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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, January 30, 1886, Image 8

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!11. w OrleaMka. Texas B'j
li. xw..t Vanmliir E. IMS.
. tb all line otriBi Mmrhli.
t M. N . W - R. ft. lor Il.lon.
V Urnill aad UbbUbsu. aaoWaU
I VhkV?,riTdVu B. k P.lUlrr.d.
i Mb N., J. AC. R- U. for kathB ao
lackaoa. .
, J VlKUU on H''k-R. '
1th etaainr lor Rayou 2Vl"i.4. and
! ith railroads direraini tut lrta Mil
AS. H- vll.WKlS, V. P aniPJ M.
, B. BllRKB,U.n.ralBp ,
LrtMtpvl Tewaaaaa.-IVrt
Jr. ?t dally at -4i V-m.i ar
t.B. Le'al freia.t laayas t
U m , a rlw M 4:30 IB.
L Traluelaa'.aM. and T. depot a fo
' i No. , U d iprn leaa dull
m.l ho. Small andaapr. arrive
i J.fi. :00 o.m.i (. 8, Bt.lLonla
ud Hill ck-Tratai
L a.atr.1 atjkBdard tin)) !
i 5 ...v dalv at5:jt.B-' rrlTi t
iSP,... No. D Wr.i.bt) "
. Va.U j.iir. r enadty, '. (iCQ
. li arrleat7:10p..
' 1-frair.a 0T Mfnlluwil Ho. (fut
. 'M dally t :80.ni. Mo.
r :viair't 1:30 p.m. Mllnd -
. . irrlnl 4llT it I)'16.m. BU liOBU
, 'HnarrludUrC:ODa a.
' 'ta.kii ud CikarlMtea Trl! I
lul-ami Through tlproM ohm
7 at il0 . F tmoiTitU aocoontod- -
i ' i ito dallyt
t. Thrnaibtp
k, Mail aD'lail
i j i. Bomwl!l'
lIpralTf dail74 56
' )1 ..a... BnAila. at 8 dliB'BW
i "-- nrt KaahvllM-TraiBi
" Ll..r.ii..i Vat mall arrrrM aall '
fta.ai.t lea-a a il':10p.r. mail loai
i. a.... ah. V eDvlllf aeccn.nir-
' ilol ! "Hyi !.: Band', at 6:M)
b.j wall BrrtTM dallj at "'''-
I Urr Bamdar. at 8:40 a.n. .itandtrd
nanipiti - Ittnaslafbam aaa Atlas
- ci.ii. i: & . .nt. Yrm i n moTa at
, ) lown No. 1 Uo Momohli dIJ 'at 4:0.1
.mutrrii- Holly Hpr(n. at 6:30 p.m i
U i laatM lloIlT Pi-rtnu. Hjiljr at 9:00
i i 1 . U. ..t,l ( 1 ill a.m. I No.
i Va'ioi MoBiphlilall at T:30 p.m.. arrlM
) v oily r.riai daily at 8:30 a.m., arrltti at
i phUt8:Ba.ai.
lnilicatloM tor Mtmphia tad Ticln-
kji rlr, warmer weainer.
I far Tentutu and Ad
iJt ioMtMr. areJi t
Oto VXtey,
Ihi sftrrn
JoriKm iJtt mormxj by tigSl local now,
,4oJotwinlKvxiln-n portion dur
ing it night ky local inowt; i(oti'7y riiiny
hwtptraturt; wttterly wind, gtMrally
ling to toUKnly.
tarlaieal alwparl.
MiMrsrs, Tim., JaaaarrW, 18fs.
! nt.1 MAIL.
1 A lr a.ai 11: a,
. f "bIH 8:4A.B. :
f " " C : . :
iira .TTp lKM.m IHHa.
a "t .Z. :
f " 6:'J8a.ai :P.m
fla" UJ'?..l''J5S;!.J,jf2
i gXI'HEfcS. South. North.
! it. . :4 . Ts p "
f 1 " " 8:46 B.n 11:10 B.
! VmZZZZZ 7:16 P-n. 7:30 .1
TIbio. I bar. Thar. Wind. Woath.r.
?Tia.m.. 50 '.W SI. 8 N.W. f)1o4y.
llili0a.ro.. '..(Wil 30 8 R W. bllitnow.
8:0Sp.m...W 8 W. t;i..dy.
I 7 iODp.Bi.. :.N)7 1W.3 W Cl.ar..
Vln m. .1J.0M1 ?0 N W We t
am tauiporaturo, S1.0.
lUiaiall, inaiipraoiabla.
aiii.iiiiiiitakan on 75 martdlun
), whiek It ana boar (ailar tbaa local
at ma. m mmmmmmmm
The cotton teaeon will soon eloae.
Some valuable real estate will be
old at chancery atle lo day.
Several arreUa fjr fast driving
were made by the police yeiterday.
ilay 'JtMinm at matinee tdy
cloasa the engagemect tf the com
pany. The atars were shining brightly
last Bight, and indications polutod to
fair weather. t)
1 In the space of two hours, yester
day morning, rain, snow and sleot fdll
nil the sua shone.
The Fire Rallef Association yes
terday donated 30 for a premium
ticket ii the charity.
The po ice are engaged in a lively
war on nnlice used vehicles. Several
were hauled in yesterday.
J. BKirkpatrick and Kate Grain,
Carl P. Heyner and K. McCallum were
Jioaneed to marry yesterday.
Alnee has three plays in hxr rep
jrt lire this time. The la'e cf aeau
begina to-day, ond good houses lire at
Bared. Uiiudo, . Prineta Tin, Pirattt of
Penian(Xt and Thnu Black CloaitwiW
be givon week after nrxt by the Ford
Opera Company, who gave the Mthulo
9 delightfully here earlier in the sea
son, bale of aeata Friday next.
The grand jury yesterday Indict
od L. C Carter for vagrancy ; . Mo
Cane, 1 weeny : James Miller, larceny;
Ganrge Pratt, larceny from the person ,
P. II. Weod aid George Briscoe, ob
taining money by iulse pretenses.
The usual crowd wiupresent in
the Criminnl Co lit yectirdsy wlieu
H. 8. Moshy, cobred, wxs on trinl f ir
arsauli witu iutent to kill Pat Fury
about a can ot milk, fury waa lortu-
mt) enough to pet a warrant first.
Moeby looked aa if he Utd been try
ing with n butt saw.'
It was believed yesterday that
negotiations bad been - successfully
eonvlnded for the rtniuinc of cars on
JaUVrsoa stree', but tUn lait mo
ment Presnlunt Hsdden (decided I)
postpone the mutter until another
conierence toald be bad, a'. 2 o'clock
this evening.
The indications are that the t.Va
of tickets jor the Charity ball will
arnoait to not leas tkan f 1001. Nearly
half tu.it hum has already been col
leud from premium tickets aloue
Another thousand barrels of coal was
purehartd ywsterday for immadiate
. distribution among t he -destitute.
The readents o! Market street
would bs exiremely grateful If the
contractor in charge woutd remoe as
speedily as poaaiUle a nusorable old
, frame Btroutnre which at present ob
etruc:ta nwrly the wl o'.e of Market
etre,.t bttaeen Mjin and second, rtm
derinz paeiao on the eonih cide im
possi bid.
The Ametican Eiposition tt Lon
don, which wa o be open the Ut of
nt xt May, h&a been pottaoned until
Muy 2, I8.s7, on account o( the Inter
colonial Exposition, which will be
held in Lou Jan at the time rt for
cira. Io many reerect the pes' pone
)?at!B far tb btif.er, as it will give
ample time for the com pletion of a'l
exhibit. TenneMM rt.onld certainly
do her part, winch U an important
one, In the dirpliya, for the event wilt
befranght with a world-wide aignifl
cancc The MeropVis Metal and Wend
Manafectnrirt: Company are now dis
playing wea'.htr BiKnole t their own
rzpente from their buildinf, 418 and
440 Main r!et. The dieilf ehowe
te good advantage? and will no doubt
be pprclated, aa it in received direct
Imm the watber heaJq Barters in
WujhiDttan City.
The committee la charge of the
Wnman'a Kfrlnnm vefltidaV were
Mra. A. C Knowlton. Mra. J. C. Mc-
Davitt and Mra. J. W. TalU. Among
the visitors were: Miss K L. Yoang,
Hnrirurrtu a: Mias 1). Coffee. Hpring-
dale; Miaa Jennie E. llainwator, 8ar
dia, Miea. ; Hit Matiie K. lirahan, Bar
die. Miaa,; Arthur Wardle, Pauline
. . ' a. tir Ik
Alston, Mra, r. b. awd, Mrs. . im
porter, Mum.T Miss UliaGunter, Miss. J
I B. Ford, W. A. (isp. John John
tm, F. H. Hei.k4l!. tl. J. Mitchell,
r. S. iMmonr-on, kah. n. . nirop-
eon, . M. r-cnagj,". . i: vary,
IL Oary, 3. J Mnrpby, J. at.
KJwarda, 8. H.'LriWib. jr., J. V. Pat
rick, George uuur,,jr., james naie,
Mrs. L. 15. Andnwis, W. M. Donohne,'
C. W. Moahv, C. II. Pitney, J. a.
MitchelL Miks Ullie lnnn, Mrs.
Hhanka, J. C. TifcJMviU, Cbsrlea lu
Pau, Frttnk Rico, J. W. Faila, eitr;
J. N. Falls. J. M alone. Dr. L. .
DnnruC. Il.Tr mb'e. J. I . Carton.
W. U. WilKina. U U. tamirwoiia, r.
A. Dmrine . James Oinner. J. U. Ilol
kll. Johrr (Jverton. P. B. Joiw, J. II.
Rmitb, Uisa J. hVt. Mise Mallie
Joaea. Mm. J. T. 'flwavne. Mra. W. D.
Porter. T. D. Kldr idee. J. l. Tiaher
and L. B.'Laton.
An opeintion, deeorving of aoblie
attention has j mt teen performed,
displaying profo and iiagHOHtio ability
with reonarkabli i tiil in enrcioul rn-
uirDltlon. bv IV. Purdon. recently
settled in this Ho waa abont
two weeka bko. crmsnltd by a lady
bo had buOhi dlrom rvmptoms the
truo nature of rhich had b&CId the
skill of all the te from whom she had
nrevlouilv soi arht r ieL Dr. Pordoo
alter very s! tart preliminary ezaml
nation annua oed posUivuly that she
wis suffBiIng , from stone in her blad
der, npHRtti t tbe same time an 1
early opera fron. Latt randay the
stone was t tiaed in a lithetrlle or
stone-crnjjln r; Dr. Pnrdoo, however, ,
with the VI tw jf effecting a rsdic&l
euro, forbui w -to crash the atone al
ready Id t os friftip, persuaded that
under fat iwable oircnmitances ha
mi(ht poes' ibljr remove it an mum. In
fact bis am jtkyJ instineta did notde
cive him . With the ttatieUnoe of
IH. kfimir, fantlemau of tare skill in
hia prole woa, also recently estab
lished in Memphis, the lady wm
laced nn rler the infloeace of ether,
and Dr. P vrdon, with eokfidence and
a'3rm ha nd, to the delight and admi
ration of.' tlxMM preeent, removed in
less than luili an hoar's oiaae ft atone
of over an Inch in diameter. The
moat reiaiarkitfale ifact conoeeted with
this operation ie tlit the lady, after
mre-veriiig troon the effecta of the
eihir at once felt flo relieved tkat she
expressed the wish to get ap and
aiove abont aa nsual. VVe oongratu
late Dr. Purdon and Dr. Minor on
theur aucceex. .
Hratai waar oaltoa
to W. B. aj
4tMia dk
Mr. M. O'Cain baa ndnrned from
visit t har dauahtur, Mm. Harry A.
Adnms ot Indianapolis, lud.
Mim N ill it Bandkiis of Frankfort
iKy., is vifiliug her fritmd, Miss Jessie
Krti.nec, at the residence of Mr. E.
M. Apperson, .U- ance street.
Misau Miav Alio Mi(.t Run,
who have been viniting their uncle,
Dr. E. A. White, returned to their
borne in 'ashvilie yestaidsy. Jtcconj-
psnied by Alias Mamie wuiie.wno
Will attend school at v aru s etuuinary.
RhlB yonr eotlou.
breath dk .
W. K. Oal
Oder to-day bargains sunh at will
appt nt to all sensible peo, lo. Prices
are put on lots to cioie mora out.
At 60c each Best luuntlried shiiti,
Sue linen fronta. WamsutU domes
tic, open Lnik, worth fl 75 each;
no nelt'T maiio; Btzns iu to n.
At f!2 60 Men's all-'vool over
coats, worth l-S.
At 5 10c and 15c fach Entire
line of cents silk bows and ties.
At f 3 48 -Boys' 10 50 overcoat i.
At 12o each All our polo caps, for
merly 25c. This is the last lime
this seacon tuet you can get a
polo (or 12c
Spool al rrle To-Buy
For gentlemen's and boys' shoes,
For gentlemen's and boys' hats,
For gentlemen's nnd boys' under
wear, For gentlemen's gloves and ecarfj.
I4tIloH Take Xotc.
We Lave just received n full and
completa aatortraect of
lluU'e Health (JorsotK,
Vastly improved, and brought .to
bu?u perfection that nil acknowl
edge it
The Host and 'IieRiot
t2 07 will buy a pair of E. C. Hurt's
unrivnled r reach pebble gent shoes.
All know their value. The retail
price ia New York is to.
Uomea Lncariui to Giaicomo Pie
:i cini, lot 4, block 45, 33 7-100x133
fe"t on Causey street for $V0.
EU Hill ti VT. 11. Hid et al., 159
aces 'a-'d in Seventh Civil District,
also some personal property (stock),
for love a'ld affection.
JonP. WViker it Minler Tnrker,
Unstje, to secure W. D. Belbell in the
snm of IA 1-100 acres ia John !.
Wliita's subdiv'teion.
'i 1
Pbxrd tnvkej-a. kibe auim a CO.
AaaisTArr KifaTABV "TJaHacb of
the Cotton Exchange i sick with ca-
Urrbal lever.
Tat weakness In errtoa In the New
York and New Orleans marketa ia
attributed t heavy port receipts.
At Liverpcol foeterday wheat waa
steady, witit fair demand; etiply is
good. Corn Art,, with fair demand.
Tbi following were the closing
prices of May options at Chicago yea
trday: Fora, til 07; lard, 21e;
clear rib sidva, 6.65c aked ; corn, 40c J
wheat, 85Jo; oats, 31 1
Tbi Vr.richeeter Guariian in its
coramercral article of veeterdav says
The mara-.et is steady. Business is
moderate. The Eastern demand ha?
been or.e;ked throughtae difficulty of
aeenring an early delivery of orders.
Yarns, av quiet; spinning for home
oonsnm ption are uneatable in quali
ties. lMces are ateady. .
BiraBT of GrainXlevator yeeterdart;
Bulk corn, none received or with
draw a; in store, QjW bushels; Book
corn received, none; withdrawn, 1)7
bns'tela; in trtore,T076 bunneis; otiw
oabi received od withdraws, 1331
bo dhcls: in store. 0.6o9 buabe a; aaak
o ts received, 708 racks; withdrawn,
UAGaacka; in store, 4481 tMsi veck
wheat, ueae reoeived or wilt' drawn;
)j store, 17 ,we ouBheia.
Vbmtow on 'Change vest rlay H.
O. Diehl, Indianapolis; J. J. FtaMuer,
Ciro; Seorge W.Everett, Trenton,
Tenw.: Isaac Wock. Wynne, Ark.; B.
U Donobo, hi. iuis; W. l. tolt,
Hickory VoVey, Tena.; Miss'JtUe
Sander. Woodstock, Tenn.; - J. E.
Uacell. Arkansas; Joku HiatreoD.Su
Louie; Geo. (P. Melchior, MiKsissippi;
John M. Hewitt. Arkansas; f. a. 1-er-
ris, W. T. IGcott, V. M. Odena, De
troit; E. J.lievy, Bt. Lonta.
A raomiTEKT New York broker
mti 1butit 05 cents f or oar Po. t red
wheat England will buy if ocr market
holds steady, and givee. these figure
a the basis of hia belkf: htxiks iu
ITnitud Kinsdoai January 1. lSfCI. 24.-
0O,0CO; atnouiiton pafa?eti United
Kingdom and continent, 3(j,0OiVXX);
amount in dinners' haads in United
Kingdom, 43,(yi,O00; agnIuFt which
wauwnre410(W,(!00 wefciy lor tinny
weeks from January 1st to August 1st
120,OWMk:0 bueht-l4; leaving a deficit
ot 35000,0te to ba impoilefi lor con
nuinntion till next crop. This a' lows
for no reserve beina left over, which
is, ut lowest point, Ifl,"0,O)j bushels
Tnarecent decision by the Supreme
Oourt in the drummers taxation case,
wbich-wa at urn construed t J mean
nrohtl'itlon of the onerous taxes
which many Htates have imposed dur
ina the past few years on this modern
tneth& of doing business, is not so
understood by the Traders' and Trav
lera' Association of NeWiYork, which
ia an association ot the leadirg new
York merchants, who have bauded t
gether for the purpose of aocnriiig
low aad ennittble rates Irom -rail
KaxU). and for general protection have
clrcnlated petitions throughout the
country calling npon (Jongieaa to pass
the bill introduced by the Hon. Dar
win E. lames cf BrroUyn. This bill
Is very abort und is drawn as follows
BlWnt of nch RUto aad Torritory
itkin ilia nlhr btate aad T.rrito'lei
aad within tha Dlitrietf Culaublu, toli.it
front dMVi or m.rahanta oriieri foryiMidi
aod oierraaniliro hy .ainplo. e.tali yup ,card
tr!o li't. d.orlilion, or otiwr r.pra aula'
lian, iUi'Bt paym.nl ol aoy lioon.t ur iur
caatila Ira.
In the short time that baa elaped
since the petitions were cent out the
union has received siguittmes from
2338 New York firuip, employing 13.
2i0 traveling Hlesmn; 63 Boston
firms, wb ti 3.M7 BelHimen; Philadd
rjbia. 473 firms, ernnioving 3100 sales
men: Baltimore. 339 fir run and 1980
salesraon; Chlrauo, 807 firms and 3206
Balesmcn, and New Or eans, 131 firms
and 433 jii"men;a total of 4213 lirinf,
employing 2,22G travelers. The peti
tions are now beingBignedin St. Louie.
Cincinnati, Richmond, Looievil e and
other business centers, a jd by Febru
ary 1st it ia expecied the petition to be.
sent toCvigrees will bear the signa
tures of 10. 600 firms, who give employ
ment to 60,000 travelers.
RntBTS, all styles, made to order.
MemDhis Hleam Shirt Faotorr and
Laundry, 224 Second Btreot.
Drcweu turkeys, kibk ai.i,s;i ro.
MataPHts Stained Glass Works, 230
Third street. Call and see.
Bazai fiishlnn sheets for December,
44 N. Court street.
Tux Sneet and boft selected stock
of gas fixtures in the city, at boitoin
prices. i. a. bailby a co.
Central Norpbry, No. 09 Market
street, is the nearer place in the city
for plants and cat nutters.
Mim Cakbii M. Kiatimq can be
found every day at K. Witamann 4
Oo.'s, 223 Second street, from 4 to 6
o clock p.m. i
Alkx. MoEwks hat taken charge of
the Crystal Palace, and will be glad to
see all biB old friends at his new quar
ters, which ho will open up next St-
A. Rbnkerv A Co., No. 215 Main
street, comer Adunn, and lift corner
Market and Main streets, keep con
stantly on hand a supply of Dr. Dar
ter's celebrated WildCherry Bitters.
Thb Herbal Chill Cure, the beet
tonic and antl-Drindlo known. A eartaJa
and aure aura tor okille- frioo f 1 par bot
tla. Ken atami for oironlara. Any rf
ront irixon. Addrtaa John 0. Kaektr,
Lynobbra, Va.
Most of the so railed incurable die
panes are Biicccsafully treated by Dr.
E. Henderson, M.D., No. 220 Second
street. The doctor can refer to some
pf the beet citizens of Memphis. Con
sultations free.
A Sohb Throator Cot-Git, if snQered
to progrees, often resal's in an incura
ble throat or long trouble. "Brown's
Bronchial Troches" give inetutt relief.
Farmkrs ran procure, at a low rale
ol transportation, farm bands from
Georgia and South Carolina by writ
ing to R. A. Williams, sgent of the
Memphis and Liltlo Rock railroad,
Atlanta, Ga.
The moet cfTicaclons stimulants to
excite the appetite are Angostura
Bitters, prepared by Dr. J. G. B. Kie
gort & Sons. Beware ot counterfeits.
Ask your grocer or druggist for the
genuine article.
Criminal raart-neualaaa, Judge.
Moiioas to-dav: G, W. Wton,
Wiley and Felix Lin?, Chip. Howard,
Thosi Jackson, Mana Warren, Geo.
Wili-on, Eilen Fu! cr, Jumes Ander
son, kq:ire Morris, Jesse Mpain, Thus.
Jackson find Prince Jobnnn. Calen
dar f ir to-dny : No. 6, Ed Brown ; IK,
8. B. McLcmore; 4, J. P. Trabucco; 0,
B. K. Miller.
Old CJoM and Mlver (alien
an eHU at Knllord'at, al
ainlu SU
1 -i
Jo lo Rulleda'a LaKOinaraln for
a riDuiblag aa4 taaa-nillBg.
0. Tt. OAU)WAYCO... PsoraiiTOU
Rata 4J;80 andtd par day. aeoordloa to
aiaa 'aad looatioa of room Spaeial
rata mad,
f. Krowr. La R Booh. ST
W ) tWbcM. M PL OoBobo, Ho
UlMx-k. Ark J M Kirk, Tana
W W JajkiD,Mi!i WJaoohi,NY
8 Camp'll, Ark J Cimpboll, Ark
DJM, II u u oiio, jr, r
HF.4-.artn A r. Ill Mra J Uron, la
H Eea (eiD,TfinB
O A Hall. Ma
ri ney, ; i
A J jiyora. jr, Md
M Pt,ohli.. N X
H at 0t, Ky
D V llirl. Ohio
U M KoMBrTan, Ark
O A llelfor, N Y
II C blay.a.. Mo
J Voorhrl., Toon
MraKCUaoiol, 111
J 11 ritoin.r, lod
O V Moor A", Cat
H t Kcth.child. SI fl H Fox, Tenn
Mil Krrick.La
v k a.' u a jtcu o
W Bnnlna, Ind
B P 8tromhar. Ky
SM HiiDpion, Olilu
B llniloy. N Y
A E. Whitney. Fla
J t BoUor. Fltoa
R-O Uaroa. Mo
a Vr.nb. I'a
i a nam, tu
f Loidamn-r, Ohio
M K Uonk.ll.Miai
J C Doyln, Obio
J LUobroB.ir, M'at
J Bartloit, Va
C M Kbo. Obio
L t-be'ton, Mo
8 V bic'-ji, Va
W Hiariiiif . Miia
O Minrtt, Mo
K H Cnrdwell w. Art
C Whitney Af, Ohio
7 C n ind man. Alk
-Oot B Y Vuku, Toua
H Haad ay. Mu
i 1 LoClaroy, Tana
It J Ktlu, Ark r
i C Uarrii, K V.
Oaxtoa'a Hotel.
H. BINUFIAJt Miviem. .
Borp"B plan- Knlar and rafurntiMd.
iTioaa aoooruiBa vo aw aa. toa
tioo at room..
B Vanabia, Ark .f Pwaareasen.'MUa
K O Bitnta, Uii C .ondera, Kai
I)r 11 T Kkarp, Ark H O toora. Ark
U 11 lUdmonil. Ark fi 6' Oarloton , A 1L
Ml" K HoJlny, jwy J a ivonnoay, ra
HMBmita, Ark W V Bomall,
R W Raid, Toon O Bu.wall. tie
J A BwUr, Tna A 1) Hand, Toon
FUN icrman, iiiai H R Jukn.on, Milt
J II Blak. L
TT n lBHQin,rv '
"W R MUu(tilB.ark
V V 1 1 .1 1 . .. . f.n n
M I Andoa, va
J H Darby, Mix
K V O.llinaTaBD
M H Jay, Tenn
M llntdo , Mm
1 E Kobarmn, M'
N Meriwetlwr, HV
11 Irhv. Ttnn
Kd M on. oity
Mia B Huntw-Toaa Mr. S II Wrln. Tana
T J Williama. Nab M Koitnbwm, Okie
n tl Rra.ikett. Tann J II HiarToexl. Mia
J U Hoiior, Hi jwi M t'oobilt, Tons
W f McKwa, iona n a iowuy, i.ua
PBbUU.Taon W L Ilayij, Tbb
W W liiakta, Ark JW Chamfcta Aw.Ark
WHMullin,ky H 0 Siurdi. ant, Toon
lira tlunkoU, Tana AliatUI Tnrnor.Tona.
Tba Mew Uayww.
Paaeai BToaa.
Ratoi, t2 50 to 84 aar day, aooardinc to loan
- ijon of roomi.
Connor Aw, Ark' J LBruton.Tonn
I Mor i'i, Twdu O V Morria, Tonn
II Branch, Tonn i H Wataon A.,Mlai
T W vvbiUsir. Miaa J udco llauimond.Tana
MroHammund.Ioua Mraa O dtacy, Mo
K A Hi.iy. Mia 3 w Johnaon. Miai
W i Jmb, Miaa I) W Owni. i
GProhlo, lud JBPaTna.Ky
O W Well, jr. ky v a nan, eurinrneia
J 13 Jnnoa. lonn
ij j niooaci. Ara
l W llcrlun. tlo.
W I, Boyd. Ky
JHKrwio.hy" WW Wood, ky
H HVilberr,i:onii A n matron, 1
r IV c.iM. Tnnii I. Minor. T.aa
J Armatrona.jr, ind J OCoolmj, Maf
JMColp. Ky. CUTrimbla, ky
ML Millar, 111 W M Lawlaaa, III
J C Narfloot, Mat ? Rnj.ra. M iaa
W Fr(uaon.Tna Mra B liaooook, Taaa
Mina I. (Jwyin.,l.nn J 8 brannoa, Ky
T W White, Mia V J H Boyd, Tana
A B Cwlnor. Tonn U kraratt jr, Tann
H H Wildbarierjana H Oppaakaimar.Ttaa
fMaatKomory, Tona JB M.ba, T.na
Jonan, Mi. B J WrUnbTfar,Tax
M A TbomDaon.la Mra M A Tbompaoa.la
J li Kaatuua Ark M 0 Maw Aw, La
ClareaMlam Hatal.
Ratal, 12 par day. Contrail y loootad, -aita
Maaoai Tmnl.
0 Tj Foio, Tenn Mra fifow.M, city
J 1) Barton, Miia
Ji ha 0 boon, MiJ
C H Douglaaa. oity -0
W Dnilay. Ky
John Morgan. Utah
J KroosbnokJUUb
J B Urni Tonn
U 0 Oaldwall. Ill
L U Matcill, Tz
II A (lraby, Mi.-a
T Ank -roiaan, Oal
M .Mclai-I, N 0
1 Ionniaon, N J
J (1 Wlnthrop, M
(I K K.w.on, Tann
Mra V T Plmor. Ky
T t Blfman. Miai
H B Looby, ity
W B Mitrfaoll, IfiM
Q P Atkiaa, N T
Mia M Morsaa. TJtk
I H Oroaaaoek. TJtak
J A Kaonady. Tana
i Lofan. Miaa
A M Kriffia, T.na
B D Collier, Tox
II i Bailay, Tann
Thna Woodruff, M
Mra D Carroll. Ill
W A Lwtar, 111
A Maynard. Tana
J U Coaroy Aw, Miia
H Q Detnnalaoa. Kaa
11 llniweiaor, i"o
1) B fraaeoit, Hut.
Dady'a KarMM Hatal.
Corner n Adamiaod Main atroal. Stop mi
two, 7Noand81 Prdayi Am.rican Plan,
12 par da. -Firt-e1aa
Roataarant In th Hotel.
J. M. UUFFVtlOyr. with Peabody ilotall,
A A Martin, Tonn A O Caraway, Tena
K M Thurmond, iann if J Banon, xenn
J it .Mliler, Ala
.1 Unrney, Tenn
W P BoiwoO.l'erin
V) MHmi b.Teoa -P
M Morria Tenn
A J Jobnaon, Ark
W LUurr. Mo
J A Uadaway, Tana
R Raid, lenn
J 11 OickintoD.Tenn
T U Armirtaad, lean
H I. Markar, Tann
K Pla t Ua
E II Ua y, X-inn
C ii Ricb.rdHon.T.na J W Leilie, Tana
J r Chandler, Tna II Mori. a, Ark
WTUrTln,Tnn Kdaayli.Tena
M Loel. Tt'D C W Hollar, Tenn
A A hhare, Miaa A J MuLondon, Tena
0 D Wood, Tex J L Howard, 111
A Tfoot. Tnn.
Order Mm1Ih nt Halfortl.
DyoiriR nnd Cloaulnff.
Li dies' and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed in any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich foatbera and lace curtains by
Louis Roigel. M Jefferson street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Goods received by express.
Wnnrtzrara llanglea at SCnl
lord'k. del Kailertaeat Laaoanarsl lode
jronr riamailna
BI ul ford, Jeweler, 801 Main
SI. Fills orders from the country
tmrmrUr aad dealer In Snaa,Amaaa
niilon and t'lahioa raehla, Hmlldora
H.nlaNre, tlnoiria Hail aamtl An
aatMlriatorllotla and KldBee,B4a
Mnin atret, Meuipbla, rem a Eleotrio
f appli alwaya oa band, Rapalrla'i naatly
Jans, Ammunition, Finning Tackle
and NpurtHineu's Supplies,
891 Main Ntrert, Meanplala, Tean;
Hannfixiturln and Rnnalrini of Gnm a
T. w-Telerhen No. 9
Young & Brother,
booksellers and Stationers,
3 IS Main St., Mcrupuiis Tenn
VTlatalac (a wetlre tram Baalaeaa
Ma Ofter fj.Hr
Frank Schumann,
ImpoiUr and Dwler In
Gam, t'lohlnar Taekle and Rparta.
aaHa Miipiilir Bf Hrelal attontiou
iren to MANUFAt.TUkI.Mt and
PAlltlNil -w
413 ItZnlnM., Memphis, Tenn
Batt.3 of tte Petticoats.
Vlerce Factional Fight F'ollow-
Ing Foollbh Female Frolie.
Wild War Whoopa Weniest
Exasperated, ExcUvl Endeavors
Each Eager', "Em braced.
Mrs. Testy Tfes, I'm glad to say
tiotrtiy husband is ver f good natured.
M.ra. CruBty And tio ia mine.
Mrs. Toety But my husband
never kicked over tb, stove. .
-"Mrs. Crusty Are you sure of that?
' Mrs. Tosty Yes, I'm sure of it;
but I heard your husband did.
Mrs. Crusty Well, whoever told
you that told a falsehood; besides,
I'd rather my husband would kick
over the stove than to kick we,
like I heard a certain womsii's hus
band did.
Mrs. Testy Ohl you mean thing!
My husband never gave me as raw eh
as a cross word in his life.
Mrs. Crusty No, and I suppose
he never eame home intoxicated.
Mrs. Tetty Yes, I'll admit that;
but then he doesn't squander all his
money and leave his family safloring
for tread.
Mrs, Crusty I can prove that my
husband is not a spendthrift.
Mrs. Tcsiy Prove it, pleaso.
Mrs. Crusty Why, he buys his
clothes at the MUfit Parlord, 2C2
Second street.
Mis. Testy And so does miiie.
He says be can save money enough
there on a suit and overcoat to buy
coal (or the entire winter.
Mrs. Crusty That's just the re
mark my husband made. He said
the overcoat he got there for (:2 was
worth 140, and the salt he paid 120
for could not have been made to soil
for less than 135.
Mrs. Testy I'm sorry, dear, that I
said anything about your husband.
Mrs. Crusty Never mind, it was
all my fault; but I gue6B we'd been
quarreling yet if it hadn't been for
the Mibfit Parlors. Graciounl what
happiness they do bring to Memphis.
Mrs. Testy Yes, the Misfit Par
lors are a real blessing. There are
bargains there for rich and poor, for
it sells the finest of custom-made
clothing at prices which do not often
represent the cost price of clothing.
You get Suits, Overcoat's and Pants
there for half price.
N.B. Oar present stock of fine
merchant tailors miofits in elegant
Overcoats and Suits that we sold
originally for one-half of their actual
value, we are now selling below
cost to enable us to make room for
the large and handsome stock of CUSTOM-MADE
oarments which we will
receive from our, agents at the open
ing of the spring season. If you de
sire to secure a genuine bargain
in a buit or overcoat it will pay
you to givo ua a call.
Clothing Parlors,
272 Second St., Memphis,
Opp. Court Square.
P- Remember, all alterations to
insure a perfect fit cheerfully and
promptly made, without additional
charge, by a first-class tailor.
- " Open EyenlnK aintll o'clock,
Sainrdaye wall! 11.
Boiler Works.
SUE! & UCURrilY.Propr's,
110, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in tba Noath- and tb only eomi lata
Pollar and 8n'-Iroi Wurki In thteity.
BfananaetHrara of haavy plate Irom
work of every atcmetlptioa, Bpanal
.ttia irti,iM,iifmwnrit.
Joax Otiitox, Jb. 0. N. Giosyixo.
Real Estate Dealers
Office, 281 Seoond Street.
SI. Mm Der. aeeama mi oaau-a.
MSJU'iil, f ' T K8kkv.
TnxoaPaid. RnU CollooUd. to., ca
,V v
i v.m
Aana for 8emyilB, Tow.
-V- Wist'. Ntb ao Bik Tatht,
a (narantrad api8a for Iiyataria, ltiaai
na.a. Canrulaien'r, Fita, Norrtua Noural-
Cia, Haadaeh. Narrf. Prostration, eauead
y tba n.a ol alonhol or tbaoeoi Wak
fulnona, Mental Dare.aion, 6lt flint of tb
Drain, reiultinf in insanity and 1.4 ins to
ini.ery, , decay and death; Pramatnr "
Aso, liarronna.., Loaa of Power in aither
nw Inyoluntary irjaioa and 8iermatnr
rhea, eau 1 by orer-oxertion of ua brain,
aolf-abuaaororrrlndulceno. Rank box con
taina on month', treatment. 81 a boa, or
atx boxoa for 85, ni b mail prepaid, on
reipt of prle. Wo roarirti Six ltoiea
to our any ea. With each order r-p.iT!
by asforaix box, aooimpaniad wil i,
w will end tb pnaobaacr oar writtaa
BuaraFtaa to rtfond th money If th traat
nient doi .ot toet a cur. Guarantooa
iaaaod only b. A KWk&RT A CO., Urar
auta, Aiamrbil. Tasu.
Plailatii If iwe & f loiter
lu the city, comprising In part of
nxixn imiiLE jioksk ani mitlf, coi-t.ars,
TUO and 312 Front Stret.l chiptK Tenn.
IIAMF.fi, COXJiAlSN, ' '
We bave a msst e ninlete stock of Cutlery, Guns, Sbrlfaud Plantation
Hardware, which w offer te the trude at rock-bottom prices.
394 wfAITW WTREKT....:....WKHPniii;t TEW.
J. T. FAR0A30N. J. A. ITONT. C. C.
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton PiScters,-
S3S Front Street, Memphis, Tena
Cotton tonaigned ti a will bar onr oreTuI attention. We carry at all times a wall-
aelcoted atoot o.
Stapla& Fancy Groceries, Wins?, Uqucrsjabas & Cnr.
Ana will aii aa
Memphis, Tenn.
ts?" Ctaih Art van reft to Merelninf mill Plti(rm.
R.G. CRAIG & CO , 37-39 Hnion, Blemphis
STo. 297 Seeond Street, : Meniphis, Tenn.
tf. F. TAYLOR &
Cotton Factors & Commission K!erch'ts9
No. 814 Front Street, Corner of Monroe, Memiriis, Tena.
IJbrml Aityaam WifMle nn d"riialrninrilai.
JOHNRKip. R. K. LEtf.
376-378-380-582-384-386 feecoud street, south ot Caroso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
HmMlat, I.aitm, rrntwr Fra wild Hclaw.
I Tl
iivm a uoniN80t4.
attr DepoaiU raoeived In loan orI ana upward, ana roiereii unowea on aame omi-
w.nhi1T,'and U loeal Invrtman Ronda and Saciritiea ganarallr, ray tnxoa, act as
txuaiaaa, and, In fen'! xnU any financial bu.ino.e r(iuinni a a.To and respojMibie
w-aTiVtaa draft, In enrna to anit parcharora, on all parte of Eoron.
3- wl bav a oomrnodioua Vault for th dapoait o: valuables, which is at the nrrio f
our onatomara, 1'rea f t barae. ...
lr. P. HAUDEJi, Presldekt. EWD. GOL0mrU, Icc-Prcsident.
JaMRS 1TU.W. Caller.
Truatee'H Kale.
BY Tirtoa of a trust deed executed to na
aa trut by B. M. Apporaon and Snaan
D. Apperaon, hi il, roeorded in record
bookT 2, .Mt.WiL.S
t;ira a ana necomor v.
county, Arkaniaa, to eaeur wrtain lndrbt.
rdne.ia 1 Herein rnenu.)uuu.
ben nndo in ?id deed ol truat, I ''."
request of th banehciary In id trust deed,
00 Febrory 18, 1,
within local houra, on tha preoiuM, offer for
.ale. at publi outory,.for cah. to hikh.
eat bidder, th. follower .property dearr bed
in aaid trunt deed, to wit. th plantn ion
known aa Wrok and Berkley plantation J,
ituated in Cnttcndrn county. Ajkanaaff,
about nina mil 'xlyw "-"phia. bwyir i a.
fo'lowa, to-wit: All of wtioo W, T tt, N R
K, 5h3 10-100 acrea; W S N M , H otioii 20, T
6, N k K, 80 acr.. fr H a-lion 2l, I 6.
N R E. 2i0 acroa : N W fr H aeotion 3.1, 1 0,
N R 8 K. V SU-100 ora: purt of bpanias
Grant No. 2373. T N R 9 EVAil -10U acre. ;
NEW aeotion 25. T. N R 9 E, l1 Ber; N
S NK action 31, T 6, N R 9 E, SO .crcy
i?W 5 wction 81. T R. N ,E. 160 aeraa : 8W
U aection 30. T 6, N K 9 E. lifl acr : 6B M
itoUoB SVT 6, N R 8 K. .ere. : N -fn
26, it'Nill E. SM acresi W H oction
2f T o, N R 8 E. -r.. v 8E fr M jyction
!i!T6,V R 9 E.& acrea; Ir aect.on . To.
N R I E, 12 acroa: Part of Spani.h Unt
NofaTffj; T 6. N h t. M aere-in a'.l C'jn
tainini twcnt,-.iht handrad and oiahty
two and 10-lt acraa, tojotbar with all Im
pror.roon'. therwn and 1 PP""!
th.rounto bolonaina- Tha equity of dnP
Hon and ruht to dowor and homUad
" AIM1 at ald tim and place, and on aaid
tofma. will 11 tho fol lowina .rranJ prop
artr. aituata and now on aaid plaatatien.
VZ'iU Forty-.-"" "ulc. fr h-J f
c.itle. four ho. bein all tha aiulee, eatuj
u hoai Ton aaid planta.ion. Aleo, a tail
and eonVpl.ta aorun.nt ol farminf implo-
m7iiU Valicvi-J to U rood, though I U
and w.rrant pnty a '"""too.
hula to ooa.Bieoea at IS o otoc.
9 '
m 0. m
iow aa tare- i.weHr.
s. p. uo:vsitE.
MEMPHIS, TSNH., Jaxdakt 39, 18M.
Bo-At theircrular monthly rorcting of the
Board of Dir.cti.r9 af this Bank, held thia
day, a Caih Dividend of
was declared out cf the net earning! of the
part six month;, payable on demand.
C. 11. RAINK, Cathier.
A Valuable Palenl
Dantj'a (Bone) Cara aod Pea Plaa.
HAVTSO perfccVd wiy invention, I wish
to pUoa it befor puhlic, especially
nj .nnfac:nr-. A a r".rn Plintor, it it a
perlect o OW an ta ilrii, (liF-tribatae
tb aeed iT.rnw-y, un.uier..!, and covers
th aaoic, tho.tijj ona man pcrrorminy th
work of three. I!. hare teen ud ia
tbia action lor oyer a doren year wi:h por
feot aatiafaction. Can tire ro.pitriU testi
monial. (id row
JOHN a. nANCr.DancTTiHe,
llaywoft i ceuntT. Tein,
SritfSlt.OX DliXTIST,
UG7 Mala Street, t aifaiphLs, Tena,
snfi a. nn

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