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' Adhfatch from Tula states that the
Archb ship cf that city sod of Lyoi
sndToulon have written to Pi lett
! Grevyyasseitiog their devotion to the
fatherland and condemning the iso
f 1a ted electoral misdeed of a few
; prints whom, they ear, persist in
harping upon the religions rarity of
the present , situation. The arch
bishops assure H. Grsvjr that the
mor archies! and republican, forms of
government are equal! acceptable to
'the Rrain Catholic Church, provided
the affairs of the nation be wisely ad
r ihb newa irom uropj is not of a
Tery exciting nature. Bismarck con
tinues his brutal and brutalizing ex
pulsion of the Poler, and in the debate
in the German Parliament last Friday
night made light of It. Put all Eujope
'. is greatly atirred over it. Bue
eia especially feeling so bitter
that it is equally determined ti
expel the Germans fiotn its Polish
provine?s. . "Wood is thicker than
miter." The Slav will help the Slav.
The merchants cf Austrian and Rus;
sian Poland are making arrangement
to boycott tho German trade as a re
taliation for tho expuls'oi of the
Poles by "tho man of blcod and iron."
Tns Hon. David B. Atchieon, who
died et t. Joseph,' Mo.; Wedneeday
last, was Unitad Slates Sena'or from
Missouri from 1813 to 1855, and twice
chosen President pi o tempore of te
Senate. : He a!ao claimed the singular
distinction of having been President
. of the United Stat is for one day. He
was Pretident p:o tempore of the
' Senate at the close of the Thir-
' tieth Congrees. The term . of
Mr. Polk as PrtsideU and cf
, Mr. Dallas Vice-President, of the
j United States expired at noon on the
4th cf March, 1849. That being Sun
day Gen. Taylor did not tike the oath
of effioe until the Monday following.
Daring tbe intirva'. the office was in
abeyanee. Mr. At:hison was a warm'
.personal friend aid admirer cf Mr.
Jefferson Davis.
Ths letter from Nashville which we
publish this mo ning possesses more
than usual interest tr politicians.
Some parts of it read as if it was the
produit of care, but some ethers are
as loose of construction as of ttite
ment. Yet, in the main, it will pass
muster for a fairly well-put
statement cf the condition cf
the Democratic party and of
the chances of the mora pioain nt
candidates for oflice. What is said
there about the Supreme Court is as
nearthe trctti aj ascertained facts
will permit. Sj far as the gentle
men earned who recide in this
city are consented, we are in a position
to say that Mr. Turley will not be a
candidate. He has, for rrasons that
are all-sufficient for himself, been com
pelled to withdraw from the field, and
will, we understand, be glad to do
what he can to makes Mr. Folkea's
candid acj a success. Already the
sentiment of the tar of
this city is beginning to
crystallise around this gentleman
wnoee standing as a lawyer and o ti
sen is sufficient to justify theiaajiuino
nones oi nis Jriends. Attornev-iien
eral Lee's is ': itrona name, and
we agree with w cerrespondent that
ne win more than likely be one of the
juagea ei me next (supreme Uourt.
Wb don't quite agree with our Nash
ville corresfoadon as to the probably
succestfui candidate for Governor.
Bob Taylor may be the man, but we
think it pocsible ttr Memphis to per
auade the paity tt take up the gonial
"Bob" Lcouey ai the moBt avai'ahle
candidtta and the bet t But the dis
cussion of this wa will leave to another
' time. What we want t call especial
atteit'oa t) to-day is the intelligent
way in which our correspondent in
sists upon Mr. James Phelan as the
most available candidate for Congress
from this district If what he says is
true he certainly must be. But aside
from any chims to personal strength
"in Fayette, Tipton and Hardeman, as
well as Shelby, county, it can be
, truthfully said of Mr. Phelan that he
has everything tlje on his side. He
is a scholar and a student, and yet a
practical man who is used to looking
the wojld in the laie every day and
using it, and counting himself for all
A Is worth. He is a Democrat by
blood, training and conviction, and
looks at questions from their real
side. ' He rides no hobbies.
He regards a public man
as a public servant A man to lead
with firmness and obey honestly. The
people's interests wonld be safe in
such a man's I aids. He would try to
rise (o an equality with their wishes,
and above all things to.be equal in
every instance fo his own stand
ard of excellence, very much
higher than the average. He is am
bitious in a reasonably. proud-spirited
way. He desires to distinguish him
self in public life, and ti be as his
father was, always too honorable to
-do anything that would trench upon
his own integrity. He is young and
in full sympathy with the epiiit of
ths age is progressive, and believes
in and loves the whole Union as
. the country above all others that
makes the bappiness of mankind a
powible real ration. Mr. Phelan has
made for himself a meet creditable
place among his felie -citizens and we
feel sure that if nomicated by
the Democratic party and elected
to Congress he will make a reputation
in his first term that will sustain him
in any aspirations he may have be
yond that peiiod. There is growth in
him, and the foundations of his char
acter are laid in truth and justice and
love of liberty. .
Candidates fer the Supreme Court
and the United Mates Setate
an! Hon f. '
t ...
Kauitilli, Tmk., Januaiy 29.
The political outlook is easier to be
grasped than it was a faw montha ago,
aad the possible, or, to speak with
more certainty, the probable candi
dates, are more plainly ti be seep, yet
there is ecoogh doubt and uncertain
ty beclouding the mo.t popular of
ficse mentioned to make anything
like a review interesting. Beginning
with the beginning, I have inter
viewed a number of leading men in
a'l parts of the St ite a) to the compo
sition cf the Supreme Court, and Hod,
upon careful summary of my nttss,
that a majority cf them are egreed
that there should b9 two convention?,
and tliat none but tne best men offer
ing should be sdec.ed for seats in our
highest court. Snodgrass is preset, tad
by East Tenneeete, Turncy and
Cooper for Middlo Tennessee, nad
Folkes and Lee. for West Tennessee,
and Judge Freeiruu has many fritnds
in all paiU of the State. Turney is
the most popular c f these gentlemen,
and is sure of his nomination and re
election if he lives, and Just now he
Is in very good health. Folkes of
your city is better known to the law
yers than the people, but backed by
the bar of Memphis ho has nothing
to fear before the convention.' Lee ia
the present Attorney-General, and is
a man of mark and cba a:ter. Hie
ambition has always been confined
to the limits of his profession,
and hs has given abundant proof in
his presort position that he would
maintain himself on the bench up to
his own high-water mark. Cooper's
gret ability aad his industry will
carry him through the convention.
Snodgrass ma ie cl aracter as a tireless
worker as a member of the B feree
Conrr, of which Dave Bright was the
animating spirit. And, by the way,
what a fine team Turaey and Bright
would make! h'o two men in the
Sute can so naiily release them
selves from the drudgery of the law
and adapt themselves to "company."
Their social eilti are enviable, and I
would back them "agin the world"
f jr cleverness and astuteness. Free
man will go before the convention
very strong, aid with a record that it
will be haid te beat But these are
not the ody candidates for the Su
preme bench. There is Tom Turley
of Mruphis, wlo "can aweep the
board." His name is intimately aato-:
ciet'd with the history of the Su
preme Court, and his ra'.u al gifts,
supplemented by. Vfu'oundly sn-
Oio is naliit, make Lim a inruiidabl
antagonut But will be run ? I have
not heard-of him recently, and I can
not find out from any one here what
r.e is going to ao about it" Col. B.
M.' Kites of MemDhis is also snna-nn
of by lawyers here, and laughable as
it may seem to some, Gov. Bate has
Deen quietly spoken of for the Su
preme Court on account of bis ex
tended knowledge cf criminal law.
Uut the fcket ie likely to beTurney,
Cooper, Lee, Folkes and Soojcrass,
It will either be this or a new del all
round. But then, again, ao. earth
quase is more iiseiy tuan a new
deal, such are the "influences" at
work. Before the assembly of the
convention 1 shall shake up ths dice
again with perhaps a better, if not
closer, result The truth is. the peo
pie don't take much interest in the
Supreme Court, aid most of the ablest
lawyers take lees personal interest in
t than they do in the pol'tical offices,
because the salary of the judges is
very Deggariy ana wholly inadequate,
iuosi oi loose woo are ouenng are
men of independent means who cm
make the i acrifice of time involved in
the responsible duties in the appellate
nowiLL a. jAcxsoir, fjr sbmator.
Now, about the United States Sen-
atorship. I feel safe in predicting
that there will be no anch contest over
it as baa been arranged for by the op
ponents of Howell K. Jackson. He is
the strongest man to day before the
people oi Tennessee lor that or any
other office to which he might aspire.
His speech for publie education has
mde him a maiter in the political
field, and he has earned something
mora than mere tdat. He has won
his way to the hearts and consciences
of the people. The gifts of eloquence
no logic nave never in these modern
umea in Tennessee camea a man as
lar as tba. SDeech has carried Jar.ki on.
It placed him high above the reach of
his enemies, ana no man csn stand
between him and his reelet'on to
the United S ates Senate. Indeed, I
am not oversansuina when I aav it ia
not beyond the bounds of probability
that he . will be re-elected by
a nninimous vote cf the Legis
lature. The reasons for thia
a-e mainly to be found in that speech
far public educstion, but many of
them are alto to be found in a career
that is admirable for its integrity of
purpose at the bar, in the Legislature,
but Darticularlv in IhA htoh nliua
which he fills at present Jackson ia
an honor to Tennessee, and no one of
the men wjjo have been named as his
opponents can a fford ia rnn the risk
cf an overwbilmine defeat bv stand
ing in bis' way. Most certainly Gen.
Atkinr. the oresent Commissioner cf
Indian Attain, will tot be among the
Lumber. Neither Bate nor Marks nor
any of the dozen named can do so.
Gen. Wh t home is not a pronounced
candidate, nor is John F. House, the
only man who comes anywhere near
Jackson in point cf ability and equip
ment for the poeition. As to Senator
Harris, he is too astute a politician to
late any ran against Jackson. I am
quite confident let me say again, that
upon a careful review of the whole
field and an analysis of the claims of
all the candidates, that Senator Jack
son will bs his own successor.
Coming to the Governorship, I feel
very much cot fused, snd find it very
difficult to resolve my doubts. Nearly
every county in East Tennessee has a
candidate, but it is pretty generally
conceded by tbe men from the mount
ains that Bob Taylor, from Cartor
county, will fiddle bis way through
the convention, aa ha did through
ths State a short time back,
and will be elected Bate'a ueotnor.
I ksow this will sound like hereby in
Memphis, where Col. Bob Loonev ia
so popu'ar, but it is nevertheless "the
truth. Judge Dadrick has about a
much chance as J ridge McConnell cf
Chattanoo n and he is in the same
box with Wb.tthorne and Champion
that is to say, he has not the ghost of
a show. Albert McNeil, I know, is
not a candidate, nor is A. J. Mc
Whiitsr, our industrious Commis
sioner of Agriculture. Gen. Dibbre'l,
I understand from his friends, is will
ing to go back to the H' me again, and
as he is a very useful member the
people would like to keep bim there.
Bob Taylor is the man. He might as
well begin at once tt toiin his bow.
All this ia said with ths understand
ing and uroathe presumption that
the Derroeia'ie party Is a unit through
out the State, and wi'l carry (he State
by a sweeping msj nity neit fall. Of
this I don't think there is any reseon
to be in doubt There is no quett on
before the paity upon which it could
possibly divide. The Republican
hereabouts are very rangume, and
have been making wine rather lolick
some predictions, but none of these
are at all likely t be (u tilled. Any
well organized aitampt on their part
by cxtrauet ai aid f'nm Northern Re
publicans would serve the happy pur
pose oi eolidifving tua Ddtnoc.ucy of
Tennessee, and uuless they receive
extraneous adit wilt be irnpowiblw
for them to accomplish, anything.
The Democrats o! the First District
will make a very determined effort t
defeat Pettibone, and there i a bare
chance that they may succeed, and
that they may alao unseet Houk in
the Second District. But it is doubtful
if Neal, in the Third I)if,tric, can be
troubled. Uertainly l$nton McMillan
in the Fonith, Jim Richardson in the
Fifth and A. J. Ctldwelt in the Mxtb
will be re-elected if thsy run, is it is
likely they will do. There is some
talk of a contest in the Seventh, and it
is not unlikely that Whitthorne and
Ballentine will once more be arrayed
against each other. But Bu lentine
can be re-elected if he desires, and
John M. Taylor will also be re elected
in the Eighth District, but P. T. Glass,
in the Ninth, will find hia opponents
in stronger force than ever, and hia re
election is among the improbabilities,
lathe Tenth Dietrict 7.a;h Taylor, if
the Democrats nominate the light
kind of a man, will not be re-elected.
The diatrict fa so closely divided be
tween the two gr a', parties tl at noth
ing shoit of a vigorous cauvsss by the
ablest man you have will effect a
change. A new man of character and
ability ought to be brought forward.
Such a man as Jm s Ptitlan, wttoie
nomination would, I an told by Shel
by county men, harmonizes!! the con
flicting elements and impait to the
campaign a r.ett, vigor and character
thit would tive it the true r!ng. It
would cok, do for She'.bv couutv at
this juncture to put forward a delra'ed
man, and es Casey Young, Charlie
Simonton and Albeit McNeil are out
of the field altogether, the beet thing
you can do dowu there is to unite on
Phelan and put him through. lie is
very strong in Fkiyeits and Tiptop.
and in Hardeman he has n host cf
friends, whn w 11 waimly w( Icome his
nomination as seuieansuryol success
lor the party. The o ily thicg that
Phelan has to fear is teat tome cf the
ring) in Shelby may intei fere 'with
his smbition there. I assume that
the readers f the Appeal know very
wen mac in ' Aiiuoie Tennessee we
have no very high opinion of the
politics or politicians of Sbelbv countv
The impression that they bave mu ie
in our conventions is not calculated to
make for them a reputation for har
mony or consistency. Even where
the interettjef the county are at stake
tney come up scattering, i don t ray
this by way c f disparagement of the
educational powers of the Appeal
but it is certainly true that some of
the scholars are truaiU, and are not
to be implicitly relied upon in all
cases, bo tbat Mr. Fhelan's greatest
difficulty wi l be to carry Shelby
(onLty. It wiil not be expected of
mm that ne shall go into the conven
tion with a solid delegation at his
back. If he baa a majority he will do
very well, and that wit be sufficient
for all purposes, it will aecure bis
I could eu7 something about couctv
elections in this part ct the btate, but
it wool J not poseeps any interest for
your recders, and from all I can learn
yon are likely to have your hands too
full with your own coucty affairs to
late mucn interest in ours.
Hale f
the AasiMon Car Work!
Rad Accident.
Birmingham. ALA.Januarv 30. The
car woras sold by the assignee at An
niston were boneht bv W. R. Tuttle.
preeidentof the Kncxvijle Iron Com
pany, at KH33. They will be nut in
operation again as soon as possible. '
Mrs. Ellen Simpson, an attractive
young grass widow, died here eailv
this morning from an accidental over-
doje cf morphine taken during the
A remarkab'e amount of heavv
wo k has come to the foundriea and
machine shops here the lait few days.
A Has
bvlll Mmm Whi Wuli
Meet tumnilnii.
To tba Editori of the Appeal :
Nashvili.b. Tknn.. Jauuarv 28.
Please publish the following challenge
n your paper: mat I would like to
met Dick Cummines of vour citv in
a glove contest, hard or soft gloves,
Marquis of tineenshury rules, for 1300
or f;xK) a side, to tike place February
12th at any suitable hall or place
agreed upon. If Mr. Cummlncs
wishes to make a roa'ch please ad
drees me at once. Very respeotfully
Car of Chu. lUdmond, Park Tbaiter.
The Hard-Ulave right at Vlckebarff.
VicsiBCBO, Miss., January 30. A
hard-sloTS oonteit btiren Anlitoa of St.
Louii and Jamei (Jlenrj of New Urleant took
plact hart to-night, reinuitif ia laTnr ol
A ! ton and Mvara runiihini ol Cltarj
altar a bard battle of eiiht rounds.
A Oreat Inching Mala.
St. Louis, Mo, January 30. A
great cooking main between 8t. Louie and
Dallaa, Tel., hai been arranged to eom
meno at the latter place on P-bruar? 22d,
and continue a week. Tbe stake la fuuua
aide and tM) on each fisht.
Tbe Chess ChanaaJaas at Lanla
St. Loots, Mn., January 30. Messrs.
Zokertort and Steinita, tbe rbeu-plaTen,
arrired here thia evening. Thep were met
,t the depot by a eon miltee aad taken to
the Hotel til on not, a few atene from the
Harmoaie Club, where the mau-b ia ta be
reauai.4 eil Wtdseedar afternoon.
In His Attitude Toward tke Senate
Resolutions Adopted by tbe
Democratic Caucus.
WaemsoTon, injury 30. The
declaration of the administration not
to comply With the resolutions cf the
Senate calling for papers bearing on
the official character of the District
At'orney for the Southern District of
Alabama vat the chien topic of con
vertat'on here to-day. There is every
indication ol a warm c;i t Jet over tbe
matter, which p o.nis to develop
into a bi?r 'pa.. hat controversy.
The Deri oji iita will uphold the Presi
dent in his course, acd expressions in
the party are goner il tbat he ia en
tirely in the rkht, aud should be sua
taiced. This il": aion win reached by
the Democratic tnitia m caucus
this morninp, whea the pending isiue
between the executive atid Senate was
fully discussed. Asa result cf their
dt liberations, the f ilbwlng resolution
wa unanimour-ly auopted, which the
caucus fiecretary was iuBtrUitfi to
have published:
llmAvrd. That we approve the vlona and
action ut the President eommunicatdtl to the
Senate .through Attorncy-llcneriti Uarlund
iu hli letter ot January i.', IM, Knd tbat we
cordially auppori the cxocutire therein
The letter of the Afo.-nHv-Gentnd
was received by the i'rcsitiei 1 1 f the
beunte yetwrday, aud was seen hy
Sentt irs, but as there aai no execu
tive session it was not f jiinailv laid
Deiore turn oouy.
na PU1ILIO ieut.
It is estimated at the Treasury De
partment that the public dent slat
ment to be issued oi Atondty will
show a decrease for t ie month oi Jan
ua-y of abaut iS.oOO.OOO.
A shipment of 500.CC0 young cod'
fish arrived to-day from Wood's Ilnll,
Mass., the principal at, ton of the
Fish Commission. They will be taken
to f ensacola, la., thence to the s a
and deposited on the edge of coM
deep-water basin of the Gulf.
The President has pardoned Win
ship Swift, a firmer empliye of the
EorUl service who was convicted in
laine for violating postal regulationa
in a'lowings mail bag to be stolen
through negligence.
Mj. R. 8. Yickery, surgeon, has
been assigned to duty at Hot Springs,
Ark , in connection with the comple
tion ot the Army and Navy Hospital
and its preparation for the receptfoa
of patient t. t
has overruled the declsioi of the
First Auditor, who (lit n'lowed the ac
counts of the Fish Commission iu ex
pending money for the creation of
quarters at Wood's lloll, Muss.
An addition t the White-House
tl tbles is daily expected in the shape
of another si nl-browa horse to match
the President's woll-known pair.
Mrs. Gcorgs W. Fall and her lovely
daughter, whabave been spending a
fiw weeks here, will return to their
home in Nashville on Tuesday.
Mrs. John C. Brown of Memphis,
wife of Gov. Brown, accompanied by
her daughter, is among the guests at
the Riggs Houss. ,
New Canrl-Uonae at Joaeaboro, Ark .
Jonmbobo, Ark., January 30. The
contract for building a court-houee in
this place ttat to-day lit to U. W.
Clark of Little Rock for the sum of
115,975, the building to be coinplttid
by OttiberlOth.
rndellvered Telegram.
List of undelivered telegrams re
maining at the Weiitera Union Telegraph
Offioe, New Cotton Kxchange Building, cor
ner Madiaon and Second atreeta. Oflice
houri from 8 to 10:30 e'olock a. in., and from
o to y n.m.i
W m McPherann.
J S Parent,
Newman Krb,
rleiihit Milliner,
T II l'fnrion,
Capt Fran Carroll,
Lucinda Shaw,
J M Kennard,
HJ Wooda k On.
Mra Krankie II illo,
tlen B Metealfo,
McKlvom, A A Co
Mr Jaonb Levy,
John Uriel.
( M Knuengrant,
John Simpton,
H A Montaomery,
L C Kleiiatih,
R H MoCandleas
J W LindKay k Co,
Paoplea' Inl Co,
Capt F Da dwm.
Jame K Mirar,
mra K M Alelian,
Cuuiinira k lnyle.
Kirk. Allon k
Arlingtoa Inl Co,
C'ai't J A Harphain,
4? il ll
Col 8 L Fremont,
DM fouled,
Capt J A l'arham,
Watta Broa.
a r l." -
Lirorrnore Foundry,
Manhattan Bay Hank,
C Leidinger,
T B Daraot, 2
Ike A Cbase,
I A t.
II Lowe,
Ji ley Day,
Mn B Smith.
One Arnold A Co, fl
Prof A A IIiw.lrinA. S
Townpond, C k Co,
Wm M Farrinaton,
C W Q yer k Co,
John II Mack.
Uarry Walker,
Fadtr, Frank A Co,
Chief nf Police,
Jim J J Finnie, '
M Blejinlng,
tel, Momphia, at S o'elook p.m.. Saturday.
January 90, 18X3, by the Her. R. A. Venable
of tbe Flrat Baptiit ohuroh. Cail P. SaYnira
of Baton Roage, La., and Miaa Kuooaa Mo-
Cai.lum of Oiford, Mlaa. Jackaon, Oxford
and New Orleani paper cvlenao oopy.l
WILLIAMS At II,kUrn.j'. r..j:..
Deaoto oounty, Miaa., January 17, 1HH6, Mra!
Prihcili.a A. Wii.i.iiuu. IHt l ,.i. t...k.
lican and Terra Ilaute Und.) Courier pleaaa
A rfoERONA L0ROE, No.lfig, F,
1 and A.M. Will inert in ruled
B, No. 1HS, F.
et in ruled iA
7:30 o'clock, J
aa. Viaiting' '
nmmnnieatton MONDAY
brothers fraternally and rordiallr inTttad.
or oiPDaten oi nni Bin. km hn.r
joyoraeroi ueu, t. uabsktt, W.M.
Atteat: Donni C. Traiibs, Secretary.
DAY) a
Our fratera of Bt. Klmo Uouimandeary are
inritea to unite wun na.
Attt: T. J. Itnin-n, Henorder.
4. K.T. Will nni tl.i. mllV. iJX
Urnoon at! o'clock, lortbew jT
of interring thn linrlvnf nttr M
fraturHie J. V. k llMNRVV W
The. Best Thing in the World for Weak Ankles,
'Athletic Sports and Skating t '
aoo nAxn stixeet, hemphis, teut
Utterly Reckless
50c .
Erorylhiue Kesardlcss of Price
Me niaek Rllka .Z. were SI (XI
80o ltluck Dresa Good were
1 M
1 V
1 2ft
1 00
1 00
2 00
1 26
S Ml
S 00
1 M
1 60
1 60
7 on
1 oo
1 00
(Oo Clothi ware
Mo Harriet m......... were
!Oe heme .....
Mto Colorl Sitka.
t(Kj Bncalo Sltkt
Mc Oloci. ...,...
Mo Neckwear.,
Hand llifn .....T.were
W Helta wer.
Mo Faoi........M. ,.., ..w,
fOo Iluttona ......were
Mo Krintei ....were
Mo liraide-Remarkab't.
Mo Bonnat.. M.-........were 13 to
500 F.ner Rlblonr. were
too I'looeRibboni W0I
Cbotoe of all our Vane Feathera, lowera
and Untr.mnied Hata irreaieetive ot fermrr
wiiiou wore oiven lan-lold aa muck
dunnt tbe preaent ieuon, at Uar Cboaoa
II Woek. Irn,i rnrt.
NO1! ICE TO :coFrWAgrciffS
Hempbla, Blraulnsraani and Atlaa.
tie Aallroaii Rxtenaloa,
1 Misi-iim, Dibmimiihaii and Atlamtio .
Railkdar t'oilriKY, (
Mauuifiu T.vu I.. n Iu). I
SEALED PUO.'OSALS addrea'ed tu tl.
Unfifrfllrnil mn.1 nrl..p.a.l L .
aide uf ihe enveloyo '"l'KN DKR," will be
recoirod at tliii offiue until 12o'cloek m. on
MOBlllT. I'l'h.n... f liiufl
for the Graduation. Alaannrv. Ilrl.l'iln.
Trefli'ea anil
Meinibii,lilrmin(t'nm and Ailnntio Kail
rned lyiii between tbe Illlnoin Central and
tbe Mobile ami Ohio Kilr....l. K;.,. .1......
Mat (60 inilen In Isnmh 1. aud ueo-
lu"7' ran do Keen at tut. uii.e, waore
r rui.ru nirma oi itnuor ouii be ohtalnml.
LOiitrnctora are reiiuoated to bwlnwlnd
that tendnra will not h. .nn.iil.r.,1 nni...
mado atrictlv In HOMinUim. with th n.int..!
foruia. Thil eomnnnv rniAprna tl. i.ht l
i.jin;. .uj vrnii mild.
11. a. TEMfLE, Chief KnMneer,
Cotton Kmhange Huildina.
, Ornoitr Boako or IIialth,
37 Poplar Street.
Tax i xii DiKTiirtTorgiiiti.ar t'o.,TeaR.,
AIrmphis, Tniix., January 31, 18H).
A I RKSH mpply of borlnn varolne vlrna
renewed to-da at Ihe oliioo uf the
hoard of Health, No. 37 Poplar atreet. Par-
lie" navina piilldron reauirine vie. mtlan
win preaenr mem aa early u iiomible.
UKO. B. QKftVKS, M.D . Mict'y
Memphis Uulldlngqud Kavlngg Ans'n
rpilK regnlnr monthly moating nf MreaU
a. era will ne belli MOrii'A I KVKNINU,
Fe. lnt, al7:.10 o'clock. New rerieeopea.
money 10 loan, uyornnr
J AS. B. HUM sBON, PraaHant
BAMnab IliaacH, Beorettry.
JMotloe of Final Nottleuiont.
No. 4SH7 R (7- Tn the Probate Co art of HheU
DT uonnty, lenneKaee Walter 1). Vena,
administrator of laaae W.,Monn,!deoeaed.
rjlMId ia to notify all i.enon inteietled la
L the eatate of aaid Iaaao W. Moon, dee'd,
ihat 1 will, at my nffia In the nit. nf Mam-
pbit, on Thuraday, February 11, IMA, at 10
o clock a.m., tnka and atat' the final r.illo
ment of the aaoounta of Waller I). Moon, as
aiinimiatrutor or the eatate of aaid Iaaao W.
moon, aej i. inia January .m, ihw.
H. II. CIII.LKN, 0'erk.
By Loo la Kettmann, Deputy Clerk.
l'oaton k 1'oaton, Attorneyi.
R. J.
J0I1N B,
Morgan & MTarland,
23 M adlxon Street, SfcmnhlM,
Wit have adiuittod J0UM B. R0IUN80N
aa a partner with ua, and to an iotereat
In our bnaineaa. btyleofarm to lemaln aa
SMTrnpai: aaw e-a
noreioiore and ahoya,
Jfebruary 1, INhri.
IrtHolvent Notlv.
No. 5397 R. 7.-BUU of Tenneaaee, Fblky
county, uuie ot bounty Uourt Clerk, Mem
lhia, Tenn., January 9U, lMHo To John
Lioague, funne Adwtnlatrator, and a
auco Adminlatrator ot .tbe eatate of A
Younr, dcoeaaed:
HAVINli auiierted the Inaolveney of the
atate of A. Younr, deceuaed, you are
nereoy oroereo to giro nonce, by adyerttae
naat in iuidi newapaper published within
the aaid Btate, and alao at the Court-IIouae
door ol Shelby eoonty, for all p.raona having
claim, againat aaid entate, to appear and file
tbe aame, authenticated in the an&nnap ore.
anribed by law, on or before the Sd day of
May, 1HH0, and any claim not filed on or be
fore aaid day, or before an appropriation of
ever b&rred. both
me mnaaoi aam eatate ia made, anal I ha tr-
n law and eqoity. Wit-
neaa my bandT, at office
uary. loM.
, thia SUth day of Jan-
II. B. CULLEN, Clerk.
By Loula kettmann. Deputy Clerk.
Notice ia hereby aires aa required by tbe
abore order. January 30. UH6.
JOHN LOAftUB, Adminlatrator.
lilt. If. L. L1SKI,
Physician, Snrgeon aud Arcouchcur,
313 llaln Street, Icar;Unlou.
From Patients Under Hia Care in Memphis;
Superintendent of Yards for Woodruff Lumber Company.
MKairiiis, Tern., January 4, 1886.
I Seroral weeks experience of !r. J. A. Hunter's treutment for Catablrh. and,
Throat Disease convinces me that I am on the right track. II is apparatusj
and operations give mo great relief and inoet of my distressing eymptoins.
have disappeared.
I unhesitatingly recommend all affected with thoso distressing ailments to
go to Pr. Hunter, eatisflod they will
I havo been sevoral weeks undor Dr.
Lpno Di8R.ves, and have derived great re II of from his treatment. His
"INHALER" and operations for carrying medicines into tike Nasal cavities
and Lungs are the fluent I ever saw or imagined, and give me immediate aud,
constant relief.
I confidently recommend all afflicted
rill get the very best skill and attee
Msnrnts, Tssir., January 4, 1R8S.
I consulted Dr. James A. Hunter several weoka sineo for Catakrs and
CoMsu-PTios and placed myself under his treatment. I have itoadily and
rapidly improved since then, gaining color and strength, and I foel I am get
ting well.
His "INHALATION" Instrument opens up my head and lungs and give
them great relief. I earnostly reoommond all so uniortunate as to b
HfQicted with such ailments to go to him.
With L. D. Bonfsntl, Qrocor, 400 Main street.
Dr. Hunter's Visit to Memphis.
Dr. James A. Hunter, formerly of Europe, Into of New Orlosns, Doo
tor of ModioiDe sod Surgery, University of Brussels, Lioentiste of the
Itoyal Collogos of rhysioiuns and Surgeons, Edinburg; a l'upil of St.
Tkotuas Hospital and the Great Brouiptou Hospital for Diseases of the
Chest, London, is making a brief Professional visit to this city before re
turning to Europe, and maybe ooosulted at No. 80 Court street, betw oo n
Third and Fourth.
Dr. Hunter has, for twenty-five, years, dovoted special attention to dis
oases of the IIbad, Throat, Cukst and Blood, embracing Catarrh, Sore
Throat, Bronchitis, Asthma, Consumption, Deafness, Eye, Heart and Br airs
Diseases, Scrofula, etc. Office hours, 10 a.m, to Vim.; 1 to 6 p.m.
Persons at a distance should send for Dr. Huntkr'b Journal, -Bo oks
and Lists or Questions. While a personal consultation desirablo, it
is not always neoeseary, and treatment can, in all eases, be conduoted by
Doora, 19 avail nnd Xlllxiclaa.
QEO. DAYMILLER. Agent. 124 Jefferson Street
And Commission Merchants
Jfow. 34 ami 30 Madison Street, ITXemplitst
Dry Goods, Notions,
Nob. 323-328 Main Street ZXeznphia. Tana.
WHIOu waoSer to (be trade apes the moat tarorable tenia. Onr prloee will eon ear
larorablf with taoa ot any market la
tSe Unile4
r. (OASDU,
w. r. ncaATAsTT.
CCG-CC3 XTroat Ctrest H!ns)liL Tfsa
receive skilful and honorable treatment
Corner Jefferson and Fourth stieets.
Msm-ms, Tstts., January 4, 1S38.
J. A. Ilunter's care for Catibiu and
as I am. to go to him. satisfied ther
Oompoeitof ia ths Appeal Office.
titatei. Speelat tndnoeaianti to Ceae.

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