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Lltfl Cbancs for IU Passage
This 8esston Effect of
looaiisroiDiiiriorTii tniu.l
WAsniBOTon, January 29. MIt looks
-very doubtful whether we can (rtt any
advance in the doty by Sumatra to
baeeo daring this OoDgretw," Mid Rep
iceeBUtiva Isswtll oi Wisconsin to
day. Mr. Oatwell la one ol the
sUancbest friend tf the tobacco In
terest in the present Congrats, and
hat introduced a bill to amend the
lav of 1PH3, fixing the doty on im
ported tobacco. '
"ins bill which I bava introduced
has for ita main object," Mid Mr. Oaa--well,
1 a correction oi the law ao aa to
prevent the evasion that ia now being
practiced. The bill doe, however.
Srovide fir an Increase oi the rate cf
oty to 25 cent per pound. The chief
objsct ia to protect onr growers in the
production of lnf tobacco toiteblt
Jor wnpping. Wlaconsir, PenDsylta
nir, New Yoik, Connecticut and other
Htaiet have reached a high standard in
raising wrapper."
'Wbat ia fie faalt with the present
lawT" was asked.
The present law, which was in fact
aimed at the Sama'ia leaf, levies a
duty of 75 cents a pound, it 85 per
nU of thebsla of package is suitable
f r wrappers. ' If leas than 85 cenla, is
it for wrappers, the whole package Is
admit tad at a duty of 35 cents a pound.
Importers have, therefore, placed In
tasb. package of Sumatra leaf Just
enough ci lower grade to bring the
whole below the 85 per cect.it aidard,
thus getting it thiongh oar custom
house for a doty of 85 cenU on the en
tire impoitn'loD. Pnrins the fiscal
year ending Jnne 20, 1885, ftetn 8n
tnatra, npoa which the dot; of 35centl
waioollwt-xl, was valued st 85 cents
a pound- The somber of poanda was
ver 2,000,000, valued at over $18,000,
(XX). Only 28,000 pounda paid a doty
of 75 cetti a pound, just 1 cent difl'er
ence between the value of the Impor
tations paying 75 cents duty and those
pajfng 35 ceLtl.
"The bill which I have Introduced,"
continued Represent itive Caswell,
"provides for a duty of $1 a pound on
all anstemmed tobacco, if the package
contains 0 percent. anitabl) for wrap
pers. A pound of Sumatra' lea f ia
worth about four pounds of our to
bacco. Foiie eastern growers want a
duty tf $1 60 a pound, but I have no
hope that the tax ran be raised In this
Congress above $1, if we can get any
ralae at. II.
"It Is clear that a large number of
the Democrats in the 1 louse are for
free trade, and will oppose any meas
ure lb a". Lu free trade in it. There ia
very prospect that the present ma
jority in the Hours will un Jerlnke a
general revision of the tarifl aod a re
duction. If they dn, they will not
allow any meaeute like the proposed
inert a s cf the duty on tobiucot) pas
alone ont ot the commilUe and
-through the House. If they
permit my relief they will tack
the bill tithe general revision bill and
make the whole Maud or full together.
And when the Republicans units, ui
they doubtless will, and cant their
vote s lid, or nmrly solid, agalnHt a
general reduction, enough protect. on
Democrats will doubttM jolaatatup
to d ( 'at the measure."
"Is the change ftim 8umatiucom-
setit'oa very sreatt"' wat asked.
"The importation of tobacco from
Sumatra this year will be very large,"
replied the Kepreeentative. "The
Sumatra tobacco ia raised by coolie
lubor, and the protits are enormous,
Moreover, new field for the produc
tion of a quality aimilar to the line
nd silky 8 u matin leal has re
cently been discovered In that
.vicinity, and we may expert in
creased trouble. Unless further
protection for our growers cn be se
cured, we will be compelled to sur
render the Aroerhm lea' and raise
nothing but filler. Thla mi una the
aurrender of the entire Industry,
Committee from six Northern t
becce States have been here during
the past week working bird to got an
Inert am In the tax. If they cannot
get that they will try to secure u cor
rection of. the law with the present
riil!oBB signed by thousands of
tobacco glowers and cigar-uiakera In
Wisconsin. Pennsylvania and other
8 u'es, ore pouring in upon Congress
daily, urging the pawsge of Kepte
tentative Oaswel.'s bill.
Nlate s. laleratata foinmeree.
Wasiunotok, January 30. Since
the report of the Cullom committee
was aubmitUd to the Senate h state
ment baa been tsceid from the Hal
timora and Ohio Ru'.lroad Company
ahowina that during the montlia cf
AnguaM884, and March, 1885, which
are anppoaed to show a fair average.
the relative proportions of the State
and Intent its business of that com
nany were at folioas: Tons carried
fcta'e tramc, ;m per cent.: intent we,
64 per cent. Freight earnings -Fiom
State business. 10.5 per rent : from In
tin t ate, 80 5 per cent. Taasengera car
ried 8late, 80.8 per cent : Interstate,
194 per cent. Fawengsr earning
t torn state trame, 47.1 per cent ; Irom
" Interstate tratllc, 52.0 per cent
Aaottter KvliiUa Thrata4 tn
Wasbisotoa. Jannary 30. The Sec
retary of the Navy has received Infor
mation from tne racino Man steam
hip Company to the effect that
. another revolution la threatened on
the Isthmus oi Panama. Rear Ad
miral Jouett, commanding the North
Atlantic station, waa yesteiday
. directsd by tslesraph to remain at
Agpinwall with the Tennesaae for the
-present It ts possible that the Ten
nessee aailed from Asplnwall to Key
West prior to the receipt of tnese In
Btructions, in which event she will be
ordered back in case the eituation de
mands It, and other vessels will also
-be ordered to his assiftHuce. Not much
importance, however, ia attached to
the present reports of damage.
Prevention af Catlla Dlaoaaa.
Washington, January 30. The
House Committee on Agiiculture to
day beean the considetatioa of the
bill Intended to prevent the spread cf
pleuropneumonia among domest!
animals, Tbe committee was ad'
dressed by Mr. Wilson of Iowa, Rep
reaunttUve Breckenrideof Kentucky,
Mr. Curtis cf New York, Conftnis
sloaer Colman cf the Depaitmeut of
Agriculture, Dr. Kalmon of tbe Bureau
ol Animal Industry, Mr. Lloyd of
Maryland and Mr. Tower of Kanaaa
City. Dr. Salmon explained the nature
nf plenro-pneumona. lie said that
the flesh of infattd animala waa net
iojnrioua aa food, and no bsd effect
. bad been known to result from ita use.
I he disease, he aald, waa eornmunira
Lle to animala within a period of hi-
teen moMha after Infection, thsrafore
the quarantine should be extended to
b period oi ten montna at lean. mr.
Wilson exnreaeed the opinion that the
trade in ca' vea between the Kaat and
West facilitated tb transmission of
disease among autaale. All of the
speaker favored a liberal approprla-
l on la enaoie mi iepanmeuv oi aic
ricnlture to establish and maintain
naras tinea and stamp out disease.
hey favored a measure that would
not allow tha oiavment of damtirea to
ahippera for atcck found to be inf acted
and dot t eyed where it appeared that
Eloper precaution cat not been taken
y the exporter to ascertain the
healthful condit on of the stock. Sev
eral of the gentlemen expressed the
opinion that the eommitfee snonid re
port a bill including diaeaset of hogs
and ctber dome tic animals. '
Educational Bllla.
WinniKOTaw. January Messrs.
Wlllla. Curtln. Mavberry." White and
Chandler have been appointed a sob
committee of the House Committee
on Klucttional Billi ielst!ng to the
overninent toward public education.
The Blair education bill will be re
ferred to this com milt se.
The Italy Mtnb.
W Asm soTO w. January 30. The Col
lector of Customs at Chicago baa been
notified lhat certain steel wire, cut
Into lengths of from eighteen inches
to four feet and known aa stubr, is
dutiable according to the following
claasiflcstiua: If smaller than No. 0
gause It centa per pound and if larger
than No. 5 gauge at the rate of 8) cent
per pound. ,
Meai. Urerae Reprimanded.
Washington. January 30. Adja-
tant General Dram has wriltjnalaitar
to Chief Signal Olllcer Haxen in re
gard t) the recent court martial con
vened at rort Myer. vo , in wnicn u
iuva the Seen ttry of War instructs
him "U expreea hie grave displeamre
at the conduct of Lieut. Greene of the
lanal corps, who, be says, baa maul-
fsAtlv f Ailed. mI ar in bla career, to
comprehend tbe duties and responsi
bilities of a commissioned officer ana
to realln tl at the nse of harsh, in
tuiting and abusive language towards
men who, from their position, could
not reply to It, strikes at tbe very reel
of military discipline and evidences In
the ofQoer so acting a deplorable want
of aeli-control, which, if persisted in,
would demonstrate bit attar unmnwss
for oommaad. Tbe Secretary of War
also deema it his duty ti reproln e
the rude aad course manner in which
the ollloers composing tbe court
treated tbe counsel for the accused.
Such conduct la utterly unjutt liable
In ollloers silling in military courts in
the capacity of judges."
Telegraph In C'blna.
Washington. January 30. Ensign
Ueorge C. Foulk, United States navy,
at present Charge 'd Affaires ad Intel
Itn of tbe United atates t ) Oorea, in a
dispatch to the Secretary of fet ti, of
November 25. 1885, announces the
completion of a telegraph line Irom
Seoul, Corea, to I'ekin, Chins, and
thus with the buter wot Id. He also
reports negot utions looking t) tne
eaily eftibllabment ol a similar line
from Seoul to Fasan, so aa to connect
Corea a-.d Jnpan.
A. Horary' Fera.
Wanhinoton, January 30. The Fo-
Uoltor ol the Treasury has given an
opinion on the question ni to the
riglits 01 a uniieu niaica aiiurnrj io
retain S per cent of the amount co-
tkl-d on uneatuusd warehouse ana
oilier custom-house bonde, which
may have been turned over it him
for aotion, but which were set' led by
tha partiea without suit. The Solicitor
holds tliRt In anch cases where no suit
or proceedings in the nature of a suit
liaa linen hrountil or roauucieu dv vno
district-attorney, he ia not entitled to
the 2 per cent.
Tne Cnlcaao Lake Front,
Washington. January 30. A god
deal of interest Is felt here among ci ti
sane of Illinois at presont in the city
over tha nrobable action of tbe Treas
ury Department la the matter ol the
lake trout at unuao. ineeunjecmai
been a sood deal discussed heretofore,
and there has been a que t'oo. of doubt
aa to whether the authority is la the
Treasury Department or the War De
partment the auinorny not naviog
been located, nothing has been done
heretofore to protect the public rigt ts
from the encroachment of tbe railroad
company, but aa a result ot recent
hearinn. it is reported mat tne genenti
government is going to act with great
Vluor and put a stop to any runner en-
cioichmouts on navigation. Inquiry
ahowa that Ccl: Thomas 11. Keele, an
otlloer of the Treasury Department
stationed at Chicago, has recently been
here at the Instance ot prominent cm-
tens and p'ttned b. fore the Secntuy
very impoittnt papers in tne esse,
nimn which it it expected the govern
ment will H7t. Complaint is made by
the citicens tint the ia Iroad company
la absorbing tbe entire lake front, and
bv tilling np the Ln'bor la not only im
peding navigation, dui impairing me
riahti of the city ol Chicago and work-
ins- a permanent injury. It is the
opinion of good lawyers that either
(be State or city government couiu
have Interposed at any time to stop
the railroad company, and surprise is
ainremed bv representatives tf the
large Eastern cities that such Interpo
sition of the police power has not been
exercised long ago. in corporation
wenld be allowed to put even a atone
on the water front of New York or
Roaion. if thereby navigation would
be impeded or the public control of
dock- privllegea lost The inquliy
that ia now In progress is likely to
solve the problem and local responsi
B-itlon of tha inlle Debt.
WAsniNOTON, January 30. Over
$5,000,000 of S per cent, bonds, em
braced in tbe 13d call lor iiu.ouo.ooo.
which will mature February lit, have
already been received at the Ticntury
Depaitmeut lor redemption.
Koaallalng the Pay of ft a vera meat
WAsnmoTON. January 30. Repre
Mutative Wilson of Wett Virginia his
prepared and will introduce on Mon
day next a bill to classify the labor
and tana'ise tbe pay of employes un
der the United States (overnment. It
provides that there shall be appointed
by the President, as toon a piactica-
ble. a committee to consist of three
experienced and discreet persons now
in sovernment service in tbe depart
ment, whose duty it shall be to array
and classify the various labors per
formed for tbe government by its em
nlnve in the seveial department bu
reaus and commissions Ictsclaafea and
rrde. ea'abltsh nt tberetor one nni
on ut rnmnanaation accordins to the
duties and skill required in tne re-
nootiv rlsaiM or riades. which com.
nam a ion ahall be paid alike to nil
In auch claaaea or eradee.
The second section enacts that wheat
an amnlova in on class or grade
ahaU be assigned to duty In another
or higher class or grade, the tame
wairM shall be said as it such Ml Son
bad been originally employed in or
permanently appiicted to such higher
claa or grade.
Tha third section reads that ap
pointments or assignment made un
der the act may be made by the several
heads of departments, bureaus or
commissions ai they may deem best
for the public service without regard
to the act known as tbe civil service
act, or any rales established by what
is known aa tbe Civil Service Com
mission, crea'ed thereunder.
Section four is the usual repealing
Claard Ont ay Creditors Dropped
Dead on tbe Htreela.
IsraoiAfcTOTaa ArriAL.I
nliA, Abk., Jannary 30. The
firm of Shelby Bros, of Lulu, Miss ,
were closed out yesterday by Vaccaro
& Co. cf Memphis.
Mr. Benjamin Gholaon and Miss
Jennie Terry, both c f Trenton, Ark.,
were married yesterday, the Key. W.
A. l'endergras officiating.
' A colored woman named Lou Mont
gomery dropped dead oa the streets
yesterday with heart disease.
A Brick-Yard Drama.
To th. Editor, of th. Appsal
Pletse print this in your paper fir a
little boy who likes it very much.
My piece is worn out, and I want a
new one. I think it will make toe
people laugh to see this in your ro
per. I'lease oblige yonr friend,
Pbbson.k. A Succatul FaUuraged
fifty, and an inquiring ton agtd lix.
Son Wbat place is this, pa?
Father This, my child, is a brick
yard. Sin Whose brick-yard Is it, paT
Father It belongs to me, my child.
Sou Do those big piles of brick be
long to yon. pa? .
Father Yes, my son.
Son Do those dirty men belong to
yon too, psT
Father No, my child. There is no
more slavery in this country, those
are free men.
Son Wbat makes them work ro
Father They are working for a liv
ing, my son.
Son Why do they work for liv
ing, pa?
Father Because they are poor, and
are obliged to work, my child.
Son-How is it they are poor when
they work so tii'd?
Father I don't know, my child.
Son Don't somebody steal from
them what thev earn?
rather fto, my ccna. nnat
. " .... WT1 L
makes you ask such ndicuhus ques
tions? Hon I thonsht that perhaps some
of that dirty c'ay got in their eyes and
blinded them. But, pa, don't the
brick belong to them efttf they have
made them ?
Father No,- child, they belong to
Son Whnt are bricks male of, pa?
Father C ay, my child.
Son What) That dirt I see down
there? .
Fathor Yes, my child. JNottung
Kan Who does the dirt belong to?
Father It beloncs t me. my Bon.
Son Did rou make the dirt, pa?
Fktfier No, my child. Uod umilo
It . ...
Son Did he make It lor you espe-
ciiiy; ...
Father ;no, my cnu a. i Dougut it.
So a Eonirht it of God?
Father No. I bought it like I buy
anything else.
Son uid tne maa you oougLiivui
buy if of God? tii, ,
Father 1 don't anow my cuuu ; at
something t ay.
Sot Anvwav. it's a good thing
you've got the land, isn't it, pa?
r aim r w ny, my bou i
Son Because you'd have ti make
bricks for a living like those horrid
men. Shall I have to work lor a liv
ing when I'm a man?
leather JNO. my Doy. A iiioaveyou
the land when I die.
Son Don't people turn Into clay
when they'ra deud, pa?
Father What remains ii mem
clay my son. sflh-
son wnen are yoa going iuuio,
!!.. ,.L t.
f atner i aon t snow my ovu, wuj
Bon Notning, oniy i wai tninin
would make.-. . ilattin,in S. F.l
A Caavle Cbrlatmaa Present.
III.. 'January 30. Burt
Coalman, a cowboy convict serving a
sentence of three yeers at Joliet
prison, from Wyoming, was reieaseu
this sfternoon, having served nis
tm. When Coalman was brought
into tbe clerk's office to be dlscdsnreu
the clerk handed him a package t f
hills amounting to nearly $1100 anu
informed him that $1000 of the money
had been sont to him as a Cbrittmaa
present by one of tbe cattle kings of
Vyomlng. The ex-convlct was nearly
paraiyiiu wun uib uw wuuiw,
left the prison doors with a light
Adtice t Mothers
Mrs. Wlnslow'a Sooth In a Syrup
thould always bs used when children
are cutting teeth. It relieves the little
sufferer at once; it produces natural.
quiet sleep by relieving tne cnua
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes aa ''bright as a button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes
tha child, aottana the sums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates trie
bowels, and is the best known remedy
I. .li.rrhuva whether srialns from
teething, or other causes. Twenty-five
a bottle.
arderwro Sen ton
seed to
Akk.. January 30,
Judge Parker passed sentence cf death
nnon seven prisoners in the United
States Court to-duy. Tbey were con-
.!..,1 nf mnrdpra commuted in tne
Indian Territory, over which this
court has jurisdiction, in pwing
sentence the iudge aimonished the
nrlionara t niflnsrS IOr UH'n BDU
make peace with their God. Friday,
April 23d, it the day set far their exe
cution. .
Wlte-BInrderer Sentenced to Death
r.MtiviM.. Ky- January 30.
t iflhu.1 K.elln. the Swiss dairyman
who cut hia wife'a throat and attempt
.i hia nmn lite, in the same manner,
waa sentenced in trie uircuit yourt
thla afternoon to be hanged March
13th. Kaelin trembled unaer tne
sentence, and said he wanted a new
Merenandlae Imaorte a Hew Torn.
Nbw Yobk, January 30. The total
Import of merchandiae at the poit oi
New York during th past week were
$3,132,433, and of dry goods $2,801,328.
Scientific Measurements of tbe
Sphygmograph that In Part Ex
plain DifllcsJt rroblem.
The presence in Memphis tf Mr.
James Wilson, chest expansionist, oth
erwise known si the''ballooa man,"
was recently deemed of sufficient im
portance by' the Medical College au
thorities to cause them to march their
students in a body, with the object cf
showing them something new aad
strange, to fie Dime Museum, which
ia under tbe able management of Mr.
Crosby, who spares no expense in
ministering to the Insti action as well
as amusement of bis patrons.' As s
newspaper account of the proceedings
at the Museum wai published next
day, it is unnecessary for me to do
more than mention the fact that tbe
medical men who examined the cate
scooted tb idea that there was ab
sence of the disphragm or presence cf
this, that or the other of tbe viscera,
which ignorant speculators have ad
vanced in fc-ciful explanation ci the
extraordinary chest expansion powers
of Mr. Wilson. The fact is that the
marked increase In chest giitb during
forced inspiration depends on the
simple fict that lung capacity has net
reached its limit, having steadily ac
companied increased rib mobility. Tbe
ordinary inspiratory n t is accom
pliAed under the joint action of the
diaphragm, or muscular septum be
tween tbe chert and the abdomen, the
elevators of tbe ribs and the external
intercoe'ul muscles snd tome parts of
the internal intsrcostals; while daring
forced inspiration numerous muscles
of the throa neck, heart, shoulders
snd back contract powerfully to fix
the upper parts firmly so as to assist
in still further drawing up the
ribs, each pair of which ro
tates round a horizontal axis throush
the backbone, to which they aie
united by means of joints by their
heads and tubercles. Mr. Wilson's
peculiarity depends on the fact that
grett practice naa given him increased
rib mobility. With him tbe planes c f
the ribs tend to become horizontal,
the movement of the upner ribs caus
ing a great increase in the depfi of
the chest, while that of the lower ribt
tends t) increase, its breadth. The
fioweiftil action 'of the diaphragm
n increasing tbe capacity of the chett
from above downwards, and so giving
rcom fr the expansion of the lungs,
cannot have been very well under
stood by the philosopher who si a t d
the theory of absence ot the dia
phragm to account for what Le could
nc t otherwise understand.
There cau be very little doubt that
under favorable circumstances such a
peculiarity aa that of Mr. Wilson
woald be of very great advantage in
sending man to overcome the diffi
culties offered by the untamed forces
of nature t) his higher development.
We can imagine how a hardy aad dar
ing race ol fishermen or hunters might
result from such an ancestor; the
f xt'U chest capacity enabling this one
to face the perils of the sea with com
parative learleesnesson account oi tne
great swimming ability which would
naturally accompuny such increased
power ol flotation, while the primeval
Hunter would have a po' of run
ning down his game or finishing a
fierce atrugglef which his less favored
neighbor would not posses, and who
would, therefore, tend to go to the
wall in the struggle for existence
should food become rcarce or same
become more wary and difficult to ap
proach. But these speculttions,
though Interesting, are not the object
of my present communication. Com
mon Bense, whether of the ordinary
obeerver or of the medical expert, en
ables one to take a practical view of
the cne which is just sufficient for
general purposes, and to that I am
content to leave It. There are, how
ever, cert tin points connected with
the physiology of the case as dis
tinguished from its anatomical aspect
which are really worth recording, and
which will add interest to Mr. Wil
son's exhibitions in the eyes of some
of those who may visit the museum
during the ensuing week.
In the latest German physiological
work in my possession it ia said that
"with regard to the effect produced on
the pulse-curve by a powerful expiia
tlon and a forced inspiration observers
are by no mtans sgreed." I think
that any person who has seen Mr.
Wil'.on during his exhibitions will be
satisfied that the physiological expert
need go no further if he wants a case
uihju wuiuu wj peri'irw au cajimmnw
umcrueii. On the 28th Ir start I af
fixed a sphygmograph to Mr. Wilson's
right wrist and took the carve cf tbe
radial artery during ordinary resnlra
tlon. The curve traced by the needle
of tbe instrument was that which has
been reproduced by tbe engraver, and
marked no. I.
Here we have an ordinary well
marked pulse trace cf a rather nervous
temperament, the latter characteristic
being indicated by the near npprcaih
tn the imaginary boriaontal bass line
of the notch, which is seen before the
eecondary wave. Tbe first elevation,
that Indicating tna nigneet part 01 tne
trace, is called the Impulse wave and
iadnato the tint movement 01 tne
arterial stresms under tbe pressure of
the contracting left ventricle of the
heart This wave is rapidly ti admit
ted from tbe aorta, or great blood ves
sel fed dlrect'y from the heart, until it
ia Ion in the smaiiett arterioles, ine
notch first mentioned Is toe indention
that the aoitio valves ct the ltftven
trlcla of the heart have closed, snd
the secondary, or, as it is called, the
dicrotic wave, depends on tne reoonnd
of the blcod. set in motion
bv the contractions of tbe arteries
which had been disturbed by tbe first
or impulse wave, from the closed
valve aa a firm batis. This dicrotic
wave seen in all normal pulses, is more
marked when tbe arterial tension is
low., which amounts to saying when
the blood can empty itself rapidly out
c f the vessels. Wsdo not meet the
truly dicrotio pulse except in esses of
nervous exhaustion, ss after fevers
and in advanced cases of consumption.
I will quote from LandoiB and bur
ling: "strong expiratory pressure is
beet produced by closing the mouth
and nose snd then making a great ex
piratory effort; at first there is In
crease of ' the blosd pressure nud the
formation of pulse waves resembling
those which occur In ordinary expira
tion, the dicrotic ware being less de
Teloped ; but w ben ths force d present s
is long continued the pnlse waves
have all the signs of diminished
tension. This eliect ia due to the
aotion of the vaaomo'or center, which
is effected retiexly from the pulmona
le narvas! (that ia. the varomotor cen
ter controia ths caliber of ths small
arteries by acting on their muscnlar
coats, and to alters the blood tension).
We mutt awume that forced expira
tion actt by dtpretsir ' j j tf iivity of
the varomotor cent." This condi
tion I claim to have Unjinstra'ed is
the most ratiafuctory 7-y, as will be
seen by reference ti Nt, ,
when we see the indications ot a
hyperdicrotio pulse : .he notch fills
below the level of tha bMe line. We
have here a pbyrioli.. 2 peculiarity
corresponding to Mr. Vilsou'a ara
tomical peculiarity ot excessive in
spirations. Thus one msy re taken on
the measure of tbe other.. Ho. 2 was
taken from the same odjoiitment cf ti e
sphygmograph aa No. 1, aad show l tbe
slate of the circulation during tbA ant
deep inspiration, th, nhsst being
enormoualy expanded
The tame pbysiolos'ifc, go on to say
that "alter tbe cessation : I the power
ful expiratory cn'or. .he bloid
pressure rises sbove tha n.vmil ata'e
almost as much as it fell below M, the
normal condition being restored within
few minutes." My experiments with
Mr. Wilson seem to establi Ji the fu-t
that after a piolonnd degression, of
the b'ood pressure it sgain i'lae4, nvn
during the forced expiratory effort
for in trace No. 3.
taken during ' subsequent chest
expansion without hiiv?" soanged the
adjubtment of the instrr. ;ent, we see
only sl'ght indications of tbe dicrotic
wavo, showing that there is great in
crease of tension; i'uo imr,ulae or
primary elevation is slight, owing to
tbe resistance ollered by tbe aitery
and the diminished heart contraction
antecedent Here I differ from the
German physiologists jott referred to,
but we may suppose that the vasomo
tor center had some stimulating in
fluence, due to the reaction from tbe
previous depression sfWUng it. I
found the normal pulse curve return
after a short interval. Vheee experi
ments msy be depended 00 u accurate,
as I have made very many observa
tions on the pulse with the tphys
mograph. I am free to satc, how
ever, that ont of the tbous.uda of trac
ings in my portfolios of ptrsont of all
ages snd of different sexes I have
never seen so remark ab!a a result fol
lowing the set cf inspiration. It is
needless to enlarge on t.'je care of Mr.
Wilson, for he ought ''-j be seen to be
apprjeiated: his great ff at of 1 xeiting
a pressure sufficient ti break leather
belt, capable of sustaining' ni arly 6C0
pounds weight by tha expansion of
his chest.is in itself a feature of attrac
tion sufficient to fill ti e museum.
Oatopo TfoTri..JraiirT W.JVM.
Absolutely Pure.
Tilt powdsr never 'rlo. A marvel of
nnriu. itrenntb ana wnoiwrf'.nei.. mors
oosomlesJ tosn th. crdimur " "a
osnnot bo sola in eompeuuoa wi.u u
lultltod ot low leu, sain v.
1 -. 1... v.. ' J . ' '.Au,. Km kj.
Baxkb Powph Co.. lUfc Wsll ..NewYcrk.
J. F. H0LST & BRO.,
(acoosssoBS to a. a. rouv a bbo )
Funeral Directors,
A FULL and eompUto itoek of Wood and
V.UIHe Caiei and OankeU. Cloth-Cor-ered
Casket, and Xarial jba alwajion
hand. aarOrden by t Mnraoh promptly
tiled. .
St. Agnes Aaademy.
ran SPRING hESSIOU will open MON-
X DAY th lit of February. Tera-.-ITS,
SsO, S90 and S10O, according to tbe are and
elaa. ot tn papu. ror-iurvo.r psiiichikti
pply to th Lady Huparlor.
Ani for nrjt-Hi, Tea.
VFRWI.MA, VayloravtriaP. O.
-nT. T1TT.ART P. JONES. M. A.. Prln-
J eipal. rieaaionbegina l5. Both and
nd. J naa BOIa. Cataioga. Mm on ap
ffC A MONTH and BOARD for S lira
Young Hen or Ladiea, la ach eoan
Tan liar a Prrrt Klsnt,
H.ion'a Caneine Pla..
ter el adrnggiat, to expect to recclr. on.
Yot there ae, w. egret to aay, a few drug
gist, of the Cheap John ranety, who will try
... mm.uI. v.. 11 I-, accent eoa worthless
aubitttate with 1 aimilar souadipg nam,
auch aa " Canaicti " Caafieaaa." Capa-
cia," "Oapaiol Ul" - prenjea
; . v ... . ' D.i.i.n ' or ' Ben.
ton." Cheap tna all offer yoa n of
these wretched laiU Uon. for hall tae pric
of thegenal.i., n-oan wall afford t do,
Ita real yalu v ..-.I novng, and it. coat but
littl. more. Ea.eon'. a. th enlyporou.
piaster, that r.)kt dreaed upon to car
erery aila.n..ubkJtUmal treatmeat.
f. . u ...... ...j thMnnfh. pro
tect ynuraelf nia!.',; (Keertio by haying of
reliaki. araggiU ty. Ih geaaine oeara
the " Thra caf ta" Vaae-mark aaha. tha
wora w fnf .' 1 me
XI 0 TAZj X S3
Sternberg" & Son,
336 Front St., Cor. Union, Mempnis. xenn.
jso. e. xoor.
Wholesale Grocers,
And Dealer In Leree
274 Front Street
I. L. HoeOVAN. J. 8. HoTIQHX. W.
to 0 f, ran & go.,
No. 297 Second Street, : KTempliIs, Temt,
Cotton Factors & Commission r.lerch'ts,
' No. 314 Front Street, Comer ot Monroe, Memphis, Term.
l ltwil twtiw IfaJa an fa Immanta.
376-378-3SO-SS2-384-386 becond street, sontli ot Oayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
Moaldlar, Laths, Cedar
haooleon nni
B. H. BiUK8.
0BDpo1t received In lami of St and upnard, and interest allowed on in me Scmi-
mw WUbu and fell local Inveitment Bond! and Beanritie. generallr. par taxer, act
troateet, and, In general, .xecute an financial businen requirinxa a.fe andruponsib.a
aTr'wVtMUa drafU, In omt to mlt purehi.ert, on all parts of Earopo. .'
W W bar. aeonimodioua Vault for tha depo.it ot Taluablei, which u at tha Mnrles of
oar cu.tom.ri, Free ot CliarKO.
D, p. JJADDEN, Preslilent. EWD. GOLOSJ1IT1I, Tlce-Prcsldent.
4W1U pay Good Prices' for MOTES, O IX FALLS and
TKA8IIY COITOi oi oil descriptions. Scud for Circular
and Prices Paid.
75 Vance Street, Memphis. Tenn.
Dropsy Treated Free!
No. 55 Jones Arenue, Atlanta, (ia.,
. IUho PAnT,
Em treated Dropsy and IU sompKeationt
with th. most wonderful auooeai 1 ui ew
v .bla rem.di.i, entirely harmleu. Kemorei
a. aruiptou I ot Dropay in oightto ta.nty
di ri.
Jure. patienU pron.r.noed hopeleu br tha
'.at of phyaioiani. 1 v ,
From th Irat doa tha aymptoma rapidly
diaappaar, and In tea day. at leaat two
third, of all aymptoma ar r.inor.d.
Soma may err humbug without knowlna
anything abont it. Remember, it doe. not
eoal you anything U real lie th. meriU ol
ray treatment for youre.lt. In ten day. th
difficulty ot brtathinr la relieved, th iiulie
mad recular. th nrinary organ, mad to
diacharg their lull duty, .leap i. restored,
th. .welling all or nearly (one, th ttrength.
Increased, and appetite mad good. Iam
con.tantly curing ease, ol long standing,
oase. that bar Men tapped a number of
time., and the patient deolared unable to
1'it. a week. Send tor 10 day. treatment)
directions and tena. free, (lire full biatory
ol ease. Nmaleii how long effliotdhow
badly twouen ana wnere, 1. oowei. gobutb.
bur. leg. boiated and dripped water. Send
for ire pamphlet containing teatimoniali,
queationa, eto. .
ten aayiT.auneniiurniBaoairee u iuu
pllep.y It po.itiy.ly cured.
II. H. WKKKN. M.D.. ,
SS Jonet ATenue, Atlanta, 6a.
State thla paper.
I HEREBY w.rn the pnbllo from trading or
liuy leg certein note, made by mat on
no or IJOO. dn Jan. 20, Met t on tor 1130,
da Jn 1. nd on for , dae Bept.
2s, U. " ' peyanle to the erfler ol mra-
h, ai. vvaaaworti'. jwwbuihuhiiui .uv.
the abore note, were giren not being 00 tn
Elied with, I relnae te m uam, and hr
, giT aotlea to that 'SeeU
tn Ula ra ay , r ae it 1- v '
Release) from Bond.
Ctjaroa Hoes.. Miararg. Ti I
RttaraToa'S Urrici, Decemler M, 1W&. I
THIS la to certify that I bar thie day re
I eased. from bonded ear tea 10) barrel.
Whlskr to nortoa irom uremee,
JoSiWti tVr FOLIZ. Mmplia, T.n...
her .teamahip KMor Th dufie. haying
U. eatd, the WhUky U saw In pMuion
fsir.L.FOLTZ. flm 4
Sarreyor of Onttoma, Port of Meaph.i.
aa-Tn abov Whiaky ia bow on aal.
tacat. Call aad try It. H. he. alio other
n brandi , aueh as McBrayer, O. F. C. Tay
lor. BHa ol Ne.aon, and a oempl.t atock
fin brandie.
Late of New York.
Oraoc Mala St., Memphis, Tenn.
CURE9 Cnnaumptien, Heart DiaeaseJ
tarrh. Rheumatism. Female Troubl
Lirer, Kianey, "ji iui,
Kkin Diseaeea, ale.
Trnstcs's Satle.
XTKDKR and by yirtue of the terma of a
U traat deed executed to me as trnitee
h, J. p. Humphreys, on December 21, 1S,
and recorded in the office of th Chancery
Clerk of Ma'ahall county, Miaalaatppt. in
Land Deed Book No. 50. rage a, I will, at
the retiaeat of the beneficiariea in .aid oon
yeyanre, on
atardar, tha Stta elaw r rcbraary,
within legal hours, tn front of th poatodic,
In the town of CollierTtlle. Bhelby coanty,
i- tr.rr,,T at Dublie aactinn.
for aasb, to tie highest bidjer, tte nndivid
ilnrest ef the Mild J. P. Uumphrcye in a
tract ot land lying and being in auraliall
. u;ii,i...i. .nd contmining 16S acre.
of .action 2, townauipil. range Swer, being
k. ..me land purcheeed by the Bra of
Uamphrara k Caanoa lroa 6. 21. Uarru
and bam ilinton.
1 1. th. intamt of the raid J. P. Hamrh-
Ty. in a 40 acre tract ot land lying in Mid
Marshall county, Miaaiaaippi, owned ia eon-
K ii. a.id Ilumohrer.. T. 11. Cannon
end D. T. Brook., ef Tela.: said 40 acre.
being about two mile, (oath of CoUMrrttle,
Tennesaae. Equity ot redemption waned.
Title to th.es latereats believed to be good,
bat I Mil and convey only u traat ee.
W . 4 . COOP W tWD, J a. , TrniUe.
CollierrUle, Tenn.
Cotton Factors.
and Railroad Supplies
MainnMi, Tenr
Poata aad
A Valuable FatenL
Daa.i'1 (Horsr) Torn and Pea PUtnw
HAVING perfected my inrentioa, I wish .
cn place it before tbe public, eape.ially
m.nntaoturni. Aa a f'ra Planter, it is a
perteotrr, eetr-openi th drill, diftribatea
the aeed a. o.rnuuy, nuiuier.d, and coyer
th aame, thereby one man performing tha
work of three. Ine' bare been used ia
thi. lection tor over a dmcn yanra with iex
iect aatisfaotion . Can give reapot aibl. teeli
monlals. ddrea.
JOHN U. D ANCT, Dancyyllle,
Havood eonnty. Tp-n,
MU 31- I-33I3Ja
Ta mat rUMna e t 1 ens aaaw.
arawla. ma la t. SoaU. .!.
ar.nl.IM a allaaWl.a rtjaetoieel rlilrl. aal M .n
M pblan DroduBlM tb. tmry iraralna aa. irlBa
VM.tb.at.tW , shrew qST w- lala mmnt la areas aaet
wboaplaa-MaaS. Waas enM. Hb tba 1MB,, aasaV
lailaim arlaVlpa) ta UN et.lkHa ulaal at M M taata. a
Mi Is T,bo.'a Caaaoaae Kmmt oa Swaar aval ue
MnLata O. .aaM mi t.a ' tar rtam Cm a.
-awaasXaik 4 Coamnpo . palauta,, any
.and to lIi .aia tn tak. H- S.k 4r.rdat ajr h. rrtaa.
tialatX AITIK A "t 4 1XO K, Atlanta. .
mVm Da. Biou'.as mu lfrit cuRruA as
Baarrima. DyjaaHfy C'-3e laHatag. far aa
JMranUB; -
Trustee's Sale.
BV yirtue of a traat deed executed to me
m trnatee by 4? M. Apperaon and Sua.
B. Apperaon, bi. wife, recorded in record!
book A 2, page 402, in the Circuit Court
Clerk'' and heoorder'a ofjee of Crittenden
coucty, Arkanaas, te secure certain indebt
ednea. therein mentioned, default burinc
been made in aaid deed ot traat, I will, at th
tdqueat of th. benefioiary in aaid trait deed,
CB Fearnary I, IS8S,
within legal. hour., on tbe premise, offer for -Mle.
at public outcry, forcath, to the high
est bidder, the following property de.'ri bed
in Mid truat deed, to-wit, the plantation,
known as Wjrioke and Berkley plantationa,
aitaated in Crittenden county, Arkansas, .
about nine mile, below Memphia, being aa
follow!, to-wit: All of acctioa 19, T6, K i R 9
otalO-ie-cre; W H NW J section 20, T
6, N R 9 S. to r-: h tr section i, T o.
NRIK. 240 i-rji NW fr section 30, T 6.
N R9 E. t acrea: part of Spanish
UrantNo,ZjT3.Tt' N R 9 E, 1 2-100 acres -NEW
aection ito.Tk. N R8E, ltW acres- li
H Kli X aection 31, T 6, N R 9 E, 8u acrea
?W M aection 81, T 'j. N K 9 E, 1 aeVw? SVr1
W section SO. I6.XE ') E. It6 acre? : S E
.cction 25, T 6, N Re p 160 acr-..- N V4.ee-
J.W.'W ,,": 6B fr 'tion
w if ui ii . ,"r:r;a.uon. T6.
No. 2573, T 6, i
taining twent1
two aad 10-liW
t'luT.ncui, in.rvou ana an mtsfi.....
thereunto belonging. The ciuity of red.mo-
ana rignt to dower and oaeai.ad .
wai red.
Alao at Mid time and place, and on aaid
terms, . will sell the following personal p"pl
erty, aituate and now ot uid planiationg.
iHUVFortrM"? fortyion. head l
IZa Z?w ?a. "ld rdanUlK.,. Alao, a foil
and eompleteaswrtment ol farming imp.-.
Titl. koIic-H to bo g.tod, thoagh I seH
and warrant only aatrnatce.
Bale to commoDre at U o'rleak
M. saSEii, Tttstea.
N h I E. 194 acn-in a'l ci-
V-aiaht hr.M.1 rA : l .
wi ui .iiisniiin ur.nt
. ... an i wu .

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