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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 06, 1886, Image 8

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Lovlirillf few Orleans and Trxai K'y
11 F.ffeet Novei-ber g, IMS.
-aoi MAIL.
4:00 p. IT
9:4S .u
11 MO i.m
S;4S a.m
R:20 a.m
i:a a.m
Inland ..
V vriioa .
1 :l a. in
2:42 e.m12:li 4. in
C:21 a.m
9:3U ii.n
' South.
V:40 a.m
3:4.1 p. lb
T :L5 p.ui
9:41 p. in
HaIm Houre....M..4..
h:W p B
2:45 p.m
11:10 a. in
7:30 a.ui
ew Orlesni 11
Memphis . .
A-With til line entering Memphis.
B-With M. A N. W K. R. lor iialanav.
O for Greenville and lluntington, and all
Arkansas points. .
TJ-With V. A at. and V., 8. A P. Railroads.
U-Wita N., J. AC. B,H. fur fialch.s and
Jeekion. .
f-For 1'oinu oa tha Branch.
With ileamera lor Bayou Sara.
H Wilb railroads diverging (or lorida and
Coast points. ....
rallman Buffet Sleeping Canon all tralnj.
J AS. M. KDW'ARbo, V. P.aadOtU.
M. BUKKK, General tiup'k
A.J kAAl'H. O. P. A.
iMtaalppI aw Taneuiee. Fait
mall traia mm daily at 4:4) p.m.t ar
rives at :4S e.m. Loral freight leave at
4.4U a.m. I a rires at i.M p.m.
Maaeae City, nrlua;0;eld and Hem.
' naila rralus le..M. end I. dapot asfol
Town No. it mall and i press' leaves daily
at II a.m. No. I, noil audeipress armei
at t 10 p.m. I No. 66, Ot Lorn eiirm
Imtm daily at 6;( p.m. I No. , tit. Louis
eaprass arrival at 8:56 a.m.
aeesati ils and Utile Kock Train
mgva aa f'l"s (oeutri staadard timeii
No 1 MTiid.i' to:26 p.m.t arrival at
t:U p.m.' Mi. Sl.ivas at 4:50 eu,.im
rtvea at l:V a.u.i No. 5 tlrelfM) !ev
Ltopelold dally, daadi y, a' 8:00
a.m.i arrives at 7:10 p.m.
eTtieaaaaaho. Onto and Sontiiweat.
ejrav- rip mora aa fnilowii No. (fast
Una dallylliaTei at 11:30a.m. No. 2 loaves
a 11:40 p.m. 'It. bt. Loots faat Una
leave dally at t:Xi,n. No. 7 tlaat Una
(ii.il) air at 1 ;:tll n.m. Mall anil ei-
pres arrlTaa tall r it si3a.ni. Bl. uouli
eel line arrives daily 9i(6 a m.
mpbla ! VtoarleaaoB Train
aaoTa n.lewai i'hrctgh aaprau laavat
an at OttHp.in, a all anil axpra" laa
dally at 9:10 '.in. romtII aoocniDnil' .
' tioa Itw dallfi ' tiuaoaf. at 4 !1
P.m. Thronib piarn a 'lt d! ai b
a.m. Mail and aii reH a-rl'-a daily at 4 bb
p.m. bomarrllU aooui odation amva.
daily, aieant Sat: Jay, all x .m.
LBi Ilia and MMltvtlla Tralm
Bmill'"",,l Vt niall arrtraf dally a'
4:38 a. iu. I la-ai ai I0:1H p.m. i mail lna?n
rlally at 9:wa v. -tianivlllv aecommi
datioa laaTaaaaily, aiwi't Sanda, at 6:00
p.m. I mall arriw lally t ("! n.m,
ErowBJTllla aoeoamodatlun urri?ai Sally,
'wi Eaadar, at K:40, a.m. kitanjard
afotai BlrmtaiBbaTn aad Allaia.
tln-BolW HiH-in-. rinuU Tralna mora aa
followit No. I laaTO" Mauiiihia dailT at 4:0-1
p.m., arrifal at Holly Hpringa at 8:30 p.m l
No. 3 laarai liolly Hiirlnira dally at 9:00
a.m., arrira at Mamphli at '1 1 16 a.m. t No.
t rra Mamphla daily at 7:30 p.m., arrival
at Holly HprinfD at 11 :Ti9 P.m. I No. 6 'aaal
(Tally Hnrlnrt daily at 3:30 a.m.t arrival at
Jnaaiphlf at:W a.m.
WiiaiiyoTox, 1). 0.. February , im.
1 o'oluok a id.
Indications (or Memphis and vicin
ity: Fair, warmer weather, blue cres
cent, red sun.
Jor Tennenee and Uie OAio Vallty:
'Wtmntr, fair wrtttlier; viml emerally
awlVtly ; falling baromre r.
NaliMiroifuclaal Hirl.
Hupnii, TtKJi., Fabraary5, 16.
Bar. I Thor.rWina. I Waathnr.
Maihnam Umixiratura, KII.O,
Mlaiaiuia Uraparalura, 8.7.
Jtmafall, 0 00.
lUarwrvationi are taken onTfi raarldian
tiraa, abieh U una hour (alter thaa local
lee gain in tho river.
Hundreds were tuued away last
night from tho Moody and Hankey
A lew sleigh were oat yesterday.
The apart U too easily to last even aa
long aa the anow does.
The snow-plow win oat over all
the lines yesterday, bat it was found
fmpoeeible to run cars except on Mirn
The shoveling t( enow f on the
bonee-tops, sidewalks and street-cross-ingn
was the order cf the day yea
torday. Licenses to marry were tanned yes
terday ti A. B. Hibinelt ami Lu:n B.
K.liott, Jiihn Galvin and Kllen Fits j
The summer shed tt Owcunrt'd
Varden on i'oplartLrttittiimhledauilHr
tie weitfht ol enow, the damage being
ttbont 1000.
The thermometer :t i close to zerd
yenterdnr mo'iiln about daylight,
thongh the wrathnr modart)d con
eiderably before night.
' The meeting at the Cumberland
Preebyterian chorch a'. 11 o'clock this
? ireoion will net be for mothers ex
clusively, bot fjr parents of both
To-morrow the Sunday Timtt will
Hgm the pablicatinn rf the eermous
f Talmige and boor her. Thia will
irM(r be a tegular feuture with the
The ease of Win. Oeuo for atab
b '.eg Weill", at Kileigh, waa calle In
the Criminal Uonrt yeeterday and
rantinnxd, Wei La being on Lie death
bsd, as it ia btlieved.
The (iu"ajther-CnanniniS sparring
match has been indefinitely postponed.
tiaUagbar and yonng Aehton arrived
io the city yesUirday and have fielr
iieadqnnrtera at Bill Qulnn'a.
Chancellor McDowell' announeee
bat he will deliver bis opinion in the
mith-S!a'igriter enit t 2 oVlock this
u'tornrma. It will firm a basis fur
the action of the County Cjurt, which
icnctt Monday.
Broamville Statu and Hie: The
AriKAt, of SuiiJaj c.tnuins a lo'.ter
' irom NanhvilVe ti n'. quite acenratf ly
vrcscnia the rHuation as far as candi
dates fjr the Sanieme bench are cor
rerued. It eys t itt nw burh will
likely bo coaipoeed of Lia, Turaey,
Ckvippr, Volkee and ttoJgrase.
A fire broke out at 12:lo o'clock
this :i orning in the raar loom of the
building Just fast nf tbe northeatt
nrnwr ot Main and Gyoeo streets
f.ooi Sf.me unkniwn canne, and a eeri-
' ios c"t Binration would bave1eenthe
fann't except for tb prompt arrival
of the Drvmtn. 1 hi darcne a as
Th snow-obsimctad streets have
vnatenil'y allacid the revenue of the
City KiiUny Company during the
Vat threo daya. Ttie average receipts
are est maiel at ClOO daily, and dur
ing the Imt tbrae dy the ron
ning nf rare tnt bean almost euiirtly
' enepfndud. i'8'erdny the Wain street
rut alrme were runniug.
D. Vearbof-kl, the B,ale itret
lovrc! aut, chafeii with receiving
tolen gorala, wua fonnd uctguiltvin
the Criminal Cuti't, Jerpite prrof
which showed that he purchased a fine
coat lor 12 .r0, shipped it to KL Louis
the earns hour, and pretended to know
T:09.m.. ho.S7n! (1.7 K. Clonr.
ll:1a.a..Ul.WI in H U.K. K'loar.
!MWa.m.,H0.M 'l U.K. (Mur.
IMp.m,, nn.4VI' 29.0 U.K. Clnar.
in iimp m..m M 27 ft KB
no bin of it at. til lecked up in the
ralab oie, acd the cott, which bad
ben bioagut back, waa shown Lim.
Boh Tate ships fifteen of his boraea
to Memphis to-mono wwk, leaving
oily one Traveler, by. Larmng'03,
jr. ArrensioD behind. This young
ater, wi o is a ha f biother to AscenJor
on the d im a aide, is a bit bacKward
The Pa'e horeee will be abipped
etratghl from the H Ijuis meetii g tt
Long Brunch, wi'h the except on il
Amy Hyda, t) whom be intrubts t e
l onori ot his colors in tne American
.Darby at QMragn.
Mire MaKia IliTrriKi.n will ring
with Mr. Suukey at the meeting to
night. Da. W. a SaHDKRa and wlfs of Car
rollton, Miss., are hre visiting Mrs
banders'a father, T. II. Lane,
I'm Eev. Dr. George Patterson a
rived yraerday fiom Texia t) take
cta'iifl 1 1 Urace cluifcn. Kervicea win
be had regular y oi and after Hucdsy
next. Dr. Patcereon is temporarily
I irated with the Kuv. Davia beraumr,
272 Lauderdale street.
Memphis Adam: "Among those
whose names are mentioned as per
sons who are likely to be called aoon
to represent Tennessee on the bench
t-f the Hnpreme Com I aid on the II lor
of the' Uniied f-tttes Leginlaiure,
are two c't xna if Mempbie,
('apt, W. C. i'nlkes a' d Mr, James
Piielao. They are gentl-imen wo thy
of the trust of the people and would
honor the po-i'ioni auggested for
them. Capt Foluts is a lawyer of
tlbili y, kniialrtdgH, matured jtidgnnent,
of characteristic uprightntaa and in
tegriiy, and ia known as a g ntlenun
in evi ry s inae ot t'io word. Mr. Poe
Ian is a reprem tative man of very
active habiia. Ha ia also a lawyer of
fine attainments and o( practical idea.
His na'iie and bis heart are no', unlike
those t.f n gcod Iiiihmsn. He is a
ripe tcholar and ertteemed as a geutle
man of honor anl faithful integrity."
Amksican wheat at L'verpicl yes
terday waa quiet but stnady, with a
poor demand, holJurs flaring freely,
Cornttiady, fair demand. i
Tii a ei ports of doinwUo products
from January 1st to 2ti.b, inclusive,
amoiinied to f :f,8!5.010, agaim t J8,
0UI.IKJ9 in 18Sj,audi2:!,781,6'JJ in 1884.
Clohinii prices ot May options at
Chictgo yettirdry: Pork, $11 37).
Lard, 6 27 jc. Clear rib Bides, 6 7l!.
Corn, 40Jo asked. Wheat, 85485o.
Oits, ItJo aiked.
Visitor on 'Change yeeterday:
ThniiiHs Laflerty, Little Rck. Ark ;
McL. Wesson, Indiana; J. B. Wasfon,
K J. Piggoit, Viunie Wo fa, W. N.
Willit, Mrs. T. A. Ourrie, Forrest aty,
Ark.; Jesse Currie, city ; K M. EUui,
Ht. Louis.
IV I'OBT of the Uraln Elevator yes
terday: Wheal none received or
withdrawn; in store, 10,721 bushels.
Corn received, 2100 bushels; with
drawn, 1 749 bushels; in store, 37,370
bushels. Oats receivod, none; with
drawn, 240 buolals; in store, 5 .',1)94
Tub Mnnchr-ster Guardian, in it
commercial article of the 6in, says:
"8al a ( f clo'.hs continue iighi ; prices
ttre maintained; further weakneta in
Tn'a i exnba'iKcs checks the demand.
There ia a ttaady demand for the borne
and the smaller f jrelgn markets. The
market for yarns ia etagaant; prices
re in favor o( buyers."
Tub New York OU. Point and Drug
litportirtnyt: "Crude cotton-seed oil
ia now oa a eteady baais cf 2(c bid
and 25c aaked for etrii tly prime New
York delivery, with eals of iOO har
relaat 25c, 200 barrels fnlr oil at 232?,
and 250 barrels oil color at 22r, in ad
dition to various other tranaactiona in
a small way. No large business is re
ported. The better feeliog waa in
fluenced by the higher views enter
tained at the primary markets, but it
is exclusively confined to the better
qaality cf crude, the ofl'-color grades
being vry diiliuult to place at any
price. The jobbing Iblarvat manlfected
ia rmuidered good, .and a larger
volume of business would result if
preeent prices for prime could be
shaded. The lightly better feeling at
the booth ia mt owing to the in
creased business io much as to t'ie
close of several mliN f r the season."
t'lrenlt t'awrt Pierce, Jadae.
Jury casts will cot be hrnrd until
Wednesday, February 7, 1881
Cn endar for to-dav : Noe. 8845, Nan
nie Martin vs John Martin; 8K57, J.
B. Kdaington a a. li. Myers et ai
KS'.itl, A. C. Buoks vs Ben Imes; 81KX),
Koo'ps A Duih vs J. 11. Munoney el
al ; mi, l.ytle & Hhiolda vs J. C.
Oatua; ,V.I0;!, II. Do vs Rntledge A
Lfgoniarplno; . S9l), Bridget Haulev
va M. K. Conaway ; K1MW, F. J. Warner
va W. T. Arhuckle; S!K)7, Joe. Cove vs
John Helnrlch; 8!M)8, B. Derlementl
vaJodeph CeUe; 8'JOtl, Hy. Waking
tin va Wm. Finnie; W)10, Joe Jonea
vaO. W. Baker: Still. J. 8. Drake A
Co. va Memphis andOincintati Pu:ket
Company ; 8913, J. C. Oates vs Uliuen
elck & Co.; 8914, Kohert .Tnuiea va
Henrietta Jamee; 8U15, Elisabeth
Ualna yg Alonno (4ninn.
n.V IT U7,.l.l...n l .1 T V
tnotllAtl Int An atajtt aiila Taln arrant
jnat north ot "Waldrao Block,". 17 Jx
vj i er, tor inuu.
Walter O. Dunn to Nannie F. Dunn,
lots 3, 1, 6, 7 aud 10, containing in all
about 320 serve; also Interest in dower
tract, contu.niiig 3.i:u acres. tr
$027 07.
Rachel Gowling et al. to R. L. Coch
ran ct 1., hit No. 15 McKinney suhdi
viaion, for 132 W.
A DruKRiitM Mory.
Mr. KiMtfl C. Chapman, drngg'st,
Newburif. N. Y., wiitea us: "I have
for tho rnt ten years sold several
groM of Dr. William Hall's Bal-u n for
the Lucga. I can say of it what I
cannot any of any other medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak ot
it but to praise lta virtues in the high
est manner. I bave recommended it
in a great many caees ot whoiping
coogh, with the hsppleet effects. I
have used it in iny own family for
many years; in faot, always haves
bottl in the medicine closot ready for
Old told aad silver taken tu cash
at Bnllord'a.
Fire I Flro! Fire I
We have bonvht from the lata fir
of Henry Peres 200 majolica pitchers.
2O0eeUknlvosnd f"irka, enoon, and
all kinds cf hard and queensware, fur
niture, chairs, tha. will be sold at very
low figures. Also a 1 kinds heating
and cooking atoves for a.il chean.at
Agant and Cnmtn Union Merchant,
4011 t rbfilby itroct.
Mnlford, Jeweler, 294 Main, io-
Ioclts orders front me country.
ia Railed Uiamiwln far
Taa Kw llayaM
Ratal, $2 50 to M par day. aveordinf to loea-
lloa ol ronma.
L T,vmb, Tenn R W Tlmler, Mo
- 11 Caidner, Ma JCWhia.
W B tartor. N K W p. K,t,r, N Y
K K llach raoh.Ohlo O bimbartar. Ohio
J h llo.kini, Ky H "omerv ll. Tinn
M CSirnna. Quia J R P...rrr tin
A W arn. Id Aw, Ark M C r'r.r kliu Af, Ala
hi n wu, ia k li n ba Inr. La
M C ThenUr, Wi-i K K Hunt, Min
i T Buchanan, Mill 1,(1 Mnbel, Mil)
M'.i Mc'aulay. Ky
I. t Pratt, ao
W I, J,l.r, Ga
t 9 Wiebll A, Ky
II A Kaayar, Mint
B HCon-er. Ark
i mi'oi, t L. Hn.i b. Ky
A t; Arnuld, Mae
W II S.o.all, Miu
O T apiile'uan, Mill
X Ilarland. Ia
A C VV ii.i, Miu
J J Cob oar, Ark
II C MoW. li. Ma
li TCoahead. Mo
A it warren w.Tenn W II Pullan, Tana
Mm DO Moody, 111 li L Moody, III
Mil- M. odr, 111 J L hankey, III
K J Darnell, Tone K B Malnna, Tens
llotion Hiuiih, Tenn W II renham, La
J Levi, Ky A U Mi-hrll, rily
J V Preiirldaa, Miu 8 A Wood Aw, Tena
CXVoula. Ma Wm OalNber, Mo
M a. O bt Wt, Tenn Mn M ilarrii, Tenn
J N Kcot. Tenn C J Wa ren , Ohio
II M .MuDo.ell Aa-, 0 II McD .well Aw, O
JKalvaia. NY J It Wa loo, S Y
WKMarih, Man II C Buchanan, Mine
11 H llicki, Ky.
Sulia'i Hateil.
W. H. BINOHAM M.'.ion.
Enrian plan. KnUryed and re(uri,ianed.
i'ricei aooordina to aita and loca
tion of room.
J Krh, T.lttle Rock C 8 Olmiled. Ill
J Corta, Mm V h Itarre, city
T 0 I nuney, city J t Byrne, N Y
V D Vomiid, Ala Mn M Ward An, Ky
H W Mr-llu rk. Mill W Or bam, lann
W K Butler, Tenn WBVankirk.Mo
W W orriran. Ark T H lt-..wn Aw, Ark
K Woodward, La KBr-mith Ark
Miu M Bmilti, Ark Mi a Uiltbeimer, Ohio
T B Slaughter. Mm O II 11,,-kor. Ky
J l' Ha'ily. M m J 11 Hmwn, Miai
tt'O Aduii, Tenn M W Ware, Ark
WDiianee, III W D, d .. Pa
1' K raundnrs Mi"i Mn Terry. Mim
Mi.l MnLauren, M ll M Cob-nil. Mill
lulm Leaby, Ark Mra tA ilain. Mire
iii Davia, "iia A D Wa'eineld, Tenn
T D Ynun(, M ia ALUun.nur Kim
I) y Beach. NY W L Huckwonh.Tenn
A lt Wil. in. 1cnn F W lUvtm nd. Teun
(J C Pumev Aw, Tenn I J O .iuey, I a
J H Wiir, Tenn W H Frn tin, Tenn
J I, Adum. lenn Her J Uliraf, Wa
Prank O Mil's, III KW Hi.iklov, Mi a
11 Kit llliud, Mi.l (1 6 Allen, Va
J W Alien, Mi.e.
Perthody llwtrl.
C. B. HALLOW AY A CO... PiiiniiTnu
Ratal 42 M) and 41 per day, awnrdina te
iaa and looalion of room Hpeeial
ratal made.
L Whlf. Ky 0 H Fnt, Miiw
11 F vicConn-lt, Ark A .1 DoLornde, N Y
(! A K mi. N V
I' W henneilr.
W II Krwin, 111
P P Wiiarman. Pa
fil WalUn. N Y
J J Alitor d, Tenn
E M (Voter, Cat
H T (Iraham. Pa
W II llaxttr, NY
L KThen, N Y
K (' (lurdon, limn
It It Kiddell, Ohio
(I P Bi'rini, Oa
n Diiviilion, 111
W M Kmerncin A w.Va T II Vann.im in. NY
II II Allen, w Ad, Ky J M Tnoinpi n. Md
TAHuh, Ind I. Pender iri A w, Ark
bam New, Teun K Lfhrunn. Teun
J II Pi., too, Tenn A Treadwel , Tenn
L l.thmnn. Tenn
u f. Hooper, vo
,1 M Uilluix, Tena
M K Xarrh. Ttnn
Mire J Cium, Va
W K Myeri, N Y
J Slant li. Mo
K Buchanan, N O
J L Cocke, lr nn
P M Pelora, Mo
W S Puxl. r. Ill
J M Kordhaoi, N V
MiM Bruoe.Tena Mi'i Mjnhn tun, Tenn
w L Clarke. Icon W II Klynn, Kr
J H Bcalci, Hy
T A Umiilwyn, Tenn
H II Philipi, Tertn
M H Arthur, Mil
Mm Smith, Col
tl 1 relevant, Tena
li Dow, Tenn
A U Plant. Tenn
M C Mot I nre, Tena
K Maion, Tenn
B W Vance, lnn
Miu Arthur, Mo
A H Steveui, Toon
N Litxeiir. Tenn
H B Weineiier, lens
J L elron, Mill
II i: ShMfur, Ind
W 8 Mat. hewn. Mill All Ki.1I.Tmiu
II Buchanan, Tenn J b Walla, Tenn
B MoUulluch. Tenn
K Widgms, Tenn
j franklin, Mo
1) A Rcruatdt, Tena
KJ Inloei, Ohio
J Kiven, Tena
J lUller, N Y
J Mrbth-ri, Tenn
T A Auitin. Tenn
M (' Curler, Tonn
U B Uender, Tenn
W L Brown, Tinn
(! A Jaokron, Tenn
I) P How mi n, Ind
K J llr.'hl, N Y
.1 A Deuie, Tena
N i Ply, Tenn
J J Dulloro. Tenn
j;M Uwdbar, Tana J B Mayor, N Y.
Clarendon Hatel.
BOWLES A LBAKK .. Panrsiaroks.
Hates-12 per day.
W Ttent. Ark W H IlaM, Ky
W R Mclnto.h, city P Martin, city
W Akin, Tenn Mr. A Bradlord, Tenn
Midi Allradford.Tenn f Bradford, Tenn
J P Aliton, eily
A rprenier Aw. Ark
J K-ave, len
J Kinney, Neb
M A Cochran, rily
0 Wil on, Neb
J M Anderion, Miu
K Moon, eity
l Orean, Mo
A t-ailUlxr, city
H C Bnrhannn, MiM W Maeon, Mill
J Crof. Tann
A Jonoe. Tenn
W krenihaw. Mo
D P Pinlay. Ind
K. Wil.on.MiM
N Hanford, Mill
H M llrnnli, Ark
It X Urillin, Hi
W M O.iodwln, Ark
0 P Smith, Miai
H I Laiion, Ark
R Wileon. Ky
M Coon, MUl
(1 Morriion, Tenn
JT Winter. Ill
A L Smith, Tea
J J Crosby, Tei
A Austin, Tenn.
lwBya Karepean Hotel.
Corner ol Ademi and Main itreeti. Rooma
ovu. 7&eandll per day) American Plan,
$2 per dav
Plrrt-ela.i Reataurant In tha Hotel.
J.M.lHiPf'YUuyra with Paabody HoUl),
Pi' .
JC Abrine, Tenn Jamet Purcell. Ark
MNenell,city J u Ceetlea, Ark
JTil l.ainur. TNOAT Alfred Levy, Ark
CBLnni. Ky Thomae Keller, 111
K W Henley, Ark J T Taylor, Mo
N T Khiitwell, Mo J B Abut, Ky
W Oieil. Tenn T L Willerlorl, city
1, 11 Fiiuliru, eity J T Shieldi, Mire
M II Owem, Tenn K J Buohauan, 'tena
J P Siunlirait, Tenn K J Swaninn, city
JW White, Ark LSaire, Ark
Mini M Saire.Ark 1k I'arrie Satre, Ark
! 0 Herriok. Ind W K Powo ,8 0
P M Mnrrii. LoKxOo K H Boyd, Tmu
W V Ibnmn', Mu K J Johnaon, Tenn
I Newton, Tenn Ike Levy, eity
t! II Spark, eity V It Neavy, Kit
K li Armi.lcnl.MoKiJ tlrait. Ill
i iu in u u i.i. ir.
in ii n"iii, m niuioi. ivni
T fBrawuer.Af.TencCC Mitchel, Ark
llV lluinohroy, do EiW C llvmlerion, Ktl
Mri l.aniliiair, 410 K w Itenlev, A a
Kd Webber, 111 J P Ilendricki, Mim
Dr C Connon, city J Couch, Tena.
riuiBTS, all styles, made to order.
Memphis Hieatn Shirt Factory and
Laundry, 224 Hecond street.
MsMrnisSTAiMKn Qlam Wobks, 206
Third atreet. Call and eee .
Chika gilded and fired by Mrs. Lia-
ale Fant, Holly Hpringa, Miss.
Bazib ftehloa sheets for February.
44 North Conn. John F. Key A Co.
J. II. Lowrbt, M P., Ilomeopathirt,
318 Main street; telephone 981.
Thb finest and bett selected stock
of gas fixtures in the city, at bottom
prices. J. A. BA1LRY A CO.
Ckstbal Ncbuky, No. 99 Market
etntt, la the nearest phuie in the city
for plants and cat tlowera. ,
Mma Carjiib M. Kbatino can be
fooud every day at K. Witzmann A
Uo.'s, 223 (Second street, from 4 to 6
o'clock p.m.
Thb Herbal Chill Core, the best
tonic auil anU-pariodio known. A oortain
aua ansa oura ror ohiil" PrtoaO per he,''
Ue. 8en etas)) for eirealart. Any rl
aranr aiicn. euiiraa John C. Haokef,
Lynenbara, Va.
Thb moet efHcodoos stimalanta to
excite the appetite aro Angoetnra
Bittora, preparvd by Dr. J. G. B. Kie
gert A Sons. Beware of counterfeits
Ask your grocer or 'druggist for the
genuine article.
Thb Combihation or Tbgrkdibnts
need in nuking Brown's Bronchial
Troches in such aa ti give the bett
pooeibUeffeit withttvfety. Tory a
the bett remedy in uae for Cougha,
ColJs and Thrxat Diet nses.
C. D. F mith, veterinary surgeon, of
New York, tai decided to lxate per
manently in Memphis, lia treats all
diseases of horses, mules, cattle, aheep,
swine and t-ojt. Cal e, day ot night,
anawerod promotly. Ot&ce a' Jonee
& Co.'s etahle, CI MonroaatrMt; tele
phone 4t2. Reeldence, Prantdoli
House; telephone 32.
Order Medals at MulforaV.
3M talleda-e Ufemanlae ta da
year riamblnar
Fine Watch repairing at Sulford'f a
Humbug was again the tt'raction at
the Memphis Theater lulniuht, before
a well pleased audience. All the mem
bers of the company sustained their
ra ts well, Miaa Emilv Kean's per
fo mance beiLg esptcully good. Hhe
increared the favorable iiaorewion
made Thar day night. Humbug will
b given agtin at tha na iuee and
Cl'ttk to-night.
C'roaby'a ailme ataaearn. '
"IIow verv handy that Jap is with
hia feet," waa theremaik made by a
little n.iaa last evening aa ehe watched
Stttun a, the j inni ng and balancing
artist, kicking alo t his tan-foot tabl).
While the word 'handy" is hardly
the appropriate-one tu apply to this
case it is certainly true that the skillful
ariiat makes his pedal extremities
pliy more important part then many
people do their bandt. Ilia ait
ia the lower annex hall has
met with general favor, and he never
fails to win a round of applause. In
the curio balls to day will be afforded
the last opportunity for seeing the
bearded lady, Mme. Meyers, and the
ce'ebr.t'd bailor u man, Wileon, who
polls in 425 cubic inches of atmo
sphere in a gulp. Of con me tlo-n
those who have not yet bad a peep at
tha "Wbat-you may-ctll-ii" will
not fail to do ao to-day, ee,
in com oan y w th the long-booed akel
e'oi, Engene FVrralto, "it" will leave
Memphis lor the season oa rjucday.
The stage progianme lor the week,
which ends thi t-vening, is one of the
best ever oflnred in this cosy little
theater. From first to last it is full c f
interest. This beipg the day for the
mui 1 people the usual morning per
lormancea, commencing at 10 am.,
wiil be given, rimhrauirg all the fea
tures aid including that unique
society drama, Punch aid Judy,"
0 i Monday afternoon the first teapot
01 the Fat Women's Convention will
be held.
An Absorbing Story bj Wllkle C ot
liaa. In to-morrow's hsue ot '.he Sunday
Timet all the firjt cIib t?rs ot Wilkie
Col irib'a fine story, My Iady't Mmty,
can be found, last Sunday's settion of
the story being reproduced by rtquett
in a supplement, in ac ditto i to the
regular Inata'lment
Monogram Bmgles at Mulford's.
Advice t Motlicn.
Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrap
should always he ns?d when children
are catting teeth. It relieves the little
euHerer at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relievirg the child
from pain, and the little cherub
awakea aa ''bright as a hutton." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
dowels, and is the best known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other canses. Twenty-five
a bottle.
Solid Silverware at Mollord'p.
Pittsbori, February 6. Night
Ri ver 3 feet li inches on the g tuge and
fulling. Weather clear and cold.
Cincinnati, O , February 5. Night
River fulling, with 52 feet 0 inches oa
the gauge. Weather clear and cold.
Heavy ice runuing, and business sus
pended. Lc'CRVlLiK, February 6. Night
River falling, with 9 feet 4 inches in
the canal aad 7 feet 2 inches on the
falls. Business dull. Weather clear
and cold. Arrived: Golden Crown,
Evansviixb, February 5. Night
River stationary, with 19 feet 4 inches
on the gauge. Weather thermometer
8 to 2i6. The river ia still full of heavy
ice. The Jos. B. Williams raed down
to her tow, in Dutjh Bend.
Oaibo, February 5. Night River
23 feet 5 inches on the gauge and fall
log. Weather clear and cold. No ar
rivals or departures. The Will 8. Hate
came over to this side to-day to load.
The river is about half full of heavy
To all who art lufferini from tha errors and
indiieretioni of youth, nervoui weakneit,
early decay, lou of manhood, etc., I will
end a recipe that will oar yoa, FllEB OF
C 11 A RGB. Thli'great remedy wai dln:nver
ad by amliionary In South Amerloi. Send
alf-addremad envelope to the Rev. J htb
T. Ikuah. fttalio D, JVaie York (At-
Fraok Schumann,
Importer aad Dealer la
Gun, Fleiblna; Taeble Mad Nporta
naa'aapllew bit Special attention
f ven o MANUFAcTUKLSU and MK
lia fain NUlrfemnhlaTcnn
0. N. OaoHvixoB.
Real Estate Dealers
a ti K VTre. V OUOKKRJ,
Odce, 261 Second Street.
al. BL. Oar, lwn am Caora,
ntfim, . TOJfESJiHc.
Tuieat'aU. lUgU Ouileeud, ate., in
Ccro Jiumoa
TruHtec'a aie.
BY vtrtnaofadead of trurt f leented tome,
a. Iroitee. by M.cbrel J. Kenting and
Vary J., hia witv, recorded in bock No. 1.V7,
PMe3rW, ol tha he meter Office of Shelby
eounty, Tenn , to anrure the payment of
nru n In debtedni-a therein mentioned, de
fault having been teaoe In laid deed nf trart,
I will, at toa rtqoeatof tha benoAciary, on
Tboraday, Jem nary 14, lane,
within laial hour, via., at II o'eloek m., at
the Coiirt-Uoose door In tha eity of Mem
phis, offer tor etle end pell al public outory
ror eaeh 0 the biahert bidder, the property
deicnbed in lairl doed, in tne city ol Mera
phia (now the Texinr Diitriet), eonnty of
Shelhyand StaU ol Tennereee, to-wit: Ba
ins that part oi laid eity of Mamphli former
ly called Siu'.h Memnhn, heini lot No. 5, in
block 11, et Butler's diviilon or addition,
twionioa at a point on tbe aoalh nda pi
Klliolt ilreet. 60 feet ewrt of Avery itreel:
tb.noc eoathwardly parallel with Avery
etrett ene hundred and twenty feet n
Inebee (U)rj-LZ) to lha nort weet enrtier f
lot No. ti theoceet with the north line of
lot No. 2 aiiy (60) faet; thenre northwardly
parallel with Avery etreet one hundrt-d nd
twenty feel aix inchea tl'X 6-12) to Klliott
Itreeti thence weat with Klliott ilreet eixty
(dot feet to lha lein nine (being the fain, lot
evered to Kdward Keatinic by Sue H.
Moore and Mlldrel W. Uarrell and their
hiuban.l- aj heira at law ol Cornelia L. Par
ker, deceared). torethet with alt tha iai
proreacenu thereon aad app'irleoaaco
thereto be.onrina. '
The e-iuity ol redemption waived. Title
believed to be good, but I will sell aad eon-
war Hale paatiMtned natll Watarday,
tbe ata dav lehraary. land,
w i. X. LOaJiUK, Traataa.
fiejT The firm of GOODBAR & CO.la ben diiolved. and we I ave reorgsnia'd onr interet in t' Wliolwnle Boot
and bi.oa Brteine, in connection with Mr. W. E. Lov. ia- oi wfarren, Love & Co., S'. Lo'ti. Mo., and Mr. J. O.
Cellicotr, of Coldwa-er, 1ic., under the style of aid firm name given below. We thank our frioiui- f " t'i'-'r patroraga
in the past aad hope for a continuance of toeir favors. A B GOODBAT..
A. n. nnoDRia,
Lata of. Ooodbar k Co., Mmphil.
J II 0lvBtR,
La's of Ooodbar Alo:, Mci
307 & 3G9 Main
We are to receiving a large and Eu'irely liicw HI k of EaHtrn and
Spring Trade of 1886, which wa otfnr at ktock Dot oni I'rlcefi,
We bave EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing lines rf CCSl'OM-MADE Ciooh), all of whi.ih we
warrant to give perfect satisfAtt ou :
George Iiocker'e celebrated Men's Calf Boitft.
Brady & Hhorttl's toys', Youths', Mieses' and Children's
Solar l ip 8Lo 8
T. M. Harris & Co. 'a P'.iilad' lphia made Children's Rhoes.
Ala'-, L. W. Nate & Co. 'a Kip B'ngana and Plow Hl.o a
the best Projans mad in the United SUtas heretofore
handled by G oibai & Ci.
We are tho only liou"e in this Market handling the cele
brated K'iopendorf, Dittmtnn ti Co line of L'dW and
Mieea Kid, Goat and C.lt CUSlO.M Gcola EXCLU
SIVE!, Y. nndovihe Frirv B'riH.
Battle of tbc lVtticoats.
Fierce Factional Fight Follow
ing Toolish Female Frolic.
Wild War Whoops Women
Exasperated, Excited Endeavors
Each Eagerly Embraced.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm glad to say
that my husband is very good natured.
Mrs. Crusty And so is mine.
Mrs. Testy But my husband
never kicked over the stove.
Mrs. Crusty Are you sure of that?
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm sure of it ;
but I heard your hunband did.
Mrs. CruHty Well, whoever told
ytm that told a falsehood; besides,
I'd rather my husband would kick
over the etove than to kick me,
like I heard a certain woman's bus
band did,
Mrs. Testy Oh! you mean thing!
My husband never gave me as much
as a cross word in Lis life.
Mrs. Crusty No, and I suppose
lie never came homo intoxicated.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'll admit that;
but then ho doesn't squander all his
money and leave his family suffering
for bread.
Mrs. Crusty I can prove that my
husband is not a speod'.hrilt.
Mrs. Testy Prove it, please.
Mrs. Crusty Why, ho buys hia
clothes at the Misfit Parlor?, 2J2
Second street.
Mrs. Testy And .so doea mine.
He says ho can save money enough
there on a suit aud overcoat to buy
coal for the entire winter.
Mrs. Crusty That's just the re
mark my husband made. He said
the overcoat he got there for $'i2 was
worth MO, and the suit he paid 120
for could not have been made to Hell
for less than $35.
Mrs. TeBty I'm sorry, dear, that I
said anything about yonr husband.
Mrs.' Crusty Never mind, it was
all my fault; bat I gucps we'd been
quarreling yet if it hadn't been for
tho Misfit Parlors. Gracious-! what
happiness they do bring to Memphis.
Mrs. Testy Yes, the Misfit Par
lors aro a real blessing. There are
bargains there for rich and poor, for
it sells the finest of custom-made
clothing at prices which do not often
represent the cost price of clothing.
You get Suit, Overcoats and Punts
there for half-price.
N.B. Our present stock of fino
merchant tailors misfits in elegant
Overcoats and Suits that we Bold
originally for one-half of their actual
value, we are now hellish below
cost to enable ns to make room for
the large and handsome stook of custom-made
GARMENTS which WO will
reeoiveTrom ur agent at the open
ing of tho spring season. If you de
sire to secure a uenuine bargain
in a suit or overcoat it will pay
you to give us a call.
Clothing Parlors,
272 Second St., Memphis,
Opp. Court Square.
8ST Remember, all alterations ti
insure a perfect fit cheerfully and
promptly made, without additional
charge, by a first-class tailor.
- Open Evenlnira aatU o'clock.
Halnrdaja null! 11.
..... a 1
lAl ... vWjrf ..
Importer ahr) aeaWv In ao, Awaoaa
n 1 1 low and iloar Taekla, ltalMero'
Hardware, a.lrrlrle Bella aad Aw
.aariaaaralcr Hotel! and Reaideacei.Saa
Mala Blreei, Hemptu, Teaa Klectria
urpliee alwayi oa hud. BepaiPM neally
Yonng & Brollier,
Booksellers and Stationers,
S 18 Main St., MeniphU, Tonn
Wlattlwa o wetlre train Bnalaeaa
Wo OOTer war Kali re
,v-: vv V : J
W !. iOVE.
Lataof Warren, Love
9 LOTS s& COo
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
be male by any competing nt&iket.
market of the fol
We also control
Sii I
310 and .112 TVonf Nfrypl, Hfrm ph K Ton n.
MrI ItBlLIKaiES, rJ i.Ali: 1IAIIV,
We have a moat cnmplete stock of Cntlery, (iarn, Miolr abd Plantation
liardware, which we offer to the trade at ruck-bottom prices.
394 'IAI V feiTKEKT MRvlIMf I. TEKN.
I3issolTJLliori. Notice.
11 A. It, W. L. CLARK and. I. U. (ioO'BAK, waa dimolved January 1, 1816, bv mutual
coment, A. B. no lhiir and J. II Goodlier having auld tueir entire interest in the aaaett
toJ.M. Uocdkar aadW. L. Clark. J M. GiKlDHAH.
Miuphis, Tkns., January 14, Mm. .1. 11. GOODBAR,
ar Kelerrinr to lha above notice of dleiolution, J M.Ooodbv tnd W.L.Clark best
Inlorm their frienda and eustnnierl lhat, as ineerreora, thev will continue the Wholesale
Bout and Bhoa Business, at the od stand. 319 Main street, under tbe old firm name of
UDOUUAh k CO., having admitted as partners E. J. Carrinirton and V- (J. Jones from and
alter January 1, lBSo. Taoee indebted to tbeod firm will tnaks etdement wii h as.
James . Ooodbar Wm. I.. Clark Eaaene J. Carrlnaton Franta O. Jane
ISatabllaihect 1860,1
319 Main Street,
F. OZA.V.1K.
37. oiz-nxriixrES
-l-i n
Madisoa Street, A car Cotton Exchapge aid 1 heater
rvwu'iii nnv fiarwl Prison
TBASIIY COIT02Y of nil descriptloiiH. Kcntl for Circular
and Trices i'iu.
nsr. spsers, rr.
75 Vance Street, Memphis, Tenn.
EHTfAIiianEP 1G04.
Sternberg & Son.
336 Front St., Cor. Union, Memphis, Tenn.
Notice of JMssolution.
TUB arm of HBRBKR9 A FRICK has th'i
dy been devolved by mutual coment,
i. C. Krick having sold hii entire interest in
said Aim to George U. Berbers, who a-sumes
all liabilities ef tha Arm and is alone au
thorised to collect all outstanding daiini
ofaaidtrm. J.C. FRITK.
Memphis, Tcnc., Febraarj 1, Is.
Late of Coldaater, Mill.
Memphis, Tenn.
Custom Mtda BooU and Shoes for ths
on as liberal terms as can
the following Specialties under oar
A Co., 6U Lnii.
own brauJp, via:
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Man's Grained Calf CUS
TO il-MADE BaIs, Bu tin and Corgrea.
Gfo'bsr, Live & Ci.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE1 Baia, Button and C incrers.
Goidbtr, Lovo A. Ci 'a Ltdies' Kid and Oiat CU3
TO vi-MADE Flexible Polish and Bolt n fl 0J Shoes.
Oar Ladies' f3 00 Shaes are mule from the beat se
lected Curacna Kid aid Tampion G iat, Kxchr, and have
Silid Sola Lfit ier Conntrs and Fiex ble Inner Soles
aid we w.trrnnt them to fi'. and give porftct sa:Huction
in ovorv rr-arrfir't,
L . -.
Memphis, Tenn.
Lamp Stock.
Coa! Oil,
I Fisher Ranges,
JJInttrated Catalogae
Mailed rree.
257 Main St.
fur MOTES. GI. FALfJi aad
,THK nnnal meeting of, the stockholder
A- ot the Momrhis Gas Liuht Comnacv will
be held at the ofS-e of tha eompany. No. 58
J?,a'J,n Memphia.Tenn.. Monday.
March 1. 1, u, eler-t r-vnn (7) Direetor to
serve the eompany during the eotuinf year,
Lleetion from ID a.m. in 1 p.m.
TOhKPK CRAIG. Beeretory.
Sabeicribe for the "Appeal"
uWL uOa
yaar riuuabUiaT " ua-inii.

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