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t., nS
The severity of the season naturally
turns attention to the condition of the
i... fnrtnnat class o! the community,
and it ia found that those living from
harl l mouth." who each week
spend the earnings of the week, mke
up the mass of the sufferere. Could
the number of thoee thus circum
.t.noe.1 ha decreased, the amount of
temporary destitution -(rald be de
rt aded in proportion. The only wsy
thia ,'wrea e can be accomplifthed is
by promoting habits of raving among
the working people, so that when
woikla scans or the season requires
extra oallay thore woull be s fund to
ial back upon. No charity can
iielo the p:or as auch savings
wnnld helD them, besides preserv
no that independence and hor
rnr of receiving charity which
Tireearve le'.f-reepect and cultivate
habits of economy. The greatest en
couragement to saving comes from the
aatatillahment of savings banks, but
tbsy must be ct a kind that will com
maad the entire confidence of the de
posits, end this ia why various gov
ernmenta have established national
laving banks. This country is not
MmhI with the possession of one of
haaa (imtitntions. but the subject of
establishing potWl savings banks for
the universality of the pcstolllce gives
(ha best locslitiea for government sav
lags banks-is before Congwa, and if
iha onhlie show a desire for them
OoBsreaa will adopt the admirable
no til savings bank system. Every
aicietv Instituted to help the poor and
benevolent man and woman
should do all in their power to induce
Congress ia adopt the system. In no
wav can ther do as much effectual
gtoJ for the working class, ai the best
relief for distress ia the prevention of
distress. '
abase. Iludreda of thonaanda of
dollars are paid every year to foreign
ila to carry onr merchandise over
the sea at the very time crowds of
American workmen want employ
ment Some of the monopolist schem
ers want Congress to allow "subsidies"
for every trip they make, so tnai insy
ma ha nut on a level with nations
that can build ship cheaper than we
can do. This is the night 01 impu
dence. A high ttriff to make ships
dear, and tten subsidies to make their
runninc dearer, la a little to J much
far onr tax-ridden neonle. If our an
cestors pnt a be of stones on one aide
of the old mare when carrying a bag
of corn t j mill on the other, their de
scendants ere not quite so near an
tiquity as lo want to pay a tariii at we
ship's bow and then balance it by pay
lm a subsidr at the stern. To pay a
tariff, then ptj a subsidy btcauie we
pay a tariff, ia asking what only mo
nopolist cheek and brass coum ass
The real wav to restore our marine
business is ta alio American citsen
lo buy their ships wherever they can
tat t'lem best aid for the liait miney,
Then our sailor lids would hava work,
our sea-captains situations, aid our
dock-vard men employment at re
- . .. .
niira until American Invent on ana
enterprise found the way to build the
swilti3t steamships going, and beat
the .world on sea again ai tiiey Deal
them on the old wooden chips. Down
with the tariff where it lakes employ
meet from our own people, and let us
have our oirn shipping and once
more shoir the world what we can do
rith It.
Urgent Beeeealty for Lcflelatlea U
Protect the Iateresta or .
Ue People.
So rapidly are the public lands fit
for agriculture, belonging to the United
Etites, filling up with population, or
Mil nii iut the banda t f monorollsta
that lands formerly reckoned aa desert
are now taken up and cultivated by
means of irrralion, and In Utah, Col
orad?, and ether parts of the mount
ain region, and on the Pacific ilope,
fine farms produce va'uable crops en
tirelr bv aid of the irrigation system.
Borne of these farmers even declure
that they find advantages In that sys
tern over the plan of dependence upon
rains. Bains are sometimes deficient,
sometimes overabundant, and some
tlmee come la harvest, damaging the
ripened crop. From auch Irregulari
ties the Irrigaton syttsm is free. Wben
water la wanted the sluices are
opened, the water flows where it ia
wanted, and when its oflloe ia per
formed it is excluded. Where lands
are far removed from water-coursos,
vast canals are dug, and the lands on
each aide of them supplied with water
bv ditches which carry it right and
left. 8neh canals are constructed by
eomnanles as railroads are, and pay
rood dividends, but the farmer who is
Independent of rain bai to pay tor the
water the rain supplies gratuitously
There are interior place?, however,
with splendidly fertile soil, that are
situated t)0 far from permanent wuwr
sources to be brought Jnto uao, ana
settlers aro cow discussing plaB for
obtaining water even for these. The
wot seatoi brings plenty of rain,
which snppllcs nil that ia wantid ai
far as quantity in coacomeil, but rain
does not fall at the lime the tinners
require it. Among the mountains are
beds of former ravlnos and ether ap
propriate depressions, within which
water could be stored in vest quanti
ties by damming up their places of
exit, thus forming graud reservoirs.
BomttMnK of this kind la done a', the
headwiirs of the Mississippi, and a
navigable stream is preserved in
the npper river at the time ct low
water by albwing the reservoirs
gradually to part with their contents.
In the same way those parched regions,
t-aversed bv irrinatins canals, can be
tamed Into frnltful fields, supporting
an Immense population, and fine nsrri
enltural lands be rescued from sterility.
The ancients bad works of this sort ; in
one instance, in Arabia, a dam two
miles lone and a hundred and twenty
feet deep, held, f r '.'GOO years, the ac
cumulate! waters cf a large ttrtam,
whoso irrigating powers made a large
deeert wintry fruitful. What the an
cicnta could do our people will not
fail in. aid bv their ineenuitr. aidad
by the vast resoarrea of mo Jem
science, the great Americai deeert
will vanish from the maps, and where
now the sate and the cactus are Uie
only vendnre, grain and grasses will
flourish, cattle and sheen will teed.
and a prosperous population enjoy the
blessingi fertility brings.
Pallor at Iaek Hill, Hlaa.
laraoiu. to TBI ArriAL.l
TWir Mtii Mm. Fnhrnanr 3. M.
A iiuftla rladt.rln o-AtiMral fnarnhan-
dise, waa'attaohed and closed np yes
Failure at Unoiloa, T.
n.ivurmx Tic. February 2. A
special t the Newt fiom Houtton,
Tex., says: Ueorge l rorier, wnoie-
!a an aaalonmfint this
afternoon. The liabilities are placed
atl2Z,uuu, ana aseis im,, mo
assignment Includes valuable lands in
n fornlva mnntln. Later in ths
day the Houston Flour Mills Com-
piny succumbed. Tbe principal lia
bilities are a number of promissory
nnM rina plt.T creditors, smrresatina
(82,000. The asueb) embrace the mill
property onlj
time J br Ilia Creditor.
TanTiniDiiii Inn . Fnhrnarv 3. A.
N. liaair. boot and shoe dealer, was
cloud up by Boston parties yeetwday.
Th. allaoa framl anil tha frVfinral
Conrt granted a receiver. The lia
bilities will loot opvu.uuu, ana aweis
1 10,000. .
nude an Aaalaameat.
T rufiinitm Vi ' Fahrtiarv S. W,
P. tineed, conlracior and builder of
this city, r.ai maJe aa asRignmeni
Ilia 1 ahilitixM nre nnknnwn. but are
annDoaedt) bs about f. 10,000. The
aeaeta, it is said, will pay aDoui o per
cent, ol tne iiauiiiiinn.
lueli ia sUetaa r llabllitlea.
luniimviin Tun. FrfhrnarT 3
Ewall Over, a manu'acturer of farm
machinery aud dealer in iron, made
an Hwignment lo day. Liabilities are
j:iauoj, and nr. uverciaims uis asseu
Will Sggrega'40(KU).
Wba. Coairress will do the present
ne anion toward amending oar discred
itably unharmonious tariff remains to
be seen, but to one portion of the sub
jsct active attention ought to bs given
that of American shipping. Among
the many things the tariff has done it
has nearly driven the American fug
from the ojean. This 6tats of things
has been endnred long enough; it ia
now fully time that American mer
chants and American ra lora and
tigroid ww.kaea eUouJd. LuT9
The Sarin wester a MIlllnRlntfrmU.
Minneapolis, Minn.. February 3.
Tn ik. w.tWIv ravlatr nt the (lour nro-
duction for its Issue of February 6 the
NorthvxuiiT mutr win lay : "Aivuougn
one half of the milling capacity cf the
city has been stopped to give the oth-
... Vull ! tn ran tha nnwnr rnn'.ln-
nes very poor ana tne mius running
An an viihnnt aBttaluntorv rranlta. A
nnn a n ffm ma1 and miL mm fttl M1l
Thursday, the 20lh ult., and up
to tbe present lime operations
have been conducted nnder its
nmnlulnna mi nnonlavncA hninir tilken
of the mills using BteA.ni. With ratt
of the mills idle), those running uur
Inn tl, ln.it hu t of the week were
able ti do more woik, yet there is
much room lor improvement, xne
Hour product'on of the week was
.......A t 1- . II) 1! 1 1...
83,wu Darren, avnrnuin i,uiu um
rJa il.iilv aintntt uoitrt banelstlie
preceding wt.ek and 811,300 barrels tor
the corresponding penoa ti inou.
Beventeuu mills contributed to this
l'ork Paeklua In ahe Weal.
O . Fhruaiv 3. The
Cincinnati JYi'ce-Ourrrtil will say to
il.pf tha nnmber of nOKS
packoil in the West last week win
275,000, compared with wr me
mrrannnlinir time last Vear. The
inial la rial a alnee November 1st is 6.
r.iiimvi aaainat r 5.riri. OiO a vear sso,
The following indicates tne movement
at iha nrin cinal nnlnts sincB Novem
ber 1st: Chicago, 2,175,000; Kansas
Cily. 65S,000; Cincinnati, 320,000; Ht
Louis, 315,000; Milwaukee, zso.wu;
Indianapolis, ZoS.OUU; uenar napiun,
Tu wniion- l.nniavllln. l'Jl.OOO: 8L
Joe, Mo., llu.uou; uieveianu, oj.wiu,
Draaoalte BaplOaloa.
Vnwvaua Ti. Y.. Pehmarv 3.
Whlla tarn ilvnamtta ortridirea were
being thrown out at fsbuft No. 18) of
the new Uroton aqueauci, at i2:.u
nliMled with a
lood report aid destroyed the small
building tn wnicn tney were vt oe
nied, aad in which, only a few mln
niaa hufnra. a nnmber of men had
been eating their dinners. No one
was injured. About luuu ponnus oi
dynamite wai stored at the shaft in a
frnen state, but, fortunately.it did
not tkp:ole.
Enforcing tha Niiaday Law a Via
r,u.,umTt n . VehrnnrT 3. War-
rsuts were sworn out at tbe Tolice
Cjnrt to-day for the arrettot soveral
members of theatrical companies wno
.,.. at llon.'k'a anil tlin lVnnle's
Theaters last Kunday. These person!
were a l arret u immeuiaieiy um
the performance early Monday morn
ing aad fined $1 each by a justice of
the pr me. The Law and Order League,
which caused the warrant! to be is
sued to day, claims that the former ar
rests weie illegal.
Tha Ohio Btaaiarlal Traable.
Coicmbus, O., January 3. The Sen
ate Conference Committee on the dif
ferences was In session all day, and,
being nnable to formulate a report to
tlie Sanate by 4 p.m., the hour for
meeting, it was given further time,
and the Hecate adjourned. Members
of the commit 'ee give out the infor
mation this evening that as agreement
has been reached, and that a report
will be submittal to tbe respective
tauenses tomorrow morning tor rsti-GcnUoa.
Washington. February 3. The re
port n( the Government Directors of
lli. lln A. Vaxifl Kai WH IMmDHT
waa receivea oj twcreiary m
sfrcooon. Under the h ad of "Eela-
tionsof the Railway Company to tbe
UovernmeLt, tne repoitsays:
ran mtroirr.
Tha anlUnl faatnre in the relatioua
cl the Union Pacific to the govern
ment is taatthe loalUa debtor to
the government to a very large
.niint tha luht Vaini aapnrAil onlv
Uiiiuui, ' f. J
by a Becond m rtgage upon a portion
ol the property tf the company.
Under these, circumstances there has
tm,n nn an niKtiltlKM nn tha TMlTt of
t oogresslest tie debt o the Unitl
Ptats might be finally lost, and legis-
h t on la been naa wiin a view i
prevent that result. Cut the leuisla
t on bad so far, it seems, been adroitt 1
on all eidrs to have tailed of its object,
and to have brought about a tta e ol
affairs which ta'ls for errly action.
For tome years every Secretary of the
Treasury, every Commisuionerof Rail-
.ii. . t rwl bvurv H.iaril f if Gov-
wnmont Dlronlriifl haa renorted to
Co a ureas that tlio Thorman act, under
conditions cbangea since lia paBBage,
Is yeany locsiag op id (um(iiui
idleness larKe auwa of money, to the
mutual losi and injury of debtor and
creditor. It ia pioboble, therefore,
and certainly seems desirable tbnt
early Congressional legislation be had
upon this subject. In the considera
tion Ol tne various meaauree mat. nui,
donlttesa. be piopoeed, nothing can
ka mnr. tmnnrtaflt than that the ffOV-
ernment should have as clear an enti-
mate as possible of tbe real value ot
tbe pioperty upon which its debt
.Li. ni tha inaif which its debtor car
ries aod of bia ability to bear it.
exhibits the entire mileage of tbe ays
tern including all its finished branches
on September 30, 1885, and its liabili
ties for bonds and stocks in the hands
of the public, and its floating debt. In
the bonded debt is included the $35,
140,000 United States subsidy bonds
issued in aid of the Union Pacific and
OenUal branch, and $16,534,331 bal
ance of interest on the same, less tbe
sinking f ind in tbe hands cf the gov
ernment. The debt and stock per
walla laa aial fO lrkWH
Union Paoiflo Railroad Compsny
and Omaha bridge, miles, 1832; bonds
aud United fci'ates debts, $70,213;
floating debt, $1550; stock, $33,130;
total, $104,893. , , ,
Branch lines, miles, 3308 ; bonda and
United States debts, $0263; stock,
$3402; total, $12,605.
Unioi Pacific system, miles, 5140;
bonda and United Hates debts, $10,
09 ; rl' allnx debt, $563 ; stock, $14,000 ;
total, $15,540.
But against thia indebtedneea the com
pany haa cfier awets than the ro id
Itself, consisting principally of land
and land asset), and stocks and bonda
nf Ila hrannh linn, and of Other COmO-
rations. To arrive now at what an
avnvana mlla nf tha MVttam is worth in
earning power and what annual charge
is imposed upon it by the above obli
gations, we will ta'ie tbe business f r
twelve monies ouamg cepieuiunr o,
1885, show the earnings of the whole
sntam (5140 milea) and the dispoeL
tion matte ot them:
, n,747,mK)
. 10.1117. li
, 7f4,;l"7
, 11 .67 1, 625
. 7,63,8"iO
in vin
. r7.S:i6
. 8.2.11,
. 3.4'4,VilO
of the
mile for
the whole sjitim (5140 miles) is aa
Oroii dabt, . bonded, floatlns and
UniUa butai , I30.MS
Land and land Miela...
Net debt - ft'
Ktoek ontnandinf l.'1"""
Uroii earningn
Net earnlnm
iMm. irnin in inn ii.ii 1. .........
Total Inooma ,.
Fixed ohariret and unklnf luuui..
Net Income
llnitf.il Hialoa reauirainentf
Surtilui -
speik of the value of tho branch line
system, and say that without it the
main line wouiu to-uny db a uauaruin.
property. They consider it of the ut
most importance to the io.tdandto
the povemmen. as its creditor, that
the Union Pacific should be as free ss
any of its competitors to build or ac
quire Drsncu lines or raiunuie con
nections by any of the usual arrange-
m mil. .innnn ,u Irnafia 1(T flliph flndft.
Otherwise it would be at a ft til disad
vantage in the competition lor terri
tory and future business, and the de
velopment of the country tributary to
it must languish. As matters now
stand, tne aeui 01 tne roaa is ktuwiuk
larger from year to year, and the time
1. 1. l. Jiolont Tha
01 11a uiaiuruj 10 uui ui uu..
uncertain attittdo and intentions of
the government are calculated to lm-
I air tne creuit 01 tne company, auu
notonlv hamner it in effoit! ta ae-
cure its present and fature business
on a sale lounuauon, dui ctbu iu
cu'e ot a serious financial crisis to
threaten grave present disaster.
This in ao simnle that noth
ing additional seems necessary to
enforce it. The government ia the
Erincipal creditor cf the company, and
as the power to precipitate it inti
bankruptcy should it choose to exer
cise it. To let matters alone Is prac
tically to exerciBe the power, for every
year that a scUtenient la postponed
the position of the company is weak
ened. The ceuree of the government
snould be that which any practical
business man would pursue with a
private debtor in a similar situation.
It is for Congress to apply thoee prin
ciples to the case of the Union Pacific
Till nxroRT
tt-tes the provisions ot the two
Mils rtporUd fiou the Senats Ju
diciary Committee last soseion, aad
aUer discussing the various plans pro
posed lor AOjnsiing 1110 uunuai puj
nienti to be made by the company,
the board commends tbe plan ot
equalised payments (which has been
adopted by the Senate Judiciary Com
mittee in framing the eighty-year bill
reported this session). The report
continues: It has been suggested that
tbe government should reserve the
right to take up the underlying first
mortgage bonds of the company when
they full due and acquire the lien
which thoee bonds have upon the
property. The arrangement would
seem to be a desirable one on both
sides. It would make the liA of the
government upon the whole system
absolute and entire, and as the gov
ernment can borrow money at 3 per
cent it would reduce the fixed charges
upon the property u!)jut f l,0;0,000per
an nam below the present requirement.
itli. l 1 j .b. Mtlra tha
whole iaana ot bonds about J0,0W,-
000. It la most desirable, says the re
port, that' in any new legislation tho
amount ct the annual payments should
be a deflaitA and fixed sum to be paid
absolutely without regard to ntt earn
logs, gross earning or any "
gency whatever, and wben thia
change is made in the present laws
tbe reoUetione upon the financial
operation! of the company, imposed
to protect tne annual net muiuuh,
should be removed that tbe company
may be onembarraased in tbe use of
It credit a The govern-
n.nl oaanr.t nnlartaka tn manaffa tho
In hnla and h on 1(1 not as
sume any paitial responsibility, but
msy feel entire confidence that it is in
no danger of lojing the debt. As baa
been shewn above, the entire issue cf
bonds and floating debt upon the
whole sretem is but about $25,003 per
mile. Should it become necessary for
f ireclose and take
possession by any default of the com
pany, it con I J put
The Families ef Ike Men Fert4 U
Leave Their Horaea In a Fort
ens Saew-StorBt
npon tne wnoie, ai o por
which fcronld make the annual fixed
charge, onlv atoat )0 per mile on a
lino now earning an average of about
$5500 per mile (irons and $2000 net.
It is tndcrBtood by the doverument
directors tbtt the company dose not
with t be considered ni its-lf sng
gting or advocating any of the spe
cific measures which havo been dis
cussed above, or which may be
brought bef jre Congress, further than
to point out to the best of its ability
tbe probable results (f their opera
tion. It claims that if it had been
left to itself it would have been in po
sition to meet all obltgat oas to tbe
government at maturity, in lis own
way, which was to boild np a large
system capable of raising the amount
naoaaaarw htr a hlinkat mortsa?e. TbO
present and tbs fature mnst now be
dealt with, ana some eariy atuou m ui
preeairjg necessity. Aind, ae soms a
linn ia nanaaaarv. it la UOSt defiiiabiO
that it may be at once comprehensive
ana Una', tot tms reason me guv
arnmant lipflnura oenfidently recom
mami aarlw action and that it
should be based upon the prin
ciples of ' the Hoar bill, tne
period being fixed t eighty years.
TTn.Ur tha nnnlinrtad ODeiatioB Of the
Thurman bill soma farther legislatioa
would still be absolutely necessary fee
fnra tha matnritv of the debt. This
would keep the company and its af
fairs in Congress lor twelve years long-
ar anil nnrinr anv bill rconirina' CSV'
ments contingent upon net earnings
Ho1nnliloa anil nniwtinna Will contin
ually arise between the compsny and
the department. Under the principles
of the 11 ou bill the matter may be set
tled at once and forever and no longer
trouble either Congress or the courts.
Th.rnmnini wonld simnly have to
make its semi annual payment or lose
all its property, and tbe amonnt at
risk by the government would grow
less and ita security greater year by
year. Ibe report is signed by E. P.
Alexander, John ravage, J. a. nanna,
F. K. Condert and Franklin Mac
Oroii earnlnti ........
Kivennee and taiei
Innnm. friim I n Va.tluan tl..
Total Inooine .
Couponi, intereil etc
Land taieiand tipenaee.....
tiinkiDC fund requirement!
Total Died charjei.
Net tneome
United State! requirement!
(jurplui m
Ilnht and earning- Dower
Union Pacifio system per
Tbe Don Dill.
Tha Ttnn l.ill in amend the Thnr-
man act was further considered by
the House Committee on racinc inn
Mm!. iwtav. Chairman Throckmor
ton laid before the committer a letter
Irom Mr. O. P. Huntington in regard
to the indebtedness of the Union and
nntml rn-nfic railroads, aud the
benefit they hal been to the country,
lie says that the various bills before
the Congrers Impose obligations
greater than the ability of the com
psny to perform; that any unfriendly
action must necessarily pat tbe debt
in great peril, and that the stockhold
ers are willing to submit to arbitration.
CoRKiitsviLLB, Pa February 3.
Twenty ot the to iking miners cf the
coke region were evicted fiom tbe
bouses of tbe company to-day, aa their
l.nnr. waa nmlar conditional leases.
A furious snow-storm wsa raging at
tbfi time. They were sot compelled
to remain out in the cold, however,
being taken in by thoee who were not
..wtttAst Tha nnri:tiAn nf a few Cf
tbe evicted families is pitifol,
bnt in the main tney are
-..11 .(flat frr hfivinv been
i,.:fi an1 n'A h a RonRiderable
urn of money. Solar, the sheriffs of
WBtmorelana ana ayetie counties
and their deputies hae met with no
resistance. The eviction", thus fr,
have been confined to the leadeis in
the strike, a f iw being eingiea out
hero and there from the different
The operatives claim tha1. the back
bone cf tbe strike is broken and that
Ixf jre the evictions become goneral
the men will suDmit ana return to
work. The miners and coke drawers
occupying bonnes owned by the oper
ators say the greataet tiouble the Cju-
neilsvliie coxe region ever wimeuoiM
baa only commenced, and before they
will anbmit blood will flow. No at
tempts bave been made to evict any
... . .a i V I 4l.a
famine at tne larger woraa woem mo
greatest resistance and most violence
has been enacted. At auch works at
the Standard and Morewoed, at Mt.
Pleasant, where several tnousana men,
mostly Hungarians, are employed,
tbe houses are castles containing men
well armed. After evicting tbe fami
lies in this region to-aay, rsnenn
Sterling and his deputies nioce-ded to
the Valley Work, near Scottdale, to
night, where they will
atrain in the morning, if the men in
tnese works do not resnma. It ia not
thought probable they will, and that
then the trouble will commence. The
strikers are now centering their
whole fight in the worxs op
erated by the syndicate which con
trols ever half cf the coke ovens in
the regioA. A few individual oper
ators and all tbe fun ace operators
bave granted tbe advance. Tbe syn
dicate has not 100 men ai the works.
There is considerable destitution
among the strikers, mostly on ac-
nnnt nf fnal aa tha nnaratirs will
not allow them to mine coal
enough to keep them from
freesing, thinking by thia meana to
force the men to work. . In some
i.m tha man hava torn (l.awn
V.tn. n'.v. V w ...-
V,nn tvat.a and nnal-hnnaaa for fnel enlt
will be instituted against them far
damaging propeity.
Tha Hamanri for enke la now meat.
nrtA tnrnanaa and Tnilla ara flhnttinff
down a'l over the counUy for want
tf it.
again Indicted on a charge cf con
spiracy U ruin the business of tho
Bofialo tUDrlcaueg uu company.
An tnaicrnent was roana ia ucio
ber. bnt was dismissed as defective on
a demurrer. .
Mount Pleasant, Pa., February 3.
A train of eight emigrant coaches,
containing ninety-six laborers, left
Connellaville at midnight Delega
tions ware dropped at Summit and
Valley, and the remainder brought
to 8tandard. They were nut by a po
lice escort and part oMbrm. put in a
hnnaa. whlla tha rem'Tnifar orcnnlad
the coaches (or tne night. No oow
was auoweu to go near tnem. ap. at
tempt will be made to put t.em t)
work tday.
Baltimore, Md., February 3. At an
early hour this morning a difficulty
occurred in a low concert ra'oon on.
Baltimore street, in which Cbarles E.
xayior nrea tnree snots nom a revol
ver at Joeeph Bucholtz, tbe proprietor
of the place. One of tr.e bal s took
effect in the ta;k of Mrs. Bucholtz,
wife of Joseph, and passing through
tbe right lung was extracted from tbe
riuht breast. Taylor was arrested.
The condition of Mrs. Bucholtz is
A Strosf GoverpK.t, Mi Oae TnaT
utli to SUy-Pies
Tbe Tlllo lo a Hlllioa At-rea of
Laud In Jeopardy.
nmi-iAi Tt't Fulirtinrv !t Tha
Cimmietiioaer-liunoral of the Land
Olh.e has maaotbeetartling aiscovery
that tho Indian title lo about 10,000,-
OflO aprAa nf land in Kftrth Tljkota haa
not been extinguished despite Secre
tary Teller's order in October, 1884,
opening tnese laias ana suosequeni
settlement bv the inhabitants cf what
may comprise fourteen or fifteen
counties, most oi wntcn are
organized, and contain 20,
la Tha ftffa aj
VV a-v ,4lfl a
recited by Commissioner Spaika.
in nis letter to tue euryeyor uenerai
of Dakota show that Pembina Chip-
. . . I . 1 TTi.J
Sswas maae a treaty wnn tue uniieu
i.iaa raino Rarl Rivar Vallnv conn-
ties in Minneseta, and counties lying
an1 fenvth nf llavll'a l.alra at.ill
belong to Indians, but mo it ot the
fembtnaunippewas went into new res
ervations, ana tne mine a ante moun
tain band of only 250 Indians took up
Vinntn. 1 n tha ninntltarl Aiut.rinin Ann
claimed to be the owners of this farm
, lnnnnrVY) anru Tha lanrl rtflimw
in Dakota were not notmea that no
surveys wonld be sustained in tbe said
itt.tvli.f 1'wn vaara ' ftflarward tha
Secretary of the Interior (Teller) re-
. . i s .1 : J i
vieweu vne caae auu ueviueu wn
Indian claim was not well gTounaea,
n l In 1Qw9lhA lri M IhmVM ntlRII
to settlement. Commissioner Srarks
states in view ot tnese iacta ana tne
presumption that tbe question anonia
decided to suspend all the surveying
contracts in tins aisirict luutuuiwuy
Pnttlnna nf tha Orand Knrka and Bin
marck land districts are also affected
by tbia order.
An AirMnuol Becartflna; Tbelr
African Faeaeaalena.
Biblik, February 3. The agree
ment between France and Germany
unatilinii thairSnnnntlvA nOWiessionB
on tbe west coaet of Africa and in the
South Sea has been submitted to tne
Reicbstag. The sgreement contains
au amicable understanding with re
spect to the rival claims cf
tbe two powers to the territory
lying on Brafi Bay, Germany sur
rendering her assumed sovereignty
and piotectorate over tba'. part of the
. At. I 4-lnak w I line
country lying soutu ui wo Y
Camp, and Fra-ice abandoning all
claim to any territory north ot that
river. France recognizes a German
proteclorato over the loge territory,
Porto Saguero and Littls Popo oa the
Guinea coast, the frontiers of which
ate to bo fixed by a commiesion; the
fttrting place to be at a point on the
coast between wine i-opa auu auu,
Germany rotouncts all claim to
tho tenitory on the coast of
Senegambia between Rio Nunez
and Mellacrew, especially Kaba and
KabitU, and agrees to refrain from in
terposing any obstacles in the way of
French occupation of tho New Hbe
rides, France sgreeing to put the Ham
burg Arm of Colin upon the Banie
f ioting aa French firms in Koba and
Kabital concerning the freedom of
trade -and tbe acquisition of land and
tha navmant nf taXPS and CUBtOmS.
Germany concedes to King Mem a the
same poaition in Porto Saguero sa that
enjoyed by him nnder the protectorate
oi France. v
Rather Remarkable.
Saliw, III., February 3. A remark-
able freak ol nature wa aeveiupcu
i. tha rinnntv dnnrt veaterdav.
An application had been made to
Juilge ri.aiy to permit mre i"""'
, 1 u. tlnir tn ha lakn tCt the In-
etitoti for the Education ot tho Df nf
and Dumb. The children, two poya
sged ten and twelve respectively and
oa,. . 1,1 dtl nra all deaf
mutes, and there is also another child
of the same family which is also deal
and dumb. Huff and his wife have
thAlr fflrnltiea. and
I till pSXH ODIV- wa . ,
the grandparents for generat ons back
could hear ana speas. iu
and the girl were taen to jacaouu
Rational Boa MannraetorlnaT As-
Locisviixb, Ky., February 3. The
x- -. : .1 Mtva Mannfiu tarinir Afeo-
il.UUU.I vv." -
cietion ruet at ncoa lo-day, t the ha t
llouse, with 150 representat.vea pron
ent from all paiti of the country.
After the annual address by Presi
dent Grange Sard of Albany, N. Y.,
tho following officers were elected:
President, Jacoo u. omyser ; kucj..
W. R. tridpe'ord; treasurer, 8. i
Beckham ol Hew loric.
O'larr Playe Oat.
Chicago. III., Februaiy 3. O'Leary
was compellea to leave me rai a.
:Kt lni tn hia beinir nnable to
keen any food on hia stomach. As a
I r -ai? . A eA thaw
consequence, weaiou wm
front, and when he stopped wal king at
mldmgnr. naa covereu im ""'"j
while O'Leary's score was only 2292
mii n'lanr had not anDeared np
o.ik. nAln.hr thia aftarnoon. wben
Weston had sweilea nis icm hh
milea, .
The Killing: of tbe "oppoad Burg--
lara In Koane fonnly, Tenn.
Chattanocoa, Tknw., February 3.
Great excitement raigns in Roane
county, Tenn., where the two sup
posed burglars were killed yesterday
by a posse of citizens, who were in
pursuit of them, over ths romjr that
the dead men were touritti who were
merely camping in tho mountains.
The two dead men are only twenty
years of sge. They were fashionably
dressed and wore valuable diamonds
and other fine jewelry. Their Bppear
ance betokens refined babite-and good
living. The country has been scoured
in. .nma Inn. nf thnir identitv. and
though the bodies have been viewed
by hundreds, no one knows them.
They have not yet been recognized as
the men Who attempted to burglariza
tha imnreasion is
gaining ground fist undae haste was
txercieed Dy tne omcers, nnu a uouum
murder was perpetiated in conse
Et Tnnio Mn.. Fahmarv 3. The
t.hn allied leader
,1'HI v. vi.jw - , r.
ol the conspirators wno muruureu juu
JohnBon. was beitun in this city to-day.
Troy, O, February 3.-G. Dye's
rn'tle shed burned this morning ana
seventy-two importea Jersey catue
were lost. Loss, fiz.uw; inourance
Paterson, N. J., February 3. A.
B. Strange, a promineni sua manuiau
in, I ....I Ho waa nattner in the
a.,. , i Wm Rtranoa &. Go. of Pater-
Uluiv f ' " r- --
son;and8trange& mo. oi new xorx.
Cincinnati, O, February 3t-lhe
.t.mnnthalll ml fit John A. NeU-
win slept with its parents last mgnt,
i in. mnrnlno It en fonnd to have
auu mi. B " . .
been smotberoa to aeain. au lmjuetsi,
will be hem.
i..i D!ih ArV . Fabrnarv 3. The
February term ot the United fltates
n.,, nn.Ti.il with 182 criminal cases
on the aocket, cf which twenty-nine
are for murder, nine convicted In
dian Territory murderers now awa t
their day ol execution.
Columbus. O., February 3. uqv.
t.i 1. n. tn.Aav rnnflArad hifl uB-
cielon on tbe charges preferred agnintt
the Cincinnati roiice tmmiBBioun.,
..mn.lioi tham from office. This
.. - .u.
piactically leaves tne comroi oi vuo
police in tne nanas oi iuo m.jui.
r.,ni. n FfthrnarT 3. List
fiiumini-'l v-, - . ,
night, at Dillon's Falls, five miles
west lrom nere, on uie fiiuuuw auu
Ohio rosd, one section of a freight
...t .QK.il intri another. Chas.
Sysk cf Newark, conductor of the
train ran inn, wa ternuij uju-
gled. Ed Trott, a Draxeman, nnu a
leg broken.
r.ll.nilli Pa FnhrnarT 3. The
aherifl was given twenty writs of
eiectmoct nja nst lamiues occupyiuK
houses of Frick & Co. Only three
...i.n... innV niuna tn dan-, however.
bnt the others will be compelled to
vacat at ones. No trouble haa oc-
.n fa Tha i mil or to J laborers
are working under the protection of a
heavy guard.
Cincinnati, O., February 3.The
ct. i.ni ir Railav waa aned bv
the government to recover $38,000 o(
money coiiectea oy nun
' i . unno v'nni fihins. ana
vrouvrai aw WMni .
tn tha o-oTurnment. Juage
Baxtir found that Eailey's account
showed him indebted I'JOUU, ana ga
Judgment for that sum against J. J.
ftaiat hia Knndaman.
Buffalo, N. Y., February 3.-John
D. Archbald, Uenry a. ivokw auu
. i uJi. nf Nm York and
ui.. t nha.laa M. Everest OJ
u .11 nnnnnrtad with thS
ItUUUR,, -. , I
Progreaa or tbe Hod oca aad Bianz
t ttae Wabaab (lad.) School.
Win. air Tun Fnhrnarv 3. Forty
cf the aix'.y-eight Modoc and Sioux
Indian children, wno lor tnree years
r...t hava henn rorpivlnff inatrnttion
at the expense of the United States
Government in the institution five
mlloa annth nf thia nitv. arA TIO W hfl-
UlllVB L U M I .. " - " " ' ' J f
jug prepared to return t) the Indian
Tu-tIIaw haviniy nnmnlntAft the
course of study asclgned them. The
cbilaren, none 01 wnom are over
in.nlv vonra nf ngo. warn ffatlinre:! nn
la Wyoming, Dakota and Indian Terr
tory, in 1883, and brought to the insti
tute lor education unuer a runng oi
th. TntArinr DnnartmeLt f ireintr' the
. . . T 1? .
inttrnctiou ot a numDer oi xnuiuxi ai
public expense for a period of five
years, uwmg to tne rapia uivauce-
mant hidiIa hv thaa nhiMren of na-
Ull U. j . " - - -
ture they have completed their studies
two years short of the time allotted
them, and they are now to give place
to others who are wait ng for tho priv-
..a I in HiTiin i.r in pnaran ni liih
.nn.rtnlnnilpnt tha bnard will Start
West, and nnon reaching the
Territory the boys, who, in ai-
....(-... n tnmv mariran nmun-.H. iu
lii..art vnrlr hava hann Inntrnrttd in
the tillage of the soil, will be given
eighty acrea oi jloou iaraiing iuuu
.ml .nm-iraoAfl tn ft lnnt aoricultiral
pursuits. The giiH, who bave devel
oped during their stay g'ea: ability in
the study oi mamemaucs auu ino u-
glieh language, are also prcnciena in
. i. n ri iuiha.no nt nnnaann n niiL ph.
Th.n . ornpctpH tn tukfl immediate
charge cl the Indian sciiojis ior tue
education ot tneir less lavoreu uruiu
era and sisters.
LOBD3K, February S. Tho new
Cabinet is officially annonnoed as fal
lows: Mr. Gladf tone, Prime Minister
ane first Lord oi the iTeasury; oir
rarrer iiircneu, ira uiga ijumuu-
IrtW H nl KtVAan AA I .41 Pal PaaaiHant of
the' Council; Mr. H. C. II. Childers,
Ltome fciecretary; Jiari Kieonery. eeo
retary for Foreign Affiirs; Earl Gran
ville, Secretary for tbe Cilonies; .rl
Kimberly, Secretary for India; Mr. II.
Campbell Bannermm, Secretary toy
War; Hir wnuam Vernon narcoun,
Chancellor cf the Exchfquer; the
Marquis of Ripon, Fust Lord of the
Admiralty; Air. j. imsmDeiiain,
President of the Lo-al Government
Board ; Mr. S. O. Trtvelyao, Secretary
for Scotland; Mr. A. J. Mandella,.
President of the Board of Tiaie; Mr.
John Motley, Chiel Secreta-y f jr lie-
The following appointment have
been made nnder the new adminis
tration: Earl Sydnty, Lord Steward
of tbe Qaeen's HouseholJ; Mr. Ar
nold Morley, Futrnusg Nacre-'ary;
Mr. un&riea Kusteii, At o.-ney-uen-eral.
The composition of tbe new Cabi
net baa caused a great surprise. It ia
thought to show marks ot a compromise.
Nn riaflnlta annointmertl ti minor
offices have been announced.
Tha fWr Van AnnaMara tha new
ministry a strong one, and especially
approves cf the appointment of Earl
ant T 1 . ( I
oi ttosenery ana nr. ioun nori-y.
It eays tbat the selection of the Earl
nf Klmharl fnr tha Inilian Raj'retarT'
ship is the only choice that is likely
m..' witK n.natlw. innfAVil Th.
iu ' ' ' vj . ,u ...kul. u . ... . . .
absence cf Lord Harrington fiom the
cabinet is a mattr of regret which
may. however, at no ditltnt day be
. rr i ct. l i.r
removed, ine amnaata says: jur.
Gladstone in forming his Cabinet has
mill, tha hpt nf a had sitnation. The
members sre men cf ability. Tbe se
lection ol ian itneoery ior ine pos
ef Secretary for Foreign Affairs wai
the beet tbat could be made and
promises well for the good will of
Germany. The appointments most
likely to elicit criticism are mo oi
Hir William Vernon Harcourt and
Mr. John Morley."
Madbio, February 3. Two armed
Carlist recruiting agent have been ar
rested in Valencia.
Limb kick, February 3. The Most
Rev. Go. Butler, D.D , Roman Cath
olio Bishop of Limerick, ia dead.
Loudon, February 3. The German
bark Unkel Bract ig, from Galveston
tor Qaeenstown, foundered at sea on
the 26th nltimo. Her crew were saved.
London, February 3. The trial of
the Oiawford divorce caHe, in which
Sir Cbarles Dilke is co respondent, bai
been further delayed, bnt will prot
ably be begun on Monday.
London, February 3. The Prince of
Wa'es gave a dinner last evening to
the leaders cf both political parties
and the foreign dipl mat:c representa
tive", including United Slates Minis
ter Phelps.
Berlin. February 3. It ia rumored
that an influential denotation of
Catholics from Prussian Poland will
visit the Pope for tbe purpose oi con
sulting with him in regard to the pro-
poseaVUexmanizing oi i oiana.
London, February 3. Advices irom
Mandalay, the capital of Burmab, f ay
that tbe Dacoits have had several en
gagements with British troops since
the 1st Instant, and that in every en
connter the Dacoits were defeated
with heavy loss. I he ouiclais oi raan
iilav haliuvA that order will soon be
completely restored throughout Bur-
Pi.ta Vuhmarv 3 A aerions strike
is in progress at St. Qnentin, Depart
ment of Aisne. The weavers in f ur
cotton-mills there have quit work, and
to day they engggpa in a riotous uem
ouRfation. A force ol gendarmes
finally succeeded in dispersing the
mob. Tbe troopa were connna i tae
barracks during the disturbance. An
extninn f f the atrik Ih feared.
B n Tonne; Man t Kanaaa Cltj
One Han Fatally Wounaeu.
V-.v-aiafWr Mn Fhrnar J. A
J . & X. D.O - . , V, " J -
it.rtnimttiimnt nt rnbharv wai made
this evening in the store of S. S.
Baker, Jeweler ana aiaraona oroser,
on Main street, near Sixth. At 7:30
. nnnA man rf nrdinnrv an-
pt usance entered the store and asked
to look at some diamonds, n una ex
amining them he suddenly seiud the
tray in one hand, drawing a revolver
with the other. The clerk, R.
orann Hi Willi ine
luuu. . m. r "
thief, whereupon the latter
felled him to the fleor and dealt him
three murdeioas blows witSi the re
volver. Another cier namea uenier
AiaiI em TAvnlvAr. hut vithnut ttl
fa- ntt tho ttranaAr. vnn reinrneu iu
fire, wounding Oshler slightly in tbe
neck, lie tnen ran uui u. mo
atnra. and. turning about, fired
nn ii I r. B h at.iAFln AT II1B WIDUUW'
lf.hr rpcnvArincr flomewhat
aiwo. D
Irom tne attaca oppn iiiiu, kyd
chose. JL carpenter namea current,
Manding near, attempted to stop the
han tha Ihttar shot him
aleo, and then running up Sixth tt'eet
to Walnut, disappeared, ana nan not
Bince been captured. Surrella received
hnllnt !n th. mnnth. and will nroba-
bly die. It is thought the tbief failed
to seenre any oi tne Qiaraonas. ion
aira.t mn.llv a hnav nnp. WM COm-
narativelv deserted on account of the
. . . -,
cold weatner.
:SxBreaW.Traln: WrerkfHl.
VtriTi.ina T. Vahrnnrr 3. Tlia
expreps b ain coing notth on the Cedar
Rapids and Noi them road yesterday,
raa into a train consisting of tbree
An.iniii onH a rahn.iAA nn the (Central
Iowa railway at Manly Junction. One
engine ana tne caooose oi tne venirei
Iowa were completely demolished,
.nj ih. .nannMrnf the wrecked en
gine killed and two other trainmen se
riously, and probably fatally, injured.
None of tbe Burlington men were
fatally injured. It is not known which
crew was to Diame ior me acciueuv.
AnMlfd for NhOD-Lirtlna-.
k Vn TTahrnar 3. Mrs. Fan
ny Betts, wife of a Judge ol Record at
Sandusky, U., was arreetea to-aay ior
shop-lifung. Bail wai given for her
v. n . ;AM.l tn tha nnlinA Annrt. who
said that she wa net responsible for
Absolutely Pure.
TV 1 - 1 aa (Warn a A Mn a-va 1 tit i
pant. trnath mna wholenomonMS. Mont
cannot b fold in eomiwtitioa wUh tn
maititaaa oi low ii. "aori woibdii muu -t
rhosphat powdert. Hold rmlf imCwu. Koial
Bakihq PowpkrCo.,! WgJl tt .NawYcrk.
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jrVwm la
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I 1 Hr4ni.fc.ak.
ftmttialal th.','
V OrnntiinanJr1,S
wi- """ i auu iciiiuir uwaM. .aa awanui ia f f a-lih na" kaaafiL "ciiDiTiLr ia 1 ti't. XVatwarM. T erBSIttopi for WBt
waa referre.d to the Committee on Ap- I iniaries will prove fatal. Ed Hedler thr. ...onih. and iiuoa than kndrdf of th ikon aot wr i ot bein i
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