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Tbi' Merchants' Exchange yester
day appoirtid a co-.tniittee to confer
with the railrcad luanajers as to the
freight rat) in grain which jmt now is
agsvrut this ma.kf t and in favor of
Louis, sad it is to be' hoped he jail
road men vfill meet them in a spirit
of fair p'uy and endeavor to grant
their demands. Memphis is, all things
considered, doing ' very well, better
than mott plaies in the country, bat
it ean do still better, especially in the
mat.rof (rain, if only the 'railroads
WW "offer fa-siliUcs : in -tw'nt and
freight raiea ir the distribution M
shipments. All tha rsilrcais wufc.it
i here wiJ fino" it to their Interest vo
i jetor and encourago every branch, o!
trado In Memphis.
Tas Merchaiitt' Exchange declined,
at the meeting it held yesterday, to
astf'-ce any sujwtion to Cvngrwa aa to
the manner or method of settling the
silver oiestion, brit ft urged upon that
body its speedy eeUleraect, we sup
pose in any way, becau-.e it is a cause
of disturbance and hindrance ti the
business intsrastu of the country.
Perhaps this ia the proper coun-e to
pursue ; but, with all the lights before
wb, we must think diQerently. It is
Hot merely the aj?itat oa of the silver
e,uefcion that is affecting the business
interests of the States injuriously, but
the fact that Congress forces upon the
country a silver do'lar that, fluctuates
ia value from 79 to 85 cents. A fair
solution of tbe problem is, in our
oolusou, to be f juud in the coinage rf
silver doling worth 100 cecti gold
Th New York .Sun, the World and
tlie Tribune are bounding Attorney
Gauerol (jiKlaud with almost the
epirit of persecution. The World ad
vises him to got rid of his telephone
aloik tit or.ee. It essumes that "he
cannot regard it aa desirable that the
judges before whflin the Bell case will
be tried should know that by their de
cision they enrich a high Cabinet offi
cer or render his property worthless."
It asks him whetber his ownership of
the stock is creditable to the "Domo
or'atic Reform Administrates" or cal
culated to )a'se the highett standard
of official honor in public life. Iu
plain terms he is t jld tbtt his po
sition is untenable, and that he
mutt sell his stock in order to
clear the Department of Justice from
reproach and suspicion. To this the
Tribune ane-vers that "so far a? the
moial aRpciticf the case are con
cerned it mHknsnd difference wKi tner
Mr. Garland bo'da or sells his S'ock.
Hebaibeen chargrd with receiving
$1,500,000 of this itJck a a gift when
he was a Senator, and when impo taut
legitl ition i.Q'tj.'tiog patents and these
Ulptoa companies was before Con
Rrees. Will the sale of tbat gift stock
rem 079 the reproach of to dishonor
able a fc.viaaetion?" The Sun takes
the same t obiVon sad plainly charges
corruption, and that the Ball suit3
were entered and pressed for specula
tive purposes. But neither tbe World,
the Tribune nor the Sun have any
thing to eay about the manifest justice
of the suit aid tho government's right
to undo its own blunder. Nor do they
siy oae word about fie fact adduced
before the special commissioners of
the Interior Department, by which it
,vras proven that Bell procured the
pa'ent by collusion, by corruption and
br the theltof sn invention of the
like o which he did not dream until
the pinna and specifications were
placed bafore him. The World, the
gun and f ie Tribune ghoul I treat their
readers to a dissertation on this aspect
of the case.
Ths question ra'sed by the Repub
lican members of the Senate that the
President shall give his reasons for
remova's is one that Mr. Cleveland
will continue to (newer by denial. As
the New York Timet says: "With the
fact that induced the President, as
the ehief executive, to remove sn of
ficer they have nothing to do. As far
ba;k.aithe firut session of Congress
this question of the Senate's share in
removals was raised, and it wai fully
dtt?rmined that it had none." Mr.
Madison then, in a letter ti' Edwin
Raadolpb, quoted by the Timet, put
the relative powers of the President
and 8enate in such cases very plainly
He said: "A very interesting ques
tioa is started By whom officers ap
pointed daring pleasure by the Presi
dent and Senate are to be displaced;
whether the power results trtlhe au
thority appointing, or, as an executive
function, to the President, who is
vetted with the executive power ex
cept so far as it is expressly qualified.
Jfy pritent opinion it that tite Sen
tite i as&K.iated mlh ihe Preti
ieut ly way of exception, and can
not therefore claim beyond the .exception.
On the contrary construction the Sen
ate meat sit constantly ; officers would
iruke parties then to support them
n ifli net tne President, and by degrees
the executive power would slide into
as branch of the Legislators; on the
most favorable supposition it would
bs a two-headed monster." To pre
vent the possibility of such a monster,
and save the country from an intoler
ant usarpa'jn such aa the 8ent, in
too many intUnces, has proven itself,
the Democratic party and press should
sustain the President with a unani
mity that sba'l prove to the country
that the men who elected him believe
him sincere as a civilservice reformer,
and ai snh will bold up kis hands
and fctrsogthen him by their support
and Approval.
Seaatar Yaace an! ths Pan Elfetrle
Compaay Another ' Band '
. UU-FwtalOrfera. f ;
- rraort. to thi ArniCl
v 'Wishisctoh, January "59. The
Ho;ia Coumfw on LaVir hits
inalruoieil Mr. Jaioss to re-part liW(av'
blv his bill malting it nniantui J- as
Otlioer, aj-ent or servant of the jprerc
meat f ihs United RUs to toitraot
lot cauvlct labor, nod imposing a Cub
of f-um foiiO to $10,000 or imprlfou
ttint rif eae to tnrne years far viola
tion of tho act ,.The subcommit'te
having th:trgs cf tho . convict Labor
question repoitd favorably a bi 1 pro
hibiting the nso of material mse by
convicts in the conatruttion t( gov-
e tnu"j zo&i, pp !hf 1M wmniv-
lee did not set upon iL The Kn"i '
Let'r Carrieis' ARo.kton will be
hi a d by the committee next Monday
in favor of the extension of the eight
hour law.
of North Carolina speaking of the pub
lication, by a Nuw York paper, of his
name aa one of the stockholders of the
Pan-Electric Telephone Company, said
that the whole at a qment concerning
niin wai a "bare-faced, naked and
bild-heuded lie." lie never bad any
connection or relation with the com
piny, nor was his rase ever entered
on the books o! the lo.npauy.
coKoaaeeiiAX jambs
t t New York baa received from the
New York Board of Trade and Trans
porta iun s loDg petition nreing Con
gress to give effect to the President's
recommend t'ons regarding suspen
sion of silver coinage. Several thou
aand eignntures are attached to the
petition, embracing neany all ths lead
ing bnsineas houses in New York and
Brooklyn and other parts of New York
B ate. .
to day introduced a bill to prohibit the
bnainess cf importing paupers, lazzi
roni aud beggars into the United
ttee and Territories, oad hiring out
the same. Referred to trie Committee
on Labor.
MB. veal '
introduced a bill for the relief of the
First Baptist church in Chattanooga.
New offices Moo re town, Desoto
county, Miss., Annie Moore, postmis
tress; Whiteapple, Franklin county,
Miss , William u. Collins, postmaster:
Burt, Cannon county, Tenn., Daniel
B. Yearwood, potaiaster.
Pojioffl at Wise, Jackson county,
Ark , changed to Weldon.
fcttr service Fayette villa to Bt.
Pant, Ark., increased to twice a wuek
alttfr February 1st, a id between Corn
ing and Cherokee Bay to twice a week.
Fajrauutcr-ttenvral Mnallh'a Bea-
' ,tuc.
AaTtmuTos, January 29. The sen
tence imposed by thw general court
martial In the cssa of Pymutsr-Qen-end
J. A. Smith, United States navy,
having been approved by the Secre
tary of the Navy and confirmed by
the President, wi.s promulgated to-day
at the Nivy Department. The charges
upon which Paymaster-General Bniitb
was arraigned and tried were two
the first being, "Scandalous conduct
tending tJ the destruction of good
morals," and the second. "Culpable
inefficiency in the performance of
duty." The court found him guilty
on both charges, and sentenced him
"tn.be diamiswd from the position of
Chief of the Bureau of Provis on a and
Ch.thing in the Department of the
Navy; to be suspended from rank and
duty as as a pay inspector, on furlough
pay, for three ;earp, and to retain his
present number in his grade during
that period"
Another Bond Call.
Washisoton, January 29. The Sec
retary of the Treasury has issued a fa'l
for redemption of the 3 per cent, loan
cf 18S2. The principal and axrued
interest will be paid o, the Treasury of
the United States in Washington on
tbelbtof March, 1880, and the inter
est will cease on tbat day. Following
is a description of the bonds: Three
per cent, bonds issued under the set of
Congres), approved July 12, 1882,
and numbered as follows: Fifty dot
htrs,. original number 298; $100,
original number, 2149 to original num
ber 2165, both inclusive ; $JO0. original
number, 1003 to original number 1075,
both inclusive; $1000, original num
ber 9189 to original number 9786, both
incluaive; $10,000, original number
16,449 to original number 17,400, both
inclusive. Total, $10,000,000. The bonds
described above are either bonds of
the "original issue," which have but
one serial nun.bcr at ench end, or "sub
stitute bonds," which may bs dis
tinguished by the double set cf num
bers, which are marked plainly
"original numbers," and "substitute
numbers." All of the bonds of this
loan will be called by the original
nnioDers only.
AteoiaU r th Alabama rialaaa
Washington. January 29. First
Comptroller Durham has just finished
an iHveatigkt o.i of the accounts of the
Court of (.'ommitsioners of Alabama
CI aims, covering the period f.-otn April
1 to August 31, 18S, snd including
wcac wa i rejected by the Htate De-
paitcnent, has dita lowed items
amounting to$22,5;j lor the fame rea
son that he stopped the payment of
wnrrants for items of a similar ch a 'ac
tor in August last, t wit, that they
were net warranted by law.
New Judicial circuit.
Wtbhikgtoh, January 29. Ssnttv
Ingalh iuiroduced a bill in the Senat)
to-ciay to amend the Revisad Statutes
to as to mate the K ghth Judicial Cir
cuit of the United Kites consist of ths
Suite- of Nebraska, Kanru Arkansas
end Oalora Jo, instead of . Minnesota,
Iowa and Missouri, as at present, and
to make tha la.ter BUUrS compose the
Ninth Circuit.
Rrevptton t
ths Wklte-
Waihinotom, January 29. The
publio recepiion at the White-House
to-mght was one of the larpeat aflaira
of ttie kind ever seen here. The hours
of the reception wers from 9 to 11
o'J ck, but long before 9 o'clock a
cio.vdp packed crowd of people ex
tended noil the main entrance of the
Executive Mansion the entire length
of the carriage-way, and for ha'f
a block up Pdnnaylvania avenue,
Up- to 11 o'clock ths crowd, con.
tinucM to increase and it was long
after tha hour bf m the lst one in
the lme had paeecd thioueh. The
PresidejQt was assisted in receiving by j
MissClevsland. Mm. Manning, Mrs.
Whitney and Mrs. Yils- Secretariat
Manning, Whitney, Endicott and
laaar, were also present.. CuL Wil
son made ths rirBSTlet ona.
- eaaaert ky Bllad irttaU.
Wabhiwotok, Jamyy 29. With
tiie purport f promoting interest in
lh establishaneut of institutions in
this cimntry for artistic music educa
tion ol the blind, a concert wai given
in All 6ooV church this evening by
artists edurM'ed at the London Royal
Uolljn and ' Academy1 of Music for
the Bnfid. ' Invitations' to the concert
Were sect Mrt'by aXOmmifrr, consibtr
i ng ' of M fas'. Vi o vclsnd, M rs. Chit f
J nt'tice iVa-t, Mis. bctatux. bherman,
bfre. (Xtkkr Carli-le, Mrs. llmlicolt
and several promlnect gentlfiuen.
Prcsldtnt Oleiilirod and Miss Cleve
V"iE(l were nu:o-'"g the uiaticgaishtd
audience., Tb ooncat, - wli;o!i was
cinder the direction of Dr. J. F. Co-np-bell,
principal of the Eool College,
was piogicced
juccew, ,'
a complete a-'.isdc
Bealaaiti'" ort'lilet' Dvtrcllv Por
M?r Ttof Arnold H aider.
Nabhvillb. Tkhn., January 29. R.
M. Puit.-r, chief of detectives, had a
misunderstanding with Cupt. Knrri
gan, chief of police, to day, and re
signed from the force. Mr. roil r ia
regarded by the entire community II
a man of hue professional anility, ti
dustry and intgrity, and his rea'gns
tion is a great loss io the city. Ha loft
lint night for Chicago, where he has
received a flatterin? businees cfl'-.r.
The grand jury is tt Jl invoatigating
the sn-cdlled Arnold murder, but has
failed to find a true bill. The opitdon
kiows t'"iit the jury does not believe
th hcaileaa remains are those cf Ar
nold. A telegram frcm Philadelphia an
nounce' the death there to-niht of
M. II. Ho a aid. Hn was eightyeigl.t
years old, a d bul lived in Tennessee
many years. Durioit the psst year he
bad donated over JuO.fOO to the va
rious charitable nrainiw i'Tuof Nash
ville, besides lltyXX) to f und a libiary
here aud $5000 to the State Historical
Dr. J. M. Gowan of this city, a prac
titioner of sixty-two years, committed
suicide this morniua Bboat 4 o'clock.
At that- hour he arose, and telling
bis wife to go back to sleep walked
out into the ball, where he cut
h'a throat with a razor, sever
ing the maxillary nerves. With
out leaking any noise he went buck
to bed, and lay down at the tide of
bis wife. At 7 o'clock one of his
daughter's discovered his condition,
and medical attendance was sum
moned. He died, however, in two
hours. Business troubles bad of lata
caused bim to be much depressed,
and it is supposed that in a fit of
glrom be decided to lake the ra-h
tap. He leaves a wife and four chil
dren. '
Traoin n( o Work la the Caal
- meia!.
Bibmimgbam, A la.. January 29.
For some time oast about 100 tramps
have been loafing around Sl'.ss'a fur
nace and sleeping in the warmth of
the long battuy of the coke oven. The
furnace needed hands and repea'edly
made (flirts to employ the tramps,
but they would not work. The police
made a raid on them and succeeded
in capturing twenty-f ur, and all were
landed in jal. Seven were tried and
convicted to-day, and fined 125 each
for vagrancy. They will be -put in
the coal mines to work out their finer.
There ia no doubt of the conviction of
th rett.
J. W.Oibornand Marion Hamner,
arrested in Tuscaloosa for represent
ing themselves as United States deputy
marshals and extorting money from a
man named Dunn, whow cass had
been nolle prosequied, bal a hearing
bsforu tbe United States Commission
ers hers to-day, and were bound over
to the spring term of the court.
Tbe Ideality r th Dead Horse
Ttalf f K-lnbltHhrfl.
fariciAL to tbi ArriAL-l
Abkadklphia, Abk , January 29.
The horse-taief case reported by wire
yesterday has soma new developments
to-day. Two men arrived frona Yell
county, one of whon was tt one t;me
a brother-in-law of the dead horse
thief. They identified him snd gave
something of his history. He is an
escaped convict from the Texas peni
tentiary where be was sent for fo gery
snd when killed and captored yester
day be was riding the third horse he
had stolen in Yell county in the past
four days. Sheriff Hulsey of this
county believes from information in
his hands that be is the man who
murdered two men lait Friday in St.
Fianciscoanty, this State. '
In tbe bright autumnal days tbe
temptation to comfortable exposure
yields its fruit in a mott pernicious
cnugb and Irritation of the throat.
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup stands unri
valed a- a remedy for throat and lung
diseases. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
laternatlonnl Cattle Coaventioa.
Dzkvbr, Col., January 29. The
third day o! the International Cattle
Convention. The Committee on
Resolutions reported favorably upon
the reeo'ution to appoint commit'ees
to confer with EiB'.ero live-f t :k mer
chants to secure a change of commis
sion from per capita to per head, and
an investigation as to the possibility
of the speedy completion of the Den
ver and New Orleans railroad to the
gulf, and several minor resolutions.
Lcnsoeo's perfume, Eden is.
Luiidborg's perfume, MarchalNiel
Lnndborga perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg's perfume, lily of the
Cotioa-Ula Baracd
sriciAL to ma ArriAL.I
Duck Hill, Miss., January 29.
Dan Jordan's cot.on-gin, nra' here,
burned labt night. Lo i about $1,7iX);
insurance, $825, in the Western of
Toronto, Canada. f
Lonlavllle Cftncot,
Foundations, cellar walla and build
ingBSuiiject to overfiow should be con
structed with Louisville Cement. It is
the standard.
Dry Import at Hew Tork.
Nrw Yobk, January 29 Total im
ports of dry goods at this port during
the past week trera valued at $2 8H,
323, and tbe amount thrown on the
market $2,882,403.
Mr. Gladstone Summoned tor a (.'
sniUtlon with the Queen
ChamberU!s'g Tltw?.
Lowusk, January 29. Tho Queen
bat accepted ths resignation o! Lo-d
Salisbury end bis Cabinet, fend hue
aumuio'ied him for a conpol'.ation.
The doadlock btwen Mr. Gladeto.ie
and Lmd Hartingt.in contiuncs, ths
latter holding th it the rep; e-ion of
disorders . In Ireland ia primarily
leeway. - .
. LoSD (AUtBtTSf
relarned to London tliis evening fioua
02borno, He was closely guarded tiy
' MichsilID vitt, Dslen Tuylor and
others will inaugurate an sgranan
agitation in Wales oj Uor.fJty next.
The latett number of ihe Xi,eittnth
Century contains an articlj by Arnold
Koater which lias creawd a wjnaatioo
here. Ths writer recalls tha'. Iriwh
men were at tbe bottom of the Molly
Msguire conspiracy in Pi-Dnajlvaniaj
thut Irishmen plotted sgalut the olli
cials and the Chineee iu ban Francis
co; that the Tammany hug wee hi-gely
supported by Irish citizsnr, en 1 that
the Boston pol es were tampered with
hy Irith pufmciunB of thai city. Tho
hifctiry of the world show, liatavc,
I'ibt the lrieh enjjae iu cnn.p',rao!es
wl erever they may be, n:id he advises
that the Euginh Uoiernment exercise
firmness in its treatment of Irnhuid, aa
o'herwiae tho reconquest o! that coun
try will be necessary.
The Duke of Edfhburh has b?eu up
pointed commander-in-chief of the
Msditerraneuu SUt'on.
cuauusblain's VIAWJ.
The Fortnightly Jteview pn bushes a
political article which is gcntrully
supposed to reXitct the views id Mr.
Joph Chamberlain on the prt sent
criais. The writ jt expret es grc-ai re
gret at the "timidity of the VVhii;a,
who seem to be afiaid to fieri tho laid
question." "Their opuosition," he
sayi, "foiled a former a tempt to st t
tU this great issue," and ho urges
them rn reconsider the wlioli suhjnrt
.now. "A frank concert with tlin Na
tionalists should be prop mad," the
article continue, "and if Mr. Parnell
re'usos to Jiotip.te on the basis of
aolviog the Irish pioblem by nn al
juatment of the land question, (ht-n
the Liberals should try to deul wit 'i
the Home Rulers thio gli Mr. lli-a-ley."
The writer says tint hi thinks
a f jw mouths will reveal the Uiteen
sions which h mxintnir.B are now
do.mant in the Nationalist paty, and
intimates that a falling , t 3 in i u
American donations to the Le.-.guo
trea ury will bring Mr. Patki bll to the
point of cocfjruiinir his oY-r.iVi il t.
wha1: Erglishmen may jiVVy gwi
in co'iciusion, tie writer u.v th
rejection of nil the other sc'jwns or
home rule yet propoied, end rh s if
Eng and ever yielda to ttie lriali dc
luand fir a native Parliamout ahe will
have no guaratt'Q ignintl, u- eviiit
ial rerara ioa of Ireland from tireat
The Duke of Westminiater hat re
tracted his recent charges ngninst Par-Df-Miti'S
of (quandering lrieh tlor ;iUins
in debauchery. He says he is unable
positively to prove the clia-g".
The Daily Newt fays that n'ltliough
Lord Uartington has not indicated
his intentions, it iscertainly viemature
to assume tbat he would decl ine In ths
event ot his being asked to aeaist Mr.
Previous to Mr. Gladstone being
summoned it was reported thf.t the
Q ieen hesitated between the ex-Pre
mier and Lord Hartington, and had
ordered the Minirtero not to surren
der their seats of office until Monday.
Tbe BabUUt Lcadrr a ritllnro.
Caibo, January 29 Spies who hae
arrived here report that tho Mabditt
leader bai utterly failed to persuade
the Congolese to attack the british,
and that the Kabbahish tribes have
resolved to abstain from lighting.
Hlalllau taptoMMl.
St. FiTiRsnuRa, January 29. The
police authorities having ascertained
that a Nihilist p o". was being formed,
made a descent to-day upon tha head
quarteis of the conspirators and ar
rested twauly-three peisons. On the
discovery ot the conspiracy the police
authorities, fearing that injury to the
Czar was intended, advjs'-d him to re
turn to hin palace at Gatachine. The
Emperor, however declined to do bo.
The Franalaa Landta.
Beblim, January 29. In tbe Prus
sian Landtig to-day, during the dis
cnasion on tbe spirit mouopoly bill,
Prince Bismarck declared that if spirit
monopoly was refused tho govern
ment would be foiced t ) impose au
enormous license upon dealers. Re
ferring to his remarks relative to the
Reichstag in the Landtig ype'erday.
in the dipcusaion on tlie subject ot
the expulsion of Poles, he doc la-ed
the government did not intend nithpr
a coup d etat, or the diasolution of
the Reit hstiir. m
Jniuwa Arrratl.
Berlin, Jaonury 29. Mr. Jonssen,
the German-Americau wb!) was re
cently forcibly expelled fiom Norberg,
returned to that town aud was imme
diately arnatd.
Wb have used ToQgaline in several
cases of neuralgia and rheumatism,
and relibf baa foil iwed its uae in every
intUnce. Drs. K. A. & A. McCoy,
Pinaon, Tenn.
Thei Best Thing; in the World for Weak Ankles,
'Athletic Sporta and Skating 1
300 STJKUKTi iHilll'IfflfJ, TENN
HIUBKE-At M-oreBtown, N. J.,na Fri
day, January 2), Wfi, ltr. RioiCt'i IIigiiku,
tw n Tnv-?itnti Tir f fc.r fr
7, "tto Ilnnun' r?i.
0 ia-o outlcfaatorr to
w. every ctk-mttn wiJ wct tt
5 r-rrfV- ar-.:.. W ava pt:-ti.ic,' t"-io U't
a.anr.lt.l-.irj f tha ohof. U lvo-.ats cf C3
Z ycfua' c?- .'Iciki aud mx'i , i -whut t. 1!1
-C ilc.UA.-, s'.vo Cwl:ii.rt t:d r-'.'ix
5C 1; tti'i'l I;-. 'i l y t 1 1.
" 1-V.-.V t 1 t: t. i
1 Cc r
I'liyniclan, Surgeon and Accoucheur,
'Hi Jlain HttK i t, Netiril uioij.
Talapliaia No. 88.
Marcal of nil liscc.re:,
Byr.lU li UBVifl, M. p.
CnOTli nntl tlOU)
i,tt of rvtMoiPAit wos. rrmia. rwrw.
SI HorttiH, Wutia iVter, Wumi Cullo...
3f J 'rviii 'ollc, or 'iVUtlug of ItiUnta
4 1 IMArrhnii of Ohilrtrvu or A JolU
JVlItvatonfurv. (uiinuir. liilum LkjlitV..
wj hiflovft 1 or b nH Vomit ins
IMIKhil, kji I, fruUPtliUrt. t
M.Vrtiniljiin. TA'tliMcbe, l''iiciU'h(i,,.Ma
V lIcaitiK'lif-P, Hick Jrwloii, VrUffo..
II "! pl la. Jilt tons btoDtnrli.,. .
Htinpretwed nr Tiilii In I IVrlodv
fiitfW, to Prt futeiri'Hl. ,;.,.,,,
Croup. t'onffU. Oiftiouit iirxtfhiitff..a
nll lihf mil. KnaiprlM, Kntptioo.,
lOieurunllwin, IbLfainaiio l'iui.,,
Kevrrnd Aenr. i -ttHta. jVliUraV..M
I'llPd, BUmliirUMdinR ., ,
Oiarrh, lnAwnxa, ikM ia tlto H4 .AQ
Hhoojumi 'imKh ici-nt( cjoaliit,. Ji-
4iVnrnI OtliU.iv,rui'ftMiHttaJi(w Jvh
rvuit 1ci)tHiv j-it.l.
I rliinrv -iLneH.WatMnt frfwl
If'' '
!MiPAn of llit iJarf luliiiiJtiV)iiHf An
r I ' lW ii i laiani i a
hold by limiTi-IM. or wnt pniirt on nit Uf
Ron-Rcsldent Notice.
No. 32(19(7), K.D.-tn 'ha Chatanry Cinirt i.l
Si-eliiy xunnty. Tana. blata tt Xoauoa-
vi. W. K. 1'ul.l-rot nl.
It annuariiia fr;m tha Kill wMf'.i U mvt.rn
t in thil a.i-no that tha d-fenmtnt, Hamuel
T. Aikinmm, is a non-rrt'ilcst of tha Kut
ef TenntaitaH, nid 'hnt tha Anrnoa aad rot-
do va ol tha bi'l'H of Chorion ell- ana Kata
Wall, dfi-n man, a a nnaiiowa and eaii.at ha
ftrfi-f rtniupd upna d.liannt inquiry tlie Raid
hnlra brine mada diicndanU herutn keouis
of thair in orant in lot 1, bliC. S.1, Mui:i
nr-ot, Ma'"ihla, irtiic-h thin lnn'cn Jinif
0crk 10 Ha J for unpaid taif n ttiaraon :
it in thi-rat'ora onlevtii, That ttity n'.ake
their unueiran -a boroin, at tha ntiutthu jsa
nf Shalov oountv, io MuniphlR, Tann . ;n or
hf.fira tha lir t Mondarr in Miiri-b, 1KH, and
Etoad, aniiwar or demur to aoinplainant'a
ill, nr tin aama will ba taken f r con
tcrard at to Iham and rat for hraring ax
P'irtei and thut a copy of t hla order be ib
liabrd i.nce a week, for tear meeam
wet-kit, 'n tba Moinphta Ai'c'n.1. Thi 2?tb
duy of Janaarr, A onj ittt:
S, j. M. HOW BIX, Clerk and Master.
Ey II. F. Val.b, Deputy Clerk and M-ntur.
J. W. Hampton, Ho), for comi'lu'l aat .
WK IIU SOT AT CnJ) Orchard WaUr
will OnreOnnrer, Kidlepfyor Ucart lHaeaae,
but no Nay Crab Urchard Water aa!a
remody for
17 1 1)YSlEISIA,
Ti aa rtcltuble aa Qnininn for
tiae that Crnb-appla fra-lomark lt n all
packatoof "Haiti'' and "Water."
Crab Orchard Water Co., t'rop's.
SIMON N. J0NR3. Manaaar.
LoB'liTUIe, Ky-
Hon-Rosldent Notice.
No. mo, R.D. In th Chancery Court of
bh Iby euaity, Tenn. Mar Key T. W.
K. Croter at al.
lt api.enri. from Bberiff'i return In tbia
eiiUie that the defendant, M. 1'., Crater, w
not to be found iu hie eouoty r
It 1 therefore ordered, That he make bis
appearance herein, at the eourthoure of
Kueiby eounty, in Memphis. Tenn., en or be
fore the first Monday in Mareh, 1H8(, and
plead, answer or demur to complainant'
bill, or he same will be takes lor confessed
aa to biro and set for hearing ei parte; and
that a copy of this order be puh'ished once
a week, for foot saecepaire wnek.i, in the
Memphis Appeal. '1 hisfch day of January,
1WC. A eoi.y-aiu-st:
8. 1. Mi-DOWKLL, Clerk and Mastor.
Hy H. P. Walsh, Iieputy Clerk and Master.
Xiylor k Carroll. BoU. for compl'nt. sat
NoB-Resldenl Notice.
So. 6002, R.D.-In tha Chmcery Court tt
Bhelhy oour-ty, Tenn. John JohntuD ts.
M M. Buck Co.
lt appearing irum bill sw.rn to In this
cause tbat tho defendants, hi. M. Bu-k A
Co , arercildente of bt. Louis, Plate of M is
toari, and lob-residents of the Bute ot Ten
neftieit It is therefore ordered, Th t they ro'ke
their ap-earane kerep,at the courtboa'e
ol hhelljy county, Is Memi.his, Tenn., on or
before tlie fir.t ond iy in March, linn, and
(.lead, answer or demur to eooy-lainant s
mil, or the same will be taken for confessed
as to thein and sot for heiring ex parte; and
that a copy cf this order bs published ones
a week, lor four laicntsire aeeks, in the
Memphis Appeal. Ihis &nh djy of Jan-uary.lW-.
A copy-attest:
8. 1. MoD'eWKLL, Clerk and Miwter.
By II K.'Walsh.Iieputy Clerk imd Master.
John !. Ma'tin, Pol fne e-mpl'nt. ant
(hakan) fp.ili
.... -:
From Patients Under His Care in Memphis -
Superintendent cf TrL for Woodruff Lumber Compntiy. . .
Mevii'mw, Tenv., Jaauary 4, '
ficrcral wccVi eaiutnftitue of tt- J. A. Hon tor's troaLmttiit tVr Catabsvi an4 ,
Throat DimMwo convan8 tue taat I am on the right urmJt. Rib Apprtmloa
and operations give mc gtcut rulitif aud most oT ui dlstrosaing eymptcma
Kate disappeared.
1 unbotutatiugly rrroinrricud all arreted with (linno dietreflrrlaf allnt'-nCR to
o to Pr. Hauler, satisfied tho; will rocuivo skilful and LoiioraliU tmakiuont,
Otraer JuHortou and Fourth street.
iTiMi'iiis, Tknm., January 4. VSA.
1 have been pjcvcntl wottVs nrder Dr. 4. A. Hunter's re tr CATAaait aaxl
Lvno Dihbabc, anil, havo dcrivtl great relli'f Croru his trataaaL. Uit
"INHALER" and iinrt.iung for carrying niixlicinus into Uis Vasal ecrittea
and JLuuks are tin rWHt 1 ever suw or liuatmeJ, and giro tue ImmoxBats tad
constant reliof.
I confidently recoiiMtitMid all afllcted as I am, to go to hTug satWWl fee?
frtll get tho very bust skill and a4teutUn.
M. T. TUOXUft,
OomponiUn La Uis Agel Qtloa.
Mbmi'iim, Tuna., aaoary 4, VCS.
eonira'ivd Di. jmnfM A. nunecr several wei-lta tiatm for OATiuuiaAd
Oorigunr-TK'W and pliuml inyself under IiIh U-'Mitincnl. I have stuAdily anal
rapidly improved tim c'tl on, gaiutun co'or aud Mtrenntli, and I feel I aa Rp4
ting well.
Ilia "INilALA'i'lOr1" liistrumi'tit opro a my head and longs and giva
llvem grout rclit-f. 1 iurnostly rroou.iuoud all m nikSDrtuauto as to b
fllitft(Md with rmh ai'ii ct t to g" to hiui.
Wh L, D. Ikinuiutl, O,rocr, 466 Moixi bUvo.
4 ,. a,v , , -f j . -v ;v. .. ;
" " ' - -
Dr. HiiMtorK Visiit to Mompliis.
I'r. .1 av-vm 1! iT:a, formal ly of Kuropn, lto of Now Orleans, Doc
tor c-f lii.li.'i-i..' at.ll Surgery, Vnivcrsily of Bruonc'ii, Liocntmto of tke
Jljjii! liill''g of Myiician and furirooni, Kilinburg; a 1'upil of 8t.
Tliciuiii- Jlo-iiil,ii :n,ii (.lie finl Brnniptun Hospital for Disoaaus of too
(.'holt, Londou, t ii.;.k'iif; a brief Profcwionnl vinit to tin's oity before re
turnit.g to Kuujhj, unrJ iuay be ojiihuUciI at iNo. 8() Court street, between
Third i,ii J i-'ourtl,
lr. IJtnt.it bul to- twt'nty-fi'tf ytirs, devoted iecil attention to dio-ea-sen
o.' tin II kai, Tih.oat, ( iikt and Blood, ombraoing Catarrh, Horo
Tkroal, LninuliitiM, Av'l.uia, Conumjitiou, Dcalnoas, Kyo, Heart and Untitt
I'ispiiRcs, Strofulii, rir. Of Cos hours, 10 a.m. to 1- ra. ; ltoGp.ro.
i'crsous at. a li itante should Mend ior Du. HuNTRa'ij Jovb.AI., IiOOKJ
and LiMTft o' QnrMTit ns. While a persunal consultation is desirablj, it
i" cot alwnyx c:ti'y, uvi trvntuiuDt on, in all oasea, be conducted by
iarT Willi in 4,.mI1 lriM lor MOT EN, UVS FALLS aud
TU4MI V tttrnM ol iti li-H rlMiiiH. Send for ( irculur
atifl l'rlc' Paid,
tb Vance Street, Moruphis, Teuii. '
AbcS Commission Mcrcliants
Wos. 34 nl JJG Jluillint Wtr?'!, cmpiiln,
Dry Goods, Notions,
Kos.X2S-32S Main Street IktempltH Tasi.
WIAKKIS1Afl.y MCCK' Ti') KKKIKABLK f'Jl "Xl- W fll
WUlCa ,cfl...T to lAet-aaeaixinfie mott Tatiral..!. uij.aJ. , .lees will euuar
f aToraiil j wH th tt arj n.u kei in toe Uuiteil hutes. .iineetnen'1 ill CaJU
Buyers. a i . r i UAa--
Foil eOADBBB? & Co
a? iWfc sei ,,mmL. axnisa!

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