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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 06, 1886, Image 5

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ECisaiE-tt Tr.
Thr Nltht" cd Ktii Matinee,
BrSiBHinc m r'f,ikrr alt.
7u Patent. Coiretisn,
XIOXjA.MD H U El 13 !
Supported b Sr. d d Company.
Yharadav n friday iirba -' d ba.urday
1 kl. inr. .,UIIU
rVurday Night . . ......HKIK
rlneidn al to tblas Mr Re.dwi'1
ialroduo Nw ''no.l m.J Me lleys, includ
ing his poeko. edition cf i'h Mikado.
Monday. V.h. a-FOUD'3 OPERA CO. in
the Mikado
Mammoth Dime Museum
tU Main M., Memphis.
W. K. CROSBY Sol Proprietor
CommeuelntMoMKY Fcbrnarj 1st
Prof. 7V7'o.ll oo.
Ttt Man Blrd-Th Prineaf allSlfflear.
J AS. WILSON, th gxpwd a( Expansionist
The Living r-keleton, Bearded Lady. Great
Japaoaa Eq.il hr at, Lady and trained
liirds trout ho A I New Acts in
th i heater. Ilourlr 8ts Sbuwa by
The Eastern m iult j lompany.
-lmmau 'N
HiRgv Wai.aaa, Ueoeral Manager.
Another Hi-otiNliii' 't Attract! .oa !
Billy Prre. Ill I gaui Ion Bnnjnlat
Pick au't t iiinntlnm.
And i Ilot o Other'. V.ipnUf P-i .
1jV)R City Property, 6 stall Fhrms. 5 n.ils
' from ally. Old ha'cuti road : eell on
loortini". Ad I' K '' Wdi-n ',
1 000 110 W With hoard: day boarders
I aot'iimmoduted; 'r niicBla also io-
oluted, alduotecua i itret.
BOARI-With X'-wllent mam.
5 NICE Rooms, furm-hedor utifurni-hed
with or withoii' b" d. 137 Madtaon at.
mWO l.rre un'urntrhed room, with or
A without board, al oV Madi.ou street, eor
aer Thiid.
poOM-S-Pront and back twroe, oit
M. or ...IVI.. wii' nun ,, -' -
CI. JAMES H0u.SK-- w. Second aod Ad-
IJ amests, Hnum and Doara to per wea;
davt-nard. 5
RETAIL D U' fTOUK-Dolog a y.wd
ho iue; od re-sous for eelling.
-ply t f n
wi ia:"N ft no.
rjOliSK On W.iltiiit .treet, iuattontuof
X X Vanout lot ovor ioei irti. j
1,1; n: a hqihton.
ri I nuM vn FlXTUHKS (lood lona'ion
D Fur infur it ti n.nuire nt Lcin'a ollico,
oroer Wahiuctu'i u ?6??ldjLlIii
X- f.xtwaur fro t,4i rtdrep. rorlull
ia.onnalicn a ilrnas WM. A. UV.AN,
47 Lejinetiiu atreet, Baltimore. Md
CK IJKAD Ml'lil'S AMI MtlllSl!.'- r
iij et'U. or piyatilo bepteuiuer 16, lnio,
A NO VlilKT'ULK FA H M--n No
p a. i'Z mSlpa fr in Brick Ctinrcb
Chlai-! 9acro No. 1 laid, houe rooma,
aerraDt.' hua e. ttnlde, birm, priba, dairy
house, well aod pi-tero s i lin, 0 bnahela
v.b .h H.lr. od D.Wtue. turnipa.
annaraaoa beii. h..t beds and fb, ajcrical-
tural Impleme t, hnu'ebuld and kit.'tien
furniture, now, ealvea, bo io, inulea.
wagona and hjiuni. 'App yon lr, ''"
J . ". lCilvlAW
H0R8H-A lafe, reliable family ,buy
hoiae voo weil knnan to ib oitiaeni
f Memphis. Apply at tbe )nrer .tablo or
V V. . JUNKS at CO.
POsf ' 'Vinr fpneinf poati lor aa by
W. H. LAhUUN, L.rkiuivilie. Ala.
nH OLD IT KN ISLAND -In aiht of
1 .Memplimi YAK aores of wh oh ab..ut30
tlriired -nd e y rit-b land. A barnain can
t.e . . e,l by.,fp lct,nB..nBTANAC0
4 ... a11 to tha
w s.
SAL F.ST ATE A fw In email
m innlaa a red by lion. l'.D. Box ID,
"V M'iPANTS-Pnr handaomely (urbiabed
KJtioulr oiu, witb bard: lou hern expo-
aura, iW'niiur-iwira attaohed, prirota taint
ly. Add'eaaX., 1 et. Cur. Uare watiina;ion
CXtTUATION-By a man who can
ho can make
himm ll u-ful and ondentanda the cur
ot b ritl. Addrtaa
11. A., tbia offipo.
"nOAB.n-TiTounr man in private family,
O in iu"tirha, with ha'n coaeniont forono
horac: refeien-ea. Addreis w. rr .. wppcai
Q.O0D C00IC-
Apply ot thia office.
ME V-T pll onr iwd in rihelb and ad
fr.inii.nmtnllf.: Will IIST ItOOll RAI.AKY
and all rxi K.'. Write lor leru a and Hale
lnry (ranted. riLOAN A 10., ManuUctur-
r, 24 0Mr,ejtreel,j!inMrinati,O.
J bermaid, at 72 Madi
Two reliable chnm
oc atreet.
iOUl!.S-T wrup Omn at the Ko-Ko
Tiilu I-actor. Anply to I'uromau,
comer ol Lxelit aoaid 'ainarects
f 000 COOK
-White oroolored, well rec-
onimnrjd" . at 87 Poid.ir sto up-atiiini.
RKLIACLK PAr.TY With tVMl ... STO. to
mke h II muitcst in a iiirht m.nurair-luringhii-iners:
voi-iia at.plei busiu ss eas
ily learned; nit ata-jury inc .ini assured;
rufnrooc . A liirefa A. E., lun olfioe.
EVERTBODY-Tr."!'! ani see tuc cejo-brnti-d
"yiy (Jla rvoyant 1 1 177 Thud
.iret, iioir I'm lar.
T aDI All UN rS-Fcr Mra. Ca-uphcli's
1-i Now "l'iltur" a Tilto", liustlo, lloop
akirt and Underskirt comhincd. lloopaean
be removal and rliirt laundrird. Adjasta
tle lo any si or shape. Cun't break down.
Adds Bruce, e erunce and style to the skirts,
tells lor t2'0 lo every wali-dreased lady aa
toon aa shown. Anonta doubl- Ihtdr money.
Aiso, a lull lir e or new furnifhing goods for
ladies and bi'd.o. A' dress, w-.li stamp,
K 11. CA'PUH.L A CO .
4M West Handolnh t.. Chicago. IT
AN AfTIVB MAN-(0:ontof eroploy
. merit) to baitiii on moderate ealory and
wrork hims.lt up. representing, in hi-own
locality, aald rlahlished hoii. Rcferen
ee. exohannd. AM. M ANL FACIL RI.NU
HOUSE, 14 Barelay afeet. N. Y.
MRT-Op-atair girl
TJl Wa-biogton atreet.
a.nted at No. 11a
White preferred.
1 "AV A alyfhdv. honest, sriher nin
cashier and to keep a small aet of tingle
, .nirv hniib.. uas that auits and filla th
bill will se. ur a pe manent situation that
he can hold lor ye .re. rialry F75 par month.
The pirtv r ply ng will answer in h a own
hand-writing. Give roferen res and addrosa
CAHIKK, Pii'totlice
A0ETa lo every section ol the country
for two New Books, just ready. Brr.otAL
Tkhmb to nieu of ex peiience capable of fill
ing a lars-e territory. Btate experience, ago
and territory aotd. CASSKl.I, A Co.
Otmited), 8J2 Broadway, N. i., and 40 Dear
born atreet, Chioago.
-As huekeener; can turnihh
Address L. A.t:., tnis once.
AtKHMBN In everv S'"t in the ion
k to represent a FA mr manufactur
ing; ESTABLISH MEST having several
8f(uui.Tian ih.tare popular and easy roll
ing. t:ao r nannico aior.e or m conneciin
with other geoda. Address THE WM. B.
MEN AND WOMKN-fo"atart nw busi
ness al their homes ; can be done ven
ings and learned in an hear; any person
making l'a than KKi to oOe an hour should
tend lOo at once for apackaga of samples of
goods, and H work ng .auiplea Uormulaa)
to commence on. Address
A LB ANY HUPPLY CO . Albany. N. Y.
SOLICITORS Firat elaM lady and gentle
men solicitora to prsentan association
recently orgamaed in the iatereat ot educa
tion. Will y salary and commission. Ad
dreaa or call at K. blKWAKT,
Room 5. Fransiola House.
RAVKLTSij and Ci y Saleaisen. regu
larly roployed by wholesale houses, to
carry one-half ounce sample Un commis
sion) of new article in O'e in all business
hour'. No aaenplee will be aent nnleaa ap
plicant 'end. card of bouse renrconted by
bim. 11. W. fclevens. 3uS north Clark St.,
Chicago. 111.
H i ff MtN-Yoang aod old,
M V W.nnr and old. t bring
their Old Clothe U Koaanstein A
and haya th.m renoratad. 288 ilaia
d1 16 Jefferson.
OUNti LADIES In ity or eountry to
X work lor a at th.ir home; faacinat
(ng g ploj Bjent ; ao instruction to buy;
work B b tent by mail (diaunea ao objec
tion): fetto t per weak eaa ba mad- No
eanvasiing. Particular free, er gam pie or
work soaiUJ for four eenta is stamp. Pleaaa
aadnaa H0U M ANL'FAOTLiUUa CO..
At.l. I. 2.11 VIA.
IIIXMTC fl 'n ot ability wi
VAn I tU toliaiPapilalMi
in aood towna, to .-ll la Cele
of ability with i0
ebra tea
taienor Cloibra ftriurer on the In-
itallme t Plan, first e'.aia pajinf dusi
ne-s. PjM fuljM frc.
J Apply orpo'ite Coarthtnaa, V Wain.
On Jan. 24. ope black mare, with
jAX. w
b:le feet. Can be limn-' on P- plar at.,
.er the .ll-t. K"BKWT lti'I.WH.1.
17ARMtl-8ieral In larma la Arkanraa
" ad Miaj.if ii'pl n Ter eaay terma and-
lowpri . Addreaa vt
V the party who haa in hi pO'aeaioa a
CHILD'S BRACK lor the body, which was
handed hire on theioriier ,f aue and Main
ati eels, will return it to ,'iJ Main atreet, he
ill b libera I. rewrnw.
9 WHITE COWS-f'na with rop ar.und
w head 15 reward for ! ir retnra to R.
b. BARIOJI, near Curve, Her anoo roa I.
BfcOWN MARE MULK About Un eara
old: lonahair. Mrayed on ninht of U,-
eemb r2Mb, from Benitiown. l.iber.l re-
rd or l.r nlarn in n . m. i r.i.i. i .
.LAW. a'lne andCoiiiiuerciKl Nn'ary
l'ubhe. C nimihsioner ot lieeds and U.K.
Coiamifs oner, al tbo o'd oiBc, No. .H Wadi
eou alnet. OI.LK' f HiXS hl'KCI t LT V .
A., TON E W Uhina: the aerTice of Topp-
Bund should apply at 74 VANCK ST.
( 1I.STEHN8 Huilt
and repaired: and
warranted; also, brick laying. Office 6
Madiaon at., orteUphone w.
I hu.i. i;i ii"i
BRACELKT-On Poplar atreet, lietw en
.-econd aatd Main, a nlver bracelet, with
ailyer bnle. brari"; tbe foMowinn in
iiiata: U. B., ti. B , L. K., Imlph and Kuj
ma. Finder will bo rewarded by leaving
i am at No, 282 Kroi t airent.
SETtKR-A Hack and whl- aetter don.
with brown Dead. A liberal leaard fur
hie return tooiSSt. Martin street.
LTURNiSHKD front room, private family :
P central: gent preferred. A. 1' Apia'.
OL ANT AT ION At loot of Preiident'"
L l-lnd, known aa Person IVace. 8 mile"
from fcomcb s; i'Hj srros i , cultivation; all
necessary i iiprnvexenta Com and fod .er
lor a year's sup i'y. A.plyto
l. Al. SCAliVel.'J Mad ton st.
O rtation, fif'ern luiloa fium Memphis, on
tba L. and N. R. H., a store and aoat rosi
dmce. ddrs.
EI) MU Ml ultiilMo tionn s, icnn.
KESlUr NCiv Two-story brii k res deuce,
southwest cor. Second anil Kii hmii:', iu
firsl-clasi re;air ; 8 rouuis. Apply on prem
strret road. P.
mil out Poplar
K.. Si Mfd'son st.
i-Oi'LAR STK KKi otlnye. reven
rooms. AimiT lo J"ti nr.i".
Eo suite, Lee Block, third floor
Aiuly at No. 4 Madison et.
der Tennessee Club on South Court it.,
and four offices on Second street opposite tb
Cotlun Exchange. Apply to
K. 11. KNOW DEM or
J. L. (IQOHI. OK, 38 Madison st.
along, Ammunition. Fixblnjr Tackle
and Sportsmt-n's Happliee,
a Main tttrfiel, Mempbla, Teiin;
Manufacturing and Repairing of Onnl a
Speeia ty. aurTeiephone No. Uu8,
Notice Is Hereby Given,
THAT th annual meeting of the Chesa
psak, Ohio and Southwestorn Railroad
OonDany, for tb eleatiou of Directors and
such other huinesa aa may come before the
meeting, will be held at th oflii' of the
tlompanv, in the city of Memphis (called lb
Taxiog Diatiint ol Shelbr County), Jenn..
on the B.h any nt Airn, 1S. at 12
o'clock no'.n of ihat day, and that the loss
fmui Ui at Company to the Newport Newa und
Mil i'Sippi Vslley Company will he aub
milUd In the stockholde s for their consent
thereto and approval thereif. Transtor
books wi 1 bo closed from March. 2un to
April (i.iVW. .,',, , . ,
My order of the President and Boird of
Directors. i.SAAC K. HATES, bei retary.
aa INMllson Ntroit. Jfnl.la, Tetin.
A FULL atock of Wooden and Metallio
Cat anil Cukets, U"rial Kobes.etc.,
always on aaml. Orders bvTelograph or Tal
anhon Promptly attended to.
Thli fnionri remedy most turpi. T meti
. J -a" Al . -nmasi'a t..aliaw
thedemand of the age for woman'a peculiar
and multiform nfflltnioni. It il ft r-inert
multiform amirtions. n is a ruit
t... WI1MAN nI.V.and for one BPKt.lAL
CLASS of her direases. It is a apecifio for
certain diseased oonditiona of the womb,
and propose to so control the Menstrual
Function as to regulate all th derange
ments and irregularities of Woman a
IU propritors claim for it no other medical
property; and lo doubt tb foot that thia
medicine doea positively posiesa uch eon
trolling and roan ating rowers la aimply
to discredit the voluntary testi j ony of thou
sands ot living witnesesa who are to-day
exulting in the restoration to aound health
and happine'.
Female Regulator
ia atrletly a vegetable compound, and is tb
product of medioal science and practical ex
puntaoe directed toward the benefit of
It la the studied prcacrintinn of a learned
physcian, wbosa specialty was WOMAN,
and wnoae lame became enviable and bound
less because ot hi wonderful success In toe
treatment and cure of fetnata complaints.
REMEDY known, and rionly deserve iu
Wojiam? Best Fkiend
BaoAuae it controls a class of functions tha
various dorangements oi which cause mora
ill health than all other causes eoijbined,
and thua rescue her from a long 'rain of
afflictions which sorely embitter her life aod
prematurely nd bar existenc. Ob, what a
multitude of living witnesses can testify to
iucharming.affeoUl Won!., take to your
ooofidenc thia
It will relieve yon of nearly all th eom
plain't peculiar to your sex. Rely upon it
a your safeguard for health, happmee and
long lifo. . ,
Sold by all druggists. Send for oar treat
ise on th Health and Happiness of Woman,
mailed free, which gives all particulars.
Bog 28. Atlanta, fla.
St. Agnes Academy.
rpHR SPRISff fKSSION will open MON-
l.A i ih isi oi renruary. iw.i-f,',
lo. I and noo, -YrditnL!0.i.,1,f!.i".
elast of tha lupiI. ..' further pattlcwlaia
is to tat kits CBftxiri.
The Cumb-rlaad. l're.obyteriaa
Ibnrch Filled to Otfrflowlnx
Last Mght.
Throngh waste'ol enow, over lip
pery paymmnts and in tbe face of a
cutiiDii wind a multitude of people of
11 airee and conditions in life tramoed
last night to tbe Court Btrctt Prtsby
trien cbnrcb, drawn tbitber by the
world-vide fame of the evangelists,
Moody and Nankey. For a week nr
more the va lous religions congrega
t'ons of tbo city have been thiukiug
of, talking abnet and wiehirg for
tbeir arrival. Thourands onteide tf
thepa'eol tbe tlinrcb ilisibycd an
anxiety tlmoDt equal to tbe.m, curioita
to e and t bear two men who have
keen a lower in their pncnl ar sphnre
all over Kogland and America. The
Cumbeiland church on Courl ttml,
the largtst bnildin(, m the city
which could be ' C' UifnrtaHy
warmed, w stcarvd, iti CA it;iy be
ii'g aiout IS. 0, but evun thdl, it waa
f iuud, would be too sumll Oi u.itn
nolaiethe ianuifnFe crowas which
were likely to asi mhlu, a id in o. der
tlx. the number enjoying tbe nd
vantagH ol a eeut at one meeting it
lea t Blight be s Urge an pcsib;e, a
pyet-ru of distributing t cktle win
b.;o. ttd, no moro being given cut for
any one inet-liog than the church
would aicommoil.tj. Ia order to se
cure a Beai, however, to'dera tf
t'cki te were txuecied tu prens-nt them
at least ten miouies before the t me
for aprvije to bmin.
Tbe evcngrl eta arrived t orn Naah
Tile yesteidy afterncoa, gtdng at
once tJ the Uajojoio ccmpBny with
a number of ministeis md o.her earn
ett workers iu I he churcli, who waited
at the depot until the train rums in
to receive ttiem. Lirg before tbe
hour fir their first eeivice, which was
announced lo begin at 7: 0,uetrntm
f people bfgau J ouring into t:ie
church, which wse sjon lMed t) over
flowing. Hundreds ftoxl about tbe
dooie, nnat le to obtain seats, during
the entire service. Tbe tuuuc of
the grand organ, ono of the larg
est iu tbe South, enpnlemenled hy
the nweliiug volume of sound from
a choir composed of neatly ail the
church siegers cf tbe city, grandly
opened the exercisee, but the mt lidy
of their combined voicee, txquisiti aa
it wad, faded ontt f the memory end
was foreoiten with airnoittho first note
sung by the evangelist, Sankey. His
wo.-dei tally sweet voice, traiutd toils
work, bill a deep tiled upon his audi
ence. K;aii'g et time hIuiohI t a
point of wildnewi, swelling like the
ton. a of the gutad organ, it died away
again and auaiu, stealing its way in o
t tie heart with ail tbe sotthing influ
ences of a I'jnd mother's lullaby to
the babe upon her bosom. In the mel
ody of bis voice all else whb forgotten
and when the 'a .t note di-d away it
found echo in a sigh from the au
dience. To the evangelist. Moody,
whoso address la t d quite an hour,
tbe deepest at'enton wai paid, the
house, when he appf ifed t will it an.
becoming uncomfortably still awful
in its silent e. It ai plain, however,
that tbe audience, composed almost,
nntirolv nf Southern Deonla. and ac-
cuetomed to warm and impassioned
eloquence in the pulpit, were disap
pointed, and that wbile content
ing themselves with wrV. there
was in each sentence tne speak
er uttered, waited expec antiy for
something better, something which
would convince them that he was all
that thty had hoped f r; and it was
plain that they were enxioui to think
aa highly an possible of him. Mr.
Moody spoke rapidly, in it con vert a
tional tone, hie vuice falling o.tin to a
whisper aad o-icuionally rising Bnd
denlv to the higtiest pitch, lie never
hesittted for word, though he used
fiw outside of the vucabu!a-y of the
every day business man. Ttie art of
turuing line periods or of peroia'.ion
he did rn: seeua to understand, or, if
be did, made no Ufe of it. Tnou.h
bin language waH simple lo prim tive
nepp, 8om of his eemeiices were in
volved and his mciningolton obscurr,
Theolij-c; of ihu prrsent meetings, I
he said, wa- to try and stimnl. t) t le
I'hnrrhHS. They tiad been holding the
foit, bad been on tbe defensive for too
lony, end it was necessary tin that
God's army should eally forth Hnd ad
vance upon the enemy of mankind, i
"To-night," he continued, "I wpnt to J
nil yonr attention to the wordt f Uod. )
W lit n JeHuo Christ lame upon eait't i
be had a mJuinn, If yon ek almoit
u'iv child wtut that mission whs be
will tell you it was to (uve sinners, j
Our minsion is to bor.or the Holy
Uto-t. Gabriel migLl come down here
and preach five hours, and if the Holy
Ghost had not been hre he cnnll
a comnlieh nothing. We wauttl-et
to till this house with the spirit. The
man that has r ot the power 1 1 do that
can l ope to do roihieg. The Holy
GboHiscot needed for everything.
When a mn gets drunk and bents bis
w ft he well knows when be ia sober
that be haa done wrocg without the
Holy Crhost. We must believe with
all our hearts, and btlief comes ome
t inea in spite of resistance. For a
man to get up from a revival and go
out ttamping bis feet and slamming
doois is a good sign. It shows he is
about to be convinced in spite of him
self. Then if we find one who ia
willing t part with sin we must
next impart to him the power to
love to love the man who lies
about him, Jo love his won t enemy.
To do that man must be born sgain.
Imp'ant Iota in the heart cf tbe peo
ple of this generous coutt'y and sec
tional lines will disuppaear fast
enough. There will ba no laying
'you Yankee' and 'you rebel.' To
bave a heart fnll of love is to possess
the bnly spirit and o bave a heart
f nH (.f bope. The possession of such a
st Iritis necessary to impart bve and
faith to others. Let n minister who
has loit bope get into this pulpit and
prt acta and it will so into eery pew,
end men and women will sit lint
lees and go awa with languid
steps, bowed and weary to tbeir
homes If God tells a man lo doliver
a mesrae be wants bim to do it
stnvglit, aa he gAve it to him. But if
you doubt that the message is being
delivered correctly don't be in too
great a hurry to cay so. Tbe fault
may be in yon. Gahriel himtelf
conldn't come down here and preach
to any purpose if you were all criti
cising bim and donbting him. tine
man rays he likes preacher who can
sermoniy.3; who can begin with firstly,
then go on to secondly, thirdly,
fourthly and ao on. One wanta a
preacher to preach to bis heart, an
other to hia mind. So, between them,
they pick hia sermon all to pieces.
The Holy Ghost never (peaka cf
himself, but alwaya of tbe absent one.
Tbe famona sermon of Peter was no
mote powei f al, I will venture to say,
tba a those yoa hear every day in thia
tuna luobo jua ueai e.o.j un iu win
I ry pnlnit. Botit had a wonderful
i . - ' ,. wml , fVl. H;
rv,, y ,uv '
Ghost We want mora religion pure
and simple, and laas seekiig gf er out
side signs and vfSuins. More heresy
enters a, that door than anr other.
Mr. MrO jy went on to apeak of tbe
riling of the el one awav f-ora the
eepnli her, and wt at a poweiful argu
ment that gave the Chriitian worker.
Though it was long afterward, be said:
before the Gospel was committed
to paper Ihe air waa filed with the
worda of Jesus Christ, and the Holy
Gbnet collected them and spread them
out before humanity. "Tbechurchea,"
Mr. McoJy said, "are crowded with
young men and women who are not
pious. Nineteen out of twenty of
thom who are membeia ot churches
to-day are unfit for the service of God
After having been professors of re
Huioa for fjrty years thev shrink from
the performance tf their duties at
Christiana, and cannot lwd a sinner
in the way be should go. There has
Dever been a period when the church
of God needs power at much at it
does now. When you see satan d-g-ging
yonr foi aid your dauglittrs
down to perdit'on, mwking lappy
homes detol ite a'l over t is laid, it is
time to be un and didng. 1 wai t to
sets tbe members of churches red bo .
3rJ5 days in the year, !u'u on forever
in the work nf Gol, tliwitifj slesdi'y
like the greet liver )ondr towards im
g' a'. Kvery child shoiili he an artesian
well pf happiness and piety, bub
bling and oveiUowinu with the gmce
of Go l. ChriBtsaid, "BKed aret'.ey
that hnngr fer rlmo isniw, fir
they sttt.1 be tilted." D.ot know
what heaven's metieure it? It is jiiluJ
up, shaken ard packed down aud
piled up agaiu. fiiere ia l.o rouui
thn lil. for the devil.
The man who is not faithful to a'l
the relatione cf life is no' tit for Ucd's
work. The church is wi filly dtfkier.t
in its apprecUt on of tl at (act. Tbe
use of money and argument will
avail nothing in advancing tbe
cause of Curist. There Is not
money or intellect ennugh in tbe
world to convert one soul. Tbe church
is on a low plate because it doas not
look for great things. What we wai t
is gnat expeditions. Prsy Gcd to
repeat Peuiecoat. We niuet preach
Chiiet. The apostles were tola when
they were relieved from prison that
they would not be nul'OieJ if they
did not preash Christ. Their ia'lois
knew if tiny deprived them of the
power of Jesns'd name they could r'o
nothing. And, my friende,' j oi must
not think ttnto.ie conversion in a
lifetime ia enough. Simply because
you weie fu'l tf the cpirit, live yen a
ago is no ri a ion why vuu Bbo'ild iiot
open your arms to it now. It is to
eign you are full t i-night. You roust
keep going, keep progressing, keep
full. 1 am more anxious about the
church than the world. Let us not
say we wistl tome or.e uIhh would get
re 1 1 git n; let ua get it ourstlves. If it
is power joa want, keep ycur eyes al
waya on the Matter. I want ;ou sit
to pray that I may have power, and I
shall pray for it inys If.
After the codc1ur .ii of Mr. Moody's
a Idiess about ba'f the audience lie
pined, the remainder staying to tike
part in the exercises of aong and
prayer which followed.
For the services to-night a special
musical programme hes heen pre
pared, Mta Marie Hitzfeld having
ben select jd to take a leading pari
w.th Mr. banker.
4'brlatlaw Nplrlllam and Mr. Moody.
To th Editor of tba Appeal :
Mr, Mo idy, in his first ad dress last
evening, thought it advisable, when
advockting tbe cause of Christ au
spiritualiijm. to include in one nniver
lal sneer r 1 1 tbo e who, under tbe
name of Solritualiste, advocate the ne
cessity of an experimental inquiry into
toe lact or tie exittmre ni unuu in
nature. Was this wise? He demand
ed the belief in tbe actual nDif ablu
tion in the present day of tbe po er ( f
theHo yGLo.t. Why tlen limit ih
Holv Gtoit to the domain of taith?
Is it not not nntuial. lo suppnee tbe
Lord may revtul Himsc I In taeae la'
ter days througrt the adtances of I a'-
urtl kro a ledije as in the pun he dia
throngh human fa th? If Mr. Moody
were wise he would let Spiritualism,
the nmn pi lar of the New testament,
alone, if not prepared to treat theeuo
jact fully and impartially.
A Illnrlt Vaarnnt'a H he in to Fur
nlali Illniaeir With tiollllns
Ilia 4 splnro.
A ppecimen of the gonus trnmp who
embarked in the highwayman line
ninht before lust is laid np fir repaire.
He posted hitnne'f on the corner of
Fourth ard Jefferson streets and hi
Mr. J. F. Elliott, who wai returning
home from the (better, approached
him be stepped into tbe middle f H o
sidewalk, confronted him and de
minded his money. To this high
banded proceeding Mr. Elliot de
murred, and drawing his knife as
quickly as possible put himself
ou the dtfrnaive. The tamp
sprang npon hi no, witbont a moment's
lots of time. They clioched and in
the senilis which followed Mr. Elliott
was wooiided in the lef; side jtist over
the heart. The scoundrel trade a
desperate tffnt to slay Mr. Elliott,
the blade of his knifo penetrating t o
coats, a vest and Mr. Elliott's under
clothing. Mr. Elliott re.isted to such
purpose that the highwayman was at
laet obliged to retreat with a severe
cut on one side of bis neck.
HI trhrms tar Beearlna;
Urttrm. tar
The sleekest specimens with whi:h
the police have to dt al are the col ired
vajirante, who bave many resources
andarealways invent. ng some new
scheme- for living without work.
About two weeks ago a plausible
darky presented himaolf st tbe resi
dence of Robert Church, and, telling
bis wife that Bob had received a wet
ting from a bose and wanted nome
dry clothes, he wai aiven Bob's best
suit and has kept out cf the way of
the police ever since.
Yesterday Capt. Lake complained
to the police that he had been chistled
oat of bis Sunday sutt in tbe eame
way. A darky, all out tf breath, rang
his front door-bell and told Mrs. lake
that her husband bad been wet from
top to ton, and wanted some dry
clothes. It was a ruse which would
bave duped anybody in tbe world,
and the darky's request was promptly
complied with. The police succeeded
in arrefting tbe tbief, a darky named
Gus Gillam, who was fix-d for the
winter. He had on part of bctb
suits, and smiled a sickly smile when
his attention wai ra led t tbe fact.
He bad not a word to lay when the
door was slammed npon bim.
Brows' Bsoschiai, Trochss for
coughs and colds: "There ia nothing
tl h compared wi'h t'.iem "
JRBV. 0. P, WATKIHS, Walton, Ui.
Cnaoge of Gauge on Southern Kail
roads Soon iS lie Made A
'tw Appointment. .
The rumor published in tbe Appial
a day or two since, lo the effect that
the Missouri I'aido bad gained con
trol of the Memphis ana Linle Kock,
but which was subsequently denied
hv Mr. F. II. Coasett. who, witb R K.
Dow, owns a majority of tbe boods,
ban hen taken np by tba el. Lonia
GLbt-Dtmacrat, which lavs: 'The
tKlegrru sent oat from Memphis to
the effect tl a it was rumored in that
city tl ut the Iron Mountain bad pnr
ttatedthe Memphis acd Little Rock
railroad a at a vagua statement, a id
yet founded rn gmid grouLds. lhe
fact is that 111 Iron Mountain, or
nther the Missouri IV i tic system, of
which the Iron Muuutaiu U a part,
n'rei-dy own t ie Memphie and L t le
Kjck.or vtrtUAlly io, beicg the poa
eeasorof fmsjor oitiou ol itsbotidt.
The repoit I. keiy gained publi ity bv
the tiking up of e ime ot thai deiiA of
the line hv lhe Missouri Puuific."
Th.. fa;t i-t tl w. Jay Gould owns a
aaj r ty i f the stock but tbe bonds
aie owned us stated, aud the road is
now being run by a receiver to pay
'.he inteits. o i them.
' Texas and Ml. lool.
The Tex is and SL Louis is to be
known in future a the tt Louis. Ar
kansas and Texas. The organ ta iun
of the uew cimpny will tike the
Texas division oat of the hands 1 1 the
receiver. It will then be operated as
a live, vigorous company in connection
with tbe Arkansas aud Missouri divis
ions tint 1 thyu'ealso reorganised,
when the whole line will be operet'd
under whatever management is givou
fie Sr. Louis end. The business ot
tie Texas end of the line le now in
d. Unite shape for cloning np and ttirn
imroverto the new manseemsnt, tte
bondholders' committee having n
uoumed their ruilioess to pay a'l
receivers cei tllctt.es sllowed by
the Textn couit', and yesterday a
telegram was received by lhe olllfiu'a
of the roail in St. lamia antoiiucirg
that fact. Partial hol iing, such cei-
( (!,.(. rn ilirwtml to BH.nl them in
to lhe Fa mere Loan and l.uat lom-
pauy of New Yoik, either througn
their bdukera or direct, and they will
be paid. The amount of such certitl-
cale outstanding Is about isno.ouo.
Work on the Texas end tf the line
has already been iustitnted and Is now
being vigorously presecutcd, UUO.UOO
new eight-foot tit a a d over sixty miles
of new steel rails having been put
down. The work tf widening tha
gangs win commenced at Corsicans,
Ttx. After the sale of the St. Lonls
end of the proierly, aa it ia known,
the future policy aod intention of the
company will be n ude public. Tbe
sale occurs Febrmi y 27th ia St. Lw'is.
( baaa-iB- .
At a meeting held a', At'anta Tues
t'ny to change the gauge of all 8 nth
ern railroads, f lur feet nine inches
was a lopted. Tbe Committee nn Date
of Change fixed on Mondav, May 3lat
and Tuesday, June 1st, for the work of
chano-ine:. Work is to begin (t 6:30
o'clock a.m., aid t) be completed at
4 o'clock p m.. The following rosda
will change on the 31st; lhe lnus
v l's and Naihvllle. the Nashville,
Chattinooga and M. Louis; the Mem
nhis and Charleston, the A'ahama
Grei t S mthern.the Cincinnati i'oiitb
ero, the Mootsomery and Eufiln, the
Southwestern i f Utora'a, the reus.
cola and AtlaLta, the F.orlda Railway
and Navigation Company, the Cincin
nati. Selma and Mobile. All tbe other
mnls will chanse on June ! t. Literal
lines may change gauges on any day
before or after tb trunk changes by
airrnement with connecting lints. A
lotnmittee wat a 'Pointed t commu
meats with the leading railways tf
thn 4 foot 8) inch and 4 foot 0 inch
gAtige nnon a wheel gauge suitable to
both. Ou the day bore the change
the spikes will be diiven the entire
lentth of the roads, and in Dual-cars
will be first run over t ie chuugetl
gnare. There will be four men to the
mile, and the length of road changed
will be 12.H00 miles. The tt:t is csti-
ma ed at t7S0.0OO.
A New Aullmenl,
Isanc Vsndenhurf, formerly assist
ant irnneril feiulit and in 'Jen el
airentifthe Osjeisboro and Nash-
vi In niilroad. with headquarters at
6 Afeosboro, has been Bppo.i.tid divi
sion freight sgeut of the Memphis
line of t ie Louiswi la and Nashville,
and will he located at Memphis hence
loit'i. Mr. J. A. Paik, who has heen
nonntcted with the road at Howling
lireen, Iihs been promoted to the place
left vacant by Mr. Vandenbutg, and
will take up his quarters utOwens
boro. jneinphla, Ulrmlnahaiin aud Al
lanlie. Sccretii-y Watts of thia road recently
said to a B rmlngham Age reportor:
"I look f ir the loid to be ext jnded to
Birmingham witbin two years and
possibly in eighteen months. I think
it will be of more benefit then any
other one t-a'. enters here, fiom the
fait that it placca tie city In direct
communication with lhe Wetturn pro
duce market i, and when it ia built the
Centrl road of Georgia will make
their Good water connection."
Rearaawlaailon t'onamltlre.
Nkw Yobk, Febrnary 6. Charlea
M. McGhee, Robert Fleming, Freder
ick P. Olcotr, Frederick I). Tappen,
Geo. Warren Smith and Edward W.
Corlie have been appointed a reorgan
iz.t on committee of the Eaut Tennes
see, Virginia aud Gio-gia Railroad
Company, and an agreement of reor
ganization has been prepared and
adopted by tbe commit tie.
Tbeir Rsrmeni Hcreiafler lo Bi
Frala.eor lie"Handay tlinss."
With Its commendable nnterprio
tbe Sunday Timr'n will to-morrow begin
the publication ot tbe sermons of tbe
Rev. T. DeWltt Talmage and the Rev.
Henry Ward Beecber, the hading pul
pit orators of America. Thia feature
will be kept up, and will certainly
popularize the popu'ar Timn witb the
people of Memphis aud the surround
ing territory.
w. H. BATES).
m. c. Toor.
Blank Book Manufacturers,
The Cwanoalll.-e lai 'laarc Tenter.
lay Hmmmm of Vl.llora.
The committee ia cba'ge cf the
Women's Kxchange yesterday was
Mrs. J. O. Johnson. Among the vi-i-tora
were: K. 'i Aodereon, J. W.
Bruce, BcnJ. Klwarde, A. A. Tucker,
W.G.Cannon, W. J. Cba-, L. B.
Dnnn, A. J. Vanght, W.J. Vaughr, J.
It Pepper, AL Newsom, J. D. Vive
rett, Wilson com ty, Tenneasee; Mr.
and Mrs. K. A. Jones, J hn Fieher,
W. Falls, George lioxlwyn, Charlea
E. Pate, A. J. Martin, M. Uonelion,
W. A. P.arker, Tbo nas Wellford. C.
W. Heigkell, John Overton, jr., J. H.
H. Malonp. Mrs J. . Andrews. J. B.
Heisketl, F. II. Uelskell, A. W. Robin
son, A. W. Limar, Kv. W. L Brown,
J. M. Edward., W. Bait's of Horn
LAke, W. D. Moon, M. E. Conway,
John Johnson, J.J. Murphy, llunsdon
Cu'y, W. H. Hii'es, lleorire E. Rm!i
sill, Ben Bingham, H. Lehman, Mrs.
Vt' let Tavlnr.
Predicted Defeat to tho Bannar with
Tho "KlnsFco" ct a Monop
oly Aspirins Co.
6aid that th people, alter being eurad
would demand their mon.y back, and any
Irm adopting th rula would fail.
But pinning eur faith to tha UnlreraaJ
Uonaatv of nanhootl and womanhood, with
an abiding faith in our aft-provd remedr
w continued loflontoi.r banner wl h "N
Cur I No Pay I" thir.on, with unpr a-
donttd results.
W anllinria luercbant dealing In
"Uulnn'i Pioneer B'ood ltenewer" to refund
th money if it doe not cur all Hood and
tkln Distarsa, Rlieuinatism, Blood Poison,
OlaudriUr RwnMngs, Horofula, Malaria and
Female Complaint.
D Perfect Spring Meiic'ne.
Essay on Blood and Skin DiMases mailed
MACON MKDICINK CO., llaciin, Ua.
t apaiv m wi w w ar w-- r' .
"Empress of Song," containing 63 Tocnl
pieces, ooe, uy man mr.
"Song 8 uvenir.'VontalningS'J Tooal places,
(mo, by mail nVj. ......
"Piano Souvenir." nntalning 60 Instru-
mental pieces, UM, oy man rie,
ol Music, continuing
I HO initrum.nt-
I ni... Siln. h mall nixl.
"ExMleior Method for th Organ," on
taining eomnleta tnatructiona, baid
over lis) vocal and instrumental piece,
bound In boards. Iric II, poalpald.
"Co' Method for tha Violin, ' the latest
and most progressive instructor pub
lished, havtngall neoeaaarr Instructions,
'and 100 saltation, such as "When the
Robins Ne.t Again," "I'll Await My
Love." "Dancing In tha Barn." "Little
Darling Dream of Ma." 'Tk a Buo,"
"Soma Day." l'rloe 7e, postpaid.
Complete stock of Muale Rolls. Cases. Wrap
pers, Spring-Rack Folios, in M.w De
signs oi L.ath.r aad Plush.
3S0 Wit I ii fit., MeitiplilH.
Bola Agent for Chlckaring, Ilardinaa and
Nw Hi al iod Pianos.
VK NOT H,iT Crah Orchard Water
will Cur Cancer. Itpilepsyor Henri Disease,
hut We hi' Crab Orchard Water asia
remedy for
Is as Reliable as Quinine fcr
He that Crab-apple trade-mark la on all
packag.a of "rialta" and "Water."
Crab Orchard Water Co., Prop's.
, JONES. Manarar.
Lnulsvill.. K
For filteenyeara they hav ateadily gained
tn lavor, and with aelea oonalantiy Increag
ing have become th moat popular Coraata
throughout the United Stain.
Th quality la WiaaigTeo t tra twice
A Winn as ordinary Ci.usrtM. W have
lately introduced tin) and at II gradea
with Ei.tr Lnio Waist, and eanlurnish
them when preferred.
IliuVict awurda from all tha World s
ri I'.ir. The last medal received ia for
V'bm. nifivva n. MealT. frum the lata F.XPO-
aition held at New Orleans. Wbile scores of
patents have heen li und worthless, tba prin
eiples of th Ulovt-Fiilins bar proved in
Retailers are anthorssed to refund money,
If. on examination, ths Corset do not
prove as represented. 'r aale evrrjr
Catalog-lie tr nppllrallM.
Tbonisnn, Langdon k Co., NewJTork
Morgan & MTarland,
83 HadlHon Ktroet, MempblM.
WI hay admitted JOnN B. ROBINSON
aa a parln.r with ua. and loan interest
In our buaiaeas. Style of firm to lemain aa
heretofore and above.
ybrury 1, 1 km;
- y r nyior A
fMB mmm
.AS1 .-rr.-.-r.u.A.. f,--.-:...
jrn i r a at a
PatHf and aliesigiat Kathsral Fnrtt
Vamllj. Vernon. Alruga. Almd. Rcja, ae,
.. as diicaKly and nalurally a lb. Iraat,
" CHANClaRY 13ALE"""
No. ICS, 'II' Chan-cy Court of fiber1
curt r-Stai of Tnu.. f. r U'. etc..
vs. W.K Butlcratal. : at d No. ltfurl, R.
City ol Mcmph a va. F. W. Kr acr .1 al.l
a'd No. l td, ri.D. City of AlempkU ra.
C W. Fr.terct al.
1Y vittue of an interlocutory dera ror
I sale, entered in .be aliove caus oa IS)
Oih day of Nov.inbcr, lHhS. Al. B. (. I M.
1 wll sell, at puhlie aucii m, to th ai.neet
b'dder, in from of i be Clerk and Master's
onYe. courthou' ol Mhelby county, ateaa
phis, Teiin., on
Kalardny. Frbrmaivy 90, IHN.
within legal hours, t tol owing (te.ihel
pr 'lrty, mini ad in il.iuphis, bL.lby -ty.T.nn
, to-wlt:
Lot lii, block a'l.sl'uaUd at tha norlhwaas,
Int.rseclio.i ol lleale aud Keoond at.eeta,
Ironting tti'i Icet an Ih north aid ol BaU
stioet.nd running hack with th wst IIbm
of Second atreet lfiOfeet. Hold aa proaerty
ot 0. W. Kimonds, C. W. Fraser and elk.re,
Alro, lot 17 and IS. block aa. 6ain.'aa
divislon, ach r.mtlng 1T fret on th a4
sid. of M 'inaireet, 10 h waul, by a d.pthaf
Cifcet. Sold as property ol Anna U Lamb
and olh.'ra. , . ., .
Al.u, lot. 21 and 2.', b'c. k tf, Kaint'a rwb
dii i-i v, loth ward: lot VJ frontin. (0 fet
.... tl . . i .l.ia iir.M.in street, and lot lal
I run: i ii r i Ice en Ih esst sid ol ataiav
lrm I and running hack 4 fe t.
Trriua f Sal- On a credit all meathat
purchaser executing notea with security; lk
rota nd and r.d.iup'loa barred. Tbi Jan
uary 11.). IHAit.
S I. MCDOWELL, Derk and Maatar.
I'- J. M. Ilradley, lienuty Clerk and Uaeter.
.1 W. Ilsnipinn, solicitor.
.'V'T 1 laiiamr WaaasaaW
'olMoulsilliMMa awi.
tllng th UllUd pt
iutkttit. rntnitl
VOiifhtuI IndlMtrMngBaTt.
KMi TriMi i nanifMi u
ieftkUM. Cat
ilia tiaiKMitsoao mmtm
Organic Weakness,
tlotil nnaUie) t enttl
Cirmjltr fM TrttU f
auid Mrs bFtmagtaffg
Urti krfbr wftJUM"
nvfllt IlifffWn. JwaTw 41
InYouna a) Middle
t'llltKI) UttM
tlOl 111
ikon to wnm
inlnor I
lirrurunu"-'-.i,ny my. gwn.
ViARaavtmiiNMAnvavlwiVntiiio mMiesi
Thousand OASaa.
aera. m v m apar4.
J man orfmnaim H nttwafftaaV
Ih MltrvftllM
of Uf WUVra. M'
On. Month. - S3 00 K '
Two Monuia. .oiir
Turaa Muoika, 7.0ijV
I ruin ml npUII
8x)a w. Tooth Bt.. nr. lAura, aw,
term, or onr ApidTanea
whi ca-xy t.i f a.-.iii HtitrSJ-.
Pennyroyal Pills.
Tha Orlalnal anal Only ntai
Pal and always P.llable. Bwral wrb-
Uao Imitations. Indlaoensahle to t- Blacat.
your lrns't lor uCnlelilera
rsal- ''and taka nn other, or inelos 4
letatnpi) to ua for partlcaiara is lanra by
Mnrn mail. a., fAPaH. Clak
rbamsri benalraJ 4v
111 gfadlMin ftqtaar, Mleita.,
TMA UK supplied by 0K0. C.U00DW1S
Wholfwnle Aaenta. iloalosi, tlstsss.
Cunts OitiousNns, DvsprPiiA.ToBPin Liw
Ctohaoh, Bao DntATM. Vfbtkkj, DY8FWrSH'.
Jaundicr, Enlarged fiiirrH. Drowwim h
aannMrAL. n, Without CmiPissj, eicaas"
A.k lor llll.K l(KANS-TknoHub- tltute. Miaf
In i nr s(lilrH K.'ii-t.ln ..liwni. Hold or Irraajnw.
aud M'llrlriM 1 .v4t.,r.enrv.li.re. (Kn-ul.r. r-
J sr.aMITMdtOO. W-Proi. SNtOut."WO)
Academy St. Cecelia
ti iTiow-ajioo -no- flioo
Manhood Restored
Hat M U Y I" It R. A t mtim of yuuLbliil I biprldlV
'ramAturo !., Nrtwa Ibili(y, i
iiiur, iAas
lrlaiiiirMXl, aVti
trH'd In
rin'(T,hMititaMrora iniiil
naVTinar rivu in wmtn "
I TO. ana. I OTM-orrpa..
wht'll li. w.ll i i I'KlSli lo In. flk.-JJra.
A ilit Tm J.ILKKS'Yfcri.aUDatnauin...n.w sotw.
Thi BRLT ar Ra
g.n.r. tor it madaea
prasaly tor th sura
oi dgnralioa tif
tba gen .rati T or
gans. Tber is no
aiisukaaboa thisin
atrument th oa-
laVv-Vr ..ftin
nuoua atreara ox
I.Kl TRICIT V oer-
meatins througn tha
part ma ratora
thetn to bealthv aetion. Do not eoniouad
thia with Kteetrle Belu advertised to cure
all ill from head toU. It W forth ON K
Heolne purpos. For rlru'ars giving full
nfurmatnon. addreaa vneever niwinr an.
Co.. lit! Washington atreet. t'hieag , 111.
sunGi:o. IlKXTIST,
S.17 Main .Ireet, : Merniihl". Ten.
Non-RrHldent Notice
No. W (7), R.D.-Itl th Chnety Court of
Ptelhy oounly, Teon. Blat ol Tno-
se va. W. K. Puller et al.
It ai pasring frcra tb bill wh oM aworn
ti in this i.se thai th d.fennant, harou.l
X. A'kinson, ia a non-resident of lhe Male
of Tonties.ee, and that i he name and resi
dence ol th heirs of Charlea Wells and Kai
Wells. df.'M.d, a e nnknown aad canuot be
ascertained upon diligent Innuiry-th aaial
heirs being mad defendant hereto boetaaw
of tb.ir tillered in lot 1, block 38. Main
atreet, Me.iphis, which this proee.ding
seeks to se l fur unpaid taxes tkron:
It is therefor ordered, That they maka
their siipear.no herein, at th eeartbvas
of Shelbv enuatv. In Memphis, Tenn.. on r
before tb nr-l Monday In March, Po. aad
plead, anawer or demur lo complainant
bill, or tb earn will b take for con
fessed a to theia aad ret for hearing
riarta; and tuaiaeupy oi mi. orwer mm
Isb.d i no a week, for (cur ")'
in the aempnisiAppe.il. mis
day of January, 1WW. A opy sttast:
8. KM POWELL. CUrk aad Maater.
By II. F. Walsh, Depaty Clerk and Masle.
J. W. Hampton.Bol. for eoxapla't. aat
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