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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 10, 1886, Image 7

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Cotton Closfd Qaict.Mideilos 9 a 8c;
Sale., 1075 Bait's General
Money in good Jem;nd at 8 par cent
Lrcal securities firm and advancing.
The cot oa market wag weak jester
3ay and closed at the Exchange tt sady.
fa'.ee, 1075 bales; receipt, 403 bales;
atotk, 138,118 tales. At New York
spots cloned dull and 1-lSc lower
middling 9 1-163 ; futures steady and
3 to 5 points lower. At New 0l?aas
spots dn'l aal 1-163 lower aid irregu
lar, middling 80-16: jfntures steady and
3 to 5 points lower, February, 8 61
8 62c. Liverpool spots were quiet, and
unchanged; f attires flit aid down
l-64d; Fabroary, 4 56 64d. Receipts at
all United Btates ports yeaterday were
20,64$ bales.
One hundred and forty brls apples,
49 pkgs butter, 85 pkgs bacoi, 12 pkgs
boots and ahoef, J50J bu corn, 271 sks
coffee, 1068 sks cntton-seed, 140 brlj
cotton-seed oil, 135 pkgs tiry goods,
574 brls flour, 420 bales bay, 52 pk
) ats, 7 bd hogs, 3 hd horses and mules,
264 pkgs lard, 31,(00 ft lumber, 31
pkgs liquors, 107 brls molasses, 300
kegs nailp, 1000 bu oati, 1706 brls pota
toes 7 cars nork sides, 26 hhds sugar,
503 brls sugar and 555 pkgs tobacco.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenu.,
, n-Correipondencj loHelied. Infor
mation rheerfallT furalabetl.-
Money in good demand at 8 per
. cent. The Clearing llouae report is as
follows :
Clearing. Balances.
Tuefdar, Fcb'y 9 . .TU.:78 41 t t,SW7 2
Thua tar Una woek 575,482 611 1H,113 80
Sum time lat week- WS.SIO 27 ttO.Wi 48
- Cor. tima 1HAS . cVJil.SU : ll,fil2 M
Cur. time ISA 477,967 la 1
Buvmo. MUtig.
New York atuht on all polnto-Mi di M piem
. New Kngland demand-die
New England aight......... Mdia
New Orleans.. dia par
In the firat column we aire the price bid,
and in the aeoond the price anted.
Bank of Commaroe .....MV-&m
Firat National W.M4
Gorman Bank vaUmDO
State National - "135 U0
Union k I'lanUra . 147 M M
Mercantile ISO m
. Home ... 9 60
Bluff City - 1U
Peoplea. W 85
Planter 1H
Ph(Ul . W Ml')
Uenephia City . Wl frtHrt
Vanderbilt 1 t "
Ilernando l'W
Arlington 2i ...
Faotora 'Ji,
Tenneaaee eertincates, Dand E.... aWI "!
Tennessee warrants, eeriea C -W (3 W8
helh County bonda ....ll4 H8
Shelby County waxrante - W a
'iaalng-uistrict , o a ..
Taxing-District 6'
nil laimi'Z
Memphis Store CompreaaCo lw
Meinuhie Maa Company atook.. ... )I3 4 ti
MemphiaGu Company bonda....l" ...
Memphis WatnrCn. bonda 96 (
Hananer Oil Works f0
City Oil Worka , 9 45
Pioneer Cotton-Milla (4
American Cotton Oil trnaU ........ M ( 21
alemphia City Kailway Bonda .... Iw Blitf
Nbw Yobk, February 9. Money on
call easy at 1J2 per cent. Prime
mercantile paper, 4(a5 per cnt. filer
Ting exchange quiet at 487 for 60 days
and 489 for tlenisnd.
Bonds Uovernments were active
. jnd strong tvdav. State bonds were
quiet but Urui The sales cf railrcnl
bonds were $3,200,000 on a widely dis
trihutd businev, with moderate ac
tivity in Erie second consols, Canada
Southern second", Etst Tennessee
iRHUea and Gu.f, Colorado .and bacti
Fe. Prices aro generally higher.
sticks were very active and strong
wita a contim a'.io i ot the boom in
the c ial stockd. There was little news
illoit but Uui public is beninning to
take more intirett in the market than
at any time nines the culmination of
the advance last November. The ma--ket
opened utioag, the ustive stocks
generally allowing gains of i to J,
which was scon lolloped by a modei
ate reaction, at which time the lowest
inures of the day were reached. Re
newed tt'enth wisdsveloped before
the end o! the first hour and the mar
ket continued etrong during the bal
ance of the day, although considerabla
feverishness was developed in Ea-tirn
stocks late iu the afternoon. The fin a!
features were geneially near the high
est of the day. Lackawanna led
the list with sales of 69,385
shares, and that stosk and Jersey Cen
tral, Lake Hhore, St, Pa' Western
Union and Erie contributed 350,200
shares. Final prices show only frac
tional advances compared with last
eveoing excej t Lackawanna, which
ci'wed with a net gain of 2J, and Dela
ware and Hudson with a gain o! 4 J.
This makes a nit gain during the past
two days of UJ per cent for the latter
stock. Jersey Central closed with a
gain cf 3 per cent. Although there
were sales of 02,000 ska-es of St. Paul,
the fluctnstions were within 1 per
-cent, and closed i higher at 91, whils
Noitbwestern, on smaller business,
ad van ed i.
The total sules of stock to day were
548.8U2 shares, including Canada
Southern 814",, Central Pacific 710,
Delaware, Lackawanna acd Wettsrn
68,365, Delaware Bnd Hudson 24,743,
Erie 48,6i0, Kansas and Texai 6330,
Lake Hborn 65,746, Louisville and
Nashville 7910, Northwestern 29,3:10,
New Jersey Uenfal 64 403, New York
Central 0,r!lO, Pacific Mail 5570,
Reading ,020, St. Paul 52,630, St Paul
and Omaha 5225, Union Paiitic 17,
000, We: tain Union 50,360, Noithern
Pacific preferred 10,873, Oregon and
Transcontinental 11,950. Closing quo-
tations :
V. 8. Ss, lOCii. New 4a. 124.
' New 4Sa. il; i;. Paoific 6a ol 1895, 120.
C. P. BraU, 116. T. P. land rraraa.4; VJ.
Erie aeronda. W'i T. P., Rio G. diT., 53.
Le'h k W ilken., liiH.U. P. firata, lir.
Louisiana cixb. K3. U. P. land I. lii.
Miaaouri 6a, 110. U. P. a. tund. 122.
; St. Josei'h, 122. Virginia 6a, 43.
St.P. A6.C.l8t.1J7. Va. eon.,ei-m.n.,52.
Tenn. 6a, old. frf' H- Va. con. def. , 12.
Tenn. 6a, new. DC.
.Adaml Ex?, H7. Naihrille A C. 47V4.
Allecneny (.enlxai, M . J. Uentrai, au'-s.
Alton AT. H.. 40.
orioi a c n . pio .a.
A. k T. U. Pld, 90.
American Et , 1'ii.
B. .C.K. AN.. 6".
Canada Pae., Wi.
iNortDern rae., ir
Northern P. nfd. 60'
N. Y., C A St. L.. 8H,.
N.Y., CASt.L.,p.l9'4.
-Canada South, 4o
v. n. n., iiut.
"Central Pacific 4J'f C, A N. W., ptd. Wri-i,
Cheaapeake A0.,ll'i. N. I. Central, 1064.
Ohio Central. Vi.
Oh.o Miaa ,
O. k i.s. rfd.
Onuu-io k We't.. l.i.
Oreain NaT., ltfl.
V. O. 24 pl. It.
Chicago it Alt n,H-.
C. k A. pfi. If 4.
C, B. k wi.
C..SU L ,. N.O.
C, St. L. k P., l S'f
C.,St. L. k P. P.3i.
Orexon Irsaa.. H2'.
Oreaon Imp.. 21..
Pacific Mail, b$i.
Panama, Wi.
Peoria. U. k K., 21'.
PitUbarK, U9.
Pullman P- 0, ltH.
Reading, 21S.
Rock laland. 12S'.
St. L. k fi. .22'.
St. L. k S. p. 4'-.
fct.L.A s7F.lt;p.lit4
C. M. k St. P.. WT
8. k C. M.
C. v., so-i.
Del. AMud..lWi.
Del. L. W..
l ea. Rio G., 17;.
Krie, 27.
Krie ptd, 55.
tut Tenn.. V
VmK lnn. .M
V..rt Wvn. !17.
k C, 50-
Ilanpibal St. Jo,
C. y. t nt. r. p, ISt.
H. St. Jo pM,-.
Harlem. 214.
Uouiton k .. 32.
Illiooia Cen, 113.
Ind. B. k 27.
Kaniaa a T..
Lake E. W...121;.
Lake Shore, 89: g.
Lou. k Naah., 41.
Lou. AN. A.. 39
M.AC.lat pld, -.
M.itC. idpid.
Mem. k Char., 364.
Mich. Central. 76.
Min. A St. L..l'".
M. A St. L. fi.47S.
Miaaouri Pac. 112)..
A E..offJ.iSii.
St. f.i Al. a M.. II",.
St. P. Ai)maha, 41
St. P. 1. pld.
Teiaa Pacifio. 12S
I'nion Pacific, f.i'i.
I'. 6. Exi resa 63
W St. L. k P., 10.
W.. St. L. k P o, 2J.
W 4F K .121.
W. U.Tel. 71'..
Colorado Coal.
Home"ke. 21)
Iron Silrer, 230.
Ontario, 29.
Uuirkiilver, 6.
OuickKilver pld. 22.
South Pcifio,
6au, 17.
London, February 9. United Stites
bonds, 4 J 120 J.
Bkkum. February 9. The statement
of the Imperial Bank ol Germany
shows an increase in specie of 11,680,
000 marks.
Pabis, February 9. Three per cent,
rontes 811 70c for the account.
Chicago, III, February 9. The at
sociated bank clearings were $7,'.86,
000. Baltimore, February 9 Bank
clearings, $1,62.',444; balances, $149,
491. Nbw Yobk, Februarv 9. Ex
changes, $102,722,242; ba'ances, $1,
517,011. Philadslphia, Pa., February 9.
Bank clearings, $3,U0,652; balances,
St. Louis, Mo., February 9. Bank
clearings, $2,904,188; balances, $456,
735; xchange on New Yo k easy, b0
' Boston, February 9. Exchanges,
$12,734,068; balances, 1, 046,034;
money, 1 J per cent; exchange on New
York, par;
The local market opened quiet, and
cWed quiet; middling, Sale,
1675 bales, including 600 Monday
evening, nf which 16iX) were to export
ers, and 75 to spinners.
Xeaterday. Day before.
Ordinary Vt 7H
Good Ordinary T I't
Low Middling 8'i
Middlinv -..... '
Good Middling 9'4 9'.
Middling Kair.... . V'
Fair........ Nom. Niioa.
Duaty 1m Vim,
Suina and tinge . II 8 (tS'-
MiarHis. February 9, 1836.
8tock, September 1, 1885... 1,392
Keceived to-day 4C8
Keceived previously. ........ 459,714 461,514
Shipped to-Uy 1,1 1
Shipped prerioualy 322,277
Burnt, eto
llome conaumption to date
Stock, running aooount...
Tbna far thia week....
Thua tar laat week
Since September lat
' 1,97
.... 4,176
..... 46(1,122
Memphis and Charlnaton Railroad....
Miaaisaippi and Tenneaaee Railroad.
Louiaville and Nashville Railroad,...
Memphia, Selma and Brunaw'k U.K.
Waona and other aouroea........
Thus far this week
Thua tar laat week. ........
Since September lat
... 3,895
.... 6.879
Memphia and Charleston Kailrond...
Miaaisaippi and Teaneexeo Kailroa J.
Steamera north
ToUl 1,119
New York spots opened. quiet, and
closed dull and l-16c lower. Saler,
210 bales. Quotations were as follows:
Veaterdfy. Day Before.
Good ordinaiy
Low middling
flood middling
Middling fair......
Fair -
.... 7 13-16
.... 9 1-16
.... 9 7-16
,...10 1-16
...10 11-10
New York futures opened steady at
decline, and closed itiadvand 3 to 5
points lower. Sales, 119,600 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows, as
compared with yesterday:
Yesterday. Day Before.
February 9.UI H.f84 9.(10
March - 9.0(f9 9.05 9.07( 9 OH
April 9.14 9.14 169 9.17
May. 9.23a 9.24 9.27 9.28
June U 9.3 .ill9 .S7
July 9.4iM 9.U 9.44'4 9.45
I Auifuat v.oti v.ns
i September 9.24 9.2 9.27 4 9.29
WOctober 9.04 9.d6 9.09 4 9.10
.November n.oa u.oi a.uio v.vi
The New Orleans snot market oneuej
quitt, and closed dull and l-10c lower.
Sides, 3750 bales.
Yeaterday Day be'ore.
Good ordinary ...
Low middling.....
Good middling..-..
...7 1-16
7 11-16
.8 1-16
8 9 111
9 7-16
The New Orleans future
opened weak and closed tteady, and
3 to 6 points lower. Sales, 46,800
bales. The closing quotations were as
follows, as compared with yeaterday :
Yesterday. Dy before.
February. 8.61i 8.62 8.6V9 8.66
March 8 69iu 8.60 8.63. 8.64
April - 8.71(3 8.72 8.74'd 8.7)
May 8 S.19 8.86 8 89
June 8 99 9.00 9.024 9.1
July 9 10(S 9.12 9.13-1 9 15
August 9.13.4 9.14 9.17(3 9.19
September 8.8 Wl 8.M ' 8.87(4 8.89
October 8.66 4 8 68 8.71(4 8.72
November 8.6(4 8 fit 8 (Hi 4 8 67
December 8.61 8.6i 8.67(B 8 68
lone. lHec'u.1 Price. 'Slock.
N Orleanr
Mobile ....
8 13-16
9 1-16
9 1-16
8 11-16
ew lork
St. Louii..
3981 8 11-16
Total recelpta at ports, thia day, 186. ...20,648
Total recoil) U at ports, thia day. 1835 ...11,782
R'f..tlT J I
4 days.'.. M,363 87,2741 5.5,788
Britain I 41,693 37,1881 61,278.
Stock 1.0J6.247 )l,1121,OJ4,iO
Kec ta alnce ecpt.
18 V -....m ,."-,,llf;,,.U,ltl s,i "i , "i
Foreign eporta...i2.6i5.1u;2,911,556 2,093,525
Increase in roc., ta thia year 45,131
Liverpool spots at nosn were quoted
quiet and unchanged. Sales, 7000 baler,
of which 590i) were American. Re
ceipts, 13,000 bales, cf which C900
were Ameriiai.
At noon: Ordinary, 4 3161; gnod
ordinary, 4 9-16d ; low middling, 4 jd;
good middling, 5 3-16d; middling
uplands, 4 15-10d ; Oilcans. 5 1-16,1.
At noon: Liverpool futures were
flat at decline; February. 4 56 6td;
Februarv-March, 4 57-644 56 64 J;
March-April, 4 57 64d; April-May,
4 59 644 5S-64d ; May-Jnne, 4 61-64d ;
June-July, 4 63-6td; Jnly-Anguet, 6
2-64(3y l-64d; August-September, 6
t -61645 4 64d.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
flat; February, 4 56 64d buyers; Feb-ruary-Marcb,
4-66 64d buyers ; March-
C. Jt 0. lt pfi, 1"" ,'.
April, 4 57-64d seller; Apri'-Mar, 4
58-64d buyers ; May-Jnne,4 t:064d buy
ers; June-Ju'y. 4 ( 3 61d sellers; July
August, 5 1-6 U buyera; August-September,
5 4 Hil sellers.
At 6 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
fla'; and 1-61 J lower; February, 4
56 Old Nliera; February-March, 4
56 61d severs ; March-April, 4 55-64d
buyers; April-May, 4 57-041 buyers;
May-JunB, 4 60 64 J eeilnrs; June-July,
4 62-6M sellers; July-August, fid buy
ers; August-September. 5 3-64d value.
rrriRK meauh
The following is the word of the
bids and nft'ars at the Call Hoard of the
Merchants Exclaims yettjrc'ay:
No. 2, white, February, 40c bid, 43c
asked; March, 44o asked; April, 43o
o. t bid ; Mav. 43c o. t. bid. 4!ic inked ;
No. 2, spot. 37c o. t. bid ; April, 41 Jo
o. t. bid; 43; asked; May, 42o o. U
bid ; 44 asked.
No. 2, sp-t, 32o bid ; February, f 2Jc
o. t bid, 33s tsked; April, 31 J bid,
34 A 3 asked ; May, 36c asked.
February, $15 25 aiked; March.'
$15 bid. $16 ahked; April, $15
bid, $15 50 asked; May, $15 50 asked.
Spot, $1 95 bid; Februarv, $1 95 Hi,
$2 10 asked; April, $2 05 bid; May,
$2 15 bid, $2 25 asked,
Cobn White, 47c; mixed, 40c, from
store; from levee or depot, white,
44c; mixed, 42c.
Hay Choice, from atore,85c; prime,
7580c ; prairie, 50c ; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $15; prime,
$13 50; prairie, $8.
Oats White, 38c; mixed, 37c, from
store. Round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 35c; mixed,
sacked, 34 Ac.
Oatmxal In half barrels, $3 50 from
Corsmai. Standard, $2 102 0;
pearl, $3&3 25 from store; 5c
cheaper from mill, levee or track.
Flour From Btore, double extra,
; triple extra, ; family, 4
4 25; choice, $4 25 50; fmcy, $1 76
5; extra fancy, $5 2505 75; patents,
H66 25; round lots from levee or
track, lOo cheaper; car lots choice,
$i 8")4 05; family, $3 60 S3 75; fancy,
$4 304 50; extra fancy, $4 755;
patents, $5 255 60.
Bban From store, 85c per cwt;
round lots from levee, $15 per ton.
Bbans Navy, $2 25; medium, $2.
Rics Louisiana, 4J5Jc ; Carolina,
Hominy and Grits From store,
$1 753.
Ckackbo Wheat In half-barrels,
$4 from store.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 5c ; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c ; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c ; ginger snaps, truble extra, 6c ; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., February 9.
Wheat quiet; cash. 71c bid, 71 Jo
asked; March. 72ic bid, 73c asked;
May, 77J77Jc. Corn quiet; cash,
28 Jo; March, 29c bid. 29 Jc asked;
May,3U31Caked. Oats no quota
tions. Bt. Louis. Mo., Februarv 9. Flour
steady; XXX. $3 103 20; family,
$3 303 40 ; extia, 13 705 50. Wheat
quiet and lower; the market opened
aiy, and declined 4c; this loss was
recovered later, but prices again fell
off, and the market closed ijc lower
than yesterday ; No. 2 red, cash, 90c;
Februarv, 89jo bid; March, 90Jc bid ;
May, 93J93i93,c, closing at 933 o
asked. Corn firm, but trading very
dull ; No. 2 mixed, rinh and Februarv,
34c; March, 34J34Jc, closing at 84Jc
bid ; May, 30 j fa 36 J c, closing at 36
36(o. Oats firmer, but extremely dull;
No. 2 mixed, cash, 28128jc; Feb
ruary, 28o bid; May, 31 Jc. Rye
dull and lower, 58a. Barley no sales.
Hay steady; timothy, $11 60(i14;
prairie, $6 508. Flaxseed $1 06.
Bran nominally 61c at mill; 65i!on eat
track. Cornmeal firm, $1 851 "90.
Receipts Flour, 3000 brls; wheat,
12,000 bu; corn, 96,000 bu; oats,
9J00 bu ; rye, 1000 bu ; barley, 3000
bu. Shipments Flour, 10,000 brls;
wheat, 1000 bu ; corn, 40,000 bu ; oats,
14,000 bu; rye, none: ha-ley, none.
Afternoon Board. Wheat steady and
a shade hither. Corn about unchang
ed. Oats J 3 lower.
Chicago. February 9. There was
only a fair amount of trading in whett
to-day, and prices were Kept witnin a
range of Jc, May delivery lluctuating
between 8484c, and closing in the
eftornonn at Kt jj. The decrease in
the visible supply was about 800,000
bushels, which was about the amount
which the traders bad calculated upon,
and ithad very little bearing in conse
quence upon the course of prices.
The market opened a shado lower
and declined 1,b from yesterday,
rallied Jc, declined and cloaed J under
yesterday. Repo.ti from the winter
wheat regions generally declared that
the plant appeared healthy, but fears
were enteit lined of freezing weather
coming on, as muay cf thn fields were
reported ba'e of snow. Expoit clear
ings were fair. There win only light
trading in corn and oats, and prices
ehsw li tie change. Flour steady and
unchanged. Wheat fluctuated within
a range of Jc, and closed Jo under yes
terday. Sales ranged: Februarv, 78 j
79Jc, closed at 78 jc; March, 78J'o
79jc, closed at 78jc; Mav, 84184jc.
closed at 8V',c; Juue,85K(" 8(1R cloaed
at 85jc; No. 2 spring, 78:j81c; No.
3 spring, 7171Jc. Corn qniet but
steady; cash, 36j30ic; February,
36Jc; March, 36 5-ltic; May, 4040Jr,
cloiedat 40j; June, 40jc. Oats dull
but steady; cash, !Jc; February,
28ja; March,283(3; My,:il 13-16(3. Rve
dull; No. 2, 58Jc. Barley quiet; No.
2, 60c. Flaxseed steady ; No.
1, $1 12. Receipts Flour, 10,000
brls; wheat. 30.000 bu; corn. 171,0(0
bu; oats, 182,000 bu; rye, 50,000 bu;
barley, 65,000 bu. Shipments Flour,
9000 brls; wheat, 27,000 bu; corn, 79,
000 bu ; oats, 144,000 bu ; rye, 4000 bu ;
barley, 69,000 bu.
Aflernoo Board. Wheat steady, Jo
bignor. The other markets were un
Butter Creamery, S10c; dairy,
1725c; butterine, 1416j; country,
12J18b, according to condition.
Chkesb Prime flits, 78c; New
York factory,8c; full cream, llj12c;
Y.A., llj12c.
Mass foRK-Old, $10 7511 per
barrel; new, $11 75(H)12 per barrel;
ngar-cured hams, backed, 9J6U0c;
breakfast bacon 89c ; clear rib ba
con, 6J6Jc.
Bulb Pork Clear sides, 6(30Jc
clear rib sidee, 626c; long clear, b
5ic; shoulders, 441c.
Labd Tiercee,6 J(u)64c ; balf-barreh,
6c; kegs, 6jc; bucket, 77Jc; half
buckets, 7ffcu7Jc; 501b tins, 6J6fc;
20-lb tins,6S6ic;10-rb tins, 6J7Jc;
5-lb tins, 7(o7ic ; 3-Ib tins, 7irt,7jc;
choice kettle, tierces. l&Ti lc.
Fresh M eats Beef Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 77Jc;
rows and heifers, ' 6 Jc;" ruatton, 7c;
lambs, 8Jc; pork, 6.
rius-FBOT Br's, 80TC 50; haU-brlf.
f3(.,3 25.
8t. Mo., February 9 Pro
visions extremely dull and generally
lower. Pork, $11 25. Lard, 5j M
5 1)2 Jc. Balk meats, loose low, long
clear, fijc; short rib, 5.(k)j; short
clear, b Je; boxml lots no sales, and
prices nominally unchained. Bicon
loigclear, 5 90c: short ritia.dja-tt.05c;
short clear, .15.i 0 20c. Butler quiet ;
rrtanery, 23ji30c; dairy, li(i24c.
F.gs lower.
Cincinnati, O., February 9. Pork
dull, $11 25. Lard eair, 605n.
Balk meatu easier; shonldars, 4c;
short rib, 5.45(i5 60c. Bat-on quiet
and easier; shoulders, 5c; short rib,
6c; shoit cl ar, 0.40o. Butter dnl ;
Northwestern extra creannery, 85(30e;
good ti prime creamery, l0(ii30j;
choice dairy roll, 12'a15c. Eggs weak
under liberal receipts, lower, IS j.
Cheese steady : prime to choice Onio
factory, 9J10o.
CniCAOo, III., February 9. Mess
pork only fairly at tive, ruling irreg
ular; prices declined 1012j3, closing
t medium figures; ah $10 9.X
10 93; Februarv, $10 90(.. 10 92J;
March. $10 OCdiO 97J, closed at
$109.'J1095; Mav.$il07J(.i,U 17J;
closed at $11 10H 12J. Lard quiet
and easy; cash, 0.07Jc; March, 6 07J
(.i,6.10c; May, 6 17J(.f6.20c. Boxed
in sata steady ; dry salted shoulders,
3.9(VjHc; snort rib eidep.5.40; short
clear side", 5.805.85c. Butter ruled
qaiet; ceamerv, 2233c; dairy,
1223:. Kggs, 19(320. .
Roap-$2 103 50 per rase.
Cohkkb Common, 8(ii)8ic: ordi
nary, 99C; prime Kio, 10llc:
choice to fancy, llj121c; old gov
ernment, 23(i)25c ; Ceylon, 20c.
Suqab Eastern yellow, 6J7J.C5
pure w. c. white, 6j(i7c; off white,
t8fA63i!: vellow claritied, tS4(li3"t;
open kettle, 5j6rc, retined A, 7JQ
7Jc; granulated, 7c; pjwdered, 8Jc;
cut loaf, 8) c.
Salt $1201 SO per barrel; sacks,
fine, $1 50; coarse, $1 10; packets,
bleached, 2j7c; car-loads from levee
or depot. 6c cheaper.
Molakhks Louisiana, common to
fair, 2327c ; prime to choice, 4655c ;
syiup, 25(j40c; common to fair, 260
33c; prime to choice, 35 10c.
Candiks Sticks, all sites, in boxes,
pails and barrels. 7i8J:
Candles Full weight, 10ilo.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27(i)
30c; other gradns and styles, 2585c
Snufl Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. li., $9 60.
Canned Goods, rro. Prices per
dozen: Pineapples $1 351 65;peaches,
2-lo, standard, $1 35l 50; seconds,
$1 151 2; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
90c$l ; 31b, $1 101 20 ; strawberries,
$136(o)l 40; raspberries, $1 15(1 25;
blackberrie.1, $11 15; greeuwgen,
$160Ta)l 75: pears, $2(Ji2 25; plums,
$1 60tl 70; asparagus, $3 60;4;
greon corn, $ll 35; green peas, $1
(a)225: cove oysters, lull weight, 1-lb,
$1 101 15 ; cove oysters, full weight,
21b, $1 90u)l 95; cove oysters, light
weight, 1-lb, 65c; cove oysters, light
weight, 21b. $110; condensed milk
Crown, $5 90; Eagle, $7 75; Swiss. $0.
New York, February 9 Coffee
Spot fair Rio oolet, etrong, 8Jc; options
dull; sales, 12,250 bags; February,
6.706ji;; March 6 65c; May, 6.70c;
June, 6jo; July. 6.80c; January,
6 95c. Sugar quiet rt uned quitt;
Mouses quiit. Rice Bteady, demaad
moderate. i
An-LEs-Apples, $2 252 60 from
Btore; $22 25 per car-load from levee
or depot. Dried SDples, 34o per
pound from store. Dried peaches, 3
4c from store.
Vegetables Onions, $2 753 25
per car-load, from levee or depot. Po
tatoesIrish, northern, $2 252 50,
packed ; car-loads from levee or depot,
$22 25 per barrel. Cabbage, 9llc
per bead. Krout, brls, $56; half
brls, $2 753. Garlic, 4060c per 100.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Florida, $33 50 per box. Lemons,
$3 504 per box. Bananas, 50c(
101 per bunch. Cocoanut, $4
per $1 00. Peanuts Virginia, 0
7c; Tennessee, farmer's stock, 2Jc;
recleaned, 3J4 Jc ; roasted, 2 Jc higher ;
shelled, lOo. Almonds, 1826c. Chest
nuts green, 12 J15c; dry, none.
Raisins London layers, $3 50; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Pickles In jars, pints, 90c; quarts,
$150; half gallons, $2 60; gallons,
$3 75; loose, barrels, $6; half-barrels,
on; mixed, oarruis, $iu ou; mix
ed, 16.
Pecans Texas, oOiffje lor small to
medium, 1014c far large; Arkansas,
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,
15c; (irenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, titMl tuper Darrei
and $44 25 per half-barrel ; Kentucky
barrels, 6 500y7; Kentucicy nau-oar-,
rels, $1. Vinegar, ll16o per gallon, '
Poultry Turkeys, per aoxtn, fSfn)
12: neese. $1(14; duckB, $3; chickens,
good demand, $'3; dressed turkeys,
scarce, 121c to 14c per pound.
Fiku Mackerel naii-Darreis. no. i.
$4 304 75; No. 2, $3 603 75 ; No.
3, $2 753; 10-lb kit, No. 1, 80c; No.
70c: la-ID. wo. a, wc. ury cer-
rings, family, 30o per box.
Dim Vpniaon. whole. 3fSk5c: sad
dles, 6(8c; bear, 6(rt'8c ; wild turkeys,
5075c; ducks, $1 502 50; squirrels,
7--c; quails, 7oc(i,ti; prairie cmcxens,
J5: game fish,6fa(8c.
Loos bcarce, 2)0.
rOTIOH-!ta.t.M, OIL, Etc.
Seed Delivered at depot and
wharf. $8 per ton; on bank of river
(f. o. b. boat), $6; wagon at mills, $8.
Meal Prime I. o. D io per ton.
Lees than cir-load lots, $15 50. From
store, 90c sack. Cake Nominal ; $16
per ton. Oil In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. 8. oil, 2224c ; prime summer
yellow, 25J27c; off-summer yellow,
252iic; miners'. 27.iOo; choice cook
ing summer yellow, ztygMc.
WII1HHT. WIVM, I.I 41 1! Oil 4, ETO.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 606; rye, $1 756; domes
tic, 90cl sa
St. Louis, Mo.,February 9 Whisky,
$1 10.
Cmc mo, III., February, 9. Whisky
Btealy, $1 16.
Cincinnati, )., Februarv 9.
Whisky Msady, $1 10; sales of 919 bar
re Is ol finished giods on thia basis.
Coal-Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 15c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., February 9. Petro
leum steady ; s.w., 110, 8Jc.
Pittjbubo, Pa., February 9. Petro
leum active and irregular; Nn'lonal
Transit certificates opened at 79 jc and
closed at 77 Jc ; highest price, 80Jc;
lowett, 773c.
Baqoinq Jute, 9Jllo; flax, 10
lOJc, according to weight. Ties, $1 20
($1 25.
Nails $2 502 75.
horses as5i mixes.
HoB9E-Good driving, $125250;
good saddle, $1 UK? 300 ; p!up, $J5S0;
good mares, ISV 'tlld.
Mri.iw 14J to IS. $H(V7)l:tO; 15 to
15J, $1250140; loj to 10, $1 10175.
Supply small ; demand moderate.
LIVE Nrot'ti.
Cattlb Choice to extra corn fed,900
to 1050 lb3.. 4,.4: gorvl. 31(40.
tSrass choire, 3Js$c: Kood, 3t3Jc;
fair to medium, 2jtJ2jc; common,
Hoos -Choice, 3J4c; good, 3J3)
Sc; common, 31 c.
Sukkp Ohoife, Vj'it4c; medium, 3
!Jc; common, ll(ii.l 50.
Cincinnati, O., Febrnny 9 Hogs
quiet; common and liitht, $3 2"(;'4;
packing and butchers', $44 40.
Receipts, 1518 head; shipments, 245
Kansas City. Mo., February 9.
The Lire Stock Indicator reports: Cat
tle receipts, 1242 head; shipments, 493
head; market itudy and fairly active;
exporters, $ 105 25; good io choice
shipping, $4 605; common to
medium, $3 904 60; Blockers aid
feeders, $2 6003 75 ; cows, $2 2503 20.
Hogs receipts, 6518 head ; shipment,
589 head; weak and 10c lower; gooo
to choice, $3 K54 00; common to
medium, $3 40 3 75. Sheep receipts,
1697 head; shipments, none; steady;
good to choice, $3 253 75 ; common
to medium, $2 50 3.
Chicago, III., February 9. The
Drovert' Jmtrnal reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 4200 head; shipments, 13C0
head; market steady; shipping steers,
9i0 ti 1500 pounds, $3 0005 (!5;
stockers and feeders, $2 4004 10;
cows, bulls and mixed, $204; bulk,
$2 4002 75; through Tf xa cattle, av
eraging 800 to 930 pounds, $ 1 3503 80.
Hogs receipts, 26,000 head; ship
ments, 6000 head ; market steady and
a shade lower; rough and mixed,
$3 6004; packing and shipping, $1
4 40; light, $3 6004; skips, $2 60
3 50. Sheep receipts, 17,000 head;
shipment. 1000 bead; market weak
and 25o lower; natives, $202 60;
1 imbH, $105 60.
Nbw York, February 9. The ex
ports of domestic cctt n goods for the
week were 4987 packages, and since
January 1st, 26,093 packages, BgAinst
23,735 p.u kauHrt for the same period
inlS85nd 13,010 packages in 1881
The demand has been in excess o
that us to Tuesdays, as with the
tone of the market for cotton goods
showing a hardening tendency, be
cause of reduced stocks and advaicirg
wajes, buyers are inclined to make
fair and free selections. Dress goods
are in very free request for deliveries
on orders, and all makee of any char
acter are la-gely cold to iinive.
CAPITAL PRIZE, $150,000.
" Wedo htrehy certify MUl ? tupurpf tht
mrranaemenU for all ih Monthly and Quit
teriy Drawing of the Louitxana Utatt Lottery
Company, and in pertonmanagt and control
the JJrxinff thtmnelveat and that th tarn
arc rondncUd piu Aotvtfy, faimeu and in
good faith toward all farti, andwt authorise
Im Company to use thi cerUntmic, with oc
&mle of m ignalro$ attaehod9 it im nd
wrtitvmcnU," VonanalMiloBnra.
Wif, ih n(frt,'irtt4, Bank nnd Banlttrt,
triti pay all yriM draw in Tht iwiawiaa
Statt Lotteries whiehmay bt prwntrd at oar
J. II a()L-JiBT,Pr. La. Hnl'l Bunk.
H. II. K ESI EOT, rrra. Nlnle.Nnt'l Ilk
A. BALDWIN, Vrtm. M. O. Nat. Bit.
Over Hair a Million Dlstriljuted.
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
Incorporated In 186S for twantr-lv yaara
bv to Jjeaialntura for Kduoatlonal and
Charitabla purpoaea with a capital of II,
(Km,IHK) to which arenorre fund of oreriViU,
UK) baa ainoe been ad. led.
Br an overwhelming popular vote tta
franchise war made a part of the preaentState
Conatitotion, adopted lieceuibcr d, A.U.
It ranl NinKle Nomlirr Praw.
Iuki will lake lve monlliljr. linrnrr
train or ptmtpunri. Look at the following
llutrihiilion :
K1TH .
Exlraordinnry (jnartcrly Drawing
In the Aondoniy of Munlc, Now Orloana,
I'lifmlny, Manila III, IWHII,
Under the perianal auperviaion anil man-
aveinent 01
Uru.O.T. BearKrl,iif I.ouiaalna, and
Wrn. Jnbal A. Eaaly, of Virainia.
Capital Prize. $150,000.
BjtarNOTlOE Ticket! are Trn Diillma
only. HiiIvkii, d. Kifllu, M.
Tenth. l.
1 Capital I'rite of 1VI,(hi flMI.OTO
1 Urand I'rite of. .Ml.lKKI fi.(iU
1 UranJ Price of. 20,(i ai.iKKJ
2 Liima Prim! nf aa,(KM IDO.IKKI
4 l.urue l'ritea of f,tM WKt
211 l'ritoi of. l,l) 2'M
Si) Priica of. NMI -,,m
1(H) l'ritea of - m :i.(JU
m l'riica of. am -HMHO
Ami Priaea of. Hl 1,(1110
1UW l'riael of. Ml 5u,lA
1(K) Approximation l'ritea of tltti... 2n,fl0
1KI Approximation l'ritea of IK)... lt.ouO
100 Approximation l'riica of 75... ,'xK)
2OT Prltea, amounting t 1"L2,M)U.
Application lor rate! to cluba anouia oe
mada only to the office of tbe Company in
Kew Orleana.
For further Information write clearly,
(Win! full addreaa. FONT A I. NOT IX, Ki-
nreealHonea uroerr, or new ion nxenange
In ordinary letter. Correncr by Kxprena (all
auma of 15 and upward at our axpenie),
addreiaed ..
jn. a. wai rain,
Km Orleans, La.
Or M. A. nAI'PHlH,
Wnxtilnirlnn . C.
or at 6 Weal l anrl Ml., HruipblN. Tenn
w.ta T O. Mnnnv (Intern naTable
and address Kegislered Letters to
Nw aarlrnnai. I a.
15 Si A 1 STATJE.
No. 53(15, H. Chancery Court of Shelby
county State o Tfnoeaaee for ita own
ure, etc. va. P. M. Wintera et al.
BY virtue ol an Interlocutory decree for
aal , entrred in the above cauae on the
23d da cl November, laws, M. It. Si, pare
2.H, I will tell.at public auction, toihibiiih-
eat DlUUer, in ironi O' me viera ana .'ih
ter'i otnee, courthouie ol fchUby eonaty,
Memphia, Tenn., on
aaliirdny, Tebrnarjr 110, IN8,
within le. houri, the following derrribed
preperty, fitu..lrd in Memphia, bhelby
county, Tenreae. to wit: Part of block 4,
cauntry lot 50 feet front by '.'lJ feet deep,
eait aide ot Third atreet, 50 leet aouth ol the
aoulh line of country lot 4K. Sold aa proi
erty of P. M- Wintera and othera.
Term a ot Sale On a credit ol fix monthe;
note with eecurity bearing interest required;
lien retained! redemption barred. Thia Jan.
lb, im.
b. I. McDOWELL, Clerk and MaeUr.
By J. M. Uradley, Deputy C. and U.
V. 11 C. W. Heiakell. aola.
UIANTPIt AGENTS, Men and Women,
Vf Mil I aU to aell "IHK CHILD'S
BIBLE " Introduction by Her. J. 11. Vin
cent, D.D. On utent haa aold S5 In a town
of B74 people i oae 73 in a village ol 7!M; on
new agent 86 In 10 daya i one Jtd in 4 euccea
aiT Weeka; on 40 in 3 daya at two diSerent
times. Experience not neceaaary Addreai
CASSKLL A UO. (L't'd),
40 Dearborn atreet, Chicago.
TUia iAV.
White River ....DaSwvT, 5 p.m.
New Orleant..C. p. CHncriav.S p.m.
New Orleane....Wn.t. 8. yrs, 10 a.m.
friara PoinU .Coaboma, 5 p.m.
Cat 1,-lnnd ...-Esgriam, 4 p.m.
Cincinnati Ohio, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati ....lt llilv.i Star 5 p.m.
Uaceola I)A!i Aoahs, S p.m.
ArkanraaCity.KATi Auas, 5 p.m.
Tiptonille..-..-OiToan, 5 p.m.
White RIver..CaiCKASAC S p.m.
ArrWi-fSoiden Kule. New Or
leans; Ohio, Cincinnai; Uolden
Crown, Cincinnati; Kuquirer, Cat
Dtparl'irt. OoMen Rule, Cincin
rati; Kcqusrer, Cat Island; Kene
Ma:rea ty, St. Francis river; Joe Pe
ters, Albania! river; Uulden Ciown,
New Orleana.
liuUt in J or(. Chas. P. Chouteau
and Ohio.
Boati LhH Count. Will 8. liars and
Deau Adams.
Boat Due Lp. DaSmet, Coahoma,
Enquirer, Guiding (Star and Chicka
Kfiae'lpta Te-atrday .
Enquirer 9 bales cuttin, 4 bags
setd-colton, 38 sks corn and kt plun
Uolden Rule 24. hhds sugar, 403
brls sugar, SU brls rosin and 150 empty
Ohio-STxl brls potatoes, 1M:I pkgs
furniture, 60 kegs kiout and 174 pkgs
Tub Chickasaw, Capt, K. O. Posta',
is announced to leave to-morrow even
ing for White river.
Tit a Enquirer, Capt J. I). Randall,
is tie packet this evening at 4 o'clock
for ricaulan'a Lauding, Cat Island and
1 way points.
Tug Dean Adams, Capt. Henry
Cooper, is the pa:ket this evening at 5
o'clock for Otcfola and the upper
bends. Wm. Bmither is in her ollice.
Tin Oayoro.Capt. W. Hu'l, is the
packet to-nioirow evening at ft o'clock
for Hales Point, Tiptnnville and all
way landings. J. P. Walt is in her
Tin Crahoma, Capt. Thomas Ciag
gelt, is the packet this evening at 5
o'clock for Helena, Friars Point and
all wav landings. Will Ashford is in
her cilice.
Tin O. Line steamer Guiding Star,
Capt. J. IX Hegler. will pass up this
evening at 5 o'clock for Cincinnati and
all intermediate points on the Ohio
r'.ver. Frank Stein has charge of her
Thi Kate Adam, Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the United Ma'es mail packet
to-monow evening at 6 o'clock f ir
Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landings. W. C. Blanker is in her
Tub elegant paaeenger steamer Will
S. Hays, Capt. Wm. llaker, in the An
chor Line, will pass down this morn
ing at 10 o'clock, for New Orleans and
all intermediate points. John K. Mas
sengale is her clerk.
Tin Ohio, Capt. M. M. Deem, is the
packet this evening at 5 o'clock for
Cairo, Louisville, Cincinnati and all
way landings on the Ohio river.
Harry Proctor and Harry llest are her
clerks. The Ohio will give cheap lates
to all points north anjl east.
Tin great iron steamer Chailes P.
Chouteau, Capt. Wm. H. Thorwegen,
is the regular packet this evening at 5
o'clock for Helena, Arkansas City,
Greenville, New Orleans and all way
landings. George Millenberier is in
her ollice, assisted by Clem Nolte.
Thi DeStnet. Capt. Milt R. Harry,
will be found In port this morning
and leaves again this evening t 5
o'clock for all points on Whlta river,
going through to Newport and connect
ing with packets for upper White and
Black rivers. Albert McGhee Is in
her ollice, assiitod by Hugh (Smith.
Hum .v ess fair,
Wkatiiuk clear.
Captain G. W. Floyd is in the city.
Tin Enquirer arrived and depaited
on time yettirday.
Tin river here is on a etind, with 10
feet 4 tenths on the gaug.
Tub Port Fads and barges passed up
early yesterday morning for St. Louis.
Ruteiits by river yesterday, I)
bales co'.t"! and 4 lu;s seed cot
ton. Tub Goldeu Crown passed down
last evening fir New Orients, loaded
Tub Rene Minready depaitad yes
terday evening (jr bt. Francis river
with a fair trip.
Tub Ohio arrived Monday night
from Cincinnati with 2003 packages of
freight for this place, and returns again
this evening.
Tin Golden Rule from New Orleans
passed up yesterday morning for Cin
ciDtati, with 4C0 tons ireigbt. She
discharged here 24 hhds sugar and 403
barrels, 1-0 barrels rosin, 150 empty
hhds, and added here 201 bales cotton.
Capt. Milt. R. H abhv cf the steamer
IleKmet telegraphed to his agent, Capt
C. IS. Russell, from Helena, list even
ing, that the DtSmet would be in port
this morning and leave positively this
evening at 5 o'clock for a' I points on
White river.
Omen BtnNiL SaaTicn, IT. 8. A., )
Mraraia, Tax., February V, 1 p.m. f
The following observations are taken
atallitatlor.il named at 75 meridian time,
w h i c h ia one hour faater than M e m p h ia time.
low water
Cincinnati ...
Davenport. .
Fort Sinilli. .
La Croaae ...
Leavenw'th .
Little Kock .
f.nnt.vll In. ..
Mriuplile. .
Naaorille ....
New Orlt'ne..
Pitlaliurg ....
St. Louia
St. Paul.
Shreveport ...
Vickbura- ...
Pittsbcbo, February !. Noon
River 3 feet 3 inches on th gauge and
stationary. Weather clear and mild.
Whkemro, Februa'y 9. Noon
River 5 feet 6 inches on the tange and
stationary. Weather clear and piem
an t
Evansvilli, February 0. Noon
River falling. Weather apringlike. and
Ice melting faet. Departed: Buckeye
State, 8 a.m.
BLocisvilli, February 9. Noon
River falling, with 7 feet 11 inches in
the canal and 5 feet 9 inches on the
falls. Business dull. Weather mild,
with indications for rain. Ice thinning -out,
and many boats will resume to
morrow. Cairo, February 0. Noon River
21 feet 3 inches on the gangeand fall
ing. Weather cloudy and mill. No
arrivals or departures. ,
Cincinnati, February 9. Noon
River falling, wilhll fnet 8 inches on
the gauge. Weather clear; thermom
eter 47. The ice ia thinning out.
Movement of Ocean SI learner.
New Yore, February 9 Arrived:
Ar'sins, Liverpool.
Nlr. DSMr.r. rapt, Mitt R. Barry,
wi.l positively leave TUH DAY. February
10tn,atap.m.,iirall pointaun none n ver.
iUSSKLL. Ar.nt.
. Telephone 2Z7.
li Madiai.n at.
Special Notice-For White KtTer
0r8tearaer t'HM'K APJAW will arrive.
Wedneaday evening and leave TUU RoDA Y
NOON, Feb. 11th, AH freight will be re
ceived f rher Wedneaday, at trot of Unioa
atreet. For general information urp'y to
II. O. Low K. Agent.
Memphis and Cincinnati Packet Co.
Htr. OHIO, jf.
M. M. Tem, marter, wl 'nil niaV
Will leave W F.DN FSUAY , Feb. 10. at 6 p.-n.
For Ireightor paaaaae apply to 0. B. KUS
SKLL. Agent. No. l'i.Madiaon at. Telephone
No. 227. J 0I1N CAKR, Paaaen aer A g i lit .
Sauthern Tranaportatlon Ci. O. Line For
Cairo. Louiaville and Cincinnati Str.
ii.dli.ir Ntur
.1. 1). Ilnulnr ..maiter.
Will leave W KuN KsDAl re1). 10, at p.m.
For Ireight or paaaaee apply to C. B. KUS
SKLL. Anent, 12 Madiaon at. Telephone 17.
.1 rhr It, Khkwki if, I'w'enoer Ae-r-nt
For Vlckabuv, Natchea and New Orleana
Tue elerant ateamer
Will IS. llnys.-v
W. W. Baker maater,
Will leave Elevator W KPN USD A I . Feb. Its
at 10 a.m. ForXrelght or paaaane apply to
C. LaiAi.lM.Paae. Agt. APSTOKM. Ag't.
For Helena, Terrene, Arkanaaa C.ty, Ureea
vllle, New Orleana and principal way
laudlnga I be Iireat Iron Steamer
Thorwegen maaler.
Will leave TUESDAY, Feb. th. at B p m.
For freightor paaaage apply at .1 Madiaon at.,
or to II U. LOWK. Agent.
aftttu.a,i,l.t tiara a,iu nuu aav,AM.MAa
and aNMwala faciltot 4orurauy .
For Helena, Ulendale, Friara Point and all
Wav Landing! Steamer
Vou ho m a, r.0
H. T, Claaett ..maaUr I Piatt Itnouea...wir(
Will leave aa above on every MOCfOAY.
WKDiSaSDAY and FRIDAY, at i u uiock...
fit Randolph, Fulton. Oanaola and War
Landinia- Steamer
J. B. Cooper, maater....J. W. Smitheri.Jlerk
LVavea aa every MONDAY, WKDNKbUAY
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. The boaU of thia
Una reaerve the right to paaa all landing
the laptaln may deem unaafe, Offloe, No. 4
M.Hi.nn . .IAMKH LKK. ,Ta..Hni 'i,
The St. Francis River Transportation
Co.'a fine HMa-W heal V. 8. Mall tme
Rene Macready, .--c
O. K.Joplln maater,
at 5 o'clock, for Marlanna, the Ont-OIT, aal
Intarmedlat landlnga on St. Franeia river.
The captain raaarvea tb right to aai all
landlnga he dee ma unaafe. JA8. LBK, Ja
Hmwi.iw Office. No. 4 Madlann at.
Memphis & White BUw PktXfe
I. 0. l'oiUl.maaUr I 0. M 'oaud..iilerl
ajlaroaelna, Deiealle Hlaft, Dm Am,
LAaanala, JiM'kaonitortand Noarcv.
alSp.m. Through raua to all potnta.
Freight oonalgned to "Memphia and Wall
nvar Packet Ucmpany" 'H be forwarded
promytty u. u LOWB, Agent,
Vi. Mitlnnl. Teleoho No. TO.
For Oaoeola, llalta Point- Oarumeravilie,
Oayoen and Tlntonyllle Tb new auamer
tiAYONO, jatSfi
W. P. Hall maaUr I J. D. Fuller .....oi.rk.
will leave aa above, and all way point.
Memphis and Vlckshnrg Packet Com
pany U.S. Mall Line.
M. H. Oheek... maater W. U. Blanker... clerk.
For Helena, tionoordla, Terrene and Arkan
aaa City The alegant paaaenger ateamer
Leavea Memphia
p. m.,reaervin the right to paaa nil landlnga
thec. tan may doom unaate. For general
Information apply at oitioe, No, 4 Madlioa
atreet. K. WALWOItTll. Arent.
IHIIM OAHR. Pw'l Arcnt Telenlinne tA.
MeinplilH, WhUe & Itlark River Packet
For Helena, Indian Bay, St. Charlei, Clar
endon, DeValla Ulu(T. Dea Arc, Auguata.
Jackaonport, Uataaville, Powhattan and
Pvcahontaa. The new and elegant aide
wheel paanengfr ateamer .
Milt Harrv maater,
Will leave KVKKY SATURDAY at ft o'clock
P.m. Through rateatoall point. Freight
oonaigned to Milt Uarry Line. Memnhl, will
he promptly lorwarded. 0. B. HUSSKLL,
Agent. Telephoned. OBoe U Madiaon aU.
Jaaxa B FAt.ti. Panr Aaent.
Notice Is Hereby Ulven,
THAT the annual meeting of the itock
boldera of tb Cheaaeaka, Ohio
and Southweatnrn Railroad Company
lor the election of Directnra and
auch other buineaa aa may come before the
meeting, will be held at the office of lha
Cooipaor, In tha eity of Memphia (called ttia
Taxing Dtatrict t Shelby County). Tenn.,
on the ft til day of April, iwfca, at li
o'clock noon of that day, and that th leeaa
frm that Company to the Newport New. and
Miaiaaippi Valley Company will b aub
milled to the atockholde-a fur their eoneent
thereto and approval thereif. Transfer
hooka will bo t-loaed Iroin March tb ta
April (t, lHHri.
By order of the Preoident and Bord of
Directora. ISA AC K. HATES, Secretary. i
Jion-Renldent A'otice.
No. fK2, R.D. In th Chancery Court of
Shelby county. Tenn. Mollia Wilkinava.
John B. Wilkina.
It appearing from bill aworn to In this
caue that the detendant, John B. Wilkina.
is a non-reiident of the State of Teneeiee,
and la auiiod to be reaident ot th Repub
lic of Meaice: , ...
Itia therefore ordered. That he make hi
appearance herein, at the courthuae in Mem
phia, Shelby county, icon., on or neiore .
ilrat Mondav in aarch. lMVi, and plead,
anawer or demur to complainant a bill, or
the aame will be taken lor confeaaed aa to
him and act f r hearing expwtei and that a
ci.py of thia order be publiahed oni- a week
for four einceivo weeka, in th Memphia
Appeal. Thia 1Mb day of January, 1M6.
A ronv atf et !
S I. MrDOWKLL, Clerk and Maater.
By li. F. Walrh, Deputy Clerk and Maaler.
Miller A Hil'ham, n. forc mpl'. wed.
XKlir-HH, Tr.!., khruarv KW.
riHK atocaholderi of ilie r-lxaaniai la
I aaiaaee l umpaay are agfVby noti
fied that the annual election of beven Direc
tora. to aerv in eniuing jor, iu ., ii
I at the ollice ol the company, No. 10 Madijoa
atreet, on TUESDAY. February , 1U, be
! tween th hours ol 12 m. and J p.m
, 11. M. NKKLi, Preeidant.
Jia jnwuaon. e.etay.
St. Agnes Academy.
DAY th lat of February. Terma-rs.
), t and ilH, according to tb are ad
elaaa of th pupil. For tart ir pat.icalara
pply tothoLaJySuparioi.

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