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B. J.
Ha DM Not Suppo-e that In KItIoj
Stock Away He flag DtaMotf
with Bibles. v
Kiw Yokk. Fnbruarw 1. The Wmi.
int-ton ciirrpimietitof the New York
Tribune teltmraiihs that paoer nod say a
that attempts are making t create the
impreeaiou thft Mr. UjrUnd and hia
"confedernttw" o adopt a word naed
by Gen. Marcus J. Wright, to J escribe
the Pan-Elm-tric uto-ikh'oldHr occupy
position aiir-loKOUs to that of public
men wlo ijhvh uiuaa lnvpgtmeata in
bnsinefs enterprise the nurt-eea ef
which was net wholly or mainly le
pendent'apoa the use of official influ
ence and power. It should he remoin-
bered, however, that it was clearly un
dent wu by tre Democratic senator
and ltepreMvrtttiVM wl o embarked iu
the scheme tha" their uatues and in
fluence were to constitute a larg)
harect the working capital at Vie
company. 'fiie same thiuir was un
derstood by nirin to whom t.tn:k was
onered aa a "1'ona'ion and who de
clined to adept it on Willi proposed.
Amonx th h wtio thus lefused were
flnmuel J. Kandail, John O. Carlisle,
Abram 8 Hewitt, 8. 8. Cox ex Swea
ter McDornld and Louis E. McOomas.
Apparently they did not regard the
acceptance of speculative shares on
such terms as consistent with their
dutiert as legislators. Dr. J. W. Rog
ers, who coudui'ted moat of the nego
tiations, diK'Ures thrtt he did not sup
pose t'lathe was "dealirg with in
nocent hubi-s but with buhiows iu' n
and men of the world who understood
the who'e n. a t -r and who have since
shown that they know tow to take
ar. if tneir owu internet!."
There is euflicient evidsnce to show
thft Messrs. Girlaud, Harris, John
ston, Atkins and others concerned
knew what the Hchetne involved. On
February;!, 183 Senator Harris saw
'no impropriety iu centlomen holding
olti"ial p ig.tonfi as Atktus and myself
do, becoming iute-tatod in an enter
prise such as you eucgoat." Mr. At-
kina a t'.bat time was a member of the
Appropriations Committee of the
House of Representatives. Ia the
.filming December he was a Demo
cratic cancuH c.iadidate for Clark of
the lIoue and was defeated by the
change of a single vote after the roll
had been culled. A pamphlet pre
pared by Dr. J. W Kogere, which was
in the bandi of the persons interested,
at the dutd mentioned, Bet forth fully
the nature and scope of the en
trjrprine, which included not only
a genera! telephone and tele
graph bufinesH out a postal tel
egraph sysiein to be established
on the Ko-era patent by the gov
ernment. The first company was the
Pan-K!ectri", which was f M-uiP.rly or
ganiatid in the city of JSew Yorx by
lariaail, Harris, A'kins. Johnston,
Caney Yotiui and J. Harris lingers.
Among themselves toe value of the
improvement , discoveries aod iitveu
tioni of R -ge'-a were to be estimated
at il.lXO.OOO. o' which four-tenths
were allotted to K igars, one-tenth was
t) be the property of the company
and one-tenth tun property cf each
cf the other incorporators. The capi
tal stock of the co npany wu to be
f 1,000,000, '00,00) each to Senators
Garland a:d Harris, O infr'tissniau At
kins and Young and ex Congressman
Joseph E. J ihuston. Each of these
was to pay the princely sum of $150
in cash for tiis (500,000 of stock. E tch
of them alio bi-ld an undivided in
teract of one-tenth in the 15 )0,000 rs
tiiued for the j iit.t benefit of the
company, and wa a'so to receive a
propurt.onut-i interest iu the
Btock ol two other companies
to be formed thereafter under the
Kopers nnu-nts. One of tliet is
the Pan-ElHtrio Telephone and Tele
graph Company, which was ortn.iizjd
under the laws of Tennessee iu Octo
ber, 1883, by the same persons. In
that cnmpp.uy the amount of shares
held by each of the original stock
holderti was the rame a his share iu
the Pan-Electric $500,000. Tne
other offdhoot. cf the Puti-K'.ectrin ia
the Rogers Telegraph and Telephone,
in which, According to the letter ot
vr. J. vy. Kogers,, published in the
mtmne ot September 30, isso, Mr.
Garland and the other Pan-Electric
stockholders were entitled to shares
amounting to 500,000 cash. The
atatamonta cotit lined in that litter
have not bn denied. Is a published
airculxr of the Rogers Telegraph aod
Telephone Cmpaay occurs the fol
lowing: "A miniature United States
postal telegraph and Telephone is
now being worked in Washington
City from Capitol Hill to Fourteenth
street, and from near he river landinn
to Indiana avenue, to represent two
trunk lines proposed across the conti
nent and from the North to the Gulf
of Mexico. A bill will be nreaented
to Oongresi asking an appropriation of
fiu.uw.tXHj to coriHiruct the lines. The
probable value of this dtock is illaa-
truted in the fai-t t'if.t this company
combines the chief advantages 1 all
telegraph comranje", and, in addition
to them, its own vtduble patents, anc
specially its low resistanco wire."
One cf the directors of the Rogers
Telegraph and Telephone Company
when it was organized in 1884 was
iiapreeentative II, u. Money ol Mis
sissippi, who was then chairman of
the Hoase Committee on Postctfices
and Postroada. The other directors
were Gen. J. W. Denver, president;
Dr. J. W. Rogers, viee-president ; Gen.
Frank Armstrong of Texas, secretary;
ex-uongreesrmn Kia'a of i'ennsjlva
nia, treasurer ; Gen. Thomas 1$. Crit
tenden cf Indiana, counsellor; J. Har
ris Rogers, eupervmi' g electrician;
Col. R. F. Looney of Tennessee, and
Congressman Manning of MissieaiDDi.
Gen. Arnihtrnng bat since been ap
pointed an Indian Inspector by Secre
tary la mar. vol. lxioney is a mem
ber of t'ie Dt-mocratic National Com
mittee, and he i id-:o one of the direc
tors of the Pan-Electric Telephone and
Telegygph companies. The other rttl
cera and directors of the latt9r orguni
cntion, according t) a recent published
advert ipement, wre: Gen. Joseph
E.fJohnktor, United States Comniis
, eio'ier cf li;i lroadn, president; Ishnm
G. Harris, United 8tates Senator, vice
preeident; A. H. Garland, United
8la:es Attorney-General counsellor;
Casoy Young, n-Connregprnan, secre
try and treHeurer; John C. Brown, ex
Governor of Tennessee, J. D. Atkins,
United Btates Commissioner of Indian
Affairs, and J. Harris Rogers, the in
ventor. Besides the persons wboje
names Lave already been given a great
many other boitbern Democrats and
tx-Cafederates cf note have joi tied
in the Pan-Electric combinatiou.
Among tl.ein are understood to be ex
Confederate M:ij.-Geu. Marcus J.
Wripht of Tennewee, agent of the
War Department; J. B. Upshaw, chief
clerk cf the ledum Bareau; H. G.
Peyton of Virginia, United SUtes In
dian Agent; Unjl-'d States Senator
Georgs (I. Vest of Missouri; Stoddard
lahneioD cf Keotacky, cbiumua
Dvmocrat'c Stite Committee ; fx-Om-f
derate Brig -Gen. Bradley T. Jot n
inn of Martian l; ex-Congreesmn
Henklj of Maryland; United H;it
Senator Arthur P. Gormai pf Mary
land; Gen. Johnson ot AUbama, a id
Jfcoh Thompson of Mwlmippi. &na
tir Vance of North Carolina, it in nn
tirmtood, bought 200 bares ot Pan
E'ectric Telephone stock at $3 a
share, half tbergular selling price.
The reduction in bis caee is
said to have been made be
cause the investment was net
f ir his own benefi', but was oua thi.t
be would feel bound to make good
from his own money if the stock
should turn out to be worthless. The
names of a number of other Senators
have been mentioard in connection
with purchases o! Pan-Electric stocks.
Among them were sa d to be Messrs.
Brown of Georgia, Call of Florida
Coke and Maxey of IViai, George of
M asisipni, Jonai of Liuisiaca, Mor
gan and Pjgh cf AUbama, and Ran
som of North Carolina. It ia supposed
that roner of these invef tmenta were in
local companies licensed by the Pan
Electric combination. It is cot yet
known how many Democratic Sena
tors have received stock ia the local
companies ou terms as favorable ai
Heoa'or Harrin, Attorney-General Gar
land and their "confederates" obtained
stock in t ie parent organization.
anb his son.
Uhitid Statis Sisati, Jo. 18, 1881.
Dkabib and FhiKKD Permit me
to introduce to you Messrs. J. V.
Rogers and son, accomplished and sci
entific gentlemen of tins city, who de
sire to speak vt itfi you on some busi
ness. Please show them all proper at
tention and rommacd me when you
will. Your friend, a. h oarlakd.
To the Hon. 8. 8. Cox and A. S. Hewitt,
House of lleiirofceulutivea.
DLAllkNHBtkG, All)., .So lOUiUer 2i, liiii. t
To lha Editor of the Tribune :
Sir My a Caution Laving , been
called to your ci.t cism of Mr. Gar
Und's conduct in bringing suit in the
name of the Uuit"i Staies fo' tUo
Pan-Electtic Coiut-aay against the
Bell Comnnny, I wiab, in jiutilicfltion
of a faithful public servant, to give
you a complete ntBiory ot the pio
ceeding9, and believe tL.it you rill at
leant see the matter in a tu-w light and
give the salient points of m v f me
to your readers. I have been for sev
eral years attorney for my son. J
Harris Rogers, the inventor of "The
National Secret Telephone" and of the
"Pan-E'ectnc Teiepnone" systems
and had been for a loug time anxious
to have a suit brought oy the govern
ment against tne lien Company to
cancel their patent, which claimed
"the art of telephony," known to
have been invented by Philin Reias ol
Germany. Three years ago I donated
t Mr. Garland '$500 000 stock in the
original Pan-Electric Comnany, which
carnes witti it too ) two in the Pan-
Electric Company and 1500 000 in the
Pan-Electric Teiepho'ie, making in all
1 500000 (one million, live Hundred
thousand dollars) stock in the corona
uy, The donation was made with trie
undnratanding that he and othtr
prominent persons associated with ua
snouid asHiet in tnonttziiig some
twenty five patents bt-lonaiug to ruv
son. All the parties iucdrred connid-
erable expense in experimental work.
rni.t:tiB cf telegraph lines between
New York and Washington, manufac
turing, etc., but were soon reimbursed
about $10 -or Jl from sales of State
rights (Htill retaio'og ail their stock)
Mr. Garland aad S.-natir Harris had
boih given tbnir written opinions fiat
our patents did not nfitnge tne Btl
patent a copy cf which 1 bend here
Sjon after Mr. Garland's nromotion
tt the cflioe of Attornev-General. I
arpiied to him to move against the
Bell company, but he declined doing
so. i men ny le tr rcqiient'd (Sena
tor Harris, Genorai Joneoh E. John
ston, toe Hon. Casey Young and
ether members of the compnnv to
urgu him further, but he still declined ;
Mr. Young reporting to me bv letter
that the Attorney-General ft It a deli
cacy in the mattur on account of his
ownership of stock in the company,
I had always appreciated his hiuh
sense of honor, but could not see how
his prirate feelina$ of dtlicani should
deprive me and ray a-sociatas of oar
right a) ciliEHBS if we had a right to
try tue validity ot our patent in the
manner proposed, furthermore, Mr.
Garland being indebted to me not
only for his $ 1,600,000 stock, but for
my efforts in getting him appointed
Attorney-uenerai, I Degan to leel that
he was not inclined to reciprocate t e
favors I had done him ; but to relieve
him in a measure of the delicacy re
ferred ti, 1 1 prevailed (t'irough
my agenta) on "The National
Telephone Company a small cor-
poiation founded on several -of iny
eon's earlier pat its to press once
more upon Mr. Garland my favorite
plan lor cancelling the Bed putenta;
and Le, caving no trick in this com
pany, consented ; but said (so the Hon,
Casey Young reported to me and my
son) that he would leave the matter
with Mr. Goode. Assistant Attorney
General, and so be did ; and accord
ingly the suit was cor lenced by the
united Bt6 tee in fceba't ol a company
in which. Mr. Garland held no ttock,
and in behalf of cit'zans of the United
States who had made out a prima facie
caosgainBt the Be'l company to the
satisfaction of Mr. Goode. How Mr.
Garland or Mr. Goode could have
acted otherwise as faittf il public ser
vants passes my comprehension. Re
spectfully. J. w. BOOIBS.
Attorney for J. IIritIi Roteri, Imentorof
me - ran-jbieotno - aod "itionl ieit
plione jateim.
WiuaiKUTuii, October 20, 1885.)
Dr. J. W. ROueri:
Dkab Sib I want to see you when
you come to the city. But not know
ing when you are in, don't know wbeu
ticall. My object ia to talk to you
about the te'ephone, and chiefly to
say to you that everything in the way
of newspaper, hotel or street discus
e on from our side of the question is
hurtful, and I beg that you eay noth
ing oa the subject through the press
or otherwise, except so far as you may
choose to discuss the matter with us
who are interested. Respectfully,
EfTeet f Ibe Cake Mtrlke.
Pittsburg, Pa., February 4. In
consequence of the almost total stop
page of the supply of coke a number
of bkut furnaces have already been
banked np, and it the strike lasts two
weeks longer it is expected all except
t je furnaces in this district will have
to suspend operations. Lacy furnace,
No. 2, was chilled a week rgo, nod
No. 1 has jast closed. The Dontlats
furnace at dharpsids and the Newi.n
t'e furnace lit Newcastle have a'so
banked their fires. Several other fur
naces in the Mahoning and Shenargo
valleys have a low days supply on
band, but unless there is a resump
tion of work in the coke regions very
soon they will be damped down foi an
indefinite period.
His roMtlctions and Parpooes rol
tire 1 j Expressed to a enspper
Washington correspondent of the
B ston UttaJd: When I told him be
bad many fritnds and well wh-hera in
U lion, he Fa d, with emphasis:
kuow that well. No city iu the coun
try liai been kinder, more considerate
and lust to me than iiv B ston.
feel very sensibly how mu"U I owe
ti the people for their g' ol wili."
then ta d to lam t'iat th;s a nr t
confined to his owu pa-ty and to t it
mugwumps that. Ire had uaay
friends iu the Kepnblicaa a ,ty, and
that sume of tiie latter hnd gone so
fir aa to suggest tnat the K.-pubhcMue
rally in support of his policy and take
him away from the DfmccrHts. He
smiled ht t lis, and iaidhewasnot
aware that things bad gone so far m
that Then, with a twinkle in bis
eye, he added : 'I snrp ifla yon It -
pijbliiaDS did not believe that a Dem
ocrat could possibly be a good Presi
dent. How etrai.ge! Men actually
eeemed to be so deluded as to tbilk
that this great Df tnocri tio party couid
not be trus'ed to govern the country
that it hadn tamau whom it could
elect who would aduiinitter tbe gov
ernment hnnet-tlv and futhfuUv.
Well, that shows how far a ly spirit
wi l carry men !
He nextspi'keof his position toward
the Senate in the matter of i-onfii illa
tions to ofli.-e. He said it gave h:m
some anxielv, for tne Senate had been
a good wh.ls in ditnloeing what it
meant lo oo. "Tiiey eeem to distrust
me," said he, "if I a n to accept what
I hear from othent. But I hearnothii g
from them. 1 uy hn v not died open
me fir information or for docnmeLt.
I have tried to deal ho o ably and
fairly -by them. My ourp iee was an
nounced rt tiie bKinniig of my ad
ministration. I meaut t ieu to adhere
to it. I have sever changed it. I do
not in ran to chs'-ge it in the future.
It seems to me unj iat a-id ungeneroiiH
in t ieiu to suspect that I do. If I had
not meant to adhere to mv policy, it
would have been foolish in ma to be
gin in it. I should have eseaned much
iu rafuaiug to begin it It is not at u'l
ploasxnt for me to disappoint, and I
fear sometimes to cll'eud, my party
friends. Nothing but 11 stnue of duty
has brought me to this step. Why run
all this risk, stid incur all this bard
feeling, ouly in tiie end to retrett? It
Heemu to me it would h.ivo been as
impolitic a it is wioog. No, I have
tried to be true No my own piedgHs
and the pledge of nig i-ariv. We both
promised to divorce "e oflb-oa of tDe
country from beu-g nsd for patty
service. I have held to my promise,
and I niPiia to bold to it." I eaid to
bim: "I suppoae, Mr. President,
that pledge whs not rttruecllvu?''
"No," was his n-plv, "I did
not pio;ioee to bold pu t service in
trie pant in the D -uiocatc ranks aa
ogaiiiet a man. Oa the contrary, it
i! live him a H'rng, equitable' claim to
oili 'e. He had tieeu xijluded for
i en y-four yi-aw b'-nanse he was a
Druuci at. He should be rcniHu. bored
for the same reason when a Democrat
ic a liniiUN'r.ition came into power,
provided he was a compet-oit n an for
the p-wion to be fill d. Wta 1 un
derstand by civil service rt fo ui, as I
am carry ng it onr, is that the t ffi re
hoidurB ehail be divorced from p litics
while they fi l their posit o is under
this government That rule I have
m -aut to a'aud by." I afked him if
he wao a are i-f any deviidion from it
amoi g hit appoint -ee. ' II t'lere baa
been any," mid be, "it baa not been
called to my attention." I suggented
that sotn such charge tad been made
in New York. He said tie did not be
lieve that tbere wan foundation f r it,
and that it was well known there that
his wishes were that the i-ilke-holders
sbonld attend to the duties of their
poeiiions, and interfere neither
with candidates nor elritiou con
fetti. "My removals from of
fice, such an are made,"
said he, "are made for canso, it
would be absurd for me to undertake
to give the country ray reasons iu all
taws, because it wouid be iinpracti
icable. When I have removed a Re
publican for political n una or for
any ether rcaion, I would apply the
same rale to my own party. I ibink
the Republican Senators should he
jiiHt enough to believe tiiis of me.
They ought to appreciate tliat I am
trying to do my dut v. Why they
should continue to dittru-t me I do
not see. They do nut come to me
either personally or by committee to
get an understanding of my tittitude.
or to obtain eipln..t o.is on points of
action to whici they o'j-ct. They
stand off and questioa the sincerity of
my purpo es. '
She waa ready for bed and lay on mj arm,
In her little frilled cap lo fine,
With her toiden hair falling out at the edge,
Like a circle ol no n eu iahme
And I hummed th old tuna of "Banbury
tro a.
And "The Three Men Who Fat Out to
When ahe aleepily laid, aa the eloaed bar
Dlue eyea,
"Papa, fol would you take for ne?"
And I amwertd, "A dollar, dear little
An-i ahe ilent. babv wear with olar.
Sut I held her warm in toy lore -trung armi,
And rocked ber aud roi-ked away.
OH, the dollar me-int all the wor d to me,
The laud and ae and aky.
The loweat depth of the loweat plaee,
tne cigaettoi an man aign.
The citiea with itreetj and patacei,
i neir ptcturea ana atore ol art,
I would not take for "ne toft, low throb
Of m? little one'e lovina heart:
Nor all the arold thut waa ever found
In the buey wealth-finding paat
Would I take fir one iin le ol my tlarling'i
Did I know it must be the laat.
So I rirVei! my baby and rocked away,
And 1 telt auch a awet content.
For the worde of th eoug expreaaed to at
n ore
Than they ever bo'oro had meant.
And the night crept on and I ilept and
Oftbintt far too '! to be.
And I wakened with lipi laying eloa to my
"Papa, fot would you take for me?"
Banned the lerkaB tutd tcgald
CsirFiiLD. Md . Febroury 4. Tues
day night a German known only as
George was arreeUd for some slight
offenae. On the way to the lockup
he declared that if he was confined all
night he would burn the house and
himself. Yesterday morning the houee,
a6mai! frame sti net tire, wi found to
have been deettoyed by fire, and
among the aehpa wre tie retnains of
the man. He had evidently set fire to
tho place during the night.
rroaea lo aaralii.
Devil's La kit, Dak., February 4.
Two brothers named Hanson told
their wheat at Rtrt ett, this county,
and ittrted bmo inVix'cated and lost
their way at nik-bt. Ut. brother frore
to death oud the lega of the other will
hare t j be BQpatated,
it e Ha estate.
Ne.MOl, R. tianery Coarlol Khlby eoaa
tr- tt'nte of Tnn-MM lor Hii ih.iII
Ti.Jahn Grrrton. Jr.. ct 1
BV till vie ol aa iDrnwtory deer for
uurtd ia tbi al ote oa the
tt l dai t orrob, M. B. 50, rn
: , I will w I iubli nihil, u the hih-
ei bidder, in froot ol ibe;le-k and Mum i
oAi-, oi-urthniiM o. beUy oouaty, Atem
pan, leno.,
koiarder. Ffbrnart so.
within lel houre, Ibe follueim dei-rihd
uroiertj, eitaated In onelbj eouotj, leos
to-wit '
L. 1 12. block 9. Doneldi.B iubdlTi(on
frontii ( 40 i f 'ill feet en Ine wet fide ol
l'et:i a ven u ,r leel eouinol lieormadreet
Lot 1.1, blork ft, eet eideot Ueea eventie
Wbr ill fet, dj iininic lot 12 en theioulh
Do!d aa trnerty ol n .' 1. I'oi eldi-on.
L .I 14. block HI. Fert Pi kfrinc. trontin
SA leet on ' be north etde of A abtuia ttreet
fiurthwee' eoriterof Hlth entl AUitato, by
a le;ih "I W tuet. frolJ u mperly tl 1' il
VA inre-e-
Imii H, hloi-k 6, Fort Pi'kerl-'f, frnntlna J5
fee: on tbi r-nrth -ideot Aiaeuia etrvel bv
. riei-ih vt llo.'a leet, Iwiug J (vol wealol
bee.-tid ureel.
l,ut 7, be 8, frontlnt V ft oa the north
clo.n A ' ireei, inn ni, and run
Bin. buna lltj;t leet, laid lot idjoiunif lot
on the w M
Lot 11, bloek S, nor'h tide of Aluliam
tret, U'tb ward. V hy 116 feel, behi( l.'ill
feet went i.l byroad tre it. N-id a unniertj
oili r. . Ai urewe nn inner".
1...11L7 unil iH, b Ut'k U F rt Pii-krrinc,
Irouliiia su leet -n t ue -uiu nJe o Alebauu
ire-1 by a deotb ol toil lerl. So d a th
r certy of C. A. M. rbrnud 1. M. Wiu
Kt he f ef lot . b'o.-k 0. 1. W. Bmilhe'i
ubitivi-iuii. front nit HU ert on the north
me o Si l'eul tro-t S l f.-rt w.mt of O.wl.-e
meet end running bitrk Uti (cut. held
imiKrty i.r Mary b bt II ei.d henry Kren.
Lot 19, block 0. froutinr 1" leet on the
north ai.ie f Curi-linn aire I leet enat ol
tli-y t-ftil of deooud etreet, t.nd running bck
l it' leet
Lot 20 Mock 9, fYontitu 2S feet on
north ride ol Caroliu itn-tt, end runn n
buck l'il le. t.
Liili, b ock9,fr.titb :if don tkeno-th
'.do of Taiolina itreet, itnrih-mat corner of
alley cut ot S n I Hreit, uth w rl, end
rjunihi! b tck U'U feel, tijld iu .ro-erty ot
L. ft. r.Htun
LolIM. i.l..rk 8. tort l'ifkerinr. 2Sblpm
fetit north pid-i o' Jao'i.in tniet-t Ml font eitat
of Wu.tiin. ti.n ftrcet. tol i us oronertv of
J. U. Mi-tw, iv. C l- Uc.et 1.
liutt), II c 4, fort I'n'ki riur, frontinu 2
feet on the aout i tide of Ur a llay mroet
inuditiat corner otttlley cit uf FroLt itreet
loin ward, liyudeit'iof it-tig la't. old
or.inertT of IV M. n in ers.
Lol 4. block V. Fort I'ii krtlnr, 24 by 100
feel on ihe wiat elite of I Inrd Kin-ol. i4fott
Itiuth ot tleorjria e-'roft. lotti w:ird.
Lot 5, biork U. fronting 'Jl liv H O feet on the
went aid ol Third itreU, lutti wnrd,oulb
anu avijuininii lot 4.
IjOt . Idook s, lo1! I'lrhoniif.Sl by 91 feci
weal aloe ol e conu eirvet.
'ler-i.a of On u ercdil of ail month
note benrinx intereat.wtta et'uritv.rcuuircd
lien retaineil, rodnmi-liori linrrnl. Thia Jnu
uuryai, Ml
ti. I MeDOWGLL.OU-k and Mtinter.
By J. M. Ilnidiey, Deimty Clerk and Matter
f. U (.'. Iletrkell. Keiii-.uorii.
II ' ia Ia JittTATK.
No. est. H. Chanoury Court of Shelby
tout ty bute o letineance for ilk own
uxe. . te . i P. il. Wintera el al.
IY rirtoe oi an interlocutory decree for
J ml . en fn I in tlie abnre ouuae on the
Z'aI da Nuv bar, !-- , M. B. 60, re
a. 1 will led at eaoho eiiot'on. to the hiuh-
eat bidder, in front the Clerk and Man
ter'i olhce. courteoure u bhlby aunty
Mouiibis, lenn., on
hMlurdny, t'brniry 80, I UNO,
itrln ie noun, the following described
preierty, itn. 'U In Mdinilii, rihelhy
county. Ten-ea-e. to wit : li,rf of block M.
ovuntry lot 4-xt. fti foet front lit IK) feet deen.
ei t title ol Third 'roet, MMei t uth of the
outh l-tio ul i iiii'itrv tot vi. ii-ilit os prop
erty of v . M intern en'l n' hrr.
lernii a .slo On h creilfenl ix month"!
note) W'ti recti t ity bearina: ,ret r. 'luirfd;
lien 'etain. d . redoiLOtioa barred. Tlii'Juu.
lo, 181.
&, 1. AiriMtn i-.IjIj. vicm anu .ttnaier.
lly.i. S llrnd'py, leiu y 0. aud M.
r.H tl. W. Iloinkell, aolH.
Irnhiee'a ale.
"T1Y virtue of a trust deed ei icutnd to tne
J J at triialoe, by E. M Apiermtn and
8unan II. Ai eraon, hie wife, recorded in
record Imh K A U), piu-e U'l, in ttv- Oi-ruit
ourt I Icrk and bt cordor a office ol C
te.idnn county. Ark.niH. to accuro certain
indelitedneei 'herein uia tiontd delHUh tav
ine bren uiude in t ltd truat died. I will, at
the requcei ol the ei lOciary in laid truat
deeu, ou lh
19 It ly l ' bronry, IHH,
within leiral houri tt the ermrthoua door,
in Vtcraphia, h-lb eo inty, Tenncaaee, ofler
tori le, a' publie )U try, lr eaah, to the
inghcat in tiler, in n.i wmir ropeuy ue-
rineu In aol lru-l nei-u. to-wtt:
Plantation known aa ynoke and flerkely
place, ailuiUi in Crittendon c. unty. Arkan
H8, aliout nine inilea iielow Aliiuiphia. beina
aa followt, to-wtti All of aecttun IV, T n,
N K, U, Mil Klacrea; vi S is w qr an. an
T 6, N K. y K, Ni aeresi 8 frl or eec-tton to,
T6, h K.IG, 210 n. -rei ; Wfrl or feet ion
S0 T (, N R, K, .: cr.-i part of ian-
lfh "Ttrant tso Ifin.i, ifl.n acrea; n h qr aeo
tion a T. N It, i K, liOaereai N N K qr
aeutionSl, T 6, N K, V li Hlacrra; NWejr
ecti n SI, i n. r. 1(, V k . lUO arret ; hvv r
recti, n .HI, lo, K. V r.. inu acre; nr. urare
tu n 2i, T 6, N 11, tl K. Kill aerea : N anrtioi
'M, T 6, N K, 8 E, 320 n-rei : W half ertion
2S, T , N K, I E, Ml e-iett fractional qr aec
lion 80. T n N K. V r, f uerea: fructionnl
aectlon :'9, H,NR, K, 12 acrea: S port of
Spanish Urant Ml iw.l. I n. n H. V tl, m
aorci. in all eotitiniti Wti lo acrea, to
gether with all Improvement theroon and
hII appurienancei- tiieieunto tielnnrina. Ihe
equity of redemption aud right to dower and
honieatertd wuivel. .
A leu, thelo lowmx tract of land nit-iate In
Oiltetiden county, Arkunaaa, and known a
thellnrgitt plHoe, bmiiK tho eait b'ilf ef hK
orel aeti. n 30. 1 4. N H.K K. till acres : inuth
h.ill ol N c or aectinn .10, T 4. N K, H h, 0
aotea ; N U qr aeci ion UI, Tl, N P. IK, HO
acree; ail o Irai'tional aectlon ), 1 4, r II,
8 K. Hi M acrea I the aout h hair nl aertion A
I I, , I t.,llMTil NW Ir.-elionu
-O.l A U II U II- III II. ..
qr Ol acriion .1, 1 v, n i. n , it,, atrrn.
beitiK Ibe 10.19 oriidn I acrea, and alao IVlv
am-retiooa thereto, toffcthcr with ell iiu
preveiuenU Ibereon and all appurtenance!
thereunto belonetna. ine equity ot re
demption and riant to dower and homoatead
wnived. rield p autation la ailuated on the
Miaaiaalppi ruer, about 15 au ilea beiow ateui
phia. Alao, at mid time end plaee, en laid termi,
I will eel I the 'oliowmg peraonal property,
aituate on eaid Hymke and liar kale plan lo
tion , to wit: 47 mulef, 41 bead of eattle,
4 boat, a fuil aod complete aet and aaaorl
ment of wag na, ploata, n.owera, reara and
farmingimpirmrnu. II being all toe tnultt,
eattle, boga, gear and farming imi leioanit
on tatd pi n a tcn. Title beliered te be
gonj.thougt 1 fell only et truatee.
l9U to eumaance 12 o'clock.
W M. 8KKI. Traate.
pwreoaia peeking Government Em
ployment In any ol th department! al
WaJhington, or any other poriitona under
theOoremment, 1 willtt-nd lull inatructiout
aa to bow to ocelli to obuin theaaa.e,
and KlaiBk roraiaaof Aallciaitoaa on
receipt oi On Dollar. Aoairawai JatllN
la a,ttiM. !.ii.Mw a
Admlnl-trator's Aotlce.
TT AVISO qualified at admlniatrator of
X 1. the entale of rank Darican, deeeated,
notice i! herebv given, for all port ea baring
claim! i-gainat aeiil gf'ttt to Die tame wiin
me: aad all pariiea in iebted lo aa d eatale
will aettie at nee. Vomphia, Tenn., Jan.
ii7, lsntj. tri BK.N'J. K M'VC'N
IfJAIiTCn EM'S, Men anil Women,
B1BLB " Introduction by Key. J. 11. Vin
cent, I). D. One ent hat told (lo in a Uwn
of74 people; one 7 in a rillHee ol TH; on
new arenl tft la I'l daya; one in 4 !uccee
ive weckt; on 40 in 3 dayt at two d flercat
timet. Eaprince not neceatare ddxeet
CA-iHEI.bAC'i (ti'l'd).
40 Dearborn ttreet, Otiraar.
Trustee's Hale.
UNDER and by virtue of ibe terme ef a
truat deed e tec u led to me aa trnatee
by J. P. Humpbreyf, on Uccember 21. 1M6,
and recorded in the office of th Cbanoery
Clerk of Ma thall county, Miaaiaaippi, ia
I.an l Deed Book No. W. t 2o, I will, al
the requert of th benelciariet in laid eon
veyan e, oa
Saturday, tb Stb alayor rcbroary,
within leeal honra, n Iront of Ihe potteffle,
in the town of Collierville. Hlielby toanty,
Tennettrc, oiler fur tale, at publii auc inn,
for cah, lo t c bigheat bid ler, t .e ondivid-
1 intereat ol the taid J. P llumi hrcyt in a
tact ol land I v i - g and beina; in Marahall
county, Mi-alaaippt, and coDtatnlng acrtt
ot tection 2, townrhip 'I. range 3 ncai, bciht
the aauie land pur.'h arl by tf frm of
llutni'brcya k Ca-Don from 8. il. lUrrit
ajnd --alii ll'nt'in.
Al'. Ibe internal oft" e tjldl. P. liumpn
ry ina4u aero tract ol land lying in en id
Mara' al) county, Mirataatiipt, oa-ncd in run
moo hv the aod Humphrey. X. It.Catint-ii
and 1. T Ur. okt. of leiaa; anil 411 ocref
being ab ut two unlca tnutd of Coll ervi lo,
Tenneaaee, Eiuity ol reilemption waived.
Title to tli. ee iptere-U believed to begood,
but I aell ant,' convey only aa trua-ce.
W. J. COuP Wool), Jn.,Iruete,
Cullierrillc, Teun,
- rillTATC
17 Jeff! rn Mreet,
(Between Uaia aad Freat.) atllirilB.
IbVUkllabadla life.)
DRJOII NX)N la eek aewl.dnd by S e.t
t ea mterrate l a. by far the meat eae
eea'l phi! etan ia thetre neiitef rivat
r tecrel dieiie. Un-ek, pevinaneat rea
t uarant il id erv cam. aiale r a , aaa.
tUeent ca-ea of Uonnrrhei and ftypbilia
cure I in I w daya wit boat the ae i f aai r
cury, change of d rt i r kiadraae treat
bawa. becndry ftvt kiha. the laet ve
lueradteated wilhonttho a ef aaerearv.
Involunaary ee of neme tlvpped ia a aherl
lim. hufferere frw ra impettaey er loat of
Brutal power roaterc at, tr--e viyer In a lew
eecka. Vi-iimaef alf-nhia aadaieeativ
venery. enhVring froaa aperanalerrbea d
loetof phyetcal aad mental aower, tpcdily
and permanently eutrd. Pailitulatf altcn
lion paid In the lli-ieiaaee el W ecu en, and
cnr.a guaranteed. Hiiea and eld eora eaird
without the ae ef eaaateer Ike knif. A A
e. naultal iiaa atrictly confidential. Medi
eiiirt aeut Ly cipree to all aaiK el the
ay Wiirkingtnen enred al kalf Ikaa aanal
rntei. t-Birhoare frem a n'elnak a.m. I I
'lorkp.lu. II. S. .IQIlNflN. M.f,
K.3J. R. (0)Thanra.ry CtwH f fbelby
eounty tttele f Teaae-ie, lot ', e.,
v. M m. K. Hu'leret al.
LY virtue et a tnlerloeitery detree fer
fl tale, entered in the above eavae oa the
(tth d y of Meveuiber, lS-if,, tninaaa beit W,
a VI, 1 will eell, al eorilie aakii, I th
hiahcai binder, ia front al the Clerk aad
.Maater't nflice, enurt-boat f bkelby eoau
t), Uniui bi, Tenn., ea
Nalwrdaj, Vebrnary f , !,
within legal honra, lh following deaeribed
proierty.tituated in Meuiphlt, bhalby uu-
ty, Tenn., to-wil t
l ot No. 10, country let 470, keglnnlar at
tt e inter-e-lien of the aoatb aid" ol Murknl
aire -I with tne eacl aid ot ibi alloy rwn ana
niirth and a.-utri bctW' n aad para 11 I
lhirdand Kourih ttrcrta: Ihenee anath with
the eart line ef an id all- y 3(1 1 fret, ire er
leaa, to anntlier allv parallel to Markel
a rent; theuc ett with ee aerlh Itn f
aid ln-t n-innd alley lifX, teen Ihenee
rth Vial l et. u ere or tree, to ike aeata 1 1 an
ol Murkei t reel: tlnni-n em with laiid
atrrrt l4-Vj Irei to the b-ginalng, and lt
being known aa theTilun ketueetead.
lrriufol hale Un a retlitcl i l taOLltitt
purelmaer le eiecuta note with tocarity;
hen reluiited ami rcdi'inptie barred.
Thia Jiiuuarv 'in, litif.
tl. 1. MrtHIW Kl.L, Clerk and Voter.
Ily .1 . V . llindley, leiuty 0. and Al .
J. W. Hampton, olieitor.
fcjiia X Ia ESTATE
No. b2'2, R-Chanrery ConrCnf Shelbylleaa-
ty Mule l lenniiaace ler Ha own uae,
ic vt. tlubn Jud.th et el., nad No, AW
tK). bl.ite el Tenuwaea ye. IV. . liuller
et ul.
1 1 virtue of as Interlocutory dctre for
d tale entered in the ubove canto oa the
Kh day ol Kevemker, JHSi, U. li. IV, enie
lllti, I will tell, at public auction, to the hi,h
eat bidder, in front et the t'lrrk aed M en
ter a ettice. cnurtunaa l baelby tvakty
Keaipuie, inn oa
anleralliv. IhLvurpv nil f Ujktl.
within Icit il houra, the following daa- ribed
property, rituiited in ehelbr eoaiity, lena.
tn-wit: i'art et Inlt v7 anil ?.H, rionting
'M 17-likl feet on the north (ele of Wuakiiig
tmi atlct't by a depthot b'l te-l. the eitat loie
b ilutiX', tret weelnt hernid i arret, tiotd
at I'Mpor y ol Wm.enl r-artik riven.
I'art ot !i'i. wett ile ol Third atrccf,
fruit inn 1'", feet, and rnniilt.g b tk NHS
tcct. atn I lol oema ea the eerihwott center
of rh'rdaircel and the alle b :weea Aiiama
and W ai-hingtun alrei ta. f-ela aa pteoeily e
Ja'tiea Y. Itirhaulton na l eihrra.
Tertuaot K ilo -On a crclit, el an mirttiat
nole untiring ttitorcal wuhaceunty rrquireil
lien returned, redemption barrwd. Tint dah'
uary il, UNI
1. wiiKUW r.iiii. uierg ana maatcr-
Ily.l Kru'Hoy.liei utv Clerk and Mauler.
K. II. A C. W. Ueiakull aad J. W. lluam-
ton, Boliatliira. i
Thomson's Hotel
- Ann
I... N. V. A T. Hallroa).
Clarltsdale. M ississippi.
Train! Hon IS m inu tea fer met I a.
Tlreakiaai. ao tia Ntirlh " :
Ulnner, going nouth -1 a
Dinner, going North I ll
ajunnor. toina Honth H M il!
The hotel ianear the L..N.U. eneT. IUk-
ronu Depot. The only hotel la Iowa. Travel-
era, r v hoaruera ami lamilloe Wial and I i
best ot acccitniodatioaa. Tf makg ar
mertab le. w I plenty ef bcddint. The
tahlean i lervic it , , I elaat. Term i-
w. it. TIlDlvtHQW m CU., ftogriot!-
Tnr m yeara al y) Ceari Fax a, sew at
3 Markets
tct. Third ami earth, JJUUiu i UitjU j
S't.atK-Mttifwi, hU hiMliw
I, hU p' i ptff.
tb1 SsrukWWk
bimrm&torrnen and UnpfiMi7;
M Hi ft-all rir IlkttM IB nfe, aWimt WtMOl tAV
tfwiua .rurti NfrfiruMiwM. Benin! ft wawiav . ",-4
-Jaad. Ur alrMW), UllHlwW tt b ka MUf lW.
aiitMi ytMrra. r iUif geltal rewarin( WmI.T
tlf-f , liutialMtn rae. JlVvrMi ithtwti na -f
tmit, wtr ar uLHiifif, rm tlmy-ay l m Bv.utm
-nllr ml. KYPHIIjIS -
GLEET. fUkrlam. AntuOa, Bit-, Ua ftiatWafai
4 ffca ami t-Uicr arrlfal) wiwn tftaMkly tweal
H iftfir-et..enl lbl .li ajUtavH a VTaMii4tnktM
tB at aavatig fU of "m B1 tWWUBII laV-Whl fteVt
t,wtfw KrX emitt rkyrtltaiW imwm liU ka
ra'onuar-.t rarntuwa t mj Mtr". tta II t ttaeeaiaivki M ta
MkiB ra kit f tbail or nun, whett.
lln't'iii una.riuitfl In a. II Cahm
4HtltattUaiBl Jrrwt.e?T W Wf vft? fiwaW TWTIP
i it aaf
wtmt a, aM
Vibe a ymm a 4. M. aa f. ML
Slft f
Adnilulhtratrli'u Netlte.
rTIIII ande'tlgned hevtnf ak'ied aa aaV
a. Uliuie rniria til renao Mail, emnsi
hereby aetieee all debtar t eeae lerwara
nd teltle, an all aredtUir le ereaent Iheir
biilt, properly probated. All geede held
fer charge wiatl e reiaeved ky Ibe am ol
December, 1IW0.
lloott. bhct. Teele, Fitew raaei aad Fiat-
area ler iai al Mai man coat.
UA It' I Lint BAURH,
Adm'rg of PblHpHner. all Jcferaoa et.
16 1 A 3d EMTATE
Ne. ?fi, R. IFl-Ohaaeary Cenrl el Phelky
enui.ty btaleof lataea e'er w-e,l,, .
W. K- itallor et el.i aad No. 1473, H.D.
Citvef Meuiiihit y , M. McNeill eial.
BY virlae ot aa interlocutory deere for
tale, euteted ia Ihe above eaare ea lit
lltbditvo at ay, lHni, aati t-nowe Ueceat
ber aiW, kt.U. 60, 471, 1 will aell, al
rut lie auction, to Ike kiaheat bidder. In
front of tlu Clerk aad afaaler'a lllre, court-
hoaiaofFbelbr eotnty, ateieakia, lea , ea
Salairduy, rckroary SO, iaa,
ithin leeal honrt. the following deacribtd
proi erty, titaated in tl-Bphie, t-hrln teaa
ty. Tena., to-wtt: beginning en lh ea
tide of ibe flral alley eaat el fluid atreet at
lit inieraection wuh Ibe anath tide of Jeuet-
ton itreet; thence eaat w th aeulk Iiu ef
eOerton eta-el li-cu, iei-1: Ikeneeaealh HMy,
feet to an alley i Ibenee weet wlk ai rlk aide
r eaid alley It'i'S leet to the art! alley eaat
f Third eireet: theneawitbj aal.l alley 4Mi
feet, to tb beeiaainar rld aa the aaeeanfr
of If. ii. aieatu ai d tlarlha H.d e.
lerma of tle Ou a credit ef 7 nee the;
ne'e with uritv: lien releieed and -
deaiption barred. Tl itJanuaryL Iac4.
B. I attioow K.I.L, Ulerk ul alanlef.
By J. M. Uradley. iiepute Clerk A Matlar.
J. W. liampton, Bolieitcy.
W aT. Naavt aan Hmaim Tniniaaf.
guaranteed ti-efifie tor liyaleria, Dtaai-
neht, tonvultton'e, rut, Herv at Meural-
, Headache, Nerv--a Fruatratlea, emuaed
the na of alcohol er t ihaccot Waks-
fulneti, Mental Depreation, Hod -nlag el th
Brain, reaoltlng In inaanity and I" lug lo
miaery, i decay and death; I'retnatur
Age, ilnrrenneaa, l.ota el Power In either
c-- - Involuntary Loeaea aad b'permalt r-
rhea. enua I by over-eierlion el Itie braia,
ll-abute or ov -rmdulgcaen. Juab keg eoo-
tnint on niontt a irealuteat. II a box, er
air heiea Inrt'-, fni !- naitil picpaid, ea
rei-ciplof price. Ke guarrl Kig J'oxcn
to cure any ea". Wiui each ardcrri eatvad
by na for ail boxet, acciuiptiird wif ,
wa will tend Ibe purchaser enr written
guarai toe lo refund the money if Ik tri-aa-uien-t
doa ot tllect a enre. dnarttrtaee
laaued only If .4 K KlAil A (.'O.a 1'rug
gitU, aaesupitU, loua
INTew Butter House.
lrMaland Retail "niter a Ppcc lty. and nrlce! cnt to n eel the tiavew.
IIft CToanierjr, 2H pv lb. , 3 i roamorj . U54 per Ifc.
Daalrjr, II, 14, I ft, IS, SO in l 2io nr I la.
). I8 rvoail etrel, llppnalle foailtlce. Trlcptxinei M.
Establislied 186a
2rfi nm 258 Front
kerftorntoB I Co
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers.
No. 30fl Tront Strct?it Memphln, Teatu
2G8 Front. .Street, Jf eiMiblM, '
U01lfM Wlllailll 'ttOfl CailtM HI SrtK'l.
IT Or!..
BwBVwaaMaam. j.aia WwSawrii-a:iaal an tgiHHIj
Capital, $2Q0,fifl0. Siirplus, $25,000.
J. U. K01MVIN, Tn-a't. J. ,U. .iITTiTtl v iti'-l'roH-t. V. H, UAIMK, t'HHblr.
lUwtiri f
D. -r. I'DRI fl...
V. M. Ncl.SdN.
.1. M. SMI I II.
J. M. (KX iHilU.
tl. IIAt IN, f
T. II. H1VN.
K. T. I'.orKIt,
(I. B. UK! A N.
ear A llritncllory ol Kit, Nlaal f Teiiuceeoci,
Iliteiiicaa (taiil alvew Hreriiil
ail IIbI llra OO
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocsrst,
No. 11 Union Mlrcot, : : SXouivbln, Ter a.
i. o. riAatric.
Cotton Factors & Commission icrch'te,
'tilta Warvhoawe-IVoa. hh acl 0, UmIao Htae.
Jtllnd Itflillt'iav
l i nrt li;iln-i,
Hrt:ii-i. .
NIiikU Tr'om,
(,'ganMe 'I'm'ck,
Carry C'oimIh, llori. Iti-u.aUiK..
A 4loui(il44 I.lue1- r ih uboto Jmfli ut !.ohi( IyrU'i.
W HOfc UNA l K M ANU FA I'Ml' li KKd
30 i unI 303 Matlm Mri cl, H'infhl , i'etui.
Wta A. GAGS afe OO.
No. .l Front Hiret
OilJ3 c&2 JSTtzru-EtJ. Stores .
Oflii'fl, 341) ('rout Ktrofl, Mi-injiLis, 'JVr.u.
Jos, Scklitz Brewing fmmh
S. ROESCHluRe Agent, Maiaiphis, Tenn.
1 o
NatJeaa Im aHHie, BtHaytaUO Havre IV Ha I
Miva aaa aM,
Ut. liana,
Jni H. atufiayan.
And CcsnmisslcR Marct:&ct,
m ana 234 ftml
UClvYIut aDAl
Air i, AAlWflV dcyobw bis vi'-.ol lime to Ae wclhirig anii tula of all Ovlrcs tatlJSfc.
niirihw- tVt9 VVr!om,ro VTninU.oatrl.
St., Mt mpliK Toni.
il filiiliis
3. lll.ACJf,
K. 1'UKl'IN,
W. N hi WHOM.
'Irnwhau-lai a UrtrtmU Uuukqig
AHMlloa lo '.tl-ll
11 1 H-'-ilt!Li
I.H I.IiiUm, .
I lk (a I Iltf4,
IC-((r I. Inks
.'tou o;t,
A. TJ 3UC 313 211 .
re wf gicialU firasca, taw,-u j..aw
no.eniw narrrn.
m. J, V'.nrm
SL, EempMs, fera

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