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U 6'
i i
What leadiss kew york
i Yer? forlorn Contmance, aa
; Explanation or Which Will Be
i Awaited with Interest
; Haw Yobk. January 29.-The Trib
in this moruiojj, n commenting upon
' be bill introduced in the Senate yes-
lerday by Mr. John bherman, cays:
The vital feature of Mr. Sherman's
' till, evidently ,ii the provision tbu'. the
i mount of such certificates at any time
' Qtatending shall not exceed the cost
i t the bullion purchased by such cer
tificates. In otbwr word, the cer
jlicalee shall be given only for the
,alne of the silver bullioa in Ruld on
he day of purchase. If it were possi
j le next to get "d of the standard dol
: ire and of the silver coin certificates
,' t preeent outstanding, the situation
i ,-onhl I ave tbis immense advar.tifte,
' hat tiere would be do possibility of
l.riftiog away from the gold basis or
1 .riving gold out of the country by the
obet-t ition ol a cheaper medium. It
'! I to be presumed that the Benator
' .1 ! J - . :H I. . ..I.!....
"beaetondseUiou provides that stand
rd sliver dollars may be deposited
nd the bullion certificates issued In
heir stead. The bill doe not make it
nite clear far what amount the cer
ficatea shall be issued, but preeumn
!y for the nominal value of the dot
' ire as cojns4 which would be In effect
i adeeming them at par in gold. The
nest ion would still remain wba: ins
overnment is going to do with the
ccuuiu'ation of coins In the Treas.
xy, and whether it can prevent their
, eing forced into use beresier. It
i, indeed, piesible that the issue of
ae new ceriiiicatee would so fir dis
credit the silver coin certificates and
le standard silver dollars as to cause
lem to be speedily returned to the
treasury through the custom-houses.
' hat would involve a heavy burden
' ad some risk fir time, but the end
light lie the complete retirement of
,' ia 80-cant dollars and certificates and
e eubfltitution of certificates repre
iLtiog only the gold value of the sfl
r bullion held by the Treasury,
be Senator's explanation of this bill
ill be awaited with great interest, as
roially as to the provisions c f the
x-ond section nl aav mentioned."
, The Tinut says: "Senator Sherman
is introduced a silver bill which is a
ry curione contrivance. We shall
nit with much interest Mr. fiber
..aa'a explanation cf tbe results he
t ipects to attain from this arrange
ment, lie baa bad greet dnl of ex
' ience in the Tremory Department
.: id in floanoinl legirlation. lie ought
ii have some clear idea of the practl
. tl working of a mrniure deliberately
opoeed. Doabtleas be hs an idea
' ' how be tiluks it will work. For our
': wa part, we can see no noteworthy
f 1 vsaitage t be obtained from it. As
impared With; the standard - dollars
r quired to be coined nnder tbe pres
et taw, the coin certificates propoied
ive the merit that they are not a le
tl tender for private debtr, nor are
ley made explicitly by the bill a le
U tender for dues by the government.
.' compared with the silver ceitifi
, ttea now out tending or authorised
I the preeeut law to be issued on the
tpoait of Undiud dollars, tbey have
ie merit of reprwienUna ouly the mar
It value of thenilrcr bullion purchased
1th them. This ia a less dishonest
ansactloo, and one leas immediately
togerons. But ultimately, if con
oued, It must result in tbe substitn
on in tbe government revenues of
irti 11 cafes far gold, and practically ia
40 payment of customs and either
; xea no to the amount ot the govern-
: ent purchases in silver bullion at
ie current market price. We fail to
intble operation any proper gain
I the government. But we' shall
ve a candid consideration to any ex
anation Mr. Hhnrrrna may have to
i ibmit"
The UtmU is not nt all pleated with
- ie bill, lis opinion, as briefly stated
,; ! lis editorial on the subject, is at fol
: wa: "The bill ultogsther, like most
Lie ideas, ia objectionable and con
mptible.' The Nun and World do not refer to
ie bill editorially.
wuolesaie roisoMxe.
feteuantle Attempt 10 Make Way
I wltb an Fntlre Family.
i Davis pout, Ia., January 29. Much
; .dignation has been aroused by the
ecovery of an attempt a1, wholesale
lisoaing in the family of Mrs. Cn
jlly, a widow residing on West Hoc-
, ill street, utn munuay mier sup
ir, Mrs. Conublly. ber three sons,
I iree daughters nnd a grandson, were
,ken sick with a griping ol tbe etom
ih and violent retching and vomit-
' ipj. The fftDilv. physician waj at
, joe aent for nnd administered enti
res which nil jrded relief. Nothing
i tore was thought of the matter ex
ipting that they mmt have eaten
ime unwhcl-eome food. Wednesday,
Iter supper, the mime symptoms ap
sared and ancther physician win
immoned, wbo relieved them of
lelrdk trees. Will the suspicions of
ie family were not aroused, nor thoss
J the physicians. After dinner yes
irday the family were again at licked
ith the previous symptoms, and on
sing called, the doctor at once bus
cted ttat some systematic attempt
as being uon-le nt poiioning, aa the
hole family nan in great distress and
ifTering U greatdeal worse than when
e waa formerly called. The grand-
,)n was fonnd to be beyond recovery.
nd died tow ard evening. Tbe others
ere given the greatest attention, and
ie dolUr thinks they are now out of
soger.- An examination of the food
pd liquids that hit! been paitiken of
a next made, and an analysis
towed that the tea they drank con-
lined are r lie. Tlie tea itself when
xamined showed it (o be pure, and
ie fact baa been developed that some
nemuct have put the poison in the
in when placed for' hoatlDgon the
:ive. Tho inttter ia being investi
ttsd. -
. Means ttoual Nalelda.
Bum ah a i, M icii., January 29. The
identa of this city were greatly ex
ited list night over the aensational
aiciJe of P. Cox, a young mechanic
fcoat thirty years old. He was a
tmsin of Charles Clowes, who killed
imeelf and miatress in a Chicago baf
io a week ago. Clowes'a remains
rero brought here for interment.
oung Cox seemed to have been deep
r aiTdcted by the tragedy in which
is couain figured. Yesterday he went
' lto a hardware store and rtbked to be
hown sonie revolvers. The proprie-
' intuitiv t? felt that something was
Tonst and declined to exhibit tho
reapone. Cox afterward entered
nolher hardware fctore. No undue
len'i disturbance was indicated by
is d:ineanor. lnlobedince to bis
tqacs-t be was shown several revolv
rs. He Eel?;eiJ one nn.l cartridges
i Ct were )nn;!cd cut. Thess he de-ben-tily
a'.'jastcd ia the chamber.
"Gentlemen." he said, tnrnlne to the
five or six men in the itire. "I wish to
aav trood-bve and" '1 ha now thor
oughly frightened spectatora advanced
to prevent tbe suicide. "Stand back,"
ha exclaimed, brandishing tbe wea
pon. "I don't want to die a murderer
hnt von mnsn't attemDt to interfere.1
The men retreated. Placing the pistol
point at his forehead be added : "Say
ood-bve to all mv friends." and pulled
tbe trigger. Iheee were the latt words
he ottered. Tbe bullet entered the
brain and death ensued almost in
tantlv. Cox leave a mother and
young brother who were dependent
upon him lor support.
Tbe Wall NtraM Maaale ffimg (a
Earapa A Nanaatlaa Exploded.
New York, January 27. It is prob
able that Mr. Jay Gould will return
ti New York br way of Europe,
crowing in bis yacht from Havana to
Havre along the warm belt It ia
known that be desires, to take goad
long holiday, and that his a flairs are
in such shape that he can take it now
without Imperiling them.
The Tim of ttila morning Mas a
aensational dispatch of a column, os
tensibly from Uiarleiton, very bitter
in its denunciation of Gould. It al
leges that he is accompanied by rri
aa detectives, who ro ahead and find
out if any enemy is Tying in wait for
him before he proceeds; mat lis de
tective service costs him much more
illlid mil Ut HIStlOIK UIIVi Wiu un
d n res not travel on bia feonthweetero
railway for fear of be) rig aassMlDated.
This was a surprise to New Yorkers,
who have been accustomed to seeing
Mr. Gonld everywhere and at ail
times, unaccompanied, and who re
member that there were no detectives
to defend tbe small man when Helover
threw him over the railing In Wall
street, or later when a too greedy bear
a'uoped bis face in Delmoniro's. The
article was shown to-day to Washing
ton F. Conner, the millionaire who
fot rich as Gould's partner, and be
aughed and said:
"Mr. Goold's fault is that be takes
too many risks. He not only goes
everywhere unaccompanied by detect
ives, or even br friends, bnt be
doasn't take proper care of bis locomo
tion. He is often thinking abont bus
iness on the street whon he ought to
bethinking about where be is step
ping. Over and over again I bave
polled him away from in fiont ot om
nibuses) and Uiims when he wai ab
itracted and didn't notice tbe danger.
I don't believe Mr. Gould knows wLnt
foar is. On the day after the late
Presidential election, when all seemed
uncertainty, mob of some hundreds
gathered around thla building aad
yelled for Mr. Gonld. Not finding
him here, they went np to the West
ern Union building and threatened to
attack it. Mr. Gould bad gone home,
and I happened ti be with him at bis
house talking about Wabash matters,
when he got a dispatch from the W ast
ern Union building, read it, laughed
nd banded it to me. It was tome
thing like this: i
u 'Large mob has been here threat- j
ening office ; has left for your house.'
"I then handed it back to him. He
tore it np and Hang it in tbe grate,
aaylng: '1 guess that isn't dangerous?
and took up the Wabash talk where
be hni left it off. Next morning I
met him at the elevated station, lie
had walked over from his house, as
nanal, though three or four of the
paperi were denouncing him and
doing everything they conld to stir np
a riot, He then told me that the
figures looked as if Cleveland was
elected, and he should make the an
nouncement, which he did. I have
been clojely associated with Mr.GonH,
aud don't believe he ever in his life
paid one dollar for indivllnal detect
daw a Wenaae Uat Her Hbare af a
Large Fortaue.
PoTwviLi.a, Pa., January 29. When
Catharine ltooney of Shenandoah died
in 1872, leaving an estate valued at
$200,000, the retildence of only two of
her four. cbildretP was known. The
other two hit 1 not been-heard from
since 18(35. A daughter left home
when quite a young girl, and hired
out as a servant in Philadelphia. She
subsequently married JiWa Bowers,
and with him, soon after the clofi? ol
tbe war, visited her old home, sooa
after which she was not heard from.
Ifer brother Johneuliated with the
three months' men, and was known
to have subsequently re-enlitUd for
three years. As he waa not heard
from attain his two brothers in Shenan
doah thought he had fallen in battle
during the war. When Mrs. Rooney
died the two missing heirs were ad
vertised tor fur a long time, but noth
ing was ever heard of them. In 1883
a letter waa sent to the mayor of Phila
delphia, and he again advertised for
the missing Mrs. Bowers. Through
this she waa discovered. She bad
meanwhile moved to Cheste; cossty
and married Nicholas Blink, with
whom she had lived on a firm. She
replied to the mayor's advertisement,
and when informed of the fortune
awaiting her, announced that she
knew the whereabout! ot the missing
brother also. He had entered the
regular army at the close ot the war,
and at the end of Ave years, incapaci
tated by wounds, went to l'hlladel-
Ehla and found his sister. She had
im lodged in an asylum, where be
still la. bhe applied to her brothers
at Shenandoah for ber Bhare of the
money, but they heard her story with
discredit. She had berBelf appointed
a committee ot her insane brother, and
in bia name, as well as her own, insti
tuted suit. The case waa tried yester
day. Mrs. Blank went on the stand
and told her story with dramatic effect.
She had, in the last two years, gath
ered such corroborative details as con
vinced the jury, so that they gave a
verdict in Uer favor without leaving
the box for half of the eatato.
Brett Knanlalon or Par CN4 Liver
imi wun aiypopnaapnit,
Fpecially desirable for children. A
lady physician at the Child's Hospital.
at Albany, N. Y., aays: "We have
been rising Scotts Kiuulsion with
great success, nearly all ol our pa
tients are suffering from bone dis
eases and our physicians find it very
' -
Ilnalneaa Fall area far (he Week.
Niw York, January 29. The busi
ness failures occurring throughout the
country in the last seven days, as re
ported to lk. G. Dun fc Co., number
for the United Mates 252, and for Can
ada 37, or a to'sl of 2S9. a compared
with 31'!) lad week, and 332 the week
previous io the last.
A Thunder-Sterna
May pnrify the air, but nothing ex
cept S0ZOD0NT will purify the mouth
filled with neglected teeth, and rescue
these faithful servants of mankind
from utter ruin belore it is too late.
Don't nelect to try iu You will be
surprised and delighted with ita re-Bulls,
Several People Killed er Woaadrd
la the Coarse of the Affray
A Patbetle Iacldent
Galvestom, Tax., January 29. A
special from Dallas aays: Detective
Dnncsn and Deputy-Sheriff Seeley of
Freestone county came to this city last
night and surrendered themselves to
the authorities, ssying that they bad a
fight in a house ia Navarre connt and
hnl wonnded or killed several people.
Tbey were placed in jail, where tbey
were seen by a reporter, and told the
story of tbe affray. It would appear
that the officers came to Dallas Wednes
day morning with a warrant for the
arref.t of J ease Bonner, a resident of
Navarre connty, who waa charged!
with horse-etealing. They started lor
hie bouse later la the day, and reached
it atant 7 p.m. Not expocHnf resist
ance they entered tbe bouse without
drawing their arms, em bad not gone
beyond tbe door-eill before three of
the inmates opened fire. Jesse Bonner
and one ef the two unknown men
with revolver and tbe other with a
shot-gun. The officers drew tbrir re
volvers, at whirn uonner eeisea can
can's pistol bud witn niaiannana
and held it up, at the same time
Livaxiaa uiswbapon
at Duncan's face aad firing, but without
effect. A moment later Bonner bad
tripped over and thrown the detective
to the floor, at which Deputy Sheriff
Seely, wbo stood only three feet from
Doncan, ahot Bonner in the right side,
laying him low. Just then the light
went out. but the shooting went on in
the darkness, both sidee taking aim
by the flashes from their opponents.
Duncan before rising shot down cue
cf tbe nnknown men who stood over
him. and in tbe course of the battle
a woman yelUd"My child is killed;
oh, my child I". The firing did not
case until the last round ot ammuni
tion was exhausted and the crowd re
treated. Neither Duncan nor Deputy
SherifT Seely could say what the ac
tual outcome oi toe ugnt was, as oeing
without ammunition they deemed it
best to make their escape aa rapidly
ai possible, lest reinforcement might
arrive for their opponents. Sheriff
Smith of Dallas, started for the scene
last night to investigate the matter.
but baa not yet returned.
tbe lalellaetaial Jeaat 1 Be B-
saaaadl Te-Day.
St. Lor is, Mo., January 20. The
second part of the great match be
tween Dr. Kakertort and Herr SUiaila
(or 14000 and cheat championship of
the world, begins here to-morrow.
Both contestants are on the ground
eager for the fray. Both are in excel
lent health and cneenui spirit, ui.
Zukertort having beaten his adversary
four games out ol Ova ia sanguine ol
suoceas.'but confesses the great diffi
culty ot the task before him. Un the
other band, SteiniU is not a whit less
bopeful that victory will perch upon
his banners. He claims that he lost
three games In New York hut week
by egregious blunders, anch aa even
third-rate player should feel aihamed
of : that he waa dazed for time and
failed to exercise hia normal powers.
Being handicapped by tbe loss ol lour
games, he feels the greater necessity
for exeiting bis utmost skill in the re
maining parties, wttu the bet
ting fraternity Zukertort ' is
tbe favorite at odds of three
to two, but many even wasters bave
tern made. Yesterday Zukertort re
marked to a reporter : "It will net do
for me to be too confident, because I
know Sieiniti's remarkable staying
qualities. Frequently when he la ap
parently in a hopeless condition he
suddenly recovers bis wonted powers
and reverses matters, taming a defeat
into a victory. While I regard my vic
tory as prtt .y well assured, yet I rauet
not for a moment relax my care." It
is believed by exports here that Stei
nili having discovered the inherent
weakness of his bizarre defense to the
"queen's gambet," will abandon bis
hoppy and conform to the system
elaborated by the celebrated La Bour
donnals in his matches with Mc Don
ne!!, flenriy half a century ago. Max
Judd and a number of chess magnates,
Who are here to watch the met:b,
opine that ere either combatanta scores
three games, at least half a dozen ;
drnwa will bave occurred. There is do
diminution in the public interest
which this contest excites.
Later. The chess match between
Zukertoit and Stelnita, which it
seems was expected to be resumed
here to-day, will not reopen until next
Wednesday, the local committee hav
ing to-day arranged ti that effect. Tbe
guinea will be pleved at the Harmonie
Club, corner of Olive and Eighteenth
streeU,where arrangement have been
made ta accommodate a limited num
ber of spectatora.
Valla Against Ballraad Ceaapaulaa
far xamaa;e.
Niw Yobi, Jannary 29. An Atlan
ta. Ga,. special to the Herald says: In
tbe terrible collision on the Georgia
l'aclflo railroad last December, in
which fourteen persons were killed
outright, one of the victims waa J. W,
Pierce, a wealthy ranchman from Los
Angeles, Tz. tie was Buried nere.
Subsequently a Mrs. James Pierce
weaver ot .Indianapolis, claimed and
identified him aa her husband and be
gan suit sgalnst the railroad company
lor damagee. Similar action has also
been taken by Mrs. J. W. Pierce of Los
Angeles, who also claimed to be the
wile of the dead ranchman. Both
suits are in progress.
Decrease In Flenrlaar Bulla.
Milwackeb, Wis., January 29.
Advance sheets from a biennial mill
ers' directory shows a net decrease of
11812 flouring mills in the United
Slates and Cauada as compared with
1884. I he number ot mill at pree
ent in operation is 18,267. Tbe gross
capacity shows a slight increase over
IMS. Every State uud Territory shows
a decrease in number cf mills except
Dakota, Nevada and the District of
Uolumbia. in Wisconsin there is a
Ices ot 120 mills, the preeent numbor
being Oo7. lhe most marked Iob is
in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, II
linoir, Missouri, Texas and the Prov
ince of Ontario. t
Diabolical Harder.
Galvbtox, Tax., Jannnry 29. A
speciiil from Alatamoras. Mex., says
"One of the most diabolical murders
ever perpetrated on the frontier wiis
committed in the heart of this city last
night. An old Alratian Jew, Antonio
Block, while closing his store about 9
o'c'.o:k, was almoel beheaded by a
blow received from bohind with an
ax. The murderer then rilled tbe sale
of nearly f:00rt. and escaped. Three
men Juan Tapis. Mariano Iiodri-
Bues and Poleiearco Buistenon who
were last seen with Block, bave been
ancaicu on safjncion,
Thangn palnfal and wearing almoat bernoij
odunamt la not an Incurable diwxuie If treat
ad in ttma. Perhap no other UeaM bua ao
bamad tbe enurta ot aclenc and medirlne aa
thla, bulaClaata remedrbMbeeadiOTiverrriln
evhrfY8 ''"J' CURBS KHEUMA
VWWwVWtTi8M, and la heartily to
doraed By aaany of tha Leading ( byuciana.
'TOXULOT M ill thet ii el.tmaA Itwttl df "
u. u. Bunaz, m. u.
. Cwtnll, UL
A. A. MELLICR, am ProrMor. tf
Cotton Seed Meats!
Wa will pay the Hifhart atarkat Prleala Caih far
Aad art prapand to pat eat, as faTorabla tarma , at slot and on plantation!, tha
And atak esatrMtf for all tha predaet, wbareby tha holla will b Iaft oa tb plaatalloa.
cor xerma ana
Grocers &. Cotton Factors,
No. 303 Main Street. Giitooa Ufork.
111 1
1lioIeaI Dealers aa4 PabllaaierM.
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Qteinwav and ISLaa-EtlDo
P3AJfOQrra1UtJllC11 C 0 1BI J R j FaUSB a CO.,
Write for CatalotmMi. 1m. 33X land 93ff NF.mSD OT- KRHFITTI
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J. tl. arOO r BAB. Lara ol Woodbar A Co., Memphlf. Tenn.
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Wholesale Boots & Shoes,
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Coalvaa-BiaMla Bata aad Mlioca for aba atprlnaj Trade ar INKS, whlrta wa
mj aauaaaaaaw aurkal.
Wa hara EXCLUSIVE aonlrol In thla
Maraat of tha following llnoa of CUHTOU
MADU Uoodt, all of which wa warrant to
lira parfoet aatinfaotion :
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ill ' andUhildron'aBolar TipShoaa.
T. M. llarrli A Co.'a Philadelphia made
Cbildran'a fhiwia. '
Alio, L. W. Nuta A Co.'a Kip Brorana and
Plow Bhoat tha boat Broaaaa mado in tha
unttaa bi-toi
Waara tha onlf faon.a In thla market hand
ling (tha oelebrated Krippendorf, DUaman
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and Calf CUSTOM (jooda KXCMJblVKLY,
Under the P.rtnrT hrend
And Commission Oerchants,
&ftttni.'1 Front Hi.. 5Iomphl. Trnw.
804 Front St., cor. Court. Memphis, Venn
1 mwk AJL AT vT ATl I 111
S APOLEON 11 ILL, President.
-mm T TWV
MRmnliis ntvFire & Ctm 1 ins. uo
n- "TiasSlrTtLD. WM-1 iSL"-EKILL bkl.0A9UB
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TTholecAle Orocera, Cotton Factors
And Commission Herchnnts,
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krrwna a dabs asd jfkkmob.
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to mir rherco. tt"n arenome. & w abin tf n Hrrel.
ernberg io Son,
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"Rad a ru, of InflaaauiofT TOMnmattaBI af
nmrif all tlu Imnf iuuala. - To...t j ... mrA
tu-daf ay aul w out and dunf ML
W. r. Sana at D Haaraaa, BL
In myantalna TOKOAUini f i ainilas aB Mbar
mxuiimX rfiilmttio rvMdMM."
8. 0. Wuaaaut, At D tfanaax HL
ftirbaa Tnnuaii MrtriaL aadthhiktt
tba boat nuMdy 1 bn m found fur fiamnuuKm.
I B. F. IUna, Btmgtoa, Ma.
i-arueaiara, aaaraaa
1 Wert ronri HU ttompbla.
a aa aiaaral laraaa aa eaa k anada by
Wa alio eontrol tha Ifollowlnf Spaaialtlai
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tlnn In eTery reipect.
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Cotton Preaw, cotton uim,
Shanina;, PnUeya, ir.
MPKCIAL HOTICB-Wa'are prepared to ill orders.
nntnr notice, for the relecratad Bieidara Palcnt
Wnath""'.- Fallej. .Wa carry la ttoek over
Two Hundred Assorted bias.
aw-Hena nr
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ruea. Clark.
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Mer M anl Fl
Doors, fiask, Bllnda, MoaldlnRS, all kinds of Door and
Window Fnnneai, Brackets, ScroILWork, Borxck and
Dressed I.niuber, Sblngles, taths. Water Tanks.
All kinds of Wood Work Executed at Skert Notice.
Nos. 157 to 173 Waslilnston St. BfempBis. Tp.np.
Im D. MULLIS8. of laU J. K. Godwin A Co. 3 AS. YONflK, late ol J. W. CaldweU A Ca
Cotton Factors SCommission Merchants
!!No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front and In Ion. rTjwwliift.
So IDo&n
Vicicodo BiDcers
IS Union jrct,
Liberal Advaaeea on Conalfffimeaifa.
No. 270 Front atroit. t t M?nPlaU Twi-"-
Oil S3 JSr&urr&A. Stores
Ofllce, 349 Front Street, MemphlH, Tenn.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompanv,
lfU'irDTf TQ HI? 1 VniT omo. aad Boltllaa- Werlu. All tTwsaea
JuLliMX llAO Dll A. a Vile ; I(t aad lerbaaao, corKalii A Aa.-lt
S. ROESCIIER, Ageat, Memphia, Tenn.
Salaa la 1SS9, lllim Samia ! af aT.aapbla Braaek, loa,oaa Sega
Malaa la 1XS4. BOO.ao Barrale.
Deea Heaeraa Flr aad M itrlne Baaiavaa. All claaara af City FrapaHy
laana , Btorea aad Dwelling, of trat-elua Country Merchant alee tnaured at fair rata.
Commenoed buaineaa in V807. Lonaa paid, oyer IbOU.WX).
Ia alao tha Agent of tha old reliable earli Honae laanraaive Company, aad has
pertwao arranaemenU with prominent European and American Companiea,
w hereby they are enabled to plaoa any aarplua linea onr patrons may faror na wilt,
D. I. POBTEB, Pres. JSO. OVERT, JrM TleoPraaj. . H. SMITH", Sec"
B. H. BKOOKB, of Brooka, Neely A Co. R. L. COF?IN, of DHlard A OeBa
J. R. OODWIN, of J. K. Oodwin A Co. J. M. OOODBAR, of Uoodbaj A Co
1. C. MILLS. JHO. OVRRTON.Ja. D. X. PORTER, ol Porter A Basra
Woi Facts slotale wa
294 Front Street,
Prosldeatj Vice-President ; Sec! and Treas.
Pilseiier Beer in Kegs aud Bottles.
Oalr Pnre Cbrjgtal Well Water Used; for Brewing; Purposes.
S. W. Corner Butler and Tennessee Sts,
aav arvl JcterilTr- Awew .Tnww 1a-- '
Geo. Baymillero
llrlnkley, Arkn
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Dressed Flooring, Ceiling.Weather-Boardiiis
Cypreas ShtngleB, lOatb", Etc.
aw-Oor facilltlea are nniarruaed by any aawmill In tha Sonth for flltlna order promptly.
!oorina. Ceilini. biding. Step. Lumbar and Crpreaa Shinglea a eperialty: onjo, Jfrmio
amber of all dimenaiona. We make the Wholesale Boaineaa a apeeial feature. Order
aoliflled and promptly tiled. r. , -ar t t
(Jeorgo Baymiller, 124 Jefferson Street, Memphis.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
And Dealers In Levee and Railroad Knpplien,
Ko. 274 Front Street .'....-Marnid. Tenp-
160 to 171 Adams Street, Memphis, Teniu.
Cotton Presses, llorse Powers, Gin Gearinjr
PlaitAlIoA Wart, Iaeludliig OTerhaullns; ASepalrlai; EsxlMca ISacWnerT
G00VEH & 00,
If Mill.
and Coilcs Factors
Wcmvhlm- Tenn.
0pp. Custom-Honse.
Haanfactnrers of

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