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sTfce Kias City and Birmingham
Charter Saportatendeat of
Education ConDrmod.
Jackson, Miw., Janoay 30. Senate.
Kills, etc., intrrdaced ad referred:
By Mr. Dillurd: To tompl tb
Gal and Ship Iiland Railroad Com
pany to comply with the term of it 1o
receive the transfer ol the penitentiary
leas, and, in default, to If awthe peni
teotiary to the Natohcr,, Jackson and
Colombo Builrcai Company andhr
other purpo'es.
By Mr. Reynolds: To provide lor
the iDCorpoia'ioj of railroad com
panies. By Mr. Sfials To facilittta the eon
atruction of telegraph companies in
this Stale.
By Mr. Dodds: To regu'at the
Mle of cotton in the seed in Copiah
-court jr; also a memorial to Congrats
arttinK the pwaae of the "Blair edu
cational bill."
By Mr. lojfhe: To amend the law.
in relation' tj judgments from justices
By Mr. Hamilton of Holmes: To
incorporate Durant Academy.
ByMr.tiaie: Aothoriiinu the en
perviiors of Grenada conoty to make
certain allowances in behalf of B. H.
Gordon and John Wright.
By Mr. Yergcr: To amend t.e at
incorporating the Yta-.o Dtl a Ru'l
o id Company.
By the Corns' it'ee on Counties and
County Boundaries: - To author re
the purchase by boaids of supervisors
of missing and needed volumes of
8ut i retorts.
By Mr. Morris: For tbe protection
i the educational, sects), financial,
moral and religious interests of the
itiE8us f Bute Line, in Green and
Warren com ties. "
By Mr. Breaham: To amend the
charter of the Natchez, Jackson and
Columbus Railroad Company.
The discussion of the proposed
charter to the Kansas City and Bir-mingba-n
Rulroad Company Coitn
wed to adjiurnruent without resolt
Coollrmations bv the Set qte of Su
perintendent" of Kluca ion: J. W,
Henderson of Adums county, L. E.
Leip.'ord of Benton, Wm. H. Ker of
Claiborne, T. B. Duf'oa of Clay, D. S
Burch of Oopiab, C. J). Lancaster cf
HarriiOD, R. A. Vioeon of Kempnr,
W. H. Whitaker, cf Laiderdale, W.
j. Lipscomb of Lownder, . 1). Miller
of Marshall. E. P. Thompson of Mot
roe, E. A. Tare, cf Noxubee, J. A.
It ain water cf Panoia, J. M. Oart.T of
Pontotoc. William Ruber nf Rankin,
, W. B. Roseborough of Tate, J. C.
Frederick of Iippau, M. i. Roger of
Unios, II. T. Moore of Warren, 8.
Archer of Washington, T. W. Brown
of Williamson, A. M. Hicks of Yas.o,
J. R. Galtiey of Am is, J. S. Smith of
Attala, T. P. Gibbe, i f Ctdhoun, W.D.
Northrop nf Clarke, N. W. Lea of Coa
faoma, J. N. Walker of Covington, K.
li. Webb, of Franklin, Dr. J. T. Parker
of Chickasaw, R. T. Payne of Grenada,
A. G. Severn oa of Iliucock, A. M. W.
timith of Jrt'per, A. W. Bennet of Itv
wambat J. b. Hicks of Jefferson, P. A.
Kiiuh of Lafayeit, Wi F. McGinnis of
Lawrence, K C. Rjdus of Lee, H. A.
Barnes of Marion, L. A. Fort of Ok
tibbeta A. D. Hartficll of Perry, F.
M. Hamblet of Qoitman, T. R. Go van
of Simpson, A. C. Foader of TaUa-J-atcbie,
Frank Bowel of Tunica, T. H.
Mallard of Wayne, W. T. Wynn ot
Yalobusha, J. E Clarke of Webbtar, J.
H M. Hoon ot Madison.
The Senate rofu-eJ t ) confirm the
nomnut on c f J. H. Webb as Super
intendent of .Educa'iou of Alcorn
This being local bill day In the
House, there were qiite a number cf
bills introduced aud some passed, but
they were of a purely local character.
Mr. Msgruder of Warren introduced
bill to abolish the Riilroad Comrais
flion cf this 8 a e, which was referred.
' The House passed a resolution to
adjourn Wednesday next fo; the pur
pose of acce(t'ng the invitatioi to
visit the Fema e Ccllege at Columbus.
It is probable that the Senate will do
likewise. '
An Objectlonnblo ae Aparhe.
Chicago, III., January 30. A spe-
cisl telegram pnbliahrd here this
morning from Tuceo.i, Ariz , says:
Mexican citizena ju&t ariveu from
Nosori state that the reasjn the Mexi
can tro.ips fired oi Oitpt. Crawford's
lod ai scontri was tbat they were
equally ai objectionable in Mexico as
thefoca'hd renegale Apaches. They
claim it can be proved that do ik's
ecouti have repeatedly committed
depredations in Mexico and then la'd
the blame on the renegades. This
being the case, they sav, the Mexican
Officers find it hard to restrain their
men from firing on Crook's Indian
scoot i wherever they come in contact
with them. Responsible Americans
residing in Mexico confirm the repoit
of the Mexicais to a certain extent.
Corruption 1m the Plttabora; City
Pittsbubq, Pa., January 30. A
joint committee of councils com
mences an investigation this evening
of charges that nineteen members of
the two bodies were corruptly influ
enced to vole for important measures
adopted during the year, including
the natural gas ordinance, Snnth Side
Water-works purchase and the bill an
thoriz'cg the introduction of the gen
eral sys'em of police patrol. Consid
erable feeling has been engendered,
bnt it is generally looked upon at an
electioneering measure, as the munici
pal electio as aw held on the 17th of
Febi nary.
Shot and Innlnnily Killed.
Haw York, January ao. Ellen Fitts,
aged twenty-six yea, of No. 140 Mul
berry street, was shot in tbe left brta-t
at 4 o'clock thin morning and inBtantly
killed by Frederick Gibhart, keeper
on Blackwell'e Island. Gebhait made
his eecape. Shortly tfcer 1 o'clock
-Gebhart returned id bis home oi
Fourth street and was arrested. The
weapon with which he did the shoot
ing was fjund in his (ojseesion. He
was still somewhat under tbe influence
of l'qaoraud made can tradiciory state
ments abdut the shroting.
Wkfs Tried Always Preferred.
Wnen thy ence become acquainted
with ft, ladies invariably preter Par
ker's Hair Balsam to any similar prep
aration. It makes the bair Bolt and
glossy, arrests ita falling off. promotes
new growth, restore s the original color,
and has no lival as a dressing. Mot a
dye, net oily, highly perfumed. Only
60c at druggists. ; - -
BellBlonVrronblea at Jollet, III.
Joliit, III., Jaanary SO. Religions
excite iiect in this city has been raised
to a fever heat by the difficulty be
tween the i-a'wtion Army and civil
authorities. The mayor, chief of po
lice and a majority oE tbe conncilmen
are Catholic?, and because the mera-
bersofthe army have -been nightly
n -rested under a city ordinance fir
disturbing the peace i it greeted parties
have raised tbe cry of religious perse
cution. Thursday night six members
of tbe Salvationists were arrested and
locked np overnight, bnt tbe city at
torney rt fused to prosecnt) the cases.
The action of the city's legal adviser
caused the mayor to ca'l a specitl
council meeting lut night, when, by
a uoanimous vote of tbe members
present, the mayor's action in the
premises was sustained. The mem
bers of the army arrested yesterday
filed suiti in the Circuit Court against
Mayor Kelly, Chief of Police Murray
and two policemen,, claiming $10,000
damages. The Biard of Supervisor
has now further complicated matters,
and cauted ato'.her claah of authority
by granting the Salvationist tbe free
dom of tbe city square for the purpose
ot holding open-air meetings.
garfield'and hill.
1CAL raiTY
Approved by Blalao The Project
Hipped Im the Bod by Prealr
deat darfleld'a Deatb.
New York Horfd: During the life-'
time of Benjamin H. Hill, Col. Fia ik
A. Burr enjoyed an it timate acquaint
ance with aim. "Ben Hill," raid Col.
Burr yesterday, "was the origira'or rf
one of the biggest political project!
ever attempted in this cb iLtry. t'o a
after Gen. Garfield was looted, Demo
crtti Uulinf men like Hill fearing
thtt men of the Mahone stamp would
get tbe tpper hand, entered into an
organization f r tbe preaena'ioa oi
whkt tbey were pleased t cad the
b't'er elements North and South.
The movement looked to revolution
izing all existing pa ty lines. Hill
wrcti to Gen. Garfield broaching tbe
subject. Garfield responded, asking
for particulars astoiheplin. They
were given, and when GarSt ld came
to Washington to ta'se the oath of of
fice there was a conference between
the Prebident-elect and the lead
ing men 'of the Soith. An
agreement was made then. Ia
brief, tbe terms were some
thing like this: The Southern
gentlemen were to all sign their
names to a circular acknowledging
that the war was over, in lut', and
tbat the results growing out of it were
all accepted in good faith by the South
ern people. They also recognized tbat
they were one people and that tbe
Northern citizens had no desire to
humiliate their Southern brethren.
All this was to be elated in a clear aid
diplomatic way. Then, tbe Southern
statesmen agreed to accept tae.fina i
rial policy cf the Rrpublican party.
For this Gen. Garfield promised to
turn over the Fedeta' patronage in the
South to the Southern (Senato-a. The
p'ai win approved by Blaine, and il it
bad been carried out it wonld Lave
brokea up the two existing portiee ot
to-day. Gaiflild'a dra'.h nipped the
project In the bnd. It needed patron
age to carry it out.
"Merator Hill told mo theitwy him
self, rhen I met him in Philadelphia,
where he was undergoing a eureka
operation on bis tongue. He said he
wo ill give me the correspondence be
tween Gen. Garfield and himself, aud
be tu might it should be published.
Well, he returned tome to Georgia;
a second operation was performed on
his tongue, and shortly t f ter he passed
away. Just before his death, however,
he wro'e me a lttter, saying that it was
his with that I should have his corre
spondence. After his det'i I wrote a
nit i to Ben. Hill, jr., inclosing his
ftber's letter, and asked him to please
forward the correspondence to me.
The son replied, saying that he recog
n'z9d his father's wish in the matter,
and would comply with my request if
I insisted upon it, but the family
though t that the publication of the
letters would arouse a useless contro
versy, and hoped I would not precs
tbe point, and I did so'."
"I can testify that the main po'ntof
the story is true," la'd Mr. Frank Hat
ton, who was standing by. "When I
weLt into the Poetofiice Department,"
he continued, 'I found that all the
postofflce patronage in the Soath had
been turned over to the Democrats.
For instance, I found writ tan across a
Florida case: 'Do ncthing until you
hear from Sentt ra Ca'l or Jones.' It
was the same in tbe other Southern
S ates, but I am afraid I paid very lit
tle attention to these net x. I dii net
believe in building up the Republican
party in tbat way."
At'ni.ti Constitution: "A lerorter. of
tbe Constitution at once hunted np Mr.
Ben Hill, and found him in his office
in tbe cm torn house building. Hand
ing the article from the World t) Sir.
Hill, he rcai it carefully and then
said: This ia not the first time that I
have heard of the matter mentioned
by Mr. Burr. My father was on inti
mate, pert o rial relations with tbe lata
President Garfield, and believed that
his administration wonld treat the
South with more justice than previous
ones. I have two leltjrs written by
Pree dent Garfield to my father tfter
his election and be'ore his inaugura
tion, fully justifying this belief. Bnt
I do not believe any agreement was en
tered into between them ai stated by
Mr. Burr. I cannot think Mr. Burr
has been correctly reported. He cer
tainly never wrots to ma inclosing
any letter from my fn'ber asking for
the alleged correspondence with Mr
Oca. Sba naaai to Move to Sow York.
St. Louis, Mo., Jannary 30 Last
night Gsn. W. T. Sherman, in answer
tt a query whtther it was true that he
was contemplating a permanent re
moval cf his household from SL Louie,
said that he bad made up his mind t
move to New York, but no', immedi
ately. His daughter, Mrs Fitch, now
resides in New York, while bis son is
in an Eastern college, leaving no ti?s
to bind him to the West. He ran.
live with Mrs. Sherman at the Filth
AvenueBHotel, New York, a cheaply
as he can maintain an establishment
here, and this he means to do. The
comiog spring and summer he will
travel in the West. At the beginning
of next winter, or when he gets tired
of wandering, be will sell oat entirely
in St.. Louis and tike np quarters at
the Fifth Avenue.
A Hew York aenoatloa.
New Yobk, January 30. It was
rumored this afternoon that bur
glars succeeded last night in carrying
off the books of the Broadway Rail
road Company's office. There was
intense excitement down town over
the rumor until it was officially de
nied. " '
Kailroad Dlaaator la Peaaaylvaala.
Scott Haven, Pa., January 30.
A freight train on the Pittsburg,
McKeesport and Youghiogheny rail
road ran into a land-slide early this
morning and was badly wrecked.
Conductor Graham and Hreman El
liott are buried under the debris,
and are painfully but sot fatally in
jured. Trains, are delayed.
The Three Jfegroes Now Believed to
Have Been Butchered With
out Prorogation.
Dallas,' Tax., January 30. The
shooting affiay repotted from here
Seeterday proved to be a serious affair,
oly three persona were shot, but the
developments are sensational and at
tracting slmoit universal attention.
All the paitie shot were eclored
Jesse Bonner, a mlddle-aed nan;
Margaret Young, bis step daughter,
aged five years, and Henry Johnson,
aged ten years. Bonner was instantly
killed, and the other two ft'ally
wounded. Detective Dancan of Dal
las, and Depot '-Sheriff Seely of Free
stone county, who did the killing,
will stick to tie statement male by
them that they went to Bonner'
house to arrest him as a horse-thief,
and were tired npon by parties inside
with shotguns uad pistols, and that
they returned the fire, and tbat tbe
kilting was done in self-defense. But
the remarkable feature of tbe tragedy
ia tint neither of the officers receivtd
a eemt jh. OHL-ers who have made a
thorough investigation of tbe prem
ises assert that all the bullet-holes
found in tbe bojse show tbat they
were made from shots fired inward
from the dror of the cabin through
which the officers entered, and tbat
no evidences were discovered ot shots
fired outward by the occupants of the
cabin. The evidence taken before tbe
justice is voluminous, and tie jury re
turned a verdict tba; Bonner's Ueath
was caused by
inflicted by eboti fired from weapons
in the hands of one Seely and two
other parties to the jury unknown.
Duncan admits being with Seely and
shooting, but the witnesses from
among the occupants cf the honse
only identified Sea.y. Who the third
party was is a mystery. The story of
the negiow, with surrounding circum
itancee, mase it appear credible far
different from the sia'epients of Dun
can and Seely. Robert Johnson said
he had just returned to the house
from work with his bnt tier Henry,
when two men rushed in and bet a a
filing without saying a word. Bon
ner fell, as did alto tbe little
girl. Johnson and his broth
er then ran outside, and there
Henry was. shot down by another
man. Josephine Davie, who was in
the house at the time of the shooting,
tett fie to the tame effect. Duncan
and Setly are still in custody at the
ja'l, and the grand jary, now in ses
sion, is invest satiun tbe tragedy. The
opinion prevails tbat indictments f ir
murder will be returned againet Dun
ein and Seely. Public opinion, a i ex
pressed on tie streets and in publio
plaoee, is not complimentary to them
in connection with tbe tragedy.
A Hew aad Horrible Theory.
Galvkston, Tax , January 30. The
ATu special from Dallas tavs: "A
good deal of excitement was' created
here to-day oa the aaco incemert cf
a new and horrible theory touching
the killing cf Jesse Bonner and
other negros Thursday nivht by Dep--uty
Sheriff Seely of Freatt ne county
aud Detective Duncan of this city,
who surrendered themse ves. A visit
to the scene cf tbe shooting shows
tbat Bonner's five-year-old child was
shot through the forehead and tbat
Robert Johnson, colored, was shot in
trie knee. The evidence at the in
quest thus far tends to show that the
ebo t og was entirely unprovoked,
limner was sitting in his cabin with
his child on his knee when the office) s
burst in and began shooting. The
negioes had no weapoas. Witnesses
testily that there were three white
men ia tbe party. One ttojd outaide
aud shot Jobntoi as he ran away. The
belitf is growing that the killing was
cold-blcoled murder. Tbe colored
population are agitated. Constable
Miller says tbat his tUtement of the
negroes is corroborated by the appear
nice cf things. Tbe Hi Mrs have av
ceit lined that jnst before Duncan tnd
Seely gave themselves up Duncan
toik a breech-loading shotgun to the
"Two Brothers" saloon, at Main and
Sycamore stretti, sod requested Joe
B'ack to keep it until called f r, re
marking: "I guess we've male a bad
k-ll'ng.'1 Late last night the sheriff
arrested, as the third aggressor, a de
tect' ve of Jack Duncan's corps, known
as "Lcosely." Duncan and Seely are
locked up In one cell and "Loosely"
in another. It is the impression tbat
"loosely" will turn Slate's evidence.
Deatb or . O. A. Bell Worry I ng
Wratber Ballroad Motea-Per.
onal. .
rooiaaaroNDaxca or tbi ArniL.l
Bauky, Tenh., January 30 Mr.
John Bailey, of Early Grove, Miss.,
paid a short visit to relatives her this
W. G. Morton and family left a few
days since for FoitSm tb, Ark., which
will be tLeir future home.
A Florida orange-grower who re
sides here tays that he "don't want to
hear from bis boss in blizsird-striclen
Florida." Undoubtedly his faith hss
waxed strong in newspaper repo'te,
which are cf a chilly nature from tbat
It la generally conceded that Janu
ary has furnished the most worrying
weather ever known. For two weeks
a cloudy canopy has cast a gloomy as
pect over everything and a nose cutter
is b owing from the no :th this morn-,
ing crusting over the boggy roads
which have been almost impassable.
The stars peeped out last night for the
first time it seems in our memory. We
are now ready to lcok upon tbe sunny
side of this winter.
Agents flong tbe Memphis and
Charleston railroad have been sup
plied with blanks to furnish clergy
men to make applica'ion to B. W.
Wrtnn, general passenger and ticket
agent of tbe Eatt Tennessee, Virginia
and Georgia Air-Line, for certificates
securing to them the advantage of the
2 cents per mile rates which is to take
effect February 1st. This is anotner
quite desirable improvement in tbe
patsenger department' sines Mr.Wrenn
bas taken charge of the Memphis and
Charleston division.
Death has claimed all that was
mortal of G. A. Bell, who passed away
at his residence near Center Hill,
Miss., on the evening of January 26th,
if era short illness, of pneumonia,
aged about thirty-seven, years. Mr.
Bell was a genial hearted man whose
sympa'bie always were extended to
the distressed, to whom he was always
ready to render such assistance rs was
in bis power, and his last act was to
visit a bereaved neigkborooly a few
days before his death- . eiar.
' Cat Dewa by the Ioe.
EvAjtsvTixx, I(io.t January SO.
Four unknown men attempted t
cross tbe river t the Kentucky side
ia a skiff yetterday afternoon. The
river was full of gorged ice, makiop
the crossing very ditlicnlt. About
midway acroes thv encountered a
heavy flo?. Tbe skiff was seen in tbe
midst of the ice and the men pulling
desperately. Then came t lookers
on on shore a faint sound ot a grind
and crush, and the utf rtunats men
anq boat had disappeared. Mr. Sam
uel Butler, a farmer, and one ot bis
hands t:ok a skiff and went rut as far
as they dared to venture, bnt found
no trace of the men, nod it is sup
posed tbat a'l were lost. It is thought
they came here from Green river
after piovisidna.
Oa tbo Be roper Boantala, 31 car
tenia-, Ala.
Naw Yobk, January 30. A Ster
ling (Ala.) special to the TVmrissys:
A big land slide, involving a large
port'on of a famous mountain in the
vicinity of this place, took place yes
terday. Five miles from Sterling is
what is called the Scraper mountain,
and the noith aide of it is a great bar
ren waste, with huge boulders pro
jcting over level, and anyone on top
of o e of these can look straight down
into the waters of the Chattooga river.
About one mile of this part cf tbe
mounla n befan breaking loose and
with a tremendous roar crushed t the
vn ley below, where it emptied a great
mi ss of locks and trees. About one
quarter of a mile t.f ths slide rushed
its way across the Chat tooga river,
making a compl tsdam and causing
the water to back a distince cf several
miles. About 7 o'clock tbe water
broke around the slide and rushed
with terrible force into the regular
channel beliw. At the place where
the slide left fie mountain side there
is a perpendicular wall of about 300
ft. and atout fif y fiet from the top
there is a great hole twenty feet in
diameter which is suppoied to be an
entiance to a rave. Tbe slide is a
wondorful sight, and hundreds cf peo
ple are coming from all 'sections to
view the freak of uature. It is said
the noise made by the sliding was
heaid to a distance o! tn miles, but
terrible as it was there was no loss of
life or property. The dills and boul
ders have been threatening to break
down ever since the heavy freeze, but
no oae expect id o serious a result as
tbia. A few adventurous pco., le are
making preparations to scale tbe place
where the slide came fiom and explore
the supposed cave.
Kxeltlaa Heeae to tbo St. I.oola
Pt. Louis, January 30. A highly ex
c'ting scene occurred in the lower
house of the Municipal Assemby Uat
night. The house a ai wrangling over
the fas bills, which hav been bones of
contortion before it for several weeks
past, and In the bight of a discus
sion over a motion to refer the cor
rectness of the form of a certification
upoa one ot tbe bills to tie city
counsellor, the speaker, Mr. Fox, de
clared the honso adjourned. This
produced a grea. comruo inn, and the
minority, or Fox men, U ft tbe IftU.
The majority reconvened, elected a
new Bptaker and clerk aad one or
t wo minor officers and at'j .turned after
sending dm sqca I of police to take .
charge of the tall and prevent the
minority fiom meeting there. Three
policemen were stat'sned at the hall
alter midnight, but the excitement
bad then subsided. Tbe police still
h Id ro 'session of the hall.
The Woman Who Translated New
ton's "Prlnclpla."
Other women, whose names are
less well known, wrote on astron
omy during the seventeenth century.
We may cite Maria Cunitz, daughter
of a Hilcsiau doctor, who published
astronomical tables in 1(150; Jeanne
Dume. who, in 1(150, wrote a book
defending the Copcrnican system
aeainst "soientifio attacks upon it.
Ol more modern date was Madame
Gabriolle Kmilie de Brcteuil, Mar
quise du Chatelet, who was for fif
teen years the constant friend of
Voltaire, and in her retreat at Cirey
devoted ber whole lifo to the sciences.
She it was who first made known
to France, then devoted to soientifio
Cartesiaoism and the doctrine of ele
mentary vortices, the masterly work of
Newton. This was a title to glory
which might have made the lortune
of more than one scientific man, and
it fell upon a woman. Mile, de lire
teuil had received a very careful ed
ucation, but ber natural tasto for
study and serious occupations did
not prevent her lrom shining brill
iantly in the sooiety of the courts of
the Regency for some years alter her
marriage with M. du Ohalclct. One
oi thebc.it evidences of her genius
that we have is in the bearing toward
her of Voltaire, who had no respect
for any but montal gilts. He had
returned from Great Britain full of
enthusiasm for English science
and philosophy, and occupied
with the dream of making Newton
known to his countrymen and de
throning Descartes at the academy
It may appear singulcr that he
selected Madame du Chatelet for this
work-"but the ehoioe was not cx
traerdinary after all. She had al
ready made some progress in mathe
matical studies under the direction
ot Maupertuis and Clairaut, and
Voltaire was looking. for the assist
ance he needed to some one outside
of the official scientific circle. The
translation of Newton's l'rincipia
would be the best means of making
known iu France the great En
glish geometrician nd the ad
mirable simplicity winch, his theory
of attraction lent to the study ot
the movement of the stars. This
work Mme. de Chatelet did well.
But she did more than make a sim
ple translation. The algebraic com
mentary which follows the transla
tion is in largo part the work of this
lady, although it was composed under
the direction of Clairaut and revised
by him. "We have witnessed two
prodigies," said Voltaire in his his
torical introduction to the frincipia
"one that Newton shcmld have
composed this work, and tbo other
that a woman should have translated
and eluoidated it," From " Womrn
in Attronrmy," by E. Lagrange, in
Popular Science Monthly tr iebru
ary. -
ALL periona ewnlsc and holllni Jd
a.l Crti4eal. er eoopooi thereon,
nilnr Aagutt 1, IK , luul by Tipton
county qnjor at ast of th0 aril Awmhl
nf tbe Btateo! Iotmmm, app.'orta Urn
ber 21, lwl, la eomKcmite of (jJrmeaU
Mattered in the Clraait (.our. of tbe I nt'ed
btatei for the WeMerp District e Tenneuee,
at Mamphii, are hrl notified to prexent
airt JiKiement Certificate! end eouion; and
detached eooeona, for payment, to the I'nion
and l'Unten Bank in mid city ol Men-
tdi , Tenn., on or before the let day of
fbriKiy A.aV 1m, when and where
the unit w'll paidacf-rdioc to the term!
and condition! 0 'lie iid JudKmentOertin
ca'ea and eompronlie . refluent entered
into between lirtoo county 3 her d
creditor!. Ih'.i 31t irA0,gYrTiJ 14
Chairman of the Coanty Court ot Tipton Co.
J le LOvuK,
Count Truitttt
Dlt. D. s: JOHNSON
'e. 17 Jeflrrsioo Street,
(Between Msin and Front.) HEMPII IS.
IKitablUhtd la 130.1
DR. JOHNSON ia acknowledred by all par
tie! Interested a by far the mnt inc
eesitul iihyaiiiau in the treatment of private
er Mtret diieuee. yuiok, permanent euree
euaranteed in erery caie, male or female.
Keotnt catei of Uonorrhea and Srphilia
cured (n a f?w daya without the ue of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance trom
buiinear. Secondary Syphilin. the lact Tee
tito eradicated withoutthe ue of mercury.
Involuntary loli of emen itonned in a ahort
time. Buflforera from Impotency or loi of
aexual power featured to treevitor in a law
weeki. Victim! of elf-abux and exoeiiive
venerr, lufferina from permalorrhea and
Ion of phyaical and mental power, apeedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the DiKeuee nf Women, and
Cure auaranleed. Pile! and old aorei eared
withoutthe ueeof eauiticor the knife. All
coniulutioni atrictly confidential. Medi
cine not by txprvM to all parta of tbe
a WorVlnimcn cured at half tho uiual
retee. Othoe ooun from a o'clock a.m. to V
o'clock p.m. D. 8. JOHNSON. M.D.
D0.32W, R. (O) Chancery Court of Shelby
oounty ti'ate of Tenneiiea, fur uie, eto.,
y, Wm. K. Bailor etal.
BY virtue ot an Interlocutory decree for
ale, entered in tbe above oauee on the
6th day of November, PM, minute boo .'Ml,
I .ate V2, I will Mil, at public auotion, to tbe
iiitheit bidder, in front of the Clerk and
Maiter'a oruoe, oourt-bouie of Shelby coun
ty. Meiuphi. Tenn., oa
Saturday, rebroarj SO, IS,
within lean! hour, the followliii described
rroierty, lituated in Memphii, bhelby ooun
y, Tenn., to-witi
Lot No. 10, country lot Wl boilnnlni at
the intornection of the south ude uf Market
troet wiih toe east eido of the alley running
north and south bet w. en and para let to
Third and Fourth utreeta; thence south with
tbe east line of sa'il all.y 2(U feot, more or
Icvi, to another allry parallel to Market
ireoti thence east with t'e north line cf
iaid lent named alley l4'-i fet: thenoe
north ) feet, more or lesi, to tho snutti line
of Market s reeti thenoe west with said
trmit foot to the b ginninir, said lut
being known as the Tilus homestead.
Terms of Sale On aciflltof x months)
r urouasor to execute note with security I
ien retained and rnleinutioa barred.
This January I Huh.
r). I. WoUOWKl.L, Clerk and Mauler.
Jy I. M. Bradley, iepuly C. and M.
W. Hampton, solicitor. '
No. MM, R Chancery Conrtlof Shelby Coan
ty cjtate ot lennvssee for its "in ase.
etc., vs. Uabe Judabj at al., and n. m
(F). State of Tannine . W. Ji. Butler
et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocatery deere for
ale entered in tb above cause on the
JS'th day oi November, 1HH&, M. I). AO, page
210, 1 will tell, at public auotion, to the high
est bidder, in front ot the Clerk and Blaa
tor'a office, oourthonse ol Baelby couaty,
Memphii, Tenn., oa
Ratnrday, Febrnary BO, 1SHS.
within legal boars, the following described
proirty, situated in Hhclbv county, Tenn.,
tn-witt Part oi Iota i7 and 2HH, fronting
20 17-100 feet on the north siile of Washing
ton street by a uVptbof 58 'ett. the east line
b ingufS left weatol Heron d tret. Sold
oroper'yof Win. and Harab Flynn.
Part ot S75, weft side ot Third street,
fronung 4tS feet, and running brck
loet. said lot being on the northwest corner
nf Third street and the alley between Adams
and Wahingtn streeta. fold as property of
Jainei W. Kiobanlaon and others.
Termini Bale-On a credit of six months I
note bearing interest with security required I
lien retained, redemption barred. This Jan
uary 21. MM.
b. I. McDOWKIX, Clerk and Master.
PyJ.M Bra-tiey. Depute Clerk and Muter.
V. H. A O. W. Ueiskell and J. W. Hamp
ton, Solicitors.
Thomson's Hotel
I... If. O. t T. Hallrond.
Clarksdale, Mississippi.
Trnlni atop ID minute! lor meals.
Preaktait, going North !.
Dinner, going houth .....--...... Yii't
Dinner, going North I ill
Supper, going riouth ' '
The hotel is near the h., N. 0. and T. Rl
tnau Depot. The only hotel in town, 'travel
era, cy boarders and familiei will And t is
best of aciwiu modatiom. The moma are
ou nlortable, w t plenty of beddlnv. The
table and sorvloe la ... t clajs. Terms tea
unable. W. R. TnOMflfiN A 00.. Proprietor.
For i years at 17 Court riace, now at
A rMtjbtrlr rdrjrmlM tutd 1eerJ1j ntOlM (attjaiel tuad tha
Spcriiiatrrliea and Inipotexicy,
W th rMult of rir-ba fa youth, Mttml MrfJ
ium yun, or ftthsjr ru tnl prtwlnclnf KksnifD IB'oV
towiBK e-fJenia: NervoiisnuM, H nil Dal KmliiliUt, t
io.tej by dincna), lXmtv-is of tflfht, 0iotlv Ucm-.'kiy
IOwiy, fiuiU 00 Kaf, Averslun l.rkrtv rf y em ,
flwla4ub f f tfeaual Prwf, o., mwlsrloi
namiafw Improrvw r imrskiipr, n UiATMfhir w4 ,wrms
naf ..urr SYPH1XIS P11' l1
V lifcT .rum tb ijnuinf OonorrhaBO,
OliKETa Blrtaui, Orutoitl. Iruit. m kuu'
t! and Vnr pdvataj dinnmtm quick I; eurvti.
H U ir-f trtaiat Ihtil phj lottu who pr frta1 tlMftkaa
m mr'Ain olM of dlmm, an 1 trwUni UnMiaafld uo.
Hf, KctulrM htuI rtllL PhfilTlans knowiim this tmn nfwi
proniuetj!l perswaa to tnf r. Vbtl U ( iDeonvtnkni M
vi'eU th oil? fa- UMtiufnt, itiMnrlow em Umi frtMlf
uwl itHlj by ansil or vrM airlir.
flnvt)! Guaranied la mil Cwwv
Dndortaken t a
tVitsultoUotis rwnnt r Ir? V4MV frM tt4 lirtf4.
Ciwt nMsMU ttvt omtqaf)Mcf(rMtivr feiiit4Miis,
1 private cotmsrxoR
Of KM) pMsa, mt te soy eatf-M, ...w.l- smM, 9m OiwV
'301 huu, Mnouia fc na tr all. I4nm m klwTa.
iM boun ha A. M. tog r. M. aaeaaya, I to
AdmlnlHtratrlx'i Notice.
THK undersigned having Qualified as ad
ininil tratrix of I'hilip hauer, deceased.
nereoy nooaes an aeoiors ui ounie iurwru
end aettle, and all creditors to present their
bill!, properly probated. All aoodl held
fur charges matt be removed by the 21st of
December, 1H86.
boots, Hhoes, Tools, Bkow-Case and Flat
urel lor sale at lea than cost
Caroline baukr,
Adm'rx of Philip Bauer. 20 Jeffo-a on st.
11KA1. EMTAT15
Ho. JZI9, R. (F) Chancery Court of Shelby
couety Btate of Tennesi e for use, etc., vs.
W. K- lluUer et 1.1. 1 and No. 1478, K.D.r
City of Memphis r . K. McNeill etal.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
ale. entered in the above cause on the
11th day n May, 10, and renewed Decem
ber 22,18, M.B. 50, page 471,1 will sell, at
patilie auction, to the highest bidder, in
front oi the Clerk and Master's office, court
house of bbelbv county, Memphis, Tenn , on
Satordaw, February SO, 1HH,
within legal hours, the following deicribed
proi erty, lituated in Memphii, bheltiy coun
ty. Tenn., to-witi Beginning on the east
side of the first alley tut ot Third street at
its intersection with the south side of Jeffer
son street; thence east w tb suuth line of
Jeflerson street leett tbe nee south iWA
feet to an alley : thenoe west with north side
of said alley 1 leet to the first alley enst
of Third street; thenoe with laid alloy M'A
feet to tbe beginning, rold asthe ro petty
of P. S. aleatn and Martba Hod e.
Terms of bale Oa a creditor 7 months 1
note with security: lien retained and re
demption barred. Tbii January 2i 1HH6.
8. I. MCDOWELL, Clerk and Matter.
By '. M. Uradley, Deputy Clerk k Master.
J. W, Hampton, Solicitor.
E ALT II tm WEALTH. Da. X. 0.
Waev'. Neava aid 11ei TauTiavr.
agnarantreJ specific for Hysteria, Dull
ness. Cenvnlstoew, Pit. Nary 'iu Neural
ria, Ueadaehe, Nerve "i Proetratioi. caused
by the ose of alcohol o t.'hacooi Wake
fulneu, Mental Depression, Sa't -t.lng of tbe
Drain, resitting in lasanity and U . Ing to
miferv,deoay and doathi Premature ,u
Age, liarrennesi, Lou ot Puwer in either
Involuntary Lnises and Hpermatnr
rhea, eeux i by over-exertion of the brain,
eelf-ebnse or overindulgence, taoh box con
tain! iioa mo'.tt, s treaUncnt. $1 a box, or
ix boles for (5, seni b mail prepaid, on
receipt of prioe. Wn euar-nne Six Boxes
to rare any ease. With each order received
by us fur six bexea, aeoncpanied wit ;
we will lend the purchaser oar written
guarat to to refund the money if the treat
ment dees -et aSect a cure, ttuaranteea
iasaed only bv A R&NK.KUI t0.. DrOf
fiatis sUatpalle lena.
3XToxv Butter House,
Wholesale and Retail Tlntiera Specialty, and pHcea cut to meet the time.
Bewt Creamery, 2He per lb. IVo. 2 Creuuiery, 23e per lb.
llry, 11, II, 10, IN, 20 aud 22c per lb.
. 14 Fremt Htreet. Oppaalte Pae'etllre. Telephaaa H.
Established 1865.
2rfi and 258 Front
rfier.f hmlm Ik Co
Cotton Factors. Wholesale Grocers.
No. 308 Front Street Mmp"hls, Tenn.
2GS Front Street, We m phis,
AirenlH WlnHliln roll
tin1; of
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. B. GODWIN, Pm't. J. M. WOODlt.tlt, VlrtPri'U C. H. RUNE, Caatler.
X3ovx-cl of Dlrootorai.
W. 8. BHUCK. M. OAVlN, J. W. "j, . -
V. M. N KLHoij, T. li. HIMrf. W. P. UUN AVAHT,
W. li. WII.KfcHHON. R. T. COO I'M. II. Vjl WWHi.
mrA Depoaltory of tha Nfate) r TantH-esiMt. Trnnaaetta lnirxa Bntlklaic
lln.inaaa and aleoa Mparlnl
Cotton Factors, Wbolessde Grocery
No. 11 Union Street : : BlcmpliU, Tenn.
Cotton Factors & Commission Herch'ts
-ttn Warehaase-llea. H and 0. Vatlna HUoei.
CollarH. Tre ClinlnH, Itp Milks, .
Illlud IlridlcH, lIitiiicH. lap IUur-h,
llackbundrt, Nlii;le Trce llepalr Links,
llamcMtrlnga, Ioitlle Tree), Cotton Hope, '
Curry Comb, Home llriiHlirs.
A Complete I-lne or Ike above Good ut Lowest Prices.
J.Vp. JliCtillPli OO
301 and 203 Main Street, Mempbl, TeniK
Cotton Factors,
No. 300 Front Nlreet, : Merapliln. Tenn,
db 3Msfstl Storoa
Olllce, 349 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Jos. Schlitz Breving GompanVi
asr-nafTJirTa HT i ICsniT Oin3)aMlBotUaisT Worka, S A 1 Calexa
MriJli 11 i3 HliAAlill; leMtMdIelsue,eor.lfwJaAAaitlai
S. ROESCH1.R, Agent, Memphis, Tenn.
llaKsa la ISM, aaoXMs HirrU ?nlr
mm d.w. 1Kb. n. Kniii.KH.
"EEL (GrWl S '00. i
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton factor
And Commission Herchanta,
232 tmi 234 Front
ltETWKXa ADAU jvaaa ar aravausw a,
Mr. L N. RiWKY devote bit whole time to the eiW'ni end sale nf all Cottoa totfttjUJ
tooucuarae. Oottoa Warehouee, S Vfaaktsgtoattreet, , .,
IPaotors i
St., Memphis, Tenn.
1 ftSElglWItt.tl- !
j awBT mt r" M a iiMfl W ;
on (.Inn and l'rnMCH. :
Attoiitlois fa Jnewii--,wm
of Haannal BraaeM, 10,ae Kc
Ttioa. Clark. H. 1. Flasa
St., LlGnigMs, Teni

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