29J(S)30j;
January, 30s; February. 29e; May,
32c. Rye quiet; No. 2, 58c. Bar
ley dull; No. 2, 60c; No. 3. 4345c.
Flaxseed weaker; No. 1, $1 12. Re
ceiptsFlour, 10,000 bils; wheat,
9000 bu; corn, 93,000 bu; oata, 88,
000 bu ; rye,2000 bo ; barley, 57,000 bu.
Shlpraenta Flour, 6000 brls; wheat,
8000 bu ; corn, 107,000 bu ; oata, 29,000
bu ; rye, 1000; barley. 33,000 bu.
Afternoon BoanL Wheat easier at
the opening.declining to bMjj a for May,
but closing at 86jfuKS6le. The other
markets showed no change.
BrrTEB--Craamery, 3S40s; dairy,
17(rt2c; bultunne, 14(5165; country,
12jri)18c, according to condition.
Chkcs Prime thtj, 783; New
York factory.Sc; full cream, llj(3)l2c;
Y. A., lli12c.
Mkwa Pork Old, $10 7510 90 per
barrel; new, $11 76(311 9) per barrel;
sugar-cured ham;, iacke, 9J(ill0c;
breakfast bacon b.fc'Jo; clear rib ba
con, 6J(a.0c.
Bulk Pork C!enr eidee, 5,(6cs
clear rib sideo, I J35jc; long clear, 6 j
5Jc; shoulders. 4(jiljc.
Labd Tierce 8,0 J(.i.(3 )c ; half-barrel 4,
6c; keg CSc: buckets, 77c; half
buckets, 71Cat7jc; 501b tius, R5)'ic;
20-fb tins,6ia6ic; 10-lb tins, 6j7Jc;
6-tb tins, 7(7ic; 3-lb tins, 7J7,c;
choice kettle, tiercea, 77ic.
CRKSU AIkats Beef (iood Kannas
City eteera, heavy, 8; light, 7Qj)7c;
cows auu uaiiors, uib; uiuwtou, u,
lambs, 6Jc; pork, 6c.
Piaa-rarr Brla, $S 509 ; bal(-brls,
$365(3 75.
Cincinnati, O , January 28 Pork
quiet, $11. Lard steady, O.lofi'iR
Balk meats firm; shoulders, 4iO)4Jc;
short rib, 5 30(i).').4.)o. Bacon quiet;
shoulders, 4c; abort rib, 6.15c; short
clear, 6 30c Butter tlrm ; Northwestern
extra creamery. 3 X.Kio ; good to prime
creamery, 2030c ; choice dairy, 12(S)
15c. Egga in moderate demand, 16(a)
10 o. Cheese firm; choice cured Ohio
factory, 9j10c.
St. Louis, Mo., January 2S. Pro
visions quiet and generally steady.
Pork steady, $11. Lard ,6.95c Bulk
meats, loose lota long clear, 5.30c;
short rib, 5.40c; short clear, 5.55c;
boxed lots long clear, 6.10c; short
ribs, 6Jc; abort clear, C5 40o. Ba
con long clear, 5jc; short ribs, 5J
5 90c; short clear, 6s. Hams steady,
9lllc. Butter steady: creamery, 25
30c; dairy, 16'.Mc. Eggs eaay,16c.
Chicago, III., January 28 Mesa
pork market quiet and price 7J(?il0o
lower; cash, $10 75(10 80; January,
$10 77J10 80; Febrnarv, $10 77,(.A
$10 87i, closed at $I0 77K$10 8U;
March. I0 87jfi)10 97J, closed at
$10 87J10 90: May. $il 07J11 17J,
closed at $11 07(5)11 10.. Lard steady;
caab, January and Februarv, 6 lOdiUlJc;
March, 6.166.17Jc; May ,0.17 j6 3Jc.
Boxed meats steady; dry salted ahonl
dera, 3.954c; short rib aldw, 5 27
5.30c ; short clear sides, 5 655.70o. Ou
tbe Produce Exchange butter waa
quiet: cieamory, 2733c : dairy, 18
2ic. Eggf, 1811319c.
Soap $2 103 50 per case.
Corna Common, 8J8jc; ordi
nary, 99c; prime Kio, 10011c;
choice to fancy, ll12c; old gov
ernment, 23(f2fc; Ceylon, 20c.
Sdqab Eastern yellow, 67Jc;
pure w. C. white, 6J7c; off white,
(ij6Jc; yellow clarified, 66Jn;
ooen kettle, 5j6Tc, refined A, 7i
71c; granulated, 71c; powdered, 8lc;
cut loaf, 81c.
Salt $1 201 30 per barrel ; saoks,
fine, $1 50 ; coarse, $1 10 : p tckets,
bleached, 2j7o; car-loads from levee
or depot, 6c cheaper.
MoLaaem Louisiana, common to
fair, 2327c ; prime to choice, 4!55o ;
syrup, 2540s; common to fair, 25
33c; prime to choice, 86 10c.
Candies Sticks, all sixes, In boxes,
paila and barrels. 7281c.
Candles Full weight, lllllc.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27
30c; other grades and styles, 2535c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case ; R R., $9 50.
Canned Goods, etc. Prices per
dozen: Pineapples nominal; peaches,
2-1 b, standard, $1 3j1 50; second,
tl 151 25; tomatoes, 2-lb, atandard,
90c tl ; 3 lb, $1 101 20 ; strawberries,
$1301 40; raspberries, $1 151 25;
blackberries, $ll 15; greengagea,
$1601 75; pears, $22 25; plums,
$1 J0l 70; asparagus, $2 -65(4 ;
green corn, $11 15; green peas, $1 50
1 75 ; cove oysters, full weight, 1-lb,
$1 101 15; cove oysters, full weight,
2-lb, $1 90195; cove oysters, light
weiRht, 1-lb, 65c; cove oysteM, light
weight,21b, $110; condensed milk
Crown, $6; Eigle, $3; Swiss $6.
New York, January 28. Coffee
spot fair Rio quiet, 81c ; options
lower and active ; sales, 22,320 basis;
January, 6J3; Febrnarv, 6 55c;
March, 0 60c; April and Msy, 665c;
June, 6.70c: AugUB-, 6Jc; Nov. ru
ber, 6.85c; December, 0.90c. Sugar
sttalior but quiet; refined s'eidior;
standard A, 61c; powdered, 62 ; cubes,
6jc; Rice steady aad in fair demand.
New Ori.eaib, La., January 28.
Sugar stoady; open kettle choice, .Vo
5 1-16; prime, 4jc; fully fair, 4j
4 1316c; centrifugals choice white,
6jc; ofl white, 6J( 6 3-16J ; choice yel
low clarified, 6g.U l-16c; prime yellow
clarified, 6;c; seconds, 435Jc. Mo
laesea weak; centrifugals prime to
strictly prime, 2125c. Kice -Louis-ltna,
ordinary to prime, 351c.
CoTroN-BKEn Oil In car-load lots,
pilme, crude C. 8. oil, 22r23c; prime
summer yellow, 2728c: off-summer
yellow, 25c; miners', 2730a; choica
cooking summer yellow, 2730c.
Cottok-Sked Delivered at depot
and wharf, $8 per ton ; on bank of
river (f. o. b. boat), J6 ; wagon at mills,
Cotton-Seed Meal Prime f. o. b.,
$15 per ton. Leas than car-load lots,
$15 50. From store, 90c sack. -
Oil Cake Nominal ; $16 per ton.
APPLES-Apples, $2 252 60 from
store ; 22 25 per car-load from levee
or depot. Dried anples, 34c per
pound from store. D.-ied peaches, 3
4c from store.
Vegetables Onions, $2 733 25
per car-load, from levee or deoot. Po
tatoesIrish, northern, $2 252 60,
packed ; car-loada from levee or depot,
$22 25 per barrel. Cabbage, 9llc
per bead. Krout, brla, $56; half
brl, $2 753. Garlic, 4060u per 1O0.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Florida, $33 50 per box. Lemons,
$3 604 per box. Bananas, 60c
103 per nuncu. cocoannie, n
per $1 00. Pe-iumta Virginia, 6
7c; Tenneasee, farmer's stock, 2Jc;
recleaned. 3i4 c ; roasted, 2c higher ;
shelled, 10c. Almonds, 18ft26c. Chest
nutsgreen, 12J15c ; dry, none.
Raisiss London layers, $3 50; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Piceles In jaw, pints, 90c; quart?,
$1 50; half gallons, $2 50; gallons,
$3 75; loose, barrels, $6; half-barrels,
$3 60; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mix
ed, $0. -
Pecans Texas, 58Jc for small to
medium, 10l4c for large; Arkansas,
"Valscts French, 12c; Naples,
15c; Grenobles, 15c Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $77 10 per barrel
and $44 25 per half-barrel ; Kentucky
barrels, $6 507; Kentucky half-bar-rela.
It. Vinegar, ll16e per gallon.
Poultry Turkeys, per down, $8
12;geeee,$34; ducks, $3 j chickens,
good demand, $X$3; dressed turkeys,
dull, 10 12c per pound.
Fihh Mackerel half-barrels. No. 1,
$4 304 76; No. 2, $3 603 75; No,
S, $2 753; 10-lb kit. No. 1, 80c; No.
2, 70c; 15-ib, No. 3, 60c. Dry her
rings, family, 30c per box.
Game Venison, whole, 35c; sad
dles, (Kg 8c; bear, 6(5 8c; wild turkeys,
5075c; ducks, $1 502 60; squirrela,
7")c; quails. 75c(iMl; prairie chickens,
Jo: game nsn, t(.i He.
Euoa Qjiet, 1617c.
Coal-Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 15o per gallon.
Cleveland, 0 , January 28. Petro
leum steady ; s. w., 110", 8Jc.
PiTroni-Bo, Pa., Janrsry 28. Petro
leum weak and lower; National Tran
sit certificates opened at 891c, and
cloeed at 67:; blgheat price, 891c;
lowest, 8. jc.
TitcbvillEj Ta., January 23. Na
tional Transit certificates opened at
8" I Jc, and closed at 87;c; highest price,
8!)jo; lowest, S7c; shipmenta, 68,435
barrels; charters not posted.
Bkatjpobd, Pa., January 28. Na
tional Transit certificates opened at
89 jc, and cloand at 87 jc; highest price,
89c; lowest, 87c; runs not reported;
total shipmenta, 69,434 barrela : char
ters, 57,430 barrels; clearances, 274,000
Oil City, Ta., January 28. National
Transit certificates opened at 891c and
closed at 87;c; highest price, 89ilc;
lowest, 87 Jc; sales, 2,340,000 barrels;
clearances, 3,932,000 barrela; charters,
67,460 barrela; ahipmenta, 69,434 bar
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon. Wines American extra, qto, $7;
pta, $8; Piper Heidsieck, qte, $25;
pta, $27; Mnmra'a extra dry, qua,
$28 60; pta,$30 60;Roederer, qta,f2J;
pta, $31; Veuve CUquot. qta, f.11 ; pK
$AS; claret, qta, $3 WW 60; $1 extra
(or ninta; imnorted Rhine wine.
$78, qta; Catawba, aweet, UOcfaMl 25
per gallon; .Catawba, dry, 1W
per gallon ; Catawba, aweet, $3 605
nnr pojm: Ostswha. dry. HfiA'i nercauo:
California wines, $11 60 per gallon:
imported port, $1 606; imported
sherry, $1 606 ; imported ale (Burke's
bottlery), pts, J1 Bft; qw, .i; Angos
tura bitters, pta, $16 50; champagne
cidor, qf , $3 253 60.
8t. Louis, Mo., January 28
Whisky steady at $1 10.
Chicago, III., January 28.
Whisky steady at $1 10.
Cincinnati, O., January 28.
Whieky firm at $1 10; sales of 8'8
barrels of finished goods on this
ba&is. '
ApollinariB.qb) 508; pts, $11 60;
seltzer water, qts, $66 50.
Bauoinq Jute, 9Jllc; flax, 10
lOJc, according to weight Ties, $1 20
1 25.
Nailb-$2 75.
rn.o. 1? A .Tnnna .1 fin llv-ii!nrk
WCMII M. . - - vuvw - v
and commission merchants, Monroe
street, furnish the following quotations
01 tne norno auu uiuia iuranv.
Hoksm Good driving, $125250;
good saddle, $1 40300 ; plugs, 3580;
good mares, J85140.
Moi.aa-141 to 1 $110130; 15 to
15., $125140; 15j to 16, $140175.
Supply small ; demand moderate.
J. LaCroix of the Memphis Stock
Yard makes the following report of the
condition of the cattle .market: Re
ceipts of cattle the past week were
light. Prices ware firm at laat week'a
quotations. To-day the market ia
very lightly supplied; In fact, no good
butchera' grades on sale at all. De
mand very good, especially for this
kind. Prices on all grades firm aa
quoted, and prospects for the near fut
ure very favorable. Hog receipts for
the week light; tbe market is about
bare of heavy, and very few light
weights on sale ; prices firm as qnoted.
Light supply of sheep on sale. Choice
butchera' in fair doinand, and prices
firm. . Quotations:
Cattle Choice to extra corn fed, 900
to 1050 lbs., 44Jc; good, :i4o.
Gntaa choice, 3J3ic; good, 331c;
fair to medium, 2J(2:e; common,
Hooa-Choice, 3J4c; good, 3J3)
8 Jo; common, 331o.
Shkep Choice, 3 j(S 4c; medium, 3
31c; common, 11 50.
Cincinnati, O., January 28. Hogs
quiet; common and linht, $3 204;
packing and butchera', $3 954 25.
Receipts, 2893 bead ; shipment1, 651
Kansah City. Mo.. January 28.
The Live Stock Indicator reports : Cat
tle recdintfl, 2103 head; shipmnnta,
126) bead; iliw, weak and 10(;153
lower; exporters, $4 755; good o
choice shipping, $4 85;a)4 90; com
mon to medium, $3 9l4 30; stock
era and feeders, ti 60(3 7fi ; cows, $2
3. Hogs receipts, 8)57 head;
atiliimenta, 1373 head; strong and. 6a
higher; good to cuoice, awj4i);
Mmmnn irt meilinm. 33 65i3 80.
Sheep receipts, 440 head ; ahipmenta,
none; steady ; goou to cnoire, oia
3 75; common to medium,$2 262 80.
St. Louih, Mo., January 28. Cattle
receipts, 1100 head; shipments, 250
l ead ; market fairly active and 10c
lower; common to choice shipping,
1 .l hntohnr steers. $3 25(al
4 25; cows and heifers, J2 253r0;
atockeia anu leetiers, .-.tjs.
Hogs receipts, 6000 head ; ahipmenta,
2000 head ; market active and firm at
unchanged price; butchera and best
heavy, $4 104 30; mixed packing,
$3 8U4 05 ; light, $3 503 75. Sheep
oi'i hnail ! ahinnienta.
600 bead ; market easier, $2 504 60.
Chicago, III., January 28. The
Drover' Journal reporta: Cattle re
ceipts, 8300 bend; shipments, 2400
head; market slow; shipping steer?,
$3 105 65; three cars fancy steers
sold at $6 056 25; atockersand lood
.... rWAi mn. hull and mixed.
$1 8 )4; Dulk, $2 603 10. Hogs-
receipts, Z4,uuu neaa ; anipmenm, u.w
bead; market strong; rough and
mixed, $3 653 95; packing and ship
ping, $3 054 35; light, $3 404 05;
skips, $2 603 60. Sheep receipts,
4000 head; shipments, 1000 head;
market slow; natives, $2 504 85;
Texans, $23 95 ; lambs, $45 76.
New York, January 2S. Ctton
goods were much stronger and many
goods were dearer through reduced
discounts, and others not in stock to
be had at value only. Pncea ad
vanced aa follows: Hill. 36 inch,
bleached, 7Jc; .Androscoggin L, 38
inch, bleached, 7c; Otia blue and
brown denima advanced lc, and
Columbia heavy blue and brown
denima advanced lc.
Y'RAJIMIA, 'f yloravllleP. O.
C10L. HILARY P, JONKS, M. A.. Prln
J elpal. Henloa besins H-pl. aoils ajid
an da JssBeSaih. CatalotvN Matoa application.
Cinoinnati Ducssts Stats, 5 p.m.
Friars Point, Coaboia, S p.m.
Naw Orleans.
Naw Orleans.
Whit River.
-.Dun Apaks, t a.m.
.WiToao, t r.m..
Tsns. SilsitocK, Wa.B.
.Ui.txi, S p.m.
.(Iovim; Stik,H m.
...DtSasr, 5 p.m.
Arkansas Kit-sr.K. f. Cols, 8 p.m.
Arrirali. Kate Adama and Arkaa
Baa City.
Departure. Kate Adams and Ar
kansas Citv.
teat in rori. DeSraet.
Bonn lhu Dum. Dean Adams.Gay
oao and Buckeye Stale.
Boat Due bp. Coahoma, Helena,
E. W. Cole, l'.sne Macready and Thoa.
Receipts Yralrtlay.
Kate Adama 263 bale cotton, 63
baga seed-cotton, 365 ska seed, 1 horse
and 48 pkgs sundries.
The IH aa Adams, Capt. Henry
Cooper, ia tbe packet this evening at 5
o'clock for Osceola and the unoer
benda. Wm. Smither ia in her cilice.
The Gays, Capt W. P. Hal', Is
the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for Hales Point, Tiptonville and all
way landings. Jesse 1'. Walt ia in her
Tub Coahoma, Capt. Thomas Clag
gett, ia the raoktt this evenini nt 5
o'clock for Helena, Kiiara Point and
all wav Undinga. Will Ashford ia in
her ofllca.
Tna O.'Llne iteumer Gniding Star,
Capt. J. D. Hegler, will paw down I:
mortow at 12 o'clock it New Orleans
and all intarmediats points. Frank
el jin ia in her ottice.
Thb O. Line steamer Thomas Sher
lock. Capt. 8. O. Mclntvre, will paaa
up this morning at 10 o'clock for Cin
cinnati and all intermediate points on
the Ohio river. William F. Mclntyre
ia in her ollice. ,
Tub E. W. Cola, Capt. Ed NawUnd,
is the picket to-moriow evening at 6
o'clock for all polcti on Arkansas
river, going thnxigb to Pine Blutf.
Jamea- N. Tliompfoa ia in her office,
awiated by Rufaa Foeter.
Tub DjSmet, Capt. Milt R. Harry,
Is the packe to-morrow evening at 5
o'clock for a!) points on White river,
f oing thraugh to Newport and mak
ng connections with packet for upper
White and lllirk rivers. Albert Mc
Ghee and Hugh Smith are ber clerks.
The great cc tun farrier. Big Helena,
Capt. AH Griaaom, is due to-day, and
leaves apum t vmormw evening at 5
o'c'ock for Helena, Arkansas City,
Greenville, New Orleans and all way
landing!. James B. White bin charge
of her office, mailt )d by Henry Sen
mon. Tns Buckeye Etite, Capt, II. J. Vin
ton, will be found in port this morn
ing and leaves again this evening at 5
o'clock for Cairo, Louisville, Cincin
rati and all way landings on the Ohio
river. George W. Hendrickaon has
charge of her olllce. assisted by Okas.
Vinton. The Buckeye (State will give
cheap rates to all points North uud
BualNiaa quiet.
Cloldv weather and warmer.
Capt. Sam Brown of Pittsburg ia In
the city.
Tna river hero st ands 19 4-10 feet on
the gauge, a rise of 210 in the last 24
Receipts by river yesterday, 252
bales of cotton, 63 bags of seed-cotton
and 365 Backs of seed.
Tub Kate Adams arrived yesterday
morning from Arkansas City with 252
bales of cotton, 63 baga of seed-cotton
and S65aacka cf seed, und returned
again laat evening with a good trip.
The Glubt-Democral cf the 27th aays:
"The river ia swelling very slowly.
This is now thought to be a nat
ural rire, and not from tbe gorge.
Without rala river men are in
clined to the opinion that it will Uke
three weeks or more cf warm weather
to have any effect toward moving the
ice blockade. Capt. John Alt, harbor
and whaif commiaa'oner: 'I do not
pijipow to uae dynmit i in trying to
clear the harbor of Ice until about 48
hours Ut'jre the general break-up
takes p'ace. My object is to gtt the
ice broken up below the bridge and Itt
it pttM out In f ire the ice noith f f the
bridge makes a itart. This will give
the ifambriiti some chauce to fight
the ice coming f oin the bridge and
poieibly an oppoit unity O follow the
first gorge out and gtt in below
Arserul Island. A general movement
if the ice without those measur-ja
meauB, I think, vait damage tl the
era it In the harbor.'"
Oi'rtra Pinmt. BiravtCK, II. 8. A., 1
Mr.ai'His. Tin., January II", 1 p.m. 1
The following nbsdrvatlona are taken
at all stations on mod at 7V innridisn time,
wlil' h is una hour faster than Memphis time.
low water
Cincinnati ...
Pavenport. .
KortBmitD. .
La Cross ...
ELittla Koek ,
iiOUisvine. ..
Mmilil. ,
NashTill ...
Naw Orle'ns.
Pittsburg ....
Bt. Louis
Bt. Paul
Khraraiiort -Vlnkshurs;
fro sen.
Pi oprnn .Tan liar V 28. Noon
River 5 feet on the gauge and rising.
Weather raining.
Cincinnati, January 28. Noon
River stationary, with 22 feet 5 inches
on the gauge. Weather cloudy ; ther
mometer 40. Night River atation
ary, with 22 feet 4 inches on the gauge.
Weather cloudy and sloppy. The
James W. Garl ia expected from Mem
phis. Evansvillb, Jannary 28. Noon
River falling, with 23 leet 4 Inches on
the gauge. Weather cloudy and cold.
Night River falling, with 22 feet 9
inches on the gauge. Weather turn
ing colder; thermometer 34 to 36.
Very little ice running. Departed:
U. P. Schenck. Cincinnati. 1 p.m.
Cairo, January 28. Noon River
27 feet 9 inches and rising. Weather
cloudy and cold. Arrived: Oakland
and bargee, New Orleans, 3 p.m.;
Guiding Star, Cincinnati, 4 a.m.;
Buckeye State, Cincinnati, 7 a.m.
Departed: Joe. B. Williams and tow,
Ohio river, 9 a.m. Night River 28
feet and riaing. Weather cloudy and
cold. Departed : Buckeye State, Mem
phis. LoBievn-Li, January 28. Noon-
River Jailing, with 9 feet 7 inches In f
the canal and 7 feet 5 incbea on tbefalls. i
Business dnlL Weather cloudy and
slightlv colder. Tbe Jim Wood ia put-
ting her heavy tow through the '
canal. Night River falling, with 6
feet 9 inches in tbe canal and 4 feet
7 inchea on the falls. Business fair. '
Weather cloudv and rainy. Arrived:!
James W. Gaff, Memphis; Golden
Crown, New Orleans. )
Mevewsrssla f Oecass Nieamrra.
Glasgow, Jannary 28. Arrived: I
State of Nevada, New York.
New York, January 28 Arrived: jt
Polyneaia, Hamburg; State of Nobrac-
ka. (ilanffnw. .
- k
8"thern"Traa imitation Co.-O. Lin For i
Vioksburn Natalies aad New Orlsass hir. r
jiiirii..g Wtar tZT.
J. D. Healer. ..mister, affiSJ? i
Will 1t bATUKDAY, Jan. Sub, at U m. I
Kor frewbt or nassaa aevly lo C. U. KUS- i
SELL, As't, "2 Msdtson s. Tolephon '7.
J Baaa D. raisil.ls, f asuenier Agent. I
For Helena, Terrene, Or nvill, Kew Or
leans and way landings bteamer
Alf (Irlnom.... master.
Will laava HATUKDAY. Jan. J th.eL5D.ni
For Ireishtor paaiag apply at 1 Madison St.,
or to II CLOW K, Agent,
8onthern Tra nnmrtatioa Co. O. Line Kor
l 1 1. ...i n-MinMM
Thos Sherlock,
Mi'latsr master. Wb-
Wlll leave FKIDAY, Jan. 29tb. at 10 a m.
For freight or pessag apply to 0. B. Kliij
KKl.L, Atnt, U Madison st. Tolephone 7.
aea u. raaai.iw, rsiHBigf ngea..
Hemphla and Clnclmati Packet Co.
ISuckoje NtntcjS
H. J. Vinum master,
Will Isits FRIDAY. Jan. I9th. at S n.m.
For might or nassaga ai.ply to 0. 1). KUS
SKLL, Agent, No. 'i Madison st. Telephone
No. Itff. JOHN PARK, P..enrer Airen'.
MemphlH,M kite Black Rlrcr Packet ; j
For Helena, Indian Bar, St. Charles, Clar-
Snaon, ivalis niun. ies Am, Augusta.
acksnuporW UntasTill, Powbattan and!
Pocahontas. Tbe naw and elegant gtUer 1
wheel passonrer sUapier
HcSJla-'JV LasSZh f
uth n...- k'
Will laav U V K'kV "a ATU RD X'V'at'5 o'olo'ck I
p.m. Through rstastoall points. Kreinhtl
oonilgned to Mill Harry Line, Menrhia, will I
he prunititlr InrwardeJ. U. II. HILSSKLL,
Agent. Telephone til. OfBo 11 Maiisoa st.
JgHMg II r KAStun. 1't.oeiiirer Agent.
Keimpbla, Vrlnra Pelat sttsd nniMstlt
n sa-isi ritesseii aiinsisur.
For lllna, Ulcndal. Friars Point and all
Wav Landings titaamor
I. T, Olactt...astr I Piatt Rhou.. ..m
Will laav as above on reiy MONUAV,
WHDM IDAY and FRIDAY, at 6 o'olook.
For Randolph, Fulton. OseaoU and War'
lsdig Slemner
f. H. Oooprv twtr....J. Wefe'm.thtrf.oUrk J
si . UllkltlV U b'llklV.l.l V 1
and FRIDAY at t3 p.m. Ift boats of tbU
lln reserr the right to past all landings
th sap tain may deem ansafe. Olfio, No. 4
Madle- JAMV.H 1.KW, J.,Hiir't.
Tba M. Francis River Transportation '
Co.'s Fin BH-W heal U. 8. Mail .tiuiamar
Reie Macready. rK -t
0. K. Joplln master,
at 6 o'olook, for Martanna, lh Cat-Off. aad
InUrmedlat leadings on tit. Franoli rirar.
Th eaptain reierres the right to nasi all
landings h deemi unsafe. JAB. LEK, Ja.,
HnnaelnteoenS. OlflM. Vn. 4 Msdisin St.
Mem lib Is 4V White l(ivorPkt.Co
tV. H. MAIX Lf.
I. O.Postal-maiUr I O.MJostai.- .olarl
CnskrBlosa, Dovislla HlneT, Dm Are,
I Asssrasitss, jnohsMsnyortsiiMl nrvj.
at t p.m. Tbrongh rata to all point.
Freight oonslgnod to "Mempbis and Whit,
rtlrer Paokat (Jcmpany" will baforwardad
promptly. u. V. LOWB, Agent,
N. S M.HIunn . Telephnee No. M.
For Osseole. Hales Point. (Jarutnersvill
Oayose and Tliitonvlll Th nv stoamail
W. P. Ball muter J. D.Fnll.r....olerk v
will leave as above, and all war point
n.m. fnr fewtght or naswaga apply nn hoard
Memphis and Vickabnrfr Packet Com
pany U. 8. Mall Line. -
M. K. Obatk... master I W. U. Blanker...olrs
Jror Helena. i;oneordia, lerreneaud Araant.
sasUlty The elegant passenger steuuier t
Leaves Memphis J
p.m., reserving tue right to pass all landing
th cattay may doom unsafe, li'or genera
Information apply at ottiee, No, 4 Mailiioi
street. K. WALWORTH. Agent.
JullV CARB. Pa.s'r Asent. Telephone M
No. R ChanmryCnnrt of Bhelbyoonn
ty htato of l ennsn.e for ill own mo, ew.
vs. John H.Tigh etal. i
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree fo;
sal entorsd In the above oause on thi
Z')lh day ot November, DM, M. B. 61), pagi
ml will sell, atpublloauotion, tothehigb
st bidder, in front ot the Clerk and Master';
oflioe, Courtbous cf bhslby oounty, Mem
phis. Tenn., a
siaturaajr, Frbrnnrr 80, 18,
within legal hours, the following describes
prorerty, situat.d in bhelby oouuty, Tean.
Lots It and tfl Vollentlne subdivision, nortl
and adiiining Btahl and MeFa-Und: lot 1
being 11 by M feat. Lot 13 being 17'.'H b'
JtA feot. Bold aa property of John II
Tube, C. F. Adder and others.
Lou 7, 8, II, 12, 1.1, 17 and V, north side ol
Vollentlna avenue. Lot 27 oontainina 22 1.1
sores. Lot 7. 6, 13 and 17 b.iog 17:; bj
leet acn.
A certain tract nn tbe northwest corner o
Vollentino and Watkins avenues; Ungln
Bin at a stake on the north boundary iim
ol the ftoiiu-arre Hie graptand sonthea-t cor
ner of th Vollentlne traot: thence nearl:
north with th dividing line oi l. A. Par
ran and Volltntina traot 13 ehains 50 link
to a ituke In said linet theao wast
chains 2rl links: thence south snd paralle
with said dividing lino 12 ohsini 17 finks t'
a stake in laid John Rice's north line
tlienoo east with said line to the begin
ning, containing 9 57-11)0 acies. 6oi a
proixrtrof H. M. Ward sud P. 11. Bryjon.
Lot ll Crockstt subdivision, beginning
nortbeast corner of th Kalcith plankroa,
and Lewis street; thonc eat along tii
Kaleisb road li6feet tlience nonh tl 7-i
feet to the nortboast corner of lot 11; tnenr.
115 foet west lothe cast line of Lenis stioet
thence south 470 feet on east line of Lewi
street to the beginning, twld as property o
Simon and Tobias Wolf and Wm. Whiitnker
Lola.il. 3. and 36, Wenkley's subilivisiop
north side of an avonue S3 feet wido. loinl
ingtrom the west sido of tiecond street t
waterworks on the cat bank of Wolf river
beginning at a ptiint 421 fact we.ttof Scoon. :
street) thene north with the west lino of : j
one-acre lot sold by Fitsgibbon to Margate i
l)anno,210 tout to ths norttiwem corner o j
said one-aore lot; thence et to the south'
west oorner of snotbor one-'.ore lot hereto
tore S'dd tixrsid Miirgret Oannoa ; thone
northweJtwardly with the west lice of shi.
lot Ui leet. more or less, to the south Iin
of W. A. Bickford's lot; thence weslwardl
will, 1ii,.lrtnr,l'i hna to the northeast corn
of lot 2; thence southwardly with the es
ii-. .r lot in thn north line cf the avi
nn. first uientioned; thence eiutwardly t
the beginning, eonUining 1 77-HO acre
Hold as th property of Mary and Franc
v o'lrZt l.,t 10. Crockett's subdivision. SI
4'jft feet, on the north side o the Kala'Ki
road, cast and sdjoinina lot 11. s'oU aa tht
uropertr of Mary 'f . Stahl. . , 1
Terms ol Sale On a i-edit of six months
not With security, bearing interest irv-
date, re'iairau; ilea reuuueu, nwwi'vt
barred. . ! .
This Jan nary IS, 18SS. . ' '
8. 1. MoDOWKLL, Clerk and MasUt.
By J. M. Bradley. Deputy C. and M,
V. 11. A C. W. Usiskell. ooiicitec.
-SaarB f

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