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Terr Farortble Report! from III
Branches, and Most Hopefal
and Encouraging Oatlook.
Philadelphia, Pa.. February
' Fenniylvaaia and hw York iion
brokers cabled to-day to LWerpool and
ivODaon tor oia ram aggregating ),
000 tons if deliveries coold be made
on this side at 122, and for between
20.0CO and i 0,000 tons of Bessemer
pig, at priced equal to J10. Large
. orders nave just been placed for tin-
Jlate, pig irou, ttsel wire rods and tin.
ron and steel makers made inquiries
this week forlirjte quantities of ma
terial in view of tbe strengthening of
prices within tbiitjr days. In some
qaaitsrs no apprehensions whatever
are felt of any permanent advance in
prices on account of the enormous
capacity fir iron and atecJ making,
which, if kept at its maximum limits
for a - few months, will supply the
heaviett possibU requirements. Mer
chant iron is firm. Kails are declin
ing, and are selling at $1 25. Steel
rails are $31 to $35. It wai given out
to-day that 20,000 tons of bridge iron
will be i laced in February for bridge
work to be erected during the coming
l he textile workers of New Eogland
have succeeded in establishing two
weeks' pay, in advancing wages 5 to 10
per cent., and in a good many cases
establishing arbitration as a means of
settling future laVor disputes. Sales
of wool in the leading wool market of
the East reached 3,000,000 pounds for
tbe piwt week, and manufacturers are
picking up tuppliea wherever they
can be fouud.
Textile re anufacturers, making car
' p eta, woolen and worsted hosiery and
knit goods, cloth and flrthing, are
everywhere Quite busv. with orders in
hand or that they, expect to" receive
within thirty days. 1verytnlng is of
a favorable character in the textile in
terests and within thirty days mora
machinery will be pnt into place in
this city and flew lorktoan has been
placed in prsition for four or five
months previously. All textilejpro ducts
will command prices ranging from 10
to zu per cent, higher than la t year,
wherein wool is the principal material.
Notwithstanding the upward tendency
in raw material and finished product,
traveling ugentH in the Sou t a and West
are sending on larger orders than they
did twelve months ato.
The complications in the anthracite
coal combination, it is given out to
day, will be settled within a week.
Several ffT.rts have been made to es
tablish a bituminous coal pool, but
the refusal of the Pennsylvania Com
pany to coopeiate and ito known de
termination to look utter its own coal
and traffic interests, is giving all com
petitors a Riod deal of concern. This,
however, promisee the small operators
in the interior of the Stats but little
advantage, nr it is tbe programme to
gobble them np one by one and ulti-
niataly p'uee tho bituminous coil in
terests in the center of the Bute in
the hands of the few.
The paper mills throughout the
New England and Middle Stated are
increasing their production of all kinds
of paper, but prices bava not corre
spondingly advanced. The improve
ment is taken up by the increased co3t
of raw material. Manufacturers are
anticipating a very hoavy year, as
buyers of paper cf ail kinds are pur
suing the policy of carrying heavier
stocks than last year. Prices range
about 8 per cent, below those of twelve
t months ago and 15 per cent, below
those ol two ydirs ago.
The boot and shoe makers cf Phila
delphia have more orders on hand
at this time than a year ago. South
ern trade is poor. Western trade is
good. Morocco leather is bought up
promptly and manufacturers are carry
ing libeial supplies of leather. The
Cincinnati tanners have advanced
leather 2c per pound. St. Louis tin
ners have advuueed leather a second
time. Several strikes are in progress
in New England, but gradual progress
is being made to establish permanently
harmonious relations through arbitra
tion methods.
The demand for all kinds of lumber,
especially the bard woods, will, from
preset t indications, be very heavy
throughout the coming year, but
wholesalers along the Atlantic coast j
are deterring the placing of orders
until every element of uncertainty as
to demand will be removed. Prices
are firm but will likely weaken, ui the
loggers are intending to throw a maxi
mum supply on the market.
The arcbitocts cf New York and
Philadelphia report this week a larger
amount of business in hand than last
year. A stimulus will be imparted to
tbe erection of manufactories, particu
larly in the Middle States, by the in
creasing tendency of manufacturers to
locate nearer ti supplies of fuel. Sev
eral textile mills will be staited in
eastern Pennsylvania, furniture facto
ries in the lumber regions of Penn
sylvania, sash and door mills nearer
to the forest, and a variety of general
manufacturing interests nearer to the
natural gas fields.
to tbe children, who bad run oat of
doors, and while he was searching for
fiem the woman managed to make
her way to a neighbors and gave the
alarm. A number of men then sur
rounded and captured K filer, but it
required quite a atrnggle before he
could be disarmed. Ilia wife's in
juries, while of. serious nature, are
not considered dangerous. St filar
has figured in print before, through
an attsmpt to cremate one of his chil
dren in his pottery oven, at which
time there was some talk of lynching
him. Us is a man of very low intelli
gence, and is evidently cf unsound
mind, although talking rationally.
The Cenfessioa of the Tonne YTomas.
Who Claimed to Be III.
A Famine Likely te Keeali Opera
tive Preparlasr t Ksalcrale.
tUe Chicago University Property.
Chicago, III., Feb. 2. "We will
give up the university propeity," said
the Kev. Dr. P. S. Ilenson last night,
speaking for the trustees of the Chi
cago University. "A full meeting of
the Mutual Life Insurance Company
directory refused our overtures for a
settlement We have now two gocd
business reasons for vacating the prop
erty. First, it would tike $291,600 in
cash t j retain it, and the property is
only appraised at 1250,000. Second,
we have not the money. These are
our reaons. Prof. Howe and others,
who have been with the university
from the first, cannot think cf parting
with the place, but I can. I have not
been here so long. We would be bet
ter off now if we had decided a year
ago' to let it go. It would require
$3-8,500 to free it of incumbrance. It
is not worth it. Prof. Howe hopes
that ways may yet be devised whereby
the property may be retained. He
has no fear that the Methodists will
get the property."
Harrow Eaeape From 'a Horrible
Wbekuko, W. Va., February 2.
'West Wheeling, a suburb of this city.
on the Ohio side of the river, narrowly
escaped being the scene of a horrible
tragedy last evening. A Polish pot
ter named KlHr, who is a religions
enthusiast, lay down to sleep in tbe
altarnoon. After sleeping for about
an hour he suddenly sprang out of
bed, and, telling his wife that he had
been commanded by God in a vision
to kill her and the children, he seized
a hatchet and made a rush for her.
The fright ened woman endeavored to
escape, but before she got out of the
bouse the husband had dealt her
three blows on the head with his
murderous weapon. Thinking he bad
.finished her, he turned his attention
FmsBUBa, Pa., February 2. The
f;reat strike in tha coke regions is like
y to cause a coke famine. It haa been
estimated that the supply on hand to
day, Dot a by operator and consumer,
will not last at the least over ten days,
and at the expiration tf that tune, un
less me strike is broken and the men
resume work, furnaces will have to be
banked, rolling-mil's stopped, and
thousands of men all over the country
be tnrown out ol employment, lbs
magnitnde of the strike of the nnm
ber of men whom it affects and of the
hundreds of thousands of dollars that
will bs loet to worktngmen cannot be
In the region there ore between
C000 and 6000 of the claw of people
wno are termed slaves by a. V. f rick.
This embraces both men, women and
children, although two-thirds of them
are men, and a very large proportion
of them single. It is not thought that
they realize what tbey ar going to do
wnen put out ol their booses, as verv
few of them have begun to take any
plans for the future. Probably five
per cent, of them will go back to their
native country. About thirty bought
tickets to Hungary yesterday. To an
interpreter one of the leaders said that
tbey were disgusted with this countrv.
and would never come back again. A
lew are talking o! going to tbe South
and West, where there are coal work,
ana ine remainder win go to the al
ready overcrowded Hocking Vallev.
The action of the strikers in refusing
to dig coal for the engines is aetiDg as
a boomerang, the operators having re
taliated by reiustng t j allow the etrtk
era to tuke any coal from tbe bins, and
in a few days there will not be 100 fam
ilies in the whole region who will have
coat enough to keep one fire burning,
Coke cannot be burned and there is no
wood to speak of in this region; so
with millions of tons of coal In the pits
waiting to be dug, the operatives will
have to Irene and go without food, or
give in and Dreak tne strike.
A BjmI Case of PolMalasr
Is that of any man or woman afflicted
with disease or derangement of the
liver, resulting in poisonous accumu
lation in the blood, scrofulous affec
tions, sick-headaches, and diseases ef
the kidneys, lungs or heart. These
troubles can be cured only by going
to tbe primary cause,, and 'potting
tbe liver in a healthy condition. To
accomplish this reanlt sneedilv and
effectually nothing has proven itself
bo e flicacous as Dr. Pierce's "Golden
Medical Discovery," which has never
failed to do the work claimed for it,
ana never win.
"Adonis" KnorVcd Onl.
Niw York, February 2. The World
this morning says: "lhe Dixey fam
ily, which couaibts of 'Adonis,' his
wife and a little boy and girl, occupied
a proscenium box at tbe Uijou Thea
ter Sunday night. After the enter
tainment 'papa' sent his wife and chil
dren home in a cab, and in company
with Mr. Digby Bell, dropped into the
et. James" Hotel. A friend took an
unaccountable dislike to Mr. Dixey'a
geneiul presence, and before 'he actor
knew what he was about he received
a couple ot knock-down blows. He
was about to annihilate his assailant
when Mr. Conner interfered and
ejected tbe actor's assailant. . One of
Mr. Dixey 's eyes wai slightly discol
ored. Mr. Digby Bell discreetly with
drew at the beginning of tbe attack,
but returned when the assailant was
put outside.
Worn Tried Always Preferred.
When they once become acquainted
with it, ladies invariably preter Par
ker's Hair Balsam to any similar prep
aration. It makes the hair soft and
glossy, arrests its falling off, promotes
new growth, restores the original color.
and has no rival as a dressing. Not a
dye, not oily, highly perfumed. Only
60c at druggists.
Wanted to Die Together.
St. Louis, Mo., February 2. About
1 o'clock this morning the St. Clair
siBters Rose, aged twenty-four, and
Nelly, aged twenty-three both in
mates of a house of ill repute, No. 524
Spruce street, attempted suicide by
taking the contents of a four-ounce
bottle ot laudanum. Prior to taking
the drug they sat down in their room
and each wrote two letters to the other
inmates of the bouse, giving instruc
tions what to do with their remains
after death. A timely discovery by
onetf their companions of the house
caused a physician to appear. He ap
plied the UBual remedies, and up to a
late hour this morning the girlB were
still in a critical condition, the two
patients are from Hickman, Ky.
Chicago, III.. February 2. The
Timtt this morning publishes a long
story which revives the tragedy
January 22d, when Charles Clowes
killed his mistress and himself in
bagnio in this city. At that time
young woman claiming to be his
widow came forward. She said her
maiden name was Liiraa Kelsey, aid
that the early rartot ber lite bad been
spent in a small town in Cayuga coun
ty, New York, where she had lived
with ber grandmother, and ha 1 taught
a school. She claimed to have met and
marriwi Clowes in New York City,
The Timet savs since the tragedy ru
mors have been current that this
young woman wai never married to
Clowes; that she confessed this fact
to his mother, and agreed to compro
mise ber claim on the estate ol the
deceased; and, farther, that for some
time previous to her meeting with
Clowes she had been a member of the
ballet in a New York theater.
With the view of ascertaining the
tilth or falsity of these rumors a re
porter railed on Air. ihomai lalton
an ancle of tbe young man, who said
that Clpwes had never intima'ed to
him that he was married; tbat on tne
coctrary he bad denied a report to that
etlect which hat reached bis mother,
Mr. Fulton then said: "I heard noth
log more ot the wife ttarv until I was
summoned, a few hoars after the trag
edy. to the side ot the dead man
where I was surprised to see a girl
who cuimed to be Clowes s wild,
could do nothing nnder the circum
stances but receive ber into my family
and treat her with all due respect, for
we bad Mo proof that she was not all
she claimed. Wednesday following
the day of the funeral she acknowl
edged to Mrs. Loonis, Clowes's moth
er, and myself tbii. she was not what
she pretended, Clowes's wife. She
stated that she had lived with him ai
his wife in various places, but that she
Dad never been married, mere was
no truth whatever in the story tbat
she exhibited a marriage certifl
rate shortly after the killing,
I have never heard tbat Clowes intro
duced the girl as his wife, or on any
occasion acknowledged that- he pes
sensed a wife, in relation tD the re-
Eort that we or any of his relatives
ave offered her $1000 or any other
sum to relinquish all claims, I will
say that such is net the case. Why
should we. when she has declared.
substantially, that she ha) so claim?
We have not seen or hoard from her
since she made the statement that she
was net Clowes's wife. Our relations
with her are perfectly friendly."
A call was also made at the residence
of Miss Kelsey's aunt, where the
young lady is at present stopping, but
she could not be seen. Her aunt.
however, slated that she believed the
couple to have been .married. She
admitted that Lillian bad been on tbe
stage both in New York and Chicago
for a short time in "small parti, but
ceased to appear on account cf the ob
jections made by Clowes.
Ntnuatlonal Encounter.
Louibvillr, Ky., February 2. A
sensational and perhaps fatal encoun
ter occurred at Lebanon, Ky., yester
day between Judge 11. A. Kurton,
deputy collector ol internal revenue
for tbe Fifth District of Kentucky, and
Mr. Samuel Averitt, a leading lawyer
cf Lebanon. oth gentlemen are di
rectors in the bank and have cot been
on good terms for years. At a meet
ing of the bank directors yesterday,
Judge Burton and Mr. Averitt ques
tioned each other sharply about a
bank matter, and Mr. Averitt finally
called the Judge a liar. That gentle
man quickly seized a notary s seal
and hurled it with great force against
the lawyer's head. The latter, who
was temporarily stunned, recovered
himself in a moment and, rushing
npon Judge Burton with an opon
knife, cu; his thro it from ear to ear,
lunitt ng a wound wnicu, n not laiai.
is necessarily dangerous. Judge Bar
ton was removed t his home in the
country, and Mr. Averitt, who was
also dangerously injured, was taken
care of in town.
Killed Ilia Daughter' Seducer.
Dalla" Tkx., February 2. David
Kitrell, who was running a passenger
and baggage wngon, was Bhot four
times through the head and killed in
stantly, at the anion depot, in the
presence of a large number of people,
by R. N. Hoffman, yesterday. Both
are well known in Dallas, and the
tragedy created quite a surprise and
Beneation. Uofiman charges that Kit
rell had seduced his daughter Lila,
aged eighteen years, and had refused
to marry her. Immediately after the
shooting Hoffman surrendered to the
otli pars and was pinned In lad.
Edison's Prospective Bride.
Cincinnati, O., February 2. A
dispatch from Akron, Ohio, states that
the bride-elect of Thomas A. Jhdison,
the inventor, is Miss Mina Miller, tbe
second daughter of the Hon. Lewis
Miller, a wealthy manufacturer ol that
place and president ol the Chautau
qua Assembly. The wedding is up
ported for February 24th.
The Fortune of No. IB St. Charles
. Street.
Yesterday at noon a reporter for the
Picayune met in the reception room of
the Louisiana State LcttsryCompany's
omce Air. .Leon Aiartbe,the well-known
proprietor ot No. 10 St. Chailes street.
He had called to transact a little busi
ness, and taking ont his pocketbook
be displayed a lottery ticket, which
was stamped 69,255, one-tenth of the
first capital' prize in December 15th
drawing one-teDth of $150,000, or
$15,000 for$l. New Orltam Picayune,
December 19th.
A Fearful Fall.
. Keokuk. Ia.. February 2. A serious
accident, which will result in the
death of one, and, perhaps, three
men, occurred yesterday at Pittsburg,
la., where a new bridge is being built
across the Des Moines river. As the
workmen wereusniy engaged fixing
in a new span, a derrick rope broke,
letting the derrick fall against a span
in course of erection, and two-thirds
of this gave way, falling fifty-two feet
npon tbe ice-bound stream below.
Five men were working upon the span
atthe time of the accident, and were
carried away with the wreck. John
Jamison was fatally injured, and Ed I
Booth and the foreman, H. B. Gill
man, received injuries which will pro
bably result in their death.
Diseases are Prevalent all over the
I am anativ of England, and while I
waa in that country 1 contracted m terrible
blood poison, and for two yeare wan nnder
treatment at an out-door patient at Notting
ham lloepital, Knaland, but wai not cared.
I eufferea the moat anonitinc laini n mr
bones, and was covered with sores all over
my body and limbs 1 had vertio-o and deaf-
neis, with partial loss Ol sight, severe pains
in my head and eyes. etc. which noarlj ran
me craty. 1 tost all hone in that oountrv.
and sailed for America, and was treated at
Roosevelt in this city, as well as by a prom
inent physician in New York having no con
nection with the hospitals.
t , i 1 . : . . rcj :.c : .
and 1 determined to give it a trial as a laxt
resort. 1 had given op all hope of being
cured, as I had (one through the hands ol
the best medical men in Nottingham and
New York. I took six bottles of 8. H. K..
and I can say with great joy that they have
cured me entirely. I am as sound and well
as 1 ever was in my life.
New York City, June 12, im.
In the life, and he is wise who remembers it.
But in March of last year (18(H), I contracted
blood poison, and being in Savannah, Ua.,
at the time, I went into the hospital there
for treatment. I suffered very moon lrom
rheumatism at the anma time. 1 did not
fet wen under tne treatment tnere, nor wa
cored by any of the u.'Oal means. 1 have
now taken seven bott es of Hwift'a Secifio
and am sonnd and well. It drove the poison
oat through boils on the skin.
1'AiK LK.VUli.
Jersey City, N. J., August 7, 1895.
Two years ago I contracted blood noiion.
After taking Dresorin'ions from the bnst
physioians here and at Dallas, 1 concluded
to visit llot Hprings, and on ranching Tszar
kana a doctor recommended me to try Swift's
Specific, assuring me that it would benefit
me more man iiot bprints, Aitnougntue
had produced great holes In my back and
eaest, and had removed all the hair off my
head, fet I began to improve in a week's
time, and the sores began to heal, and were
entirely gore Inside ot eight weeks.
W ILL J0NKS, i'nrt-r Union Pass, Depot.
Cisco, Texas, July 13, 18M.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases'mailed
free. Thr Swift Sncirio Co.,
Drawer 3, Atlanta Oa., N. y., 157 W. 23d St.
No. MOt, R. Chancery CoortoJ Shelby eoaa
ty-btate ol Tennessee lor tu own ate.eio
Jnk Ovrt,n. Jr.. mt al.
TSY viriee oi aa interioeetory decree for
1 1 sal entered la tns aoove eaase on the
23d day ol November, 1&H.1, M. B. 60, race
HID, I will rail eipabli J auction, to the high
est bidder, in frost ol he i-r ana nailer i
omce, oonrthonee oi fchelby county, Mem
phis, leon., en
Matarrfair. Fekrnnry 0, 1HS6.
within legal hours, the following described
proiwrty, situated la bheioy county, lean
Lot 12. block 9. Donaldson subdivision
frontln 40 bv 21 J feat on the west side ol
Dean avenue, 2 IS feet south of (leorgiastreet.
Lot l i, block west ride or Uean avenue
40 by 212 feel, adjoining lot 13 on the south.
bold as proiwrty or n. i. uonaiusun.
Lot U. block Zl. Fert Pickering, frontin
Kleeton the north aide of Alabtuia street.
northwest corner ol ruth and Aiaoatn.i, l'
a depth of SO leet. fold aa rroperty ot 1'. M
Lot6, block 6, Fort Pickering, fronting 25
leet on tne north ttue ol Alabama street by
a aepta ol i;, leet, neinc a leet sen m
titeond streat.
Lot 7, block 6, fronting 23 feet on the north
sideol Alabama rtievt, lutn ward, and run
nine back llt leet, said lot adjoining iut
on tha west.
Lot 11. block 6. north aide of Alnhain
street, 10th ward, by lltiU feet, being IM
Ivet west ol Pvrona street, bold as properly
oi u. ti. Annmwa ana etners.
Lou 27 and 2X, blouk U. Fort Pickering,
rronting ouicet en the rootn side o Alubaini
street by a dentil of 11 leet. Co d th
property of C A. M. Yarbra and P. H. Win
Kat half ef lot . block 9. . W. Smiths
subdivision, fronting W ieet en the north
side ol bt. Paul street am feet west of U,lt
street and running back 146 feot. Sold as
property of Mary L. Mill and Henry Kyan.
Lot t. block V. fronting 2ft leet on tli
north side of Carolina etret 25 leet eat of
alley east of beoeud street, and running baok
ltK) feet.
Lot 20. block 9. fronting 25 feft on lhe
north side of Carolina street, and running
Da.'a it) ieet.
Lot 21. block 9. frontirgl.t fret on the north
id ef Carolina street, northeast corner of
alley east of Secrnd street, luth w.ri, and
running back If U. feet, bold as property oi
L. B. Kaion.
Lot 28, block 8, Fort Pickering, by 118
foet north side ot Jackson street 50 feet eat
of Washington street. Hold as lirooortv of
rf.B.eimw, w. v. i outset al.
Lotb. block 4. eort fickcrlnr. fronting 2j
leet on tne scuta side of uroauway street!
southeast corner olalley east of Front street
luth ward, by a depth of )10) teet. bold as
property of P. M. w in era.
Lot 4, block V, Fort Pickering, 24 hylOO
feet on the went side of Third street. 74 feet
South or Meorgia street, lutu ward.
Lot 9, block 9. fronting 24 by IWI feet on the
west side of Third street, luth ward, south
auu atuoining lot .
Lot a, kiock s, i ott ftcierincM by 4 leet,
west side of Second street.
Terms of bale On a credit of six months:
note bearing interest, with security, required ;
lien retained, redemption barred, J. oil Juu
nary 20, idvi.
R. I. McDOWELL. Clerk and .Master.
ly J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk and Matter
f, II. 1C.W, lleinkell. MoHnilors.
No. 5.105, R. Chancery Court of Shelby
eounty btale o: Tennessee for its own
u.e. ts.. va. P. M. Winters et al.
BY virtue ol an interlocutory decree for
sale, antorad In the above oause nn tha
23d day ol INoveaber, 1W, M. B.fiO, pa,
28. 1 will sail, at nnblid auction, to the his-
est bidder, in trout oi the Clerk and Mat
ter omce, courthouse ol cwiby oouuly,
aiempnis, lenn-, on
Hmlorelny, February- SO, IttsS,
within te. hours, the following described
property, situated in Memphis, hhelby
uuuulj, iniiH uriwir, fcv ifc i 111,111 unirn "i,
eeuntr lot 4.st. 50 foet front by 20U feet dcen.
east side of Third slreot, 50 foet snuth of tbo
south line of country lot vu. hold as proi-
erty oi r. n . n inters and oiners.
lerms ol bale va a credit ol six months)
note with security bearing interest required
lien retained: redemption barred. ThisJan
15, 18H6.
b. 1. Ainuwi.Li, Clerk and Master.
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy C. and II.
F. H V. W. lleiskell, sols.
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of a trust deed executed to me
as trustee, by K. M. Apportion ant
Susan B. Amerson. his wife, recorded In
record hook A (21, page 4(sl, sn tha Circuit
Court Clerk I aud Kecorder a otlu'e ot Crit
tenden county, Arkansus, to secure ceruin
ndehtedness therein mentioned dolsu ttiav-
ng been made in mid trust deed, 1 will, at
the request ol the iei ificiary iu said trust
deed, on tbe
lot h day ol February, 1HH0,
within lerni hours at lhe courthouse door
n Memphis, bhelb eo jnty. leonessee. offor
orstlo. at Dublin eulery. for cash, to tha
highest bidder, th.. following property de
scribed in aia trust oeed, to-wit:
Plantation known as wynoke and Uerkely
place, situate in Crittenden county, Arkan
sas, about nine miles below Memphis, being
as follows, to-wit i All of section lit, T ,
N lv, v ci, Divj.iu acres ; w, on qr sec. m,
T6, N R, 9 K, KOaoros; B frl qr section 21),
l o, n it, H is, .'tu acres in w in qr section
SO, T 6, N H, 11 K. 95,:iS acres; part of bpan
tah ftrant No. !73. 2Hl.f.2 acres: NK or sec
tion 25, T 6, N It. 9 K, MO acres; N N K qr
section 31, Tli, N H, tl K, Wl acres; NW qr
settiion ;i, i o. n it, u r., low acrus; cm qr
section 30, Tr), N R, 9 K. 100 aoros: SB qr sec
tion 2, T , Si 11, 5 K, lou acre : IN section
I 0, a it, i ti. acres : w hail actum
T ft. N K. 8 K. -Vil acresi fractional or sec-
ion .10. i n. N ti, v K. 5o acres; fractional
section 29, T 6, N h, 9 K, 12 acres: H port nf
Spanish urant JNo. i:;iJ, 1 , ft lv, V K, I'M
acres, in all containing 2!X2.10 acres, to
gether with all improvements thereou and
all appurlenancoi tneteunto heloncing. The
equity of redemption and right to dower and
O'liesloaa wuived.
A so. the following tract of land situate In
Crittenden county, Arkansas, and knon as
thellurgitt pluoe, being the east half of bK
qrof section 30, 14, N It, K JO. Hi acres; south
half of NK qr section 80, T 4, N Jt,8 K, Ml
acres; NK qr section 31, T 4, N It. 8 K, IN)
acres; all oi fractional section 2), 1 4, a K,
K, 392.08 acres the south half of section 2U,
4, N K. 8 K. 1S2 84 acres : NW fractional
qr of section 32, T 4, N K, 8 K, 144.21 acres,
being the lu;9 original acres, and alse 12iK)
accretions thereto, together with all im
provements thereon and all appurtenances
thereunto belonging. The equity of re
demption and right to dower and homestead
waived. Said plantation is situated on the
Mississippi rivor, about 25 miles below Memphis.
Also, at laid time ana place, on said terms,
will sell the following personal property.
tuateon said WynokeandBerkelei planta
tion, to wit! 47 mules, 41 head oi cattle.
hogs, a full and complete set and assort
ment of wagons, plow's, mowers, gears and
farmingimplements. It being all the mules,
cattle, hogs, gear and farming implements
on said plantation. Title believed to be
good, though I sell only as trustoe.
bale to commence at 120 cioca.
W. M. oNKKU. Trnstee.
nrrsoua seeking Government Km
oyment in any oi the departments at
ashington. or any other positions nnder
e Uovernment, 1 will send lull Instructions
to how to ircel to obtain the same.
nd Blank roi'mi uf Annllcalloe on
receipt ot one Dollar. Aanrms JUIala
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between If aia and Front.) MKMPHI9.
I Established ia 10.1
DR. JOHNSON ia acknowledged by all par
ties interested a by far the most sue
eesaful physician in the treatment of private
er secret disease, tjuick, permanent cures
guaranteed in every ease, male or female.
Recent eases of Gonorrhea and Syphilia
cured in a f w days without the use ef mer
cury, .change of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary Syrbilis, th last ves
tige eradicated withoutthe use of mercury.
Involuntary loss of semen stopped in a t hort
time. Sufferers from impotency or loss of
sexual powers restored to tree vigor in a few
weeks. Victims of self-abuse andeicessive
renerv, fullering from spermatorrhea and
loss of physical and mental power, sedily
and permanently cured. I'articular atten
tion paid to the l)ieasef of Homen, and
cures guaranteed. Piles and old sores cared
without the use of eauaticor the knife. A'l
ernsultntions strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by cxpreae to ail parts of the
s))Vorkingmen cured at half tho usnal
rales. Office nours from 8 o'clock a.m. to 9
3Wew Butter
if3 5 U
Wholesale aid Retail Poller a
ts lia KAriT
'."Vr'f i'c"l'v, sn.1 prices cot t. n.cet the times.
Bt Creamer j, 2No ir ll. ', a r4'ttiu rv, !epT lb.
Dairy, 11 j, 1 1, Itt, is, 2i it mi v ,M r lis.
Ho. SM t'rant Nlreef. Oiipuxllr FnaiorHi-e. Trl, prion 8t.
w. w.
Establislaed 1863.
o'clock p.m. I). 8. JOHNm'N. M.H.
No. 3K. R. (O)-Oianeery Court of Shelby
county State of Tennessee, lor use, etc.,
v. Wm. K. ltutler et al.
T virtue of an interlocutory decree for
J. J sale, entered In the above cause on tha
rth dsy of November, 1H minute book
Kie 1C, i will sell, at pulilio auction, to the
ighest bidder, in front of the Clerk and
Masturs office, court-house of Shelby coun
ty, Memphis, Tean., on
, Nnlurday, rebrnary SO,lHH,
ithin legal hour., tha following described
proierty, situated in Memphis, Shelby coun
ty, Tenn,, to-wit:
Lot Ne. 10, country lot 470, beginning at
tbe intersection of tho south side of Market
street with toe east side of the alley running
north and south between and iara'ltd to
Third and Fourth streets; thence south with
the east line of said alhy 2itl feet, more or
less, to another alley parallel to Market
street; thence cast with t.ic north line if
said laftt nsmed alley 148'j foet; thence
north 200 feet, moro or less, to the south line
of Market s'roel; thence west with said
street 14V j feot to the b-ginning, said lot
being known as the Titus homestead.
lerms of Sale Una credit cf x months;
urchaser to esecute note with security)
ien retained and redemption barred.
This January LV,, lssii.
S. I. Mi'UOWKLL, Clerk and Msstei.
By I. M. llradley. Deputy C. and M.
J. W. Hamilton, .Mlicilor.
11 Ale JEiHT A.TE
No. 62?, R-Chancery CourOif PhelbyConn-
ty btate ol lennessee tor its own nse,
etc., vs. Uahe Juduh et al., and No. 'MM
(F). bluto of Tenucsiee vs. W. h Duller
et al.
BY virtue. of an interlocutory decree for
sale entered in the ahova cause on the
20th day ol November, 1SK, M. 1). Nl, page
210, 1 will sell, at public auction, to th high
est bidder, in front ol tbe Clerk and Mas
ter's office, courthouse oi Shelby eounty,
Memphis, Tenn,, on
NalHrdnr. February SO. INK..
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in Sholby county, Tenn.,
to-wit: Part ol lots 2)7 and 2" 8, fronting
20 17-100 feet on the north lido of Wanning
ton street by a deptbof fH feet, the east line
b'lngottS leet westot Second Mrsct. Sold
a proper' y ot Win. and Sarah t'ljno.
Part ot S7N, west side ot Third street,
fronting 4l'S feet, and running brek I4H4
loot, said lot being on the northwest rornor
of Third street and the alloy between Adams
and Washington streets. Sold as propei ty ol
James W. Richardson and others.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six lnonlhf:
note hearing in tercet wilhsecurity rrquireds
lien retained, redemption burred. This Jan
uary 21, 1M.
b. 1. MCUOWKLI', Clerk and Master.
ByJ.M liruHicy, Deputy Clerk and Master.
F. il. A V. W. Jleirkril and J. W. Hamp
ton, Sol loi lore.
Thomson's Hotel
I,., If. O. T. Rnllrond.
Clarksdale, Mississippi
Trains ston 15 minutes for meals.
Breakfast, going North " : 4
Dinner, going south 1-'
Dinner, going North 1:11
Supper, going South X.l'i
The hotel is near the L..N. 0. andT. Rai -
rnad Depot, lhe only hotel in town. Travel
er. cy boarders and fainilie, will And t io
best ol accommodations. Tra rooms are
eo nfortable, w t plenty of bedding. The
tableand service Is .it (class. Terms tea
w. rt. TUOMMOW CO., 1'roprletors.
250 ami 258 Front St.. MemiMiis, Tenn.
Mner.TbonKtoB I U
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers.
No. 306 Front Stroot Momphla, Tenn.
2C18 Front iSireot, If empil,
Acrnm WliiNhlp Cotton UIiih iui.I PrNftx.
Baft if
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. It. tiODiVIN, rrft. 3. M.tJOOlMUli, Un. I'reH'U i II. RAI, Ciwltier.
For ! ytarn at 37 Court Plac, now at
et. Third and Fonrih,
4 tYTjlArt'' HtKtr1 ftnd IrfKllv u!liV phjflll ux) U
l fUiflWMIUI, OH prmlfciam VIM nvuvr.
nil forma of PRIVATE.
ueruialorruoa ana xm potency.
u the rrnull of rlf ha In jmiUt, fttml HfrU ' ii n
n rmr. nr twr crukw, ana irmnt-in miii xn.Ho
wwioit 'flml. NMrfiutinNi Ht minwl Knil.iiuii "... ., A .ui
ifk.m ot JrffM. ltMia of ttriuil 1'nvrr, etc.. ft'litJi-i iiw
HftiniRv iinrw'tr or iiunnnpr, mrm uiorDUftiiir tu pmu-
r '".'J fnm tua iyU'
mifi tiufr privBic ui quiriij oirto,
lv U Hi-; Kent lbt fthf ilrltu wlrn rauttiMlillUriinnt
kt m xritn of 11jm)i. nil (mUn UVnMttndi nn
lv. sVoalrMi srn'ftt kilL lhTnKni ltM tiu Oiia M otr
rooomnr.'inl irxui to mv Mr. Wit tl U Uttwovriiirnt to.
tlltafvilr fo-iTMUtvonl. medinnnaaa M MM Drtikitlt
ml Micl by iomU er iprH Djhr.
lti7M UnariuitMd in nJl Ciuwii
V UUiUUttia KtTH'MltV Wt hT sHtat fm aaM invllrel.
Of 100 MgH, ni la .nr .aS'-M. ttnn ly MM, a. Oart
101 emu. M r.. or mn. saarM.
tihc. imwi cks. s a. m. t. r. m. BikUjra,saisr r
lintu. V IU4wj,,
Administratrix' Notice.
TUB undersigned having qualified as ad
minis tratrix of fhillp Bauer, deceased,
hereby notifies all debtors to some forward
no settle, ana all creditors to present their
ills. Drooerly nrobated. All goods held
for charges must be removed by the 2lit of
lleoember, 18M5.
Boot, rihoei. Tools. Btow-Uases and Hiit-
ures for sal at less than cost.
Adm'rx nf Philip Hauer, '4l.le(Tiraon at.
AfSmloisitrator'g Notice.
TTAVINO iualined as administrator of
11 tbe ostate ot rrank Duncan, deceased,
notice is hereby given for all parties having
claims against said estuto to file same with
me: and all parties indebted to said estate
will settle at rnco. oleintihis, lenn., .ton.
27, 18X6. fri HK.VJ. H. liUNCaN. Adm'r
LVANTFn AGENTS.Mnn and Women.
HUHIl I CU to aell "lUB CHILD'S
BIBLE " Introduction by ltev. J. 11. Vin
cent, D.D. One agent harsold 65 in a town
of 674 people; one 7ii in a village of 71M; one
new agent H5 in 10 days; one 'JKi in 4 succes
sive weeks; one 40 in 3 days at two different
times, fcxperienoa not necessary, a dares
t'AS.SKI.L A CO. IL't'd).
40 Dearborn streat, Chicago.
Trustee's Kale.
UNDER and by virtue of the terms of a
trust deed executed to me a trustee
by J. P. Humphreys, on December 21, IKXi,
.and reonrded in the office of thn Chancery
Clerk of Ma'shall county, MisMScippi, in
Land Deed llook No. 60, page 2t, 1 will, at
tbe request of the beneaciurioa in laid con
veyance, on
Hatnrdny, the Oth tfayor Febremrjr.
within legal hours, In front of th noetofllse,
in the town of Collierville, Sbelby eounty,
Ten nesaee, offer for sale, t public auction,
for cash, to to highest bliller, Uo undivid
ed interest of the said J. P. Uuro-lT.vs i .
tract ot land fving and tntl IU M.rshall
county, Aiisissippi, and containing 163 acres
of section 2, township 2, range 3 west, being
the same land purchssed by the firm of
Humphreys & Cannon from l-.'M. Harris
and ham Hinton.
Also, the interest ofthe said J. P. Ifumph
r.. in a 40 acre tract ot land lying in said
Marshall county, Mississippi, cned in ooin
mon by the said Humphreys, T. It. Cannon
and I). T. lircoks, of Texas; said 40 acre
being about two miles south of Collierviiie,
Tennessee. Kjuity 4if redemption wuived.
Title to these interests believed to be food,
but I sell and convey only as trus'ee.
W.J. COOPWuyP, Jk.iXruftce.
Cullierville, Tcod.
Ho.S2!K), R. (F)-Chancory Court oi Shelby
. eounty State ot Tennessee for n'ectc. vs.
W. K- Butler et al.; and No. 1473, K.I).-
City of Memphis v . M. McHoill atal.
V virtue of an interlocutory decree for
sale.ienteted in the above cause on the
11th day n May, 1HM.1, and reneweit Decem
ber :!!!,1HW, M.B. 50, page 471, 1 will sell, at
pot lie auction, to the highest bidder, in
front of the Clerk and Master's office, court
house of Uhelbv county, Memphis, Tenn., n
Halnrdnr, February 3oJ 1SH6,
within legal hours, the following described
proi erty, situated in Memphis, Shelby eoun
ty, Tenn., to-wit: beginning on th east
side of the first alley casti of '1 bird street at
its intersection with the south sido of Jeffer
son street; thence east wth south line of
Jellerson street lof' s feet; thence south UH',
feet to an alley; thence west with north side
of said alley Vti'i feet to th first alley east
of Third street; thence with said alley 141!
leet to tbe beginning, hold as the property
of P. ti. Meath and Martha Hodie.
Terms of Sale On a credit of 7 months;
note with securitv: lien retained and re
demption barred. This January '2d lHrUi.
a. i. McuuwEbLi, Clerk and master.
By J. tf. Dradley. Deputy Clerk k Master.
J. W. Ilampton, tjolicitur. . r
X3ojrct ot I3U-eotrr,
J. M. ilOOLHAll, J. H. OODWIN,
M. MAVIS, .1. W. 1'ALl.H.
T. B. !I MH, W. P. 01 NAVANX,
I I.K KllHON. II. T. t.OOI'Klt. II. ft. ClIU'IN.
JUUN AH.MlSI'hAL', 0. B. I'.ltVAN. A. W. N liAV SUM.
r A Irrtialloiy ol abe ttr f Tinuosce. T mi.tnlN tV.MM &oblnf
lln.innaa nul aleoe Nnerll Allrntloii ('lleivi.-oa
I, i. . i , ' -' -' i " .. .."UH
W. S. 11KIICK,
K. M. NKliSnfj,
J. Al. BA111II,
W. ti. VYI
Cotton Factors, Wholesdo Grocery
No. 11 IT n Jon Htrevt, : : MwiiipbU, Tenia.
C FeaFce & Co,
Cotton Factors & Commission f.lerch'fc,
4'lln WnrelsonHtv-Noa. HH hihI Uuloii Mlrewi.
WW T2TJLlSlJr2mJmtf
'I'riK't! KilHllIN,
Msiilo Tr4'4'K,
l'oublo 'rr4''S
Vnrry Vomit, UrM ItriiNbfM.
A Complete Line of llic aliovi1 'mmI at I.OHt Mf l'rJri.
Illiuil Itrl.lli-M,
Iill LI n It H,
Lap Iflng,
ICf'itair Ltiikia.
Cotton Hope,
O. T. La JF JBL L d5b OO
301 niiii 30'S Main Mr-H, illiiilii, iVmi.
Cotton HeELotoarEj,
Fy EAI.TH lt WKAI.TII.-Da. I. 0.
WuT'j Natva aa Uatu TRajraisiT,
a guaranteed spacing for Hysteria, Dissi-
a. Convulsions, rita, rferyna ural-
rta, Uesxlacb., K.rtc-s fnisuation, cauaed
t the use of alcohol or l"bacco: Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, 814ft ininf of the
Urain, resulting In Insanity and le. log to
misery, I decay and death; Prematura no
Age, Harrenness, Los of Power in either
Involuntary Ijosse and Nirmator
rhea, canti J by over-exrtion of the brain,
self-abuse or overindulgence. Kach bog con
tains one month's treatment. II a box, or
six boxes for t sent bv mail prepaid, on
receipt of price. W guarrr.ti tjiaalJiixes
to cure any; ease. With each order received
by ns for six boxes, accompanied wito ',
we will send the purchaser our written
guarartee to refund the money if the treat
ment doe not edect a cure. Uuarantee
issued only bv A KKNIUHI A CO., lroi
citu, Memrhij, Ibd.J
Oils dh JSTix-vzxl. Stores
Onkn, .Mi- Front Str?f t, M mphiH, Tenn.
HffTlfTMf 1VJ tt kXfM I omneiniicl Hsstlllmi Worka.M'A 10 llnlnu
MCjAIM. IIAO XillJljil)l 0'Ptaallrliou,vor..Multcl.Ant'lc
S. ROESCHER, Agent, Memphia. Tenn.
ale la !(, DOOflMIC Rnrrela Hntv of Aonilil IlrMUcL, 100,000 Ht
Mnlea) 1st M, itrxi.OOO Kitrrel.
M. Hnwla.
Jtilia t. Batllvaa.
JTboe. tllark.
m. t. Olara
Wliolettale Grocers, Cotton Junctors
And Commi83icn Kerchantt,
1 234 Frost St., Ifampliis, Tenn,
Mr. I. N. RAIN ICY devotes his wbolo time to th weighing and sle or ail Cotton tntUste j
to our vbarg. (Wtton Wwchoaso, K V cb.oloa street.

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