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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, January 30, 1886, Image 5

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' ; Sii Hal St., iremptU.
taameiclnff ItOJDAY, Jan. 23'Ju
. ui gac.l.ke houjandsd.d JetteriLJ1
The Boar-fed Lady. Giant PkeVon. Armies
W oncer, an Iiu Uibu Curio.
. HIimiu'i Japaaeae Snvelty Coup'
la Hoartr Stag tgwi.
Rtn te All. Peers open from 1 to II p rn
DmUI Frhia's kfagaiaeeat Company ia
Cia Cmjimn nud BecJ. Satiates
" 8,h'rlneipaU ? tr. Original Cast,
"J (scenery u produced by ihein at
t tn Madiaon Huuar TLlter.
February 1-J $ MMH8
Fchrna-- 4 SA ROI,-VT HRfT).
1'IANTEn KtB of bili:ylth M
VJMHItU to IlUl capital uuitu
In good towas, to soli th Ce.ebratae
raieruir Uelh.s Wrinser on the In
stall ir.et Plan. - Kirit class paying bmi
nee. Fart eulars free.
HAIi.kY rtl"iit.R ("0 . t T.ontif. Vn.
I pOR City Property,!) small Farms. 5 miles
1 from city, OM K'oi;h road : will aell on
lone Hrn. tdilreM P. K., Hi Madiaon a'.
L lr" '. I '
RED IRISH 6RTTKR Whit rpo- in
breiet; joungaad uatruinel. Inquire
f Letter Carrier So. 12
1"t tti party wh has tn his poueaaioo a
. CHILD'S BRACK far tha body, which vu
handed bin on tba corner -f Vaooe and Aln'n
mi sou, will n-tnra it t5!9 Mam street, ha
will He libera l.v rTrdfit.
STI7B.H On yeilew and wh o ter,
about 3 years aid; car marks, swallow
Jerk in left emooth orop in right.
HOOHEOfnoral Lea Homo, oorner of
Front and Overton Mreele, alter Jan
uary 1. 1WM. ' "fly at 4 Front at at.
a WHITE COWg-Ona with rope anund
n heni. S5 rowar I for thir return to ft.
1LJJAKT03, near Curve, Ilerrando roal.
BROWN MARK MULH-About ten rears
old ; long bair. Htrayed on uiitht of l)c
awmb r liith, from Beuinetown. Liberal re
warltnr (.or return to W. H. KKLLY.
. LAW..V nrine aB'lOoinmarcinl Nn'ary
Pillie, Comniiaaiiiner of Hoeda and U.K.
tiaaniiM'ouar, at the o'd ofBoe, No. 3 rVl ra dl
matrrtt. t OLLB' TIONS A M'KCrALT Y.
A..VCNE-Wl.lfn ! orrloei of Top,
.Band ahould apply at 74 Y AftCH tT.
ClISTERNrt Ilailt and repaired: and
J warranted; alee, briek-layinx. Office 46
Kadievn at., ur telpbone iWj. .,,
TH08. CUHniNfl.
i:0 AUtt KOAKU.
't 00I ROOM-" With boards day boarder!
vT esommodated: traneUnti alau ao
ebiitcd, at:W oooj i itrpot.
SPLDtD front raom with board, fur
oiiioi or unurrlh'. at I IT Linden at.
B" OAKD With excellent room,
5 NICK Ronme, famished or nnfnrniahed,
with or without boa-d, at 137 Madiaon at.
TWO Inrite unfarniphed roomi. with or
without boaxdi at (it Madiaon atrcet, oor
aerTh ird.
ROOMS Front and back rooms, n anite
orajn;ia. with board, at 72 Madiaon at.
ST. JACS UOUSE--Cor. Sooond and Ad
ana art, Room and board tSper week)
03MS Two fnrai'had room.
apply nt vt imrnandoaTreft.
OOMrV-Kurniahcd mni for rentlemon
and litht hon-ckcaping, at Utt uourr, at.
XL I Anply on the premie before noon.
ROOMH Furnlaed or nnlnrnished, 1
tunareB Inn flayuga. 4'V. 'holl'y a.
f10TTAHRj-8ocral nrat eottea
I j A ....!,.. A IVHuc. 17 T.ll.
Apiily to A. C'ordrf . 17 T.llmt at.
-t A C ACRES Five miUe nnt Poplar
.I.'IU atrcot road. P. K.,.".i Mi'il'Hon tt.
POPLAR STREET Cottar, aoren
rooma. Apply to JOfl KF.ln.
f)Af ACRF.9 of rery rich Bottom Land,
i)UU above ovorflow, 2i iniiea above
Memphis; l irpo new irin-houfe and saw" ill
on iivme; will rent to fod party very low.
P. L V AHNhtt.
ROOM -froo
Kn tu'.te, Leo Block, third Boor
Apply nt Ko. 4 Madii-on at.
DE1TH ABLE OFFICES Store-room nn
ilor ionnvsaoe Clubi-n South Court at.,
and four citizen on bocond atrtet ui'posite the
Cotton Exchanue. Apply to
R. II. SNOvvUF.N or
.1. L. WiOULOK, 38 Mndion at. .
TEN FAT liAlIES-Of Memphis and vl
rin,fy fo participate in our
eom:nennnK Voiduy, February h. For
prices and terms apply -t nnc-e to btiainetia
property, withoul remornl. Addros
P. O. r-oi 18.
AWKSTi- In evi-ry reotin of the cnantry
for two Ntw Uookii, jan ready. Spamai.
T'Kmiii to men" of eapo-innc rupible of fill
ing a Inxre turritory. Statu experience, aso
and territory waut.sd. t'i.-i.L,i. Ar CO.
(limited), B-V. Brrwdway, Y., and 4U Dear
born atret, Chicp.
ITU AT10N As houickeew, ean furnith
referential .AiloreM I,. A -1.., this omce.
SALESMEN In ercry State In the ' inn
torePTsr.t a PAINT M tNUFACniR
INf ESlAl)LI.sIlMKNT havins; several
SrKOIALTiits thatare popolar and easy tell
inx. Co I e hnntlkd alone or in conneoti n
with other rwida. AdlreM TltK W M. B.
A SOUTH URN LiDY-To a-aoriate her
ie!f Kith a irnnonelble huue and rep
rKont it in tier own locality, tiood siilary
to riiht party. Position peruinnent vPfc--.
encra enbsnwod. OAY k BKOTIIEUS, 10
llnrclayt.. Mew Vork.
TWO Kotpnatble Canvasfers to aolirit
ordi'M inr enlurced ropiea rf family
licturr: will pav the ripht men aalariea.
Yi eat ( ouri Ptroet. ,
MEN AND WOMEN' Tosiarta new bui
ni.1? at their h::ucs; enn be done even
inca and lparnd in nu hour; any peraon
uinkinic l,-a thin lli. to Mi an hour rhoutd
tend 1U3 at once for a.'Rck.iire of samples of
iMKidr, and 24 work.r.c inmp.es (lo:u,uluf)
to oomnien',e on. A'l.irtva
ALliAN Y SUPPLY CO , Albany. N. Y.
SOLICITOKS-F'rft 'iva lsdy and gfntle
inen aolicilors to icprei-ent an asaofintion
recently organised in the interest o educa
tion. Will i .'.7 lalarj atd cototnission. Ad
dreas or til! at V. S1EV KT,
K,-rc . Fransiola Houe.
TRAVELING end Ci'T Salofmen, regu
larly employed bj wholesale house, to
carry one-bait ounce sample (on coiinii
ion)of tiiw article ic uve in all buaineaa
hnu.c. No sample. will be sent unlets ap
plicant tmia card rf tonte reore-ented by
lilin. II. W. ritevesf, j ortk Claraa St.,
Chica go, I I.
AGENTS Libers.; ami; for full rariicn
iara address OftO. W. H'OOOWOHTU,
2Zt Olive tret, St. L'uia, No
"1 ffW H i M6"4 Yroie; and old, to brina
LVJUL their Old Cloibes to Roaen-tein A
Bro. snd i.KVf tbem renovated. $i Main
and lti JefTerecn. .
YOUSft LADTEt In eity or country to
work f' r ct tt their homes; fanciDst
ing atupli'Smest: bo inatructiona to buy:
work e is t aect by aiail (diaunre no obiec
ilon); SI tn por wek ean be made. Mo
cenvasdire. Psrticuisrt free, or sample of
work maJSod foTfourrgi.tinatamp. Pleaaa
Uvtteii, Maaf- P. 0. Vox IMS.
DOOBlack Kowfouadland doc,
to 11,1 Alabama street. Li-
-oral reward.
,iiv-A Hack-
tm-re.ar . . rt Pt Wartin atmet.
"t''AP.MS-S.7-1 Bn 'armi is Arkaoraa
-L sod Mia.i.sippi " verj- ca terms and
lOWPri as. A,lrtrr.
. H. J. M AKTIV. M.mplil.. Tens.
AT N bWPoRT K EWS, VA.-laK) lots, SM
fiet water fro 1 1, 41 fet deep. For full
iolwrmatioD audreas WM. A. DEAN,
47 Lesingtun street, Baltimore, Md.
ULE J Thtes uiulea, cheap.
BTA1L LRUC fcTCRB Qaod s'andi
bent ol reas. at for aell nc- Addreaa
OPIUM, Appeal orb e.
4U ab. rr payable Septomver li, 18Ho,
with good faourity.
Raleigh P ke, IS miles fr .ia Brick Churob,
Cbels-a; SaeretNo. 1 land, house f rooms,
servants' houies, stables, birna, oribs, diiiry
house, well and oietero: also, 3Al tushels
corn, hay aad foddir.seeu potatoes, turnips,
asparagus beds, hot buds and sash, agricul
tural iiuplemeuts, housebtld ana kitsbea
luraiture, eowa, salves, hoses, mules,
wagons and buracss. App y on premisra.
MARK Ona iren-ray mar. 4 years old;
good roitdauir, ai.d LsMUtifuiiy gaiudt
also, harness and road eat; will sell alto
gether or separate lnejuira .wraoua:ly, or
by lutter, to A. B. S.. 54 Jones avenue.
irOR 8ALK LOW-S story briek, Ko. 40
V WaahinKtoD street, aatweea Main and
8 con J.
A baraain.
Tj"0K HALU LoW-Reaidenca I'M Third
X' street, corner Vaehingiun,!l-sUry btiok.
Gcod bargain.
W. A. WHBATLKY, il Main.
LTOK SALS LOW- houses and lots south
X east oorner Tate and OrleAos streets.
Also, 307 Fifth street, near Georgia, Fort
1 i.-koring.
Also, good lots, Georgia aad Seoond streets,
Fort Piakering.
Also, house, Dualap and Court extended.
Also, nou , Lalloae end Clay streeU.
Also, bouse, nice lots, Jaoksou, near Her
nando. Also, large lot, Dnnlap and ITawley.
Also, 102 and lot on Ueaotn, north of Beale,
head of No. 1 plantation
they can be sesa at SunUowor
T.andlnv antil 1st ol Feliruarv. It' not sold
before that time they will be aold in Mem-
6 his. -For partioulsrs inguire at Taylor,
ullia A C. -OI Front street, or from
T1I0S. F. DUFFIN A 15H.0.,
at the Landing.
H011SK-A safe, reliable family buggy
hoiae one well known to theeitisoua
of ileuiphls. Apply at the liver suble of
POSTS Cedar fencing posts for aa'e Jiy
W. R. LARKIN, .LwkmsvjneXa
Memphis; KM acres, of which ahuutXK)
cleared and Tory rich land. A bargain ean
b. ...u,.d b, .pPlioationj..i!RyAN k
R eaiTat-J "e and all duet to the
arODLV VIEW-Ha Ileus eta
ttie uraul aanxltuaas GULF COAST,
where you won't freeaa In winter. Ther
mometer rarely beluw 40 degrees. Farty-flve
miles ee-t ot New Orleans, on tha Louisville
and Nashville Railroad; four daily trains;
Toulma dopnt on this plaee. Unsurpassed
sunning and fishing. Oiange growth equals
Florida. Orange grown ou this ooast took
S1UU gold medal al the World'k Bi position,
New Orleans, last winter. One m lie ot Oulf
front : steamers passing between)New Orleacs
and Mobile, In tall view. Oysters, orVehell
oralis and shrimps abound in season. Asth
ma, bronchitis, and all throat and lung
troubles eured he a reaiileno on this ooast
breathing the balmy salt sea air. Send f2S
ami you will get a deed hy return mail for a
builninv lot Sua-ax), which will ba worth ten
timos this amount in leas than five years.
Addrers loom Wiisn, Hollv Springe
Miss., or R. J. Ulack A Co., Memphis, Tonn
Jackioi, Mim., Sept. SI, 188S.
Itak-crent pleaanr tn stating thatflulf
View adjoins the celebrated J. F. 11. Mai
borne plaoe, and is decide 11 on of tb moat
dtteirabie on the (lull ooast. t aay this, hav
ing often been on and ever the piaoe. Very
reapeotfully, K. li. WALL,
Coiumisaioner of Immigration and Agrioul
tnre. State of Miaaiwippi.
AS OsMllwon Strarl. Jfemnhla, Tenn.
A FULL stock of Wooden and Metallic
jTjL uj Caaketa, burial Robes, etc.,
always on nand. Ordera by Telesraph or Tel
oi'b.'na Promi'tly atiodd to.
"Sni proas Song," containing CI vocal
piecea, 6k, by mail 6Sc.
"SongS 'Uvonir,"containingS3 vocal pieces,
.'o, by mail 65c.
"Piano Souvenir," containing 00 instru
mental pieces, 50c, by mail tvio.
"Folio of Jluaie," containing 80 ini trnment
al pieocf , hilc, l,y mail Hie.
"Escelaior Wetbud tor the Organ," con
taining; complete instruction, besides
over 100 vocal and. instrumental pieces,
bound ic board. Price II, postpaid.
"Coo's Method for the Violin,1" the latrst
and most progressive instructor pub
lished, baring all necessnrr iaetructiors,
nnd 100 roluctiona, such na "When the
Robins Ne Again," "i'll Await My
Love," "Dancing in Iho Bsrn," "Litllo
Dnrling Drumn of Me." "Pek-a Boo,
"Some Day." Price 75c, postpaid.
Complete stock of Music Rolls, Cues, Wrap
pers, Si ring-Rack Folio, in New De
sign ot Leather and Pltifli.
3S9 Main 1., Memphis.
kle Agonta for Chiekering, Ilardman and
New England Pianos.
.J. F. 1I0LST & BRO.,
Funeral Directors
FULL and complete stork of Wood and
M talhc Cfc'es ond Camets, uiotn-iov-
ered Caskets anoS JInriel KoLes always on
hand, aay-Orion by telegraph promptly
l'runte'a Sale.
UNDER and by virtu of the terms of a
trust deed executed- to me astrootre
by J. P. Humphrey, on DrcDiber21. lw.,
and recorded in the ofiira of lln Chancery
I'lcrk of Ma'shall cour.ty, MiffiJsil'Pi, in
Land Deed Rook No. 50, tags 2o, 1 will, at
the request of the beneficiaries in said con-
t veyaoce, on
SalMitInT, lbe oiti day r Frbraary,
w hin legal houra. in front of the KatoBice,
in llie u.wn of Collierville, phclby county,
Tcnneatte, offer fr aale, at publio auction,
for cah, to ti higbe'i bidder, tee undivid
ed interest of the iaid J. P. llutni hreys in a
tract l Isnd I.vicg and being in Mnrsball
county, Mi,iaiippi. and containing l'3 acres
of section 'i. townohip i, range i wea'. being
lb rsma lund purclnaed by the firm of
Humphreys A; Caanon from S. M. Harris
and am llint m.
Also, the interest of tie sid J. P. Humph
reya in a 40 acre tract ot land lying in said
Marshall county. Mississippi, owned in com
mon by the ajid Humphreys, T. 11. Cannon
and D. T. Brooks, of Texas; said 40 acres
being about two miles south of CollwryPla,
Trnnossee. Equity ol redemption waived.
Tide to these interest believed to be good,
but I Mil and convey only as tras'ee .
W.J. OOOPWOOD, Jx,,Truitee.
Collierville, Ten.
PrcIphtEatBi.n GrfB a tkt nth
, nut-Kansaa tit Ujfc "
3 be SUrrr qarttlva.
Tha meetlr.tf at the Merchant' IV '
cbirjs jeeteidar, called for the
pnrpoie ol tain, action witn refrsr
enca to freight) on grain from Merrs
phis to the fiottheat, and to consider
i tier niatlsra ol Import to tha basi
neea community, was nameroniJr
tttendi-d, and wa composed not otly
of bnainera men, but embraend repre
aentativea (f the river and ra lroad in
terests and ciiiiem cot directly con
noted with commerce but interested
in the commercial weli'ire of the city.
The river interesita were represented
ia the perssrs cf Cspt. Ad. Storm of
the Anchor L'ne and Mr. T. B. An
diews of the Urain hi jvator; the rail'
reals by Col. Earnny Hughes of the
Mempbie and (Charleston railroai;
Messrs. Kewman Krb and C. O. John
son of t'le KaritaUty railroad, and
the prhaii by Capt. Jamoa I'helan. All .
of tne l(diog buaineaa houses bad
repretentative on the Hoor. At 11:46
o'cliclr, aft jr the adjournmeLt of the
(Jail Board, the meeting was called to
order byl'Bidoi t Chase, Mr. E, A.
Keeling acting aj sterol a ry.
The letter of K. J. Woods and oth
ers, published in these tolamns yes
tenlay,toachioK freight rates on (train,
was read to the nutting;, and the fol
lowiDR reenlationa olTared by Mr. R. J.
Woods were unanimously adopted :
Whbbbas, ACembers of this Kx
ctae aad others interested in the
grain trade and general prosperity of
oar t ity nave petitioned this body for
formal action regarding curtain adjust
ment or pooling of rataa by the rail
roads interested in the movement of
grain and other products from Mem
phis and points on the Ohio river to
the Sooth and Southeast, aad believ
ing that petitionora have good and
autllcieut rteuon for a' arm ; therefore,
be it
Jittnlved, firti, That the president of
thui Exchange appoint a committee of
three niembera, and that he be re
quested to act with them, to epreaent
to the managers of the railroads haul
ing frota here into the Booth and
Southeast the injury that ia resulting
toourUaie by the present adjustment
of rate.
6rwiwi. That aaid committee be
lu'ther iruUuctsd to repreemt to said
railrtaaJ mmiai'ra that the 5 cents per
100- pounda differential in favor of
Memphis over Ohio river points, first
adopted by tha Green Line Associa
tion, was a proper adjustment of th
rates, and that the sutHMj iunt redno
tion of said diiTerentUl ti 3 cents was
an ir j'iBtice to Memphis.
7uriZ That said committee U also
initruvted to represent to the mana
gers ( f mid railroads that it is their
belief, from evidence in poisewion of
members of thia Exchange, that the
Uriff rttse cow in force aro not being
maintained from St. Louis and other
points north o! the Ohio river, which,
in effect, works a reduction t) the
Southeast, from said river, from which
Memphis derives no benefit.
Fourth. That said committee, or
one or more of them, to be selected by
and from aaid committee, be instructed
to call upon the ciluclals of said rail
riads in person, and fully represent
the great injury and injustice being
done t the industries of Memphis,
and reaped fu'ly suggest Buch remedy
a, in their jmlgmeLt is bi-st suited to
avert the ev l
The committee afterward appointed
by the chairman in co:nr liancs with
the above resolution are R. J. Woods,
J.C.Seely and W. B. Mallory. .
The BlrralBabaui Cosivtntloa.
Mr. Newman Eta then addressed
the meeting on behalf of the Kansas
City railroad, atatiDg that the com
pany bai applied for a charter from
tho MisHissippi Legislature for a road
trora Memphis to Birmingham, and
that the com, any was meeting with
opposition in the Mississippi Legiala
ture, inspired by those interested in
the -Memphis, Birmingham and At
lantic Railroad Company; that Mem
phis could not have too many rail
roads; that it v,a) to her interest to
fuither aay enterprise having that
end in view, iie, therefore, suggested
the propriety of the meeting rtquest
ing the Mississippi Legiblatureto gwit
the desired darter to the Kansas (My
niilrond. Acting upon this enfj7ee??oa,
Mr. W. B. Mtlloiy ottered thB follow
ing rfsoluticn, which was unanimous
ly adopted :
Wukkka, The State of Mississippi
h is granted a charter to tho Memuhie,
Birmingham and Atlitt'c Kailrosd
Company, autlior'zing it to extend its
lice and build its read es it may
desire in the diiection of Bir
mingham, Alabama; and, whereas,
The n nnagemext of the KunBas
City, HprngtiBld and Memphis
I'ailiojd Company deeirfS In extend it l
line : Birmingham, and in our opin
ioa are in earnest with reference
thereto, have applied to the Legisla
ture of Mississippi for a chnrter ou
thonz'ng such (extension by it; there
fore, be it
limohed, By the Memphis Mer
chants' Exchause that the Legislature
of the Slate f Mississippi be petitioned
to grant the charter to the Kansas
City, Memphis and Birmingham Kiil
r?ad Company authorising; it fo con
struct its railroad through the Mate o!
Mississippi on such route as it may
deem most exp'dient and pracftiable.
Jiitolved. That the interest f com
merce will be best promoted by hav
ing two lines from here thio'.igh your
t,ol. Btrney Hughes mide a few re
marks in which he pledged the co
operation of tho Memphis and
Charleston KuMimd Coupanyto any
movement looking to the interests, of
The an I tcp stnrsllon.
Theatontion of the meeting was
then culled to a t ilegram from Jerome
Hill, President cf the St. Louis Co '.ton
Ex-linge, requesting ro-operatiau in
memorializing Congress to dispofa t f
the silver question withont unnrjeos
sary delay. Jn response to a.iid re
(luest Mr. J. M. I'hillips t lie-red the
fclllowicg resolutions:
RivUved by the iferchants' Exchange
of Alemphu, That they urge upon t lie
Corgrefg of the United kutee) the
immediate settlement cf the silver
question by decisive legielat ot, such
action, beiug in our j'.nlg'ueut, essen
tial to the propperity of the country
and toe revival of trade.
rrMhed. That in our opinion an
equitable settlement would be an or
der bv Congress to coin ailver do lam
hereafter cf the j ar value of gold ac
cording to the international a andard,
aad that as soon as poaaibie the pres
ent silver coinage be withdrawn from
circulation for recoinage up to eaid par
Mr. J. H. Martin moved to amend
I by striking onl the second resolution.
Mr. Martin's amendment was car
i ried without opposition, and the first
recolution alopted u the aenee of tb
nf!icg., '
tAttie Uier lmprjsjrs.
ml ntit batnfss brfURlit before
.vllla . wy.aaalftter horn. R. F.
the rneetib the jutance of
priatioa of 110,000 for . "
Jtmea Piidan u culled n.oi n
expression of vie era on the sahpet, i.J
bfJng aniliar with the river. Mr. S
PrtAiasa ... aniMt.Lrl htf t S ak lutnirtonr
I 'bat the riTk. c m) J, in hie opinion, be
. eauuy render, i naviiwom, out to sjbsu
ttsnt, if
fa 1 I. . ,nmmBKa nl Vf win-
mil ii immurvmnui
- "ourni tna "
i waaana teriv'"u''rcf'aD'a c-,nld
X, , . fM - rred t, a
Chair, vrrtb fnetructioBet ts Wf,on at
totae futrrrtr a'y. , lr,a
lTier hefnsr "o other blJaV ' ,ne
meedbg a)i oni 'A.
.i . j "mmWTmmm
THB CASK TO ).! V P siIfvrTLT' )
tlEFOMSel llir H. AJf ELL4SK.
Tat Bsvpenrl r ike rierll asrst Mawser
A Ntstawlar Cattacida sse-Ta-r
riaal flajairea.
The suit cf Fisher ajralnt Ixi'gti',
known as the- Krumrtt bank suit,
which was decided, o tar ai the law
points are concerned, by the Supreme
Court, will come up bt'fore the chun-
cellot shortly, in accordance with tiie
order directing the clerk and inasber
( make stateiaent ol the asaats ot
the bank and accounts involved in the
case. A representative tt the appeal
called upn the lawyers and otheia
IntasreebeHl yeevrday lor toe purpose
of obtaiaing some data about the inter
esting suit, ' and was farnirhed
witn Uie report just nnisued by Depu
ty A. F. Walsh.
ine tnai btianoe wnicn tne cieia
and maasor 1 dlreitted to accept is a
true statement ti the asxels i f the
Emmott bank, be finds to be wrone
ous in ao far as it dos not uooonnt f r
all of the aaaets of the bank as the
books show. Tha itom of .69.8:!.
difference in the face and amount f
county scrip soUl, ia charged to Fish
er' account. A lik discrepancy, but
fur a much larger amount,, uccms
in the city scrip account. The
commiaslouera retnrtod, and the
master likewise finds from the tonka
of the bank on January 6, 18S0, the
amount of f(i&33 77, (ace value, of city
scrip. Mr. Fisher's invei t ry account!
for city scrip or credits fur name with
the city, $191X24; citycoui.os be
aidea those belonging to bnnde, ifi'.K),
than accounting for bnt .'(ICS L'4 a)d
leaving uoacoounted for 3iJo X Th
mandamus actoont appears on toe
books solely aa a credit mojui t, but
tb proof ahowa that the various cred
its constituting thia aocouut were
the proceeds of aevenil mandami
judgments ot t uned oa coupons fn m
city bonds owned or purchased by the
hank in its regular course of buaini as.
The total amtiunl sued on, n oord ng
t) complainant's eolicitora, ia $13,00,
drawn from bonds t'iOrk), froaa J as.
Itially, $1250, amounting in all to
$7i00, and li aving a balance of 57tiO
to be otherwise account d for. i'he
atocki nnd bonds acd.ui.t s! n as the
total pitweeds of city nupous sold
November and Supteoibur, 1S74,
$19iS 41. The balanco to ba account
ed foikia tought to ba explained by
the sales and purchases throng 0
a process of estimation at to
their face value. .The clerk
and master canno: be positive,
however, that the diy,creruucy can le
satisfactorily accouttsd tor in tbat
way. In concluding ibis branch the
report puts the cmount of city scrip,
face value,' unaccounted for, at
$3925 63; finds oomphi'tan's mode f
accounting for aame extremely pioba
ble, but not conclusive, and finds tb
facts in defendant's favor. Should the
court sustain thia finding, then Fisher
should be charged with this amount
and bis ba ante correspondingly di
minished. The net profits of the bank
from Jnee3, 1873, to its suspension
were $27,543 26, and deduci ng 27,
543 20, ttie amount due Fishar, leaves
$25,043 20, which, divided, gives
Loagite and Fisher each $1'521 03.
The niRDier reports t icee put. t, ap
parent pre fits, in tho same aeuse as
were those constituting fie divisions
of 1872 and 1873, for while there re
gained an cotj'aading liability tlieso
profits wore liable to bo reduced. Tho
receiver's report onlytau show bow
much real profit there was, though
t'je n a tr found no liabilities ether
than tl tne giveH, Summing: up tho
-account would ehow in follows:
Fisher's entire of profits l..',at (it
Amount due biut truiu Lomat
ltd H5
Less amount due bank
Ficher'i net balanco
Net profits from lust
,.tl2,Wl 58
. l.lllit'H
..111,270 fO
dir. to snap t,om
Amount due Fisher...
Amount due League.
. 11.271. Wl
.. la.t orfit,t,l iS
1,700 tH
The abavo singular f oincidence, ac
counting for the prod's and proving
their correctness, nnd carried oui in
accord a ica with orders of the court,
shows that the amount overdrawn by
FiHher, at apprurs from his account
w th the bank atove stated, added to
the net balaice of the distributive
shares of both, gives the exact
amount of profits, thus bearing a
Btrong presumption as to the disposi
tion of Fisher's share of the profits
and whit constituted his certificate '.
deposit, or the major portion of it.
Ihsi (Jevernmrnt
tulted SlMlea.
Tbe fjllowiug is a li?t of Sholby
ennr ty peoplo whose claims are in
closed in the bill recently introduced
in Contrresn by Mr. Kichardson:
Wm. Battle, defeased : L. 1'. Cooper,
administrator, $t:tO; Speucer I'avie,
t-H; A. Puvie, U0; U. F. liuke,
J. T. Ecklon, rl.:cer,BPd: Curoline
Kck leu, widow, J75 75; Wm. Elliott,
il3: J. A. Harr, deceased, 7o.
Heiisrf M. K. Herring, det'eased:
To Mrs. Martha M. Forgey, as devisee
of Wm. li. Herring, deceased. $75; to
Ann Maria Siewart, nee Herring, $75;
to Saliie P. Herring, $75; Suelby
county, $225.
Ci. W. Humphreys, foti 50; AV. M.
Harrison, $500; J. V. Coen, jr., ad
ministrator, $1317: Mrs K. F. Metane,
administia'rix. $700; J. W. ! orris.de
ceaped, $S)70; W. T. Knndle, $240.
Heirs at law of Jamee A. x.me, de
ceased: Mary C. Baliard, nee Sims,
$1S 56; Martha K. Mallory, tiee Sims,
$15 5(1; James L. Sims, f!560; Josiah
A. S:m.15 c.j; Julia S:rphera, nee
Simp, $15 55; Ferric T. r-irus, $15 55;
Jefferson Sims, $1555; Shelby county,
$108 88.
And, it Btimnlates snd promotes the
growth of tbe hair.
Bnrnett's Flavoring Extratta ara lbs
Anolhir Case ia WlifcU lie Showt ip'
ia a llbf raeefnl Manner
J he DutU Salter.
Oa Mt,lrdy iroming lart, Attorney
General "urner' japer, th Scimitar,
pntilished artio e under the rap
tion, ''H. 0. t)via, a Drunken News
Agent, Who Pt 0 Himself a Cheat
and General PYn" Tft f jllosring
open letter, in repiT WM aB Jed iB 10
the ArraAL last riigu t:
DAVts to tra.,,E
To th Kditor of th Seissitat 1
Beplying to an article U' 7'
nrtins of Monday trorning, Jnury
ZSth, I beg to say that youi tawmnt
of my inuubtednraa to balance du Ior
papers is correcU But all chargax'
uiojkut. agaioHi me aa regard to my
L -eing drnnk, I denounce as f ilse. I
i sla, " aenounce aa raise in atatemert
I iriak
I "received
extra rsr f ,r th
Jli i ' ' 7. "
atromt. ",TOtJ jour paper."
I may ".0 w ht I hay not up
i to this wh " received 4moay due
n te for papa. 'umianeu io my rasto
m trs by me. ,l will alio aa!e that It
ia not nor has it ver been tnv inten
tio to defraud joV of tha -ajnonnt I
ow yen, but bavlng kiiea to colltct
lt a oapeis 1 roaM not aettle toaner,
Ymn r threatening le'.tor tome bearing
dak". January aisi, WDlcn is a'gned t.
P. M . Jurner, per iiattie Fauf. is pub
IJebrti 'ow to let the public know
bow 'vt 'a ae your office and voar t
pertst pwh your private Hairs, in
violAti on ci tne law you are suppose
to sulra iniav'er aa attorney-general. Tha
pnblieican judge between us oa this
letter r nblmhed below, ix. e. davis.
Knnt ia, Ta., January J, lsVM.
The U tWr alluded, to by Davis is
publish ' below:
Mat urns, Tail., January W
Da?i .1 donl like to Droaecnteor
publish yo u, bnt if you don't coiae up
to tho-otIit and pay all yon owe
J31 4i-by Saturday evening, I will
have in Mot u'ny nwrniag a paper the
worat artiota aboat your theft you
ever read lit your lite. I bays an
agent at ITolty Hprttsgs now, and la
will get lOOoopiea Monday, and yov
will hardly nicelvo warm reception
at your honiu. I have now agents
at all the town alcmg the line, and
will send papers to tliem on Mon
day. tn Tuesday I will have Beck
to testify bt fore tho grand jury and
fcavo yhi inetitted, arnsted and Putin
jail on the charge of embeailemeint. I
mean business, l orn tiie attorney
general, and intetid to make you
riufler the conwquencaa, yon abomi
nable, dirty, thievish scoundrel. I
give you one chance for your family's
aake. As M oahy eaya, thay aredecent ;
but your family will ivot weigh with
me, uolass vou bring ap my money
you Lave stclun.
o. r. . i uivj nil,
Par UATTlit PaUL.
A t'saaapaalon Plec.
The gentle reader having one
started m on this kind of literature
will probably hay tuDrclert energy
left to get through with another chap
ter, in which the attorney-general
figures as the hero. There wis Utile
flil'iiir ,t the Dim Museum Tuesday
lit it which waa kept in quiet aa poiei
ble, but ) uked oat yesterday in
apite of all the, precautions taken.
Except for the fact that the victim is
a giod man and has plenty of friend,
w no Insist that jiutice shall be done
him, the ttity might never have been
I ild. John U!u )ov, who was recent y
sworn in ait a regular olrVcer, and (tare
bond for the faithful performance rf
his duty, though in the pay of the
museum, fluda himself "at lluerty" fjr
doing bia simple duty.
''I can't aflord tj go lot o a fight
wiih the a'.tarney-guneral or any
tojy else," he said to an Appeal re
porter yesterday, ' bat it you aaat to
know why 1 am no longer employed
at tbe museum I w:ll tnll you. On
the evening of th 2(3 th I noticed
(Jen. Turner t ilking rather excitedly
t j tbe boy wno takes checks ior re
served seats, and he was BUnding in
the aisle, blocking it up. 1 told uim
lie would have to a'uud aside, but Le
did not move and 1 hal to ue force,
Aa I pushed him back he turned to
the boy and denounced him as
a d a of a b , in a
tone lond enough I) be hoard
by a number of ladies and children
who were Bitting near. I did not wait
(ulnar anything more, and fmmedi
at ly put him under arreBt. He tried
to get me to It t him go, saying he was
my f ioud, nnd all thut sort rf thing,
but I declined to relraie him, and
statted '.If with him fo the Station
Houso. He pulled back, and I
had to use a goo I deal c f
force. Wbeo 1 got near the door of
the Statioi lloute Mr, Crosby came
running ait ;r me and t .Id rr.6 (o re
lease bim. I did so, and they went off
together. Thi.t evening I was die
charged. Next rooming Ucn. Turner
came np to the Court-Houce and said
he would t-y and gut aie reinstated,
bnt instead of deiog that he went back
to the museum, inked if 1 was there,
and .when they told him I liul been
discharged he (aid that waa itll he
waLlid to know, aad lilt . He was
not satisfied witi having me dis
charged, but went buck next day to
Bee that it was done I am regular
officer, properly sworn in, under bond
and wear a badge. I did uo more
than my duty."
Manager Crosby of the Dime Mu
seum waa found In bia private office.
He said he had no concealments to
make and would make u etutetnent if
"uen. Turner came to the museum
Met Tuesday evening," he said, "and
either did not ne or forgot to bring
his annual pass. The boy in the the
ater down stairs is instructed l allow
co one to take reserved seat ho hua
not a pass or it rod ticket. Gen.
Turner e:urtod to paea by hitn, itud
when the 1 07; who is a
erftt-n country led. asked him for his
ticket, be told him he did not petti
one. Tho boy insist nl, and a crowd
beean to collect in fie aisle whore
Gen. Turner B'.ood. Fi: a'ly he handed
the boy a dime, but he declined it,
telling him be must get a ticket.
He immediately denouncd the boy,
nsing the strongest possible language
to hiui, and Clancy e.iir. -d bim and
rushed him out of tiie door. A
man who saw the aumr came
running up to tell me about it, and I
followed C'aacy, overtaking him one
door t'lia Bide of the Sti't'.OL-Horum.
"That's all right, Clancy," said I;
"lot him to."
"Xo, it's not all right," said Gsn.
Turner; ' I'll make this thing cost you
every cent you poeeees."
"Well, 1 fait like aman wbosees bi
house burning np. All I Lave ia
in tbe museum, and I knew Gen.
Turner waa Attorney-General and
owned newspaper. I p"t my band
on bis choulder and asked hint to
liBten to reason, lie said that he
would listen to no'h'nj, and tbat h
ir trnr'j t0 w,:te mo f olumna abont
m n his paper next day. At last I
r.A him eff and into the saloon on th
corner. II then turned to me
and sard bo wou'd let tha met
ter d.op if I wm3i j discn.r
tbat of b of a pcliceaian. I told
Clancy I wa sorrv, because be was
5;iinAiid did hij duty, but I
wou'd have to let hiui C3 or ru-k ruin
ing my business. I I avs been here
only t-n weeks and want lo succeed if
I can."
Laaa t Cars I ike Ulroilwahatsi
Koad-Satkersa lsuueB;er
It was ctatee positively last night
that, in spite of all anuoancmenta to
th contrary, J. li. Ugden bad
positively declined th Southern pool
'ruuiirwionersntp wan its H-',UO0 a
v, which leads to the bel tf tbat he
has ra. T llt"'' coll,lllno tbe last
ie!orlK o' the pool and prefer to
ImVV.iV. nore modeat one with the
I" at Tnn! Virini d ""rgia
fctTennee. ne0Up, wit(
rsuiro-u. ,uiu,. . , , fre, , j
.nme.vi.Ama "
iro'.r., i .1 1
cutting uj unej 01 1110 rl A .-
Thecal, which it in clalm. !
reason H believe is being v ltl.
from East S;. Louis, 01 thruugff ,
. . 1 . , ,, VIU .110 UUtll,
neaV to Ureen L.tn points. TIk
chargv is not made specially as yet,
bnt if tb rumor ia well founded the
facta arv certain to leak out. It l
claimed 1 bat the grounds for suspicion
ara very strati g, as the line referred to
has been c'o!g hug' ly increased
btMineoa of l.ate. and it ia significantly
remarked thattihippersdonotill flock
in on direction joniena mere ia some
. . . r . ., .
Inducement to ,4rtiw them. It is some
thing that ia of t ba deepest interest to
Memphis aud ha. g. atn trade.
Arleala, Naarkvi'tl snJ Urenada.
LVeirlte flioir fsiusJtto rains f ond
in MeuiraatTH, tlae s arraying corps of
the Attorile, SiarkvPJe and Grenada
railroad have flniahttd their prelim
inaryanrvev to Grenada fiom A 1 tenia
via SUrkville. EiceTt at Kelley'a
Hnmmit they reported,, as expected,
this to be most prurticable route,
and as eoo as the weal her clears up
they will resnrvey tha itpecial point
nventloned. They report that no line
co old crocs tbia State front eaatto wett
which presents as favorab le route ai
thia, aud there is 10 doubt but what
work will bebKon t an early date.
ronr-niltis ctf this line passe tlirouth
rioh valley country, which w.'H supply
the road witn bandsoma pi tironago,
aVsasM T Clara ls Ike III r as tsssrkaan
The rnllman Palace Car Company
vest relay recorded leaae to Keoaman
ib, receiver (I th Memphiii, Belma
and Ifrontwlck Uaiiroad Uomp any, ol
two tlratrslaaa passenger cars, vi.lued at
f 08eM : oae aerund-elass paaeerwer ea-,
valued at tOaj; on comb.-nu'ion
paraenge and baggage car, valued at
$2550; on baggage, niail and express
ca valned at t200. Th leas is t-
extend for the period ol eighteen
months. A payment of 25 perceat.
cash in advance rental is required,
and $3,0ft5 05 upon delivery, on tho
23d of January, 1886. a payment of
equal amount, July 23, 18HB, a pay
ment of equal amount, and January
23, 1887, a payment of equal amount,
making in all for the three semi-annual'
payments, $1 1,1-05 15, each of
such payments to be represented by
note f the leasee, indorsed by Duua
vant Kelly & Piper. Also tb follow
ing freight tialn equipments: Tweuty
bos cara 427eaob, ten flat tars $297
each, one caboose car $1250, the leaae
to extend for a period of City-one
months. A payment of 15 per or nt
cash aa advance rental payment it re
quired, and npon delivery a payment
of t250, and neon th first day of each
month thereafter for fifty-one con
secutive months, commencing the lit
of August, 18-6. making total of
$12,750, payable by note cf lesaee, in
dorsed by Dnnavant, Kelly A Piper.
Unaf Ingtoa aasd tkai lieatackj (Tan
Iral. LornT.m, Ky., January 29. A
motion in behalf cf holders for first
mortgage bonds waa beard to-day In
th Unitad States Court end II. E.
Huntington, nephew to C. P. Hunt
ington, was appointed receiver f 'r the
Kentucky Central railroad by Judge
Barr. The filed petition states that the
road iB now in arrears for six months
interest of these bonds, and claim, un
der terms cf the mortgage, the right
!o foreclose. It is raid that the ap
pointment of Huntington will bring
4j io Kentucky Central iutoeloser union
witn the uiiesapeaae and unio, wuuie
president is large bondholder in the
Kentucky Central,
Konlbern Passenger ARcala.
Atlanta, Ga., Jitnuaty 2",. Th
Southern PaasengAr Committee fin
ished its businr.su yesterday. The rates
to the Savannah Centennial were fixed
at 1 cent a mile, and tbe San Francisco
excursion fioui Atlanta, $110 for th
round trip.
Tiiebb are number of prominent
railroad olHciala in tb city.
Geniral Mahaubb Habaiian of tb
Imiaville and Naahville railioad, ar
rived last night.
Tna LouiBvilla and Nashville pays
over $80,000 in t lies into the bands
of the different county truBtees. '
Cai-t. T. L. Lei has resigned aa c-ml
neLt r.f the Louisville and Nashville
and will be succeeded by Capt. Van
derburg. CtialallMlOKKIS J. W.Miuolbv of the
Southwestern Kailway Association is
preparing ait elehoia'.e reply to the
complaints recently made by tho St.
Louis Mercl uota' Kxcbunee and the
Kineas City delegation of merchant
and johhers. The future policy of the
pool will be set forth in the document.
Crosby's Islme Mpaentn.
Tho numerous attractive features of
this popular rem t are winning excel
lent audiences in spits of the very in
different weather. '1 here will bt the
us.'al Sit la 'day morning performance,
cnmercing at 10 o'clock, for the
epeciol benefit of tbe little ones, their
parents aid friepda. That uninue
apecimon cf ingenuitv, krown ui "The
l'edalsfrial Wocder," will be seen to
dy for the laft time, and is really de
serving of the attention of curioaity
seekare. The furor attending the
"What Ib It? or Nondescript," ahowa
no signs of ahttruont, and while some
come to scoff, others remain to wonde.
Among the many fetturea cf the pre.
gramme there must be some tbat wilt
serv(t make a a enjoyable hour.
PTITQ InsUnt relief. Pinal ur in
A X ULiO. .ten days,, and never returns.
No purge, nolalv. no suppository. Suffer
r will learn of a simple remedy, Free. M
addressing 0.J.s4AjON,7Saet..N.i.
11 Blood Kumo
Itch i J
11 Burning 8kin Tortures, Loaa.
Sores, and every eiecies of Itching,
Pimply, Icherilcd, rVrofulrus and
ioui Liaeases of tbe Kloed. Skin arid
with Loss nl Hair, from infancy to ol1
ara positively co-ed by CcticI'Ri, tho'
r-kiu cur. and COTiouaA Soar, an exet-f-kin
lleaotiAsr, externally, and Cf. i
KiauLVMT, th Ew Clvod Pur. Her, .
aally. ;
I have bees afflicted sine last 1
with a t-kln diaeaee th doctors call.f
sema. lay lao was covered with soa'
ores, and th itching and burning
almost unbearable. beeiDg your Cci
Rsuaotasso highla rsoommeaded.ooar
to give them a tria , using th CuTtcva
CuticciA boar xtrna.ry, and ba-o
Internally, for foiir months. I eall 1
cured, tn gratitada for a hied I mal 1
publl ItataaieDt. .
Bread Brook, Coaa. "
Ai p, r acbTbar abb k bi 1
I wsssffllcted with Scsemaon th I '
Faoe, Bars and Neck, whii h the dro
where I sot your remedies, pronounce.
of tb worst csj that bad onus 'L
his notice. II advised me to try yet
TiCDii Katiniaa, aad after five day
myrealp and tart of my faoe ware .at
oured, and I hop la another week to
my ears, n.k, and th other part 1.
faceu'd. UKHHAN bLAl.
1MH. 4U street, Saw York. i
si ssitaw uiHEaaiKli (i RED
turiccas atanaa at the head of its
efp.cia Iris this tha case with the Cm
od f
roar, uav aad an aaueaally good
this summer, owinr to tha arav.u c
aggrav .t.d form of Itch through fora 1
I ( irs tn the country, in weich tb Curt
Klusuits proved saii.factorv.'
, , W.L.HAUPIOa.Drurg
pnlowa. Ky. j
AraiclJbyia. "r""',t- Frieai Cbt
a, OU cents;
K'otyaT, 11. (Ui fi.',.,i
ceats. Pirrraa J'gr A'CMguirai,
Boston, Mass. Head for '.'Alow to Care t '
Dlaeaaes. 1
JaJtsAU hy uairettioc'i
srCAPiraL pbize. 79,00. -a, (
Tlckala aiolv d.V Shaiea la
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
' W do Aereaw esrsira lsf m sum,, i
mrrmg rmtnm fur ou ma Monthly and V
wgs 0 lA iaawMM jisats Umt
C OSMW1M,. atui in amna uum mi! mwj.
As icrnwiaea tAswaWsea. auA tkat tk
art ooewfmlaii entS Aoacety, fmrnut aad
(A eMnpaay so sus lAw arlannle. aMA Ja t
stashes of o-r stfwKaras ealiisAad, ia Aa
Wir. fa waaTar,aMMsf. Raakm n& fTsaha.
rail pay all i'riar dram tm lim Lrnvmn
iVala svotlartea MkMnii 6a airetessaa sal e
J. M.WCII.EMBT.Praia, Las. If ail BaBk
B.U. KBNNKBT.PrssUtlrnal'l Ilk
A. BALDWIN, Prea. B. O. Ial.Bk
IaeorporaUd la laba for twenty-fire yean
so Kagiaiaiav ior aiaueaueoai an
arltab! purposes with a capital of II.-
(HaiouU which a reeerr faad of srarlMO,.
OHO has lias been added.
sty aa verwheranln Mnular vota It
fraaehl.a was madaaaart of tha araaaaetitafa
Censtttntlon, adopsasl Deoeoibar ltd, A.D:
IS 1 9,
Tkm MIM Lottmm mmr aaaet aa amd aaaoeaad
ty la laavp's of any .Wwar.
It aevar saaiss rpcpas.
ISa (Irtawsl KltiBlo Mniasber Brstwrnsra
talks) pl-e saaaaaillily, aa ItVs, M
rawrslisaary Itrsiwiaaaa regnlarrrev-
rjr Isare-e. asaonaba I na triad r Nwsatt-
Ansinaiiy na cke-rswiar, Blaala
anarcsa, isas,
IVbraan . iaa-iaak Monshrr
CAPITAL FltlZE, 879.000.
10,000 Tlcikalaal Five Dollar Enek.
a raclion, ia t utua, la
i c;apii
1 Capital pria.....
I T5.0OO
tnl prue...
tal prlre....
ses of loan..
5 Prites of 2HH..
10 Prises of llHi
20 Prises of b(IO
Mil Prises of Sill
V Prises of UK) ...
ftJO Prises of ' 50
1000 Prises of 36 ....,
S Approximation prises of 1750
V Atiproxlmation prises of .
9 Approxiuiation prises of Xa)
1W7 Prlsea, amounting to....... r.W.iKfl
Anulleatlon for ratal to eluba should b I
mana only to tha odioe of th Coajpaoyia
New Orleans. 1
lor lurther Information write clearly. .
ivlw full addreaa. PONI ALitri, Fx- s
reas Money Orders, or New York Kxchanaa
ordinary letter. CJurrenoy by Eipreu tail ,
sums of 15
and upward at ear eipense,,
Mm saAaiB-sesrs,
w Orlvaoa. La.
Or M
A. nl'PHIK,
Wa.lilnciea. IS. (7..
or at Wralt'saurt HU Menapnia, To
Ma te P. O. Boner Orders Darable 1 !
aud address Kegialt-red Letters to
J)w Orleaaa, 14.
Th Orcatest Medical Trioninh of th AgI
I.oesofapprtlle, Howelsro.tlvcl'nlDla
tha head, with at dull acn.alioula tha
bach pa.ru i'aia under thw sboaltlcr.
blade, fullness after eating, rrith ;ll
Inrllonilon ta r-xerllanof body ermlod.
Irrllahllity of temper, Low apiril. Tsllk
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FF' I! 44 fHurrarSt.. esv lorat-
Oi-rtcs or TBI Livsawa Foritnsr
Memphi. lenn. .January 30, lS$ri
.MaCHiMS voartST
AT a meeting of the Board of Ditc-t-rs of
this Company, hold en the lL'ta tnst.. a
CaahUiiidend of le lr r. I. on the e.p--ilal
stock was declared, and the lalaneo-r
net earninga for tbe year, 1b3, placed to
radii ef surplus fund. .
U. A. TAlUM.Set yaadTrta.'.
leTToa antics, I
rsjucii 1
TIIK sie.rl.U.s.VJ)j.'l ;
A. li thea.nf Hcjaa jjat

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