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30, 1S8G.
.Execnties of Polish BeToIntloiIst
t Warsaw Nelentlfle Tor
tare la Hannah.
. Piwmburo. January 29.Tho
Journal dt St. PeUrtburg says that tho
reDOlt rpffiEtlv nnhHkharf rt th. Aim.
tOVerr of a Nihilist rosn.l nnit
the Annitchkoff pi lace, the arrest of
wTeuieen parsons in connection taere
wilb. and the ae'znre of a namber of
bombs and othwr AVnlnaiwaai in tSa
bouse la un'rne. It says the story
ju incn.9u of me correspondents
w Benin anu Vienna newspapers.
Kcvoluilonlet IznuMiI.
Wabsaw, January 29. Knnllaky
iSftrdoilftlr. a iilRticA nf aha to.j um1
Prtrufcaynsky aad Oczowaky, recently
condemned to di ath for belonsina to
T1LL ' - 1 1 . .
i uiiBu buc.hi n-voiauooary ajBOoia
tion styled the rroletariaiii.'
cuted to-day. Lnry, a captain of en
gineers, a-id Gchnaau, a private sen-
ubii;.3, u:ho conunmnea to dan to, baa
their sentences commuted ti twenty
yeara servitude) in Siberia.
A Garter Brought Into Canrl.
London Timet: A singular trial has
just taken place btfue the critninal
uibAul of Colcaar. There la a t-adi-Vional
range in Alsice,. evidently a
relic of ruder Unit's, that at the close
of a marriaio t-.Mt the bride Rives oae
oi hfi rilrln'B tn thu hrlA
aau, who forthwith divides it into
pecee, wiiictt are divided anions the
The niece of the Burgomaster of
Orschweiler, near Schlettstadt, was
lately married to a rwident of Utlen
heirn. The chic f public authorities of
all three placps were present at the fes
tivities, and the traditional ceremony
was observed. The garter happened
to be of Bilk ribbon, striped red, whit)
and blue. Following the nsual custom,
the gentlemen wore their frag-msnta of
khe garter pinned at the coa; button
bole. One of the euette, the proprittir
of a hotel at r-'chletttfetdt, happening
to be at the r,ilrr ai station of" tbat
town next morning, waa opbraidnl by
he guard e the train f jr his disloy
alty in lliunting the French tri-color
in a German town, and so endanger
iag the public pence.
' The public prosecutor heard of the
affair, and at once instituted criminal
prooeeding against the male gueeta,
including the three burgomaster?, for
publicly displaying fragments of the
odending gaitar. He .based his pro
eeediegs on au ordinance passed by
the French provisional government in
he revolutionary period of 1848, far
bidding the display of emblems cnl
dialed to disturb the public peace;
bat the Colmar tribunal acquitted the
a-jcuaed on the ground tbut all the
etrcamstances negatived the sugges
tion that they intended to make a po
Htioal demonstration, or to irritate
German feeling by disp'aving a French
emblem. Much ridicule haa been
heaped on tie public prosecutor for
f.lling back on an obsolete French
rdiDance to punish a supposed dis
play oi anection tiward fiance.
MnlMt Tartar) la Barmtk,
Lob-don, Jannary 27. The provost
marshal at Ma-tUlay has had lutely t3
superintend the execution of num
ber! of Burmese Dacoits. Net content
with having them shot down in the
rauiary business fashion, the provo t
manual, who has a morbid taste for
amateur photography, haa on several
occasions added unspeakable torture
te his victim's death-pangs by delay
ing the intern 1 between orders t
"present" and "fire" long enough to
allow him to take two or three nega
tives with the camera he carries abont
with him. He plead i scientific inter
est as an excuse f r his barbarity, but
9 far he haa nothing even scientific
to show in aelf-defense, for, being a
poor hand at photography, hia at
tempts to fix the horror and
anguish of violent death on
hia negatives has been abortive.
The- prevost marabel'a methods
were to leisurely that the absence of
results is surprising. Having had the
priroaers drawn up in line against a
wal1, he would elation the firing pla
toon before them and get the camera
into position and calmly prepare his
plates. The officer Commanding the
seldiers was instructed not to gfve the
fatal signal until the plate waa ex
posed. Thus the most interesting
negatives were obtained at the very
moment of the prisoner's death agany.
On one occasion he varied hia scion- j
tific sports by ex'orting incriminating
evidence agaimt the Burmese Minis
ter from a native named Woojraet, by
threatening him with execution. Five
Dacoits had been shot in Woognet'a I
presence. He himself wai then
placed against the wall, the
platoon were ordered to level
their guns at him, and he
waa thus cowed into making the de
aired statements, alter the fashion
whioh prevailed in the Tower of Lon
don in the sixteenth century. .The
British Commissioner declined to act
on such evidence. The provost mar
shal's brutality so exasperated the
Enalish and native spectators that it
was only the presence of the troops
which prevented the attempt to lynch
him. In deference to the indignant
protest, a rigid inquiry hat been or,
dered, and thia modern inquisitor will
take no more negatives. The new gov-
Xent will undoubtedly rigidly in
into these facta. It is no wonder
the Timet correspondent was ordered
'away from camp.
Killed by railing Walls.
Albast, N. Y., January 29. At 11
o'clock last night a fire broke out in
the two-story brick buildings Jfos. 122
and 124 South Pearl street, occupied
by L. Levy, hatter, and II. Simmons,
auctioneer, and owned by J. B. Groat
Lobs, 425,100; mostly insnred. John
Kanary and William Crow, firemen,
were faUlly injured by a falling wall.
Terrine ColH-too on the Baltimore
and Ohio.
Cleveland, O., January 29. A spe
cial from Tifli n say a : At 1 2 :45 o'clock
Friday morning, as the east-bound
passenger train waa rushing along at a
speed of forty miles an honr about
oae mile west of Chicago Junction, it
ran into the rear of a freight train on
the main track, going in the same di
rection. The shock was terrific. The
engine of the passenger train, the
bagrage-car, two passenger coacbee,
the freight caboose and about a dcr.an"
freight cars were wrecked and hurled
into a mass. The noise and cries of
the injured soon added to the con
fusion. The Baltimore and Ohio offi
cials are very reticent, and little can
be learned from them. L. Vandelier,
fireman of the passenger train, was
instantly killed, and found dead under
the engine. Charles Uristo!, engineer
of tl'.e pawenger tiain, Conductor
Palmer of the freight train, Thomas
Freely, brakeman of the freight, were
i hoiribly injured, and have since
died. Others may. die. A number of
others were injured, but their names
re unknown. None of the passen
gers were ki 1 d. The loss w II proba
bly reach (25,000. The Baltimore and
Ohio trains go to Sandusky and then
down the Indianapolis, Blormington
and Western to this place. The acci
dent was the fanit of the conductor
of the freight train, who had neg
lected to place the danger aigca'i on
the rear of the trufn.
A CoBBramlae Arree Vsa fcy the
Tw Caaewaea. ,
Columbus, O., January 29. The
joint Senate met at 10 o'clock a.m.,
and without the transacdon of busi
ness, adj mrned to to-morrow morn
ing, by previous agreement of the two
factions. The proposition ot the Con
ference Co'mmi'.tee, which haa in
charge the arrangement of compro
mise measures, was submitted to the
Democratic caucus this .morniiig and
ratified. ' It haa also been agreed to bv
the Kepublicau caucus. The propoJ
ton is that a special committee of eix
members of tqn&l numbers poiitictl'y,
shall make the investigation of the
Hamilton county contest cases and
report specific fiadingi to the rnal.
The Conference Committee reeomed
business all 0:30 o'clock, and expect to
have something further to report to
the respective caucuses by evening.
The fight in the committee now will
be one of the main issues, which is
the rules which eball prevail in tbs
content can, and whether in dispos
ing of the report to be made by the
Investigating Committee, three of the
Hamilton county members ahsjl have
the privilege of voting on the fourth.
The difference are so great between
the sided on thia point tbut it may -result
in killing 'all compromise meas
ures which have been piopoeed.
John Kei.lt boa been re-elected
chairman of the Tammaay Committee
on organisation.
Tax London Telegraph says that
Mme. Patti has been offered an en
gagmont in Braail at $6000 a night.
Ok. Stokkmax haa finully secured
relitf from a severe dyspsptio ailment
with which he has been atUicted for
over twenty years,
'tuart Robsow writes to the Wash
ington Star that he believes he set np
the first copjrof thai paper and was
employed ou it six months.
Chbistiks NiLBtoa declares that her
coming tmr to thia country will be
ner very last. After that she will set
tle down permanently In London.
Ems Msawin has been elected to
the professorship in Boston Universi
ty Lsw school, made vacant by the
death cf Prof. Dwigbt Foster, LL.D.
Jcuia Hawthobss and George P.
Latarop are said to contemplate itaru
ing a family weekly in New York,
which is to be without a whit of poli
tics or religion.
Jakes Bcesstx Lowsix has been
sub; coaed to appear before the Sen
ate Uommitiee on ratenta to give ex
pert tett mony on the subject of in
ternational copyright.
Owing to the great success of the
Millaia Exhibition at the Groavencr
Gallery, it is said an effort will soen
be made to gather elsewhere the
works of Holman Hunt.
Thb R(v. W. A. Power, rector of St.
Veronica's Churcb, New Cathedral
Cemetery, has left f r tie South for a
short and much-needed vacation. The
Rev. J. P. Connell tikes charge during
his absence.
Joaquin Millkb. the po?t who is
just now a little prominent for unen
viable reason, is now in his forty-fifth
year, lie waits with a limp from a
wound received when a boy in an In
dian fight, during which he wui on
the side of the red men.
Joel Chandlbs IIabbis of the At
lanta Contlitution la constantly in re
ceipt of scores of requeeti for Mb auto
graph, lheae, a friend of hia says, he
always drops in the waste basket, and
when he goes to dinner the elevator
boy amuses himself by filling out the
blank cards and placing them in the
stamped envelopes sent by the auto
graph fiends.
United States Justices Bbadlbt,
Gray and Miller, during the cold spell
and since, donned black skull caps
while sitting on the bench. Justice
Bradley, who is sensitive to cold, wears
a close-fitting cap of fine black silk.
Justice Gray wears one of a similar
material that barely covors the top of
his head. Juttice Miller is econom
ical, and dons a home-made affair of
black velvet that is too lirge and falls
down over his ears.
Senator Mitchbll of Oregon says:
"I was not a Hayes Republican nor
was I an admirer ef Gen. Garfield. I
like a robust article of politics some
thing that yon can take pride in and
avow anywhere. I don't believe in
tempering or playing fast or loose with
people. The Republican party mutt
go back under its old leadership if it
is ever to regain its lost place. Men
like Cooklins are men to lead. They
are honest and able and aggressive,
and nobody is called npon to defend
them or to apologise for them. My
Republicanism is a matter of fact and
of a much more reliable character
than that of a good many people who
seem concerned about it."
lavaUda Hatcl aad Barsleal lasll
. This widely celebrated institution,
located at Buffalo, N. Y., is organised
with a full staff of eighteen experi
enced and skillful Physicians and Sur
geons, constituting the most complete
organization of medical and" surgical
skill in America, for the treatment of
all chronic diseases, whether requiring
medical or surgical means for their
cure. Marvelous success haa been
achieved in the cure of all nasal, throat
and lung d if eases, liver and kidney
diseases, diseases of the digestive or-
f ans, bladder diseases, diseases pecn
iar to women, blood taints and skin
diseases, rheumatism, neuralgia, ner
vous debility, paralysis, epilepsy (fite.
spermatorrhea, iin potency and kindred
affections. Thousands are cured at their
homes through correspondence. The
cure of the worst ruptures, pile tumor,
varicocele, hydrocele and strictures is
Guaranteed, with only a - short resi
ence at the institution. Hend ten
cents in stamps for the Invalids' Gnide
Book (168 pages), which gives all par
ticulars. Address, World s Dispensary
Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
The Irish Parllaaatar Fund.
Philadelphia, Pa., January 29.
The amount to which the Irish Par
liamentary f uad was increased yester
day is SC500, not $05000, as erroneous
ly stated last nighty
Stats Sekatob G. W. Plunks-it of
New York was a sufferer for six yeara
from dumb ague and fever. He was
completely cured by taking five Bran
deth Pills every nislti for a week.
One or two taken every night are .per
fectly sale fqr old or yoocg, male or
Convicted ef Either a Tfry Unfortu
nate Mistake r a Willful
New Yobe, January 29. The Even
ing Putt will print a new letter from
Gen. J. B. Frye to the editor of the
Norfr American Review, relative to the
controversy between Gen. Sherman
and Gen. Fry as to the former's re
mark comparing Grant with Gen. C.
F. Smith at the time of Donelson. It
cloees with a copy ot a letter written
bv toen. Sherman lait eeptumber. in
which the criticised phra&e is to be
IjuoU :
tub lett kb.
V) KiST Sixtt-Tsibd Stiiit,
Kiv Xoaa City, Jtauvy , IKS .1
To th KdiUr of th North Am.rlen E
i.w: a,
Sib In an article rail id "An Ac
quaintance with Grant," pobliahnd in
your December number, I quoted Gen.
Sherman as having said, since Grant'd
death, that "had O. F. Smith lived,
Grant would have diippered to his
torv after Doneltton." I cited this spw-
nlatlve opinion from the highest offi
cer In the army, thinking it would
illustrate and lend interest to the gen
eral proposition I aseerted concerning
the effect of chance upon the soldier's
tareer. I do not sao that the specula
tion is injurious to Gen. Grant, Geu.
Sherman, or any body else. Gen.
Sherman, however, made my citation
of it the subject of a correspondence
with yon, in consequence of which
Jon discussed my statement in your
ancary number, and announced
that Gen. Sherman had called u) on
yon to repudiate the sentiment attrib
uted to him. Thia was followed by 'a
letter from Gen. Sherman to the Rev.
George Morrison, dated January 12th,
published in the daily papers of the
10th, in which the General says: "It
is utterly impossible that I could have
written or spoken the words as quoted
in the December number of the North
American Review," and that "I could
have written the positive expression
that had C. F. Smith lived Gen. Grant
would have disappeared from history,
is an impossibility," adding: "1 am,
confident in good time we shall learn
on what authority or hearsay this pub
lication is based." The issue between
Gen. Sherman and me ia whether or
not I quoted him correctly. In your
February number for an early copy
of which I thank yon Gen. Sherman,
aavs. coupled with much personal
abase of me, that I "invented the quo
tation for the purpose of questioning
it," and that I "when cornered will
dodge the issue." In view of the fore
going facte, I need make no apology
to the public for feeling called upon
to establish the validity of the quota
tion I made. Gen. Sherman himaolf
is my authority. The remark that had
C F. Smith lived Gen. Grant would
have disappeared to hif tory after Don
elson win written with the General's
hand .over his signature, woid far
word as I gave it. That there may be
no ground for misunderstanding con
cerning the language used and the
connection in which it was employed,
I append a verbatim paragraph from
a letter in Gen. Sherman's hand
writing dated September 6, 1886. As
intimated in Gen. Sherman's letter to
Mr. Morrison, there is a ma-ked dif
ference between-speculating "what
might have been baiGen. Grarft gone
to the rear and C. F. Smith fought the
battle of Shiloh, wba. might have
been hal Waihingtin accepted his
warrant in the English navy," and
the positive expression that "had C.
F. Smith lived Gen. Giant would
have diruppearad from histiry." It
ia not my province to exrliin the re
lation between the two. Either, how
ever, would serve the purpoiea with
which I quoted Gen. Sherman,
namely, to illustrate the general
proposition that "chance is an im
portant factor in the race of glory,"
by citing the implied opinion of Geu.
Giant's especial friend that it waa
true at a particular stage of Grant's
career. Perhaps I ought to add that
the order from which I quoted was
shown me on account of its supposed
historical value and ' with, no
reference to the expression I
quoted. Observing the fitness of tbut
expression to the subject on which I
was engaged, and having the consent
of the person to whom the letter was
addressed to make the citalioa, I did
not hesitate to do so. The corre
spondence of which the letter is a pait
waa between two officials, Cal. R. N.
Scott and Gen. Sherman, upon a pop
ular subject that implied no secretary
wbntever, and the repudiation of my
S notation wai, no doubt, a surprise to
ol. Scott, as it was to me. l'leaje
publish this note in the next number
of the North American Review, and, on
account of the chaiacter and authority
of the denial, use the facsimile plate
herewith for printing the form of Gen.
Sherman's letter. Yours, truly,
913 Qairiso Atsdi,
St. Locib, Mo., 8ptmb,r 6, 1886.
Col. R. V. 8coU, War IUoordi, Waihing
ton, I). C:
Dbab Sib No was to Halleck-Grant.
I had the highest posiibie opinion of
Halleck's knowledge and power, aad
never blumed him for mistrusting
Giant's ability. Had C. F. Smith
lived, Grant would have disappeared
to history after Donelson. Smith wai
a strong, nervous, vigorous man when
I reported to him in persen at Fort
Henry. With greatest respect, your
friend, w. T. shebman.
By Eating; lh Clean ef a Stolen
Hempstead, Tex., January 2'J. The
colored people of this town have been
thrown into great excitemect overtbe
report, which has just come in, of a
whole family of negroae being poi
soned at Howth's StatioB, pn the
Houston and Texas Central - road,
about six miles north of here. The
circumstances are as follows: A fam
ily of negroes, of whom "one Morris
Johnson is the head, were poisoned
last Satnrday by eating the flesh of a
stolen hog.whir'a had been dosed with
strychnine. A hog owner, to trap the
thief who was evidently appropriating
his porkers, administered to some of
the fattett.a dose of poison. The result
above mentioned ensued. Bill Harris
and Henry Clay, two guests of Morris
Johnson, and Johnson's step-daughter
have died, and several of the family
are still in a critical condition.
Had Oil Been WlnlUna; Ills Daugh
ter. St. Loom,' Mo., January 29. Mr.
Morrison, the contractor who disap
peared some time ego, has returned to
his home in this city. He states that
he haa been visiting a daughter at
Ashley, 111., and left a cote in hia of
fice before he left inferming his family
of his intention, but they failed to get
the note.
Tor AftMSTnAra thr huvt .t.ndiir gunsd
In fovor, aad with talc nrtnty innroi
inc bar btsor th. oiMt iwipulw Corxu
tbroothoot lta United btAUa.
Th U SUalitr ) WiiTD TofintAi twin
as loxq u crdiD&ri Coutr. o hv
U)lr lutroduoea tti and at II gtiuint
with Kite a Loa Waist, aad eaaiorniib
tbea mbta prafomnl.
Mixbext ward! from alt the World'
rrt Fain. The lat m.Jnl rveolrvd ii tor
PiitAT rhavKa nv Uumit. from the late Klro-
Uivn hld at Nw Orlaan. WbiU noiu of
pateau bar inn found wortnloM, to rnn-
eiplot or lb WIOTi-iiiani aava rrovu in
valuable. H.t&itari ara anthoriaad to reinnd monoT.
U, on lamination, tuu CurtaU d? not
1 ora u riratca. wawtwj
(teUlaiiM frew appllratlaa.
1 aoMsa, JLMffdoBjfc Ce., flew Yeik
For 15 y.r at jt Court Plac, no al
Bct.Thitd.nd Fourth. dUUal0llUo,JlJ
A retrnJaHv rJurld ud Intavilf ijultfW ibjasatsv. toi LUg)
as aitAWoaVal, am his u Ui nrxv.
bpei'iiiatorrhoa fend ' I m potency.
(atUartMuU f u-bM U Tootfe, swrwl wirwautn sa
turerjaatri. orotnajr ctuN, fcud rikclaf H?;2i-iut
luiUil oCtctw Nervouxort, Bciiiftial KnUaiar'C .:u
Aalrt drMCM). Utain-BM af tliht. DtlMUv Vx-H'iij.
il-lhnj, rumikMtxi Ac. A vmtfO Ui P octet v V. Ij ina,l-
IWfttskB of Jdi, m of fiaual I'owar. ate,. rflnfcrti
tmiaw Lini4oir r onbnurtT, art ihartMhu "M pt'naa,
cuUt wunxL SYPHIXjIS poMUr' 1 turwd tnat
C'i IK'i fa .j-u-iu; GonorrbAv
Glif ET, Firiotu'w, Urciuta, Brrnia, Kauw;
WUiri aTvJTer private Htmm qulokty ntwd.
1 tst4f-vtiut that phj tirtetiwho rdtl MtMttgfi
to oewtalo cbta et diatiMani, M Ireatfoa; tbottNuidj iDao.
JJr. toijtitrM gni akUL PhjsijJan" kaWwlutliU factotV
mtouuawoJ ranni to mf mr. Yihtm It tt Liicoovtulrnl M
viait the olty fM trutaMot, Didat ova tofecni lvui
atU) MUl llf sWltl M tXIyrUS lUJWiiV.
Cor mi OnAr&mtod la ftUl Caiaa
vpoer taken,
CfiiutUoai wrwoBsJJy n Irw lttv frm lnrtW4,
Of KM , Mt to v aoVH, ttevtky Mktal, tsjr Oitr
ti) Mat. HhMki b tmA bj til AMftN si boi
Qflbo twavn Irtam b A. M- f ft P. M. andyg, 1 to T If
Thomson's Hotol
I, ST. 0. T. lUUrfMtd.
ClturkaAale, MlagiaslppL
Trains (top 18 mtoaUt for meala.
BraakCait, i.lni North........ ....... ?:(4
Dinner, soinf Hontb ...-.. 12 V
Dtnaar, tolng horUi Hit
Bqpper, foins Soulh "life
Th botel ti n.ar tb L..N. 0. and T. Rl'
road l)ot. Iba mlj botel In town. Tral
n. tit boiu-dan and famllioi wilJ ini t ia
belt ol aoeommodatlon. Ti roomi ar
so nfortable, w t plenty of boddin. Th
table and Hrvloe la r t la. lermi rea
onable. ; W. R. THOVB0X A 00., Jrorrlelor..
otaaaMUvdiUM. half
riffiii Lhm skilled dLt
ulriana. rwolt fnui
youthful indlMiaoa
A Radical Curb for
Loo frM lndulamuam a
over brain work. Aw
tin Uiipoaukmot pr
tiotu ruusxlW ttw thw
lo Weakcss3,
I trttublrl. OH out Frt
Circular tltd Trisi Hck
$rti beiort tvJiiDfltmte
u nv nl tlsewhae. Tk
n hitke lUMciifthsiau
ICLIiU) UtNinivM. dVas
!nol tuum rvj wUh atkan
ilon to buliwM, or mw
rutiaor tDoonTHinnaaa ta
tiiT mj, Toaoitd OS
ickoiiac tttNlstt.prtnel
1 nits, avod Mkmra tuinortsn
InVcuRp; 4 Middle
Tisteo ron ovtw 8xi
Years bv uii in many l
DM. Bv dlrarkaBtJcB
tio the Nu of dlMui Jrj
DtcLAo iDrlutOM afl sU
tirsl ruiidkxisor th bar
man ervuisuii u itomv
rtle) aVnitllaltllnT alaVDUatatl
t tV.ie. which bi
On. Month. B8X1
Two u an tbi, - fi.6o
Xlueo Hontha, 7.0o
(Ke ita(lfatDeNntnM
jfuUu4 npidlyfrsln
t nrrnina mna mmu 1
80VM N. Tnnlta 6t BT. LOHIH. Mil.
1711 t'URtp PERSOMBf Nota Truaa.
- . auk iar Mirui. i oiir Api.i.
A book o( 100 pacei.
'lh bolt book for
anadvar tiler to eoa-
Itl IOIJta"nccuir oinerwue
1 'It con tain I litti of
peatpapera and ettimatoi o the ooil of ad
vertiaiDK. The adverlner whowani to (peod
one dollar, findi in it the inforinKtlon tie re
quire!, while for him who will Inreit one
hui.dred tuouiand dollara in advertiiinc, a
(theme ii indicated which will meet hi
evory reMOirement, or can be made to do to
bjr flight change.' aiviily arrived at by cerre
pondonce. One hundred nd tttr-thre
editiona nave been iiaoed. Bent, otl"d,
to any addremwr ten cent. Apply to OKO.
P. K0EJjL 4 Ot)., HKWBPAr-i.il Al
VKKTIfllNtt BUREAU,10(jprnoeit. (Prinu
ina Home f'qoare). New York
Thil BKLT or Ke
Kenan tor ie niadeex
oreial tar the enre
ot defeneration of
the cenerativt or
aani. There ta no
maukeabou tbiain
atrnment the con
tinnoai (treara of
meatln throagh the
Dart mafi reitora
tbem to health action. Do not eonloaaa
thii with Klectris Beluadrertiaod to ritre
all Ilia from bead to toe. It U for the Of K
ipeoifie porpoae. For circular" iln foJI
laformatlion, addreea Cbeerer Klootj io Bait
Co.. ltH Waahinrton atreet. Chioar t
n .n
Oowi Buoosness. DYSPtPsiATonfio Liw
8iok HtAOAOMt, Malaria, Incboestion. 6oiih
Stomaoh, Bad Breath, Vertioo. DveaKiiv,
dAimoioe, Enlarqeo 8plieh. DflowsiNr. s
aft Mfalb. &o.p Without Qhipiho, awKf
Ak for RII.E BKN8-Tk nog.hrtltate. M.I 11
(oariv ad.In-w. 26ctAln ntampn. bold br lnitiiiii
auri M"llriii. Doftlrr. evrrrwhwre. tHrcolnr. I
Ji.P. 6. WITH A CO. b-l'rui. 8t. Loulr.M
1 Administratrix's fist ice.
TDK nnderairned havini Qualified aa ad
niinil tratrix of Philip baser, deceaaed.
hereby notiOea ail debtora to oome forward
and aettle, and all ereditora to preient their
biilr. proterly probated. All roodi held
for charaei niaat be remored by the 214 of
Deoember, 18N5.
Boota, Hhoea, Toola, Shew-Caaea and FUt
arei lor aale at leaa than em t.
Adra'rx of Philip Bauer, Jeflvraoa if.
Wi rorrjiatvv
9uui U aa tli fiest Mfttrw
r jio n to m Ilst Cmsmm liva
M.-x, m
We turc soM U .1
tlf.SiMitfl rrrrf CaM It
ItaU gtYCa tstl1a.TJQfc
1 vraeaiyarow
.'Irani Cbt&ietl Oc.'.'
Claolnnatti 'a
iia.ovi:h AC!.4ir.ny,
VinwiKIA, TarloraiiUel'. O.
C10L. HILARY P. JONES, M. A., Prin
J oipal. BeHaion begina repl. Beth and
end Jaae iliiU. OataioraM tantea ap
rUooUoa, .
afi K
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Betwaea Mala and Front.) atXUPBIS.
IEteblUhedin 180.1
DR.JOrtNSON iaacknowdr4 by all par
liea interrated a. by far the Meet aae
oeaelnl phyiieian in thetreaiaaeatef pritate
er secret diieate. Quick, permanent eorea
uarantea in every eaue, male or female.
lUoenl ca'ea of Gonorrhea ad a.i.bili.
cured in a f w daya without the aat of mer
cury, cnanae ol diet or hiaaraaee from
hualoea. heronuary Byphilia, thelaatTee
tiieeradieated without the aa of ai.rmrT.
Inyolunaary lot ef leeaen atopped in a ahort
time. Bu&erera from impoteney er luia of
aeiaal powera reitorea to tree yiaor in a few
weeka. V lot I mi of aelf-abne and etewaire
venery, aufierint from prmaiorrtia and
loaaof pbyaioal and mental power, apeedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid t the IHieaaee ol woaen, and
eura auara'lnoed. Pileand uldacreaoar.-d
withouttbe ue of cautieor the knife. Ail
enaultations atrintly oontdenlial. Medi
cine aent by cxproa to ail parte of the
o U'orkinrmen cured at half the uroal
rate), t flioe houra from 8 o'clock a.m. to II
o clock p.m. I). 8. JVUXt-VX, ti , P,
Ne. XfiQ. R. Vl-Chanoerv Crnrt of Shelby
eounty Htate of Teeneeaee, lur ue,aio.,
yr. Km. &. liutler et al.
TJY virtue ot en interlocutory decree for
a. aai. enteroa in u &&ove coa on the
6th dny of Nureinber, 11U6, minute rook .'HI,
pmro tti, 1 will aoll, at patolie auction, to the
hiaheat bidder,, ia front of the fieri and
Maetor'a olhoo, eoart-aoueaof bheihy coun
ty, Aleinihia, Tenn.,oa
Hatnrdaw, rckraarjr 80, IMNS,
within lernl honn, the followlnr deacrlbed
lrorrty,aituaUd ia klemihii, Bhelby ooun
ly, Tonn., t-wit:
Lot Ki. 10, country lot 470, bcelnninr at
the interaestion of the couth eid of Murket
atrret with bie oaat aide ot the alley run nine
nnrlli and n.iuth betMen and parallol to
Third and Fourth atreeta; thence aouth with
the eaiit line of eaidelky2tl feet, more or
loaa. to another alley narallel t Murket
atrcet; thcuoe eaat with l'ie north line tf
aatd lnt n.iui.e alley lt; uet: tbehee
n'jr'h 'M feet, more or leix, to the routit line
of Market a reel; theus went with enid
atreet Itf'j liei to the b-ainning, aaid lot
being known aathelitua home Ulead,
'leruiaof Kale On a credit ot n montha;
r'Urohaor to execute note with aeenrity;
ien retained and redemption barred.
Th'a jHiinary t'(t, lvftx
B. I. MctKlWKLU, Clerk and Va.Ur.
By I. M. Bradley, beputy C. and M.
J. W. Ham pton, .ollrlior.
. : or
No. 52"7, R-CbaneeryConrltof Bhalby Coun
ty Btate ot lenneaaee lor ite awn aae,
etc., a. Sabe Judah etal.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
aait entered In the abnre eauee on the
20th day ot Norember, 1M46, M. B. (, pare
21o, I will Mil, at public auction, to the hit-neat
bidder, in front ol th Clerk and ataa
ter'e oflioe, eourthouae ol Bhelby Miaaly,
Jiempkia, Tenn., oa
Saturday, Febrnary BO, IMS.
within legal houra, the following doaeribed
property, aituated ia Bhelby eounty, Teuu.,
to-wit: Part ol lota 7 aad 2hl, fVontiag
iW 17-1W feet on the north aide of Wanning
ton atreet by a depthof M feet, the eaat line
b ingeeVi lt waitol Seeund (treat. Bold
as proper'y of Wm. aad barah Flynn.
Part .ot 876, weat aide el Third atreet,
fronting i(V, feet, and running bulk 14Si
leet, aaid lot being on the aorthweat earner
of Thud atreet and the alley between Adama
and Washington atreeta. Bold aa property ef
Jaraea W. Richer iaon and other. ,
T.rmaol Bale-On a credit of atx in nthi
note bearing interact with lecurity required ;
lien retained, redemption barred. Thia Jan
nary 21. law).
b. 1. MoDOWELL, Clerk and Mnater.
?y.J.M liradlrr. Deputy Clerk and Maator.
. H. and C. W. Ueiakell, Bolicitora.
No.' 89, (IP Chancery Court of Bhelby
onety Btate of Tenneaaee, for ure, etc.,
ta. W , R Butleretal.t and No. loUti, K.
City of kJ.mpu e ra. V, W. Vkui et al.t
aedNo. 1.W1, K.U. City vf aiemphia ea.
C W. Fraaer et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
ale, entered in the above eauee' on the
6th day of Moreuiber, 1rH, H. 11. f0, rage M
I will aell, at'public aucti n, to the bin bout
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Mauler '
office, ouurthoui of Bhelby eounty. Meiu
phia, Tenn., on
Haiarday, Fcbraary SO, INN6.
within legal houra, the lollowing derrrited
property, aitua'ed In Mempbia, Bhelby coun
ty, Tenn., to-wit:
Lot 16, block 65, aitnated at the northweat
interjection ol Beale and Hecond atreeta,
Ironting 6M feet on the north aide ol lioala
atreet and running hack with the weat line
of Hecond atreet 150 feet. Bold aa property
olO. W. KJmonde.O. W. Fraaer ana other.
Alio, lot 17 and 18, block Uf), Baint'aaeh
diviaion, each ironting 'lit feet on the eaat
aide of M lin atreet, 10th ward, by a depth of
65 feet. Boldaa property of Anna E.Lamb
and othi'ra.
Alro, lota 21 and 22, block ;W, Fuint a auh
diviaion, 10th ward: lot 21 frontinn HO tent
en tbe et lido of Mwin atreet, and lot 21
fronting 2i fco' on the eaat aide ol Main
trnet and running back 40 feet.
Term of Bule-Oa credit ilx monlhat
pnrchaaer exciiutiniinotea with aecttrity; lien
retained and rtdeuiptlnn barred, Thia Jan
uary 2ri, W.
8. I. MflDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
U-J. M. Dradley, Ueiiuty Clerk and Mnater.
J. W. llanipton, aolicator. ant
ISEAIa estate.
B.No. M22, (D.)-Chanoery Ceart of Bhelby
county Porter, Taylor A Co. et al. va.
Mary A.Tohinot al.
k Tirtue of an laterorlacuty decree for
aale, entered In the above caune en tbe
30th day ol March, 18M5, M. 11. 47, p. 321, and
order for reaale of December 7, Willi, U. II.
60, p. 310, 1 will aell at paella auction, te the
&l u beat bidder, in Iront of the Clerk and
laater'i office, eonrthouae oi Bhelby eounty,
Mempbia, Toun., on
aatarelay, Jannary ae, INKS,
with a legal houra, the following deaeribed
proi arty, aituated in Memphia, Bhelby eoun
ty, 'lenn., lo-witi Being part of lot Ho. H',
beginning on the welt aide of Main atreet 26
feet north of tbe alley between Market aad
Winchester atreeta, and at the nertkeaat
orner of a brick enginehonaet theiee north
with tbe weit line el Main atreet 2a'-, feet;
thence weatwardly at right ant lei with Main
atreet 66 leet ; theneeiouthwarolyal J-12 feet;
thenee eatwardly 66 feet, more or leaa, lo
beginning point in weat line of Mainatreet(
npon wtitcn la a tarae-atory orica nouae.
Bold inbjectto truat deed made by Mary A.
Tobin to 1). T. Porter, truatee, dated Lecem
ber 11. 1877, reoorded In book 121, page 212,
toaooure the Bhelby County Building and
Loan Aaaociatinn in about f l'Wti. Ala, an
other deed of truat to 1). T. Porter, truatee,
to aeeure aama party in about UOO. dated
April, lKSt, and recorded in book 163, page
401, of the Kegialer'i cflice of Bhelby eoun
ty, Tenn;
Alio, eaten 7) aharaa, of 1200 each, of the
capita :Uckof the B ll- County Building
and Loan Aaaociatinn, jbjerl to wbatoeer
may be due and owing on aaid atock to aaid
Aeaociation. .
Teriua o. Bala On a credit of eeTen (7)
montha; pnrchaaer toexneuta note w tn ap
I r ved'curity, bearing Intereat from dale,
and lien retained to aeeare payment, end
redemption barred. Thia January b, lWw.
n. I. MrDOW ELL, Clerk and Matter.
Ht II P. Walih, Deputy Clerk and Matter.
Bmi'h A Collier, Boll. fat
Ko! 2W, R. IP) Chancery Court ol Shelby
coun t y-rBtute of Ten neaar e for u-e, etc, e.
W. K- Butler et al.; and No. 1473, K.I).
Cityof Memphii T . M. McNeill etal,
BY Tirtue of an interlocutory decree Air
aale. entered in tbe a bote eaute on the
lllhdityo May, 1HK.1, and renewed Decem
ber 2,18eo, M.B. 60, page 471. 1 will aell, at
public auction, to the higheat bidder, in
front ol the Clerk and Maaier'a office, eourt
houae of Bhelby eounty, Memphia, Tenn., on
Saturday, Fcbraary SO, 1HS,
within tegaj honra, the following deaeribed
pruterty, aituated in Memphia, bhelby eoun
ty, Tenn., to-wit: Beginning on the eaat
aide of the Erat alley east ot Third atreet at
tie intereection with the aouth aide of Jeffcr
aon atreet: thenoe eaat w th math line of
JcHeraon atret lWiJ, test; tbencc aouth I4J
feet to an alley! thence weat with north aula
of aaid alley JtfK feet to the fi ret alley eaat
of Third atreet; thencewith aaid alley li
leet to the beginning cold aa the yr owelty
of 1. 6. dcatn aid Martha Bod e.
Terma of Bale On a credit of 7 mentha;
note with aeenrity: lieh reUined and re
demption harred. Thia January 2rl lhW.
8. I. McDOWKl.L, Clerk and Maater.
By .1. M. Bawdier. Depot; Clerk A Akaater.
1, W. lUiopWB, Svtititv.
3Vew .Butter Houses
Best Creamery, ZHe per lb. 3 Oeaniery, USc er Ibe
lalry, Hi, 14, 16, 18, 80 asd Zie per I la.
K. tad Front Slrt, Oaaoalie Faetofflea. Telephone SM.
Estatol isfte d 1865.
Cotton IaLotoirES
256 and 258 Front 8tM Memphis, Tcnu.
Fiitaer.ThorntoB I G
Collon factors, Wholesale Grocers
No. 306 Front Street Ilempfcts, Tenn.
F". H ef aTV Sra I B rT4 JB 5-1 1
Doors, SasL, Blinds, fJolding, Liunbar,
Lath and Shingle, Floorlce;, CiilthtK and tXurofftae
SfE511jUl, - - TEHHESSKE,
208 IVonl Ntrect, Memphis,
tJ H OtKN I. F.
Aeeufs Wliishlp Colton (Jinn nijcl Frtvfi.
Capital, $200,000.
J. K. (aOUWIN, I'res'L J. II. WOOWBAiTTvico-rree't. C. K.BA.1KE, Caalor.
Bonrd of
1). T. rORTKR. J. M. OOOUliAR,
W. H. HRl Cli. M. GAVIN,
W. M. NKLSflN. 1. KIMf;.
o. Al. djti i i ii, uiin n.l.nir nuni, i. wun n.
W. N. WILKKRHQS. 1 R. T. COOi'KK. H. K. 00FF1N,
r t. ,' .in mi if.i
awe A ItriMMillory af tlio Ni or Tenneweoot Tranawli m totmnmi Baaaktaf
IkUMineiea ami ! Niineilal
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocsrs.
Wo, 11 ITnlom rSltroct, : : Clen!il, Tp?'k,
Cotton Factors & Commission L'erch'U,
Cation Nankenae-Mea, MM anal lielou Htrea.
SLEDGE BB08.,of Conxv, MifR. .
mm eaS 10 llaV Jm1 ClT Bi 2 al
No. 365 Front Street
Col lun. Trace ('lial:is, I.aip I.hilut,
Blind Uritlleak IEmuios I P Klu
ISAelabttadH, Niugle Treeis Kepalr I.IuL.h,
IlauieHirlnscM, Ironble Treew, t'ot'ou lUpf,
Curry t'a.mlMs Iforo lirue.Lft.
A Complete Line f flic alrove CJooiL- at Lowest Prkw.
ABDliE, I1AIINE1 AII- CttTaijf. A15S,
301 and 'MX Jluln Street. Meruphi. Tina.
Cotton jstotor'o- .
I. 300 Front Street, : HcK;Ui, Tobeu;
. Surplus, $25,000
5. W. FA-LL8.
v 5V c 1 til A . v
AUnailoa lo 4)llMitivr(,M
F. M. KOKrfT, Rt-eidont I'art ipr.
MflSUuUr TtMlH'Wa-fO

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