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Money in good demand at 8 per
eent. Local securLie firm and ad
vancing. The cotton market yester
day was quiet and steady, with a fair
demand. Sa'ee, 20c 0 bales; receipts,
1145 bales; stock, 141,304 bales. The
New York f pot market opened
cteady and closed lirm, middling, 0
S-lrJe; futures closed weak, January,
t.08e, 5 points lower than t'ae day be
fore. At New Orleans spots opened
steady and cloeed easy, middling He;
tafcurea quiet and steady, Januaiy
seminal, Ptbrnary, 8 818 82c At
LiTsrpool a moderate business in spots
was repo.tid, middling 6d; futures
were quitt and steady and 132 J
higher, January. 4 61-04(1, buyers.
Xeoeipta at all United States ports
yesterday, 27.3C8 bales. Cfc'tar market!
aehanged, sxoept eggs, whloh are re
ported scarce, at COo.
Fifty pkgs bcoo, C47 pkcs boots
and show, 1013 bu corn, 25 pkgs
cheese, 471 sks coffee, 1 ear cotton
seed, 13,050 eka cotton-eeed, 156
pkgs dry goods, 550 brls fiuur, 350
bales hay. 51 pig? hats, 59 hd hogs,
18 hd cattle. 24 hd horses and mu ee,
73,030 feet lumber, 74 brls molneser,
3200 bu tat-, 83 brlsapnions, 201 brie
sagar and lbo pVga tobacco, 100 brls
0 BaJton St , Kemphte, Teun.,
erO)rreoniwie Mltelteo). InfWr-
Halloa ehiwrall l"arsUliotl.-h
Money In strong demand at 8 per
cent. The Clcariug-Houso report is as
latiowa :
CJesrinrs. Balances
Prldey, Jan. 28 b $ SiO.fttS 4.1 UC,3K9 49
Thus far tfai week... l,.t:4,270 CJ 4M.6M 15
Bains time last woik. l,rU,961 HI 41
mr. time, '85 . 1,Z.U,7.8 71 I'Ktt,: 11
far. tima, '84 1,219,517 68 179,913 83
iluytnp. telling.
Nw York light on all points.. ? die H piein
now Angienu aoiuangu ..MM.....H'iii
Aew ivngland nUU.. ..jidis
aw Orleans.... .................. di par
Bid. Atked
Sank or Commerce... ..14T 1(1
' First National............... o140
German Bank. ........... llfJMUiO
HUta National "133 1H5
Union Plantar.. ....... .147 M149
Jtaroantil.............-..........lU) (Ui&
Homo...... ......... ... 9 60
Blulf City... 100 t ...
Peoples... ......... 81 fa 85
Planters-. -.101 106
lhnii ... VI Mil
Uemphis City 102 SllK
VanderbHt.... .M........... 16 IV
Hernando...... ............ 100 (4
Arlington... 35 (4 ...
Fa ton .. . a 25
Tennessee certificates. Dand B.... S7X
ienne:see warrants, series c - w 98
Shelby County bonds ..........104 (41(0
helby County warrants. .............. 97! 4 99
Taxing-Distriet 4. 6a 8V (a) 90
Taxing-District 6's . 98 ( )
Mempnis storage Compress uo....i'H asuo
Memphis llu Company stook.. . 83 J 65
Memphis Qas Company hondf.1033 ...
Memphis WatnrCo. bonds (4 ...
Hanauer Oil Works.................... 64
City Oil Works ......... 9 50
Pioneer Cottoo-Mills. ............ (s 35
Amorioan Cotton Oil trnsta 19 (gl)
Mecnphis City Kail way Uonds ...luu aiui
Nkw Took, January 29. Money on
call easy at 1(42 per cent. rYlme mer
cantile paper, 4'a5 percent. Sterling
exchange dull bnt steady at 487 lor
0 days and 4S9 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were du'l
and steady to-day. Btate bonds weie
active and generally strong. There wes
a better business to-day in lailroad
bneds, the total sales amounting to
f 3,063,000. A large portion of the in
crease, however, was due to increased
activity in a few issues. 1'he sales of
the East Tennessee issue amounted
to $485,000; in Texas Pacific Bio
Gramlep, $370,000, and in WestSho e
4e, $319,000. There was considerable
activity in the morning in Foil Wcr:h
and Denver firsts. Moderate aivancea
were gene: .illy recorded.
Kicks Were a 1 Ule morefc'ive.
WhiU the movement was somewhat
irregular, tie market continued to
exhibit a decidecly strong undertone,
n Hying quietly from any depression
caused by heavy seiling. Lackawanna
was the moat active on the list, aad
mott of the day received firm tupporf,
clrjeing with a Ioes of J. UeUwareano
Hudsnu is down J, and Central of
New Jereey The frattiomtl declice
in the cohI stocks is attributed to re
ports of further reduction in prices of
coal by some of the leading coir panies.
Another cor.spinoous feature of the
day wag the break in New York and
New England, which advanced so
rapicly recent?. After several fine u
at ions it closed with a loss of 2 pir
cent. Although St. Paul ai the second
active stock, the iluctuations were
all w.ttrin a range I per cent., and it
jeed with a loee of 1 at 91.
The remainder of the list is
generally bighnr. New York Ceatial
shows a gain of li, Canada Southern
1 and Missouri Pacific 1 per cent.
Pacific Mai), 'which la l been strong
during mnst of the day, developed de
cided wt aknees during the last hour,
and closed w.th a net Iobs of J.
The news during the day wastf an
unimportant character, and the mar
ket closed comparatively steady. There
. were rumors-tbis evening that a meet
ing was to be held to-night in Phila
delphia at which Presidents Denew,
Kiberts and Garrett of the trunk lines
w3ld be present.
The total sales of storka to-day were
'07,310 enures, including Canada
Southern 3200, Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western (il.GS.', Krie 9400, Kansas
and Texas 43:10, Lue Shore 27,2),
Louisville and Naihviils 12,tiG5, North
western llrS:;.r, New York Central 17,
.135, Pacific Mnil 1)100, St. Pail 37,
fiso, Union Pas'Ce 14,700, Western
V alon 18,233, Northern Pa ific pre
ierreii 15.S25 nd Orecoa and Trans
continental 8tK). C'oiing quo utioas
were as fallows:
Bovaxmi HIS.
t!. 8. 3, 1WJ. N.ir 4; 123T.
New 4H, l2'i. i'aeific 6s ot 1895, K6.
C. P. firsts, 114. T. P. land Tanta,38'
Erie seconds, y!. X. P.. Hio (i. div., W.
Lo h Wilkes.. ld li. P. firsu, US',.
Louisiana consols, 4. t". P. land r. 1("'
Alissoari 6, lnu. I'. P. . lund. Lil.' ,.
bt. Joseph, 121. Virginia 6, 43.
St.P. A H.C. Ut. 13f. Va. con., e-m. e., 52.
Tenn. 6s, oid, birK. Va. con. dcf., 11.
Tena. 6s, new. b-:,.
Adams Enrass. Nafhrille AC. 47.
AJIetvtioiif CentraJ, 1. J. Central,
Ueiiy Cent
Alton it. 11., 4'-:
rtorioiK n . pio.zt)1.
Northern Pao., 26
Northern P. pfd, if'i.
S. Y., C St. L., 8'4.
N.Y., CASt.L.,p. IV.
C. k N. W.,106-4.
C. k N. W.. pfd. 1 .
A. A T.'H. pid, en.
Amerii-en Ex., l"i
B. .C. R. AN.. TIL
Canada Pae.. 65.
Canada South, 42 .
Central Pacibe,
haaapMke AU.JO' N. Y. Central. m'.i.
C. k O. lit pfd, 17. Ohio Central, is.
C. k 0. 2d pfd. 12. Oh.e A Mu.,?i.
tiliioac A Altos .MI. C. A Mlis. pfd, .
0. A A. pfd, 151. Ontario A Wert. , 19.
C, It. A Q . 134. Oroson NaT., 101.
C, 5U L..A N.O. Oregon Trans.,
0., St. L. A P., 13S- Oregon Imp., 29.
0., St. L. A P. p, 3U. e Hail, 66;.
C.,6. AO.. 32. Panama, Mi.
C. A C. 3. Peoria. D. A K..
Del. A Hud.. 89'. Pittsburi, ltT.
Del. L. A W., 117. Pullman P. O, 133.
lea. A Rio 0., 16',i. Readint, 21!i.
Erie, 2. Rock Island, ITTVi.
Erie pid. 6t. L. A 8. F ,'5
East Tenn.. iH. bt. L. A S. F. p, 44.
East Tann. V,i. Bt.L.A F.lsl f. ltlO.
Fort Wayne. 146. C. M. A St. P.. V)',.
Hannibal A bt. Jo, C. M. A St. P. p. Wi.
H. A St. Jo pfd. -. SUP,, M.AM., 115
Harlem. 213. Hu P. A Omaha. 37.
Houtoa A T.. 7T. Kt. P. A 0. pid. W'i.
Illinois Cen, 1WJ. Tesas Paoino, l'J.
1 nd. B. A W ., 254. V nlon Pae. So, M.
Kansas T.,W U. a. Kxprees, 61
Lake K. A W .. IS. W., St. L. A P.. S-
Lake ribora. &5. W., Bt. L. A P.p.lV.
Lob. A Nus., W. A F Hi ..119.
Leu. AN. A.,S6 W. U. Tel. TO
M. A C.llt pti. . Colored. Ceal.a.
M. A C. U ptd, . HasawUk, 21.
Mem. A Char., 34. Iron Bilror. 110.
Mioh. Central, 71. Oataria, 29.
Mm. bt, L-. 18W. Quicksilver, T.
M. A tit. L. ti.ii. Qaieksllver pfd. 2t.
Missouri Pee. 108.. fUalk Pvillo, -.
M.b.UAO.,13S Sair. If.
Morris A ..effd.lSlX.
LoxDoir, January J9. Consols, 100
3-18 for money aad 10 for the ac
count. Pa bis, January 29. Three per cent,
rentes, 811 77)c for the account.
Ohio ton, January 8fl. Bank clear
ings, 11,7,000.
Nrw OftXBAs, La., Januvy 29.
Cleaiings of the banks, $1,299,012.
St. Louis. Ma , January 29. Bank
clearings, f 3,326,533; balances, $000,
517. Baltimobi, Mo., Jannary 29. Bank
clearing, $1,393,920 , balances, $230,
594. PatLADFLTHiA, Pa., January 19.
Bank clearings, $7,168,300; balances,
Nkw Yobi, January 29. Clnaring
HouseHtateueat: Excbaigce, $87,938,
349; ta'ances, $3,9S0,242.
Bohtom, Mass, January 29. I5x
chaniroH, $10,016,974; balancee, $1,
18!,i 8t; money, 1 percent.; exchange
on New York, 17(J0c premium.
The local market opened quiet and
Eteady, and closed quiet and steady;
middling,8c Sales, 2050 bales, includ
ing 900 Thursday evening, of which
1909 to expoiters and 450 to spinners.
Yesterday. Day Bofors.
Ordinary.. .... 7H T?a
voouuruinary...MH... a s
Low Middlinn
Good Middling....
Miuuiinit bti
8 11-16
Middlina- Fair VX1 a Tt-llt
Fair -........... - N.m. Noin.
Dusty V'imli T,'if8X
Stains ... tM68V-i681-6(V-16
Unarm. January 29. 1886.
Stock, September 1, 1SS5... l.m
Kooeivnd te-day 1,145
Keoeired preriously 44V.V61 401,501
Shipped to-day... . 1,5 0
Shipped prerloaily SOV.ijT
Burnt, eto...- .
Home oonsamption to date tH,m
Stock, running aaeeunt... 141,304
' nsJorts.
Thai far this week 7,119
Thus far lael weed. .............. 7,471
Sinoe SepUmber lst. 451 ,10V
Memphis and Charleston Railroad.... f 9
Mississippi end Tennessee Railroad. 133
Leuisvillo and NashTille Railroad... 26
Memphis and Little Rock Railroad.. 1.7
Chesapeake. Ohio aid H. W. R.U.... 74
Louisrillo. N. O. A T. "R. R i.. 17V
Kansas City.dpringfield and M. R.R. lul
Memphis,ielm andurunswiok R.R. 20
Steamers.... .... g
Wagons and other "'" M 25
ToUl -. . 1,145
Thus far this week ...
Thus far last week ..
Since September 1st
, 13
. H,
, 311,
Memphis and Charleston Railroad ..
Mississippi and i'ennessee Railroad.
Louisrillo and NashTille Railroad. .
Chesapeake, Ohio and S. W. R.R .
LoulsTille. N.O. A T. R.R..
Memphis, Selua A Erunjwick R.R.
wasi aHDixa hiici asrraa
29,1886. BBS 1st.
Kiciirao. Thil Last Last This
Year Year. Year. Year.
Mem.AChar. 699 1,328 J,6M 67,748
Miss. A Tenn 784 ',81 48,296 39.U90
L. AN. U.S. 3R7 478 85,8'J9 40,504
Mom. ALU. R 1,570 655 67.48J 63,2t
C, O A 8.W. 881 333 20,tk'.9
L., N.O. AT. 720 529 SI.4U8 V,8
K. C.S.AM. 344 389 15,4m 16,912
M. B. A:A... 103 13,884
Miss. River.. l,62i 1,0c 74,870 57,074
White River. Ill . 97 1S.821 14,182
St.FrancisR. 163 3 ' 6,100 2,671
rivers, 19.0) . 173 7.286 3,680
Wagons and
oth. sources 225 1,50 50,345 30,575
, ToUl .. 7,1191 0.211 451,109 367,181
jak. 29, 1886. hn 1st.
This !Last This Last
Year.l Year. Year. Year.
Mem.AChar. 3,524 511 5.1,899 38,204
Miss A Tenn 1,974 584 14.12 34,188
L. AN. U.S. !V 1,518 60;437 61,848
C.,0. AS. W 1,518 64.9H6 48,099
L.i N.O. AT. 4211 3,m 35, W0 16.938
Mem. A Lit. K
Mem.,B.AA m - 10,22
Steam, north S 316 5,( 5:1,677 39,713
Steam. south. l,724l 2,573 18,114 25,610
Total 13,519 14,139 311,197 265,000
New York snots opened quiet, and
closed firm. Sales,' 207 bales. Quo
tations were as follows :
YeaUrd-T. Ujt Pafnre
Ordinary 6 9-16 6 9-16
Good ordinary. 7 15-16 7 15-16
Low middling 8;i f
Middling 9 3-18 9 3-lfl
Oood middling . 9 9-16 V -16
Middling fair ....10 3-16 10 3-16
Fair 10 13-16 10 13-le
New York futures opened ttaady.
and closed weak. Sales, 80,900 bales.
The closing quotations were as follows,
as compared with yesterday:
Yerterday. Day Before.
9.08 V.124 9.14
V.loa 9.141 ....
March. ..i. ......
April ... .
.... 9.21(4 9.22 9.2Vt V.26
... 9.32 9 9.33
... 9.4.U) 9.44
... 9.54'4 9.55
9.6i4 9.(4
9.71'- 9.72
9.50 9.51
..... 9 31(3 9.32
9. t 9 37
9 473 9.48
9.57f 9.58
9 67(4 9.68
9.764 9.77
9.53 a 9.55
9.353 9.37
September --.
The following is the cotton com
parative statement for the week end
inn I.i.l. T..n.)0 1S. Kat rL-
ceipts at all United States ports dur
ing tneweek, i.ii.L'obaiea;eameweek
last year. 75.294 bales. Total receipts
to date, 4,0Sti 241 bales; same date last
year, 4,OU7,6!W bales, exports lor
theweek, 111,532 bales; same week
last year, 91,3u bales. Total exports
to this date, 2.4t)!),21o bales; same
date lat year, 2,786,900 bales. Stock
at all United States ports, 1, OK 1,23
biles ; same time last year, 885,457
bales. Stock at all interior towns,
237,396 baits; same time last year,
156,214 bales. Stock at Liverpool,
618,000 bales; sums time last year,
82i,000 bales. Stock of American
afloat for Great Britain, 201,000 bales;
same time last year, 300,000.
The New Orleans snot market opened
steady, and cloeed easy and 1-lSc
higher. Sales, 6250 bales.
V Yesterday Day before
7 7-16
7 7-16
Qood ordinary
Low middling.
Middling ..
Uood middling.
, 7 15-16
, 8 5-l
8 7-16
The New Orleans future
opened steady, and cloeed quiet and
steady. Sales, 23,000 bales. Thccloa-
ing quotations were as follows, as com
pared with yesterday :
Yesterday. Day before.
January. ... Nominal. 8.78 a) 8.83
February. 8. "I 8.8 8.84 8.84
March g.Sja S.854 8.86
April g.tsi a .... 8 99 J 9..0
May V.lovl 9 IS- 9.14
June.. ..-. 9.224 9.23 2C 9 28
July 9.324 S.34 9.37-4 1.38
August. .. 9.-74 9 .19 9.42 4 9.44
September 9.074 V 09 9.11 4 9.14
iii..h.. a.,i siai 8 95 4 s vr
November... 81'4 8 83 S.M l.l
December. . S 8iJ 8.83 t.86i4 8 87
N Orleans
8 15-16
M s h-i
389.9 1
73 OH
1.10 84
1.4X1 9
26i; 8
1.3U3, S 15-U
Char aton
Norfolk -
New Iork
Posten .
A agist
fetal reeelpts at parts, this day, 188t...r,Sea
Tend rweaipu at pert, thil day. 18ee 18,isl
1886. 1186. IBM.
B'UatU.S. ports,
T days 114,7X5 TS.tM 10.tl
Ixperes to Uraat
Brilaia ..... ,867 69,941 117,564
Stock 1.083,239 ,457.1,!6t).561
Bh'u iiQCSpt.
1st 4,0S784 .092,972!1,954,90S
Decrees in reoeitts this year 1,384
Liverpool spots at noon were quoted
rcodera'e business. Bales, 10,000 balea,
of which 870i) were American. Ke
ceipts, 12,000 boles, of which 8990 were
At noon: Ordinary, 4Jd; good ordi
nary, 4d; low middling, 4 13-16d;
good middling, 5 5-16d ; middling up
lands, fid; middling Orleans, 5Jd-
Mancheetar: Cloths bteady, fair de
mand; yarns dull aad irregular.
At noon: Liverpool futures ware
6rm; January, ; January-FeV
ruary, 4 60-O4d; February-March,
4 60 64(i4 61-Md ; March-April, 4 62
04044 63 64(1; April-Mav. b(jA l-64d;
May Juan, 5 3 64(5 3-64d ; J une-J uly,
5 5-64d ; J uly-Augu4, ; August-
Septembar, 5 11 -Old.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futaros were
firm: January, 4 61-04 J buyers; January-February,
4 61-64d buyers ; February-March,
4 61-64d buyers; March
April, 4 63-64d Layers; April-May, 5
104d buyers; May-June, 5 3-64d bor
ers; June-Jnly, 5 6-64d value; Julr
August, 5 9 64.1 aeilers; August-September,
5 12-64d.
At 6 pro. Liverpool fn tares were
quiet aad utady; January, 4Cl tUd
sal lets; January-February, 4 6 1-64 d
seltors; February-March, 4 61-64d sed
ers; March-April, 4 03-Old sellers;
April-May, 5 l-64d sellers; May-June,
3-Oli; stJlaro; June-July, 5 664d
sellers; July-Angust, 5 9-04d Bellers;
August September, 6 11 64d value.
Liverpool weekly statement for
the week ended January 29, 1885:
lso6." 16sJ. ISM.
62.000 61.0UO 63,009
41.0001 15,0011 49,000
2,400 1,900 6.0U0
1,100 6,100 . 6,300
20,790 15,700 18,500
618,000 bXl.OUO 793,000
476,000 699,000 563,000
59,000 153.000 137,000
41,000 110,000 110,000
1,310,100 1,751,900 1,621,500
1,135,710 1,391,400 1,197,700
3,500 1,100 6,700
237,000 324,000 429,000
231,000 son.nno sai.iyo
Weekly sales.
Of which Amtri
Inolud, for expori
Includ. for speou
lation -
Forwarded from
ship's side......
Total stock
Of whioh Ameri
nan .
Week's rooeipts.
ui wmcn Ameri-
Total roo'pts sinoe
neptMnher 1st ..
Of which Ameri
ean .
Aotual week's ex
Stuck afloat...
Of which Ameri
The following is the record of the
bids and offers ut thecal 1 Board ot the
Merchants' Exchange yestarday :
No. 2, white, spot, 40o bid; Janu
ary, 40c bid; February, 41c o. t bid,
42a asked; April, 45c o. t. bid, 46 j
asked ; May, 44 Jo o. t. bid, 40 jc asked ;
No. 2, spot, S7o o. t bid k February,
38o o. t. bid; April, 4 lo o. t. bid;
May, 421o bid, 42c ajked.
No. 2, spot, 32,o bid, 33 jc asked;
February, 33 c o. . bid, 34a asked.
, BRA.
February, $14 75 bid, $15 25 asked;
March, $15 o. t. bid, $15 75 asked ;
April, $15 50 asked ; May, $15 25 asked,
Spot, $1 95 bid; February, $2 05
niked; March, $2 bid; April, $2 bid:
May, $2 25 '..id, $2 30 asked.
Corn White, 47c; mixed, 46c, from
store; from levee or depot, white,
44c; mixed, 42c.
Hay Choice, from store, 85e ; prime,
7580c ; prairie, 60c ; roucd lots from
levee or depot, choice, $15; prime,
$13 60; prairie, $8.
Oats Wbite, 38t; mixed, 37c, from
store. Round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 36 jc; mixed,
sacked, 38c.
Oatmbal In half-barrels, $3 50 from
Corkmbai, Standard, $2 15 2 35;
pearl, $3 25(5,3 50 from store; 5s
cheaper from mill, levee or track.
Flocb From store, double exte,
; triple extra, ; family, 4
4 25; choice, $4 2o4 60; fancy, $1 76
5; extra fancy, $-5 2o5 75 ; patents,
68 25; round lots from levee or
track, 10c cheaper; car lots choice,
$3 753 90; family, $3 50,0.3 65: ex
tra fancy, $4 G54 9j; patents, $5 15
5 25.
Bb ah From store, R5c per cwt;
round lots from levee, $15 per ton.
Bears Navy, $2 25; medium, $2.
Rics Louisiana, 4J5Jc; Carolina,
Hominy aisd Grits From store,
$3 253 50.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$4 50 from store.
Crackers Sods, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 5c ; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c ; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c ; ginger snaps, treble extrs, 6c ; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
New Orleans, La., January 29
Flour demand light and hoideis
firm. Corn quiet but firm. Oats
quiet. Ha v excited and and higher,
$17-0- Kice quiet and weak.
Kansas City, Mo., January 2!l.
Wheat weaker; cash, 72c bid, 73c
asked; February and March, 73jo bid,
74c asked; May, 77i,7bjc Corn
quiet; cash, 27 jc asked; February,
27)c bid, 27jc asked; Marcb, 28c;
May, 31J(S31Jc Oats nominal.
St. Loom, Mo.. January 2'.). Flour
steady; XXX, $3 Wyl 0; family,
$3 303 40 ; extra, $3 70(4 85 ; patent ,
$5 1005 50. Wheat dull and lower ;
the market opened esay and jc off,
bnt later strengthened and closed
firm, 2c lower than yesterday; No.
2 red, cash, 92(?)93c ; January, 91c bid ;
February, 91,rS)92J.c, closing at Olic
bid; March, 83f93Js, closing a1, 03c
bid ; May, 95,9rijc, closing at 96Jc
Cora easy and shade lower than
yesterday; trading very dull; No. 2
mixed, cash, 33(?)33rc; January, 38 Jc
bi.1; February, 33J34c, closing at
Wis bid; Marcb, 34s bid; May, 37 J
37Je, closing at 37Jc. Oats very dull
and easy ; No. 2 mixed, cash, 2Hc ; May,
31j(a:il,c Bye nominally, 60c. Bar
ley inactive, 6080c. Flaxseed steady,
$100. Bran, 61c at mill; 62c on east
track. Corn meal firm, $1 90(551 95.
Receipts Flour, 1000 brls; wheat,
6000 bu; corn, 45,000 bu; oat, 13.000
bo ; rye, none ; barley, 2000 bu. Ship
ments Flour. 6000 brls; wheat, none;
corn, 24,000 bu: oate, 3000 bu; rye,
1000 bu; barley, 2000 bu.
Afternoon Boarti Wheat weak and
is lower. Corn a shade easier.
OaU weak and Jo lower.
Chioaoo, III., January 29. Floor
quiet and unchanged. Wheat active
and weaker, declining lc from yester
day, closing ie under veeterday. Sain
ranged: January, 7at(4Ot closed
at 8.43S01c; February. 7Ki,c.
cloeed at 80 jrSOJc; March, 80J(81e,
cloeed at 8O(S0c; May, 85J(A8ic,
closed at 80,o. ho, x spring, BOKalc;
No. 3 spring, 72c. Corn weaker ; caab,
36tc; January, S6J(3(14, closed at
36 Jc; February, 36r(SexC, closed at
364,310 March. SdrStHe, closed at
3lc; May, 4CX40rc, closed at 40i
40ic. Oata very strong tor cash and
Jannary; cash, Sl($32c; January, 301
(4321c. aloaadatS24c: February. 281
f329c, closed at 29c; May, Sialic,
closed at 914. Rye dsn: no. a. 6Hc,
Barley quiet; No. 3,60c; No. 3, 43
45c. f laxseed steady; fio. 1, $1 12.
Uecaipta Flour, 10,000 brls; wheat.
11,000 ba; com. 120.000 bu; oats, 99..
000 bu ; rye, 2000 bu ; barley, 43,000 bu.
Shipments Flonr, 7000 brls; wheat.
21,000 bu : corn, 77,000 bu ; oata, 35,000
bu; rya,lO0U; barley, 79,000 bn.
Afternoon Board. Wheat quiet and
unchanged. Corn etaady and Jc
higher for January. Oats strong and
Jc higher (or February.
BtrrTBB Creamery, SfKuHOc; dairy,
1725o; burtcrine, 1416s; country,
12jrfo)18e, according to condition.
Cuaasa Prime hate, 7(8; New
York factory,8c;fullcranm,llJL2c;
Y. A HK12c.
Maes Pobk Old, $10 7510 90 per
barrel ; new, $11 76 U 99 per barrel ;
sagar-cared hams, packed, I'JiiUOc;
breakfavit bacou 8j09c; clear rib ba
con, CldpGJc.
Bulk Pobk Clear sides, R IJy0o ;
clear rib aides, SKarc; long clear, J
Ci.rJa; shoulders, 4(4-Hc.
Labo Tleroee,(iiic ; half-horrels,
6c; kegs, CJc: bti(-k'te, 77c; balf
bucketa, "K7Jc; 50 lb tins, 61rToriSc;
20-Ib tlns,6(J)6,c;10-lb tins, fl.WJc;
6-n Una, 7(7c; 3-lb tins, ij7tcj
choice kettle, tierces, 77Jc
Frbbji Mbatc Beef Good Kansas
City steers, beavy, 8c; light, 77Jc;
cows and heifers, Gji; mutton, 7c;
lambs, 8Jc: pork, 6c.
Pios-pbbt Brls, $509;hB!f-brlfl,
$365Ca)3 75.
New Orlkaw, La., January 20.
Ileg products quiet and steady.
CmciHiiATr, O., January 29. Pork
dull, $11. Lard dull, 6.10c. Bulk
meats nominal; shonlders, 44c;
short rib, 6.S0(.5.4rc. Bacon steady ;
shoulders, 4 (c; short rib, 6.15c; short
clear, 6 35c. Batter steady ; Northwest
ern extra creamery, 3530o; good to
prime creamery, 20030c ; choice dairy,
12015c. Eggs steady and firm, 160
lOJo. Gheeee iteedy; choice cured
Ohio factory, 9J01O&
St. Louis, Mo., January 29 Pro
visions dull and generally unchanged.
Pork steady, $11. Larddtill,5.90(.i5 9.5c
Bulk meats, loose lots -long clear,
5.30c; short rib, 5.40c; short clear,
5.65c; boxed lots long clear, 6(c;
short ribs, 5.85c; short clear. 6c. Ba
conlung clear, 6c: short ribs, 5.85c;
short clear., 6c. Hams unchanged.
Butter quiet ; creamery, 25030c; dairy,
10024c. Eggs slow, 16c
Chicaoo, III., January 29. Mes
pork market quiet and prices 6010c
lower; caab, $10 75010 80; Feb
ruary, $10 75010 -82 J, closed st
$10 80010 82 ; March. $10 80010 90,
closed at $10 87J01O 90; May, $10 97 J
011 07, closed at $11 05011 07 J.
Lard easier and 205a lover; cash,
6O7J06.1Oc; February, 6O7J06.1Oo;
March, 6.1006.15c, closed at 6J(")6.15c;
May, 6.200jc, closed at 6.22J6Jo.
Boxed meats steady ; dry salted shoul
ders, 3.9504c ; short rib sidee, 5 27J0
5.30c: short clear sides, 6 6505.70c. On
the Produce Exchange butter was
slow and weaker; creamery, 29032c;
dairy. 1502O. Egg, 1 840! 91
Afternoon Board. Pork 2Jo higher.
Lard unchanged
Soap $2 1003 50 per case.
Cofpbb Common, 8J08c: ordi
nary, 909c; prime Kio, 10011c;
choice to fancy, HJ012Jc; old gov
ernment, 23025c ; Ceylon, 20c.
Sugar Eastern yellow, 607c;
pure w. c. white, 6j07c: off white,
8S0Jo; yellow clarified, 6J0J;
open kettle, 5j6tc, reliaed A, 7J0
71c ; granulated, 7c ; powdered, 8s;
cut loaf, Sc.
Salt $1 2001 30 per barrel ; sacks,
floe, $1 50; coarse, $1 10: pickets,
bleached, 207c; car-loads trout levee
or depot. 5c cheaper.
Molasska Louisiana, common to
fair, 23027c; prime to choice, 46055c;
syrup, 25040c; common to fair, 250
33c; prime to choice, 35010,;.
Candies Sticks, all sues, In boxes,
pails and barrels. 7 j8ci
Candles Foil weight. 110111c.
Tobacoo Common, 11-inch. 270
30c; other gradee and styles, 25085c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per case ;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case ; R li., $9'50.
Cannicd Goods, btc Prices per
dnisn: Pineapples nominal; peaches,
21b, standard, $1 3501 60; seconds,
II 1501 2; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
9Oc0Sl ; 3 lb, $1 1001 20 ; strawberries,
$1 3U01 40; raspberries, $1 1501 25;
blackberries, $101 15; greengages,
$16001 75; pears, $202 25: plums,
$1 6001 70; asparagus, $i 65'4;
green corn, 1101 15; green peas, $1 60
0175; cove oysters, full weight, 1-lb,
11 1001 15; cove oysters, full weight,
2-lb, $1 90 5,1 95; cove oyters, light
weight, 1-lb, 65c; cove oysters, light
weight, 2 lb, $110; condensed milk
Crown, $6; Eagle, $8; Swiss $0.
Baltimore, Md , January, 29. Cof
fe steady; Kio cargoee, ordinary to
ftir, 7J08a.
New Orleans, La., January 29.
Sugar quiet and steady; open kettle
choice, 5(.51-16; prime, 42c; fully fair,
4J04 i:!-16c; centrifugals choice
white, 01c; oil white, O06 316c;
choice yeilow clarified, 006 l-16c;
prime yellow clarified, 61:; seconds.
4S0c. Molasses quiet and weak;
centrifugals prime to strictly prime,
21025c. Rice Louisiana, ordinary to
prime, 305c. Coflee quiet.
New York, Jannary 29. Cofiee
spot fair Rio quiet, 8c; options
a shade stronger; sales. 13 5C0 baas;
February. 6J06.553; Marcb, 6(0c;
April, 6 60s; May, 6.65c; June, 6.70c;
October, 6S0c; December, 6.90c.
Sugar firmer, in better demand ; fair
to good refiningr,5J03s; refined dull;
standard A, 6 3-l)C; cut loaf and
crushed, C; 07c Molasaee steady, de
mand fair. Ric quiet and firm.
household iiirruu.
Applm Annies. J2 25ffi2 50 from
store; $202 25 per car-load from levee
or depot. Dried apples, 304c per
pound from store. Dried peaches, 30
4c Hm store.
Ymrasjui Onions, $7 753 25
per car-load, from levee or depot. Po
tatoes Irish, northern, $2 2502 60,
packed ; car-loads from levee or depot.
a per oarrei. uaDDage.WJiiio
per bead. Krout, brls, $5(3)6; half
brls, Ti 7of.3. Garlic, 40060c per 10").
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Florida, $303 50 per box. Lemons,
$3 6004 per box. Bananas, 6Oc0
100 per bunch. Coooanute, $4
per $1 00. Peanuts Virginia, 60
7c; Tennessee, farmer's stock, 24c;
recleaned, 3 J04 Jc ; roasted, 2Jc higher ;
shelled, 10c Almonds, 18026c Chest
nuts green, 12 J015c; dry, none.
Raisins London layers, $3 50; lay
ers, $3 75; California, ; Imperial.
$3 6004.
PicELBt In Jars, pints, 90c; quart.
$160; halt gallons, $2 50: gallons,
$3 75; loose, barrels, $6: half-barrels,
$3 60; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mix
ed, $t.
Pecans Texas, 608 h tor raall to
median, 10014c (or large; Arkansas,
alnuts Freneh. 12c : Vanles.
;oc; ureneniaa, toe ruDerta, ise.
CiDBB-Mlamourl,$707 60 per barrel
and $404 25 per half-barrel ; Kentucky
barrela, to 1007; Kentucky half-bar-re
Is, $1. Vinegar, 11018c per gallon.
Pocltbt Turkeys, per doaan, $80
12;geec$304; duck, $3; chicken,
good demand, $203; dressed turkeys,
dull, 10012c per pound.
Fun Mackerel half-barrels. No. 1,
$4 3004 75; No. 2, $3 5003 75; No.
3, $2 7501; 10-lbklt, No. l, 80c; No.
2, 70c; 15-1 k, No. 3, 60c. Dry her
rings, family, 30c per box.
Gamb Venison, whole, 305c; sad
dles, 608c ; bear, 608c ; wild turkeys,
50075c; docks, $1 5002 50; squirrels,
75c; qnailfl, 75c0$l; prairie chickens,
$5: game flsh,608o.
Eous Scarce, 20c.
Coal-Oil Prima white, wholesale
lots, 15e per gallon.
Clbvbi.abd, O., January 2. Petro
leum steady; s.w., 110, 8Jo.
Pittibcbo, Pa., January 19. Re
ports that the Porter well in the Kane
district had made 133 barrela la twenty-one
boars censed a heavy decline
in ell to-day. The markot opened
weak at 8"ie, and so on declined to
8rc under general Belling. Shortly
after 1 o'clock there was a alight rally,
but the improvement was only tem
porary and pricee broke again aad
closed weak at 83Jc. The feeling was
unsettled, with the tendency of the
market still downward. Considerable
ex itement prevailed at timos and sev
eral large blocks of oil changed hands.
Whiskt Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, .
Sr. Louis, Mo., January ,29
Whisky, $1 10.
Chicaoo, III., January 29.
Whisky firm at $1 10.
Cincinnati, O., Jannary 29.
Whisky steady at $1 10; sale of 1153
barrels of finished good on this
Baqoino Jute, 9J0Uc; flax, 100
lOJo, according to weight. Ties, $1 20
01 V6.
Nails-$2 75.
rortOH-NBED, OIL, Etc.
Seed Delivered at depot and
wharf, $8 per ton; on bank of river
(f. o. b. boat), $6; wagon at mills. $8.
Mbal Prime (. o. b., $15 per ton.
Less than car-load lots, $15 50. From
store, 90c sack.
Cakb Nominal; $16 per ton.
Oil In car-load lots, prime, crude
O. S. oil, 22023c; prime summer yel
low, 27028c; off-summer yellow, 25c ;
miners', 27030c; choice cooking mm-,
mer yellow, 27030c.
New Orlbans, La., January 29
Cotton-seed products quiet and steady.
Honaart-Good driving, $1250250;
good saddle, $1 400300 ; plugs, $35080;
eood mares. $850140.
molbs 14J to ir, liioigiiiu; io to
15J, $1250140; 15 to 10, $1400175.
Supply small ; demand moderate.
Cattle Choice to extra oorn fed, 900
to 1050 lbs., 404 c; good, 3J04o.
Grass choice, 303ic; good, 30:ijc;
fair to medium, 202c; common,
uoos-Uhoice, i(iti4o; goou, ai oj
3c; common, 303 j c.
Sheep Choice, 3K"Hc ; medium, SM
31c ; common, $101 50.
Cincinnati, O., January 29. Hogs
quiet; common and linht, $3 1504;
packing end rmtuners , l.i vuw -'u.
lteceipts, 2K3 bead; shipments, 1281
CmcAoo, III., January 29. The
Droveri Journal reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 7400 hend: shipments, 2000
head; market dull; medium cattle
15c lower; shipping steeTf, $3 760
5 75; 'Blockers and feeders, $2 500
4 30. Hogs receipts, 29,000 head;
shipments, 8000 head; market slow
and 6010.! lower; packing and ship
ping, $3 053 45 ; light, .$3 553 90.
Sheep receipts, 3400 head; ship
ments, 1000 head; market firm; na
tives, $204 90; Western, $204; Tex
ans, $203 75.
Kansas City. Mo., January 29.
The Live Stock Indicator reports: Cat
tlereceipts, 308 head; shipment,
none; shipping grades steady, butch
ers' staff a shade lower; exporters,
$4 8505; good to choice shipping,
$4 4004 75; common to medium, $3 99
04 30; stockers and feeders, $2 600
3 75 ; cows, $203 30. Hogs receipts,
3116 head; shipments, none; strong,
active and a shade higher; good to
choice, $3 900410; common to me
dium, $3 5003 80. Sheep receipts,
486 head; shipments, none; steady;
good to choice, $303 75; common to
medium, $2 2503 80. ,
NiiV York, January 29. There has
been a very Ja'ge and steady demand,
in whictf all seasonable fabrics have
participated. Bletched co.tons and
prints have been particularly brisk
nod other styles not neglected. New
heavy woolens have had more at 'en
tioi, nid good orders have been
placed. PiLtlng cloths are very
firm at 3jc, and a stioager tone rules
in cotton goods of all kinds.
To all who are suffering from thi errors and
indiscretions of youth, nervous weakness,
early delay, Ion of manhood, etc., I win
send a reclpe.hat will cur yon, FREE OF
Jll AKGK. This great remedy was discover
ed by a missionary in South America. Send
self-addresred envelope to the Rev. Josari
T. Iuir. Slrtlinn , AVi York iitv.
Pennyroyal Pills.
The Orlsrlmal and Only Genuine.
Safe and always Reliable. Beware of wort l.
loMlmlUtlons. Indispensable to LAIS It.
am yaur Uraiglsl lor "Clslrnrate-r's)
Kaglie '-'end take no other, or inclose 4c
(stamp) to ns for particulars ix i.arraa by
s-riara mall. la. a'AKM. ttil--tatr
hemlrol '
SSI, attlaon (tsiar, Phllswlaij -
TKADn supplied by tiSO.O.toOOD971
V Wbelesnle Aent, Bentea, Has.
Cincinnati ...BocxtTS Stati. 5 p.m.
New Orleani.....OuiDmaSTaa, 12m.
New Orleans.. Usi.isa, 5 p.m.
Whit River .DiSiitT, S p.m.
friars PoinCCoABOa', 5 p.m.
Arkansas City... Rati Adams, S p.m.
Osceola .Diai AdaxI, I p.m.
Tiptonvllle...UAToo, s p.m.
Bt-FraailsRiver.Riii Maokiadt, 5 p.m.
Arntalt. Dean Adams, Osceola;
Coahoma, Friars Point; Helena, New
Oi leans; Bene Macreaiy, St Francis
ZVarfuryi. Dean Adams, Osceola;
Ooahoms, Friars Point
Btmu sa fort Helina, DeSmet and
Rene Mac ready.
feats Am Dow. Gayoso, Buckeye
SUte and G aiding Star.
Bm Dm Lp. Thoa. Sherlock and
X. W. Cole.
eealnto Tewlwrelsvy.
Coahoma 103 bale cotton, 13 bgs
seed sotton, 118 sks seed and 35 pkgs
Ren Mac ready (brought oat of Kt
Francis river) 241 bales cotton, 41
bgs seed-cotton and 1000 ska seed.
Dean Adams 43 bale cottin, 18
bgs seed-cotton, 145 ska seed, 171 sks
com, 6 bd cattle and 8 pkgs sundries.
Helena 250 bales cotton. 7 bales
motes, 12,734 sks seed, 40 brls sugar.
74 brls molasses, 100 brls cement and
4 pkgs snndrie.
The Rene Macready, Capt O. K.
Jopltn, li the packet Tuesday evening
for St Francis river.
Tub Lm Line packets Monday even
ing are lbs Coahoma for Friars Point.
and the Dean Adams for Osceola.
Tm T? OT rinU Pant VA V.l.n.t
is doe from Arkansas river, and will
doubtless be In pert in time to leave
again this evening.
Tna Oayos. Capt W. P. Hall, is the
packet Monday evening at 6 o'clock
for 'Hale's Polrt, Tiptnnville and a'l
way point, Jissa P. Walt is in her
TrtB Kate Adams, Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the United States mail
packet Monday evening at 5 o'clock
for Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landing. W. C. Blanker is in her
Tub O. Lin steamer Guiding Star,
Capt J. D. Heeler, will pans down to
day at 12 oclork for Vicksburg,
Natchei, New Orleans and all inter
mediate points. Frank Stein Is in her
Tub great cttton carrier the big
Helena, Capt A If. Grieaom, is the reg
ular packet this evening st 6 o'clock
for Helena, Arkansas City, Green
ville, New Orleans and all way land
ings, James B. White presides in her
otllce, assisted by Henry Seainon.
Thb DoSmet, Cant. Milt R. Harry,
is the packet this evening at 6 o'clock
f tr all points on Whits river, going
through tJ Newport and making con
nections with packet for upper White
and BlaCk rivers. Albert McGhee
and Hugh Smith are her clerks.
Tub Buckeye State, Capt. H. J. Vin
ton, will be found in fort this morn
ing, and leaves again this evening at
5 o'clock for Cairo, Louisville, Cincin
nati and all way Undings on the Ohio
river. George W. Uendrickson has
charge of her office, assisted by Chas.
Vinton. The Buckeye will give cheap
rates to all points North and East
Business (air.
Wbathbb cold, cloudy, with light
Tub Lee Line steamers were in and
out on time yesterday with fair trips.
Receipts by river yesterday, 436
bales of cotton, 84 bag of setd-cotton
and 14,007 tasks of seed.
Tub river here stands 19 feet and
eight-tenths on the gauge, a rise of
fonr-tenthi in the latt 24 hours.
Thb Rene M already, from St Fran
cis river, arrived yeeterdisy evening
with 241 bales of cottoa, 41 bags of
seed-cotton anai 1000 sacks if seed.
She will re-shlp to-day on the Helena
202 bales for New Orleans, and returns
to St. Francis river Tueeday evening.
Tna'big Helens, Capt. AH Grissom,
arrived yesterday morning from New
Orleans with 250 bales of cotton, 7
bags of motiw, 12 732 sacks of seed, 40
barrela of sugar, 74 barrels of molasses,
100 barrels, of cement arid a lot of sun
dries for this place, and leaves again
this evening for New Orleans and all
way landings.
Tub St. Louis GUbe-Drmocrat of the
28fh says: "An unusual number of
bills have recently been introduced in
Congress in reference to laws govern
ing the ft?:i:nboit interests of the
country. Probably t he most important
features of the various bills will be
darned let) a general one, and ttat
j-meed. In the bills fur up for con
sideration the most conBpicnotis feat
ures are I ie ones which refer to the
total abolition of all fees for inspection
service, and the reduction of Onnage
fees. Under the existlns laws each
tteamboat is called upon to pay to the
government $25 for every 100 tons of
freight first bandied, and 10 cents for
every ton over that amount The
proposition then is to make a reduc
tion cf $15 on the first and 5 cents on
the latter clause. Hence a boat going
out for the first time would turn into
the government Treasury $10 instead
of $25 and 5 cents per 100 t ns there
after instead of 10 cents. To meet this
reduction in turn by the government
a bill was last week presented asking
for the reduction of the salaries of the
hull and boiler Inspectors at the vari
ous ports thtougboat the country,"
Orrina Sigsai, Slavics, U. 8. A.. X
Mmrun, Turn., January 29, 1 p.m. f
The following observations are taken
a' alt stations named at 75 meridian time,
whioh is one hour taster than Memphis time.
Jow water Rita. Fall.
i I ? s ? S
s. ? s. w a
Cairo 28 3 a
Chattanooga U 6 8
Cincinnati ... 24 8 4 :
Davenport. .
Dubuque -
Fortbmitn. . -
Uolen. ....... 27 3 4
La Crosse
Leavenw'th .
Little Rock . 4 4 1
Louisville. ... 9 4 1 3
Mwiuptala. . 19 M 4
Nashville .... 20 5 7
NewOrle'ns.. 8 4
Pittshurg .... 8 3
St. Lou 1 3
St. Paul
ShreTeport .. 13 7 ...... 1
Vlck.bur ... 25 3 1
St. Agnes Academy.
DAY the let of February. Terme-173,
180,190 and 1100, according to the age aad
elau of the pai.il. Foflwrthsr pinwaLail
pply te the Lady SeptrAr,
Memphis and CiacliBat! Packet Cf
Buckeye Htntez"$ZZf
H. J. Vinton maiter.
Will leave THIS DAY, Jan. Mth.etlp.trv
For freight or naasagn apply to 0. B. HUfe
SELL. Agent. No. 12 Madison St. Telephone
No. T.T. .HN CAKK. Piwiiw Arn. L
Southern Tr portatloa Co.-O. Line Pol
Virkshorg, hatches and New Orleans Sir?
! uitling Mtnr tfZn
J. D- Ueglcr ..mastor, cAr&MCr-u
Will leave SATURDAY. Jaa.S0th.a4 11 m
For freight or passage apply to C. B.KUa
SELL, Ag't, 11 Madison at. Telepbanegff
.1 , II V i . r i it. P . . u . ... Au.k '
for Helena, Terrene, tirwraville, New Or '
laansand way laadiagi-bteamer i
lIKLLsENA, -j-1
Alf Orlssom. nislsr.ri .mii.ul
Will leave SATURDAY. Jaa. h, at p
For freighter suun aaal at 3 lladiaaa at...
ert H C. LOW. Aareai. P
Foit miTE num.
holt ui.uu'ra
W l. i , . . . . . ... . . "
jetonipaaa, n niie uiaca. niTer inMBM
wheal paaaeiger staaaner i
in aiarrv u... . 1....aiaut.
Will I-. UVDUV CIT1:DT1 V . t
t Uarrv . ...aaaaUTT, f
p.m. Through rates to all poinu. Freight!
oonsigned to Milt Harry Line, Memphis. wlU j
be promptly (orwa'ded. O. II. HUSSELL, I
... ..... . .. . nWt.VAAVW w
Agent, teiepnone ai. urnoa 11 Natuaa st.
Mweat,,4 viara tVaina stSM Mk.MA)
stud Oneeala PneBtot Uobhnuv.
For Ualana, tiieadale, Friar Point and all
way Ajaading eteamar
t AhuKllI. r TTlM
. T. OlaMtt...Kastar I Piatt . JSrS
Will leave as above on overy MoNilAT,
nivDBWAi ana rniuAX, at 6 otock.
Per Ranielph, Fallon. Osmli and Way
biinur- rteanior
J. B. Oeopar, saasior... J. W . 9mitheT,-lrk
Lwvee as every UONUAY. WKOMboDAY
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The boats of this
line reserve the rUihi to paai all landing!
the eaptaln mayilev.u nnaafe, Offiae, No. 4
Ma-l'sn.i JAW4 I.vj, jB.,Knp'i.
Tae t. rraaei.i ittit-r TraRHperiauoii i
Co.' Tine Ht le-W heel IT. S. Mall y tinier
Re io Macready, isjjSfi
0. K. Jop'tu snaiter,
at II o'clock, for Madonna, ffc Cut-Off. and
Intermediate lending! on Ht. Francis river.
The eaptain reserves the right to rues all
landings he dooms unsafe. JAS. Litfci, Ja..
Hnn,rlwtw,t lr.w. Vo 4 M..li.oo
Mcmplils& Whlto ltlrer rktl
U. fe MAIL IXNEe '
str. chickasaw;
1. 0. Postal. mastor I CM tfoatal-ourli
Olarenelan, Hovnlla EtlnflT, I4r Are,
LAnsnatn, Jiu'laonoerl and 8mnt,
lop.n, anroagu raws io au points.
Freight oonsigned to " Memphis and W hike !,
ntver Paoket Ctmpany"will b forwarded
proaiptly. h. O. LOWB, Agent,
N. 8 Msdlnn st. Telenho- No. W.
- - - !
For Osoeela, Males Point. Oarauersvill,
Sayoso and Tlptonvllle The sew steamer
W. P. Hall maaUr I J. D. Fuller. oirk,
will leave as above, and all way points,
p.m. For freight or najuajre apnlv on ooard.
. - 11
Memphis and Vlckaburg Packet Com
pauy U. S.Malf Line,
M. R. Cheek. ..master I W. 0. Blajiker..olrk
For Helena, tlonoordla. Terrene and Arkan
sas City The elegant passenger steamer
4 Leaves Memphis
f'.m., reserving the right to past all landings
he captain may deem unsafe. For general
information apply at oaloe, No,4 MadiMa
street. K. WALWORTH. Ageau
JQHW OA HR. Pans'r A
No. 48iS, R Chancery Court of Shelby coun
ty Mute of Tenoeoseefor lUowa use, eto.,
vs. John U.TIghe etal.
BY virtu of an interlocutory decree for
ale entered In the above eause on the
Vlh day of November, 1886, M. B. 60, paga
219, 1 will sail, at public auotloa, to the high
est bidder, In front ol the Clerk and UasUr'a
office, Courthouse of Shelby county, Mem
phis, Tenn.. on
Maliss-aajr, February BO, I4S4,
within legal hours, the following described
(roierty, situated lo Shelby eonnty, Tenn.,
Lots II and 13 Vollcntln subdivision, north
and adloining Htahl and McKarlandi lot 11
bolng 191 by m feet. Lot 13 being 17J by
2.Mi feet. Sold as property of John II.
Tigbe, 0. F. Adderand others.
Lou 7. S, II, 12, 13, 17 and 17. north side of
Vollcntln avenue. Lot 27 containing 1 1-il
sores. Lots J. 8, 13 and 17 biiog 11: by
feet each.
A certain tract on the northwest corner of
Vollentine and Waiklni avennest Begin
ning at a stake on the north boundary kins
ol the fiOOO-arre Hine grant and snutheart oor
ner of the Vollentine tract i tli-no, nearly
north with the dividing line of T. A. Far.
rani and Vollentine tract 13 shainsSO linki
to a stake in mid line I Oietioe wet T
chnlni W links) thence south anil partllel
with said dividing line 12 chains 87 links to '
a sluko in said John Rice's north linet
thence east with said line to the begin
ning, containing 9 67-100 note. Sold as
property of S. M. Ward and P. II. Bryson.
Lot 11 Crockett subdivision, beginning at
nortbeust oorner of the Raleigh plaukroad
and Lewis street) thence ea.t along the
Haleigh road liAfeet) tbenre non h i 7-11)
feet to the northeast corner of lot 11 ) thencw
116 feet west to the east line of Lewis stieeti
thence louth 476 feet on east line of Lewis
street to the beginning. Sold as property of
Simon and Tobias Wolf and Win. bittaker.
Lot 34, 34 and 36, Weakley's subdivision,
north side of an avenue 33 feet wide, lead.
Ing Irom the west side of Second street to
waterworks on the east bank of Wlf river,
beginning at a point i'JO feet west of Second
street! thence north with the west line of
one-aere l"t sold by Fitagibbon te Margaret
Bunnon, 210 foot to the northwest comer of
said ooe-rffera lot) thenca east to the south
west corner of another one-acre lot hereto. .
tore sold to said largret Baonon ) thencaa'
northwestwardly with the west line of ij
lot 148 foot, more or less, to the south line,
of W. A. Biokfonl's lot; thence wertwordly '
with Bicklord'i line to the northeasOorner
of lot! i thern-e southwardly withj ih cast,
line of said lot to the north line of :' ave
nue first mentioned; thence eastWoMly to
the begiuning, containing I 77-Hu sores.
Sold a the property of Mary and Franeil
Part of lot 10, Crockett's inbdiviiion, Ml
423 feet, on the north side ot the Raleirk
road, east and adjoining lot 11. boll J the
property of Mary T. Stahl.
Terms ol Sale On a i-edit of six months
Dot With seenrity, bearing interest iron
date, required; lien retained, redemption
This January IS, 18W.
8. 1. McDOWEbL, Ctetk and Mruttr.
By .1. M. Bradley, Deputy C. and M.
F. 11. A 0 W. llrinkell. folicitors.
A T.T. rternnfl aw nlna and holding Judc-.
A noil Certiftcate-. or coupons thereon,
uiatorn- AuguH 1, 18 . issued i by liptoei
County under at act of the Q erl Assembly
ol the Statool 'ietnei-see. appyved Dem
ber 21, 1881, In cornea luise of jadgpieotg
rendered In the Circuit -v.ir. ol the I ni;d
Btate, for the Western Diitnct o Tenneiiee,
at Memphis, are hereby notified lo present
Feb'runay A.U. !, when and whtre
the same will It paidaovrding to the terms
and conditions o u said JudgroentCertiD
ca'es and conipromise a rmsnt entertd
into between Ill-ton county . 1 her said
creditors. Tali 31st 1A0,5If J;,13
Chatrmsg of tke County l:oort ol Tipton Co.
B. F. LOChL,
County Ira-tee,
UflliTCD AGENTS, Men ind Wnn,
BIBLE " Introdaction by Rev. J. U. m
cent, D.D. One agent hae lold 6J itow
of 674 people; one 73 la a villas ol 794) en
pew agent 86 in 10 daysi oae 3 In 4 suce
siv weeks) one 40 in 3 day twe d s.rent
timet, xprino not neor. 44r
49 DMrbMB 4traet Caii.
For Helena, Indian Bay, 8L Chart, Mea-t
. end.n, D Vails Blaf , Ds Are, Aaruia,
Jaeksonport, BaUsvllle, Powhattaa aad.
Pooahontaa. The aaw aad eluaaAaLA-.
said Judgment rertmcaws sun rvuio.w
dcU.-hed coupons, lor payment, to the Tt ion
end Planters Bank in s,id oity l Mem-
. ... K.. .n nr hnrnra the 11 ""V

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