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Ilia HlTttl Heaphlg and Blrmlng-am
IUIiioadt Caadidatei for Ball
road Commissioner.
IcuMtBTO'Dixca or tii arrnt.l
JirtnoK, Mis., January 29. Tha
House of Representative haa under
conni deration a bill to amend an act to
facilitate the construction of the Golf
and Ship Island railroad. It provides
that the company sball execute a bond
of tvr0,000 in tha fiilhfol performance
of the covenant! toured inti ai lea
aeea of the penitentiary ; that the com
Tarjy shall continue t bold, maintain
and carry on tha penitentiary, and so
continue to use and employ the con
victs until ita road, switches, aide
tracks, deoota and eect'on-hoasea ara
completed; provided, that the time
Bhali net extend beyond the 1st day of
February, 1802 ; and provided, farther,
said compiny shall not surrender tha
earns until oier and further provision
ia otade by the Legislature for the
sams; that inch of the convicts that
the comr aiy ahall not be able to em
ploy in the work of baUdlng the road
may be tnblet or hired to any other
railroad romraay or board of levee
oomtntsaionera in this Mate, or to anv
i rnfrson in the State., if such rail
I i Ynul f r)n n . n i aa anil 1 bdu Hiar.1. At
to nl rturnneniM aid Ikim hnarda An
n;. not .at them ; provided, that not lesa
i bC lhHT one-half of the able-bodied con-
vu-u aiiail be kept continaonaiy at
work o said road, nod moneys re
wired far the hire of said convicts
ahall be seed in maintaining and car
ryirg oa the penitentiary and the
bnilJing of aald road. Cant. W.
II. Harvey, president of tha
company, by invitation of the
Uouee, addressed tha Legislature
last night on the sab set of the road.
Ilia adamant, showing tha great ad
vance of the road t) the whole peo
ple of the State, were unanswerable,
lie claimed tbat for twenty yea re past
onr Pt ite bi made an average annual
prop of 800,000 balea of oottin. which.
,tof(ther with a'l other products, haa
aw-ivRitKl at ,eat 11,000,000,000 for
t lie 1 wo decadee; yet we are no better
tiX than we were twenty years since,
simply becanse we have been idle aid
--i2Bflred tha possibilities in onr
"I 1 i U... -.1.1 i.l I i. 1
a grand atp dlieaof other States; tbaHbe
for a sioiji exportation of onr cropa con
tra. Vn& ll" Proflta of the same after
p t.'ng tha bntlay neeeneary for their
; rif notion ; fiat we have on onr Dor-
V uae floesi harbor on the Unll or
iVAt'lntlflMuti' that, wash
our commercial Independence, and be
vo longer subservient o other btatee.
The buildlrnof the Tehuantwpeo ship
railway will revolutionize toe com
merce of t he world. Instead of aolng
15,000 miles ont rf tha way aroqnd
Cups Horn, the commerce, of Aus
tralia, India, Japan and China, as also
all from the west coast of Hoath
America, will come aorova t'e Penin
sula, and the Quit of Mexico becomes
(be highway of commerce of the
In tbat event Ship Island looms up
in ImpoMiiice 01 never before, be
cause ita location on this great high
way cf commerce, and ila rinse prox
imity to the coal fields of Alabama, by
which eoal fir itamships could be
):v 1 down at Ship Island cheaper than
at nny noit on the Gulf Court. There,
n.-.MiVJSnj o'.her cogent rrawns. were
j , .,ently amplified by him, showing
"PJt't'he success of the enterprise will
Jtriti'ire to the mstnrial prosperity cf the
::!) ,. lie said that the company had
on hand funds sufficient to trade forty
uiiUs o! the road, and that if they ma
pi I control of the labor ol the convicts
on the terms set forth In the bill bf
ire the House, he had assuninces
t'o'u capitalists rf ob'a nlng money
suiliciont to build the rend, and he
liriuly believed tbnt they could and
wonl J complete it In five years; thst
he was In earnest and determined to
bulid it.
Col. W. O. Falkner tf Ripley fol
lowed In a short addresf. making an
earm-Kt appeal in behalf of the proj
ect. .Such wsa his confidence in its
occ that if the bill In question
should become a law he was willing
to const lidate the Hipley rosd, all of
zrsi moiiifiKe bonus ol which
4 . t ( ; -;ju,wu) are ownea oy mm ana two
i t o:l.tm, together with a part of the
t Mpifal sloak, on terms ol the follow-
in? import: That the Gulf and Shin
Ij.and Company will purchase the
bonds of tha Ripley road, amounting
lofUiO.OOO, at par value, and to give,
therefore, ita own first moitjsge bonds
of like amount, bearing 0 per cent. ln
threat, and thst no greater amn jnt of
l'ji8. bonds than 1!0.0C0 oer mile
I (.'libU be issued on any part of the line
!oi said road; that until the comple
tion ti tha roid as far south as the
; town of Tontot o the net earnings of
i lbs Klpley road ahall be applied t
me ravmeni 01 tne interest on the
bonds of the Gulf and 8hip Irland
road, to be sold to the lUpley read,
and after completion ai far South as
the town of Pontotoc the net earnings
f the abide road to be applied t
the interest on the bonda held by the
Kipiey road in the same ratio which
twenty-five miles shall bear to tha
whole length of tha road operated an
t .l the completion ot the same, then
said bonds to stand upon the same
f Mtlita with the other bonds of the
Hull and Ship Island Ralltoal
the' bonds eaca of the two roids
be itio"ited in the Union and Plsnt
era' Bank of Memphis nntil the road ia
open lor traffic to (he Gulf, whea each
company ia to have pojseeslon cf the
bonds cf the ether exchanged aa
E.'orera'.d; tbat in sixty days if r said
urms or agreement are consummated
the Gulf and Khlp Island Company Is
t put not less than 100 convicts to
, wo-k on the road from Klpi'y south
. waid and to keep them cantinuonely
T nt work until the read is comph td to
' the town cf Pontotot, uoleas legally
,' or o'Jiera lse deprived of the labor of
thn convicta; si1, or a majority, of the
cuU:.,uJing stock of the Eipley road
i to be excrionted for a like amount of
i jck in the Gulf and Ship Island road
' within tnirty daya after work sball
i lie roinmenced on the ext nsion from
: Kipiey, the extension to Pontotoc to
rsrrow-guge, but the grading, crose
' ties and bridges to be made with ref
erence to eventually making it a
t in Jar d gauge, which is to be done
Nrhen the whole line ia completed;
th premnt anperint indent of the
J'"p'-?y road to be retained as such nn
; i.l the completion to Pontotoc and ts
; ' -mi thereniter as may be agreeable to
'.; ii reel ore.
I. These terms of consolidation, pro
; m J by OL Falkner, a'e liberal in-
, and kiUow his entire confidence
, it'.a oHimate success of the enter
. In this proposition, however,
, , colonel only speaks lor himself
F ! c m-s not pretend to bind those
: o Lm a common interest with
i i.i tl.e Kipiey road, but there can
(:'if.lion but that they will in
to!. Fulkner's pmpoaition.
.1 showed by taatSR'i', V
demonstration that the Bute will
make more actual money by letting
the road have the penitentiary for six
years without charge than if leased tj
an individual tit 123,000 per annum,
cash this, too, apart from the interest
to accrue from the development of
the country, the enhancing of valua
tions and myriada of other advantages
thtt will inure to the people by the
completion of the rosd. There is no
telling, however, what will be the out
come ot the matter. Yon can cot al
ways bet on ths action cf the people's
representatives. They are generally
unwilling to specuUt j, but waLt cash
in hand.
haa been frnitfnl theme for discussion
bysvery Legislature since ita adop
tion muny years ago. At every ses
sion succeeding ita pasge efforts
have been made to repeal it, but al
ways proved fruitless. Heretofore a
bill to repesl it bai never pawed either
House. This session, after an ex
hausting discuseioo, a bill lo repeal it
bai piaaed the House. It Is made to
tike ell act July let, next, but not to
a fleet thn crop of 1880. It is possible,
but hardly probable, that the bill will
pass the Senate.
There Is great war being waged
here between the Memphis, Birming
ham and Atlantic Railroad Company
and tbe Knosts City and Birmingham
Company. Tbe former, aa yon -have
been heretofore apprised, lai been
chartered. The Utter now asks for a
charter to rnn parallel with the f trmer
to the Alabama line. The Senate
OommlltM on Kil reals, with snndry
restricting amendments', to-day recom
mended Uie passage of the charter
asked for. The amendment! were
adopted and the sailing seemed
to be smooth, and the bill seemed
about to be passed when Mr, Simon
ton offered an amendment forbidding
tbe construction of the line nearer than
twelve miles to tbe line cf route
granted ) the Memphis, Birmingham
and Atlantic Company, fiom Holly
Springs to the Alabama line. On this
amendment fierce contest Is being
waged. No conclusion has ai yet been
reached. Both parties ara on ths
ground and are ua'shaling their hosts
for the f-ay to-morrow. The result
cannot be predicted.
Ths Senate haa disenssed, without
result, a bill providing against the
mnoufa'ture or sale In the State of
adulteia'.ed f jod of every description.
Also, a bill t) revolutionise tbe system
ot working ths publio roads of ths
An Ineffectual effort was made in
the Hecate to abolish Imparlance terms
in the Circuit Court. Iti advocates
claimed that the ell'act being to insure
a more speedy collection cf debts, it
would thereby innre to In t ires t of
both creditor sad debtor, and actually
in future give greater ciedit ti the
latter c'uw. It was adopted by only
two votes.
Ths bill that passed the House
faking from tbe Governor the power
of appointing the Railroad Commis
sion and providing lor their election
by the Legislature, bin brought
numerous persons to the front, who
acliclfuts the action of Uie Senate.
An energetic canvasi is being made
for superlnt indent cf the 8" ate poni
tentlary by Messrs. Townsend of Lau
derdale, Johnson of Itawamba and
McQiiston (present incumbent) of
Monroe. The election tikes place in
joint convention of the two houses on
Tuesday next, at 7:30 o'clock p.m.
The "Robert Smith KiUee,'va mili
tary company recently organised here,
give a high-toned ball tvnight. Many
ladies from a dittance have come to
Somebodj it tannine o'r a pa1lnc
Wbr irotlliaotl roaoi, twining, bud and
Somobndr, with farror nnsrolllnf ,
! rtdin fur sn aniwtr "Yea or nf"
Bomdmity, hnlf-Boulinf nd half amlllnir,
UolUt Ircihlr-ant bared roiei in her bauili;
Somebody (to lUintily beiuilinsl)
Hickt a roa to iilawi aa aha atanda,
Darjl, vill you let nie bare aa anawerf
Val or Bil. I aklnk U lit" mmhm h.
Mot a word repltee hit. fair antranoer,
lluOiumi aaU aoattara roia leavaa buiy
Bomebodr eiolalml, "Oh.ornal Herri)
Ihi let ma la, or order nie away I
Somebody aa-, "Enter at your peril I
W bare von are. I nrriar vnu in at 1'
Bomebody, owtatde tha traidnn. fumlnir,
Ia wnlkins up and down tba muddy ianai
Buuiabody, anions tha ro kloomlna,
Anltiira to llml e lilnuura Ilk Ma hHlai.
o inebndy, In ahaTow In a doorway,
n nere ireiiieeu roaaa twin ana inter-
Lauahi aollly, "So, my tontlo youth, that'a
vonr way i
xlallial Whoa waa young It waio't
Somebody to Somebody la pleading
"Ueryl, tknll 1 atay, dear? yea. or no?"
Somebody (nt lint a point conceding)
"if you winb to Imim me vim can eat"
Bomebndy, who daraa a reprimanding,
lalie at tba gate click I goea tha latch
Soinebojy by Somebody la etandlng;
Somebody unaoen ia on the watch I
gomeJody la kianed (bow evarnae riaea
n sen lore pravaui 1) my own I my love I
nil lifel r .
Bomebndy two Pomebodlea aurprtaea;
"Ueryl, you'll be a jewel of a wife!"
Ckmrl John; in CattU't I'amily Jkfia-
aiaaor reoraary.
Ttnara-iNaiinnaL Un . Jianir Srt .
Therewata tsrritlo boiler explosion
at a saw-mi. 1 four miles southeast of
this place Thursday afternoon, by
which Spencer Reed, tbe engineer.
and 8. Adama, his step-ioa snd fire-
man. were instantly killed, and dot.
aged eleven years, dangerously
wounded. Tba engineer was blown
against some rocks, twenty yards dis
tant, with such forre that nie bead
waa split open and his brains daabed
out over the snow. The fireman was
literally ten to niece, and fragments
of the co iy were scattered around for
tmrty yards. Spencer Reed waa thirty
years old, and leaves a wife and six
children. Tha mid waa owned by
Morrison Read of this dace. It waa
much out of repair and waa conaid
ere d Tery unsafe.
The Delaware Pcirb. Crop.
WlIUIKOInV T)r Tanitavw'M Tn.
formation from various sections of th
peacb-gtovtog districts of the penin-
anta aiVM ajaanratiM ttiaf lh l.i
hava not thns far been affected bv the
cuia wtu.ner. iu prospect l lor a
gjod crop next saon are very good
apt! this time. An extensive grower
in the lower part of the peninsula has
examined hia trees since the extreme
ly cold weatber nod finds them to',
only uninjured but unusually hardy.
The owners cf several other large or
chards have made inspections with
similar results. All, however, units
in the ognion tbat the trees had a
nanow eeape. Growers sav that thia
ia a peach year, and, onler some
thing later bit falls the trees, all are
hopeful of big yields.
Tk kla nejaie.
Coimnrs, O., January 33. The
Ohio Senate adjoorned this learning
to Tuesday evening, and a aobcom
mittee from tbe Special Conference
Committee cf roll deal Factions will
continue in seeaion and endf avor to
rrrsrgi Rmnxftl ioinpToaiiBOi
. ! . -
SOCIiL gossip and person jl
IT hat the Society VTomen Do to
Amuse Themselves a ad While
the Iiours Away.
looeaaaroaDBKoa or tss appsal.1
Wasbuotom, Jannary 23. Wash
ington baa a variety of rlnbs, socla1,
politiral. literary, srientillc, athletic,
dramatic and musical. Taking them
seristam, smong its social organiza
tions we find the Metropolitan heads
the lift This lob wai incorporated
March 1. 1882, aid tba socitty waa
founded "for literary and mutual Im
provement and lojial purposes." It
does not differ fiom the general rnn of
similar organization in other large
citler, and numbers along its mem
bers many distinguished men. The
olflcers for the present yrar, 1885-8(3,
are: Rear Admiral C. R. P. Kodgers,
president ; Rear Admiral J. L. Worden,
vice-president; Rear Admiral D. B.
Sacket, vice-president; Woodbury
Blair, treasurer, and Frederick W.
Pco -, secretary. Tbe affairs of fie
corporatioi are macazea by fifteen
toverrore, who are prominent mem
bers f the ilob snd who hold their
oflice for life or nntil they resign or are
removed. The present governors are:
George F. Appleby, Marcellus Bailey,
John A. Baker, Woodbury Blair, John
Davis, S. R. Franklin, William B. Ha
sen, Archibald Hopkins, Jas. Lowndes,
Jo eph K McCauiraoi, Chauncey Mc
Keever. Frederick W. Foir, Fiaicis
Riggs, D. B. raskett, John L. Wordeu.
The club cousht-i of 223 resident
and about 150 uoa-reeident members.
1 he club-house U situated it the cor
ner of Sevett tenth ajd H ttreet", and
la b model building. It ia very hand
somely furnished throughout, and
contains everything necessary for tne
oomfoit of ita members. The cuisine
is, perhaps, the moit pei fact ir. the
city, and a dinner at the Metropolitan
Club would satiffy the most fastidious
tastes. The clnb occupies a very
prominent place in tbe social life of
the city, and is far above a 1 others of
ita kind in social ittndtng.
The city also contains a lage nu'.i
berof political organizations. Nesrly
every State in the Unlo 3 bas ita rep
resentative club, composed of iU del
egation in ConKreer. amclifled bv the
large numhr of government clerks
f i o n each State. In addit on to these
there a-e seveial political clubs, nota
bly among them being the Jackron
Demociut c Association and tbe Co
lumbia Democrailo Club. Tne
Growlers" alto have a large political
The leading literary orpanizitina In
Washington ia "The Llteiary So
ciety," founded In 1874, and composed
oi toe very best clement of Washing
ton io:iety. It numbers fifty active
memDers ana ten Honorary associates,
Its present clllce.rs are 8,11. Ktutl-
man, president, who is one of the
editors cf the Washington Star, the
leading paper here ; Maj. J. W. Powell,
vice-president, director of the Goologi
(ill Survey; George Kennan, secretary,
who is connected with the Washing
ton bun aa cf the Associated Press.
and wboje travels in tbe Arctic re
gions are so well remembered. The
society has an Executive Committee,
which consists ot l'uwell, f rol.
Uallaudet, Klizibetu Bryant John
ston, Jt a a Davenpoit Lander uud
Kate Foote. Among its members are
some of tbe most prominent literary
lights of the present day, as well as tbe
best element t f resident Washington
artiste, among whom are Francis
llodaon Burnett, Anna L. Dawes,
Mrs. Fsssett, Judge Field, Theodore
Gil), Senator liawley, Geo. Kennan,
Mrs. Lander, Kdmund Mesaer, Gar
rick Mallory, Mrs. Morrill, Charles
Nofdhoff, A. R. Spoflbrd. Dr. Toner,
Hemy Ulke, A. Melville Bell, Richard
Brcoke, Senator Ingalla, Gor. Curtm,
Mm. Garlield, Mrs. Dahlgren, Alex
ander Graham Ball, Dr. Well
ing, Mrs. Mohnn, luuge Drake and
Edward C'ark. At the time of hia
death President Garfield wai president
of the Literary Society, and a memo
rial met ting waa held November 10,
1881, when Mr. SpoQord delivered a
very carefully prepared and i nie ret t
iug essay on 'The Intellectual fJuarao
tir and Methods of Garfield." The
society holds iia meetings every two
weeks, on Saturday evenings, when a
literary and musical programme Is
carried out, followed by it ligLt reran..
LUr ono meets the Itkrati cf tbe
country, as well as prominent repre
seota'Jves tf the Legislative snd Exec
utive Depai toaenta of tbe government.
The Unity Club is one of the oldett
literary organizations in Waihington,
and meets semi-moathly.
The lesding scientific tlab is the
Cosmo, loo. tl on Lafayette Square.
It comprises among ita members the
scientific men of the city, and is also
aemi-eocisl in character. I's quarters
are rather limitsd, and there ia no at
tempt made to keep op a cuitine. It
feeds on scientific pabulum. Many of
the members of the Metropolitan Clnb
and LItsiary Society also alll.iate with
the Conuoa Club. Besides this dis
tinctive scientific organization, there
are numerous smaller mcieties, such
ai tbe Anthropological, Philosophical,
Ethical, Microscopical and Biological.
Tha Cosmos Club is about to en
large ita quarters by the purchase of
wbat is known aa the "Wilkes House,"
on tbe corner of Lafayet e Place and
li strett. Shonld tbe property be a
quired, the clnb will have one of the
ha est buildings in tbe city, and anita
tls alterations will be made, which
will greatly add t its comfort.
The beating organizations are all in
a flonrishlngcoadition,and six months
in ths year tbe npper Potomao Is alive
with craft of all descriptions. A re
gatta Is held every spring and felt,
and the impetus it gives to squatio ex
ercises la well sustained. Some of the
most notable river contests in this
country lave taken p'a?e here, and
many Washington scullers occupy
leading places Tn the amateur roll of
the country. The Dames of these
clubs are Analoataa, Pet ma?, Colum
bia and Washington.
Tba Washington Canoe Club is of
very recent origin, although compris
ing in itt membership many of the
leading canoeists of tha United States,
notably among them being Mr. SduIb,
Mr. Brent ino, Mr. D. McC. Russell,
aad Mr. F. X. Moore.- Tbls clnb is
now building a floating cinb-bouse
similar to those f jund in Northern
Years sgo tha dramatic- clubs ot
Washington were numerous. To-day
there are but two distinctive orqaniaa
tioos cf thia kind the Barrett and
Shakespeare Clubs. Tbe Elks is a
social clab sustained by many ex
actors and singers who have gone
forth from Washington to enter these
Tbe city ia richer In musical talent
than in most any other direction, and
there ara several prominent .musical
Tbe Apollo Glee Club is the leading
American musical association. The
08rmao6, however, give us some pf
our beet music. The If a ling orchestral
organization ia the Warner Club, and
comprises the beet instrumentalist in
tbe city. The Arion Club is couponed
entirely of Germane. The choral So
ciety ia a very large one, aod ia chiefly
lostrntnenal in furnishing choruses for
oraior.ot, ine leading parts being ins
la ned by talents from other cities.
Thns it will be seen that the city of
n asmngion aoea not lack in organi
zations which stimn'ata culture in
many directions. Probst ly no other
city in tne umoa can gather together
such an array of U'eat aa is embraced
in the membership of the clubs and
societies hers mentioned, aad every
year adds its quota of representatives
in these different fields.
Many newspspers sre trying to
throw mud at Aitrney-General Gar
land by publishing misstatements re
garding bis connection with the tele
phone suits about to be institatsd
Mr. Ga-Und needs do defense. He is
a man above reproach and his entire
(ourse in the telephone matter baa
been mott dignified. Nothing the pub
lic press may say will weigh one iota
against s man whose gravest fiultis
fist of CEcbewing a dress suit and the
thraldom of society.
A movement is on fori before Con
gress to establish a commission to de
termine the feasibility, and value rf
inoculation with tbe caura'ive agent
of yellow-fever ni a preventative of
that disease. Dr. Wa'cott, president
ol the American Public Health Asso
ciation, and Dr. Holt, president of the
Louisiana State Board of Health, ap
peared be'o-e tbe SenaH Committee
on Epidemio Diseases lart week in
this interest, accompanied by Drs.
Billings, Touer and Swart of this city.
It is proposed to establish a commission
t go to Mexico and South America to
investigate tbe system of Inoculat on
of Freire and Carmona, whose experi
ment have proved so successful in
tboie cout tries, and slso to investi
gate tha principles c f Paetear, Koch,
and ctbers, in their spec'al applica
tion to yellow fever. The pioposed
bill will be reported favorably to the
Senate, aad there is strong reason to
nope lor similar action in tne House
The p'ao offers the possible emancipa
tion of the people living in yellow-
fever districts from tha dominion ot a
pestilence which frequently costs tons
of thousands of lives and hundreds of
millions of dollars.
iocibtt oowir.
Mrs. George W. Fell and her beau
tiful dMghter. Miss Fall, of Nashville,
Tenn., have been the recipients cf
much attention irom the mmtilea of
rprominent officials and distinguished
Dnb ic cllizini durlna their visit here.
Mrs. Fall Is the adopted daughter of
Mrs. ex-President Polk, and it will be
grctifyina to that venerable lady, so
hlirbly er teemed throughout the na
tion, and who was such an ornament
ti tbe White-lioaee, to know taat her
daughter and granddaughter have
been so warmly welcomed and so
kindly treated. Miss Fall is a rare
beauty, and one of the handsomest
debutantes who bas visited Washing
ton foryears.
The Wednesday receptions of Mrs.
Cheatham and Mrs. Pinson, on Iowa
Circle, are among the most brilliant cf
the winter. last week they were as
sisted by Altes Acklen, Mrs. (Jbeet
bain's daughter; Mrs. Wallace of
Nashville, Mrs, Senator Walthall and
Misses Panl and Wilron, who presided
at the very elaborate t table. Many
Tennessee people were present, among
them Mrs. (Senator Jackiou and Mrs.
A. do II. Thompson of Memphis.
Mrs. Thompson's msgnificent Worth
costtin.e of black velvet wth tbe en
tire front embroidered in gold nod jet
was an artistic marvel. Tbe ladies re
ceiving were aH in full dress. Miss
ram s beauty was heightened by a
toilet of ros-colnred silk. Miss Com t
ney Hamilton Walthall, the Senator's
little daughter, received much atten
tion and waa a very attractive feature
of the occasion.
Mrs. Poindexter Dnnn of Arkansas
has not been able to receive visitors or
accept lnviin'ions previous wintjre,oa
accoint cf her delicate health. This
season she hai very much improved,
and has already become a favorite in
society. At the K a flee K'atsche for
the benefit of the new Homeopathic
Hospital, no one of the picturesque
attendants was mora admired than
the pretty little woman in peif ct
Japanese cot tama, which was furnished
by the Japanese Minister's wife.Mme.
Kuki, who dressed Mrs. Dunn for the
occa'ion in her own attire, ti have tbe
representation perfect in every detail.
Mrs. Dunn also receives on Wednes
day with Mrs. Hubbard, the venerable
mother of Attorney-General Garland,
who has co daughter to a'd ber in
social duties, and finds tbe Represent
ative's wile "from home" a decided
acquisition, Mrs. Dunn is "at home"
Mondaya. At her last reception she
maaiataA Vis trm Wollknna nl
Texas and Mrs. Floia Adams Darling,
tbe well-known authoress, recently
spoken of in the New York Slav "aa
one of the most brilliant women of ths
age, bnt on account of a recent phys
ical allliction that bin greatly impaired
her hearing, Mrs, Darling ia rarely
ever met in geneial society."
At the army and navy german last
week two of the most .elegant cos
tames that were seen on tbat full dress
occasion were tfcnw of Mrs. Pinson
and Mrs. Acklen. Mrs. Pintoa wore
pearl-colored silk, court train and
square corsage, with garlands of pas
sion flowers, alias Acklen, white tulle
with satin bodice, bouquet cf Mar
guerites and diamond necklace. Petite,
high-bred, she bai a perfection oi
manner and beauty of person com
bined as rare aa they are admirable.
Miss More of Tennossos actompa
nied Mr. James B. McCreary of Ken
tacky on her roand cf Friday calls.
Miss More, with her mother, Mrs,
Jol'a N. More, are at the Ebbitt for
tbe winter. This yonng lady has just
returned from an educational sojourn
of five years in Europe. Tennessee,
haa many representatives here this
winter, prominent among them being
the bride Mrs. Benton McMillin, ths
gtand-niece of Mrs. James K. Polk,
and Mrs. R. A. Thompson, the latter
being etttblished at 1107 N street for
tbe winter. Mrs. Thompson bai just
rt timed from a two years' visit to
Miss S. is a charming young lady,
and perhaps is the finest linguist in
ths city. At a fashionable reception
last week she was busy entertaining
foieign diplomats who had not mas
tered the English language. The six-year-old
daughter of the boeteea hsd
listened to her tor some t me and
asked her mamma how many lan
guages she spoke. "My child' said
ths mother, "she speaks leveral, Ger
man, French, Sponish aid Taffy."
Tbe child thought a while and then
aiked wbut' kind of ft language taffy
was. ' "You will learn that soon
ennngh, daughter, ai all younj society
ladies know it."
A lady wrote last month to Mr.
Alden, the editor of Ifarprr'i ifagatine,
asking how Mr. -Howell's "Im'iai
Summer" ended. She said that her
doctors had told her that she could
not live until the serial wou'.d be fin
ished, and ahefelt thst her request
was not au unreasonable one.
An amusing lfltle incident occurred
dJ IfWV If St fit th h.W piBj
well known Vxiety lady durirg the
course oi me aiiernoon reception,
Among tbe many ait cles of bric-a-brac
and works of art abont tha nsrlo
is a beautiful little oak chair inlaid
with Alpine scenes and ornate with
Swiss carving. A party of ladies, all
strangers to tne bos tear, entered t
cetner, ana alter toe introduction i
sadden pause fell noon the company,
onecf tbose awkward silences which
strike terror even to tha, v t jran so
ciety-goer's heart Thinking to re
lieve the hostess and place at leant ber
own party more at ease, ooe of tbe
ladies crossed ths room to the little
Swiss chair, and, with a passing com
meet upon its beauty, ths lady aank
gracefully down in the scat. As she
did so, the H rriigetrainsof "Arouse
Tbee, My Bonny Swiss Boy." rioa'ed
out into tbe room, startling the sueiti
with its suddenness. For a moment
no ons could tell whence the sound
came, and the lady sat serenely oo
all nnconsc'oas of the fan that the
sett of the little chair held a musical
box, tba spring of which she bad
touched in seating herself. Over the
thrilling tablsan vivant which fol
lowed we mercifully draw a veil.
. ot
No. 6101 , R. Chaneery Coort of Shelby soon
ty- State of Tenneaeea fur ita own ase, ato.
va. John Overton . Jr.. et ai. w
BY virtaa of an interlocutory decree for
ale entered in tha above eaaea oa tha
234 dav ni November, lm, M. B. 60, rae
i.i, I will ae l at public euition, to the hich
sat bidder, in front of the Clerk and Mantel's
offlce, oonrtbonaa ot Shelby oountj, alem-
linia, ienn.. an
Matardav. Frbmarr BO. lft a A.
within lecal honra, tha following described
pro,riy, iitaatea in Dneioy county, Tens
Lot 12. bloek M. DnneMme eniulivlilnn
frontlet 0 by 212 feet oo the we.t aide of
Veanavenn, 2in leet tooth or Ueorciaetroel.
. Lot 13, bloek 08, wait aide of Dean avenue.
luor au ieei, aujoiainy lot 12 en tneeoata
fiold aa nronertv of W. T. Donaldson. .
Let 14, bloek SI. Fert PiekeriBf. Irontlnt
IS leet on the north aide of Alabama street,
nurthwaat corner of Fifth and Aluama, by
a aapin ei w leet. com aa prosarty or r. at,
Lots, bloek 8, Fori Plekerloi, frentlnsB
feel on the north aide of Ala.be.me, atraei b
a depth ei U6H leet, balsa 28 feet weal of
Beeona street.
Lot 7, bloek 4, fronting V feat an tha Berth
atdaof Alabama rtreet. loth ward. and ran.
iurbaefe 118,feet, aaid lot e4jeinin lot t
on tna wrei.
Lot 11. bleek 8. north aide of Alabama
treat, lth ward. 29 by 1MV4 feet, beins 1&0
reel welt 01 oeeona eireeu Beta a property
01 it. n. Anarewa ana omer.
Lota 27 and 28. b'oek 12. Fert Plekerlaa-
froalins Bu feet en the oath tide Alabama
atreet by a depth of 160 feat. So d aa tha
property of O. A. M. Yarbra and P. M. Win
tr. Knot ha'f of ot6, bloek 9, F. W. Smitha'i
subdivision. frontna 30 ieet on the north
aide o, Ht. Paul atrettSOO feet went of Ootlee
atreet and runnins bark 148 feet. 6eld aa
property of Mary L. Bull and Henry Ryan.
Lot 1U, blork v. fronting 26 feet on tha
north aloe of Carolina etrart 26 leet caat of
nlleyeaatoioooond atreet, and ranmag baok
iw ieei.
Lot 20. bloek 9. frontlna H feet on t
north aide of Carolina atreet, aad rnnninf
back 180 leet.
Lot 21. blork 9. frontlEi25 feet on the north
aide of Carolina 'treet. northeatt eornerof
alley east of beeond atreet, 101a war, and
Tannine back 180 feet. Sold M property ot
Lot 28, 1, look 5, Fort Plekertnf , S by 11SX
feet north aide of J.,ekaon atreet fiO feat eaat
I., n. r.aton.
of Waahinaton atrret. Belo ea property of
i.u. ennw, vr-v loiaeaetai.
Lots, bloek 4, Fort Pickennr, fronttns 25
Icet on tna annti (Ida ot JJroadway (treot,
anulheaat corner ofalley enit of Front street,
10th ward, by n depth of 1161,, ieet. Sold aa
nronertv of P. M. win era.
Lot 4, block 9, Fort Pickering, 24 by 100
feet on the wert tide of Third atreet. 74 feet
aoutn 01 uoora-ia airret, intn ward.
Lot a, block . fronting 24 by 1C0 feet on ths
west aide of Third atreat. 10th ward, aonth
and adjoining lot 4,
iioio. Diuea a, ort riciering, t or vt ieet,
westaidaol Kecona alroet.
'Jerina ot Bale Un a eredit of tlx montha:
note bearina- interest.with teourltv.reuuired:
lien retained, redemption barred. Thia Jan
uary zo, orit.
B. I. McDOWELL. Clerk and Muter,
By J. M. Bradley, Depnty Clerk end Muter.
K. II. A V. w. llntskell. olicltora.
cr: ncery sale
No. 8306,' H. Chancery Coart of Bhelby
county cnaie o icnnessea lor ita own
ure. ete.. va. P. M. Winters etal.
TJ Y virtue ol an interlocutory decree for
u tai enrerea in tne above cause on the
23d dai clNovexber, leCfi, M. B. 60, pace
28, 1 will tell, at public auction, to the high
eat bidder, in front o tha Clenk and Mae
ter'a office, eonrthouts ol fjhelby oounty,
Memphis, Tenn., on
tatardn, Febraary BO, 1886,
within !.. nonrt, the following daroribed
property, sttuutca in mempnit, bneiby
Aail DBBFru, IU Will rriiU DIOCK ni
country lot 4W, So feet front by 200 feet deep,
east aide ot Third atreet, W feel miuth of tba
touth line of eonntry lot 483. Sold aa prop
erty 01 1 . m. nintera ana omera.
lerma oi bale Un a credit ot six montha t
note with security bearine- interest reauiradi
nen retainea; reaemption narrea. inn Jan
15, 1886.
a, 1. Aicuun Biiij, i;ierx ana M&ater.
By J. M. itrzdley, Depa y C. and M.
F. U (J. W. Uel.kell. ajla.
Trnstco's Sale.
I s i virtue ui truai umti iicuu lu me,
X as truatee, by E. M. Apperson and
Busan B. Apperson. hia wife, recorded in
record hook A (2). nuae 408. in the Circuit
TV - .- . j 1 . . .
Court Clerk's and Recorder a office of Crit
tenden county, Arkansas, to secure certain
indebtedness therein mentioned defaulthav-
ing been made in anid trust deed, I will, at
the request ot tha beneficiary in laid trust
aeea, on tna
19lb day f February, 1886,
thin leral honra. at the courthouse door.
in Memphis, bhelby county, Tenneseee, offer
for ele, at publio ou'ory, for eash, to tba
bishest bidder, the following property de
scribed in said trust derd, to-wit:
Plantation known aa Wynoka and Berkel
place, situate in Crittenden county, Arkan
sas, about nine miles below Memphis, being
aa follows, to-witi All or section in, r h,
?K. 9 K.JM.10 acres; WK NWqr aee. 20,
8, N R, 9 K, 80 seres! S frl qr aeotion 20,
T6. N H.9E, 240 acres t SW frl qr section
0, T 6, N R, K, acres : part of Span
ish nrant No. 2373, 281.82 acres; NK qr sec
tion 26, T 6, N K.9K, lAOacrea; NHNBqr
aeotion 31, T8, N R, 9 K, 80 acres; NW qr
section?!, T . N B, 9 K. 180 aerea; SW qr
section 30, T8. N R, 9 K. 1C0 acres ; 8B qr aee
. . f a ml u au ionA... . vi .1
36, T 6, N R, 8 K, 320 acres j W half ection
2S, T6, N R, $ E, 3a) acres 1 fractional qr sec
tion ao, to. n n. e.ooaereat iraetionai
aeotion 29, T 6, N K, 9 B, 12 acres; 8 pert of
Spanish Grant No. 2373. T 8, N K, 9 , 194
acres, in all containing 2882 10 acres, to
gether with all improvements thereon and
all ennurtanances tnerennto beloneina. Tha
equity of redemption and right to dower and
bomeatead waived.
Also, the following traot ofland situate In
Crittenden county, Arkaasaa, and kno n aa
tueBurgitt Place, being Uie east half of SB
qrof section 30, 14, N R,8 K, 80 acres: touth
half of Nt qr aection 80, T 4, N H,8 E, 80
aorea; NK qr section 31. T4, NR. 8 E. 180
acres; all ot fractional toctivn 29, T 4, Is R,
8 E, 302.68 aorea; the aonth hair of taction 20,
1 4,(1 K, 8 E, 1S2 84 arras; NW fractional
qt of taction 32, T 4, N h. 8 E, 144.2S aerea,
being tha 1039 original acres, and also KHJ0
accretions thereto, together with all Im
provements thereon and all appurtenance
thereunto belonaing. The equity of re
demption and right to dower and homestead
waived. Said plantation ia situated on the
Miasialippi river, about 26 miles below Mem
phis. Also, at aaid time and place, on taid terms,
I will sell tbe following personal croperty.
sKuate en laid Wynokeand Uerkele planta
tion, to witi 47 mules, 41 bend of cattle,
4 hoga, a full and e.-aplete set and assort
ment of wagons, plows, mowers, gears and
feriuiugimriemente. It being all the mules,
cattle, noea. aear aad farmina Imrlenienta
oa aaid plantation. Title believed to be
good, though I tell only aa trustee.
oala to oommence at ix o cioci.
W. M. BNEKD. Trnstea.
ee seeking Uovernment Km
ployment ia any ot the apartments at
Washington, or any other potitiona ander
the Uovernment, I will send full instructions
at to how to aasareeel va obtain tbe same.
and Blaajhi rarasta sf Ailtatoe oa
receipt ot On Dollar. Aaareaa JOHN
l. Biiiasease. eMsi-rMw wain. ewiea
Administrator's Notice.
AVINA qualified aa admlnUtrator of
tha estate of Frank Duaoan. deceased.
notion is hereby given for all part.ea baring
claims againiltaid estate to file same with
me: aad all parties indebted to aaid estate
will settle at once. Momihis. Tenn.. Jan.
V,m ttltf i'UJ.ii.I'UNCi.N.AjB'r.
fimM" V.IK
i i n.rrfci
s m m
W 3 . a
C. C. ORaHAH. Prea. W. N. WII.KCBOS. T.-Hroa. K. J. BLACK, Caeb'r.
, No. 39 Madison Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Board of Dirootorsi.
C. 0. GRAWAM, Pretident Desoto Oil Co. W. N. WILKEReON. W. N. WHksrfos A Co
V. D. BKTHEI,, Pre''t Kioto National Bank T. H. ALI.K". of T. H. Allen . Co.
W. P. TAVLi'R, o W. F. Tavl-r A Co. R. DUDLEY FRA YSER, frayter Scrngga.
KIR.BNOWDEX. Dir-ctor in li'kCnmuieree. J. R. GODWIN, President Me-oentile Bunk.
8. P. READ. Cnshicr Union & Plantsrt Bank W. A. WILLI HfcON.V -P. Union A P. B'k
JKO. CV'KKTUN. Jr., Overton ft (Irotrcnor. S. I. Mcl OWELL, C. i M. Chancery Court.
K. J. BLACK, of II. J. Black ft Co. .
W Anthorlted to do a General Banking Busineat, Receive Deposits and Pay Interest there
on. Discount Paper, act aa Truatee, Ailmini'trator, Kxeeutor or Uuardian, etc., Reoeiver
lor Individuals, Corporations and LITIGANTS. Also, have a Safe Deposit Vaalt, wherein
valnablea of all kinds are to be eaiely kept. Mavlutfa ejapeclalljr aollclieO.
"Business to eommenoa February 1, 1S8S.
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
23$-S98 Frat Ot., Menplila, Tenn.
HILL, FOHfillE & CO.
Cotton Factors, Commission Herchants,
BTo. HO South Main St., Qt. Xsoala.
Wholesale Grocers, Got. Factors
Haccessors to POSTER. TAILOR t VQ
Liberal Advance IHTade on Counlgninenta.
P. . AU'IOS,
ind Commission MerchAnts. nay,
Llss , Cement. Plaster, Building- and Fire Brick, Etc.
Cor. Front and Union, 1
Disss olntion IKTotioo.
BAR, W. L. CLARK and J. H. (IOOuBAR. waa disaolvedJarroary 1, 185, by mutual
consent, A. B. Unoibar and J. II. Goodbar havint told their entire interest in the asasta
to J. M. Ooedbar and W. L. Clark. j. M. GOODBK.
. W. h. CLARK.
MaMPHia, Taxx., January 11, 1S86. J. U. GOODBAR.
Ber ReferHne la tha ahnv fintin Af i)faan1iiflifl. J M.nnildk.a ...1 W T. Hi.tW
Inform their friends and customers that, aa aueeesaora, they will continue tha Wholesale
Bo!tn.n!'n8DO Business, at the old stand, 319 Wain atreat, ander the old firm name of
UUODUAR A CO.. havin. aHmltl.H aa n.rlnr. R. J. n.n-in.ln mA V (I rnnu .nn
aiver January i, loon, Anoae inaeDi! to ueoia nrm wilt make aeiuament with us.
James M. Saodbar Wan. Is. Clark Eaene J. Carrlnarisai I Framk G.Janes
jnata.falllxecl. 1800.1
319 Main Street,
Newly - Cpnstrncted and Elaborately IVrnished, Con
, tain Ing 225 Large and Elesrant Itooms.
erTha Honaa haa Perfeot VentUaiion and
um .ww vi - . i..n. au suw-vn iaie aaaiB llreet entranoe.
BATKaV 93.M f 4 p elay. aeeordint t aiac and elevation of rooma. Breolal
retee t CoiemerwUI Travelera. Abnndant tnpnly of Pl'RB CTSTERX AKD WELL WATER
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchant
EcmoTea to 834 Front St.,
2 h
"2 -?5
Corn Oats, Bras, Chop Feed, 011-Meal,
Howard's Row. Memphis.
Memphis, Teun.
Natural tisht, Staam-haatini. Elaebrie Tt.n.
Cor, Union, Memphis, Tenn;

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