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living, El ward Atkimon, the
t'utical tcoaomiit.wearsan eight-dol-W
suit of clothes.
Thi Quern, acting upon the .Ivies
of Mr. Glt'1-tone, will, it is said, ap
point a successor to Lord tsrnwrvon,
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Exr'vTiTiv 'VCiison o( Weit
Yirglnla ssys he k.s ssee-talMd on
undoubted authority that tKe txriff
legislation to he proposed by te Ways
and Means Com nit tee of fia Hcio?
will be of such a character as- re
ceive the undivtdel supptrt of all the
Democrats io Hie House.
Jchah ViOeoaVoB Uaicj, thePrnn
ian sta'et man, ic dcnlj in his eiphi .ieth
'year, Hevasoueci the founders of
the progress pajtv, l-ut subsequently
'became a National Liberal. He wee
member of the first two Diete of th
North tflermau coafedeia'.fon ajd
-afterwards of the Imperial Reichstag.
Ohixf fr'ioNAL OrricKB ITazzk h
written a letter to the Secretary of
War in explanation of ilia accounts f
the 'Signal Service recently criticised
by the ' Pecond Comptroller of the
"Treasury. Geu. Ilnseu says that most
of the expenditures in question were
made by his preueetsi-or in effioe, and
'thai those male darlaghU aJm!ix:
' ticn were made in conformity to lew
to far as li is knowludtio extends.
Judge Ai.rwndek W. Teiirbix o(
'"Austin, Tex., ex-Stile Senator and
prominently identified ai an advocate
and promoter "of several iinp jrteut
measures, who has recently announced
his candidacy fur United 8tsto3 Sena
tor to succeed Maxey, proposes t) can
vass the State next fall. He is a hVil!
iarit orator, a frrerst iavorito with tha
peeplo, and will puih Senr.lor Maxey
very close if he does not oust liim
from hie swat- 4
Thb smallpox is etill prevailing in
eighty-nine town and villages in the
Province of Quebec, as well as in the
city of Montiea), whore it has beeu
narrowed to a fsw families. Thie
ought tu be a WArningto the health
authorities cf all the State?, bnt eo
Tfially to those on the frontier.
Yacciuutioa sho'ihi he rigidly erf cieed
everywhere and ell the preventive
precautions ho taken against th :
spread cf th : disease.
' Pfkakino o:' the1? fboh spoliation,
claims, the W'usliiugtou S'.ar sys it is
stated at the Court of Cluims thst the
necessary delay ou the part of the
government in the trial of thwe
claims canno' 1: a ?e the effect of pro
Tett.ru the trinl of casts because of
he two yeaift' limit within which
proceedings must be bpgun. The rep
resentative of t he claimant cn fi'e
with the coifi, preliminary petition
ri; f "HI r- - 41)3, $ rn rorr
crowded rut by litaiihtiori.' They can
subsequently prepare the cases in de
Thb principal landlords in Wales
have combined to eBit tho demand
of the Farmers' League for a reduc
tion of 25 per cent, in arm rents. In
proclaiming their deciftiou, the land
lords declare they retire! that the
Farmers' League has adopted the
false assumption that there i3 a
natural antagonism between landlords
and tecaaU. The landlords add that
while they ar-j willing lo reduce in
diyidu; I rerl) according to the exi
gencies of each particular case,' they
are determined to absolutely decline
to recognize the league.
Mb. Gladstone has issued his ad
dress to the electors -cf Midlothian.
In it he says that there are three ques
tions affecting Ireland which demwd
the ttent'on of Parliament: The
question of fircifl order, the quec
tion of reform, avid .t ie question i
self-government. The deaire for self
government, he eaya, must necesca.-ily
be Bubj ct to the law of imperial uni
ty. The government, he add, hopra
to find a niter and more effectual
method than coercion i t remedy the
social tronhlos. The London Newt
interprets the manif.-ato to mean
that Mr. Gladstone intends to deal
with the Irish q ttst:o:ia in the order
in which he has meutio led them. It
thinks the echeme will secure the
unanimous support of the Liberal?,
while the Conerviitives cannot with
decency oppose, aud will a. mojt cer
tainly support me:iures fjr the e6tfcb
livhraent cf order aid the .refotmof
tho land law.
Tub iew Yor'i IndUalor crit'ei'jet
John Sherman's silver bill with merci
lej but deserved severity, and says:
"The biJ proposed by Senht r Sher
jnan ciijl.t to condemn him in the
.eye? of every man who believe'j that
the silver e,uett'.o,i should be setlled
nally, and upan a sound basis. That
geathngnn's proposition is to make
ithe Unit ;d Ktu.es Treasury a silTer
warehouse. Iijlders of silver bullion
are invited t J deposit it with the gov
ernment, and get paid for it in what
is to pun as correal money. Why the
government should atore silver and
issue certiijiteJ thert'fn any mare
than it should take whet and iron oi
storage aid issue warthoiL'e receipts
therefor, Mr. Sherman will probably
not nndditike to explain. Yet wheat
and iron are as well entitled to the
maternal care of the government as is
wuuevuu ci A.euiacay, cnaiiniuu ; mueuune penou.
All Salts Delated and Ba-ine
Fartially ha-perUi d-St'iruB
At Other Points.
Nw Yobk, February 4. The snow
etjrui which sept dnwu on tho city
eeter;ty ia true Western ttyle cou
t oued with little sbHteioent all night.
It is a rc-gulir Western blima-d, and
is undoultidly the wor-t ttorin New
Yoik has experienced since IbTS, the
wiuter of fia Park Row fire. Theetrceu
are beiDg rapidly filled witTl siio,ar.d
the it.-eet cam are pulled c!m;g the
buried rails with great diflinlty by
the double teattiiug cf hoeei. What
adds to the difS-ult'ea of the eituation
is aptnice upon i:ie ttroaaway aia
Kavenih Avenue rmlrcai, the broaii-
wsy Hnr'ace ranrad, tne fiixth Av
etl'it jailed aud trim Fontti Avenue
lailioj'l. No ta-b have ltf;tviaeta
blee oi tiio severul compaaies since an
early hour :his uornin. As a result
the can? of the elevated railroad have
been crowded a dung&rous exteut
all iha nifruii- . lany businefiii men
have bixin cv, -J t Wf lk down
town to theiv.';Ul.'a.' All the mails
ate delayed, especi"y those from the
South and West. The lloton niaiis
were only an hour behind time. Snme
ril the mails hae uoi yui beu heard
The snow-itorm which bfpan y"
terday if evnoon Lai caused a delay
in tnuiij arriving of jio fifteen min
utes to tw) hours. Ta thermo:neter
t Uis morning recio'ered fri.m four to
five det:re: btbw zva.
Twelve lnrtae llerp Ht l.)Diihborc.
LYi.ci!BUUf, Va., February 4.
Saow ialloa Hiiioe Wedaeeday
e hi, and ie telve inches detp. All
tuilroRd cooiinunicfttioii is inifinupt
ed. llepuiti from the southwestern
portie'a of the ktate indicate unparal
Lled n'orms, and report the enow
from two to three fvat deep.
th fnnw-Nlat tit in Kkdhhi.
IAR80, Kas., February 4. The
lu'o fall of enow wa much the heav
iest ever krown in this county. In
the Indian Territory it is said to be
much heavier th.4a here, having
fallen there to the extent oi two feec
on a level. l'ASKens'cr trains from the
rojth have been b;dly delayed. Re
ports lioin Wesleu Kia.s indicate
indt HuUjnng- of tiio people and
heavy lossta c f eloc'i. The furmere
!n this vicinity have experiened con
uiderable los of block, priui iodlly in
box and sii'p. Wagon lotds uro
cntiiplcttly b.o.kaled, renderiug it,
tlji Hit impoH..ibIe i.ir couutry people
lo get to town. '
ERieet of the Ktarn at Hihlntlo.
WvniUNorJN, Fauruxty 4 Ihe
t'svui on rai'r olH Mou'h of here suf
fered Krea'er interruption Irom yes
terday's snuw-fet riu ihan that on tne.
rod de north. Mo trains were smt not
from R:c!imoud nortliwaid y -uteri' a
afierno jii a id litt oigtiu Tne train
whicti left R 'chui'ind yeaierday morn
ing at 0 o'clock had such hard work in
f ircing its way ihroub cu s where
the enow hsd drifted t iut it arrived
here over eiclit bourn lte al 7:18 last
niuht. Tiie Midland t'aia due here
at 1:"0 p.m. yettrdiy did not get in
t d this utoining. The Wiislung'-on
Hi t1, ! ' lt:ft r 10- Ct
Toe Ian train tiiat left south ot Alex
andria yeHterday w.ts the Richmond
train due there at U o'clock last night,
but it had not arrived this morning.
The heaviest trains northward to-day
were douoie-bea lew, rujiniug enirinee
iu pairs. To-day there are reporte t.iat
the snow is drifting on some of the
roadii, and it may be that more tronble
will be given by the drifts in the cute,
but everything will be done to keep
tint roads opeu. All the Western
trains due here la-it night arrived four
hours late. Those arriving this morn
ing are about one hour late.
The NnowfHll ai Baltimore.
BAivrmoBB, Mo , February 4. The
enow which buiiau to full at 10 o'clock
yesterday morning continue i up to 11
o'clock to-dy. The fail was about
seventeen inches, the heaviest since
18H. Trains from every direction are
delayed, and the navigation ou Ohesa
peaae Bay and its tributaries is entire
ly suspended. The wind has changed
to the no'lh west and the snow is drift
ing ba lly in exposed situa'ions.
I'onrteut lueliee at W llmlng-toa.
Wii-Minoton, DL., Fehruary 4.
About f iurteeu iuclies of snow has
fallen here, and it is n;w drifting
badly. Advice!) from down the Penin
sula report a generally heavier storm
tian tha' f t this place. The tempera
ture was 4 ab.ive it-ro at 7 o'clock
this morning. The country roadd are
almost impaneable.
The ('IdWenthr at Detroit.
Dktboit, Mich,, January 4 The
cold weaher han continuid to-day
with slightly ircrered intensity. List
sight it reached IS" bnlow iu the sub
crbs, and 5" below zhio was reached
cear the river, vhile the Signal Service
a;inimum trmperature w w beolw.
Xuo-e tiai beeu only a light wind and
t.te air is dry, eo that great sutidriu:
from the weather is comparatively un
Known. Oat in tl e State the mercury
hoc nowhere ventcred io sl.aw iteeil
aheve sero, the lijy.Tqs recorded being
Imct a fdw degree-i below near here to
40 below at Cheboygan. To-nitrht
at 8 o'clock the !S gn.d rSirvice otliue
reported 3 above with indications ior
a coolor time than mai enjoyed last
FlfleoB Ioehes lier at Wlacbeofer.
Winchkstbb, Va-, Fcbrary 4. The
snow is fifteen iucnes deep and the
weather is very cold. A. high north
wester is prevailing anil the sno is
drifting badly to-night. Travel ia im
peded ia ail directions.
Amothrr Soow-Nform at Harrison
ELabbisnbueo, Va., Fobroary 4.
Throe inches more of snow fell but
night and there is great suffering
among stock. The mercury hai faiL-n
23 sine neon and is s ill goinxdown.
Intcroatloaal Fair AHoelatlon.
Isdiabapolis, I.vn , February 4.
The Iuternatioual Fair Asto iaiion
contiuued its session to-day, and tbe
forenoon was chiefly dtvo ed to read
ing cf papers. The 'following pcdle of
charges to exhibitors ww adopted:
Staiiion Bths,$.; horie staih?, $1; cat
tii stalls, fl; sheep and pig pens, 60
i nave
re?t-to$l. In all oil e-r dei artm n9
bfrfurenv spica allct'ed or ei t'y
tcke'S a- iw-ud every exhibitor
xhvuld he reoiited to pii!ch:ie a eea
.in ticket et f I M iu lieu of an en
trance f, tliiiBuia to cover all entree
made by him,
BIKMPifJllAll, U-.V.
Irma Hra trtmniuaeil Will Freight
Haktm The 1'nlun Depot.
laraoiAU to thi trritt.l
Bibminoham, Ala, Febroary 4.
Several of the iron men have gone to
Louisville to oiifciilt w:t i th freixl-t
anihoriliea ab ut ia ea on pig iion to
tha N irth and We-t. They are di.
suti.-d about certain poiuti eiufic.'
ed with the recent advance of latfl,
And hope to havet'iem att led iu their
It has been defiuitelv ascertained
that the contract f.r bnildinu the
Union passenger dcrt-t here waa let in
Loninvihe M-n.tay. Ttie d-molition
A the old ho el Relay H u-e to
m-ke room for tracks to the depot is
well under way.
0'. l. StoneKtreet AC. have nn
SDolica'ion lo the hiuili of a commit
tee of the Ot'y tvutiil for th exclu
sive right to in .'O '.ut natmal ks into
the city. Ttiey propoeeto Bind tern-i-elveg
to bring it iu iu two years, and to
4'.i not higher than 60 ceuia per 1000
A Grar.d Armv of the Republic poi t
iatb be oiyHi.iz -d here 8 iturHay night.
Heetln of Hi" llllrol ('iimmli.
iou Pole. ul U.anil Jury.
(HroiAL to th ArritL.I
Jackom, Mi:s, January 4. 'lie
Min.Mi.-a.ppi Rmlr.ta4 O 'uimit-a !oa hai
heu it eeasion two dayn and i ll
probabW remain at work all the week.
They eximinine the freiuht rtten
of the various roads in thie State,
wtdch, Siiie the rec-'Ut ducieionof tl.o
8iiprmn Ooiirt of tho Uu.tjd S'nt-s,
have been tiled.
Thegraud jury of the Federcl C"uit
af.er fiudiiiK an unnxuaHy num
ber of indictments t'J-c'uy adjourned,
alter beinn iu se'dion nui'ly two
wreka. Most of the true bill are (or
timber depied:itioiis, en 1 a loiuiber
for aeliicg whiHky without United
Btites iicoiiae.
The internal revenue office was t
day movel Jn"i the government
building, the ollice it w f jrnierly in
having oeen destroyed iu the receut
The grand jury, in their report,
Htronjly indoveo the flirts i f Rpie
Bfiita'.ive Barksdaie to g-'t 25,(XX) ad
ditional ar proprialed lo erect perina
nent ol!i. en for the revenue colhitor
aid regiHtor at.d reviver of public
The Br t mivl from the north since
the beuiuniiit? of the present snow-
atorm reiclied here this eveniug.
NnRerluar ol h Nnrverlna; Parly
Itnrlnir Vl t Mi p.
Ngw 0.-I.KANM, La, February 4
A wel.'-knott ir civd engineer has ar
rived here fr on Flo"idn, where be h'-s
hcen emr-tged io ia ul eiuvi-y ng. lie
t ilea Mi I J n rug he rtneiit cold snap
while ne wo lnrtko g a Voyne t froiti
Taaupa t Cedar K -ye the fcchooner
in- which he lul etnbirknd was
wrecked f;ff CeiUr Keys. All handa
eecu ied ih t leir hvee, but siifi'eied
g'eat y from the cold. The i-aH wnti r
tr:z. on the ret ! in the Ouif of Mcx
ico noon which, the vessel struck, and
g'et nuniheia f 0-ih chitfly sheep-
hiHO and red
fi li, which had been
iilt-d bv th
cd I, floated on the
-, coveiion tin rutace for miles.
Inquiries aniorn: liihermen end othe'S
elicited the tai t that during tie snme
old spe'l flih were il ed o i the Lou
U'a'ia coat, and were then tl jating
by the ttioufiaids from t'ie rigolets to.
points fir to the eaeiward. The fact
that fiah can be killed by the degree
of ( Id tliat ran be experienced in the
Gulf of Mexico I: m been doubted, but
authentic ingiHnc.ee have now been
Terrible Tragedy Sear Thlbtxleiiax,
L.,Tamil.ir NUbt.
Nbw Obi.bans, La , February 4.
News I m ben received ol a terrible
tragedy which occu'red on the Jami
ion plautaiioti, near Thibodeaux,
Tuesday n'ght. Tne wedding cere
mony waj being performed which
united in marriage James Baoiii-te
and Maria Dujoe, when the lights
were suddenly e .tingnHbed and the
room left completely dark. In the
midst ot the darkness screams were
hturd, and when lighti were brought
it was found that the br dgroom bed
been stabbed seven times ia the back
with b la ge knife aud fU ly wounded,
dying a few minutes aiterward. An
investigation showed that the murder
had been comtni. ted by Keciah Col
lins, a former mistreea o! Baptiste,
who, iu co-operation wi h others, had
ex'inguiHhed the ligh's, when she
axsauhed him. The woman escaped
on a steamboat and has not yet been
of tho Col I nnap Acci
dentally Nbot.
EAT, rt
lariciAL To thi ArriiL.I
Hklkna, Akk., February 4. The
cold wave which hit Huh na last Tues
day has caused great Buffering tell ve
stock and iuco venience to our citi
zens; and rerua ns unabated. The
Ircet threw a grea-ma jy t-ees acrois
the railrnado and tore down t'ie
telegraph wires. The north-round
pwaenger train on thelioi Mountain
woe wrecked yesterday near Preston,
Lee conn'y, Ark. Ho particulars as
to rr.jury done.
Henry Miller, a. boy fourteen years
tf ae, livirg near Helena, w.hile out
hunting, ac ideitihy eh .t himself,
from the effet-ts i f which he died.
"IIistobim make men wise, Potts
wirty." But what in the world does a
man want with eit ler when he has
sprained his a ikle? Xosir, not these,
nottteie! Give him but one Lottie
cf 8a(vstion Oil. The greatest lure
on earth for pain. ,
The Ntovo Hahera.
IoristJLB, Kr., Fehruary -4. The
Nat.oarU btuVeJVlanttfaclurers' Agso
cintion Liet ngain in seen t eiesion to
day and JiBcuFSad the methods tf
manuf icturt.ng, how to harmoaize re
la ions between ernjl lyer and em
ployer, the feasibility f co-operative
aseodauoup, aiuv' alioi f union between
work.ngmen, 1 tio associa:ion and to
increase its tisefui'neex, foreign trade,
its tx'.ent end ho 10 inarease it. Hew
Yur was sdected lor the piaceof
meeting in February next. Ice con
roa;ion gdiourn6d to-ngjht. .
o De aiaputate-J.
10 TUG IllUE.
The Telephoae Irtve tigalI.B-Pr
tectiou AgufoKt Tcdaw Fever
Postal l'hiine.
linciAL To Tai irriiL.I
Washi.hotos, Fehrnarv 4. Mr.Mor
r it 6 a hays the Waya-i Means C on
miKeu were getting iling weil witvi
tiritl matters, and will soon report th.i
lull. Many members are im a'.iet t
for action. There eeems to be no doubt
about the paxauge of a bill which i 1
be an imp.nt int revis on ot the ta iff.
yeaterdKy introduced bill to prevent
t'ie iatroduction of rojUgions diHiata
and establish a Bureiii of Public
Health nnder the Ioerior bepart
nietit The commiHsioner el the burep.a
is to he paid i 110.) a Ttur. The hill
was referred to tue Couinittte on Ep
demic Diseases.
baa recently received t'ie reaigoatioti
of u mi in 'if r of Naval A a.leiny cadets,
but has postponed a'liou on thetn un
til the result of the Ki-mi-auiiual ex
amination ia known. Some of them
liny have renigoed, it in thong'it, to
eecape dihini'sal for fui.ure to puss t'ie
EM1L It. 110!:,T!B
i f Arkanssa haH bi.v.i .tppointed to a
t'.l.ru clerkship io tho J . ml Asaldant
Pott'.ma.-iter-Geuerai's cllue. ,
of the Appropriii inii C'o'iimiltee to
present any aDproprf it;ou hilis iH con
strued by many m.cnhers as nn at
tain pt by Mr. Rinda I to ,h f tat other
important meaeiire, iwpecislly the
taitr bill, which was the policy he
pu round so enecM:fnt!y li.t year.
cl airman of the Committee on Depa I
nient of Jusnt uud Mipaaditnre, enys
his coinmittett ha no aot'aority to
open up a telephone cotitrovorsy, and
would only imitiife to the amount
of money expended by the govern
ment in reeVnl ciuiea before the Inte
rior Department. iVuo ially he does
net think tne committee ehonld be
made a court of appeals to decide
upon the recent rnv.mmendalion f
Sucretary Lamar that, suit be insti
tuted. Th" committee to-day agreed
upon a resolution end cn led upon the
Secretaries of the 'i n imiry and Int.
riorandthe Atforuey General for in
(otnintionaa to tho ununr.t, if any,
which had been expended by the gov
ernment in the t'lcphone aiee
recently before the iiitttiior Depart
ment. roSTAI. CUANQKS.
R 'j'istered sacka have been snb'tl
tuted f ir the throug'u r.'g'sten'd pouch
exchaiies, cmninuisiiig Febniury
10th, between Gliatta'ioogi and Kaix
villej pomolli ie at Tiij lorBVi le, J din
em county, IVnn., nitmu chang'd lo
Mountain city ; iMH:lli.a eefahlinhed
a! (iiitn Branch, Winton county, Miss ,
Alfred W. Shaw, p tat master.
W. O. Isacs, Auburn, A'a ; Fred
erick G. BromberJ, Mibile, Ala ; G.
8. Brewer, Tcnneieee.
The Houce Committee on C'mmerce
to-i'ay agreed tl rejiort favorably a bill
for the appointment cf a coinmiesion
of three to vis t Mex co, the Cent-al
American Htnt-s and Hmz-.l for the
purpose of inven'.'gating the methods
pursued In viuho lonnirie I r tne pro
tection o( the poople ataimt yellow-
fever The bill provides that two
members of t'ie commirsion shall be
aniiointed from the army, persons now
in the government employ, and the
third from civil lite.
Cabinet Meellugr.
Washinctom, February 4. The
Cubinet meeting to-day was attend "d
by all the members except (Secretary
Lamar, who is not iu good health.
The prmcipHl tjpio of discf-won wa
the action of the House of It'1 proven
tat.ves yeateiday in adopting Mr.
Bland's reHohition calling on ttie Sec
retary o! tho Treasury for Information
in regard to his pau and fature policy
on the silver qnttttinn. The proprii ty
a d expediency of disclosing the
future pi-licy ol tho ahiiinistraticm on
this nuisiion whs conxMereu at lergtn
ft is unden-t ed thut the conchibioa
reached was that the Secrelaiy conld
itett reply to that portion of the reso.
lution by a reference to the yiews ex
pressed by the President in his mes
sage t ) Congress, aud by the Kecre'iary
of t'ie Tretihnry in his annnal repoit
on the su'j 'ct, with on explanatory
iti'ement that tueir sentiuients in re
gard to silver remain unebnuged.
Treasury "l.aborerii."
Warhimotom, February 4. There
are fortyuumes borne nn the roils of
the Traau'y Department as "labor
ers." During the snow-storm yester
day, however, it was found thttt tbere
were only about ten men available for
clearing t'ie snow off the pavements
around the building. These were un
npi.l to the task, and the superin
tendent applied to Assistant Secretary
Smith for assistance. Mr. Sin thi
called for the roll, and, learning that
a large niajo'ity of tho employes
claesili-'d as 'in'torera" were engaged
in cierical and other lit-ht dut es. au
thored the superintendent to call on
ail i f them who were found physi
cally .a' In to- at Bint in the woik.
The result was that about thirty men
ta I'd at work on the sidewa'ks this
moining aud scon had them clear tf
The Telepboue t'aara.
Wasujngtok, February 4. Solicitor
General (joule is now engaged in ibe
prepn'a'.ion of a bill to he tiled againi-t
the American Bell Telephone Compa
ny to vacate and annul its patent. He
says that the suit will be institu'ed as
prion ai the papers can be prepared,
and tht no decision will be reached
in regard to tbo place of bringing it
until all the f npers are reidy.
Wa-ihington special to the Naw
Yor.k Timet: "Mr. CaSey Young and
Mr. George GaotJt, both cf counsel f ir
the companies opposed to the Bull
Telephone Company, are in this city,
aud are awaiting t'ie order of tho At-
torney-Ueneral as to whore the suit cf
the government shall be t'ied. Mr.
Uanit eayn that the taue to lie tried
is not one that could be f flectlvely
brought by oao company airaiost the
Bell Telephone monopoly. Theioriue
of fraud, up?ia which to anii-ii depends,
is made up in liiu tptiea'ed caefcp, and
cannot be developed in them as it can
be in the government snit. 'It usurped,'
be says, 'that there is no necessity
CoIUamUa, Imn,
for such suiti; that all neces
sary relief can be gnted in suns
between the American UA Tef phone
Cjmpany and individnaln. This is a
backneved ar;T?r.att. In no ot:n.r
way i an a suit be mail effectual, cov
ering all the ground" f .r which wroi g
fu1 grants n' be sca led, reta'led
and vacated." The danger ia that the
monopoly, powteiwd of gieat wealib,
often hnys nn its opponents before
trial aud prevent a decision against it.
Mr. Uanlt says ttTat the rases peinltng
io the Supreme Court may not be
heard for two years, and w.ll not be
prepared at ail unless t'ie n-.onopcry
hue its ra3B so prepired U aiitne ia
is s foregone conchinioa: whileauil
by the government mar be advanced
upon m lion and aspeelul t.ia irg had
in the eon it below, and wheninttie
Snpreaie Co irt it w ill not have to wait
its turn, es is the ci-e with sui s
brought by an individua1.
Utlllr-Ko llaiung-n.
IH'isvii.LB, Kt., F lirnary 4. The
et. a .tier Ohio starid down over the
falls this afternoon for New Orleans,
w hen she was caught by hevy wind
and ice mid driven lnti id. ore a;nitist
the Lit ie Bluo Wing. Tbere wns
ranch excitement among the paeni
gers, hut as the danisgo was net grei-.t
:h) Ohio prooe -ded on het tr:p.
Allny at a
, Isracui. to tiii irri iL.I
Ciiaitanomia, Tinn., Febrniry i.
A very seuaali rift 1 tragedy occnrrol
ut a hall last t.ight. J.hiritig tbo pie
reRtfMie ('atico Will Miller, a well
knoAn jour.g man, Htumrl-d to eater
without, pay rg the sdinitei'in fee.
Tlios Gilos, the door-keeper. intt -
cepted him and an alt.roaii'U eu.iui'.
GUHfi was knocked down, but man
aged to diaw bin knifo. mid while the
twninon were locktd in chcIi others
anno, eummaded by the uiriighted
gaortt1), Gill's innririged to draw his
kaite, and a fiulilful I'Cjne enaned.
Willi lightning like raoiditv he tM'gan
using the keen blade, and in a few
seconds had atabhed his adversary
nine times, and inflicted ruppoeed
luoitil woiinili.
The HI. Pawl lee Carnival.
St. I'ai'L, Minn., February 4. This
was tiie great night of the ice carnival.
Forces s.nrmed iho f iilaco held by the
sr.ow king and lirceM. 'J'he pyrotech
nic display was the moat varied and
brilli.int t ver h 'en in tho Northwt,
coiiMnting (f rncki tt, roman rundiiih
and explosive, l-nllo ms. Among th
participsuts iu the parade were ov. r
i'HO members f I t ie Hr. Georten .d
Winnipeg Snow-hlioii Clubs nod other
citajiiH of Wimitptg, incli-d ng Pt
mier Motqnav and W. F. l.uilioif
th fee
A New Departure.
A Lire Pdfcy Mblch.YriU Hutfsf)
Everybody. Ko Bardf nsoiueCoo
dltlons. Cheapest Literal
Policy Ytt Issued.
Non- Forfeiture Provisions.
Cost of InRuunre Less Than in
Any 0rdr or tjoclety.
Cofh Aneta Junuary 1, VM f.4l7.a Ou
Conk KnrplLi Jan our r 1, 1IW t.nHA.KtA 10
CliiimP Puid in 1IWS m,Wi 00
Total Claims Pld tnrii 1,1,1: IM
No. ol Lifo Polioifie written t ante, il.Wv.
All Claims raid lnoil'liatolr ratfipl if
latiniatturr pri.el.
ur larltur laluraatiaa tW'J w
Marx & Bensdorf,
16 Hfutltwou rSrrt, ilr m plds.
uiS Warnintnl nlxuilutrly pur
Oorm, from whuhirwetm w of
OH Kai bn reinovMl. tt iumthru
tllnft (A ttmtltl ( Cluauu mllr J
vlih Hlarah, Arrowrnolor Huinir,
und U Ihcrrtora far moronenoiu
Iral, fitting tftl (Asa ni trnt a
mf. It 1 dehakjiM, nourlaliinir,
Ktrenfrthtntus, nMtly (TlRmUd,
Ami wtmlmtly otlnptrd for hit a.
.tlnaa well a for pnraurw In bcjab.
Hold by (iriiwira dtsrynlwwi.
Uf. BAKER ft CO., DurCuCStcr, Ha:
mi. li. L. LA SKI,
Pbynicl in, Surgeon and Accnuctie or,
313 Rluln SI reef, Near, Union.
Te'epbona Nn.
7 tt. ti.URAIti ANO CO
Morgan & M'Farland,
22 KadiMou HtnH, llowpbia.
WBhar. admitted JOUN B. ROBr?S0S
aa a partner wiib ui. and lo an intereit
In our baiinvai. ftyte of firm W leiaaia as
heretofore and ahoTe.
lebruair I, l";.
aaaiiaifi iocs i
Letter from Mr. Hargreavcs, of the firm of Morgan & Har
greaves. Drj Goods Merchants, Washington, Ta.
Washington, Ta., July 14U1, 1877. a.
Dr. J. A. HuNTr.R, San Francisco Dear Sir : V
I will have to introduce myself before going any further. I w as under,
your care in the fall cf 1875 and early part of 1876 for Catarrh, "Pharynl
pttt, you told me, and catarrh in the
being very badly affected. Now, it is
you. The car which you doctored has ceased to tic;:! ie me, but the
other the right one though it docs not set-itj to be dUcx-cri, collects was
which gets hard, or catted, incrustcd on the tube lead hie; to the tar. Al
drop of olive oil relieves it for the time, until it appears to dry up, and
then not really pains but ennoys me.
The sensation I now feel is not so much in the ear, b it at the end of the
Eustachian tube, just where it enters the throat : for whi 11 I suij; it causeaj
a sensation a kind fit harshness in the throat merely ;it that point whersj
the tube enters the throat, as I understand from the cu -i in the papers yosi
gave me.
Tilt reason Iwrettteycu, in frtfoence to tonsulting tove pHsuians, U
that you tured me cf Catarrh when others did me nogci, and transformed
me from an invalid to 0 man of not merely good but roiii;si l:e.i!th. If yow,
will write and tell me what to do, I will send whatever charges you see
proper to mate. . 4
When I was tinder your care before, you prescribed fur my ears, Inha,
LATlON. Hoping to hear from you soon, I remain, ymirs siiKcrdv,
A. W. I1akc;rsavks.
Atm.F.NE, Kansas, January 21, 1886.
Dr. Jamfb A. Ht.'NTi'.H, fio Court St., Memphis, Tenn.:
Dear Sir 1 am in receipt of your letter of ciniiiii y, (forwarded to me
Ifrom Washington, Fa.,) about m
and quit former business (dry good, moro than two years since, ins
close confinement hnd worn me out. I now have perfect health. The
'treatment you nave mc for chronic cat. 11 rh was cffri-tne, ami the results
.permanent, when you treated wo in '77 I 1 omidrred tint yon saved my;
life, and now, at this time, I am t tiil of ihe same opinion, 1 am glad ba
lieaf cf yonf return to Araerirn, for if I ever have a return of catarrh D
shall want your skilf, as I knuw of nn other physician so able, to co'te wita
this horrible disease.
If yo wibh40 use me as a reference d so ot any time. I feel so j;ratc
ful to you for what you have dune fur nie that I will gladly serve you. .
WLsning yoo health and success, I am ymiv former patient and hearty
well-wiahcx. ' ' Very truly,
Dr. Hunter s Visit to Memphis.
lr. J amks A. llfNTr.rt, i'l.ftu -r! of l'.uropc, laic of New Orleans, Ioj
Vtr of Medicine aul Runery, fhiivcr.Miy of Hruao!H, Licentiate of tho
Uoyal tMloKOs of J'hysioians 110J Surdcehi, Kdinburc; a I'tipil of St.
Thomas Hospital and tho (!ret llrutnptoti llusiul for Diseases of the
Ohesl, IionduD, is making a Iriof ProlVHsionid visit, to this city boforo r
turniBfr to JOuropo, nnr jnay hr couuilt;d at No. HO Court street, between
Third and I'ourth.
Pr. llwntoT. hiv, ior twenty five years, dovoted spcoi&l attention to dis
eases of the riAo, TertOAT, Ciibht anh 15 Lf5.j, tMlWrjinp Ct:rrh, Seta
Throaf, llronchitis, AHhma, Consumption, Dealncsn, liyc, Heart and Braim
Disc a.us, Scrofula, ots. Offioo hours, 10 a.m, to 12 in. ; I to 6 p.m.
l'crnsns at a diHtasea should scud for Dn. IJcntkr'n Jopr.nal, Hoftst
and Lists 0 QuirrrrONS. V."iilo a personal ponsultatiun is domrallo, it
is nut always noeesary, end trcutnicut can, in all cases, bu oondueted by
v 1 V i.
tw su n
C u M V U
TIiolBest Thing in tl. 1 "World for Vrett'j Anblefl.,
'Athletic Sports nsid Sltatiwe; !
.IO MAIJ TK 15 K11, 51 IF. 33. fr"?? IS-, TIOT
Off Good
rroti. 333-358 Mr.ir
VV WrilUi, ecrtir to tha trades, on me
favorably with thai of any rearm.
And Con: ralsaion 32rc5xai,;?
Hon. Ill and 36 Madiwa iiti evi. Tj-mphU,
P. kcCA-OUBJi. W. P. 1. VIC A VIM. IHi-ltXIS 281-1
Hf.utj, awua ajiavtfc a ' .
ear, oneol my e;trs -the left one
about aural trouble I wish to asc
condition of health. I left Washington
mm 1
S -
r. '.
ttul. its
F.-Y r.'
B'atr kt'v.jU.,
;: iutUUSil
Slrf.et r;rrti.-'5,-..
r A I.J. V
' tri.S.v le'-it.r i.mv
r-'l'.'. fi-iw it' I'
3. 1'.';. '
:a f i i'C.i'JtN,
i. -h.m.:i l i Caa
1 1. li-K.'.
te in I
iJ M k'
1 1 ew

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