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1886. VlL4o .. "; Lj
urn .
Th American Colony Paris bars
gone into mourning ot jt the death c!
Mr. Bayard.
Th spring trade in chimneys and
table g'aiewara at Pitlsbnrg is etartinj
effi:haboom. Notwithstanding the
fact that it is yet some weeks before
the usual time lor openinj;, large con
tracts navlcg been signed.
Tui vigorous band of reform is
needed in the Senate to sweep away
many musty abuses. The "privileges"
of that body are maay of them abaard
Them is no truth In tht rumor tbat
Mr. Pendleton desbws to resign the
position of Minister to Berlin. lie is
f atisflsd with the place, the court and
the ptople, is popular with both, and
will remain a contented and a happy
Tub Governor of New York has
eipaed the bill to enlarge the terminal
facilities f the great Brooklyn bridge
on the New York tide, which are too
limited for the enormous traffic which
baa grown up since the bridge was
Jobm W. Mackby, the modest mil
lionaire, is credited with laying re
cently: "Money? money is nothing:
an accident. ' It is brains tbat gives a
man true enjoyment and dignity."
This is quite like bim, whether ho
said it or not.
Tub Central Board of Hexlth tf
Canada reports foity cases of small
pox and ten deatho at Si. Feustin,
twenty-nine cases and five deaths at
8t. Jovite and'fifty cases a ad six dea'hs
at St. Sulpico. No precautions' have
as yet beeu taken to prevent the
spread of tbo disease.
The secret sessions of tho Senate
ccght to be ubolibhed. In a free couti
iry all legislation should ba open "and
above board." If tho curtain v. in
lifted so ai to reveal the eecrot sessions
of the past the "sacred" Senate would
be found in a sorry plight of petty
political scheming and disgraceful
I reparation for campaigns.
Jcstin McCarthy, journalist, novel
ist, epsf yist acd member of the Brit
ish Parliament, in a cable lotter to the
New York Herald, (ays the Irish Na
tional members regard the whole sit
uation as satisfactory, and are con
vinced Hthat," no matter who come in
or who stay out, borne rule is cer
tain." We hope so. It will end all
Ireland's miseries. '
A C5BBK.WOMDBKT asked some time
go what there is that is. in the lent
degree political about judge, a prose
cuting attorney or a merely fiduciary
officer. We answers V ty postal card,
t.&w. - Why-ifac'if-K!kol -nti"
should political conventions busy
themselves about nominating such
officers? We answer, "custom,"
which has grown stale, fist and un
profitable, but tt.ll may yet last a few
years longer;
Repoets from the mineral region of
Pachuca, in the State of Hidalgo,
Mex., are tint several thousand silver
miners are out of work, owing to the
action of tbe companies in stepping
operations by way of reply to the
State Government, which refuses to
repeal the export tax cf two per cent
un silver. The money market, how
ever, is easy both at the City of Meii
0 and Vera Cruz, and the business
situation is improving.
Tbb conference committee ap
point ad to settle the difference be
tween the factions of the Ohio Senate
will formulate their report to the Sen
ate to-day. It is understood to refer
more especially to tbe manner in
-which the investigation of the Ham-
ilton county contest cases shall be
conducted, and will provide that any
legal points which may arise during
the contest, and en which the com
mittee cannot agree, shall be referred
to J udge Thnrman and R. A. Harri
son of Columbus for decision.
Gkn. David Humes, United States
army (retired) died suddenly yeelsr
day afternoon at his residence in
Washington. He was in his nsual
good health in the morning, and made
several visits down town in the after
noon. On retiring he complained of
pains in his abdomen, and bad
to be assisted to bed. He
died in a few tjninutes. He
was a voteran of the Mexican war,
and alROerved with distinction in the
late VrfrT He was letired in 1800, after
bi.ng severely wonnded in several en
gagements. He was president of the
.military conrt that triod Mrs. Surratt
A Nom.E monument is to bs erected
in New York City to the memory ot
3en. Grant, "the great commander cf
the Union armias." "Appreciating the
fact," says the Burlington Gazette,
"thtit this tribute should be sharod in
by all his countrymen, and that there
is no longer 'no North, no South, no
East, no West,' a Democratic Congross,
lull of -'Eebel Brigadiers' and 'unre
pentant Confederates,' is about to au
thorize the appropriation of half a
million of money for 'a Mecca for all
who love their country, and all who
venerate the greatness and Christian
magnanimity of this dihUflguished sol
dier and statesman.' Thus is tbe
'Southern question' being relegated to
oblivion, and in spit 3 of the efforts of
unpatriotic and designing politicians
it will remain mere. And there isn t
a patriot in tbe land who would have
it otherwise."
The Ycllow-Ftver Commission it-torney-General
Garland's Lotter
n the Dostia Case.
taj-icui. to tub irriiL.I
WAsmsaTow, February 2. Gen.
Maricut J." Wright of this city will
soon write the life and times of Gov.
Joba Pevier ot Ten net e, as a com
ranion book U hie Lie of Gov. Wn.
Blount. He is also preparing for the
Teanersee Ilistorial ti.iclety a sketch
cf the life of Dr. W. A. & ott. a Ten
neeeean, who was in his day the most
distinguished winif-tsr cf the Presby
terian Cbnrch in America.
The House Uommittee on Commerce
bad the resolution authorizing a com
mission to investigate yellow-fever
under consideration to-day, but did
not act upon it. ' The majority of tbe
committee is probuMy in favor of the
resolution, but a minority propoeea.t i
send but one man to study tbe ques
tion inttead of sending a delegation.
Several of the correspondents who
telegraphed interviews with Surveyor
General Dement of Utah have asked
the Senate Public' Land Committee
for an opportunity to present testi
mony to the effect that their inter
views were authorised.
The following members introduced
bill) to-day of ii tarest to the South:
By Mr. Wheeler: A petition t) in
crease the appropriation to extend sig
nal service in tbe Southern States;
also, a bill to require the officers cf
United Sa'.es engineers in charge of
the improvemett of the Tennessee
river to report the condition of certain
streams which enter Into tho Tennes
see river.
By Mr. Noal : A memorial of the
Iron, Coal and Manufantcrero Asso
ciation of Chattaco ga, Term., asking
an Appropriation sufficient to opeu
Muscle 8hoila in Tennessee river to
navigation during the year 18S8.
By Mr. If ouk : A bill to construct
a road to the National Cemetery at
By Mr. Richardson: A bill mak
ing an appropriation for the benefit of
the Primitive Baptist rhurch, at Pel
ham, Grundy county, Tennessee.
Sontbern patents i-sued to-day:
George K. Anderson, Mempbis.Tenn.,
recording speech ; Henry M. Beidler,
Texarkaoa,Ark., galvauic belt; Alonzo
O. Campbell, Nnnhville, Tenn., ore
separators; Addison II. Douglass,
Memphis, Tenn., metallic wrapping
for cotton, e'e; John 8. Jamagin,
Mossy Creek,Tenn., machine for filing
prescriptions ; James V. Newman, de
ceased (G. II. Newman, administra
tor), Fayette, Tenn., riding saddle.
O.oS and I S. Austin, Birmingham,
A! a; James Allison. Nashville.
Attorney -General UarlameVa letter
1 . s tbe laailn Cim,
Washington, February 2. The At-
wir.tewMi's.W a. . -UWW' 'friA i3l:is't jut Secretary of
in respect to the Dustin case was t
day, in executive session, referred,
without further discussion, to the Ju
diciary Committee, which has author
ity to roport npon it in open session.
A Bttt 'merit was made, on the author
ity of the Attorney-General, that the
press nui not obtained itj inlormatton
in regard to tbe Dustin letters from
the1 Department of Justice. This gave
rise to a haJi-bumorous discussion on
the premature publication of proceed'
ings which the participant) design to
have kept secret, ihe fact was re
called that, though the press bad been
diecussing the relations between the
Senate and tho Executive for several
weeks, and that both parties in the
Senate bad held caucuses upon the
subject, no authorized or legitimate
information bad been given out, and
that, so far es the public had any right
to know, there was no question be
tween the Executive and the Senate
about information, or reasons, or pa
pers, or appointment.
Woman's Nnirraffe,
Washington, February 2. Senator
Blair to-day reported favorably from
tbe Committee on Women Suffrage a
Joint resolution to amend tbe counti-
tution so as to extend the voting
privilege to women.
The Postal Telegraph
Washington, February 2. The
House Committee on Poitofflces and
Post Koads received a letter f om Dr,
Norvin Green, president of the West
ern '.Union Telegraph Company, this
morning, saving he was unable to ap
pear before the committee on the post
al teiegrapn question to-day, owing to
physical indisposition and to lack of
time to give tbe Bubject tbe examma
tion it demanded. He said the sab
iect had been fully canvassed two.
years ago, but tha" since that time,
nnder tbe spur of sharp competition,
rat 38 had been greatly reduced and
new experience realized which the
committee mightdesire to know some
thing about. Lie desired to be heard
before the committee made a decision
on the question.
Mr. Morev. chairman of the Post
office Committee in the last Congress,
was present bv invitation ot the com'
mittee. Hesaid he hud no interest in
the question other than the interest
attaching to a public question to which
he had given some study. He advo
cate the bill introduced bv Eenre-
sentative logers,
The Baltimore and Ohio Telegraph
Company officials desire tj be board
npon the subject
('OBvlet Latter on Government
Washington. February 2. The Sec
retary ot tne Treasury to-day, in reply
to the Seca'.e resolution directing bim
to transmit to the 8-na'e all papers in
relation to tne contract let to ilrainord
& Co. lor the work of putting an ad
ditional story on the Peona, III , pott
office in 1885, and protests were filed
in relation thereto, transmitted all
such papers and a le'.tsr in which he
says: " when the question of letting
this contract was before me I was ad
vised and obliged to hold that nnder
the present statutes of tho United
States I was not empowered t J direct
or dictate what means tbe lowest bid
der under a contract duly advertised
in accordance with law should
employ to fulfill the terms of the con
tract provided said means be lawful.
I found tbat a statute of the State ef
Illinois authorized the employment
bv tbe contractor in question of con
vict labor. I could not find tbat any
statute ot the U lilted States authoris d
the rejection of bids made by men
who employed such (labor; conse
quently in obedience ti what I deemed
mj duty under existing statute, I
directed that the contract be 1ft to the
lowest responsible bidder."
Silver Doll.r at Itio Nw Orleatia
WAWuxoTOH.February 2. The Sec
retary of the Treasury to day submit
ted his reply to the Senate resolution
asking if Instructions have been issued
to the AssUtint Treasurer at New Or
leans to refuse to receive nilver dollars
on deposit aid isue certificates there
for, rtj, in wbi ;h he inclosed copies
of the report in tbe maitw of the
Treasurer of the United States. Tbe
litter says that no instructions have
been given the Araictint Treasurer
which conld be sonstrucd as interfer
ing with the proper execution of ttie
law requiring tbe is:ue of silver cer
tificates to parties depositing standard
silver dollars
Batloaal Eneampratal . A. R.
Washington, February 2. Commander-in-Chief
Bnrdett of the Grand
Army of the Republic telegraphed this
evening to ComrcanderK. H. Warfinld
of San Francisco that tbe National En
campment of the Grand Army of tbe
Republic will be held in San Francisco
Tuesday, August 3, 1886.
Bills Introduced la the Senate.
Washington, February 2. Smut.
Among the bills in trod net d in the
Senate to-day were the following:
By Senator Cbace: Supplementary
to t oe civil service act. (Its o'oject is
to prevent Congressmen from selett
imt or recommending appointments to
by Senator Harris: To prevent the
introduction of contigiojs and in
factious diseases into ibo United
States, and to establish a bureau ol
public health. (It provides for tho
establishment in the Interior Depart
ment of a bureau cf public health un
der the mmi!genient cf n commis
sioner o! health to bs apro'.ntfd bv
(tie Pieaident liom civil lift). It aln.l
inh.es the National Board cf fo!t'i
and appropriates $75,0 )0 to di frav tho
expaufei incuned in carrying out the
provisions of the bill )
The Uovernmeut! Merely a Tennnt
at Will, Alihongb the Kenl Owner.
"Gath" in tha N w York Tribnnt:
It i rather strange Urn', whua Witt gov
ernment und-ruikcs to do a philan
thropic thing in tbe way of a bubintrs
enterprise it generally guts swindled.
The reservation at Hot Springs, Ark.,
is an illustra'ion. It was set aside at
a national Banitarium, but according
to Senator Berry the government is
getting much the worst of the bargain.
The springs are owned by the govern
ment, and it has gone to much expense
there; but Senator Berry ears tbat
Capt Jacobs of the United S u es
army, who had charga of building the
government hospitals there last sum
mer, was actually compelled to buy
water for tbe use of tue government in
the construction of tbat building. Cer
tain owners of bath-houses leaied from
the government at nominal rates, Mr.
Berry says, have a complete monopoly
of the springs. These leases expired
in 1883 aod Secretary Teller declined
to renew tr-err. Mr. Berry lays that
the Interior hut fall and told him that
in the interest of the government there
leases should not be renewed until
after legislation which he hoped to get
through Congress at this session. The
Assist ant Secretary promised tbat be
wonld not renew them. Last week
Mr. Berry discovered that tome of the
leases bad been renewed since Con
gress met, although they exoired two
years ago. He was naturally indig
Scbarr Cbnllcngca the World.
New York, February 2. Jacob
Scbaefer, the billiard expert, to-day is
sued the following:
Kxw Yobk, Fobruary 2. ISSi.
Mr. Maurice Vigoaux'd backer, Mr.
John Dowling, hoving declined to
make good his challenge tp me to play
Maurice Vignanxa return match af er
Buch challenge had been duly accept
ed by me and my backer, Mr. Richard
Roche of St. Louis, I hereby announce
my willingness to play Mr. Vignaux
or any olber man in tae world a match
of 3000 points at tbe fourteen-inch
balk line for S5000 a side, nnder the
express condition that tbe winner
shall take all the receipts and the loser
pay all the expenses incident to the
match. I prefer Mr. Yigroaux as an
.opponent, and should he or his backer
be unable to secure the 15000 stake
money to wager, I am willing to nlav
for $1000 a side, with the same bind
ing condition that tbe winner shall
take all tbe receipt and the loser pay
u expenses. jacob schakfkr.
Jtaelng at Hew elean.
Nkw Obxkans, La., February 2
Racing was resumed to-day over the
Exposition course, a tier a suspension
of more than three weeks on acconnt
ot tbe bad condition of the track. The
weather was cloudy ., and threatened
rain, and the track was heavy.
Race. For all sgee, winning
penalties, one mile and one-eighth.
Biddy Bowling won by half a length ;
jonn sum van second, Hurt liox tbird.
Time 2:1!).
iseeana Kate. selling race, seven-
eighths of a mile. Hibernta won by a
lengtn ; bbamrocK second, iSric-a'
Brae third. Time-1:42.
Third Jiace. Vor three vear olds.
winning penalties, three-quarters of a
mile. Lieonora won by bait a length ;
ranoio second, Kosetta third. Time
Cincinnati law
and Order
Cincinnati, 0 February J. The
law and urdor .League to-dav ore-
sen ted to uov. Jroruter, wno is in tbe
city, articles of impeachment against
the Police CommiEsioners, for his ac
tion nnder the statute in such cases.
.charging them with wit fill misconduct
in office, by refusing to enforce the
Uws relating to theat neat . perform-
a axes on Sunday. The refusal was in
,he form of a note declining to accede
t tbe request of this league to stop
Saniay theatricals.
Caa?i In tbe Texas Treasury.
GAivavroN, Tsx., February 2. A
dispatch fi om A0tin to the Next says:
The State Treasurer will speedily re
sume cash payments. The receipts
yesterday amounted to $47,000. The
capitol syndicate will begin the granite
work on the nw State-Uonee thla
Senator Vance Positively tfenirs Tkat
lie Ever Owned Stock fn tbe
Warhixgt-k, February 2. Repre
sentative Gibixiu, chairman of the
Committes on Expenditure in fie De
partment of Justice, says he will begin
the investigation of the telephone
casee, as autboriied by the House res
olutions, oa Thursday. He will, he
gays, make as thoiough and careful
inquiry ai possible.
senator Vnc'n Venial.
Naw Yobk, February 2. After Sen
ator Vance bad denied published
statement the t be was ; stockholder
in the; Pan-Electric Light Company
the World sla ed tha; be was a euo-
scriber to the extent of $.000, and that
the subscription was maue under cov
er of trie names cf tro ladies wbo
were relatives of the Se-iator. This
morning Senator Vaie publishes
ca-d in the 11 'orhl, in widen be says:
''It becomes my duty to denounce the
wbo'e ttory as nntrut. In no con
ceivable way, shape form have I
had aoy couoectioa viih that com
pany. I have tho sta'ement of Gen.
Casey Young, secretary to tbe effect
thU no stifle is now or v as ever been
set down in the books of t lat company
in my name or in the ur le of any one
for me; that I never ban any connec
tion, directly or indirectly, with that
company to his knowledge, and tta.
it is not possible (or mo to have done
so without his knowlcge; that the
ladies referred to (only tiro tf whom
own stock) are net relit ves or even
acq ointaaces ot mno, no.i ttmt they are
thu refl owners cf the ttock which ap
pears in their names." .
Another Hull AickIiinI ttio Bell Com.
Ottowa, Ont., Febrrvv 2. A. A.
Dickson of Moiitrenl, nviuuUcturer cf
electrical instruments, hai ll'ed an ap
plication with the MiniMerpf Agricul
ture wit'i a view tf teH'icg the valid
ity rf the patent for tbo ltlake trais
mitter, held by tho Bel Telephone
Company. In 1879 lettt i patent wi-'re
grattid Air. RUke, tho Inventor, by
the Patent Ofiieo. In 1 he aosignud
by a deed of riht to K.M1 and lwitiu
future to tho I'auadLn Toic phone
Company,nd thoy in toir rusipued to
tho Bell Telephone Con.psny in 182. 1
The pet itionerc'aiins that thepftentees
havH net observed the conditions
of the law in that they have at various
times after the expiration of twelve
montba from the dato ol iaaue ot hit
ters patont imported, ot consul t j be
imported, into Canada peitcf the ma
chine for which the pat--f.t was grant
ed; that machines were im potted and
put together in Mot treat and other
p'aues, and that the mannlaiture of
these articles did not commence in
Canada within n periolof two years
ot the date of ths patent required by
law. As the-petitioner has manufact
ured these articles, a dispatebas arisen
as to his right to do so, and this raie
has been brought before tho Mini-ter
so tbat the point may be definitely set
tled. "FIXISG"
How Sfw Yor Polleemen Became
Nxw York, February 2. Harry
Hill, his wife, a barmaid, and a bur
tender to-day appeared before tbe Po
lice Commissioners of the city and
bluntly swore that Hill, who has no
license to sell liquor in his notorious
resort, had been paying since laxt
summer sural of money, from $50 to
$100, to Detective Moran, who
elated the money must be paid to
Capt. Murphy and the higher police
officials or Hill's place would be
raided. Hill says he "kicked" re
cently when $500 was demanded in ft
lump as hush money. Then on Satur
day night a barmaid was arrested, and
Hill got tired of what he calls perse
cution and went before tbe commis
sioners and made the above statement
Tue Police Cummissionerp, after hear
ing Hill's testimony, determined to
try the captain and detectives on the
charge, and pending the trial trans'
ferred them to the annexed district.
A Grooery More llnraed Tbe Loins
About SI MOO.
Pinb Bi.uFr, Abk., February 2.
William Mills' grocery store and con
teats were oonsumed by fire last night,
Loss about $1800; $500 insurance.
A Uynamlte Herniation.
Nw Yoke, February 2 A Naih-
ville (Tenn.) special, da'ed yesterday,
to the TV says: A sensation was
creatad here to-day by the discovery
oi an attempt to mow up tne pas
senger terryBOP.t reari witn dynamite.
The Pearl is a small steamer nsed in
conveying people from the west bank
of the Cumberland river to Ewt
Nashville during the construction cf
tbe new mn bridge, it is daily
Satronitsd by 3'J00 persons. Henry
oloertson. the fi ermn, found in a
pile of coal from which the furnace is
supplied a dynamite cartridge one foot
in length, with a fuse attached. It is
not known at what time the cartridge
was jilaced in the coil, or by whom,
but it is evident that the intention
was to blow up the boat. Had the
cartridge been put in the furnace a
tremendous explosion would have oc
curred, and not only would the boat
have bean totally wrecked, bnt many
lives would have been lost. It is sup
posed that some one who had a
grudge against eome person or persons
connected with the boat adopted this
method of aecuring revenge. The
cartridge was thrown into the river
by an officer ol the boat.
attempt to Impeach an Iowa Judge.
Dkb Moines. Ia.. February 2. The
House proceedirgs were enlivened
las; evening by a brisk debate noon
the proposed impeachment of Walt9r
T: iiayes, jadge of the Seventh Ju
dicial Dixtrict. The movement to im
peach is based upon resolutions passed
fay prohibitionists at Muscatine, and
which were sent to tbe House, whore '
a motiom was made to appoint a special
committee to investigate and prefer
cnarges ux regular lorm, it deemed
necessary. It wai npon the adootion
of this resolution tbat the debata
sprung np. Ice feature of tbe deci
sion was the terms in which several I re
publican members not tied the leaders
of prohibition, tbat they had gone an
far ai it was good for the State or
profitable for the Republican party,
and that to now ack them to impeach
a judge for the alleged rtawn that he
had not been snthciently severe in his
pnuibhnieDt of the viola'ors of the
liquor law wai more tl aa Ihey could
stand. Thomson of I.ynn and Cotuin
of Cedar county defended tbe reputa
tion cf the jnriit whose couten had
been impugns d. The whole matter was
referred to tbe Judiciary Committee.
Tbe Klica-eat Mno-ilorm er
known at Ferl Mnltb-told
Weather In Mlrhlena.
Nashvim.b, Tsnn., Febrtury 2. It
has been snowing heie-continuously
since 7 o'clock this morning, and it
midnight the violence of the storm is
increasing. It has a'ready reached a
depth of ten inches, ami is the heavi
est snowfall for several years.
The Cold Kpetl In Ihe Horthweat.
Chicago, III, Febmary 2. The
mercury diopped below ro here
again la.t night, the Signal Sprvice
reporting the meaenry at 4 below,
though private observations made it
from 10 to 1 2 below aero. The weal her
is reported in very cold throughout
Minnesota, Dakotiand Manitoba, tbe
mercury diopning to 3t below ut St.
Paul and to 4H belo at Minnedos,
on the Canadian Pacific rn;)way. The
temperature throuvt'ont Iowa is re
ported 15 1 1 17 hi liw
Tbe lleavlewl Naow-Niorm Kver
Haowu at tort Mulin.
Fobt Smith, Auk , Febrtury 2. The
biggest snow-storm ever known here
it rugina today. The snow beiran
falling at 9 o'clock last niht and has
fa' ln for twenty-one hours, and is mil!
falling. The snow is ten inches deep.
All travel is suspended, and mails me
neither arriving or departing.
Severe Mnow-HlarniM In Kii.
Kansas City, Mo., February 2
Severe Bimw-Btornis aro reported to- 1
night fmm points in Southern ar.d '
Western Kiinhs, ind rathoid trains
are uprinnxlv d lived.
ClIIf-Tho frlend and ainii ntinofa cf
Lizzia W. Chihu art invitid to atUiml litr
funeral, from tbe roeliloiKo of her fa I ho r,
Meredith Yaten, No. 114 W&chiiwtoii atrtot,
thl. ( VirHVl-J4 V) nftKmnn- nt l-1ll nVtV.
A New Departure.
A Lift IMIry Which Will Hntiofj
Evr rjbody. No Ilurdrndoin? I'oa
ditloiiB. t'hoapewt Liberal
r.jr Mt Umvi. '
Cost of InHnrancc Lorn Than in
Any Order or Society.
Gull A MeU January 1, im H,417,'nS (10
Cash Bnriilca January 1, 18K6 t.CtiS.KIH (10
Claim! Paid In 1W 880,012 (X)
Totl Claimi Paid in 22 yean -8,146,128 (HI
So. ol Lit 1'oliciei wrtttan to -date, 44,WX),
AHCIalmi raid ImmcJiatoly n rereii't o;
auniucuiry irool.
i'or further information apply to
Marx & Bensdorf,
1(1 Ulatllwon Street, ltrcmpliiM.
1" EII,A BCOTT T.OliUK, No. 2H9.
1-J F. A A. M. Will nieot in Mated
onimnuniniilion thiH ( VV k dn ekuiv
etenina, Feb. Sil.at 7:'JUo'loik, for
d niatrh nf buninenii. All M. H.'i'
are traiornally Inviiod.
l!y order II. F. CAVANAOll, W.M.
AltoBt: A. 8. MYraonretary;
Far mnnyyeari I tu a nufforer with run
rer of the noia. and bavfna been eurrd bv
tha uio of H. 8. H , I feel foimtrolued by a
der.se of duty to nurToring humanity to make
thin atatement of my eaaa. With the four-
taerjth bottle the canrer began to Deal r mi
ldly and loon disappeared, and for nereral
month! there haa baeu no appenranoa of a
or of any kind on my noaa or face, neither
ii my none at an lenuor to ma tourti. i
hava taken about two dnion bottlei of S. 8. B.
I am aoundlv eured. and I know that H. H.. H.
erTaoted the enra afuir ovary known romedy
waa triad and bad tailed.
Fort Uainei, Oa., May 1, im.
I bad heard ot tha wonderful eorea of
bwitt i hptciOo, and renolnd to try It. I
commenced taking it in April, 1KKI My
aonerat health wo much Improved, bnt the
cancer which wu in my breait continued to
grow (lowly nut aureiy. The bunch grew
and became quite heavy. I felt that 1 must
either have it cut or die. But it commenced
discharging uuentitiei of almost black,
thiek blood. It enntinued healing around
the t'lgoi until rehruary, when it waa en
tirely healed up and well.
Coohetett, Plymouth Co.. atasa., July 13,
Bwlft'l Specific la entirely vegetable, and
geems to cure cancers by forcing out the Im
puriiiei from the blood.
Treatise on Hlood and 8k in Dis'easei mailed
ItrawerS, Atlanta, Ua. Mew York, U7 W.
23d street.
Wnrrnnltt) Hlinlutily ur
Cooofg,, frum wlileb lhttcxrtMii of
Oilhnai ln?n removt'fl. th:t thrf
time the ttrtngtK at Coou in xml
with Htnrrh, A rnw unit ur Hiuar,
and U the reform fur niurvi!cniMfin-4
Irul, costinff ctt than we cfiit a
run. Jt m d'licM)Urt Doiir.itWnp,
rttnmijftheninjr, rtutily aJIgt'riU-U,
and ntluilrmhly Adt.pU.fi for Inral'
ilde m well a fur jHTm.im iubmJth.
Bold by Urocert wrjyikm
'. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass.
1)R. K. L. L1SKI,
rbyslcian, Surpeon and Accouchear,
313 Mala Street, NeariVnJoa.
Telephone No. 8.
W7 lUlii fjta'efte I J&euiyuiM, Traa.
The United States Government
riiM-rt Di. Tricr'n nl the hvivl of tbe entire list.
tStv National 1mani or )H ai.th 1-h.i
The Canadian
riat PH Dr. Prife's at Hie lirafl of tho
(Pe n-trt U itt (N.MHivinvi.s r:- lii,n'i Crvrvrn DvrMS)-luirnuH-ni,
i, ApilliirU, l.t.
It in the lumrt unA i-ini;e: t. Fret'
nia," lire lioui Lime, itu; J'tojii Alum, :.
mended for general f.unilv m) hy ilw,
Great UnivcrHities and PuITk; Food Analv;;l.i.
rcrMon"-ili'ii''niK t'l"1 tnithf ilmn 'if iV.
l'nif. U. (Hil'KN IX (KKVII'S. M. IV, 1.. t.
l'mf, 11. ('. Will I K. SlaU:eiu'ini.-i. I r.i
l'nif. K. ('. kKOX.IK. IJiti' ln--Uli'!ii : t
1'rtif. II. M. SCUKH'Ki;. n:'!!.tl; ! t i'
i-Kif! eiiAni.i a in. nwi'im'. A.
I' d.
1'ivf. .IAMKS K 1-AM'lM'k. Stin.
1. Kl.l S II. I'AH l i t V. Ii. S (
l'rtif. t t'li I IS ('. HOWAKll. M.
l'ml. M. DKLKllH I'AIMK. Analv
l'nif. It a (I- I A TON. UiUieiK'ii..
I'r.if. ,H)I!N M t)li'"VV. M iDs
fn l. 1 A. wi rni.M's. M., 1
a. ii yhiti t-.-iu-nnvnUi,
l'K.l..KM!N KtXII.AM'Klv. .Jr.,.
etiHiyi- Mt-ilu iiic Uiil Silt'
l'l-uiri. M .t r.NiV.WII-lvKii.l'nil
i-iDi. i;.:;.."('o; tv liAitKKit, iv.
.1 'I Vm, '!
Irnf. l'l-. I i ll OOl.l.lKit. lili-l i' -ii
itiif i Wi- ii'iiinii, IK I'.
l'wfc. IIK.YS.tVtCl'' Prois Clim:
lr..lAMM Ald-I.I'lMl i' elnniil
l-inf. i:i):ak kv kima (ti, tv. ;,
l'nif. K W llll.il.Vhl. I'iof. Oli
Every Consumptive, or
should read the follow-in-; U
death" had been 'givtn ti!"- to ui.' by her ihy
band and fi lends from Ci '.
Dr. Hunter's system of M i-i
System of Mcicalccl Inhalation.
or Edncation, Paris, Ky.
Vmcunr thk StipKRiNi-KNDi Nr or I'jiix'ATion,
J'mus, liv., Oi-tolirr 7, IMVo. J
jAg. A. llt'NTKH, M. D.
Dear Sir:- Tlie lux of Mudiciuti for Mrs, P. arrivml to-tltty, and tho larger
bottlo of "iNHAi.MN-r'' waa tiroken. FU'iiho Hi-nil nioro, or u prescription.
lii your Irltcr ytm nek, "Do ynu think hIio Ih any hot tor than alio was)
tultwi rIio comiiuiiifi'ii your treatment?" Mont tletiduUy, y. Wlion nht Ix'gaa
your tirutmi'iit, hIip hnl br-eii conttnoil to Imr room Hpvcn montliB; a mere'
akfli-ton, nivcn up ly I"'r jiltysician, umihlo fvon to bmr tint Wright, of tbt
bed i-ldtliuM, or wulk iH-roBH tho room. From thitt tittio mid condition ah
Iiur slowly luil ritoudily improved, nnlil h 1 1 to m i 1 1 h about 115 pntimlg, call
work nt li'ht work nil dny, and walk from two to four iniltsH with littft)
"Wis liavo iintirv ronlidctiro, tmd fi-yl viry corlain thut yon will cure lie
entirely, in time. I nhoiild Htato, nlu, that hIh; Iihh liiht mo,it of the vhlibltf
aitiH of -(MiHiiiiiition, Hiich M lu-clic iliuilmn, iitinkon ryt'H, pviuilir hIiiijio oj
tho month and tlnwi nuilH, ahorttinsH of lucath, Htinkon ohnwt, et.'c.
. The i-ytm n to moiu full, client "rTpHttdnil, and nlm biVHtltca iiaturally-a
lilinoKt an lun nH 1 do, (a man in exrellont hi'itlth, and of t;ood sizi.)
Your ticalimint ti.iH hern eiimmutly .'iri-iitilU', and ontiroly ftiii.Ti'tiRfuI,
lIoHtrcspoi-.t'fully, S, .S. rUC'ICKTT.
(Wanting tho Privllpsc of Publlcatlou.
I'.MIIH, Kl.NTK KV, Ol t.ihcr 10, 1K75. !
JaR. A. HllNTKH, M. I).
Hear Hiri Yiinis t f tli Hth Inst.,
letter to you of thn 7lh wiNt., in riyaril to Mr, 1 , h henlth, wtig it i-iMved.
Had I known you wihIiciI to pitMiFh il, I !iould Imvo ilcurrilx-il the rnvi
wore particularly, ami ii1h stated tho fm t thut thn chhii had Iwen treutcj
ttitirely by rorntixmihnit, you never having aoctt lur eilhor bofor.: ot ainco yoa
bean treating lo-r.
You have ji rjmt titurty to pMith it, mid also tho On I h (r ri vi !.? of rclVfe,
ing any doubtitiH or lieHitating pc rHcn to un, and wo will uko plci-wro itj
anawtiring their iM-BtiouM. M-jnt r-.-- - 'V t f u 1 1 y ,
K.-S. prCKKTT,
Supn iiUi-inla.t J Vi'y .VcAw',.,
Job Davis, iVnlut.
Jonn W. I'iTTmuN, Vtcr Vt'iYrr.
K. 1'. Uaihiis i.i., lry,
J. K. (Ii.mk. TaiAur.
ClIiH. II. rlrswiHIl, AolmiiU.
Jak. A. UtiNri'M, M. !.,
MwiriiiK, Tisnn.:
Tiear Hir Yoiiih of the 2Ut inHt., making inijiiiry an tn Mrs. rnrkett'j
health, if liviuy, rneive'l in d time. We ftie Imppy to he nhle to report tc
you that Bhn in not only tiring bnt wo firmly bclii-vn tliat ln-r liuth'H are, anil
have been, entiielv well for Hovernl Vviuri. She haw not t.vken unv jioHlirin
for the hmnH im:i you ,uit troaiin iier, about eiylit or nine years r.co, ami
hft gradually ai.-iiirrd more and mon; phyaicHl Htrenptii .
We tor very ;lad indeed to ln-ar lYom you once more, and hope; von nnv
have many ytHirti yet Hpared to you,'
cure many perHoiiH Htifh'ring from liui
ection of tltn coitiitry tall and get- us.
near 0. W. & H. H. K.. and ithall be ulad
I receive linndrodw of letters liko
places remoto from this city, vrhnm I
not only prove thitt Inhalation will
aillicted may obtain and use it without the trouble anitipcnsefvisiTjJg
ms at my home as I never naw Mrs. Puckotr..
SIC-aiJWKO-ah'-'-SSSO Second
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingly
jsivwwf, misuij vtMiar
i i s fi'iijijilciiwnl Xii. j, iM'j'
. c .1
.Si, WwhiDgton,
ciitiro 1M.
from Ammo
ml is ri:eoia
U.::ulrt of tlie
; i wriioaiivof tin-( 'n'liil ,t i iia.ni-d:
, i!. :,!'vin' Mii'i, M r..:i, ..v. Now York,
i V I , ..I'": I, At lit !!, U.
': ,-,! in Ii'..1i''i. UlH .1,!,', MJUl.
I t
I, i h.
I' n'l
,ii V V.
.' !': -..My"
, CViim.ijiu , ('
. , lii.
N 1.
... .,1 f.
t l"
J.uii.d '
a: Ml
. Itl'f
'. .1'.
T ixir.)l:::vy,
.Ull.l, i'l il:V
t I'Tt
:-'. of .V-Jii-
nl.vC m;..!.u
: '..' it's, 1,11.
: . e ! :, v. ii. cu.
person with weak lungf.
of oik whov
ician, hui
.:! ti., yet she was
CUlTd bv
rmitieHtini; iirrin
Hsion to MibliBl,
Ad t:cv op
I . s i kAN'CK i : if : v .
Lynchburg. Xhiti, Jnnuury 20,
is 8.:
and that you may he able to relieve and
troubles. hIioti you ever he in oiit
We aiu iii'ly milca taat. of Cincinnatii
to wol ?ouie you at any time.
Yours truly, K. S. l'UC'KETT.
tiieae from my patient'? who -reside i
am treatinp by-conef.pondenco. ' 3S0T
cure connitDiption, but.lso-hati)f.jiM
H. K. Lh.
street, soHth oi Uajow).
c-oaaat sail ricaiem.

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