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it ' ' "" ; -
uoney in good demand at 8 per
cent local aecurltiea firm. Taxing
District 6' are now held at par. The
cotton market yesterday was quiet
and depressed, influenced by the ap
parently demoraiiud condition of the
Liverpool market, which closed 3 6ld
lever than Friday on fntire deliver
ies; January, 4 68-64d. Liverpool
, spota were reported quiet and an.
changed ; middling, 5d. The tales in
this market yesterday were 1350 bales
on a basis ol 8o for middling; re
ceipts, 853 bales; stock, 141,110 bales.
The New York spot market opened
steady nd closed steady, middling,
3-16c; futures eteady, February,
V07(a9.0Sc4 At New Orleans fpots
opened weak and closed dull tt revised
quotations, all grades below middling
being marked down 1-163 except or
dinary, which declined 3-16c, to 7Jc.
New Oi leans futures were steady, Feb
ruary 8.798S0c Receipts at all
XTnited States port yesterday, 20,219
bales. In general trade no change is
reported except an advance in mess
pork, which now rules at $10 7311
for old and $11 75012 for new. Gtaer
bog products ara also a shade higher.
Fifteen brie apples. 83 pkgs butter,
300 lolls bugging, 44 pkgs bacon, 13,734
bn corn. 310 pkgs cheese, 3 cars cotton
seed, 1061 aks cotton-seed, 70 bfta cotton-seed
f!l, 203 pkgs dry good, 23
pkgs gs,D143 brls flour, 22pkgshatB,
77 hdiiogs, 82 hd cattle, 111 pkgs lard,
50,000 feet lumber, 51 ckgs liquor,
70 brls molasses, 3025 kegs Dai In, 1600
bn oats, 70 brls onions, 2800 brls pota
leae. 14 cars pork eider, 35 hhds sugar,
192 oris sucar and 175 jgfl tobacco.
t Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.,
mrCorreapondrnce solicited. Infor
snatloas rbed-fally raralsfced.-tai
U. 8. it, VXTi.
Now Ss,
176 shares, including Df ltwa-e, Lack
awanca and Western, 66,6y0: IHa
ware and Hndeon, 6905: Erie. 9010
Kansas and Teiai, 7684 ; Lake Shore,
29,130; Louisville and Nashville, 10,
210; MiHouri Pacific, 3130; North
western, 18.355; New York Central
7270; Pacilic Mail. 14,275: St Pan!
42,830: Union Pacific, 9525 ; Western
Union 13,490; Northern Pacific pre
ferred, z,io; urefcoa and lransconti
nental, 11,8j7.
j ne total sales lor the week were
2,003,008 shares: fr the month of
January, 8,708,856 shares; aid prices
of the active stocks this evening, as
compared with the closing figures cf
December 31st, are generally from 1
to 6 per cent, lower, although Pacific
man is aown bi. lickawanoa lost el
and Delaware and Hudson 51, and
others less amount). C.oaing quota
New it, 124.
Peoiiooaol 1896,126.
. auKus.
O. P. BnU, 114. T. P. land rranta.Si).
Erie seconds, n T. P., Rio ti. dir., 63.
L i nuku.,11 v. r, nrsts, us.'-.
Louisiana consols, M . U. P. land g.
MiMoari 6s, 1UU. U. P. I. land. lii.
St. Joseph, 12U Virginia be. 43.
St.P. H,C.lsts.136S. Va. ooa., e-in. 52
Tenn. 6s, ola, XX. Vi. oun. def., II.
Tenn. 6s, new, 5t!4.
Adams Express, itb. Ns,hville k 0., ITS.
Allegneny Central, N.J. Central, 44 J..
Altoo A T. H., 43. Norfolk k W. n. 27.
A. k 1. H. itd, 0. Northern Pmo., Hr'i
American hx-, h'2 Northern P. ufil. tHyi.
B. , C. R. k H.. 70. N. V., C A St. L..
Can ml Pu 6ft. N.Y., CASt.L .p. 19
Canada Booth. C. A N. W.. KiTU
Central Paolflo, .f"i. C. A N. W., pm, i.16.
Chei-apeake kO.Mi. N. Y. Central, lOiSi.
C. k 0. litpfd, 18. Ohio Central, 1H.
C. A 0. 2d Did. 12. Oh. Mia.. vk'.
Chicago k Alton, 141. O. A M'is. pfd, l&'i
C. A. pfd. 1MI. Ontario A Wil l'J'i
C.. B. A Q.. mi. Orwron Nay.. 102.
C..fct.L.,AN.O. Oreion Xrm., SOiJ.
C, St. L. A P., 13'A. Oroirun Imp., 29';
C., 6U L. A P. p. 30. PaciJo Mail. 67J4
Panama. P8.
heorU, 1. It K., 20.
Pittkburt. HT.
Pullman P. O, l4i.
lUadint . 21V
Rook lalanq, 128.
fit. L. AS. F. 21
Bt. L. A 8. F. p, 41H.
flt.L.AH.P.l.tp. 1U0.
C. M. A St. P.. WS.
C, S. AC. 32.
U. A C. B4-
Del. Hua..U(F...
Del. L. A W.i lil'i.
Den. A Rto ., loi.
Brie, 2.
Krie old. 54.
Kut Tenn., V-i.
Kut Tenn. via. fU.
Money in good demand at 8 per
- vent. The Cleaxiog House report is aa
Clearing. HIane8
Baturdny, Jan. a0th..S 2.7.2I6 tll6,!8l
.otnl this week...... l,5i: sa flf H)1,4 3 20
'Total lutwek 1,831,127 M 644,320 M
Cor. time. 85 l,5ll,ft St ,TO,8t 74
Cor. time. 84 l.SHUW 4 2i),2't0 40
Total, January, 7,W,f27 J8 t,4W,m 32
Total, January, 1H35. T.K32.2I3 1 l.llUMCH 71
Average for 7 year... ,lJi,613 0J 1,.3,403 00
. . . Buuinp. Kellint.
New York iltrhton all poinu.ij dii H piein
Dew England demand. ... dii ......
New Knxiand aight..... v4 dii
Mew Orleana.......... di par
In the drt en'omn wa cira the price bid,
and in the aecoad tne arioe asked.
Bank of Commeroa... 147 Ml V)
rirt National 133 HI40
Oerman Bank. .... WWO
bute National . "133 Ml 35
Uni'ip Plantar ... ........147 m149
Mercnutile .10 313&
Home..: ... a 60
Blulf City loo 4
!""nrle HI Q 85
planters 101 105
l".nnix. 94 01m)
mm oia City 102 MKIft
Vunderbilt........ ., 16 (ct 19
ernando ....... loo (4 ...
f'inion.............. .. 3i t ...
Facton...... a) ( 25
ToiiReiFce oertifioatea, Daavl S.... BX fy
'I'l'imefnee warran'a, feriea O.... 95 (4 98
t'helby County bond................l(i4 (1(0
ShelSy County warrantj..... 97 a) 99
STaxinit-Dintriot 4, b'f ......... 89 (4 90
axinx-Distriet 6'.. 99 1(I0
ieuphiaStoraKeCompruaC.....107 I10
Memibis (iajl ComD&nv atMjr. . . 83 fia HA
Memphii Oas Company boadj.l(U'9 ...
Memphii WatrrCo. bonde........... (4 ...
j Hanaucr Oil Worka - a M
City Oil Workj L. (3 50
. Pioneer Cotton-Mila . (c 35
ji mar loan uouon uu u-unia......... I9i (H'J)
Jleuiphia City Railway Bond .....luu mixst
New Yobbt, January SO. Money on
can easy ai I4(az per cent, a rime mer
cantile p&4er, 4(a5 percnt. Sterling
ezenange quiet ana steady at 487 lor
u aaya and 4MU lordemaou.
Bonds Government bonds were dull
and it ady to-day. State bonds were
fail ly active and itrone. There
continued improvement tin the rail
road bond market, both in amount of
Dusmess and In quotations, dne in
part to the announcement of another
government bond call and tbt pros
pective increase 01 the large surplus
of money seeking investment. The
tital sales to-dav were 33,142,000, of
wnicn too r.ast Tennessee issues con
tribotd $717,000 and the Wett Shore
43 IX.' 'TO. The Wast Tennessee con
Bold, 5a, male a farther ad v nee cf If
to io, ana tne same, coupons tl. lit
4W. The toul a'ee for the week were
$13,430,000, and for the month of Jan.
nary, 155,800,000.
Stocks 8 o:ks were decidedly
etroDK out oniy rxeaerau v active.
Althougn the opening was toaaewhat
irregular, nearly everything was frac
tionally higher, the greatest gain
among tne active stocks beine in Dal
jiware and Hudson, while Lake Shore
Maa bt. rani were a stale lower. In
the early dealings there was a decided
pwara movement in .Lackawanna,
which rose 1 per cent. Thereafter it
" remained firm at the advance, until
later, when there waa aa upward
movement, which carried the price to
119 J, acd it closed with a net advance
of 1J. The Vanderbilts ehow only
alight changes. A bf arraid was made
upon Lake Shore after noon, driving
auo Biota aown to Dot it rallied
sharply the moment the pressure was
withdrawn ana ciseea nt 85i. a dt
dine of i. It is the only stock on tt e
active list that is lower. There was
active buying of the ei-Villardtt Kkr,
which considerably puzzled board
rcom traders, as it did not appear to
come -.from the old friends of those
companies. Noithern Pacific pre
ferred closed at its highest price of
tne cay, ana snows an advance of 11
Oregon Navigation is nlao 1J higher.
Pacific Mail, after seiling at 58,
ctoeeu at o.l. a vain ul 13
On small transactions there was a de
cided upri movement in Missouri
Pacific, and it closed with an advance
of 2. The opward movement to-day
was made in the face of numerous re
ports all tending to show that there
was a general demoralization in both
freight and pavenger rates not only
in the West, bnt alio on the seaboard.
This waa alee true of the coat tiude,
which is described ai being In aa bad
A condition as was ever knoaju. Prices
this evening, as compared with last
Saturday, show advances generally of
i to over 4 per cent, the Utter Louia
vli and Nashviiie, which is no 4 j;
Missouri Pacific gained 3j, New Vork
and New England, 8; Delaware and
Hudson, S ; Lackawanna and Pacifio
Mail each 2, and others smaller
amounts. On the active lut nothing
is lower.
The sales of Btockj to-day were 319,-
Kort Warna. 144.
ei"JWr. M. A Bt. P. p, J.
Harlem, 213.
Uoaaton A T..n.
Illlnoii Cen, 140.
ind. b:a h &:.
Laka K. A W.. 13.
Lake Shore. ,.
Lou. ANaih.,41v;.
Ua. A N. A., 37V
M. AC, lot pfd, -.
M. A 0. 2d pld, .
Mem. A Char., 34.
Mioh. Central, 70.
mm. a tit. h.. 19.
St. P.. H. A M.. 11',
Bt. P. A Omaha, S.
Pt. P. 0. pfd. 1C0X.
Teiai Paolno. 12J..
Unioa PaoiBo, 61.
V. 6. Kxprau, 62
W., St. C. A P., OK
W. U. Tel. TVi.
Colorado Coal, 22J4.
Bomentaka, 22.
Iron Silver, 223.
OnUrio, 29.
Onl.,lr.ii... V
M. at Ht. 1. P.4Vi. Quiokpilver pfd. 25.
MiHonri Pad. 111,. oth Paciflo, -.
Mobile A O., W-Z. Sutro. 17.
Morris A E..o(rd.l32.
Nkwobk, January 30. The ttal
exports of specie from this poi t during
the past week were $931,030. Of this
amount the exports to Europe were
.'505,200 silver and 1150,000 sold. The
exports to Havana were $490,U7 gold
and $1300 sliver. The tital importa of
specie at the port during the week
Nbw York, January 30. The week
ly bank statement isaned to-day shows
the following change: Loans, de
creae, 1763,000; specie, increase, $!,
928,400; legal tenders, rlecietuie, J855,
000; deposits, increase, $122,000; circu
lation, decrease, $30,800; reserve, in
crease, $1,012,900. The banks now
hold 36,952,418 in excess of the 25
per cent. rule.
London, January SO Console. 100
W both money end the account.
United Slates bonds: 4e, 120J; 4Js,
Pacis, January 3 ). 1 brae per cent,
rentes, 82f for thu account,
clkarinSh and balances.
Nv Obleans, La., January 30.
Clearings of the banks, $1,225,388.
Bawimorb, Mil, January 30. Bank
clearings, $1,633,137, balance, fL'53,
699. New York, Jairary S3. Clearing
IIoueeBtatemutit : Excraagep, $93,146.
988; tt'ancea, $4,429,268.
Sr. Loots, Mo, Januarv 30. Bank
clearings, $2,257,188; balances, $552,
612. rorf week $14,231,007; bal-
auicw, j,toi,UOO.
PHitAUiLPniA, Pa., January 30.
Bank clearing, f8,057,405 74; bal
ance; $1,283,099 07. For the week;
Clwioga, $40,903,224; balances,
decline, and cloaed staadr. Sales. SO.
900 bales. The closing quotations were
as ioiiows, as compared with yesterday :
, Yesterday. DayTWfora
reoroary ..... y.u7 4 H.rs
March..... .... 9.17
A pril . . y.27
May... .37 9.33
June 9 47 4 9.41
July .57.4) .M
Aaauat . 4 9.M
Svpteiuber . 9 44-) 9.46
Ootober 9.269.28
The New Orleans acot market opened
weak, and cloaed dull. Sales,! 500 balea.
Teaterday Pay before,
9.10 4
9.2li 9 22
9.32 9.34
9.44l 9.44
9.M 9.M
9.tvl4 9.C4
9.7I4 9.72
9.50 9.M
t S& 9.32
Ordinary ,
Oood ordinary .
Low middlina
Good middlina. .......
The New
Orleans future
7 7-1
T 15-16
opened steady at decline, and closed
steady. Sales, 32,700 bales. Tbe clon
ing quotations were as follows, as com
pared with yesterday :
. Veatarday. Day hefore.
Febrnary a ?a a an a 1 a 1
March. . g 77 4 8.7 S.(t:.4
April.... .. g.l(4 S.92 8.W4 ....
May 9 ut 9.(16 0.14
Juae..... 9m4 9.1S 9.2'24 9 2l
July . 9.2Uft 9.31 9 S-' A V.M
Auauat 9.34 4 9.35 9.7.4 9.:
hlMinber 9 (144 9 0 9 07-5 9 l9
lctnbr. ... 8 .W 4 i 8 91 8 93
ftorember ........ 8.7S74 8.89 81 8 S3
Deceoiber 8.74 8 HJ 8 K2i4 8. SI
N Orleant
Wi m'lon
N6w lork
Roaton i
Philad'a J
St. Louia.
Keo'ta.l Prioe.
Dull. I tUoi 8:1 UIU.3Q9
Total reoeipti at porta, thia day, 13H6....20 219
lotal reoeipu at poru. tlul day. 1885 ...11,515
2,fiW 8 15-16
7,H74! 8i
1.1.7: 8 11-16
2,:i2l Wi
wm, 87,
2rnl K!,,
3,539, 8i
ei 9 3-16
72 9110
(I .'110
, porta,
1 day
Sxnsru to OnM
Btook .?.
wi ll (inoa Sept.
672,361 l,068,49o
Foreian exporta... 2,5'24,972,2,798.724 2,521,292
Inoraaaa in raoeiaU this year.T
RAMinta thla wMk
Same week in 1W5 ....'..'." !.T.i
Same week in 184
Inrrearo compared with 1181
Increase eompurad with 1384
Shipments this week..
Bauie week in 1
Sains week in lfc4
. 3,316
. 81,635
. 35,391
. 45.856
. 11,923
. 5,827
, 63,593
. 52 M
, 77.004
Increase eanpared with 18S 15,993
Deoroiuo ((imitArml villi lkHi Hill
Stock this woek , 47fi,,.H42
Hum week in 1KH5...... 280. 57i
Sam week in 1381 2j9 754
Increase compared with 1885 195,470
Inorease com pared with 1884 176,583
Reeolsta from plantaHions, 13S6.,....H7,8n
Receipts from plantations, 1HH5 . 58,087
Receipts Iroin plantations, KM 80,9.14
Receipts frntn plantations, 188;) 103,(W0
The New York Finmicial CkronicUaX
the 30th gives the following iiiruroa:
Total viaihle supply, 3,040,671 balee,
OACO.Oo i . .n.i' . writ n
naiunt o.vwo.cno id loaj. inese Dg'
uree indicate a decrease of cotton in
ei?htof 8177 bslee, an compared with
the name date in 1885, and a decrease
of 331,739 balee as compared with aat&e
Comparutrve statement of cotton
marketed and in eight January 20 h:
Net r'pta at porta
o a 2Jth 4,87,584 4,092,972
Netov rl dm im-
ment Uco.K... 532,&54 379,351
Est'd S'th'n onn-
i'ui nDeo. ti. 131,000 115,(XX)
Ain't tn'lictAtl.4.7l 9:tft l vii
Interiorti'ockt, iii ' '
exoesa Bors. 1. 4),4W 2ti3,657
..5,211, 7; 4,850,t8J
Cnio.ioo, III.,
Jan nary 30. The
awtociated bank clearings were $6,6
tne ween, 11,3L'4,327; same
week latt year, $3,l(i3 007; month of
January, 1886, $197,236,357. S4me
menth last year, $180,807,993. The
Dan balances lor the week ending te
aay were S6.543,575; same week la&t
year, f t,i8i,U80.
Boston, Maps, January 30. Er
chanitep. 113.461.053: balance. K
876,011 ; money, 1 percent ; exchange
on New York, 1625c premium. For
tne wee: Exchange. $77,084,735
balances, $9,237,421. For toe corres
ponding week m 188: Exchanges,
Jd5,iyj,07; balances, $7,739,190. For
the month : Exchangee, $373,470,939 ;
bahncep, $45,300,483. For January,
1885: Exchamres. $297,228,871: rml-
ancer, M,vw,tm.
The local market opened onitt and
steady, and closed aniet and atmdv.
middling, 8& Sales. 1350 balea. includ
ing oou nuay evening, of which
"w vi rx poiiera ana zou to spinners.
flood Ordinary.
Low Middling.
Good Middlinc
Middlinc Fair..
6 tains
-...8 1-lWas 9-16 gl-16(is 9-li
Day Before,
Maaruis. January 30. 1886.
BtooA, September 1, 1885. . 1,39!
Received to-day H5
Reoeived prerinusly 451,109
Shinned to-day. 1,051
btaippad prariously 511,197
numL, acc
Home eoaiamption to data .........
Stoek, ruanina aocount..
Thu far this week
xaas tar last week....
Binoe Seirtember 1st..
. 451,9(15
Memphis and Charleston Railroad...
Miaaiaainul and Tnn.iu.l.;iM.j
Loaisrilla and Naahrille Railroad...
Memphia and Little Rock Railroad..
Chesapeake, Ohio and S. W. K.R
Kanaaa Citv.KuinirfifiM anJ is u n
Suamere "M '
Wairona and other inmMi M,
Total '
, . 856
Tim far this week 1,050
Thus far last week .. n,hus
Sinoe beptembar 1st... B12.247
Mororhis and Charleston Railroads 4MB
Mississippi and lennoesee Railroad. 13
Louisville and NajhviM RBii...j so
Chesapeake, Ohio and S. W. R.R...! 221
Memphi, Slm A Bruajwick R.R. ii21
Total .
Am' tin sicht
i 1 1 ... . .
j.ivcrp iui nuuuj hi noon WHreonotwi
quiet aud unchanged. rialta.SOOO bali,
of which '6200 were American. He
cei pts.1 4,000 Lulee.cf which 12,000were
At noon: Ordinary, 4J d; good ordi
nary, 4Si: low midrtlimr. 4 13 Id :
good muidlinir, 6 6-lfid; middling up-
iBuuB,uu; miunung urieanB, oju.
At noon: Liverpool fnturcH wnre
flat; January, 4 60 t44 59 (itd; January-February.
4 59 64d; Februarv-March,4i2-61(5U
61-64d : March-Annl.
43 04i; Auril-May, 6 l 4d; May-
uae, oc-04u; June-July, 5 7-tCJ;
Jaly-Auguat, ; August-September,
At 1 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
flit: January, 4 58-64d buyers; January-February,
4 58 04d buyers; Feb-ruary-MHrcb,
4 58 64d buyers; March
April, 404d buyew; April-May, 4
024d buyers; May-June, 5d hay
era; June-July, .5 3-64d buyers; July
August, 5 ft-64d value; AugusHSep
tember, 5$-04d Bellera. .
The following is the record of the
bids aid offers at the.Cull Board of the
merer noli exchauge yeit Mday :
No. 2, white, spot, 39o bid; Feb
rnary, 40obid; Ma-ch, 423c o. t bid,
44c asked ; April, 43Jc o. t. bid. 4f.io
asked ; May, 44o bid; No. 2. spot, 38Jc
maea; January, 6jc Did, asjj asked;
February, 38c asked ; Marco, S8J0 o.
1. Dia, 4uo asaea ; April, 40c bid, 42a
asxed; May, 4Z,c bid, 433c ked.
No. 2, spot, S2e bid; Febroarv,
32s bid, 33c aiked ; Math, 34c asked ;
April, 34Jo bid, 35c atked ; May, 30c
' aVRAK,
Spot, $14 75c bid: February. $14 80
bid, $15 25 asked: March, $15 45
asked; April, 110 asked : Mar. $15
Ma-oh. $1 95 bid: Aoril. $2 hid;
aisj, jiai una aoiu a'. i 20,
.. . L050
New York snota oneneal tadff. and
closed steady, bales, 603 bales. Quo
tations were as foflows:
uood ordinary...
Low Biddlinc .
Oood Biddliaa
Middlinc fair.,..
. 6 9-16
.. 7 15-16
.. B'
. 3-16
9 9-16
..10 3-14
Day I'efore.
6 9 1
7 15-16
9 3-16
" 9 9-16
10 3-16
10 13-16
.10 13-16
New York futures opened steady at
Oobw White, 47c: mixed. 4Cc. from
more; irom levee or depot, white,
44c ; mixed, 42c.
Hat Choice, from Btore.85c: nrime.
7t)80c; prairie, 60c; round lota from
levee or denot. choice. IZ: nrlma
$13 50; prairie, $S.
Uats White, 3c; mixed. 37c. from
store. Round Iota from levee on
track white, Backed, 3Ujc; mixed,
sacked, 36c.
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $3 50 from
COB bat, Standard, $2 15ffi2 25:
pearl, $3 253 50 from store; 6a
cheaper from mill, levee or track.
r lour J? rom store, double extra.
: triple extra, ; family, 4
4 25; choice, $4 254 60: fancy, $1 76
(S5; extra fancy, $5 255 75; patents,
a66,25; round lota from levee or
track, lOe cheaper; car lots choice.
JL1 7.V3L1 Ol familv . 7 ROt HZ. ...
tra fancy, $4 0504 99; patenta, $5 15
5 25. . .
Bb an From store, 85c per cwt;
round lots from levee, $15 per ton.
Bbanb Navy, $2 25 ; medium, $2.
Eicb Louisiana, 4J5l2; Carolina,
67c. . '
lloMinv akd Gam From store.
$3 253 50.
Crackkd Whbat In half barrela,
$4 50 from store.
Cbackxkj 8oda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 6c; lemon cream crack
era, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
trebl extra, 7Jc; ginger inapw, extra, ,
5c; ginger euaps, treble extra, Cc; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Kaksas Citt, Mo., January SO.
Wheat stronger; cash, 70c bid, 72jc
asked ; February, 70c bid, 72-; asked ;
March, 73 jo bid, 748c asked; Mav,
7cj79Je. Corn quiet: caeh, 2SJc
asked ; February, 27 jc bid, 28Jc aaked ;
May, 31Jc bid, 31 Jo aiked. Oaca nom
inal. St. Lou ia, Mo., January 30. Floor
quiet and steady; XXX, $3 10(33 vO;
family, $3 30(33 40 j extra, $3 70(i4 85 ;
patenta, $5 105 60. Wheat quiet
and firmer; the market opened eaxier
but aoon improved and alvanced ,
but fell off Jo and diised (ajfo higher
than yneteruay : No. 2 red. cash. 93(ft
93 Jc; January, 01 Jc; February, 92Jk;
Marco. wg oWiic; Alav. UtiifaiDl.lo.
closing at 90j($9oJc. Corn very quiet
bnturm at about nnchniued prices;
no,j mixeo, caan, oojc; January, 34c;
tfoVt. ....... 'ill .. U.ul, O.l. .
3737137e, closing at 37ic Oats
notuing done; Ao.Z mixed, cash, 28c;
May. 810 bid. live verv dull. 6!lj
bid. Barley dull, 60S0c Flaxwd
noglncted. $100. Bran. 6!c at mill:
02c on east track. Cornmeal firm.
tl 85?i)l 90. Ik'ceiptB Flonr, 1000
brls; wheat, 7000 bu: corn, 41.000 bu:
oats, 2(1 COO bu; rye, 0JO0 bu; barley,
50O0bu. Shipments Flour, 7000 brls:
wheat, 1000 bu ; corn, 23 .000 Im : oate.
3000 bu; rye, none; barley, 30)0 bu.
Cnicvoo, III., January 30. The
baling in wheat was verv iliw ard
listles i to-diiy, prices ruling moderate
lystendy, Lowever, and closing nSmt
the same aa yektuday. ' The cibltu
quotad doll foreign markets, and there
was very li t'e changn in fie situation
to fleet prices in e t ier direction.
Corn ruled a shade firmer, but trading
was very light There wai a soramhla
Btnong the "dhott," in oats to cover
their January dals, and as a roiae
quence the prioe fir the mot td roeo t)
30c, at which figure mott of the trades
were covered. Floor steady and un
changed. Wheat fluctuated within a
range of Jc, closing at yesterday's fig
ures. niee ranged : January and Feb
ruary, StXSOfc, closed at 80j80c;
March, 80M81JC, cloaed at 80c; May,
85j(a)80k,clo8d at 86c; No.Xspring,
80i(811c. Corn ruled a shade firmer;
cah,3()c: January and February, 30
(ft36tek closed at 3M-c; March. SOJ
364, closed at 36 Jc; May, 40
4Ujc, cloied at 4)j40o. Oats
exciiod for January; cmOt, X0314?;
January, SJSSGc, closed ut Stic; Feb
rnarv, 28i29o, closed 1 1 28Jc ; May,
3li?2c, closed ut 31J. Rv quiet;
No. 2, 68c. Barley qtnet : No. 3, 60c.
Flaxseed eteady; No. 1, $1 12. Ke
ceipts Flour, 9000 btls; wheat. 11,
000 bu ; corn, 102.0CO bu ; oat, lit) 000
bu; rye, 1000 bu; barley, 07,000 bu.
Khipmenta Flonr, 000 brls; wheat,
2000 bu; corn, 00,000 hu ; oats, 50,000 !
bu; rye, 1000; barley, 32,000 bu. I
BcrritR Creamery, ?8(3U0c; dairv,
17()2)c; buiterine, 1410i; country,
1218c, according to condition.
CiiEiisit Prime flits, 78c; New
York factnry,8c; full cream, Ulfhiic;
Mass 1obk Old, $10 75(311 per
barrel; new, $11 7512 per barrel;
eugar-cured hams, nacked, 9 jritirc ;
DreaKUBt. oacuu 0.(10; clear rib ba
con, oawtijc.
Bulk. Toric Clar Bidea,0C'8iJe:
ciear nu bkiw, fiij.H"; long clear, 6 j
(irJc; Bhonldem. 4t;HJc.
Labo TienM,6j(.v6ic; half-barrels,
6Jc; keg!. 6Jc: bucksts, 7(A71c; half-
bnrketa, 7Ku71e; 601b tins. Oirsyi.c:
20-lb tins,6tlliic; 101b tias, 6(.i7icj
o-in tinB, Vti)7ic; 8-Hi iur, 7(2)7j
choice kettle, titsretw, 7571 o.
Fre8ii Mbats Beef Good Kuneas
City steers, henvy, 8; lipht, 707c;
cows and heifers, :; mutton, 7c;
lamos, eje: porn, tc.
Pigvfbbt Brla, $&09;half-brls,
i305Ci)3 75.
Cincinnati, O , January 80. Pork
quiet, $11. Lard firm. 0 10c. Bulk meats
quiet: shoulders, 41(34Sc; short rib,
0 duiup 4jo. iiiicon nrm; ehouiders,
4c; short rib, 6.15c; short clear,
6 35c. Butter dull; Northwestern
extra creamery. SalVtSc; good to prints
creamery, 2030c; choit:e dairv, 1?()
15c. , Eggs barely steady, 10(n16j t.
Cheeee quiet; choice cured Ohio fao
tory, OJlOc.
St. Louis, Mo., January 30. Pro
visions firm and generally higher.
Pork, $11(11 20. Lard,6..)7c. Bulk
meats, loose lota long cl-ar, 6.3.5c;
short rib,6c; abort clear, 6.05c ; boxed
lota long clear. 6e; short ntis, 6Jc;
short clear, 60. Bacon loag clear, 6jc;
ehort ribs, 6.90c; abort dear, O.Oiin.
Butter dull butflUady; crea-nery, 2i
30c; dairy, lOClc. Eggelower, 150
Chicago, III., January 30. Mesa
pork stronger; cash, $11; February,
10 S7("Ui, closed at $11; March,
$10 95rll 05, closed at $11 02(3ll 05;
May, $11 20(11 25, closed at $11 20
11 22. Lard firm; cash. 6.12c; Jan
nary and February, 0 10(iM) 15c, closed
at Cc; March, 6.15(a)6.17c, clostd at
6.15c; May, Cl0.27jc. Boxed meats
steady ; dry salted shoulders, 3.9.54c ;
anort riD Biaec, 0 j(ifjc; ehort clear
sides. 6655.70c. Butter creamery,
2032c ; dairy, 1520. Eig?,18lJj.
fcir m gooa reunine, 0 7-lt5(2.s: re
fined dull; 0,H.5c; extra 0,6 7-16
toja ranuia a, ttje; ronttctionera' A
6fa(J7-16o; powdertxL 6 IMHC.vBlc
cranulated,6. Molassea doll ; 60 teat.
.1 . ti 1 , . . : '
- jc Aice Bteauy, aemana 11 r.
ApPLBa-Apples, $2 25(3,2 60 from
Btore; $2(j)2 25 per car-load from levee
or depot, irried apples, S4o per
pouna irom store. Uned peacher,
4c from store.
VaaaTABLBS Onions, $2 75(3 25
per car-load, from levee or depot. Po
tatoes Irish, northern, $3 252 60,
parked ; car-loada from levee or depot,
-M9- 20 par oarret. uantag,bXaiic
per head. Kront, brla, $5c.ir0; half
brlfl, 13 76043. Uarlic, 40(i)60c per 100,
Fbuit Oranges, Louisiana, none:
Florida, $3(5)3 60 per box, Lemons,
$3 504 per box. Bananaa, 60c
iuj per nunch. Uoooanute, $4
ner $1 00. Peanuts Virginia, 6
7c; Tenneaaee, farmer'a atock, 2c;
recieanea, itH lc ; roasted, 2c higher ;
shelled, 10c Almonds, 18)'.tkj. Chest
nute green, 12(15c; dry, none.
Raisins Imdon layers, $3 60; lay
re, $2 75; California,; Imperial,
$3 604.
Picklks In jar., pints, 90c; quarts,
$1 50; half gallons, $2 60; gallons,
75 ; loose, barrels, $6 ; half-barrels,
$3 60; mixed, barrela, $10 60; mix
ed, $6.
Pkcans Texas, 68e for small to
uifdiutu, 100143 for large; Arkansas,
Walnctj French, 12c; Naples,
15c; (irenobles, 15c. Filherts, 12o.
Cidbr MiB80url,$77 10 per barrel
and $4(.i,4 25 per half-barrel ; Kentucky
barrels, J 607; Kentucky half-bar-rel,
tt. Vinegar, ll16o per gallon.
Poultry Tutkeya, per doian, $80
1.'; genee, $304: ducks, $3; chickens,
good demand. $i03: dressed turkeys.
dull, 10012c per pound.
turn Mackerel half-barrea. No. 1.
$4 3004 75; No. 8, $:) 6003 78; No.
8, $2 7503; 10-lb kit, No, J, 80c; No.
70c; 15-lB, No. 3, 60c. Dry hor-
rings, (amity, SOo per box.
(jam a Venison, whole. S.&5c! aad.
dies, 6Vi 8c: bear. 6(a8n: wildturkeve.
5(Ka)75c; ducks, $1 6002 60; squirrels,
7.'io; quails. 75c0tl; prairie chickens,
$5: game fiab,6(u)8o.
ivias tjcarce, 20ii.
Coal-Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 15c per gallon.
Clevkland. O.. Januarv 30 Petrn.
leum b.w., 110, 8o.
PrrrjBi'BO. Ta.. Januarv 30. Petrn.
leum fairly active aad irregular;
ra'ionel transfer certificates onened at
83o and closed at 8.'Ja; highest price,
(vic; 10 wet 1, M )c.
Whisky Straight Kentnckv Bour
St. Louis, Mo.. Januarv 30.
Whisky firm, $1 10.
Chicago.' III.. Januarv 30.
Whisky tfadyat $1 16.
Cincinnati. O.. Janitarv 30.
Whisky quiet at $1 10: sales of E4
barrels of finished gooda on thia
9 1
f rlart Point .Cohoma, S p.m.
Arttaasaa City.KiTi Adams, 5 p.m.
Osceola , Da Adavb, 6 p.m.
TlptonvllIe......)iToo, ft p.m.
Arkansas River.K. W. Coli, S p.m.
St FranclsRiver Ri MioanoT, 8p.m.
White River. -Caicnaaw, 5 p.m.
II AWUINU abju tikm.
Baqgin Jute, 9i011c: flax. tQGH
10c, accordiug to weight. Ties, $1 'AO
(41 25.
Naiib $2 75.
Soap $2 1003 50 per cane.
CoFrsB Common, 808Jc; ordi
nary, 9'jc; prime Kio, 10011c;
choice to fancy, 11012c; old gov
ernment, 23025c; Ceylon, 20o.
Sooab Eastern yellow, 607Jc;
pure w. c. white, 6J07c; ofl' white,
6t06jo; yellow clarified. 64(fie:
open xettle, 6J0Crc, refined A, 70
7(0 ; granulated, 7c; pawdered, 8ic;
cut iobi, etc.
Salt $1 2001 30 per barrel; sacks.
fine, $1 60; coarse, $1 10: pickete,
oieacnea. xxaiia: car-ioaaa irom levee
or depot. 6c cheaper.
Molasheh Louisiana, common to
fair. 23dii27c : nrime to eho ot. 4Mii&ht
syrup, 25040c: common to fair, a5
33c; prime to choice, 35040c.
Candies KUcks, ad sises, in boxes.
pails and barrels, 7J08o,
(Jandlbs r nil weight, 11011 Jo
Tobacco Common, 11-inch. 27(31
30c; other grades and styles. 23ffi8jc.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per cbho;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R IL, $9 60.
UANNEn Uoodb. BTO. Prices Der
dozen : Pineapples nominal ; peaches,
2-lb, standard. $1 35(i"l 60: seconds.
$1 1501 2; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
9Oc0 1 ; 31b, $1 1001 20 ; strawberries,
$13001 40; raspberries, $1 1001 25;
blackberries, $101 15; greengages,
$160(1 75: nears. $2(3)2 25: nlums.
$1 6001 70; asparagus, $2 65rzH;
green corn, tl01 15; green pew, $150
0175; cove oysters, full weight. 1-lb.
$1 1001 15; cove oysters, full weight,
Olw irl nal n:. . i ' i .
'i, i oj, u'Jie uyiiers, iigut
weight, 1-lb, 5c; cove oysters, light
weight. 2-lb. $110: condensed milk-
Crown, $6; Eagle, $3; Swias, $0.
New Obleanb. La.. Januarv 30
Coffee quiet. Sugar higher grade
of open kettle have declined 10 2c.
Moiamea centriiugaisprime to strict
ly prime, 21025c Rice Louisiana,
ordinary to prims, 305J&
New York. Januarr 80. Coffee
pot lair Kio dull, ic; options steady
ana lainy active; rater, 27,2,'H bags;
February, 0.55c; March, April aud
May, 6.6c; Jane, 6.70c; July, 6Jc;
October, 6.80c. Sugar rather weak;
441-Nc.l, Oil, Etc.
Skbd Delivered at depot and
wharf, $3 per ton ; on bank of river
(f. o. b. bout), $6; wagon at mills $3.
Meal Prime f. o. b., $15 per ton.
Lena than car-load lota, $15 60. (From
store, 90c Back. Cake Nominal ; $16
per ton. Oil In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. S. oll,22:!c; prime sunnier
yellow, 27028c: off summer yellow,
25c; miners', 27030c; choice cooking
summer yellow, 27030c.
New -(klBLEANB, La., January 29
Cotton seed products quiet and steady.
IIobsin ood driving, $12502iO;
good sadtlle, $140300.; plugs, $35080;
good mares, $850140.
Mclbm-14 to l' $1100130; 15 to
15, $1250140; 15 to 10, $1400175.
Supply small ; demand moderate.
Cattle Choice to extra corn fed.WOO
to 1050 Iks.. 4(54c; good, 34c.
(irass choice, 80afc: good, 303c;
fair to medium, 2(j2e; common,
lloas Choice, 31040; good, 3$a
sin : common. iw.Mo.
Shkkp Choice. 304c; medium, 30
Sic; common, ll($l 50.
Cincinnati, O., January 30. Hogs
Bteady; common and light. $: liifuH
packing and butchers', $3 950 4 25.
Raceipts, 1189 head; shipmente, 676
Kansas City, Mo.. January 30.
The Live Slock Jnrlicator reports: Cat
tlereceipts, 933 head ; shipments.
none; best g' a lea steady ; rommnn
dull and lower; exporters, $4 6005
good to choice, $4 60(314 75 ; common
to medium, $J wum 40; Btockers,
$2 6003 75; cows. $203 30. lings
receiiita, 0813 bead; shipments, 1018
strong and active; good to choice.
3 9004 06; common to medium
$3 60(43 80. Sheep leceipts. 131
head ; shipments, none; active; good
to choice, $3(as3 75; common to me
dium, $2 250280.
Chicago, III., January 30. The
Droverf Journal reports: Cattle rw
oeipts, 1700 head;' shipments, 930
hesd; market steady; shipping Bteerr,
93001500 pounds, $305 CO: Blockers
and feeders, $2 6004 30; cowi, bulla
and mixed, $16003 75; bnlk, $2 60
03. Hogs receipt, 12,600 head;
shipments, ouu head; market strong;
rough and mixed. li 69(43 95 : oack
tng and shipping. $3 9504 30: light.
$3 3004 ; skips, $2 4003 40. Sheep
receipts, 2000 head; shipments, 900
bead; market strong; natives, $20
4 75; Texant, $204; Msbs, $40
0 76.
New York, January 30. It has
been a very active week In all depart
ments, and while a very large rael
ness baa been done there is a very
wide request for all styfea of cot on
fiooda and bleached shirtings partii-n-arly.
Agents of Fruit of the Loom, 30
inch and 31-inch, will accept orders at
value only.
Jrrt'rola Buckeye State, Cincinnati;
Ouidlng Star, Cincinnati; Oaywo,
Tiptonville; Thos Sherlock, New Or
leans; Chickaeaw. White river.
iWarrurea. Uuldina Star. New Or.
leans; Helena, New Orleans; DeHmet,
White river; Buckeye State, Cincin
nati; Thos. Sherlock, Cincinnati.
BcU ta Fori. Uavoso. Rene Ma-
erf ndy and Chickasaw.
Boat lhi4 Down. Dean Adams.
Boott,Jn- L.-Coahama. E. W.
Cote and Kate Adams.
Receipts Tralerday,
Guiding Star-121 bdli chairs. 3
wardrobes and 3 elki ll'd.
Uayoso 48 bales co't n 61 sks seed.
28 3fks corn, 79 ko-rs and 21 pkirs
Buckeye State 1420 brla ro'atoes.
1620 kga nail?, 1309 sks earn aid 0257
pkgs merchandise.
Chickasaw (brought out o! White
river) 161 bales coitm, 7 hd cattle
and 19 pkgs sundries.
Tbok Sherlock 3(1 hhds sugar, 153
brla sugar, 70 brla molasses. 85 sks salt.
2 bhda rock salt, 20 brls pecans, 44
bx$ sundries, 15 bales bag, 7 bales
sheeting, 5 pkga sundries and 3 pkgs
Tub Chickasaw. Cant. E. O. Pintal.
is the Wednesday nacket for White
TriB Rene Macrealv. Catit. O K.
Joplin, goes out Tuesday evening for
St. Francis river.
Tub Dean Adams. Cant. Henrv
Cooper, is the picket Monday evening
at 6 o'clock lor Ocenla and t le upper
Itends. William binithera is in her
The Gsyofo.Capt. W. P. Hull, is the
iftiket Monday evenlig at 6 o'clock
or Hale's Poin. Tlntouvilie and all
b uy luudings. Jeme P. Wult is in her
Tbb Coahoma. Cant. Thomas Clas-
Rett, is the packet Monday evening at
6 o'clock for Helena, Friars Point and
all wav landings. Will Asbfird is in
her cfllce.
Tub E. W. Cole. Cant. Ed Nowlatid.
is the packet Tuesday evening at 6
o clock for all rolnts on Arkansas
river, going through to Pine Bluff.
James N. Thompson Is in her ollice.
The Kate Adams, Capt.- Mark R.
Cheek, is the United elites mail
packet Monday evening at 6 o'clock
for Helena, Arkanai City and all way
landing!. W. C. Blanker haa charge
of her ollice, amisted by Lw Price,
Morris Oana aud J. 0. Wycofl'.
eter 24s. Arrived : Charles Morgan,
New Orleans.
EvANBVtLLB, January SO. Noon
River falling, with 20 feet 0 inches on
the gauge. Ice (till heavy; lot l it
new made. The Guthrie left for Louia
villeat 4 a.m. .
LorjnrviLLB, January 30. Noon
River .Utionary with 9 feet 6 inches ia
the canal and 7 feet 3 inohea on the falls.
Business fair. Weather cloudy and cold.
Departed: U. P. Bchenck, Cincinnati,
Orvtca Pkjuil SsaviCa, TJ. 8. A.,
Maaraia.jraxa., January 30, 1 p.m.)
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian time,
which ia one hour faster than Memphis time.
le waur
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 32(19 (T), R.D.-f a h Chancery Conrt of
oseioy i-pomy, ienn. otata ol lenaet-
sk vs. W. K. Sutler et al.
It apuearina from the hill whloh Is sworn
ti in this eivse that the dafennant. Samuel
T. Atkinson, Is a non-resident of the btata
of Tennessee, and that 1 be n.mes and resi
dence ol the heirs of Charles Well and Kale
Wells, deoessed, a-e unknown and eannot be
asoeruined upon dllimnt inquiry the said
heirs being made defendants hereto beanae
of their interest in lot 1, block 33, Main
street, Meejnhia. which this proceeding
seeks to sell for unpaid taxes thereon :
It ia therefore ordered, That they maka
th!r BPParaee krln, at tha Minrthnoaa
of Shelby county, In Memphis, Tenn.. on or
before the Brat Monday in March, 1WA, and
lead, answer or demur to complainant a
ill. or tha aama will be taken for eon
fessci aa to them and cet for hearing ax
rnrte; and that a copy of this order be pub
ihed coce a week, foe four anecassiva
weeks, in tha Memphis Anneal. This IVth
day of January, loi. A ropy attest I
8. J. M. IK'WKLL, Clerk and MasUr.
By U. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk aad JlaaUr.
J. W. Hampton, ttol.turcoiopln't. lat
Bgsinrrs fair.
Weathkb cloudy and cold.
RaciiiTs yesterday, 102 bales cottoa
Tki Future City and barges passed
up yesterday evoning for Uiho.
' Tub river here stands 20 feet 4 inches
on the gang, a rise of 0-tentUs iu the
lost 24 be urs.
Tub DeSmtt departed last evening
for White river with a good trip cf
freight und a fair lint of passengers.
Tng big Helena departed lait even
ing for New Orleans with 211 bales of
rotton and 400 tunsmf miscellaneous
f re Wirt, and has gold engagements be
low bore.
TnaGuIdlng Slur, from! Cincinnati,
Sawed down yesterday evening for
ew Orleans, loaded flat and 40 cabin
passengers. She added below Cairo
win) sacks corn.
Tub Thomas Sherlock, from New
Orleans, pa-wed up yesterday evening
for Cincinnati with a fair trip. She
discharged here 120 tons of miscel
laneous freight, .
Tna Cbickwnw arrived yesterday
morning from WbiU river with 144
bales of c it ton, 7 head of rut .le aod
19 packages of sundries aad returns
next Wednesday.
The Gayoeo, OapU W. P. Hall, n--rived
yesterday morning from Tipton
tonville with 48 bales of cotloa, (II
aacks seed, 2853 links corn, 79 hnil of
Logs and a lot of sundries. She leaves
to-morrow evening for the upper
Tbb following changes have been
mude in United States beacon lighta
on the Mississippi river, between
Vicksburg, MiaB.,and Arkanai City,
Ark.: Hterling, moved down 200
yards; otonee, La., moved, down 150
Tbb Golden Crown cracked a cylin
der coming up and came in on one en.
gine. The break in the machinery of
the Crown necessitates a change in the
programme cf the Southern Transnor-
tition Company. The Charles Morgan
will be sent eut Saturday in place of
tha Crown.
Tna Buckeye Sfn' arrived earlv
yeiterday morning from Cincinnati
with 10,603 packages cf freight fir
this place, aud expected to leave araln
last night for the Ohio river with 1160
bales oi cotton, 310 barrels of oil. 25
bales of rags, 110 empty barrel. 6000
feet of lumber and a good lot of sun
CiNCJMif ATi Timet Star 29th: It
1b rumored that the Cincinnati and
Memphis Packet Company are nego
tiating for the purchase of the cot '.on
compress located in this city. The ob
ject is to bring cotton l orn way points
and make Buch la'es to shippers as
win create a Bavins and at the same
time renew an interett in the cotton
trade at this point.
6t. Louh Rtpublican, 29th: "The
river here continues rising quite
rapidly, aid if it continues doing bo
for s few davs longer may effectually
settle the question of Dnvlgition to tae
South without reference to softening
weather. Old aid obseivant steam
boatmen declare the present gorge ia
the heaviest known here for many
years, aud are of the opinion that the
ice is packed In tolid from the bed of
the river to the surface. No change
has taken place In the situation along
the river front, and steamboitmen are
anxiously looking forward to tha
break-up, which, it la predicted by
some of tha knowing ones, will take
place between the 1st and 10th of
Chan tea.
Cairo... ...
Cincinnati ...
!aveniort. .
Fort Smith. .
La Crosse,.
Leavenw'th .
Little Hock .
Mrmplalis. ,
Nashville ....
New Orla'na-
Omaha ,
St. Louis
Kt. Paul
Shreveuort ...
Vicksbura- ...
Movement ! Ocean aUeamera.
Ion iDN, January 30. Sailed: Pola
ro, New Orleans, - .
New York, January SO. Arrived:
St. Simon, Havre.
BRBHEif, January 30. Passed Isle oi
Wight: Marchioness, Galveston.
Qubbnbtoww, January 30, Arrived i
Oregon and Republic, New York. :
Liverpool, January 30. -Arrived:
Author and R-rinirin. New Orleann.
Pnr airlrttit. Flaie BIwfT, atsiel tall Way
a Htiilinaa cm Arkanaaa Kl ver tr.
12. IV. tOLi:,
Ed Nowland ........master.
Will leave XI) KSDAV, Feb 2d, atcp.ia. ror
I rat?
or to II. U.
freight or passage appl 1
('ill Tele)iinn No. M,
atNo. S Uadisaa st.
LOWH, Agent.
Maupnia, riMra Parnss sua aaoaakaiiaiai
nl OaKHHtlak licl C'ompaiBiir.
lor lielene, (ilendalc, Friars Point a4 all
Way Landlnra4itaamar
B. T. 0 laa-ett... master Flatt lthoue...a,.rt
win t,av a above on every MUMl)AY.
WKDN 1C8DA v andFRlDA?. at 6 e'clook ,
Far Randolph, Fulton. Osceola an 4 Way
Laadiai a Steamer
J. B. Cooper, muter....). W. Praithers.olerk
Uave. eievarj M0NUAY. WaOMCnuA
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. Tha boats of this
Una reserve the right to past all landing
tha nantaln anaydaein nnsate. Uttoa, No. 4
MadUnfi JAMRN ,KV.. ,T . Hnn'l
'fun str, r Tanvia Hiver 'iraiutporiaiioa
Co.'s Vina Blde-W heel IT. B. Mail :8temM
Reie Macready, r'!
0. K. Joplin waster,
at B o'otock, for Marianne, the Cat-Off, and
Inurmeilmte lanillngson bt. Iranoil rival.
The naptiiln reserves the right to pan all
landlnts he deems unsafe. JAB. LKK, Ja.,
u.,-rlT,njl- OH,., No. t Medlann St.
McinphtsA: White Kiror l'kt.Co
K. C. i'osta .matter I O. M.Prstal..MoleTk
ClrciBdnn, IseivnlU BlaBf, Deal Are,
LkaBHBi, Jnrkimnporlainil StcnrcT.
HAVK3 alKMl'lllSIverirWKDSHHUAy,
at 5 p.m. Through rau to all point.
Freight consigned ta " Memphia and Walk
wvar Packet Ccmpanr" will be forwarded
promptlr. i,.o LOWB, Agent,
a M'dl.nn . Tlenhe-a No. ,?.
- ' 3
or Uaoeola, llaie Point, t'arutuersrillei
ayos and Tintnnvllnv-Tha new steamer
W. P. Ilall....niaiUr I J. D.rnll iTrk
will leave as above, and all war point.
"or trel.ht nr naasaa-e annlv on hoard.
Memphis aad Vlckaburg Packet Com
M. R. OhMk...mJtar W. J. Blan..r...ol.ri
For Helena, Concordia, Terrene and Arkan
sas Ultj The elegant paasenger steamer
. Loaves Memphii
p.m., reserving (he right to pass all landings
the captain uar deem unaafe. For general
Information apply at oBne, No, 4 Madiion
street. g. WALWORTH. Aaent
JOHN OAWR. P.m A"t Te"nhont iS.
Memphis, White & Black: River Paciet
For Helena, Indian Bay, Bt. Charles, Clar-
enaon, uavaiie uiuB, les Are, Augusta,
Jaoksonport, llaUarille, PowhatUn and
rooaiiuniae. ins new ana elegant side
wheel passenger steamer
HeSJlaK'JLV ifcSlS
Milt narrv
Will leave EVERY SATURDAY at 6 o'clock
p.m. Through rates to all nolnta. Freight
consigned to Milt liarrr Line, Memphis, will
be promptlr forwarded. C. B. HUSHELL,
Agent. Telephone iU7. Offloe U MaJisoa at.
Jhw B Pnn.enrer Arent.
fgsrt .anadveitisertoooa-
io no e'perl
lor otherwise.
contains liata at
newspapers ana eeiimaies o ui coat oi aa
vertlsing. The advertiser who wants to apend
one dollar, Bnds In it the information be re
Hulrea, while for him who will inveat ono
hui drcd thousand dollars in advertising, a
aeheuio is indicated which will meet hia
every regainment, or een bo made to do so
bjr alight change eaaily arrived at by rorre
spondence. One hundred and Bfty-threo
editions have been issued, hoot, postpaid,
to any addresaior ten cents. Arply to OKO.
VEHTISINU BURKAt',10 tiprnecit. (Print
Ins li niee Hqnare). New York
PnTBBCBo, Jaanary 30. Moon-
River 9 feet 2 inchea on the gauge and
stationary. Weather clear and cold.
Caibo. January 30. Noon River
28 leet 3 inches on tba gauge and sta
tionary. Weather cloudy and cold.
Ho arrivals or departures.
Cincinnati, January 30. Noon
River rising, with 23 feet 8 inchea on
the gauge, Weather clear; thermom-
857 Main Btreet. I Memphis, Tena.
Eountzo Bros.,
120 Broadway, New York.
DEPOSIT acconnta received from bank
ers, merchants and others, and inter
ait allowno-on balance.
Advances made to eorras pendents on ap
proved business imper or other good collateral
letters or credit issued. Lolieciions maae.
Uovernment bonds and other securities
ou.bt aod told on coanmission.
Jlon-ItesldPBt Notice.
No. 6W0, R.D. In the Chancery Court of
unilby coaity, ienn. Jiary oey vs. a.
R.CruReretal. , ...
It anneirin from SWif'i rtr In thlt
cause that the defendant, M. R. Cruier. is
not to be f.iand in his county : ...
It is therefore ordered, that nemate &)
appearance herein, at tee ccurtnoae ei
Shell.y county. In Memphis, Tran., on orUre
fore the first Mooday in March. ISMi, am
lead, answer or aemar io compiainani i
in. nr i ha lias will be taken lor eonlewal
aa to him and set tor hearing ei parte;aij
that a copy oi iqis onier oe puDiisoeujaiej
a week, for four suriwive weeks, in tail
Memphis Appeal. Ihisih dayof JaauuC
loo6. A copy attest:
ei. 1, v inj n jvLb, vieri ana saa.icr.
?y U. T. Walsh. Deputy Clerk and Masiv'
tylor aV Carroll, Sols, for compl'st. soi

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