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Th Centf! Trutt Company of New
York Iim rccoived, nnder th,e apree
meet jf reorganisation of the East
Terneasee, Virginia and Georgia, rail
way, coosolida'ed bonds to the amoant
r $6,350,000.
"Vitpihday was the first day aioce
the amallpox epidemic began at Mon
treal on which a perfectly clean bi 1 of
health coald be repotted. There la
not an infects d house 01 the Isolation
Committee's book.
A rmtvASENT Qjaker col any will
soon be ettablished in the City cf
Mexico. A large excursion party cf
- Quakers frcm the United Kta es are
now there for (be pnipcsa cf complet
ing all arrangements.
'J uk fieifl.t f gent of the Southern
and Western roads met at Lonisvil'e
last night to didcosithe rtti op pig
iron from Birmingham, A number
of iron furnace proprietors were pres
et! lor conference. The matter is still
undt-r advieement.
KxtriiTicNALLT ccld weather prc
a Is on the Mexican table hud.
Stow Hi Thursday at Ztcatecai, which
is KCO fopt higher above the sea than
the City of Mexico, end at an ea.ljr
hoar yesterday aoruing there was a
light euowklt at that city, the mow
melting as it f. I1. The mercury fell at
Vera Cms to 62.
Waits several raenbers of the Ken
tacky Lfg'slature were arguing against
the rauHje cf the bill framed f r tbe
repression of crime in that S ate and
insisting that cone of the feuds so iW'
qnently resulting incritnsat tully ex
isted, three men in an interior connty
were carving op three other men in
the most scientific Kettacky atyla.
Tim Buffalo (N. Y.) Commercial has
an interview with Ho a io 8eymour,
jr, for years the State Engineer of New
York. He shows tba'. by deepening
t ie Erie canal, raising tbe banks a
J tot and lengthening the locks, tbe
)st of transportation can be reduced
from one-third to one-half. He ex
pressed himself as opposed t turning
control cf the canal over t the gov
ernment, but did not object t J the aid
contemplated in the Weber bill.
Tua Kvclesiattical Court cf tbe
Episcopal Church, which Lai been in
session at Atlanta, Ga., trying th"e
Kcv. Dr. James G. Armst'ong, rector
of 8U Phillip's iridh, adjourned
Wednesday night. The court has
n)y to make up ils decision, which
will be done as soon as the evidence
tai be wri'tenp,it ,nd examjned.
This case has caused more excitemeDt,
perhapr, than any church trial ever
held in Atlanta, and much inter st is
kit on the final reienlt.
The third veto by Gov. Murray cf
Utah has gone tu the Legislature, kill
ing the bill which provides for double
the number of jurors for (fce courts
now aval Uhle nnder the act of Con
gress. Half the preeent number se
lected by the probata judge are Mor
mons. The proposed bill doubles the
number of dirJ aalifled jurors, and, in
the Governor's opin'oo, would not
aid the courts, especially in view of
tbe fust that in the Salt Lake district
a'one there are now over 100 indict
ments under the Edmunds law.
OoMwrssiONKB Gibson of the Little
J'o:k and Fort fmith railroiti has jutt
completed the sab, to an American
syndicate cf Eastern capitalists.known
as Ihe Homestead Ccmpany, the re
maining 63:1,000 acres of lands origi
nally granted tbe Little Rock and Fort
Smith railroad to aid in thejoastrus
tion of the read. The pries paid is
f 1 25 per acre, HCO.OOO cash, the bal
ance in two years. The syndicate in
tend disposing of the la ads tocubniea
settling along the line. This is the
largest land sale ever made in Arkan
sas. A meeting cf t'-e steel rail manu
facturers of the United States wae
held in Philadelphia last Wednesday
The general situation of the business
was discussed, and reports were re
ceived showing that orders had al
ready been booked for the current
year foe 723 tins of steel rails. Ti e
product for 18S6 was lifliced at the
Saratoga meeting to 775,000 tow, but
subsequently the amoant was raised
io 1,000,000 tins. At the meeting in
Philadelphia Wednesday it was agreed
that when the orders received
t monnted to 800,000 tons the limit
should be extended to 1.150,000 tons.
Ri'EOAL telegrams to Bradttrett'i, at
New York, indicate that the continued
snow-storm has checked the move
ment of merchandise more seriously
in the Southwest and Northwett than
at tbe East The country roads have
again become impassable, and coun
try merchants find business at a
low pointy Thtf distributing centers,
outh and West, with the exception
of Cleveland, Chicago and Milwankee,
repoit trade lees active than one week
ago. At the East dry goods are mov
ing less freely from commission bouses.
There ia a fair demand for woolen
goods; print cloths are reported
lightly weaker at nominally un
changed prices. Tbe moremett
of toots and ehoea has not been
quite so briek, owing to efforts t ob
tain an advance of 2 to 5 percent.
The general industrial, situation msy
be characterized as in some respects
better ttai for two years part, bat
manufacturers in some cases are re
ported as refraining from new ven
tures through fear of dictation on the
part of labor organisations.
Senate Repablicaa Caucus-Pardoned
the President -Protection
of South Pass.
Irmcial to tsi irriiLl
WAmixiiTo, February 5 The
Secretary ol the Treasury received
two curious letters to day, one from a
woman in Massachusetts requesting
to be furnished with the cambers f
the S2.W) conscience money recently
received, as they ma prove to be the
bills recently stolen from her father.
The o her was from, a bondholder in
Ttxasin reference to Ins bonds. It
ai addresee i to '-Tue Hon. Sucretary
of the Treanury, Most Worshipful and
Dielinguiihed hir," and the envelope
mm f jr tried rf two envelopes turned
iodide our, which be had recei tl v re
ceived from t'je Treasury Depart
ment. the ritsaiDiNT
has pardoned Georgt R.Kims, who
whs convicted cf participation in con
spiracy to defraud tbe( government in
a pens oa case and sentenced to five
vearo' imprisonment in tbe&fouthein
Illinois pei-htn ury.
is cal'ed for Saturday nex', when it is
expected they will dtfine their poli
tic n as to tho inane bit seen the Execu
tive and Senate. They claim they
Lavaja right t see aoy papers on fi e
reya'ding otlices, aid the caucus is
caliet for that purpose.
the tcrjcoMMrrrix on kilitabt af-
reported favorably, to-day, the bill for
organising two regiments of soldiers
and citzena in tbe Southwest for pro
tection against Indian tribes.
of candidates for apro ntment as po-t-ciliee
inspectors wll be held on the
15th instant. There are twenty-five
vacancies and 1C0 applicants.
The Oklahoma Question.
Washington, February 6. The
House Committee on Territories t
day heard a dtlgtt!o of Indians rep
resent ng the five civibzad tribes cf
tbe Indiai Territory in opt exit ion Io
bills for tbe organic t on of the Terri
tories of Oklatdma. Tbe Indians ex
pressed general opposition to tbeno
and all bills affecting their present re
litions with the government. . All
they wanted nailor the government
to keep f ith with them and (he or
Kniza ion of the Territory of Oklaho
ma they claimed would be a violation
of treaty stipu a'inn. Replying to ex
Renresentatire Clark's charge that
OkliLoma was tow simply a pasture
ground for cattlemen, tiey made
counter charges in which they ac
c nee Mr. CI irk and others who urge
tbe organization of the Territory of
being in collusion with railway com
Protection or Iho nuuth Tuna.
Washington, February 6. The Sec
re Ury of War to-day transmitted to
Congress a draft of a bill prepared by
Hnr 1a,?roxtJ -'be ''"ti'h Pass of
tbe Miseiseipoi. The bill provides
tbat the .Seen tary of War be d rected
to assume full control over the chan
nels ot the South Pats of 'the Missis
sippi river aid its approaches so far as
may be necessary to control the past
age through and the use of the same.
It auttohz?s the Secretary of War to
regulate the movement of vessels
through and in the pass and ap
proaches, so as to avoid damages to
the vessels and injury to the public
Improvements. VioUt on of these
regultthns is made punishable by a
fine of from $50 to $1500, and in addi
tion the person violating the regula
tions is made liable fir any daxages
to the channel or approaches, and the
improvements thereon, resulting from
the violation.
la tb Committee Rooms.
Washing, -on, Feb. 5 The House
Comm.ttie on Agriculture-seems dis-
osel to confine the Entomological
'erurtment of the Agricultural Bu
rea to practical work. They think
that the meat ufctfut service that could
be performed would be to ascertain
some means of destroying the potato
bug, tbe army worm and some other
well k. own petti to the farmer, nad
alter tbat is done it will be .time
enough to study tbe habits of life
practiced by the more harmless in
sects. The House Committee on Shipping
to-day further dmcoenod Represent i
tive Dunn's free ship bill. The discus
sion indicated a division on strictly
rarty lines, but probably ro vote will
be ttken on the bill for several weeks.
Mrs. Hunt cf the Woman's Chris
tian Temperance Union addressed tbe
Hoods Committee on Education to
day in favor of ' Representative
Cutcbeon's bill for the study of tbe
effect! of intoxicating and narcotic
subsiaaces in the District of Columbia,
the Territories and naval and military
academies. Representative Cutcheon
ilio spoke in favor of the bill.
Tbe Voice of the Nllver Democrat.
Washington, February 5. Repre
sentative Bland of Missouri, voicing
the opinion of the silver Democrats of
the House, desires to correct the im
pression which he (ays has gained
currency tbat the Republicans voted
solicly on Wednesday last nriinst Mr.
Hewitt's motion to recommit with in
struct oas the resolution reported from
the Committe on Coinage, Weights
and Measures calling for infrrmauon
at to silver circulnt on. He says
that of the ninety vctw cast for the
motion thirty were Republicans and
sixty Democrats, while of the 164
vctes cast against it, eighty were cast
by Democrats, showing a majority of
twenty Democrats apainet it. He
further says: "There are many Demo
crat! who are silver men who voted
for the said motion because they
doubted the propriety of asking tbe
Secretary of the Trcn rary to define his
future policy as to silver payments."
The Kllllna- of rapt. Crawford.
WASHiMOToir, February 6. Senor
Romero, the Mexican Minsiter at
Washington, bas received from the
Governor of tbe State of Chibuahna,
Mexico, an official report of tbe un
fortunate encounter which the Mexi
can forces had with the United States
troops commanded by Capt Crawford
at the Mountains of Bavispe, Chihua
hua, on the 11th nllimo. It is t tiled
in tbe r.'ro t tbat the Mexican forces,
commanded by Maj. Manrico Coredor.
arrived that day at a place called
Tiopara. in the Sierra of Bavispe,
where they knew thit the Apache In
dians bad revolted, under the leader
hip of Gerotitno. The Mexicans
find rn tbe United S ati-s troops in
the helit f tht tey were hos''l-. In
the fight which etn-ued Mj. Mnrioo
Corredor, Flint Lieut. Juan De L:l
Crnztnd Privates Murina Madrid and
I.nz Et ratio were killed and fiU'
' tber Fo'diera oinded. As scon a
the Mexnan force 'ound out that
to.ey were fi ing on Uni ed tts sol
diers they ret-sed firing and xpressed
to the latter tbeir rgret at
the loss occasioned to huth rom
manders by the mistake. The report
gives as an exne for he ruteiake the
difficulty of dis'ineuishirg the rene
gade Indians fro n the scouts, and eajs
tKV while the latter generally behave
themselves while in their cmp end
nnder tbe view i f their cfheere when
they gtt o it under the pretext of
hunting or looking for tactile Indians
or o'liers they lO'netiuies ronimk
ireit depreda ions oa the peacelul in
hah tints o i the frontier and rani ot
readily he dirt nguittlied from the hoe
tile India is. I: was reported frrm
Mexico that tie w o its killed and
woundfd on tite 17hof D-cemher a
consideiable nuuiher of caitle anil
horn's be'onging to a Mexican, and
thi.toi the 23d, while they wnre in
tamp at a pi ice distant aronta inile
froui Uucahaa, Sonora, seven of the
ecouti ei tared the villvge and com
mitted gruat out'ogen, and the mayor
was forced to ai-k fo' rrmed foicei
to bring thm ti trder a 'il
one of tbe icouta ws wnunaed
The same Indiana killed ufernHni
eleven head ol ca'te ai d wnundid
otbers ni a MnamuUe, and killed tvi
men who were leading mules loaded
wirh government ruppiiee which were
stolen bv the icon's. It is aleo re
pirtid tbat three Mexicans were st
uck ed by wo ita on t ie 8 h of Janu
ary, on ttie road that leada frrm o -sari
t Campus. The Mtx:canR suc
ceeded in eiwapirg bnt ttieir donkeyp,
their ca'tro and pa k-sadoloi were cup
ture'd. The r port ays further: 'The
Curitt tuiiun, the (official journal of (he
State if Nnoia, contains a de ailed
statement cf tleouimges committed
by t ih no jtp, and the result has been
to address a petition to the general
government not to a'low the suou's to
cross over inti M.iTai 'eriiicr."
Nenalor feowrll'a MllilU Bill.
Wapbinoton, February 5. Henator
SewelTs mil t a toil which paned the
Senate to-day, provide for an anneal
ap roprii t on of $60 i.O'JO for tbe pur
pjseof providing aims and ordiuice
s'rris, qiarermitfl'er's stores and
camp equipage for tbe militia, theap
pn pr a io i to be appntioned among
tie several 8ates and Territories. No
S a e, however, shall reieive it) him re
of the appropriation unlena i's mil't-a
force numbers at leant 100 men f r
each Senator and Kepreentt.tivo to
which it is entitled in Congress.
Orcanla'atlon ot the New Hotel
larnciAL to ma appsal.I
Bibuinooah, Ala., February 5
Tho big t otal company was organized
t -dny and aitclea of incorpora inn
filed putting the capi'al stock a. tlL'0,
000. The officers selected are: Presi
dent, D. U. M. Cildwell, President of
the Ely on Land Company r fecreta y
and Treasurer, Qt. Joheph F. John
son, Preeidett of the Alabama Mu'e
'iwW- rs dl is -to be e a! led Cald
well's House. The stockholders are
some twenty cf tbe most substantial
property-owners of this city, betides
the Elyton Land Company, and the
beuse will be elegant and thoroughly
modern in every respect.
Subscriptions are being taken to
start a new Fire Insurance Comruiy
with a capital stock of $200,000.
Money to tike $85,000 of stock will
come from Tuscaloosa. TheBirming
Lum Insurance Company, organized
nearly tuo years ago, has already
come t be quite a good thing for the
Fall area for tbe Week.
New Yobk, February 5. The busi
ness fa'larea o :curring throughout the
country during the las', seven days, hi
reported to R. O. Dun & Co , number
for the United fcUtes 253 and f ir Can
ada 34, or a t rtal of 287, as njfuinst a
tttal of 389 last week and 321) tbe
week previons to tho last. More tba a
two-thirds of tbe who e number in
the United States are famished by
tt-.e Southern, Western aid Pacific
A Sad Cane of Poisoning
Is tbat of any man or woman alllicted
with disease or derangement of tbe
liver, reuniting in poisonous accumu
lat'on in the b'ood, ecroiu'ous slTec
t one, sick-headaches, and diseases f
the kidneys, lungs or heait These
troubles can bo cured only by going
t) tbe primary cause, and'pnt.ing
tbe liver in a healthy condiiion. To
accomplish this result speedily and
effectually nttbing bas proven itielf
sot (beacons as Dr. Pierce's "Golden
Medical Discovery," which has never
failed to do tha work claimed for it,
and never will.
The Cbleaco I'nlTerslly Property-
Cbicaoo, February 6. A lengthy
answer was filtd yesterday by the
University of Chicagi in the suit of
Mrs. Adele Doaplas Viiliams apaintt
the nniversity to gtt popsession of the
property on tbe ground tba', it had
reverted to the Douglai heirs. In
the answer the university denies tbtt
it has alienated the proaerty or broken
tbe contract on which Douslas gave it,
and a'eo makes the new point that the
insurance company can never acquire
a title which will ecable it to use the
property for aught else than the pur
pose for which it was dedira'ed as a
nniversity. It is fuither claimed that
when the property wai p'a'.ted and
sold the abutting property owners
bought on the condition tbat the
nniversity would always be there, and
with the advantages of the University
park, and that any purchaser of mort
gaged property mutt take it with
notice of the rights of such abutting;
property owners.
An exchange says: "Man's average
life is thirty-three years." Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrop will always live.
Another Example of Jerney Jaatleo.
Jebsky Cut, N. J., February 4.
John McMahon, the defaulting ex-collector
of evenne of Hoboken, who ab
sconded two years ago, leaving a defi
ciency of over $51,000 in his accounts,
was sentenced in the Court of Special
Sessiona to-day to five years in the
State pricon, the full extent cf the
LohUtIIIo Cemeat.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
ings subject to overflow should be con
structed with Louisville Cement. It ifl
the standard,
33 MOV EM.
Ike Strongest (Jame Yet llajtd In
tl.e Match -Ihe Uaute ia
St. Louis, Mo., February 5. The
cheaH matcti wi' renewed ptumptly a'
2 o'clock this ef.erto-'D, bjtU rlyer
hnii g apparently ia fine condition.
Tbe attendance wan about tlm lame as
oa Wednesday, and tbe audience in
t uded most of the strong chess play
ers in thia city as well a several from
outeide lcces. Tbs gai -t is paid by
tlii.ee Ixi-t a lie to jut! to be the
etroii)ie.-t yet played iu tn intch, and
a'trMiteJ very clo-e a tcntinn and
i li :it'd mtic i cdo.iritii n. . ikertort
Cboee the wb ti and loi ulT with the
tjnt-eu'rt gambit, which was declined
by Steini a. Th f l oingin
it amTOKT uira.
T-T' tu Q IMi "
1- V to y It 4
2- Kmo QU3
4- 1 to K l
5- KtioK 113
a t t.1 y It 3 ' :
7-BihI.. 1'
it-C ml
10- BtuK 3
11- ytulJ3
1 '-U K t . It 1
13 It to U2
14 K It to K 1
Ifv-lito Kt 1
10-Uio K 2
17 K tn Q 1
1S-B to H 2
llt-Q oQ'2
2 -Il to Ki S
;l-PtoK Kt4
;J-Kt lu-e Kt
L' t-Kr loQA
Jl-Cj tu kin H
'Jr ' lke 1'
2S-P to K R 3
VJ-tl t j tr B 4
3ii-0 to K 3
1-K to K 2
2- PtoK t
3- K' t K US
4- 1 I-, y It 4
5- Kito v 1)3
7- U P t krP
8- 11 In Ki
-'! I..,
!0-n u. y l
l-y KtoBi
3-K H c Q 1
14 b to K I
15 f t., K Kt 3
Ili-B to H 1
17-11 to Kt2
8-kt tu K 2
Itl-U -o h I
I-it 1. 1 1.. It i
I21-K- t.ln- QP
pi-y to K4
lit-It Ink. I K
H 1'tHkMKt
i kt tiilma k't
bi-K tuhfi K
to k 7
Jt-I' tu K R 3
Ln-cj -o it a
ho- y t yn
31-fi to y B
The in ne wai resumed a l.ttle after
8 o'clock to night, and was scon fio
inhed, white reaigning af er four moves.
Fol'owing ia the remainder of the
82-11 to K7
33 F to II 4
31-yukt-i U
.;-h to kt 3
White rot tin.
32-B to K 4 ch.ok
:tV-B tHkt I rhrok
;il-y to H 8 i-ti.ok
;u y to htbcbeok
Time 4 hours 12 mlnuUie, of which
Ziker'ort consumed 2 hours 2 minutes,
ard Kiinitz 2 hours 10 minutes. The
next game will be i laed on Monday.
The Boillea or Ihe Men KIUihI al
Onlilnud Junction lilootirlrd.
(sraoiAL to Tua APraAL.I
Ciiattanoooa, Tknm., February 5.
The remains cf tbe two men slut
down neai Oakland Junction, Tenn.,
last Tutu Jay ninhr, under tbe etinpi
cion oi boing burabirs, were identified
to-day as the bodies c f Uf orge and
Frank Taylor cf Dayton, U. They
were identified by a brctier and a
brother-in-law, and the bodies were
conveyed back to their former home.
The most intense.excitement prevails
over tbe killing, and the three mem
bers tit the posse a-.ru Jied the t-bots
have been placed under bond on the
charge of murder. It is nc t clear that
the dead men were tho parties sought,
and grave apprehensions are feit that
t ley were innocent boys. The third
individual, who was with them when
they were killed, bas not been heard
of since, ami no trace c f him can be
found. Tbe Taylor brothers left Day
ton, O., to come to Chat anooga.
The Kllllna- or Capt. Crawford.
Niew Yokk, Tebmary 5. A Tomb
stone (Ariz ) special to the I'vrl says:
The reported causes leading to the
snooting ot Uapt. urawnrd are con
firmed by the arrival here to-day from
Hor ora of A. J. Hunnko, a citizen of
undoubted credibility. ' He reports
that last raottb fourteen of Craw I Mil's
scouts, while intoxictt jd, (tucked a
Mexican cit'ieu living near Kontoras.
They subsc (jnently rode into Footeras,
firing up and down the streets, driving
the tenor-strickon perrons int) their
housee, which tbr.y barred, preparing
to defend thomnelveH. The drunken
ecouts had the t)wn to themselves fur
a time. The Mexicans banded, and
wero ready ti atttck the men when
Craw f ird rode into town, and bv his
presence succeeded in drawing off the
I.CNtBOBo's perfume, Edenis.
Lundborg's perfume, Marchal Niel
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg's perfume, Lily of tbe
Henry Watferaoa Brrlonolj 111.
Louisviu.b, Kt.. February 6. Mr.
Henry Wat'erson is still serioutly ill
at bis residence in this city, 1 1 which
he bas been confined f r tbe last four
weeks. He contracted a violent cold
at Columbus, where he went to speak
i the X'.h 6f January, culminating in
congestion oi tne Kidneys. us pres
ent trouble is scute vertigo and in
somnia. Dr. Roberts, his attsnding
physician, thinks his strong constitu
tion will prevail over these ma'adies.
Havb attended a patient for a year
who antlers periodically with neural
gia. Latoly the patient had one of
these attacks and I gave herTongaline,
to take a tjaspco-ial every hour. I
called next day and found her attend
ing to her household duties and free
from all pain, w, a. o'bbyakt, mo. '
Lawreneeton, Mo.
Tbe Clnelonall Police Bow.
Cincibnati, February 11. Mayor
Smith to-day inclosed a cony of his
firoclamation taking charge o! tbe Po
ke Department in a note to Chief of
Police Edwin Hudson, and directed
the latter t appear before bim at 2
o'clock for instructions. Mr. Hudson
paid no attention to the communica
tion. Each side still asserts its au
thority, but there is no bad feeling
between the deposed commissioners
and the mayor.
Pear of Hydrophobia Killed Him.
Nkw York, February 6. J. Higgins,
employed in the eahon of Tbomas
Eustace. No. 125 Water street, wai bit
ten in the arm by a dog six months
ago. The wound waa severe and
caused him much inconvenience and
a good deal of fright, Tbe idea tbat
be would go mad possessed him. He
drowned the dog, but that did not a!
lay his fears. He grew melancbo y.
On Wednesday be called upon his sis
ter, who lives in Sixth street, and said :
'You must not think it strange if you
should bear that I was dead." Latt
evening Higgina sit by the stove at
No. 225 Water street, talking with
three men, and, as if casually, be got
np and went ont of the d( o- ont the
street Tbe men by the s ove heard
three shots fired in quick eucceeeion,
and supposed tl a' Higins was shoot
ing a dog outaide. It was f und, how
ever, that he had shot himself twice,
in the breast near tbe heart, and in
the back if the heal, with a Crlt'a
thiity-two caliber pittrl. He died a'
mm t immediately. The fear of hydro-
pnobta killed bun
obia killi
Tho Ballroad CoranilMlaw Tho
(llama Dai Bait.
larietiL to t .rntL.I
Jackson, Mina , February 5. The
railioad lommiamon which has been
in Bene oi f ir tiree davs tcok a recee
until Tuesday next, when they will
resume the consideration of thelnriff
rate of the Illinois Centrel road.
Teetimonv in the cuw of Patrick
Henry of Vickoburg vs. the Pullman
Palaca Car Comrniy closed to-rbtr and
the argument has 'begun. This la a
suit f ir Itt.OOO for alleired insnlt
rlatniAil th hitvi. henn it tl rted un.in
tplaintitf by tbe conduct ir of onecf
the conpany a cam.
A Whole Wmmilj tfoaail I'roaea on
the Pralrlea In Han.aa.
Litnooijf, Nan , February 5. Advices
from tjeabva eiat that the bodies c f a
man, wotiui aid six eh Idren were
f mud frcs-u it 11 on the piu'riea ntnr
Ooerlin, Jsat., yeBtertiay. They nrt
supposed to be a tuan named Lemmua
et.d his family, who timed in an emi
grant waoo tor Ooerlin jutt before
the recent bliaatrd and hr.vei n'. been
beard from since. A brother of Lein.
m m baa gone to Oberlin from Geneva
to identity the I olieo.
THORNTON Prldy niaht. Vtbrnnry i,
lKKi, Maook, dkHfhtor ot Jolm K. and knte
i'horntou, ageil ill nd tan mouth..
Funvral from reiidenoe tf parent, (3 Tat
tract, SUNDAY a!Wnoon at 3 o'clock.
Frlondt of tha futility invitatltv attend.
CLAYWELU On Prldr,PbriirrS, ISM,
at 2 o'alook a.m.. ot iiDauiaoaia, JontPH
C'l.AT aBLL. uard twanty-twj yaara. lUlaTO
laod and Hiilnar lOhto) uapara plaaaa aor.l
Tha funeral will take place from Ma late
raaidenoe, corner of Viral alley an I Market
Fquera, betwaen Main and Bemnd alreela,
SUNDAY AKTKRNOONallo'cl.ek. Prtende
of tha fmnilT arc lnltit Io attaml.
A New Departure.
A Lire I'llicy Which Will Satisfy
' Everybody. Ko Burdensome Con
dition!, Cheapest Liberal
l'ollrj Yttlasnod.
Non - Forfeiture Pr-ovIo'.OGS.
Cost of Inmiranee Loss Than in
Any Order or Society.
Caah AraeU January 1, ml 111.411.013 00
Ciuh Soriilm J.nnary 1, 189 i,0.S.T 00
Claimi Paid la 1HU Stn.Otf 00
Total Claim. Paid In 22yeara S,lt.lil 00
No. ot Life Pollclei written to date, et.MM.
AllClalme fa id iiumediately oa receipt of
autiirHftorr iroof.
for further Inlorinatlcn ari l to
Marx & Bcnsdori,
III Uliulixnii Mreot. Mi'inphiw.
00LD KEDAL, PABJ8, 1878.
V:irnuil.Hl iiliMtliitrly pure
Cocoa, frvin whlilliruTtiuwa uf
OU hue rutin rvinuvtil. It hnaMr
tinwttkt nfrr ntAurc'iininiiil.M'il
U wlili r-
ami In
lilil !".
Willi Htiin-h, A rniwriMitof Huirnr,
thr'foru fur tiiiirn rronoiik-
iwiluff line IA4JH one c ut a
nil. It Ih di li. tun, nuuiirhlliK.
:tri'iie!h'iiltiir( ewlly flttf,i-it,
uni ulHilr.itily nliiiUil for Inval
id iir wi'lina for pt'rauiia In tivuNn.
bold by Urowra eterynhera.
I. BAKERS CO., Dorclicstcr, Mass.
Dll. It. L. LA8KI.
rbjslcUn, NnrirooB and Aeroaehenr,
riKtiiDSNca and orncB,
313 Blalo Street, A ear If 11 ton.
Telefnnne No. M.
IMonter Mill Niorkliolderit'
ONK of tbe fcUvklolJcrl havini tleo) a
fro test aiainrt tbe aalenf the rnr
Mill iir'iiwr'j, a a.lverlMil to lake plar
febraary lib. aaiJ nle aj derlareil rT.
Al a nub'equent meatint of the UiraeUiry
Ihe lrenidnt wia ionlrotil Io call Oj
hfKCIAI. MCKT1NO of tbe PUxaholrinre
fur tbe purpose of Aiine upon aoine DtrMr
rourie of aitinn, arbicb will. eikle ue to
liqaidnta our urn.rnt inilcbttdueafl.
A hl'KI UL MKHrlNDl ilia HkK-khdM-
ere la tbnrelore eillrd for tba above aamed
purrxi'a, to he bnld at tbe ollioe of tbe I'Ua
niz Hire and Marine Iofuranee rompaajr.
No. 10 Madi'on atreel, bATLKUAV.I'cbra-
arr 13th. at 3 p.
V. B. CLARKE, Prft'denl l
Henry Clews & Co.
13 16 Broai St, New York.
t pw ccat. latrnal PaM IXpaall
ORDERS exeentoil e all taeliebaaaef
lorpTOCia, Koaaa, Uana, Umea aad
PrrauulD f Oaeb er tl Margin,
TraYalers Ins. Co
Letter from Mr. Hargrcaves, of the firm of Morgan & Har
greaves. Dry Goods Merchants, Washington, Fa.
Washington:, Ta., July 14th, 1877.
Dr. J. A. IIunikr, San Francisco Dkar Sir:
I wiU have to introduce myself before going any further. I ,was under
your care in trie fall of 1875 and early part of 1876 for Catarrh, "Fharyn
gitis," you told me, atid catarrh in the car, one of my ears the left one
being very badly affected. Now, it is about aural trouble I wish to ask
you. The ear whirh you doctored has ceased to troulile tne, but the
other the right one though it does not seem to be diseased, collects wax;
which gets hard, or caked, int rusted on the tube leading to the ear. A1
drop of olive oil relieves it for the time, until it appears to dry up, and
then not really pains but annoys me.
The sensation 1 now feel is not so much in the car, but at the end of the
Eustachian tube, just where it enters the throat : for when I sing it cause
a sensation a kind of harshness in the throat merely at that point where
the tube enters the throat, as I understand from the cuts in the papers you
gave me.
J'hi rtauvt Iwrott to you. in f reference to consulting home physicians, h
that you cured mi cf Catarrh when ethers did me no good, and transformed,
me from an invalid to a man of not merely good but Rottusr health. If youj
will write and tell nc what to do, I will send whatever charges you sea
proper to make.
When I was under your care before, you prescribed for my ears, Inha
LATIon, Hoping to hear from you soon, I remain, yours sincerely,
A. V. IIarcreaves.
Abilene, Kansas, January 21, 18S6.
Dr. James A. IIunikr, 80 Court St., Memphis, Tenn.:
Dear Sir I am in receipt of your letter of enquiry, (forwarded to me
from Washington, Pa.,) about my condition of health. I left Washington
and quit former business (dry goods), more than two years since. The
close confinement had worn me out. I now have perfect health. The
treatment you gave me for chronic catarrh was effective, and the results
permanent. When you treated we in '77 I considered that you saved my
life, and now, at this time, I am still of the same opinion. I am glad to
hear of your return to America, for if I ever have a return of catarrh V
shall want your skill, as I know of no other physician so able to cope with,
this horrible disease.
If you wish to use nie as a reference do so at any time. I feel so grate
ful to you for what you have done for me that 1 will gladly serve you.
Wk&ing you health and success, 1 am your former patient and hearty
wesVwlshd. y Very truly,
A. W. IIarcreaves.
Dr. Hunter's Visit to Memphis. .
jAMV.fi A. Hunter, formerly of Kuropa, lto of New Orlotns, Doa
tqr of McJieiun ami Siiriyy, .Uni jrity of Brussels, Licentiate of the
Royal Collo(r,09 of Thysioiaiis and .jurguon.,T2dmturgl 'a Pupil ff Si.
Thouiai lloipita) and the Crest Brompton IIonpiUl fur Diseasvs of tho
Chest, London, in making a brief Professiooal runt to thin city before re
turning to Kurope, and stay be consulted at No. 80 Court street, botweea
Third and Fourth.
Dr. lluntcf has, lor twenty-fivo years, dovoted special attention to dis
eases of the IIbad, TiinoAT, Cuekt and Bmoi, embracing Catarrh, Sore
Throat, BrouehiliH, Anthma, Consumption, Dcalncs.t, Kyo, Heart and Brain
Discaips, Scrofula, o!o. OfTioo hours, 10 a.m. to 12 m. ; 1 to 6 p.m.
Pereoni at a distance should rond for Dn. IIunter'h Journal, Boors
and L1ST8 01 Qpkhtionh. Whilo a personal consultation is desirable, it
is not always necesnary, and treatment oan, in all cases, be oondnoted by
Thel Best Thins in tho World for Weak Ankles,
Atkletlo Sports and Skating I
loIiHOi & Mil,
Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing
Horn. 225-228 Main Street Memphis. Tenn.
WUIU11 offer to tbe trade n 1 oa tha molt ferorable termi. Oar prloM will compare
larerablf wltb Uiok f o Biarbet in lia United BUM, Bieoiel Jndnoemente Caak
jjjuy i.K!niiiia, am
(OJoltUoira. lPoo"ito3rs
And Commission Merchants
Non. 34 and 30 MalIon Nlreet, Mempuli,
F.rvlcCABBSM & Co
ZZZ-$Z3 Front Ptrect Hezxunna Tcsjj

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