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The" Richmond R'A y says that Gen
Tecnmteh Sherman should hare
used the ELnUe foct-note "Burn
-this letter."
It is believed in Jackson that the
Mississippi Sjnate will pass the bill
recently enacted by tbe tiotue re
pealing tbe azricn'tnral lien law.
John urbkan' hermaphrodite ail'
er bill will be a yigoroaaljr opposed
by the silver mn in Coofrreaa u by
those who are opposed in toto t) sil
er coinage.
Tbb Governor of Louisiana haa in
Tited the Governor! of all the other
States to visit New OrUana on the
13th lnstsnt to witness the interstate
tounmoHRt at the Great Exposition.
It will be a ga'.a occasion.
In the Senate yesterday Mr.
Cameron, from the Committee on
Naval Affairs, reported favorably his
bill authorizing the President to ap
point from civil life an Assistant Sec
retary of tbe Navy at a salary cf $40C0
a year. .
Tun local option law is a bone of
contention in the Virginia Legislature
between the Democrats and Mahone
ites, the latter playing the hypocriti
cal role of temperance. Bat the bill is
likely to pass with the Stewart amend
ment exempting towns of over 5000.
Ths New York correspondent of
the Philadelphia Timet confesses tbat
the ordinary public of Gotham will
not patronise tragedy or high class
plays. They want extravagant hum
bug like Adenii, and prefer opera
boofle with plenty of legs and no
dressing to apt-ak of.
Tn-n difficulty between Greece and
Turkey is not J et settled. The Greek
government, replying to the second
note front the powers, says it consid
ers any obstacle offered to the free
disposal f the Hellenic forces incom
patible with Greek independence,
and, therefore, declines responsibility
for an evennl conflict. '
Foubtben States have enacted a law
requiring all schools supported at
public expense or nnder State costiol
to give instruction as to the effect of
alcoholic drinks, stimulants and nar
cotics upon the human syttam. The
Maryland Legislature has each a meas
ure nnder discussion aid the likeli
hood Ip 1t wlUbAomA i )rw,
The Committee of Pensions esti
mates that 75,000,000 wifl be required
for pensions tbe next fiscal year. . An
enormous sum, to which, if some of
the demagogues in Congress have
their way, additions will be made that
will ewnmp the treasury. No man
should be pensioned who is not dia-
abled and is thus prevented from
Diking a living.
At Lahore, in India, a native pub
liahing-house trans'ates European infi
del publications as soon as they ap
pear, and issues them for publication
among the Hindcoi, printing editions
in the languages adapted nr circula
tion in the different sections. At
Lucknow there is a printing-house so
large that it keeps 900 workmen busy
printing the sacred writings of the Mo
hammedans. Christian missionaries
find the circulation of these things a
serious hinderance to their work.
Thb etorm of Wednesday, which
covered the itreets of the city with
snow to the depth of ten inches, was
general all over the State and so se
severe as to greatly impede and
in some cafes put a i etop to
travel and traffic for the first
time in the history of Tennessee. At
various points in Kentucky and Vir
ginia the storm was equally severe,
and in the City of Mexico snow fell
for the first time since 1850 and to the
depth of four inches. Warmer
weather is predicted for to-day in this
locality. '
Taa comment made and construc
tion pnt upon the visit of Secretary
Lamar to this city by the New York
Tribune is really laughable, notwith
standing it is malicious and vindictive,
He came here because his two daugh
ters were here, and bis visit had noth
ing to do with the Pan-Electric tele
phone cases. Mr. Heiskell, his son-in
law, a citizen of Memphis, is one of the
attirneys of the Bell Telephone Com
pany, and with Gen. J. B. Heiskell,
his father, if the suits ordered by the
govenment are begun in the United
States Court here, will be found a very
earnest, alert and intelligent opponent
of tbe Tan-Electric. Mr. Lamar is not
the kind of man the Tribune, in its
hatred of him, would have the public
Blaine is looming up again, and his
friends claim, is as strong as ever.
F amuel Fessenden of Connecticut, late
of the Republican National Commit
tee, on Thursday, said to a reporter o(
ths Cincinnati Enquirer: " There isn't
a Blaine man of all the hosts who
were in Chicago in 18S1 who is not a
Blaine man to-day. A few men who
were for him for policy then are osten
sibly against him now; bat they will
be for him again for the same reason
as in 1883. You can mark it down on a
pieA of paper in indelible ink that
Blaine will be renominated in 1888,
' as certainly as he lives and the con
vention shall meet. What is more, he
Will be elected." Cleveland's manage
ment of publio affairs says he will, if
nominated, be defeated.
Steinlti Wins the flame la Sixty-One
Mores The Score In -Detail.
t. Locis, Mo , February S The
cnew cnampions, Messrs. Zukertirt
and Steinitz, resumed their content
for the world's championship at Har
monie Club this afternoon. The large
dioing-rcom of the club-honse was ar
ranged for the accommodation cf spec
tators, about 100 of whom were pree
ent, and a small adjoining room wai
fitted np for the players, who sat upon
a platform raised about a toot above
the floor, placed opposite foldiojz
doors, and in fall view of tbe aadienoe.
Toe moves were all represented on a
large chess-board standing on an easel
against ons wall of the dining-room,
and Mr. 8. M. Josephs, a member of the
Uarmonie Club, kept the official score.
Among the gentlemen present were a
number of players of local not, and
reveral from abroad, including Maj.
H-nry Turner, president o! the Brook
lyn, N. Y., club; Mr. Intrepid" of the
Manhattan, N. Y., club; W. H. Rio
ley, secretary of the Indianapolis, Ind ,
club; D. McAL-e of Quincy, 111.; K.
Hoelke of Leadville. Col. William
Duncan was umpire for Dr. Znkertoit
snd Ban R. Foster for Mr. Steinits,
Tbe play began exactly at 2:30 o'clo .k,
Mr. Steinitj playing the white and
opening Jwith the Ray Lopes gambit
Tne following is
lunamoaT enoa.
l-p to K 4th
I-Ktto K B I
3- 11 to (J Kt 6
4 Cat tie
ft-KttakM P
7-H takee Kt eheok
-K t. Q Bi
10- RtoRS
11 P to Q Kt I
1J-Q to K B S
1S-H takee R eheek
H-BtoKtJ (L
18-Kt to K 4
lft-Q to K a
1- Pto K4th
2- Kt te Q B 1
3- Kto KBS
4Kt Uk.i P
5- KttoQS .
6- Kt Uk.i K
7- 11 to K id
-B UB3
U-RtoK iq
ij-n to Kti
13- Kt Uk.i R
14- PtoQBS
lfi-B toil
16- P to 0 4
17- P to KB
15- B to K 1
1-Kt to Kt 1
-Q to Q a
a-B to K B I
A-B Uk.i p
ltr-Ktto Ktt
J9-R to K iq
30- P to K H 4
21- PtoK6
22- PUkoiP
23- 6 io K 3
24- Q to B 4
25- Rto KS
Irt Q to K Kt 4 .
23- K to B a
24- KtoKiq
fi-Ktto Kl
27-Ktto B 6
JS-Kt MX ehoak
W-Kt to B 5 ebeek
30-K to R 8 cheek
Sl-Kt to B 5 cheok
33- KtoK 8 eheek
SS-Kt to B 5 chock
34- Kt to K 6 ohook
9S Kt uk.i Q
37-B P Uku a
SS-Kt takee P
3W-P to U a
40- K to B 2
41 P to K Kt 4
2-Kt to K 6
4'4-K to Kt J -44-BtoBo
ilD Hill
2S-K to Kt a
29- K to Ba
30- K to Kt 2d
31- K to B a
!U-K toKta
3o-Qukai Q
Ukel K
if K. tok-i B
S-Bto KtStk
:i-Kt to K 3
40- PtoK R4
41- P to R 5
42 - B to U 3
43- P to Q B 4
44 Kt to Kt 4
4b-B to ti.4 "
-H tik(. K
i-it to li 1 ' --
At this point and at 7 o'clock, recess
was taken uet 1 8:30 o'clock, when the
piny will be resnmed.
47-Kt to B4
4H Ktto k fiehtok
4D-P taks P .
W-Kt to B 5
M-Kt UketP
M-Kt to R5
6-Kt to B S
St-Kt tokeiP
6A-Ktto B6
M-P to Q R 4
67- Ktto Kt4 check
68- P to R 5
5U KttoQ5
AO-Kt Uk.i B
47 P to O 5
4i P take! P
60-K to Kt 4 ,
51-K to B 5
K!-B to B S
63-K to K4
54-Kto Q 7
f5-K tak.l B P
f-K Uk.i Q P
57-K to K 7
S-B to K a
;;)-K to u i
0-P to Q 6
Ana diock roil rtn.
Time of game. 5 hours 26 minutes
of which Steinits consumed 3 hours 33
minntes, .and Zukeitjrt 1 honr 63
minutes. Tbe m&tch will be resumed
on Friday at noon.
Trial r tbe o at Hew Orleaws
Naw Orliaks, February 3. The
case of .the American Bell Telephone
Company vs. the National Impioved
Telephone Company cane up to-day
oeioretne uniteusw esu.rcuituonrt.
Judges Bardee and Billings preeided,
Mr. Farrar, of counsel for the defense,
submitted a motion to continue the
case indefinitely, as the Derartmont of
Justice is at present preparing a bill in
equity, that an Id junction pendente
lti Btiould not be gi anted until
the suit brought by the government
is disoosed of, reserving the right of
complainant to renew tne action. Tbe
Court ruled the motion to be cumn
lative, with the injunction pendente
lite, reserving the right to separate
them in tbe course of tbe proceedings.
Tbe case was proceeded with. Mr.
ttarrow of Bojton, of counsel for com
plainant, offered several affidavits and
other documents in evidence. Tbe
question raised is in regard to the sole
right claimed by the Bell Telephone
Company to manufacture electric
speaking telephones under its pat
ents. It brought this suit to have
its -exclusive right acknowledged and
to enjoin the defendant company
from infringing upon the plaict ff 's
patents. Tbe points raised bv the de
fendants covsr the whole history of
tbe art of transmission of aiticulate
speech through the medium of elec
tricity. They claim that Philip Keis
of Germany, and not Bell, is the in
ventor of tbe telephone: that Bell pro
cured by fraud tbe contents of tbe
caveat of Prof. Elisha Gray, throngh
which knowledge he was first enabled
to tranemit articulate speech. The de
fendants deny that they infringe
upon Bell's patent.
LtntDBono's perfume, Edenis.
Lundbora's nerfume. MarchalNiel
Rose. '
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet,
Lundbors'a perfume. Lilv of the
Kardered by Bli Brlber-la-Law.
Van Bl'bbk. Are . Februarv 3. J.
P. Bullock, merchant and postmaster
at Arkloe, Crawford county, wasfounJ
dead in his bed yettarday morning,
his skull having been crushed w'th an
ax. Jerry tfiswell.his brother-in-law.
with whom he had had a difficult v
two weeks ago, had murdered bim
while asleep and fled across the line
to the Choctaw Nation.
IjOaJsTllle Cement.
Foundations, cellar walla and build-
in es subject to overflow shonld be con
structed with Louisville Cement, It is
the standard.
The Civil Sarvlea Conmtaalonera.
Washihqtok. Februarv 3. The
Civil Service Commissioners to-day
hadaniofirmal conference with the
Bouse Committee on .Reform. In tbe
Civil Service. In reply tt Mr. Blanch
ard oL Ioaisiana, tbe Oommianionera
eaid they thought it would require an
amendment to tbe civil eervivn law to
allow tbe commission, in making ap
oointmtnts, to tike irt consideration
the number of employes already in
office from tbe various States. They
did not consider euch an amendment
wise.however, as it would tjnd to ren
der the wbols civil service tystem un
popular with the North and West,
because nnder it the South would get
Uf aly all the officer, and thus open
ap a sectional question. Under tbe
law the South was now getting its
sbare of the otlices, and would in time
have its proportion of offices. Tbe
Oomuiatioaers did not think it wise
to do anything which woold make the
law unpopular in tbe North, where its
Strength now principally liee.
The Clnelaaatl rollea roaomlool.
n Will It l'p Tkelr
CiscwwATi. O., February 3. At
thia morning's Bw.alon of the Beard of
Police Commissioners the following
resolutions were adopted: "Having
been advised by out attorneys, Hoad
ley, Johnston & Colston, in case
the lion. i. B. Foraker, Governor of
Ohio, should decide to remove this
board, or any member thereof, to re
fuse to surreadur our positions, and to
hold the same, be it, there fjre,
Reiolvtd, Tbat we will not surrender
oar positions as ro'ice commissioners
of the city of Cinniorn'i until a proper
court passes upon ths issue and de
cides against ns. And be it further
Retolved, That the superintendent
and inspector cf police be and are
hereby ordered and inttructed not to
suspend the police authority nor to
accept any orders from any source
whatever except by the consent of a
majority of this board.
The Republican member of tbe
board is sick in bed, and was not pres
ent at to day's session.
Bealdeaee Destroyed fcj Fire , is
room to thi irriAL.I
Jacksoh. Tish.. February 3 Ool
B. B. G. Warner's residence in this
city was dett oyed by fire between 12
snd 1 o'clock last niaht. The house
and contents were a total loos, except
a lew articles ot wearing apparel. Tbe
family barely eetaued with their Uvea.
Loss, $4000; insurance, $1500. , The
origin of the fire is unknown.
Tbe Hew Territory of Oklahoma,
Washinqtoh, February 3. Gen,
James B. Weaver tf Iowa and the
Hon. Sidney Clarke, ex-member of
Congress from Kansas, addressed the
Housa Committee on Territories to
day in bebalf of the organization of
the "territory of Oklahoma.
Gen, WeavjrMafed tbat the lands
arelitiwinnjtj-uibgal possession
foreign and other cattls syndicat
No Indiana had occupied tttem for
twenty years, and it was not now the
policy ot tbe goverment to settlt any
more Indians in the Territory. Every
consideration of gcoj government ana
fair dialing with tbe Indians and the
people demand, he said, tbat this nn
occupied land should be opened to
settlement under the well-guarded
provisions ot tbe bill.
Mr. Clarke areued that the onlv
remedy for the disgraceful state of af
fairs now existing in the Territory was
in twoagress, ana be urged tne com
mission to come to the relief of the
psople as against the rule of illegal
uiuuupuiiHB ana gynaicates.
HesJean Aeeonat of (he Killing; of
uijpi. vrnwiuru.
El Paso, Tex , February 3. The
roport of tbe commanding officer of
tbe Mexicans who Bttacked Crawford's
command has been published in the
Ltlado de Chihuahua newspaper, which
reacnea nere to-aay. it ttites tbat on
tbe 11th ultimo the Mexicans com
baited a great number of tame and
Wild- Indians, probablv over 200. led
by foreian (United States) officers.
ana over twenty soldiers, r our Mexi
cans are reported killed and four
wounded. Tbe report also states that
tney displayed no sign of legality, as
was evinced as much bv their stratecv
as by the animals which they bad.
and which I hold to prove they were
stolen. Tbe report Is dated from De-
lores Mining Camp. January 20th.
and signed "Peres." It is believed
that the animals referred to in the
report are thoee captured from the
Indians, which tbe latter had proba
bly stolen.
Roberts on Trial.
Niw YonK. February 3 Wm. 8.
Roberts, the former president of the
now defunct Bunk of Augusta, Ga.,
who is undor indictment here for
grand larceny, was bronght to this
city to-day, is charged with hypothe
cating $145,000 worth of bonds cf the
Georgetown and Lane Railroad Com
pany, placed in the bank of which he
was president by tbe Bethlehem (Pa.)
Irdn Company. Efforts for his extra-
dit'on bave been on foot for Bome time
t. Kobeits was arraigned in conrt
later and pleaded not euiltv with the
privilege cf withdrawing his plea and
demurring to the indictment. The
court fixed his bail at $10,000, which
he furnished.
Rad Case t Inaaally.
Spbikofiild. III.. February 3. In
the County Court to-day tbe tm-ycar-eld
daughter of Preesly Saunders was
tound hopelessly insane and taken to
the asylum at Jacksonville. The girl's
insanity is the second case resulting
from the la'.e Wabash shop ttrike.
Baunders refused to quit work, and
was asf aulted by the strikers in pres
ence of his f unily. The acts of vio
lence which ensued an excited his
little daughter Ida as to throw her
into convulsions and ultimate insanity.
Havx used Tongaline in facial neu
ralgia with happy effect, obtaining
relief in a short time.
0. A. WILLIAMS, H.D., Hardin, III.
Heetlns; of Sontberw Frelabt Agents
Louibvills. Ky.. February 3. The
freight agents of the lines forming tbe
Southern Association met with Com
missioner Ogden to-day and began
consideration of through rates and
changes in tar'ff. The changes, it is
understood, will be intended to adjust
rats to the basis and remedy any un
fairness now existing.
Wi can. without hesitction. sav that
Dr. Ball's Cough Bvrun has eiven the
best taiisiaction. We have rold an
immense amount of it daring the past
winter. wallaci, hiltoh a oo..
. Drai lifts, Look Hares, Ps
Railroad Commuaicatka lnterrnpt
ed and Business Sutpuided
Storms at Other roin'.
UnciALTOTBi irrtitl
Jack), Tksm., February 3. It
snowed here a'l day yestordny until 1
o clock last nigbt. It measures on
dead level fourteen inches. It is pro
nounced by the oldest citizens to he
the deepest snow tbat ever tell in this
section. Eighteen trains of cars were
snow-bound between mis place an
vtiiro, una inivai ua Dusiaese is a
most entirely suspended.
S.T.rMt NBw-)Unn
Kn tu loiiniM,
Nashvillk, Tcnn, February 3.
1 be snow-storm ot yesterday and last
night was one of tbe severest ever ex
perienced in this Stats. Tbe snow
continued unceasingly horn daylight
Tuesday to daylight this morning, full
twenty-four lours, and prevailed
thiougbout the Htate. The turnpikes
and reads in every direction are im
passable, and it is probable tbat tb
mails from toints off tbe railroads
be delayed several days. At the Big-
sal Service effics it was learned tbt.t
tbe itirm was more severe in Middle
than East or West Tennessee. Tbe
now at Memphis, -Knoiville and
Chattanooga ia not as deep as it is
Nashville. Beorta received at the
Signal Bervlce station from joints in
Upper Middle Tennessee say the snow
drifts badly in that section, effectually
stopping all mail carriers and t-avel
generally. AH etsge coaches are (now
bound, and do not hope to be able to
travel for several days.
All tbe city schools adjourned to
day, it being Impossible for tie chil
dren to reach tbe builJings. The av
erage depth of the enow bote,ia twenty
inches. Business v. at practically sus
pended throughout the city during
tbe entire day, and law vehicles
any character were' running. The
snow caused almost a complete sus
pension of railroad traffic. There are
but few trains running. The raseen
ger train on the Louisville and Nash
ville road, due frosa the sonth at 7:20
o'clock a.m.. arrived a',u:4& witn
two engines. This train went through
to Louisville. AU outer tia'.na on tbe
Louisville and Nashville railroad are
unable to move on account rf the
blockade. The train which left here
last night on the St. Lwuis division is
snow-bound st Guthrie, Ky., on tbe
Nashville and North wet tirn road. All
trains, both paaeenger and freight.
have been abandoned. Tbo train
leaving here last night is snow-bound
at Wavnrly. ' :
The Chattanooga train, due here at
6:20 o'clock a.m., arrived at 10:30
o'clock. Thia b the only train tbat
baa arrived or departed on the road
to-day. TheeavieaU'pow was found
at TullaLoma, which place tbe train
left at 3 o'clock this morning. Tbe
engine was buried nnder the sr ow np
to the steam cbesl all tbe way. Mr.
Meany, the engineer, says sometimes
the snow ploughed up by the engine
flaw into tbe tender, lbe entire run
ning gear of the engine appeared to be
one r olid block of ice and snow when
it entered tbe depot.
The snow at Martin was reported to
be twenty t wo inches ncep. no trains
were running to nr from that place,
In various parts of West Tennessee it
was reported to be from twenty-two to
thirty inches deep, but no serious
damage was done. Tbe roads hope to
partially resume operations to-mor
row. This is tbe first time there has
ever been a general blockade on tbe
Tennessee railroads.
Heavy Naow at Staunton, Va.
Htaontok. Va., February 3. Snow
baa fallen here to a depth of fifteen
lncbes, and is still tailing rapidly.
Later. .igbteen incbes of snow
here, and all trains delayed.
debtees I.rkra on n l.vel at Hai-
Harbisonbobo. Va.. Februarys.
Tbe snow is eighteen incbes deep on a
level ana ariiua irora six to ten leet.
Tbe mercury is 12 above aero.
Nlz Inehea ofNnow at Waablaafon
WABHtHbTON. February 3. Snow
began falling here at an early hour
this morning,and at noon bul reached
a depth of six Incbes.
Later. Tbe scow is fifteen incbes
deep here, and tbe storm has ceased.
The IIeavlfatHaowf.il I Kver Haown
la Kentucky.
LonisviLL, Ky., February 3. Spe
cials' to tbe l met repoit tbe heaviest
snowfall ever known throughout the
fctitj. it bepaa snowing Tuesday
neon, and is (till at it in Southern
Kentucky, where twenty-seven inches'
cave already lallen, lbe weather
here is bright and pleasant, the snow
fall being only about six inches.
Trains Delayed on tbe Cincinnati
Cincinnati. O. February 3. The
heavy snow through Tennessee has
seriously pampered tratlic on tbe Cin
cinnati Southern railroad.
ow-Btorm at tbo City of Mexico,
City f Mix too. February 3. Snow
fell to tbe depth of four inches at
Mexicaleroio. four miles from this
city, yesterday afternoon. Tuis is the
Brit snow that baa Ullen in tbis vicinity
since 1850. The tops of all the adja
cent mountains are also whitened.
The wea'her is much cooler tbaa Is
generally experienced in this latitude
Severe Snow.Hlorm at Blcbmond,
Richmond, Va., February 3 The
severest snow-ttirm for several years
prevailed here all dy. The snow to
night is from three to six incbes deep.
Tbe thermometer has fallen 22 in the
last twenty-four hours.
Tbe Coldeet
Day I
n Year at To
Tobomto, February 3. Tbis waj one
of tbe coldest days in forty-five years.
Tbe temperature at 8 o'clock this
morning was 14 below zero, and has
not risen above aero all day. At other
points in Ontario the mercury ranged
fiom 14 to 20 below.
Intensely Cold Wratber la Michi
Ditboit. Mich, February 3. Re
ports fiom different parts of this State
indicate intenbe cold last nigbt. In tbis
city the signal service recorded 2
iw, while corrected thermometers
about town went as low as 8" below ;
at Bailey, 22s below; at Kalamazoo,
28 below: atNewago, 28 below; at
IIersey,28abelow;at Royal Oak, 15"
below, while at St, Montague, 30 be
low; at East Tawa, 24 below, while
St. Igaace eoj yed temperature at 32
Itllndlag Hnew-Ntorm at Bnltlmoie.
Bai.tixohk, Mn , February 3. A
blinding snow-storm her prevailed In
this city and vicinity since 1 o'lbik
this morning, aud there is no indica
tion of an abatement. There is a
htavy fall of snow, obstructing street
cars and causing almost a ceesation of
ordinary business. With additional
ice in tbe river and harbor navigation
is more difficult in oonncqiunce of tbe
thick snow-fall
Trains belayed at at. Loot.
St. Long, Ftbrnary 3. The great
inow-etorm which prevailed yesterday
in the South blockaded trains on the
Iron Mountsin railro'd between Pop
lar Bluff, Mo , and Little Rock, and
caused much detention tf tnirui on
ether sections ot tbe road further
Booth. The St Lonia and Cairo nar
row gauge, in Southern Illinois, ia
also blockaded, and traffio on tther
reals in that part of the State ia much
By tbe Sinking of a Rowboat In
Kew Yorb Harbor.
Niw York, February 3. At 0:30
o'clock thia evening the tngbott
Blanche Kate, while towing a railroad
float up the North river, rail into a
boat attached to the Austrian Corvette
Dooau, lyirg eff the foot tf West
Twenty-Sixth street, Th rowboat
was under the command f Midship
man Ktureb, and cout lined eleven
men. The midshipman and fjnr of
the sailors are mussing. Five were
rest ued by ths tug, aud two others
were taken from tbe river by the tug
boat Garret. The rescued men were
placed on board the Corvette, and the
river rolice arrettid Copt. Hubert cf
tbe Blitnchn Kate.
MvKINNKT-Oa W.dn'Ur, F.k'o.ry S,
lSHti, at 1 :45 o'clock m., Mtrii UoKmntv,
widow of tbo lite J. t. MikiDDOr.
FoDerol will Ukt alaee from ruidtnee.
No. 227 M.dlion itroot. tkU (THURSDAY
afUraoon at t o'oloek . Vrioaot of the lm
JlyjjeiiYitjJtjttMd FUNEUAL NOTICE.
CUISM-Tho iDBoral of Liuia W. Oin,
daotbtor of Meredith Tatot, anaoaaeea for
yoitetdoy afleraooa, will Uke plaoo tMi
(THURSDAY) Roraooa at a o'oloek, from
UrotlT roildenoe, Ho. 134 Waiblas ten itroot.
Frlndi f tbo fltmlW - lntiH tn ottond.
A New Departure.
A Life Pilicy YVblch Will Satisfy
Everybody. NoBardinaome Con
ditions. Cheapest Liberal
Policy Ytt iDsned. -
Non- Forfeiture Provisions.
Cost of Insurance Less Than in
Any Order or Society.
Oath Allele Jenoery 1, ISM IM17,(XM 00
I'ua (Surplus January , 1S8S 3,096, 838 00
tiumi i-aia in isoo bh.oh oo
Total Glalma Paid In 22 nan a no
No. of Life Policial written to data, 44,800.
All Claim! raid Immediately an raaaiut of
aii.iariorr prooi.
ror lurlucr information apply to
Marx & Bensclorf,
1ft IfntHwon Strct't, Mympliinu
t Warrnntixl nlioolutrly pure
Cocoa, from which the exces of
Oil ha lMcn irinovrtl. 1 1 ho tHrt
tiffin th ttrrngth ot Cocoa mixed
with NtAirh, ArrowrootorBtiptr,
ami ! theruforv far mom eouwim
iVal, cotting Ut than one cent a
tup. It ) dt'lickiim. nourirthliift,
Hlrrnfftht'iitnK, cattily dltfeitiMj,
and admirably adApf! for iavni-
UiB u wtll it for poraoiM In health.
BoU bj Oroeeri pterywaert
I BAKERS CO., Dorchester; Hass.
Morgan & MTarland,
23 BTadlMon Street, HeiupklK.
WI ha admitted JOHN B. ROBINSON
at a partner with ui. and to an interait
la oar buiinam. Btyla ot firm to remain aj
heretofore and ahoro.
Jfebmary 1, 1-wrt.
atonoal of til Diseases,
a r. acaruRiia, a. a.
aian.1 bucvtj nc
CLO U I ami OOU)
Iir of McntctPAt. w. xmua." turn.
iiF.T.ra, vmmitrm, IrriuumitMn... .
SlWorme, Worm t'eviir, WormCollo.... .?
t'ryins t-na. nr ieeujiuoi imam., .xi
Diarrhea o (5hlMro or Aiu(t. ...... .Hi
ternlerr. "ripmc tsinona jeuo.m .z
I'llolrrA afnrbae, VomiluiS mm. .9
t 'oaihe. Cwld. itrobohitlfl. ,. .1
euraltilatToothaclie,l'aeearhe...M. .2
llrad4-he bio il-Mulaene, VertiROk. Jt
liyppela. hthooe Htomoh......MM J3t
Mnppreeeri or FalnHll l'rrtuee..M JtS
Croup, tlonah, DilHimrt Bnthln-. .US
ail IthrDru, Frriilpelu. fcmptkiPA.
Frterana f, CI..IU, Milena Jitl
If-e. tmaa or uieeain- a
4'ntarrh. lonorniia, id tliellad.
innrniu, Ouid In tlie rioad.
t'onah. VlolwottWiriia..
r-bllllvrifaiualWeakiieea 3
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W hooDlnc i
lrnrral Or
Kidney irua.
rroue ih-diiii
ot llw llrart, PalpiuUoo-1 Ahi
HslA h rni jrtr'wtn. ot twnt rxtiMMi on rtotutaf
Dli. 11. L. LASKI,
Pkyslelan, Surgeon and Accoucheur,
813 Uala Street, Near .Union.
Tatephoa ..!
Meters B. Co
Letter from Mr. Harreaves, of the firm of Morgan & Har
greaves. Dry Goods Merchants, Washington, Pa.
Washington, Ta., July 14th, 1877. .
Dk. J. A. Huntrr, San Francisco Dear Sir: V
I will have to introduce myself before going any further. I was under
your care in the fall of 1875 and early part of 1876 for Catarrh, "Thary.,
gitis," you told me, and catarrh in the car, one of my ears the left one
being very badly affected. Now, it is about aural trouble I wish to ask
you. The ear which you doctored has ceased to trouble nie, but the
other the right one though it docs not seem to be diseased, collects wax
which gets hard, or caked, incrusted on the tube leading to the car. Aj
drop of olive oil relieves it for the time, until it appears tu dry up, and
then not really pains but annoys me.
The sensation I now feel is not so much in the car, but at the end of tha
Eustachian tube, Just where it enters the throat : for when I sing it causes,
a sensation a kind of harshness in the throat merely at that txiint where
the tube enters the throat, as I understand from the cuts in the papers yott
gave me.
The reawn 1 wrote te you. infreftrtna to tonsulting home physician), it
that you cured me tf Catarrh when others did me no good, and transforms
me front an inwlid to 0 man of not merely good but robust health. If yon
will write and tell trie what to do, I will send whatever charges you see
proper to make. y
When I was under your care before, you prescribed for my cars, Iwu.
LATiON. Hoping to hear from you soon, I remain, yours sincerely,
A. W. Harguiavis.
AftrtKME, Kansas, January a, 88fl.
Dr. Jameb A. Huntkr, 80 Court St., Memphis, Tenn.: v
Dear Sir I am in receipt of your letter of enquiry, (forwarded to me
from Washington, Va.,) about my condition of health. I reft Washington
nnd quit former business (dry goods), more than two years since. Tbe
close confinement had worn me out. I now have perfect health. The
treatment yqu gave me for chronic catarrh was effective, and the results
permanent. When you treated wo in '77 I considered that you saved mjt
life, and now, at this time, I am still of the same opinion. I am glad to
hear of your return to America, for if I ever have a return of catarrh D
shall want your skill, as I know of no other physician so able to cope with
this horrible disease. ,
If you wish to use me as a reference do so at any time. I feel so grate
ful to you for what you have done for me that I w;ll gladly serve you.
Wishing you health and success, I am your former patient and hearty
we&wisher, . "; -y- Very truly,
A. W. IIarxreavm.
Dr. Hunter's Visit to Memphis.
I)r. James A. Hunter, formerly of Kuropo, lato of New Orleans, Too
tor of Medicine and Surgery, Univomity of Bruasols, Lioentioto of tho
Royal Colleges of rhynioians and SurKoonn, EJinburg; a Pupil of St.
Thomas IIoHpital and the (Ireat Brompton Iloopiul for Disoaaas of the
Chest, London, is making a briof ProfoBnional viuit to this city bofore re
turning to Europe, and may bo consulted at No. 80 Court street, betwoon
Third and Fourth.
Dr. Hunter has, for twenty-five yaars, devoted spooial attention to dis
eases of the Head, Throat, Chest and Blood, ombraoing Catarrh, Sore
Throat, Bronohitis, Asthma, Consumption, Deafness, Eye, Heart and Brain
Diseases, Scrofula, eta. Office hours, 10 a.m, to 12 m. ; 1 to 6 p.m. ,
Persons at a distanoe should send for Dit. Hunter's Journal, Books
and Lihth or Questions. While a personal consultation is desirable, it
is not always nooessary, and treatment can, in all cases, be conducted by
Thel Best Thine in the
'Athletlo Sports
Dry Goods, Jotjons, Clothing
ZtToie 3S8-3S8 Main Street Memphli. Tenn.
WiilOu w. offer to tb. trade a ton the mott farorabl. tanai. Oar prioat will rpar
laT.rablf with thoat f any market tn th. United titatM, tlpeolal Indanen.nu to Cak
Borer. LHHUK atlALE.
And Commission Merchants
Nos. 34 and 3G Madison Street, JXenipitU.
"PM.cC ABD33ET & Go
CSS-SC3 ITronl Ctreelf IXes&Bl2ls Tcur
World for Weak Ankles,
and Skating t
uru uut.

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