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ArrUal ul Departure cf Traini.
Jai8TlIc,Vew Orleaaa and Texaa E'y
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Miampbia. Tents.
BKilLIHH C fY.stAM7'
When the rr-
'oi.Nl!!l ro'utionlaed coloniee
, ality art'' .aerica became nation
"' -.oat a king or a nolle, and
tbe intention cf baring neither,
,j ariatocratic and monarchical eonn
' trica of Enrope believed that a sjatem
of government "without a hea l" was
tco loose and ditjointed to exist fir
any length f time. Some successful
dewagoguea, they were euro, wonld
tuurp aovereign power, or a state cf
anarchy would enbue that would
make necessary the adoption of a
monarchy. The 'English, especially,
eoold not bellcre that the American
"experiment" could do aught bat fail.
To-day pinion is changed so Jar that
arcyatem is becoming admired by
them, as in many re pecta more con
servative and Bound al the basis than
their own. We have a fixed national
onstifeition that regulate theact .on
of the Legislature, the Judiciary and
the executive. "The Euglish const!
ration" baa often- been boaeted
of, bet England baa no con
atttulleo. Aa a itttled comma
ity there are necowirity lawa
nd customs bearing npnn conatita-
tfonnl matters, but that ia not the
same thing m a formal constitution,
clear and defined, which indisputably
establishes the fundamental prluciplea
in aeoorlcnce with which the legiela-
live, Judicial and executive functions
mu:t be performed. Ko anch advant
age exist In the English system. At
thia very time, when the relative po-
Uiaas or i.ngiana and Ireland are
ander dicuation with a view to
amendment, there la no fixed coneti
rational instrument to which can be
referred the prints about which the
most contrary views are expressed, for
the onion ef tlie two countries retti
imply open an act of Parliament
which Parliamentary legislation can
mpa at any session. The Queen de
clared, in her recent speech, what she
termed "my unalterable resolution"
upon the subject, but if Parliament
should choose to repi ul it former act,
what wonld the Queen do T There ia
mo cnnstitulincal provision out of the
reneh of Parliament to anthorlie ber
to withstand the legislation. She
has a veto, it la true, but
she cannot nse it unless she
eu Had a ministry that will take
the responsibility of such a proceed
ing, and ahe cannot hard a minister
other than such as Parliament choosee
to saprort. Hnch loore and ill ar
ranged conditions pervade generally
the Jtigliah system. It ia no wonder,
then, that we find Prof. Dicey of Ox
ioid, writing upon onrsytttm'of gov
eirnmeTit, is found saying: "The insti
tutions of the Union now excio some
thing like hopeleaa admiration on the
part of thoughtful conservatives.
.The plain truth ia tba edu
cated Poglichmen are a!owly loarning
that the American republio affords the
boat example of a eonaerv; tire democ
racy ; and now that England ia becom
ing democratic, respectablo English
men are beginning to roseider wheth
er the constitution of the United
HtstM may not afford means by which,
under new democratic forme, aisy be
preserved Uie politicsl coneervntjsm
denr and habitual to the governing
claws of IVigland.'t Coming from
ao eminent Oxford pn ( ; issor aid Ox
ford is a wry fortress cf KnRlish con
serrslisni this ettileiuent whows how
Kr.Rlsud of to dey difftrs in opinion
rt-sppcting the Amfrican republidin,
kingle-: js:em, frnm tb England of
Oeorge Ill's time. Such a change is
a tr.ompli we iney well be proud of.
How ninny hesit-bnrnings, how much
aoarc'hienl spirit we are hue from tlat
ia t uil:ac EngUr.d to its center. In
. th words ef the Eoitoa AiltfrOttr, iu
Em 'Niil,"ihr.ugh the lowoi strata of
aoi.it ty, the spirit of restless longing
for to nethinj better and freer long
R i?pre.d ii ii rl ence, and the day
h come when the epiiit tinda ax
preesifn n in lawless aasaulia on
public order, but in ways, which can
not terheciedby military force." Tho
W!.nt i fa tixed, dulnite constitution
which is the mot oncbervative o pow
ers and ii tlucni es leaves Kniluud
-open to anarchic V. i ffoi U that it would
he vin to mile heio. Let Socfialiits
and teirl-kete a r:iriinmertary ma-jo;itj-,
fti.d wiiftt would bo fa'e from
I'es'.rnrtive It-gisli-.ion? Wiih ua kg-i):ti'-
K'!t!jn is anbject U judical
a-!iei;, and the Si:prnm Conn can
reader these aiti nii'-atiry if tliy nre
.Irtioawetunt with t'.ie constitution.
41 J'hs truth is," the Ail .! r w3 rs
msrkr. ' jilund hH iji ihii-. bi t-Apen
it'elf id r.nr.r. l.y but the r.O rrnso
Of .t JO Jscpl?." it sr,c'tt':ieu end vild
ratica-.'!D ald rush like a tide
r iuong the pxplr, cuiinnn renre, l.ko
the roet, wuld be hurled away. It is
etrstige, hut Americua covsorvaliHai is
bocojiing the sdiaimtiou cf Ejjlish
conservatives, tbo n'ppoitns ct
-Rxisarthy, aristocracy unl church and !
sa'e. . !
Gf.etHWIA ASB T1IR l'BMMl.r.
Theeoitorof ths Washington iUi )
ClmmkU arJdreesad a circular to mem
bers, of tin Djaocretic Executive
Committee of thai iitate asking Lhoai to
give him their visa's of the civil ser
vice la an. I iti ecforcement by the
1'resident. Their as were are instruct
ire just at thia juncture, when Mr.
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal,
'LH: 1 ' . r
them before JneU-J ' . "
where they
maltreatment of a little c
mA a nnt. TLf tllftr hf A
lotne time ago bj. Vd"" "r Q.
The proof ahche aa at preeent
-( fef'WfcT awwiierln in re-
an ti ai d hurtful to h cflicieacyof
the pub 11c service. Mr. Dopant Gaor
ry decV oee. I) exref8 an opinio, not
hav;o: given, Ibe siihj toctiidera-
tMMb Vr. Dauu-t trts Devnocr'
-krumi ...yet
party U th rn&Mt, aild
At. P-b . Whitfi)54 i, .. u
1.eaT" tba coaUr to the me mWr
. -ee. Mr. J. II. E4!U, editor c.
the Savannah N,nt, thinks the liw
will be helpful lo the party "event
ually," and fo that reason he would
not like to see it repealed by the Dem
ocratic members of Congress. Mr. F.
M. Longly favors s repeal of ths I w,
while Mr. J. L. 8 west is convinced the
proper enforcement of the law wouid
not be hurlf al to the Iem xra'ic rr'y.
Mr. John S. Candler is not satltfljd
with the ecforcement of lie law,
whereas Mr. K. II. Davis thinks the
best thing to dots to give it s full sect
fa r trial, and if it le found to be s bad
law then it should be repealed. He is
of the'opinion that President Cleve
land's administr, t on is worthy of all
confidence sn f r, and in this m.istof
the Demeorots throughout the country
will cancur.
The railroads are extremely re
luctant Ij admit that they are subject
to the Htati-s that gavo their compa
nies buing. A gln and again they ap
peal to law and retire worsted only to
renew the contest and t) endure fresh
disapr&intmenta. Hvery right they
claim Is, la inntances, pished to iti
extreme, and oitsn whore the law is
not technically biexen they run as
close to the verge of illegality as can
be done. When by discriminations
or othorwioo they force trade from
one pelnt to another at their will,
thoir invasion of the rights of the
publio becemea unhea aMe, as we are
beginning to Kel In Memphis. The
duty of the railroad is to carry the
goods and passengers thi come to
thorn. ItisnS tmaluess of theirs t
try to build up ene bnainem nan at
the expense ef otUorp, er to endeavor
to build up the commerce ot one city
by obtlructing that ot another. U I
them do their busincas then g ahent
their buaiueae, and no complair t upon
that score would be made. Ot ceurne
they bave numberless applications to
aid a schems here aid obstruct
anctbor taer,and many of thene appli
cations It Ry be dWHcult to reject.
Were the full rotq tH chargoi male
public btfe-a they were put in opo.s.
t'on the ral widl would be spared
many rt quests that It would then be
easy to r.fise. and the more anch
thingn the roads will do voluntary the
toss iney win nave to complain o(
legislative Interference. How far the
Hiato can Interfuro is ontlnuslly dis
puted and mu)repTeentd. The re
cent decision in tbo United Htnts Su
preme Gurt lathe Mifaissippi taie
upon thia point settles that. Among
other pewera connected with railroads
the 8tate has: "1. Oontrol of the ra l
roads or publin highways. 2. The
power le prohibit dh-crimination in
rates, and to o aks Any violation of
this prevision a penal ofiens. 3. The
right to oreate a railroad commission,
with supervision over the roads and
withpewarto revise their tariffs cf
charges. 4. The right to tompel
railroads t report to the commission
periodically. 6. The riaht to fix re-
epousiblity of the otnVrs tt the road
(or non-rrnpliaucn with tho nrovis-
foni ef thia act." If the citiamu gen
erally would make tbemsolvei ac
quainted .with these 'Suts righte,"
the roads weuid le?s frequently in
fringe thenv
Drum or Fk-Uv. Ilrll m. Brown.
fentcui. to th ArriL.l
Nashtiu.e, Tknm , January .'W 2:30
a. m. hx (Jov. Neil S. Urown died
at 1 ;-0 o'e'e 'k thia uiorninga
njranuille In a Woxlpile,
To the KJitori of the Apptal :
The following from vonr looa", news
of to-dsy is a stiamo and disgrace, and
if you published jour paper in a com
munity where the lawa are fully and
impartially executed you would bave
to e'and tr a! I ir Inciting murder;
'South Memphis Is infested with
sof ak-thieves whofs deprooV.ions
make the locking o( the cnnl-house
necessity. A few judiciously planted
dynamite cmtridg would bave a
aal u t ary fleet." Hurt Most war sent
t'l prieon in London, England, for a
Iras o dense. a schjcrirkk.
MaKtncnt Irani Mr. HrcV.
Mmi-HIH, Ten , January 2M, lSDti,
To ihc KJilon of tha Appeal :
The sUlament rrule in Wednes
day's Appkai. reguding the fact that
I had been in Mr. Fred Schmid's em
ploy during the past year was Ht?r
ard onlr,artly eoneoted in Thurs
day's iesue of the Api-sal, stating
sitch had never been the case, and
I I ut I carried on bnsineei on my own
account under tbo name 1 1 Heck
Jtro., on Schmid's premisivi, omitting
to mention thht this had boen in the
'a t.r part .of 1SS;', for the period of
only tour months, consequently six
months btfore the murdered mau
Schmid l a 1 married for the hut time.
Very respectfully, joiin k. hick.
taVvoll lu the LoaUvllie Jail.
Lori.sviu.B, Kv., January 29. At 0
oVo.-k this evening eighty prisoners
c.inrined in fie jail here r fused to go
tn thoir cells lor the night. They
were thrurened at the point of guns
br.t would r.ot go, saying ihe-v were
afraid a mob would come at night to
taeont MilvLn Butler, the supposed
inurderar of Macoy, the gambler,
.lailor Ketiel and Turnkey Jaiob
G:aef tiraliy fired into i h prisoners.
Daniel Kiee, a counterfeiter," received
t A O bin kaliot, and kinney Smith one
Bhot in the hrad. The "wounds are
not fetal. The prisoners at b-nce
acampered tn their cells.
Ihr t'lut'tnnoll Bagtry Trade.
Cincinnati, O, Jnnusry 20. Ad
vance ehe() from the forthcoming
annual report of Sidney D. Maxwel1,
superintendfnt of the Chamber ot
Commerce, show that the carriage and
buggy manufacturers in Cincinnati for
the year 1SS3. were vtlued at nearly
$!),000,000. During the past year
00,000 vehicles bave been manufac
tured in the city, an average of one
for every four inhabiUnU,
' ' . 1 : ' ; ' ' j ,
TlM f AiniTIA rtn tst U.v. .... .dinthtolviftviiiv I fine tup iimd I- J - ....
. itu - .1ISES3 KOT SO ACT
je Xorcsnent Checked by Snow
Wick alien Dry (Joods sad G'ro
eerie The Iron Interests.
New Yokx, January 29. Special tel
egraraa to ISraiLtreeU' fio.-n ocore ei
lended number of distributing centers
-'e teat gene'ai.businese tai not
asxt!fa. The snow -
. i a. .iiiaiin.
ot tne "ury;we"- -.iniftnt o
-hirh l.u thecH'rl the jc.onW,J1:"
lira KnHK.s. 1 -IU
L . I. I . I. 1 n in..,l'
wtntr, uw inn t
At New York Cu'r there
has been
some activitv ansoos dry too.
Is enm-
musion mercbantr, aa at Bofim,
notably in blenched Ci t on aud v
cloths. Ia ether lines at fhoee civ
trade may be classed as f tirly satu
Dry goods, generally, are f vorahly
affected bv toe renewed buying, aid
there are Urger purchasers of woolen
and wo-sted grols at an Vdvanrw of
f.o-n 5 to 10 per cent in price. Print
c otha in first hands a0 quite firm sad
advancing. PricMi yefcterday wre
"2o per yard for 64. agaimt a 5 10a a
week a o. Home mskes are holding
out tor 3 7-1U3, and jo la Ireely pre
dicted. A tmall advance has bee a
obtained for medium sort of wen! a.
the seaboard, though cot ouotil If)
The strength of the London spring
sue emou aos expec'ut oi il
brisk den and tor mu'eriul.
At Phi alelphia there iatogeueial
ine outriDution rt general mor-
frandise from Ba.tltnore haa ben
light, but cnuctry stocks are ropaitud
low and orders are accumulating.
Advices from Cleve and, CincinnHti,
Louisville. Memohis. Chicago. Mil
waukee, St, Paul, Burlington, r-t. Louis
and Kansaf V.tf report a quiet n o fo
ment tn uada circlss on a smaller vol
nice than in the preceding week.
At Pittsburg baii nees has bees,
satiefactory, and at 8an K.ancipoo
prospers are (aid to be good. I o
ebo s no change in price or demaud.
Bieei ra il are weaker.
Grocery staples move elowiy. Sugtr
Is dull and lower, co2ee is firm, aud
lea qnieu
Diry products are dull, but with
slightly Implored export demand.
Wheat is somewhat firmer, and the
temper of the speculative market is
more bullish.
Corn and oils are steady.
Hour is relatively firm.
II og products are irregular, pork
Doing tae leading speculative product.
Won Oor ConlrmporarlN Bhj
A boat Oar Chang of rorm.
Chattan'-o.s 7mt: "The Memphis
Appbai. has been changed in form to
an eight page sheet. It ia now a very
nanotome paper in roake-np and gen
errl arrauRemert The press work
needs Improving, but that is t be x
fiected on new forms. We congratu
ate the manvgers and their host nf
patrota cn th gret.t-r convenience of
the shape o! their old favorite. The
Appeal is one of the most cour.?aenua
and honorable of jtirrala, and has
had a long career of high u(f :ilneps.
May its span of years be f irever: may
lis power for eood aud its riches
greatly increase."
The Corinth (Miso.) Sub-Soiler and
uemoe.rai: Lan week we gve the
new prospectus of the Memphis
Appial for 18S6. The Appkal is one
Of the "Id timers, one of the s'andhys
in the Democratic ranks, one of the
snoient Undmsrks never turning tn
the right or left when the rights of
the people were in need of a trne
champion, or truth needed s guiding
star to direct the anxious seeker nf:er
that which was calculated do the
grea'o.t good for the greatast number.
Thb Appbal has a history which none
need be aahnmed of, from its founders
t ) the present proprit tors."
PitUbnrg. Tt.. Januarv 29. Millou
WeMoo haa been aealgnetl to the mat
department In the Kiverside Peniten
tiary, and commenced work this morn
ing. Chlcsgo, 111., January :hl. The score
In tho O'Loary-Woston walking march
at 1:45 o'clock this morning, was:
O'Leary, 2128 milos; Weston, 2114
miles. The attendance thus fur has
been t rntl'.
Pittsburg, Tfl., January 29. All the
deputies doiiig duty in the coke re
gionr, except the uniformed police
from this city, ware discharged by the
sheriff this morning, there being ro
further need ef them,
Pittsburg, Ta., January 29. The
Lucy Furnace, employing 300 men,
'Closed down today on account of a
scarcity of coke. Other furnaces will
be forced fo suspend operations In
few days, unless there is s settlement
of the ttrike.
Fitlebnrg. Tn , January 29. An ex
plosion at the Banksville coal mine cf
I.oag it Co. this morning, set lire to
the pit and crenr.t ad nine mules. A
nunibeof miners were at work at the
time, but all escaped without injury.
The mine ia still burning.
Benton, Neb., January 29. The
body of a man was found one mile
east of here yesterday, near a bar
stack, aid covered with hay. An old
carpet-sack, and a large supply of
ftxbing tackle was found with him.
Ha had evident! v been smothered bv
the hay-st:i?k falling on hirantidbnl
been dead a long tine. N thing to
ideutily the remains was f ouud.
Lruisville, Ky., January 29. Mel
vin Butler, a disreputable chanic'er,
was arrested here this evening charged
with the murder ot John B. Macoy,
the well-known gambler who was
found murdered ou the street ia front
of his home Thursday morning. A
bloody handkerchief and a &S caliber
pistol, cormepomling with the site of
the boll with which Maroy was thot,
woie found on Sutler's person.
Pittsburg. Ti., January 29. Scl
ln s :iud Thormit Axworthy, . repre
senting a syndinre of Pittsburg, Phil
adelphia, New York and Ulovthnd
capitalists, are ia the city, airart,nig
for the pi p a :e of natuml buj from
Butler county to Cleveland. The
syndicate haa ltnied 40,000 acres of
gas land in Wet?rn Pennsylvania,
and has offered the Forest City Coun
cil $10,000 avyear for the light aud
heat franchise of the city.
Cincinr a'.i, 0.. January 29. Judge
Fitrgorald of the Tclic Court to-day
decided tbe (ine ot Chief of Police
Hudson for contempt in dolaying the
service of wariaata sworn out by the
Committee of One Hundred for viola
tion of the registration law. He found
that Hudson pursued the o;einary
courea, and that he waa not guilty.
Hia honor, however, took occasion to
anrounoe a new rule for the service
of warrants herer frer, which will pre-
veui such, delay as u
Bi. Lolilc. Un 3tntiftrm on
iadg before whom the Chinese hisfc
binders are being: tried. dtitF
.c -
verdict waa to be rir
evidence did not a
j-cei; but if th;
ow this, no verdict
Orrirlr' thS ? aM Attorney
SroSiS?- oegan bis address hr the
proeecovio t it, lonc,M;oa the
Trooblo Ezoeod Whoa tbo Roll,
road Bryla to Handle Freight
tor tato Interior.
Galtswos, Tax., January 29.
- ere were but few developments to
L in the boycott organixd by the
Sfr. 'its if Labor agsintt the Malloty
u "l hip Company. The railroad
."f. ' T tba'' n0 rBP't of drla : ed
f i !l t v" et reached them from
fielghts ha nU The eflect of tbB
l ' ' 'hab'y nnt be felt until
vSWJr -, 'eiaexpeaadfobPgin
when the .'a'lrx.
freight dentinedl
the InJer'or.
D. t a i.-:- o- s. vuuvna A nun.
oral ttrike on all io v l1 .at of
Galvetfon. Two n.rv M U of this
city to-day ordered tVtr JSistern
acents to ehip via other liif than Ihe
Mal!ory. The boycott hi' appro
val cf Grand Master Workman Pow-,
derly and the lienor! Execute Coin-1
What Mr. Hllot-y "ay.
Nxw Yobk. Jaooarv 29. Mr. Rob
ert Mallory of the Mellory Steamship
Lire, speaking of the boycott de
oUred against bis line at Galveston by
the Knights of Labor, said that it was
riot true that his company had viola
ted the tjrma of the agreement made
last fall. Instrnd of iccraaaing the
number of men employed, tbe num
ber bad been reduced. - It was his be
lief that the object of the boycott ia
t force the ditcharge of the colored
'longshoremen. He intimated thrt
t le company v. ai prepared to it t tbe
boycott extend throughout the fctate,
believing that when bueinees every
where became paralysed tho Stetie
would be, f rced to act in the mattor,
aud hint-id that tbe line to Galveston
might be withdrawn for a time unless
the 8 ate took measures to protect the
company in tho shipment of groda.
If the kmgbti shoulJ order a boycott
cf the line in New York. diffi
culty would be experienced in getting
men to fl l tae strikers' places.
Heetlna; of Colorxi Paatora Ycottr.
dx-ibr llrni.
Pastor Latuar cf the Cautrtl Baptist
church requests the Appkal to state
that the tickets for Moody's meeting
allotted to his congregation will be
distributed Sunday morning at the
close of the service, and thtt prefer
ence will be given t) non-church
Puisaant tt s. cell for a, general
meeting of the castors tf 'co'ttrpd
chv.rcbee, the various leading denomi-
oationa were represented in s meet
ing at Avtry chsp yetterday morn
inp. It was sgreed to offer Avery chanel
aa the plsce of Mr. Moody's meeting
Sunday, February 7th.
rastors Daruio. I'hiIHns. I mm and
Nightingale were appointed a com
mittee to rorort the reaulti of the con
ference and arrange for the meeting.
Pastors who were not present and wl o
win concur in tbe atove clan will
pka o report to day before noon to
the Rev. Geomn Dardis. at Averv
chapel, or to the Rav. Phillips, Col
lins chapel. '
Tickets for distribution will be read v
for ths pastors of tho churches next
Monday. ar.d notice will be sent them
of the same. x
Au old, I'lant-sroken minister, with
repuin'ioa of tome note as a revival-
iit, was inquired of by letter from a
young brother, who, holding "mens'
persons In n Jmlrotion for snko of ad
vantage," waa not successful es an
eviingalitt: "What shall I do to win
souls for the Waiter ? ' He whs an
swered: "Tell your people f: pray
more and lie Utt, and you do like
wise." "The flittering lips shall be
cut off." "He that seeVoth to pic use
men is not the servant of Cbr'mt."
Nermein la Nonlh f'nrollaa.
WA1HALLA. S. O.. Jannarv in.
There it great excitement in the neigh-
rornooo oi tots place over the open
preaching oi polyaamy by two Mor
mon elders, who have recently made
their headquarter around here. They
keep shy of the officers, holding their
meetings at night in lonely nlanes.
They go to the poorer people, and by
sympathising with their condition, ob
tain an influence over them, keeping
their real purposes secret unt'l the
end. The young men have recently
organised and aerve.l warnings upon
the elders that they will be ronghly
dealt with. Danville, northwest of
here, seems to be their chief nroselv-
ting point. It is alleged that fifty con
verts are ready to go to Utah.
flbloBeaatoilal froubln.
Coi.cMnua, O., January 2u. The
conference committee of the two Sen
ates continued in se&eion the balance
ft' tho day, engaged in disenssion of
difference?, but were.nttible to agree
upon anything more ttian the ap
pointment of a special co:nm;tt30 of
six for the purple of taking evidence
in the contt-st c-.ses. The points at
issue are rules and whether the cases
shall be considered separately and
each of the four Hiimilton county
members bo u'lowed to vi te npon tbe
prelimicsry end Haul questions wbioh
may come up in the contest alter the
commit lee has made Its report to the
t?r.ale. The conference committee
aopjinted ;i sub-committee ad ad
journed to Tuesday morning.
The Kanaa 4)narlrr-lnleaalal.
Torts a, Kab, January 291 The
qunrtec-centeuniul of this S:nte was
ce'ebrated here to-lay by a mats
meet'ng, oompofe-1 largely of citixenf
who have been here since Tenitori
days. The meetin 'as he'.d win
ia tiaspicts of tha Kancas Historict
Society, ar.d wsa f.vciJe.1 over t;
Charles UobiD"oa als SoieiUBt .
the State. The Legislature was
preeent in a body. Speeches
were delivered hy the preeent
Governor, John T. Martin; Chief
Justice llorton, B. F. Simpson,
I). R. Anthony, John Speere, S. K.
Vood, T. D. Thatcher, Gen. Hair,
Kx-iSenator Caldwell and others, and
ba original "poem by Edgeae Ware,
unracunM ia iub jury toig B-.ornir ir
TXJtlUl Klflfit OP fHS.lUU
ne trenelimsa, by Careful Day,
kiss Vf a Dli- Score lehaeftr's
Hard Lack.
NewYona;, January 29. Ths f jurth
tsinhi's fpiay in tbo great balk-iine
halliard match between fichaefer and
Vigoaux attracled a number cf spec
tators kOf&ciently larxe to, fl l all tbe
seats' and crowd all the aieles sod va
car t epices, nctwitbstanding the fact
that extra seats had been pat iu. Tbe
In'ereet manifneted in the rt-sult waa
intense, and the betting slightly fj
vored Sehatfer, notwitlistanding the
exce lent pley cf Vignaux last evening,
when he reduced the lead of hia oppo
nent f cm 305 to a lead t f 47. Schaefer
came up firrt at 8:05pm,aai wis
aoon followed bv Viguaux. Mme.
Vigraux occupied berf usual seat in
the la'cony. The game whs called at
8:15 p.m. Scbaefer led eff on the
balls placed In the poeit on which tbey
had occupied at the termination of
lwt-t night's game, but did tot count.
Vignaux Dale 15. tschaefor scored
loihing for the second time, then Vig
raux did not crunt, and Sohui fer h a le
IU by careful play. Then v
Traich.FOBjiBfcl well, but mora than
J oaCi ua was conpeihd fo suapend
tdcy owing to tbe confusion which
prevailed in tbe ball, canned by tt.oje
who came late. Cries f "sit down"
to thrA,B,8,tlBding' caassd Vignaux to
oesas p.'8yinK fcltogether, but soon he
renewed 'f ant' de 47 points,
which, for nefi,st time, placed him
cfl a Dar wlL nis opj. o ienc Many
I benatifol di " eh('ts distinsaisliHd
i tne ran, and aft." "not on ia
sttlo tlic.ted thefli. " " p-
plat,se of the en nluK; .lVlnnVx
now had84 pnrnte, . and b-ll
wtll in hand. He murU 1 lt "id the
hall shook with rc!aure. t0 hlB
time, with the e.:i.iption ot tQ0 Bb('t8
previnnslv mentioned, the a"orni
anceo! Vignaux, while safe a? nut
brilliar t. In fact he appeared to nHVU
ivlopted th tactics! his advern.WTj
und abandoned hia showy manner v
play for on more couservativo ana
substantial. Tbe score told thin f ct as
plainly as word conld. It was on an
taiy dinw that he
Score on the third inning: Vignaux,
152; Kchaifer, 10. ThMn ScUHefer
made 5, im lading a pretty cut shot in
the cornT. and Vignaux made 5. a id
on hl fifth inning beuaagain a series
oi nursing snots repeated by sending
object balls to the cushion, aud bring
ing them back ia position at the cen
ter of tho la le. On the sixtieth shot
Vigoiux ti a le a chance shot which
win a good play iu the riek he had to
take, the bulls being in line with the
red in a corner and ihe white ta'l be
twen. fichaefer eremed nervous.
However, he made 17 on, bis seventh
inning, slipping no on aa caiv
shot. He left ths balls c'oio together,
snd Vignaux was col slow to avail
himself of the opportunity. Nursu g
was the o der ui. til fifty but oas were
placed to tbe good. Sohaeter looked
glum, and made two duckegg; in sue
w th fhn ..,,1 Kali f k. it J
tne red atii white balls in a line at
tbe top ol tne table. By cushioning
ma shot was mads
by Vigraux. Oa the foaith shot s
four-cushion shot wai bravely made.
At 50 polnti he was loudly applauded
on ' making a veil "Englished"
shot, tichacfer's bad lack continued
to pursue him, t' .id a'thongh he made
a run o' 20 tae tal's did ro', seem to
roll rigbt, and ho etopped easily. He
bn-i fieu made 60 in ten tunings, or a
total of 1866 points. Vignaux mado
28 in bis tjnth inning, and his score
was 351 for the nigm, or a teal of
2104. A little over an hoar had been
consumed in play.
mnJa a run of 67 without apparent ef-
l rt, a-id nis admirers went wtid. Vig
naux made little runs of 2, 9 and 1 un
til the twelfth inning, when he He-
cured 82 and 22 directly utter. Scbaefer
meanwtiiie ran a and and in his
eighteenth inning made the ran of the
evening and of the match 180. Xhore
ware ro fancy ehote, but every Bhot was
ployed f jr aid deserved. When 1C0
points were mado there win applause,
as a Uo at 137, which equaled Viuaux's
best run, und also a: 178, when
h excelled Vignaux and his own best
record. Vignaux made 24 in god
style, a bank elotwitn the ine b.ll
played from between the object balls
being especially applauded. At tho
end of the eighieeMu inning the score
stood 4U1 to 411 iu favor of Vignaux.
Schtfar then began to play, uod made
78. lie gatheied tbe Ibuils toether
aud had them t rjkeu op at wi l, un
til be mitbod on a masse shot very
difficn t against ths lower rail. . Vig
naux made
right along in his nineteenth inning.
The "ohV'and "ah's" were numer
ous. He (.tipped play on a difficult
bank shot in his twentieth inning, and
toth plavHrs started on the boaoe
Btrttsh of the last 100 poir.lt, although
fw nmrng tbe audience knew that
Vignaux hud t i make 647 1) reach the
required g al of 2-100 pointe, which one
party or the other had to make under
rulee governing the match. This part
was expVned to tboe preeent by
Umpire McCreery. When Vignaux
had eoanted 496 in the night's play
Schaefer followed, and there were est
calif, oppl.i ise and hisses intermingled
over a deciir'o-i by the reffjree against
Schavfer on a disputad shot. Schaefer
eat clown and Vignaux failed ti count.
Schai far counted 3, and Vignaux male
10 points and finished the-f?uita
evening's p ay. The following is
Vignaux 15, 0, 1H7, 5,(10,6,50,0,
50, 28, 2, f, 0, 1, 82, 22, 0, 24, 14, 18,
81, 0, 1 047.
Set a-fer 0, 0, lit, 5, 1, 7. 17.0, 0. 20,
67, 0, 44. 0, 7, 3S, 0, 180, 78, 16, 10, 6,
Uiand total Vigi nnx2400: fkl-ae-fer-:i:7.
Averages Vigrnnx 27 19.21;
Schaefer 22 0 24. Tims of game three
hours. '
8i.l.ifer has accepted a challenge
from Vign.mx to plav another game
i f ;ttKW or IKK.0 poirti for $i500 a side
at the conclusion o! the present match.
rreatrnrme riio t Ht. Innl.
St. Pail, Mimv., January 2i A
tire originating in the Kyn Drug Com
pany house is raging fiercely at S
.p.m., and spreading rapidly to FoMe.
S.:ha!zf! k Ci 's boot and shoe house
in the heart of the whoieealc center of
hecity. Kxplosiors are heard every
nitoute or twe, as the fiauiea couiein
contact with explosive chemicals. At
Iran $500,003 worth of property is in
the building and the plants are hope
lessly Involved. Burning embers and
sparks are Hying in every direction for
blocks around. The whole depart
ment ia at work, bat caanct control
me fury of flames, fed by tnch Ir, flam
mable material. . .
9:10 p.m. By the superhuman
efforts of Chief tilock and bis men,
with eight rtaroers and five chemi
dk the fire is ni under control, and
tut reqiteet f ir .A5inneapuuJ engines
has been coanterma oded.
; feSrri VS. bL AJ-GUI EH.
Tho Cam leCiaa l la tbo Cliaat
erx ttarl tbla Hornla.
The now calibrated suit of Smith
against Slaughter, t&vviDg the chair
manship of the County Conrt, wi l
rome np for trial in the Chancery
Court at 10 o'clock this morning, and
so aiuch inferest has been aronaed in
the ease tbst the court-room
is certain to be crowded. A few
daya since the chancellor over
ruled the motion to dissolve
the injunctioi f?r want of jurisdic
tion, and decided tba'it mast lomenp
oa its merits. B in sides are repre
sented by sble counsel, and some ring
ing speeches will he made this morn
ing. Gen. Luke E. Wright of coaostl
for Slaughter will probably occu
py fie time of the court first, and
judging by wla', be had to lav
oa tae llrtt bearing of the cite, will
have eomfthing to say wbich
wdl be worth h; tening to. The mixture
of a certain atrojnt of politics ia the
case gives it more interest than the
osuhl ran of suits in Chancery, aud
tha decision of Jadgj MclJ jwsll.
?.h.?;:4 fill notblXlHyed:
will le eag'eiiv hvked for. Thp rl
la virtual y running oa thr.e whr -tls,
and all of the buaiaeia of thecoanrv
is interruptd by the ex chairman's
desperate fljht for life.
The War on Lotteries at Cluclnanll.
Cincinmati, O., January 29. War
rants were awnrn out to-day far the
atrestcf Mnrat Haletead, editor of
the Commercial Gasttt', acd Joseph J.
McDoarel), bnsinees macai?er of the
Enquirer, on the clnmrf n'il,iiohir
lottery advortisemenia. Bjth gentle
men gave bond of t600 fit their appearance-in
the Police Court to-m ar
row morning. The warrants were
sworn out by Chief of Police Edwin
nuason, ana it is unoisfooi that he
acura unaer o'aers oi Police Coramis
1; j Xne Pftrsons
i.uii.pu wuu sailing io t,erv lickfti
pleaded guilty in the Police Court to-
uay.. juoge JMts-jerald did not place
sentence aca'nst them, hut 1, f . th
wivoacooaet to prevent them f o n
et iiug any more tics ets.
IilrKttliBacjr In Earope.'
Cinc innati Enqwtr: Iilegilimac
ia mma "in wooaerlul to enntom
plate la Sk.,Tral ' ltlH coiitineutsl na
tions of h. orope. proportion ia
often one fou TlrJ ana sotueumes even
more, of the e tire number of birth
ss shown by Jae cnllcial record of
births, which art? strictly kept snd
tell tne tale with tnullib.'e accuracy,
under a system of records which
makes marrisgts, births snd deaths a
matter of civil rm ord. The cause of
thts social iauty is largely to bs Zoned
in the severe restrictions which con
trol the marriage contract and prereit
marriages aaicBt parental consnat,
and in the fact that a property quali
fication ia c f en neceasary in order to
Decome a cnuctuicta nr matrimony,
llantlagton and Ibo Soathern
Nxw York, January 29. Mr. C. P,
tTnn'iiinlni, ...U:. I 1. j
,o , .m 1ruiu iu
the story that a syndicate tins offered
to take all tie Cent'u! Pacifia land
grants ia oue lot. "We are offer
ing no 'a:d grants. The edvncein
the etok is simply an effort cf traders
to make a point or two. Our South
ern Pacifui stock will not be readv to
be quoted oi the Exchange uotil we
have the stock coitiflcatss ready,
which will probably be next ween.
Ths meeting cf the transcontinental
roads is fixed for I'ebraary 10th, at
which time onr 8outhera Pacific Com
pany will be represented.
- A Swindling; Concern.
St. Loins, Mo., Jaiuary if). There
is detained at the poitoftice in this city
the scramu'aled inuil of three weeks
sddreeeed to E. H. Carltoa & Co., 300
Fourth street There being no such
numbar on this stret and no fu h
firm in the city, the surpicions of t!
paste flice were aroused, and an invetti
gation showed that this alleged com
pany had beea swindling mercharti in
Kaneasjind Nebraska by offering large
discounts on all cash payments for
childrens' and ladies' fnrnishing gco ls.
Tho detectives sre at work upon the
caw, but have made no u-rewts.
Arrrated for Aaullng; III Wife.
Kww YonK, January 29. Louis De
Smit, a member ot K'ce's Evangeline
Company, now rl tying in this oity,
was arretted this morning in Brooklyn
on ioaij!aiut of hia wife, who charges
him with aesmlUrg her on January
l jlh. She B'ired tliat he had ako en
deavored t- compel her t) extort foOO
from Mr. Wethurall, the husband of
Kmn a Abbott, ou a fu'se churga. Do
Smit denied the charge, but wih com
miitid lor t-ial.
: Vioxserao, January 21) Departed :
Golden Kale, Near Orleans. '
PiwerRo, January 29. Noon
River 7 feet 1 inch on the ginge and
rising. Weather raining. Night
River B feet 6 inches on the gauge and
rising. Wether cold and snow.ng.
Wheeling, January 29. Noon
River rising, with 8 feet 9 inches on
the guge. Weather cloudy and ceo!.
Night River 9 feet 6 inches rnthe
gauge. Weather cold a id snowing,
bhore ice commencing to run.
LociFvniB, January 29. Soon
River Idiiing, witn 0 feet 5 Inches lu
the canal and 7 feet 3 inches on t befalls.
Business dull. Weather cloudy, cold
er and snowing. Night--lviver falling,
with 9 feet .'1 inches in the canal and 7
feet 1 inch on tbe falls. Buunces dull.
Weather cloudy and turning colder.
Caiko, January 29. Noon River
28 fet 8 inches aud rising. Weather
cloudy and 'eoid. Arrived: Granite
State, Memphis, 5 am. Departed:
tjujumg trar, u.-uans, o a in ;
Granite S'flte, Cincinnati, H a.m.
Night River feet 3 inches aud rUiny.
Weather clear atol cold.
Evansvillx, January 29. Noon
River 'ailing, end bigsirKe of ice piss
ing. Night River failirg, with 21 feet
0 inchee on the p.uuge. enthcr srow-
ing coiocr; tnermometer '0 to -4".
liirrr atiii full of ice, impetiinc navi-
fti nn.. lacKtti running, our, vec-y lr
reguiar. Cincinnati, Jannarv 2'1. oon
River riciug, with 22 feet 8 inchee on
the gauge. Weather cloudy, wiih enow
thia morning. Arrived: Jaroea W.
tiefl", Meiuphie, hut night ; (.ioSrlen
Crown, New Orlesna. Night Kiver
risinq. with 23 ieet on the gauge.
Weaiuer snowing anil blowing.
Mevetaeata of Oeeoa sicnsrra.
yuKKSSTOws, January 2!). Arrived :
Nevada, New York lor Liverpool.
New York, January 29. Arrivod:
Maine, Bremen ; City of BerUo, L'rer-peoL
T ROYAL SiUi'.t n XJ
if I IIP
Absolutely Pure.
Tbti iowdr bbtap v-' . a
pnni. itreoxth and w .I1"' a marvel ef
oonomieal than tho J;: iTf'i Wor?
onnot iw told Ir " n
maititndo of ki .TPotitio wi.h tha
tJ8X0)a Co.,l!W Wall rt..NwYrrk.
Th New York Week y Star
Tha Memphis Weekly Appeal
will be rnrnlabed to aobseribsra at
81 00 per jear. Tbe STAB la pno-
lUbed ia Dtlly.Hoaday and Weekly
editions, by Wiu. Donb liner. Tbo
Weekly Is a aist-elsss kix teea-page
frediclol Defeat to the Banner with
The "Jilng Eco" of a Konop-
oly .Aspiring Co.
SiJ that tbo people, after keinr entri
wonlJ demand their moner back, and any
firm afopllnc tbe rule wouW fail.
But pianinr oar faith U the UafvernF
Honest; tf manhood and womanhood, with,
an abidiag faith in onr oft-proved remodr,
we eontinaed to float our banner wilh " No
Cure 1 KoPaj!" thereon, with anpe-t
dtntcd reialts. .
We autheriae merebanta dealinc ia.
'Quinn't Piosear Blood Renewer" to refund
the money if it doe not jure ait Iilood and.
Skin Disearea, Rheuniatimn, Blood Polsoa
Glandular 8wllinri Sorofula, Malaria and
Female Complainti.
D Perfect Spring Medicine,
Etta? on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed!
This famous rornedr mo't happily meets-the(lt.-aiand
of the aire for wotuau a peculiar
and nnilliform nfiluitions. It is a rDirfy
for W0MAK ONLV.andfor one SiK.,IL.
CLASS nt her iliteascn. ft ia a ji.nnitln f.,r-
certain dieieed cunditicms of the womb.
and prnpoaet lo to oontrol the Alenntrai.1
Function as to rei-ulato all the drraage
menti and irregulantHM of Woman's
Its proprietors claim for it no other medical
property; end lo doubt the faei that this,
loedieine does nositiveltf iwuihi nh mr.
trolling and regu atint powers is simply
to discredit the voluntary tesli uony of thon
sands of ltvinr witaAvs hit i,r iji.ilnw
exult'ng in tbe reiloratiun to round health,
and soppiness.
Female Regulator
strictly a vecetahle eomnonnd. and is tK
product of n.edi'-uJ science and practical ex
perience dirented toward the benefit of
m fh:hig wonaai i
It is tbe studied prescrfrtion of a tenrned
Physician, wbose specialty was WOMAN,
and wnoH fame became en viable and bound
less brsue of his wonderful success in tho
trestinnt end -ure of feninle complaints.
'iSrH,il'LATUK '5 th OKASoblsT
Rb.Ml.Dl known, and rnnly deserves iti
Woman's BestFk
usosuso n controls a class of funotions tho
various derangements oi which cause more
ill hea'tb than all other causes combined,
and thus refeuos her Irom a long irein of
afllic.ioiu which sorely embitter her life snd
prematurely end her existence. Oh, what a
multitude of living witnesses can testify t
ns;harmin efleois! Womak, take toyour
confidence this '
iki xuttn noes or hciltiii
It will relieve you of nearly all the com-pla-.n-s
peculiar to your it. Rei upon it
Kf" hiilh' hPPinet and
Sold by all druggist, Stni for onr treat
ise on the Health and Hafpiness of Woman,
m Tn'.i. lrirr.,i,??r';,3..',ve 1,11 prUculnrs.
Ataanta, (Ja.
Late of TW York.
mcnids MMu St., Mtmphls, Teaa.
-rhc Mntiounl t red it I. v0 Mr
So, idly founded hn the reputation of Ben
son s taw.ee Plaster.. They sre known.
upprfc:t, 0d ver where in Amer-
XT .,h5,.P U1".,r' ".""'' icuns.
Pharuiacitu and drurgut affirm that for
promptness ot action, certainty and rango
par.K.n. Once ufed their ungual edexoel
lence recommords them. The public, are
nam cautioned sgainst tte cheap, worthless
and shameless imiUtions offered by menda
cious parlies nnder the gai f similar
souudiug names, such as Tapsieiu," "Can
sicum." "Capucin." 'Capsielne." eto. A.k
for Censon s. bay of respectable drnaaats
only, and mase a jersoDal eiaminatioa. Tbe
gennin, has the. "Thr e Baals" Irade-ma'k
aad the word "Careiaej cut in water.
Mil Mi
low,! Par
I ) V. i ""'"""rti.n. Heart Di-case, Ca
hiJ, i- Kn2B!'u. female Troubles,
sI 'l t"mEl;. Ne"H. Blood and

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