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fimte am ttMiERC
Cottoa (Jaii t, MU .lii-ff H 11 Id-;
huli s, 300 CiJig PiuvUi.ins
a tn.iiR I g-jn hence.
Money in good demand at 8 per
cent Local Be; unties continued to
advance, esp-caliy Taxing District
sixes, which fi id r.-ady purchasers tt
par. The cottoa market yesterday
was quit t. Sd !f, 3'JO bales; receipt?,
8C9 bides; do-k, 140,037 bales. At
New York snoteclo-ed quiet, middling
9 315c; futures quiet and steady and
2 to 6 (.tints lower. February 9 085
9 03c. At New Orleans spotB tbsed
dull and iiregular, ndddling, 8 11-lGo;
futures s'eady and 3 to ( points lower.
February, 8.7l5i S.72:. Liverprol spots
were duil in buyers' favor, middling
4 15-1 A 1 ; f lturts quiet and stuily and
1-611 lower, February 4 68-641. Ke
ceiptsat all United Sacs ports yett:r
day, 20,603.
Thirty pka baroi, 5 plrpa cheese,
826 kks cotton-peed, 4r0 brls ctt un
seed oil, 2 50 brl fljiir, 12 hd hogs, 4(1
bd sheep, 30!) pkgs iard, 45 brls mo
lasses, Kit) brls potatoes, 1 car pork
Bides and 17 b-l sugar.
9 Madison St , .Keinidiis, Teiin.,
jy-rorrepnnl'nrc solicited. Infor
uxtlon i hrrrfullr famished. -&a
Money in good .demand at 8 per
cent, 'i he Clearing House report in as
Clearings. Balances.
Fr lav, F'h'yo J 2I1.''.1h "9 8!(,!". f!
Thus fur this aiu k l.ti i2,50 14 4il,5.50 J7
Same time 'an wetk ..l,3JI.27u 03 481,585 15
Cor. time Is5 .'. i.M 5 0 45 2lo,!r..4 91
tor. tuna 184 1 .;v4i.;;76 80 U-jS.41.-i tit
liuvina. Sellina.
New York siuht on all point..' dis pieia
New England demand .. Jiidia
New Kugland siytit. ilis'
Mew Orleans '. i dis par
In the first column we rive the lirire kid,
and in tho aecoud the price assed.
Bank of Commerce...- ......... ..147',i 1:0
Ural Naiiniod 135 S140
Oertnan Dank ViV,wM
State Natiotiu.1 "133 11:15
Union c Planters 17
Mercantile 130
Bome ..
& 60
'i ...
m H5
( 19
t:.i ...
3 25
BluB City
Peoples. ...
Planters ,
jAeuiphis City
Hornando . ,
Arlington -
Factors ...
TenneK.ee certificates. Dnd E.... 7S;
Tonne-Si-e warwn s, buries C 90 ( 98
hlielli.v Oi.uiiiy b.ni.M 1(4 fcili ii
Sh. lv Coui.ty warninU 98 s 99
'J .'iiaiiiK-D.a'riet 4, o's .. 91 19!
TAX-oe.-Distr'n HO fcW-i
Tdcuii.ii:-torjige Comproci i'o 107 ylhi
yr.,,,,. i. Cnui'iiiy to..k.. .. 83 t 85!i
Moio4;i Oas Company hood ... lu'Vi'l ...
M"-r. " etVaterC... bonds 90 .' ...
lln n, r Oil Works (ft 51
Cit. '! -Vorks (9 45
Pioru" C'.ltoii-Mi'la X
Ami- i un Ci'tton tlil trusts '20 4 21
M9B..-U.. v.i? K.iilway ISondJ ... l'ju (tflitf
Ni.w Vokk, FVbniary 5 Money on
call a y nt pr cent. Prime
mercix'tilepuper, 4 . 5 per Ct-nt, Sler
lini! txchni p dull but stca ly at 487
Wr 6!1 dayH and 4 SO for demand.
Eonds GovHrnujent bonds were dull
and nrm. Mo bonds were neglected.
There was n gwd business in railroad
bonds, wilh modorate activity in Erie
fecond concols, Est Tenties'ee issues,
South Carolina income, and some of
the Texa Pacific lusuet, and a well
d'stributed busiuees in the ren tiinder
r f the litt Prices are generally higher,
but the gu ns in moot cases are cny
IractionnJ. Amoig the exceptions !S .
Paul flrtts. o d bonds, show an d
vnnce of 2 and the Iowa aad Dukcta
division 7a 2 our ceLt.
&ioik 't'no etock mrrket was
prnerally very strong ut the oi.eniup,
first priieH hor,illg gains rannirg
from to over 1 per cant., tie litter in
Un oa Pac lb. Daring the litst hour
theie whs continue i Urenftt and de
cided activi'y in the dealings, during
which a Ivances ot fractions to over 1
per cm t. were made. The highest
prices of the day were made about 11
o'clock, unit after midday there wai a
very decided drcrease in the amount
rf business doiog. Paces moved
irregularly in a narrow range until late
in tie day, when there wa a decline
of 1 tj 1 per cent This was checked
just, before t le close and slight ad
vances were mad-) in naiy ccs, the
market fin 11 v closing only mo lera'ely
active aid firm. The same stocks
that have been active for some tima
pa it monopolized a large per cent cf
the day's buinet,p, La:kawanna had
ing with 8 ,000 satires, tif emulation
binges to a very large extent upon the
piooabil ties of an early seit'ement i
the railnal and anthracite toil
troubles. Ia the a.'t-sruoon decline
the coal stocks were conspicuous
for their losses, Lackawanna selling
from 131 down to 129 and
closing wi n a net loss of J, while Del
aware and Hudson is higher at the
lowest price of toe day. .Heading suf
fered most, blosiDg with a decline of
1J. Toe weakneua in this stock is it
tributed to the reporta thtt the Penn
sylvania railroad wi.l secure control
o't the company. Except a decline of
J in Oregon Navigation cverjtVdng on
the active list is higher, the advances
ranging from emrfl fratt ons to I the
latter Canada bouthem and Oaaha,
both of which are nearest the highest
qnotations of the dav. There vwmiu
nsnal activity in Erie, which i-ioted
with a gain of 1. The o'.her grettjst
advances were Northwestern j, West
ern Union J. Lake tshore, Nw York
Central, Pacifl i Mail and Union Pa
cific each .
The total sales of stocks to-day were
443.23) sharps, incinding Canada
fcjjuthern, 6700; Deliware, Lacka
wanca and Weetern, S0,8!i; Dataware
and Hud?oD, 10,068; Erie, 49,490;
Kansas and Testis 6760;. Like Shore,
50,318; Louisville nud Nashville,
4925; Northwestern. 29.805; New Jer
sey Central, 0690; New York Central,
9S41; Pacific Mail, 8190; Reading,
'89U0.Su Paul, 411,433; tit. Panl and
Omaha, 1212; UnionPacific, 17,280;
Western Union 2351; Northern Pa
cific preferred, 14,707 . Oregon Trans
continental, 6 2. Clttinx qucttlons:
U. 8. Ss, 100';.
New 4,s. 112;-..
New 4s, 121.1,.
Pkcifioosot 1495, lo',.
C. P. 6rta. 114W. T. P. land grants,4i;4'.
Erie seconds, y.l'-v T. P., Kio (4. dir.,5i.
La'h A Wilkes. ,lo7. U. P. firsts, ll"s.
Louisiana eons, M. V. P. land f . IMJ..
Missnari lrm. U. P. . fund. 12!.
St. Joni'b, ll'l. Virginia a. 43.
M.P. at a.t.lti.V6S rn.,-in-e.,52.
Tean. t. olu. ".'V. Va. con. dcf., llg.
iUD. m, new. &'.'.
! Adams "pre. lk. .Nii-hvi'.Ie iC, 47.
AileKueiiy Lniri, . J. ' ooirni, 4.
Alton Jc i. 11.. 44 Normlk A V, . pf.i -7.
A. k 1. U. pld. s. Korthuin la., 27'.,.
An.ericau Ki., 1' '.!' Northtru 1'. pl l, i
U., C. h. & H.. Hi X. Y., C St. L.. H-'i
Canada ,'ae., f l'i. X.V .C.tSt.l, ,i,, lv;,.
('auada5outn,44 . C. & N. '..l ''
leiiiral 1'aino, 4 '. ' . C. X. W ., pin. ll ii'i-
Lhrrapealt & J. .11. N. V. Central, liti,4.
C. at O. lm ptd. l'i. Ohio Central, l7,.
C. atu.2d iM, 1J. ua.oA Wif..ij ;.
chl.raao Jt All.-n.14l. . k Mi, pld, fe-1-.
C. 4 A. pfa, 14'.' Onur'u A n et., l;i.
C, 11. X (J , l.'-j. Oraion NaT., 1" t.
C, St. I, , X.u. Oie-on 'Irans.. :U.
('., L. i P , II Oregon Imp.. 2
C, bt. L. 4 '. p. 32 Panino luail, Cva
C, 6. & C. Si. Panama, 98.
C. atC.,f,7. Peoria, 1). Jt E., 22.
Del. Jt Uud.,951.;. Pituburg, 1,9.
D1. L. A W.. tsMi Pullman P c, 133!,.
uta. k Itia O., 16. Keadiny, 1'.".,.
brie, .6. Koog Isiaaa, 12 .
Kr o,d. U. Bt. L. S. V , a.-1-
tift Tenn., S. Ht. L. 4 H. F. p.
KaitTenn. pta. 7S St.L.4 H.F.lnt p.ln".
Port Wayne, 147. C. M. 4 6t. P., Vfii
Hannibal ht. Jo, C. M. 4 bt. P. p. K4'i.
11. A bt. Jo pfd, . Ht. P., M. 4 V., 115V
Uarlem, 213. bt. P. A Omaha, 41'
HcuaUin it T.. n. St. P. 4 O. tod. 1"3
Illinois Cen, 141 Teias PxmCc, V2:
Ind. 11. Jt W., Vi":f5. Union Paivhe, to'i.
Kansas a T., biv a U. t. Kxrrrnj 62
Luke B. 4 W .. 12!4. H ., bt. L. 4 P., in
Lake Shore, tiS'i W., Kt. L. 4 P i, l'J'.
Luu. 4X'ash..41U. W If t, IX
Lou. X. A..3V W. I'. Tel, ,V-A.
M. 0.,lt ptd, . Colorado Coal. 24.
M. ,li C. 2d pta, . Homaoska, 21 .
Mem. A Char., 3"). Iron Silver, 23i.
Minii. Ceutfal, 74V. Ontario, 29.
Mm. A St. 1... 9. Ouiuliailver.7.
M. A bt. L. I'f'l J8. Uui.'knilver ptd. 1.
Missouri fan. 112. South I'-'iuo,
Vbte A 0..1.5 buuu. 17.
Morris A E..ond.l35.
Chicw, III., February 5 The
rnt ney rnxrket is wihout change in
any respecU There is only a modHtaie
aba rpt ion off unHs by tue packers,
and the saaU movement tf grain re
duces the demand fion dealers in
cereals t a minimum. Merchants and
manufajMirers sre m-d.rati borrow
ers, but from ro class is the demand
urgent or large, anil the market is
couii n atively easy a' 4(n (! per cent,
for codateral loan? or cal1, o(i5J per
cent, being the ruling rate. Time pa
per is taken nt 6($7 per cent, being
tho ruling rate for g..ol business
names. Aitual rates' htre were 4S9
for bankera' short, 4S7 for long sterling
and shippers' s:xty days documenta y
t 48 j.J for f ireign exchange. New
York exchange wm firm at par bo
twenn baiika.
London, February 5. Un:t'd H:t s
bonds I, 1-J6J; 4J-i, 114. li.treilver,
4i 9 Kid per ounce.
Tahis, Febrnary5 Throe per cent,
rentes, fclf 57Jo fur the account.
CmcAcn, Ii.i, , Februarv o.J-ll.ink
clit'inps, 7,34ti,000.
Nav Orleans, La., Febrnsrv 5.
Ci arius of the bauks, $1,703,022.
8t. Louis. Mo., Febnary 5. Bank
clearings, $2,693,586; balances,
Baltimore Md , February 5. P.ank
oWringi, f 1,662,750; balances, $195,
Cti'J. Nkw Yokk, Februarv 5. Kx
c'nnges, fl26,717,0t0j ta'acccs, $1,
664,139. Philadklphia, Pa., February 5.
P.ank clearings, J7.415.709 12; bal
ances, 922,070 43.
Boston, Maps, Februaiy 5. Ex
changes, $14, lf'8.224; balances, $1,718,-
012. Money 1J per cert.
The local markrt, ui-x-riod quiet, and
closed quiet ; raiddimir. 8 1 1- l ie. Sale?,
300 bales, all to 8ii tito.
Yesterday. Day before.
Ordinary ' 1
Good Ordinary 7' Vt
Low Middling 8 5-16
Middling - 11-16 H 11 16
Hood Mitliiing 9!, 9:'S
Middlint' Fair 9;j
hair iNiMn. .'Nom
V.j&y IMt'VVi
buuns and tinges
i a tt
Mkvphis. February 5, 1 $36.
Htock, Bpfembor 1, 18S5... 1,392
Heceived to-day K-!9
hoeeived previously 4.57,277 459,.ViS
Stiipped to-diy
bhipped previously 319.601
liurnl, etc
UoLue eonsuuptioii to date ....
Stock, running ac.-onnl
That far this week
Thus far lust week....:.
Since September 1st
. 457,146
Memphis and Charleston Railroad M'l
Mi.'sif'ppi and Tennessee Railroad. lii'.l
Me" el. if and Little Kock Railroad... iiS
f.,0. andS. W. H. H. 22
L..N.I). and Tex.is kailrmd 51
K iwii City, S. & M K. U 14
Memphis, boluia and lirucsw'k U.K. 3'
Steamers : 119
Wagons aud other sources 2
Total -
Thus far this week
Tuns far last week
binco boptoiuber 1st
319 51,1
1886. HRK 1st.
Last Last
Year. Year.
Miss. A Tenn
L. AN. U.S.
21,9 9
421 1
. 823
Mom. ALit.K
C, O A 8.W.
K. C. S.AM.
M. B. A A...
Miss. River..
White River.
St. Francis R.
15 ,662 1
in, l'4'l
Ark R., (total
rivers, 24iU)
Wagons and
oth. sources
8,4391 458. H0j 375,020
wit nit en niNQ aiMca skptkm
Fek. 5, 1880. BKg 1st.
This Last This Last
Year. Year. Year. Year.
Mem.AChar. 2,566 1,127 56,465 39,391
Mix A Tenn 1,221 840 15.M1 3,4.'8
L. A N.O. S. 423 2.438 60,KI M,M
C.,0. AS. W 1,410, 9 M.4: 48,108
L.,X'.O.AT. 913 4. 36,6tr. 17,377
Mein.,U. A A .".88 lO.hH'i
Steam, north 1,1)90! 2 781 61,767 42.479
Stc.im.Bouth. 131 18,347 25,610
Tota..... 8,301; 7,637 :;lU,5nl 272,697
New Y'ork spots onened quiet, and
clc&ed quieU Sales, 264 bale. (Quota
tions were as follows:
Yesterd-T. Day before.
Ordinary 6 9-16 6 9 16
Oood ordinary 7 15-16 7 15-16
Low middling - 8' 8',
Middling 9 3-16 9 3-16
Oood nildilliog 9 9-16 9 9-'6
Middling fair... -I" 3-16 , 10 3-16
Fair 10 13-16 10 13-16
New York fn'nres opened very dull,
and closed qu et and steady. tSales,
61,200 bales. The closing qur.tatiots
were as follows, as compared with yes
terday :
Yestordar. Day before.
February 9.e-8 9 i9 9.11m 9.11
March 9.14 9.1ii. 9.17
April .. 9.23 9.24 9.26 4
May 9.31 .S4 s..'4 9.37
June ; 9.434 9.44 9 46'4 9.47
July 9.51 9 52 9.554 9.50
August 9.58. . 59 9.614 9.64
September 9.31'f 9.35 9.3 4 9.11
October 15(4 9.10 9.20 4 9.21
Novacuber 9.12J 9.13 9. 154 y.17
The following la the cotton com
parative statement for the week end
ing Friday, February 5, 1886: Net re
ceipts at all United States porta dur
ing the week, 119.5IS bales ; same week
last year, 89,859 bales. Total receipts
to date, 4,205.759 bales; same date last
year, 4,162,795 bales. Exports for
the week, 102,485 bales; same week
last year, 93,113 h-do. T it.it exmHs
t'l this date, 2 Vi'.'.TiVl bales; Vnio
date la-t year, 270,l0 La'.es.
at all United Kut.-i ports, l,(li.U!i
bulm; enne ime 't tar, 8:i9,i-;fi
baiea. f?;ock at p.li interior towns,
2:l,43(i balfs; samo time lat yeir,
15::,.M2 bales. fc.t--ck at. Liverpool,
ri36,tHKj baits; same time lait year,
S'i'i.OOO b-t'ej. (stock of Ameri an
i tl at for (Jreat Britain. 2i'8 0J0 bales;
eattie tixe year, 270,100.
TheNewOrleansspot market opened
qiir, and riohed duil and trregnla.
il.'t-, 2,5110 ualej.
Y'cster.la Day before
Ordinary 7 3 16 7 3-16
Good ordinary ............ 7 13-16 7 l.l-iti
Low mid lliug . 8 S-lil 8 3- 6
Middling 8 11 16 8 1.-16
Oood middling 9 7-16 9 7-16
The New Orleans future roarkt
opened dnll b't itady, and elored
steady tnd 3 to 6 points lower. Sales,
17,900 bales.' The oirwit.g quotations
were as follows, as compared with
yesterdav :
February 8.714 6 72
March . 8.71 - 8 72
April 8.M. 8 M
.May 8 97 4 8 98
June 9 10 t 9. II
Jaly 9.214 9 21
AuatUkt 25 4 9 J6
bepteniber 8 91,4 8 W
October h 78 8 ni
Xovcmber. . 8.7l'4 8 72
liecember 8 724 8.73
Div hetor'.
8.77 8.78
8 7m4 6.76
8 H.Kll
8 9 9.(0
9 124
9 23 4 9 21
9 L7 4 9. '.9
8 -7 8 98
N :!. 8 HI
8.71 4 8.7i
8 75.4 H.76
Tono. lUtsc ts.l Price. irttocH
N Orleans
Norfolk ...
New York
l liet.
1.24 tj 8 13-16
8, ml: 8 11-J6
173 8 11-10
2 .519 8
1.926 i
!7! 8-
37rf. 39
55 12
6 3 0
1 Ki
9 3-16
IWton ....
Phi ad'
St. Louis..
I 4 Mi l
Total receipts at ports, this day, lti
Total recoipts at porta, this d.y. 1.88.) .. 21,70:
R'tsatU.S. ports,
7 days
Exports to Urea
Koc'tg since Sept.
Foreign expo-ts..
869,140 1,049,972
... 27,262
Increase in recciMs this year
Liverpool epo's a; to rn were quoted
dull, in bnyeib' favor. Salee, 8)00
bile-1, cf wbifth 690) wre Ameticin.
KicetplP, 10,1)00 t ales, t f which C40I
were Amerit ai.
At noon: Ordinary, 4 3-161; g-ol
ordinary, 4 9 161 ; b middling, 4!jd;
gmd luiddling. 5 3 16 J; mtilu'liiig
uplands, 4 15-161; O ba m, 5 1-161.
At noon: Liverpool futures were
firm; Fo'iruarv. ; Februarv-
March, 4 57 611 58 64 J; Marcii
April, 4 58 64f.4 59 64l; April-May,
4 60 M( i 61 64d ; Mav-Junc, 4 62 t!4f)
4 e3-6U ; June-July, 6 l-6tfi5 2 Old ;
Ju .y-Angutt, ; Augu:t-Septem-
bsr, 5 7-6 Id.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool fnl ires were
steady; February, 4 69 61.1 seliers;
Febtuary-Murcli, 4 59 64d sellerft;
March-April, 4 69 64d buyers; At ril
May, 4 61 641 buyers: May-June, 4
03-64d hnyors; June-July, 6 2 611
veliie; JulyAugtiat, 5 5 641 value;
Ausunt-Septembi.r, 5 8-61d buyers.
At 5 pin.: Liverpool futures were
q'liet and steedy; February, 4
58-611 skIIo's; Ft hrtiary-March, 4
f.8C4d sellers; March-April, 4 59 611
seller; Ap'iMav, 4 61-641 sulirs;
May-June, 4 f3 641 sellers; June-July,
5 l-64d buyers; July-Angiiat, 5 4-6ld
Belters; Atiust-.Septtoiber, 5 7 Old
Liverpool weekly stittement for tie
wek ended F.-rtiHrv 5. 18s(i:
18-W. 18.V,. 1K.SI
51,000 41,000 01,0 "(I
45,Ot;o 29.IKKI 48.00)1
4,8(41 3,300 4.100
4,li 3.H0O 5,100
15,f(Ki St.WX) 21.001
6,)6,0I 8.1;i,ut;i .W,0.
479,000 6ir,,l)fi 61800
82,000 115,0,0 116,000
f4,000 95,1X10 116,000
Veekly cales
Of which Auiiri-
Inoiud. for export
lnriud. lor f PeCU
Forwarded from
ship's sido
Total st.n'k
Of which. Ameri
can Week's rcceints...
Of which Auiori-:
Total roe'pti. since
p.ept -mbcr 1st ...
Of which Auior.
can Actual week's ex
port ;
Stock ntl at I
Of which Ameri
can .1
1,8.',6,900 1,767,5(0
1,436,400 1,313,700
4,000i 2.5IM1
297,OOOj 4111,000
270.OIM1 3-'6.c(l0
The fol'oing if t'ie record of the
bids and offers nl tie Call Hoard of tae
MercLant i' Exct.aii;Q yett ;rday :
No. 2, white, snot, 40c bid ; Va ch,
4V ashed; April, 45o 0 t , 4'!jl ! Rrked;
May, 463 asked; No. 2; spot. 37u 0. t.
bid; February, 7c o. t. ; April, 4Uo. t.
bid, 42c asked.
No. 2, spot, 32c bid ; March, S'Jt bid.
May, f 14 50 bid, $15 25 asked.
Ppot, $195 bid; February, $195
bid; March, J2 bid; April, $2 12J bid,
$2 25 asked; May, $2 20 bid, $2 30
Cork White, 47c; mixed, 46c, from
store; from levee or depot, white,
44c; mixed, 42c.
II a v Choice, from store,S5c ; prime,
75(80c; prairie, 60c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $15; prime,
$13 50; prairie, $S.
Oats White, 38c; mixed, 37c, from
store. Round lota from levee on
track white, sacked, 351c; mixed,
sacked. 34 Je.
Oatukal In half barrels, $3 50 from
CuttMMKAi, Standard, $2 102 0;
pearl. f3a3 25 from store; 6o
cheaper from mill, levee or track.
Flour From store, double extrs,
; triple cxtr, ; family, 4
4 25; choice, $4 25(34 50; fancy, $1 76
(5; extra fancy, $5 255 75 ; patents,
i66 25; round lots from levee or
track, lOts cheaper; ear lots choice,
$3 85 4 05; family, $3 60 4.3 75; fancy,
f t 30f4 50; extra fancy, $1 755;
patents, $5 255 00.
Bban From store, 85a per cwt;
round lots from levee, $15 per ton.
Bkans Navv,$2 25; medium, $2.
Kick Louisiana, 45c; Carolina,
Hominy asd Grits From store,
$2 76(t3.
Crackkd Wiibat In half-barrels,
$i from i tore.
Crack krs Soda, extra, 4Jc; soda,
treble extra, 5c ; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c ; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, tieble extra, 6c; as
sorted j ambles', 9c.
New Orleans, La., February 5.
Flonr steady and firm. Corn tcarcj
and hi . her, 40(v47c. Oats ate ady.
Kansas City, Mo., February 5.
Wheat lower; cash, 6H(5;6SJc; March,
70c; April, 72s bid,-74)c asked; May,
7 Die. Corn quiet; cash, 27Jc bid, 27Jc
asked; March, 28e bid. ZJe asked;
May, 31 c. Oats nominal; 287 asked.
Liverpool, February 5. A leading
weekly (rain circular tays: Extreme
dullness prevaih in the wheat trade.
Prices are giadually declining, and
are now at a nominally low level. A
j reaction might natn'Hy be expected
in view tf the deoreaati'g quantity on
p'8i-ge, espr;a'ly of la nan hntt.
Some cargna otTcnatt were o'l at 6 1
!?. line. Tlil re w s a fair bujiness
lor shipment at afitni'n re iu. i on. At
taday' mark'-t there was a r,iod at
tendance. A fiiir bnsinesa vadnne
in wbet at the late prite. Flonr
wa quiet and unchanged. There woe
a di-a; poit.t nn detuaud for u.ra at
tLe late rates.
8t. Txinta, Mo., February 5 Flour
dull; XXX J3 ltt;il3 2.1: tanvlr, $3 30
(1 40; txt-a, 13 705 50. Wtie t
dull but higher than yieterdny. The
market declined Iceaily in tiie day,
but later rtllied and closed (j)e
higher than yesterday ; No. 2 red,
rRBh, 902 bid; February, 90j bid;
March, 9(lJfS9ii l. oloMng at H e bid;
My, 9-';'.9i,(?;911c, closing at OlJ'.
94c. Corn very quiet aid earner,
rlosing a shale under ves'e day; No.
2 ni'X-d, ( a lb. 33533 ; February,
33 J .cloning at 33jj bid; March, 31jc;
May,3'i;3. Otsuouiina Ivun hanged;
No. 2 uiix-d, canh, 27,j-'J8a bid;
Frbrna'y, 27 Jt bid ; May, 3 in bid.
Kye no" f alwa. Barley i-xlmtut 1 dtlll
ant unchargsd. Flax-eed it'ady,
il 00 Br.iu aieady 61c at mill ; t2?.i en
east track. Corn meal linn, tl S5(.i)
1 90. Hay In gmd d 'mtid and Ann ;
timothy, ill 5013 50; pride, $0 25
(,'i.S 50 Keceip.a Flour, :M0i) br.a;
wheat, 13,0ik) bu ; corn, 09,000 bn ; oats,
O. OObu; rye. nonsjnarley, 7i0l) bu.
Shipments Flour, ,iiC0 brls; wheat,
cone; corn, 15 000 bu. o.its, liXH) bu;
rye. i.oue ; barloy. 10 Kl bu.
Afttrnimn Jiwrd Wheat etty and
a stiade low jr. Corn sta ly and I'lji
Libber. Ojw advinte 1 1;.
Chicago, III., February 5. The
tone was bearish at the opening in
wlit a, to-day, May starting u 84uaud
selliij off ij additional, lnu lair buy
ing caused a rally to HIJ.i, f l oe.l l y
a quick decline to 83 J , at which p j n
tie fueling waa very heavy and 'he
ollVnugs large. The rep'irt f a ha ter
export demand at the seaboaid began
to tie circulated, followed by a two
of better buying, and before 1 oM ck
there was quite ill exotol null hy
the shorts t ) cover, nnder which the
price rallied to 85 5 10 !, and do ed on
fie resuUf board tt 83 16. The
bt'Stt iilirjg th e afternoon was at
these tijuree. Co. n and oat4 rulod a
ot : e lmuHr. but deve'opod no new
fe tl tires. Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat opene i eaay j ' l;wer, det lined
1 : a.'dii oi-.l, rail ed J , br.ike oil f :,
rallied 11'.', closing J i Higher than y.o--t-rday.
Hales ranged : F. bruary, 7-j
(t''.ie, tlosed nt 79 11-16'; Ma-cli,
7lia80'c( closed at 8 1 110t;
May, 84 c, closed at 85 3 Itic;
No. 2 spring, 79(52 Curn quiet
but firm and a MihIm higher; ('unhand
February, 36jo March, 36 5 I6j; May,
4040Jj, clo a-d at 40.!. Oata tt"ady
ml firm; caah, fSJ ; February, "85
10 1; March, 2.8Jc; May, 31,!. Kve
dnll; No. 2, 58Jj. Barley quiet; No. 2,
60c. Flaxseed ea-v: No. 1, $t 12. Receipts-Flour,
(-000 brls; wheat. It. 000
bu; corn, UJ.OiObtt; oars, 97 0110 tin;
rye, 3000 bu ; bmloy, 40,000 bu. Ship
ments Flour, 9900 brls; wlwat, 7000
bu; corn, 49,000 bu; oatfl, 85,000 bn;
rye, none; bar.'ey. 19,01K) bu.
Afternoon Hoard Wheat steady,
84 U-IOj. Corn Jo higher. On s, Jo
ISuttkr Creamery, 185$ 10s ; dairy,
17(.)2e; bmterine, 1 4(ji 1 45 ; country,
124'"1 8.', according to condi iou.
CtmiiHK Prime (Ida, 78r; New
Yotk le(!toty, 8?; fu.lcrjam, 11
Y. A., ll-JfttH2c.
M Pork -Old, $10 75QU ppr
barrel; new, $11 7!'12 per barrel;
Ugaj-cured bams, pa. ked, 9Jf.i)10ij;
breakfast bacou 8.9c; clear rib ba
con, OjfjfGJu.
Bolk PoIik Clear sides, 66 Jr;
clear rib sides, 6 1 tal'.i t : lonj clear, b'i
5J; shoulders, 4-l.lc.
Lard Tiero s,(l J(fl)6 )c ; half-!iarrel4,
6c; kegs. 6Jo: buckets, 7ft7ic; half
biiekets, 7r'i'7c; 50 1b tins, 6l(Sy(ic;
iO-lb tiiis,68fi,tisc; 10-lb tins, jr7 ftt; ;
5-lb tins, 7("ic; 3-16 line, 7 j(ry7gc ;
choice ket'le. tierc, 7(7J.!.
. Fresh Meats Beef (rood Kaunas
City Btiiers, heavy, 8o; light, 70j)7j2;
cows and heifers, 6j i; mutton, 7c;
lambs, 8Jc; pork, 6c.
J'lr.s Fun! Brie, 83PP CO; half brls,
13()3 25.
Cinc'isn ati, O , Febrtisrv 5. Pork
quitt, $11 25. Lard firm, 6.15 i. Bum
meats in light demand ;Hhoulders,4c:
Bhort rib, 6.60 a 5 7tkt. Ji4i;on quiet and
firm-. Bhonlders, 6 Jo; short rib, 6Jc;
S' ort clear, 6 Je. Butler quint ; Nortn
weotirn extra creainerv. 3 (.)33j; good
ti prime creamery, 20(A:iOi; choice
dairy, roll, 1:.'15( K(!9 ttrong and
higher, 2102ii!. Cheese quitt; clioico
cured Ohio factory, OJfelOo.
St. Louis, Mo., February 5. Pro
visions quitt aid prices generally
loer. Porkeatier, $11 40. Lrd steady,
(i(.i)0 05c. Bulk meals, looso lotp,
I hi a clear, 5 63o; slmrt rib, 5.70o; short
clear. 5 Sic; boxed lots long clear,
fi 9l!C'; (I ; short ri lis, 06 J 3 ; short clear,
6,o. Bacon ling clear, 6c; short
ribs, 0 lOi.eJc; short cloar, 6.20i6Jo.
Hams steady and unchanged. Butter
steady; CHaiiery, 25(3,300; dairy, 16(5
24c Eggs firmer, 18!318Jj.
Chicaoo, Iil., February fi. Mess
pork opened 2J(o5n liwer, rallied 10()
2c. closing quiet; cash, $11 2(1(3)
II 22 ; March and February, $11 I0(0
11 i6. closed at $1120U22J; Mav.
$11 30U 42, closed at $11 40
11 42J. Lardsteady; cash and Febru
ary, 6jn; March, 8.171c; Mav, 6.27J
6 3nc..Boxed meats ttady; dry salted
shoulders, 3.954c; short rib sidaa,
5 57J5 60j; short clear sides, 6 80
5.85c. On the Produce Exchange
Bu'ter cteamerv, 2(Xa31c; dairy, 14
(223-. Edge, 18j(a)19t!-
Afternoon Boar J. Po.'k 2Jc lower.
Lard ucclaiged.
Roa p -$2 103 50 per ran.
CoKKbK Common, SjSJc; ordi
nary, 99Jc; primo Kio, 10llc;
choice to fancy, llj12jc; old kov
ernment, 23(4)25c; Ceylon, 20c.
&UQAB Eastern yeliow, 6j7c;
pnre w. c. white, 6J7c; off white,
6"6jc; yellow clarified, GJtgOJ;;
open kettle, 5i6ic, refined A, 7i
71 c; grannlated, 7io; piwdercd, 8jc;
cut loaf, 8J c. -
Salt tl 201 30 per barrel; sacks,
floe, $1 50; coarse, $1 10; pickets,
bleached, 2.7c; car-loada from levee
or depot. 6c cheaper.
Molaphk Louisiana, common to
fair, 2327c; prime to choice, 4655c;
syrup, 25(u)40c; common to fair, 26(5)
33c ; prime to choice, 35(5) 10c.
Casdiks Sticks, ail sises, in boxes,
pails and barrels. 7(581;.
Candles Fnll weight, lGllc.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27(3)
30c; other grades and styles, 258oc.
SoufI Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Balpb's, $10 2.5 per ease; R- R., $9 60.
Canned Goods, etc. Prices per
doiert Pineapples $1 351 65;peaches,
2-ltj, standard, $1 35(5)1 50; seconds,
il 15(5)1 2"; tomatoes, (Mb, standard,
90c(5il ; 31b, $1 10(5)1 20;strawberries,
$130(3)1 40; raspberries, $1 15(5)1 25;
blackberries, $1(5)1 15; greengages,
$100r54 75; pears, $22 25; plums,
$1 60(5)1 70; asparagus, 1 60 J4;
green corn, $1(5)1 35; green peas, $1
(5)225; cove oysters, fu'l weight, 1-lb,
$1 1001 15; cove oysters, full weight,
2-lb, $1 90:5,1 95; cove oysters, light
weight, l-'b, 65-; cove oys'er', light
weight, 21 . tl 10: cor.'nse. milk
Ciown, 5 90; F.ii;le, i7 75; Siaa $6.
Baltimore, Vu, February, 5. Cil-f.-e
quiet; Kio crg:ife, oidinary to
fair, 7'i Sjc.
New York, Frbniary 5 Ccflee
Spot f.tir Kt (tealy, tijc; op iona
higher an, I in.i.letat -ly aciive; N. 7
Km spot, 6 70; aales. 1(1,250 baga: Feb
ruarv, 6 R-V.j!0.7iV; March. ti tKHa ii a5c;
Apr I, 6 (if,-; May and June, (i.TOc;
July. 6j a6 80c; Angitut, OSOdSc;
Septemoer, 6 85c; Decemlier, 6 95c.
ngar quiet and steady ; extra C, 5J(5)
Sjc; veilow, 4j(55c; til', f Jc ; etitnlard
A, 6Jj; granulattd, 6Jc. Mohsscs
sua iy and qnmt.
H4l.'NKMUt. slIaTI'I.IKN.
Apples -Apples, $2 25(3:2 60 from
store; I22 25 per car-load from levee
or depot. Dritfd anples, Zt$n per
pound from store. D.ied peaches, 3(5)
4c from store.
Yeuetaiu.ks Onions, $2 753 25
per car-load, from levee or depot. Po-taloes-lr'sh,
norLhern. "J2 25(T,2 50,
packed ; car-loada iron) levee or depot,
$252 25 per barrel. Cabbage, 9(1 lc
per bead. Kront, brN, $5(n'l; half
brl $2 75W3. Uarlic, 44X5-01: per 100.
Fki'it Ora'ip"s, Louiaiana. none;
Florida, $3;5j3 50 per box. Lemons,
3 hKYaA per box. B-tuauas, 50.'(.t)
10) p-r hunch. Coonanuty, ii
per $1 00. Peanuta Virginia, 6(j)
7c; Tenneaseie, farmer's stock, 2 jo;
recleanod, 3 Jt.n4 Jc ; roanted, 2 Jc higher ;
shelled, 10c. Almond., 18;.ii6c. Chest
nut green, 12j(5)15e; dry, none.
KaistNs-lmd.iu layers, $3 50; lay
ers, $2 75; California,; Imperial,
$3 6(K'M.
PicKLRS In jtr, pinte, 90.-; quarta,
lf.O; It .1 r gtliona, $2 50; gallons,
$3 75; loose, barrela, $0; balf-harrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mix
ed. 36
Pecans Texas, 5(5SJo for small to
medium, 10(5)l4u for largo; Arkansas,
Walncm French, 12c; Naples,
15c; Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $77 f 0 per harrel
and $1(5)1 25 per haX-harre! ; Kentucky
barrels, 6 60(5;.7; Kentucky half-bar-rel",
$1. Vinegar, UoolOi) per gallon.
Poultry Tnrke s, per dcmii, $S(5)
12; gee-e, $1(5)(; dncka, $3; t hicken",
good demand, $ !(Ji 3; dreaaed tutkeys,
scarce, 13 5')5c per pound.
Fi-h Mackerel half-barrels. No. 1
$4 3i(5t 75; No. 2, $3 50(5,3 75; No.
3, $2 75(5VI; 10 lb kit. No. 1, 80c; No.
2, 70o; 15-lb, No. 3, (tt)c. Dry her
riugii. family, 30c per box.
Gamu Venlwin, whole, 3 ii5c; sad
dleH, (iySc; bear, (liSc; wild tnrkeya,
fi()('i75'; duck, l 50(5)2 50, squirrels,
7- c7; quails 75e(iof I ; prairie chickeiiB,
i5: game flab, 6(5 Sc.
Eoos -Scarce 2 It.
cutiox-8tt:it, on-, r.te.
Skkd Delivered at depot and
wharf, $8 pr ton; on bank of river
(f. o. b. bo !),$; wngon at mills $S.
Meal Prime f. o. b, $'5 per toil.
Lesa than ctr load loti, $ 5 60. From
store, 90c suck. Cake Nominal ; $16
per ton. Oil-Iii car-lund lots, prime,
crude O. S. oil, 22(5j2'c; prime sumtiH'r
yellow, 255;i!7o; ell' summer yellow,
2)C'i20j; uiiners',27(.'VI0j : choice cook
ing stimmur yellow, 28(5)30o.
New Orleans, La., February 5.
Cj' ton-seed prodiu ti firmer.
iiou: Amis Jil l.l.8.
IIorE' (j'atl driving, $I25(5,2)0;
good sitildle, JMO'SiK); p.Ugs, J35(o)80;
good mures. S 85 1 40.
Mi i.k-UJ to 1'. $110130; 15 to
151, $125li0; 15J to 1(1, $140(5)175.,
Sui'ply small ; demand moderate.
l'K t IKM.r.t U MAItliKT.
Coal-Oil Prime white, wboleaalo
lots, 15a par gallon.
Clrveland, O , Febrnary 5. Petro
leum steady; a w., 110, Sjc.
PiTT...niiRO, Pa., February 5. Petro
cum dud butateatiy; Na'ioual transit
cert, licates opuned at 831c and closed
at 83Jo; highest piice, 84c; lowett,
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, St. Louis, Mo , February 5. Whieky
stcfdy, $1 10.
Chicmoo. Ill,, February 5. Whisky
rtuiy,$l 10.
Cincinnati, O, February fi.
Whitikyflrm, $1 10; tales f 1122 tit'
re la of finished goods on t'lis basis.
n(444INia Al I IKS.
BAOdiNti-Jute, 9,011c; flax, 100
10t:, according to weight. Ties, $1 20
(4i 25.
I.I VK NlOt'H.
Cincinnati, O.; February 5. Hogs
steady; common and light, $3 20
4 10; packing and butchers', $104 40.
Koceip'.s, 1H35 head; shipments, 696
Kansas Ciiv, Mo., February f.
The Live Stock Indiratur reports: Cat
tle receipts, 1034 head; shipments.
301 bead; shipping grades slow aud
weak, butchers' aciivo and a ohade
higher; ex portors, $.05 10; good to
choice shipping. $4 00ii4 90; common
to medium, $3 900 4 50; stockers aid
feeders, $2 600 3 76 ; cows, $203 20.
Hogs receipts, 4814 head ; shipments,
2522 bead; choice weak; common, 50
10c lower; good to choice, $404 10;
light and mixed, $3 0:03 90. Sheep
receipts, 1025 head; shipments,
tone; active; good to i-hoice, $3(5
3 ( 0; common to medium, $2 2502 90.
Chicaoo, III., February 6. The
Droxtri Journal reporta: Cattle re
ceipts, 5560 bend; shipment, 2900
bead ; market stronger and ino-e
active; shipping steers, 9"0 t 1500
poundH, $3 6005 7a; stockers and
feeders, $2 5004; cowp, bolls and
mixad, $1 6003 75; bulk, $2 5002 75.
Shipments of cattle Thursday were
48'X) beatl, the larger t for inaDy weeks.
Hogs receipts, 22,600 head ; ship
ments, 8000 had; market slow and a
shade Wf a'xer ; rouh and mixed, $3 70
04 10; packing mid shipping, $4 100
4 60; light, $3 6004 15; skips, $2 60
03 60. Sheep receipts, 40J0 head ;
shipment, 1000 bead; market strong ;
natives, $205 10; -Texane,$2 250 3 80;
lambs, $400.
Nkw York, February 5. Heavy
woolens and worsted a-e receiving
more attention and otders have heen
pi iced for large qr.ii iti.ice. The t ilia
of the cotton g tods market ia firmer
and stocks of desirable goods are very
light, while many are cleaned up.
Agents have advanced B acketine
XXX bleached to 8c; IVpperell K
brown to 61 o and Constitution C tf in
bmwn to Me.
A Valuable Paten
Danay' (Horae) l einsnd Pea Plan
let. HAVING perfected my invention, I wirh
o place it before the public, especially
m-irofacturo". As a rorn Planter, it is a
pertsot u. eels opens tb drill, diitribates
the teed a.-e.rau., uuiuiered, and eovers
the same, thereby one man performing the
work of three. Th have been used in
this section for over doton years with per
fect satisfaction. Can live respuLiibl testi
monials. address
JOHN U. DANCY, Dsncyvllle,
Bay wood county , lenn.
X'ew Orleans.. ..C.i. P. Canfrtav. 5 p.ui.
Whit River .....DaSiiKT, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati JtMK W. Ui e, 5 p.m.
Cincinn;.ti......Ni w Maav lloi uriiN, lOa.ui
friars roint.-..CAKOaU, 5 p.m.
Arkansas City..KaTi An tut, i p.m.
Orreola ..Dgag Adams, 5 p.m.
Tiptoaville - (lavoao, S .ui.
Arriraii. H 'tie Macrea.ly, St. Fran
cis river; Joe Peters, Arkansas river.
fjCiJ in t of. Dean Adam?, Joj
Tetors and Reno Macready.
Bonn ihtt Down. Charles Morgan
and Jaues W. GlT.
A'wiU Dxit (.p. C.bas. P. Choiittau,
DcSmet and New Mary Iloutt ju.
Kerelple Vraierly.
Joe Peteis (brought out of Arkansas
rivet) 031 1 a'ea to'tuii, 1205 ska seed
and lot eutidrie.
mi I'kk novKsirKr.
The Joj Peters, C.tpt in K. B.Smiib,
is the next packet for Arkansas river.
The Leu Liue packet Monday are
tie Coahorra for Friars l'oiut, aud
Dean Adams (or Oscet l.t.
The Giiyoso, Capt. W. P. Hal, ii
the packet Monday eveniug at 5 o'clock
fir Hales Point, Tipionville and all
way poiuta. J. P. Walt is in her cilice.
Till Kate Adams, C.ipt. Mark li
Cheek, is lilt) United States mail pai k
et Monday evening t i o'clo.-k for
Iltileua, Atkani-aa G ty ami nil way
landings. W. U. Blunk.r is in her
The O. line steamer New Mary
Ho iston, Capt. I.ew Kates, wil! pass
up this morning a' 10 o'clock for Cin
cinnati and a I inieruiediale po'.iitann
the Ohio river. James Aluxu ider is
in her cfllce.
The elesatit passenger steamer Cluu.
Morgan, Cupt. G. Wash Thompson, ia
the O Line packet ti-dy for Vicks
burg, Na'chta, New Oi leans ami a I
iiitirinediale landings). CIibh. Church
lirta cliit'ge cf her ctll.'p, assisted by
Huriy M Her.
Tub DeSmet, I'a.it. Milt K. Harry,
Is tl.e packet this evouing it', 5 o'clock
fir all 'point.-! on While river, going
through t Newport and making con
nections with pucketo for upper White
and I'.lnck rivers. Albert MeUhre is
in hnr olllce, a aisled hy Hugh Smith.
Tub James W. Gall', dipt. John S.
June, is the pxeket thia evcnintr at 6
o'clcck for Ouiro, Louisville, Cincin
nt ti aud all way landing ou the Ohio
river. H. O. Bruce and Lew llrggi
sro her clerk. The Gatl will give
cheap ni'eo to all points North aud
Tu great iron stenmny Charles P.
Cl o itm i, CVpt. Win. H. Thorwegan,
will do ibtlfs bo found in p.rt this
mo'niug and leaves Again this even
ing at 5 o'c'o k for Helena, Arkansas
City, Greenville, Now Orleans and all
way 1 Hidings. Geo. Miltenbergi.r is
in charge of her olllce, Bash-ted by
Clotn Nolte.
1'liJ. INK-IS dllll.
W i;tiikk warmer,
Si.oi'i'v and til I on foot.
KiVKnfullof (bating Ice yeslerdny.
Tub I), an Aihuii lnya over on au
coulI ol Ice.
Kkckiiti liy rivor yesterday 137
bale:) cotton and J205 Backs seed.
Ins river here stands 18 feet 8
tent lis on the gaug, a fall of 4 to.illiB
the last 24 hours.
The Chsrlei P. Chouteau, Do Smtt
and New Mary HoiiHton, due up, will
doubtless be found in port this nioru
i K-
Tub James W. Gall and Gay oho are
dun down for this place and the
Charles Morgan for New Orleans is
likoiy ti be in port ibis morning.
TiinK ne Macready returned yes
terday morning. She found lots of
Ice in St. Francis river and bad to
turn buck wilhoit .computing her
A tkhoram received yetterday
from the steamer E. W. Cole repo.ts
ice running very htuvy in Ailmnsaa
river, bailee tho steamer Jon Peter
will not leave for Pine Bliill thi. rf
ternoou. BJCincinnati Timn Star, 4'h : "Tlie ice
in the river Is aUuuthi'.t and hr.". ,'y, a id
prevel. tl any movement' on the part
cf the packet. H is Hf to predic1
that navigation will bs tulally sus
pended tiuriiig Ilia la'aice of the
week, barring, perhaps, the depiut ire
of a boat for nlcuipliid and one lo:
New Orlians."
Sr. L'.uh A'7)t(Wi'f(iii, 4th : "Things
remain about as thsy hnvo been since
the fr.HZ) up in the harbor here, aud
tho day o( deliverance is apparently
as far diatant as it was last week.
Speculation continues rife as to the
prol.uMe outcome tl the ice gorge, and
every stoamboa'man bos a theory of
his own concerning It."
Tub cotton-seed, some 30,000 (it :ks,
which belonged to the Greeuville Oil
Company, and saved at the time of the
recent fire which consumed the mill,
will be shipped t Euioe. Mr. Bil
lingnlea 1 in contracted with the Hig
bee A. Jackson Transportation Compa
ny to take them to New Orleans. The
Btf timer Arthur Lambert and barges
are en route to Greenville to load the
Marine Journal: "The Biard of
Supervising Inspectors rf Steam Yes
eels bitve been in session a week.
They have beto.ne familiar with the
datiei before them and are getting
through with their work rapidly. Sev
eral amendments to the rules have
been made and a few device for use
on steam vessels have been approved.
Kule 11. section 2, relating to the loca
tion of fusible plug in boilers, has
been amended by striking out the fol
lowing wonls where they occur; 'And
at lea t twelve diameters of the tube
above lower crown sheet, and said
plug roti be placed in the upper bead
sheet when deemed adviaab.e by the
local inspct t irs.'
"Section 20 of rulo 3, rela'irgto the
loca'ion of bBrgi ligh's when in tow
of steam vesee s, has been repealed, so
as to cor f -rm to a recent decision of
the Uhiled Sttit'sDistrictCoiirt.which
d"t iiies that it is beyoid the compe
tent authority a' the board of super
vising inspectors to establ'sh such
light. Kule 5, section 3, ha been ro
amended that river engineers on bigh
presQure stunners will hereafter be
classed as chief and assistant high
pressure engineers, instead of first and
second engineer, rj heret fore. Sec
tion 11 of rule 14, relating to vertical
tubular boilers, has been stricken out.
It rt a Is as follows:
" ' Vertical tubular boilers ( built after
September 1, 1885), shall not be used
on steamers (upon any navigable
wti'.crs of the United S.atfS) uuless
the water line is at least two inches
above the upper end of the tubes and
fire line.' The llazlton boiler of
New York, md the Shipman bo ler of
Kochester, N. Y., are before the boud
for approval; also a steam-recording
gauge, which, it is claimed, will record
the steam pressure correctly without I
interference f r a ye.-.r or morn. If
th'S can be proved, the board ramot
d. otlirwipfl than adopt the gauge, a
a law uf Ccngres requires it."
Oieirg Sii.xai. SxRvtCg, 0. S. A., )
Mtm-His, Ts., Febraary 5. 1 p.m.)
The loll wing nts). v tioi.s ye taken
at all stations name 1 at 75 J meridian tits,
which ia one hour bister than Memphis time.
I Changes.
Above r
low watei Kissi. Fall.
as S g S
a 3 a S
cr c a"
r w " c m
Cai-o I 21 .5 1 1
Chattanooga 7 9 1
Cincinnati ... 22 6 1
Dtvenport. .
Pubu'iue 9 ......
Kurt Mi.itn. . 5 1 1
Ueletia 27 4 8
La Crso ....
Leavenw'ih .
Litil Rock . ... -
l.o.lirville. ... 9 4 4
Heuil.lll. . IS H 41
Nashville ...,i 12 . 3 1 3
New OrU'ns.. 8 9 ...... 1
Omaha '
1'ittaburg .... 3 8 1 b
St. Lou i I 17 8 1
St. Paul I
Shreveport ...1 13 3
Vi,'kl.nr ...' 27 7 3
EvANsvms, Febrnary 5. Noon
Kiver failing, and lull of ice. Naviga
tion suspended.
PiTTsHPim, February 5. Noon
Kiver 4 feet 3 inches onth" go"ieand
( tiling. either clear and cold.
Cincinnati, February 5. Noon
Biver falling, wilh 22 feet 8 inches on
tlu gauge. Weather clear and cold;
thermometer 16". Heavy ice running.
Cairo, February 5. Noon Kiver
23 feet 8 inches on the gauge and fall
ing. Weather clear and cold. Arrived:
John A. Wood and tow, O.iio river, K
a.m. Departed: John A. Wood aud
tow, New Orleans, 11 a.m.
LoriHVii.LE, February1 5. Noon
Kiver stationary, wi'h 9 feet 5 incline in
the canal and 7 feet 3 it.cne ou the lalle.
Business dull. Wea'ber cold and severe.
Arrived: Go'den Cro n, Cnciiinati.
KvMrv thin; l.ia up uaiil the ico runs
Movement rirnnn Nlsamsrs.
New York, February 6. Arrived:
Wit'sland, Antwerp.
For llolcni, Terrene, Ark insas Oily, Clraen
V i I le. New Orleans and prinnlp-tl way
landings I he ureal Iron Steamer
u iti.i:s i. 'iiki ri:ii,
'l'Oorw-sen mastor.
Will leave SATIUIUAY, Feb. 6th. at p wi.
For (reightor passage spplyat 3 Madison St.,
or to II C. LOW!.. Ageut.
('.ill Telephone No 52
Meinitils and Clncltinntl I'm ket Co.
rU IMVll.l.r A CINriNMATI.
Jam cm We WulIxSJgH
John F. .Lines. ..master.
Will leave THIS DAY, Feb. 6th, at J p.oi.
For .reightor oass.ea em.ly to O. U. HUH
SKL1 . A.ent. No. 12 Madison st. Telephone
Xo. 227.J0I1 N CA It II, Passenaer Agent.
Soitlliera Transportation Co. O. Line -For
Cairo, Louisville and Cincinnati Sir.
New Mary Houston. -
Lew Kate" .... master.
Will leave SATURDAY, Ke 6th, at 10 a m.
For freight or parsaa apply to C. 11 Ht I 4
SELL, A.ent. 12 Vlniliantl at, Tele..hoe 'm.
amtiitsi.'iM.e rinrp Pih tsusi gs sw.asi.sa
null t)hfHl t'nelis! i:ostn,iy.
trar'talena. tllendnle, Friars Point and all
M a Landings Steamnr
Coahoma, jSSfe
K. T, Chyfett . -nsjiUr I Piatt UUou....g
vol leave as above on every MONilAY.
WEUXKHUAY and FRIDAY, at 6 o'cloak.j
Fir Randolph. Fulton. Oseaola and Way
Lanuin, s-Steamer
J. n. Cooper, master... J. W.fmithert.olerk
Leaves as every MONDAY, W KIM fclc.UA K
and FIllDAY at f p.m. The boats uf this
Hue re.erve the riant to paai all anding
the 'aotaln may deem unsafe, Ofloe, No, 4
Me,n.s .1 A M KH I.Wh!. ,T.,H.ir '-
'I'1)" Sf.FranclH Ulver TrunHuertuUoi
Co.'s vine Hi le-W heel tl. 8. Mail :Ht..ai
Re e Macready, r.T
0. K. Joplln .."ler,
T I' .:;, A V,
at 5 o'elnok, for Marlanna. the Cat-Off. and
Intermediate landings on Ht. Francis river.
The caption resorves the right to pas all
landing he deems unsafe. JAH. LKK, Ja.,
ofll.. Ma. 4 Mtd.-on s.
MemplilV Wliilc Hirer 1'kt.Co
t. C. Pci'al . mat tar : C. .V. .' Kal....oii i
Ii.irenoion, Oeivati. IllnfT, Den Arf,
, Av,,-iiat)s. .V ! eiriprl nml saeatrey.
attip m. Ihronth rain to all point.
Fro gh oonslgned le " Memphis and W lilt
rt mr Packet Ctmpany ''.It baforwarded
protupUv li. u
I.OWR. A tent.
N s Vrtlann st
Teleohoae No. M..
C r Osoaoia, Hales foint Carutnersvnlt.
Osy.iso -d Tinti.nvllle The new stswurr
W. P. Hall muUr I J. D. Fuller oletk,
will leave as above, and all way nolfls.
MeuiplilH and VIckHharg Packet C'oui
pany U. H. Hall Line.
M. K. Cheek. ..master W. V. Blanker.TelarK
For Helena, l oncordia, Terrene and Arkan
sas City The elegant passenger steamer
Leave Memphis
ti.ro., reserving the right to pas all landings
thecaptain may deem unsafe. For general
information apply at oftce. No, 4 Madison
street. K. WALWORTH. Agent.
.KillV CARTt. Paaa'r Arent.Telei.hona It.
Mcuiidil9,VhlteJt Black Klrer Packet
For Ileiena, Indian Bay, Bt. Charles, Clar
endon, DeVails Uluff. ties Are, Augusta,
Jacksonport, Ilatesville, Powbattan and
Pocahontas. The new and elegant side
wheel paaaenser steamer
OcNifiis'JV &dS
Milt Harrv - master.
Will leave KVKKY SATURDAY at 6 o'elock
p.m. Through rates to all point. Fraight
eoniigned to Milt Uarry Line, Memphis, will
be promotly lorwar.led. C. B. HUSSKLL,
Agent. Telephone 227. Offiee li Mad iaoa si.
Jksb Tl Kit.i. Passenger As-enC
ws rrataov ei tseaaiiaS
Jcaii4ia, Ui.t.1 rawnSS
m,w. k uaalaMMMfSavs.
an.l LlMt
W. lux aolxl com!,.
St'le, ami la . rr
aag..aa lan.la oVa.
Aleett J laa.
Non-Kesldont Notice.
No. Anno. R.D. In the Chaneery Court ef
eh Ihy cou -ty, Tenu.-Alary iey vs. M.
H. Crugeretal.
It ap. .earing from Sheriff's retnm in this
eiuae that the defendant, M. R. Crager. i
not to be found in hi count v :
It is therefor ordered. That he make Bir
appearanca herein, at tbe courthouse l
She.bv county, n Memphis, Tenn., on ortw.
fore the first Monday in March, IHyl. (
plead, answer or demur to eomplainanVl
(ill., or he same will be taken for eonlesMv
as to him and sat for hearing ex parietal)
that a copyofthi order be pub ishedni,
a week, for four sureessive weeks, ln;t(
Memphis Appeal. Thi19ia day of Jaaaai
18oo. A copy attest :
S. I. ta.'DOWKLL, CTerk aid Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Tiylur Jk Carroll, Sols, for eompl'at. rut-.
M' J nt. i pvs.j
t Yaaaraat Bt Ui
, f Ml)ir!eU.f.
t 1 Wrdoai; kf Oia
a Jvw... o.wImI rt.
VVVasj 8alirrtaiwa

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