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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 09, 1886, Image 8

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LoiilaTlIIf.SeiT Orleans and Te iu E'j
In Effect KnTeTiber 22, 18M.
ADi mail.
South. I iiorth.
........ A..
4:00 p.m 11: .m
S:4rt p. m khh .m
:.' p.m: 5:11 a.m
.nd 0
Vickibur...... J,
Kthel F
Baton Kouire
Sew Orleani ...... U 1
1:00 a.m
S:(1 a. in
2:42 a.m
6:iM a.in
6:1 a.m
J:3U p.ju
12:16 a.m
8:42 p. is
8:: p.ip
5:0) p.m
2:45 p.m
11:10 a.iu
7:l a.w
Hemphif . .
Vickibiira; .
8:l'i p.m
7:15 p. pi
A-Wlth all linei enurine Memphla.
S-With M.A.N.W.K. H. lur Helena.
O-Yot llreenrille end Huntington, ind all
Arkamaa point. .,,
I-WhIi V. A it. end V 8. A P. Rallroade.
K-Wlth N.. J. A C. a. K. for Aalchei ind
F For Pointi ea th. Branch.
a With a tea men (or liarou Sara.
With railroad! dirernni for florlila and
Coait polnte. ...
Pall nan Buffet Sleeping Canon all tralni.
JAS. M. EDWARDS. V. P.anddlM.
M. BI RKB, Ueneral bup't.
A.J.K.NA1P.U. P. A.
Mlaalaalppl Tee,ejee)FMt
Bail traia learea dullr at 4:46 p.m.i ar
Tieea at V:4f a.m. Local fraicht learoe at
:4U a.m.! l liiu at 4: p.m. freight
traini Noe. & and 6 run tri-weekly. too. 6
laavae Memphla Monday, VYeaneiday and
Frdar. '
am mm M..w .... a . ..,
Bora u loH-j (oantral itendard Mme)t
Ma. 1 nam dvl'" t5:S5 P.na.t axrWai at
9:64 p.m. i .aw. J l.e at 4:50 a.ra.iai-
Sree at :50 a.m. i No. 5 (Iraifht) laaraa
opalald daily. ap' fiaadi y, a' 6:00
a.m. i arrive at 7:10 p.m.
Cianamet, Ohio aael MoeHbwrat.
aia fraipi mora aafnllowii No. I (faat
Una daily) I wrei at 11 :3U a.m. No. 1 learea
at 11:40 P.m. elly. bt. Louil faat lina
learea daily at (:30 p.m. No. 7 Uaatlina
daily) atr ial at I Jtl p.m. Mail and e
preae arriraa lally at 3:15 a.m. fit. Loan
faat lina antral daily 9:06 a. m.
Moaapbta aad -GfearlMtoa-TralBi
ore fl'own Through tipreat ieav.e
daily at ",:! p. io. .' Ml and eipieil learea
daily at 0:10 .t. F omeir'lla aeeommoda
tioa learae daily, a oapi BoBilar. at 4 Ml
p.m. Tbronah atpraai a -Htm da'y at 5 25
a.m. Mail and eipreii aTle dally alt 66
p.m. Bom.rellle aooonxr oda'.lon arm at
daily, eioert bander, atS'sua-a.
Lwwleellle and Naahvllle Tralni
mil f)l'i ait mall arriraa daily at
4:86 a.m. i leaei at 10:10 p.m. i mall learn
daily at t:UUa.n. k'ownirllle aoeommi
datioa laarat daily, ax ait Baaday, at 6 tCO
p.m. t mail arrWaa dally at Kifln n.m.
BrevniTllla aeaammodatloa arriraa dally,
taapt 0aiday, at :4u a.m. taiaadaid
lamphl Blrmtaskana aad Atlnn-
tlo-Hollv Snnnv H'lula Traina mora aa
folio wat No. 1 laaraa Mamphli daily at 4:OJ
p.m., arriraa at Holly Hnringa at 6:30 p.m. t
No. 1 laaraa Unlly finrlnai dally at :00
a.m., arriraa at Meranhli at IliUa.m.t No.
6 laaraa Mam phla daily at 7:30 p.m., arriraa
at Holly Nprinri at 11 :bi p.m. I No. 6 laaraa
Rally Hprinya daily at 8:3d a.m., arrlvn at
Mamphli at 8:3ft a.m.
WiaBiNUTOK, D. C, Fabruary 0, )
1 o'olook a. in. J
Iodicationa for Memphis and vicin
ity: Fair weather, followed by In
crfailng: c'oudineBe; local ralna; sta
tionary, followed by slight fall. in lem
nnratare; bias oreneent, followod by
blue star; red star, followed by red
tor Tenneuee and the Ohio Vallty:
Fair vtathrr, followtd in tilt vxiiern
portiom by local rain ; vinl ihijting to
tlighUy colilrr wttttrly in the uittlern
portion, and dijhlly warmer tnulhwuU
erly wind in On taittrn portion ; Jailing
Motvoroloclral Krtport.
Mimprii, Inn., Fabruary , im.
lima. Bar.
7:00 a.m.. 30.111 S2 5
11:011 a.m. ,ki.0W 4ti )
J:Wp.m..aui77 HI
7:00 P.m. .I2H.UU M S
10:00 p.ni..l2!' HiM 62.0
,01 oar.
Maximum tampalatura, W.2.
Minimum totnparaluro, SI.S.
Uainfall, 0 (M.
All obmrvatiomara taken on 75 meridian
a ma, which la ona hour faatar than local
The county convicts were out in
force yesterday, digging up the snow
and carting it away.
The streets were thronged with
ladies yesterday, despite the sloppy
condition of the crossings.
Miss Rose Leslie, the nueen of the
fat ladies, is a grand daughter of
Brigham Young, and lived for years
ia the Mormon capital.
The explanation of Justice Allon
aa to why he thonght he voted on the
first ballot ia perfoctlv plausible, and
explains his position fully and satisfac
torily. Next Monday bpglna the fast
type-setting contest nt Crosby's Dime
Museum. Local compositors will
represent the pRners, it is said, in n
race for a diamond badge.
Marriage licenses issued: John
Pope and Watiltla Armour, Needuatn
Oeeterand Mit'tie Chaliure, Nathan
iel Smith and Jessie M. Holmes, YV.
II. Smith and Mary lirearton.
The Fat Women's Convention st
the Dime Muteum Leg brought forth
a budding, inherent love cf embon
point about the Court House otliuUtls.
They vote etrly, late and oft mi.
In the Criminal Court yesterday
John Ma-tin, alas McKinoey, was
sentenced to throe years f ir obt lining
money lrom a Mr. Hallenberg on tbe
false st.t-euier t that hs bud a carload
of cattle at the depot.
The Baltimore and Ohio telegraph
line has reached the other side of the
river and is making preparations to
lay a cable to the loot of Jackson
Street, whu re they will stretch a line
on the l'an-Klettric telephone poles to
the old WetHrn Union cilice at 33
Madison strett.
Aft jr taking Justice Allen from
his home alunUy niidnig'it snd
bringing him, to town, his abductors
sent Juntica Blnnd word, to tttntaliaa
him, thft thty lud his mn Allen
under lock snd key. l'.land found
his man yettortlny morning and tcok
his alliiavit, which m a bombshell.
Kr!y freight trains 5 and 6. Mir
tissippi and Teunewce ia lrrn l, will
ron tn-wetkly, instead oi daily. Ty
this change tbe subK-tibers of the
Aitkal wtil lave to wa t till the pas
ceiiei Uuiu fcct, Juwa iu the evening
fjr tiieir pn.ers, except on Wednes
days and Fridavp, when j aaknges will
go by the early iroight.
The Bradatreot Agencv repoiti
2S3 failures for the week ending Feb
ruary 6th, ajainet 3;i7 latt weik ; a le
crtass of 4!) and as compared with 320
in the flnt week of February, l.s.s5;
!57 in IS.S1, ia 1SS3, aDd 11)1
in lssi!. Canaiia hd 21, tcsinst 30
last week, 3M in the. like week of lSSr,
33 in 1SS4, 31 in lsS:5, .nd 11 in lssj.
Tbe t ital number ot failures in the
Vnited K atoa in ISSti to date is Itli2,
sgainet ltt".S f ir a like period in 18X5;
a decreaae cf ntj, and as roTtpsred
m in 13S2.
Ed. O. Bush, representing the
firm cf F- W. G.iiett bf Chiiajo.
ca led at the Appeal otiice lant night
and com. Wined that he bad bten
badly t-ert id by a coup'.e ol detec
tives, J. C. MitJuireof Chicago and
V. McCuoeof th's city. They found
bina at the Peabody and threatened,
be ravs, to tike him ti jail unleej he
wonld consent to have his oerssn nn
ueiyo a lliurougQ uuaich a, tiieir
hands. lie insio a tint they had no
wanant, although they claim that
they were looking for valuables, al
leged to have been purloined by him
from J. C. MuOnire of Chicago, in
whose employ Mr. Hiuu formerly
was. They found nothing on Mr.
Bush but a price current ami several
blanks for ordars, of which they took
possession. The Aitkal knows roth
ingcf the facts but gives this state
ment aa it was received from Mr.
Busb. '
The committee in charge of tVe
Womau'a Kxcliang yesterday were:
Mrs. A. C. Knoaltnn, Mrs. Dr. Lip
BCDmb and Mis. i. C. McEaviU
Among the vlsl'ors were: Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Wilkerson, Mrs. B. M.
Stephenson, J. W. Allen, Bateavllle;
Miss Kmma llare, Mrs. M. W. Nel,
W. M. Larabee, L. Lawhorn, B. K.
I'ullen, A. J. Martin, W. 1. Beard, a
Lehman. M. E. Conoway, F. D.Txlley,
Mrs. It. O. Craig, Mrs. Edward Craig,
Mrs. M. Lnrkln, Miss It. Larkin, Mrr.
C. 8. Alt ton, Mrs. Jim ttoae,Misias!;
pi; Miss Beatrice Hamillon, J. W.
Waynesburg, Mrs. Meige Thompson,
Mrs. Vf. II. Joyner. Mr. E. R. I horn
as, Miss Agnes Winters, Mrs. Jennie
Fisher, J. U. Klmbal. Martin Mitchell,
White Haven; 8. A. Divine, Missipsip
pi ; Ben. Bingham, W. Ilargus, Vic
toria, Miss.; D, M. Scales and
wife, Dr. Duke, Misnliwlppi; J. S.
ltodgers. Walnut Bend, Ark.; W. A.
(4sge, Frank Uage, Mrs. E. L. Beattie,
G. A C. Beattie, Virginia; J. P. Ed
mondeon, SnmervilU.
Mbs.Wiluam WutoI Ilolly Springs
is in the city.
S. Si.aoeb left last night, for the
East, to buy spring stock.
W. L. Slauuhtkii, representing Bur
ton A Co. cf Lynchburg, Vs., is in the
M. II. FrcHEit, a newspaper adver
tising agent of New York, was in the
city yesterday.
Max FcnwAiiAOBKB of New Orleans
was in the city yesterday, and visited
the Merchants' Exchange.
Nasu villi Union, 7tb: Miss Alice
Hensley baa been visiting Memphis
for tbe past two or three weeks, and
the newspapers there, in their society
nctss, prove that she is as great a belle
and quite as much liaat aa was Miss
Kate Thempaon when visiting here.
IIsnby B. Bbikt died at the resi
dence of his parents yesterday, in tbe
twentieth year ti his age. He was tbe
son of Mr. James Brent of the ArriAL
typographical force, and was a young
man of fine promise. His parents have
the sympathy of
friends in their grei
large circle ot
great bereavement.
The Chlekaaaw lor While Hlver.
A tilkobam received yesterday
from Capt. Postal of the steamer
Chickasaw announces that bis boat
will be here Wednesday night and
leave Thursday neon for White river.
The Situation at St. I.oala.
St. Louis, Mo., February 8. While
the soft writther hi the past few days
boa produced no marked effect npon
the ice gorge in the harbor, und
stretching for miles both above and
below the city, yet the prospect is that
with a continuance of the mild tem
perature, and especially should it
rain, the ice will let go in from a week
to ten days, snd navigation will be re
sumed to Southern points. With a
view to lessening the danger to steam
ers and other crafts in the harbor
when the gorge moves, the ice along
the river bank from the bridge for the
distance cf a mile or more south, ai
on Saturday crushed with dynanit j,
and that explosive was used again yes
terday with good effect, in opening a
passage way through the gorge, which,
when completed, will enable the
steamers at tbe landing to move to
saler quarters behind dykes and Und
projections in the lower paitof the
city. The icawat found to be from
one foot ti over three feet thick, and
great efforts will be made to remove
enough f it to insure at least com
parative safety to property in the
harbor. When thecrash comes, should
the ice start on a high rise from the
Misiourl river, the result would in all
likelihood be quite destructive, but
should it move out quietly, under the
simple Influence of mild weather, it is
hoped that but l.ttle damage will be
Oertra 6iQfc Srnmca, V. 8. A., 1
Mum-Hta, Tim., February 3, 1 p.m. I
The following otieervntious are taken
at all itatlnna named at 75 maridian tima,
which ia ona hour fnatar than Memphla time.
A bora
low wat
Cincinnati ...
llavanport. ,
l'ubuqua... ,,
Kort Smith. .
ltelan ...MM..
21 8
ti a
is e
4 "i'
"ir "jj"
s 'T
a x
16 4
8 a7
5 "7
17 8
J2 &
Cn viuph ....
arenw'th .
Little Kock.
Loniarille. ..
Naahrille ...
New Orle'm
Omaha .
Pituburi ....
Dt. 1OU1I...
M. Paul....
riTTBBCBO, February 8 . Noon
River 3 feet 7 inches on the gauge and
stationary. Weather clear and warm.
Cincinnati, February ft. Noon
River falling, with 15 fuet 8 inches on
tha gauge. Weather clear; thermom
eter 42. The river is fall ot ice,
Night River IK feet 5 inches on the
gauge ana tailing, weataer nsr-y
and warm. No arrivals or departures.
Evansvilli. February 8. Noon-
River fallinir, with IS feet 8 inchto ot
tho guagp, and full of ice- Departed:
1'ariBO. Hrown, Cincinnati. Night
River falling, with HI feet on the
gauge. Ice light and totton. The
packets all resume to-nionow. Ther
mometer M t3 50. Barometer under
LM.). No arrivals or departures.
LorjiRTiLLK, February 8. Noon
River f ling, witu 8 leet 6 inches in
the canal and 6 feet 3 inches on the
fills; Business dull. Weather mod
erate, and the ice thinning out. Ar
rived : Owensbcro, Henderson. Night
River fallin?, with 7 feet 2 inches in
the canal and 0 feet on tbe lalle. uusl
nessdnll. Weather clear and pleas
ant. No arrivals or departures.
Cairo, February 8. Noon River
22 feet on the gauge and falling.
Weather clear and mild. Arrived:
Marv llnnnton. New Orleans. Night
River 21 feet 8 inche on the gauge
and falling. Weather clear and mild.
Arrived: tiolden Crown, Cincinnati,
noon; rjvdney Dillon, below, 4 p.m.
Departed: Mary Houslon. Cincinnati,
10 a.m.j Golden Crown, New Orleans,
4 p.m.
Tku Kavr iayai.
RaUa, ti 00 to 4 per day, Moordinf to loca
tion of rooma.
J 0 Kendrick, Tano J 1 Tunxalar. Mo
Harry llime, N Y Hlidby Complon, Ky
UM'etera.Ark i P Taylor, Ark
NBMaou.Ark ' Wilion, Mirh
C K Kiah-r Aw, Ark K Efichuler, N i"
H J Martin Aw, Mo Alex N Lewi, N Y
.lohn P Mir, Ind m (ioratle, Ky
T ( Wriaht, N Y Cyril llnna. Mill
JIlKrwin, Ky J U Oram. Ark
A J Van Hum, Tena N K Mo(iehi-e, Mia
Jeff William. Miat P C Fuller Aw, Nab
N P I'helpi, La II Brnnott Al, Mini
J K llratli, Miaa Mra J K Heath. Mi
K M iloath. Mill J B McKivan Aw.Tenn
KTl-ewii, Miaa Mra W W Lyle, Ky
Mi-a Lylea, Ky Uen R Jatrea, Tenn
II K 1 umernn, Tena J N Palla if . Tens
C MoiIit. Tonn D J Hlirite'. Tenn
Min Adami, Tenn P II MoUufTV, Mia
J X Kerney, Ind (i 11 1 unniiiuaiu, Tenn
J J ritockwrll. La J .M Preitridfe, Mill
Mra V Late An, Tonn C B Kimine, Ohio
K P Coir, Tenn E II WaUon Aw, Ky
A (i liuHn, Ky C Krlieannd, Mo
W v Maxey, NY W II Uayoa, Mini
J Tanner, Ala A J Donolaon, eity
K((tha, city J II Smith, eity
I! (I Meyera, Tenn II lluinea, Mo
J P bhepperd, Tenn M P Leaia, Ohio
MLliuyd, Kr C Reynold. Ky
T H Taylor, Tenn J A Mnllehee, Ky
E Jl Taylor, lenn r w Moore, mo
K O Koater, La F fluodman, Ky
J P Ramaey, Tex L Haria, Tenn
J Smith, Mich JJonna, NO
WBCbria'ian.Ky WT Cohen. FY
J L An demon, N U PHOweoe, 111
M W llrau-e 41, Ind U J Mnrria, Ala
J 8 Wood Ak. Ark N S Pennington, Ind
P R ilie, NY J R McNeely, Miaa
TUraham.Tenn Z T Collinr, Ohio
() Alexander, Tann K A lloepport, Tonn
M T Uracken, Tenn i Kirhberxer, Miaa
A 8 Varbrouth, Mill A J Winiford, III
J A Krana, Va Prank llawkini, c'.ty
R L Cochran, eity WELove.eity
Wm day, Tonn J T Jorleraon, Tenn
E II Poole, N Y 1 M Hay. K (J R K
II Drrlua Aw, Mill J M Wollard, Tenn
J J lll-ckman, Tenn K M Jolinaon, Pa
I(tn Wauok, hjr J A Uoldbornunh, Ky
J A lloakini, Ky O L Witriny, Mich
E Mmon, Tenn Thoa rloo. Mo
J M Dorbeny, Mira II A Unuiilaa Aw, Tenn
I)r E K Krancia.Tenn II P IIoukIhs, Jenn
Juinca Mhoon, Tenn II Y Dauinan, Ky
lllanclia Chakman, Ry Snmunls,
Ueo W Denham, "oo T Perd,
W L Baker.
PeabeMly Motel.
0. B. ALLOWA Y A 00 PaoraiitToai
lUtea ti&0 and Id per day, according te
aiae and looation of room Special
ratal made.
O F Drom, La P P Nedman, T.a
BMorror, III P L Kidwell, Va
II II Eraaa.Tann H KaraAela. N C
W P Uenman.Col J M White Aw, Kli
J C Carter. N 0
T L rairin, lex
T C O'Neul, Ark
11 K Hcudder, Tenn
.1 Kdel. Va .
J K Maah, la
W U Howen A ion, Tax 0 M lleadoraon, Mill
B v lunula, k
L N Rliiiik. Ark
H W Hale. Ark
A H liiobard, Pa
J A Kvana. Va
M P Oeal, Tana
M W Eaten, Mail
O Wing. N Y
W J Pmeman, Tena
T A Lewis, Ky
ti liunke, N K
M B heoi, Tena
Miaa Roia Lee. Tena
M I) Porwood.Uhlo
T I Smith, Ky
M 0 Andrew", Ky
A DetiUch, N Y
C R Morrow, Tena
M8 Walker, Mo
j A Mnok.NY
T D Pimiiln. Tonn
Mils I Hruoe, Tann
Mill Wallowa. Tenn Miaa Uroavener. Tenn
Jack Proa 8t, Tenn Eugene Milburn.Tenn
Ed Barna. Tenn
J o warren, lenn
J F Hiurdirant, Mlii
Maj WaBord, Mill
A J Ryan. Tenn
W I) Menaier, Tonn
rr u uonnie. Ky
R I Morgan, Mo
WB Doraley. Mii
J P Mollnnald, Mill
Miia B Reea. Miaa
W (i Sykei, Mill
W L Slaughter, Va
h Sydney, Mo
J B Htewart. Ark
J E Johnaon, Tann
J II Milliken.Md
K P Abbey, Mill
B Klrkman, Ala
8 M Callum, Mo
W A Wltte, N Y
W II Uardnar, Ky
L N Jllook, Ark
I llalneon, Ark
A W Keteum, Tenn
A Wriiht. Va
li wrigbt, va
11 Reiohenback, N Y
A L Rriatol, 8 0
J C Modinn, 111
A J O'Reilly, Ky
II I) Ilodnel, Ark
J Pronberg, Ohio
KM Duval, Tenn
11 Kaabcoe, N Y
O S (look a. Tann
II Killorgan, N II
II D Ilratol, BO
K Deliuih, III
R K Dullinkton, Tenn
U KJudaon, Ky
t Klliaov, Mo
h J Ellif, Ark
W llulman, Mill
J 1' leatn, 111
W W bouthwortn' Tax T M llnatol, 8 U
rokD'a kKoutfU oriaa courANT.
Mnbelllnaa.IlY J C Armond Aw, N Y
Mine L Dewey, N Y Miae M Howard. N Y
Mi. h Balaton. N Y K P ll-.rdie, N Y
8 B Iloraton, NY Y Pittinan, N Y
P Manloy, N Y J Meyer, .M K
J Adams, N 1 L Curlbery, N Y
daalon'a Hotel..
European plan. Enlarged and reformatted.
Prioea aooordina to aiae and looa
tion of rooma.
J Leaky. Ark O Rlloy. Pa
A P Maybeiry, Ark C J Dudley, Ark
j W ft infrey. Ark Mra V Taylor, Ark
J K Branch, Ark J C Darin, Tenn '
8 M 8 Campbell, Kai K B Pandleton, Ky
8 IHrbee, Tonn W M Kellor. Tonn
II llraiior. Tonn W W hherrod. Tetin
(I W Moaa, Toon W II Montague, Tenn
J U Foley, n I
M F O'Neal, Ark
W 8 8mith. Ark
TC O'Neal, Ark
J Mir
mith. Ark
F U Smith. Ark
A rfonDHOii, Aeon f litwivj, vol
J 0 Ilndgea Aw, Tann A J Norria, Tenn
J K llorton. la K J Keith, Ark
I) W Prnudflt, Tenn II J Poradick, Tenn
0 K Fnradtck, Eng J D Lowinan. Min
R II Knoblauch, Mo K Wanton, Mill
F W Terrell, Ark W tl Adaina, Tenn
Min M L Perry, MiaiT B llama. Ark
W 0 Ford, Ark (J II Kroat, Mo P R R
C S Dibble, Miaa J Sullivan, Tenn
A M Deninan, Ark R Dentnan, Miaa
W R Crioklow, Tenn J II Wuggoner.Tenn
J B Walton, Miaa Mra M V Wnlton.Miai
R W llnrper &n, MlaaTP Turner, Tonn
Jna Little, eity T B Slaughter, Mill
W C Ingram, Ark Mra S A Jonea.Tcnn
Mra G Jonoa, Tenn Mra 8 A Smith, Tenn
Mra KM Jonea. Ark John T Burm, N Y
K B Pouejoy, Mill A McDonald, Miaa
J A Avery. Ill ,W J Drown AT, Ark
W P Malone, Tonn R C Hill, Ark
J W Kroneaa, Ark A J Wright, Tenn
J 8 Wheeloa. Mill R W Mctiuirk, Mill
Chaa Weat, Miaa (I Yergor, Tena
W P. Wlldberger. Ky.
DnrJy'a Knrapeaa Hotel.
Corner of Adami and Main itreeta. Rooma
ooo, 76o and tl per day s American Plan,
ti per day.
Firat-clnaa Reataurant in the Ilotel.
J.M.DUPPi' tlUyn with Peabody Uotel).
8D Watson, Min W B Henderann, Kaa
DflYark, Ark (1 Smiley, Tonn
P Winaflold. Tenn M II Owen, lenn
Jllnll, Tcun (4 K Scott, Tenn
W II Benton, Ark M K Aycock, Ark
HLarrch.Tox T C Park, Tenn
A Jxmea.Tenn Mia L Jamea, Tenn
A Johnaon, Tenn
1 1F II , , I I
W 11 Ilurkhauer, Ind J K Alot.'ollen, Altai
J B Sullivan. Ind
O II Sullivan, Ind
K A Davidion, Ark
W M Smith, Tonn
J M Plaining, Tonn
II Ratnavy, Tenn
W B .ark. Tenu
E J Stevenaon, city
J (I llrown, Miaa
A K Dareraon, city
P M Marria.oity
B Sberrod, olty
O Pinley, city
8 D Wata n, Mill
J rhauberg. Ark
8 Holder, Ark
U H Clayton, SU
DC Slaughter, Tonn
O Jonea. Tnnn
V W Williaim, Tonn
J Uayne, ind
W A Wado, city
T Jonoi, Tex
F It Ariaiatad, city
II Garett, Tex
J A .Mercer, city
J F Hxrrell, Tenn
h J Winaxtt, city
J Cate, Miaa
(1 firimaa, Tenn
M Mo-rla, Tenn
V 11 V innemnn, M
U Humphrey, Tenn Thompion Aw,Iud
I.rnky roofaj repaired by Unb elt
cV Nvai, 20 and He) Heale alreel.
MnKord, Jeweler, 2i Mai.,
loctts orders from the country.
Wtacah Tried Alwaya Preferred.
When they once becomo acquainted
with i, lailies Invariably prefer Par
ker's Hair Balsam to any similar prep
aration. It makes the hair soft arid
glorey, streets its fallicg oil-, promotes
now growth, restores the original color,
and h3 no rival as A dressing. Not a
lve, not oily, highly perfumed. Only
60c at druggists.
A DrusRWs Story.
Mr. Isaac O. Chapman, druggist,
Newburg, N. Y., writes us: "I have
f jr the rait ton years sold several
gross of Dr. William Hall's Baha-.i for
the Lungs. I can say of it what I
c.vnnot eay of any otber medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak of
it but to praise its virtuea in the high
est manner. I have recommendi d it
in a great ttnuy cases of whooping
cough, with the happiest effects. 1
have used it m my own larauy tor
manv Years: in fact, alwavs have a
bottls in the medicine cloest ready for
Solid Silverware at Xalford'p,
Get Ratledr Laaatonarslno to do
year Plamhlwai.
Old gold aad silver taken as ca
at Jlalfori's,
Drew cut the lad'es yesterday, ft
is do wonder. No house in the
country shows' a larger variety of
of these goode, and tbe prices are
To-day the grtut ta'e of
will be continued and new features
New French and Domestic Spring
Ginghams, Calicoes and Percales.
Monogram Baoglea at Mulford'g.
Prompt allentlon to tlx work or-
dvra by Kubarb A Mod. TlopboueS
Fine Wateb repairing at Mnlford's.
Fire! Fire I Fire!
We hava bought from the lata fire
of Henry Peres 200 majolica pitchers,
209 seta knives and f 3rks, spoons, and
all kinds of hard and queensware, fur
niture, chairs, that will be sold at very
low figures. Also a'l kinds Heating
and cooking stoves far sale cheap, at
Agent and Cnmmiaaion Merohaht,
4(19 to 413 tbolby itreet.
fie to Ratledffe at LuaTomarslno for
your PlnmblOaT and Uai.l'lltlB(.
Order Medals at MalfordV.
Special NoticeFor WhitoUirer
nerBteamir CHICKASAW will arrive
Wednesday evening and leave TUU R8DAY
NOON, Feb. 11th, A'l freight will ha re
paired fi r her Wedneaday. at (rot of Union
Itreet. For general information apply te
Jl. v. Willi, Agent.
For Helena, Plate Bin IT, and all Way
I.aamagK aa araanaaa Kiver-tr.
foe Peters,
K. B. Smith, aiaaler.
Will leave THIS DAY. Feb. 9tb. at 6 p.m.
For freight or pasiage apply at No. 3 Madi
on itreet, or to H. O. LOW K, Agent.
Call Tclonhona Kn. tl.
Memphis and Cincinnati racket Co.
Hir. OHIO,
M If T
Jle lUi Arrj 'i 111 an IVI, -wdair -
Will leave W KDN FSOAY. Feb. 10. ai 6 D
For Ireighter p uaag apply to 0. B. hUS
SKL'.. Agent. No. 12 Madiaon it. Telephone
No. 227. JOHN CARE, 1'aaienger Agent.
Soulliern Tranaportation Co. O. Line For
Cairo, Louiaville and Cinolnnati Str.
U Mining siarxsv.
Will leave VV EONESOAY, Fob, It)', at a pTm.
For freight or paaaaie apply to 0. B. HUB-
A w enr, v& vinniaon ai. teiepnone .
For Vickibnrg, Natchei and New Orleani
The elerant iteamer
Will H. IlaysJSi.
W. W. Baker maater, T?jic'-r'
Will leara Elevator WKDNK3UA1 , Feb. 10,
at 10 a. m. For freight or paaiage apply to
0. L. Hah. Pan. Agt. AD BTOKM, Ag't.
For Helena, Terrene, Arkamai City, Oreen
rille. New Orleani and principal way
landing! 1 ha Ureat Iron Steamer
Tborwagen maater.
Will leave TUKSUAY, Feb. 9th, at 5 p.m.
For freight or paiaage apply at 3 Madiaon It.,
or to II C. LOW K. Agent.
Call Telephone Kn. M
haviuiila.erlHre Pviaaa aad MtiMlHUle
and 4Moola Packet Company.
For Uelena, Olendale, Frlari Point and all
Way Landing! Steamor
Conlioma, pZ
K. T, Ulagett... maater I Piatt Rhoaee...oierg
Win leave aa abo70 on arery MoNilAY,
WSDN KBDAY and FRIDAY, at 6 o'olook.
For Randolph, Fnlton. Oioeola and Way
Landini a Steamer
J. H. Cooper, muter.... J. W. Rmlthera.elerk
Leavea aa erery MONDAY, WaDNtteJMY
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. Tha boati of ttaia
lina reaerve tha right to pail all landing!
thaeaptaia maydeetn nniafe, OBoe, No. 4
M ad i .on J A M KH LKR, .Ta., fnn'c
The Nt. Francis River Tranaportatloi
Co.'a Fin Side-W heal n. 8. Mall ;8tmei
Reie Macready, r
0. K. Joplln maater.
at 5 o'olook, for Marianne, tha Cat-Off, and
intermediate landing! on bt. Franoil river.
The eautain reaerrea tha right to pail all
landinga hedeeraa unsafe. JAS. LKB, Ja.,
Mntrindnl. Oflii-e. Nn. 4 Madiaon at.
Memphis & White Kiver Tkt.Co
1. 0. Poital.maitsr I C. M.I?sitl.nM.eieri
Glnrejndoa, Daralti KlnfT, neiaj Are,
LAtiKnatM, JnrKnonporl and N.iarcy.
at 5 p.m. larnagh lam to all point!.
Freight coniigned to " Memphli and Walt
ivir.r "aokat Oi mpany" 'H beforwarded
promptly. t. n LOWK, Agent,
No. SMidlann at. Telephone No. M.
For Oaoeoia, ItHlee folnt. Carutberaville,
Gayoan and Tiptonville Tha BOW ateamer
A1S, JLjtWfi
W. P. Hall in alter J. D. Fuller ....-clerk,
will leave aa aoore, ana an way voiuta,
rt.m. Vor freight or n.aage api'lrnn hoard.
Memphis and Tlckabnrg Packet Com
pany U. n. .HUH liiaee
M. V. Cheek. ..muter I W. C. Blanker...eierg
For Helena, tonoordia, 'lerreneana Araaa-
laa City me eiegan paaaenger naamai
p.m., roiervlng the right to pail all landinga
the rnpia-n mayueona unwi. ivr pu,i
intartuatioa apply at otttoe, No, 4 Madiaon
itreet. K. WALWORTH. Agent.
IQHV CAR. Paa'r Avert. Telephone 23".
MempbKfl Bllc Black River racket
For Helena, Indian Bay, 8U Charlea, Clar
endon, lieValla Bluff. Dei Are, Auiuata,
Jackauniwrt, Dateaville, Powhaltan and
Pooahonta. The new and aleiant Ida
wheel paaaenrer ateamer
V;i fl maeler
W'.ll I.... EVEKYAATDRDAVati o'elock
n.m. Throuah ratea to all potnta. Freicht
eonalaned to Milt Uarry Line, Memrhia, will
be promptly Inrwar-led. C. B. RtSSKLL,
Aaent. Telephone tH. OBloe U Madiaoa at.
Jesaa B. raAaaux, Paeeenger AaenU
ttetTThe firm of GOODBAR & CO. las been dissolved, and we lave reorganised on r interest in the Wholesale Boot
and Shoe Bueinese, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Love & Co., feL Louis, Mo., and Mr. J. C.
Callicctt, of Co'.dauier, Miss., undur the style of aad firm name given below. We thank our friend? f r their pstrorsgs
in the past acd hope for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBA;.
A. B. fiOOHBAK, I. II . GOODBAR, W jr.. LOVf.,
Late of Ooodbar A Co., Memphii. Lata of Goodbar A t o., Memphia. Lata of Warren. Lovo
3G7 & 3G9 Miin
We are low receiving large and En'lrely New Stok of Eastern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at Bock ltottoui Prices,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing lines cf CUSrOM-MADE Goo is, all of whinh we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Sr.ortell'a Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip KhorS.
T. M. Harris & Co.'s Philaddphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nate & Co.'s Kip Brogans and PlowKbo-
the beet Brogans made in the Utiited States heretofore
handled by Gtodbar A Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling tbe cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann A Co line of Lirliea' and
Miasea' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSIOII Gcods EXCLU
KI VELY. nnder tha Faotorv BrsnHs.
Battle of the Petticoats.
Fierce Factional Fight Follow
ing Foolish Female Frolic.
Wild War Whoops Women
Exasperated, Excited Endeavors
Each Eagerly Embraced.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm glad to say
that my husband is very good natured.
Mrs. Crusty And so is mine.
Mrs. Testy But my husband
never kicked over the stove.
Mrs. Crusty Are you sure of that?
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm sure of it ;
but I heard your husband did.
Mrs. Crusty Well, whoever told
you that told a falsehood; besides,
I'd rather my husband would kick
over the stove tban to kick me,
like I beard a certain woman's bus
band did.
Mrs. Testy Oh! you mean thing!
My basband never gave me as much
as a cross word in bis life.
Mrs. Crusty No, and I suppose
bo never came borne intoxicated.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'll admit that;
but then he doesn't squander all his
money and leave his family suffering
for bread.
Mrs. Crusty I can prove that my
husband is not a spendthrift.
Mrs. Testy Prove it, please.
Mrs. Crusty Why, be buys bis
clothes at tho Misfit Parlors, 2G2
Second street.
Mrs. Testy And so does mine.
He says be can save money enough
there on a suit and overcoat to buy
eoal for tbe entire winter.
Mrs. Cxusty That's just tbe re
mark my husband made. lie said
tbe overcoat he got there for $22 was
worth M0, and tbe suit be paid $20
for could not bave been madeio sell
for less tban $35.
Mrs. Testy I'm sorry, dear, that I
said anything about your husband.
Mrs. Crusty Never mind, it was
all my fault; but I guess we'd been
quarreling yet if it hadn't been for
the .Misfit Parlors. Graoiousl what
happiness they do bring to Memphis.
Mrs. Testy Yes, the Misfit Par
lors aro a real blessing. There are
bargains there for rich and poor, for
it sells the finest of custom-made
clothing at prices which do not often
represent the cost price of clothing.
, You get Suits, Overooats and Pants
there for half price.
N.B. Our present stock of fine
merchant tailors misfits in elegant
Overcoats and Suits that we sold
originally for one-balf of their actual
value, we are now sellino below
cost to enable us to make room for
tbe largo and handsome stock of custom-made
GAftMENTS which we will
receivelfrom our agents at tbe open
ing of tho spring season. If you de
sire to secure a oenlink bargain
in a suit or overcoat it will pay
you to give us a call.
O" hicsParlors
j;: 'ecoLtl St., Memphis,
Upp. Court Square.
JOaT Remember, all alterations to
insure a perfect fit cheerfully and
promptly made, without additional
cbaree. by a first-class tailor.
Open Evening Mill o'clock,
Raturdaya nnlll 11.
Importer aad dealer In Gnnej Amrnii
nlalon and Flahlnar Tnrkl. MnlliaerV
Haraaare, Heclrle Bella land An
nnarlalera for Hotel! and Reaidencea,a43
Matin alwt, Memphla, Tenn hlectfio
aupplieaalwaya on hand. Repairing neatly
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
SIS Main SU, Memphis, Tenn
Wlahlnr to Krtlre from BeulneM
We Offer onr Kntiro
UK s
LOE s&
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
OFriCEjYo. 24 HIGH
te maae by any competing market.
market of the fol
We also control
own brands, viz :
Goodbar, Love
Siebold !)
or CAJfTojr, ouio.
SIP htmI 313 Front Street, Hf einphtw. Tenn.
We kare most complete stock of Cutlery, Bans, Shelf and Plantation
Hardware, which we offer to the trade at rock-bottom price".
Dissolution HXTotico-
BAR, W. L. CLARK and J. II. G0OUBAR, waa dinolred January 1, 1W, by mutual ,
eonaent, A. B. Gooibar and J. II Geodbar faarins (old their entire inureet in the aaaeta
to J. Al. uooaaar ana w. u. uura.
W. lj. LiAKIV.
Mmrrms, Taxn., January 14. 1886. . J. H. GOODBAR.
mmr Rnf.rrintf ta the nhnve notine nf diaanlnilnn. J M. Goodbar and W.L.Clark bee ta
Inform their Irienda and eustomera that, aa aneeeaaora, they will continue the Wholeaala
Boot and Shoe Busiaeas, at tha old etand, 8111 Main atreet, under the old firm name of
GOODBAR A CO., having admitted aa partnera K. J. Carrinirton and F. G. Jonea from and
after January 1, 1840. Those indebted to the old firm will make aettlement with na.
Jamea M. Ooodbnr Wm. L. Clark
BatabUahect 1880.
319 Main Street,
Madison Street, Near Cotton Exchange and Theater
Hates, SQPer Dav
terWill pay Good Priocs for MOTES, GIX FALLS ami
TRASHY C'OITO. ol nil descriptions. Send for Circular
and Prices Paid.
rtfa. "J7". S 33S Jr.
75 Vance Street. Memphis. Tenn.
336 Front St., Cor. Union, Memphis, Tenn.
I HEREBY warn the publte fromtradinsor
liu)ln certain no tea made by me: on.
noie or UCO, due Jan. a), Ihm' i on. tor 11:10,
du. Ju t t, lotb, and one for tfliO, da. Sept.
2, 1HS1, wade paranl. to the order of Mre
I,. S. WadiwortD. The eonditiona for which
the abor. notea were firen not beinr com-
Elied with, I refuae to rar them, ana hare
j sr otioa t that eleet.
M118. A. I. IKESir.
J. C.
k Co., St. Louis.
Late of Coldwater, MiM.
Memphis, Tenn.
Custom-Made Boots and Shoes for th 3
on as liberal terms as con
following Specialties under oar
& Co.'s Men's Grained Call
TOM-MADE Bals, Button and Congress
Gooibar, Live & Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bais, Button and Congress.
Goidbar, Love A Co.'a Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' $3 00 Shoes are made from the best ee
lected Curacea Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Soles
and we warrant thein to fit and give perfect satisfaction
in everv reanert.
and Loc
WKMPni. TF.X!.
m. uiiuiniw
EnKenn J. CrrlnKlon Frank O. Janes 4
Memphis, Tenn.
Lamp Stock.
Coal Oil,
agextsTym. g.
vifiehar Ranno
a I...VI ....avW,
; y Illuitrated Cataloguos
257 Main St.
Mem plil i.
THE annual meetint ol tbe atoekholdert
of tha Momiihn Dai Lit lit Company will
be held at the omoe of the rnrepanr. No. 5a
Madiaon atreet, Memphia, Tenn.. Monday.
Mirch 1, lsi, to elect beren (7) Dirertora tu
aerre the rompany durina tha eniuicf year.
Klectioa from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
JOSEPH CRAIG. Secretary.
Snbcrlbe for the "Appeal.
- A ' - '

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