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LlrU,Xcv Orleans aad Tf iu li'r
In FfT-ct Itovemtxr 22, 1W.
Moi MAIL. 8omk. jNorth.
Memasi - 4 4KB p.m 11;00 a-a
IJala..... B A:4A p.m 8:48 a.ia
Lalaad C p.ia 6:JUa.m
Vieksbr......D.. lHiOa.m iM a. a
JUrrtoB .K. 1:42 a. a 12:16 a. a
Ethel..- 5:4t a.m :3U p.m
Sato Hous-o...l... 1:42 p. a
w Orleans ..-.ll :30 p.m 6:3U
KXI'flKbB. tjouth. North.
Memphis .. . 9:40 a. m 8:00 p a
Lula., ... . 12;lrino'D 2:45 p.a
Leland 3:4') p.m U:)0 a.ia
Vicksburi . 7:14 p.m 7:30 a.ia
A With all IIdm enuriug Memphis.
B-Witn M. A N. W . H. R. for Ilelena.
OFor tlreanvllla and llanUngton, and all
Arkansas points.
I-Wlth V. A . and V., B. A P. Railroads.
S-With N., J. AO. B, K. fur aatchaa and
Jackson. v
F For Potau oa tha Branch.
U With euamora lor Daroa Sara,
fl With railroads diverging for Florida and
Coast pointi.
Pullmaa BuJJer'flleepIng Canon all traloi.
J AH. M. EDWAjtDri, V. P. and U ill.
Ja. 11U RKK, General 8op't
A. J. stNAPP, (it P. A.
Mlaalaalppl Bad Tmnua-Fait
nail train leaves dull? at 4:4A p.m.i ar
rives at V:45 a.m. Loral fralfht laava at
6:4U a.m. I a rWor at 4:30 p.m.
iaaaaa)U7,itprlaf neldaad Hon.
akla-trains Iseve M. and T. dapot at fol
low! i No. 4, mail and uprose leaves dally
at 11:30 a.m. No. 1,miil end express amies
ai :SJ p.m.t No. CS, tit Lonti aiirtss
leave dally at (:0u p.m. I No, 61, St. Louis
sprat! arrival at 8:55 a.m.
Mam tla aid LJItla Bak Tralni
mora lo'icvti (central itandard tiu.oli
' M. 1 laavie dl' tb:I5 p.m.i arrive! at
9:55 p.m.t v. Sleivas at 4:50 a.m. i ar
rives at liSO e.w.i No. 8 freight)
HopofUld dally. itt bundiy, a' 81OO
a.a.t arrlTai.tT 10 p.m.
rbnapowV WlilA and Sontawoat.
era trains .ova ai follow! No. 8 (fait
Una dally) liaves at 11:30 a.m. No. I leave!
at 11:40 p.m. 'ally. St. Louis fait Una
leave! dally at 6:H)p,m. No. T (last Una
daily) atrial at 1 :S0 p.m. Mall and ai
ms! arrival rally t 8:15 a.m. St. Louts
fast lino arrive! daily 9 :06 a m.
afonapbla and Charleatoa-Tralr
notm own Xhrotga ixpresi leant
Sally at 'irSOp.n. - nil it oapraai leaves
ally at 9. '10 .m. "omeiv'll eceounxid'
lien losvos Ja'ly, a rt Bupitev. at 4 30
p.m. Throsab .xiresi a-rlves dally ai 8 25
a. a. Mail and express err1s dally at 4 65
S.m. ikmeillc ucaom odatlon armor
ally, aioopt Baeday, ai ;...
Laaflll and Naah villa Train
manfl''': fait mall arrival dally a
4:30 a.iu, I laaai at ib:10 p.a. anil laayri
dally at 9:Aa ng. i'iW3iTl!l leccmD"
dation laarai oaily. axapt 8ondT, at 6:00
B.a.1 vail arrivM la(y at "t00 p.m.
rawniyHl ooonmod'lJa nrlrei (ally
Baadar. at 1:10 a.m. standard
n.a niranlasham and Atlas.
tla Holl Stwinir Hnnta Traini mora M
fallow! I No. I ! Mamphli dally at 4:00
p,a..arrl?ai t Holly Hpringi at 8:30 p.m. t
Ha. IlaaTH Holly Sprlnri daily at 9:00
a. a., arrival at Mamnhli at II ilJi a.m. I No.
0 laavai Mamphli dally at 7:30 p.m., arrival
at Uolly Hprinri at 11:69 P.m.i Mo. A laavai
Jlolly Knrlnyi dally at liM a.m., arrive! at
AMOtpuM at a rip a.m.
Wi(nri)rUTa, D. C, Jaaaary 31, 1S38. t
1 o'alaok a.m.
Indication for Memphli and tleln
fry: LiRht looal anowr, followed b7
fair, colder weather, and 87ln fol
lowed ty alowly riaiDg tepeirt!nre.
lor Tmnttn nd Iht Ohio Vallry,
total uri owl, general!) JMowti by rr
4ralAr; trtnJi $hiling to tlightly colder,
prectied in Iht txlrtmt vtttern portion
by a tlight tin in tmperature; tiling
flntiMiraioarlaal ataparl.
Mmraia, Timk., January 80, IfP'S.
7:00 a.m.,
11:10 a.m.,
3:00 p.m.,
7:00 u.m.,
Maiimnm tamparatura, 42.5,
minimum tinparaiura, .1.1.
Rainfall. 0.110.
Atlohaervatloniaratakan on 76 maridlan
time, which ii ona hour Jailor than looal
44 ma.
Tba Irish cltlieni of Memphis are
MilVln4l nfalTtkVBaliina bA aAinridalBB Mf
J'alrich a day thia year by a parade.
There will be a meeting of a'nek
holders of the Na'a'.orium and Skat
ing Rink at the Rink Monday night
The ro'Jcp, and tot Mr. Fury,
who waa acquitted In the Criminal
Uouit yet t ft day.
Tho Seaside Social Club will give
their ba'l to-morrow night for tne
benefit of the newaboya at the Knights
o( innia'nll Uail.
At the last moetlng cf the Board
Dlrtctors tne 1 revelers' Ulab tie
cided to give a grand promenade con
ceit May 6th next.
Sturit of Propence, by 8. L. Lee, and
Jinitibcw Gold, bv 1). 0. Marry, All
the lAte papers. Open until 1 o'clock.
The Moody and Sankey song books
lor Bale,
Isidore Goldsmith, a youth ten
years old in appnt-nce a ad twice that
age in fun, witi lockea up itat ntgot
on complaint of his brothers, who ob
ject to his "gsy-lotharloiara."
As aevniul physicians have ex
pressed the dtnire t hear the lectnre
on Antipyrine, they will have an op
portunity of doing ho by at'endlng at
tne college at iu o clock Monday.
In the Criminal Court yesterday
Prince Johnaon waa sentenced to five
vearainthe penitentiary for uieault
to murder, and Cbarlea Howard waa
eeotanced to twelve montba lor laf
Daring la it month the Antl
Cruelty Njciety relieved tne lollowlng
casea: re nod disabled mnlea and
borer), 61: cow, 1; overlcaded veht
clt'S. 6: children 'oked alter, 7. To
tal cases. &3. rersona arreated, 7;
toand gnlty, 7.
The regular rehparral of the Mo
(art chorn ttkea rlsce Moaday nltfU
at thoir hall. No. 207 Mainstretrt. Tha
ex members of the chorus are invited
r. k. .MHtil A nrtnpart wi,l ha ci vm n
about February 15th, which promioea
to be the beet in two years.
77k (Jcnutl Choir, by I. D. Pankey,
of Moody and baukvy. This is the
only authored edition. Thia boos
w.lilmriHed here stall their meetings.
JMiin ford can enpp'y the deroand, as
be r at aapeciai oioer to arrivo ia
night per exprt-ea. 1'iice 50 rents.
. r-The Young Men'a Christian Assa
c'n 'oo will have gospi 1 services at
thtrir rooma at a:3;l o'clock th;a even
ing, oondua d by T. U. Rice; ud
Tuesday at 7 :30 o'clock p ni , i r men,
cojtlucted by L. H. Kite, Jr. Tnesti
will be ronsecretio t service, iind a
loll attendance U desired.
The re-gnhtr monthly meeting o!
theYonug Aleo'e Chridtisn Assjcia
t'on will b held tomorrow night a'
7:r0 o'c'ook at the ball of the
astKjc'utieu. All nietnbers are re
qnne'od tu he prt-mei t 'ew membora
r) be elected; cut can be paid for
MMi, and otour boaiueos ci imj o.-tatco
will come op.
Dr. Steel will pr. aju Hit morning
on'-Tne (Joodit odb of Power iu the
Church," and to night on "The Secret
of M olj's Bacccos." . Dr. Steel at
Bar. I KarrvVTrX"
29 Oil 2)1 S.W.
MI.HJH 27,8 8.
2U.7I4 4 3 B.R.
VU.W'3 39.8 B.W.
29 728 8S.6 H.W.
tended the trrea' meeting of Vt.
Mnodv in Pniladelphia some yta'S
ago and maJe a aoeciaj study of nia
methods. The i object tm pc'iil in
tere t just now.
The Pine Bluff Commercial of the
Zrithsaya: "We undert-ttnd that our
poatmaater is thinking of employing
additional help, owing ti the fact that
a certawvyouug Udv on Broadway, on
a vieit here from Memphis, is receiv
ing such a large abareol mail matter."
The heroine is a member of the lead
ing choir of the city.
An Am At, reporter heard, yester
day, that Julea A. Menken has with
drawn from the firm of Menken Bros.,
on accoucit ol ill health. The firm
tyle will be changed to Menken &
Co. It will be composed cf J. 8. Men
ken of New Yotk, and William 1 1 or
gan and Joaeph b. Andrewa of Mem
phis. Judge McDowell rendered the f al
lowing opinions Friday : Uatchett vs.
Leath, decree for complainant; West
va. Garrett, motion to aiseolve injunc
tion overruled; Milburn Oia and Ma
chine Company vs. Mallslly, receiver
appointed; Mullaily vs. Milburn Gin
and Machine Company, rulings on de
murrer aa per memoranda opinion.
License to marry were issued t)
Jerry Kelly and Willie Noaly, William
Poole and Bettie Daniels, D. J. Donel
son and Matilda Khomer, John H.
Turner and Katie O. Freeman, bherlin
Williams and Carrie Neice, John
Jones and Anna Burton, Joe Metta
and Josephine rittr, Laurence Kmitn
and Levinia Jonea.
Pervices will be hild at tie rooms
of the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion thia afternoon at 3:30 o'clock,
conducted by Mr. T. Ii. Rice. The Hue
of thought will be in harmony with
the pnrposo'of thnlprepant'iry services
appoiiibed by the pastors for the pree
ent week In anticipation of the coming
r f Messrs. Moody snd 8ankey on Fri
day next. The meeting this afternoon
is for both ladies and gentlemen; but
it is inmestly desired thtt u l mem
bers of the atsociation and young men
cot members will be preseut. Let the
rooms be fihed.
The (ommlitM in clage of the
Woman'ri Kxchange yesterday were
Mrs. J. N. Falls, Mrs. Angus Camp
bell and Mrs. M. T. . Williamson.
Among the visitors were John A.
Potton, J. 8. Fox of Mew York, 8.
Pleisor, W. J. Wilson, C. W. Mostly,
O. O. Hays, J. II. Shepherd, J. M. Ed
wards, J.J. Murphy, Ben Edwards,
Mr. and Mrs. 1.0. French, O. T.
French, James Connor, A. W. 5ew
som, R. C. Uravee,Mrs. Carrie Rainey,
II. II. Devine, R. II. Coward, D. P.
Hidden, J. II. Smith, B. llughee, Ed
ward Paine, T. D. Kldridge, F. T Ed
mondson, O. E. F. Hall, A. J. Vaughn,
W. J. Vaogbu, Millie Vaugba, U.
Cary, W. 8. Jonef, W. P. Chapman, J,
B. Ileiskell, T. U. Uelskell. W. C.
Duko. r .
The Record makes tha suggestion
that the prooeeda of the Charity Ball
be used in ertahliohing a soup kitchen
for the immedia' relief of tse needy
t oar. It saya : ' Of course there are
men who would impoce upon this
charit y soup-house, but the percentage
would be very small. It would tatlafy
the hunger ol the inrvlng and pre
vent, begging. Whatcitlsen ia there
wto would not prefer contributing to
such a commendable object to havlug
men cottlnua ly coming to hia home
begging for food 7 It wonjd serve two
ends Bkvs the citiaens lrom trouble
aod annoyance and the men from the
humiliation ol begging, with tne pros
pect c f numerous rebuild." This sug-
(petioniea good and a tlnuly one.
Put the money in Mr. iladden'a bands
snd tuus give toe city control ol tue
Nhlp jour eattoa. to
areata '.
W. B. itl
Bbibts, all styles, made' to order,
Memphis Steam Shirt Factory and
Laundry, 224 c'ocond street.
Bazab fashion sheets for December,
44 M. Uourt alreet.
Thb floest and beet selected stock
of gas fixtures in the city, at bottom
Da. C. Swaih, No. 245 Second street,
specialist for diHoases of the rectum,
will be absent one week proleasioi ally.
Misa Carrib M. Kiatinq can be
found every day at E. Wltamann A
Op.'a, 223 Second street, from 4 to 6
o clock p.m.
A. Rbnkkbt & Go;, No. 215 Main
street, corner Adams, and U'O corner
Market and Mam streets, keep con
atantly on hand a supply of Dr. Har-
ter'e celebrated WUdunerry Hitters.
Thb Herbal Chill Cure, the beat
tonlsand antl-parlodla known. A oartaln
ana iu:a oura tor chilli. Prloafl par hot
tlu. 8an4 Rtauiii for olronlari. Any ref,
ranca (izon. Aadrau John 0. Raokar,
livnonbara, Va,
Most of the so-called Incurable die-
aaaee are auccemfully treated by Dr,
E. Henderson, M.l) . No. Second
street, The doctor can refer to some
of the best citiaens of Memphis. Con
sulfations free.
A Sorb Throatob Cotton, If suffered
to progrers, often results in an incurs
ble throat or lung trouble. "Brown's
Bronchial Troches" give instant relief.
Farm tits can procure, at a low rate
ot transportation, farm hands from
Georgia and Sontd Carolina by writ
ing to R. A. Williams, agent ot the
Memphis and Little tiock railroad,
Atlanta, Ga.
Tua moet efficacious stimulants to
excite the appetite are Angostura
Bittets, prepared by Dr. J. G. B. 8ie-
gart A Sons. Beware of counterfeits.
Ask your grocer or. druggist for the
genuine article.
TnsGavoioIIoteUsropidly coming
to the front aa the first Lotel in the
South. I's arrivals tre increasing
daily, and all fco away loud in their
pi trees ol ita mai nzement. i tie ususi
excel'ent Sunday breakfast and dinner,
gotten np especially for the benefit ti
the traveler, will be given to-day.
Wi call the tt'eLtion of onr readers
to the advertisement oa the first psge
of the Travelers Insurance t ompany
of Hait ford, oae of the pioneer iteti
tut'ons ot this country. A new life
insumace policy lni lately bten
adopted by this company, reducing
the cost por $1000 on young and mid
dle aued men below fiat of any order
or aoclety, aeenrod by large assets and
twenty-two yeara' expedience. All
policies contain non-forfeiture provis
ions and all claims paid npon presen
tation of st Wait nry proof without
disco int. Messrs. Marx & Bensdoif,
the acentacf this sterling institution.
are ready t ) give .those interested any
it formatlo.i desired. Their cilice is at
10 Madison street.
Rieaell at Ellla'a, SS Mala StreaU
Oomimo events their shadows ntt
lefore; Reed's coning drives the
shadows out of door.
"Music hath charms." a gritciona
pnit ra d; he must have had Reed's
-Uumbug" in nis neaa.
C Irani la at Kllta'a, S48 Mala alreet.
Dcaixo the pacaing aeaeen Armour
& Co. receive B0OJ hogs a day.
Ambbicai .wheat at Llverrcvjl yes
terday wat dull. Corn steady, with
fair demand.
Taxiro DitTBier 0j are now held at
par, 4 tit, 9J a gain of 3 per cent,
since Hadden 'a re-election.
Closiso prices for May options st
Chicago yesterday: Pork, ill 22,;
lard, 6 27 Jc; clear rib sides, 6.60c;
corn, 40 c; wheat, 80c bid ; oats, 32c.
Thb daily receipts of hogs at Chi
cago (nearly all from Kansas City and
west if that point) are 36,000. Allow
ing sixty-five boga to a tar, thia makes
000 loaos per day.
Thb Bureau of Statistics rat oris the
exports cf merchandise far December
to have been 174,273,330, and the im
ports 151,894,453, compared to ex
ports of $91,344,165, and imports of
f 12,170,9U3 for December, 1884.
Retort ot the Grain Elevator yes
terday: Balk corn received, 601
bushels; withdrawn, 2210 bushels; in
store, 38 860 bushela; sack corn re
ceived, 603 sacks; withdrawn, 105
tucka; in store, 2573 sacks. Bulk oats
received. 9.8 bushels'; withdrawn,
1458 bushels; in itire. 41,lf)9 bushels;
sack oats received, 878 sacks; with
drawn, 1001 sacks; in itjre, 42U8
sacks. Wheat, nothiEg done; in ttjie,
17,048 bubhela.
V isiTOfs on 'Change ymterduy : C.
W. Dudley, Greenville, Mies.; C. B.,
Ashe, Miss Cora II. Ashe, iluutoville,
All.; J. T. CroweetB Moscow, Tenn.;
W. L. Davis. Moscow, Tenn. ; M. II.
Cleft, Cba.tano.7ga: Mies Stella Stint
ton, Miss L. Prondfit, city; A. Fiaak,
U. L, Mays, ua'ion, U.; A.M. Uiegu,
New York; K. H. Conner and lady, J,
L Conner and W. R. Slokes, Augusts,.
Ark.; Miss Nellie Ubiiureea, vvina.
rrette, Ark ; Miss Jennie Cole, W. T.
Cole, Mies May Gabay, Phi'a lelpUia ;
Misotlia Lfruai, Cincinnati; Mien
Eva Gabay, cily; MIm Sarah R:cga
it no, Cincinnati; Mino Handera, Frank'
ort, Ky. ; Mims Kennedy, city.
A Nrw Yirk authority oa grain
aaya: "The wheat market is wholly a
manipulated one, aa it t al been for
months prior to the bull torn t f ten
diysafo. But It is now manipulated
by the buil i and on the bull aide, in
stead of by the bears on the bear aide,
as bad been tne cite almost without
Interrnjton fir three years. The
market Lm assuredly 'turned,' aad it
is emphatically a bull market now.
Speculative seatimcnt, which unduly
depressed prloee when it waa bearish.
is now bullish and growing more so
daily in view ol the lu-g and rapidly
Inert aiing interior milling demand,
which ia aupptied in the West only at
fitw xork prices."
Tbb ottton markets may be do-
scribed aa in an expectact condition.
beam and bulla ulikn waiting for eome
thing to turn np. Spinners e- buying
fatuously, tearing to ne i isht with
h avy stocks on a declining market.
Oa tha other aide the same conditions
seem to prevail, and the hand-to-
mouth policy aeema ti obtain every.
where. The key to the situation Ilea
in the South and upon ber ability to
refuse t dispose t f the staple at lower
prices t' uu those now ruling. The
Liverpool marktt is iu a condition of
such "densitivenens " aa to respond in
itautly to the Blighttst fluctuations In
American mark eta. This lni been
abundantly domonsti oted by the
course of tbitt market within tUo last
three days. Oa Friday future deliv.
eries at Liverpool advanoed 2 64d, but
New York Wfakened uuder the
weight of February notices,
which fane oat with com
parative freedom and floated longer
tan had been thought likely. Tak
ing her cue from New York and New
Oi leans, which rt fleets the f jrmer mar
ket like a mirror, Liverpool quickly
receded from her advanced noiltion
yesterday and closed Hit at 3-bid de
cline. The eventa ot the coming week
era looked forward to by our cotton
meicbanta with both anxiety aod in
terest. It is to be hoped that local
f. clDrs will not allow themselves to be
moved from the policy that bos gov.
erned them throughout the season of
stubborn resistance to every decline.
There is net Sing in the situation
to warrant a further decline
in prces, even if receipts continue to
double lait ytar's figures as tioy have
been doing nearly every day during
the week ended yeelerc'ar. Admit
tingwhich Is by no means certain,
and altogether probUmatlca' thai
continued liberal receipt i, proportion
ate in amount to those of last week,
point to a crop of 0,600,000, there
mould even then be nothing in the
altuation to justif fur; her depression
in price. The consumptive want! of
the woild are fully equal even to such
a crop, and it only beer's a firm tone
in Southern markets, accompanied by
stability in prices, to bring about a
change from the present unsatisfactory
and anomalous position.
Mitcbrll A Ilrjaon,
The veteran dealers in furniture and
carpets, b Ave a fine rtck, embracing
all the new styles. Everything they
sell can be relied on to give satisfac
tion. They have been in the business
long enough to understand it, and
they do. Thia is a good time to buy
carpets, and Mitohellife Bry eon's Is the
place to get them. Both plain and
elegant furniture, in great variety, is
being aold very cheap.
Slcacllsal Ellla'a,SS3 Mala Street.
8bort Ends Embiulderiea at Gold
smith's. Talaahaaa Haaerllaa; rbrtenclla.
The Snperb Fare
With which tha tables of the Peabody
Hotel are supplied is the talk of the
town. Gentlemen who have traveled
all over the world are vtfry decided in
their pra'se of the good fare at thia
hotel. Besides treating ita guests wt 11,
the Peabody is in the center of the
city, convenient to all the leading
Telrnaoae Haaerllni' low Banaae
( becka.
BLCxawiU give wsy and seem a
joke-o, for those who go and hear
Reed's Ko-lo.
Order Medal at MnlfortTf.
liaberllaa; tar Floar
Tmti people grow wit'j pleavire fat.
Reed' "Humbug" gaily laughing at
If enotrnm llABgrlesi at fif ul
I era'.
Short Ends Embroideries at Gold
The Cottage tJnllery.
P. of. Gebhardt, at No. 49 and 51
Beale street, is doing an extensive
business. Photographs ol finest finish
are taken at low prices. Hia work ia
alwya fine.
Rba d Goldsmith's card.
ivievhane Uaherllac far Blotter
Will Bs Held To-Bay at the Yartaaa
Caareaas al tba If oars Haaaed,
. Uary't CnUudril Poplar straat.
vtoai ai i ana 11 a.m., aad at I p.m.
Strmftrt' Ikunk. Cnlon itroct. TboRav.
N M. Long, paalor. barvicai at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m.
0orrv Mwl Mttkditt.Tnvh i n c at 11
a.m. and at 7:30 p.m. by tha IUr. I. 1.
Moura, paalor.
Spiritual UaU.VJt Soirond Itreat. 8er
vleftiat :30 p.m. aUlraa. All raipaet
fully Invited.
tkrutim Ciwri. Vlnoa itriat. Praarh
lnat 10:. a.m. aod7:Jup.m. by tha kav.
H. C. 0. liinjamin.
ImmtnuA i kurfk. Ro. 2M Third itraet, ba
twaea Jefforion and Court, borviooi at 11
a.m. and 7:30 p m.
Central Mrtkodirt Churrk. Union ttraat.
BoryioM at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. by tha iter.
H. II. Mahon, 1)1)., putor.
tint Mstkodi. Corner of Soeond and Pop
lar itraau. Tha Kav. Dr. 8. A. (ileal will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Mmnrelieal Lutheran Irinitp Ckurek (Ger
man) Wathinaton itraot. oitwean Third
and Fourth. Bervioa at 10:30 a.m.
lirM Prmbyitria. Corner of Third ard
Poiilar itreou. barvioai at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. by tba paator, Uav. Euiina iianlal,
Sretmd Pn&yterian. Comer Main aad
Bern nraai!. Sarvloei at 11 a.m. by tha
Rev. W. K. Bocts, 1)1)., pallor. No night
Hernando Arm MutkodiH Ckurek. Corner
Llodon and iiornaodo. barviroi at 11 a.m.
and 7:30 p.m. by tha Kit, J. M. Spenoi,
Ckurek of the Cooti Sktrkeri. Corner
Fonrth and Mill itreetn, Cbeliea. Servioel
ai 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., too Kav. H. C. Young
CkAeea Cumberland Preehyterian Ckurek
Corner of Fourth and Loonay ilrsetn. Uoipel
ineetiua oonduotod by ouug men at Sj).n.
All are invited.
Lauderdale Street Prretrriom Ckurek.
Corner Lauderdale and Beala itreeta. rer
vireiatil a.m. and 7:30 p.m., by tha Kav.
ti. 0. Caldwell, patter.
Calenrv CAur. A. Corner of Beeond and
Adituii itre'ta. Kirly communion at 7 a.m.
ervirei at 11 a m. and 7:30 p.m., tba Her.
Darii Somuini, rector, officiating.
Alabama Ntreet Preebyterian Ckurek. Cor
ner ai Alabama itreet and Jonci avenue.
Porvleei at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., by the
Iter. Jain ei L. Martin, 1)1)., paitor.
Central Baptiet. flenond itreet, near Beala.
Preaching at 11 a.m. by the Ilov. A. W.
Lamiir, pantor, and Kt7:'W p.m. by tha Kev.
)r W. K. Bogga, ot the Beeond Preabyterian
Firit Hnpllet Ckurek. Second Itreet. north
olAdami. Hervlceatll a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
All lenU frac. All are invited. The rev.
It. A. Venable, paitor. Prof. W. E. liughes
Cumberland Preebvterinn. Conrt itreet.
Service at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. by the Kev.
11. A. Jonoi, paetor. Hpeoial lervioei daring
tlie week at 10 a.m. and union lervloa every
evening at 7:30 o'clock. ,
Barlow Tbdwll' lift the city
last night for Louisville and Cincin
nati. MaBcrjs Wight, rspresenling J. C.
Ayer A Co. of Lowell, Mass., ia in the
Misb'Nillib Hicks of Pine Bloff,
formerly of Memphis, is the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Taylor, on tieor
g a street ,
Miss Jbskioa Wariso bai nturned
fiom a delightful trip to the country,
where she has been visiting her friend,
niids Nora L'a.
Mm Maogib Wbbb of Clinton,
Miss., ths daughter of President W. S.
Webb, D.D., is visiting her sister, Mrs.
R. A. Venable, on Adams street.
T. J. Wiksbtt, who has been with
P. M. Patterson A Co. for the part
three years, has resigned bis place in
order 1 1 accept a better position.
Pastor R. A. Vknadlk of the First
Baptist church will distribute tickets
to the Moody and Sankey meetings at
the close of his morning services. A
Urge attendance is txpectid and de
sired. Prop. II ugh is of the First Bsptist
chnron is drilling quite thoroughly a
choir for the Moody meetings. There
will be a pruritics iu t to lecture-rnom
of the Fin t Baptist caurch this after
ncoa. Ph. Patterson, the new minister cf
Grace Church, will srrive this week,
and will officiate on Sunday next. It
is thought that Bishop Quintard will
be preset, t and assist in the inaugura
tion. Prominent srrlvalsatthaGayoso: F.
n. Cosaett and son of New York, Jas.
O. Johnson of Louisville, Ky., Thomas
J.Tapp of.Lnuisville, Ky., John W. T.
Faulknet rf Mississippi, Samuel W.
McKay of Chicago.
- Tbi Grace Church Industrial School
will meet oa Saturday, February 6tb,
at the residence of Mrs. W. A. Robin
too, 219 Vance atieet, at 10 a.m. All
who are interested ia the work are
requested to be present
M.N. Danheisbr, formerly tf B.
Lowenstein A Bros, of this city, de
sires lo it f trm his friends that he bss
now ihsoc ated himself with the well
known firm of G. A. Wrisley A Dao
hoiser Bio.t of Chicago, III.
Damon Turlsy, a popular and capa
ble young business man of Vicksburg,
Miss., has connected himself with the
house of J. A. Austin & Co. of this
city, and will hereafter represent their
Interests. He bears an env'able repu
tation in Vicksburg, and will donbtleia
make himself appreciated here.
Tua Clara Conway Institute will be
gin its spring term Monday, February
8th. Parents wishing a warm and
pleasant school for their children,
well lighted and ventilated, with every
meaqg fir superior U aching, are in
vited to visit the school this week. An
entertainment next Friday morning
will be for the plcamreof all who are
interested in education. '.
An interesting social event trans
pired last evening at the Dufiy House,
when Mr. Carl P. Seymer of Baton
Rouge waa married to Mrs. Eudora
McCallum of Oxf )rd, Miss. The bride,
who arrived yesterday from Oxford,
was accompanied by Miss Addie Mo
Galium, Mies Minnie Burge and Mr.
J. T. Cillendar. .The happy couple
lef i last night on a brief wedding tjur.
A complimentary dinner waa given
last Tuesday evening tt the Gsyoso
Hotel by Mr. J. a Draks to Miss Alice
Hentley of Nashville, Tenn. The fol
lowing parties were present: Misses
Alice Hensley, Louise B. Sneed, Kline
G. French, Mamime Kcaife, Mamie
Thompson, Kats Thompson; Met a a.
J. O. fceely, Sloney Montgomery, Let n
Hoot, Wm. M. Sneed, J. S. Drake, J.
J, Shoemaker.
Tub Union CtyncW: 'It is said
that Mr. W. C. Fo'.kea o! Memphis
will be a candidate for bopreme Judge.
He is said to have lost a leg in the
bloody battle of Malvern Hill. Va , and
sf;er bis recovery returned to the
army with only one leg aod served to
the close. Mr. Fclkes is a brillfant
jurist, and a man cf unimpeachable
integrity. We have now in West Ten
nessee four candidates for Supreme
Judge. The others ars Gen. Lee of
B ownsville and Judges Freeman and
Caldwell of Trent n. As the canva
appioashe we will ty to ini a t a ly
to discos the merits of each end give
the public such inforuna'ioa at to tueir
qualifications as we may be able to as
certain." MhlB year eattaa
I W. B. Gal-
Seals at Ellla'a, S8S Bala Street.
Eiad Goldsmith's
Battle of the Petticoats.
Fierce Factional Fight Follow
ing Foolish Female Frolic. ,
Wild War Whoops Women
ExaBpcrated, Excited Endeavors
Each Eagerly Embraced.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm glad to say
that my husband is very good natured.
Mrs. Crusty And so is mine.
Mrs. Testy But my husband
never kicked over the stove
Mrs. Crusty Are you sure of that?
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm sure of it ;
but I beard your husband did.
Mrs. Crusty Well, whoever told
you that told a falsehood; besides,
I'd rather my husband would kick
over the stove than to kick roe,
like I heard a certain woman's hus
band did.
Mrs. Testy Oh! you mean thing!
My husband never gave mo as much
as a oross word in bis life.
. Mrs. Crusty No, and I suppose
he never came homo intoxicated.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'll admit that;'
but then he doesn't squander all his
money and leave his family suffering
for bread.
Mrs. Crusty I can prove that my
husband is not aspend'-hriit.
Mrs. Testy Prove it, please.
Mrs. Crusty Why, he buys his
clothes at the Misfit' Parlor, 2b'2
Second street.
Mrs. Testy And so decs mine,
lie says he can save money' enough
there on a suit and overcoat to buy
coal for tho entire winter.
' Mrs. Crusty That's just the re
mark my husband made, lie said
the overcoat he got there for t was
worth $40, aud the suit he paid (20
for could not have been mado to sell
for less than 135.
Mrs. Testy I'm sorry, dear, that I
said anything about your husband.
Mrs. Crusty Never mind, it was
all my fault; but I guess we'd been
quarreling yet if it hadn't been for
the Misfit Parlors. Graciout! what
happiness they do bring to Memphis.
Mrs. Testy Yes, the Misfit Par
lors are a real blessing. There are
bargains there for rich and poor, for
it sells the finest of custom-made
clothing at prices which do not often
represent the eost price of clothiog,
Yon get Suit3, Overcoats and Pants
there for half price.
N.B. Our present stock of fine
merchant tailors mitfits in elegant
Overcoats and Suits that we sold
originally for one-half of their actual
value, we aro now sei.linu he low
cost to enable us to make room for
the large and handsome stock of custom-made
oahments which we will
receive from our agents at the tpen
ing of the spring season. If you do
bire to secure a OENUiNfi" bargain
in a suit or overcoat it will pay
you to give us a call.
Clothing Parlors,
272 Second St., Memphis,
Opp. Court Square.
tSf Ilememher, all alterations to
insnrn a nerfect fit cheerfully and
promptly made, without additional
eharo-fl. bv a first-class tailor.
aw Opea Evrnlna-a aatll a'elock,
aatardajsj until ii.
Old Gold and Silver taken
an eata at jniilfurtl'm 2i
Binqiwo books fr the Moody and
Sankey meeting', all -kinds, by the
sinele copy at the 100 price; also the
Gospel Choir. E. V. Wills A Co.
Iliilfortl, Jeweler, 801 Main
St. Fills orders from the country
Ga to Ratleda;e at Lagomamlao for
yaar Plamblaat aart Gas-Flltlaa;.
Ntw jokes, new tongs, new medleys
and new dances, such as iu "Hum
bug" are, the world entrances.
Telephone naberllaa; for Slampa.
Baralaajar tba Jotaa B. Mand.
New Oblkans, January 30. The
John B. Maude burned at her wharf
to-day. Loss, $2.000. The cause cf
the fire la unknown.
River T.ltirama,
PiTTsnnao, January 30.- Night
River 3 feet 2 Inches on the gauge and
rising. Weather clear and cold.
Caibo, January 30. Night Elver
28 feet 4 inches on the gauge and ris
ing. Weather cloudy and cold. No
arrivals or departures.
Evansviixe, January 30. Night
River falling, with 20 feet 5 inches on
the gauge. Weather cold and snow.
The Granite State due at noon fiom
Memphis had not arrived at 8 p.m.
Ice ttll heavy.
Nrw Orleans, January 30. Night
Arrived: Tort Kids and bargee, St.
Louis; Mary Houston, Cincinnati.
Departed: C P. Chouteau, Memphis;
Mary Hous'ou, Cincinnati; Port Eads
and bargee, SU Louis.
Wheeling, January 30. N;ght
River rising, with 13 feet 4 inches on
the gauge. Weather cloudy and cool,
with lignt snow. The river has been
running full of heavy ice all day, bat
ia thinning out this evening.
Cikcinnati, 0.,January 30 Night .
River rising, with 23 feet 4 inches on
the gange. Weather snowing snd pleas
ant. Arrived: Ohio, Memphis. Ds
parted:; Jamea W. Gaff, Memphis;
Cbarlea Morgan, New Orleans, late to
night. Lwstilie, January 30. Night
rlsing.with 9 feet 8 inches in the canal
and 7 feet 8 inches on the falls. Busi
ness fair. Weather cloudy and snow
ing, with 2 inches already upon the
around. Arrived : TT P fVl.anri- Jw
Diebold Me Look Ik
HIP rdiI 313 Front Street, lrremfibln. Tenn.
We have a most complete stock of Cutlery, Gas?, Shelf aud Plaatation
Hardware, which we offer to the trade at rock-bbttom prices.
Tha Mew Jn)aa.
Ratal, $2 60 to 14 per d.iy, aireordlni to loca
tion ol room,.
IKnthan, Mist J W Keilcr, N Y
J C Jnhnrtan, Ky A W Hurt, Columbia
M M Krwio. Ark W ii KrwiD, Ark
W P Fogarty, Ohio J F pheoherd. fonn
T J Tpu. Ky 8 W tinena, Ohio
W 11 lUyncn, Ark F W (lulhra.th, 1) C
K I. D'.rr, jr. Hu.tnn H W cKay, ill
.1 W Fulkner, OiforJ P W Du H y. WIpi
K (1 Uipniiif, Mi' J 0 I'-ilrhctt, Mi
( II MoKavnn, Mill W K Town, oo.d. Mica
.1 T Tor-er. Tenn W N Bawlrm, 111
WRMcL.iuirMin.ArkW !! Love, "Term
f! L l!a'o, M m R 11 Miu bHI, Tenn
SUMon'Komiry.TeiinS Y Reid, T"n
Carrie WHtkins, loan F Goodinmi, Ky
II llnmn, Ivy i, l onnlo-. va
JM U Rom, Ky
0 N l'erklne, Tex
W Krhbim, o
LE lleaih, Ma
M Cohn. Ky
K.T llorr i, Mill
0 Conrad, tin
V II CoMitt, K Y
1 Kathun, aiifs
A W Duval, lean
Cant Webb. Kr
V Mili-h.ll. Kaa
J 1) O'Donnell, Pa
C II Pn'.ie, Mo
C T Wa'ern, (J
J H tiuUlifle, Ky
Mia K i arinu, Tenn
Minn F Dorman, J'na
F U CoiPilt. jr. N Y
T J Williamg, Ma
I (lothoir. Tenn
F Joily, Ky
RC uthiini Af, MUi
W O Oravee, Ky
J P Edrington, Tnn V W Partee, i in
J Ii Jullen. Tenn
R N Wataon. Tenn
1 B Alliron, Tenn
J H Howard, M.n
K Bnauelark, Kna
JO'DonnoIl, N Y
Kd M Uelfl. Ark
U Wheatley, Ark
8 B Tucker In, Ark
C Qainey, Kn
L Laie, La
T C Austin, Mlea
T (1 "radehaw, Tax
T V TbomM, Ky
O Lewere, Ma
J T Toda, Vn
T C Thomae, Maaf
(i Oreen.Aik
0 Ueatry, Ark
Tfrailh, Ala
OTTeylor, Ala
J B .Tonei Miia
1 is Ule, Tenn
K K i- nue. Tax
W A T..wr, H Y
1 Chainbliu Va
MtM M Vox, Ia
V W Adama.a 1.
Paaaaalji Hatel.
0. B. OALLOWAY ft C0......Paora!TOai
Rater fc! 50 and 13 parday, aivormnt; ta
ma and location ul' room Special
ratal made.
fl Vandenberv, Ind R T EdwerJr-, Mo
B B Conner A , Tenn ti M L haian, Tenn
US Eito!l. Obin
J Uiack. Ark
MBHy.ey, N Y
B Lamb, Tenn
W w Fv,Tnn
J F Davis. Km
C Branch. Fla
HBarbe-, Tenn
0 Appel, A-k
R Itarho, Mo ,
.1 E lully, N Y
.1 J DuUose, Tenn
RTbnl, Mo
J M (loodbar, Tenn
H B Wyjjir'r, leua
M Wight, Hui
A Hiimhurt, Ohio
W C McUlu'e, Tenn
W A Christian. N Y
B It e. k, Alt
K O Jiidnon, Tenn
K M Vnce. T- nn
W M D rk. Ohio
V A (tell, N Y
J A Poo in, Ttnn
LOieon 4f, Mill
S M Caulk, Tenn
J A leslof, Tenn
J) Dearar, N Y
L Moiby, Va
AS Duntooinb. Tenn
S Obear, ir, N Y
J EBnrelI, (ia
H Meechor, Tenn
F C Mann, Mbks
li Kotlircrer, IV I
T Tt Trzimnt. Tonn S H I'liilliiie. Tenn
j 11 PoiMn, lenn J H McCrackrn, Pa
M M Lowry Aw, Ark J W Wentbrook. Mill
Wm Westbrook, MiM S J llillaman. III
A A Scott, Ohio A Peiibody, N
J M 8iencer, ST A A Uojbat.t, Mill
T A Uoouwin, Tenn V Maron, lenn
l A uirauwin, eu
T A Analin, Tenn
M L Uuiney, Ark
V Johnaon, Unio
C A Marria, Ark
II Dow, Tenn
1) ManUonald, Ohio
W V Kullivnn, Miu
arkln. Mo
W (! Pollen, Tenn
B Lehman, Tonn
J 8 Cooner, D C
M 11 Clitt. Tenn
D J iiiikDy. xenn u u u liitaas, xenn
H E McCulloch. rann J Clark, jr. Aw, Tenn
Miu OT Hall, Tana Hreche, Tenn
yL-vi'nton, Ind II Ciandn'l, IU
O-trander, Maei E L Ealep, Tenn
W II Anienv.Pa
At Klinkmatein, Pa
J H Kli.ti. N Y
W 11 Cad r. Mo
C C Boyd, Ohio
J Newburier, Miol
U U Mailack, Ky
J R to.toe, Ky .
A Lamb. Ark
8 F Kothfchild, K Y
rj Opponhein or, Tenn
Q VTatnm, Ky
L B MoC'onnieo, Tenn
W A Jenkina, Miai
H BuohaQan, Tenn
H ADoan, Tenn
J ii Johnaton, Tenn M Donelaon, Mill
it r Auorey, ah.
ClaMtoa's Hotel.
W. H. BINOHAH Minion.
European plan. Knlarared and rafarniahad.
Prieel aooordina to alio and looa-
tlon of room.
E Bernard, NY. D T Hartnett, Misa
E K Maton, Mo E B Johnaon, Miai
I) Knowlea Aw, Miu K L Smith, oity
WDFord, Ark W C fiwoopo. elty
T J MrUowan, elty C J llanka, Tenn
l f! Rlauirhtar. Tenn M Schwab. Tenn
H Uardaway. Miai D MrKemie, Mill
a . ti ...i ril
.1 aa ryna, miai
Van Davidson, Miai
J M Coleuen, Tana .
J A Bktt, Ky
W II Dale, Tenn
J II williimn. Tenn
A O Smith. Mial
SBarb' a, Tenn
H Weaton, Tmn
D A Cooper, Miai
M,.l Clark, lenn
M Hnlrten Aw, aiiei 1' 1 rnriylue, Uhio
Mra K S Walker, Ala E Vaunhan, Ark
SBSaiohy, Tenn Mra U L Uraham.Mlu
K J Lewy, Mo.
Dolty Karoneaa Hotel.
Corner of Adama and Main atreeti. Roomi
auo, 75 and II per day i AaarioanPlan,
1 per day.
Flr't-elaai Restaurant in tha Hotel.
JM. DUFFY 110 yre with Peabody Hotel),
Miaa H Coleman, Ohio K J Loweastine, Miu
J F Karner, Art A J Johnaon, Ark
8 K tcvier, Ten RH Lucas, Ark
C P eeymer. Mill ' J W Leklie, Tenn
C O Kiohardfnn.Tonn J T Chandler, Tenn
R II Daly, Tenn H Morran, Tenn
Mrs K MoCnllum.MiaeMiasA McCullqm,MiM
W Martin, Miaa C t.ndixh, Uhio
MFBentley, Va JPBuno, Miai
A J Johnaon, Ark A Hunt, Tann
W W bhinault, MUl W R fitokea. Ark
W Btokea, Ark Miai Burge. Miai
T Conllaird, Miai K Heymer, Miai
E F MoCafferty, Aak K Uatewood. B 0
Ii d Brown, Mo Dr Kodgera, Taan
08 Finnie, Tenn (1 W L'renk. Tenn
J W borugia, Tenn J Jonea, Miai
B Smith, Ky.
ClaraaaJoB Hotel.
Ratal, 12 par day. Centrally located, oppo
site Maionie Temple.
II (i O'Conner, Tex I Merriweather, Tenn
J Jones. Ark
K E II or ton. Ark
i M Miller. Tenn
UtJ Rtacy.Tenn
J ti Trimble, Ala
B lleadley, T-nn
L II thirley, Ky
D "0'-'"- v,iai
i: Caldwell Ky
K M llo .k, Ohio
F Lawitaa, Ky
W M Norflcet, Alk
W Chambers, Ky
M V feoplrs, 111
ii Cl-ary, Miss '
TC Bailer, Ala
J Pcinhardt, lenn
B 0 Wellington, Tonn
Mra Stowell, oity
H D Uicks, Va
M C Wallace tw.Ark 8 M Millett. Ark
J P AIsioq, ienn J Lilhoon, Mi'i
T r eigman, Miss
a C Tomba. Ill
WT Burt, Miss
N Jackson. Tenn
M H lloptins, III
CDPeaioif, Tenn
C U Runian, Tenn
J 1 tlartoll, lenn
D Lameronz, 111
II S MrKerloy, Tex
J J Trent Aw, Mo
M H llerndon. Tenn
K T 1) 4V, ill
F J Ktarkey Aw, Mo F James, Mo
11 KUambell, 111
II 8 Miller, Ark
A Rrsdloy, Miai
ri MMlill. Miss
A Winfrey, Alk
M Jones. Tena
J Hitrt, Utah
P P Bingham, XT tab. '
W 11 Wilson. Vtah
J P Harripon, Vuh
T Y Stanford, Utah
U W Saoter. Utah.
White, Tonn
tf D Winfleld, Miss
JNBlulh, Ut.h
M D lerrt", Utall
II bbew. Utah
B H Head, Idaho
a W8tra,ord,VUh
"ncMBno' is riot a rare commoditv.
but Reed's surpasses all for odd.ty.
Oct Kalloda Lajroutaralao to da
Toar rianaajiar-
ktco-Tol Chcc-Tol
Boiler Works.
HE & McnAltriIY,rroprj,
140, 112, Ul Front, Memphis.
In pa 'oath and he omy eouileta
'"llfti and 6'-e.-Iro- Wurki la th.eity.
Haanraftarrrii of llfnv vlutc froa
wuva of eiwetrf unt rlptio . Bpeoial
.I - i.....lnn
Jobs Oviktoii, Ja. C.N. UE(wvr,.oa-
Real Estate Dealers
OSice, 264 Keoond Street.
M. Vvtt. aeeuaa aau Ceaura, '
M&ata-xiKs TASEa
r. sjhtat Bucairt ard bold.
laxai rain, Hants uoiietea, eto., ia
Iraportara aad Coaler In One) a, Ammo
aliloa and JfiHlianaT tarklr, Bntldrra'
Hardware, t.lerirlc Hla aad Aa
nnnelaKira for ilntrls and Pesldenres.Sta
MHia alrcrl. HempDIn, Tean Kleetria
supplies always on band. Repairing neatly
Yonog & Brother.
lloolssellers nvA Stationers.
21SPI:;ta St., "!Jti5iplifH,Tonn
Wlablup; in tlra troin Rnalneaa
vVe OlTr ar tinilre '
iFrauk Schiimami,
Importer and Daaler ta
Sana. Plablnx Tau-klo aad Nporta
Bta'aannpIlM -Speoial attention
f'ven to MAMUFAtXUKINQ and HM
PAIRIMa. -aa
412 Wain N(.,ircimtttlf, Tenn
tiuiis, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle
and Sportsmen's BuppfieB,
S34 Mala Hlrret, atemphla, Tenai
Mimufxeturinv and Repairing of Ouna a
Kn-i ty. im-To rphnne No. WW
"Empreu of Song," containing 63 vocal
pies, M'e, bv mail n5e.
"Song 8 avenir,"containiDsS9 Tooal pieces,
600, by mail 65e.
"Piano Sonvanir," containing 60 Instru
mental pieces. 60,1, by mail (6e,
"Folio of Mnaic," containing 80 Instrument
al pieces, 6flo, by mail 65o.
"Excelsior Method tor the Organ," con
taining complete instructions, besidea
over loo vocai aud Instrumental pieoai,
bound rn boards. Price tl, postpaid.
"Coo's Method for .the Violin' the latest
and most progressiva instructor pub
lished, having all necessary instructions,
and 100 'elections, such as "When tha
Robins Nest Again," "I'll Await My
Love." ''Dancing in the Barn," "Little
Darling Dream of Ma," ''Poak-a Boo,"
"Soma Day." Price 7Se, postpaid.
Complete stork of Music Bolls. Cases, Wrap
pen, 8.ring-Baek Folios, In few De
signs of Leather and Plnsh.
0. K. HOUCK & CO.
380 Main Stn Memphis.
Sola Agenti for Ch'clcering, Eardmao and
New England Pianos.
esrQULF VIEW-Kbj a Homo osa
thai atravd Mf ilfaa GULF COAST,
where you won't frneso In winUr. Ther
mometer rarely be,ow 40 degreea. Forty-6 va
miles east of New Orleana, on the Louisvillo
and Nashville Kailrm,d: four dally trains;
Toulme deiwt on thia place, llnsurpassea
gunninc and fishing. Oiange growth equals
Florida. Oranges crown nn tki. ,Mk
tHO sold medal at the World's Kiposition,
new urieaus, last winter. Una mile ot tiulf
front: steamers passing batweenJNew Orieena
and Mobile, in lull view. Oysters, loft-shell
crabs and shrimps abound in season. Asth
ma, bronchitis, anl all throat and lung
troubles cured bv a resiriatiM nn Kl.
breathing the balmy salt sea air. Band S2S
and you wi I get a deed by return mail for a
building lot 50iiW, wnicb will be worth Uu
timet this amount in lest than five yeare.
unreia '-ua vrALgsn, Molly Bpringa,
Um.. or R. 1. Blaox A Co., Memphis, Tena
JaciBog, Mies., Kept 31, 1885.
rraat nlnaanvi. tn al.lln ftn AnIC
View adioins tba celebrated j. F. II. Clai
borne place, and is decidedly one of tha moat
desirable on the Hull coast. 1 say this, hav
ing often been on and ovar tha piea. Van
reepeetfully, E. E. WALL,
Commissioner af Immigration and Agrioul-
inrc, Biale ol auifamatppi.
Orrics or van Livaauoni FoeiDar aI
Dltr'ina-.MIl MSITSSK
Memphii, Tenn., January 20, 1886. )
AT a moating of the Hoard af Director! of
this Company, held en the 19th inat., a
Gash Dividend of 10 per r. a. on the cap
ital stock was declared, and lha balanoe of
net earnings for tba year, 188, plaoed ta
ortdit of surplus faad.
ii. A. TAtUM.Sao 7 sad Trial.

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