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Severe Weather All Along th At
lantic t'o..at BbI .it Zero In
Boctom, Mail, February 5. The
prevailing etorm i very severe in the
bay aud along the coaar, probably
more severe U ai either of lbs great
ga'ee of latt mouth. Ia Boston severe
cold and a iweDty-nipe-mile gale has
prevailed time Wednesday morning,
accompanied by a light snowfall, but
nntside all these elements of diacom
f )it I ave been ittenhiCec). The tiree
majsttd erhi ouer, Mary A. Killen ol
Thomaston, Me , with $40,000 worth
of auyar f ern Hai a ia, took the gale
early Wedm-ec'iiy evening in the mid
dle of. the buy and went ashore on
Third Cliff beach, Kcitiate, at 11:30
o' lock p.m. ( apt. K lien tells a hor
rible story if the m tie ring of himself
and men. He eays: "The blinding
anow enve'o ed us ai a pell aid we
were soon at the merry f tie ele
ments. Tliesia was rnuning moun
tain h'gh and contianally Bweitovpr
the vese', rendering it extremely hcz
ardous for na to work her, and making
oar position dangerous To add lo
the dangers of cur perinsl situation,
flying spiay frcsa to the rigging as fist
as it (ell. The upper rigging waa a
mess of ice, leaking it ia possible for
the crew to wirk tie ship. Tbe wa'er
also frcz? to tie clothing of the crew
and preveuied tbem from moving
about witi tHji:tivenees. The men
eaUered severely from cold, and sev
eral Wfrn frontb.t en. We ti' a'lyloet
control cf te vebBtl, and knew that
we were drifting on to a lee shore, but
were rendered powerless to help
ourselves. Suddenly we heard
the breakers to leeward and
almost at the same inittnt the
vesstl struck. Kich sea lifted her
ami she ion men ted thumping npo i
the bottom. It seemed as tuough sue
wonld pound her to .torn out. All this
time the luavy eea were breaking
over Ler, thre. tuning to rend her
asunder. As soon as we could we fired
the tignal gun, and in a miraculously
short time the answering bu:oncf
the life-saving crew gluidened oar
Capi Stanley's lite-raving crew,
which had already saved flfty-even
lives since New Year's, dragged their
mortar ppparains with greit difficulty
to the snene of the ditatter, and the
line waa several times inefiectnit ly
hnrled toward the craft, bet each time
failed cf r aching the mark. Afer
everal attempts the line passed eve:
the vessel into the seething billows
beyond. The seamen seized the cord
and quickly drew it aboard, until the
ruble bad been hauled in and securely
fattened to the mainmaU. Then the
real work nf reselling the seilors com
menced. The veestl stranded st 11:40
p.m., SDd at 1 :30 a.m. the crew, Lum
bering eight in all, had been taken off.
The re; cued seamen were nearly dead
from cold and exnesure, and aa soon
aa they were landed immediate inning
were tkn to resuscitate them. By
most strenuous efforts they were male
comlo table, and have now parlia'ly
recovered from the effects of the terri
ble txperieuce. They lose their all.
Grave f-ars are entertained for tie
safety of numerous other vessels
kcoivn to have been out in the tame
The Cola (snots New Toik.
New Yhhk, Febrtury 6. The ther
mometer this morning stood at 6 be
low zero. The present cold snap is the
coldest of the seaaoD, and the Buffer
ing among the t oor is very great. The
t'ains on the elevated railroads are
greatly delayed, and, owing to toe
snow, it ia almost impossible for horse
care to miAe headway. Twenty per
sons who walked across the Biooklyn
bridge yesterday bad some parts of
their bodies frozen. Charitable per
Bons bought Urge numbers of tickets
for rides in the Brooklyn bridge cars
and had the pel cegive them ti poorlj
clad percons who attempted to walk
Kour stealers arrived at this poit
yesterday, but no sailing vessels have
bsen reported. The steamships were
covered with Ice, and tneir caj.t tins
reported having passed very cold
night off the coist. Largs quant ties
of ice drifted at out the harbor yeste
day. A dispatch from Island City an
nounced that the mouth of the found
was full cf ice and that no water
could be seen from that point Mo
round steamers arrived yeaterday, as,
owing to the itum, noae of tnese
vessels sailed from either end Wedne-
day night. The pa t month bin been
a busy one for the crews at the life
saving itations ulong the const. The
crew at the Tbiid Cliff beach atation
has per hap the best record, having
'raved sixty-five lives since the great
etirro. of January 9th.
The cold in this city is still intense,
and many sufferers fiom its effects ap
plied at the hospitals for trca ment. A
frozen boiler in the kitchen of a Wall
ftrtet restaurant exploded this morn
ing and the escaping steam seriously
scalded Annie BobeiU of Brooklyn,
Intensity Cold ( Winchester.
Winchester, Va , February 5. In
tense cold weather prevailed in this
1 1:4 in i i I l. .
rise in temperatu.e took plaie. Ther
mometers indicated at sunrise this
morning from 4 tj 8 blow zeio, ac
cording to (xnosnre.
Zero m t'ortrea Monroe.
Fortress Mon80k. Va., February
5. The mercury stood at zero this
morninp, the lowest ever recorded
here. Tue snow is six inches deep.
Cotd Wnvfl at Charleston. .
Charleston, S. C, February 6 A
cold wave struck Charleston about
daylight this morning. The minimum
tempeia'ure was about 13 above zaro.
Below Zero' at Richmond, To.
. Richmond, Va., February 6. Last
night ej.d to-day tare been the cold
est here since December 30, 1880,
when the thermomtt'r in exposed
places at sunrire indicated S below
3ro. This morning at sunrise the
thermometer ranged from 4 above to
fc below, according to location. Im
ports from point? m this State along
the railways show similar condition,
the thermometer ranging in some
cm.-a at It)0 and 30" below. Trains on
sll roads, which have been greatly de
layed by Wednesday's snow-storm,
are now running on schedule time.
The Recent Htorn la Tia,
Denisos, Tex., February 5. The re
cent storm that prevailed through
out the Southwest has, in some re
spects, been the most severe of the
season. Snow fill throughout North
Texas, and it is expected much damage
will result to vegetation and stock
from the cold wave. The news from
the Indian Territory indicate that the
lr j to cattle in the nation will be very
difrtrotis in consequence of the storm
that bss recently swept over that sec
tion. A special from Bedford, twelve
miles snnth of To'u, the present ter
minus if the bt. Louis aid San Fi a 1
' rico railway, far: "The beavieet
f -It r f enow ever known in this coun
try is now on the ground st lcaei
eighteen inrhes on the level. There is
much suffering on the Frisco exten
sion wet f here, and 'he lom of ro-k
in the range will be noprtcedentiHl if
the snow lies on the ground to days
longer, as feed and water are unob
tainable. In many of the covers in
the limner brakes where stork usual
ly resort in a storm tbesnow drifts are
iiom ten to thirty inrhes deep."
A special from Chant ai, on the
line of the MisfOjri, Kansa and
Texas railway, in the Indian Terri
tory, says: "Snow has b-wn fal irg
here for the past twenty-fonr hour,
w tl no aiiin. of abatement. It is now
bout two feet deep, with a heavy
cold north wind b'oaing. The sow
is drifted itt place five to e ght f wr
deep, and thea'ready wi ak cattle will
perish. It is the wo ret btjrm thit has
prevailed here for years."
Tha news fioua the Texts pan
handle U merger, hut to the (Sect that
now lai fallen heavily throughout
the entire region and that lbs to d is
intense. The loa to the ca'tle interest
in the pietsent famished condition of
the ftock will he nnnnllv large.
Coldest of the Winter at Baltimore.
Baltimore, Md., February 5 Lvt
night waa the coldest of the winter,
and to ('ay, though the sua ahiues
br'gtt'y. the atmosphere ia very se
veie. At 7 o'clock tl is morning the
mercury indicated 2 below zro, a
1 urn oxnrreuce in this latitude, and at
9 o'cl ck was ab)ve. At 1 o'clock
this afternoon it stood 9 above. Trains
are still delayed and nava"oi again
suspended, there laving been no ar
rivals lor departures from this poit
t day.
Trains Delayed ai Wilmington.
WiLMiMiTON, Pel , February 5. The
weather lattt n'ght interfered gre&tlv
with the running of rilroad tainp.
The New York and No fclk tortb
bound express was eight t ojrs late,
and way freight trttfio has been large
ly suspended. Snow blocn lee are re
rottjd on the Queen Anne and fie
K-nt and the Delaware and the Vir
ginia railroad.
forty Degree llelow .pro at W
Irrlown, N. Y.
Watehtowm, N Y., February 5.
The mercury is 40 be ojt zero here
this morning.
The ('oldest or the Nnuua at Wash
luaton. Washington, February 5. Th s
morning waa the 1 oldest cf the sea-
ion. The thermometer at the Signfl
Utice regtatered 2" btljw z-ro at 7
ii'tlork. The minimum temperature
was 2.30s below.
The exceedingly cold weather has
caused much sulfurics; among the poor,
many of whom a-e witt o ,t f il 01 pro
visions The New York traiu due on
the Baltimore and Potomac road a
5:35p m , ai delayed beyond I'hiU
delphia aud reached here six tours
late. There are two trains ot stock on
the Washington aid Ohio road which
are snowed op. All trains from the
South this morning were reported in
dtfintely la'e. The Chicago express,
due here at 0 o'clock this morning,
'arrived here at 7:25. The snow is
now drifting and the probability is
the arrival f trains will be irregular
during the day.
The t'oldeitt Weather Ever Expe
rienced at Mituulun
Staunton, Va., February 5. This
is the (o'.dett wet tier ever experi
enced in this latitude. At 6 :30 o'clock
this morning the thermometer regis
tered 25 below.
In'enaely Cold at Saratoga.
Saratoga, N. Y., February 5. An
intense cold wave swept over this sec
tion during the night, accompanied by
a northwest wind. The thermometer
registered 36 below zirn t his morning.
The Heaviest Nnow Kver Known at
Vewbtrs, Icon.
fooxizaroKDSNCi op thb afmal.1
New-hern, Tejjn., February 4. The
snow ol tbe Zd ins'uit is tie deepest
ever known in this section. It
measures thiity inches In depth and
in many places has drifted to the
depth of eight or ten feet. The ion is
everywhere are blockaded and travel
is iropo:sible.
Yesterday was "put in" by the rail
road h aids in clearing the track so
that the trains which were blockaded
near here could get in. Thera were
two passenger trains, one due here i t 9
o'clock p.m. the 2d, and one due at 3
o'ch ck a.m. the 3d instant, from Mem
phis, that were snow-bound just west
of town, aid extra force was employed
yesterday evening to clear the track
and about 5 o'clock in the evening
they succeeded in coming ict) twn
by attaching several engines to cuch
train, and tbe west-bound passenger
ti am came in late yes'eraay evening,
being some fifteen hours behind
The schools are completely snowed
under and everything is atastandstill.
People who are out of wcod can't
get any hauled as it is impossible to
run wagons. The like has never been
seen here before.
CI real Nnflerlnar Among Canadian
Chicago, III., February 6. A Mon
treal special says: "The most diatre s
ing intelligence continues to be re
ceived from UaBpe rega-ding the starv
ing condition of the fishermen and
their families, who have been thrown
out of employment by the suspension
of Robin & Co. Ta make matters
wose, the other great fishing firm of
Lebont liter Bros, bss alto suspended,
so that some 5030 souls are liteialiy on
the verge of starvation. The douiimi n
government las been petitioned to
come ti the n?s:atance of thne people,
and is in a quandary, as there seems to
be no hope of the firms resuming
business. A communication has been
received bv the mayor here from the
rector of New Cai lisle nod of 1'aepe
biac asking for aid, and intimating
that tbe system pursued by the bank
rupt firms was such that the men
were at all times dependent on their
employers for their daily bread. Now,
that this has failed tbem, and unless
assistance, is ptovided, the piovision
s' ores will be pillaged, mob rule will
reign and life and property will be en
dangered. Two-thirds of the people
of the coucty of Gospe are affected
by the failures."
rongreoslonal Centennial.
New York, February 6. At a meet
ing of the Chamber of Commerce yes
terday a commute was appoints to
report upon the nivirability of cele
brating the centennial anniversary cf
the meeting of the firs; national Con
press and of the inauguration of Gen.
Washington in this city, which oc
curred April 30, 1789.
; ' '
Scott's Emnlslnn of Pore Cod l.lver
Oil. with HypapboBhltes,
In Scrofulout and Conaumndee Catet.
Dr. 0. C. Lorkaood, New Y'ork,
says: "I have frequently prescribed
Scot''s Emulsion and regard it as a
valuable preparation in scrofaloua and
consumptive cases, palatable and elli-cacioua."
What John Il ijle U'IMlly Ihliik
(if the ew Cabinet -Morlej'a
LoNn-!t, February 5. Mr. J. Coll
ing', L beral member of Parliament
f r Ipswich, wl o e "ibree acres arid a
cow" amendmei t to the addn-sa m re
ply to the Q lien's i-peoch caused the
overthrow nf fie ('ojferva ivee, has
been atpohtd by Mr. (i a istone S -rttiry
of tbe IomIQ ivernmeut Board.
Mr. J. Riuby, L;beia' member for
Wisbech, Ctiubridtfe-tiire, has betn
appointed Solicitor-General.
London, February 6. fcir William
Vernon Ha court, the new Chenrellor
of the Excbtquer, in his address to
he electors 1 1 Derby, m lic.t ng a tv
t irn t Pari anient, eut- flat he will
d ) all in bis p wer to co perate with
the new government i? the work of
solving the Irish questio.i in a way
t" at will maintain the union and ttie
tupreaa-y of theciown.
Comments ol too Uoblla Press.
Dt'B.iN, FebiUiiry5. The Freeman' t
Journal, commenting o'.i Mr. Glad
s oje'o tlr-ction .address to his con
stituents, says the Prime Minister ex
piicit!y rvciguizes that no eetilement
f he lind or education question in
Ireland is puehible witbo.it lr sh 81 lf
govrrnmeut. The Ejpn$ (Conservativt) says it is
nuutevii'g to be e n (routed with such
talk as Mr. Gladstone's addrecs ron
txi'iS about an icquiry into fie affaiis
1 f Ireland, when ttie lt:dioal Ministt-ra
know tint crime, I oyer ting aid
breaches of the peace are rampant in
this country
John ltojle O'lteiliy oil ihaCabluet.
Boston. Mass , Khbruary 5 Hptak
ing 1 f Gladstone') O ib net, John Boyle
O'K-il y ssyst! nt he warmly approves
the appoimnieiit of J hn Moriey u
Cniet S.'crttary f .r Ireland, but the
Cabinet, as a whole, h1 says, in prac
tiu lly a rebaeh ot former Liberal
Cabinet.'. As 'ar as t ie rtlations of
the Irish peiq.ln and Mr. Gladstone
a eC 'Dcerned, Mr. O'Reilly expresses
the opinion that the Irish look npon
GUdaioae with great tope as the man
woo has received perhaps the an
needed lesson in regard to the impor
tancsiftbe Irish quel tlon. "On the
whole," said the ed t tr of the FUol
"I don't think t 11' tbe new Cabintt is
one from wbicti Ireland can txpett
genef iui trea'ment. It is a com pi o
iniee Cabinet, and luBt extraordinary
hash of public i biiaitera presented
by England for 1 ulf a century, and yet
I f jresie that the lrifh que t on is in a
fair way lo be settled "
Espnlalon r ihe orlenns Princes
I rum Kritnce.
Paris, Februarys. The member" rf
the pity ot tbe extreme L,titfin tne
Chamber of Deputies consider tbe
present an oppor.une one for bringing
fnrward a rat a iu re lot the expulsion
of the Orleans Prinoes. It is thought
the Radicals will abaction their inten
tion ol inttolucing a motion to expel
tbe 1 rinces.
Ihe Strike at Nt, tnentln.
Paris, February 5 The strike of
tne factory employes a, bt. ijaentm is
extendirg. The strikers a-e making
demonsti u'.ions, and f -ars are felt that
they will resort to serious violence if
the roasters persist in refusing to con
cede to their demand.
Sate of the French I rown Jewels,
Paris, Fehruary 5. The debate on
tne sale ci tne crown jewels was
attended with erect excitement.
Cumtj do Ltnjuvais predicted that
tbe Kepunlic Wuuld he soeedily over
thrown. His prediction was received
with bowls. It is estimated that the
jawch will produce 40.C30.0C3 francs.
O.bers of mure historic interest will go
to the Louvre collection. Gemscf
artistic and educational interest will
be banded ti the museum and school
of mines. '1 he Imperial crown swords
that belonged to Louis Will, and the
Dauphin will be melt d in order to
prevent the possibility of their filling
into the bands 01 eliowmen.
Priest asanaslnvted In tbe Confrs-
Montehky, Mexico, February 5
Bishop Gallagher cf this city received
an account to-day of a poor man in
Gun lalsjara who went to u priest to
conft8", and while the priest it ined
over to listen to the recital of tbe
seeming penitent the latter plunged a
dagger lute his heart. The a'-saesna'ed
priett waa well known and popular
and no cause can be ascribed for the
tragedy, especially as the assassin is
dumb to alt inquiry and cannot be in
duced or forced to speak about the
matter. The man is now in j i pond
ing investigation br the authorities.
Diseases are
all over tbe
I am a native of England, and while I
wn ia that country I contracted s tcrribla
blood poiBon, and for two yean was under
treatment ai an out-door nutivnt at Notting
ham Unanitnl, Ktgland, nut waa not oared,
I suffered the moMt Bsonnin tiulne n mv
bones, and was covered with sores all over
my buriy and limbs I bad vrrtiro and deaf
ness, with partial loss 01 siirht, severe pains
in my bead and eyte. etc., which nearly ran
me eraiy I lost all hope in that eountry,
and sailed for America, and was treated at
KoosevoH In thin city, as well as by a prom
inent physician in New York having no con
nection with the hospitals.
I saw the advertisement of bwift s Snoeiffc.
and 1 determined to aire it a trial as a la-t
resort. I had si fen op all hop of boina
cured, as I had gone through tbe hands ot
the bent aedioal men in Nottingham and
New York. I took six bottles of H. B. S.,
and I can sny with craat joy that they have
cured me antirely. I am as sound an d a ell
as I ever was in my lite.
New York City, June 12, im.
Ts tbe life, and he is wlae who remembers It.
I! lit in March of lastyear (1HH4), I contracted
blood poison, and hems in tiavannah, (ia.,
at the time, 1 went into the hospital there
for 'reatment. I suffered very much irora
rbeamatism at ths same time. I did not
Jet well under the treatment thr re, nor waa
cured by any f the usual means. I have
now taken seven bott es of hwift's Brecitie
and am sound and wel'. ltdrovathe po.son
out through boila on tbe skin.
. . 1'ANI.KAUr.
Jersey City, N. J., August 7, 18-5.
Two years ago I contracted blood poison.
After taking prescrip ions from the best
physicians here and at Dallas, I concluded
to visit Hot Springs, and on reaching Texar
kana a doctor recommended me to try Swift's
Specific, assuring nie that It would benefit
ma mora than Hot Springs, Although the
had prod a red great hole In my back and
ehest, and had removed all the hair off my
head, let I began to Improve in a week's
time, and tha sores begin to heal, and were
entirely gone Inside of eignt weeks.
WILL JONES, Porter Union Pass, Depot.
C.tco, Tezaa, July 13, 1885.
Treatise on Blocd and Skin Diseaaes'mailed
free. Ths Swirr Brscirio Co.,
Drawer 3, Atlanta Oa., N. I., 157 W. 23d St.
Ko. M' 1, R. fhanrrrr Coortof ?Sdb7 county-
ti'ats otTenn-ssee fur its on ue. etc.,
vs Juh'j Overton, Jr.. t nl.
HY virtue ot an in no. utory deorss for
sal. sntored in tbt aiov mum on the
ill day .. Noveuibri lv M. U. 60, page
2 9, 1 will I i rubn 1 an iin, to tbe hjrH
ei biddor, in from el bet'lrrk and Mantel 'i
office, courthouse o- i belay couoti, Mem
PtilJ. Tens., ss
MntMrrtny, Frbrnary uo, 1HH,
within legal koara, the lollowiug described
iru,rty, sitaaud la Chelbi county, lens ,
I.t 12, block M, Donatdroa subdivtion,
frontirg 40 by SI- tect on the wert side of
iii avenu . a'-i leet sou in ot Ueorata street.
1.01 H, block OT. west iiuc ol Dean aveone,
4('bv2 i feet, adj iininc lot ,2on tbesouth.
So u as pmiierty of W. T. l'i.nIJ,in.
L.it U. bllK'k 1. tort I t. rin."trnntin.
2f ieet on he uurth aide i.f Alabama street;
northwest corner of ti.ili aLd Alabama, by
a aei'in ol w icei. coiu as i ruperty ol V AI
Lot ti, block C. Fort Pickering, fronting
leet on in rorio riueor ai auia ftreet by
s depth ol llb)t test, being 5 leet west of
econll street.
Lot 7, block 6, fronting ZS f.-t on the north
sueoi A sMms tieet, nin ward, and run
ning bark Uo'lect, said lot adjoining lut A
on ins w st.
Lot 11, block a. nor'h side of Alabama
street, luth ward. by 116 f,.i, being M
leeiaeviui second street. rid as proi
ot II. K. Andrews and other..
Lots'? and it, b ook i K rt Pickering,
fronting Su leet n tbe o.i'h u le o Alabiima
streut by s depth of lol lect. So d a the
roriy ul u. A. At. laruraaud I'. M. Win
Kust ha f of lot . block 9. t. W. fSmilh.
aubdivision. front na M e-t on the north
siJe o Hi Paul siraii t &m f. et w st of (i.ulc
street and running back H'i frot. Sold aa
property or Alary 1 ciiiii and Henry Kjan.
l ot III, block V. fronting i let on the
norm noe ol Laroima sti t icct east u
allty raht ol eound street, iiiid ruua.ng bsck
Lot 20. block 9. fronting 'A fe-t an t
north side ol Carolina street, and runn ng
ds'-r I'NI rert.
L it 2!, block 9, frontl gfS f- eton the north
s:de if C'aroliua street, norihotfet corner ol
1 ty east ol be' nd strett, 1 ah w rl, and
run' ing back ltd feet. Cola prei trty ul
L. II. haton
Lot 2. t.lock 5. Fort P ckering, 85 by 11 S
lent tiortn side o jacaon strei t no ferl east
ot Ua-hitikton strvet. hoi i ks property of
J. II.Mia, W.U HilKesetal.
Lot, block 4. rorl rick-rnir, fronting 2
icei on tne soutt sine or ironiway strtot,
southeast corner olalley east of Front street
luth ward, ov a dept'i of llti1, Uet. bold as
properly ol 1. M. "in crs.
Lot 4, bloca 9, Fort 1'n Wing. 24 kvlOO
fret on the wcrt side of I bird street, 74 feet
soutn or ueorgia giri ei. join ward.
Lot 5, block 9. fronting 24 bv lull tcrt on the
west a'd of Third s trot I, luiu wusd, south
and ii'tjoining lot 4.
Lot 6, block It, Fo t PicVering,24 by 91 fret,
west side of Second street.
'1 ern s ot Sale On a credit nf six months;
note bearing interest. with -ecurity, required;
lien reiaine l, redemption barred. This Jan
uary 20, Vli
6. I. MoDOWKLL.CI.rk and Master.
Bv J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk and Master.
P. II. . w. Ilei.kell. solicitors.
No. f.:W. K. Chancery Court of Shelby
oout.ty Stato o Tcnriassre for ita own
ure, i to , vs. P. M. Winters et al.
BX viitue ol so interlocutory deorss for
sat , sntarrl in tha above cause on the
:M da uNoio ber, ln-h, M . 11. fto, pass
2.8, 1 will soil, at puolic auction, to tbe high
est bidder, in front o tbe Clerk and Mas
ter's office, courthouse ol bhelbv eounty,
Memphis, Xena., oa
stHluratny, February 30, 1HS8,
within la., nours, tha following described
property, situuicd in Mcuiphis, Shelby
oounty, Tenrc.sre.to witi Part nf block 4,
country lot 4HH, &tl feet front by 2UI fret ueep,
eii't side ot Third street, Ml le-t south ol the
south line of country lot 4cVj. Sold as prop
erty of P. M Winters and others.
Terms ol Salt On a credit ot six months;
cote wth security bearing interostro,uired;
lien retaiaed; redemption barred. This Jan.
lb, 1.
S. I. MrDOWELTj, Clerk and Master,
l'.y.l. M. lirudlcy, ilepu y ti. and M.
i. II U. W. Ilciskoll, rols,
Tiiistee'g fulo.
BT virtue of a trust deed extcuted to me.
as trustee, by U. M. Apperson ana
Susan D. Apt arson, his wife, recorded in
record hook A (2), page 40rt. in thn Circuit
Court Clerk'a and Keoordcr i oflico of Crit
tenden county, Arkansas, to secure certain
Indebtedness thnreia mentioned defaulthav
ing been made in said trust deed, I will, at
the request ot tha tai ificiury in laid trust
deed, on ths
19ils dny ol Ftkrnarr, 1SS6,
within legal hours at tha courthouse door,
in Memphis, Shelb so inly, Tennessee, oiler
for s ile, at public u fry, for eash. to tha
highest bidder, Ou following property de
scribed in aid trust detd, to-wit:
Plantation known aa ynok and Berkely
place, situate in Crittenden onuiity, Arkan
sas, about nine miles below Memphis, being
aa follows, to-wit: AH of section 19, T H,
N It, 9 K, 561. 1U acres i WV, NWur see. 2(1,
T , N R, 9 K, wl acres; ti frl qr section 211,
Tr), N U. 9 E. 210 acres; MW frl qr section
SO, T 6, N It. 9 K, U6.MM acres; part nf Span-i-h
firsnt l:o i'Sli, 2Kt.2 acres; NB or seo
tion J5, T 6, N K, 9 b', H'l acres; N J NK qr
section 31, T tl, N H, 9 E. HO acres; NW qr
section IM, T. N R, 9 K loU acres : SV qr
Boction30, Ttt iJ R, 9 K. ltiUanres: SK qr sec
tion 2s!, T , N R, 8 K, loll acres : N section
3ti. T6, N K, H- kl. XM sores: W lialf ection
2f, T 6, N R, 8 K, H'20 arrest fractional qr sec
tion ao, T ti. I. R.9K, Mncres; fractional
reotinn 29, T 15, N R, H hi, 12 acres ; H part nt
Spanish (Jniut No. TCi, 1 fl, N R. 9 E, 194
acres, in all containing 28X2 l'l acres, to
gether with all Improvements thereon and
all appurtenances tie,rounto belnnting. Tbe
equity of redemption and right to dower and
homestead waived.
Also, the lollowint tract of land situate In
Crittenden cointy, Arknn'oa, and known as
thellurgitt plria, being the east half of SB
qr of section 311, 14, N It, H K, HO acres; south
half of Nai or section :10. T 4. N H.S K. HI
acres; NU qr section 31. T4, N11.8K, HaJ
acres: all ol fractional section 29, r 4, N H,
8 E, 392.o8 acres ; thesouth half of section 20,
T 4, N K, 8 K, lHa 81 aires; N W Irnctional
qr of section 32, T 4, N K, 8 K, 144. 2S acres,
being the 1IU9 original acres, and also Ktiv
aocrotions thereto, together with all im
provements thereon ami all appurtenances
(thereunto belonging, 'lha equity of re
nteinption and right to dower and homestead
waived. Said p antatlon is situated on tbe
Mississippi river, about 25 utiles below Mem
phis. Also, at said time and place, on stiid terms,
I will tell the following personal property,
situate on said WynokeandBorkele planta
tion, to wit: 47 mules, 41 bead of cattle,
4 hogs, a full and complete set ami assort
ment of wagons, plows, mowers, gears and
farming implements. It being all the mults,
oattle, hogs, ge-ir and farming implements
on aaid plantation. Title believed to bo
good, though I sell only as trustee.
Sals to commence at 12 o'clock.
W. M. HNEKD. Trustee.
lreoua seeking Government Km
nlnyment ia any ot tha department at
Washington, or any other po.ltioMi under
the Government, I will send lull in. actions
aa to bow to vocsmmI 10 obtain t a same.
and Blank aYorins of Appllfutlton on
receipt ol One Dollar. Aiiires JWIIN
l. V4SIKS4SS. I.Atl-SU-w 1SWN. o
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING qualified as administrator of
the ostate of Prank Ilunoan. deceased.
notice is hereby given lo-all part es navir :
claims against said estate to file same wi j
me: and all parties indebted lo sa d cute
ill settle at once. Memphis. Tonn.. Jan.
17, lMHti. (frl) UKN.1. R. HHNCN. Artm'r
WANTFIl AUKNTd.Manand Women,
V MiilCU t0 ,9I, xtlK CHILD'S
BIBLE " introduction by Rev. J. II. VI 1
cent, D.D. Ons agent has sold o in a to 'i
of 674 people; one 73 in a village 0. 794; one
new sgent 85 in 10 days; one 2)k) in 4 succes
sive weeks; on 40 In 3 days at two d'flerent
times. Experience not neceasnrr address
CArtHbLL a UO. (L't'd),
41) Doarhorn street. Oliicairn.
TrnHtee'g Sale.
UNDEH and by virtue of tha terms of a
tru-tdeed ensouled to me as trr' ee
by J. P. I Jtnphreys, on Decemb 21, 1W,
and recorded in the otiice of thf Chaioery
tlafk of Ma'shall eounty, Miaxiss.piii, in
Land Deed Book No. 50, l ace '&, 1 will, at
the request of ths benencianes in said con
veyance, on
Hnturdny, the Oth (lay of February,
ithln leasl hours, .n front of the uostnffica.
in tha ttiwn of Collierville. Shelby countv.
Tennessee, offer for salo, st puutia aumion,
for each, to tie highest biiller, toe undivid
ed Interest of the said J. P. Humphreys in a
tract ot land lying and being in Marshall
county, Mississippi, and containing 16.1 acres
of section 2, township 2, range 3 west, being
ths same land purchased by tha firm of
Humphreys A Cannon from o. M. Harris
and Sam Uinton.
A so. thl interest of tve saldJ. P. Humph
reys in a 40 acre tract ol land lying in said
Marshall eonnty, Mississippi, owned in com
mon bv Ihe said liumohrevs. T. II. Cannon
and 1). 1. Brooks, of 'I el as; snid tOsc.js
belnr about two miles south of Collierville.
Tennessee. Hijuitv ol redemption waived.
Title to these interests believed to be good,
hut I sell and convey only at trus'es.
W.J. COOPWUOD, Jg.,Truite.
Collierville, Icon.
Sc. 17 Jo.T. rson Mrert,
(Between Main and Front.) VEMPOli.
I Established ia llV1.
DR JOHNSON isacknowlr.liredbyallpar
t'es interested a. by far the most suc
crss'ul plMsician in the tre meat of private
or secret diees. (Jmrk, irmanent cur.a
vuarantesd iu wrerv coae, male or feo ale.
Ksowut ca-es of Uonnrrhe and Syphilis
cured in a f w days without the as of mer
cury, change of diet t-r hindrance Irom
butinesa. Secondary Svihilis, the last ves
tit eradicated without the use of mercury,
lavolunsary lose of emen supid. ia a short
time. Sufferers from Impoteitcy or loss of
seiual powers restored to tree vuor in a few
aeeke. Victims of sell-ahuve and eicateiva
renery, suffsncg Irom spvruiauinhea and
loeof ph)aical and mental power, spe-dly
and permanently ru ed. Particular atten
tion paid to tha Dieasee ol Women, sod
cnr.s guaranteed. Plica and old sores cared
without the use of eau-ticor tha knife. A I
r multatioDH strictly confidential. Me li- i
rmrs sent by express to all part of the
B WorVingmen cured at half Ihe usual
rlc. Otlics hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to 9
or I. .ck p.m. 1. S. JOIIN.-OS. ,M.1.
Nt. 32H9, R. (O)-Ch.ncary Court of Shelby
eounty fcttate of Tennessee, for as, te.,
v , Win. K. liuileret al.
DY virtue ot an interlocutory dcre for
13 sale, entered in the abov eaue on th
Oth d-y of November, 1H-&, minute book '4,
page 1 will sell, at public auction, to tb
highest biilder, in front of tbe t'lerk and
Master's offloe, oourt haosoof bhalby eoun
ty, Memphis, Tenu.,oa
Nntnrdaj, frsrnary BO. lJl,
within legal hours, tbe following described
proierty, situated in Memphis, bhslby coun
ty, Tenn., t.-wit:
Lot No. in, country lot 470, brginninr at
the intersection ol the south aid of Market
street with l ie eat side ol tha allav rui mag
north and "uti betw en and para lei to
Third and Fourth streets; thenow south'with
the east line of sa'd all y 201 ftet. more or
lens, to another alley parallel t Market
S'reet: thene east with t 'e north line if
said last nimi.l alley llH1 feet; Ihencs
north 2il0 fiet. mo er less, to the seutu tins
of Market a reet: theno west with aaid
street IWi feel tn tha b ginning, aaid lot
teing known as the Titus hoinestoad.
Terms ot Sale On a ctsdit el 1 months ;
purchaser to eiecut not with security;
lien retained mt r- rieuiplion barred.
This J" miary 20, 1HH0.
8. I. McliOW KLli, Clerk and Master.
By I. M. Bradley, Deputy C. and it.
J. W. 11 a ui pton, sulici'or.
ciiancehy sale
No. R-ChanesryCourttof Khelby Coun
ty tital ol innesse for ita ai use,
'c,, vs. Unb Judih et al., anil f-o. 3-ttl
(K). Btat ot 'ieunos ee vs. W. H. Butler
BV virtu of aa Interlocutory decre for
als ontered in th ahov caus on th
2ilth dat ol November. 18H&. 11. It. 60,
216. 1 will sail, at uuhlie auction, to th hi
sat bidder, in front ol th Clerk and Mas
ter's office, oourtbous of Bkelby couaty,
Memphis, Tenn,, on
Natordny.'Fehrnarjr 90, 116.
within legal hours, the Inilowing described
proporty. situated in ctfaelbs county, Tenn.,
tn-wit: Part ot Iota 207 and 2t8, fronting
20 17-100 feet on Ihe north side of Washing
ton street by a deplbof 68 e.t, lb outline
b inn OH1-, irt wet tot Second (treat. Bold
aa protery nf Wis. sad harah Flyun.
Part ot 37"i, west sid ot Third street,
fronting i feel, and running hi ck Hs'-v
leet. said lot being on the northwest corner
of Thud sfeet and the alley between Adaiue
and Waehington slreta. hold aa properly of
James W. Richardson snd othars.
Terms ol Sale On a credit of ai months;
note bearing interest withseourity required)
lien retained, redemption barred. This Jan
uary 21, IB!.
b. I. MoDOWKLL, Clerk and Master
By J-M llra't'ey.Keputv Clerk and Muster.
F. II. A 0. W. llotskrll and J. W. Hamp
ton , b'olioitora.
I.., H. O. fc T. IWIIrosd.
Clark sdale, Mississippi
Train aton 111 mlnnua lor maala.
Rreakfa', going North .. "i 4
limner, going rioulh 121
Dinner, aoina North u l;lt
Huniier, going bouth 7 t
n.. V.. ...1 i .1.. T U l J T o.t.
Aun uti.ua ,r ii.m tun u. , . v. wu u n.i -
inau llopot. Th only hotel in town. Travel-
era, ciy boarders and lamulaa will Ontl 1 1
best ol acoooi modationa. Ira rooms ara
oo n lor table, w t plenty of bedding. Th
table ana aervios If ur t (lass, ierius rea
onahle. . i
W.-rt. TUOMHIIH CO., I'rnrrlatrira.
f or i j years at 37 Court Place, sow at
A rttiUrrt 4um4 tod ktllf MMlUd pkjiki and ll
-( .IsuOSMMUl, U DU urgksmv wis m
CiirAfl all
(.ormatorr-iea and Impotoncy,
ti in rRUlt of Ml txtu Id yoom, mimi uc-pM m
iiirr jtwn, or otbr nl pradsvlng avoiav ttnvl
liunfl"ii.Cl Of .'dl'M, let)
-lli(wW)r runiimoa rj sv rrBiuu ui nrwiT tr JC'nrt'ftj,
vrrlfisTw lni(itr or unhkipf, ort thttroui Hi anut
It turo- ftrMl t
t .M.w svud ul Iter 1
4 rrtim tut
t.ini unnorrhea.
Rtrletur. Orobtilr irui. tw MuviunK
itw prWu dlMotM anli'lil tirt4.
It IfsWr vvwts'Ot Ibmi ftflir (ftVUss wtso arsN-UI BHarVtMl
lO 0 0TtO ala f)f ttlaapMM, t)1 mo-UN IsV-WMtsslt UUIs
JI, vt)tilrvt f7ri iklll. fh jal tUm feuav.ofl tali IWI oftsra
rwomnifml (H'n to way Hr. W boa ll to lamot vulrat t
iMillbf city fb- UMtiaont, awH lar mm Wml priiij
ftsVwl tiy mall or proao auItr.
f-Tare QnaraniMd la all Cam
b niter taken.
Jfi.ttli-(.uua (-rnmalrr or ? htm fr 04 rvwHA
CtMrajM MMtamlih oad mrtmpnnmmm trtotiy rooiliUa,
fir HKI rases, seat st .ar .Stf-qM, Meant MM,Sf Awty
'Wl fl.itta, HhouM t. pmA kr ail Aodm. . atwro.
t'Ska tours ton S a. a,F. M. SoBdafq, s a, at' if
Atlmliiixtrutrli'H Notice.
T1IR undersigned having anaHSfrd a ad
nilntl trutrix of Philip Bauer, defeased,
horehy notifies all debtors lo com forward
and settle, and all eredilora to present their
bills, properlr tiro bated. All goods held
for oharire must be removed br the 21st of
Dneeuiber. 1HM,
Boots, Shoes, Tools, 6how Cases and Flat
urea lor sal at lest than eost.
Adn'ri nf Phllili Kaner. 20 .le(Teaon st.
No.32m, R. (K) Chaneerr Court ol Hhelbjr
oounty State of i'enness for U'e.ele,, vs.
W.K- Duller et al.l and No. 1473, H.D.
Citvof Memphis v . kt. McNeill iai.
"I virtue ol an Interlocutory decree for
JJ sale, entered In tb abov cause on tb
1 .idavfl May, IHH.1, and ronawed Ueeeai
ber la.lHn."), M. B. Ml, vage 471,1 will sell, at
liui.lie auction, to the highest bidder. In
front ol Ihe Clorh and Master's ofliee, eoort
houte qf bbelbr county, Meinhis, Tenn., on
Mnnrl7, Fsbruarj 20, IHSU,
within legal hours, the following described
proi erty, situated In Memphis, hholhy coun
ty, Tenn., to-wit: beginning on th east
aid of the first alley east el Third street at
its interaction wilh the south side of Jeffer
son street: then east w th south line of
Jerlerson sir 'et IM1, leet; thene seulb 14H'4
feet to an alley ; thene weal who north side
nf said alley 1 ''.'-, leet to th tret alley east
of Third street; thence with said alloy 14H.V4
leet to tb beginning Hold a th ropity
of P. U. ateatn and Martha hodi.
Terms of Sale On a credit of 7 months:
not with security; lien retained and re
demption barred. Thie January 2i. lhati.
S. I Mt'lOWEI.L, Clerk and Mifter.
By.!. M. Uradley, Hepulv Clerk A Master,
J. W. Hampton, Solicitor.
t -i , Naavs aan Dasin TaaaraasT,
agnars'ail speeite for Hrsteria, ilissr
neis, Cenvulsion'r, fits, Nervus Naoral
gia, Headache, Norvc". Proslratics, rtuaod
by th ns ol alcohol or fobaeeo) Wake
fulness, Mentai Denraasien. Baft nln oi tha
llrain, resulting in insanity and la in. to
misery, aeeay and deatn; fremslur.
Age, Ilarrenness, Loss of Power is either
a. Involuntary Loss aad Hoarmaior-
rhea, eanw 1 by ever-xrlioo of th train,
self-abua or rerindulene. KacS boa cer
tains on (noniu s treatment. SI a boi, tr
ail boies (or 15, sent t mail prenald, a
r.selpt of price. W goan eli Six ltoies
to our any oar. With each order received
by us for sis boics, accompanied wito n ,
w will send tb purchaser our written
gu.irartes to refund th saoney If th trat
ment doi -ol efleot a car. OsaraotsM
iaao.d only bv A KKlvKKHi' M CO., Crsf
UU Maaaphlf , T I
iMew jamxer xiouse.
Wholesale and Retail Ttnttera Fhc altv, and prices cut tn meet the nates.
Bout Creamery, 3Hc V"- lis. Ko. 2 Creamery. 25e per lb.
IUtryt 111, 1 1, lit. IH, so m il Sic per Ib.
SHI 'sons Mrert. ipuali. r'ltlr. Telephosio !.
W. W. 8Cn00LFIgLl). LjI IS HANAl'KR. n. O. MILLER.
SstalolistLod I860,
2ftfl niul gfiS Front
flkerifiornton & Go
Cotton factors, Wholesale Grocers.
Wo. 308 Front St root Memphiw, Tenn.
2G8 Front N.rret, Memitliis,
A(tnl Wliixhlp (Jolson aluw nikI I'rfnavrt.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
I. II. NOD WIN, IWU J. M. WOoLlUli, Vltc-I'rcU. C. IT. RAISE, Cashier.
X3ox-rl of Dlrootorai.
P. T. PORTER, 3. M. (I00011AR,
ur u ti it n iiu u iiitriti
n iiiii. n. tn ti a 1 1" " e nunui
J. 11. rl.Miril, I'ltA Kl.KM K IH r. I , It. J. 1IL.A1 H,
W. N. WILKER80N, K. T. OOQIM H, ll. V. Oltr-KIN.
JOHN AHMjafi.AU, C. B. liRVAN. A. W. NKWbOM.
smt A Depository of ths Htafo or Tsssucsscir. Trrtiianrt Ufnrral Itanklna;
Rtsaiaseaas awe) clfs NporMI A tlcnllnw In -nllcllv
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
No. 11 Union street, : : Meinphlc, Tens
MoC.Fearce& Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission Klerch'ts,
I'otfon WarsjbonaewNoa. HH aud AO, I'sHon Nlrewt.
Blind Ilritlh'H,
Trace C'lmiiiH,
MurIo TrocH,
Doable Tree,
CTisVry CombM, Ilorajft IlriiMlif h.
A I'oiiipU'.o Hue of the above Jootls nt Lowest Frlcea.
301 anil 303 Muln Mrecl, M nilil', Tenn.
W. A. GAGE & CO.
Cotton Factors,
Ifo. 300 Front N.reet, : IfToraiTljIf, Tenit.
Oils fi3 ISTcfTJ'zxl Stores ,
OlHce, 349 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Jos. Sctilitz Brewing Gompaov,
HfPlirDlIia TlTliXIf'Tf l
MiiiUi HIS UllAiNLll.J
S. nOESCn.n, Agent, Memv-is, Tenn.
' 0 '
&a la IUt, a0,r Ilnrrvli. Hole
mmtrm is isae,
Joha B. Balllsan.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton I?nctoi
And Commission Merchants,
232 and 234 Front St., Elemphfs. Tens.
Mr. I. H. RAINET 4vUs bis whul time to th weirlvrf and sai nr all Cotton iBtfmatsoT
to oar eaari. .!. , Warv uae, aauinatun itr...
St., Mom phis, Tonn.
n. oodwiu.
w. rrALii.
Iil I.liikf,
l.ll ItlllKH,
Jtcpnlr Links.
Cod on l(orf(
nonlinar works. Aiocwioa
,. taut.. lorbuuM.eur.MalsiafcAa jilt si
mf Memphis Brasicn, 1M,0M alas
aow,wiu nara.
rnos. Clark.
. J. Clar

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