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ArrWal ui Dpartur cf Trains.
. T-nteTl!)e,Xc w Orleans and Texu IV j
ored, and
,1 Kov.mbcr C, IMS.
4. 6oJ
'jcrt il hmA
Bills aid EcsoIdIIobi Introduced la
Both Hme Fourth of
alj Claim.
nmeroH. January 9. ITou$t.
After ( paatw mMinrM had been
reported by ovtteea the Hon, at
lt:30a'elock, Oint committee of
the whole, Mr. Hat o! Missouri in
the chair, on the prita e calendar.
The first raeaenre on the ealenriar waa
Mr. UeMiUaa'a bill roridiOK for the
peyikiot oi the "fonrth of Jo!"
4m mi.'
- - Xr. eedd l Ohio x71alr4 that
the bill eomprieed M3 claim dlstrib
tad among eleTen State and one
Tarrisory and ctl'ad (or an xpendi
arolt239,000. After a short debate, on motion of
Mr. Barrow Mich. an amendment
van adopted providing that if the per
son from whom he derired title sbsll
be found to hare been disloyal the
ialra ahall be dismisatd. ,
The committee then roee and re
ported two bill to the II one, when
ther were passed.
The Hoose then took a reeeei nntil
7:30 o'clock this evening, the evening
onion to be for the coaaideration of
the pension bill.
The Hons, at it evening session,
passed about fifty pension bill, and
adjourned nntil Monday.
The Seaate.
In the Ben-ti to-day Sera'.or WaV
thall presented the credentials of re
election of the Hon. J. Z. George
United Ntatee Bonn'or from Missis
slpL The credential were read and
Senator Infill, from the Committee
on the Jodiciary, reported favorably
a bill relieving from political disablll
lea Georfie 8. Storks of the Bute cf
Texas, and on Mr. Iogtlls's motion the
bill waa passed.
Araonjr. bills introdnced waa one by
Senator Cn'l, at the request, he laid,
of the Governor oi Florida, to author
it e the Secretary of the Treaaary to
Bottle and ray the claim of the Btats cf
Florida on account of expenditures
made in supimwising Indian hostilities.
Senator i'Utt submitted a rwolu
Uon ior reference t3 too Committee
a Rales, and it was so ri (erred, pro
viding that executive nomica'.iona
shall hereafter be considered in opn
session. Senator Piatt said he woold
not care to speak on the resolotfon if
it suoold be favorably reported on by
he Commi t w on Kale, but would
probably wish to do o if it were ad'
Tersely repoitsd.
A ret ol nt on offered by Mr. Ed
mund was Agreed to. directing the
Secretary cf the Navy to transmit to
sue Benin copies oi tue drawings and
report of the recent survey of the
Nicaragua canal made by Chief Engl
neer MenoctL
A resolut'on offered by Senator Eus
tli was agreed to, directing the Secre
tary of the Treasury to inform the
Senate whether any Instructions had
been issned to the Arsis! ant Treasurer
at Mew Orleans to refuse to receive
silver dollars on deposit and Imuo
therefor silver certificate!", or whether
he had been instructed to receive only
limited amount ol such silver dollars,
and if such instructions had been
issued, to ii form the Senate th reas
on upon which tbey wers baud.
The Chair laid before the Senate a
communication from tbe Secretary of
War reminding the Senate, apropos of
Senator Miller' resolution of yester
day, that the circular space at the in
tersection if Maryland avenue and
First street, at the western entrance
cf the Capitol grounds, bad already
been by law set wide fur a statue of
ex-President Garfield, and that con
tract had been mad with J. Q. A.
Wardtoereit a pedestal on the spot
elected (or the statue. The com
munication wis laid on the table nn
til Mr. Morrill's resolution should be
brought up.
Proceeding to the calemlii", the
Senate resumed consideration of the
bill to divide the Sioux Indian reserv
ation in Dakota, which continued up
t o 2 o'clock, when Senator Vest took
the floor on the Dakota bill. ' lie dis
claimed any hostility, nenoaal or po
litical, to the people of Dako'a, and
claimed himself to be a Western man,
and pioud of the Wet tarn country
and it mtgnltlcent development,
lie desired t look at the question in
volved In the Dakota pro osition from
the standpoint of elevated statesman
ship and not n! partisan bonis. In no
acrimonious spirit be relied on the Re
publicins, that never had they filled
to take advantage cf party filing md
bias in pu'ting through their meas
ures. II ('aiu!or Vest) vim a Dem
ocrat, and was pmud tf tbe fact.
Without regard to politics, however,
in tbe qneeiion, he would be a coward
if he did not stand where he now
stcoJ. He asked why repeated refer
ences hid been made in debate by the
Kepublicans to party feeling? Why
had reference been mads to the tact
that the people r t Dakota were largely
composed ol Union soldiers, and
teat that (net might account fortleir
rntiveness on their po'itical situation T
Mr. Vest could show, and would bt
l ire he got through, that many brave
ex-Union veterans who had be?n shot
and shelled and eaber-strnck, a ad he
honored them for It, who were now
residing in Dski 1, were earnestly oj
pised to the measure reported from
the Senate Conmittee on Territo
ries; but he denied the rig) t
t any man to peculiar privileges in
thl country because oi having (otigl t
under one flty, because of having
espousod any cause, because of having
tlone his duty to bis principle and
convict ens as he under 03d them.
Justice tbmld be done t all men.
Why tbruft before the people, in utl
thnir fit 11 ids', s-vcinl and religious re
lations tbe dead issues of a dead (trite
m i-n our country, as we had so well
h ti d tbe other day, was now being
lio jestiy cemented lout t tier by the
ytc rinus memories of the past and the
bright snt'.cipHtions of the future?
(Senator Vest read from a Dakoti
nnwppaptr an editorial which said
inat "enough one-armed and uae
lexgcd Union vtt-rsus re in Dakota
tiwh'puh'U brigade of trs towns
ck links like Yen and Butler Ungti
and j o 1 can bet J our boots they
I an do it nay dtiy, rinht here on the
open piling of the free toil of Diiko's,
and without resorting to bush luck
ily or kuk'uxing either If they
a. .n't believe it, all they have to do to
tent the loyn'tv oi Dikota is to (Ire on
Snraier." "IVrmit me." nrd Mr.
Vejt,"to put at rest any apprehension
on (he part of tie Dakota editor so i'tr
us the ini igurat ion of another revoia
t:m is c jncerned. piaking f jr my
e f so far ss I am concerned, Firt
Sum'er stull rest in placid tran
quillity (or the balance cl my
natural life .V. least.' The admission
I I no twenty 8: a tea would ever induce
ine to appeal again to ttie arbitrament
ti arms which the Dakota editor em
ao anxious to invoke." Senator Vest
severely aojajalvertod upon the
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animale,
yesterday arrested Hotter Nicholson
and ber daughter Lury Lowry, col
took them before Justice A
Powell, where they were pot on trial give-
for the maltreatment of a little negro Mr
.!! k Millar hn u I f.
Aot in
.1. Km u.t.. L- admission
The proot sbowea. -."1
l-x iwi several eauonai
articles from DakoU newspapers, in
sisting that ther was no law to forbid
tbs people from governing them
selves. One such article inquired:
''Shall tbs saarred veteran whs put
down the rebellion now submit to the
rebels f Ws siy a thorn and times,
A'o Yon have once conquered rebel
with gun in their bands; yon will
again conquer tbs 'rebs' in Congress
having votes in their hands." Senator
Veat insisted that Oongresi was ths
only power that could aay when Ststes
should com into ths Union. If ths
ordinance of 1787 (which provided
that new SUsss shoald be admitted
whan a population ti 00,000 shoald be
reached, i tha only authority tin
ah question, ths debate would eloss
at cnos. Senator Vest denied that
that ordinance wai now in force, and
rsad (root decision of ths United
Fsate Supreme Court t bstbat
thai ordinance ceased to exist
on ths adoption cl the Federal
ConsUtceion in 1T89. Any other
view weald forever put an
end to any discretion in Congress as te
the admissiea of Mew State. Senater
Veat to jk the broad ground that no
ordinance or treaty whatever ceold
hamper or bind Congress in a matter
of 10 fundamental a character a tbts.
If it conld, then eae Coagrees could
forever bind future Coagrewaea, We
could tear te piece aiy ordinance or
treaty tbat should pnt-nd to pnt such
bsoklee on tbe Congress of the Unit
ed State. After alluding to the pait!
raa references of the other side at
some length, Senator Vest concluded
by charging that the record of the last
Legialaturn of Dakota, even era tbe
showing of KepuM'can newspapers,
wis without a parallel in the history
ol bsd scheme. In conclusion Sana
tor Vett said he would hereafter sub
mit a proposition to divide the Terri
tory by a line running north and south
00 the 101st parallel oi longitude, re
as to provide for tha keeping of tbe
unsettled western, side in a territorial
Senator Lan then (oik the floor,
but gave way for a motion to adjourn,
and the Senate according adjourned
nntil Monday.
" I the t'onimUtoo-Rooui.
At tbe hearing given to-day by the
Senate Committee on . Patent i, to
authorise publisher and others inter
ested in the subject of International
copyright, Mr. Gardner Hubbard ad
dressed the cem rait tee in opposition
to tue paasag ot any copyright bill.
Mr. James Unssell Lowell, president
cf the American Copyright Loegne,
waa introduced by Mr. Ureen, the
eeorttary of the league, and spoke at
some length in favor of tbe panuge (i
an International copyright bill. In
rerlv to Mr. Hubbard "he said nobody
would maintain that there was
property in an idea. The property right
waa in the fashion of presenting tbe
idea. Tbe constitution recogn!sd
thl In granting patent. Patents
ware nothing but idea fashioned in a
certain way. For inrtince the Bell
telephone was precisely parallel case
with books, lie declared there waa
one kind of bosk better than cheap
books, and these were books honestly
come by. lie took the morel view of
the question. Many of the argument
used by Mr. Uubbard might be
need in defense of pocket-picking.
One could live much easier if lie could
live upon the labors of other people,
but this waa d4 considered honett
when he was young. Mr. Dowell spoke
for an hour, ctmily in reply to in
quiries addressed to btm by member
of the committee. Mr. James Welch,
president of the Typographical Union
of Philadelphia, and representing the
unions of the entire country, addressed
the committee, and presented a me
morial in support of the Chase bill and
in opposition to the llawley bill. Ia
reply to inquiries, he I !d the Hawley
bill, amended as suggested by Senator
Hawley yesterday, by the insertion (
provisiea requiring foreign works
copyrighted here to be minted In this
country, would be satisfastory to ths
lanor organic atons.
Ths House Committee on Labor to
day instructed Representative James
to report favorably the bill introduced
by him making it unlawful lor anv li
near, agent or aervant ot the Govern
ment of tbe United State to contract
with any person or corporation, or
permit any oflloialci any State prison
where criminals of the United St ites
maybe Incarcerated, t hire or con
tract out the labor of said criminals,
and impoBinga fine o! from $600 to
$1000, or imprisonment ior one to
three years, ior vio'ations of the act.
Tae subcommittee bavicg charge of
the' convict lilor question reported
favo.ably a bill prohibiting tie use of
material made by coavicta in the ron
ttrurt'on cf government works. The
bill is a long uus, and the full commit
tee adjourned before concluding its
consideration. TLe National Letter
Carters' Association will appear be
fore the committee on Monday next in
tavor of the extauaion o! the eight
hour law to letter carriers.
The House Committee on PostofTlces
and To it road to-day extended an
invl'a'lon t the representatives of the
"Red D' steamship line to appear be
fore the. committee on February 4th on
tbe question of oesa mail tranapo.ti
tloa. Dr. Norvin Ureen, of the
Western Unloa Telegraph Company,
and Mr. U. D. Money, chairman of
the committee in the last Congress,
were invited to address the commit
tse February 2d on the postal tile
graph question.
The House Committee oa the Alco
holic Ltqaor TratUn mi t to-day and
ppointed Messrs. Fredericks, Merrl
man, Lindsley, Price and Campbell a
subcommittee en all bill relating to
the appointment of an Alcobo io Liq
uor Comniinsion. Messrs. Glover,
Fayreaand Price were appointed a
subcommittee on a bill providing that
r o person shall receive a United States
license to sail intoxicating liquor un
til he has secured a license fiorn the
lo -al authorit.M.
Messrs. Trescott, Woodbury sud
Babton ot Massachusetts appeared be
fore the Seiial Committee on Fomgn
ligations to-day and made argument
at length in oppojition to the Presi
dents proposition for the appointment
of a Fisheries Commission to enact a
settlement of the disputed jurisdiction
ot the United States and Great Britain
overihe Newfoundland banks.
The Sensts Committee on Foreign
Kelations to-aay reported adversely to
grunting to Gen.O. O. Howard the con
sent of Cougrem to receive from the
French Republic the decoration of the
Legion rf Honor, and thecouit p
pant nent and honorary rank of
chevil'iur. These honors wero tan
dered Gen. Howard by the French i
government tor, and in appreciation
of, services rendered his own country.
sciation '
and in lis report the committee rays:
"It bas been the cut! ro hitherto, and
as t".e committee thinks somewhat
too irequeLt and extended, br Con
gress to authorise officers rf the
United States to receive gift and
decoration from foreign government
for some distinguished or peculiar
service that such ollicer may have
rendered to such foreign governjnent,
its clllsen or inbieot. bat the com
mittee is cf the opinion that it wonld
publican institutions that any of the
officers of the United States sbenld re
ceive decorations or titles from foreign
government as token of their aopre
c'ation of the service of such ollicer
in their country, which ia supposed to
be capable of measuring for iisell and
ui'ably rewarding th services of iti
own citinna"
The rmMrat'i Stepl? tha
The Attorney-General ha sent a
letter to the Senate in answer to tbe
resolution ea'ling for "all dixumenta
nd paper in relation to the mica ce
ment and conduct of thecfllce of the
United Bute attorney for the South
ern District of Alabama," in which,
after acknowledging tbe receipt of tbe
resolution, he says: "In response to
said resolution, the President of the
United Settee diresta meti ay that
the paper which were in this depart
ment relating to J. D. Bennet, recently
nominated to said office, having been
already sent to tbs Judiciary
Committee of the Senate, aid the
paper and document which are
mentioned In said resolution, and
stit nmjH.'rlug in the custody of this
department, have exclusive reference
to the turp.TOsion by the President of
George M.'jJuttln.the late Incumbent of
I'ne otiii of District Attorney cf the
United State for the Southern Di.t ict
of Alabama. It ia not roasidered that
the publio interest will be promoted
by compliance with said resolution and
the transmission of the papers and
document therein mentioned to tbe
Senate in executive session. Very re
spectfully, A. II. OA&tAND. Attomey-Usneril.
Senator Haw's Amiwammt lo Ine
Electoral limul mil
Senator II oar to-day submitted to
tbe Senate an amnndment to the elec
toral count bill, which he proposes to
offer when the bill again comes up f r
consideration. It irworla in the fourth
section of the bill a clause providing
tnat in caee ol more tann one return
or paper purporting to be return
from a State, if there shall have been
no dot jrminatioa of the question in
the State, then those votes only shall
be counted which appear to have been
cast by the elector whoee names ap
pear on the list certified by the execu
tive of the State in accordanca with
the provisions ol Section 130 d the
Revised Statutes os amended by this
bill, hut in case of a vacancy in tbe
Board of K'ectors so certified, thn b
the peifcous appontfd to nil sue
vacancv, in the mode provided by the
laws l tae State; bat it there be no
such list, or if there be more than one
each list purporting t be so certified,
then those votes aid thoea votes only
shall be counted, which the two
houses, acting separately, shall con
currently decide to ba the lawful vet
of the legally appointed electors of
such Bttes. It also adds to the bill
an additional ssctioo, making it the
duty of the exesutlve of each State to
cause the list of names of the electors
in his State to be made and certified
under the great seal of the SLle, and
to be delivered t3 the electors oa or
before the day on which they are re
quired to meet.
Twe Buys la Kentucky Who Speak
an Unknown Tongue.
N?w Havkn, Nilaou Co., Kr., Jan
nary ST. A reepectiible farmer, Mr. J.
Knox Ice, who lives seven miles north
west n! here, on the Beech Fork, has
two sons Alexsnder, aged 13 years,
and Nicholai, agsd 12 who siiac an
unknown tongue, which they alone
understand and which ia wholly un
known to their parents or the rest o(
tbe family. It ia a still moresingnUr
fact that each boy speak a different
language, but understands the other.
It waa not until recently that Alexan
der could learn to sprak English, and
Nicholai rat't "rat:hon" yet, Alex
ander aoting a interpreter between
hi younger brother and the o.her
member ui the family.
The boy are good looking and en
dowed with average intelligence. Mr.
Ice married a Miss Baone, and the
families of both date back to our firtt
settlers. The boys have, never trav
eled twenty miles from home, and
have never been associated in any way
with foreigner of any clime, and 1
doubt if they ever heard any other
language than the English.
Mr. Ice ba t five other children, two
older and three younger than these
boys, all cf whom speak their native
tongue plainly, and always have, but
know co '.lung wbatever oi ttie lan
guage spoken by Alexander and
The parents, as well as the whole
community, are completely at lose to
know how to account for this strange
freak of nature.
A Melnodlat View or the erm,
Virginia letter to D. McAnally'e
Chrirtian AdvotaU : Gen. Fit Lee en
ters uroa hi duties under the most
favorable circumstances. Tbe devil
no doubt fathered the suggestion of an
"inaugural ball." The plan wai to
bring together 1000 or 1500 men and
women paying $2.50 per htud. Two
bands were to discourse enlivening
masi ia "measured strains," while
hundreds ol men in "mcaiured
strains" embraced fa:.r women and re
volved with them about tbe floor of
the vast hall all in honor of the Gov
ernor. Our capital is very religious
city, with the Baptists and Method
ists largely in tbe majority. This
fast, the tlow sole oi tickets, or
better counsel, induced the man
agers to far to modify the plan
as to publish thtt the earlier
part of the evening would be devoted
to tbe reception and banquet, and
that dancing would cot likely begin
belore midnight. It waa also intimat
ed, or expressed, in the publication
that thl arrangement wai in defer
ence to such as would not go to balls,
but might wish t attend the recep
tion. The result was so many goal
people attended that the dancers found
it dillicult at ny time during the en
tsrtainment to secure clear Hoar-space
for their exercises. Instead oi hugging
the gills they embrad disappoint
ment. Uosv long will Christian so
ciety tolerate the german? A pa
time, a plea-ure, or an ait,
that sets a man t embiace
a woman with his arm, per
mits her, with her head retting
on his shoulder, his arm about her
want, to lo3k up in o his face and
say, "A little cl Jser, please," or gives
her occiuion to remark afterward,
"He didn't bold me close enough,"or,
"He held me so close 1 could hardly
breathe," or, "He hold me too cloje,
he hurt me," ought io oe a riven irom
OhrL.t;a society to the hrothtli from
wt.ich it emanated, ine german
ahould find no iavor with Chritt ans.
rnMi sun".
Chicago, Ilu, January 20 Tbe
body of a small boy waa found lying
under tbe anow in a lot at tbe rear rf
22 Meildian street this morning. It
was frcssn stiff, but how ths lilt's
fellow cam to meet with such a death
is mystery at preeeaU The cotone
wlli Investigate.
Tie Kansas City and Birmingham
Railroad darter Tbe Agricul
tural Lies Law.
Ivhui to vaa irriAi.1
- Jacks in. Miss., Jannary 29. Smatt.
Mr. Walker iatrodored bill pro
viding for a constitutional convention.
The bill t) redn.ee the fa'aries of
member of the Legislature was in
definitely pottponed.
Bills, resolutions, ete., passed:
Joint resolution instructing the
Commutes en S'ate Officers to inves
tigate charge against certain eonnty
nd State officers developed by the
worn testimony in a suit in ths
United States District Court
Ths Kansas C.ty and Birmingham
railroad chattir was reported back by
ths Committee on Railroads, with sun
dry amendments, all of wblcb were
adopted, and to all appearances lbs
bill wai a")out lo pas when Mr. SI
montoa threw in tome dynamite in
tbe snaps tf an amendment which
prevents ths rosd running nearer
than twelve miles of the line of the
Memphis, Birmingham and Atlantic
rent from Holly Springs to tbe Ala
bama line.
Pending tbe discussion the Senate
Bills introduced and rtfsrred: To
fill terapo'ftT . vscancie of ' circuit
judges; o enooursge the payment of
taxes; to enieed the law re'a'jve to
road overseers; bill in relation to
bridges and cturoways; amendment
to the law as to tbe manner of taking
testimony in certain cases ; to amend
ths law a to rasser;to reduce ths
alai7 of State officers and enprem
and circn.t judges; in relation to
achorl trustees; ia relation to tbe
flaat record of jndgmsnts in Circuit
Courts; to provide a aerie of text
books ior public schools ; for the en
forcement o( liens on water crafts; to
regulate saltf) and conveyances by
debtors; to amend the law relative to
property exempt from lant'.on; to
amend the gallon law; ti amend ths
revenue lawitosmnnd the law pun
ishing ( aTjing of concealed weapons ;
lo amend the privlleo tas law; to
amend the law as to the duties (f
trustees ot publio schco's;to change
the management oi the public sehool.
Bills pawed : An act to repeal the
agricultural lien law, Toy a vote of 63
yeas to 43 t aye, to tako effect July M
next, but not to sffpet the crop of
18S0; to reduce the tost of eupervifiing
railroad (tbe provisions of said bill
allow $10 per day, bat not more than
$1500 per annum, to eacb of the com
missioners and $750 to their clerks) ;
the bill requiring snperinfrndenta c(
educatioa to file teachers' reports with
their annual roporta; Henrti bill fo
the relief of T. E. Shelton, minor, f
Sharkey county ; Senate resolutions of
resnect to the memory of the Hop.
Jeff. Wilson, deceased.
There were eulogies delivered by
Mr. Hoyls of Lee and Mr. Go-don ol
Pontotoc, after which the House ad
journed out of respect to the deceased.
The Legislature is invited to visit
the State Female College at Columbnv,
and it ia probable enough members
will acceptp brtak a quorum cf both
- A Lively Ueorgla ttkosi.
WAYNB-mao, Ga , January 27.
There is a bouse on Cel. S. II. At a
way' plantation which is declared to
be inhabited by a veritable ghos.
They assert tbat when one person re
mains in the bouae over night curious
and unnatural sounds can be beard.
Doors open and ae slammed shut,
footsteps are heard walking through
the rooms, and many other unaccount
able sounds are heard. Col. Attaway
rays he has heard all these sound
himself, and bas searched for the
canse in vaia. Sam McClelland, who
stayed in' tbs house abne for severs1
nights, declares that the doors which
he bal taken pa!ns to ehnt were
opened and violently shut, and some
times they were lsft open ; that there
weie sounds as of someone moving
about the -houee, but upon a close
search nothing could be found. Every
one who has remained alone in the
house at night tell the same ttory. Tbe
manifestations bave spread terror
through tbe neighborhood, and people
will not nam that wav at night
Trustee's Sale
TkY vtrhm nf a truct dftsd executed to me.
J3 u trustee, by K. M. Api'ernon and
Small D. ADoeriion
hit wife, recorded io
mnnril hrtnk A (2). niure 40ft. In
the utrrmt
Court Clerk and Recorder oniceoi crit-
tenden county, Arkanaaa, to fecare certain
IndebtedneM therein mentioned nelnullt.av
ln been made In raid trust deed, I will, at
tbe requeit of tbs beneficiary in laid truat
tloed, on tht
I9ib tiny or rebrnary, 18,
within leial hours, at the eourthouae door,
in Memibi, bbelby county, TenneMet, ofler
loraale, at public outcry, for caah, to the
bisheat bidder, tbe following rroporty de
scribed In naid trout flecdto-wlt:
Plantation known aa ttynoke andHerkely
place, aituate in Crittenden county. Arkan
aaa, about nine ml lea belew Memnhia, being
a follows, to-wlti All of tectioo 19, 1 6,
N h. W K, M.10 acres i WSWqt see. 30.
T , N R, 9 K, HO aereai S trl 'ir section fu,
T6. N H, VB, HQ acres l SW trl qr section
30, T 6, N R, 8 K. .3h acres i part of (Span
ish rtrantNo. 237S, 231.63 acres; NK qr sec
tion !i5, T , N R. V K, 160 acres! N X NK qr
aeetion31, To, N R, 9 K, HOaoresi KW qr
aection :U, T . N R, K. 10 acres: 8W qr
section 29, T8, N K, K, H era : 8 part of
Spanish Urant No. 2373, T . N R, 9 K, lt4
acres, in all containing 28X1.10 acres, to
gether with all improTementi thereon and
all appurtenances tnereunto belonsing. Xhe
equity of redemption and right to dower and
homeatead waived.
Also, tbeiellowint tract of land situate in
Crittenden oounty, Arkansas, and k;on as
theliurutt place, beini the east half of SB
qrof lection 30, T4, N R,8 K. SO aerea; south
half of NK qr lection SO, T 4. N K,8 K, 80
a-reii NK qr section 31. T4. N R.8E.1U)
acres: allot fractional section i 29, T 4. N K,
8 K. 39i.t8 acres the south half of lection 20,
T 4, N K, 8 K, 84 acres; NW fractional
qr of lection 32, T 4, N R, 8 E. 144.2s acres,
being the W original area, end also 12WJ
accretions tbereto, together with all im
provements thereon and all appurtenances
thereunto belonging. 1'he equity of re
demption and right to dower and homestead
waived. id plantation is sirtated on the
Mississippi river, about 2S miles below Mem-
Aio, at laid time nd place, on said terms,
I will sell the following pertonal property,
situate on said Wynoka and Berkeley planta
tion, to witi 47 mules, 41 head of cattle.
4 hogs, a full and complete set and assort
ment of wagons, plows, mowers, gears and
larmingimi kmenu. It being all the mules,
cattle, nogs, gear and farming implements
on said plan'alion. Title believed to be
good, though 1 sell only as trustee.
le to commence at 12 o clock.
p W. M. 8NEEI). Trustee. .
Administrator's Notice,
ITtVIVil r.nallSca aa administrate
F 1 i ha eatitia of Krank Duncan, deceased.
notice) ia hereby given tor all part.es having
claims againslsaid estate to file same with
me: and all parties indebted to said eJtate
will aettlo at nec. Memphis. Tenn., Jan.
27,188. fri ajKNJ.R.DUNCaX.aAdm'r.
I HEREBY warn the publle from trading ar
bu teg certain notes mad by me; one
not or MULdn Jan. to, IhaS: on tor 1130,
dneJa I. l8f, aa on for 3(i, on Sept.
28, 188S, -, payacl to th rdr of Mn
L. K. VTadsworto. Th conditions for which
th asOTnotet war given ao hiii torn-
tiled with. I rwfns to y thaa, and ktw
r alvs aowo te .
ea Ha jujujj
Hon 2ft. T 6. N K. H B. 1"0 acre: N H Met!
enllon du. in. ? n. t. iou acre ioour
M, T 6, N R, 8 K. S-D him j W half ec
K. T . N R. R K. Sift imii fractional or
. nn n 1 Vt 1, ti u L - .
inn .11. i n. n n. v I
Ia can of lick kcadacha, IUIoudms, tcr
pidllver, dysrxpeia and NiUrsini, "Dm.
C. HcLixa'a Cslsbiatid Livig Pills
nvr fail to give relief, for both seies and
ages s they ar prompt with regard to even
tha most delicau aenititatloni. None geia
in without th glgnitaro of "Fleming
Bros., FitUbargh, Pa "
CLSiaroigT, Alt.
Mggsts. FLggiao Baos. :
Paaa Bima I bar nad yor Sr. C. Us-
Lane's Liver Pills for a great many yean,
nd Bodthem th bestp'llsl aaa get hold
of. I os them as a praventlv f tick and
rvss headache. I hey ar th hsst reme
dy I cam get. J nmain as vr, yoirs, ete.
jvoia (omniarum.
Bead as SB nts, and w will sad yot by
rtnra mall a beg f th aala Dr. 0. Ma
Lena's ClbrUd Liver Pillj and eight
hands m earda. v Ifty aiUUea hex
hav been asod by th pplt th U. 8
What bettor ewrtileate ld tfcey kavet
FLlHiya BR09., Plvubirt, Pa.
Ko.641, R. (Thaaeary Oourtef Bhslby eeen-ty-
btat of Tenness for tti wa a, !.,
vs. Job Overtoa, Jr.. t al.
UI vlrta of aa I a Url oca lory decre for
JL) sate btrd is th atov oaat oa th
Zl day ot Novmbr, 18M, M.-B. SO, peg
J 9. 1 will Ball at BBklta anetlos. te th ki.h.
bidder, ia front of th Clerk and Maste
gum, QQuruQaas oi onvioy oounty, mom
phis, lean., en
Saturday, Febrnary 90, ISM,
within legal hours, tho following desert bd
property, sitnaUd la tlhelby oounty, Tenn ,
Lot 12. block fJS. Donaldson anbdivUlnn.
frontisglO by 212 feet on th west tide of
ilea avenue, am leet loDtb of ueorgia street.
Lot 13. block 98. weal side of Dean avenna.
40 by 212 feet, djnining lot 12 on theioalh.
Bold as prorerty of W. T. Donaldson.
Lot 14, block II, Fart Plskering, fronting
fj leet on th north lid cf Alabama street.
northwest corner of ruth and A abama. bv
a depth f 90 feet. Bold a property ol P. M.
Lot 6. block 8. Fort Pickering, frontlne 91
fW on th north aid of Alabama street by
a enth ef 1164 leet. being 26 feet west of
be eon d street.
Lot 7. block S, fronting T root n th north
ride of Alabama ttreet.luth ward, aid run
ning back 116H, letU laid lot aajeinina let!
on th wait.
iiOt 11, block S, north side f Alahnm
street, ltth ward, 25 by H8i feet, being 1M
feot west ef Kecond street, held as prprty
of H. B. Andrew and others.
Lota 27 and 28, b ock 12. Fart Pickering,
treating JO feet an the south lid or Alabama
treat by a depth of 160 feet. Ho d as the
property of C. A. M. i'ujbra and P. M. Win
ters. aat half of lot I. block 9. F. W. Smiths'i
subdivision, fronting 30 leet on the north
side ot bt. Paul strott 3U0 feet west of Ooslee
treet and running back 148 feet. Held as
property cf Mary L Brill ad bnry Ryan.
loi iv, oiocK , ironting ji on ;n
north alee or Carolina strott Jo leet east ol
alley east of 6eend street, snd running back
Jtfl leer.
Lot 20. kiosk 9. fronting 2B feet an t'.e
north side of Carolina street, and running
back 100 leet.
Lot 2), block 9, frosting 25 feet on the north
aid ef Carolina street, northeast corner of
alley east of Hocond street, loth ward, and
running back 160 feet, bold aa property ot
L. B. I. a ten.
Lot 23. block", Fort Pickering, KbyllSK
feet north side of Jaekson street AO feet east
of Wecb.ins.ton street, bold property of
i. B. bhaw, W. 0. Koikes et il.
- tioto, eioK 4, jrort negennr, rrniing3
foet on th adntti sido of Rroadwav street.
southeast corner of alley east of Front street,
10th ward, by a deptii of 11H teat. Bold al
property of P. 11. Win en.
Lot 4, block 9, Fort Pickering. 24 by 100
feet on the west (id of Third street, 74 feet
south of Ueorgia sirret, 10th ward.
Lotfi, block 9, fronting 24 by 100 feet ec the
weat side ef Third itroet, 10th ward, aiuth
and adjoining lot 4,
Lot 5, block t. Fort PicVring,J4 by 94 leet,
weat aid of Second street.
Term! of SaUa On a oredlt of six months:
not bearing in tercet, with security, required t
lien retained, redemption barred. This Jan
uary 20, 8ca.
B. I. McDOWELL. Clerk and Master.
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk and Master,
V. tfT h O. W. Retake)!, foliritom.
Release t from Bond. ,
Ccstou Horsr, MinrHis, T!nr I
Si'ariToa's Umoi, Decemter 24, loSO. f
THIS ii to certify that I hav this day re
lented from bnuded car ten 10) barrels
Whisky in ported Irom Bremen, Germany,
consigned to L F0LTZ, Memphis, Tenn.,
per steamship HI -or Tbe duties having
been paid, the Whisky is now in possession
of Mr. L. FOLTZ.
Surveyor of Customs, Port ot Atemp i.
avs-Tb abov Whisky Is now en sale
at - FoltartsSampie-rottna, 1SS Bain
afrtfii. Call and try it. II has also other
tin bractl , suoh as UtBrayer, O. F. C- Tay
lor, Ball ol fo son, and a cam pie te itook
fin brandies.
So. 5305. R. Chancery Court of Bhelby
oounty Stag o. 'fconecsce for its own
use. etc., vi. P. M. Winters et al.
Bit virtu ol an interlocutory daore for
sal , entnrod in th abov cause on tha
23d da cl November, 18co, M. B.50, page
2.8, 1 will 111, at publle amotion, to the high
est Didder, in front O' th Clerk and Mas
ter's office, courthouse ol Bhelby oounty,
Memphis, Tenn., on ,
Nnlnrdity, Feornary SO, 1S86,
ithin le.c hours, th following described
prwporty, aituutcd in Mempois, bhelby
county, Tence.S,o, to-wit: l'art of block R4,
no n n I TV
try lot 4x, mi leet iront oy am reel aeep.
east side of Third street, no leet south ot tbe
south line ot country lot 4f. bold at prop
erty of P. M. Winter! and others.
Terms ot bale On a credit ot six months;
note with security bearing interest required;
lien retained; redemption barred. This Jan.
15, 18815.
S. r. MCDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By J. M. llradley, Deputy C. and M.
V. H 0. W. Ileiskell. sols.
Administrator's Xotie.
HAVINO Uken out letter! of admlnii
tration on tbe estate of John Brown,
deocased, notic is hereby given to all per-
ons having claims against nil estate to pre
sent th same toth undersigned, duly pro
bated, within tbe Urn prescribed by law,
or they wl II b forever brined.
WM. 0. BROWN. Administrator.
Trustee' Kale.
BV virtu of a deed of trust executed tome,
a trustee, by Michael J. Keating and
Mary J., hii wif. recorded in book N o. 157,
page 369, ol th Register's Office of bhelby
eonnty, Tenn., to secur th payment of
certain indebtedness therein mentioned, de
fault having been mad in laid deed ol trust,
1 will, at th requestof th beoefloiary, on
Tbnrwdaiy, Jannary 14,
within lcsal hours, vii., at U o'clock m., at
the Court-liouse door in th city of Mem
phis, offer ior sal and soli at publio outcry
tor ca--h to th highest bidder, the property
dcacribed in laid deed, in tbe city ot Mem
phi (now .th Taxing District), county of
bhelby and btat of Tennessee, to-wit Be
ing that part ot said city of Mamphls former
ly called South Memphis, being lot No. t, in
block 11, of Butler'i division or addition,
beginning at a point on the south side ot
Elliott street, 60 feet eait of Avery street;
thenoo southwardly parallel with Avery
street one hundred and twenty feet six
inches (120 6-12) to tbe nortnwest corner of
lot No. 2; thence east with th north lin of
lot No. 2 sixty (60) feet; thence northwardly
parallel with Avery street one hundred and
twenty feet six inches (131 6-12) to Elliott
street; thenoe west with Elliott street sixty
(GO) feet to tbe beginning (being tbe same lot
conveyed to Edward Keating by bue 11.
Moor and Mildred W. Harrell and thetr
husbands as hein at law cl Cornelia L. Par
ker, deceased), twretber with all the im
provements thereon and appurtenances
thereto belonging. .
Th equity ot redemption wnvd. Titl
btl ieved to be god, bat I will tall and con
vey as trust onlv. , ., .
J. T. L0AQL E, Trustee.
Mr-Ralei MMlrnwcd until Satardej',
the Sin ty lekmary, ,
.1. T. MIAHl't. I TTI FTC
perMas seeking Government bin
ployiuent ia any ot th departments at
Waahiniten, or any other' petitions under
th Government, I will send lull Instructions
aa to how to pi to obtain the same,
aad Uiaaat larmaef Aapllcalia eg
recoirt ot On Dollar. Afrin JOHN
. RI'SNH. lcli-Now awat. OKiosMrai
KAF!EtiN-Iu CAUSES and Cl'RB.iy
cn who was deaf twenty-eight reals.
IrsaUd bv most ol th netd ipoiaUiu of
th ay with n benett. Ccaaa Hiuaaxr in
three months, and sine thea hundreds of
others by saaa prases. A plain, aimple and
sueMasfnl horn riwatatent. Addrea I. B.
pAa,liojM4tta bksJitw Iwkattw,
BSliA ' si"
C. C. SIlHlI, Pre. W. M. WILUIOttOIf. V
No. 39 Madison Street, Memphis, Tenn.
23ox-cl of
V, 0. ORA h AM, President Deeoto Oil Co.
w. D.BBTHBL. Pre.'t Htate National Bank
W. F. TAYLOR, f VT. F.Taylar Co.
R4B. 8N0VTDEN, Director in B'k Com mere.
B. P.READ. Cashier Union A Planters Bank
JMO.OVEKTON. Ja.. Uverton A Ororvenor.
K. J. BLACK, of J
Authorlaed to do a General Ranklna- Ttnainnaa. TIm.1.. 'TtAnAl. .-4 TJ- T.i.m aw.
oa, Discount Paper, act as Trustee, Administrator, Bxeeutor or Uuatdian. te., rUoeirar
for Individuali, Corporations and LITIGANTS. Also, have a fisfe Deposit Vaalt, wbejeia
valuables of all kinds ar to be safely kept. CtaTlnga eiapwoialljr aoliellcwl.
V Bniineee to eommenc February 1. 144.
Ccucn Factors and MhQiesaie
Cotton Factors, Goinmissic ierchanfe,
IS 9 11 &ntla Mala St., Cl. lonia.
A.5DE2" KTBTWAKT, New OrleanB.
Wholesale Grocers, Got. Factors
Svooeesore to F0BTES, TAILOR ft C0
ottom : Factors
Cotton Factors
Liberal AdTaaces 2falo om CoiuSgnuicuta.
r. 8. AUTOI,
And Commission Mercbants. Hay. Corn Oats, Bran, Chop Feed, Ofl-Meale
Llm , Cement, Plaster, Bailding and Fire Brick, Etc.
Cor. Front and Union. 1 Howard's Row Memphis.
Pi3aSOl"U.ticrL Wotice.
BAR, W. h. CliAKfcl and J. U. UUOuBAK, was dissolved January 1, 13D6, by mutual
consent, A. B. Woo ibar and J. II. tioodbar bavins sold tbeir entir Interest in th assets
to J. M. Goodbar and W. h. Clark. .1. M. GOODB4K.
Vf. h. CLARK.
Msurais, Tixn., Jannary 14, 1886. J. U. GOODBAR.
sTKt.rrinf to th ab.ve nolio of dissolution, J. M. Goodbar and W.L.Clark begta
Inform their friends and customers that, as successors, they will continue the Wholesale
Boot and thoe Business, at the old stand, 319 Main street, under the old firm nam of
UOODBAK A CO., hrtviotr admitted as partners E. J. CarrinRton aad F. G. Jones from and
alter January 1, 1886. Those indebted to tbod firm will make settlement with us.
U00D13AH A CO.
JaniM H. ttoodhar I Wna. t. Clark Ebkcsivi J. Carrlntiloa Frank O. lost)
35JtfToliliocl lOOO.l
310 Msain Street.
Newlv Constructed and Elaborately rrirnlshed. Con
tain ing 225 JLarge and JSlegant Tiooma.
aarlh Bona has Perfect Ventilatton and Natnrai Litbt, SUam-heatint. KUctrio Balls,
and two oi Uala's Elevators. All street-cars pass Main street eatraac.
B4TEH-a4.no te $ BM-r day. according to lis and elevation of rooms. Special
rare, to ComTarcll Travelers. At Tindart aarvlt of PI'R K CISTKR?? ANT W1TT.T.W iTirn
Cotton Factors &Coinmission Merchants
EemOTed to 33 Front St, Cor, Union, Memphis, Tenn.-
BLACK. OMaakhr.
W. Jf. WILKBBSON.W. H. Wnkrtt AC
T. H. ALLH!,ofT H Allea cIT
R. DO LB Y FKATSER, Kraynr A Scruggs.
J. R. GODWIN, President Mercantile Bank.
W. A. WILLI atiON.V -P. Union A P. B'k
B. I. MflLOW ELL. CAM. Ch.n.r r.w
li. J. Blaek A Co.
.-rrwa. B.J.
I M aw-Baajsaa jut Ah
albr eath & Co
Memphis, Tcnii.

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