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The FriTatefnieiidftr Cunstdered In
the Houne-lh Fit a John -rrt.
r Hill.
Y'AfniKcroN, Febrour h.llou
The r-p'akt-r letd More the liouiie
m eft's K from fie Preaide'nt trnpm t
ting toe reoponce of the Heceiurr of
the Interior to the Honse reeo'ution
calling ir copied of any contract or
lease beVween the ton bern Pacific
Railrcal Corapimy and any lan-l-grant
real of the chracter of the Southern
Facifl;, and rf any con'iact between
theFe:li S eamnhip Ooinpany and
any land rait r ads. IMerreel.
The Speaker aoiioiinrr) theapnolnt
mFtit of Mr. Hmmnn tia and Mr.
CnlhersoD Ttx t fill vacancies upon
the CoTiiuntee ol American Shipping
At 2:53oVlo-k the Hoise went into
C.iDimittee ol the WiiU, Mr. Blojnt
G. in the dair, on the private cal
enli. The tvmmilti8 rerruined in cession
until 3:40 oV'lick. when it rose and re
TMirttd virion bills to the Houee,
leaving the Fix John Poit bill
Blandmg at the head i f the calendar.
Sevnal bill of a private nature
were pMl, ef er which Mr. Rnlall
Pa , f on the Committee oo Appropriation-,
reported the pension appro
priation bl 1, and it ae referred to
the Comm tide of the WLo'e. The
bill as reported applo,irUte 875 701,
200, an increase of abi.u'. f 15,000,0(0
ovi-rlmt year. Ids made tip asfo.
lows: For army and navy pensions,
t75.000.O0O: for fees anil eipensesof
examininir surgeons, J500.000; for '
atiesot eighteen pension HenU, 17?,
C00;and lor miscellaneonp, including
cNrk hire, rents, etc , $ S.'.WX).
On moiioi of Mr Laird Neb a
rtsjlnt oi win adopted making tue
Fits John Porter bill continuing
epeeiiil order fiom Thursday, the 11th
iuMaiit, ci t l Tlmrsilay. the 18ih in
etai I, including a DigLt session Tues
day evening.
The lljuse then acj urneJ until
llifi Neurit).
Anioiiu the p t tious pri'ientet and
appropriately re-larrm! were a number
by 8 'iiHtorn lloir, Frye, CJullom, C in
gnr, Dtwes and Alii-o.i, from virio ts
asse nblifH (( the KnigLtiof lWinr,
E raving (Jongrees toopen up the Ok'u
oim lauds 1 1 o-ttlf inert and to et tu i
lish T!riiional government over t lese
. (jinalnr Cill moved t take up t'ie
tjint resolution heretofore intioJuced
y him to make Tu nrii, Fla., a p irtof
entry. Huim'or V I explained that
the e wan trgent nee I f ir it pas'iiire,
lu view of tie recent establishment of
manufacturing enterpibea at t'ie port
After further remarks by Rei u'ora
Edmunda, Morrill and Ingalle the
joint resolution was taken up, mi
niter the aniweiion of un ameudmunt
by Senator KilmunilH, which proved
acceptable t3 Hana'or (J I, the j tint
resolution was ainnnded and paiwd.
8ntnr Allison, l;o-ever, give to ice
Ci imition to reconsidnr.
On motion of Henat r ('inger the
Senate t mknp and pnantd the bill to
provide 1 T the pale ( 1 the sited th
provide, i Tine fbih i i uie sue r,i inj
Oil Foit llmdylichlv, atxH )f tl &
purvhare f a new eite and the erec
tion oi sui'auie uuiiiungs inert ou.
On ni( t oa of Hi'tmtor Howell the
P.ii a fl then pjBed the bill heretofore
introduced hv him, u nending the oeo
t onsof ilia Ji-vi -t Statutes rulaling
to tho annual appropriation fjr the
On Scnit ir IIirrion'a mot'oi morn
ing business wjj I ild aside and the
Dako a bm tuiten up, on which Bens
tor Hn'Iir tcoltthe llior and addresBed
thd Honate in opposit on to the bill.
A long ditcust-iou ensued, in the
course of which speeches were made
b f Senators L'gan, Morgan, Ilarrisjn,
Call, Plumb, Beck and others.
The duba'o then closid and Sena'or
Cutler's Eubetitute was put to a vote
nid litt yem2J, nnjg 31 Tbe bill
reported from comiult'ea wsa then
mesd yeas 32, nays L'2. The only
Democrat vntmg In the ilirmu ive
was Senator Voorhces. Tbe negative
votes were all Democratic.
The bill divides the Territory of Da
kota on the line of theforty-Bixth par
4i'lvl of latitude, provides for tho ad
mission of the southern portion in a
Ktale under tho title of Diikctn, ami
the orrni'aitioa tf the northern por
tion into a eepaia e Territory under
the ntmo ol ''Lincoln."
Ketn'or Payi:e presented thncreden
tiali ot re-election of Henator ShMm.in,
which were r;ail and filed.
Kenaliir Clair moved that the Hera'e
take up the "education" bill hen to
fore introduced by him, and retorted
favorably f on the Committee on Kd
ucation and Lubor. Pending this
mo; ion Senator Plumb moved an ad
journment. Pending that motion Senator B'alr
aiked unanimous consent t) my a f w
Heversl objeU'ors were heard. Ren.
ator Ulair opinwed Bonator Plumb's
motion and called for the yeas and
nays; bnt the motion ai mrried, and
the Senate nljDurned till Monday
The Alcoholic Llqnor Tralile.
Senator Blair, from the Committee
on Education and Lafco-, reported fa
vorably Sena'or Frye's bill to nrnvMn
for the appo ntment by tbe President'
i a commiatton ol five pen oas to in
vestigate the slcoholic liquor tratno.
It provides that the members of the
coamiaeion shall be selected with ref
erence tu personal fitness and a,-a
city for ui boast, imprtlal aid thor
ough investigation. It stipulitea tbut
11 of tbern shall rot be advocates rf
prohibitory Irgishi-.ion or total absti
nence, and thtt tbey shall serve with
out ea'ary. Their outy shall be to in-
vestipate the ehoholio liquor trstlio.
its relations to revenue and taxation,
aid iti general economic, crimiim',
moral aid scientific aspects in connec
tion with pauperism, crime, social
evil, the public he lib. and genemi
welmre of tbe people; to inijuire and
take teetimony as to the pra.-tical re
pute ot license and piobibitory legis
lation for tbe prevention cf intemper
ance In tbe several States, and to re
port the result rf their in veftigf tious
t tbe President, to be by him trans
initted to Congrees. It appropriates
$10,000 for tbe expenses of tbe investi
gation. Civil Klabta la Iowa.
Kboktk, Ia , February 5. A suit
brought nnder the civil rights act by
Iiev. T. L. Smith, a colored preacher,
azainet a restaurant keeper, in which
$10,000 dsmapes were asked for refus
ing to sell t-mith tefiethmenta on
account cf his color, baa been decided
1 1 the Superior Court, the jury bring
ing in a verdict for one dollar In favor
I the reverend gert'erxan.
A Mat the Bllla.
New Ha van, Or., February 6.
Whiie the Boston Ideals were playing
l'ra Dlavola here) last nigh, in the
bed-room ecene, Mia Mo ia ( l-a-y'a
hair took fire and al once Mr z -d tierce
lv. The a idience a piniu etrickei',
women shrieked, one or two ftiiittd,
aid the men rose in their state and
ma le for the door. The lexli'r of the
orchestra called on the people to keep
qmt. and Tom Karl, ioiperaonai.ng
"tri Diavolo. rushed ti Mm U.eary
aid with hi l eads extinuuiahed the
b z. bnt einireinir bis hauls severely,
He was barli!y applauded. Miea
Cleary neailv fainted, and it was with
difficulty that the resumed her part.
Two-thirds ol her bair was burned of.
Tblrd TrUI f lb Caa mi Abbe
ville, B C.
CnAFi.BSTON, 8. O., February 5. At
Abbevills yesterday tie third trial of
Fergaeon lor the murder of Benedict
wai began. This rae has caused
gn a, excitement and fxtjjiog among
Hebrews all over tbe United Siaies.
Money ban been sent from Cali ornia
and many ether ft ites to aa-ist in the
prueecution. a committee of He
brews have employed Gen. K W.
.vtoiee and Uol'ed bla'.es I),s rut At
torney Leroy F. Yeomana to aee.it So
licitor Urr in the prosecution. While
under the influence of liquor Fergu
son, a young firmer, ahot aid killed
llaneilict, au lnrirneive Hebrew mer
chant. As Ferguson walked away
f cm his victim Le remarked that he
had "k lied that damned Jew." The
defense is temporary infinity. Dis
heartened by two mn trial tbe solicit
or tried t) eeeure a change of venue
but the court refused tbe motion. The
l ial will probably last thiougbout tbe
week. Conviction is not ex oected, aa
the trial is held in AbbeviiU county,
anil thero is some doubt if even a mis
trial can be eccuied.
Whorl bwl
111 sod jr
ricat at Hew
New Yoiik, F'ubruary 5. James
Djnnelly aid James (ilynn, two well
known heavy-weight pu.jilists, fought
a short bnt bloody pries tight in a
roomnplovn yetterduy. The fight
was with hard pi ives to a finish for a
-purse made up by the Bale of t'ekets
at JO a piece and for eukes of lr,00
Uotli men were in good c edition and
the fight was a desnerato one from be
ginning to end. Kulyintbe fight it
was evident thst Glyun wai the be'.tir
in in. He fouglit for ionnelly's heal,
mid by the end of tbe fifth round hud
it cut and bruisHil so that bia best
Mend would not have recognized him.
Do h eyes weie tl ed and when time
wits called for the sixth round hie sec
ivkIp, peeing t 'at be was complttily
bliuduJ, i brew up the epo ige.
Twelve lllloa 1 ollnn' Worlb of
Croperl Ileairojred, ,(
Naw Ynnx, February 5. The Com
mercial JtulUtin of February 6th esti
nut'B the January fire Iosj ol the Unit
ed Mutes and Cana'a at f l.'.OOO.OOO
which is $.',()l)ty 00 more than the av:
erage January lose in the pist ten
yt-sru. The UulUiin publishua a list of
208 Urea where the repmtd I es ranged
from 10,000t $l,0K),()00-an aggre
gxte of over 10,0H),0; for these fires
aloao. There were sixteen laree tires
on which the losa aggregated tO,IHK).-
000, or more than forty per cent, of the
.,,' i ,u L.
emlf0 Wll8te "'J1" monlti
A IlUle Near I hllrt IlnrneU Alive
bf lie Meritter.
Litti.b Kock, Auk , February 5.
Particulars ol a crime most horrible,
co nm.t ed on tbe Koy place, seven
miles south o! Forest City, has reached
bore. A negro named Jobntoi re
cently married amulitt i woman who
bad a little four-year-o'd daughter. The
child he tonsidered t be in the way,
and deliberately held her in front of
au open fireplace ut.til life was ex
t net. Tbe olliners of that county are
now in purtu t of the inhuman mon
ster and it Is t fife to say that if be is
captured be will be lynched.
Ilurned to a t'rli In Her llonae.
Martin's Fkhiiv, O , F'ebruary 5.
Miss Betsy Job, au eccentric ladv, 80
years of ag t, lived near Mount Pleas-
em, JtllerB'iii county, almou til beM
life. Mie lived a ore and cat no im-T
mediate reiiihbore. and alwavs fx-
prrssed herself as feeling eecura in
her isolation, tier bouse was discov
ered to be on fire yeslentay miming.
but t. o late to stve it. When tbe fire
had burned Itself out the reuuins cf
the old lady were f mnd burned to a
crisp. It is suppjaed tkat the homo
was burned by eome one who bad
murdered and robbed tbe ol 1 a I v. ai
she always kept large a nounta of
m iney at o it ihe place. An inveeti
gatioj is being made.
A Wise Krrra.
Th habit of admlninUrtni auinlnt to pow-
erlul doiei, u an antiilsU to imUrUI nil-
dlu, wal one aiutfarouslj eominon. llap
pllythU practice hai anilsrcDn a will ro
(orm. Mot only th pnblis, but protaiiional
mtn, hav addpUil, nt wholly, f eonrae,
but Urn f lioitatir'8tninali ltltier aa a
al botanln lubitiluta for th pamioioui
alkaloid. Th ronnequenr! o( thil ehani
ar nioit iuiiarttnt Now (Tr and aiue
uffrra r cu rod format Ir their eom
plalnta war nl fur th tun rlird. or
i alf cured lh remedy erentual r lallina
ti iroduo aBy aiMireo'abl effect, iiixpt
th doa were Incrraiied. A eoura of th
liiUera, pcreiilenllv followed. I reiki up th
wiire atunk- and i.n.Tnu their return
Ihe evldenre In larorol thia attrlinc ap
ribo and household medirle ii oi no a
bnuoue rheraoter, bat poaitir and latiafao
t..rr, aud th aoaroea wbeno it prtdi
are rery naincrouf.
J)a !.
SahJose. Cat , Febiuary 5.The
first Anti Chinese State Convention
convened here yesterday. One hun
dred delegates, representing anti-Chinese
leagues and trade organizations,
were present, and a permanent organ
ization was effeitid. Tbe general son
t moLt among the delegates strongly
unveil vio ence or inreats. Jiovcot
ting wae favored as tbe quickest
mtthod c f accomplishing the desired
ends, and resolutions in accordance
with tbete views were adopted. A
reiolution was also adopted demand
ing of Congress the e.broRa'ion of the
Builirgiiue tna'y.
Tho Vnm Wrowrra' Aaaorlatloai.
St. Uns, Mo, February 5. The
morning of the sKoad day's session of
ttie Sugar Uiowera' Convention wai
""P'd by n aldress by Dr. H. W.
Wiley, gi vie g the result of his recent
oibc:nl trip to Europe in the irt3reit
of the industry. IU spoke of the ex
traction of the juice from the cane by
diffusion as a derided success. The
publication of the juice by double sat
uration first with lime and carbonic
gas then by sulphuric acid was ad
vised, lie counseled the general intro
duction of this method.
J Beedi Imports at New Tork.
Nsw Yobk, February 6. The total
imports of dry goodj at this port dur
ing the paet week were $2,713,1)09, and
the amount thrown on tbe market.
:'.7!2,0:l. '
mEnte riTEvr cases
To Be Instituted In a Southern or
Wentern City More About
the Tan-Electric. ,
lartcuL to mi arritaL.
L Sol.
Wasiiinotoh. Februarv
uanu, oi counsti jortbe J'aa-hTC.r c
Company, said trday that suit waa
abont riady to be instituted against
the Bull Uompany, and tbe only ques
tion nndecided was tbe place. He did
not aay where tbe tu.it would be
brought, but it will not be in Boston
cr Ibis city; proluhly a Western or
Southern city.
Hie Ttlrf.bono Meaudala.
New Yo k Timn: The Pan-K!ec-t'ie
scandal, involving certain pu'.lic
men in Washington, i a email matter
in comparison with the Bell Tele
phone scandal, involving ' certain
newspaper editors in the city cf New
York. v
The publication of the fieuree show
ins expenditures in tie Department
ol Justice will reach only in an in
direct av tbe loitol tbe Pan-Electric
Mnit'a'. It wi.l probably be found
that there have been no expenditures
which might not t live been made, not
only with perfect propriety, bnt with
out criticiem or remark by aa attor
ney general who never eaw or owned
a certifiea e c f telephone ito k. The
House might more turely itu;h the
oiendera in this caeo by passing a
reio'ut on expres-ing 'iti opinion
that a person who accepta as a
gift while in Congress or in the
service of the government larire or
small quantities o! the stock of
a corporation ia deserving cf censure,
and thr.t the ownership ol enoli stock
sboul i diyqualifv him from serv ng in
any office in which he would be 1-nhle
tibe ca ed upon to take official action
upon questions involving the rights or
privileges of the corporation in which
he was interested. The Senate would
be mightily incensed by auch a reso
lution, but we do not eee how the
shameless greed of United States
Siiia'o-s is to be properly rebuked
unlets by the IIouBe.
But it will be well for the peoido f
the Un'tid btites ti understand tbe
precise I mite of the "Pan Electric
scandal," and to be on their -gua'd
Bkiiinst the efi'orts of tbe Bell Tele
phone Company aud its newspaper or
gans to use this miserable I'jn-Elei t ic
tiuainess to undo what has been done
by tbe governniei t in the proceeding
to test the validity of its patent. Tho
New York Sun has attempted do ding
Secretary Lumiir into this scandal and
to create the belief that bis just and
sound opinion declaring tbut a suit
should be brought by the government
totettthe validity of tbe Bell patent
is Uinted by it. No honorable wan,
and certainly no honorable journaliot,
would atlit':h the slightest weight to
charges ma le against any man by the
Sun, And as it has lately become
apparent that thtt rewHpiprr occu
pies the relatiou ni t merrily of na
apo'ojir t, but of a defender nnd attor
ney to the Bell Telephone company,
its comments upon Secretary L&mar'a
course ore entitled to the E.nne weight
&b the it erances of any other advo
cate employed by the Boll Company,
and to no mote. Senrt t try Lamar's
opinion is !ta own justification and bis.
It opens the way to the uho of tbe only
remedy u-r-tinst the public wrong of
the f auuiilent and indefensible Ball
monopoly which is now jOjHib'o and
adtquate, or ever win pnsBible and
adtquato. ' The persistent misrepre
sentii'ions of the orguus of the Bell
Company, their eagerness to put
firward the provisions of the
K-jvieed S n'nt is and private ac
tions at the proper remedies for
the wrongs the Htll Company has put
upon iti rivals and the people, and
their zsal to refer the whole question
to the Supremo Court upon the ap
pealed cases aro impi t 'nt and of no
avpil against tbe solid foundatt'ol of
truth nnd justice upon which the de
cision of tbe Secretary of the Iutorior
is baBed.
That ilecis.o.i cannot be f nccestfully
attacked any mote tl ni Mr. LiuiHr's
motives in making it tna be euccfec
f illy impugned. To have denied the
application f ir a hearing of the ca.ia
asinst the B?U Coaipiuy in a tribu
nal where all the evidence upon the
f 'aud 168U0 could be introduced and
(.inoeci up in aud this can be done
only in the government suit would
have been a grmt public wrong ami a'
a great public niiefo-tue. The
Bell Company opposes this
btalng only because it fears
the result. It knows the struct
ural weakness of the corpornt edifice
it has erected upon the Blonder foun
dation of Hell's fiiiudujent'y amended
patent of 1876, and it will count itself
cheaply delivered from iti present
perils if tbe expenditure of a million
of dollars in stimulating theuptoir
over the irrelevant Pan-Electric iseue
and in decrying the government's
course shall secure the arrest of tbe
proceeding under Secretary Lamar's
decision. The public is fairly and
tally warnei cf the designs of this ex
tirtioaati monopoly. D may rest as
sured tbat this criminal nod corrnpt
league cf as insolent corporation with
venal newspapers will not prevail.
- Tbe Valao or Bofirt'a Patent.
Washington special to the Cincin
nati lmeStar: Kigers, wt invented
the talepbone, wai formerly electri
cian of the House, having charge of
the lighting apparatus and what Utile
electric aprarams there is In connec
tion with the machinery cf that end
ot the Capit )1 building. The IIouBe ia
lighted mostly by a net-work ol gw
pipes and jeta above the stained ceil
ings of the hall. They are ignited by
electricity, and the penoa who hm
charge of them, who sees that they
are burning properly and are kept in
onbr, and who goes about in tbe bulla
ana corridors cf the Capital tnrning
on the gas and lighting it with a wax
taper is celled bv courtesy the "eleo
trichin" of the House, simply because
Bomecf the lights are lighted by elec
tricity. By right he ought to be called
the lamp-lighte', but that would not
sound so linre, nnd so he ia Called the
"electrician." That was the position
which Rogore held when he oilered
the I'un-Klertric Telephone to the
"tendertoota" of the House and Sen
ate. Yonr correspondent met s.-.iue
time ago an eld and thorough elec
trician, who has seen every stage
of the telegraph and telephone, aud
asked him if be knew anything aoout
the Pan-FIlectric "I know nil Hhout
it," he anid. "Set down the figures
475. Noa-multiply that by 12. Now
divide the product by 10. Now mul
tiply it by fl again. Now add 8 . Now
subtract Mt8 from it uud wbnt have
you lelrr "Nothing." 'Exactly;
well, that is just wbut the Pan-FJec-trie
Telephone Company amounta to.
It wo I gotten up by this cranky f jllow
Hovers, and was a chesp imitst'on of
other. He went through the form of
cdlinjr himself a crmpeny, issued
'tick an l gve awnv millions of dol
Urs woith cf the iinsinary stnfl", en
tirely in thles, es I have alwae be
lieved end slid believe; g-ivn ii tt
whoever in ctliria! circles wo ild ac
cept, with the idea th t their names
and ir.ttuence wou'd help him to iet
something nut of it 'Ihe briicbtr
men c f the House, mch aa Sara Cox,
Abe Hewitt and lo's of it'iera refused
ttieetuiT." So much for K -gere, the
inventor. It ia very wroi g to -sy of
anybody tbu". he is a crank, and fir be
it from tbe a l'hnr of this conetpond
enc In a tr at Koper is nns
H53 O 23 O XJOL 2
And Eierv apeclr or llchlaa l
UurnluK Dlarnaes Cared bjr
ICZKMA.nrSalt WVeam, w!th it aronlx
j J mi itohina and hurt inir, inUntly re
liered by a warm bat with Ci tu ta bote,
and a unite ai.pilp itinn of Cruel1 ka, th
reat ISkin Cure. Thin rep ated dily, with
two ur Hi doe uf i'utiim aa Its uLvasT,
tbe new liloml I'ur fier, in kcei, the b md
cool, the pernuiration i-ure and unlrriiat nir.
the Lowell open, the livur and k:ilnv !
Vsva, will rp.edily cure Kietua, Tettor.
Kincworm, P-oria U, l.ch n. Pruritus,
hiiild Head, bandrutt, ai d evey aiieuieii nl
liihmy. M. iriy and Pimply ll union of I bo
Eculp and kin,hln ilia bent pbyeiciant
and all known remeiliee fill.
Will Dtelfonnlfl, 2i-i!2 Dearborn atreet,
ChirnKi', Kratefnliy acknowli il'.g a rur v:
tceuia. or bull Kbeuin, on be.iJ, neck, tp,
arm nud Ii-ki, tor MvenU'en yi.r ; notable
to wiilk exoettt on handJ and knete lor one
oir; not able to help himself f r eight
cir; t-i'jit hundred ol rei.ed e; dootom
p'oni.unot d bin cane hoiodn permnnenttv
our d byCiiioua Hkii:.vkst (b noil puri
fier) Inturnally, arid Crricrni and (-uticcua
boar (Ihe great akin cures, eiUrna'ly.
t'lma. llneiBhli,,,. I .law-or, 2S State
Itreet, llonlnn. reports a CAne ot K'-zoma un
do hie obrvtion for ten yeirs, which cov
ered the palient'i bo ly end limhn, and lo
which all known method of treatment had
been nophed w tbout tenefit, wl.icb was
coinpleUtly ru-ed aolely by h ( hth uka
Km aulas, laavlni a clean and healthy ikin.
Mr. J tin Thl7lWI keharre. Pa,
writrai ' 1 have mCe'ed from tihlt Hheum
lor over eiirhi yearn, at eimeiao b rt that X
co'ild not attend to my buxina.i for waeta at
a lime. Three boien ol Ci'Tirraa and 'our
bottlee of Itasoi.vFiNT have entirely cured uis
of ton dreadful uueare."
rtiynlel-naPreNrrieeTliem T hav
nothinv hut the h ebet p-uine lor the r
iiltiiobtftiiind from yuiirCu-ncuK Hkmhii.s,
of which I hav Id u ore thun all other oi
th kind. MONKO B 'Ml, M.U .
i'M N. Iiroad tit , Philadelphia, I'a.
Hold hy nil ilruirciftii. Price: Ccticpha,
Met.; ltKHni.vtKT, tl. 0: Soar, 9 c. I'ra-
i in red br iho FoTiKk liittii anii Chkuical
ti., llosion, Maia. Send for pamphlet.
1P t 1TTIFY the Coirnleion and t-kin
J tjil J hy uyjiig t-o (,1'TU-ntA niAe
it ri Ji Tir. nkitri i..
JU'. M l HI', guilder), Mharp,
and Nervnna l'a'ns, absolutely an
n iti In t 1 bv the CuTiuuat A nti-
I'ain fi.aliTKit. a perect antidote
'a i.tiin and ' nflniumation. Kew.
oritrinnl. Inl'illiltle. Ar HnivLM.t..
ne au ee,( iw,ii i
Uanuol of all Diseases,
RyK. IM fll'lIltKVS, B. W.
Milfd Frefl.
.trt or rBiNoxTAi, no. - ttmca. ritirH.
revera,Conirat;nTi, lntiammmionB.ea
Wormit. Worm tever. WormOoho.... 2.'?
Ml(,rvlnn'oMo,orTofUiiDrrof ItaiantSa S5
4ll)iarrhfsol Olnklreuor Adults.
iTitilora Rlorbiiii, voinitiiig ... 2.J
1 UtlHIIH. Jlll, UlttUtllll-lrl.
Nrnrnliiln. TK)thn-hu, l-accarn9..,.
Mrntlfirlic. tSick llitaditrbfi, V'crtiffO..
llynptpiln. Aiilioim rtuimnnh. .!t$
uppreMcd or lalnfnl lerlud.... .'a
lillea, too froro.o Tcrlods
CJroup. t'oiiRh. llitlicult ilr.'athlnir....
nil Ilhi-Ulll, J-"ri icla, Krtiptiona..
llhciitni,lliM. Ilhcnmallc I'alne
p-rverand Aaiic. C liiila, Alalaruw.... .Afl
I'llea, Hlind or llloedinir .. Vtl
e-atarrll. Inllnonra, C'oidin the Head.
liooplll C 'ollgh'iolcnt ( 'oUKha... .Aid
licnorol IVhllityJ'hiaicanvealuuaa .etS
klHuoy llcae., - .!
Scrrotie li. lillliv ....l.OO
I rlnnry WenKlieea.WettlnRBfd.... Jl(J
lUra-e of I lie Heart. i'uloitation-1.0S
bold it Inip'--iM, or wnt pipiid on rwyitit ol
04rC4PITAI. PRIZE, 7U ,000. -o
Tlckvlv onlf ft.. Ntinies In
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
MWrfo kerehy certify that w Hpni (A
wranaementt for nil th Monihli) aitrf Cwr-
(ervv IM-ateina of the LottUiuna &1a Juiurv
lompitny, and xn ptrton manntr ana control
iA ifr" tno tAt:rtMaf,i. and that th omj
art condnatt hontityf fuitniMB and in
food fnith tatenrd aU t rt, and to aitforM
th lmp(iV. to w thU ivwlirtrttA with Jac
i.Mt41 of nt licnctiur attached, in nd
wtiwunt.' i rr-'p.-
We, lh darOratVaerfi Banlt nni Ttnnlcm,
will pay nil Prim dram in I ioawvoao
.Vile Lotttria irttichmny 6 prertnteti at our
J. II 01.KSIlV,lrea. I.a. Keal'l Bank,
f. II. UKNNKDY.PreHi.NlaleXnl'l Uli
A. BtLDWlti, Prwa. B. U. Rett. Bk
Inoorporated In 1HM for twenty-fir yean
by to bgialntur for Kdueational and
rhArltKhIa onroniea with a eanital of 11.-
Onn.tiUU to whloh a reaerv fund of ototJSSO,-
1KI haa line beeu added.
Dy an overwhelming popular Tote It
fteurihif waa mad a part of the preaent&tata
Onititution, adopted Uicembor 2d, A.D.
I i only lottery ever toUd on and indortcd
by lae peeple o(iiy Mali.
Jt nner eeaJea er poaipeMa.
Ill Urnuel Slna-le number Itrnwlnaa
take lr monlhly, aid Hie r.x
Iraenllnary Itrnwmica rraolnrly ev
ery lhrr moniha liilel r Ketnl.
annnnlly h rdrrlornre, brglnBtu
fliiarrn, Ifieea.
trhruHry V, ls-!lh Monthly
IMl'ITAIa rillZF, T3,00ff.
100,000 Tlrkelaal I'Itw Hetllnrw Each,
B'rnrllona, In Illtlia, la
1 Capital prite
1 Capital priie
l n.m
1 Capital prite .........
i Priiei of JHHI ..
t Priiea of vi
10 Priiea of lil .
2il Pritea of 6)....... -..
liiBPtlieaof 2i) -
SiO Priie of 100
fmPrtieiof W.....-
llwO Triiei of ir
9 Approilmation prite of fTW
9 Approximation pritea of J"1'
9 Appruximatioo priiea of il&0
1H67 Prli, amountlnf to.........t'A5.)
mnu only to th offio of th Company in
lew vrien,
Kor further Information write clearly,
aiv.Bt lull addreaa. PONT Al. MOT KM, Kx-
-rei Money uraori, or ew mi nnuui.
in oruinery . w ,
ami of (6 and upward at ear ipnie),
addrad .
Mw Orleana, JUn.
O, M.A. RrPHlr.
or at Wrat Uu I (e Memphis, Tena
w i. . T l if. maw eirAra navaltlA
i&aan a v. - r -
and address Kegistered Letters to
js c wr Orlcau, l-.
9 .J i
r.r.UIt HAM. Pres. W. H. WII.KfBMiS, V..Prra. R.J. BLACK. Caah'r
No. 39 Madison Street, Memphis, Tcnn.
X3orx-rl of I31rootor,
0. C. GRAHAM, Prealilcnt Denoto Oil Co.
tV. I HKTIIEIi. Pre't Mate KHtiimal Uank
W. F. TAYL- K. o' W. F. lavl r A l o.
KIM. SMIWOF.N, Hir-clor In H'k Cotniuerre.
K. P. HKAD. fn.hifr linion A l-lant-ra Bank
JNO. L'V EKTUN. Jr.. Overton A Dr.). vr.or.
h. J. BLACK, of
(e Authorit H to do a Gonernl Hanking Ducineps, Reroive Dopot 1! and Pay Intercut there
on, Discount P'per, act hi Trul4e. AominiHiraior, baecutor or Guardian, etc.. Receiver
lor Individual. Corporation and LITIGANTS. AIpo. have n Rife llepoa;t Vault, wherein
valnahlee or all kind" a lo be rafely ke e. faavluK C!t'lally tolicliol.
Uuiineia to commenc February 1. K-W.
hill, mm a co. .
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
Front 8t Memphis, Teuu,
Ml, FOHll & GO,
Cotton Factors, Commission ierchante,
11 0 outla Main Kt.. St. SouIm.
ANDREW 8TEWART, Kew Orleans.
Wholesale Grocers, Got, factors
run i m k
Xm&o.oSOTK to POUTFJt, TA1L0I! ft C0H
mm. von TTJOWT STTJTPT. . WWifrnv mr-w
Cotton Factors
Liberal AdvnnceH 9faIe ou CouMigntucntR.
p. s. Ai.srojn,
E. W. tUOWFll,
And CejDiml-Rion McreJianta. Hoy, Corn Outs, Ilran, Chop Feeel, 011-3cal,
Liai , Cement, Floater, Building and Fire Brick, Etc.
Cor. Front and Tin ion, 1 Howard's Row, Memi.iK
uh. I UoU
No wl v Constrn ot ed a nd Elaborately Furnished, Con
talcing 225 Large and Elegant Rooms.
avTh liooaa bat Perfeot Ventilation and Natural Liiiht, Staam heatini, Eleotrio Iialli,
and two oi Uale'i EloTaton. All itroet-con pau Main itreot tatrano.
RATEH M Pr day, aooordln to ita and aleyatlon of room. Special
rate to Oomme-rnlal Trayalara. Abundant inrrly nfPITRE CTvSTRRN AND WKLL WATKR
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
KeniOTed to 334 Front St.. Cor. T:nJon.MomTliis. Tonn.
B-DfposiU raoairtd in lumi it fH and upwurd, and interojt nllowed on lam Semi-
"("bur and is'l Inral Iaveitmnt Bondi and Securities trenerally, nay taiei, art a,
truntaes, and, la tcparul, aieeuta any financial bueinois rciiuinug lafo and rsaponiib
erve lain draft. In inni to uitpnrchan, nn all parta nt Europe.
or Wi har a commndiona Vanlt for th dcpoiit oi luluablcf, which is at th (erne of
our ouatomari, t'rr of l'linra.
. P. 1IAUDEN, President. Eff D. GOLDSMITH, Vice-President.
. James hatha, rhier.
L. 1). MULL1NS. of laU J. R. Godwin A Co. JAS. Y0NQK, lata ol J. W. Caldwll A 0
Cotton Factors&Cominission Hercriants
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front and Union, Memphis.
W. N. WI LKtR'ON. tY. N. Wilkerron A Co
T. II. ALl K-.ofT II. Allen Co.
? ,VliP'-,,'i..FKA YSKK- 'rayrer ScrufKi.
.1. R. G'lJiW IN, J'roirient Me cantile Hank:.
W. A. W1LI IA VbON.V -P. lini.-n A P. B'k
S.I. OVV KLL, C. A M. Chancery Court.
R. J. Black i Co.
H I IdavlBeal i UUlj
v 4 n
OF .
So. 55, H. II. Chanctry Court of Bbe'.by
llroLiy a'ut. leone'iiee f-r ill own
Bue, etc., vi. Alarrn'rt hii', eral.
V eririua ol an intrrlt-nUry oecre for
al. ;itarC(i in tiis ub no aur on tb
seih di.y of l,-reinhr, 1SV, M. Ii. 50, pan
Ml, I will mil, at public auction, to lb
limhe.t bidder, in fr. nt of the Clerk and
Master a ooice. conrt-huuee oi ifbeilby Coun
ty, Momphii. Xoiin., on
Snlnritay, ainirb , ISSel,
within lepal ho-ra, the follownf da'crilied
property, lauaUii in ahgiby couuly. lenn.,
to-wii :
Lot 52, bhKkl.A. Wright', auhdiviii in,
!xl.);!, leei. . .u'b aic ol (ieorgia Itrttt, 60 -feet
went of VVrik'bt avenua.
Lot f;l, block 1, A. Wright' Fiibdivifion,
SOxl.r7V4 leet. anoth nide ot Uemgia alreoh SO
teet we-t of WiiKm avenue S dd ai proper
ty of Marraret Hire and ntberi.
Lot b'ock , A. Wrijebt'a auhdriiion,
fronting 11 7 1(1 leet on louib tide ot Ueorgia.
treat, aouthwest cori.er of LaKme itreel,
nd running aoalheattwarilly with Lah.b.
rtroat 131.2 teet; Ibvoce west H7.5 leet to an
allev;lbenc wtlh the eaal aide of aaid alley
lilt 6 teet to tieorgia itieeL. u,d ai property
oi 'EIV n rharpe.
Lo' bl. uk 12. aat lida of Pecond itreet.
Fort Picker ng, iUlUU feet, Hti icet north of
Jackson iirrect.
Lot 3i. block 11, at id of Second jtreet.
Tenth Ward, Ulaltui feet, bold aa properly
oi Alattie K. Luwrance ami oibere.
Part ol' lot 12, block 30, fronting 14 fret on
wen aide ol alley eaat ot Sixth tr. t. Port
Pickering, aud rum ing luck wct HI' , leet, -being
n'.rih ol tbe eaet put of lot It, ti.uk M).
Part of li t 1!, block A), t-eing tba eat7
feet of aaid lot, Ir. niirg tS feet on went aid
of alley ea-t of Sixth itreet.
,Lot 14. hluck 0, norfh'at correr cf JacV-
n and Sixth atruet, Tenih ard, :7Sxl;i7
feet. Sold aa property of Anthony W, lado
Hid llic unknown bcin ot lh irlra Philiuott.
Lot M, Iim c i 4H, i. uth eida of Carolina
treiet, SOiTa! feet, i'.Hr, feet east of Ninth
itrei t. hold aa irup'rty oi Fred W. K.ifer.
Part of block ;t7, aouthact cornnr of Caro
line aid Main atrccta, huxl27!., f. el. Sold aa
property ol D. .1. Sbarpe aod o'bern.
L't '', block lri, w.h' mle of Fourth 9trct,
Fort Pickering, 24xll2, leet. '
Lot 10, block li', wit -loe of Fourth street.
Fort 1'i kcrinn. 21x112 feat. Sold na prop
erty of Joaepb Tula.
Lot 2i, J. M. Tute eubdiriiion, Mil 5 feet,
"ntaiile of Wilkerson Htree oa ftet north of
Georgia itreet. Tenth Ward.
Lot II, block Iti, went side of Fourth rlreet.
Fort irickcrinir, 74 feet north ot 'nr!ina
atreet, 2U112.1, feet. Cold aa .roperty of
Joneph Tate.
Teriniof Sal On a credit of alx tnonthi:
not bearing interest, with good aocurity,
required; lien retained; rdeuipliua barred.
'lliii February 1, .HN6
ft. 1. MoUOW ELl, Clerk and MaiUr.
Py J. M. llradlflT, b.ouly U. and M.
V. U. A J. W. Ueiakell. iolimtora.
No. 4H.1S, R-Chancory Court of Shelby coun
ty Mite nt i enne. ife for itauwu uue.eto.,
Tl. John Ii. Tighe et al.
BY virtu of an interlocutory decree for
lulo eutered in the above ouuie on the
2-Mh day ol November, 1H5, M. 11. 50, page
2.19, 1 will fell, at public auction, to thehigh
eiit bidder, in front ot the Clerk and Master'
otiioe, Courthoune of bLolby county, Mem
phis. Tenn., on
NnlurUny, February Sill, le,
within legal hours, tbe tnllowing described
proi erty, situated in Shelby county, Tenn.,
Lois II and 13 Vollentin auhdirision, north
and adioining Stahl and Mor'arland: lot 11
being 191 by 253 leet. Lot 13 being 172-, by
loot Sold ae property of John H.
Tighe, C. F. Adder and otrera.
Lots 7, 8, 11, 12, Id, 17 and 27, north aide of
Vollentin avenue. Lot 27 containing 22 1-5-ocrei.
Lots 7, H, 13 and 17 bung 172? by
253 feet each.
A certain tract nn the northwest corner of
Vo.lenlin ana Waikma avenues: Begin
ning at a stake on tbe north boundary line
ol the fiOUO-jcre Kic grantrnd i iullie' t oor
ner of th Vollenlino tract: thenc nearly
north with the dividirg line of i. A. Par
ran and Volientine tract 13 chains 60 links
to a stake in said line; thence weit 7
chains 2i links; thence south ami parallel
with mid dividing line 12 chains 87 finks to
a stake iu laid John Uice'tf north line;
thence east with u'd lino to the begin
ning, rontxining 9 57-lts) noes. Sold a
pri peityof S. M. Ward and P 11. Bryson
Lot 11 eJrockett subdivision, beginning!
north- a.t corner of the KaleUh plunkroad
and wis atreet: . thence eat along the
Kaleuh road loo leet; thence nor'h 4.5 7-10
font to the nOrtheatcrner of lot 11 ; thence
115 feet west to 'he tjst lino of Lewis street;
thence south 47d fent on east line of Lewis
street to th beginning. Sold as proiierty of.
Simon and Tobius Wolf and tVm. W hi (taker.
Lots 34. 35 and Weuli ley's subdivision,
north sido of an avonue 33icctwidc, lead
ing Irom the west eide of Second street t.
waterworks on the eut bank of Wolf liver,
beginning at a point 42(1 feet we.it of Second
street) thence nTth with the west line of a
one-acre lot sold r.y Fingibbon to Margaret
liannon, Mil leot to th-uorthwoit corner of
said one-scr lot; thenc eaet to the south
west corner of another one-acre lot hereto
lore sold to said Marg'-ret Hannon ; thene
norihwestwurdly with tho west lise'of said
lot 148 tent, more or less, to the south lin
of W. A. liickford'a lot; thence weitieardly
with Lickforu'a line to the tiortheust corner
of lot 2; thence southwardly with the eul
line of said lot o tbe north tin of the ave
nue first mentioned; thence eastwaruly tc
the beginning, containing 1 77-Hej acres.
Sold as tho property of Mai y and Franch
Part of lot 10, CrocVett's subdivision, 55
425 leet, on the north side nt the Raleipk
read, rust and adjnininr lot 11. Soli as the
properly of Mary f . Stahl
Terms ol Sale On a i-edit of six months
note With security, bearing interest Irom
date, required; nea reiaiuod, redumption
Thi.e January 15, 188rt.
S. 1. McDOWELL, Clork and Mantcr.
By J. M. Urndlcy, Deputy C. nnd M.
I. II A C VV . U i j k o ! U co Itcitors.
'iriwtec's Nine. .
BY virtue of a trust deed executed to me
as trutco by E. M. Apperson and Susan
D. Appernon, his wife, locorded in record
i.ok A 2, page 40, in the Circuit Conrl
tierk'a luid hecorder's office of Crittenden
county, Arksnsas, to sccuro certain indebt
edness therein mentioned, default having
been made in said deed ot trust, 1 will, at the
request ot the beneliciary in said trust deed,
IVbranry IS, IhHti.
within If gl hours, on the prerai es, offer for
sale, at public outcry, tor rush, to the high
est bidder, the following property des ribed
in said trust deed, t-il, the plantationa
known as W,n.ko and llorkley plantations,
situated in Cr ttondtn county, Arkansas,
about nine miles below Memphis, being aa
follows, to-wit: All oi section lt, T 6, N R
K, 5H3 1IM0U acres ; W H K W H section 20, T
6, re K K, DOncies: Ir H lection 20. To,
N R 9 E. 2e0 acres : N W fr X section 30, T a,
N R 9 E, 38-100 acres: pnrt of Spanish
Wrapt No, 2373. T8 N U 9 K. 'Ml 2-100 acres;
NE y section IS, T ti. N R 9 K, Ml acres; N
!i Ntt M ssctinn S1.T6, N R 9 K, 80 acres ;
NW H section 31, T 8, U n 9 K. 160 acres; SW
H section 31), T ti. N R 9 E. 1H0 acre : SE X
soction 26, T ti, N R 8 K, 160 acres ; N sec
tion 26, T . N H 8 E. 320 acres: W H section
25, T 6, N R 8 K, ;-20 acres; SB fr H section
30, T 8, N R E. 5S seres ; Ir section 29, T 8,
N R 9 K. 12 seres: pnrt of Spanish tfrmt
No. 173, T 8, N h 9 Ji, i94 acre in a1! con
taining twenty-eight hundred and eighty
two and 10-100 aeres, together with all im
provements thereon and all appurtenance
thereuntil belonging. The equity of redemp
tion and right to dower and homestead
Also at said time and plaeo, and on said
terms, will sell the following personal prop
erty, lituate and now en said plantationa,
to-wit: Forty-seven males, forty-one head of
cattle, four hogs, being all th mules, cattle
and bog on said plantations. Also, full
and complete aatortment ol farming imple
ments. Title believed to be good, though I sell
nd wirrant only as trustee
Sal to commence at 12 o'clock.
W. M. cNKED. Trnstc.
ALL persons owning and holding Jadr
iicn Certificates, or aoupons thereon,
mator n- Auiuit 1, W , issued by Tipton
county under ar act of th 8 eral Assam bly
n tbe btateol lemeasee, app oved LKem
ber 21, 1S81, In coin ph raise of judgments
rendered in the Circuit lour, oi the I'niied
States forth Western Ditlrict oi lenneeite,
at Memphis, art hereby notified to present
said Judgment Certificates and coo i cm and
detached coupons, for payment, to the Cr ion
and Planters Bank In siid city ol M.m-
y ni . Tenn., on or befor tb 1I day al
briH,y A. Is. l.e, wb.n and where)
th same W'll be paidaevrding to th terms
and conditions ilir said Judgment Certifi
oates and eomprnmise a.rmnt entered
into between I ipton county l her said
creditors. This 31st day ol Dece-r r,, itM.
. ... A. W. SMITH.
Chairman of th Connty Court oi Tipton Co.
Conoty Irastc) .
Xollce of Final Settlement.
No. 48T7 R Uh-In th Probst Coart of Shel
by Coonly, Tenness Walter D. Moo,
admini.tratnr of I.aae W. ktooo, deca-ed.
ritJIs is to notily all persons jntisud in
X th estate of said Isaa W.Moon, dee'd,
that 1 will stay ol&c in the eity of ken
phis, on Thursday, Kebraary 11, m, at W
o clock a.m., tak and mt' th aaal sttl
ment of th accounts of Waller D. Moon, as
administrator of th ut of said Isa W .
Moon.deo'd. This Janu.rr SO, lit.
. H. B. CULLEN.CWrk.
By Loais Ksttmann. Pepaty Clenks.
PuOon A Ptutua, Alloraeys.

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